Kill Boro (2024) Movie Script

Does my music bother you?
How come you are still wearing this
archaic wristwatch
you've been wearing since we first met?
Look how torn up your face is.
Or do you and poverty have an agreement?
Commander Boro.
Come home.
Come home and
we'll consider whatever debt
you owe me, as a freebie.
I don't know how to say this...
Big boss, um...
I don't want your freebie.
- I only need you to give me some time.
- Really?
Four months. I will pay you
all that I owe you. I promise.
You don't want any freebie.
I should give you some time.
Just come back home,
it will be like the good old days.
Those days, eh...
those days weren't good for me.
I can't...
I can't come back.
You can't come back?
Boro is no longer
interested in the gangster life.
But he wants the money
that comes with it.
I have a message to send.
It's time you want, right?
Two weeks.
Two weeks...
or I'll have your head in a bag.
You understand?
Have you ever seen a man who's worn
the same wristwatch for ten years?
A wristwatch that's already damaged.
Jaguar, please.
Don't kill me.
Jaguar, I beg you.
Don't do it.
- Or what?
- Else, you will be sorry.
Boy, do your thing and don't mess with me.
You are playing with fire.
If you don't get out of way now...
Stinking rat.
Oh! Jesus!
Sorry, dear.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
- Aunty, aunty... Aunty!
- I'm okay.
- Check your money, your wallet.
- Jesus!
My ten thousand. Eh!
Thief! My money! Thief! Thief!
You're too slow.
Little rat! Bastard!
Bastard. Do you think that
I'm moved by your stupid tears?
I don't give a damn!
You made that woman
deal with me anyhow.
Treat me as if I'm a... I'm just a nobody.
Boy, I don't give a damn
about you. You hear me?
- I don't give a damn.
- We give a damn.
What's going on? Who are you?
I told you you were playing with fire.
Bossman has told everybody
to stand down. Now you're in big trouble.
No stealing in this area.
Bossman doesn't want
policemen in this neighborhood.
So any fool who robs
in this neighbourhood...
we will deal with him.
For sure.
Elijah, it's me you done this to, right?
I tried to save you.
Are you mad? Are you crazy?
Huh? Can you believe little Wari?
Come on, shout. Shout!
Why don't you ever use your brain? Huh?
You are scheming
the streets to prove yourself to who?
Boys across the river, ehn?
I hear Jaguar is picking up crabs.
Crabs that can bite.
Don't worry, okay.
Bossman will make sure you are arrested.
Please. I won't do it again. I promise.
- Denzel, fine man...
- Shut up!
Who are you trying to confuse here?
I will humble you now.
Your ancestors will curse you.
Hurry. Bring all your loot.
And? Everything!
Put it in, put it in.
Are you sure that's everything?
Looks like this tree is empty.
Hey, come here. Are you mad?!
You see this? Huh?
This is what will happen
to you if we catch you again.
You understand? Huh?
Little one.
You are a bad boy.
You keep acting like that,
you'll win an Oscar one day.
- He's as foolish as a bag of stones.
- Really?
Making things more interesting.
Akpo. What's up?
- My man, what's up?
- What's up?
- Orabere!
- My man.
- Cool, my man.
- Cool.
- Let me help you.
- Thank you.
- Ora. How are you?
- Fine.
Let's go.
Why haven't you been coming to school?
I'm working at Boro's workshop.
Did he hit you again?
I miss you in math. There are
some problems only you can solve.
So, when are you coming back?
Boro owes everyone in Azuama.
There's no money for my school fees.
Bossman paid my school fees.
He pays for Azuama's children.
- Just tell him you don't have...
- No, Orabere.
Bossman doesn't know I've not been going.
Don't worry. I'll be back one day.
- Mama Fanta. Good afternoon.
- Hey.
Eh, Eli.
How are you?
I'm fine.
How is your mother?
She's fine.
- Have you brought it?
- Yes.
Put it inside.
You are just getting taller and taller.
Go in and eat.
Mama Fanta! Only one of PH!
- The original yellow skin.
- Any other one...
- Is a counterfeit.
- Say it loud!
- Such a person is a novice!
- Is a novice.
Mama. How are you?
Just as you see me. I'm here.
Bossman... you both must help me thank him.
Atemie is good. Wow.
Here I was, lamenting
my woes when he sent Chuks to me.
He gave him money for me
to pay Oraberema's school fees.
Oh, God!
- I was just worrying, thinking about...
- Original Yellow!
- Ah, Mama Fanta!
- Mama, don't worry.
- We'll send him your thanks. Alright?
- Please do.
- Okay.
- Let's get going. Okay?
- Little one. Let's go.
- Good night.
- Greet your mother, okay?
- Bye, Mama.
Okay, bye.
Alright. You, carry
the water. Let's start packing.
Look at him.
Lyd, relax!
- This shit shouldn't be happening, Denzel!
- Relax.
Calm down.
Fuck! God, it's Mr. Emma.
Mr. Emma! Fuck! It's Mr. Emma.
See how we look like weaklings
before the people we are to protect.
Calm down. Calm down!
Stay alert.
- What?!
- Can't you see?!
I see it! Okay? I see.
These bastards... They have started a war
and we're yet
to prepare our weapons, Denzel.
- Lyd.
- Our weapons are not ready!
Jaguar killed Emmanuel,
to send us a message of fear.
Because we sent him an even
bigger one without a single drop of blood.
We are making Azuama safe.
We are making it difficult
for Jaguar to operate.
He is not even able
to recruit from our town.
We emboldened the people
to stop paying him money for protection.
He is losing his grip on Azuama.
That's why everything is drifting away.
