Kill Switch (2017) Movie Script

- He's looking better already.
- Maybe.
He still hasn't said a word.
It's going to take time.
They have the best doctors
in the world here.
It's gonna happen.
- Nervous?
- No.
Maybe. A little bit.
- Are you turning soft on me?
- No, I can't. I'm on call.
I thought
this was a celebration.
It is... kinda.
While waiting anxiously
for alterplex to launch
what the company claims to be the
final generation of energy solutions.
If you're joining us now,
we are less than a minute away
from entering a new future.
This is really big for me.
I want it to be good
for you guys too, you know.
I know. And I'm proud of you.
I think.
Alterplex gives the green light!
Hey, Donny?
- Donny, come stand here.
- T minus 50.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six...
Thanks for being here.
Are you kidding?
Three, two...
Oh... it's okay.
What's it doing?
It's working.
Okay. Okay.
Ah, I'm exiting the lab.
Oh! Uh...
Unidentified male body.
Identified as Dr. klintsen.
Oh, god.
This is will Porter, mission log one.
Uncertain as to my coordinates.
The jump was most likely
successful, but I can't confirm.
Personal bci non-responsive.
New bci procured,
but battery depleting.
Writing is... mirrored?
Either I'm in the echo
or I've sustained
serious cerebral damage
during jump.
Lab appears critically damaged.
Destruction appears recent.
Multiple deceased
scattered among the rubble,
including Dr. klintsen.
Heading outside to try
and confirm coordinates.
This is mission log two.
Outside of lab.
More deceased here.
Oh, god...
I have a visual on the tower.
Before executing the objectives,
I need to verify
if this is really the echo.
Sorry, buddy.
- Will?
- Abby?
- Oh, my god, will!
- What... what happened?!
We thought you were dead. Where are you?
We'll come and get you.
Wait, Abby, I need to know
what happened.
Where have you been? The lab was
attacked, will. The box was destroyed.
We moved to a camp
on the outside...
wait. Back up.
What'd you say about the box?
- I said they destroyed the box!
- Destroyed? How? Who's they?!
They shot the place up, will.
I... I saw it.
Are you sure the box
was destroyed?
I'm sending you our coordinates.
What the fuck is going on?
Alterplex cares.
We understand.
The future of mankind
is not out there.
It is in here.
And we have found a solution.
We have developed
a clean and simple way
of converting mass
into pure energy.
In just a few more months,
we will launch our energy tower,
powering our world
for millennia to come.
Alterplex energy.
Clean. Simple.
Mr. Porter.
Abigail vos,
chief of alterplex operations.
Thank you.
I believe you're familiar
with my partner.
Dr. klintsen.
This is a great honour, sir.
You know, I was researching at NASA when
you introduced duplicate matter theory.
That was the find of the decade.
You're a rock star down there.
We are very excited
you're here, will.
Mr. Reynard apologizes that he
couldn't be meeting you in person.
I have a lot of questions.
Your people were very good
at keeping me in the dark.
Well, these people
are in the dark too.
a physicist who can fly.
It's no wonder NASA
poached you from the air force.
It's impressive.
Uh, thank you.
Sorry, what is going on?
These NASA assessments claim
you have...
"Little to no risk aversion."
A similar view held by
your flight-school instructors.
Those assessments
are classified.
Wait. Is this... is this some
kind of a job interview?
'Cause, you know, I appreciate the
mystery flights and everything,
but I could've saved you
all a lot of time and trouble.
I am not interested. Thank you.
You haven't heard our offer.
I have a number of obligations
back in the United States.
Personal ones.
We are aware of your sister
and nephew.
And your new
surrogate-father role.
And the surrounding
It's very noble of you, will.
Mr. Reynard
respects your position,
which is why our generous
relocation package
includes all three of you.
Donny will have access
to a world-class private school.
It's a little more complicated
than that.
And the finest trauma
specialists in all of Europe.
With the compensation
we're prepared to offer,
your sister would never need
to work.
