Killer (2021) Movie Script

[disturbing music playing]
Wh-- where am I?
What's going on?
I ca-- I can't mo--
I can't move. I can't move!
Ugh, what's... happening?
Oh, my God. Louis?
Louis, baby, wake up.
-[Carol] Are you all right?
I-- I think I've--
Let me go!
[Louis] Tiara, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
It's not funny, untie me.
Whoa, wh-- what's going on?
[Tiara sobbing] [indistinct]
We-- we're tied up? [grunting]
Oh, my head hurts.
Yo, where-- where am I?
[frantic panting]
We're in the living room,
I feel like
the more pressing question is
who the hell tied us up?
[Tiara] Oh, hell nah.
Let me go!
Somebody get me out of this!
Do something, bro.
I knew it!
[groaning] Oh, God.
Oh, no. Oh, Jesus.
[sobbing, panting]
[exhales] All right. Okay.
Okay, guys, guys, guys.
Please let's everyone calm--
[indistinct] Let's just
try to assess things. All right?
Will, we're tied up
in your living room.
They might just be
robbing the place.
What about those
weapons on the floor?
[Tiara] Oh, my God.
[man 1] Do something, bro!
I knew it!
[Will] Get a hold of yourself,
Girls, [indistinct]
Kelly. Kelly,
baby, what's wrong?
Behind you...
[man 2] What?
I can't see!
It's too tight!
[Carol] Lord...
[man 2] Wh-- what does it say?
[man 3] Says: play the game
and some of you may live.
Refuse... and you all die.
Ki-- Killer.
[man 2] What?
[man 3]
Oh, whose-- whose clock is that?
That's not mine.
Let me out!
I knew something was wrong.
I knew it!
Yo, big dog, calm down.
Tell us what
you're talking about.
[girls sobbing]
Deshawn, if this
is some kind of prank
I swear to God
I'm gonna kill both of you.
This better not be
one of your little pranks.
I'm tied up just like you,
I ain't doing this!
[Tiara] Deshawn!
It ain't me!
But I knew something
like this was gonna happen.
What do you mean you knew?
[Deshawn] Earlier,
when we were playing a game,
I saw...
[all screaming]
-[Carol] Louis, baby--
-[Louis] Calm down.
Just calm down.
[loud breathing]
[all screaming]
[indistinct yelling]
Stop it! Please, stop it!
-[all screaming]

What the hell just happened?
[sobbing] Deshawn...
He's gone, oh, my God!
[man 2] This has got
to be a joke!
[woman 1] Look at all the blood.
So some sadistic asshole
can't just rob the place,
he wants to kill us too!
[sobbing] Do something,
Let me out. [indistinct]
Guys, guys, listen. Guys!
-[woman 2] What?
-The board.
-What does it say?
-It says, uh,
"No-- now do I have
your attention?
Play the game.
You know it well.
If you play,
some of you will live.
If you don't-- Oh, oh--
you all will die."
Okay, "You have three minutes
to formulate your vote."
-[Deshawn] No!
-Okay, okay.
-Brandon, this is your house.
You have any enemies?
Anyone who would
want to hurt you?
-Come on.
Come on, Brandon,
snap out of it.
Who would wanna hurt you?
Someone from outside
of the house.
[Deshawn] He's right.
[Tiara] What the hell
are y'all talking about?
Look at what
we all have on, right?
The killer was wearing
the exact same thing.
You just couldn't see his face.
Or her face.
Are-- are you [indistinct]?
The killer is one of us.
I knew I should've
stayed my ass at home.
-[Will] And the game?
-Killer, obviously.
We played it
the entire quarantine.
Guys, the clock says 90 seconds.
Unless it's gotta be
pretending to be tied up.
[Carol] All of us
wearing the same thing.
The killer could come
when the lights go out.
[Brandon] It could be any of us.
Everything in here
is by remote control.
Come on Sam, [indistinct]
since we got here.
[Carol] Yeah, in your house.
[Sam] Are you serious right now?
One of us is just sitting here,
making all of this up.
-[indistinct] Okay?
[Carol] Okay, so this
is the round we all vote.
So, if we vote and we're right,
all of this should be over.
[Will] Yeah, yeah. Right.
If we're all [indistinct]--
-[Kelly] 30 seconds.
-Okay, okay, lo-- lo-- look.
Okay, okay. Thi-- this
is probably just Deshawn.
You know, fake-- fake blood,
and everything.
But what if it's not?
We're in trouble, all right.
Look, we cannot give in
to the demands, okay?
All right?
We-- we can't vote.
Nobody-- nobody-- nobody vote.
Okay? Please, please.
Deshawn's not dead, okay?
So nobody vote!
Okay? Please.
Really, okay?
-Ten seconds!
-Yeah, I'm good with that.
[panic grunting, yelling]
[Carol] Oh, my God.
[girl screaming]

Okay-- Uh, okay.
Listen up.
[Brandon] We've probably got
like a few more seconds before
the lights turn back on
and-- and after that
we got like, three minutes?
All right, we--
[sighs] Shit. We need to
start at the beginning.
[Kelly] Do you--
What do you mean?
-Like when we first got here?
-[Brandon] Yeah, yeah.
-Right. Right.
-[Kelly] Okay. Well, uh, I think
-Will and I were here first.
-No, Sam was already here, babe.
[Kelly] That's right.

