Killer Camera Monsters (2020) Movie Script

[Metallic clanking]
[Chains clanking]
[SD card clicks]
Well, now...
are we ready?
What are you doing to me?
You'll see.
Please let me go.
Please let me go.
What-- What are you doing?
Let's photo shoot.
- Please.
- [Camera shutter clicks]
Please let me go.
The Varner has definitely
more smooth a taste
and a full body.
It's stronger.
As for Volnay,
it's very light, it's feminine,
it's, uh, has a slight taste
of, uh, red berries in it.
I would recommend
Volnay for the daytime.
- We'll have that feminine one.
- So, Volnay?
- Yeah, we'll take the Volnay.
- Okay, one minute.
- Volnay.
- Volnay, huh?
Pete, this place is
really nice.
Yeah, I know, right?
Yeah, you know, I just--
After hearing all the stuff
that was going on with you and Sarah,
and her breaking up with you,
I just figured...
we'd come somewhere
nice where...
people won't step
on my fancy shoes.
ADAM: Mmm.
Is that the bottle?
PETE: Oh, yeah.
We'll pour that one.
Did you hear Jake doesn't have
any more work for me?
- PETE: No.
- Yeah.
He said I can't bring a guy on
for the next project,
which means that
plumbing job is out.
Maybe next time.
I'll let you know. Okay.
Did you hear Sarah's starting
her own photography business? Sh--
Oh, thank you.
Ah. Yes.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Hmm, this aroma. [Laughing]
- She stole all of the equipment, Pete.
- Really?
- Yes, all of the equipment...
and the clients,
when I was at work.
She just swept everything
out from under me, and now...
I have no idea
where I'm gonna even start.
You should get
a new camera--
yeah, something nice--
start up your own thing.
You know what?
You're right.
You are absolutely right.
I'm gonna call
the clients tomorrow.
There you go.
That'll work.
Why don't we, uh, finish off
this bottle of wine, and...
see if they got
anything cheaper.
WOMAN [On phone]:
Thank you for calling Stream Media.
Hello. Would you connect me
to Mr. Fukiyama, please?
- Sure, one moment.
- Thank you.
[Cell phone ringing]
- Mornin'.
- WOMAN [On phone]: Good morning, sir.
You have a call from Adam Jones.
It shows on the caller ID.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Go ahead, put him through.
This is Paul.
Mr. Fukiyama, it's Adam,
from the shoot last week
with Sarah, remember?
Oh, hey, what's up, Adam?
How ya doing? I remember you.
What can I do for you?
ADAM: Hi. I thought we could get together
and talk about some of your clients
and maybe have
lunch this week.
Ah, you know what? This week is not good.
I got a full schedule on my plate.
But why don't you and Sarah give me a call
next week? We'll set something up, okay?
Well Sarah and I are going
different directions business wise.
However, I would still love
to work with you,
so why don't we get together,
- talk about some of your clients...?
- Okay, hold on.
If you and Sarah aren't
working together anymore,
I really don't think there's
much reason for us to be talking.
Mr. Fukiyama, I will put
a full test run together
for your client
and you can show them.
Okay, stop, stop, um,
Adam, you're-- you're
really not understanding this.
See, the clients,
they like Sarah,
and your work individually
will not hold up,
so when you got something,
you let me know, okay?
All right. I gotta go.
Mr. Fukiyama?
Damn it.
Hello, Mr. Savari?
Hi, it's Adam Jones.
Just wanted
to touch base with you,
see if you have any
new clients or products.
Any projects you
might have right now,
I would be willing--
Just a test run at half the rate
to show you what I can--
No, Sarah is not
a part of this.
Damn it.
Berg Boulevard.
- [Ocean waves crashing]
- [Seagulls crying]
RUNE: Can I help you
with something?
Yeah, uh...
I was at the store
up on Berg Boulevard.
There was a sign
on the door that said,
"Come down
to the beach parking lot."
Yeah, that's me.
What are you looking for?
Uh, studio camera,
the Waikon.
