Killer Body Count (2024) Movie Script

Is it supposed to
feel like that?
Like really good?
No, like really weird.
Like really good weird?
Everyone just makes such a big
deal about their first time,
especially here, but...
I don't feel any
hellfire raining down.
I don't see God getting
ready to smite us.
Smote us? Whatever.
I guess I don't see
what the big deal is.
What was that?
Relax. The tent flap came loose.
-Uh... Kev? -Yeah?
You set the tent up, right?
Nah, Todd did it last week
when we all first got here.
Come here, baby, let
me keep you warm.
I think I'm supposed to tell you
that... you're a really nice guy,
and that if this were anywhere but
here, we could see what happens.
But, uh...
I don't really
know you that well.
And this place sucks. I just wanna do
what I have to do and then get out.
[girl] Oh, no! No!
No! No! No!
Let thy gracious body broken
Let thy blood
in mercy poured
Let thy gracious body broken
Be to me, O gracious Lord
Of thy boundless
love the token
Thou didst give
thyself for me
Now I give myself to thee
-The body of Christ. -Amen.
Thou didst die
that I might live
Blessed Lord, thou
cam'st to save me
All that love of
God could give
Jesus by his sorrows gave me
By the spear...
Harsh! Cami.
What did I do?
- You got me into trouble.
- Well, it's not my fault you were busted.
Father Tim totally saw
what you were doing, too.
It's not cool. He never
punishes the boys.
It's all good.
You know, Tim just, uh...
found us a new spot to make out.
[Cami] I...
I thought we were
gonna try me this time?
Uh, I hear you,
and I respect you.
But... the last, like, three times
we've gone for it you haven't...
-Don't say that, Cami.
Not in his storage room.
I just... I... wanna
feel it myself.
I've never... whatevered
with anyone before.
I thought I was your first?
Look, I... I wanna make you...
you know.
But, I gotta get mine first, you know.
That's just... that's the way it goes.
It really isn't. How about this.
I try to do it
myself. You can watch.
Then we could both,
at the same time?
My mom says that ringing the devil's
doorbell is a guaranteed ticket to hell.
But if He didn't want you to come
in, why did he put one there?
I am so sorry for Cami's
behavior, father. I...
I've... tried to figure out
why she does what she does.
All I keep coming
back to is... is...
Her mother.
[Father Tim] Death...
seems so cruel to those
of us left behind,
but it's even crueler to those who don't
cherish the life that God's given them.
I have been thinking since
you first came to see me
about how we can
help your daughter.
I'll take anything.
Beautiful Savior
Treatment Center.
One of our neighboring parishes recently
opened a treatment facility down south.
Their mission was to create
a safe place where...
young people could explore the
root of their issues and...
find their path back to God.
It's not a facility I
recommend to everyone.
It's... It's
reserved for more...
complicated disciples.
- A treatment facility?
- Well, yes. For Cami's addictions.
No. No, Dad, that's
crazy. I can't go there.
- How long will she be there?
- It's difficult to say.
It all depends on Cami's
willingness to change.
-Hello, there! -Hello, there!
You must be Cami. Oh, my!
Look at how sweet you are!
The sweetest.
- I'm Tawny, this is my brother, Eugene.
- Older brother.
-But I run this place.
-And I help.
Mr. George. My pleasure. Thank you for
letting us look after your precious gift.
May I?
Let's pray together.
Jesus, please find your
way into Cami's heart.
Keep the devil and all
his demons away from her,
and protect her from the
sins of the flesh. Amen.
- [Eugene] Amen. In Jesus' name.
- [Tawny] Follow us.
- [Brian] Nice place you got here.
- Thank you, we love it so much.
We grew up here, running through
the grass, climbing the cliffs.
We've been blessed by this land. It's
been in our family for generations.
After our father passed, our uncle,
Father Luke, built a training camp
for teens, future priests and
nuns, back when we were young.
-But, then, some kids...
-Got sick...
Something in the
water. Zebra mussels.
But they're all cleared up and now we can
serve our purpose once more, praise Jesus.
-Praise Jesus.
-[Brian] Praise Jesus.
Come on, let's take
you on the grand tour.
The girls' rooms are
in the main building,
but over there that's
where the boys' cabin is.
And over there,
thats our cabin.
- [Cami] You don't go home after work?
- Sweetie, this is our home.
We have a private
chapel on the grounds.
