Kill Craft (2024) Movie Script

[audio logo]
[foreboding music]
[birds chirping]
[gun shots]
[man grunts]
[panicked moaning]
[birds chirping]
[wings flap]
[gun shot]
[continued shots]
[music crescendos]
[soft music]
[panting] I'm done.
I'm hungry.
You are not done, Freya.
It needs to be twice the
size of the animal, at least.
You're a slave driver.
And you're a lazy grave digger.
I should really just fire you.
Go ahead.
I'll get a job somewhere else.
No, you won't.
You can't.
You tried stealing candy
and cookies at your last job
and got caught.
Now you're unemployable.
You're probably right, Marina.
I'm 15, and my life is over.
I bet you wouldn't dig
me a grave twice my size.
I would if you were dead.
But I'm not dead.
Not yet.
[menacing music]
[engine whining]
[serious music]
[door closes]
Join me, Mr. Poe.
Leave that.
But, Mr. Freeman...
Get in here.
You know, I've always said you
tried taking a bath, Mr. Poe.
With respect, sir, we don't
always know what's in the water.
The chemicals we do know
about, they can be toxic.
I'm toxic.
You're toxic.
My cat's kitty litter is toxic.
If I was you, I'd
be more concerned
about being a human Petri dish
with that unfortunate stench.
That would put an ungodly
dent in my family relations.
Things with my son and wife
couldn't possibly get more dire.
Of course, being
a creature that's
flown alone all
your life, I can't
imagine you share my concern.
Or maybe you do.
How's your family?
I haven't seen my
mother for 10 years.
So it's a moot point.
No mother is anybody's
moot point, Mr. Poe.
Mine is 82 years old and still
swinging a tennis racket.
And it's remarkable.
I gave her a hug
yesterday, aware
that it could be the last one.
I still get joy putting
a smile on her face.
It's the least I
can do for a woman
that's spent the
balance of her existence
suffering a wretch like me.
I do prefer the
company of gentlemen
whose mothers are fond of them.
Is your mother fond of you?
I never gave it
a second thought.
I'm a busy man.
Too busy for your mother?
I suspect she
wasn't fond of you.
And no offense,
you're a trifle cunty.
And she knew it.
Felt responsible.
Probably guilty
for bringing such
a pestilence into the world.
You have a job
for me, Mr. Freeman?
What I have for
you, Mr. Joshua...
Is a gift.
Hopefully, this time
your last hurrah.
You don't come in its mouth and
end up back in the joint again.
Do you capiche?
Sir, is there some mistake?
These targets.
One of the names, your ex-wife...
I expect you to do the job.
Show me you have a pair.
Now get out of here.
Ugh, your breath stinks.
[birds chirping]
God, I can barely feel that.
Why don't you do it
the way I showed you?
Sorry, Mom.
Is that better?
Clearly your heart's
not into it, as usual.
Something else on your mind.
Hey, anyone up for a walk?
Does that invitation
also include me?
Yeah, sure.
RUTH: [scoffs] Yeah, I'll pass.
I'm limiting my physical
activity to ballroom dancing
and triathlons these days.
I'd like a walk.
Is that OK, Mom?
Marina, since when
does my opinion matter?
Go, have your fun.
What's wrong with
your foot, Dad?
I rolled my ankle.
Are you coming to my recital?
I told you I was
thinking about it.
Freya's dad's coming.
No, he isn't.
Freya's dad's in prison
in Texas, sweety.
How did you know that?
Not a secret.
Well, I bet he'd come
if he wasn't in prison.
He wouldn't even think about it.
He'd just do it.
Maybe that's why he's in prison.
[soft music]
[gulls squawking]
[soft chuckle]
[phone beeps]
[music grows serious]
So did you think about it, Dad?
I didn't even hear you walk up.
That's because I'm sneaky.
Yes, you are sneaky, aren't you?
That was good, right?
Don't you?
There you are.
While you two out having fun,
did you guys think to pick
me up a pack of cigarettes?
Mom, cigarettes are bad for you.
Well, then, did you
pick me up some veggies?
Or perhaps some bananas?
No, we didn't go...
Then shut it!
Darling, she's right.
Right about what?
You could have gone that way
knowing I'm out of cigarettes.
