Kill Me Three Times (2014) Movie Script

Fuck me.
I can't believe
I'm going to die in this place.
But, as far as headstones go,
a man could do a lot worse.
I'm Charlie Wolfe.
And as I lie here, waiting
for death's cold embrace,
I find myself asking
the question,
"How the fuck
did it come to this?"
I don't die. I thrive.
Oh! Argh!
Yeah? Yeah.
I'm... I'm sorry. Could you
hang on one second?
Yeah, I'll be there in an hour.
Good morning.
Doctor Webb Dental Surgery.
Hi, Lucy. This is Alice.
Hi, Alice.
Do you think Nathan
can see me this afternoon?
I'm actually in a lot of pain.
Sure. I think
we can fit you in.
How's 2:00?
Perfect. I'll see you at 2:00.
Alright. See you later.
Come on, mate.
Please just sort me out
this one last time.
Fifty thousand on Silver Tsar
to win.
Thanks. You're a saint.
Change of plans.
She's coming today.
I'm not ready.
Switch my dental records and
let's get my car to the quarry.
She's here.
Have you swapped
those dental records?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- It's okay.
- What happened?
- Oh, I hit the door.
Oh, you poor thing!
Nathan, Alice is here!
- Hi, Nathan.
- Hi, Alice.
- Yeah, shall we?
- Yeah.
Do I really need an injection?
Yes. But I will be gentle.
I think I...
Now, lie back... and open.
Took you long enough.
Is she out?
- Grab her jewelry.
- Yeah.
- Did you see something?
- No.
You remember the petrol?
Must I think of everything?
There's a garage on the way.
Don't take forever.
I'll be waiting.
Ready to go in
the fifth event, Blacktown...
Silver Tsar's coming up...
Here's Silver Tsar
taken to the outside
and the well-tried favorite
lights up.
It's Silver Tsar racing
the Blacktown Lad and Daytone.
- He's taken over the running.
- Get up!
And the favorite's looking
really good at the moment.
He raced two lengths
in front of...
Not now, not now.
Please, not now.
Silver Tsar has the lead
but he's getting tired.
Daytone's coming back
and so is Madison Rose.
Oh, there's a fall!
The favorite's down!
- Shit!
- Silver Tsar's fallen.
- You wouldn't believe it.
- - Shit!
Shit, shit, shit!
Victory in his sights
and he's down...
...wonder of the world, and down
he went with only 50m to go.
Que sera.
That's racing, I guess.
It's bad luck for the punters
that they lose their money.
Fucking hell!
Nathan, how are you going?
Uh, I'm alright.
I've just... just got a flat.
Oh, yeah. Need a hand?
Nah, all good. I got it.
No worries at all, mate.
You still planning on leaving?
I'm way beyond planning.
I'm doing. Today.
Good on you.
Do you need anything else?
Yeah, um...
you got any large waters?
Yeah, I've got some
out the back.
Are you a tourist?
Something like that.
Here you go.
Sorry it's not cold.
Just the one?
Uh, yeah, better give me
$20 worth of petrol.
Yeah, no worries.
You can't smoke in here.
Cheers, Dylan. Good luck.
What kept you this time?
I got a flat.
It's always something with you.
It was an accident.
Come on, then.
Let's get on with it.
It's you we should be insuring,
not me.
- Oh... shit!
- Oh, fuck!
Don't worry. It'll sink.
Get in there!
Fuck, Luce, it's really cold.
Let's go.
Fuck me.
Grab the bag.
- Petrol?
- In the back seat.
What the fuck is this?
It's the petrol.
Where's the rest of it?
That'll be enough.
calm down.
Nathan, get up!
She's getting away!
Oh, fuck's sake!
- Hey.
- Let's fucking do this.
- Where is she?
- In the back seat.
- Jewelry's on the dash.
- Yeah.
Just get her in.
Not so fucking easy.
Hey, you don't have to be so
gentle. Just get her in there.
Sorry, Alice.
Goodbye, Alice.
No, I'm fine.
I can't. I'm working.
Alright, ready?
I agreed to help out
but not so you can sit around
on your fucking arse.
I'll be another minute.
- Jack, we need to talk.
- Not now.
Your marriage is a joke.
She's given up
on your whole pathetic act.
Do you know
that you're the la...
Why don't you
and your deadbeat husband
mind your own fucking business?
Jack, you're my brother.
I can't just stand by
and watch this happen.
Are you done?
Have you made that call?
Hire him and have her followed.
If I'm wrong,
then I won't say another word.
Jack, we need to get
more tequi...
When did you get a gun?
Is everything okay?
Sit down.
Pick it up.
Please put the gun down.
I said pick it fucking up.