Quarantine 2020, bitches!
Oh God, Ms. Morris.
I'm so sorry.
I-- I thought you were Brandon.
I swear I would never call you--
Well, you know.
[whispers] A bitch.
Is Samuel putting his foot
in his mouth again, mother?
[Ms. Morris] Mm-hmm. As usual.
[R&B music playing]
-Man, your mom is hot.
-Shut up, man.
Just saying.
So they say this
quarantine is supposed to
last a couple of weeks.
Now, do you two think
you can behave yourselves?
Of course.
Yeah, Ms. Morris. I doubt
it'll even last that long.
I don't know about that.
So, what are
they saying down at the school?
Well, they're saying
like it's been around
here for quite some time.
So the next two weeks are
crucial to whether this thing
blows over or not.
Well, I'm sure my
soon-to-be doctor will
keep us well informed.
Aw, isn't that nice.
-Don't hate, man.
-I'm not, it's just
you guys are so... close.
Yeah, I mean,
I tell her everything.
Even when you're...
-Oh, yeah.
-Stop it.
You guys-- Samuel.
Are you all right?
Yes, ma'am. I'm fine.
[sighs] Okay.
So, listen.
It's just gonna be you and Sam
-for the next two weeks, right?
-Oh, and Cindy.
[chuckles] Of course, Cindy.
[sighs] Okay, well look,
you know where to find me.
Now the hotel has extended
my stay for the conference
and the possible quarantine,
so another two weeks
in Florida will do me just fine.
Don't worry, Ms. Morris,
I'll keep him under control.
That's what I'm worried about.
So listen, no big parties.
-Yes, ma'am.
-'Cause you know I got cameras
all over here.
[chuckles] Yes, I know. Yeah.
Even some you don't know about.
I'm-- I'm sure.
[Ms. Morris] All right.
All right. Well,
I think the next two
weeks will be a success then.
Dr. Brandon Morris.
Indeed, yeah.
Well, all right, Ms. Morris.
Do you need help
bringing your bags to the car?
Oh, no, Samuel,
they're already in the car.
But if I didn't know any better,
I'd think you were
trying to get rid of me.
What? Pfft.
No, not that. Never that.
I just, uh, I don't want you
to miss your flight.
-That's all.
Love you, son.
I love you too, Mom.
Uh, are you forgetting somebody?
[whispering] I don't think so.
[door closes]
Finally! I'm ready to
get this party started.
No, man, this is not a party.
Okay? It's just me, you,
Cindy, Will and Kelly.
-All right?
-Yeah. About that...
Sa-- Sam.
I may have invited
a few more people.
No, no, no, no, no, Sam.
-Look, what's the big deal?
When's the next time
we're gonna
experience something
like this, huh?
A mass quarantine in America?
-Sam, no!
-Look, we've got two weeks.
No school. No work.
And besides, some of
our best friends have been
kicked off campus
and they've got nowhere to go.
-Like-- like who?
-Uh, like Tiara, for starters.
-Tiara is your best friend.
-Uh, you're both my best friend.
It's not gonna end well, man.
Yeah. Look, whatever.
We can talk about this later.
Will and Kelly have been
circling the block
waiting for your mom to leave.
And why didn't you tell her
they were coming?
Since you practically
tell her everything.
[sarcastic laugh] Funny.
But I didn't wanna
tell her because
of everything
that's been going on, man.
I don't want her to worry,
especially with Kelly
over the past few months.
Uh, that's exactly
why we need to turn up.
It's a celebration, bitch.
-Whatever, man.
-[mocking] Whatever, man.
You ready, babe?
I have a bad feeling
about this, Will.
-[soft piano music playing]
-Look, Kelly, it's-- it's fine.
It'll be fun.
If you say so.
I do. Two weeks.
No work. No school.
Just us and our friends.
Your friends.
It's been 18 months now, I'd say
they're your friends now too.
Yeah. Sure.
Brandon and Cindy.
Are you excited?
I mean, yeah,
it beats the hell out of
staying home alone
for two weeks.
I mean, look,
we don't have to do this.
We can head back.
I know with everything
with your mom--
No, no, no. It's okay.
We can stay.
It'll be fun.
It'll be good for us.
Greetings, bitches.
-[clicks tongue]
There she is.
Look at you.
I haven't seen you since...
Well, anyway.
Bring it in, girl.
Oh, aren't we
supposed to be like
social distancing or something?
Oh my God, what the hell
is even social distancing?
You know,
by this time next year,
no one's even gonna
remember this happening.
I guess you're right.
Brandon, my man.
-What's up?
-Hey, Will.
Bring it in, buddy.
Bro, good looking out for us.
These next two weeks
are gonna be killer.
Indeed. [chuckles]
how are you holding up?
-I'm good.
-That's-- that's great.
Is this a party or
a Sunday school lesson?
-Hey boo.
Now it's a party.
Oh, yeah.
But not too close now.
You know, these quarantine germs
are running around here.
Girl, you know it's a hoax.
Possibly, but you know,
Tiara can't take
too many chances,
especially with all this.
Oh, and speaking of all of this,
look at all these beautiful men.
-Hey, Will.
-Hey, Tiara.
[both speaking Spanish]
I got one question.
Can I check it any time?
Hm, I don't know, stalker.
-You can't.
-Uh, I am standing right here.
Hey, Kelly. Hey.
You know how
me and Will play, right?
-Yeah, sure.
-Yeah, Kelly,
you know we're just playing.
So, how you been?
I haven't seen you
since the funeral.
-[Kelly] I'm fine.
-That's great.
Is there a doctor in the house?
Hey, Tiara.
What, Dr. Brandon?
No hug?
-All right.
-I thought you were hugging.
Shut it, Sam. Anyway,
thanks, Brandon, for letting me
stay over during this--
whatever the hell
this is supposed to be.
All I know is that
they shut my complex down
and I was gonna have
to go all the way
to Arkansas
and stay with my mom.
I mean, yuck.
Who wants to be cooped up
with their mom for two weeks?
For God's sakes.
Tiara, come on.
What-- Oh, Kelly.
I am so sorry, girl.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, no worries. Um...
Brandon, I'm gonna run to
the bathroom if that's okay.
-Yeah, that's fine.
-Thank you.
Tiara, really?
What? I mean,
are we supposed to be
walking on eggshells
for the next two weeks?
Her mom is gone.
There's nothing we can do
to change that, okay?
-Hey, everyone,
-There she is.
Hey, guys.
-Hey, baby.
-So, how's everyone doing?
-[indistinct] Bring it in.
See? There you go.
Uh, Will,
you didn't hug me like that.
Stop it.
-Oh, Kelly!
Oh my God, how are you?
Hey, Cindy, I'm okay.
Okay. Well, you know,
I had to greet my brother,
But now's your turn.
Come here, girl.
Mm. So, how are you feeling?
-I've been thinking about you.
-I'm just okay.
Oh, okay.
That's good.
I'm glad you decided to come.
Well, of course, I mean,
you can't stay locked up in
a house forever, can you?
So, uh, just the six of us then.
Yeah, it looks that way.
Sam invited the wonderful Tiara.
And you know this.
-Well, actually I, um--
-[voice 1] Anyone home?
-[Sam] We're in here!
-Wait, wait more company?
[voice 2] Hello?
[Sam] Hey!
-Louis, Caro.
-[Louis] In the flesh.
What-- what are you doing here?
[Louis] What do you mean?
Sam invited us.
He said you told us to come
through instead of heading
-all the way back to Missouri.
-[Caro] Yeah.
Sam. Samuel.
[Caro] We weren't invited?
-No, it's not like that.
I just thought the ten of us
could get together.
Spend some time.
And what's with the masks?
Where's yours?
[Brandon] Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, Sam.
Sam, you said ten of us.
There's only eight here.
Oh, yeah.
I may have also
invited Kat and Deshawn.
Wh-- what? No! Man,
this is supposed to be
-an intimate weekend.
-It's still intimate.
Maybe we should just leave.
No, no. Look, look, I didn't
mean like that, Caroline.
-Okay? It's--
-Hey, I think it'll be fine.
Come on.
Yeah, I mean, look,
half of us have been friends
since the first grade
and we've all
been friends since college,
more or less.
And now we're going
to grad school,
med school or if you're like me,
seventh year undergrad, baby.
[Louis] Seventh. Wow.
And we're still friends.
[Caro] Hi, honey.
Speak for yourself, Sam.
I only fool with Cindy,
the rest of y'all, I tolerate.
Hey, boo!
Um, Kat, don't you think
you're being a little extra?
Uh, no, Tiara. Don't you think
you're being a little regular?
Ain't nothing regular
about me, baby.
[Kat] Whatever.
And when y'all gonna learn
the government has allowed--
No, they've engineered
this virus
and have populated the very air
we breathe with it.
Oh, there she goes.
Yeah, Will.
There she goes.
Oh, privileged one of whiteness.
Why do you always gotta
bring race into it?
You brought
race into this when you
enslaved my people
for over 400 years.
I didn't enslave anybody.
Sam. Louis.
Enslave anybody--
And now you saturate the air
with a poison
used to silence me,
But I shall not be defeated.
-Power to the people.
-I'm with you, sister.
[clearing throat]
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Power to the people, bitches.
[Kat] Now, where's my room?
I need to take
a nap before we turn up.
Yeah, Sam,
where's everyone's room?
Uh, well,
it's a five bedroom house
with a living room and a den.
I think we'll be good.
Yeah, I mean, me and Brandon
we'll share and...
[Tiara] Of course.
Will, Kelly.
And, uh, Louis and Caro.
Uh, well we're actually
not a couple right now.
[Brandon] Please don't say that.
She's right, look.
We've decided
we're too advanced for labels.
-[Kelly indistinct]
-[Caro] Thank you.
We care immensely
about each other.
But we just don't want to let
words like girlfriend or
boyfriend dictate our lives
[coughing] Bullshit.
[all laughing]
Y'all really believe all that
psychology mumbo jumbo?
It isn't mumbo jumbo.
It's the truth.
Okay, anyways,
like I was saying,
Louis and Carol share a room
unless Louis wants to share with
me and you can
share with Deshawn.
Yeah, how about that?
I'm sure we can manage to
stay together another two weeks.
We'll-- we'll make it work.
[Sam] Yeah,
that's what I thought.
And then, uh,
Tiara and Kat.
Now wait a minute, I love my
black and brown people.
But, um, my likeness
for the ghetto princess.
It is in at a all time high.
Like somebody wanna stay with
your Malcolm King Jr.
looking ass.
You can stay with me,
-[Cindy] Deshawn!
-[Kat] Deshawn is here!
What's up everybody?
What's up?
[Brandon] Yo, man.
What's going on with you, man?
-Big dog!
-[Sam] Now it's a party.
Yeah, yeah. So, Tiara,
I'm good. I guess
I'll stay with Harriet Tubman.
[Kat] You might learn something.
What you been up to, man?
You know, I been
trying to hold it down.
You know what I'm saying?
I've been trying to work out
this deal, you know,
I got my new brand of whiskey
trying to get there with Puff.
Yeah, man. I've been
told you about that.
We ain't never seen it.
Hey, hey, patience, pretty.
You know what I'm saying?
I can't really
talk about it until--
Until you get all
the details worked out.
Right, and how long have
we been hearing this?
For quite some time.
See, that's how
I fell for it the first time.
Did you fall for it or on it?
Okay, then.
Hey, look, check this out, man.
-Uh, do I get the master suite?
-So you master?
-You're bunking with me, stud.
Oh no, Sam.
That's right, bitch.
Ain't better be
two beds in there.
-[Sam] Shut up.
-Hey, look.
Besides money needs space,
you know what I'm saying?
I gotta make business calls.
You know what I'm saying?
Puff might be
hitting me up at any time.
Yeah, yeah.
Anyway, like I was saying,
I wanted us all here together
because like it or not,
we're family. Yeah,
we argue and we fight.
But when it comes down to it.
We love and support one another
just like we did two months ago
for the passing of Kelly's mom.
-Thank you.
-And I just thought that if
we could come together for
something like that,
in a moment of sorrow,
then surely we can turn up
-for a more joyous occasion.
-Like a worldwide pandemic.
Two weeks of no school, no work.
It's going to be great.
Thanks to our host,
the soon-to-be
Dr. Brandon Morris.
-[cheering, applauding]
-[Kat] Morris!
Thank you.
Thank you and just know
I'm going to kill you
for inviting the entire family.
Sure thing, buddy.
Now, look, you all
have your room assignments.
I say we take two hours, relax,
unpack and then
we get ready to party
like never before.
Tiara, you help me decorate.
I brought my lights
and my DJ equipment.
[Tiara] Aw, yeah!
Uh, Kelly, Kat and Caro,
you help the guys set up the bar
and get refreshments
and then we get ready to party
like never before.
Excellent. Yo, make sure you
write the stuff down, Sam, okay?
Now this is where you can find
all the daily announcements.
[Caro] Announcements?
Ye-- Yeah, like, uh,
dishes, garbage patrols--
Oh, my goodness.
Look, I'm not cleaning
after ten people by myself.
Na-ah, I'm going back home.
[Sam] All right. Look,
look, look, we got you doc.
All right? Now, like I said,
let's just take some time.
Unpack, relax and then we make
this two weeks to remember.
-[Tiara] No, 'cause--
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
Hell to the no.
I said, deal?
[all] Deal.
Quarantine 2020, bitches!
[all] Quarantine 2020, bitches!
[rap music playing]
Nobody realer
I am the killer, yeah
Nobody realer
I am the killer
Nobody, nobody realer
I am the killer
Nobody realer
I am the killer
Moonwalk on your grave
You know I'm the thriller
I am the killer
To life.
Hell, yeah.
Wait, wait.
And to beautiful women.
Hell, yeah.
Man, Deshawn...
Tiara is gorgeous.
How in the world
did you let that go?
Hey, look.
She fine.
But dude, she's crazy.
There's a-- there's
no such thing as crazy.
Just misunderstood.
[Deshawn] Okay...
Well, look,
just remember that
when she's slashing
your tires, man.
Yeah, but was she worth it?
Come on.
You guys are hopeless, man.
[upbeat alternative music