Ah, yeah,
that's the best there is.
Come on.
Here you go.
Wow, this is, uh...
This is great.
Oh, yeah.
It's got 50 quad megapixels,
20 stop...
everything you need to be
a professional photographer.
I definitely want it.
And I'm sure you do.
Whats that?
No, I'm just saying, this is
a really special camera.
Well, uh, here's
the 700 dollars.
You can only take
photographs of people...
using natural light.
- All right?
- Yeah.
No, no, listen to me.
Natural Light.
If you try to take photographs
under artificial light, well...
[Chuckles] there might be
some unfortunate side effects.
You understand me?
Yeah, no artificial light. I got it.
Shut the door will ya.
[Camera shutter clicking]
God, these photos are amazing!
Pete, you gotta look
at these pictures, man.
Oh, did you get the camera?
I was just surfing online
for a really good deal
and this little shop around the corner,
they basically gave this to me.
Ah, that's sick.
Want me to take
some photos of you?
Oh, you want to use me
as a test dummy.
- Maybe.
- Okay, yeah, that's fine.
Just delete them afterwards.
Here, come into the light.
- Huh, "no artificial light" my ass.
- PETE: No artificial light?
Yeah, the guy
who sold it to me was, like,
"Don't take pictures in artificial light"
or something like that.
- That's stupid. Cameras need light.
- I know, right? That's what I said.
I'm gonna need
an assistant.
Don't look at me.
I got way too much on my plate.
Well, do you know anyone who might
be willing to work for free?
You know what? Actually, I do.
Uh, there's this girl named Olive.
- That's perfect.
- [Chuckles] Yeah, all right.
- Let me see these pictures.
- Yeah.
[City car horns]
[Motorcyle rumble]
Mmm, your work has
instantly gotten better.
Thank you.
This is just
a rough draft though.
Ah, I like it.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Adam is out?
- Yeah.
[Paul Sighs]
[Speaking japanese]
- The fuck does that mean?
- Let me finish.
[Speaking japanese]
It means,
happiness is rooted in misery,
and misery,
it lurks beneath happiness.
What does the future hold--?
Listen, this is important--
What does the future hold?
I read that
on a toilet paper.
OLIVE: Are you serious?
He is so geeky. [Laughs]
I love geeky.
- But why?
- They have huge brains.
- Yeah, I'm sure he has a huge brain.
- [Both laughing]
Should take a picture.
It'll last longer.
You must be Olive.
- Tina! It's good to see you.
- Hi.
TINA: You, too.
Pete tells me you are interested
in the assistant position.
Yeah whatever you have
would be great.
- Have a seat.
- Sure.
tell me...
- Olive.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [Olive laughs]
Why do you want to be
my assistant?
I just think it would be
a really amazing opportunity
and something, you know,
totally different for me.
Do you have any experience
as an assistant?
Not so much experience,
but I do have a ton of enthusiasm.
Yeah, great!
You're hired.
- Great!
- I have to tell you...
it doesn't exactly
pay right now.
- We're still getting things going, you know?
- Oh.
Oh, okay, I'm--
Well, I mean, I'm sure that's fine.
It'll pay
at some stage, right?
Yes, definitely.
So, we have to go through
the photos we just took.
Why don't you help me
call some potential clients?
Yeah, whatever you need.
How about you?
You wanna stick around?
Actually I was gonna head out.
Are you gonna be
home later?
Maybe later. I'll--
I'll see what happens.
Actually, probably just
going to my boyfriend's.
All right.
Well, I'll see you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- So what's next?
- Well, let's take some photos of you.
PETE: It's a new camera,
so I'm excited to see what it can do.
Yeah, that sounds fun.
[Olive chuckles]
[Camera shutter clicks]
[TV remote control click]
How much is this?
MAN [On TV]: I'll give it
to you for five bucks.
Honey, Steve, three bucks.
MAN [On TV]:
No. I said five. Five.
WOMAN [On TV]: Honey, I need
to save money for my husband.
[Pulsing dark music beat]
All right, let's go.