Will, this is not a job offer.
This is the...
Opportunity to explore...
impossible frontiers.
Well I've already been
to space, so...
Space is possible.
Then what are we talking about?
After that, I'm going
to need your signature.
Hi! You've reached Mia
and Donny.
We're not here right now,
so please leave a message
after the...
Mia, it's will.
Just call me when you get this.
This is will Porter.
Mission log three.
I can now confirm
that the jump was successful.
My location is the echo.
This is amazing.
Echo diagnostics
are still loading.
Currently at 57%.
Answer on gravitational
stability forthcoming.
Eight kilometres from the tower.
Eta just over an hour.
The fuck is going on?
Oh, my god.
Must get out of here.
Okay, just get to the tower,
just get this done.
We can get outta here
and go home, okay?
Oh, crap.
Oh, my god.
What the hell's going on?
There was...
There was a lot of shouting,
a lot of... lot of confusion.
And then
they just started shooting!
First, they were shooting and they
were going after alterplex guys,
but I saw a woman hit
just get out of her car
and I'm pretty sure they had
nothing to do with alterplex!
The leader of the militant environmental
group, calling themselves the rebels,
put out a statement today
justifying their assault
on the alterplex laboratory
and tower,
accusing the energy plant of
endangering the entire planet
by turning on its tower
a week ago,
citing the subsequent
destabilization of the system.
Meanwhile, alterplex,
which has been allowed to
deploy its own security drones
after issuing the controversial
alterplex security act,
made a joint announcement
with the police
that the evacuation zone
surrounding the tower
has been increased
to 75 kilometres.
Oh, my god! What the...?
Mission log four.
Just had possible visual
on a gravitational anomaly.
The box is still loading.
Approaching anomaly.
Definitely some sort of gravitational
portal at the base of the cloud line.
Seems to be active still.
Lots of static charge,
a tendril or a jet,
like a tornado but ionized.
Moving towards the anomaly now.
It looks like a small... boat?
Numerous deceased birds...
Surrounding the anomaly.
Uh, the boat is mainly intact,
so maybe inverse gravity?
The portal
is still really active.
Seems to be sucking
the atmosphere.
I ah!!
Oh, my...
What are you doing?
Drone down! Drone down!
Everybody regroup! Come on!
- Who's that guy?
- What? Where?
Take him out now!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
It's alright, it's okay!
- Move away from the door!
- I'm trying to find a way...
and you! Hands high!
Hold your hands high!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
- Hey, stop!
- Shoot him!
Stop! Stop it!
You're coming out.
I know you're there!
Give you three seconds!
- Will?
- Why are you shooting at me?!
You wanna put the gun down and tell
me what the fuck is going on?!
What the fuck are you doing with
these psychos?! You're alterplex!
You're alive. That...
Th-that's not possible.
Why not? Why not?
What happened?
Michael, talk to me.
Tell me what you saw.
Tell me,
did something happen to me?
What the hell
is happening here, man?
- Whoa-whoa-whoa...
- what the hell's happening?!
Put the gun down,
put the gun down!
I'll tell you what's happening,
but first you gotta answer me!
Bullshit. How did you survive?
How did you survive?
Warning! Citizen, you are
trespassing in a restricted area.
You are violating
alterplex security act 7.1.
Stop, or we will engage.
You are trespassing in a restricted area.
Stop, or we will shoot.
I work for alterplex.
My name is will Porter.
Remain where you are.
We have name listed as deceased.
Take four steps forward
and lie face-down,
arms and legs spread.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Let me prove it to you!
Let me prove it to you.
Positive identification.
You are under arrest.
Remain where you are.
A transport is on its way.
It will escort you to alterplex
command in a few seconds.
Remain where you are.
Since the dawn of humankind,
we have reached for dreams
beyond our grasp.
We gazed at the birds
and built planes to fly.
We gazed at the moon
and built rockets to reach it.
Throughout history, we have transcended
our evolution with technology,
pushing through
to new frontiers.
