Killer App (2017) Movie Script

It's all around us.
Helping. Enriching.
For the last ten years,
titan has brought you closer
Making life easier...
Unique, fearless
These are words
you've come to associate
and expect from titan
and its ceo, Linus springer.
Titan international technology
and networking.
Feel good?
Remember, don't be nervous.
This is where it all started.
When I first met Natalie,
there was a fish market
on the first floor
of this building.
Remember the smell?
God, it was terrible.
We named all the search
algorithms after body parts.
Guts, heads, gills.
I think we used
so many iterations
we ran out of names nearly.
But of course you cracked it.
Oh, yes, you did.
The code that changed
Internet search forever
and the algorithm
that launched titan.
Every day for 15 years
we've remained consistently
at 100% uptime.
And now, the search tool
you created is the foundation
for everything that titan is.
Email, books, news,
health care, social media.
We're in your desktops,
we're in your pockets
and soon, we're pretty much
gonna be everywhere.
So... Natalie...
I would very much
be deeply grateful...
If you would be
the very first person
to share with the users
of the world
titan's new product.
Hello, Andi.
Hello, Natalie.
Nice to meet you all.
I'm Andi-di-di.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Andi. Nice to meet you.
There's 200 million
users logged into it right now.
Fix the bug.
Seems that Andi's
been programmed
with a repetitive cordiality
and civility cycle
just for this day. Well, uh...
We'll take a short break
and be right back with you.
Fix it.
What are you doing?
Linus needs you.
Are you going to finish that?
Do you think it's a good idea
to drink right now?
Linus says you have until Friday
to get Andi online.
He expects a flawless rollout.
It can't be done by Friday.
Linus didn't offer
an alternative.
Tell him I'll be right down.
Did you hear that?
Yeah, so I fixed the lighting
in this whole section here
tuning up the textures,
rendered a little bit.
I took the sex scene
out of here.
Come on.
Can your video card
think you can handle this?
Fixed the, uh,
oh, wait, check this out.
See ya.
Ah! You walked into my trap.
The game's no fun
if you always win.
Why would I make a game
where I lose?
You died in that
explosion too, remember?
Technically, the blast
hit you out first, so I win.
You're so dead next time.
It's open.
You really need a decorator.
What I really need
is a new soldering iron
and video card.
-How's Mateo?
-He killed me.
Yeah, another good reason
not to hang out with that kid.
Don't worry, officer mom,
we are still broken up.
I just need someone
to bounce ideas off of.
I can trust his coding skills,
even if I can't trust him.
He's still totally on probation.
Are you sure
you're ready for this?
I've tested and retested my app.
I am feeling good about it.
I don't mean that, I mean
do you really want
to go to titan?
I've been waiting for this
my whole life.
Alright, no more "get out
of jail free" cards, Jess.
No more trouble, I promise.
You're not the one
that got in trouble.
Listen, titan likes my app.
I want their money.
It's that's simple.
So you do have something
in common with your father.
Take that back.
Okay. So, should we go?
Actually, they're sending a car.
Titan is sending you a car?
Relax. It's an Andi.
It drives itself.
You can come see it if you want.
Didn't that fail
in it's first launch?
That was three months ago,
It's gonna be huge.
It's better than I thought.
Should I sit in the front
or the back?
W-wait, wait, wait, wait,
this car drives itself?
How is this remotely safe?
They've logged over a million
miles with one accident.
And that
was the other guy's fault.
Yeah, it's always
the other guy's fault, right?
Hello, Jessie. I'm Andi.
Please let me know
if I can help you in any way.
-This is cool.
-Who's Andi?
Titan's voice-activated
plain language interface.
Alright, well, make sure you
take care of my daughter, Andi.
Don't worry, Emily.
Jessie will be safe with me.
See that? You and Andi are on
the same page. I love you, mom.
I love you, too.
Alright, Andi,
let's go to titan.
Heading to titan,
original campus.
Actually, barclay.
And Andi.
I'm titan's
senior vice president
of business development.
As well as the voice.
Sounds like springer's
got you doing double duty.
Linus prefers a lean operation.
Seems like things are about as
lean as they can be around here.
We are upgrading
some design and tech elements
before the building
is fully staffed.
But where better for the world's
brightest young minds
than the new
Andi-powered office?
saw the rollout presentation
a couple months ago, you guys
finally get Andi up and running?
She got you here, didn't she?
This will connect you to Andi.
She'll be your ID,
your keys, your calendar
and your communications hub.
But first, I just need you
to click accept.
What am I accepting?
Nondisclosure, liability waiver,
it's standard.
And if I don't accept?
Then Linus has directed me
to wish you
the best of luck
in your future endeavors.
"Just click and accept"
the famous last words
of the Internet.
Welcome to titan international
technology and networking.
Welcome to titan international
technology and communications.
Andi, where to now?
Please select your floor.
Level one, entrance and lobby.
Level two, meeting rooms
and shared workspace.
Level three,
micro dorms and sleeping pods.
Level five, executive offices
and roof access.
Andi, what's on level four?
Unfortunately, you do not have
access at this time.
then I'll just go to the dorms.
Alright. Let's just do this.
Welcome home, Jessie.
Thanks, Andi.