OLIVE'S BOYFRIEND: Here's some lotion.
Have fun with that hand, bruh.
Zombie Nurses from Jersey for me.
[SD card clicks]
[Coughing continues]
Babe, you okay?
[Coughing continues]
Some kind of new little game
we're playing down here?
Oh, yeah.
Act like animals?
Let's go.
- [Snarling]
- Exciting.
- [Quick scream]
- [Guttural growling]
[TV remote control clicking]
Hey, are you okay?
- [Shrieking]
- Holy shit!
- [Roaring]
- [Shrieking]
[Knife penetrates flesh]
- [Continuous knife stabbing]
- [Yowling]
[Birds chirping]
I want you to know I have
totally got this, Detective Locke.
I mean, totally.
I'm so ready for this.
What do you have?
I'm breaking her
the bad news, you know,
letting her know that her
friend kicked the bucket.
I'm a very sensitive guy.
There is no way I'm gonna let your
happy ass up there to tell this girl
her best friend's dead.
That explains why
she didn't come home last night.
Do you...
Do you know if Olive was into...
to drugs, anything?
- Drinking heavily?
- No.
No, she didn't use any drugs.
Um, not that I know of.
We drank.
She drank.
You said her boyfriend was killed?
And it seems
like she attacked him.
That's what we're
trying to figure out.
I mean, she was
so nice, and... small.
How long did you know her?
Uh, she moved here a...
a couple years ago.
Well, um...
If you think of anything else,
please contact me.
What happens to her now?
Not anything else I can go on
until we get new information.
That's it? You're not gonna
look into it any further?
Well, if you need somebody
to look into it further,
I would suggest hiring
a private detective.
Like who?
Where would I find one?
- I know a guy.
- [Pen scratches on paper]
Give him a call and...
I think he can help you out.
[Ambient city noises]
Hi. I'm looking
for Private Investigator Miller.
I bet you are, honey.
Go on in.
- He's down the hall to the right.
- [Door buzzer]
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
TINA [Sing-song]: Hello.
Hey, there.
TINA: I was looking
for Private Investigator Miller.
Yeah. Hey.
You come to the right place.
That's me.
Um, uh, yeah, come on in.
Uh, what can I do for you?
Have a seat.
I got your number
from a police detective.
My friend was killed and they say
they can't do anything about it.
Okay. Um, well...
do you have a picture of her?
You know, tell me about her.
Wow! Ho-ho-ho, yeah!
I mean, she's...
You know her?
Holy cra--
Right. That was inappropriate.
something just isn't right.
Uh, she did, actually,
just get hired.
She started working
as an assistant to a photographer.
Uh-huh. And how long was she
with this photographer?
TINA: Just a day.
Uh, maybe just a few
hours, actually.
Sh-- She just started
and then was killed?
Who was this, uh...
Who was this photographer?
His name is Adam.
Uh, his website is, uh...
Adams photography time.
Okay, um...
I can start
with talking to this guy.
TINA: Uh, so you'll help?
Well, I mean,
it's not for free.
I mean...
There's a price.
I am 60 an hour.
I can't pay that much.
MILLER: Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on,
fuzzy sweater girl who
I don't know's name. [Laughing]
Now, this is a very...
special case.
How about 30?
TINA: I don't know.
- Twenty-five, huh?
That's the lowest I can go.
Where's this guy work?
Uh, well, I can show you.
[Door closing]
[Fast food bag crinkling]
Turn it on...
All right.
[Door knocking]
[Door squeaks open]
ADAM: Hey.
I mean,
I guess that explains it.
I called her this morning
and left a message on her phone,
but then she just never showed up.
And you just met her, right?
Are-- Are you okay?
I don't even know what
to say about Olive.
I don't think
it's really hit me yet.
You work here alone, Adam?
Anyone else here with you?
Just me...
you know?
Because... Tina...
Tina just told me that you
broke up with your girlfriend.
Well, it's weird, because I don't see
any girlfriend-, you know, type things
lying around, you know,
like any, I don't know...