[rap music playing]
[Caro indistinct]
Girl, that Will can get it.
Mm. [speaking Spanish]
Yeah well, the biggest assholes
are always the sexiest.
Mm, tell me about it.
Look, Kelly don't know
what to do with all of that.
Kelly's all right.
She's just going
through something right now.
Yeah, but it's certain things
you gotta do to keep a man,
especially a fine one like that.
[sighs] And looking like you
just woke up 24 hours a day.
Uh-uh, that ain't gonna cut it.
-Tiara, you're a mess.
-I'm just saying, boo boo.
Look, I see you've got
your little cleavage out
and your little short shorts
for Louis over there.
-[Caro] Mm-mm.
-That's for me, baby.
Ha ha ha. I think not.
And besides,
I do this for myself.
And I'm not a couple
with him right now.
[sighs] Y'all kill me with
that psychology crap.
I mean, if you ain't
trying to look good for Louis,
then who are you trying
to look good for?
Deshawn? Hell, me?
-Dang it.
-Baby, you knew exactly what you
were doing when you put that on.
Just like I did when I wore...
Yeah. Well, you gotta let them
see what they're missing.
See, that's what I thought.
-Cheers to that.
-Hot girl quarantine.
-Hot girl quarantine!
[Caro chuckling]
Come on, guys, you're gonna
consume the couch all night?
Bye, Sam
Come on.
You can't still be mad at me.
This is not
what I planned at all.
Would you stop worrying
about plans and live a little?
Come on, Kelly, help me out.
You know, I thought you'd be
a little bit happier, you know,
-with everybody here.
-I guess Sam is right, Brandon.
Of course, I'm right, bitch.
You know what,
I'll tell you what.
Let's do something
you guys wanna do.
Okay, like what?
I don't know,
like play a game or something.
What kind of game, man?
Hey guys, Brandon and Kelly
wanna play a game!
Any ideas?
-No, man.
-I didn't say that.
[Louis] All right.
So this game is called Killer.
It's been called a few
different things over the years,
but this version is Killer.
You're gonna love it.
Just watch.
[Louis] All right.
So everybody gets a card.
Most of you are
gonna be the community.
One of you
is gonna be a detective
and one of you
is gonna be the killer.
The killer's job is simple.
Kill as many of you
as possible, undetected.
The detective's job,
along with the rest of you,
is to try and figure out
who the killer is.
Wait a minute,
I've played this before.
-Yeah, me too.
-[Louis] Good.
Well, I haven't.
So, how is this person
supposed to "kill us"?
One of us is
going to be the narrator.
The narrator will say,
"Go to sleep."
Everyone has to close their eyes
and if you get caught peeking,
you're out of the game.
The narrator will then say,
arise and make your kill."
Killer will then nod or point
to whomever they want to kill.
Narrator will then say,
"Killer, go to sleep.
Detective, arise."
The detective will then nod
to who they think the killer is.
If they're right,
then the narrator will nod yes.
And if they're wrong,
they'll nod no.
Lastly, narrator will say,
"Community arise,"
and we find out who died.
That person is out
for the rest of the game.
And then it's your job as
the community to vote on
who you think the killer is.
You have three minutes.
At the end of those
three minutes,
the person with
the most votes is executed.
Now, if you're right, then
the killer is dead and you win.
But if you're wrong, which is
more often than not the case,
then you just killed an innocent
member of the community
and the killer lives on
to strike again.
-And there's only one killer?
-[Caro] Usually.
But if you have
a big enough group
you can get a second killer,
just to spice it up.
But today, just one.
I wanna know who killed me.
All right, but check this out.
I'm a killerologist.
All right?
[all exclaiming]
I'm a killerologist.
All I'm an expert at this game.
So I suggest
everybody just vote with me.
[Will] Okay, okay, all right.
Who is it?
- [will indistinct]
Well, I'm just saying.
You look like a killer, man.
So look all in favor of Will,
put your thumbs in the air.
Wait, wait, it's not real.
[Louis] And how do you know?
Am I doing this right?
[laughs] Okay, I see.
You must be the detective
but, uh, you could've been
a little more subtle.
I don't get it.
See, the whole thing
about being the detective
is you want to let people know
without actually
letting them know,
otherwise you risk being killed
by the killer.
Unless you want
the game to end early
and you don't mind
being exposed.
This is true.
It was probably Deshawn's
hating ass.
Hey look, you a ghost and ghosts
don't talk in this game.
-Call me a ghost one more--
-Say "thanks" one--
Anyway, where were we?
All right, guys. I think
I know who the killer is.
It's Deshawn's hating ass.
Uh, no.
It goes to quarantine pass.
-Look around,
everyone's laughing, having a
good time except for one person.
I see where you're going, Louis.
Now, I ain't
calling no names but--
Oh my goodness. Hasn't it
been three minutes already?
Got something else?
Hit it, Sam.
[Brandon exclaiming]
Wait. Wa-- me?
See, this game's
really psychological
and when you have
the killer card,
no matter how hard
you try and hide it,
there's always tell-tale signs.
Okay, then what's my sign?
Well, Kelly,
you're focusing too hard.
You see, you're such
a good person in real life.
But when you
have the killer card,
you haven't laughed or moved
or twitched since we've started.
Mm-hmm, and she didn't
take up for Will
when Deshawn accused him.
Oh, my God, guys.
Is that all you have
to say in your defense?
I'm not the killer.
Okay? How's that?
All in favor of executing Kelly
put your thumb in the air.
All right.
Come on. Vote or die.
-Sorry, babe.
-It's fine.
And that is
an overwhelming majority
and you have just killed...
an innocent...
-I knew it! I knew it!
Good job, babe.
[all] Oh! Oh!
Girl, she got you good.
-Wow. Really, Cindy?
So it's like that, huh, Kelly?
I-- I'm sorry, you were just
sitting directly across from me
and I'm really not good with
these games, guys.
Yeah, whatever.
Wow. Are you seriously getting
an attitude right now, Kat?
I'm not talking to you, William.
Well, I'm talking to you,
[disturbing music playing]
[sobbing] Deshawn...
And Sam.
Oh, this can't be real.
What was Deshawn talking about?
He knew this
was gonna happen. How?
And why Sam?
What did he do?
[Will] Oh no.
You were the first killer,
[Brandon] Yo, guys,
the time is back on.
The board says vote or die.
How do we know
it's not you again?
-Are you serious?
[Will] Are you for real, Caro?
Besides, the game was
Louis' idea. Remember?
Look, so what?
Look, it's Brandon's house,
how do we know
he didn't set all this up?
Man, we're almost at
two minutes.
You don't wanna do this.
But what would be my motive?
Now, you on the other hand,
have been doing psychology crap
for the past four weeks.
-[Tiara sobbing] And Caro.
-[Caro] What?
Exactly. Now how do I know
this ain't some
demented experiment
you two doing, huh?
I'm not even gonna entertain
that with an answer.
You know what, man?
We have two minutes.
If you don't think of something,
I'm gonna throw these stones.
I'm ready now.
I say we vote him out and if
it's him and his girlfriend,
game over.
[Kat] Works for me.
Remember, they were talking
about that two killer crap.
-Oh, my God.
We need five for a majority.
Tiara. Tiara!
If you vote with us,
then we have a majority.
-It's me, Caro, Will and Kelly.
Just me and you.
[Cindy] Oh, hell no.
Why do you suggest all the
non-Black people vote together?
Look, I'm just saying
there's strength in numbers.
-What's that noise?
-[Will] Oh! It's ridiculous.
-[Tiara] I'm ready.
Don't mess it up, Will.
All right. Tiara,
what are you saying?
I just said!
[Kat] What's that?
Come on, look.
Everyone in favor of voting
Louis out of the community
raise one thumb now.
[Caro] No.
[Brandon] Look, man, we have--
we have 60 seconds, man.
Come on. Come on.
[Will] Can we please get
one more vote?
Guys, this is crazy!
[Tiara yelling indistinct]
No! I'm not the killer!
[Kat] You taught us the rule,
[Caro] How dare you?
-All of you?
-[Brandon] We have 45 seconds.
Look, Tiara, listen to me.
Look at me, okay?
They're not gonna vote with us.
It's either you or Kelly.
Kelly, please!
Tiara, please!
-No! [sobbing]
-[Brandon] We got nothing.
Come on, Tiara!
-[indistinct yelling]
[Louis] Come on,
help us, please.
[overlapping yelling]
I don't wanna die!
[Will] Come on.
[Will] Yes! Yes!
[Will] Let's do it! Let's do it!
[Louis] Please, don't.
-No, no, no, no, no.
-[Brandon] Three, two, one...
-[Louis] No!
-[Will] Yes! [grunting]
[Tiara] Oh God, no!
Oh, my God.
[frantic yelling]
I told you, I wasn't the killer!

