Killer Bees! (2002) Movie Script

All right, Lyndon, let's see
if you can answer this one
Short horned cattle
Three major color patterns.
What are they?
Red, brown, and white
Average yield of a crop of wheat?
Approximately around 80 bushels
or 80 million individual grains
When's your mother's birthday?
- Dad...
- Answer the question
April 26th
And what are the four Hs?
My head to clearer thinking,
my heart to greater loyalty...
My hands to larger service...
And my health to better living
Now name me the small seeded grains
I'll get it
I think it went in the junk pile
Dad! I'm stuck Dad!
Dad! Dad!
Lyndon? Lyndon!
Pull your arm out now
Run to the truck!
Remember, folks,
it's pollination season
Watch out for the mobile apiaries
rolling into your area
Speaking of bees, the annual
Sumas Honey Fest is...
- Down 6 points
- Anybody awake at the jail this morning?
10-4, Sheriff. We're open for business
Hey, Slim, that coffee
machine working today?
That's a negative on the java, sir
You need to sign the purchase order so
I can take it over to Hank's and get it fixed
Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Hey, Slim...
- Uhuh
Why don't you lighten up a little bit?
10-4, Sheriff
In state legislature, the family farm
relief bill stalled again
Legislators hoped to table
a new bill sometime next year
In the meantime, farmers
in distress are asked to be patient
In sports...
Stop and say hello to old Norbert
Morning, Norbert
Sumas Honey Festival
- Hi, dad
- Hey, don't stop on account of me
That sounds pretty good, son
Are you guys ready for
the big gig down at the fairgrounds?
- What do you care anyway, huh?
- He's just doing it to impress Nadine
Dylan. Dylan, come on
- So how's my little blue ribbon winner, huh?
- Not yet, Dad. You'll jinx it
I'm not going to jinx anything.
Where's your mom?
Audrey, it's me
I need a clean duty shirt
Just a minute
How come I see more of you now
than I did when we were together?
Did you get a job?
Assistant Manager at the Dairy Castle
- Sissy called
- Oh Lord! Not again
That's a pretty good honey.
Wait a second
Your daughter made that
You'd know that if you spent
more time with them
I'm cultivating a hive for Rural Youth
She's been at it for two
months, Lyndon
I'm showing my supers at the fair
"Supers" are what beekeepers
call their hives
So, where are you keeping this super thing?
Behind the garage
All right, well, as long as it stays there
Audrey, I swear you make
the best cup of coffee
That Dairy Castle's lucky to have you
I'm worried about him
Dylan? I'll see you later!
How much longer am I going
to have to keep ironing your shirts?
- I don't expect you to iron my...
- It's been six months, Lyndon
What are we waiting for?
We've got enough money saved
to pay for the divorce now
I don't know. I thought the separation
was working fine
I don't know where I am
The kids see us together
- We're not together
- Audrey, I don't...
We need to get on with our lives
Have you men somebody?
How could I with us tripping over each other?
You know, Audrey, when we lost the farm,
your confidence in me went with it
That is you talking, not me
All I want is peace of mind
All right? We're always at each other's
throats, and for what? Money?
Money's been a third wheel in our marriage
for as long as I can remember
I think we should try to stay out
of each other's way
- Is that what you want?
- Mmh
Okay, fine. We're going to try that
Zeke called here this morning
looking for you
- You're taking his house today, aren't you?
- Don't start with me
I cannot bear the thought of you working for
that Dittwaller, Lyndon. How could you?
How could you even speak
to him after what he did to us?
You know, all the farmers in
Sumas think you are a traitor
You know what? Dittwaller didn't
take our farm. The bank did
Lyndon, Dittwaller is the bank
Do you think I like kicking
people off of farms
that have been in their family
for a hundred years? Huh?
It sure beats living off food stamps, don't it?
I've got to go
You know Audrey, when we lost the farm,
your confidence in me went with it
That is you talking, not me
I miss this place
What the?
Dittwaller, I want you off of my property
It's the bank's property now, Mr. Gillman
Oh yeah? We'll see about that
Sheriff! He's got a gun!
Yeah, and it's loaded too. Huh? Huh?
Now, Zeke, let's not go and make
this any worse than it already is
Oh, you go to heck, Harris,
you damn traitor
I thought you was one of us.
Now, don't worry about it
Don't worry about it
The Sheriff here ain't going to be taking
us off to jail for this, are you Sheriff?
Not as long as you stop
shooting at us, I won't
Give us a little time to collect
a few personals
Go on, Zeke. Take all the time you need
Now, I want to press charges,
you hear that?
Whatever you say, Mayor,
but it ain't going to hold up in court
He's going for the truck!
Well, don't you stand there!
Go after him!
- Now mayor, let's be reasonable
- Do something
I want him arrested!
- On what charges?
- Attempted murder
Oh now, if Zeke wanted us shot, we would
have never gotten near the place
Well, then, grand theft auto.
