Kiki's Delivery Service (2014) Movie Script

This is the story of an Eastern
village that believes in witches.
One winter,
in a mountain village...
.. a girl they named Kiki
was born.
Look, look...
You're scaring her!
You don't like this noise,
do you?
Come on!
Alright, alright...
Has he scared you?
Kiki had a little secret.
Yes, there many fish there.
Who are you talking to, Kiki?
To Jiji.
Her father, Okino,
was a learned man...
.. an ordinary human.
But, his mother, Kokiri,
was a witch.
She dealt in two kinds of magic.
One was making medicine
from herbs she grew herself.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
As there was no hospital close
to the village...
everyone had confidence
in Kokiri's medicine.
And then,
there was the other magic.
I'll be leaving
to deliver this medicine.
Hey, where's Kiki?
Isn't she with you?
Kokiri flew with a broom.
And Kiki learned to in the end.
Be careful, Kiki.
Don't peel it out!
I know!
But, every now and then...
You aren't yet ready to help mother.
Right, Jiji?
You still are very little.
You aren't a woman,
nor are you a witch.
I am not a witch?!
You are between witches and
You have until you get to be 13...
.. to make up your mind
what you want to be.
I want to be a witch!
That way I'll be able to ride a broom.
Do you like flying that much?
I do!
On her 13th birthday,
a witch...
.. must leave on a voyage
on a full moon night.
She must leave her home
all alone,
and look for a village
without witches...
.. and live there
for one year.
She can't go back to her parents...
during her apprenticeship.
After having lived one year
of her magic,
she's a full-fledged witch.
This important tradition is
important so that everyone knows...
.. witches still exist.
Thank you.
How big you've grown!...
take good care of yourself!
- Thank you.
- She's leaving on her own.
Put me down,
you're embarrassing me!
If things don't turn out alright,
you come home, you hear?
She no longer is a little girl.
I'm sorry...
.. but that won't happen.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Take care!
- Good luck!
- Good luck!
- Take care!
Jiji, take care of her.
Father, mother,
take good care of yourselves.
Good luck!
Are you cold, Jiji?
If you don't mind...
Is this the sea?
It is the sea!
It's that big?!...
It's just a huge puddle.
It's so hot!...
It's so cold!
How I like this!
Be careful, will you!?
Look, I can see a village.
Let's try here.
Did you see how much fish there is,
It looks swell
We could eat it all.
Look how many people there are.
She's coming here!
It'd seem we are attracting attention.
Best case, there's been a lot of time
since a witch has come here.
- Look.
- Someone is flying.
Are we stopping here?
Your mother has told you
to think it over carefully.
This village is nice.
It ain't so bad.
Suits you.
That's not true.
It does suit you.
Father too...
Mother, shorten it a little bit.
Don't even think about it.
You mustn't draw attention upon yourself.
I'm the one that's leaving.
What about this?
Witches have been wearing black
since antiquity.
Turn around.
"Antiquity" is out of fashion.
You come from a long
lineage of witches.
But all I know is how to fly!...
Because you didn't trouble yourself
to learn anything else.
What about you?!
Grandma had a lot of powers.
That's true.
She could make fish and meat
last more,
and cows give more milk.
You're right.
You say I should be conventional
and discreet.
won't this kill magic?
There are times when you should also
be capable to control yourself.
We, witches,
have survived until now...
doing whatever we could to change
people's opinion.
I am not like the witches
of your age.
I don't care what the others think.
I want to do what I want.
Look, Kiki...
.. you can't be a witch...
.. without a year's apprenticeship.
And even if things turn bad,
you mustn't lose your smile.
I know that.
You've told me that
thousands of times over.
Hello, people of Koriko.
We had a shower last night.
On behalf of "Koriko News"...
we ask you to forgive us for
the mistaken forecast.
Did you get wet because
you took no umbrellas?
Thank you for letting me sleep
here last night.
I needed shelter.
Who are you?
What are you doing in here?
I'm sorry!
- Have you run away from home?
- No!
- I'm calling the police.
- Let go of me!
There's a girl in here!
You won't get away!
Let go of me!
I'm a witch.
A witch?
I still an apprentice.
A witch!
- They really exist!
- I'm sorry.
Thank you.
What did you do the animals?
I just slept here.
Go away and don't you come back!
