Kill It and Leave This Town (2020) Movie Script

Hello, are you up already?
Bye, Mummy.
Bye bye, Janek, you be good.
Do as your father says, OK?
Never go off on your own.
Shoes laced, son?
- Yes, Daddy, can I
- Got your ID card?
- I'm just getting it, but
- So what are you waiting for? We're off.
- Daddy, can I take the toy ship that
- About turn, we're off. Forward.
Forward march.
Keep an eye on him.
Don't let him go into the water alone.
And have something to eat on the spot,
something hot.
Be sure to call when you get there.
Ugh, spiders
they're all over the place, what a plague!
Her hands are fragrant
with the heat of summer
Her breasts are fragrant
with the heat of summer
When I feel the cold I go to her
And she gives me the fire of summer
Dreaming on the shore,
hot and steamy nights
We're closed
those Augustw nights
Good morning.
Closed for new stock delivery.
I only want a loaf of bread,
I've got the right money.
Can't you see I'm busy?
Please, I'll miss the tram.
I've got the right money
Can't you see I'm busy?
I can get it myself.
You still keep the seashell
Am I right you've had your hair done?
What of it?
You look lovely.
I've had a perm.
You're a new woman,
you look really beautiful.
- So I looked ugly before, did I?
- No, no, you look beautiful.
But that means
I looked old and ugly before, right?
Is that what you mean to say?
No, I'm just saying you look beautiful.
You're trying to tell me
I'm old and tired and ugly, are you?
But God, no nothing of the kind.
You look great,
ready for a party, exquisite.
Honestly, ready for a ball!
I tell you, it's highly convenient.
Six months of peace and quiet.
You don't have to do a thing,
not even comb it, nothing.
You don't think she made it too light?
It's really pretty. Really pretty.
Not too short at the back?
I tell you, it's charming, very charming.
Augustw nights
Get it yourself, all right?
Thank you very much.
on the shore
Just leave it on the counter.
My hands are all oily from the fish.
Oh, it's lucky you reminded me,
I must buy some oil too.
Then please get it yourself.
How much is it?
Christ almighty, I don't know,
it must be on there somewhere
But where? I can't find it.
It has to be somewhere
written on the bottle
Here it is. Six sixty.
That's right.
Just a moment
Too bad.
you found me again today
I'll get it tomorrow.
Go ahead and take it,
give me the money another time.
Thank you very much,
I'll bring it straight after work,
this afternoon
This evening.
It's still a long time till evening
Where did you go, come back - Anna
I just
I've got the right money.
Please, I'll miss the tram.
I've got the right money.
Pimpu, Pimpu
Have you seen my little dog?
He's very old.
He must be very scared.
What will I do without him?
Pimpu, Pimpu, Pimpek,
Pimpek, where are you?
Little duckling,
Poppies are extremely tall,
And you're like every duckling,
You are very small.
Little duckling, poppies are
Now look what you've done!
What have you done,
what do you look like? Eh?
All muddy.
Get up this instant!
Show me your hands.
Look how dirty your hands are.
Give me that.
Stop howling, you dirty little brat.
Just wait till we get home,
then I'll show you.
Just you wait, you little cry-baby.
Cry-baby, cry-baby, cry-baby, cry-baby!
Shut up, you little brat,
right this minute!
You bloody little bastard!
Shut the fuck up,
or I'll give you a real hiding.
Put a sock in it, right now!
Come on, wake up.
Oh Christ we're about to get off.
Come along, wake up.
Come on, child, wakey wakey.
Oh Christ, he's dropped off again.
I was all alone,
Alone it happened to me
Just last night
Someone just like you
Kissed me, just like you
I don't know who it was
Because there wasn't any light
And when the sun came up,
I was all alone, alone
And when the sun came up,
I was all alone, alone
It happened to me
Just last night
Someone just like you
Had long hair just like you
Although you've been, yes,
Since yesterday in the ground,
So go now, go,
I want to be here alone.
So go now, go.
I want to be here alone.
Mariusz dear,
what are you doing now?
Are you drawing something new?
Hm, yes.
You must be very busy.
So what are you drawing?