[indistinct yelling]
[Louis screaming]
[videogame music playing]
So he wasn't the killer.
No, you bitch.
You killed him.
You all killed him.
Don't worry, we're gonna
vote your ass out next.
[Will] Something's not right.
what does the board say?
It-- It says, "Good job.
I will grant you more time
before the round begins."
what is that on your face?
Wh-- Wh-- What's on my face?
What? What's on my face?
-[Will] It's blood!
-It's you, you killed him!
No, stop it, please.
I-- I didn't kill nobody.
He was sitting right next to me.
Blood went everywhere, he was
stabbing him with an ice pick!
That's right. Plus, I could tell
if someone right next to me
-got up and I ain't feel shit.
-Oh, that's your reasoning?
My God, you people make me sick.
-You people?
-Oh, don't do that.
Girl, just wait until
the next round!
A-- Actually,
when you think about it,
it-- it's perfect.
You remember--
you remember the experiment
-she had us doing?
-Hell yeah.
[melancholy music playing]
So does it help?
-Listening to your mom's voice?
Does it help ,you know,
with the, uh, the grief?
Yeah. Yeah, it does.
Who used up all the toothpaste
without replacing it?
Oh my goodness, not again.
Yes, again.
Cindy, board please.
Yes, your majesty.
Okay, look.
House commandment number 93.
[Louis] It's only at 93?
More like 993.
Thou shall not use all the
toothpaste without refilling it.
And I know
you not talking, Sam.
Uh, and what did I do?
You're the reason
we're in this predicament.
And how was I supposed to know
the quarantine was gonna
be extended?
Because, dumb ass,
it's a pandemic.
Okay? Well, you-- and then
you decided to invite
the whole village to my house.
[Sam] It was only
supposed to be for two weeks.
And now it's a month.
Oh, honey.
Trust me, we know.
Well, what do you
want us to do Brandon?
Memphis is completely shut down.
U of M closed all the student
housing, the apartments.
Do you want Louis and I to
just go back to Missouri today?
It's a thought.
Wow! Okay, then.
Louis, we're leaving.
Hey, uh, I thought you two
weren't a couple--
-Oh, shut up Deshawn!
-Hey, yo, yo, quiet.
Quiet, it's my mom.
[chuckles] Mother.
Hello, son.
How are you?
Um, every-- everything's good,
everything's good.
So everything's going to plan?
Um, no, not really.
But do they ever?
[chuckles] This is true.
Well, look, I just
wanted to call and check on you.
I mean, it looks like
this pandemic may persist.
Yeah. Yeah, it looks--
looks that way.
Mm-hmm. Well, look,
I'm gonna be coming home
in a couple of weeks.
You think you got room
for your mama?
Of course, Mom. Yeah.
Okay, good, good.
Look, tell your friends
I said hey.
Okay, will do. Bye. Okay.
[Sam] Your mom's coming
home in two weeks?
-She said maybe, okay?
And where
are you two coming from?
Tiara just needed a few things
moved in her room.
Ha, bet.
Why do you care?
Oh-wee, all I know is y'all
better not have touched
any of my stuff.
Girl, don't nobody
want your stuff.
Hey, wait, wait, wait,
what are we talking about here?
Thank you,
Brandon's House Commandments.
Will, I think
you got the next one.
-I know.
Ow, okay.
Commandment 94.
Thou shalt not be late
to a house meeting.
Haven't we already
done this one?
A reminder is always needed.
Mm-hmm. Getting kind of tired
of your reminder.
I think you need
a reminder about a few things.
What's that
supposed to mean, bro?
-Call me "bro" one more time.
-Or what? What you doing?
-[Sam] Okay, time out, time out.
-[Deshawn] Chill out.
I'm doing the most, man.
-[Deshawn] Hey look,
ain't nobody
gonna be fighting unless
they fight me and since can't
none of y'all whoop me
ain't nobody throwing no blows.
-Jury's still out on that.
-[indistinct] but don't push me.
Man, chill out. Black
Mister Rogers and Zach Morris.
Hey look, I got some
toothpaste in my room, man.
-Go chill.
-I'm done with this.
Kelly, let's go.
We're not gonna go anywhere.
What do you mean?
Let's go.
I don't think
you understand, Will.
We can't go anywhere.
-[Will] Why is that?
-Because I tested positive.
-What you say, Kelly?
-[Will] What?
So, uh, the other day when
I went to the doctor's office,
I tested positive for the virus.
-[Brandon] It's too late now.
[Will] You don't even look sick.
[Kelly] Yeah, I-- I feel fine
and-- and like they said,
not everyone who's
positive is gonna get
-symptoms but we can't--
-But we can't leave the house?
The health department
sent a letter
-of expedient quarantine.
-[Kat] Meaning?
Meaning we can't even go to
the store anymore.
Nobody can leave this house for
any reason for the next 14 days
and then we all
have to get tested again
before we can go anywhere.
Hell, this is so stupid.
Will, if you leave this house,
you get arrested.
Yeah, we become
complicit as well.
Look, man, I'm sorry,
but I'm not
going to jail for you.
So you mean to tell me
that I'm now being forced
to stay in this house
because of you?
I-- I'm sorry.
You're damn right you are.
Yeah, Kelly.
That was kind of messed up.
I-- I mean, I didn't know.
I mean,
what was I supposed to do?
How can I even know?
Kelly, it's-- it's all right.
I should be
taking this all down.
Give it a rest, Caro.
Kelly, why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't I tell you?
Because you're never
even around me anymore.
If it's toothpaste you want
Deshawn, get it out of my room.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, you see,
she is about to own
one of y'all.
I am scared [indistinct].
Hm. Goody Miss Two Shoes.
[Louis] Yeah, that's not it.
-It's Miss Goody Two Shoes.
And what exactly is
that supposed to mean?
You know exactly what it means.
You think you're supposed to get
special treatment just 'cause
-your mom died--
-Do not talk about my mom.
[Tiara] And what you gonna do?
You walk around here
like you better.
Well-- well, I'm sorry
that I like to walk
and you like
to do things lying down.
-[Sam] Oh! Oh...
-What did you say, bitch?
What did you say, bitch?
I will dog walk your ass, bitch!
[Sam] Calm down!
She ain't worth it.
-[whispering] Good one.
-No. Calm down, please.
We're probably experiencing
cabin fever or something.
Right? So let's just direct
our attentions elsewhere.
Good idea.
Why don't we just
play another game of Killer?
Ugh, not again.
That's a great idea.
Since we can't kill each other
in real life, we might as well
do it in the game.
Good point.
I wanna be the killer.
-That's not how it works, Kat.
-[Kat] So?
I'm gonna go grab my notebook.
Who knows what other
revelations are gonna
come from another
game of killer.
I'm so tired of being a pawn
for y'all psychology experiment.
I'll make margaritas.
You'll like it.
[Kat] I'm tired of drinking.
Well, drink some up 'cause
I sure could use one.
[Will] Me too.
Who got that sticky?
That sticky? That green,
the ganja, the chronic?
[Brandon] Uh, there is no
smoking on the premises.
I'm just saying.
[Deshawn] Hey, yo, Kat.
Good news.
[indistinct chattering]
-Hey, uh, you deserve it.
-And for you, babe.
-No, thank you. I'm good.
What, this--
this your favorite.
-You haven't drank all weekend.
-I said I'm good.
[Brandon] Okay.
I'm just tired of drinking,
you know?
And all in favor of Deshawn,
raise your thumbs.
-[group scoffs]
-Come on, y'all.
All right, that is
an overwhelming majority.
-And you have just executed...
-[Tiara] The killer.
The detective.
See, I told y'all
I wasn't the killer, man.
[Tiara] Well, you were
a lousy-ass detective.
I can't help that
you can't decipher my clues.
But you know what?
It's all good. It's all good.
I gotta go check in with Puff.
[overlapping chatter]
All right, community.
Go to sleep.
Killer, arise
and make your kill.
All right. Interesting.
And since the detective
is already dead,
community arise,
All I know is,
it better not be me.
Patience, my child.
-Now this young lady...
-Oh, lord.
...decided to take
a nice hot bath,
but the killer decided to drop
a microwave in the tub.
-[imitates electricity surging]
-That's overkill, man.
Come on, now.
And Kelly, you dead.
-[Tiara laughs]
-[Kat] Oh, sorry, girl.
[Kelly] It's fine.
Okay, okay. I-- I know
who the killer is.
Please, Will, expound.
Two things.
As Louis