Nazuru, please stop it!
What's the matter with you?
Go away!
Let her go already.
Did I do something that bad?
He must be afraid of witches.
It smells so nice...
A bakery!
It smells so nice...
- I'm starving.
- Yes. Let's eat.
I sell food in here.
Leave that broom outside.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Mom's medicine...
And I told her not to put these in...
Can't eat them.
"Don't lose your smile. "
Yeah, I know that already.
Hey, you!
- Yes?
- Your skirt is torn in your back.
I thought you were a street sweeper.
Every witch must carry
her own broom.
Are you a witch?
Can you perform magic?
I do,
but only of one kind.
I can fly.
That's fantastic!
Teach me to fly.
That's impossible.
You can't,
if you don't have a witch's blood.
I see...
I must live on my own, for one year,
in another village, on my magic.
Thank you!
Well done.
But, how will you manage...
.. to live on your own at your age?
I thought I could set up
a messenger service.
- Yes?
- Yes.
That's how I always helped
my mother.
I took things and delivered them
somewhere else on my broom.
As this makes people happy...
.. I thought I might do this
for a job.
A very good idea.
" Kiki Delivery"...
Do you think it's a good idea?
With such a big island close by,
no matter how much one is in a hurry,
one always has to wait for the ferry.
- But with you...
- I can go flying!
That's settled, then.
A mill!
That is Fukuo, my husband.
Don't put out your head so much.
There's a well outside.
We'll clean up very well the room.
You'll look for something better
later on.
What I am telling you is
that you can stay here.
It'd suit me just fine.
If only you could see your face...
- Madam...
- My name is Osono.
You've dropped at the right moment.
It'll be fun
having a witch in here.
Thank you, Osono!
Now we can begin.
So nice!
What do you mean who I was with?
That's a secret.
But I think it's the most beautiful
place in Koriko.
I suggest you go there
with someone special.
And with this,
I wish you a good night.
"Koriko harbour"
We've ended up very far away,
A good day, or a bad day,
tomorrow will be another day.
For me, today was a great day.
I hope tomorrow will be one for you all.
And now, for saying goodbye,
I'm leaving you with
Kara Takami's hit, "Voice".
Dreaming yesterday's dreams,
Searching for the morning's road,
What more than being in the dark
About tomorrow's games?
Like closing your eyes to trifles,
The silence when you're alone.
Let's sing,
Sing with me each and every day,
Start laughing and running
Forward we will go
Let's put on a song
And be together each and every day
Till we leave sadness behind.
- Hello, "Kiki's Delivery"..
- Is it the bakery?
Yes, thank you for calling again.
As usually?
Very well.
"Kiki's Delivery".
Will anyone ever call?
Shut up!
Kiki, it took three years for the
bakery to make clients.
Three years?!
My apprenticeship will be over
before anyone calls.
Things don't always start
on the right foot.
Try and advertise it.
Is it for a delivery?
Take it.
Where should I deliver it?
Cape Yomena college.
Please, it's urgent.
Cape Yomena.
It's my first delivery.
You are my first client.
Here it is!
Cape Yomena.
What's your name?
To whom should I deliver it?
Go there and see what happens.
He said it was urgent.
Thank you.
She's coming.
Excuse me for being late.
The package.
- How does this fly?
- The package...?
Can you open it?
You are so quick!
You've left me behind.
- She's pretty quick.
- Have you recorded her?
- Yes.
- Great.
Two kilometres bird fly.
What time did she pull?
2 minutes and 41 seconds.
That can't be!
- How do you do this?
- Look, Tombo.
With the broom.
What's the knack?
- The knack?
- For flying.
We know a little aeronautics.
We are studying flight only
with human power.
Does it have a battery?
Just a sec!
All you wanted was see
me fly the broom?
That was all?
It wasn't a delivery?
Thank you.
We'll pay you.
No, thank you.
She's angry, Tombo.
Don't interfere with my work.
As if you had a lot to do...
Shut up!
- Astonishing!
- Cool!
What's the matter with these kids?!
So rude!
And I who thought I had a job!
Miss Witch
Kiki, don't pull that long face.
Do you need something delivered?
Will you come with me?
I'm in a hurry.
This way!
In here, quickly!
Here it is.
Fix it.
Do you want me to deliver a dryer?