Do you have any idea
how much I love you?
You don't love me.
You just want to control me.
Are you seeing someone else?
'Cause I couldn't handle
something like that.
I'd sooner see you dead.
I need to go.
Sorry, just hold on a sec.
Yeah, I'll be there in an hour.
- What are you doing?
- Jack, you're hurting me.
What are you fucking doing
sneaking around?
I wasn't sneaking around.
That's the last time you hit me.
Alice, I'm sorry!
Yeah, your tooth is chipped.
Sorry, it's all I've got.
Thank you.
You'll be okay on your own
for a few?
Why? Where are you going?
I'm gonna pay Jack a visit.
Dylan... Dylan.
Come here.
Stay with me.
Somebody needs to
sort that prick out.
Stay with me.
Jack wasn't always like this.
Doesn't excuse what he does.
You know what he told me
That he'd sooner see me dead
than with another guy.
He actually said that?
The scariest part...
is that he was pointing this
at me when he said that.
Fucking hell.
Good thing we're leaving
You sure you want to go?
Of course I'm sure.
But you haven't sold
the garage yet.
Things will be tight.
Money's always a problem
when you don't have much.
I'll get a job.
We can make enough
for the both of us.
Sure. I think
we can fit you in.
How's 2:00?
Perfect. I'll see you at 2:00.
Alright. See you later.
Are you sober?
I'm sorry, Alice.
You're always sorry.
This is Charlie Wolfe.
Hang on.
Oi. Shut the door?
I have something
you might want to see.
Should I drop in?
You know the car park
by Merchant Rock?
I'll be there in an hour.
Hey, Bruce.
Where's Jack?
In his office.
You must be tired.
Yeah, a little.
Running around town
the way you do.
All hours of the day and night.
Excuse me?
- Bruce.
- Jack. The very man.
Just checking on that
case of whisky you promised.
Is later alright, mate?
I'm just heading out.
Yeah. Long as it's not
too much later.
Give us your car keys.
What's wrong with your car?
It's still at the paint shop.
Will you be long?
As long as it takes.
I have an appointment
with Nathan at 2:00.
I didn't expect your call
so soon.
Sometimes they make it too easy.
This was last night?
Do you have something for me?
I'm keeping this.
Be my guest.
I bought it just for you.
You feel like staying on
for a few days?
No sense hanging around.
I've got something for you,
if you're interested.
I'm listening.
How does 50 grand sound?
Like a dirty job.
And I'm still listening.
I want you to kill my wife.
Make the bitch disappear.
Jack, you've worked yourself
into a knot over this thing.
You're reacting badly
to some bad news.
- Just take some time.
- My mind is clear.
What you're talking about is a
one-way street. You understand?
Once you start,
there is no going back.
She's had fair warning.
She knew the consequences
and she did it anyway.
So fuck her.
You want my money or not?
Do you have that sort
of cash just lying around?
It's covered.
I mean untraceable.
This kind of job
doesn't come with a receipt.
I told you, it's covered.
There is, of course,
the issue of trust.
I trust you.
Yes, but how can I be sure
you're not gonna go soft
on me, Jack?
Well, we'll have to
trust each other.
Did you and your wife
ever trust each other?
You don't want the job? Fine.
Forget I asked.
I don't remember saying no.
So are you saying yes?
Alright, I'll do it.
But not for 50 grand.
How much?
My rate's an even one.
No, 100.
I'm what you call
a professional.
Quality always costs.
So are we on?
She has a dental
appointment at 2:00.
I'd be fine with her
never coming home.
Alright, here's
what I want you to do.
Go back to the bar,
and stay there, in plain sight.
Smile for everyone,
and don't act funny.
I'll contact you when it's done.
I'll be expecting your call.
Oh, Jack?
Don't go putting that online,
now, will you?
I can't go through with it.
Whatever he wants,
get rid of him.
I'll handle it.
G'day, Bruce.
How are you going?
I was up the big smoke
last night.
Met a bookmaker we all know.
- Who's that?
- Evan Black.
- You know Evan?
- He's a relative.
I had no idea.
You know how it is around here.
We're all related
one way or another.
Yeah. Small world.
Evan says
you've been avoiding him.
Says you owe him heaps of money,
and so far you haven't made
good on a single marker.
Look, it's okay.
I am gonna pay him.
- I gave him my word.
- Fuck your word.
He wants his money.
And he will get it, on my oath.
You disrespected him.
He arranged for the lads
to come see you.
But I talked him out of it.
I said I'd come see you first.
Promised him I'd collect
everything you...
within the week.
Failing that...
I'd kill you meself.
Bruce... we're good
for the money.
Well, we will be.
I just need
a little bit more time.
How much time?
