Kilimanjaro (2013) Movie Script

Turn it off. God.
Michelle and Sam are a great couple.
Well, they've only been
dating a few months.
They met at new year's last
Where' you gays go for dinner?
I think i should move out.
I'm going to.
Maybe that's a good idea.
Is that what you want?
Yeah. I'm ecstatic.
Well, what do you want?
What do you want?
Maybe it's a good idea.
That's what i thought.
- Hey! We caught you!
Hey, Doug.
- Hey, dad.
Figured out how to use this
Very funny.
We went up to San Felipe island this
weekend with Keith and Kelly and Dylan.
Oh, yeah.
Dylan was playing in the water for hours.
He, uh...
no, he's not afraid of the waves at all.
That's great.
So, when we came back, uh,
we stopped at seaview and visited your
grandfather, and he's looking pretty good.
Oh, that's good to hear.
He has something that he wants
you to give Clare.
She's not listening, is she?
Uh, no. She's not here.
Yep. All right.
It's a ring that,
uh, belonged to your grandmother.
He thought it would make a nice birthday present.
Uh, Clare and i have decided to take a break.
Wow. Has she moved out?
Oh, honey.
Well, we were struggling for a while,
and it's really better this way.
What were you struggling about?
Well... -I mean, no, it's okay, Doug.
You don't have to talk about it.
I know you're both disappointed.
- No, we're not.
Well, of course we're disappointed.
I'm not surprised.
Ok? I think Clare's getting older, you guys
haven't been progressing or advancing,
and women
need to think about those things, okay?
Clare... she needs someone...
Well, you know, Clare's a very nice girl,
but if she's not the one, she's not.
You know. It's better not to settle for
something that you know isn't right.
Yeah, exactly. Thanks, mom.
Two against one.
So, when did she move out?
Over the weekend. I helped her take
most of her stuff to her friend Cara's.
She's leaving a few things here for now
till she finds a place, but it'll be oka...
We're listening.
We're just opening another bottle.
We are not disappointed, Doug.
You're not disappointed.
- Shh.
Want a little white wine?
- I love the merlot.
All right. Yeah.
All right. Doug, you're not trying
to hit a bull's-Eye. Let's go.
Aaaa. Beautiful.
Listen, Doug, you're gonna
want to keep your distance now, man.
I'm serious... like radio silence.
She's gonna want back together.
No, i think we're both realizing how unhappy we were.
- Oh, please. Come on, Doug.
She's gonna go out with some
slutty little girlfriends
and then she's gonna fuck some awful gay
and then she's gonna start thinking
how she's worthless
and she's gonna come running to you
So you can convince her that she's not worthless,
and then you're gonna get back together.
I don't think you're giving either of us
enough credit.
Oh, come on. Let me hit one,
then. Move.
Hold on.
No, you're wrong.
There's no going back.
I feel like i've been given a new life.
I feel like now i can...
All right, i'm gonna hit this
Oh, my god.
You really need to work
on your swing, man.
Yeah, well, i'm out of practice.
No, you know what?
You should take lessons from me. Watch this.
Yeah. Maybe i will.
See, that's what i'm talking about.
I feel like now i can do that.
Like, now i can take lessons.
Now i can do whatever i want.
Hear that one?
- I am gonna take lessons.
Acces. Activate.
and she looked like -
Cut them into quarter-Inch slices.
During the days, the african sun can raise
the mercury to 23 degrees centigrade or more.
The mountain is, in fact, a stratovolcano
consisting of three distinct cones.
Hikers ascend through seven microclimates
to reach its summit, the uhuru, or kibo,
peak, which stands at nearly 6.000
meters above sea level.
Sorry i missed your call.
Please leave...
Called "every man's everest", the mountain
lures over 10.000 mountaineers every year
To attempt scaling its heights.
Less than half succeed.
The famed snows of Kilimanjaro...
in actuality, ice glaciers...
have receded markedly in recent decades.
But the weather on these slopes
remains varied and often inhospitable.
To the west, the border of Tanzania
bisects lake Victoria.
The city of Kampala stands on the lake's
northern shore,
home to over a million and a half people.
Hey, dad.
- Hi, Doug.
The nursing home... just called.
Your grandfather has been taken to the hospital,
and i don't know how severe it is,
but mom and i are gonna
go there right now, and i will call you later.
I just... i wanted to let you know.
I think it would be a good idea to
fly out here for the next few days
and spend some time with him.
Hey Ernie. Hey baddy.
Hey! Come here.
Where is everyone?
Seeing this what seems to be...
- Granddad?
Hello, Doug! Come on in here.
- Wait a minute. Let me turn this thing down.
- You could never get close enough.
To see what 95...
- Ohh. Hey. -Oh, good to see you.
You look good.
- Thanks. How are you? How you feeling?
Oh, i'm great.
Uh, i... uh, oh, sorry. Here.
Pull up a chair.
I guess i'm not much of a host these days.
- Oh, nonsense.
Now, i want to know all about
everything that you're doing,
but first,
i want to... i want to tell you.
Now, your father knows that i'm
going to do this.
Open that drawer there.
You see that red box?
I want you to have that.
I want you to give it to your...
your frend.
That was your grandmother's.
Your brother, Keith's, already
Anyway, I think shewould want
you to have it.
I appreciate it.
No, No, No, No, No.
I know a thing or two about women.