And this grotto is the spiritual
heart of our community.
You, uh... you mentioned boys?
I wasn't aware this
is a co-ed facility.
Don't you worry, Mr. George. Eugene and
I supervise the children during the day,
and we lock the dorms at night.
This isn't Christian mingle.
We keep the kids on a
very structured schedule.
Up at 06:00 a.m. every morning.
The boys forage for ingredients
and the girls, they make breakfast.
Teaches both sides what
the Lord expects of them.
Then after breakfast, we do a
Christian-developed style of yoga.
-Christian yoga? -Mm-hm.
That new-age hooey yoga isn't
in line with Jesus' teachings,
so the church developed Jehoga.
The kids then come here to pray,
and in the afternoons they
go to their group sessions.
[Eugene] Following that they
have one-on-ones every other day.
We do joint sessions between boys
and girls a few times a week,
to teach the kids that they can
learn to control temptation.
Interesting sign.
Thank you! Eugene designed it.
It's our motto. "Breathe,
Worship, Commit".
-Breath? -Breathe.
Mr. George, Cami.
This is Daniel.
[Daniel] Hey.
-Camilla... Cami. Hi. -Dan. Hey.
[Tawny] Daniel, shouldn't
you be in chapel?
Sorry, Ms. Thompson, I had to run
back to my room to grab my Bible.
The boys are asking about a
campfire tonight. Can we have one?
Yes. Go round them up,
gather some firewood,
I'll find some crackers
and some marshmallows,
and we can have some s'mores.
All right.
See you around, Cami.
Come on. Lots more to see.
This building's been empty
for almost twenty years,
so when we got the go-ahead to re-open,
we had to shuffle all the storage around.
Its still a work in progress,
but we have big plans.
The girls wing is through here.
That's as far as I go.
It's not right for a man
who's not a husband or father
to enter a women's chambers.
This way.
You'll be sharing a room
with Wyatt. She's...
You two will get along
well... I'm sure.
What's the Wi-Fi password?
Hey! Give it back!
No phones allowed in the dorms
during treatment. It's the rules.
-Like hell it is -Language.
[Brian] Cami...
Give the woman your phone.
No way. I need it. What
if there's an emergency?
We have a landline in our cabin.
-What's a landline?
-[Brian] Cami!
- Stop acting like a child.
- Oh, I'm acting like the child?
You're the one dumping me here
instead of actually talking to me!
-Give me the phone. -No.
-Cami. -Brian...
- It's mine. I paid for it.
- You can have it back when you're better!
It has all my
pictures of Mom on it.
Are you really gonna
take that away from me?
I can't do this. Not today.
What are you waiting for then?
You've done your duty.
You've dumped me here in
the middle of nowhere,
with people I don't know,
to fix some non-existent thing
that doesn't need fixing.
-I only want what's...
-What's best for me.
The only thing that's
best for me right now...
is you leaving.
I'm sorry. I...
I'll give this to
Tawny for safekeeping.
It's usually not this sad.
Come on, guys. We're supposed
to be gathering firewood.
If God didn't want us to peep, why
did He put this pipe in the wall?
It's just an old pipe.
Dude, my pipe is withering
away as we speak.
-Oh, yeah? -Move!
I wonder if she's
the final girl?
-The what?
-The last intake girl.
My pastor said they were only accepting
a few people into the program.
I hope there's a few more.
I need to up my body count,
and God knows Catholic sex
rehab is the place to do it.
Isn't that the opposite
of why we're here?
For all that you've
got going on in here,
there's not a ton
in here, is there?
I just want to be a better
person. I don't wanna be damned.
Tell that to the, what,
thirty chicks you've fucked.
Twenty-nine and a half.
How is there a half?
Well, this one chick, right?
She was a shark-attack...
-Go, go, go! -Oh, shit!
- I'm Cami, by the way.
- [girl1] Yeah, we know.
So what's your sin? Caught giving
a handjob to one of the choir boys?
[girl2] Maybe it was
the whole choir...
[girl3] Was it butt stuff?
I bet it was butt stuff.
Oh, my God! Don't tell
me you're embarrassed?
We're all here for the
same thing, you know.
[Tawny] Group
sessions are at three.
[Wyatt] I thought it was Jehoga time?
I've been perfecting my Magdalene pose.
I appreciate your
dedication. Now sit down!
Firstly, everyone
say hi to Cami.
She's the last girl we'll
be welcoming in this group.