I thought you left me for dead
in an explosion.
Nice digs.
How sweet
was that car ride? Hmm?
Say billionaire!
Hey, don't worry about it.
In tech...
Nobody cares about your past.
It's all about your future.
I'm not worried.
I'm just here
to win and go home.
I'm not leaving,
i hate to break it to you
but, uh, if you wanna win,
you're gonna have to beat me.
That's just not gonna happen.
Welcome session
in five minutes on level three.
-You heard that, too?
I guess we gotta do
what the robot says.
-After you.
-No, after you.
-You sure?
-Just go.
You're really uptight.
You're not gonna crack, are you?
I'm doing fine.
Some people just can't hack it.
This is the building
that lady killed herself off of.
Password, l8rg8r.
Later gator!
Is this your way
of reassuring me?
I was making conversation,
look, it'd be a lot easier
if we didn't dance around
the real issue.
I like dancing.
You know, you can't punish me
forever. Andi, level two.
Maybe not forever
but this is not the week to
figure out what we are, okay?
I need to focus.
Oh, my god. Y-you froze me out
for nine months, alright?
And I think
this is the perfect time
you know, cooped up
in the original titan building
where springer started it all.
We could be a power couple
right off the bat.
What if we're more
power friends?
-Do I have another choice?
-Not really.
-Not yet.
-You're relentless.
Hey, it's what
makes me charming.
Jessie and Mateo,
thanks for joining us.
And just so you're aware,
Mr. springer expects everyone
to be five minutes early
to meetings.
You told us about the meeting
five minutes ago.
Thank you, barclay.
Do be a sweetheart,
get me a cup of green tea.
Okay. Innovation. Disruption.
Revolution. Genesis.
Before man landed on the moon
there were at least a dozen
or so who died trying.
Why? 'Cause change is painful.
And pain is changeful.
And it requires sacrifice.
And that's what I'm looking for
in this
young innovators' boot camp.
The next generation,
the next wave
of young men and young women
who will challenge themselves
who will drag us into the future
no matter what or who
gets in their way.
Ian. Where's Ian? Ian. Yes.
Your 3D printer was magnificent.
Why don't you share with us
wha-what made it so special?
Uh, my model is
inexpensive and scalable--
yeah, I know how how you do it,
but I, uh...
I wanna know
what makes it special.
Wow me. Wow us.
My printer prints
other 3D printers.
Now we're talking here!
Now we're cooking on gas!
Who's next?
Who wants to get up here?
Alright, come on. Come on!
I have to deal
with severe asthma.
I hate being weak
so I started hacking
my own body.
My forearm unit tracks
my heart rate, respiration
blood chemistry, everything.
I get instant feedback
from my eyepiece
and my fitness software
tells me exactly
how and when I should eat.
Who needs a plastic inhaler
when you have silicon chips?
If we want to push our bodies
to the limit
we need to upgrade
our processors.
I want to totally
erase the line
between man and machine.
I'm Stacey.
At 14, I founded my own
venture capital fund
which I sold at 16
for an undisclosed sum
but instead of retiring
as a high school sophomore
I figured I could transition
into a second career
in the start-up world.
Through my father,
I've had the pleasure
of knowing Linus
since I was born
but I assure you
i am no product of nepotism.
Some of us just have brands
with built in pre-awareness.
Alright, come on, come on!
Hey, man.
Very well, go ahead.
I'm, uh, Mateo.
So I couldn't afford video games
when I was a kid
and, uh, I built my own.
And by the time I was ten,
i had an arcade in my garage
and a couple years later
i bought my first car
with 1600 rolls of quarters.
You know, games for me,
i-i think they're more than
just entertainment,
i think they can be art.
I think they can transport us
to different worlds.
And I think they can unlock
doors to-to different lives.
That's what I plan
to do with this.
So thank you.
Wonderful, thank you for sharing
This is what it's all about.
Talent, passion, ideas.
But I brought you here...
'Cause that's not enough.
It's the market
that drives innovation.
You disagree?
Ideas drive innovation,
not money.
I can crowd-source my funding,
create open source software
and let the hive mind
make it even better.
Please, go ahead,
don't let me stop you talking
about how I should just gift
my company away.
Hi, I built an app that helps
connect people
from all around the world
to collaborate
on free software.
The people we know online don't
just have to be our friends.
They can be our our designers,
our engineers, our scientists.
If the world's best programmer
lives in a small village
in the Sudan,
i want to find her.
With my app, we open up
software development to everyone
to help build tools
for everyone.
It's a social network
for like-minded people
to share their ideas together
to create a better world.
I've seen your app.
It's, um, quite interesting.
The possibilities are endless.
Setting up communication systems
after natural disasters.
Payment plans
in the third world countries.
Creating a search algorithm
that can compete with titan.
Thank you.
Well said.
Very good.
Very good and very small.
See, you have an opportunity
to revolutionize
the way companies deal
with their employees.
You could make
employees obsolete.
This is not summer camp.
It's not an internship.
It's not an apprenticeship.
I don't need you to go
and get my tea.
i have an Oxford grad
who already does that for me.
This is a competition.
Be ruthless.
Thank you.
Your app is great.
You're gonna be fine.
I don't need this from you
right now, okay?