That truck belongs to me now
This place has been in his family since
before the rail road went through here
Now to you, it's just another asset,
but to them, it's their family history
I'll come back later and smooth
things out with Zeke
Don't worry, you'll get your truck
You just make sure it's sooner than later
How did it go with Zeke?
Oh, I gave him another week
I bet Mayor Dittwaller wasn't
very happy about that
You know, I don't care
what Dittwaller thinks
You can't kick a man out of his house and
expect him just to pack up just like that
Well, yeah... it's been three weeks,
- Well, it's going to have to be four, isn't it?
- Hey you know, you're the sheriff, right?
Oh, gee, Ed Stillwell called out on 15
Said some kids were at
his place the other night
busted up a chicken coop,
let the hogs out, you know
Seems to be a lot of that going on
Do me a favor. Drive out there
and talk to him for me
Ever since I've become the law, me and
the farm boys just don't see eye to eye
Oh, hey
Sissy called
Lord. Doesn't she ever give it a rest?
It's about time you come and did something
about them trucks speeding into Sumas
Well, these trucks are here to pollinate
the crops, Sissy, I mean...
You're right in the middle of the main
thoroughfare. What can I do?
The whole place shakes
every time they go by
Every year, there's more
and more of these things
- Well, I...
- See?
Can't you divert them to the state road?
Sissy, you're going to have to talk
to the Mayor about that, now
I mightjust do that
it seems that the only way things get done
around here is if Dittwaller gets involved
Yeah well, he's done
so much for the town
I haven't seen you before, mister
Why are you contracting
all the way up here?
Oh yeah, you don't speak English?
Well, the price is good enough,
that's for darn tooting
If May would've been here...
she would be smiling
Danger. Living bees
Well, I'll be...
The Sumas honey queen
has lost her crown
What can I get for you, Zeke?
Give me one of them honey glazed
That's 37 cents
That man of yours come by to bring
me a little greeting this morning
Well, unfortunately, that is not an uncommon
occurrence around these parts
Audrey that's a shame. he's got to
be right in the middle of all of this
Yes, Zeke, it is
I put an extra one in there for you
You take care
- Alright
- Okay
She survived all those tornadoes
Though they drove her to the brink
Now I'm drunk again and owing
Cause of little mama dying
m "In.
What the heck? Darn
What the heck are you doing?
You can't drive like that
Oh, man!
Hey, amigo?
You stopped right in the middle
of the darn road
There was no way I could avoid you
Your truck don't have a scratch on it...
Mine is just trashed
Insurance. Give me
your insurance papers
What the heck are you doing?
That's Dittwaller's truck
He's going to get you
He gets everything
This is Dittwaller's truck
Have a nice truck, Mr. Dittwaller
Yeah, I'll handle this, Sissy
53 in a 35 mile-an-hour zone.
That ought to make your daddy proud
My father says those things ain't accurate
Is that a fact?
Come on, Sheriff.
I'm in the same class with Dylan
- Is that a fact?
- Yeah
Base to unit one, got a vehicle abandoned
on FTM 17 at the 11 mile marker
Looks like Zeke's
I'm all over that, Slim
So, can I go?
You can now
Yeah, Slim, it's Zeke's truck, all right,
but no sign of the old man
Zeke... Zeke
Well, I guess your troubles are over now
- Slim?
- Yes Sheriff
I found Zeke
He's dead
Call the doc and tell him
to put his coroner's hat on
10-4 Sheriff
I'm sorry about Mr. Gillman
Oh, sweetheart
I'm sad too. He was a good man
You know, in the bee world, the women,
known as the workers do all the jobs
Gathering the pollen... tending the hive
Well, that's a nice change
of pace, isn't it?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I'm watching Cassidy
Well, Dylan was supposed
to baby-sit. Help me
Well, she called me up
and asked me to do it
I can't believe I'm helping
my wife get ready for a date
It's not a date. It's dinner
Well, whatever it is
Your babysitter would like to know when
you're going to be back from dinner
Dad, please pay attention
I'm sorry, sweetheart
The male, or a drone's, sole purpose
in life is to mate once with the queen
after which he dies
Unlike us humans,
who die a thousand deaths
Oh, whoa, where are you going, cowboy?
Dad, relax. I'm going to meet up with
some buddies and jam, okay? Calm
He's hoping to scope out Nadine
Mind your own business, little sister
Nadine, huh?
- I want you home by 10 o'clock
- Come on... Mom?
All right, 11:00, but not
a minute later, you hear me?
'Night, Ma. Have a good time
You're too damn easy on him
- He's 16
- I know he's 16
Like you weren't staying out
late when you were 16?
Yeah, well, he's a good kid,
and I want him to stay that way
Oh he will. You just have
to cut him a little slack
Hey. Stay away from that window.
You're going to scare him off
'Night, honey
Dang it. I gave her that perfume, too
Where were we?
Hey. Hey, Harris
You want to ride with my posse tonight?
