Kill Chain (2019) Movie Script

Two rooms.
You only have two customers.
Slow season.
Well, how do you make a living?
Low overhead.
Occasional opportunity.
The "occasional opportunity"?
You know, where
youre standing,
thats for employees only.
Bad neighborhood.
Yeah, it must be.
Shotgun and...
whatever youve
got underneath your shirt.
All right.
You guys took your time
circling around...
Yeah, we had to drive
about half a mile
send your picture,
you know,
get confirmation.
Internet sucks.
Should have come in.
Got free Wi-Fi.
How long you had this place?
About a year.
Friend of mine
left it to me.
What we hear,
you dont have any friends.
Not anymore.
Standing still for a year,
you had to know that
was gonna be too long.
I had obligations, and...
you get tired.
Thats something you
should have thought about
in the first place.
You know the story?
We dont give a shit
about the story.
We hear lots of stories.
See, hes not gonna
appreciate it, but you might.
A short one, yeah, sure.
Buy you a beer.
You can cut me off
if you get bored.
Me and Franco...
On the way,
inside an hour.
Hey, you good?
You know anything
about rice cookers?
They come in a travel size.
Think its over-priced, though.
What? You want me to do some
research on rice cookers?
You know what?
Nah, Ill do my own research.
You know what?
Tell me what you find out.
Jesus, you need to get laid.
Who says I dont get laid?
Hey, Dad.
What do you know
about rice cookers?
Not much.
Im thinking about getting one.
I travel a lot.
I eat a lot of rice.
Is rice expensive?
Almost never.
Youre smart.
Youre a smart young woman.
Something only
a dad would say.
Well, Im sure.
Im sure you U Penn
would disagree, right?
Grades are fine
and I got the check.
Thank you.
Didnt seem like much.
Tuitions covered and
I work at the lab a few nights.
Should you be working?
I mean, shouldnt you
be focused on...
Mom worked through college.
Shed have wanted it to
be easier for you.
Id rather it wasnt
too easy, you know?
I dont know what
your schedule is like,
but Ive got a
break coming up.
Yeah, yeah.
Um... yeah, uh-huh.
Yeah, right.
Look, I know...
What did I do, Dad?
Why cant I see you?
No, you didnt do anything.
Five years.
Its been five years.
Someday Im gonna tell
you the reason
and youll wish I hadnt.
Jesus! What am I supposed
to do with that?
This isnt normal!
The money--
The moneys what
Ive got right now.
Look, Ive gotta get
back to work.
I love you.
I love you too, Dad.
All right, Ill buy you
the fuckin rice cooker.
Rifle on the other side
of the hot zone.
Two UFOs sitting in a car.
Well, maybe the object.
Without an advance security,
I dont know.
Maybe police?
No. No, the police
have been managed.
It is definitely
not the police.
-You sure?
-No, no.
Im an asshole
who hasnt kept you alive
and safe for 10 years.
Right down this plate.
Take this fuckin seriously.
What the fuck...
Call me back.
Two is better than one, honey.
Do I make her...
Do I make you nervous?
No, baby, not at all.
No ones nervous.
Just thought you might want
a little taste of home.
How you end up down here?
Theres a story there.
Storys not as sad
as youre thinking.
Not as different from mine
as youre thinking.
Which is why I cant
have you come up here
and make me fall
in love with you.
Its unlocked!
Okay if I turn on a light?
Walk over to that window.
Take off your top.
Anything under the skirt?
Thats good.
Now open the blinds.
Its a blue Skoda.
See it?
Theyre gone, baby.
You know them?
Keep looking out the window.
They cops?
-How do you know?
I just gave the mean
one a blow job.
That makes them not a cop?
He paid.
They have guns?
I didnt see.
Theyre the type that might?
Are you jerking off?
The roof across the street,
the one with the construction.
You see it?
Can you get up there?
Yeah, but its empty.
Its an empty building.
Nah, my friends up there.
Hes working late.
Close the blinds.
Put your clothes back on.
So you really dont wanna fuck?
No, not since
my daughter was 14.
You have a phone?
-All right.
I want you to go up on the roof
and say hello to Mr. Sanchez.
Whatever he wants, its on me.
Like a joke?
Yeah, like a joke.
After, you can have the rest.
Thank you.
Blue Skoda.
Its a rental.
Got a couple names, but
they wont mean shit to you
because they dont
mean shit to me.