I have a lot going on.
For the record,
i agree with you.
Your dad's a dinosaur
on this one.
Yeah, her dad's dead, so...
It's a little more
complicated than that.
From the, uh, court transcripts
i read, it's pretty clear cut.
Seems springer didn't even
have to take a paternity test.
-What's he talking about?
-Family court files are sealed.
I was, I was going to tell you
at a better time.
And having a capital letter
and a number in your password
will keep out Russian hackers.
I'm sorry. Who, who are you?
Don't answer that, alright.
I-I'll just hack in your
smartphone in five minutes
and find out myself.
Except I'm over smartphones.
So I got a dumb phone.
Hacked into phone companies
to get free nights and weekends.
Sounds like a challenge.
Please, by all means.
Oh, and, uh, don't you worry.
Juvenile court records
are sealed, too
so, it'll be our little secret.
Your presence is requested
in Linus springer's office
in four minutes.
You hear that?
I am t-minus one minute late
for a meeting with springer.
We'll talk later. I promise.
You. Mind your own business.
You're the first person
to dress me down
in my new building.
You really need a decorator.
Physical objects
hold no interest for me.
Go ahead.
Try it.
There's no reason
we should limit ourselves
to things we can touch.
I've been reading up on you.
Computers and i
come together naturally.
Some would say it's in my DNA.
Eh. DNA is just code.
Code is a pretty big part
of my life.
Well, don't give other people
credit for your hard work.
It's intelligence and ambition
that got you
where you are today, not DNA.
What? What's so funny?
Eighteen years,
and neither of us
has anything nice to say.
Yes, well
personal conversation
is overrated.
I prefer action.
So let's take action.
Okay, what do you want to do?
I don't know.
Why don't you wow me?
All right. Come on.
Prepare to be wowed.
Live search terms...
Being sent to our servers
from around the world.
A thing of beauty, isn't it?
It's like
stream of consciousness poetry
written by the Internet.
Yes. I like to remind
my employees
there are people
using these products.
Medical devices. Directions.
You still need employees, huh?
For now, yes.
Have you been to level zero?
Sorry, I unfortunately do not
have access at this time.
Yes, well,
we can change all that.
Now, this
is a very early prototype.
It'll be the fastest
3D printer ever made.
Not just polymers.
optics, prosthetics,
you name it.
This little puppy can build
just about anything.
When's it going on shelves?
I'm not building it
to put it on shelves.
I'm building it
to put it on Mars.
The last piece
of the puzzle...
Is organics.
If you're 250 million miles
from the nearest hospital
wouldn't it be useful
to print your own kidney?
That's not a kidney.
No, you're right. It's not.
It's, it's you.
Hello, Jessie.
See? I do have
a sense of humor.
Any more surprises
on level four?
Nothing really earth shattering.
All the really cool stuff
is on level zero.
What's on level zero?
Come along.
Is this the basement where
you're hiding the jet packs?
Down here, young lady,
is the Internet.
I was expecting more porn.
You know why I came back
to this building?
A combination
of fish and nostalgia?
It was more than that.
You mean like how before
it was a fish market
this building hosted
the first telephone exchange
on the west coast
o-or the first
computer to computer network
in north America?
And then?
And then you have
your own "meet me" room.
All those cables are from
different service providers
and connect right there.
-Also known as...
-The Internet.
All those wires, all those zeros
and ones, ones and zeros
they all flow through me.
It's information.
It's everywhere.
And we control it
right down here
in this nervous system.
Connect agencies,
connect teenagers.
You name it. We connect it.
And it's all controlled...
In these rooms.
Come on.
So, what do you do
with all those ones and zeros?
I win.
We know our users better
than they even know themselves.
Ambitions. Dreams.
Hopes. Desires.
We are uniquely positioned
to provide them the service.
We are the ultimate
service provider.
What do you say we take
a look inside, eh?
Oh, Jessie,
no, please. Security.
It's not for social.
Just something to show mom.
I wanted to say...
Look, I, um...
I just didn't wanna be
on the hook for a child
I wasn't sure was mine.
You never even checked.
Does it matter?
You're 18. You're doing great.
Would you have got this far
if I'd handed everything to you?
So you did me a favor.
Why else do you think
you're here?
To win. Thank you for the tour.
It's been inspirational.
Sorry if I came in
a little hot earlier.
I take my privacy seriously
and I should have
respected yours.
Privacy is dead.
O-only if we let them
take it away.
-Uh, cyborg hunter 727.
You know, in case
you want to find me.
I don't feel like I have
many secrets left from you.
Think you might be right
about the dead privacy thing.
So how was quality time
with dad?
My boyfriend's cheating on me
with a cheerleader.
All the cliches.
Oh, my god, how many times
have we been over this?
-I-I've apologized enough.
-I know. I'm sorry.
It's just this whole thing
is super weird.
I'm, I'm glad you're here.
It's nice to have
a familiar face.
I know. And ass?
-Don't forget my ass.
-Nobody could forget your ass.
Maybe I shouldn't
have come here.
Springer just wants
to take rightclique
and run the world
from a former fish market.
You know, for an idealist,
you're quite cynical.
Well, he doesn't have
my app yet.
Yeah, but he will tomorrow
when you present it.