Now, I know one more
girl makes this a party,
but I need to remind you we're
not here for fun and games.
This is serious business.
The devil has you
girls within his grasp,
and it's my job to make
sure he doesn't get you.
Let's dive on into
today's chapter.
Thessalonians, chapter
four, verses three and four,
"It is God's will that
you should be sanctified,
that you should avoid
sexual immorality,
that each of you should learn
to control your own body
in a way that is
holy and honorable."
Wow! Powerful stuff.
What does it mean to you, Bree?
That... we shouldn't have sex?
And why not? Mia?
Because it's immoral?
Because doing it before marriage
is disrespecting our bodies.
Very good, Ali.
I'm so glad you've
all been listening.
These sessions are important
for us to recognize God's love,
and how He only wants
what's best for us.
Isn't that right, Wyatt?
"The acts of the
flesh are obvious,
sexual immorality,
impurity and debauchery,
idolatry and witchcraft, drunkenness,
orgies, and homosexuality.
I warn you that those who live like this
will not inherit the Kingdom of God."
[Tawny] Sound familiar?
Witchcraft and orgies? How did
you know what I did last Thursday?
Also, that's not
how the verse goes.
You added a word.
You poor little lamb.
You follow a chain of command,
God, then your father.
And one day, your husband.
But your poor father, he's lost his
way. And in turn, he's lost you.
"Honor thy father." It's
written in these very pages.
Those very pages also say parents
should eat their children.
You know these passages
well, don't you?
[Tawny] Then you should know
what they say about you.
About all of you.
You girls...
You're the whores of Babylon.
You destroy every man that you
touch, father or otherwise,
without regard for them.
Without regard for God.
His wrath is no laughing matter.
And you better all be careful,
because you may just meet it here.
You can all pray for
forgiveness in the chapel.
Hopefully it's not too
late to save your souls.
Sorry you had to experience the
wrath of Tawny, without warning.
It's hard to believe her
and Eugene are related.
He seems a lot less... intense?
They're both nuts.
Look at this place.
- This is where they grew up.
- [Mia] Well, I heard they like to fuck.
That is disgusting.
They're brother and sister.
So? Doesn't the Bible allow it?
Uh, no. Check Leviticus.
Genesis says it's okay.
Gross! How do you know that?
My dad made me write out
passages as punishment.
I think I've written the whole
Bible a million times over.
Okay, know-it-all. Have you heard
about the bloodbath that happened here?
Not this again.
Cami hasn't heard it yet.
She doesn't know about
the ghost in the woods.
You mean the Holy Spirit?
Twenty years ago, in 2004,
before any of us were even born,
a 17-year-old priest in
training went off the deep end.
He killed all the other kids,
the priests, the nuns, everyone.
All because he thought
that instead of praying,
they were fornicating.
He saved Father Luke for last,
Tawny and Eugene's uncle.
They were here when it happened.
They hid under their beds, in their
cabin, until the massacre was done.
They saw their uncle
ripped from chin to groin
by a holy dagger blessed
by the pope himself.
That explains a lot, actually.
Afterwards, when the kid
had realized what he'd done,
he ran off into the woods
screaming and crying and bloody.
Tawny and Eugene snuck out
of the cabin and got help,
but they caught one
last glimpse of him.
Apparently, he looked like
the devil had taken over him.
So, the cops came, and they
took away all the bodies,
they closed the camp,
but no matter how hard they
looked, they could never find...
The murderous teenage priest!
Tawny and Eugene were the only survivors,
and the Church covered the whole thing up.
But the killer's
still out there.
And he only wants one thing...
The blood of whores.
So, this priest's just been hanging
out in the woods for 20 years
waiting for the center to
reopen so he can kill again?
Dude's in his late thirties
now. I doubt he has the energy.
Oh, my God, Cami, you really
don't have to be such a buzzkill.
Hi, girls. Pack it up.
It's boy prayer time.
Favorite of yours?
I hid it while they took
everything from my luggage
that wasn't virtuous
enough for them.
Like your cellphone?
Though, who would
I call? The cops?
And tell them my grandma shipped me
off to some weird-ass treatment center
in the middle of nowhere
after being caught...
doing what we all
did to get here.
How long have you been here?
Six days. No clue when I'm out.
Yeah, they haven't
told me that either.
Very... Especially with a
killer ghost on the loose.
Ali and I got here
on the same day.