Now alterplex's visionary ceo,
August Reynard,
asks you to gaze at the energy
challenge we face,
and, once again, push
through to a new frontier.
After decades of research,
we are proud to finally unveil
the future of energy harnessing
and realize our dream
for a better tomorrow,
powering us
for millennia to come.
This is a notification
for all alterplex personnel.
Reminder: Due to the increased
violent protests,
the emergency security policy
will now also include
sectors five, seven and ten.
Yes. Uh, no.
We're not there yet.
We're still waiting on the...
Diagnostics report, yeah.
Well, I'll check on him.
I'll check him.
Yeah. Okay.
So glad you're here, will.
Sorry. Launch logistics.
Clock is... ticking.
How are Mia and Donny adjusting?
Well... a little up and down,
to tell you the truth. Uh...
You know,
new city and everything.
They have a lot of questions.
And frankly,
I still don't fully understand
what I'm doing here myself.
Before we go any further...
This is for you.
It's not a gift, I'm afraid.
It's a locator.
Keep it on at all times.
Once we're live,
you're on call 24/7.
- 24/7?
- Exactly.
Shall we proceed?
Ms. vos.
Beautiful day, isn't it?
You must be will.
Welcome to alterplex.
Can't stay here.
We should keep moving.
Look at what they've done.
And what about what you did,
- We raided the lab...
- What happened to you?
There's a lot of dead people.
You can't be here.
There's just no way...
Why is there no way?
You asked me how I survived,
you said it's not possible
I'm alive. Why?
I saw you die, will.
I saw you die.
Come on.
What is this?
What in hell
is really going on down here?
Run it, please.
After the end of fossil fuels,
mankind is faced with
its greatest challenge yet.
With the world's energy consumption
tripling in the last decade alone,
a new form of sustainable
energy is needed.
A system that outshines solar,
wind and even nuclear energy.
After years of research,
we at alterplex
have found the answer
to the energy crisis
by leveraging the immense
hidden power of m-theory,
first proposed by
Edward witten in 1995,
and enhanced
by pieter klintsen's
duplicate-matter theory.
M-theory unifies all consistent
versions of superstring theory.
By deconstructing space-time
into a higher number
of dimensions,
our tower is able to create a
mirrored echo of our local universe.
You're copying
the entire universe?
Symmetry down to
every last quantum particle,
with one crucial difference.
The echo universe will be
devoid of organic compounds.
it will be a lifeless cosmos
providing a limitless amount
of matter
that can be transformed
into power.
as a dimensional conductor,
the tower will create
multiple gravity portals,
which will harvest
the echo's mass
and convert it into
pure electromagnetic energy.
This energy is then transferred
cleanly and safely into our world,
powering it
for millennia to come.
I had the exact same face.
- Parallel universes?
- An echo universe.
And this here
is where you come in.
This is the gate.
It sends you into the echo,
a safe distance from the tower.
You will be carrying this box.
The box will counterbalance
any instabilities
that might occur in the echo.
- Instabilities?
- Very simple.
It plugs
right into the echo tower.
Someone needs to get it there.
- Okay. May I?
- Yeah.
Just plug it in?
That's it?
That's it.
There's a terminal at the base
of the echo tower.
You jump over,
take the box to the tower,
plug it in and jump back
in time for dinner.
Michael, nobody was supposed to
have been copied, no living thing.
This was supposed to be a sterile
world, devoid of carbon life.
I don't know what went wrong.
- So you're saying that...
- Hmm?
- They've copied the entire world?
- Well...
- the entire universe? - Kinda.
- How's that even possible, man?
You really don't wanna
get into that right now.
But ef-effectively, yes. Yes.
- So there's two of me.
- Possibly.
- Of everyone?
- Well... not everyone.
Not me anymore, I guess.
But I'm here to fix that.
I have to get this to the tower.
What does it mean?
I don't know. They didn't
brief me on redivider.
What about shit like this, man?
They never briefed you about trains
falling out of the fucking sky?