You're gonna kill it.
You just, you need, like,
a tagline or something.
"Rightclique, making
global local with social."
No, that's terrible. Ugh!
Springer thinks he can
control the Internet.
But he can't. No one can.
And I'm not gonna help him.
So what are you going to do?
Gonna make something new.
Something a little more titan.
You worked on this app
for about 10 months, right?
You think you're gonna come up
with something else overnight?
It's not gonna happen.
What titan really needs
is a tool
for people to say how they
really feel about each other.
You know,
not this fake like culture.
Not anonymous trolling, either.
If you're enemies, say so.
Brutal truth.
Anti-social networking.
Yeah, I see the funding
pouring right in for that.
That's great.
You're self-destructing again.
No, I'm finally
seeing things clearly.
So what are you guys working on?
Don't worry,
I'm not gonna steal any ideas
worth less than $25 million.
-Pitch me.
Pitch me your app.
What do ya got?
It's a first-person
shooter game.
And it uses your phone's camera
to superimpose the game
on the world around you.
Hmm, so you must love titan's
first-person shooter game
that they're releasing
in a few months.
-Titan has a game like this?
Yes, every tech company
has a reality shooter game.
That's not really what you're
pitching tomorrow, is it?
Well, don't worry. I...
I make things happen.
I think a little brutal truth
could be useful right now.
Hey, let the code monkey go.
I think you and i
have a lot to discuss.
Andi, level three, please.
I'm not blind.
Right? I'm not blind!
I want their money.
It's that simple.
Maybe you do have something
in common with your father.
Nobody cares about your past.
It's all about your future.
It's all about your future.
Hello, Andi.
Welcome to titan
international technology
and communications.
I just didn't wanna be
on the hook for a child
I wasn't sure was mine.
Some of us just have brands
with built in pre-awareness.
App presentation.
50 minutes past due.
No, no, no, no, no!
Rightclique is a collaborative
workflow solution
that connects
software developers
and engineers
from all around the world
for seamless
social project creation.
making global
local with social."
Thank you all so much.
Thank you.
Very good. Very good indeed.
Very good indeed. "Voila,"
as the French like to say.
I'm so excited I might dance.
Hey, Todd. No, what's the...
Hang on. I'll get back to you.
He stole it.
You know he stole it.
He says
you developed it together.
We bounced ideas off each other,
but it was my app. My code.
Where's the girl who likes
to share things gone?
Mateo saw the potential
he took a risk,
that kid has balls.
-You can't teach that.
-You can't do this.
I can and I did, as per
your agreement with titan
I'm well within my rights to.
Both of you...
Both of you are horrible.
I think you should use this
as a teaching moment.
This what you think
parenting is?
This is what life is, Jessie.
You're angry. You should be.
Use that.
Be ruthless.
Where were we, Todd?
Yeah. Now the future looks
bright from where I'm sitting.
Jessie, open up.
Come on, I'm sorry.
I just couldn't let you waste
the opportunity like that.
Jessie, come on.
Look, i-i did it for both of us.
Shut up!
You want ruthless,
I'll show you ruthless.
Open source this.
Eighteen years old,
and on the way
to an eight-figure bank account.
And a hot piece of ass.
You know, the future belongs
to those who take it.
You're ruthless.
I do. I'm ruthless.
Come here.
-Too easy.
Do you really think
that's a good idea?
I'm not driving, officer.
What? "Stand on one wheel,
say the alphabet backwards."
Come on, let's ride. It's fine.
-Let me see... okay.
If it isn't a risk,
it isn't worth it.
Alright, let's get outta here.
Morning, everybody.
Good to see you again, Jessie.
What's wrong?
-So Mateo was driving?
-The car was driving.
He was in the driver's seat and
you were in the passenger seat?
Passenger seat, yes.
But he dropped me off.
The car dropped me off.
I got dropped off, okay?
I know.
I think that if-if we're not
driving the car
then we didn't steal it.
You know, if that's not a rule,
it should be.
-What, are you sick?
-Can you stop the car?
-Real quick?
-Don't ask me. Ask the car.
-Can you just put--
-Andi, stop the car.
Sorry, it is not safe
to stop the car here.
-Stop it!
Sorry, it is not safe
to stop the car here.
Look, okay, it's stopping.
It's stopping.
Car stopping.
Get out. Don't throw up in here.
Is that how you remember it?
Do you remember it?
Where did you get that?
You posted it last night.
So, everyone's seen that?
Am I trending?
Have a seat.
Your car drives itself, huh?
You see, it's the computer
inside the car that drives it.
Can I see the computer's
drivers license?
Our software
is a thousand times safer
than any human driver.
Surely doesn't look that way.
Any malfunction was human,
not machine.
The car
tracks its own location,
atmosphere, tire pressure
and it sends back the data
from the servers
to my engineers.
I'll be happy to show
what they find.
Give me the data and
I'll let you know what's on it.
Give me a subpoena
and I'd be happy to share it.
The, uh, car
could someone from here
manipulate it remotely?
You mean hacked?
You bring me the human being
who can hack my computer
and I will give him a share
of my company.
I gotta write that down.
Big words.
No point eavesdropping.
Our conference rooms
are soundproof.