- No, man, I'm kind of busy
- Oh, come on, Harris
My radio's busted. We could
use some music, bro
Yeah, and Jarrod's singing
isn't exactly melodic
- Here are your fries
- Thanks
- Hey
- Hey. Ride with us
Two against one
All right, good
The sheriffs son's riding with us
which means you have to behave, Jarrod
That's right, sonny boy.
I don't want to see no cow tipping
Oh yeah, wouldn't want
Dylan to get caught
Sheriff might lock him in his room
Come on
Well, where are we headed?
- Want to go up to the bluffs?
- Hey
- Let's go for a drive man
- Hello
Jarrod, I thought you said
we weren't going cow tipping
Oh, I've got something
much more exciting in mind
Yo, this is gonna be fun
Let's go
Check this out man
- What are you up to, Jarrod?
- Shh
He's sleeping
Come on, man. This is crazy
No, it'll be like taking candy from a baby
- This isn't funny. No
- Or should I say honey from a bear?
I don't know about this Jarrod
No. Take this, man. Bzz!
What the heck is he doing?
Yo, dude, open the gate
Jarrod, man, it's like 11:30
I promised my parents
I'd be home half an hour ago
Anyone else got to go, huh? Nadine?
- Alright then
- Hey, dude
I promise you'll be entertained
Yo, come on man
Hop in, bro
Hey man, this is Dillard's farm
Come on. This isn't cool Jarrod
We should've gone cow tipping
We should've gone home
Yo, Chucky, open the door, man
- All right, kick the box, man
- What?
No, Jarrod, come on
Band practice went a little late, huh?
Yeah, Dad. I'm really late. Sony
That's all right, son.
I'm just glad you're home
Now, get some rest
Good night
Good night
Now, the farmer said he found them when
he went to milk the cows this morning
Must've been one angry swarm
to take down these heifers
The cows must've made them pretty mad
Makes it worse,
panic with bees, you know
Bees can smell fear
What do you know about bees?
My uncle was a beekeeper
So, what do you think,
some kind of kids' prank or what?
Probably so
Oh, Sheriff, I almost forgot,
Dr. Kirney called
about Zeke Gillman...
Blood test results
Well, what did he say?
Oh, are you ready for this?
He said old Zeke... was poisoned
- Poisoned?
- Poisoned
Congratulations, Sheriff
You've got yourself your first murder
Hey, Harris
You didn't say anything to
your old man about last night?
Good, good
Just make sure it stays that way
What we've got here,
Sheriff, is a real puzzler
Traces of acid, phosphatase, and melatine
Who'd want to poison old Zeke?
Well, that's what we're going
to try and find out
Now, you see this discoloration
around the neck?
Now that's very unusual and
that's where we're going to start
What are you doing?
To look inside, I have to get
the mouth open
- This is your first autopsy, isn't it?
- Yeah
Well, if you feel the urge,
go in there, not on the body
Thanks, doc
Ah! Sheriff!
It looks...
like we have
a suspect
- There you go
- That's okay
Oh, go take it. It can't sting twice
Yeah. Zeke died of toxic
substance, all right
What, bee toxin?
Well, two or three stings in the throat
could easily swell it up enough
to close off the trachea
The poor guy couldn't breathe, huh?
Bee stings aren't unusual
this time of year, but...
For the life of me, I can't remember the
last time we had a bee-inicted death
Nice going, doc
- I'm sorry, Lyndon. I forgot about your dad
- No. It's all right, doc
You know, Dillard's farm just lost three
head of heifers to bees this morning
ls there any connection here?
Forensic entomologist,
that's what you need
Now, I may know somebody who can
help you with your bee problem
Riley Muir. Now, she knows bees
If anybody can help you, she can
- Thank you, Doc. I appreciate it
- All right
1- God, I'm sorry. I heard something
- It's okay, Ranger Rick
The bees work for me
- Yeah. I don't like bees
- Yeah. I can see that
Feel better now?
Thank you
Yes. Thank you
- I... I'm Sheriff...
- Harris
Doc said you'd be stopping by.
I'm Riley Muir
Muir? The sign says "Houseman"
- Riley Muir Houseman. I'm divorced
- Ah, sorry to hear that
Oh, you know I'm separated
So what's with the bees?
I have MS
It's an experimental therapy using bee
venom to boost the immune system
I've never seen that
I got sick. Bees made me feel better
So let's see the little troublemaker
Here you go
You might want to stand back
I'm going to open this
Very funY
Has your victim been out
of the country recently?
Out of the country?
Like South America, maybe?
This just happened over at Ferrill Creek
Old man Zeke, he's never been out
of the county no less the country
These critters you've got here
are usually found in a place like...
Peru, Guatemala and parts of Brazil
Not the Evergreen state
Have you ever heard of
the African scutellata?
The species commonly referred
to as the killer bee?
The killer bee? What, up here
in Washington?
Well, they've been found
places further south
Like Texas, New Mexico,
Arizona, California
Well, just the whole thing
sounds so far-fetched
Well, you must've suspected
something out of the ordinary
Otherwise, why'd you come
all the way out here?