The system should've been one way,
harvesting energy from the echo,
from... this universe
into the real world.
But maybe the echo
is fighting back somehow?
It's sucking stuff back?
Heavy objects
from the real world.
I don't know, maybe it's
balancing out what's lost.
Jesus Christ.
No one's going to believe this.
Because no one is gonna know.
- What do you mean?
- Can you imagine the panic?
Look what's happening already.
People would freak out.
- We have to say something.
- No. We don't have to say shit.
if you really wanna end this,
you have to help me
get the box to the tower.
- Michael!
- Who's this?
Michael, put the gun down.
- What the...?
- Abby!
Michael, easy. Easy.
This is crazy!
They destroyed the lab, will!
- You destroyed the goddamn... - shut up!
- Shut the fuck up!
You cannot trust her, will.
Don't trust her.
Reynard is waiting
with what's left of the team.
We're regrouping.
No. No.I can't-
- the plan failed, will. Badly.
- I know.
Come with me,
and we will fix this.
Abby. No, Abby. I can't.
- We gotta go.
- You have been identified.
Lie on the ground and place
your hands over your head.
Hey! It's me!
What the fuck
is wrong with you?!
I'll bring him in...
go! Go! Go! Run!
We see you.
Lie on the ground,
and place your hands
over your head.
This is your last warning!
Alright! No!
Let's go!
Come on, get in!
Abby, let's go! Come on!
Ah! Drive! Come on!
Fuck you!
Fuck! Goddamn you!
He's coming in!
Give me the gun!
Come on!
Shoot him!!
Argh! Goddammit!
You out?! Are you out?!
- It's out! It's out!
- My pack! Use the grenades!
Throw the grenade!
Throw the grenade!
Get to that bridge faster!
The disappearance
is the latest in a line
of recent reports
of vehicles gone missing.
A bizarre pattern which seems
to be linked
to abnormal weather behaviours
surrounding the sites,
according to some experts.
Some skeptics believe
the events are linked
to the alterplex energy tower
launched last week.
- He wanted to wait up for you.
- Yeah, I know. Sorry.
We'll get to it this weekend,
I promise.
They're giving you
weekends off now?
- And he gets a little homesick.
- Yeah?
Well... it'll get better.
And I swear I'm gonna do
something about all this...
You should get out
and enjoy the city a bit.
Have you taken him
out on the canals yet?
We'll be fine, will.
You okay?
- Bleeding. Shit.
- It's fine. It's fine.
You alright?
We have to bring you to Reynard.
He'll know what to do.
Reynard and his team just tried to put
us in a coma! - Because you attacked us!
- Will?
- They were aiming at me, Abby.
Why? You're one of us!
Not anymore, Abby.
Just get me into the tower.
The tower. What are you going to do
without the box?! They destroyed it!
Just trust me, I can fix this.
He can fix it.
But without Reynard
and alterplex. Without them!
We're getting in there, Abby.
I can end this.
He can end it.
Hi! You've reached Mia
and Donny.
We're not here right now,
so please leave a message
after the...
Mia, it's me again.
Please call me
as soon as you can. Okay?
I love you.
They evacuated.
I made sure of it myself.
Drone! Drone! Will!
We have to move
out of the open. Come.
Let's go!
We are not the military.
We are an energy corporation.
And the rebels?
They're anarchists.
That statement, given by
alterplex ceo August Reynard,
condemning the environmental group
which attacked the facility...
If you find any water, take it.
Which many officials viewed
as highly controversial.
News reports from the city
are hard to verify
due to the strictly enforced
exclusion zone.
Vehicles seemingly appearing out of
thin air and dropping from the sky
sound like ideas
out of science fiction.
Yet many eyewitnesses have
reported these phenomena.
The authorities are taking
these accounts very seriously,
an official investigation...
Jesus Christ...
Oh, my god.
Who moved these bodies here?
Oh, god...
Alterplex security, for sure.
I've seen similar sites.