You've got to spoil them just a
little bit.
Clare... oh.
She's a rare girl.
Well, enough about that.
I want to hear about life in the
big city.
Well, there's not toomuch to tell.
Where'd you get these?
Your mother made those for
me, bless her heart.
Is this when you went to mexico?
Yes, that was the first trip...
That's a picture of
my friend James Mckenzie and me.
Doing a headstand?
Yeah, that's right.
He'd do a headstand, and he'd do
about anything you'd ask him to do.
He was a crazy man.
We were gonna take another trip down there.
He had a whole itinerary laid out.
We were gonna go all the way
to Panama City. Yeah.
But then the kids were getting older,
and... we...
we stayed closer to home.
There's a picture of your father and
me on our trip up to the cascades.
Hey, man.
- Hey! What's up, survivorman?
Fucking Africa? Really?
Did you look at the pictures?
You know where we should go?
Yeah, i'm not going to Bangkok with you.
Why would we go halfway around
the world to go on a hike?
Let's meet up in an hour.
You want to get some lunch?
Do you have time today?
I can come by on my lunch break.
Uh, yeah, sure. Yeah, if you want to.
Ken?! Ken!
Call you when i'm downstairs.
- Ken!
Where is Ken?
Uh, sorry. He's not here.
Where is he?
I guess he stepped out. I don't know.
How could you not know?
You sit right across from the guy.
Yeah. I was on the phone.
All right.
Is there something I could
help you with?
No, it's all right.
When he gets back, tell him to
bring in layouts from Anne.
For the cookbook?
- Hey.
You take lunch at 3:30?
Yeah, sorry. I couldn't get away so quickly
as I thought.
Check it out.
- What? What is this?
It's one of the routes we can do.
Listen, we fly in to Nairobi.
I sit on my ass for nine hours a day.
I'm not... we're not athletes.
I ran track.
- You sucked so bad.
All the more reason to do it.
Look, we got months to get in shape.
Mitch, this is a trip
of a lifetime, man,
and when people ask you what you're
doing this summer you can say,
"i don't know.
I'm climbing the highest peak in Africa."
Are you trying to impress Clare?
No, not at all.
I talked to her, you know.
Look, man, this is a safari we can do.
This is a two-Day trip in Moshi, this town at
the base... all right?
So we get a little acclimated
before we start.
And after we summit and descend,
we go to Tanga, man.
It's a beach town on the Indian ocean.
Are there any topless beaches there?
I don't know. Maybe.
Whatever. I'm in.
You're in?
Really? Are you serious?
- Yes, i'm serious. Yes. -Great, man.
This is... this is gonna be great, man.
Look at this.
This is a picture of the sherpas,
and they're the guy that carry our bag.
Look, i got to go.
We got to talk about this later, honestly.
Call me later.
- Can i get a smoke? -Really?
- Here. Enjoy. Keep it.
Are you looking for something?
- Yeah, my keys.
I had them on my shoe.
- Oh. Did you have a keychain or something?
Yeah, a bottle opener. It's blue.
I'm sorry.
Losing your keys is the worst.
- It sucks balls.
I'm Doug.
- Yvonne.
Well, do you remember when
you had them last?
Yeah... when i got here.
Was there anything on the bottle opener,
like a special shape or something?
You know what?
My roommate will let me in. It's fine.
I don't mind looking.
- No, I got to go.
But thanks anyway.
I'm sorry we didn't find them.
I hope the rest of your day
doesn't suck balls.
Uh, it was dave, right?
Uh, Doug.
Doug. Okay.
Got it. Got it now.
Well, it's good to meet you.
- Yeah, you too. Okey.
- Yeah, Yvonne.
So, i'll... i'll see you around.
- Hi.
It's nice to see you, too.
I'm sorry.
I'm just surprised you're here.
I left you a message on my
way over.
I didn't get it.
I just came to get the rest
of my stuff.
Uh, there's some mail for you
over here.
I saw it. Thanks.
I'm sorry.
I'm headed back out.
It's fine.
I mean i'm sorry we can't catch up.
I think if you wanted to catch up,
you would answer your phone.
I know I didn't get back to
you last week.
I was in California.
My grandfather had a stroke.
Oh, my god.
Is he okay?
Uh, he... he's not, like, up
and about yet, but he seems fine.
So sorry.
He asked about you.
Is he seeing anybody these days?
Tell him i said hello.
I will.
Hey, um, any chance you can help
me get these down to the street?
I'm sorry. I'm running late already.
I'm meeting up with Mitch.
We're looking at climbing mount Kilimanjaro.
Really? Wow. When did all this happen?
Oh, i just, uh... i just got the idea.
Well, that's... that's cool.
That's reall... that's really great.
Well, it's not like it's Mount Everest.
- No, no. It's really...
that's really great, Doug.
Yeah. I'm looking forward to it, you know...
something new.
Um... well, if you can't get it all tonight,
don't worry about it.
I can help you tomorrow night or this weekend or something.
- I'll be fine.
Well, i'll see you soon?
- Will you?
I didn't know we had any plans.
It would be nice to see you at
some point.
Yeah. We should get a drink.
How 'bout tomorrow?
I can't tomorrow.
Okay. Uh, thursday?
You want to do dinner?
- Dinner, uh... dinner sounds great.
I'll see you then.
- Bye.