And that's what is pissing him off.
That's what's pushing him
to start this war.
Jaguar is not about to start a war...
he is already fighting this war.
Bossman, let's just send them
a message. Let's show them that...
I said enough!
Elijah... should we start a war with Jaguar?
You are a smart boy, Elijah.
If you say so,
I'll send a signal right now.
Look up, Elijah.
People who make decisions
for others never look down.
War doesn't sound good.
Maybe they dropped off
Mr. Emma's body, to provoke a war.
I don't think
we should give them what they want.
Good boy.
He is of little wit,
that needs
to make a message with blood.
We don't know what Jaguar has found out.
We don't know
if Emma talked before they killed him.
So everyone needs to be alert
till we hear from our men on the streets.
For now shut down
all local oil refining operations.
And make sure nobody... I say, nobody
runs any operation without authorisation.
- Denzel.
- Bossman.
Keep an eye on Lyd.
Make sure she cools off her anger.
The clock is ticking.
You see this war Jaguar is looking for?
Jaguar will get this war.
But he will get it only when we are ready.
In excess.
- Thank you very much. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mama, good evening.
- Ah, Elijah.
What is it?
You're sure?
From where?
- Nothing bad?
- Nothing bad.
- Smile for me, what's with you?
- Mama Elijah.
- Well done.
- Give me 500 naira extra fish.
- How are you, boy?
- Fine, sir. Thank you.
Put more fish.
- I want to buy some plantain.
- Just a minute.
- How many?
- Two.
Your mother's plantain
makes you look fresh.
That's why I come here everyday.
Plantain worth six hundred, one fish tail.
No, Elijah. Don't do that now.
Your food is in the cooler. Go and eat.
We are closing early today. Okay?
We'll do your lesson at home. Okay?
Your teacher has already
brought the topics I'm to teach you.
- Understand?
- Okay.
- Great. Plantain, right?
- Yes.
Ah. The power company
is yet to reconnect us.
Maybe I should tell Denzel
to come and reconnect us tomorrow.
No. Please.
I don't want trouble from the authorities.
Okay, Elijah. Hurry up.
Bring your things so we can start
before your father comes back. Quickly.
What is wrong?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Mr. Emma is dead.
They killed him.
They say it was a message.
Who says?
On my way to your street,
I heard people talking about it.
I listened.
Those Jaguar people are animals. Ah, ah!
Bossman doesn't want to...
They say that Bossman
doesn't want to go to war.
Even after they invaded his territory.
You can't fight evil with evil.
Then how?
Only good can fight evil.
But can it win?
Of course.
If you believe.
Is that why you are still with him?
Even after everything he has done to you.
To us.
Boro is ten times the man Jaguar is.
Even Bossman wishes he was Boro.
Life is hard.
You will understand when you grow up.
Anyway, I've...
written out all the areas you're supposed
to focus on tonight, so use that.
I'm off to prepare your father's food.
When I'm done, I'll come teach you. Just...
look at everything I wrote.
Where is he while we work?
Elijah, what sort of question is that?
He is working!
Weren't you at the workshop today?
- I thought you said that's where...
- I went to a different job.
The one that pays.
My nigga!
That's me, Shibo One of Niger Delta.
- I know. I salute you.
- You guys, cool? Wow.
Wow. Shibo One.
Yes, that's me. Shiba One of Niger Delta.
- For real. I salute you.
- Big respect to you.
Hope you have not destroyed my thing.
It can't be destroyed
because it's as tough as a cow's hide.
I told you so.
For real.
With all this, I will finish you.
Alright, look at it.
Keep looking.
Check it out. Look.
Check this out.
I've just destroyed you.
I have finished you.
Are you done? Kill him.
If I win this game, what will you give me?
You'll give me your wristwatch.
Deal, right?
I won't make such a deal.
I won't stake my wristwatch.
Ask for something else.
Boro, you don't even have
anything to give. Just give him your life.
Or you want to borrow to bet?
My guy, forget about it!
Look at this man.
"Boromacious entete."
"Borostico" that I know? Don't mind him.
He can't resist the temptation to owe,
always ready to find ways
to enter bets and challenges.
- Oh, it's a borrowing quagmire!
- You see?
Even the game board
is borrowed as it stands.
His full name is supposed to be
- Boro who borrows.
- Hmm.
- PHD.
- Exactly.
Please everyone here should hear me out.
That is why his company will be "www
dot borolastic Boro."
You all will just be moping
until this Boromacious Boro...
Borolstic Boro
will use his wife and son
for collateral. That's when
your eyes will open.
If you guys want to insult me,
go ahead.
Don't insult my family. Mmh?
So Boma and Elijah are your family
that you hit all the time?
Is that a claim to family?
Are you mad?
Leave him... let him go.
I warned you all!
If you want to insult me, insult me.
Don't insult my family.
Are you listening?!
Leave him alone, Boro.
I would have killed you.
It's because I'm high,
that's why I fumbled.
So, same idea here. If you want to get Z,
you'll subtract six from both sides so...
Peace be unto this my house.
My king.
Can't you greet?
Who beat you?
You this stupid, crazy boy.
You ask me such a question?
Do you think anyone
can fight me and still be alive?
Do you think anybody can...
Do you know who I am?
They call me Boro the lion!
I tear anybody! Anybody.
Where are they? I tear them.
I tear them.
So you can't greet?
Good evening.
Good evening, what?
Good evening, sir.
You can seen him? No, no.
You can seen this boy, right?
Boro, please.
- You see this boy, right?
- Calm down.
Now you will ask him...
This boy must tell me now. Tell me where...
where you were?
Why didn't you come
to the garage today? Huh?