She's told that story every
time someone new comes.
Bree's the only one who
believes her, though.
Yeah, what's their deal?
Bree got here five days ago and instantly
flocked to Ali like a moth to the flame,
and Mia's been here the longest.
Two weeks?
What about the boys?
What about the boys?
Dan's kinda hot.
He looks like if
Jesus drank kombucha.
I'm kinda into it.
Well, makes sense why you're
in Catholic sex rehab, then.
Does it, though? I feel
like I haven't done anything
outside of what a normal
girl should be doing.
You haven't. It's the institution
that thinks they know better than you.
So, when they meet
people who challenge it,
they use whatever they
can to silence them.
We better not be quiet then.
Wanna break some rules?
[Wyatt] What are
you looking for?
[Cami] I need my phone.
[Wyatt] You're not a
technophile, are you?
No, I have some stuff on
there that I don't wanna lose.
[Cami] No phones.
[Wyatt] Tawny might
have them in her cabin.
[Cami] You know the way?
[Wyatt] Sure, but, can't leave the
dorms. They lock us in at night.
Are you coming?
-[Wyatt] That isn't?
-[Cami] It can't be?
[Cami] Shit! Shit! Shit!
I don't see anything.
Must be those squirrels again.
[Wyatt] I may never recover.
[Cami] That wasn't
Eugene. No way.
My ears are bleeding.
So much for rehab!
Do you think we should go?
Where you going?
To the shower.
Finish myself off.
You mean...
You didn't...
-[Mia] If you have to ask me.
-Well, uh...
-Try again. -No, thanks. Bye.
Okay, okay, okay.
It is okay that she left.
It's okay that I'm
feeling bad about it.
It's okay to not be okay.
Who's that?
Who's there?
What the...
Is that you, Chris?
Weird kink, man, but...
I'm into it.
This isn't funny, man. You're
killing my post-fuck high.
[Cami] Please...
-Cami? -Get help!
He killed one of the boys.
[Cami] Ali, no!
There's no one out there.
[Ali] Sorry.
What the hell?
The devil?
A man in a mask.
It's not that we don't believe
you, Cami. It's just...
We don't believe you.
Why would I make
something like that up?
Go to the boys' side. Go see
if one of them is missing.
-Call the fucking police.
-[Tawny] Language.
What boy?
I don't know his name.
Ask Mia. She was there
before it happened.
What I don't understand
is how you got outside?
[Eugene] Mia, can you tell
us what happened tonight?
I don't know. I've been
in my room all night.
-What the fuck, Mia? -Language!
Tell them the truth.
Tell them you were out there.
Ask someone else. Ask Wy...
Did someone else sneak out?
All right, girls, go
to bed. Everybody, now!
I know girls like you like to
make things up for attention.
-I'm not making it up.
-Cami, quiet.
Liars have no place
at God's side.
I'm not lying.
I'll show you where it happened.
He killed him right here.
I... I saw it. I...
I want to call the police.
[Tawny] For what, sweetie?
There's nothing here.
[Eugene] Let's get you back to
your room. It's been a long day.
A good sleep will do you well.
I should've warned you.
You don't know what
they've done to us.
There's something not
right about this place.
The devil followed me here.
I have to get out of here.
We can't tonight.
Tawny and Eugene
will be watching.
So? Fuck them.
Let's run the hell out of here.
I've tried. It's
not that simple.
The only thing we can
do tonight is stay put,
and I'll show you everything
I've found tomorrow.
Can you stay?
[Mia] So... Uh, so,
Rob. Rob laid me down
and just went in.
-[Mia] And I...
-[Cami] Where's Wyatt?
Wyatt's with Tawny, doing
her daily one-on-one.
Because Wyatt needs
extra attention.
Never mind Wyatt, I wanna
hear about last night?
Did you really see Rob naked?
How big was it on a scale
from thumbtack to bratwurst?
Ask Mia.
I'm sorry. Look,
Tawny scares me.
But... I'm glad you're okay.
I saw a guy you fucked get
murdered by a man in a devil mask.
I'm far from okay.
You do know I made
that story up, right?
Like, there isn't actually
some horny priest out there
lusting after the
blood of whores.
I know what I saw.
Okay, um...
Let's just say, for one second,
you haven't fallen off the Ark,
why did the devil
kill Rob and not Mia?
I don't know. Mia left,
and then he killed Rob.
If I hadn't screamed, maybe he
would've killed Mia as well.