Allegedly, i'm here to, uh,
tell everybody in the room
to give you their money.
That's how the
company profits. That's how i get paid.
But that's not how i operate.
See, i can't knowingly take
thousands of dollars from
somebody that i can tell immediately
won't make it to the top.
And looking around this room right now,
i can see some people who won't make it.
So, i'm gonna meet with each of you,
one on one,
and we're gonna talk
about your background...
Your exercise regimen,
your health conditioning...
... and i'm gonna be
brutally honest with you about what i think.
After that... it's up to you, folks.
Like they say, a fool and his money.
What a fucking retard.
What a cocksucker.
- Why? What did he tell you?
The same thing he told everybody.
It's just his spiel.
He said you wouldn't make it?
- He said i needed to be exercising more.
It is such bullshit.
- That's what he said to me.
Yeah, i know.
He told that to everybody, i bet.
You know what i told him?
I told him i'm already running
5 miles a day.
You lied to him?
- It doesn't matter.
He's not gonna be on our trek.
He's just a sales rep.
Yeah, "kili" kurt, the guy whose blog i read...
he said that altitude's
the only thing to really worry about.
Yeah, see? It's all mental, okay?
Don't let yourself
get psyched out by that fucking dipshit.
Did you know about the travel
insurance and guide fees?
It's, what, like a grand, right?
- Yeah.
We should do the september trek.
That gives us the most time to get in shape.
- No, no. I can't do september.
I got to take
my time off before august 31st or i lose it.
Well, i might not be able to get
the time off in august.
We have the Hudson book fair.
You can't take two weeks off?
- Not during that time, no. -Then quit.
You hate it there anyway.
- Yeah. How would i pay for the trip?
Not now. Quit right before you go.
I can't do that to them.
I'm the only guy that knows how to run it.
That is not your problem, Doug.
Well, i can't just quit.
No, you know what? Look...
you go into his office,
And you tell him you're leaving
unless he gives you the time off.
He'll give you the time off.
I'm serious.
There's no way he's letting his most
experienced guy just walk out the door.
He probably give you a rise.
- Yeah, rise would be nice.
What, you need some money?
I- I-I can lend you some.
No, no, no.
- No, i know you'd pay me back. It's not a big deal.
No, what... seriously, mitch, i appreciate
the offer. It's nice. But i'll be fine.
I made a budget.
Are you paying all the rent now?
No, she's giving me some of her share
until july. That's when our lease is up.
That was part of our agreement.
Oh, oh, the agreement.
Pbbt! Hey, that'll stick.
Bill. Uh, is this an okay time?
- What's up?
Did you get my e-Mail?
I didn't see him.
What's up?
Well, i'm planning with a friend of mine
to climb mount Kilimanjaro this summer,
And i want to schedule a time that's convenient
to take off in either july or august.
I have some exact dates i could...
- How 'bout september?
Uh, sorry. My friend can't do september.
Well, i can't have you out in august,
and Ken's already taking time in july.
No, i spoke to Ken,
and our dates wouldn't overlap.
But you'd be out back-To-Back.
Why doesn't your friend just do september?
Well, his job... he has to take his
vacation before then.
I... I don't know what you're supposed to do.
Maybe talk to Ken about changing his trip?
I don't know, Doug.
Bill... i haven't asked for an
extended vacation in over three years,
And i'll work overtime to make sure Ken
has everything he needs while i'm away.
Doug, you can't turn Ken into
You're the lead guy here.
You're the one i depend on.
Well, thank you. I appreciate that.
I need you to be the point person
on the Javits thing, okay?
I don't even want Ken
talking to those people.
Well, i understand that,
but this trip is very important to me.
I don't know how it could work.
Well, i-I was thinking maybe...
No, i'm not doing anything.
Can you shut the door?
Well, that's a lot of money.
Ay, yi, yi. Sorry.
- Mm, fine.
My mom keeps asking me if i've
seen you.
We're discussing our differences.
I told her we were having dinner tonight.
Actually, i said you were making dinner.
and she joked that my dad hasn't
made her dinner in like 30 years.
Well, i'm on a budget.
Well, anyway, she's convinced that i've let
the best thing that ever happened to me slip through my fingers.
My parents say the same thing.
But in your case, they're right.
- Ha.
Oh. Mitch.
- Take it.
Oh, I have dinner. I call him later.
Oh, i just want to make sure it's still
okay for you to cover part of the rent.
Um, well, i feel like i need to help out Cara
a little bit. I mean, i'm living on her couch,
And, um, i'm sorry.
I just... i need to give her something.
Well, if you can't, you can't.
Thanks. I-I know it's not what we agreed.
How's work? How's Bill?
Bill's, um, Bill.
How's school?
- It's Okay.
Did you get your classroom
Yeah, Staten Island.
Yeah. It's not that bad.
Yeah, it's a borough.
Oh. Um...
i'll be right back, okay?
- Okay.
- Hey, man.
You get my message? -No.
I found tickets in august for $1.680.
You know, i'll talk to Bill tomorrow.
What do you mean, tomorrow?
I ordered them.
I couldnt'tlet that price go.
Why didn't you talk to him today?
- It just wasn't a good time.
I mean, you're quitting there anyway, right?
No, i'm not quitting.
- You said you were going to. All right.
At least we got the tickets.
- Well, i was gonna put them on my credit card.
All right. Well, now you can pay me.