Why didn't you come to the garage today?
You want to become a criminal, right?
You want to be
a child of crime, right?
Under my roof?
You want to shoot
everywhere, ta ta ta?!
You want to shoot guns? Right?
You have joined the Atime gang. Hmm?
Under my watch!
Under my own house. My own son.
- Before they kill you, I... I will kill you.
- Boro, please. Take it easy.
My king, please. It's enough.
- No, tell him. I will kill you.
- It's enough. Please, you need to eat.
- No, talk to that boy.
- I will talk to him. Ignore him.
You want to be a man.
I will show you. I will show you what...
Oh, God.
You want to be a man.
You want to be a man.
- Sit down, please. Please.
- You know that... That...
If you try that thing again...
My king. Please.
- Try it again and let me see.
- He won't do it again.
Try it again and know what I...
- Please sit let me get your food.
- You will know why they call me Boro.
Let me bring your food for you.
- Okay?
- You will find out.
Sit down.
You will know. Hmm.
I will show you why they call me Boro.
I pay your school fees.
I give you food.
You live in my...
Madam, what is this? Huh?
What kind of food is this?
Your dinner.
What kind of woman are you?
What kind of woman are you?
Take this rubbish meal out of my sight!
How could you do this?
Everyday... the same food.
- Boro.
- Same, same food.
Boro, don't get upset.
You know that every time you drink, you...
You call me a drunkard? Huh?
Oh, no! So you want to be a man, huh?
You want to show
what you got! You want to show...
I gave birth to you. I'll take you out!
This is my house. My territory.
And all of you must behave yourselves.
- Mummy.
- Mmh?
- Mummy.
- Mmh?
This is true?
Bossman. I can't let
my mother get hurt anymore.
Can I ask for a favour?
Young man. Do not be in a hurry
to ask something you would regret.
You think life is hard now.
Try living one without a father.
He's no father.
And I want him dead.
What Boro did, in truth, is very bad.
But what you ask cannot happen
by my hand. It will not happen.
But Bossman, but...
That man saved me through many battles.
I owe him my life.
You are young.
I don't expect you to forgive easily.
So I tell you what.
Tomorrow morning,
I'll go speak to your troubled father,
and, uh, let him know
this is totally unacceptable.
Take this. Go see Pharmo.
Tell him to fix you up.
And when you're done,
come back here to spend the night. Right?
On my way, sir.
Your father hasn't always been like this.
Sorry, ehn.
Is it painful? Sorry.
Hard times make men tough.
Even good men. Okay? Sorry.
Okay. It's okay.
Sorry, okay? What are you looking for?
Money? Don't bother. This is on me.
Thank you, Mr. Pharmo.
Tell your mother that I'm coming
to eat yam and plantain. You hear?
I will tell her. Thank you.
Remember, no rough play.
I brought your food.
It's already late.
Thank you.
Little man.
bring my tools box for me.
I can't.
What did you say?
I can't carry it.
You can't... can't lift it.
- Useless...
- Elijah, what happened?
What's wrong with your hand?
I fell.
Come, let me see it.
It's a minor sprain.
Oh. Sorry, alright?
Papa Awele.
How many times did I call you?
Okay, let me count.
I called you three times.
For three months now, you are yet
to pay my money. Boro.
You work in a garage you haven't paid for.
You're hiding under a rickety car.
Be warned.
Look at my grey hair.
Don't play hide-
and-seek games with an old man.
Papa Awele. It's not what it seems.
I'm doing everything I can
to pay you your money. I want...
I don't want to hear anymore.
Boro, pay me my money!
I'm trying to gather your money.
I want to get it and give you. What is it?
Boro, you're screaming at me.
Instead of using
your tongue to count your teeth,
you are using it to lick me
like okra soup. Right?
I will tell you this...
Don't make me show you
that I'm a bad man in Azuama.
Papa Awele... Please, okay?
Please. Give me three weeks.
After three weeks if I don't pay,
whatever you want to do to me, do it.
Whatever you feel
like doing to me, do it.
- Let your three weeks be three weeks.
- Three weeks.
If not, I swear to God,
what I will do to you... I swear.
I promise you.
Don't make me come back here.
Don't make me come back here.
I greet you, sir.
Papa Awele, we greet you.
Did your car break down? Ehn?
Is that the way to greet an old friend?
Come, let's talk.
How is business?
Business is what it is.
How about the family?
My wife is fine.
Elijah... you tell me.
He spends more time with you
than he spends with me,
so you are to give me an update.
I didn't come here to fight.
No, no. You came with trouble.
You came to rub it on my face like mud.
That if my son trips and falls,
you are the one he runs to first.
Your son slept at my place last night.
Okay, so you've brought me the bill.
Collect the payment then.
Your son is lost. He is trying
to find his path in life. You are my guy.
Get out of here! I am not your guy.
I'm not your guy.
And that boy you talk about, that child
still needs his father to pay his bills.
So I have work to do.
You hear me?
It's a shame for a boy
to have a father, yet live like an orphan.
Atemie, stay out of my business.
Stay out of my business.
You think I don't want to?
You think I don't want to stay clear.
But with every sin you commit at home,
you drive them into my world.
You know what I mean.
She chose me.
She chose you.
Then gave you a child
and now who is that child choosing?
- Get lost. She didn't give me anything.
- That's enough.
How come when you are supposed
to listen, you always talk instead?
It's your son we are talking about, Boro.
Your son doesn't like you.
Your son has no regard for you.
But then I can't blame him.
Why would he like you
when he sees his father abuse his mother,
then starts beating him.
Is it me you are talking to this way?
Atemie, wait!
Me, Boro?