It's like he doesn't care
about anybody but himself.
He thinks on a different scale.
He believes technology
is going to save the world.
In the meantime, he's not
bothered by the details.
Details like Mateo?
Or his daughter?
He didn't think you'd show.
Well, he doesn't know me.
I moved your call.
They're on hold
and ready for you.
-Your mother's here.
Mom, what are you doing here?
The department might
have her on probation
but she's still your mom
and the best tech mind
on the force
so I'm happy
to have her any day.
Have a seat.
So, uh, when did you
last see Mateo?
after the app presentations.
You, uh, you two dated, right?
We broke up about a year ago.
He and Stacey, they got
pretty close pretty fast.
He's free to make whatever
mistakes he wants.
Tell me about, uh...
that's the app you said
he stole from you, right?
Mateo stole rightclique?
He tried. It doesn't matter.
It belongs to titan now.
Must've pissed you off.
I mean, it would piss me off.
I was mad,
but I would never hurt him.
Your ex-boyfriend steals
your idea
hooks up with a new, rich,
cute girl
and the next morning,
poof, he's gone.
To be honest,
it doesn't sound so good.
I think we're getting
ahead of ourselves here.
We have a jilted kid
whose ex-boyfriend
stole a million dollar idea
from her--
-billion. Billion dollar.
-Oh, exactly.
where were you last night?
In my room, on my computer.
I just need to know what were
you doing on your computer
and we can clear all this out.
Surfing, hanging out, gaming.
Are you aware that
the app that you created
that you said
Mateo stole from you
was hacked last night?
Should we add Mateo
to the enemies list?
Is Mateo your enemy?
-Ramon, enough.
-It's complicated.
Sure sounds like it.
Jess, stop.
Mateo is an ass,
but I would never hurt him.
Okay. I just want to know.
Do you have any idea
how serious this is?
-You do?
Then I want you to come home
because the money
is not worth it... okay?
I'm not doing this
for the money.
And you know that.
Then I just, like,
blacked out.
I'm just, I'm really lucky
to be alive, you know?
Back in the competition,
obviously, but...
So it's just back to work?
Uh, yeah. Jessie, you need to
learn to compartmentalize.
Look, I could have died, okay?
But I didn't.
And there's a lot
of work to do, so...
You're a monster.
Wow. Does, does that mean
that I'm your enemy?
We all know you created
Actually I've been meaning
to check out the app
because it's getting
so much traction.
You know, everyone's using it.
So I did, a-and I saw
that you don't have
any enemies yet
but I'm willing to help you out
in that department.
You have a new enemy.
Watch your back.
I can't believe you guys
are using this.
It's called
software development.
That requires, you know,
using software.
I can't get it to work
on my phone.
You know what, Jessie,
you were right.
It's, it's really freeing
to be able to tell people
you hate their guts.
Check this out, guys.
"Thirty three ways a job
in tech will kill you."
Number six will
literally toss you
over the side of a bridge
in a self-driving car.
Aah! What the hell?
Has being plugged
into those machines
robbed you of your
basic human decency?
I think my bitch detector
is malfunctioning.
Beep, beep.
No, it seems to be operational.
Sorry. I-i thought I was alone.
We're never alone.
Are you following me?
Just following my curiosity.
How'd you do it?
Do what?
I mean, if you wrote
rightclique in the first place
rewriting the code
wouldn't be so hard.
You know, impressive you did it
so fast, but you're good.
I get it.
But how did you get the killlist
into titan servers?
Or send updates remotely?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Brute force attack?
Is titan's password
just password?
Nobody can hack titan.
It's impossible.
Everything is hackable.
How do I know I can trust you?
'Cause I came to you
and not to springer
or the cops.
Theoretically, if I were
to build an app for titan
I would make sure
that my baby would
call home occasionally
and check in.
Titan thinks
they're the backdoor
but actually you are.
Well done.
Sorry to bother you.
I'll, uh, let you get back
to your phone
or whatever it is
people do these days
when they're by themselves.
Andi, workout complete.
Monitor vitals during
regeneration and cooldown.
You have reached
40 percent of cooldown.
Please replenish with
energy drinks and vitamins.
Don't let them get to you.
Andi, lights on.
Andi... lights on.
Andi, check vitals?
Monitoring vitals.
Please replenish with
energy drinks and vitamins.
Andi, unlock the door.
Unlock the door.
Your heart rate is low.
Administering adrenaline
and electronic stimulation...
That's not actually
what I need.
Administer steroid.
Your heart rate is dropping.
Administering emergency
external atrial stimulation.
Andi, please, please!
Andi, please!
Pull the damn plug.
Good morning, Jessie.
Your enemy has been defeated.
"Not available."
You would've thought
his robot suit
would have saved him.
Two kids in two days?
That's why you don't trust
your life to a machine.
Well, when something goes wrong
with the machine
you don't blame the machine,
you blame the engineer.
He built it himself,
you're saying that
he dugged his own grave then?
I think he was fine
until he plugged into titan.
Titan was driving Mateo.
Titan has got
a lot of engineers.
There's a lot of blame
to go around.
Maybe this time we don't
blame the engineer.
Maybe we blame the ceo.
The key is to go very slowly
and work the muscle until
complete and utter fatigue.