A film, nothing special.
A film, nothing special
Tell me about it, I so rarely see you.
Tell me a bit about it,
I'm all alone here, lonely as an owl.
Once I've drawn it, I'll show you.
But you can tell your mother about it.
Oh, mum, I don't know what to say.
I'm not good at describing my films.
Don't get upset, son.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I spoke to Tadzio Nalepa
and he'll be doing the music.
He plays so beautifully
So you're still friends?
And do you sometimes go
and see him there?
To his forest by the river?
Yes, yes.
Does he have dogs?
Yes, yes.
What are their names?
Gibson and Bimber.
Gibson and Bimber? Gibson, Gi
What a strong man he must be.
He's so brave about his illness.
I heard him say
he's simply grown to like it.
I think it was on TV.
Or maybe the Ra radio
I can't remember.
Oh God, what's wrong with my memory?
He's going to sing and play.
He's going to sing and play
for your film, right?
You look very tired.
Do take care of yourself, dear,
be sure to eat
at least one hot meal a day.
and don't smoke on an empty stomach.
Oh, Mum, I know, I know, I know.
I'll come in a couple of days,
then we'll have a chat.
Lots of love, bye.
Bye bye.
Bye bye, son.
Look after yourself,
please, get enough sleep.
Someone knocks at night,
And wakes me from my sleep,
I don't know what he wants from me.
What he wants.
Perhaps he wants a glass of water,
Perhaps he wants a slice of bread,
Perhaps he needs a place to shelter
You'll deal with the flies, won't you?
We can't have them
flying around like this, for God's sake.
Oh dear, them flies!
Them flies are all over the place,
the bloody things.
To hell with them.
We'll never be rid of them.
They're everywhere.
Today I was eating a brawn and aspic roll,
I just put it down, over here,
for a moment,
and they were all over it.
They're a right plague, they are.
That's a house fly.
Musca domestica.
Calliphora vicina.
A stable fly.
Stomoxys calcitrans.
What's that?
You're interested in flies?
Those filthy creatures?
And that's a hover fly.
Oh Christ, what's this one?
I've never seen one like that
in all my life.
You're really interested in
these filthy things?
It appealed to me once, when I was younger.
Everyone has a hobby.
Well, yes, little boys have
all sorts of strange ideas.
Who did you want to be when you grow up?
- Do you remember?
- An airman.
And was it your secret,
or did everyone know
you wanted to be an airman?
Yes No
I don't know.
An airman is an airman.
To me, pilot is a pilot.
No joking.
In the air you've got to
Shit, how fiddly this is
Did you have a secret
when you were little?
I won't say.
When I was a little girl I used to draw
two dots on my finger,
a vertical line just below them,
and a smile under that
- eyes, a nose and a mouth.
That was my friend.
Inseparable, my one and only,
till death us do part.
I used to tell her my secrets,
nobody else knew them.
And no one knew about her.
Every time a plane
flew past I'd run
to the meadow,
wave my hand and shout:
Mr Pilot, Mr Pilot, your
plane's got a hole in it!
I believed the pilot could
see me and hear me,
and was even smiling.
And that one day he'd land for a while
or at least lower a ladder.
I wanted to fly to my daddy.
That plane flew over every day.
And straight after
Granny would call me in for tea.
There was always
a slice of bread and butter
waiting on the kitchen table,
and strawberries sprinkled with sugar.
You know what,
I used to go and see my granny too.
On holiday.
To Granny Lodzia.
And Grandpa Longin.
There was a river there,
a small garden, a bee hive.
But from the tree you could see
the smoking chimneys.
Granny often served cucumber for tea.
With honey.
She used to say it was watermelon.
All day I climbed trees
and crawled in the bushes,
I was always dirty as a little imp.
Once I was in bed after supper,
Granny would tell me to poke my feet out
from under the quilt
to see if they were clean.
She only checked one,
so I only washed one.
But little girls are well-behaved
and don't get dirty,
do they?
Of course.
A few days before Christmas Granny died.
In the church,
beside the crib with the baby Jesus
there stood Granny's coffin.
With a green fly
wandering about on her mouth.