You open your mouth
to drench me with insults?
Tell me,
how am I supposed to treat my son?
How should I treat my wife? Tell me.
Boro, you've changed.
You weren't like this.
What happened to you, bro?
Get out from here. I'm not your brother.
Don't call me your brother.
Are we siblings?
Are you my father's child?
I came to see for myself.
I've confirmed it.
So listen to what I have to tell you.
Your wife deserves the man she married.
Not this thing you've become.
And you see that son of yours?
He doesn't need the abuse he's getting.
Okay, I hear you.
So tell me, what does he need?
Tell me, what does he need?
So you are the one he needs, huh?
Does he need your advice?
Does he need your money? Huh?
Do you want him to be like you?
You want him to be like you.
You want him to become a gangster
like you. That's what you want, right?
At least I'm not the one teaching him
to hurt the people he loves.
People he is supposed to
protect with his life.
- He isn't learning that from me.
- Atemie.
I'm warning you.
Stay away from my family.
Stay away from my wife.
Stay away from my son.
I won't tell you again.
Stay out of my business.
Stay out from my business.
Ah, Boma!
I'm so ashamed.
What would I tell people?
I who am an elder in the church!
Ah, Boma! Just first year
in the university!
Daddy, please...
Only one year in university,
and you've got a certificate in shame.
Daddy, please. Mummy.
Mummy please, help me plead with Daddy.
No. You can't live in my house.
- You must go!
- Daddy!
Daddy, no.
No, Daddy.
Mummy, help me beg him. Help me beg Daddy.
You must go.
You must leave my house!
You didn't go to your stall today?
I'm not well.
What's wrong with you?
Boma, I asked you a question.
Look at natural makeup
you've put on my face.
It's so beautiful.
I didn't want people to see it.
Have you been to the pharmacist?
What's this?
- Pregnancy.
- Huh?
I'm pregnant.
- Oh no!
- I'm pregnant.
Oh, no, Boma!
Ah, Boma, no! You have...
- You can't be pregnant now, you can't...
- But I'm already pregnant.
Oh, Boma, there's too much
going on already.
I have debt everywhere.
Elijah can't even go to school.
Feeding the three of us is a problem.
Now you've added a pregnancy?
- It's not possible.
- I don't understand.
Should I explain it to you?
- ...You must abort it.
- Huh?
You must get rid
of the pregnancy. You must.
God forbid.
I can't!
Boma, I've told you. You will abort it.
Boro, I want to keep it.
So Elijah would have a brother or sister.
Oh, Boma!
This child now. This child...
- This child is extra burden!
- A child is not a burden!
A child is a blessing.
I can't abort it.
Boma, you must abort the pregnancy.
I won't abort it.
Boma, you said what?
I won't abort it.
This is not up for discussion.
You must get rid of it!
- Ah!
- My king.
My king, wait.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
We can make it work.
Boma, how?
So, you can still cook this good?
It's because there is smoke involved.
Good evening, Boss.
Ah, Elijah.
The rest of us are invisible.
Something's bothering your little brother.
There's a serious request
he is asking of me.
Excuse us.
How are you?
We must kill Boro.
Bossman, please.
You have to. You must.
He beat you again.
He wants to kill my sister.
Or my brother.
He wants my mother
to abort her baby.
You mean despite all your problems,
your father
is still...
He wants to push out another one.
Doesn't he get tired?
I can't let that happen.
I can't.
And me,
I can't kill Boro.
Boro is blood.
Boro is family.
What of me and my mother? Hmm?
What if you wake up one day
and you hear that he beat us to death?
I heard what he said
to you at the workshop.
He is not your brother.
He hates this place. He hates us.
Two hundred thousand.
I don't mean rubber bands.
Where will I find 200k?
You see this life?
Nothing is free.
Nothing is free.
But 200k!
- Where would I find such money?
- That is why it is 200.
Two hundred thousand is the fee.
And that
is the only free lesson
you will be getting here tonight.
Tell everybody.
and I say, nobody
is to help him raise this money.
If he insists on doing this,
he alone
by himself, for himself
must raise the money.
I'll do it.
I'll get you your 200000 naira.
Then you'll do what you promised.
You will kill Boro.
A child is not a burden!
A child is a blessing!
We can make it work.
It's a shame for a boy
to have a father, yet live like an orphan.
He sees his father abuse his mother,
then his father starts to beat him.
- Atemie.
- Yes?
- Where are the other guys?
- I thought they were with you.
What is this?
You want to die for me?
You want to take a bullet for me?
Boma, no! Don't go.
- Stay.
- But...
Boma, no! Don't go.
Boma, ah!
Stay here.
- Stay here with me.
- Honey.
Wait. Just wait.
- Ah.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Boro. Please, it's late. I want to close.
Listen to this.
You see that car?
If I... If I repair it now, ehn...
I can get a good price for it.
To repay your money
won't be a problem at all.
Boro, no.
- Well, just...
- Selling your car won't be easy.
What we could do is to break it up
into pieces and sell the parts.
- If you agree, I'll give you an advance.
- No.
No, no.
Mama Fanta.
- Eli.
- Good afternoon.
Afternoon. Well done.
Ah, pay attention to your studies.
Now, what's the answer?
Mama, I don't know.
You don't know.
Don't you attend school?
When you get to school,
don't you attend classes?
You need to convert it first.
Change it from milligrams
to grams before solving it.
Thank you.
How did you know this?
You were not in school
when the teacher taught us this yesterday.
My mother teaches me at home.
She doesn't want me to be behind
when I come back to school.
I can't wait for you to come back.
How much do I owe you?
I'll take anything, ma.
Really? Okay then. No worries.