What are you getting at, hmm?
I'm just getting an idea
of where Olive was.
Yes, I did just break up
with my girlfriend,
and it wasn't
a very good thing.
You just saw her yesterday.
She didn't happen to mention,
you know, where she was going, or
what she was doing, or...
you know, anything fun?
Just that she was going to go
hang out with her boyfriend.
You're really close
to me right now.
Tina, is...
ADAM: Are you sure that there's
nothing that I can do for you?
Uh, yeah.
I just...
I think I need to spend
a little time alone right now.
MILLER: Oh. I, uh,
I will take you home. [Chuckling]
Mmm. Okay.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hello. This is Paul Fukiyama.
Mr. Fukiyama,
- it's Adam.
- PAUL: One second.
- No. [Indistinct] It's fine.
- Uh...
PAUL: Hey, Adam, look,
I know you're looking for work,
but we've already started working
with Sarah on two other projects.
But if you let me,
I think that I can--
[Phone disconnects]
ADAM: Paul?
Damn it, Sarah!
And let them know that I will
have those prints by tomorrow.
Hi. Can I help you?
I take it you're
the head honcho around here?
I tend to be.
What can I do for you?
I'm Miller, Private Investigator
Miller, of course,
as you can probably tell.
You were seeing a, uh,
young man recently, Adam?
What was he like?
He's harmless.
His new assistant was...
killed last night.
He had an assistant?
a real pretty one.
- Okay, so what can I do for you again?
- MILLER: Right.
Uh, what's your take
on his character?
He's a loser,
can't get his shit together.
That's why I left him.
And the last time you saw him was?
I don't know!
Maybe a couple days, a week ago!
Is there anything in particular
that I can do for you, Mr. Miller,
because I really have
things to today.
Whoa, whoa. Well, I can see why
he wasn't up to your standards.
- Oh, most men aren't.
- MILLER: Clearly.
Have a good day, Mr. Miller.
[Camera shutter clicking]
- Slight turn, Nicole.
- You seem a little distracted.
Are you okay?
My new assistant was
killed yesterday, and...
you know, just some...
other stuff.
Is there anything I can do
to make you feel better?
If you know anyone who wants to be
an assistant, that would be great.
- [Chuckles]
- Really use one.
Well we can forget
about that right now.
Come with me.
- Oh!
- I can make you feel better.
- Yeah? Okay.
- Yeah.
- Want to go for a spin? Yes?
- Yeah.
[Nicole giggles]
- Oh. Oh!
- Ooh!
- NICOLE: Yes.
- Ah-ha-ha.
- NICOLE: Ooh, nice tush.
- Thank you.
- NICOLE: Mmm. Oh!
- Ahh! Oh!
- NICOLE: Oh! Oh, yes! Whoo!
- ADAM: Oh, ho-ho. Oh!
Well... I gotta get going.
So I hope you'll have
my pictures ready.
[Door squeaks open]
[Door squeaks closed]
- [Bottle cap jangling]
- [SD card clicks]
ADAM: Fuck, she's hot.
And I'm angry
we spent money on it.
- That's... That's all I'm saying.
- Well, you spent money on it.
Yeah, thats why I'm angry.
She never smiles at me--
she's not friendly.
Yeah. She came over to ask
for sugar the other day.
- [Snarling]
- What?
- Yeah.
- Did you give it to her?
No, we have no sugar. I--
Wait did you drop something?
- [Snarling]
- She doesn't want our help at all.
She's so mean.
- Wait, you gave her sugar?
- [Growling]
- [Snarling]
- DENNIS: [Grunts] Hey, what are you doing?
- [Roaring]
- Ow! Ow! Help me!
Ahh! Not good, not good.
- Where are you going? This is not good.
- [Chewing and growling]
[Dennis grunts]
[Snarling and chewing]
NEIGHBOR: Jesus. Look at the blood.
What are you doing?
Holy shit, that's a lot of blood.
What are you doing?
- Hey, crazy bitch!
- [Snarling]
- Oh, I got this shit.