-Out of Miami.
You got a bad feeling about
this, get the fuck out.
I leave without knowing what
the fuck is going on,
then I dont know what
the fuck is going on.
-Who else is down here?
-What do you mean?
Other tradesmen.
Whos active here?
Well, shit. You know,
let me check Facebook.
None of yours?
You know I would
have mentioned it.
Would you?
Probably not,
but Im telling you...
Let me say hello to my friend.
Its for you.
No way.
No way you saw me.
I recognized your
puke green MSR.
You supposed to do me before
or after I take the shot?
Kind of a moot point now.
Come on, Sanchez.
Tits at the window was a
good fuckin move, man.
But Im always
improving on you.
You dont think Id shoot you
right through her?
Im the one person in the
world that knows you wont.
One chance. Come over.
Ill buy you a beer.
Nah. I dont drink, Viejo.
Shit, Viejo.
You shoulda took the shot.
Shes dead anyway.
But you always did leave
the dirty work for me.
Nah... not like that, Viejo.
So what now?
Window maybe?
You go for the door?
I got all day while you
move the dresser.
Start running, you
double-dealing fuck.
From what? You?
You cant make a decision
about a fuckin rice cooker.
Well, thats why you
tipped the target
and sold them Sanchez
to double on me?
Youre the target,
you asshole.
I never ask. You know that.
It was money.
And youre past
your sell-by date.
You dont fuck anymore,
you dont drink,
I would have walked away.
You should have
let me walk away.
You try and then a
year or two later,
the pangs of conscience get
worse and worse and worse.
You know it, and then you
go off and tell someone!
Yeah? Yeah? Well, you shoulda
taken a chance, Dean, now, now--
Now, now, now what?
If you make it outta
that room,
youd better
fuckin ghost.
Because the day
youre spotted,
someone goes to U Penn
to the Ridgeman Dorms.
And then God
knows whats gonna--
Fuck you!
Fuck you, Dean!
Fuck you!
Im sorry.
Oh, dont apologize.
You have nothing
to apologize for.
You grew up so well,
I just figured being around
wouldve fucked things up.
But maybe I fucked
up anyway, yeah.
Maybe theres just
no right answer, no.
I know you love me.
I know youre doing your best.
I am. I did.
I am doing my best.
I just, um...
I just want us to be good.
Were great, Dad.
Okay, then.
Okay, Dad, goodnight.
Tell me its done.
Yes, sir.
You all right? I know
the two of you had history.
Oh, that was years ago,
not that it wasnt weird.
Someday youll do the
same to me, right?
Not if youre smarter
than he was.
Should be a red Renault.
Up on blocks?
No one steals a stripped car.
Payment is in the shifter box.
No, theyre here.
Hey, man, you sure
about this shit?
I got GIA certificates.
Dont worry.
What... what are
GIA certificates?
It means the diamonds
are legit.
Its how the client
wanted to pay.
The guy in Panama is set
to convert them for you.
Killing this phone now.
Talk to you in a month.
Hands, fuckface!
Hey, come on, man.
Stripping a stripped car?
Doesnt make sense.
Ah, fuck!
Try me.
-All right.
-You fuckin angry?
And I believe
he intended to shoot you.
Looked that way, didnt it?
Who gave me up?
All right, thats good.
Its a good sign.
If you were gonna dump me
on the side of the road,
youd tell me, right?
You can shut up now.
Oh, shit. I see.
Its G-Mans snitch and
he doesnt trust you.
Hey, man, seriously, man.
How long we been
working together, man?
You still cant speak
decent fuckin Spanish?
I know enough to know
when Im being rat-fucked.
Hey, I dont give
a shit which one of you
I make a deal with, all right?
Oh, motherfucker!
That was a good one!
You want me to shut
the fuck up, buddy?
Youre gonna have to
hit me harder than that.
Thats just turning me on.
Jesus, Miguel...
Miguel... youre just
encouraging him!
Its a long fucking
ride, you know.
It keeps me awake.
Oh, yeah?
Long ride to where?
Where we going?
Look, the diamonds
are worth 250.
First one of you
kills the other,
Ill bump it another 250.
Thats 375 more than
either of you is expecting.
You know Im good for it.
I got it.
Oh, shit, look.
Hes thinking about it.
You better act fast. Your man,
hes thinking about it.