Thank you, ma.
Greet your mother for me.
Mama, can I go and play?
"Can I go and play?"
That was the last one.
Elijah, let's go and play.
- You will say...
- I can't play.
I have things to do.
What if I join you?
I mean, I'll work with you.
I can't afford to split the money.
No need for that.
- I'll just work with you...
- Why will you do that?
So you can come back to school.
These things I'm doing,
they are hard.
Maybe after.
Maybe school will also be difficult.
It's better I work alone.
Maybe I'll see you later.
Did something happen?
Why do you say that?
Are you ill?
I closed early.
So I decided to come...
help you pack.
What audacity?!
Is something wrong with you?
May thunder strike you there!
- Tell Jab to stop smacking my head.
- Shut up there!
Don't you want to pay?
Do you want me to deal with you?
But others no longer pay this tax.
Are you refusing to pay?
Am I the only shop owner in Azuama?
Really? Tough guy.
you want to join them, right?
Just because some stranger came
out of nowhere and made them bold,
you also want to join them?
No worries.
You hear me?
Very soon,
they will all know what is going on.
Boro, Boro.
Deal with him.
What's that?
What's up?
If you misbehave,
my men will deal with you.
Do you wish to challenge us?
Or should I
kill you here?
Dirty man.
- See, Gentle...
- Yes?
Not here, not now, okay?
You hear me? Not here, not now.
He doesn't want his lady
to hear what we have to say.
His lady knows how much trouble we can be.
He gave me two weeks.
So you will tell Jaguar that...
Dude. Dude!
Who the hell are you?
Jaguar doesn't get told. Jaguar tells.
Don't you know?
it's a good thing your lady is here,
so she can hear everything well.
Jaguar said I should inform
the big man with the archaic wristwatch
that your time
is ticking.
On the other hand,
we know where to find your son who has...
Give me a reason.
Just be foolish.
Give me a reason
to kill you on the street like a dog.
Let history credit it to me.
I, Gentle...
the nigga that fell the great
Pay Jaguar his money.
Pay Jaguar his money, otherwise...
The head of a member of
your family will be delivered in a sack.
Inside a bag.
Jaguar wants you to return.
But I, Gentle...
I want to bury you.
Inside a deep, deep hole.
A deep, deep hole.
Sleep well.
You're playing with fire.
Why didn't you tell me?
How could you hide
such a serious matter from me?
Boma, I will take care of it.
You will take care of it?
threatened your wife and children
How did you handle it?
Calm down.
All these years,
I never stopped defending you.
I never stopped believing in you.
I'm still praying for
the man I married to come back to me.
I never stopped loving you, Boro.
After everything.
But after what I've just witnessed,
I no longer know you.
You owe Jaguar?
- Boma.
- Jaguar!
How much?
One point six million.
One point six million?
What for?
- What have you gotten yourself into?
- I did it for my family!
It's for us I did it.
Boma, I'm sorry.
Don't be angry that I...
Don't be angry that I didn't tell you.
I apologise for keeping it
from you but I used the money for
my garage business.
At that point in time, that was
the only source I could raise money from.
But you told me that your father's
friend, Minapu, gave you the money?
I lied to you, I lied.
But your business is fine.
- You leave home to work everyday!
- Oh!
- How come you still owe such an amount?
- Isn't what one can afford that one pays?
I work and work. Bills everywhere
keep swallowing all my money.
And Jaguar now,
he knows I'm owing him
so he is happy about it.
He is using that as a bait
to drag me back into that gangster life.
- I thought you gave up that life.
- Yes! He believed me.
Now the due date
to repay is almost here.
What have you done?
I did the unthinkable.
That's not what I mean.
I... I just wanted to be a man.
I just wanted to help our family.
I... I just wanted
to move us out of this slum.
- I just want to be that man.
- And now?
When will I wake up
to find your dead body in the gutter?
That won't ever happen, Boma!
- You must go see Atemie about this.
- No, no, please.
I don't want
any part of their gangster business. No.
Look Boma, I got us involved in this.
I got us into this mess we are in.
I will get us out of it, o kay?
I know I've disappointed you.
Trust me, I know.
I know I've disappointed our son.
But see, I swear to God...
Boma, I promise you, on God...
I will be that man for you.
For our son.
I promise you.
What about the baby?
We will keep it.
One point six million naira, Boro.
What do you want
with such a huge amount of money?
I can't tell you.
It's none of your business.
Are you giving me the loan or not?
I won't give you.
You won't give me?
You sit here in your palace and tell me,
you won't loan me, hmm?
You forget all those years, right?
You think if I had somewhere else
to borrow it, I would come to you?
I know you wouldn't come to me.
The same way I know that all
the money I've lent you over the years...
not even once have you paid back.
Alright, Atemie, let's do it this way.
That my car...
take it.
Use the money to offset
what I owe you. What's funny?
That car...
The last time you tried
to kickstart it, Elijah was still a baby.
You call that a car?
I will be frank with you.
Even if you offer me
the whole of Azuama as a collateral,
the answer remains no.
Because I can't give you
what I don't have.
You don't have?
Or you don't want to give me?
It didn't speak gibberish, Boro.
War is imminent.
We are preparing for battle with Jaguar.
My boys are not generating funds as usual
but I'm still responsible
for their upkeep.
Until this war ends,
- even if I say...
- I don't want to hear about your war.
And em, Atemie...
Elijah is not one of your boys.
Elijah is my...
my son.
Not yours.
So leave him out
of whatever business you are doing.
It's good.
You only misspelt a word.
Accommodation is double C and double M.
Thank you.
Um, what brother are you talking about?
My mother is pregnant.