It made me think
of the last days of summer.
How did a fly get there in winter?
The man who bought Granny's house
didn't like the noise
of the passing planes.
Then he set up a car repair shop there.
Now I've heard
there's a petrol station there.
Hm well, such is the fate of the airman
- one kiss and he's gone.
Farewell, Barbara.
You still keep the seashell
Found beside the lake
We're out of the frozen ones.
A few live ones, perhaps?
Round it up to a kilo?
Ah, I've got two nice smaller ones here.
Leave it at that,
or shall I take out the fatter one?
Cut the heads off?
Want them gutted?
If you like, I can cut off the heads
and gut them.
But what are you?
Madam, we're all in a hurry
for the holiday
So make up your mind,
either - or, chop-chop.
Cut off the heads or not?
What are you doing?
Do you want them with the innards,
or shall I get rid of them?
Someone might want them for the dog.
Please decide quickly.
There's a queue of people waiting.
Have you seen my little dog?
Pimpu, Pimpu, Pimpek!
Don't say a word, I beg you.
Don't say: one day
I'll return.
Bye bye, Mummy.
We're off. Quick march.
The train has blown its whistle, but
It's not bringing you home
These spiders are everywhere.
What a plague!
Shut up, you little brat, this instant!
Fuck you, you little bastard!
Shut up or I'll give you such a hiding.
It happened to me
Just last night
Someone knocked at my door
Someone just like you.
I don't know who it was because
There wasn't any light
And when the sun came up
I was all alone, alone
And when the sun,
when the sun came up,
I was all alone, alone,
I was all alone.
It happened to me
Just last night.
Someone just like you,
Had black hair, just like you.
Although you've been, yes,
Long since in the ground,
So go now go,
I want to be, I want to be alone.
So go now, so go now, go.
The Berlioz express
from Moscow to Yalta via Griboyedov,
Kislovodsk and Sevastopol will arrive
at Platform Two, Track Three.
It is due to depart at
Oh dear, I'm so sorry.
I slipped.
I do beg your pardon, sir.
What are you
What's this?
Maestro thanks you, citizen.
Thank you, citizen.
What are you talking about?
What's this money?
Please take it back.
You were short of it in the shop.
You were short of it this morning.
In the shop.
Short of it?
Six zlotys and sixty groshy.
But who the devil are you?
I am part of that power
which wills forever evil,
yet does forever good.
What are you talking about?
I am the spirit,
ever, that denies!
And rightly so:
Since everything created,
in turn deserves to be annihilated:
Better if nothing came to be.
So all that you call Sin,
in short, you see,
What you've meant by Evil
is my true element.
When I'm alone
And a bird starts singing
Is that beauty?
N - RU
- ter
N - RU - ter?
What was the head trying to say?
What was the head trying
Wait a minute.
YA - wa - NUr,
YA - wa - NUr
YA - wa - NUr
Could it be saying "Your number"?
and why would it want my number?
Who'd want to call me, what the hell for?
Who'd want to talk to me at all?
About what?
When on your hair
Am I of any use to anyone?
The night casts shadows
Is that beauty?
I'm old.
Or is it beauty
When I kiss your hair?
May I?
May I ask you?
I don't understand.
May I ask you to dance?
Yes, you.
B-but no,
I can't, I can't
please say yes.
The night is falling
A cloak of darkness
Is flowing from the sky.
It's hiding your house
And the path
where I'm
So don't make me
wait out here
for you
in the chill of the night.
Now the night has fallen,
the window panes.
Wrap up your face
in its darkness
No one'll know you
in a veil of darkness
So open the door
And don't make me
wait for you
in the chill
of the night.
Christ is born this evening,
Let us go rejoicing,
Though the night is gloomy,
Day will soon be dawning.
Angels from on high are singing
To the one who comes from Heaven
in excelsis deo.
he's about to nod off.
His little eyes are closing.
Little Mariusz,
Daddy's going to show you a fairy tale.
Are you pleased?
Let's ask very nicely.
Please Mr Magician,
may we have a lovely fairy tale
for our darling little Mariusz?
It's off.
Read it!