But no, you chose not to.
Spare me, both of you.
Ruth, maybe I deserve this.
But she certainly doesn't.
This environment
that you've created,
don't you see what
you're doing to her?
This environment?
You mean the
environment you created?
Please, for once,
let's just... for once...
[shouting] Why don't you just
tell her the truth, Thomas?
Why don't you just
level with her?
I'm sorry, Poe.
I did my best to kill her.
I did my best to kill her.
I couldn't get to her.
She was never alone.
Even on the shitter?
That's far enough, sunshine.
You had three months, wank.
Your best is a damn disgrace.
My patience is dry.
Surely there's a solution.
Yeah, there is.
Get on your knees.
Make the sign of the cross.
Do it!
Let me make it up to you.
That door is closed.
I'll do whatever you want.
I want you chewing
worms in hell.
Poe... [grunts]
When I assign a man a task,
I expect a firm result...
...not a pair of girlie panties.
A job half done is a
blood-soaked stillborn.
I have standards, standards
which define who I am.
Your standards are
in your rectum.
Please... please tell
my wife I love her.
Love is commitment.
You have none.
What would you know about love?
Be grateful I'm not
partial to slow deaths.
[gun shot]
[distant chatter]
I don't care who started it.
It's not your responsibility
to end it with your fists.
Do I make myself clear, Freya?
Sure, Mrs. Lauren.
Your voice carries.
And you, Marina, this is your
first time visiting us here,
isn't it?
Yes, ma'am.
What did you hope to achieve?
You don't strike me
as the violent type.
Well, Freya's my friend.
I'm aware of that.
I'm also aware that Freya is
more than capable of looking
after herself.
So, Freya, since you've put
us both in this position,
what do you suggest as an
appropriate punishment?
Um... well, I prefer
the electric chair.
Although, lethal injection
is just fine, too.
Since we don't usually carry
out capital punishment here,
I'll do you one better
with detention...
Two weeks of lunchtimes
for you both.
Excuse me?
Thanks, Mrs. Lauren.
You rock, Mrs. Lauren.
And you'll both need
to get these letters
signed by a parent...
And back to me on Monday.
Is that lame enough
for you both?
Yes, Mrs. Lauren.
Yes, Mrs. Lauren.
Go get cleaned up.
[birds chirping]
Where's your dad going?
Come on.
[intriguing music]
Calm down.
Come on!
Come on!
I don't...
Uh, who the fuck are you?
I'm... I'm sorry.
This is private property, dude.
My friend... you
shouldn't be here.
I got lost.
Um, Marina!
What happened to you?
What do you mean?
Did you see that guy?
What guy?
There was a guy just now.
He had scars on his
face, stitched scars,
like Frankenstein.
Are you sure?
Didn't we come to
find my dad, anyways?
Come on, let's go.
[angrily muttering]
Can't do anything right!
know why you bother!
Your dad's a deep
thinker kind of guy, right?
Well, I don't know about that.
He's definitely something,
but I don't know what.
[laughing] Your dad is deep.
He gets messages in bottles?
FREYA: What if he's a spy?
I mean, that would
make sense, right?
He doesn't seem to have a job.
Or maybe he's having an affair.
That's more likely.
Makes sense because
my mom hates him.
But doesn't she hate you, too?
Yeah, but she hates him more.
You know, my mom
had an affair once...
After we moved here...
With my teacher.
Are you serious?
After Dad went to
prison, of course.
Well, did the affair
at least up your grades?
The dude broke up
with her and gave me
an F for Bible studies and gym.
Well, how did you
find out about it?
I was bored one night
and read through her texts
when she was asleep.
OK, um... hold it up for me.
OK, um... hold it up for me.
What are you doing?
Sticking my nose
where it doesn't belong.
[camera clicks]
[crickets chirping]
So how is she?
Same old, same old.
You're a good man, Tommy.
Thanks, Joe.
Next time.
[door shuts]
[towel whipping]
Sloppy in the forest.
It's very sloppy.
Let yourself be seen.
Cover blown.
(WHISPERS) That was dumb.
Dumb, dumb, dumb.
[shouts] Dumb!
Don't let shit-job Freeman
be right about you.
He gave you a job.
Not your place to disagree.
Not your place!
Be a professional.