What would you say if I told you
a farmer just lost three head
of his prize cows to bees?
Now you've really got my attention
So what do you think?
I'd say Sumas has a killer bee problem
And a pretty serious one
I read about them in National Geographic
They've got the regular sting of a bee
But they're like 10 times more aggressive,
is that about right?
That's right
Outbreak of killer bees
That ought to bring Sumas some attention
Maybe the kind of attention
Sumas doesn't need right now
I mean, until we know for sure maybe it's
best we don't go around spreading rumors
Yeah, especially in the middle
of pollination season
Well, you're the expert
Riley, if you don't mind my saying so,
you're looking a little peaked
Sheriff, I think her blood sugar's a little low
Why don't you take her down to
the Castle and get her something to eat?
- Well...
- She won't bite
Unless provoked
- Okay
- Go
What are they doing up here in Washington?
Well, they originated in Brazil
After a few queens were brought
over for experiments
Then a few of them got loose, interbred and...
Well, have been wreaking
havoc ever since
How your bees got here
I don't know for sure
Maybe they were blown in by a wind system
or they hitched a ride on a vegetable truck?
It's hard to say for sure
It's difficult to read their little passports
and they're not very good
about getting them stamped
But most likely they were
brought here on purpose
Well, why would anybody want to do that?
Sumas County
Hundreds of thousands of
acres blooming right now
and without the pollen being carried from
ower to ower, the plants won't yield
Unfortunately, there aren't
enough bees to go around
So keepers from across the country
truck in their supers
The hives
You're learning
It's a highly migratory industry with keepers
following blooms from Florida to California
all the way up here to Washington state
You know what I think?
I bet some of those truckers probably got
themselves a few boxes of AK bees
and doesn't even know it yet
Hey, Lyndon
This is Riley Muir. She's an entomologist
She's the one that's helping me with
that, you know, bee problem
Oh yeah, the bee problem
Let me get this straight
You want us to stop pollinating our crops?
Just until we can figure out where
these bees are coming from
I mean, you don't have
to move the hives, just...
Leave the lids on until I can figure out
whether or not they're killer bees
Lord, help my time
The sheriff wants to put us out
of business, just like he did himself
Do you really want to drive us to
the poor house that bad, Lyndon?
Look this is the height of
pollinating season, Sheriff
- We'll lose our crops
- Yeah! That's right
These bees have already killed three
head of livestock and one of your own
Zeke Gillman
Now I'm just asking for
a week, boys, one week
A week? Without pollinating?
Well, the trucks will just move
on to the next county
and we'll lose our contracts
These bees are unpredictable
and dangerous
Look, look. I would rather
sleep out in the pasture
and pick corn out of
horse droppings. No, sir...
I ain't having none of this
Let's get out of here. Come on
Here you go, another
four points off your license
Not a real good week for you, is it?
No, it isn't, Sheriff
You could've given me a break
- That sign wasn't here last time
- Well, it is now
You know, Jarrod
I was hoping you might
be able to tell me
what happened out at Dillard's
farm the other night
Beats me
Somebody dropped a beehive off in his barn
Some of his livestock got stung to death
Killer bees
Whoa! Killer bees? No kidding
Got any suspects?
- I've got a few
- Well...
As a matter of fact, I might
just go easy on somebody
if they told me where those bees came from
No idea, Sheriff
Well, you ask around for me, okay?
I'll definitely let you know if I hear anything
I'm sure you will
We're hearing a lot of talk
about your damn bees, Harris
You're stirring up hell with
a long spoon, and I don't like it
There was a man killed
And I heard he drank too much
Well, the doc confirmed it
It was bees. Killer bees
Do you realize how
ridiculous that sounds?
Now, look, you're the sheriff,
so you investigate
But do it quietly
We don't need to be
stirring up a panic
Yes, sir. I'll be as discreet as possible
Well, you'd better be
Now, look, Harris we've got Meglo Mart
preparing to break ground right here
I mean, they could really
put Sumas on the map
Now, we can't have any bad PR
screwing up the future
of this town. Can we?
Sheriff... You'd better come quick
Killer bees
Killer bees attacking people
over at the Farmer's Market
- So that's... D?
- E
You know, I think it's awful how
your father is being treated
Jarrod, shut up, okay?
Just leave him alone
You know you're right, Nadine
The sheriffs boy could've
ratted on us, but he didn't
Say, we're all going out this weekend
You want to come?
Oh, your musician boyfriend
can tag along, too, if he wants
- I'll be sure to put it on my social calendar
- Alright
I'll be checking in with you later, Harris
Now I'd best "bee" going
Where were we?
Hey, sweetie
How was YA today?
My cooking has never
had much of a following
Well, my sheriffing hasn't had
much of a following, either
Before, half the county hated me, and...
Now it's unanimous
Oh! You're just doing your job, Lyndon
Al least your problem
will eventually go away
Mine will just get worse
What's it like? MS I mean
I get fatigued. It's the most
common symptom
But then there's the tremors where
I lose coordination and balance
That's the worst
There's no cure?