It's a fairy tale called:
"How Fiki Miki Mouse Sailed Across
the Seas and Oceans from America".
Something here's not
What's this?
Why isn't it?
Why won't it move on?
Maybe try the other way?
Why's it stuck, dammit!
One day you'll wonder
where he got those words from.
Why can't we do anything properly
in this country?
Polish shit.
It says "Ma-de in GDR".
It's from the GDR,
it's German.
You can't trust anyone.
Here, let me have a try.
I wanted to get him a construction kit
and not
have him watch fairy tales.
What's wrong with a little boy
watching fairy tales?
You want to make a little girl of him.
What do you mean?
When he grows up to be a faggot,
you'll have what you want.
Wash your mouth out with soap!
Can you help me?
Please help me.
Yes of course. Where shall I put it?
Here, here.
On the rack.
Thank you.
fast train to Pozna
and Skarysko-Kamienna,
continuing as the slow train
to winoujcie,
is departing from Platform One, Track Two.
Please step away from the platform edge.
Mothers, don't let your child
play with matches.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the driver and his crew welcome you
on board this train
and wish you a pleasant journey.
Excuse me, which medal is that?
What did you get that medal for?
May I take a look at it?
You're so young and already so sad.
I can't hear you.
What did you say?
Where do you get your cheerful nature?
Not so loud, not so loud.
I'm sorry.
My wife has just nodded off.
I'm sorry.
It'll do her good
to have a short nap.
What did you ask?
Where do you get your cheerful nature?
About this medal?
Where do you get your cheerful nature?
Cheerful nature
My favourite season's
an Indian summer, you know, yes.
I like an Indian summer.
What about you?
Do you like the Indian summer?
Yes, I do.
I take the dog for walks then.
Two soldiers
lured my dog over,
out of the blue, all of a sudden.
They just appeared in the gateway.
I couldn't understand
what they were saying,
I hid out of sight, it was a bitch.
Zorka, yes.
They petted her, threw her sticks,
They tied her to a tree,
First they shot her in one paw,
Each smoked a cigarette,
Then another paw,
Then they ate some ham sandwiches
taken from their pockets,
tossed her some scraps of ham.
Then they shot her in the third paw,
and laughed at the way
she turned funny circles.
They couldn't be bothered
to finish her off.
When they'd gone
I lay there till evening,
holding her tight,
Until she bled to death, yes.
63 days.
We had to escape through the sewers.
that's a big word, sewer.
Just an ordinary sewage pipe,
a rusty pipe underground.
Less than a meter wide.
No oxygen,
feeling our way in the dark.
On all fours.
Excrement floating in urine everywhere,
vomit, stink.
My foot caught on something,
I tried to pull it free,
but it was stuck.
When I finally broke loose,
it was covered in rotting flesh,
I don't know
I can't imagine by what miracle
I managed to crawl
all the way to the city centre.
I don't understand
why I was one
to survive.
Man - on the one hand it sounds so noble
But on the other, it's made of
such flimsy material.
Such flimsy material.
Do you want to buy this medal?
You'd like to buy this medal,
wouldn't you?
This medal.
But you can't buy something like that.
Well what the devil,
do you want to buy it or not?
You're buying it.
But you can't sell your
Damn and blast it,
we've gone and woken her up.
I did ask you not to talk so loud.
What's that, dear?
Those were the finest years of all.
The war?
You see, Mariusz dear,
we were both young.
How do you know my name?
I don't, I don't, it just slipped out.
You see, sir,
we were young then.
I simply don't believe in death.
He doesn't believe in death.
Him, the old man
who passed down the corridor just now.
But I didn't see anyone.
Never mind.
what a lovely little doggie!
Just like our Zorka.
Zorka, Zorka,
What are you up to?
Calling a dog?
She's scared of Granny and Grandpa.
She's not scared of us, just him.
He probably trod on her.
Are you talking to me?
Those young people in the corridor
are behaving like hooligans.
Hippies or something,
with guitars.
Probably on drugs.
Excuse me.
Would you please go away?
Move along please.
Who are you talking to?
There's someone talking in your voice
in the corridor, hear it?
But there's no one there.
It's deserted.