Or... Maybe he only
kills people who...
You know.
Um, run marathons?
Oh! Go into anaphylactic shock!
Get off.
[Ali] Oh!
So Rob did and you didn't?
I need a palette cleanser.
Where you going?
Oh, it'll be worth your while.
Promise. Just... come on.
Your face is priceless.
Go on. It get's better.
The new girl is a solid nine.
Great body. Nice hair.
Would absolutely bone.
I've banged hotter than that.
You guys need to
look beyond the body.
What's her intellect like?
Her kind heart.
[Chris] Who gives a fuck?
Wait... Is that your secret?
Asking girls about
their feelings and shit?
Have you guys seen Rob?
Or did he get caught
sneaking out again?
If he did, then Eugene's making
him copy scripture pages.
Hey, Dan, will you
lather my back?
No, man, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go find Rob.
Uh, I can lather you up?
See something you like?
[Ali] Shit! Run!
[Eugene] Girls!
Where were you?
[Eugene] Girls?
[Eugene] Girls!
Come on.
[Cami] The fence!
We can climb over!
-[Wyatt] No! Don't!
-[Cami] What the...
[Wyatt] Stay back!
[Cami] What?
Like I said, there's
no getting out of here.
You see that?
[Wyatt] Follow me.
What is this place?
Found it on my first day
when I tried to bust out.
I thought the electric fence might be
controlled through here, but it's not.
I've search this place from top to bottom
and I can't find where the power goes.
Did you find a phone?
[Cami] What about
another way out?
This fence can't wrap around the whole
perimeter? This place is too huge.
I've searched miles this
way and miles that way.
Where there's no
fence, there's cliffs.
There's no way out.
[Man] They might've
come in here.
- Who else knows about this place?
- I haven't brought anyone here.
Oh! Jiminy Christmas!
Shit! I'm so sorry.
I'm fine. I'm... I'm good.
Nice place, Wyatt.
Is this your fuck shack?
How did you find this place?
We heard Eugene chasing after you
guys, and I'd spotted Cami, so I...
followed her here.
And I followed him.
Kinda hoped this would lead to
a threesome, but... whatever.
I can work with four.
Maybe even five?
-Dude! -What?
-I'm down. -My man!
I have to talk to
you guys about Rob.
Do you know where he is?
A man in a devil mask
murdered him last night,
and Eugene and Tawny
are covering it up.
Why would they do that?
I don't know, but we have to get out of
here. There is a killer on the loose.
A masked killer? Really?
This isn't some '80s slasher.
[Toby] The call isn't coming
from inside the house.
If there's weird shit
going on then just leave.
We can't. The fence
is electrified.
Electrified! Are there
dinosaurs on the loose, too?
You all have been here
longer than I have.
You have to know something
weird's going on.
Yeah... Sometimes I do feel
like I'm being watched.
In the shower.
Uh... We have to find help.
I think our phones are in
Eugene and Tawny's cabin.
We have to get them back.
Okay, but how do we get in
there without getting caught?
During supper, you
guys distract Eugene.
Wyatt, keep Tawny busy.
I will break into the
cabin and call for help.
-Okay, yeah. We can do that, yeah?
-Hang on!
I mean, there has to be some explanation
for everything that's going on.
Are we really jumping to
murderer on the loose?
- How do you explain Rob?
- He went home. He's cured!
How about we figure all this out
after we get the fuck out of here?
This was our favorite
place growing up.
Eugene and I would spend
hours here every day, praying,
laying in the grass
talking about our future.
It's a place of reflection.
It's a place to ask
for forgiveness.
Who else was out there?
And who else was
spying on the boys?
And how did you find the cabin?
No takers?
It was me. I found the cabin.
I led everyone there.
And you brought them there to...
Wyatt too?
I've wanted to fornicate
with Wyatt, also.
-That's not true. -It is.
It was just me.
The others had
nothing to do with it.
-Cami... -Quiet!
The four of you will be
punished accordingly.
But first, you need to watch
the punishment Jezebels receive.
Tawny, maybe something else will be better
for Cami? Like cleaning the chapel...
Cami needs to know how
things work around here...
Take your pants off.
This should be easy for
you. Take them off. Now.
No! You don't fucking touch me!
No! No, no, no, no. No!
[Cami] No!
-Don't! Get off me!
-Do you wanna be next?