A body hack.
Work... 20 minutes a week.
What are you doing
to these kids?
I'm giving them the opportunity
of a lifetime.
If they live, you mean?
Maybe this industry isn't
the right one for them.
You of all people
should know that.
No, it's kind of hard
to stay ahead in the game
when have a small child
depending on you.
Hmm. Decisions.
If I had a teenage girl,
i wouldn't put her
in front of a computer screen.
Where was your parenting advice
when I needed it?
I'm going to need
all of the Andi logs
and depending on what I find
I'm probably going to
need everything.
On the desk. Feel free.
Just, uh, leave your subpoena
there, would you?
And I'm probably going to need
to see your badge.
My attorneys, huh, they're
sticklers for the details.
They're very good
as you know.
They better be.
I'm watching you.
And I'm watching you.
Come on.
Jess, it's mom.
Did you hear about
what happened to ping?
I, I messed up.
I was playing around
with the app
and I got locked out
of the source code.
-You added an enemies list.
-I was angry, but...
Oh, Jess.
Somebody hacked the hacker.
I didn't, I didn't hurt anybody,
This is really bad.
Do you...
I know, b-but we can...
We can fix this.
We can find out who did it
a-and stop it.
No, no, no. That's my job.
I'll do it.
Mom, I can't let you be fixing
another mess of mine.
It's fine. What are they
going to do, fire me?
I'm already on probation.
Do me a favor,
try to get off campus.
Stay off of titan's network.
I wish you could find a friend,
somebody you trusted.
I really don't want you here
I need your help.
Have you tried restarting
the computer?
I am not in the mood
for jokes right now.
You are the only one
who's not on rightclique
killlist or any of it.
I've tried to get it to work
on this thing
but I took it to the genius bar
and they were stumped.
We need to talk.
Then we should get out
of the titan fishbowl
where they're not listening.
That was the idea.
I know this place
that's got the best food
on the west coast.
It should be open.
I didn't realize how hungry
i was.
I feel so much better
just getting out of there
for a while.
We all need to disconnect
and reboot sometimes.
Thank you.
Where did you find this place?
Well, I was driving by one day
and couldn't find anything
about it online
so I had to try it.
I like it.
Just hopefully good food
and other human beings.
Just keep it offline,
and it'll never be ruined.
I wish I could share these
amazing carnitas with the world.
-Now you sound like springer.
Those are not the kind of
sacrifices I'm talking about.
You know, for someone
who likes technology so much
you sure do a lot to avoid it.
-Computers are evil.
-So why do you work with them?
So when our robot overlords
eventually conquer humanity
I'll know how to defeat them.
Computers can't be much worse
than most people I know.
Computers may be
rising up right now
The craziest part is that
you might actually believe that.
I appreciate the simplicity
and logic behind technology.
Without human greed,
we could do great things.
Green technology,
fight human hunger
have all human knowledge
at our fingertips.
So you're not doing this
for the money?
I didn't say that
but I don't need much to finance
the kind of things I want to do.
What about you? Any, uh,
major felonies recently?
No felonies to speak of,
thanks to my mom.
The world does like to punish
those who expose the truth.
My school spent ten years
covering up for that creep
in the math department,
i told the world the truth.
Maybe hacking into
the school newspaper
alerting the local press
was a little overkill, but...
You did the right thing.
Just a bummer
your mom took the fall.
Yeah. She saved my ass.
And it almost cost her
her job.
I'm afraid things are going to
be even worse.
So you hacked your own app
and created a kill list.
It's just another
harmless prank.
It doesn't feel
so harmless right now.
Listen, Mateo was a drunk
behind the wheel of some
untested buggy hardware.
Ping trusted technology
with his life
and tech fails all the time.
-Yeah, I know, but--
-there's no murderer.
Just... sloppy code
and terrible accidents.
I hope you're right.
I think that the publicity
could be of good thing,
you know?
-You do?
Well, well, I'm not
going to argue with you.
Um, look, you just make
yourself comfortable.
I'll check on my screens
for the--
can I ask you something
Well, yes,
i do believe you could.
How inappropriate...
Are we talking?
Oh, my goodness.
I think that you should move up
the release of rightclique.
I think you should get it
into the wild immediately.
You want to know what I think?
-Hang on.
Did you hear that?
-Uh, Linus.
Right or wrong,
the app has buzz.
And I think it could be
a big project.
And I think that you should
lead it yourself.
-Oh, you do, do you?
I also think that
it's a very nice night out
and you should enjoy the view.
Uh, well, the view looks
pretty good from here.
Killlist is broadcasting
your location.
you have a new enemy.
Watch your back.
Oh, damn it.
You should really turn that off.
The data of yours,
broadcasting everything.
I mean, if you don't
want to be tracked.
My mom's in the hospital.
She has severe swelling
from the blow to her head.
She needs time to heal.
You have to find
whoever did this.
I will.
Lost track of you last night.
Are you following me?
Titan knows where everyone is
but for some reason,
they couldn't find you.
You think I did this?
To my own mother?
I think a series
of unfortunate coincidences
is starting to feel more like
a connected string of events.
I can't figure out
if you're the perp
or the next victim.
Either way, just...
Just watch your back, Jessie.