- [Gun cocking]
[Indistinct police radio chatter]
LOCKE: Detective Sherry.
What do you got
for me tonight?
Well, according
to the neighbor,
they were just walking by
when that one attacked them.
Heh, she ran away
while the boyfriend was being eaten.
Then came back with the other
neighbor and killed that one.
Said she looked
like some kind of monster.
LOCKE [Cynically]:
The boyfriend was being eaten?
That's what she said.
What's that over there?
SHERRY: The leg.
You're shitting me.
Here's a cell phone
it's the only thing we found
on the monster one.
Someone's coming.
Uh, I got this.
Uh, go over the witness statements
and see if we pick up
anything new.
Got it.
Miller... what the fuck?
This is a closed crime scene.
Oh, come on.
You gotta give me something.
This is, what,
three killings in a week?
What do you know
about the others?
Nothing. I'm just trying
to piece together some information.
Goodbye, Miller.
The last girl that was killed?
Her girlfriend hired me.
I'm just trying to help her out.
All right.
This is like the other ones.
Uh, the girlfriend said that...
that as they were coming back,
the attacker was in her car.
She comes out of there
bat-shit crazy.
They don't know why.
She attacks the boyfriend.
The girlfriend runs upstairs
and gets the neighbor, who has a gun.
They come back down
and confront the attacker.
Before they shot her dead, though,
they said that...
she looked like some...
a monster.
A mon--
What does that mean?
[Pshaws] I don't know,
some kind of Florida bath salt shit.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Is that her phone?
- LOCKE: Yeah.
- Can I check it out? Come on.
- Come on, Miller.
Don't make this
a habit all right.
G-- Go back.
You see anything in-- interesting?
MILLER [Non-chalantly]: Hmm. No.
Just regular girl stuff.
MILLER: I'll let you know...
if I, uh, if I get anything.
Oh, god.
Yeah, that's a leg.
[Ambient city noises]
- So how's the new business going?
- It's all right.
Shooting a guy this afternoon.
And, uh...
what about that new
assistant, Olive, huh?
- Mmm. [Chuckling]
- You didn't hear?
PETE: What?
She was killed.
- Killed?
- Yeah.
She just went nuts and killed
her boyfriend, and then,
she tried to kill his best friend,
but he killed her first.
PETE: Bu--
I mean, did you talk to the police
or... call anybody?
- Tina told me all about it.
- PETE: Huh.
- TINA: Hey.
- Hey.
There was a girl
killed last night.
Where was that?
At the apartments
off of 4th and Rockwell.
That is where the girl
that I shot yesterday lives.
Uh, is she okay?
Did you-- Did you call her?
I tried calling
her this morning
- and no one answered.
- [Pete sighs]
Two girls you know.
I don't know, man.
It's looking a little suspicious.
I'm just messing
with you, man.
[Lamborghini engine]
[Lamborghini revving engine]
[Lamborghini revving engine]
- [Camera shutter clicking]
- So good.
- [Camera shutter clicks]
- Could you just, like....
You know, could you...
flex a little bit, or...?
Ah, I need
to take a break.
I just need
to take a break...
- right now, please?
- Okay.
- Sure.
- Let's take a break.
Um, let's just take a look
at what we got, then.
Yes that'd be great
- [SD card clicks]
- So, my agent said
you just starting up
photography business, huh?
Sort of. I mean,
I was working with my girlfriend--
well, my ex-girlfriend--
and, uh...
she took all the clients.
Aw! Aw!
What a bitch.
Thank you?
How are these looking?
[Craig sighs]
Hey, you want something to drink?
There's stuff in the fridge.
Yeah, I think its time for a beer.
Do you mind if I take a peek?
Yeah, go ahead.
[Flamboyant cough]
[Coughing continues]
[Coughing continues]
[Guttural rasp]
[Snarling and growling]
[Roaring and snarling]
- [Shrieking]
- Hey, Craig.
- Oh, shit!
- [Roars and snarls]
Craig... Craig!
- Craig!