How did you know?
I heard her say it.
How did you know it's a boy?
Because I want a brother.
Then I will be the big brother and
the big brother must take care of all.
Orabere go, you will be late.
And you will be
the best big brother in all of Azuama.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Where is your mummy?
She's still at work.
Okay, take this money.
Go buy green beans and carrots for me.
Are you sure that you are fine.
I'm fine.
Alright, hurry.
I'm waiting for you.
Buy those things and hurry back.
Sit down, let me spoil...
Ehn? Sit down.
My fine wife.
Today is for your enjoyment.
I've been preparing this
for a while. It wasn't easy.
I decided
to show
both of you
my cooking skills.
where do we start?
Pray for us.
God bless this food, in Jesus' name.
- Amen.
- Amen.
The food looks
like it will be delicious, right?
You did well.
What of you?
The food looks enticing, right?
Yes, Elijah, do I have change
from the stuff you bought for me?
I used it to buy ice cream.
That's good.
At least to cool down the body.
That's it?
You are not throwing a chair at me?
Or slap me?
Or try to break my arm again?
I'm just asking.
It seems you are...
you're looking for trouble. Huh?
There you are.
I knew you would show your true self.
He doesn't understand.
You are right, Mummy.
I don't understand.
I don't understand at all.
What's up?
Sleep eludes me.
Which of the two?
Nothing, or you can't find sleep?
Can I ask you something?
- Get out of here.
- No, not that.
Have you ever killed someone?
Did the person deserve it?
Little man.
This life...
is not black or white.
But I try to tell myself
that he deserved it.
I haven't always been a PH girl.
But I've always been hotheaded.
You know, as a Warri girl.
I was 14 years old.
Based in Sapele.
I was a church girl.
On our way home
from rehearsals one night,
we decided to take
a short cut through an alley way,
to avoid our normal route.
When we got there,
we saw a policeman.
He was trying...
He was trying to rape
a little girl
The child wasn't even old enough to
understand what he was trying to do.
I got very angry.
I was so angry that
I didn't realise when I
grabbed a two by-two plank
and struck him on the head.
I couldn't stop.
I didn't stop until that man was dead.
It was even my friends
that dragged me off his body because...
we ran away with the girl.
They say it's the first time
that you kill
that's always the hardest.
It wasn't like that for me.
Although there are some parts
of me that I lost that night that...
I can never recover.
After I killed that policeman,
my aunty secretly
sent me down to Port Harcourt.
A few weeks later,
I heard that the policeman
was celebrated.
They said he died a hero,
while trying to protect a little girl
from being raped.
I won't lie to you, my friend...
I lost my mind.
It felt like I was going crazy.
do you know what
that demon of a policeman said,
when we caught him?
He said it was the devil.
The d evil has been accused
unjustly multiple times.
Because what would...
what would make a six-year-old girl
be desirable to such a grown man?
What devil?
You know what?
He should speak
with Father Abraham in heaven
because all the sins
I poured on him that night...
He deserved it.
For sure.
What if the reason God
allows wicked people to stay alive
is because he wants us,
the good people to do it?
Please leave God out of this. Please.
And trust me,
you won't feel what you think
you would feel if you kill Boro.
You know?
Bossman told you.
Not at all.
No one needs to tell.
I monitor what you do on the streets.
Anytime Boro beats you,
I am always the first to know...
in Bossman's family.
And let me tell you something else I know...
If you kill Boro,
you will never remain the same.
Even if you feel
you are doing the right thing,
you will regret it.
How are you?
Why are you working like this?
I always work hard.
- Life is hard.
- That's a lie.
I mean, you always work hard
and life is hard but this is different.
I told you. I am working hard
for my mother and my brother.
Is this really for the new baby?
I told you.
I know I'm not as good
as you at school work but I'm not stupid.
Leave me alone, Orabere.
Not until you tell me what is going on.
You won't play with me,
- you won't talk to me. You won't...
- Okay, fine!
Promise me that if I tell you, you'll
keep my secret and leave me alone to work.
I don't make false promises.
Swear it or leave.
Reverend Father and
my mum said I shouldn't swear.
You are not serious.
I swear.
I swear.
You have to swear on something.
I swear on...
my brain.
I need to money to pay Bosssman.
Pay for what?
Bossman gives people
like us money. He doesn't take.
I'm paying him to kill Boro.
Stop joking, Elijah.
What is it really for?
I told you. If I don't kill Boro, he is
going to kill the baby, my mother and me.
When I told you I was working to save
my mother and brother, it was the truth.
Jesus Christ! Elijah.
Don't blaspheme while next to a church.
You are telling me off
after you've told me this.
It has to be done.
You can't.
You can't kill your own father.
You can't pay someone to kill your father.
Don't preach to me.
Isn't this a church?
You are not a preacher
and Boro needs to go.
He's your father.
Well, I'm not his son.
I know he beats you and your mother.
But he can change.
We can pray for him,
you and I, and he could change.
He can change in his grave.
And before they put him
down there, a pastor will pray for him.
Definitely not me.
You swore.
So you can't tell anyone about this.
Oh, Lord!
Why would You allow this?!
When I went to buy this thing, the man
was asking if I had the money to pay.
It was a Spanish...
Come and join us.
I need to speak with him.
This requires some patience.
Let me speak with him first.
I knew I would find you here.
Elijah Boro Da-Iboroma.
My boy.
The bible says,
"Honour your father and your mother
so that your days will be long."
Take this.
Are you sure?
You don't want it?
You don't want it?
You are a good boy, Elijah.
But you are angry.
And that needs to change.
We used to have a roof
like this when I was your age.