First we thought
it was just a freak thing,
but then they kept coming
and coming.
After a while, just gave up. I
didn't even know about this one.
Too many bodies.
That's when I quit.
I don't blame you.
On the other side...
is it like this?
No, just these vehicles
went missing.
That's why alterplex sent me.
So it's not...
I-I'm not...
Like I said, as far as I know,
the other you is alive.
I don't know.
You okay?
This way, this way!
We've got a drone!
It spotted us!
Ah, shit!
Let's get in the plane!
Let's go! Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on! Come on.
ground support at grid two.
Flyjack 21-b require
ground support at grid two.
Stay down. Stay down.
We're about to lay down
suppressing fire.
On red, shoot to kill.
Repeat, shoot to kill.
Visual on target! Engage!
Let's go!
You okay? Okay?
Holy shit.
We have to go.
Let's go.
Move! They know where we are!
You okay?
We're clear!
Drone! Drone!
Face the drone and place
your weapon on the ground!
Help me out, will!
Help me out!
Shit! I'm out.
Sight your rifle, will!
Fire the charge!
Look out!
What's it doing?
It's working.
Hey, Donny, you see that?
See that beam of light?
That is pure energy that is being
sucked down into the tower.
That's gonna power
the whole city here,
maybe the whole country.
- Sucking it from where?
- Well...
Will Porter,
you are now on call.
the group's leader, Hugo romein,
in an interview this morning,
ensured that his movement
will be monitoring
the situation closely.
Expressing grave concerns
about the tower initiation,
he went on to vow that his group
would take action
at the first sign of trouble,
although he did not say what
form that action would take.
stay with me.
Stay with me!
We gotta pull it out, okay?
We got to pull it out.
There's blood everywhere.
Stop, stop! He'll bleed to
death if you pull it out.
There's no way
he'll make it to the tower.
We need to get him real help.
Will, will, will, will.
Stay with me.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
I know a place,
just a few blocks from here.
No, no, no.
It's me, it's Michael.
I got an injured man here.
Carry him.
You brought us here?
I had no choice, okay?
He's bleeding to death.
Weapons down, please.
Weapons down. Come on!
- Are you awake, will?
- Where's Hugo? - Will!
Come on, all your weapons down.
Hey, Hugo!
That's not my problem.
I'd tell you, but we need the medic before
he bleeds out. I'm telling you. Hugo!
Stay here.
Come on, leave her alone.
- Don't you fucking touch me!
- Shut up.
She's unarmed.
Take 'em inside.
Clear the table, come on.
Sit down, will.
Look out for your leg. Whoop.
Please be careful with him.
Is the muscle damaged?
Give him a shot of propofol
and an iv of floxacillin.
Okay, take his leg.
Okay now, got his leg? Alright.
One, two...
Ooh. It's not working.
We need to apply side pressure.
Okay, try it again.
- Pull! - Oh, it's out.
- Okay.
Try to relax, will.
Try to relax.
Hand me the scissors?
Trust me, he's gonna be okay.
I'll prepare the leg, make sure
he doesn't lose too much blood.
We have to prepare the leg.
On my count...
Gauze. Nurse, gauze, please.
Couple of minutes,
you'll be as good as new.
Who will stand up for her?
Who speaks for earth when multinationals
exploit her resources for profit?
Who speaks for our planet
when corporations rape her...
Mia? - ...While pulling the
wool over everyone's eyes?!
Mia, what are you
watching this for?
We speak for her...
- Hey, what's the matter?
- In the name of justice!
In the name of...
nothing, I'm just...
I-I'm fine. I'm sorry.
Donny wrote this today.
The kids still teasing him
in school?
It's not the teasing, will.
It's this whole place,
this... this situation...
These... things
that are happening.
You've been so good to us,
and you don't owe us anything...
Mia... - and I think
maybe it's time that...
Come on.
I don't want Donny and I to stand in the way
of something that's so important to you.
Mia, if he misses home,
we'll go back on a trip.
Let me go talk to him, okay?