Couple of months.
You're taking the piss.
Where's this money
coming from in a few months?
I can't tell you,
but it is real, okay? I promise.
Don't come
the raw fuckin' prawn.
You've got one week.
We're talking about
near 250 grand.
That was before.
- Before what?
- Me.
How much now?
Now we're talking about
a figure so close to $300,000
we may as well call it that.
No, we never agreed to that.
Are you insane?
- Non-negotiable.
- You can't be serious.
Let me show you how serious
I am. Come here.
Nah, it's alright.
- Bruce, please.
- Don't have me ask twice.
Argh, Bruce! Bruce!
You've got one week.
Now, say it.
Bruce, stop.
You think he got the message?
- Well?
- Yes.
Bruce, we get it, okay?
We've got a week.
Or else?
I'm asking you.
You'll kill us.
Have the money in a week.
Lucy, I'm sorry.
Don't touch me!
You just stood there.
I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.
We go ahead with it.
We need that insurance money
more than ever now.
Where have you been? I'm late.
Went for a drive.
My car keys?
Goodbye, Alice.
Oh, my God!
Shit! No!
How do you like their house?
Are you certain
they're overseas?
For the next six months.
You do know the code, don't you?
Max told me there was
an easy way to remember it.
- What?
- The code.
It's 1812, after the overture.
That's Tchaikovsky, you idiot.
Lucy, have you got
any of my contacts here?
In my toiletry bag.
I'll get it.
What's that?
I was gonna tell you about it.
I found it in her car when
I was waiting for you earlier.
It just slipped my mind
with all that was going on.
How much?
Quarter of a million dollars.
And you just forgot about it?
We didn't have to kill her,
did we?
What are you talking about?!
We could have used
that money to pay Bruce.
By the time I found it,
we were already committed.
Very convenient.
Believe me,
there is nothing convenient
about this mess
that you got us into!
I'm sick and tired of
having barely enough.
I want more.
So should you.
I'm off.
Why do you have to leave?
I'll come back
when I get a chance.
Why are you taking that?
I'll keep it safe.
Hello, Jack.
- You.
- Me.
Is it done?
I wouldn't be here
if it weren't.
She's dead?
- How'd you do it?
- Oh, easy there, Jack.
The less you know, the better.
That way, if people
start asking questions,
you don't have to lie.
- She's...
- Gone.
You planning on drinking
yourself to death, Jack?
Your business is your own.
As long as we're square.
You got some proof for me?
Or am I supposed to
just take your word?
What, you don't trust me
I'd have thought you'd be glad
to be rid of her.
Answer to all your problems.
Despite what you think,
I love my wife very much.
Too much.
Well, you've got
a crazy way of showing it.
Nobody makes a fool out of me.
It's gone.
I don't like the sound of that.
You wouldn't be playing games
with me, would you, Jack?
No, don't worry. I have more.
At the safety deposit box
at the bank.
Had me worried for a moment.
What time shall I
come back tomorrow?
Give me till 3:00.
Let's make it 2:00.
Jack, all this talk of booze
has got me quite thirsty.
You wouldn't know of any good
bars in the area, would you?
Hi, Bruce.
Where's Lucy?
Oh, she hasn't
showed up for work yet.
You know why I'm here?
You said I had a week,
so that gives me at least...
Don't play games.
I'm here on police business.
You know anything about a crash?
Up on Devil's Rocks Road?
No. Should I?
I didn't think
you had the balls, mate.
What are you talking about?
I found Lucy's car,
or what's left of it.
This thing has insurance job
written all over it.
Don't bullshit me.
You got a policy
in your wife's name?
Well, one word from me
in the wrong man's ear
and that claim won't clear
for a bloody long time.
But I'm also in a position
to make this thing
go your way without a hitch,
open and shut case.
But for these services,
I need to be compensated.
I'm listening.
- I want half.
- Half?
Mmm, half of what's left
after you settle your debts.
No way!
Consider your options, Nathan.
Okay? I'm being very generous.
Don't insult me.
You got a copy of your wife's
dental records?
Hey? Save me a trip back here
after I ring this in.
I underestimated you, mate.
Your own wife.
You're a heartless fucker.
Bit of a problem.
Read this.
When did you get this?
Do you have any idea
who sent it?
Do you?
What? Of course not.
Two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars.
Bit of a coincidence,
don't you think?
The email says he's watching us.
Oh, you think it's a she?
- You're being ridiculous.
- Am I?
Well, he or she, all they
mention here is 250 grand.
So obviously they don't know
about the insurance policy
or they'd be after a lot more.
You think we should pay?
I think we have a chance
to end this cheap.
In comparison.
Besides, I don't see
too many options.