- O-Okay. Well...
Do you not have $1.600 in your checking account?
- I have the money.
I'll just write you a check.
- There's no hurry, so you can just pay me after.
All right. Well, thanks. I appreciate that.
I can't believe i found them so cheap.
That's awesome. All right. Um, i got to go.
Oh, you're busy? Tell her i said hello.
Mm. Mitch?
- I talked to him a couple weeks ago.
I heard. Yeah.
He told me that you were seeing a 19-year-old,
a model... that he set you guys up.
She was 20.
- Very funny.
Yeah. We didn't have that much in common.
It wasn't really working out.
You know, she didn't like to read.
- Did she know how to read?
It really wouldn't surprise me. I mean, we
break up, and then, suddenly, you're like a
Mountain-Climbing stud.
- Well, i haven't climbed any mountains yet.
So, technically, you're still just a stud?
- Yeah, exactly.
I'm really glad that we're having dinner.
It's weird, right?
Weird why?
- Not having dinner every night.
Not talking all the time, and, um, you know,
i just... there are nice things about it.
I'm sure you think so, too.
It's just a big change.
I mean, uh, at least
you have the apartment.
Are you mad at me?
- Really? -Why would i be mad at you?
I don't know.
I mean, for breaking up with you.
We broke up.
For not giving you
more money for the rent and...
I'm not mad. I'm not.
- Okay.
Here. You have something in your hair.
Oh, thank you.
What happened?
- I was just saying you better show up on crutches.
I put the revised pages
from Gene Christopher on your desk.
- Thanks.
I need you to proof them and get them back
to him today if that's still possible.
No problem.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I have an appointment with
a specialist this afternoon.
Gene really needs those today.
I told him you'd be all over it.
Got it.
Ken, can you come in here?
- Da.
Yeah. He's really booked.
Yeah, i don't... i don't know.
Why don't i have the doctor call you back?
- Uh, hi.
I'm here to see dr. Patel.
- Hi. You work here. -I do.
How are you?
- Uh, i'm... i'm good. How are... how are you?
Well, i've been better.
- Oh, my gosh. Yeah, i'll bet.
Um, i don't mean to laugh at your ailment.
- No, it's fine.
Why don't you take a seat and
i'll get you the forms?
- Okay.
I'm planning... i'm hoping...
to climb Kilimanjaro this summer
with a friend of mine, so...
Cool. Kilimanjaro? K2?
Shit. I have to answer that.
Uh, just... aah. I just
can't believe how crazy!
I mean, it's so fucking funny
running into you again, right?
Lift your leg a little bit up...
a little bit up. I know it's going to hurt.
Yeah, i see the swelling there.
- Well, i'm hoping to climb mount Kilimanjaro this summer,
Is that out of the question?
- When is your trip? -My trip's in august.
Are you still gonna be... wait.
Okay. Okay, great.
Tuesday at 3:30.
Okay, bye. Okay.
What did he say?
- He said i'm supposed to take it easy for two weeks
and see and see how i start
to recover, so
You'll be fine. Just stick to
low-Impact training, like swimming.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Does your gym have a pool? -No.
Um, there's this place in my old neighborhood
that i actually still belong to,
and they have a really nice pool.
I could get you in as
a guest if you wanted to check it out.
Uh, that'd be great.
- Yeah.
I mean, i can't tonight, but...
What are you doing tomorrow?
- Nothing. -Oh, okay.
Yeah? Okay. Okay.
- Dr. Patel's office. Yes. Can you hold, please?
Um, why don't you just, uh, write your
information down there and we'll make a plan,
Okay? Yes.
Phase 2 begins, okay?
Good to see you.
Where's Douglas?
- Uh, Doug... Douglas... is running a little late.
He'll be here like five minutes, tops.
He... he saw a doctor today.
Said there was no question that he
should be able to do the trek, so...
That's not exactly what he said.
Well, yeah. I don't know the exact
medical terminology, obviously,
but that was the gist of it.
Uh, Douglas, we have a refund policy.
Let me get you the info, okay?
- Are you serious?
Let's just see what he has to say.
- You twisted your ankle.
You'll be fine.
- The doctor said to take it easy for two weeks,
see how i start to recover.
The doctor doesn't know shit.
- He's a foot specialist.
Doctors always give you the worst-Case
scenario, and everything's...
Thanks. I think i'll be okay for now.
- It's your money.
I fucking hate that guy.
- Dude, i hate him, too.
I know, so can we just not spend any more
time thinking about him than we already have?
He's just so condescending.
- I know. He doesn't know shit. Let's not talk about it.
Why are we talking about troy?
Talk about troy in the afternoon,
now you're gonna go
out at night and talk about troy?
I don't want to talk about troy.
- Yeah. -What does she want?
I don't know. See if she leaves a message.
So, you guys are back together now?
- No, we're not back together now.
"No, we're not back together now."
No, of course not. Whatever.
Actually, i'm going out with someone else tomorrow night.
- That's it?
That's all you're gonna give me?
- What? -Why don't you tell me about
Oh, she's busted, then, huh? Are you
embarrassed? You're embarrassed, aren't you?
Yeah, she's got a fucked-Up face,
doesn't she?
- Where are you going? -I'm going to the bathroom.
Well, where'd you meet her?
- I met her at the track. -Well, tell me more.