- [Snarling]
[Adam yells]
Craig, what the fuck is
wrong with you?!
- [Adam screaming]
- [Roaring]
- [Thwacking]
- [Roaring]
[Adam grunts and yells]
- [Thwack]
- [Adam yelling]
[Guttural panting]
- [Adam yelling]
- [Wet thwack]
Oh, gosh.
[Heavy exhaling]
Oh, god.
Uh, shit.
Uh, shit.
Aw, fucking shit!
[Door closing]
Oh, fuck.
Oh, god.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Okay. Okay.
Everything okay?
You okay?
No, no, no!
Don't die.
Don't die on me, baby.
You're okay
You're oka--
Yes! You're okay.
Oh, god, delete.
- [Camera beeps]
- ADAM: Oh, delete.
- [Camera beeps]
- ADAM: Delete.
- ADAM: Delete.
- [Camera beeps]
[Water running]
Ah, oh!
I need to buy
more soap!
It's just a egg.
It's just an egg!
[Indistinct police radio chatter]
Oh, Detective,
Private Eye Miller is
here to see you.
And uh... Ooh, uh, the neighbor
that called in the disturbance?
Uh, she didn't see anything.
There are, like,
10 houses you could check.
- What are you doing here Miller?
- Hey, just in the neighborhood.
Yeah, right.
What do you know?
Not much. Just...
they all seem to be actors.
Huh! Yeah, no shit.
We know that.
Hold on.
[Indistinct police radio chatter]
LOCKE: You go out there
and look at the neighbors.
- Neighbors?
- LOCKE: The neighbors.
- Question anything first...
- Right.
the neighborhood
neighbors, yeah.
Thank you.
[Door closes]
- Rookies.
- [Miller chuckles]
Thats an understatement.
So, any indication
of what happened here tonight?
No. We got here and it looked
like a donkey exploded.
Well, and we gotta model with his face
bashed in like a-- a cabbage.
We don't have a clue.
If you got any ideas,
let me know.
I mean, I'm just thinking,
you know, all these...
actors, models,
good-looking girls, fun...
Makes me wanna get
to know them as well.
- You've got issues, Mills.
- [Laughing]
I'm just giving you shit.
Hey uh, I'll catch up with you later.
- MILLER: All right.
- All right.
[Ambient city noises]
[News music intro]
In this quiet,
suburban neighborhood,
the police have just left
the scene of a third murder.
Reports are coming in
of mysterious killings
and people turning into what
some are calling, "monsters."
And with no evidence pointing
to anyone directly,
the police are still
without a suspect.
They have told us
that the few leads
they're looking into
are in their favor,
but at this time,
there's nothing more they can tell us.
Back to you, Bob.
So Adam's a modern-day
Dr. Frankenstein.
How's he doing it?
ADAM: I'm going places.
I took pictures, and that ain't too cute.
[Both drunk laughing]
ADAM: Yeah.
I took pictures of everybody.
I took pictures of, um...
this one girl.
She was on, like, uh, a seahorse.
And then I took--
I took pictures of Olive.
- Oh. Really?
- Yes.
Get the camera.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, hey, hey,
yeah, hey!
I want to.
Oh, I can't see.
TINA: Nice place.
Ah. Hey.
[Both laughing]
Okay, you ready?
- Ah, that's good.
- [Camera shutter clicking]
- That's great.
- Oh, duckface.
Ooh, you're
a big-time photographer.
- I'm a model.
- ADAM: Big-time photographer.
- ADAM: Oh, my goodness.
- Are you gonna make me a star?
- ADAM: I'm gonna make you--
- [Laughing]
I-I'm gonna make you so famous.
- Mmm.
- [Laughing]
Oh, my goodness.
Do you wanna look at these?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
TINA: Mmm.
- Whoa, yeah!
- [Giggling]
[Adam moaning guttarally]
I'm not getting up.
TINA: Hmm.
What are you
gonna do today?
probably go see the P.I.,
find out what he knows about Olive.
[Adam groans]
Not yet. Not yet, not yet.