I used to go there and hide.
And just stare at the sky.
I didn't have the easiest
relationship with my father either.
When I got pregnant
and my father kicked me out,
I was scared
that Boro wouldn't take responsibility
because of all the things he was into.
But he did.
He left that life because of you and me.
You ask why I don't leave.
Elijah, the Boro you know
is not the Boro I fell in love with.
He's still in there somewhere.
And I know that very soon
he will find his way back to us.
What did he do to you?
I know you are angry,
but you need to try to forgive him.
We are family.
A family.
Yet he wants to kill my baby brother.
How did you know I'm pregnant?
I know everything.
And I know what Boro is doing to you.
Elijah, people make mistakes.
- You make mistakes.
- I make mistakes.
Everyone does.
But your father loves you.
He doesn't love us.
He doesn't love me,
he doesn't love you.
You think you are
the only one that's angry? Eh?
You think you are the only angry one?
I also think angry thoughts, Elijah.
- You think you are the only one...
- But I'm not selling my soul for a pizza!
You want to start acting like him now.
I'm not like him.
Elijah, we love you.
Boro loves you.
You don't hurt someone and call that love.
Bossman, see. I have 34000.
Kill Boro before he finishes
my mother and my baby brother.
I told you the deal.
Bossman, please.
My mother has fallen for his scam.
He's going to kill us
and she does not even see that.
Have you not
been learning anything from all these?
Bossman, you have to kill Boro.
But that's not all the money.
It'S 34000.
That's only, em...
seventeen percent.
Yes, 17 percent exactly.
That's not even enough for a deposit.
Bossman, please.
You know me.
You know how hard I work.
Kill Boro now and I'll pay the rest.
I will not kill Boro on credit.
Bossman, please.
I know why you are standing where you are.
And you are a very smart boy.
But It seems you're missing
the lesson I'm offering you with all this.
Finding 200k is hard.
Isn't it?
How hard do you think
it would be to snatch someone's life?
Are you going to kill Boro or not?
We have a deal.
Give me 200k and I'll do what you want.
Until then...
and no one
will touch Boro.
Go home.
Tell your mother I said hello.
Here I was thinking
his father is the stubborn one.
- I should go look for him.
- No.
Let him be for now.
Let him calm down.
That boy is more stubborn than his father.
And his mother?
Isn't she a hot head?
That's right.
A stubborn woman who married
a man that owes Jaguar.
How was sales today?
Sales was fine.
It wasn't encouraging. Didn't move.
And this is all that I made.
Thirty thousand!
Where did you find this?
I collected my group savings,
from Mama Awele.
And business was good today as well.
You know how it is.
I know this money
is far from what we need,
but at least...
My queen. Hmm.
Don't despair.
There's still time.
You know I've kept
that watch for a long time now.
I didn't realise it had that much value.
So I went there and decided to sell it,
since Jaguar's deadline is near.
I thought to sell it for however little.
I would add it
to whatever else I can sell so as to help.
Where did you get this from?
My... my old man gave it to me.
He said he got it
from a white man, way back.
- Ah.
- Long time.
Do you know how much this watch is worth?
- You have no idea?
- No.
You know they made only
a few wristwatches like this in the world?
- Really?
- Yeah.
I will give you 7.5 million.
Or if you accept dollars,
I'm ready to pay. No problem.
Ah. I will.
I will take dollars.
I will take the dollars.
I didn't realise that
the watch had value
and that's the reason
why it always felt heavy on my wrist.
Come and eat.
Your pap is getting cold.
Where are you off to?
I have somewhere to be.
I don't want to hear that.
Sit down and eat.
You are eating with your family today.
Get your father water.
Thank you.
So, what are you up to today?
Not many places.
I will, you know,
get to the shop. Then from there,
I will stop by one or two places.
Then I will go
to the bank to deposit that money.
Then I'll come back home.
From there, I'll get to Jaguar's place
so I can settle this once and for all.
Makes sense.
Elijah, what about you?
Just small work.
I can't come to work today.
I have a headache and
body pains.
Since when?
Sorry. Do you have Panadol?
I'll check.
Is it a headache?
- Are you feverish?
- My head.
I'm feeling pains, no fever.
Sorry, okay?
Eat so you can take the medicine.
Any luck?
Yes, I found it.
Here. Take two from it after your meal.
My wife... I need to get going.
Stop it.
Your father loves you very much.
I better be on my way.
Finish eating and clear the table, okay?
Get some rest.
See you later.
Everything will be better after today.
I want to talk to you about what you...
I'm busy.
Talk to me.
No time to talk.
I didn't tell anyone
what you said, just as I promised.
- What...
- I have the money.
All of it.
You are not listening to me.
You shouldn't do this.
It doesn't even make sense. You can't!
You can't kill your father.
Why not?
Father Mark said in church that
anyone that kills will carry
a burden of guilt all their life
For my mother and my brother...
I'm fine with that.
Doing a bad thing to solve
a bad thing only makes you a bad person.
You can go preaching!
I have something important to do.
Aunty Boma.
Orabere. How are you?
I'm fine.
Any problem?
I want to tell you something.
Okay. I'm listening.
It's about Elijah.
I have the money. All of it.
We cannot kill Boro.
But this is the money.
And you exceeded my expectations.
I'm proud of you. But you need to tell
me where you got those dollars from?
- What's going on?
- Boma.
What did you do?
You want to kill your father?
You shouldn't be here.
You want to kill your father?
Boro is a bad man.
Boro is your father.
Call him by name again
and I will break your teeth.
Where did you get this money from?
Where did you get this money from?
I took some that Boro...
Dad kept.
Elijah, you've killed me.