Come on. If i was dating somebody,
i'd tell you about it.
Yeah, if. If.
- Retarded. You want another beer?
- I wasn't gonna buy it for you anyway.
Hi. You two, hi.
I'll buy you guys beers if you want one.
# where is the one true love
# where is the one true love
with eyes that dance for me? #
# i'm goin' home today when will the stars align for
Hope you have fun tonight.
- Yeah. We'll see if she shows.
You want me to help you with some of those?
- Uh, no. I'll be fine. Thanks.
I don't want you to be late.
- I'm not meeting her till like 6:30.
Really, it's okay.
- Oh, all right. I want a full report.
Doug! Hi!
Oh, my gosh. I am so
sorry that i am so late.
Have you been waiting forever?
- No, i just got here. -Honestly?
Oh, god. Okay, good, because i just have had,
like, the craziest day.
I'm going through all this shit with my friend haley and her...
- I'm sorry.
No, you know what?
It's... it's not your problem, is it?
If you want to talk about it...
- Um, no. Actually, i don't.
- Okay. Should we... you're still... okay.
yep. Just feeling around for it.
Um... you know what?
Can we just go in for, like, a minute?
I'm sorry.
Why not? It's not like we're terrorists.
I mean, they caught bin laden.
No more terrorism.
- I can see the pool from here.
No, i just want her to look in the computer
and see that my name is in the computer.
We can come back some other time.
- No, it's fine.
This is just ridiculous.
Okay, look... are you the manager?
- Well, can i speak to the manager?
Sorry. She's not here.
- Oh, of course not. -Really, it's fine.
No, it's not fine. It blows.
Oh. Okay.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is just not my day.
- Hey, don't worry about it.
You want to go get a drink?
- Yeah, i do. That sounds really good.
I don't even think i need
this cane.
Really? -Yeah.
No, i need it. Yeah.
- Oh, cool.
Yeah, nope. Yep, nope.
What? What's up?
- Yeah, that is haley's boyfriend, and i just... i
i really can't do seth right now.
Do you want to go someplace
You know, i just feel like having a
bottle of wine and watching television.
Is that terrible?
- Oh, okay. -But my place is a... it's a
Oh, okay.
- But my place is a... it's a bit of a hike, so...
We could go to my place if you want.
I mean, it's not too far.
I mean, or we can go to another bar.
- No, no, no. Okay.
Yeah, let's go to your place.
- Okay.
Okay. Lead the way.
- Um... i think we should go this way, okay?
I'm like, a moment in my life.
Like, i really don't know what i
want to do with my life, you know?
I feel like such a loser, but i don't know.
Oh, nice.
I know.
- You sure you gonna be okay? -Yeah, i got it.
You sure you gonna be okay?
- Yeah, i got it. -Okay.
Oh, that first door opens without a key.
Oh, it does? Oh, okay.
I'll open it for you.
Oh, my gosh. I was talking to this guy
last night who said he was gonna go
Rock climbing or something, and i was like,
"i know someone who's climbing k2."
That shut him the fuck up.
This is it.
- Cool.
Let me just get my keys. I've been here like...
- Oh, i got it.
- You're welcome.
After you.
- Oh. Uh... hi.
Oh. Uh... hi.
- What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
- What am i doing here? We had plans.
No, we didn't.
- I'm sorry. Are... are... are you his girlfriend?
No. Clare, we never made plans.
- You texted me last night.
What are you talking about?
Okay, you know what?
I'm just gonna let you guys work it out.
No, i'm... no, i'm leaving.
- No, Clare, i swear to god, i never texted you.
Ok. Exuse me.
- Please. - Exuse me.
My ex. I'm sorry. Can you just hang out?
I'm really... i'm really sorry.
- It's... yeah.
Clare, please, just wait a second.
I'm not with her, okay? She's just a friend.
- Why did you do this?
I didn't do anything.
- You texted me last night. -No, i didn't.
Mitch texted you.
- From your phone?
We were out drinking.
He probably took it at some point.
Why would he do that?
- Why would I do that?
To punish me.
- Punish you?
I'm sorry. Have a good night.
- Clare, please.
I'm not with her.
She's just a friend.
We were in the neighborhood, so we came here.
That's it.
- Okay?
What happened?
- I was running, and i fell.
I should go.
I'll call you, okay?
I'd be surprised if she ever wants
to speak to me at this point.
Well, you can thank me later.
- Thank you? -You're welcome.
You read a text from my phone and responded from my phone.
- Yeah. Yeah.
That's probably a felony... in georgia.
- She didn't need that, mitch.
She didn't need to come to my apartment
thinking that i invited her
and have me walk in with some girl.
And what? What?
You guys aren't together, all right?
She's got no right to be upset.
- She's a human being.
No, i don't. I just want you to
stop pulling shit like this.
Why does Clare still have keys?
You need to cut the cord, man.
What did you want to happen?
I mean, what were you hoping for when you sent the text?
- What?! I was fucking around.
It was a fucking joke.
- Yeah, well, it wasn't funny.
I figured that you'd see the text or she'd
call before she just showed up
let herself into the apartment
with the keys
that, apparently, you won't take back.
You know, if you're so concerned with me
getting rid of her, you're doing a really
Shitty job helping me find someone else.
- Like that's my job.
Okay. Is it your job to sabotage
what i have going on for me?
What do you have going on for you?