Not as of yet, and I've tried everything
Salves, pills, physical therapy
and then I discovered apitherapy
- Bee venom
- Oh!
That just sounds so medieval
Believe me, if there was a cure involving
leeches, I'd be all over that one loo
You do what's necessary to survive
If I've learned anything
it's that you've got to be grateful
for every day you've got
Well you know, speaking of days,
I really should be going
We have an awful lot
of trucks to check tomorrow
- Was it the microwave cooking?
- No, no, that was fine, really
I had a great time
I'll see you tomorrow
What the sam hill is this all about, Sheriff?
We're trying to isolate
an outbreak of AK bees
African Killer bees
Oh yeah. I saw that movie on
late-night TV "Attack of the..."
No maybe it wasn't bees,
maybe it was piranhas
Or maybe it was alligators
A real bee movie
He)', are you okay?
Just a little tremor
- I'll be all right in a minute
- Okay
- Are you alright?
- Yeah
All right, guys, that sounds excellent
Good 'gob
Thanks, Dad
Do you guys mind if we take
a five-minute break or something?
Those piano lessons finally
paid off, huh, Kyle?
You guys take it easy, all right?
You rode right by,
you didn't wave or nothing
That's something I might expect
from somebody in this town
but not from my own son
Is she your girlfriend?
Well, she's a girl, yeah,
and she's my friend
So she's your girlfriend then?
Dylan, we're just working together
Listen, son. You know what's happened
between me and your mother
We wouldn't never wish that on anybody
0k, I mean, if you've got any ideas
on how to fix it, I'm all ears but...
We've been trying,
and it's just not working
So you're giving up, then?
Oh boy!
You know I hope you don't have to find
out like your old man, the hard way but...
Not everything in this life lasts forever
Gee, Dad, I can't wait to grow up
Well, I'm sure glad the doctor
gave you a clean report
Yeah, me too
Thank you for today
Of course
Usually when that happens,
I'm all alone and it's kind of scaly
I'm glad you were there
Now I'm the one who's
weak in the knees
It's your wife, isn't it?
What, Audrey?
You're still in love with her, aren't you?
I'm still working on that
You're a good man, Lyndon
I'll see you later
- Good night
- Good night
Danger, living bees
Ben brought a lot of supers
So Cass, you know, I'm sorry if I've been
a little more involved than usual lately
It's okay, Dad
Being a policeman's a very stressful job
Right up there with air traffic controllers
Yes, it is
So I was thinking that, you know seeing
how a real beekeeper might work
could help you with your presentation
- I thought you didn't like bees
- I don't. I hate them
But you like her?
Well, she's a real smart lady,
and I think you're going to like her loo
No, no, Slim...
That's just... that's not gonna cut it
Well, I don't care
Call the teamsters or highway
patrol or somebody
Get me a roster of all the truck pollinators
Well, did you try the web?
On the computer, Slim
Okay, well, start with the power button
Each colony contains about 50,000 bees
which will yield about 60 pounds of honey
Are you scared?
No, I like the bees
Me too
I think it's a shame most
people think of bees like that
angry insects just waiting to attack
any poor person who comes near them
If someone filled my house with smoke,
I'd be pretty angry too
You'd have every right to be
Actually, the smoke just calms them
Otherwise we'd be facing
an angry swarm right now
I wish I was a bee when
the bank took our farm
I'd have given that Mayor Dittwaller
a good sting
Must have been a pretty place, huh?
It was really pretty. I had a calf, and...
Yes, Cassidy?
Dad said you were sick
I have MS
MS? What's that
It's Multiple Sclerosis
It's a disease that attacks
the nervous system
Are you gonna die?
I don't think about dying, only living
Take this little worker bee here
She only lives for about 30 days
If she pondered her fate as much as
we do, she'd never get any work done
That's why they say busy as a bee
I forgot to give you those
The bills
Right on time
So your daughter thinks that Riley is nice
You two going out?
Are you going out with
Dave from Pick N'Save?
I think we had this conversation
back in high school, didn't we?
Lyndon, people are beginning to talk
About me and Riley?
- No about you and those bees
- Oh for the love of Pete!
Look the kids are getting it
from their friends
I'm hearing it in town, the customers
now are shooting me looks
You know, you go ahead and
mention to somebody in this county
that a twister's coming
They jump in their storm cellar quicker
than hell can scorch a feather
But mention killer bees
And everybody thinks my six
shooters a few bullets short
What is it, Slim?
Cardiac, Sissy Hephron's place
All right, I'm on my way
- Think it's legit?
- I sure hope not
She was having difficulty breathing,
and then she lost consciousness
Heart attack
Did you see this?
It's a bug bite
That's a bee sting
What if she's allergic to bees?
- Are you sure, Lyndon?
- My dad died this way
So does Sumas have a killer
bee problem, Miss Muir?
Sumas may have a bee problem
but I can't put all the blame
on the African killer bee
Sissy Hephron had a severe
anaphylactic reaction
brought on by the sting of
a common European honeybee
And what about all those pollinator
trucks that you've been harassing?