No, no.
It doesn't work.
Fix it for me.
Fix it.
You need an electrician.
He won't open until Monday.
I need it sooner.
I can't fix it.
But you are a witch,
aren't you?
- I deliver things.
- You don't fix things?
- Not with my magic.
- Then you can't fix it?
I can't.
Come with me.
That's not that easy.
You are dragging the clothes!
Go straight!
The wind is very strong!
Resist it!
Are you alright?
Keep it up like this.
The wind...
.. has stopped.
Let's go!
What's that?
Is that Kiki?
Is she working?
Watch me! Here I go!
Do you like it?
I do too!
I wouldn't have done without you.
Excuse the delay.
What a wonderful way of
drying clothes!
I saw my blouse
flapping up there.
This means witches really exist!
Does she work here?
She doesn't repair things.
What she does is...
What do you do?
I'm a delivery woman.
I have something I want delivered.
- Me too!
- Just one moment...
No problem.
I'll deliver everything.
It's from my grandma.
Thank you.
What can it be?
Look, mommy, it's Maruko.
How nice!
Is it true witches turn naughty
children into toads?
Would you like me to
turn you into a toad?
Ive got a package.
- From your son.
- Yes.
- The spectacles.
- How nice.
Special delivery!
It's working like a charm
This year will just fly away.
What are you saying?!
We've only just begun.
Can't you saying anything positive?
Like: "Kiki, you're fantastic".
Kiki, you're fantastic!
You're doing so good!
Start laughing and running
Till our heart bursts
Let's put on a song
And be together each and every day
Start laughing and running
Till our heart bursts
What song is this?
It's by Kara Takami.
It's her song?
Again that record?!...
He's been a Kara
Takami fan for years now.
We met at one of her concerts.
So romantic!
It's a very beautiful song.
The first night I spent here
I relaxed a lot listening to it.
Put it on.
But I think
she hasn't sung in a lot of years.
Has she retired?
What, she quit?!
She lives a recluse in
a strange house.
The truth is she's nearby.
With that wonderful voice of hers...
What a pity...
Let's send her something.
I'll deliver it, Fukuo!
Hey, isn't that your broom?
She's coming!
Take this.
What will you do?
I'll chase them.
Can't you ride a bicycle?!
- She's after us!
- I'm sorry!
What are you up to?
Take it!
- Hey, get out of my house!
- I'm sorry!
What's the matter?
Are you feeling alright?
Why have you stolen my broom?
What have you done?
We just wanted to borrow it...
You can take it.
There's nothing..
It's nothing but a broom.
Do you want to sweep?
You really fly due to magic powers?
There isn't such a thing.
I fly because I am a witch...
.. and I know how to use magic.
Those who are not witches,
can't fly.
Tough luck.
So you want to fly?
- No!
- Why not?
Don't come close to it!
You want to fly with magic?
Stop talking about magic!
I'll better leave.
For me,
this is not a game.
That's super!
Hope the witch goes away.
You'll be cooler in your plane,
than her on her broom.
Think so?
Can this be Kara's house?
I wonder if she's here...
Osono said it's a strange house.
Anyone in here?
It seems bewitched.
Excuse me...
Forgive me for barging in like this..
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are you Kara Takami?
Are you a witch?
What's a witch doing in here?
One of your fans asked me
to bring you this.
Thank you.
Can I...?
Can I ask for your signature?
Of course.
Do you have the receipt?
On this.
I'm sorry.
I no longer am a singer.
Are you a witch?
Yes, but I'm still an apprentice.
My mother also was a witch.
My sister.
The child's mother.
She flew better than anyone.
But, one day she got caught
in a wind gust...
.. and fell into the sea.
When she died...
.. I lost my voice.
I love the way you sing.
You listened to the record,
didn't you?
I can't sing like that any more.
I don't enjoy singing any more.
You can't sing with an empty heart.
You feel your heart empty?
There's no music inside.
Nobody needs me now.
That's not true.
You can't understand that yet.
It's from Fukuo, the baker,
and his wife.
They met during one of your concerts.
They're expecting a son.
My first night here...
.. I couldn't sleep...
.. and I heard one of your songs.
I was worried,
I didn't know how things would turn out.
listening to your song,
my anxiety disappeared,
like by magic.