Stay here, on your knees
just as Jesus' disciples did,
to show humility, and
think about your choices.
If you move an inch, I'll
strip you as bare as the day
you crawled out of
your mother's womb,
and make the others join
you. Do you understand?
Do you understand?!
Eugene. Take the others
to clean the chapel.
God's disappointed in
you, Cami. And so am I.
You can do better.
I have faith in you.
I need the little boys' room.
You guys finish up here,
and then back to your dorms.
I'll call you later for dinner.
There's nothing we could've done.
She wanted to take the fall.
We shouldn't have let it
happen. They're torturing her.
She seems like a
strong-willed person.
- I'm sure she'll get through this.
- Strong-willed is one word for it.
- What about the plan?
- It's still on. We gotta get out of here.
We should stick together, bro.
I'll catch you guys later.
- Theres a killer on the loose!
- He said, she said.
[Tawny] God's
disappointed in you, Cami.
[Brian] Cami's addictions...
You're better than that...
[distorted voice]
Cami's addictions.
[Cami] No, Mom.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You are freakishly strong.
Thank you. I work out.
Did you skip dinner,
like I asked?
-Yeah. -Yeah?
Listen, if that's because you're
wanting to stick something up my ass...
I'm open to it.
So, um, I was thinking...
It would be really hot if, you
know, you went... downtown.
I did that already.
It's not my fault
you couldn't come.
I was nervous, okay?
You're just so goddamn
beautiful and...
All I've done...
ever since I've
been here is give,
just like God wants.
When is it my turn to receive?
It's just, you
know, I've never...
I've never...
Never what?
God, just shut up...
and eat it.
How did no one hear that?
Old building. Thick
walls, I guess.
So, you're not
gonna toss my salad?
Have you seen what
happens if I get caught?
Like, have you not realized it's worse
for the girls than it is for the boys?
I mean... that's life, Ali.
I will see you later.
No! No! Fuck!
Someone! Help me, please!
Someone help me, please!
No, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no,
please! Oh, no, no, no!
Please! Please! Please! No, no!
[Eugene] Daniel.
Are you pre-gaming Jehoga?
I gotta keep you on your toes.
Let me show you my
John the Baptist pose.
It flows so nicely into
the Crucifixion pose.
I can't believe
the ghost is real.
Did I will it into reality?
For the last fucking
time, it's not a ghost.
Hey! You fucked
Chris last night,
and now, Chris is dead.
-Maybe you're the killer.
-Excuse me?
- Yeah! You slept with all the dead boys!
- How the hell do you know that?
Because all your sloppy
seconds told me so.
-The killer is a guy.
-So, it's Eugene?
Tawny's the puppet master
and Eugene's the puppet?
[Cami] Tawny's sadistic enough.
Eugene? No, I don't
think he would do it.
So who else could it be?
I take offense to that.
The plan is back on.
I need to get into Eugene and Tawny's
cabin. The phones are there...
Chris is with God now.
A terrible accident.
- But we believe he did not suffer.
- He was crushed to death.
How is that an accident?
God works in mysterious ways.
Are the cops coming?
- What about our parents?
- They're coming tomorrow.
So, in the meantime, we're going to
stay here, pray, and read the Bible.
It'll be a hoot!
Why can't we leave now?
Walk out that front door?
- It's not that simple.
- How's walking out a door not simple?
-We have rules.
-Fuck your rules!
-The Holy Spirit's gonna kill us.
We're all gonna die!
The church has
protocols in place.
No one leaves
without permission.
Permission from who?
Look, you kids are
all here for a reason.
We need to maintain a schedule
until your parents come.
Oh, sweetie, it's
okay. Come here.
Can we, um, talk privately?
[Tawny] Of course.
I'm feeling really
emotional, as well.
Oh, uh...
Okay, um... Follow me.
Okay, what can we do to...
Leave it open a crack.
Just to let the Lord in.
So I wanted to talk
to you about Tawny.
If this is about yesterday at the
grotto... I don't condone that.
My sister is the strongest person I know.
She's looked after me since day one.
She runs this place, so I do what
she asks and I stay out of her way.
She's had a hard life...
We both have.
But she's only like that
because she truly believes.
What do you believe in?
What do I believe in?
I believe in God, I think.
It's been part of my
life since the start,
so it's hard for me to
imagine a path without it.
What I don't believe in is hate.
And people who use the Bible to manipulate
and use it for their own agendas.