You find anything there?
I've no further evidence of killer bees,
sir, but I really think...
Well, then we can call off all the hysterics
I really think this is a bit premature
Your sheriffs career is premature
if you don't stop this. Are we clear?
There are no killer bees in Sumas
Fine. If you say so
Well, then
How's that little investigation
of yours coming, Jarrod?
I'm still working on it, sir
Well, so am I
Why don't you come by the office
tomorrow and we can compare notes?
Tomorrow... I'm kind of busy
It's not an invitation
you can turn down, son
Whatever you say, Sheriff
- ls Dylan around?
- Actually, Dylan's a little busy today
Well, tell him I was here
I'll do that
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow
Yes, sir
Were you talking to somebody?
Jarrod just stopped by,
but I told him you were busy
Dad, I was supposed to go hang out
with some buddies I mean...
I've got an errand,
I want you to go on with me
I... I don't even have my Learner's
Permit yet, Dad, I mean...
I can get in some
serious trouble here
Well, do me a favor
if we get pulled over by the police,
just let me do the talking, all right?
You still hanging outwith
that Jarrod Wiley son?
He's up to no good
- Yeah, he's kind of a jerk
- Those are my feelings exactly
You still hanging around with that girl?
No, Dad, the other girl. Yes, Riley
As a matter of fact, she was kind enough
to help us outwith our investigation
What investigation?
You know the bees
Well, I thought that whole thing
was just some big false alarm
Well, wasn't it?
We've had a few bee-related deaths
in a short period of time, son
It sure scared the heck out of me
Yeah, but that's cause you're afraid
of bees, Dad. Everybody knows that
Oh, everybody, huh?
Maybe not everybody, I don't know
Yeah, a few free samples
Help me!
Get out of here
What's the matter, son?
You know what happened over at
the Dillards' farm with the bees?
I was there
Unit one to base
Lyndon Harris... Sheriff
Go for it, Sheriff. I'm still here
Slim, I've got an I.D. on that bee trucker
It's a state bed with Mexican plates
I want you to put an APB out on
all the surrounding counties
and make sure you notify
the highway patrol
Sheriff, I thought we were
done with that bee thing
No, we ain't
And listen to me when
you're done with that
I want you to go find Jarrod Wiley
and bring him in
Why not?
After he didn't show up for supper,
his ma called here
Thought we might've
locked him up again
He'll show up eventually where
he's not wanted. He always does
It's not an easy choice
Sheriff Harris!
Come over here for a moment
I could use your powers of observation
How can I help you, sir?
Lately you've become quite a bee expert
So how about deciding which one of these
lovely honeybees is crowned queen
Well, I believe we should leave
that decision up to the judge
In this town, I am judge
and jury in all matters
and don't you forget that, Harris
There will be no more
talk of killer bees
- If you say so
- Oh, I do say so
And now, if you can get
the widow Gillman moved out
I'll be a happy man again
Girls, girls
Come down here
I do believe our sheriff doesn't
have a honey festival pin
Well now, there we are
Now, Sheriff Harris, you're one of us
Sheriff, a call from highway patrol.
Bee truck with Mexican plates
spotted on FTM-13
- Roger that, Slim... I'm on my way
- Whoa!
Now, you can't leave
Who's going to move all that stuff?
Looks like you've got a stay
of execution, Mrs. Gillman
That's him
Come on, come on
All right, Slim, I've got him
We're headed east on
13 towards Ferrell Creek
Roger that, Sheriff
Be careful. Remember, that truck
might be filled with lethal bees
Now, how could I forget that, Slim?
Whoa. Whoa, easy!
All right, Slim. He's running
The rummy thinks I'm immigration
I bet anything he's illegal
I want you to call the highway patrol
Set up a road block there
at Ferrell Creek crossing okay?
Whoa! Whoa! Easy!
Where'd he go?
Base, uh...
He's bought it. We're about three and
a half miles outside of Ferrell Creek
You'd better send an ambulance, Slim
It don't look good
We got trouble Slim,
the bees are swarming
They're coming right for me, Slim.
They're coming right for me
- Sheriff? Sheriff, are you ok?
- Yeah
Yeah, I'm okay, Slim
Tell Riley that...
that swarm is on the loose
We have all seen bees swarm
That doesn't mean they're going to attack
These are African killer bees
Nobody is sure of anything right now
Mr. Dittwaller, please,
with this swarm on the loose
we have to call off the festival
Harris, we have got the Meglo Mart
head honchos here
to see our town at its best
Now, we can't shut down the festival
because of one man's crazed bee phobia
Now, where are you going?
I've been stung once
but it ain't going to happen again
I've got to tend my hive.
The show is tomorrow!
Nobody in this family is going anywhere
until that swarm goes away
Where's Dylan?
He went to the lake, but he said
not to say anything about it
My dad used to bring us
here when we were kids
It's beautiful
Look, he's going
It's cold
Maybe we should sit closer
Oh, my God!