so eloquently taught us,
deception and trickery
are essential to the game.
Notice who died last.
And Kelly and we just voted
Deshawn out.
So, what are you saying?
No offense, babe,
but this killer
has already went for
the lesser opponents first.
Wow, okay, thank you.
Shh, you're dead now.
He or she
has left all the stronger
contenders in the game.
See, a novice would go after
the stronger opponents first
and still,
when it comes time to vote,
they'd still be executed
There'd be no one else
to take the blame.
-Well done.
-At last, my Padawan.
See, that's what I would do
if I went on a killing spree
-in real life.
-[Will] Okay. Well, thanks.
However, this is not the case.
this person wants us to think
they're a strong contender
and that they're really
into the game
even though they're really not.
All it comes down
to in the end
is good, old-fashioned revenge.
Remember the very
first game we played?
Who died?
-[Kat] I did,
-[Will] Right. Who killed you?
-And who laughed in your face?
I'm not doing this.
I am not the killer.
[Louis] You're the only person
she came here to be with.
-[Tiara] Mm-hmm.
Precisely, and note how
the lovely Katrina
-is holding that card.
-Kind of tight
for someone who doesn't care.
[Brandon] Seems Perry Mason
has been reincarnated.
So we have another
killerologist. [chuckles]
[Sam] Okay. My goodness.
[Sam] All in favor of Kat,
raise your thumbs.
And that is
an overwhelming majority
-and you have just killed...
-You make me sick.
You ain't smart.
Hey, revenge
is a hell of a drug.
I ain't gonna lie,
that was pretty astute,
captain [indistinct].
This is gonna make
great fodder for my thesis.
Just make sure you credit me.
Of course.
Hey, uh, have
you guys ever heard of
the legend of
the Quarantine Killer?
[Will] Legend? The quarantine
just started two months ago.
Okay, well,
it's a legend, all right?
Can you just...
Rocky Horror-looking ass.
-BF, dim the lights.
-[Tiara] I got you.
Legend says that a killer comes
out only during quarantine
and kills those stuck at home,
which of course is many
since none of us
are allowed
to leave the house.
[laughs maniacally]
[Tiara] Okay, now
you're losing me, BF.
They say he wears a black hoodie
that covers his face.
[Kat] Sounds like a negro
on a corner.
And a blue face mask
covers his mouth,
and gloves cover his hands and
a creepy smile painted in blood.
And if you're not careful...
-[all gasp]
-Oh, my God.
Okay, see now y'all
doing too much.
There is no Deshawn,
I am the Quarantine Killer.
[overlapping chatter]
-Man, you tried, big fella.
-Now y'all know y'all scared.
[Sam] Okay. Take five.
Hey, Brandon, let me
holla at you real quick, man.
Yeah, yeah, man. What's up?
So, like when I went upstairs,
I saw something kind of strange.
Yeah. What's up?
What you mean?
-No, I mean, like gear.
-Gear for what?
I mean like rope,
tape, knife, stuff like that.
Whoa, whoa. Man, who-- who--
whose room was it in?
I need to talk to you.
Uh, no, can it wait?
No, it can't.
Aight, aight.
-Yeah, yeah.
That's what
Deshawn was talking about.
All the materials
used to torture us.
He-- he found it
in one of our rooms
but that-- that, that's
what he meant when he said
he knew
this was gonna happen.
-Whose room was it?
-He-- he didn't get to say.
Look, I-- I suggest that
we do a roll call
when the lights go out, okay?
You mean you call out our names
so we can see if our voices
are coming out
from the seats, right?
-Or somewhere else, yeah.
Exactly. Look, I'll go first
and we'll go clockwise, okay?
No, I'll go first and
we'll go counterclockwise.
Fine. Whatever, man.
Are you sure Deshawn
didn't tell you anything else?
Didn't you just hear me? No.
He-- he must have forgot
after the fight.
After all y'all fight
over that asshole.
Or like you, recording your
little psychology experiment
treating us like your own
personal guinea pigs.
Ha, right. You and Louis
have been deep into this game
since we first got here.
How do we know you didn't want
to take it up a notch, huh?
Start killing
some people for real.
-That's so stupid.
-And I quote,
"This is what I would do
if I went on a killing spree
-in real life."
-I said, "if."
Oh, but you admit you said it.
Screw you, Will.
Everyone else has.
Look, everyone was pissed
after Kelly
laid that news on us.
[indistinct] was upset enough
to kill.
[overlapping yelling]
-That's it.
-The last game.
-What about it?
Everything, the fights,
the argument,
everything stems
from when shit hit the fan
during that last game,
I mean, think about it.
Everyone has died
in the same order
and with the same weapon
that was described
when we played the last game.
Tiara, yeah, you're right.
You're right.
You may be onto something.
All right, BF, my turn.
Sit back and relax.
All right, have at it, honey.
Who's ready?
This'll be good.
You're lucky
I gave you one at all.
[chuckles] All right.
Go to sleep.
All right.
Community, arise.
-All right. The killer picked--
If you're gonna take my job,
you gotta do it right.
You gotta put
a little some-some on it.
How'd they die?
Where'd they die?
Come on, girl, tell me a story.
Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.
Okay, so the killer--
Before you get started,
I got a question.
Oh my goodness, what?
[singing] Who dies?
Well, I am so glad that
you asked that because...
[signing] You died.
Boom. They shot you in
the back of the head.
Boom. Ha!
All right.
You got three minutes.
-Who's the killer?
-Man, that's so disrespectful.
But you know what?
It's cool, man,
'cause I gotta go.
[overlapping good-byes]
-All right.
All right, let's hear it.
Who's the killer?
Who's the killer?
[Will] Come on y'all,
vote or die.
Finally you talking sense.
Look at Kat over here.
Practically looks like
a serial killer.
Serial killer?
Nigga, I'm black.
-Stop it.
-And I'm not--
What? I dare you say it.
[Brandon] You better not, man.
That's what I thought.
Guys, it's not Kat. Okay?
-[Kat] Thank you.
-You're welcome.
So, um, how does
this game end anyway?
When there's three left,
it's basically over.
The killer makes
their final kill,
leaves one survivor
and exposes himself.
Oh, so like a final girl.
-Or guy, yes.
-A what?
You know, that girl in all
the horror movies
who makes it to the end
because she never puts out.
Oh. Okay.
Well, I guess that won't be me.
Wait, wait, who was it?
Deshawn was shot in
the back of the head.
Sam got sliced with
a scalpel and Louis got
-an ice pick in him.
-You know what?
It doesn't even matter.
-It's time to go to sleep.
-No, no, hold on a second.
Just hold on, chill out, Tiara.
Just give it
a couple of minutes--
Sir, I said
deliberation's over,
-and it's time to go to sleep.
-He said chill
for a moment, Tiara. Damn.
He is a grown man, miss thing,
he can speak for himself.
His tongue works
perfectly fine. Trust.
Hold on.
What is that supposed to mean?
Hold on.
Why do you care?
Don't-- don't start, Brandon.
I didn't stutter, chick.
You are a pitiful excuse
for a minority woman.
-And what the hell are you?
Your broke ass sleeping
right next to me.
You ain't an activist.
You an opportunist.
-I'm an opportunist?
-Yeah, girl.
[scoffs] I'm not the one
giving happy endings
to Will in the laundry room.
-Wait. Wait.
-What? In my house?
-[Tiara] Well...
-Mind your business.
...since I know
how to make a man happy--
-[Sam] Oh, wait.
-[overlapping chatter]
We're going way too far.
-So you did what with her?
-She's lying.
[Tiara] Oh, am I Will?
She's exaggerating.
We fooled around a bit.
That's it.
Hold on, Cindy,
why do you care?
-Shut up, Brandon.
-Oh girl, please.
Will you hurry up and tell
this man what he already knows.
Will you shut it, Tiara!
How could you do this?
-Kelly, just--
-No, no, no, no.
You told me it was one time.
-Yeah, but just talk to me.
-[Brandon] Wait, you knew?
And I stayed with you?
Even after my mom, oh my--
Kelly! Kelly!
Tiara, you got a big damn mouth.
-I know, daddy.
So Cindy, you and Will huh?
Yes, Brandon.
Yes. Yes!
Is that what you wanna hear?
You better get
out of my damn house.
Tiara, you should be
ashamed of yourself.
Kat, shut the hell up.
-Bitch, make me!
[overlapping yelling]