What, you and this other chick?
She came to my apartment.
All right, i'm sorry that i screwed
things up for you and this other chick.
- I owe you. Okay?
Thank you.
- So, are you gonna call this yvonne?
I don't think that's really an option
at this point.
You guys got a lot to talk about.
That's for sure.
I'll make it up to you. I said, "i'm sorry."
I could actually use some help financially.
Clare's not helping with the rent?
- No, it's my ankle.
The deductible for the x-Rays and
the mri was like 1.000 bucks.
Think maybe i could borrow like $700?
Doug, you still haven't paid me for the tickets.
- But you said i could pay you after.
When? When are you gonna pay me...
next year?
You're quitting your job.
- No, i'm not. -You got the time off?
I'm working on it.
- Okay.
I'm gonna... i'm gonna take off.
- You're leaving?
- Wh... 'cause i won't give you the money?
Wh... 'cause i won't give you
the money?
No, because you're an asshole.
- Can it wait? I have like two minutes here.
I'd prefer if we could just talk for a minute...
- All right.
... about me taking time off in august.
I thought we already discussed that.
I understand, but i-I can't change
the dates to my trip,
I'm prepared to leave if necessary.
- Leave?
You're gonna quit?
- I haven't asked for a vacation in over three years.
You can have the vacation.
You can have three weeks in september.
But i can't have you out in august.
- I-I've made a decision.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means that i'm prepared to leave.
Because you can't go in august?
- It's just 11 business days in total.
No. And no.
Can i make it any clearer?
So, you're gonna quit?
- I'll stay until the end of july.
Doug, that is the worst decision you
could make.
I tried to make it clear how much
i depended on you.
I guess that didn't matter.
I think you were in a hurry when i knocked.
- My bus?
Oh, i missed it now... by a long shot.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to inconvenience you.
You say that all the time. "I'm sorry."
How sorry are you, anyway?
In this case, i'm not that sorry, i guess.
- I didn't think so.
You can find someone starting tomorrow.
- So, you're quitting now?
Can i make it any clearer?
- Hey. I saw your update.
Yeah, i'm still processing it.
- Um, are you celebrating?
Yeah, i'm at esplanade.
- I think you're gonna be a lot happier.
Aw, thanks. I appreciate you calling.
- Well, yeah.
Um... are you up to anything saturday?
- Uh... th-This saturday?
I found a new place, and i, um... if you
don't mind, i'd really appreciate the help
Moving in. It won't take very long.
I don't have that much stuff,
It won't take very long.
I don't have that much stuff, obviously.
Well, Clare, i don't know how much
help i can really be with my ankle.
You know what? Even if you could just
watch the van,
i'm sure there'll be other people helping
with boxes and stuff.
I'd really appreciate it.
Oh, all... what time?
How's 10:00?
Okay. Great.
I'll see you then... 10:00.
You want another one?
- Uh, no, thanks.
There's just 10 minutes left to happy hour.
- I'm okay.
You sure?
- Yeah. -All right.
Thanks. -Thanks, dude.
All right, hold on.
I'm... i'm finding it.
Now it went away. Why does it do that?
Don't do that! What?
Oh, here it is. All right. Hold on.
It's at a little over $6.000.
And it matures next, uh... next january.
Does that mean i'd have to pay a fine
or something if i withdraw it now?
Well, y-Yes, Doug. I mean, it's a 5- Year cd.
- Well, how much is the fine?
I don't know. Why would you
want to do that?
Well, mitch and i are gonna climb
Kilimanjaro this summer.
Right, but you're not gonna spend your
savings to go climb some mountain.
I wouldn't need all of it.
The airfare was around $1.600 or so.
You already bought the tickets?
- Yeah.
Yeah, but you don't have the money.
Well, i prepared a budget, but i was thrown
off when Clare backed out of her of the rent.
No, no, no, no, no. You're not going
to tap into this money
to cover irresponsible
purchases that you made.
Right, because your mother and i have set this money
aside so that when you want to buy a house,
You'll have help with the down payment.
That's what we did with keith and kelly, right?
That's how they got the house that they're in.
- All right, i understand that.
No, you don't understand.
Let me make this simple for you. I'm a cosigner,
and i am not going to let you cash the cd.
Hey, man.
- Yo.
Thanks for helping out with this.
- Yeah, man.
You know, that's what assholes
do for each other.
Hey, i got the ring in the bag here.
I want you to take a look at it first.
I'm going into the next one alone, you understand?
- Yeah. We're not gonna sell it for less than $1.000.
I know... i know that.
The guy's just... he's lowballing us.
You just... you leave it to me.
- All right. I'm just saying.
Mitch, come here. Look at this.
No, no, no. We're not going in a
place like this, i'm telling you.
You find a small little hole in the wall.
You sure about this?
- I'm positive. -All right.
I'm positive.
- All right. I'm... i'm listening to you.
What? What did he say?
- You ready for this? $2.200 cash.
Holy shit.
- I talked him up from $1.500.
Well, let's get some lunch and
talk about it.
Doug, Doug, $2.200 cash.
Let's go.
- Where's the ring? -It's upstairs.
You left the ring upstairs with this guy?
You should leave the rest of this
stuff in the hallway for now.
- Well, it's just that she told me i couldn't get in till today,
And now she's saying i can't put my
stuff in the hallway so i can paint.
Paint's not that bad.