Cause hes gonna trust a greasy
piece of shit like you, hmm?
What the fuck are
you doing, man?
Hey, man, come on.
This making you
fuckin feel better? Relax.
Fuckin relax.
Im relaxed.
Hey, you know what?
G-Man is trying to figure out
how to fuckin shoot you
from the back seat...
Just pull over, man.
Let me break his jaw.
Its just words, man.
What the fuck you
care about words?
Pull over. Let me break
his fuckin jaw!
500! 500! 500!
Just get this shit movin!
Just get--
Now were riding around
with a dead fuckin body, man.
Its not the first time.
Pull over. Well throw
him in the trunk.
Clean up a little.
Quit fucking with me.
Seriously, how much money
have we made together?
Not this much, man.
Not all at once.
Fuck you, man, fuck you.
Exactly. Thats what
Im afraid of, man.
Exactly that.
So, what?
Whats the plan here?
You just gonna drive
around all night?
This car doesnt
run outta gas?
You know what?
Its okay, man.
Just empty your fuckin gun
and its fine. Its fine.
You fucking kidding me?
Im not fucking
kidding you, motherfucker!
You know were
through after this.
Yeah, Lance, I fuckin know.
Ill fuckin shoot you, Lance.
-Youre gonna anyway.
-No, Im not.
Then unload your gun.
Im not fuckin doing that.
You crazy?
Cause I can trust you,
but you cant trust me?
Well, you shot the
fucking guy, man--
Because he was getting
in our heads!
He got us here!
Well, Lance...
Here we are.
Here we are.
Okay, man.
Thats it.
Tell me youre not
gonna run, partner?
Not while I got the diamonds!
Sorry, Miguel.
Open the kit.
See what we got.
Not a lot.
Well, do what you can.
We gotta figure out a story.
What happened?
It... a little messy.
Oh, Lance.
Oh, were okay, were okay.
He shot me.
Not through and through, is it?
The bullet come out
the other side?
Is there a hole?
Right on the money, huh?
My man was right on the money.
And all it cost was
a little part of my soul,
the part I wasnt using.
Miguel was bad,
bad as me...
but I shouldnt
have shot him.
You killed him for me.
He didnt give me a choice.
But if Im being honest,
I knew he wouldnt.
Even if he knew why,
I needed it all.
I think I would
have been better if I--
Nothing is better than this.
Yeah? Yeah?
Listen to me, Aranas
meeting us at Hotel del Franco
with a new passport
and papers.
Get you on the plane to Bonn.
I come by with a
new passport in a week,
new identities
for both of us.
Its fucking happening.
A year, but
its happening.
Theres no way she could
have followed me here.
Puta! Im not going to kill you!
I love you!
Fucking love you!
Arana gets the biggest diamond.
Thats his payment. Got it?
We are doing this together.
Ill meet you at the hotel.
Hey, Ericson!
You think being a
cop protects you?
You think being
an American protects you?
You fucked my woman!
Im gonna fucking kill you!
Go. Go!
Come out...
Street. One night.
Im supposed to ask for ID
and a credit card.
If you need anything...
You here all night?
I was gonna say, "Dial 00."
Yes, I am.
Bourbon and tequila
and bourbon.
And beer.
Tequila and beer.
Thought you were the clerk.
Clerk, bartender,
security guard, owner.
Owner? What happened to Franco?
You know Franco?
No. I read the sign.
I won this place
in a poker game.
It was a long game and it turns
out its not worth that much.
Is that why you do
everything yourself?
I have people during the day.
At night, though...
You like the quiet?
I dont get
much sleep anyway.
Bad dreams?
What makes you say that?
Everyone has bad dreams.
Thats not your real answer.
Thats what you came up
with right after
you wished you hadnt
asked the question.
You talk to all your hotel
guests like this?
You know a man named Arana?
Spanish for "spider", right?
I dont know him. Im supposed
to be meeting him here.
Meeting a guy named Arana?
Nothing good can come of that.
You mean, a woman like me
meeting a guy named Arana?
Well, I think youve met some
Aranas in your time,
probably some Snakes
and Lobos too.
What makes you say that?
Just... the way you drink,
how nervous you are...
How nervous youre not.
Francos dead, isnt he?
The back of your neck,
that scars from a knife.
The one on your hand,
thats from a bullet.
Maybe I had one
really bad day.