Then give me my voice back
with your magic.
If you are through,
you can leave.
I'm going.
But, some day,
I'd love to hear you sing.
She loves singing,
but she can't?
Listen, Kiki...
Where's Fukuo's record?
I forgot it.
Is that you?
You look happy.
Oh the witch is coming.
When I grow up,
will I also be able to fly?
I've got an awful bump.
- What month are you in?
- Eighth.
I worked until one day before
giving birth.
Here you are, thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye, Kiki.
Take care.
And following,
Koriko News.
Hippo Maruko,
who was bitten from the
tail by the lion cub,
is still feeling bad
Maruko is the hippo cub?
We are now talking to
Kajika from the Zoo.
Kajika, are you there?
I am Kajika,
live from the Koriko Zoo.
A lot of people have
come to see Maruko,
who got injured last week.
will Maruko be fine?
We at the Zoo are very worried.
We are trying to locate
doctor Ishi, the veterinarian.
Has he been missing
other times also?
Doctor Ishi, where have you hidden?
Tell us, how did it come it
got bitten from the tail?
Lioness Kaito's teeth are growing...
.. and she's in pain.
She saw Maruko's tail moving...
That's not true!
Kaito'd never do such a thing!
It's the witch's fault!
The witch has thrown
a bad spell on us!
A bad spell, is it?
A bad spell?!
So rude.
It got it's tail bitten?
That must hurt.
Will it be alright?
Shall we go see it?
They'll ask why the witch
came back.
- Hello.
- A delivery.
Kiki, a client.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
Can you deliver this?
It's for a friend.
Her friend is Taka.
She'll be in the park
on Acacia st.
Alright. Just one moment.
Are you really a witch?
Yes, an apprentice.
One hundred years ago
there was a witch here.
That's what my
great-grandmother said.
A lot of people trusted her,
but others didn't find her funny.
Because magic is strange.
Only witches can perform it.
My great-grandmother used to say
that if you behaved badly...
.. they could turn you into a mouse
only by toughing you.
Witches don't do that.
I knew it couldnt be true!
I've always trusted witches.
I'm happy to have met you.
What's your name?
Masaki Saki.
Will you deliver it?
Of course.
Saki thinks she's very beautiful.
She was in the bathroom
looking at herself in the mirror.
I'm looking for Taka.
- Is that you?
- Yes.
Saki asked me to deliver
this to you.
- A witch?!
- From Saki?
This means that...
Take it.
Wait, take the letter.
It's for you.
She's brought us a curse!
A curse?!
No! It's a letter.
There she is!
It'll curse them!
Shall we go back home?
It's no use worrying.
- Saki.
- Thank you for delivering it.
This is...
.. for you.
I can't take it.
I couldn't deliver it.
I'm sorry.
Got them!
These girls always talk about me
behind my back.
They say I behave differently
with boys.
I did it for revenge.
I told them:
"The witches will bring you a curse. "
So I terrorized those idiots.
I feel much better now.
They won't like you better
for having revenged yourself.
I don't care.
I don't want to be their friend.
.. I don't have any friends
in this village.
As they ask me to deliver stuff,
I am not that lonely,
but I'd like to have a friend
with whom to laugh
or eat an ice cream.
I was happy when you said...
.. you were happy to have met me.
Wear a poster saying:
"I don't deliver curses. "
What does my job mean?
You chose it.
A curse?
You are mistaken.
She delivers stuff.
She doesn't do any harm.
- Maruko!
- No!
And Maruko?
We'll buy you another one.
Why? No, no!
- Take it.
- Keep it yourself!
Grandma gave it to me!
Mia, stop crying.
All the things I delivered...
Go back to them.
Tell them all that
your only magic...
.. is that of flying.
Kiki, people have always said
bad things about witches.
I only want to be...
.. someone who brings
good things to people.
The only thing I want to deliver...
.. are my clients
beautiful emotions.
Deliver this for me.
I'm all swollen...
.. and I have to lay down.
It's not the moment
to stop working.
To work!
What's the matter?!
Are you feeling alright?
Fly straight.
What's happening?!
Be careful.
The broom is working strangely!
It's not the broom, it's you.
It's not me.
It's the broom.
It's you.
Will you shut up?
What a scare...
I'm telling you it's because of you.
Jiji, where are you?