Not a pair of girly panties.
You weak-kneed piece
of shit who will
not amount to a hill of beans.
[woman laughs]
And you... you pull your
friggin' head in, pal!
[birds chirping]
[gun shot]
[breathes shakily]
It's OK.
It's OK.
Here, put your
left foot forward.
That's it.
All right, now, squeeze
the trigger, don't pull it.
It's just like,
mew; not like that.
Another shot.
Why do I have to
shoot a gun, Dad?
Good skill to have.
Does your job involve guns?
Yeah, sometimes.
Well, I'll see you for
your recital on Thursday.
Do you promise?
Scout's honor.
You were a scout?
I was a lot of things, Marina.
What the hell is that, Kyle?
It's a demon.
[scoffs] A demon?
Your demon.
Your demon looks
a little familiar.
Your demon has my chin, my
nose, and my facial features.
You don't like it?
I didn't say that.
You're an artist, son.
It's not the integrity of
your work that's in question.
I'm sure Hollywood
will line up for this
and other grisly monstrosities.
It's the inspiration of
your work that troubles me.
You chose your father and not
your mother for the inspiration
of this beast.
Where are you going?
What do you care?
I care.
You got a funny way
of showing it, Dad.
I should be happy that
I inspired a monster?
Marty, your son loves you.
My son knows who I am.
I'm a demon.
These guys are basic.
1, 2, 3...
Who's basic?
The spy sending
messages to your dad.
How do you know
that they're basic?
Or Scott...
It's simple substitution.
A equals D, D
equals G, and so on.
It's a name...
Morton Miller.
And an address.
That's interesting.
This is way more
than interesting.
You want me to report
you again, Miss Miranda?
Not if I have a
choice, Mrs. Aretti.
RUTH: Hey.
Can we talk?
I'm in a hurry.
Can it wait till tonight?
It'll only take a minute.
Where are you going
in such a hurry?
A job.
You said you wanted
to talk, Ruth.
What I want is your ass out
of here by the end of the month.
Excuse me?
15 days.
What about Marina.
She'll be fine.
I have to tell you I'm
not comfortable walking out
on Marina.
Well, let me tell
you, Mr. Important,
that what you're comfortable
with is no longer relevant.
Now, you can get a place nearby.
And you'll be on call.
Or... I'll call the police.
Marina, you know I
love you, don't you?
I'll see you this
evening for the recital.
You OK?
Bye, Dad.
[somber music]
[suspenseful music]
Hey, buddy.
I got some sugar for you.
[horse snorts]
Yeah, good work, old buddy, boy.
[music crescendos]
[horse whinnies]
[woman screams]
Hello, everyone.
And welcome to L. Cheney
High School's annual recital.
[piano music]
[classical music continues]
Is this, uh... this
your car, Mr...?
Mr. Jessup.
Yes, officer.
You know you're, uh,
breaking the law here
driving around without plates.
I'm not driving.
Parking without plates.
Do tell.
You see, last time I
parked here for my hike,
when I come back, my
plates were stolen.
Cost me a small fortune
to replace them.
I see.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Did you report that theft?
I didn't want to bother
you boys with something
so insignificant.
Now, you feel free to
bother us at any time
in the future, Mr. Jessup.
It's not a lot happening
here on the island.
Well, I hope I...
I didn't cause you too much
trouble today, Officer.
No trouble at all, sir.
You have yourself a good day.
You, too.
[classical music continues]
Do you think your dad will show?
(ECHOING) Hey, you're
going to miss your own show.
Come on.
[violin music]
[music fades]
Where's Dad?
How would I know?
What if something
happened to Dad?
You wouldn't care, would you?
What has gotten
into you this morning?
How did the recital go?
MARINA: What do you care?
[birds chirping]
[softly crying]
[sobbing] Hey.
You know how you said
you'd do anything for me?
Well, I really... I really,
really need you right now.
[both grunting]
[somber music]
You know, I hate
to be a party pooper.
But... shouldn't
you call the cops?
I mean, your dad's
been shot and killed
probably by spies or gangsters.
I'm not calling the cops.
I don't trust cops.
What have cops done to you?
I just want to give
him a decent burial.
Besides, what are
the cops going to do?
Bring him back to life?
Probably not.