You have the eyes and
the hands of a violent man.
I know, because
I know violent men.
So the questions are...
did Franco die by
your hand and why?
And does a violent man
really think
hes gonna find peace
behind a hotel desk?
What are the answers?
Those arent my questions.
Ill bill your room.
Your business is
worse than mine.
Its all about the quality,
not the quantity.
Does it get lonely wandering
around that empty hotel?
I see people walk in,
take one look around
and walk right back out.
Maybe Im turning them away.
Me too.
Only tonight, this guy wanted
to fall in love with me.
Theres always that danger.
Seen Gigi?
Not for a few hours.
She must have
gone home, then.
Guess Ill do the same.
You know, I see
you almost every night
and steal your cigarettes.
You never once asked me
to throw you one.
And you never once asked me
how I ended up down here.
You never asked me either.
Thats what we like
about each other.
So whats the pitch?
The pitch?
Im not delusional enough
to think you find me
Youre a man who understands
the mechanics of this world,
but not its appetites.
It has got me this far.
Would you walk out
of here tonight?
Where would I be walking to?
Would you?
For the right reason?
Whats a right
reason look like?
When you played
cards with Franco
and he put the deed
down to this place,
what gave it value to you?
Money, pleasure?
So were not
discussing reasons.
Were negotiating payment.
Would you prefer a cause?
You dont strike me
as a cause.
More of a rabbit hole.
A rabbit hole.
I fall into you
knowing full well
theres going to be
a hard landing.
Im getting out of a
difficult situation,
becoming a new person,
a person I thought
I would have been by now.
Arana is giving you
a new identity,
way out of the city?
The country?
It has to be quickly, tonight.
Because youre using
someone elses money.
-I dont see it that way.
-But someone does.
Youre right.
Ive known Aranas and Snakes.
I know how to handle them.
But they dont know
that at first.
At first, its easier
to have someone like me around
to deal with
the Snakes and Aranas.
But you couldnt have planned
for that, for me being here.
A plan is just an action
that you sit and contemplate
for so long that it
becomes complicated.
Id rather move from
opportunity to opportunity.
I saw your knuckles,
your scars.
And I recognized
an opportunity,
same as you saw in me.
Im not the guy
you think I am.
You dont want to be,
but you are.
If I could go,
I would, but I cant.
Cant or wont?
You think Id say no to you
if I had the choice?
Well, it seems like you are.
It really is cant.
Though I dont like my chances
with you... or her.
Shell kill me.
And me, if she smells
your perfume.
Behind the staircase, theres
an exit out into the alley.
I have to go back
to my room first.
For money you
dont think is hers?
Its worth way
more than this hotel,
way more than
what Franco died for.
Thats not gonna make
me move any faster!
All right, all right.
Im sorry, Im sorry.
Dont shoot, dont shoot,
-Sorry. Dont shoot.
Im sorry.
This was Francos place.
Yeah, he sold it to me.
When was that?
Uh, about a week
before he disappeared.
You got proof?
You need it?
Do you know who I am?
Not specifically,
but you are a type.
I am a type.
Are you a type, too?
Yeah, the kind that doesnt
want to get shot.
Good, because the
whores may like you,
but they answer to me.
A girl came in traveling light,
probably offered to fuck you
not to tell me shes here.
Well, now I wish she would
have shown up a little later.
Yeah, Room 27, up
the stairs on the left.
She in?
I dont know.
I was in my office.
You know, I dont have
all the answers.
Um... Ola?
You could have given her
any key, any goddamn room.
The one with your
suitcase in it.
Shell sit and wait a while.
Buys you time
to get out of here.
Shell hunt me down
and kill me.
I dont think so.
You dont either.
You think you can talk
your way out of this,
probably have before.
Now the questions are,
should you?
And is your friend worth
more to you than
whatever you stole
from her?
Theyre not my questions,
of course.
You might want to go out
through the alley
and come back in through
the front.
For appearances sake.
You fuck her?
Either way, shes going
to say that you did.
And then?
We already killed
her lover tonight.
So here we are.
I wouldnt be
sitting there too long.
I was thinking the same thing.
You think that thumb trick
would work a second time?
Think its the only trick
I know?
Whatever she thinks
will make it stop.
I wasnt waiting to start.
Of course.
You dont
mean shit to her.
You get that, right?
Not to her.
To you, though.
Do you think you can run
far enough, fast enough?