God loves everyone.
The church said that you'd all be
little devils that needed saving...
But you're good kids.
You're just trying
to figure it out.
I'm in the same boat myself.
I need your help.
The killer's back and
he's coming for all of us.
Back from where?
We need to get out of here.
[Dan] Help! Someone help
her, she's going crazy!
Back off! Or I'll
slit her throat.
Jumping Jehovah! Bree,
put the knife down.
No! Wyatt's the killer! I'm gonna
kill her before she kills me!
[Eugene] Everybody stay calm.
Relax, Bree, please.
Listen to me...
Eugene! You've gotta help
us. She's gone crazy!
[Eugene] I am helping!
I don't wanna get murdered!
- Dan! Cami! Get back here!
- No! Eugene, I'm the one with the knife!
Pay attention to me!
Come on.
A phone!
Do you know how to use this?
- Uh, yeah. I saw it on Stranger Things.
- Oh, yeah... Right.
Oh shit, it doesn't work.
Our phones have to
be here somewhere.
-Yeah. -You start over there.
Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay... Come on,
come on, come on.
Come on, man.
I found our phones.
[Tawny] I'm going to kill her.
Shit! We have to hide!
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm sure there's a good
explanation for why they ran off.
She's probably having
intercourse with Dan right now.
Those little horned-up heathens.
I don't think Cami is
that kind of girl, Tawny.
Really? After
everything she's done?
Sometimes, Eugene, I wonder
which side you're on.
Yours, Tawny. Always yours.
Do you think the kids
know they're in danger?
What kind of idiot would think
Chris's death was accidental?
- We really need to call the police.
- No! I told you, no police.
What about the boys?
[Tawny] Let's wait until
we hear back from them.
Where'd they go?
- Is this really the right time?
- It'll take longer the more you talk.
"She is indeed my sister..."
The daughter of my father,
though not of my mother...
And she became...
"my wife!"
Come on, Eugene. Grab the stew.
- [Wyatt] Did you find our phones?
- Oh we found them all right,
burnt to a crisp.
What? Oh, my God.
You guys, Eugene and
Tawny are gonna kill us.
We need to leave, now.
[Tawny] There you are.
And what were you
two up to, I wonder?
I hate to say this, Cami...
but I truly believe
you can't be saved.
Let's try not to let
this ruin our supper.
Come on, everyone.
Take your seats.
We've prepared a good meal.
Join me in prayer.
Lord, bless this meal we are about
to eat and pray for your children,
as they need your guidance
now more than ever. Amen.
Dig in.
It's funny... this is our
last supper, isn't it?
We're a little short on
disciples, but that's okay...
there's more than one
Judas at this table.
You kids...
you're deviants,
jezebels, homosexuals...
you laugh in God's name as you run
about, fornicating and sodomizing
and doing whatever
it is you wanna do,
without realizing there
will be consequences!
The consequences
are here... Now.
And none of you have
proven yourselves worthy.
Are you okay?
Is that her tongue?
Cami, stop!
You killed our friends!
And you killed all those
kids twenty years ago!
Why does everyone
keep mentioning that?
This place shut down
because of zebra mussels!
- Why are you killing us?
- Don't ask me, ask God!
Let's go!
[Mia] Where we going?
- [Ali] Main gate's this way!
- [Cami] We can't get out this way!
- [Ali] We can damn well try!
- [Cami] I still have Eugene's keys!
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my
gosh. Oh, my gosh.
[Wyatt] Ali, no!
[Cami] I thought she
said it was electrified!
[Wyatt] The gate must not be.
[Cami] No!
-It's not opening!
-[Dan] Come on!
- We need a better plan.
- You're the one who led us here!
You're the one who said everything
was electrified when it's not!
- Hey! Fuck off!
- [Dan] Whoa, whoa! Guys, stop!
We need to keep moving!
There has to be something we
missed in that empty cabin.
There's power going into it.
Do you smell that?
Do you hear that?
Seriously? What
the fuck is that?
What are you doing?! What are you
doing? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- What the fuck was that?
- It was him. It was Eugene.
-Why was he wearing a mask?
-I don't know.
- And a monk's robe? And a...
- I don't know. I don't know!
[Dan] Cami!
-Dan. -Shh.
- What the fuck, Wyatt?
- We can't trust anyone.
Dan's been with
us the whole time.
Today, yes, but not when all his
friends were being slaughtered.
Think about it.