- Run. Run!
- Help! Help!
- Go for the tent
- Ah! I'm scared
Go away! Leave us alone!
- What if they get in?
- They won't. Hey they won't, okay?
It bit me!
Get back!
I promise it's going to be okay
Help me!
Get back!
Dylan? Nadine?
Dad! Dad, we're in here!
I Dad!
Okay son, listen to me
Listen to me. Just stay still,
try not to agitate them anymore
It'll be okay, son
Come on
Come on!
Dylan, they're gone!
- Are you okay?
- Did you see them? They were everywhere
They've got to believe you now. Look!
Come on, come on. Let's go to the car
- Did you get stung, huh?
- Yeah. Just a couple of bites
- Are you ok?
- Better off than that guy
It's horrible what
they did to him, Mr. Harris
Yeah, well, I'll send the coroner
out for him
Let's get out of here before
the bees come back
- Come on. Come on. Go. Go. Go
- Get in, Dylan. Get in!
What happened with
your kid was miles away
A man died
Parker Lake isn't even in the county
It is not your jurisdiction
Who are you to play God
and do nothing about it?
Now, Sheriff, if you can't deal with us
civil-like and stop your ranting
I'm going to have to ask you
to turn in your badge
You can take my badge, Dittwaller
just like you took my farm
but you cannot stop me from warning
these people about these bees
What the heck do you all care
about Sumas anyway?
You done sold us out years
ago to Meglo Mart
Hi, Sidney
We're just warning people that
there are some really aggressive bees
that have come up from Mexico on
some of the trucks, so just be careful
You know, follow what
it says there, stay inside...
Did they finally come to their senses?
Yeah. We could use some help here, Slim
Actually, ma'am, it's Sheriff Slim now
And I couldn't think of a more
qualified man for the job
Now, would you help me gather up these
signs and put them in the truck, please?
Actually, you've got to stay inside
Slim, I know that, but not until I take
these signs down to the parade
The councilmen want you to stay put,
just till the parade's over
You can't stop me
They just don't want you anywhere
near Main Street for a while
Come on... just do it for me
Just sit here and wait until it's over
All right, Slim, I'll see you later
You have a good man there, Audrey
Oh, I think he's still there
You know, maybe I should just spend
the night in case something happens
Okay. Sure, that's fine
You're welcome to stay too if you want
Oh no, I'd better head home
Some good bees will wonder
what happened to me
- Good night, folks
- Good night
We'll see you later, Riley
You've got to get over here right away
and do something, Sheriff, or I will
Sissy, I don't know.
I'm not even the sheriff anymore
- Then, who do I call?
- You're just going to have to call Slim
I don't have his number
I don't need no 9-1-1
I've got my old shotgun.
That's all I need
Maybe you'd better stop by one last time
One last time
They could come in the vent
The ue
I have to close the ue
Leave me alone!
Somebody help
Leave me alone
Are you there? Sissy!
She's dead!
Sissy's dead
- It was horrible
- What?
The whole place is just infested
with hives, but the bees are gone
If they tried to make her home
into a colony and left
Either it wasn't suitable for
the queen or it wasn't big enough
That swarm's got to be huge
How are we going to stop them?
Unfortunately, there isn't a can
of bug spray big enough
What we've got to do for now is
just get everybody out of the open
until the swarm just naturally disperses
Large gatherings, loud noises,
strong odors, fragrances
that's what the bees are attracted to
- Large gatherings?
- Yeah
Like a fair with a loud rock band
and people walking around eating cotton
candy and pizza, that sort of thing?
The honey festival
When one of these bees stings,
it releases something called pheromones
a chemical alarm message that causes
other bees to become agitated
and not just African bees,
European honeybees as well
With all the pollinators in the area
Do you have any idea how
many bees that could be?
Dang it. I told them not to go out today
It's Cassidy's presentation,
Dylan's debut with his band
Maybe we'll get lucky and that
swarm will just y right over
And maybe they'll drop little jars
of honey with sympathy notes
This year's Honey Festival is the best by far
We have a bench for all ladies
For the kids, we have free meals and rides
Remember, with the purchase
of any two jars of honey
You receive a Honey patched
T-shirt absolutely free
Three years? It's just...
I never would have thought that you...
You look so young
It's a great company
to work for, Meglo Mart
I mean they've been so successful
Hey thanks
A bee swatter
Pretty nice
Little bees
So, would you like to see
a little bit of our little town?
You have 2 days to choose everybody
Making their debuts on main stage
We're proud to present
Sumas' own "Sky Rider"
Where's Dad?
I'm sure he'll be here any minute
He wouldn't want to miss this
Unit one to base, come in, base
Unit one, there's no one at base.
We're all down here at the fair
Wait a minute, Lyndon, is that you?
Yeah, this is me, Slim
I'm glad you called
Look, we need to get that
police car back
Well, how about... I just drive it
over there, right now, Slim, huh?