- Hey.
- Where am I?
How long have I been out?
Who are you?
No, we have to... we have...
We don't have a lot of time.
- Hey!
- Whoa! Easy!
- Who are you?
- You have to let us go.
We need to get out of here
right now.
You work for alterplex,
just like her?
- You need to let us go now.
- Tell him. Tell him.
Yeah, tell me.
Who do you work for?
What? Come on, Michael.
- Tell him.
- Michael?
Michael, come on. We need to
go, we need to get outta here.
Who is this guy?
What are you doing?!
No, no, no...
Don't. What are you do...
Are you listening to me?!
We have to go!
We have to get that thing
to the tower!
- Redivider? What is this?
- That's impossible!
What is not possible?
What is this? Come on.
You bring these people in here and
you can't explain what this is?!
- Hugo, he told me he can help.
- Did you sell us out, Mike?
- No. I swear.
- Did you sell us out?!
No, I didn't. Trust me,
I know what I'm doing.
- Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- They can help. Hugo, trust me.
They can help? Help bring us
this tracking device here?
Help us all get killed?!
What is this?!!!
- Shit!
- Ah!!
Where's the box?
Will, we need the box!
Michael, come on,
we gotta get outta here!
Let's go, go, go, go!
Gotta move out!
Move out, guys! Move!
Abby! Move!
Will, come on! This way!
It's the only way out!
Michael, let's go,
let's get the fuck out of here.
Let's get outta here.
Abby, come on!
Let's go! Go! Go!
Come on, move it!
Attention. You are harbouring
a wanted individual.
You are in breach of the active
alterplex security order.
Stay down, stay down. Okay.
Yeah, let's do it.
Go! Go! Go! Abby, come on!
This way!
Abby! Abby!
I couldn't tell you
about the box!
I know an escape tunnel nearby!
Shit! Let's go! Come on!
- Give me the box, will.
- We gotta move! We gotta move! Come on!
Why are you standing there?!
Come on! Come on!
We gotta' go down.
Come on. Quick.
Abby? Abby!
What was I supposed to do?
Abby, what was I supposed to do?
I couldn't tell you
about the box once I knew
I was in the echo!
You weren't even supposed
to be here!
Nobody was supposed to be alive here.
Stop! No, you stop! Redivider...
What is redivider?
Huh? What is it?
You sent me here.
You... sent me here.
Now you tell me
what is redivider.
It's a classified protocol.
A last resort.
When restoring balance
is impossible...
the box disables one side
It destroys the tower.
And this universe.
There's only one option left.
Redivider aborts... one universe
to ensure... the other survives.
Jesus Christ.
This thing's
a goddamn kill switch.
Hey, bud.
I got your note.
I miss home, too.
Truth is, Donny...
I don't really know
where home is anymore.
Will Porter,
please call in
as soon as possible.
You know, Donny,
there are a lot of...
Very important...
Very smart people
in these towers.
And they wanted uncle will...
To move
halfway across the world...
move our home
after it goes through...
To be part
of a very special project.
It's something that could help
a lot people, you know?
Maybe even change the world.
I thought maybe I could help
you and... your mom too.
And that's a big responsibility.
Maybe the biggest responsibility
of my life.
Will Porter, please call in
as soon as possible.
This for me?
Thanks, man.
So you sent me
on a suicide mission?
I'm tired of being
fucked around, Abby!
I am done!
Where did my family go, huh?
Where are they, Abby?
Will, where are you going?
Oh, shit! What's happening?!
Where are you going?
You said they evacuated, right?
Donny, my sister,
they evacuated?
Will, this is a bad idea.
- I am too close to home.
- No, you're not thinking clearly.
This is a bad idea.
It's getting worse.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
It's... it's like it's coming
apart at the seams! What the...?!
Holy shit! I gotta get to them!
Don't go!
Please stay with us.
Get out of my way!
No! No! No! No! No! No!
Oh, my god!
Mia! Donny!
I should never have dragged
you guys here.