He was in the dorms all by himself
and didn't seem too disturbed by it.
We need to keep
moving. Where's Ali?
I thought she was with you?
What about the devil?
I don't know. I kept running
and didn't look back.
How far are we to the cabin?
I don't recognize any of this.
I think we ran the wrong way.
-Oh, my God. -It's fine...
If we double back and
stay low, he won't see us.
Of course he's gonna see us,
- he's back the way we came!
- Keep your voices down.
This is stupid.
Come on. Let's go.
I thought we had
something, Cami.
There's nothing here!
No, no. There has to
be, just keep looking.
Sorry, Cami. We're
gonna die here.
No, no, no... No, we're not.
Why are Tawny and
Eugene doing this to us?
What's so wrong with us
that they want us dead?
They're afraid of us.
Because we won't fall in line.
After my mom killed herself...
my dad joined the church.
I guess he was
looking for community.
You know, people who
understood his grief.
But he became a
different person.
Quiet. Uneasy.
The exact opposite of how he used to be,
and he tried to make me more like him.
Every time I messed up, he'd...
force me to go to church.
And then you needed to pray, and
listen, because God had all the answers.
My dad...
all the boys I've been with,
priests at church,
They never let me be
in control of anything.
Not my actions. Not
even my own body.
never even orgasmed, because I've
been too afraid of that release.
Of that vulnerability.
I'm not afraid anymore.
I know who I am.
That was...
[Wyatt] Go to hell!
[Cami] No!
[Tawny's voice] It's God's will
that you should be sanctified.
[automated voice] Please read the paper
in front of you, of your own volition.
I, Hugo Peterson...
father of Mia Peterson,
give my consent...
I, Jackie Carmichael...
mother of Bree Carmichael,
give my consent for her to be
treated in the manner necessary.
It's like there's
a little piece,
a tiny little piece of her soul,
that rotted.
I've failed him as a father,
and I... I know that this...
this is the only way.
I, Valerie King,
grandmother to Wyatt King,
give my consent to
treat her as necessary.
She's an embarrassment.
Everyone at church
knows what she is.
And they look down on me for it.
I am ashamed to
call her my blood.
[automated voice]
Please state your name
and read the signed
contract in your hands.
I... Brian George,
father of Cami George,
do hereby grant consent,
to treat my daughter
as necessary.
Cami. Thank God.
Help me, please.
Don't listen to him.
-Him and Tawny are in on it.
-Where's Wyatt?
- [Eugene] She's coming back. Save me.
- No! Save me! I'm your friend.
They said it was the
only way to fix you.
I don't want you to wind up
in hell with your mother.
[devil] They banded together
to create this place,
a place of sexual cleansing
from all the promiscuous youths
polluting our houses of worship.
They brought you here as a test.
To see if you could withstand
the temptation of flesh.
[the father] They failed.
They all failed.
They couldn't resist
their primal urges.
They gave themselves to those other
than their husbands and wives, and so...
they had to die.
God's lost his
grip on you, Cami.
Eugene and Tawny were your
last chances to be saved...
Cami, look out!
We were supposed to help
the kids, not kill them.
You call yourselves Christians?
You're nothing but heathens.
Go ahead, do your worst.
You're just as much a part of
this as the rest of us, Eugene.
[the father] You
poor, emasculated boy.
A sin is a sin,
regardless of the sinner.
But, you two...
are abominations.
[Eugene] Tawny!
[Eugene] No!
No! Tawny, no!
Ah! Taw...
-[Eugene] Tawny! No!
-You're the abomination.
You're killing innocent people.
[the father] Innocent? I
see no one innocent here.
[Cami] No! Let me go!
Get off me! Who
the fuck are you?
Father Tim?
Out of all of the parents...
you were the one
chosen to do this.
It is the only way.
This is the fee...
God demands be paid,
for our salvation.
For your daughter's
soul to be saved,
you need to destroy
her unclean body.
So, do it.
[the father] Save her.
Save her!
Unclean whore.
Another man, made pathetic
by the ways of a woman!
Tawny, no...
You, you're the worst
sinner of them all.
Your grandmother was
adamant that I send you...
straight to hell.
There will be no
saving your soul.
You will burn in
eternal hellfire.
Because God...
God hates...
Did someone say hellfire?
Oh, no! No!
No! No!
[Cami] Hey!
[another father] Who
the hell are you?
We're the whores of Babylon.