Ah! Yes... yet!
[Tina chuckles]
That's the same gray sweatshirt.
So? What's the update?
Hey, these things take time.
You know what?
Just... don't worry about it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is, like...
out of nowhere.
Yeah. I just want
to know what happened.
All right.
I was, uh,
following on a lead...
and I didn't want to tell you
about it 'til I had more info, but...
there was a guy
killed last night.
Inside his place there was a list
of photographers, and Adam's name...
was circled.
You know,
it's something to go on.
Un, as far as Olive, I--
I just don't have
any more info on her.
Well, Adam did say
he took photos of her.
[Miller stammers]
Yeah, that might-- that might help.
Want to go to lunch?
I'm good.
Or I can put it
on my cheeks, too.
I mean, you can, like, use
lipstick for anything.
- Is it good? See?
- No.
I mean, I can put more--
I can put more blush on, too.
- I mean, I don't know how dramatic you want.
- I think...
- I think you look gorgeous.
- Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
- Um...
- ADAM: Ready to go?
What about my outfit, though?
I have a feeling that this
shirt makes me look flat.
Don't wanna look flat!
There still there...
I mean.. but, I do...
this is super cute.
- ADAM: Mmm.
- Should we do this? No, no, no.
I have dresses.
What do you think about dresses?
I love dresses.
What about this dress?
Do you think dresses are good?
Should we do dresses?
- ADAM: Love a dress.
- What do you...?
Definitely not that one. Um...
- What about this?
- Gorgeous.
- Yes.
- We should do this one.
It's nice, it's not
too busy... I like it.
ADAM: All right,
you ready to go?
Uh, yeah.
Okay, your lens cap's on.
CINDY: Yeah.
- ADAM: All right.
- [Camera shutter clicking]
Bye, Adam.
[Door squeaks closed]
Hey, Cindy, it's Adam.
[Cindy coughing]
Hey, uh, you know,
I'm just...
Yeah, how you feeling?
CINDY: Fine.
- [Cindy taking raspy breaths]
- I'm working on your photos right now,
and maybe you left
a scarf here?
Is it a sn--?
It's a snake skin scarf.
[Growling then roaring]
- [Roaring]
- [Screaming]
- [Roaring]
- [Screaming]
- [Roaring continues]
- [Painful screaming]
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
Oh, holy shit!
Hey, Lexi! Hey!
It's Adam. Hey!
Uh, listen, I've got some
free time right now.
Maybe you wanna come over,
take some pictures, you know,
follow up on that e-mail?
Yes, right now is great, good.
Come over right now.
We'll see you soon. Bye-bye.
Holy shit.
[Knife clangs]
- Hey Lexi. Let's get started.
- All right.
Trust me, we do this
all the time, okay?
- LEXI: Okay so it's--
- Get in the cage.
LEXI: Oh, god,
how small is this thing?
- Go on, get in the cage.
- LEXI: All right.
You're good. Oh, you want to take
your shoes with you as well?
LEXI: But why? Wait, why don't I put
my shoes on outside the cage?
ADAM: Well, the shoes are
what make it sexy.
Well, to make it easier...
Well, you know, it's sexier if you're
putting them on in the cage.
- Okay.
- Right? In the cage, here we go.
- Okay.
- LEXI: First time for everything, I guess.
Yeah, first time
for everything is right.
Now we're just going to take
a couple of practice shots
just, you know, check the lighting
and the aperture and other camera phrases.
- Here we go.
- [Camera shutter clicks]
Great! I'm just gonna
load these in the computer,
see how they look,
and we'll keep going from there. Okay?
You'll be taking a few more?
'Cause I-- I didn't even, like, model.
- LEXI: Oh, we're going to continue?
- Maybe. I don't know yet.
- We'll find out.
- LEXI: Maybe?
- LEXI: What are you talking about?
- Well, sometimes when you're this good,
all you need is
one photo, right?
Well, thank you, but I--
I thought the deal was to do 200?
Oh, we'll take more.