You know, I think I was right
about your dad being a spy.
He wasn't a spy.
You know that?
I just know he wasn't a spy.
Then what was he?
Maybe... maybe a hit man.
Oh, my God!
We have to go to the police!
Are you being serious?
That's another reason
not to call the cops!
What about your mom?
Doesn't she have
to know about this?
She kicked him out!
I told you she hates him.
She wanted him dead.
So what do we do now?
We keep digging.
[both grunt]
See you in the next life, Dad.
Thank you.
Don't thank me for
helping you bury your dad.
It sounds so weird.
What does Dad do?
Excuse me?
You heard me.
Your ears aren't painted on.
Who do you think
you're talking to?
I'm not sure.
But just answer
the question, Mom.
Why the sudden interest
in what your dad does?
Just answer the question, Mom.
All right.
He destroys people's lives...
With a bullet.
He's not a spy?
[scoffs] No, Marina.
Nothing that grandiose.
He kills.
He gets paid.
And he creates misery.
Heroic, isn't it?
And sometimes... we pay, too.
[music echoing]
[gun fire, screaming echoes]
[baby crying]
[sirens echoing]
I'm sure he didn't
mean for you to get hurt.
I mean, you must have known
what he does for a job.
What you know doesn't
always change things, baby.
One day, you'll understand that.
Anyways, where is he?
I need my pills.
I don't think he
came home last night.
No shit, Sherlock!
Why would he want to
come home to a cripple
and a deluded daughter?
I wouldn't want to
come home either.
Mom, what would happen if
Dad stopped doing his job?
We had... I don't...
I don't even want
to think about that.
WOMAN: The clock's ticking, Poe.
I haven't got all day, Poe.
What are you
talking about, Kitty?
You do so have all day,
and all night, too.
I paid you 24 hours.
Quit your whining.
I didn't know you'd be working.
Well, how do you think
empires get built, baby?
I don't know, Teddy.
I've never built an empire.
You obviously have not.
Listen, baby, if we're
going to be a power couple,
you need to practice patience.
You need to be supportive
and understanding.
You need to get
with the program.
Hey, what's wrong?
That's a slap in
the face, Kitty.
Yeah, baby?
Have you showered today?
What's that got to
do with anything?
You're a little smelly.
And you're not
even ready for me.
Did you join the
pink club in prison?
Damn it!
Get out!
Get out!
We're done!
Get out!
Get the fuck out, whore!
We're done!
Should've seen the signs.
Should have seen it.
Too stupid to.
Rinse, repeat, that's me.
Permanent idiot!
Permanent idiot!
Are you serious, Teddy?
As a freaking stroke!
We're done!
[crying] What about
a power couple, Teddy?
You shut up.
You shut up.
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.
It's the same old shit.
Move on.
Move on.
Move on.
Say it!
[birds chirping]
[intriguing music]
[suspenseful music]
[music crescendos]
Your dad was serious.
How did you learn to do that?
My dad, of course.
He taught me some stuff.
Right, that makes
complete sense.
But why are we in here?
I mean, we clearly
know your dad's
a spy or some kind of killer.
Let me have a look.
OK, translation again.
But this time...
Seven letters ahead.
Whoa, bingo.
The target's name
is Oleg Kosinski.
His office address is here.
OK, he's a financial guy.
Has some connections to
both political parties.
Also owns some prisons.
He sounds scary.
Yeah, he looks
pretty scary, too.
But why are we in here
talking about some bad guy
while playing with
your dad's guns?
Or is that a stupid question.
I saw Dad.
Last week.
He was talking with
some lady by school.
She was pretty hot and...
This hot lady,
does she have a name?
But she was being
really friendly
with Dad, acting kind of sexy.
Maybe he's with her now.
I doubt that.
Acting sexy, huh?
Well, this hot lady can have him
after he meets his obligations.
And she can look forward to
spending the rest of her life
in a wheelchair just like me.
Get away.
We're done here.
Get away.
Where is your ragged-ass
father anyways?
I'm almost out of my pills.
I need them by tomorrow.
Oh, and there's a
few important bills
on the counter, too, including
a whopper on your school.
[suspenseful music]
Hi, can I help you?
I'm looking for my uncle, Oleg.
Ah, you're his niece.