I'm not moving anything back into the van.
- Obviously.
All right, let's just get out of here.
I feel like i can't breathe.
Oh, yeah.
Could you drop me off at the subway?
I'm going to return the van,
and then i'm taking you to dinner.
Aw, it's fine.
No, no.
You spend your whole day helping me.
No, really.
I appreciate it, but it's all right.
Look, i think i might have just moved in
like, a total bitch,
and i just want to go to dinner.
- Well, you should.
Okay. I'll drop you at the train.
- I'm just tired.
Let's have dinner some night this week, maybe.
- Please don't.
You know, if you don't want to
spend time with me, that's fine.
Clare, i spent all day with you.
- I'm sorry it was such a torture.
I wanted to help you. I don't
understand why you're fighting with me.
I know. I'm sorry. I don't know.
I'll take you to the train.
I mean, now you're pissed at me.
Well, yeah, 'cause i don't know
what it is you want.
I don't know if you think we're just friends.
But more than that sometimes?
I'm feeling a little lost here.
I want to stay friends.
I want to see you.
I just don't want to get back together.
I don't think that will ever work.
Thank you for making that clear.
I'm sorry. I should go.
- I'll take you to the train. -I want to walk.
Oh, yeah.
Aw, this is some really good shit.
All right? So, we'll have a little
bit of this, and then, uh,
we'll go over to some nyu bars.
- Uh, no. -No, come on, man.
No. No, no, no.
We'll go to fit. Done. Yeah,
we'll go down there, meet some fit girls.
Not tonight, man.
Really? Are you shitting me?
All right, fine.
Where'd you get this?
I, uh... oh, one of our london v. P.S gave
a bottle to each one of the guys at the desk.
Each one of the guys at the desk.
It's like $300 scotch.
To fucking the pain away.
To kili.
- Okay, to kili. All right.
- Damn. -Aw, yeah! Feel that?
Hey, do you have any cigars?
- Yes! I have... yes, i... Doug, that is a fantastic idea,
Tell me something about yourself
that this resume doesn't tell me.
Integrity is very important to our culture.
Tell me about a
time that you embraced integrity.
Thanks for coming in.
Someone from our office will be in touch.
- Great. Uh, thank you.
Hey, man.
- Hey, big news. -What's up?
I'm moving to hong kong.
- What?
Yeah. I found there was an opening at our
hong kong desk, and... boom... i'm going.
Best news is they're gonna give me this big,
fat-Ass bonus check for going overseas and they're
Me this big, fat-Ass bonus check for going
overseas and they're gonna put me up rent-Free for
and they're gonna
put me up rent-Free for six months.
That's great, man. Congratulations.
- Thanks, man. Thank you.
Uh, there's only one downside, though.
Um... obviously, i got to bail on kili.
But, you know, i got to do this, man.
Yeah. Well, it sounds like an
amazing opportunity.
Yeah, thank you. It is. It is.
I'm psyched. I'm so psyched.
That's awesome.
- Yeah. I need some, like, samurai-Warrior gear, pronto.
Yeah, maybe i can come visit you.
- Yeah.
I'm choop some poeple up.
Yeah, it's... that's awesome. I'm happy for you.
- Chong ching choca-Chaw-Chaw!
Doug! Hi.
Are you coming here?
I'm, uh... yeah. I'm meeting
someone here for a drink in a bit.
Oh, cool.
- Hey, man. -Hey. I'm... i'm Doug.
So, you didn't say anything?
- No, babe. I was...
Oh, it was nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
Okay, bye. -She said...
Hey, listen, i'm gonna put you on the
speakerphone... okay?
'cause i'm here with mom. Hold on.
Can you hear me?
- Yeah.
Hi, honey.
- Hey, mom.
So, uh, you know, we haven't heard from you in a while.
- I know. I'm sorry.
I've been a little busy lately.
- That's good.
Keith said he saw on youtube that you quit your job.
- Uh, facebook, dad.
Uh-Huh. So, it... it's true?
- Yeah. It is.
That's... big news.
- Yeah. -What brought this on?
An argument with bill.
- An argument? About what?
About me taking time off this summer.
- To go to africa?
Yeah, that was part of it.
- Well, what did he say?
A lot of things.
Listen, can i just call you guys later?
Well, no, no. What are you gonna do?
Well, i'm gonna find another job, dad.
You know that's gonna be kind of rough when your past employer
Of seven years won't write you a recommendation.
- I realize that, dad.
How are you gonna pay
for your trip?
Well, this will upset you guys, probably...
But i s-Sold the ring that grandfather gave
me, and i'm using that money to pay for the trip.
That was a stupid thing to do, Doug!
Okay? That was a stupid, selfish,
selfish thing to do.
The ring was a gift to me.
- It was not a gift. It wasn't a gift!
It's your grandmother's ring!
Okay? That was given to you with
the understanding that you would
give it to someone special,
Somebody you cared about that you
wanted to make part of this family.
That's way you is given something,
what is part of this family.
Okay, Doug, we're gonna call you back later.
- No, we're not.
You fucked up, Doug.
You fucked up.
Dad, i understand why you're upset.
No, no.
This is the worst thing you could have done.
- Hi. I need to come in.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Must be pretty serious if you're willing to come to me about it.
- I have to come to you.
- No. I'm fucking joking.
When did you find out?
For sure yesterday.