Just watch your back.
Mommy feeling okay?
Who are you?
You can't hide
in your room forever.
Get out of here.
I can't leave. I'm everywhere.
You want an enemy...
You've got an enemy.
Andi, accept all enemies.
Thank you.
All enemies accepted.
An enemy would like
to meet you.
Print shop. Five minutes.
Good job, Andi.
You're welcome, Jessie.
-Me what?
-You're the one doing this.
-You set the meeting.
How did you even get up here?
It's restricted.
Well, I granted Linus
special access,
so Linus granted me
special access.
Yeah. Does he know
you're hacking rightclique?
Do I look like a nerdy hacker?
No offense.
Absolutely none taken.
Okay, but seriously,
you need to straighten
this whole thing out, okay?
We're going live
with rightclique soon.
You need to work out
all the bugs
like how tinder keeps trying
to set me up with my cousin.
He doesn't even have a car.
What is that?
-What are you doing?
-I'm not doing anything.
What were you gonna do,
cut me?
I should have known your
white trash ass was a killer.
What were you
going to do, Jessie?
Listen, I know
your little ex-boyfriend
wanted in on this action
but that's no reason
to get all stabby.
Stacey, let go of the knife.
-I swear I am not doing this.
-Why are you doing this?
-Who's doing this?
-What are you talking to?
Who is doing this?
Please don't kill me!
Please don't kill me!
Jessie, please don't kill me.
She's totally lost it.
I think I have a concussion.
If she wasn't poor,
i would sue her.
What the...
Police! Open up.
Jessie, I know you're in there.
Open up.
I'm coming.
I have a warrant
for your arrest.
Okay, the-the app.
I can explain.
It was, it was my idea
but then everything else,
i-it wasn't me.
I don't care about the hack.
You're being charged
with murder.
What? What-what's going on?
We have Stacey's dead body
with a knife wound
and your prints on it.
-I gotta take you in.
-I didn't do it.
You don't understand
what has been going on here.
And I need to figure out
who did this.
I understand.
I gotta take you in.
No, you can't take me in.
I gotta stay here.
I gotta put handcuffs
on you now.
You have no idea
what you're dealing with.
Please, just let me
figure this out.
You're making a mistake.
You're making a mistake!
-Jessie, Jessie.
-You have to believe me.
-You gotta stop.
I didn't do this.
I'm not the one who--
-they're going after my mom!
-They're going after my mom!
-Jess. Jess.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it!
Your mother is a good woman.
I'll make sure
they'll treat you okay.
You have to believe me.
No, I don't.
He-hello? Yes, dispatch.
Pass it through.
I'm calling from the
consumer credit department...
-Regarding a pending transfer
in the amount of $12,000
from your checking account.
No, no, no, no,
cancel-cancel it.
Before I can go any further,
i first
need to confirm your identity.
What is your mother's
maiden name, sir?
I didn't authorize
any-any transfer.
To protect the privacy
of our customers
we can't discuss your pending
transfer any further
until I confirm
your identity.
When you first set up
your account
you chose a security image.
Can you describe that
security image to me, sir?
My mother's maiden name
is-is Castro.
Mm-hmm. I'm sorry. That's not
what we have on file.
This is crazy.
I'm sorry you feel
that way, sir.
Would you be interested
in taking a survey
to help improve
our customer service?
-Just stop the transfer!
-Of course, sir.
If you would like to stop
the pending transfer
you can proceed to our nearest
authorized banking location.
Our records indicate
the closest near you
is on... the corner
of 14th and San Pedro.
I can't do that right now.
I'm transporting a prisoner.
This is crazy.
I see you have a new
credit card on the account.
Shut up. Just tell me
where to go, and I'll go.
Corner of 14th and San Pedro.
Okay, going right now.
Wait in the car.
I'm at the corner,
but i-i don't see
any buildings or any-any banks.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey!
Open-- hey, open.
Open the door! Open...
-Nice social engineering.
Some problems call
for a low-tech solution.
I figure every hacker went
through a lock-picking phase.
Some of us were lucky enough
to practice
on our mom's equipment.
Where to? Fugitive's plan.
-That's crazy.
Whoever's doing this,
whoever attacked Mateo
Stacey, and ping,
they're going to kill my mom.
They have to be at titan.
How are you gonna find them?
No one can erase
their digital footprints.
We all leave them. You know
that better than anyone.
So you did read me up.
Come on, cyborg247,
quite the player.
Anonymous. Wikileaks.
Playing Twitter pranks on Isis.
You have Edward snowden
on your Tor instant messenger.
Just because I hang out
in some interesting corners
of the web
doesn't make me a criminal.
Quite the opposite. It makes
you someone I can trust.
-So what's the plan?
-I don't know.
But someone once told me
everything's hackable.
Right here. Let's go.
Here we go.
The key is avoid the cameras.
Some problems call
for low-tech solutions.
Alright. Up there,
they can see everything.
Act normal.
-Still have your earpiece?
-In here.
Okay. Seriously?
I was right, wasn't I?
Let's see if they
stripped your access.
-Where are we going?
-Straight to the heart.
Andi, open the door please.
I guess they haven't updated
the guest list.
Or maybe they did.
Keep your head down.
-It's too late.