You still have the money,
don't you?
In the car.
Thought maybe you'd
gambled it away already.
Don't start.
- You coming?
- Where?
Where do you think?
I'm dead, remember?
Where is she?
Come here.
Who the fuck
do you think you are
coming in here
accusing me of what, exactly?
I want to know what you did.
What about what you did?
I had you followed.
- I want my money back.
- What money?
I know she took it,
I know she gave it to you,
and I want it back.
I haven't got your money.
Is that right?
You looking for this? Hmm?
Where is she?
You gonna shoot me?
Just tell me where she is.
Fuck you.
Argh! Fuck!
You fucking shot me!
You fucking prick!
Where is she?!
I don't know!
He wouldn't tell me.
The guy I hired.
The one who shot the video!
- What's his fucking name?
- Wolfe! Charlie Wolfe!
Where can I find him?
Here, a little later.
He still has to get paid.
Paid for what?
Making her disappear.
How will I recognize him?
He drives a Toronado.
- The tourist.
- Yeah, he's no tourist.
So, how are we gonna do this?
Well, that's the easy part.
You just put the money
on the ground
and then get in your car
and fuck off.
Not a chance.
We do this face-to-face
or not at all.
You don't get to call the shots.
You consider this
a down payment.
I'll keep the memory card
until the insurance policy's
Over my dead body.
Isn't that over
your wife's dead body?
You've got a bad attitude.
Look, your money is here,
and so am I
until you come and collect it.
Or I could just shoot you
where you stand,
come and take the money.
What, and kill the only person
that can claim
the insurance policy?
I don't think so.
Ow! Argh!
- Yes!
- Fuck!
You know,
I'd prefer not to kill you.
But I will.
Just so we're clear.
This ends today.
Whatever you say.
God! Ow!
Argh! Ah!
Do you find something funny?!
You're a fucking lunatic!
You know that?
- Look in the bag.
- Why?
'Cause I want to see your face.
That wife of yours.
She's something, right?
Leave her alone.
Tell me where the fucking money
is or she eats this gun.
If I tell you...
Then I won't kill her.
- Give me your word.
- I promise.
It's in the boot.
The keys are... in my pocket.
- Now...
- Yeah?
...I will be sure
to tell your wife
what you tried to do for her.
You promised me.
You promised...
I could murder a drink.
Despite how this looks,
I had nothing to do with it.
Hey! Hey!
What the fuck
are you doing here?
What happened?
He fucking stabbed me.
What, Nathan?
What a complete psycho.
- But you got the money?
- Oh, I got it.
Where's Nathan now?
Yeah, about that.
- What about it?
- Um...
Did you fuck this up?
Honey, I'm having
a bad day here.
You killed him?
He forced my hand.
Do you realize what you've done?
It was him or me, okay?
Dammit, Charlie!
You wanted him dead.
Yeah, after
the insurance settlement.
What can I say?
The guy flipped.
You had a simple job
and you fucked it up.
Don't try to blame this on me.
You're the one
who couldn't wait.
You wanted the 250 now,
so I sorted it.
Sorted it?
You weren't meant to kill him,
you idiot!
Watch your mouth.
How the fuck do we get
the insurance money
Thanks to your incompetence,
our plan's utterly ruined.
That's just great, Charlie.
Your husband might have
put up with your shit.
Don't mistake me for him.
Well, I'd like to say
it's been a pleasure.
What do you mean?
I'm leaving.
Yeah, I'm coming with you.
Not in this life.
You can't just leave.
What were you expecting?
- But...
- What, because we fucked?
Consider it a fringe benefit.
We split the money first.
No need to be greedy.
You're about to inherit
the hotel.
What are you talking about?
You'll see.
I'll see what?
So long, honey.
- Give me the card!
- What?
The card! The memory card
from the camera.
Give it to me!
You are either the craziest
or the cleverest bitch
I have ever met.
I can't decide.
What the fuck?!
Dylan, what are you doing here?
I could ask you the same thing.
God, this place is like a
fucking open-air insane asylum!
- Is this what you did it for?
- Did what?
Don't play dumb.
Jack filled me in on your deal.
No, look,
you've got it all wrong.
- Don't fucking lie.
- I didn't touch her.
He's lying. He did it.
He killed Alice.
You fucking snake!
And he killed Nathan.
Look, if you want to know
who killed Alice, she did.
Dylan, I swear to God...
Look, I can prove it.
- He's lying!
- Shut the fuck up!
I know you killed her.
She's dead, and so are you.
Nice shot!
Fuck's sake.
Time we put you
out of your misery.
No, no! No! No!
I took the money.
I know.
I'll be there in an hour.
Better make that two.
Fuck's sake.