OK, so you're going to
go down this hallway.
You're going to take a
left about halfway down.
And then you're going to follow
it around that corridor, OK?
Thank you.
All right.
[office chatter]
[door opens, toilet flushes]
[music crescendos]
Who the hell are you?
[daunting music]
[retching, panting]
[approaching motorcycle]
Well, hello.
Who are you?
My dad's sick.
You got the stuff, Arch?
Well, that depends.
Do you got the dough,
re, mi, little girl?
Hell yeah.
Count it out for me, please.
Don't keep me waiting.
Sure thing.
28, 29, 3,000.
It's all here.
Thanks, Arch.
Tell your old man I said hi.
You got it.
RUTH: Where in the
hell have you been?
Dad says hi.
You saw your father?
Well, when's he coming home?
Well, when's he coming back?
You kicked him out, remember.
[gulls squawking]
[intriguing music]
Two large popcorns, please.
Thank you.
[menacing music]
Harold, what the hell
have you gotten us into?
Whatever it is, I
want to meet him.
Where the hell is your brother?
[music crescendos]
[silenced gun shot]
are you doing here?
MAN (ON SCREEN): I should
ask you the same thing.
Are you serious?
I'm... I'm sorry.
[crickets chirping]
You're not avoiding me, are you?
Freya, what are you doing here?
Stalking you.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
What are you so dressed up for?
You wouldn't believe
it if I told you.
Try me.
But don't tell me there
was a prom and I missed it.
I've been taking the jobs
my dad's supposed to do.
[menacing music]
You're killing the
people in the bottle?
Shooting them?
With your dad's guns?
This is... this is crazy, right?
I mean, last week you
were a straight-A student,
and now a killer for hire?
Things are moving fast.
Yeah, no shit.
This is unbelievable.
That's what I said.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
But I do believe you
because, unlike me,
you're not a bullshitter.
That makes it even more bizarre.
Yeah, it does.
I need to sleep on this.
Me, too.
Well, if you need
any help, I mean,
I make for a pretty good shot.
Better than your dad?
You know it.
RUTH: There you are.
Where have you been?
I thought you'd run off, too.
You might want to give
this to your father
the next time you see him.
Unless, of course, you're OK
with the lights turned off,
your cell phone cancelled,
and your education on hold.
Slow down.
We're getting close.
This is exciting.
I've always wanted to be
an accomplice to something.
Like murder?
Well, in this case,
it would be murder.
I'm going to kill somebody.
And the charge, if I'm
caught, would be murder.
And you'd be charged, too.
As an accomplice?
Like I said, exciting.
All right, stop here.
OK, drive a mile down, and wait.
I don't want the neighbors
recognizing your car.
And I'll call you when I'm done.
It's freaking me out.
[menacing music]
Can I help you?
Are you a friend of my son's?
Are you... no!
Are you OK?
[music racing]
Drop the gun!
Why did you shoot at my mom?
What did she do to you?
It was my job.
It's your job to shoot people?
Did my dad give you this job?
Who's your dad?
Marty Freeman.
I thought you'd heard of
him if this is your job.
He's a criminal.
My mom left him,
and he's pissed.
Look, I'm sorry I
tried to shoot your mom.
How old are you, anyways?
Me, too.
It sucks, right?
Pretty much.
Does your dad know
you're an assassin?
Or does he think you're working
at McDonald's or something?
My dad's dead.
I've been doing his jobs.
That's fucked up.
Guess we both got
fucked-up dads.
Well, mine was cool sometimes.
Yeah, mine, too.
But he put my mom
and I in danger.
Mine, too.
So why are you doing this?
Well, my mom can't work.
And we need money.
Hey, are you going
to call the cops?
No, you got enough problems.
So do you.
I better get going
back before my mom
wonders what happened to me.
You rock.
Yeah, you're
pretty cool yourself.
Don't come back.
Where have you been all day?
Out with Freya.
Have you seen your father?
I need him to pick up my...
Mom, I'm not your nurse.
And I'm not your husband.
I'm your daughter.
You need to work
things out with Dad.
MARTY: When I give a
man an opportunity,
it's not unreasonable for
me to expect a certain level
of professionalism, is it?
I compensated fairly.
You hire the best, I imagine.