Jiji, please!
Stupid broom!
Do you want to end up
sweeping floors?
What's the matter?
What's happening to me?
Where's my magic?
Here it is.
Here's your order.
Please excuse the delay.
Here... Stop.
Are you sure?
You bet I am.
Watch me go.
One, two and three!
Let it go...
No, no don't fly now!
Not on this wind!
Open your eyes!
Here he is!
I've lost my magic.
That's strange.
That means that if you
didn't do it with your heart...
.. my potions
are of no use.
But, doing it,
it's what I like most.
After all,
they help the others.
But you must put your heart
into it.
Maybe I can't be a witch...
No matter what,
don't lose your smile.
I've come back.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I'm giving up being a witch.
Oh you do...?
Why do you want to give up?
Mustn't you finish your
apprenticeship to become a witch?
And if you don't finish it?
Will you disappear?
I'll lead the life
a normal person does.
Then, there's nothing to it.
That's not that bad.
The truth is
I never get bored.
I think my parents
will be disappointed.
Don't worry about them.
As long as this child,
is safe and sound
I'll be happy.
That's how parents think.
I'm sorry.
We are closed today.
You forgot this.
Did you fix it?
You needed it,
didn't you?
Thank you.
Are you alright?
You're talking about this?
Did you think this
would bring me down?
It stopped hurting
on the spot.
Even the doctor asked what
medicine that was.
A potion my mother made.
Take it easy.
It doesn't bring any curse.
But it surely was useful.
Why did you use it on me?
I couldn't have left you in pain.
My name is Kiki.
You are Tombo, right?
Would you like to eat with me?
Your plane is destroyed.
I'll make another one.
I managed to fly once
last year.
I flew for 8 seconds.
But it felt longer.
Everything looked so
different from up there.
The sea, the mountains,
the village...
Everything shone.
It was beautiful.
The first planes I made were
toys for my brothers.
Then I started making them bigger.
I read an aeronautics book
from the library...
.. and I started thinking
about how I could fly.
I didn't think about anything else.
You can fly.
Why can't I?
I can't fly either.
I can't fly any more.
Is it because of a
technical problem?
A witch's sentiments are
mirrored in her broom.
I know that.
If I can't fly,
I am not a witch.
What are you then?
If I can't continue my
I'll have to leave.
I have to say goodbye to you.
At least I could fly with it...
Why does this matter?
It's that I can't do anything else.
I can't sing.
I can't ride a bicycle.
I can't make bread.
I can't make planes.
All of these...
.. look like magic to me.
Let's go.
What is it?!
Get on it.
Come on, get on it.
I told you I couldn't
ride a bicycle.
Don't put so much strength into it.
And you, when you fly...
watch how the wind blows and...
And watch the front.
Keep the handlebar straight.
- I can't!
- Yes you can.
Are you alright?
- Once again.
- Don't let me fall down.
That's the way.
Don't drag your feet.
Keep it straight.
Are you alright?
- Alright?
- Yes.
Now, pedal!
- Don't let me fall!
- Look ahead!
Don't let me go!
Kiki, brake.
Very good!
You've ridden on your own!
That's the way. See?
Look, Tombo!
I'm riding the bicycle!
Now, you won't forget this any more.
I won't?
You'll fly again.
.. don't give up.
And now,
the weather forecast.
The powerful storm...
.. named "Sea Monster"...
.. might crash into Koriko.
Watch yourselves.
The Zoo manager has
an urgent delivery.
I can't, Osono.
You can walk if you can't fly,
can't you?
You are really going to quit?
I won't be the one to stop you,
if you have already
made up your mind.
But, at least,
make an effort until the end.
People trust you.
This is from my husband.
A magic trick to make you
feel better.
Come on, move it,
the guy from the Zoo is hysterical.
So rich...
Bye, Jiji.
You know you can.
- What are you doing?
- I'm flying.
A curse, a curse!
- Go and find Tombo.
- Yes.
Climb on, Kiki!
You must take it to Dr. Ishi!
I know that already.
Someone has to deliver it.
Sure, but, still...
I'll take Maruko
to the vet.
You can't go to Iina island
by boat on this storm.
They've found the vet.
- Do you want her to die?
- No.
That's why I've called the
delivery service.
Do you want me to carry Maruko?
You've already arrived!