I will kill you!
-Hey-- no, no!
-Fuck you, bitch!
No! They did this to me!
Deshawn was [indistinct].
That was the scalpel.
Caro loses the ice pick.
[Tiara] Oh, my God...
Will was the killer in
the last game.
He's probably the killer now.
Guys, we have
a minute and 30 seconds.
-[Caro] Okay, okay.
-[Tiara sobbing]
Look, the way I see it,
you all have a motive.
Okay? Cindy,
you were pissed at Will.
Tiara, hell,
your own boyfriend.
[Tiara] Are you serious?
Brandon, you just said no.
Kelly, you had your heart broken
and Kat and Tiara are
at each other's throats.
And you said
you would kill us all.
Did you forget that?
[Caro] Tiara, listen, you were
the narrator in the last game.
Who was the killer?
I-- I don't remember!
[Kat] Admit it, Tiara!
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
Let me think about it.
[Caro] Breathe and think.
The killer was--
No, no, that was the first game.
We're down to seconds, Tiara.
Come on!
Oh, my God. I got it.
The killer was...
[sobbing] Oh!
[overlapping screaming]

-[Caro] Damn it!
-[Will] Everybody,
call your name out
after me.
Let's go!
Cindy! [sobbing]
[Will] Okay, okay.
Everyone we calm down.
What's on the board, man?
It-- it says vote or die.
One minute, nine seconds.
Okay, okay.
Six of us left,
four is the majority.
[Cindy] Don't you get it?
Tiara knew who the killer was
and he silenced her.
She silenced her.
Look, at this point,
it could be any one of us,
but I say we stick with Caro.
[Caro] What?
Look, it was Louis and Caro
who brought us the game.
It was Caro who took notes
for a little psychology thesis.
But what's a better way to
understand the human psyche?
Playing a game
about killing people
or killing people
during a game?
Look, I say we vote now
and if we win,
you have to stop
killing us. Right?
All right.
Thumbs up everyone.
No wait,
there's blood on your glove.
Well, of course, there is.
I'm sitting right
next to where she died.
[magical orchestration]
You can go anywhere
You want to
Anywhere you want to
Anywhere you want