You deliver.
I go to sleep at night.
Sir, I assure you...
Give me your
patience, Mr. Poe,
not your irritable cuntiness!
It's important to me
that you understand
where I'm coming from.
Because if I opt to
recalibrate this campaign,
I'll spare you the
embarrassment of having
your balls hanging out.
I'm doing you a favor.
Thank you, sir.
I have three reports that compel
me to question your judgment
and seriously doubt my own.
Sir, I...
The consistent
factor in each report
was the stature of
your contractor.
You're clearly hiring children.
Excuse me, sir?
The first shooter
was under 5 feet.
The second shooter was
also vertically challenged.
And the third shooter, who
failed to achieve his mission,
was described as looking
like a sweet little girl.
Sir, I...
I don't need to know or want
to know who you're hiring, Poe.
But I draw the line at these
small people you're hiring,
whether they're circus
performers, oompa
loompas, or kindergartners.
And if you really are
dragging innocent children
into this filthy
business of ours
to save a buck, Poe,
[scoffs], , you're
even more immoral than I am.
I am going to remedy
this situation, sir.
Yes, you are, Poe.
And you're going to make
things right with your mother,
too, God damn it.
[scoffs] And tell her how
you really feel about her.
I haven't seen her in years.
And that's where
your problem lies.
The mother/son
relationship is fractured.
Your inability to function as a
professional and a human being
lies at the very feet
of that fracture.
Trust me, if you don't
repair it, you're done.
[daunting music]
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I live here.
What are you selling?
I ain't selling a damn thing.
I'm looking for Eliza Poe.
Then you're late.
Eliza Poe hasn't been
here for 16 years.
You know where she is?
About a mile down that road.
On the right.
In the boneyard.
She's dead?
She'd want to be
if she was there.
What's your
relationship to Eliza?
I'm her son.
Oh, yeah.
Teddy, isn't it?
I heard about you.
And it wasn't positive.
So you knew her well?
Well enough.
We were married.
A mile that way,
behind the elm tree.
[angrily muttering]
RUTH: Hey.
Come here.
Come sit with me.
I've got to study, Mom.
It'll only be a minute.
What do you got there?
Dad paid the bills.
Thank you, baby.
You should thank, Dad.
Well, I'm thanking you.
I know this hasn't
been easy for you.
It's been hard for you, too.
We'll survive.
We'll be OK, all right?
[foreboding music]
Hello, Mother.
Surprised to see me?
You look like hell.
We both look like hell.
I'm sorry I never told you
how I really felt about you.
I stayed away too long.
I hope it's not too late
for us to make peace.
[laughs] I bet now you wish
you hadn't seen me again, eh?
You old fuck. (DIFFERENTONE) Still a loser, Teddy!
Shut up!
She wasn't wrong about you!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
You cunt!
[indistinctly muttering]
[engine whirs]
[menacing music]
You little bitch!
[gun shot]
[machine beeping]
Paging Dr. Stateman.
Dr. Stateman, please.
How you feeling?
You know, [sighs]
I don't think I'm cut
out for all that hitman shit.
[both giggle]
I don't think I am either.
Get some sleep.
Are you all right to get home?
My dad's waiting outside.
Thank you.
[soft music]
I'm so sorry.
[exhales deeply]
[suspenseful music]
[shouting] Who do you work for?
What's his name?
It doesn't matter if
you don't tell me!
You're going to die anyway!
You're going to shoot him, too?
You've lived a pretty
privileged life, haven't you?
I'm here to end it.
Not if I end yours first.
My life ended
the day I was born.
You're daddy's little
girl, aren't you?
Yes, I am!
[gun shot]
Are you OK?
[both panting]
[menacing music]
Hey, Mom?
There's something
I need to tell you.
I know, sweetie.
I'm your mother.
[menacing music]
Good morning.
Can I help you, young lady?
Who sent you?
Are you one of Teddy's children?
A new generation.
Perhaps I didn't give Teddy
the credit he deserved.
We all need to make room
for our successors, huh?
Then you're my penance
for a lifetime of fuckery
and my failure as a father.
You know, I should kill you
because you killed my father.
But I'm not the violent type.
You're lucky your son
still has a father.
[grunts] Son of a bitch!
[menacing music]