I have something
that has to be delivered.
What are you doing here?
Get lost!
- Hey!
- I've called her.
Don't talk to her like this.
Is Maruko
in such a serious state?
How about your medicine?
They are no good.
He won't eat.
Nothing works.
And why's that?
Because you threw
a bad spell on him.
You're lying!
Kiki is not a bad witch.
Her only magic is flying.
What's with you?
Have you fallen under her spell?
We'll ask her.
You can deliver no matter what,
no matter where, faster than anyone, right?
We have to hurry.
Or Dr. Ishi will leave.
But she can't fly.
- What?!
- Hey! Witch!
They say you can't fly.
Is that true?
- Well...
- That's why you must send me to Iina island.
No, I can't allow that,
not on this wind.
- Nazuru!
- I'll take it.
I'll take it.
If you can't fly...
And your broom is not that strong...
I don't have my power from my broom.
The power comes from me.
Alright, I'm counting on you.
Take Maruko to Iina island.
Come on, get her ready.
Atchi, Morio...
allow me to take care of this.
Maruko, come.
I'll take you somewhere.
I don't think she'll
pay attention to a witch.
Why not?
You've seen her already.
That's enough now.
Are you going to stay
by your mother all your life?
- That's it.
- Thank you.
Secure the bottom.
Maruko, we'll get there safely.
Tie this.
Hurry up!
- Fly!
- Nazuru.
Kiki, you've made it!
I'm flying!
Take her to Dr. Ishi, quickly!
- To Iina island, isn't it?
- Yes.
Where is it?
From here you go East.
Take this, Kiki.
Everything alright?
Open your eyes, Tombo,
if you are to
guide me to the island.
I'm a little seasick.
It's coming!
The typhoon "Sea Monster,
accompanied by
strong rains,
it's now above Riri island.
It'll hit Koriko at one in the afternoon.
We recommend you be careful.
All vessels must remain in the harbour
because of the storm.
We have a call with a message
from the Koriko Zoo.
I am the manager of the Zoo.
Dr. Ishi, the witch Kiki...
.. is heading for Iina island.
- It's the witch!
- Please, save hippo Maruko!
Listen, witch!
If you screw it up...
.. I'll smash your broom!
Hey, Nazuru!
Forgive us.
C'mon, Kiki!
- You'll be fine, Maruko, I know it.
- Courage, Kiki!
Stop it!
Don't screw it up!
We have faith in you, witch.
Kiki, we're flying very low!
I know that.
If I go higher,
it'll rock us too much.
Go up!
Everything's fine, Maruko.
will arrive safely at Dr. Ishi's,
here comes an
encouraging song.
We dedicate it to
witch Kiki...
.. who, right now,
is carrying Maruko,
flying through a terrible storm.
This one is for you,
witch Kiki.
Kara Takami's hit.
Fly, Kiki, fly!
Courage, witch Kiki!
Kiki, we almost did it!
there'll be more rocks!
Let's sing,
Sing with me each and every day,
Start laughing and running
Forward we will go
Let's put on a song
And be together each and every day
Till we leave sadness behind.
A witches feelings
mirror in her broom.
If I feel strong...
I can be strong!
Silent howls,
Echo under the sky
There's nothing certain..
You must go on fighting
for something you don't see
Tombo, look!
There are hippos in this forest?!
Doctor Ishi?!
You know me?!
What happened to her tail?
A lion bit her.
I don't know...
Easy, easy.
One moment.
This should do it.
Let's see...
Better this.
That's the way.
That should do it.
So nice.
That's it.
Come on, get up.
It's a kind of a prosthesis.
Like a dental plate.
What was the matter with her?
Some kind of disorientation.
It's serious.
The equilibrium between
soul and body is lost.
In extreme cases,
one doesn't know who one is any more.
All that because of a tail nibble?!
Do not underestimate tails.
The tail can be the proof
one is alive.
The proof of being alive...
She found back her equilibrium.
While travelling with you.
She'll be fine now.
Good girl.
Kiki, do you remember
the first time you flew?
Of course I do.
It was when
I decided to be a witch.
Is that her?
It's Kiki!
Kiki, welcome home!
Welcome home!
We're here!
I am so happy I came here.
Kiki has forgotten.
that soon there'll be an year
since she came to Koriko.