Anywhere you want
Anywhere you want
[birds singing, twinkling]

You can fly like
Birds in the spring
Travel just like
Bees in autumn
[indistinct lyrics]
To say
You can take me tall
To the moon
You can run over water
[indistinct lyrics]
You can go anywhere
You want to
Anywhere you want to
Anywhere you want

Anywhere you want
I-- I just wanna
leave this house.
But you can't
Read it.
[ominous music playing]
Since Kat went out of turn,
it's time to vote again.
Three's a majority.
We have three minutes.
Kat saw how you looked at her.
We all did.
Shut the fuck up.
She was afraid,
afraid of her best friend.
Doesn't matter.
I know who the killer is.
Isn't that exactly
what the killer would say?
Go ahead.
Who is it?
Like it matters.
[Will] You wanna say me so bad.
Go ahead. Say it.
If I did, it's not
like I can get people
to vote against the great Will.
How can I even get you
to be a man of your word?
What's that supposed to mean?
Look, I'm sorry, but all
evidence points towards you.
Hell, you'll probably
kill me regardless.
You wanted me for yourself.
And when you realized
you couldn't make that happen,
you flipped. Snapped.
Kat saw it.
And in that final moment,
she knew it.
She was scared.
Of her best friend!
What? I'm just
overpowering everybody,
ramming pipes down
people's throats?
We're tied up and nothing
that's been done so far
has required
any otherworldly strength.
Hell, you-- you punched Caro
on the nose and made it bleed.
Come on.
You just don't get it.
Do you?
How long?
90 seconds.
[inhales deeply]
At least if you kill me now,
you'll have to
expose yourself.
So, I guess I'm ready.
Brandon. Kelly.
Come on.
You think I think it's you
because you're the alpha male,
the great white
hopeless sociopath.
All eyes are on you now.
So you gotta
beat me to the punch.
How long?
Less than a minute.
Come on.
But that's just it.
I don't think it's you.
[laughing manically]
She's snapped.
Come on!
Let's vote her out, we have to!
She's a killer.
as much as I hate
Will right now...
He's right, okay?
Just-- just--
just give yourself up, okay?
And just, let's end this.
[Cindy laughing]
I guess I deserve it.
But yeah,
I think it's perfect.
It'll just be the three of you.
The Black guy.
AKA last victim.
The final girl.
And the killer.
Guys, guys,
we have 15 seconds.
I know you hate me,
but we need your vote.
-Come on.
-I'm so sorry, Cindy.
Or is it the other way around?
You'll never get to see your--
It was you?
It was you all along?
The board, it says,
You've made it
to the final round.
The killer.
I'll make one last killing.
One of you will
be the lone survivor."
How could you kill
your own girlfriend?
-[scoffs] Cut the act, Will.
We get the point.
Out of everyone,
everyone here,
I never would've
thought it'd be you.
Look, haven't
suffered enough, Will?
What are you saying?
-Do you even listen to yourself?
You betrayed all your frie--
You murdered all your friends.
No, no!
Will, th-- this was you?
-No, you are so sick!
You killed my girl, man.
Not Cindy!
You sleeping with her,
and you murdered her too!
What's going on?
So what, you gonna kill me?
You wanna kill me?
Please! Please, don't do this!
Stop, Brandon! Stop.
You wanna kill me, huh, Will?
You-- you wanna kill me?
You better do it like a man.
Come on!
[Will grunting]
You want to
kill my Black ass too?
-Stop it!
-Just like everybody else!
-Shut up!
-Kill me!
-[Will] Shut up!
Don't do this.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Well, well, well,
if it isn't me.