Not a living soul.
Good God, is that Mariusz?
Hello, Tadzio.
I've been longing to see you.
We could have sooner,
but somehow I hadn't the courage.
But anyway.
What's it like there?
Do you remember
the last time we saw each other?
I remember very well, in hospital,
just before I died
I was extremely frightened.
If it weren't for you I'd be someone else.
A completely different person.
I miss you.
I simply don't believe in death.
Everyone who has gone,
has gone.
They haven't died,
they're still alive in my imagination.
Including my parents.
To this day I can see them young,
thinking about tomorrow.
It's incredible.
And you'll finally let me
say something about you,
now I'm so close to you.
And forgive me, because I never
tell you this sort of thing.
I can always count on you.
in need
Overcome by
by pain and anxiety
something frightens me.
You make no demands.
You ask nothing of me.
And I, in turn, demand
and ask nothing of you.
Because I know that
this selflessness
makes for the purest of friendships.
You're always there for me.
What are you, calling a dog?
Zorka, Zorka!
Calm down,
our Zorka died sixty years ago.
Sixty years without leaving the house.
For sixty years
we haven't been among people.
Give me a break.
What about the barber,
the tailor, the barber,
the tailor?
You've never even had
to wash up after yourself.
You live like a pig in clover.
All your life in comfort.
You've never had to do a thing.
You didn't even want to give birth
to that child of ours.
I can't tell when you're joking
and when you're being serious.
Don't you feel too hot?
Why not take off that hat?
You'll catch cold again.
I'll have to make you chicken broth
and nurse you.
Oh dear, I love you.
For God's sake,
what did you say?
I love you.
It's as hot as hell
and you're waltzing about
in that thick hat.
Think you're trendy, eh?
All dressed up for the funeral, eh?
Take off that hat
and shut the window.
The Porpoise local train
is delayed by twenty minutes.
I repeat, the Porpoise local train
is delayed by twenty minutes.
This delay may be subject to change.
We apologize to waiting passengers
for the late arrival of this train.
Ladies and gentlemen.
We are now approaching Wiseka.
Please make sure
you haven't left any hand luggage
in the compartment,
a trumpet for example.
Thank you for travelling with us
Oh, dear
Who's ear?
Over there, over there, yes, him.
He seems a bit odd to me.
Sad for some reason.
That reminds me
Did you shut the door properly?
At his age
I was fit,
vigorous and full of energy.
Oh, dear. There he goes again
Did you
the door?
I did.
Still got your ticklish spots, eh?
Come on, tell me.
Pretty-kitty, pretty-kitty, pretty-kitty,
eeny-meeny, eeny-meeny.
And Di-Di Di-did you
turn the key twice?
This train will be calling
at Domysw 15.29,
Warnowo 15.37,
Dargobd 15.51,
adzin 16.01
Wiseka station.
Good afternoon.
Is that the station at Wiseka?
Hello, can I help you?
I'm sorry,
but am I talking
to the level-crossing attendant?
Hello, who's that?
Hello, how can I help?
I'm sorry to bother you,
but I have an urgent request.
My husband and our little boy
went out this morning from d,
and they were due to arrive at Wiseka
on the local train at 11.52.
My husband promised
he'd call as soon as they got there,
but he hasn't called, you see.
I don't know what could have happened.
Maybe they got stuck
somewhere along the way, or
Or maybe they missed their connection?
What happened?
Would you please be so kind,
and take a look to see if they're there?
I'd be extremely grateful,
I know it's not exactly a typical request.
Please wait, I'll go and see.
Oh thank you!
Thank you very much.
And I'm sorry for bothering you.
They should have called, you see?
As soon as they arrived.
My husband always calls.
I don't know why
he hasn't called this time.
Do you see? I've got a bad feeling.
Please wait.
I'll go and see, I'll check.
But may I ask you not to hang up?
I had a very hard time
getting through to you.
I'll go and check,
please call again in a few minutes.
All right, I understand.
If you see them,
please don't tell them I called, just
But maybe I should stay on the line?
Please, please don't hang up the receiver
You see, I'm extremely worried.
I'll go and see.
Please call in a few minutes.