-Springer's office?
"Meet me" room.
I don't think we're gonna have
access to that at this hour.
I'm not asking Andi.
Fire exit.
We'll take the stairs.
Won't that set off the alarm?
I guess it's already gone off.
It won't get any worse.
Good job, boy genius.
That's locked.
That's a fire hazard.
I mean, i-i realize
we're committing a felony
but imagine if we weren't.
Ladies first.
Andi, open the door.
It was worth a shot.
-How do we get in?
-We use the password.
Oh, Jessie, no, please.
It's not for social.
Just something to show mom.
Acoustic cryptanalysis?
Each button emits
a distinct frequency.
Everything leaves
a digital trail.
Springer should have known.
Someone's always watching.
I've been here before.
In this room.
Besides me, the only other
who had the admin password
is dead.
-It's not him.
-That's right.
He's not.
When the dead take your
company down from within,
it does make one wonder.
And sometimes, well
the only choice you have
is to let the dead
make a mistake.
Just because you're dead
doesn't mean they
revoke your access.
-And I don't make mistakes
That lady who offed herself
left behind the keys.
"Later gator."
Her password.
Am I seriously the only one
who figured that out?
You're behind all this?
Ping? Stacey? My mom?
They got in the way.
It didn't have to be
like this, you know?
It really didn't.
Aren't you sick and tired
of being the poor kid?
Oh, where you going?
Where you going?
Being treated like a pawn?
Springer, you never
wanted my game.
I was bait.
I was sent here to fail.
Yeah, but he should have known.
No, no.
There are no more secrets
here anymore.
You knew he was my father.
Of course I knew.
What, you think
this fool over here
is the only one
who can hack court records?
Hmm? It was all for you, Jessie.
Where you going? Huh?
We will get our revenge.
I thought we'd take down
your father.
I thought once again,
just you and I, Jess
we would be happy.
Hey, Ian.
-This is crazy.
-I never asked for any of this.
And that is why
i had to do it for you.
By "it," you mean
kill these people?
Well, as far as
everyone knows, I'm dead.
But you three...
You have some problems,
don't you?
Yeah, two notorious
online criminals
on the run from the law.
I mean, Grand Theft Auto,
That's the best plan
you could come up with?
And the high-flying ceo
with skeletons in his closet.
It only makes sense one
of you would go on a rampage.
And then out of guilt
you offed yourselves with a gun
from a 3D printer.
You guys know how to use
a 3D printer, right?
-It's not right!
-This is crazy!
-Just let her go.
-Just let her go.
Just let her go.
You love me.
You love me.
-Don't do this.
-I did love you. No, I did.
I really did, but...
You gotta go.
Bye, babe
God, we were such
a good match, babe.
What happened?
You know what happened.
Oh, I know what happened.
It's just you and I.
Don't fucking touch...
Don't touch me.
Okay, you win, Mateo.
I give in.
You win.
There's no way
we're both getting out of here
unless you let me help you.
And why should I trust you?
It's the only logical play.
The nerd's dead.
Nothing you can do.
You take care of Jessie,
she takes the fall.
We both end up looking
like the good guys.
Wow. You would really kill
your own daughter?
I won't let anyone
destroy my company.
You are one cold dude.
So are you gonna kill her
or should I?
Do you know what?
On second thought...
I rescind my offer.
Shut down initiated.
System shutting down.
Hey. Hey. Hey, Ian.
Ian. Ian.
Ian. Oh. Oh god.
Wait. Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't touch.
Don't touch.
Stay, don't, don't, don't.
Okay, okay.
Linus, thank goodness.
I can't believe this.
-It's horrible.
-It's okay, barclay.
It's over.
It's not over,
it's just beginning.
What are you talking about?
We're offline, Linus.
The 100% uptime.
99.9% rounds up to 100.
It's not funny.
It's not just titan.
It's everybody.
-We broke the Internet.
-This is very bad.
Linus, this is very personal
for you, I realize,
so it's my place
to put the company first.
-Barclay, you're fired.
-I'm sorry, what?
You're in charge
of employee access, correct?
-Yes, well, perhaps,
when someone dies,
you should delete their password
so that some 18-year-old hacker
can't destroy the company.
This is personal time,
i realize,
but it's my place to put
the company first.
You can't do this.
I am titan.
I am the voice of Andi.
I'm sorry. Unfortunately,
you do not have access
at this time.
You saved my company.
I don't want your money.
I'm not offering you my money.
I'm offering you my influence,
my lawyers.
You're in a lot of trouble.
I can help get you out
of those problems.
What am I accepting?
You develop your app for me...
And titan protects you.
In turn, you protect titan.
Pretty standard stuff.
And if I don't accept
your... offer?
Don't be silly, Jessie.
You're facing real jail time.
No, I don't accept.
Not this time.
You stole a cop car, Jessie.
If anyone finds out
what happened,
titan goes down.
You need me
more than I need you.
You're ruthless.
It's in my DNA.
What do you want?
I thought she'd be up by now.
She's gonna be okay.
I know.
I'm gonna go, okay?
Did she just move?
She just moved.
Go get somebody. Mom. Mom.
I'm so sorry.
You're gonna be okay.
My baby.
I love you.
I love you too.