I think Im pretty light
on my feet.
Not with her hanging
onto your fucking legs!
Whats the offer?
What do you want?
You just made an argument
for killing you.
Dont ask me what you
think your fucking
goddamned life is worth.
She took jewelry,
maybe $100,000 in cash,
hidden here
somewhere for sure.
Shoot her and its
all fucking yours.
I dont have
anything against her.
You dont have
anything against me either.
I kind of dont like you.
And I did enjoy fucking her.
Just kill this
fucking bitch so we can
walk out of here, please.
You picked the wrong
one this time.
Hes not a killer.
Shes right.
Because you were looking
at the scars,
not at the man who
lost the taste for it.
Now get your purse and
get out of here!
-And then what?
-She gets a head start.
And you get what she
stole from me?
Back up!
-Fuck, no!
-Fuck, yes!
No! Fuck, no!
-Fuck you!
-Fuck, no!
You fucking bitch!
You bitch.
I assumed you had
a gun in your purse.
I did. I just got
to the knife first.
We need to get rid of the body.
Bring my car around back.
Clean up the blood
the best you can.
And then roll her up
in the bedspread.
First, though, the money
and the jewelry.
It goes in the safe until
after shes outta here
so you dont get the idea
to leave me with this.
And after?
I dont take money
I didnt earn.
I know it sounds
unlikely but...
Youre just gonna
have to wait and see.
And the rest?
Thats all.
Except for what you were
gonna pay Arana in your bra
on your left breast where
you kept me from touching you.
I mean, Id love to
go looking for it.
But nows not the time, is it?
You might want to clean
yourself up a little too.
Two rooms.
You only have two customers.
Slow season.
How do you make a living?
Low overhead.
Occasional opportunity.
The "occasional opportunity".
You know, where youre standing,
thats for employees only.
Oh. Pardon.
Bad neighborhood.
Yeah, it must be.
Shotgun and whatever you
got underneath your shirt.
All right.
You guys took your time
circling around...
Yeah. We had to drive
about half a mile
to send your picture,
get confirmation.
Internet sucks.
Shouldve come in.
Got free Wi-Fi.
How long have
you had this place?
About a year.
A friend of mine
left it to me.
Well, we hear you
dont have any friends.
Not anymore.
Standing still for a year,
you had to know that
was gonna be too long.
I had obligations, and...
you get tired.
That something you
couldve thought about
in the first place.
You know the story?
Nah, we dont give a shit
about the story.
We hear lots of stories.
See, hes not gonna appreciate
it, but you might.
A short one?
Yeah, sure.
Ill buy you a beer.
You can cut me off if
you get bored.
Me and Franco...
-Franco like this place?
This is him.
He had a different
name before.
He changed it after
he bought this place.
Cheaper than buying a new sign.
Actually, a lot
more expensive.
See, me and Franco
used to be you and you.
I guess I was you because
Franco wasnt an asshole.
The organization
found us doing PMC work.
Private Military Contractors,
ex-Rangers, ex-Seals.
Which were you?
Franco was a Ranger.
I was a... truck driver.
Saved his life,
more by accident
than anything else,
if Im being honest.
He took me under his wing.
You know, youre not helping me
keep this story short.
Our people hired
you and Franco?
Is it okay if I
fix myself a drink?
Please do.
Turned out we were working for
them and didnt even know it.
I learned why they called
them "blood diamonds".
Franco was a genius
at that shit.
How to track people down,
when to kill them,
when to let...
What did the
organization tell you?
That you stole money.
That would be part of
the cautionary tale.
So after Cameroon,
Franco and I are sent
all over the world
taking care of shit.
Ah! Thats me and him.
Seven years ago, Mexican Border
Patrol seizes the shipment.
Me and Franco were sent
south with a bag of money.
Cops tried to haggle for more.
So the organization says,
"Teach em a lesson!
Burn the shipment!
Bring back the money!"
Which was good and well.
Nothing new.
Except it was
a shipment of girls,
Eleven, ten.
Nine years old.
Yeah, so...
Aw, this is bullshit.
Now why the fuck would
I make up a story like this?
So I wouldnt kill you.
Jesus Christ!
You are fucking dim.
I was you, remember?
I heard plenty of stories,
worse stories!
Its all secondhand.
Its abstract to you.
Its not staring at a cage
full of little girls
and know...
light them on fire,
or never go home.