All right, I'll call in five minutes.
Please do.
In five minutes!
I will!
I'm sorry for the bother
It's no problem.
Look how well I can swim.
Closer to the shore, so I can see you!
Look at me swimming, look at me swimming.
The sea, our sea
We shall guard you faithfully
We have orders to protect you
Or sink down to your bed,
Or sink down to your bed with honour
Three across,
"Unwary middleman in trouble has to flee",
Just a minute, how many letters
one, two, three, four
All right,
two words, seven letters,
two words, seven letters,
When I was,
When I was a little boy, hey,
My father took me,
My father took me and he
said to me.
Bloody hell, what sort of moron
thinks up these crosswords,
must be a total cretin,
bloody hell
"Unwary middleman",
seven letters
"off guard"?
That's eight
Oh shit, it doesn't fit
"Unwary middleman in trouble" ?
"Not ready"?
No, too long,
it doesn't fit.
Bugger this, fuck it all,
what the bollocks
Two words, seven letters, two words,
"run off" that's too short.
"Unwary middleman in trouble has to flee".
"Make off",
m-a-k-e, shit, it doesn't fit
That's no good, no good,
no - just a minute, just a mo, good,
bloody hell, very good.
"Unwary middleman in trouble has to flee",
"in trouble", meaning jumble the letters,
"has to flee",
meaning er, u-n-w-a-r-y plus A
Bloody hell
"U-N-W-A-R-Y" plus "A" jumbled spells
"runaway", runaway.
it's "RUN AWAY".
Christ, who thinks up these clues?
Must be a genius.
It was worth going to school.
Now down, it should come out easily
"RETURN", it fits, that's right,
jolly good.
What time is it?
It's getting late.
The gale's blowing,
The gale snaps the weaker trees, hey.
The delayed Porpoise
local train to Szczecin
continuing as a fast train
to Szklarska Porba
is departing from Platform One, Track One.
I repeat
Daddy! Look what a nice ring I've found!
Daddy, look at me swimming!
Look at me swimming.
The sea, our sea
We shall guard you faithfully
Is that Wiseka station? Hello!
Is that you?
is that the level-crossing attendant?
Hello! Hello!
Hello, is that the attendant?
No, citizen.
Hello, could I, could I speak
to the attendant please?
I'm afraid she's not here.
She's not back from the beach?
She's still looking for them?
She's not here.
She's gone away.
Where to?
On a trip.
Hello! Hello!
I can't hear you!
Where has she gone?
Oh God, what a crackly line, hello!
On a car trip to town.
Beyond town!
But on hello!
On a trip?
When will she be back?
She said she wanted a breath of fresh air
and then she'd be back.
That's what she said.
What am I to do now?
do you want to talk to her?
But she told me
Oh God hello, hello!
Well then?
Can't you see my son anywhere?
A little boy,
he's eight,
Fair curly hair, with my husband.
They should
To hell with these telephones, hello!
Well, that's not so good, not so good.
All right,
The delayed Porpoise local train
to Szczecin
continuing as a fast train
to Szklarska Porba
will depart from Platform One,
Track One.
I repeat
I call to you O Lord in song
To you today I shout out loud
You're everywhere, you're everything
Don't be like a stone to me
I call to you O Lord in song
Because you can grant anything
So please just give me one more chance
Give me a chance one last time.
You only have to wave your hand
You only have to have one thought
And I will start my life again
So please give me a sign.
I call to you O Lord in song
Can you hear my pleading voice
Let me go back to the start again
Give me one more chance
I won't waste a single moment
I know the grief of squandered days
So please just give me one more chance
Give me my life again
And if you cannot give me life
Then let me live through once again
The love that has now died within us
Let me live it one more time
I call to you O Lord in song
To you today I shout out loud
A loaf, a bird, you're everything,
Don't be like a stone to me.
Love will forgive you everything,
Love will change your sorrow to laughter
Love is so good at explaining
Betrayal and lying
Love will forgive you everything,
Love will change your sorrow to laughter
Love is so good at explaining
Betrayal and lying and sin.
Even if you've cursed her in despair
For being cruel and evil,