Now? Sure, all right
Ah! Slim, you don't happen to have any
bees over that way right now, do you?
- Killer bees!
- Slim! Slim. Are you there?
Killer bees!
Go! Get inside!
Bees! Killer bees!
Okay. I want everybody to remain calm
Please, whatever you do, do not panic
I would like everybody to make their way
slowly towards the parking lot
Do not panic. It's...
Just remain calm, all right?
Get away
I have a terminal illness Lyndon
so it doesn't make much of
a difference what happens to me
but you might want to think twice
about what you're about to do
although I've heard these guys in Vienna
are pretty close to finding a cure
Someone's going to have
to get that rail road light fixed
Slim, what's your 20?
By the barbecue
Slim, where is my family?
I don't know
- The bees... where are the bees?
- I don't know
Damn, my first day as sheriff,
and it's a total freak show
Where were you during all this?
I tried to warn them,
but they wouldn't listen
They just panicked and ran
in every direction
and then I hid in one of them trucks and
when I came out, everybody was gone
All right, Slim, I want you to go check
farm implements and dairy home
I'm going to cover livestock and poultry
and then the young agrarians hall
All right
This is so weird
Wait a second. Do you hear that?
I found them
Looks like they must have
run inside the hall for shelter
The bees are calm now
Busy forming a new colony
but if we disturb them, they will
sting everything that moves
and we've got to keep them inside
or they'll swarm again
Look who I found
I made Mom bring me
It's okay. It's okay... Hey
I'm glad you're safe
This is all my fault
I'm scared, Mom
All right, so what are
we going to do?
That is one enormous super
If I were trying to pull honey out of there
I would just fill it up with smoke
Okay. Slim... here's the keys to the 4x4
Look, we don't have
to do that now
Would you just listen to me?
I want you to go to the squad car
and grab all of Riley's bee equipment
and bring it back here now
Oh, okay, I get it
Look, I don't want you to worry, okay?
I'm going to get your mother
and your sister out of there
I'm going in
No it should be me
Whoever goes in there
is going to get stung
With the immunity my
system has built up
my body can probably withstand 20
times the lethal dose of bee toxin
Whereas with your family history
Mom, they're making a hive,
and we're in the middle of it
Don't disturb them
Oh, hey, hey, are you okay?
- Just a little tremor
- What's the matter?
That last episode I had,
I'm still not over it
Well, why didn't you tell me?
With me, there's always something wrong
I can't let you go in there
Just let me go. I have nothing to lose
- You have a family who needs you
- I don't know
I'm going in there
What's the worst that
can happen? I get stung?
I can think of a heck of a lot worse
Look, let me tell you something
lfl let you go in there,
I don't want any heroics, okay?
You be careful
I will be. Don't worry
Let's kick some killer bee butt
It's her, Mom! It's Riley
Get a hold of yourself, girl
0k. Two or three at a time
Go ahead. Don't disturb the bees
Don't worry. She'll get to us
Come on
Slow down, slow down. Slow
Slow down
Inside. Inside the building
Run for the car! Now!
I can't see!...
Hey, that's them
It sure is. Riley must've gotten to them
Something ain't right
What do you mean something isn't right?
What are you talking about?
That's Morse code.
They're sounding out an 8.0.8.
What are we going to do?
Looks like I have to go in there
What do you mean you've got
to go in there, Dad?
- The place is just crawling
- Just calm down, Dylan
And run and get me that
other beekeeper suit. Now!
You know, if we had a ame thrower,
we could just burn them out
Burn them out...
You know Sheriff Slim, that might just be
the smartest thing you've said all day
- It is?
- I mean, it's a bit radical, but...
We're going to start us
a little fire of our own
Look for the keys
Thanks, Slim
Oh, by the way, did I ever
mention that I was afraid of bees?
Hey, don't do anything
stupid, okay? Just...
- get Mom and Cass out
- I will, son
And Riley
I'm gonna go get everybody out
Time to burn
I'll be right back
Hey, Dad. Dad, all the firemen
are really impressed
That was a wicked stunt
Well, it's easy when
they leave the keys in the visor
- He';
- He';
I thought you were afraid of bees
Well, I thought we'd lost her
for a minute back there
Sony to disappoint, Doc
Sure an awful lot of stings you took
Maybe enough to put
the MS into remission
Well, wouldn't that be something?
Thank you for everything
Hey, Cassidy?
While I'm recuperating, I'll need
someone to watch over my supers
Do you know any good beekeepers?
Dad could I?
Oh, I don't know. We'd better check
with your Mom about that one
Hey, Sheriff!
I've got some bad news
What is it now, Slim, giant locusts?
With the bee scare, the Meglo Mart
people are pretty shaken up
They're stopping all future
development plans for Sumas
They're pulling out!
You're really good with the bees, honey
When processed, wheat typically
yields what percentage of our?
40 percent
What's your Mama's birthday?
Come on, Dad
It's March 11th.
Write it down
Think we've seen the last
of those bees?
From where I stand, son, there's
nothing but clear skies ahead