So you kept the money
and bolted?
And cut the girls loose.
Any one of the three things
was enough to get us killed.
But my feeling is
setting the girls loose
was what really
pissed them off
because then they had
to send someone else
to hunt them down
and round them up.
And do what we didnt.
Someone with a tolerance for
that kind of heinous shit.
Maybe even an appetite for it.
So they died anyway?
All of that was for nothin.
Didnt seem like it at the time,
not for Franco, especially.
He took one of the girls.
No, you assholes,
not like that!
A switch flipped,
rolled him back past
working for the organization,
back past the merc shit
in Cameroon, back to the guy
he imagined hed be
when he signed up to
fight for his country!
He wanted to be a good guy,
a decent guy.
Bought this place,
bought a new identity.
He raised that girl
like a daughter.
This guys fuckin dead.
Yeah, I poisoned him.
Were almost to that part.
If Id been able to pull
that trick twice
we wouldnt
still be talking.
Lets just do this, man.
/You want to hear
the end, dont you?
I mean the thought of
walking out of here
and never having
got to the point?
Franco and the girl?
His daughter for all
intents and purposes!
And just like
any other daughter,
she turned 17 and decides
that she hates him.
Gets involved with some asshole,
convinces her to mule E.
Doesnt even make it out of town
before shes picked up
by this tag team local
policia and federal agent,
Miguel Garcia
and Lance Ericson.
What happens next
is anybodys guess.
Suffice it to say
the pills disappear.
Then the girls body
turns up in a field...
naked, tortured...
cut into pieces!
So what do you think Franco,
hardcore soldier,
mercenary, professional killer
like your own bad selves,
what do you think
he does next?
He goes after the motherfuckers.
Goes after the motherfuckers!
So insane with grief,
he forgets every lesson
he ever taught me about
patience, about stealth.
And I didnt stop him.
I didnt stop Franco.
Just like I didnt stop...
Hes an unguided missile.
And these cops dont
exist in a vacuum.
Theyre on the payroll
of a very bad woman...
A woman who doesnt
give a shit about
anybodys adopted daughter,
his boss,
who also happens to be dead
rolled up in
a bedspread upstairs!
So thats why you
been here a year?
Getting even for your
dumb ass friend fucking up
getting even for his
dumb ass not-even-daughter?
I take it back, man.
That is the saddest fuckin
story Ive ever heard.
Im not surprised
you see it that way.
You cut it close,
settling accounts
right before we found you.
I let you find me.
You wanna die?
Well, lets just say
Ive had a good meal,
and Im
not hungry anymore.
And because the money wont
do me any good anymore,
theres a safe in my office.
Cash, jewelry,
plus about $250,000
in diamonds.
This is the combination.
You should have listened
to your own story.
Thats not enough
to buy us off.
-Its not even close.
-I know.
Its motivation for the person
Ive really been talking to.
You had to hear
the fucking story, huh?
Lets go!
Come on.
Almost worth seeing what you
think you can do with that.
But I been trying to
get the fuck outta here
for the last half hour.
In my day, a professional
wouldnt use a strange gun
without checking it first.
Lets go get your stuff.
Youre Arana.
I used a cutout to deal
with your girlfriend,
but, yeah, pretty much.
Bad news is, I dont have
a new identity for you.
Good news is, with her dead,
you dont need one.
You couldnt have known.
Not everything.
You leading her to me
was definitely Plan B.
Plan A was her and
Lance killed each other.
And maybe me.
I would have felt
badly about that.
Not badly enough.
Took them out of Cameroon.
Never felt right
about spending them.
And those two out there?
Bought me some time
before their people
send the next pair
looking for me.
I hate to cut this short,
but I have a few last things
to do before I go.
Go where?
What if Id killed Sanchez?
There was a Plan C.
I didnt kill those girls.
I couldnt.
You didnt stop it.
I didnt.
I havent been right since.
I havent been able
to look at my daughter.
You want me to say Im sorry?
You want me to say anything
other than fuck you?
Oh, well, you dont
have the right.
No, I dont.
The guy you hired me through,
when he finds out
that Sanchez is dead,
hes gonna go
after my daughter.
Her numbers in there.
Its the only number in there.
Thats not my problem.
You set this in motion!
What do you expect me to do?
What you seem to do best.
Just think of something.
Oh, for Christs sake.