I am done.
- Done?
- Yeah.
I've been so selfish.
- We're gonna get through this.
- I don't wanna just get through this, Mia.
You and Donny deserve
way better.
Please, I didn't mean for this
to become a big thing.
Mia, it's a huge deal.
You're my sister.
I promised to look after you.
And I... I don't feel like
I've done a very good job.
We're going home.
All of us.
Are you sure?
First thing in the morning,
I'm going to quit and...
We'll get on the first plane
outta here. Okay?
Thank you.
What kind of person are you?!
You said they evacuated.
You said you made sure
of it yourself. You lied to me.
What's that?
What's it doing?
I'm sorry.
Wait here.
What the hell is going on?!
Critical failure protocol!
You're going in!
I guess that resignation
will have to wait. I'm sorry.
- Where are they taking you?
- Porter! You have to go now!
We got Porter.
What about the box?
Is it safe?
- Yes, sir. - Good, good. Don't
let it out of your sight.
What should I do with it?
- Just like we discussed.
- Copy.
Take them up front.
- Hello, will.
- Whatever he says, don't listen to him!
- On your knees! Stay down!
- Don't trust him.
Jordan, let's go.
It's an interesting...
beautiful paradox.
Those two worlds conjoined,
like twins...
just from the womb.
We have to sacrifice one...
So the other may endure.
- You're going to sacrifice
the original universe. - Hmm.
You're destroying my world
so you can live?
Fuck you.
We need your help, will.
There is still time.
Time for what?
You think I'd actually help you?
With everything I know now?
I know...
This is a difficult decision.
Difficult? Difficult?!
Killing my family is difficult?!
That's why going back
is the only solution.
You can see them again.
You're the only one
who can pilot the jump.
There is no third option.
If we remain here
in this stalemate,
both worlds soon cease to exist.
We have to sacrifice one
to save the other.
Yes. Yes, Mr. Porter,
your family will die.
I'm only offering you
the opportunity to be there.
Hold their hands...
In the end.
One must be sacrificed
so the other can live.
That works for me.
hold onto something now!
Ah! Ugh!
Where's Portman?
Where's Portman?!
Where's the box?
Where is the box?!
Shoot me! Shoot me!
Ah! Ah!
Take this. We gotta move.
You know what I need to do,
- Exactly what you gotta do.
- You know what this means?
Kill switch.
That's okay. I need to right
some wrongs anyway.
They're still shooting!
Drive! Drive!
Hold on!
- You okay?
- Oh, shit, I'm hit! I'm hit!
Stop the car!
Here, you take the wheel.
Let's go.
Let's go, move!
Will, are you okay?!
Shit! Shit, drones!
Shoot the nose! Shoot the nose!
Shoot the nose!
It controls the other drones!
Come on, will!
We're almost there.
Ah, shit!
You get to the tower
and you end this!
You end this, will!
Truth is, Donny,
they wanted uncle will
to be part
of a very special project.
It's something that could help
a lot of people, you know?
Maybe even change the world.
And I thought maybe I could
help you... and your mom, too.
That's a big responsibility.
Maybe the biggest
responsibility of my life.
I don't want Donny and I
to stand in the way
of something
that's so important to you.
I've been so selfish.
You've been so good to us,
and you don't owe us anything.
And I think maybe it's time...
If he misses home,
we'll go back on a trip.
You're my sister and I promised
to look after you. And I...
I don't feel like I've done
a very good job.
We're going home.
All of us.
I promise, I can fix this.
I can't let you do it, will.
I'm sorry.
I can't let you touch the box.
This world is already dying.
This cannot be the end.
Do you realize
what you're doing?
Yes. I'm keeping a promise.
Oh, shit! You've killed us!
You've killed us all!!
These are extraordinary times,
and we face
an extraordinary challenge.
The dramatic achievement
which occurred in recent weeks
should've made clear to us all
the impact of this adventure
on the minds of men everywhere
who are attempting
to make a determination
of which road they should take.