Elijah, you've killed me.
Calm down, Boma.
The money is intact.
Just take it and leave. We're done here.
Boro owes Jaguar plenty money.
He just sold his watch
in dollars to pay off the debt.
As we speak, Boro is at Jaguar's camp
thinking that the money is complete.
Ruffle him a little.
What stupid joke is that? Are you mad?
What's going on? What's that for?
Help me.
- Chuks.
- Mhn-hmm.
You know what will happen when Jaguar
finds out that the money is not complete?
That's the end.
Bring out the black flag and fly it.
- Black flag?
- Yes.
What are you doing?
We don't have the manpower.
We are talking about Boro.
Is that how you want it?
Gentle, are you joking with me?
I've brought the money.
Why are you on your knees here?
Hold my hand.
Ah, Master.
The man didn't show up
with your all money.
Stop saying nonsense.
Let me kill him before we sail.
Are you growing wings?
Do you even know why Boro is here?
But Boro didn't turn up
with all of your money. He's still short.
- What silly talk is that?!
- Quiet!
I didn't come...
I have all of your money here.
What happened?
I had all of your money here.
I was bringing it to you just now.
I don't know. It looks like someone
has tampered with it where I kept it.
- But Big Man, I had your money.
- Just listen to me.
It appears Boro
is going to be killed after all.
For free.
It may be happening
as we speak, right now.
Are you happy?
Boro is a bad man.
He made me scared to wake up everyday.
Now he wants to kill the baby.
I heard him say it.
No, Elijah. So much has changed
that you don't even know because
you were busy looking for money to...
- Elijah.
- Elijah.
- Elijah!
- Boma.
It appears Boro
is going to be killed after all.
For free.
It may be happening as we speak right now.
Elijah, the Boro you know
is not the Boro I fell in love with.
He is still in there somewhere.
And I know that very soon,
he will find his way back to us.
So much has changed
that you don't even know because you were
too busy looking for money to... Elijah!
I don't want that money.
I never ever needed that money.
Big man, I can't pay with anything else.
It's money I owe you,
I can't pay with anything else.
The Boro you are looking at
is the real treasure.
The national treasure of the underground
world of our gangster business.
Boro is fortunate
because his father was Alupu Daa,
the great security
commander of Bonga oil field.
The man who taught him the skills and tact
with which to penetrate Bonga oil field.
Everything is now in place.
My boys are at Mingima
fishing settlement, waiting.
They are waiting for me.
They are waiting for you.
My friend,
you must sail.
Whether you like it
or not.
You must sail.
Senior man, I'm not going with you.
I don't want to be part of this.
You must sail.
And if you refuse,
I must hit Bonga oil field.
With or without you.
With you, it's guaranteed success,
because you are smart.
Without you,
you will regret it.
You ask me why?
You want to know why.
You want to know why.
Because I will shoot you.
I will kill you!
with all of your might,
you are wasting away.
You take a horse
to a river to drink,
the horse refuses to drink and
you punish it, saying you want to kill it.
Why didn't you kill it in the house?
Why didn't you just kill it there?!
Take this!
Please... Please. Don't kill him.
Don't kill him. I have your money.
I have your money. Please.
Elijah, look...
close this box. Take this box now.
Go home.
Jaguar wants to do
something you shouldn't see.
It's my fault.
- Your...
- I took the money to pay Bossman.
What for?
I wanted him to kill you.
See how disgusting you have become?
So disgusting that
even your own son wants you dead.
Jaguar, please.
I should pinch you
where it would hurt most.
Please. Look, he's only a child.
This doesn't concern him.
It's me. I take responsibility. Please.
So there's actually something
you actually care about after all?
You just act as if you were made of stone.
Shoot me.
Shoot me. Shoot me please.
No, shoot me.
Stay here! Please.
Shoot me.
It would be better if
I shot you first while he watches.
Atemie. What's all this?
Release my guy and we leave.
Really? Or what?
Be careful, Gentle.
Shut up.
We came here for Boro and Elijah.
And if you don't let them go,
we are not leaving.
You won't leave?
You just walked into my territory
with your spineless thugs, right?
It's these spineless thugs
that keep us safe in the neighbourhood.
My name is not Iworima. My name is Jaguar.
Who named you Jaguar?
Listen here. We came to take this child.
And his father.
We came for their sake.
So just allow us to leave here with them.
What's all this, huh?
It's wisdom.
My name is not Iworima.
My name is Jaguar.
Please, please.
Please, please.
Please, please.
Please, please.
Please, please.
- Please help me.
- Come and help me.
- Help me!
- Wait!
- Boro.
- Help me!
- Atieme.
- Elijah.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
What happened?
You gave us a scare.
You got shot.
Daddy, I'm so sorry.
You don't need
to be sorry about anything, you know.
It wasn't your fault, okay?
It's not your mother's fault.
Ah, everything that happened...
was my fault.
I was in...
I was in a very dark place.
I just wasn't able to be the man
I should be for you and your mother.
And the baby.
Elijah, I don't hate you.
I don't hate you,
I don't hate your mother,
and I don't hate the baby.
You are my boy.
And I love you.
I love you too.
I love you.
Strong men of Azuama.
Eli, I brought your friend.
Mama Fanta.
Are you angry with me?
- I told your mummy and...
- Thank you.
You were right.
What I was doing was wrong.
Next time, I'll listen.
There's going to be a next time?
I hope not. Bullets hurt.
But you do owe me your brain.
Remember? You swore.
You can have it when you come
back to school. Then we'll share.
No need to worry.
I'll be back to school right now.
You will have to get up first
before you start thinking of school.
Ehn, my professor. Thank God.