You look even more disappointed
than my mom.
I'm... i'm sorry. I'm just surprised.
What did your mom say?
That i was a fuck-Up, basically.
- Did she actually say that to you?
- Did she actually say that to you?
What else would she say...
"good job?"
Have you told anyone else?
Have you thought about what you
want to do?
Of course.
I can't.
You have nothing to say?
This is a big surprise, obviously.
I can't say that i'm not scared, in a way.
But if this is how it's gonna be,
then this is how it's gonna be.
You're not a fuck-Up.
Your mom's a bitch.
No, she's right.
- No, she's not right.
- Thank you.
Is it just one of those things
with you being on birth control?
Did the doctor say anything?
I had missed a few days. I didn't get it
refilled because we had broken up
and i didn't
want to keep taking it, you know?
I also didn't think that anything
would happen that night.
It was like two days.
You think she's lying?
- No.
- Thanks, man. -Yeah.
And you really believe that she
didn't do this shit on purpose?
Yeah. I do.
- Then she... she's completely irresponsible.
That is so fucked.
- Well, i played a part, as well.
Well, i played a part, as well.
- No, no.
You but under the impression
that she's on birth control.
This isn't something she wanted.
- She wants it enough to keep it.
Where are my smokes? Yeah, all right.
Doug, just because she's pregnant doesn't
mean that you have to give up everything else in your life.
No, i understand.
And it doesn't mean that you guys
have to get back together, either.
No, i know.
- This is the 21st century, man.
This is how it works now.
Yeah, well, what do you suggest?
You're an expert on
Well... go to Tanzania.
You disappear into the jungle.
Fuck it, right?
Learn how to hunt boar.
I don't know. I really don't know.
It does change things.
Other stuff seems less important now.
Listen, man...
What if there was no baby?
Take the baby out of the equation.
This is the rest of your life.
Is this what you want?
Is that her? Don't answer it.
Don't answer the phone.
- You're hopeless, man. -It's my parents.
Oh. I'm going outside. I'm gonna go smoke.
- Hey.
Doug, honey... um...
i'm afraid we've had some bad news.
The nursing home called.
In our conversations, i learned
so much about the community
that i had just come to call home.
But which he had known all his life.
I saw the selflessness of
a man who had left college
when his father's accident meant
that he needed to run the store
who left home when
his nation called him to face its enemies across the pacific.
He was a man who always
put the needs of his family first.
That was the milton sr. That i met,
the man so many of you call "friend",
"father, "grandfather."
Good boy.
- Hey.
Were you just, uh, getting some air?
- Yeah.
I, uh... i thought it was a good service.
- Yeah, it was.
So... how are things in new york?
- Good, you know?
- Anything happening on the job front or, uh...
I have a second interview next week.
- Really?
Getting shots on tuesday for my trip.
So, what's your, uh... what's your second interview?
- With a small imprint.
They put out foreign-Policy titles.
- That sounds interesting.
Yeah, we'll see.
Given the possibilities,
we need to enlarge our team.
It's not a temporary increase.
- No. It would be a permanent position.
Right. Well, um... so,
if we were to offer you the job, could you...
start in two weeks?
Two weeks?
- Yeah.
Um... i believe i mentioned before
in my first interview
that, unfortunately, i have travel
plans next month.
But i could start september 1st or maybe
a few days before. I return on the 28th.
Doug, you know the particulars of your trip,
of course.
We don't. But i think the salary
is competitive, and it would be a promotion.
Plus you'd have four weeks' paid vacation
that you could start claiming in six months.
We have several titles going to press in late
and we'd love to
bring you into the process as soon as possible.
Thank you.
I appreciate the offer, but i can't accept.
Okay, well...
all right.
Um, well, you tell us, Doug.
What would make it worth it for you?
Well, i'm not trying to ask
for more money.
This trip is very important to me.
It may be the last time i get to do
something like this for a while.
Paid vacation, six months.
Just push your trip back a little.
We really want you to join
us here, Doug. So...
How did it go?
Oh, my goodness.
Yep. This is the living room and the kitchen.
- Wow.
That is... that's an incredible view.
So, this is the bedroom, of course.
- Compared to your last place,
This is like night and day.
Oh, you have a master bath, too.
That's great.
Too. That's great.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go check on the
It's really nice.
- Yeah. -Thanks.
- Thanks. -Are you gonna paint?
Hey. Man, this is great.
I mean, you found a great place.
Yeah, we're renting it from mitch.
- Where is he?
Hong kong.
- Oh, right. Right. Anyway, cheers.
You know, Doug, i-I, um... i'm really proud
of you. You know, your mother is, too.
We're both really
happy for the way things are going for you.
It's a beautiful view.
# oh, be not afraid,
oh be not afraid, oh be not afraid
# oh, be not afraid trouble came,
there's no surprise
# falling down from up high. Oh
be not afraid, oh be not afraid
# oh, be not afraid
# a dream to follow,
a beckoning star, walked so long
# oh, be not afraid oh,
be not afraid oh, be not afraid
# i heard thunder and rain come down
and i saw the devil in every cloud
# i dreamed i was
sleeping, it fit me so well
# i dreamed i was god,
and it worried me still
# oh, be not afraid
oh, be not afraid, oh be not afraid
# oh, be not afraid, oh,
be not afraid, oh, be not afraid
corection: suadnovic