Woo! [laughing]
That felt good.
Thank you for playing.
Uh, I guess
I don't need this anymore.
How could you?
[killer] What?
Will, I think you
have the roles mixed up.
See, it was you that
slept with the girl I love.
Loved, for the past six months.
Did you really think
I wouldn't find out?
See, I knew way before
she gave that lousy confession.
See, once or twice,
I would have let it fly.
But see, no,
you had to move into my house
and carry on like
I wasn't even here.
-Brandon, please!
-You know how hard it was
to act like I didn't know?
Think about what you're doing.
Why everyone else?
That's a good question.
See, it was only
supposed to be you and Cindy.
But see, after Sam invited the
whole family, I had two choices.
I could either postpone my plans
or I could carry on.
-Like a true soldier.
He was your best friend--
He was weak.
And insufferable.
And just plain stupid.
Who invites five people
to someone else's house
during a pandemic?
He had to go.
Kelly, I'm so sorry.
Shh, it's okay, Will.
-It's okay.
-[Brandon] Aww...
Don't worry about that.
It's all right.
"It's okay, Will."
Don't you dare touch her!
-You hear me?
-She is in [indistinct]
Brandon! Don't you dare!
[Brandon scoffs] Oh, my God.
[loud breathing]
You never wrote on the board.
There you go, Will.
I knew blonds weren't dumb.
I was wondering who
was gonna figure that out.
You drugged us before the fight.
Right again, Will.
You are a killerologist,
aren't you?
I mean, all except for Cindy,
of course.
She was too bougie
to drink with the rest of us.
So I had to wait
till she was asleep.
What about Deshawn?
Why him?
Now, Deshawn, I--
I liked him.
I did, Will.
But see,
he must have went in--
he must have went upstairs,
went into my room
instead of yours, so...
I just had to take him out too.
And then it hit me.
We would just go in the order
of the last game.
He'd go first and everything
else will work itself out.
She almost got me
with the blood in my face.
But good old Kat
saved the day.
You know,
she loves her people to death.
I still never in
a million years would I think
-you'd pull this off.
-Oh, shut up, Will.
I'm tired of people
underestimating me.
First it was med school.
"Oh my God, three A's in a row.
I can't believe it."
Like the Black guy with dreads
in medical school
couldn't pull that off.
And now here you are.
Laying claim to
everything that you see.
But you couldn't see that there
was a serial killer in your nest
because there was no way in hell
that the Black guy
could pull it off.
You know
I didn't mean it like that.
-[Brandon grunting]
-Shut up. Shut up.
In some ways,
I consider it a compliment.
See, in other ways, Will...
I feel like that you're still
trying to stick me in a box.
And no one likes
to be stuck inside.
[Kelly] No!
-[Kelly] Will...
[Will] I'm so sorry, Kelly.
[Brandon] Yes.
-You are.
[dramatic orchestration]

Well. [chuckles]
You made it till the end.
-What the--
[chuckling] Hm.
You just don't know
when to die, do you?
Will? [gasps]
Will, oh, my God.
Baby, are you still alive?
[voice cracking]
Yes, baby, I still am.
Shhh, it's okay.
Shhh, shhh.
But you shouldn't be.
[Will gasping]
Poor Will.
I had wished that
this would have been
a quick process for you.
-Or maybe not.
You have questions.
I know.
Let's just say we're even.
-You told me she would be okay.
My mom, she called me
nine times the day she died.
She left me nine voicemails
begging me to come home.
But you wouldn't
let me answer the phone.
Do you remember what you said?
[melancholy music playing]
"It's just the flu, Kelly."
-"She'll be fine."
Now we both know
that she had the virus.
But hey, that's ok.
I mean, I can live with that.
Well, I-- I could've lived
with that if that was all.
But you just couldn't keep
Mr. Average in his place,
now could you?
Oh, no, no, no.
It was not enough to mess
with Cindy behind my back.
You just had to have
Tiara too, didn't you?
I mean, I've known for months
even before we moved in here,
See, the original plan was to
take care of you and Cindy.
But hey, at least this
way I got a two for one, right?
[voice cracking]
You were in on this?
-In on it?
Oh, sweetie. Who do
you think planned all this?
Now, don't get me wrong,
using the game,
that was all spur of the moment.
But it was hard to enjoy it all
because I had to incessantly
keep you imbeciles on schedule.
My goodness.
More killing, less talking.
But having all
nine of you here...
I know that Brandon
thinks that this was Sam's idea.
But let's just say that
the grieving, lonely,
motherless Kelly wanted
all of her friends here
and she made sure
that Sam knew.
But when Louis
introduced the game,
I thought, what the heck,
could be fun, you know?
And of course we didn't know
quarantine was
going to last this long.
So we got to roll
with the punches, right?
I wasn't even sick
but I had you all
where I wanted you.
I couldn't risk anyone leaving.
You know, Will...
I did think about
giving you a second chance.
-[Will coughing]
-No, no, no, I really did.
Do you remember what I said at
the door when we first got here?
I have a bad feeling
about this, Will.
But you just couldn't stay away
from your little harem.
Could you?
Oh, two weeks
under the same roof.
It was just too much
temptation to pass up.
And of course, sweet, quiet,
broken Kelly wouldn't mind.
But you know what
I think hurt me the most?
Is when I found out
you were gonna be a father.
-[grunting] Murderer.
-[laughing] Surprise!
I couldn't believe it either.
And of course, Cindy never
really told me it was yours.
But the way she looked at me,
I knew.
And she knew that I knew.
[Will grunting]
That was the last straw.
You know, Will, I really
didn't like your friends.
I really didn't like them.
I put up with them
because of you.
I cut my hair because of you.
I put up with the lies,
the cheating and the
embarrassment because of you.
Heck, I even sacrificed
my mom because of you.
And what did you do in return?
What did you do?
You got her pregnant.
I sat here in this house
four months ago,
watching you get drunk
and flirt with other women
while my mom sat alone
in a room and died.
Nine times.
She called me nine times.
So, how fitting is it that
I get to honor her death with
the killing of the nine of you?
[Will gasping for air]
You won't get away with this.
Oh, of course I will.
I mean, look at Brandon.
A med student on the edge of
a breakdown during a pandemic
and of course him being Black
doesn't hurt either.
Snaps and kills
all of his friends.
I was the lone survivor.
[fake sobbing]
How did they say it again?
Ah, yes.
The final girl.
And they talk about me.
Will, I am nothing like you.
But hopefully the people
that interview me will be.
Like you said, sweetie,
when it comes down to it...
All it comes down to in the end,
is good, old-fashioned revenge.
Goodbye, my love.
[voice] She was pregnant?
She was pregnant and you knew?
Brandon, let's not
major on the minor here.
[Brandon] Fuck this.
You killed her.
You killed her!
Do you know
that Black Lives Matter, huh?
[voice cracking]
Yes. They absolutely do.
But women rule the world.
[ominous music playing]
[birds singing]
[loud breathing]
[intensified breathing]
Somebody help me! Please!
There's a killer!
[tense rap music playing]
[ominous instrumental]
[Brandon chuckling]
[Ms. Morris] Hello, son.
How are you?
[Brandon] Um, every--
everything's good,
everything's good.
[Ms. Norris] Good,
so everything's going to plan?
[Brandon] Um, no, not really.
But do they ever?
[Ms. Norris]
Okay, good, Brandon.
Look, tell your friends
I said hey.
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody, nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Moonwalk on your grave
You know I'm the thriller
I am a killer
Nobody like my game
This ain't child's play
Like Chucky don't
Play with me
I'm running the streets
I murdered a beep
187 is the receipt
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Split your mind
Three times
Beats in the night and
No buzz in the wind
[indistinct lyrics]
Mask on, I can't breathe
Cut your throat
It's the final scream
[indistinct lyrics]
I been in the game
You know I'm a vet
I am a killer
Nobody realer
(Yeah, yeah)
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody, nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody, nobody realer
I am a killer
Nobody realer

[R&B music playing]
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, ah
Ah, ah, ah
I just want to leave
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
I just want to leave

I just want to leave