- [Choking cough]
- [Growl]
- [Violent coughing]
- [Growling]
- [Roaring]
- Holy Jesus!
Oh, my god, it worked!
- I am a god!
- [Monstrous snarling]
I can make monsters.
I can make monsters!
Oh look at you, you're just...
- disgusting.
- [Snarling]
[Door knocking]
- Who is it?
- It's Tina.
[Blood gushing]
[Door knocking
Just a second.
Just a second.
Just a second!
[Adam grunts]
ADAM: Come on.
Are you okay?
[Adam chuckles nervously]
[Adam grunts]
[Door squeaks open]
- Hey!
- Hey!
Uh, what's going on?
You know, just, uh...
moving some furniture
around, working on a...
new photography thing.
What's up?
you said you took
some photos of Olive.
Do you have those?
He said it might help
to narrow down what happened to her.
I do.
But... okay, look,
you don't need to go over here,
or in there, for that matter.
We are remodeling...
the closet.
You're hiding a girl
in the closet, aren't you?
No, I am not hiding
a girl in the closet.
I really like you, okay?
And I promise...
there's not a living
soul in that closet.
Where are the photos?
Just... hang on.
I thought I had them.
Here it is.
[Door closes]
I need your help.
You have to get over here.
- [Door squeaking closed]
- PETE: What's the rush, man?
The camera is cursed.
- Okay.
- ADAM: Pete!
ADAM: I'm serious.
Look, you've been
through a lot lately...
you need to keep your head
straight, all right?
You know what?
You gotta keep your head straight, man.
I know you've been through a lot recently, but...
You gotta keep it together.
I mean, Sarah left you,
you're starting a new business...
your assistant was killed...
I mean, you have been
through a lot.
Go look in the closet.
Pete, seriously,
go look at the closet!
- Aw, shit!
- [Soda can hitting floor]
ADAM: I know!
- PETE: There's a dead body in your closet.
- I know that, Pete!
- PETE: What the fuck?
- That you spilled beer all over, I know!
Why do you have a dead
body in your closet?
You know what?
I had to stab it in the face, Pete.
I had to stab it in the face
'cause Tina was at the door,
so I ran over to the cage and I stabbed it.
Tina saw it?
No, Pete! I dragged it from the cage
all the way to the closet, Pete--
by myself, mind you--
and shoved it in there
so she wouldn't see it.
Why was it in the cage?
Okay, I was trying to see if...
I could make a monster.
- PETE: What?
- Yeah.
PETE: Have you gone
mad scientist on me?
- PETE: What do you mean, making monsters?
- No, no, no, Pete.
I haven't gone mad
scientist on you at all.
It's this camera. Look.
It can make monsters
when you just take pictures of people.
- Well, don't take pictures of me!
- ADAM: I'm sorry.
Pete what am I going to do?
You gotta help me, man.
I gotta get it
out of the closet
and you're the only
one strong enough
to carry a monster
across the city.
Um, why did you
call me over here?
You have to help me, okay?
The last one was
way too heavy.
I cannot do this
alone again!
Eh, wait, whoa, whoa,
you said again?
Yes, Pete, yes! Okay?
There was a male model--
an attractive male model--
with a tiny, little dog,
and I took a picture of him,
and the dog was yapping,
and then he turned into a monster,
and I smacked him
in the face with a tripod.
ADAM: What do I do?
Here's whatcha going to do.
We need some trash bags,
a shovel...
- PETE: borrow a friend's truck...
- Okay.
and then we're going to bury
the body in the woods.
ADAM: Perfect.
Definitely gonna need to get
heavier trash bags than this.
Red, white, not a good
combination, right?
- Then you gotta get rid of that camera.
- What?
No, Pete I'm not
getting rid of the camera.
It turns people
into monsters.
Yeah, Pete!
It's amazing!
It turns people into monsters.
ADAM: Nice pick.
- [Shifting into park]
- [Parking brake applied]
PETE: This is the spot.
[Car doors closing]
[Car trunk opening]
[Small river flowing]
What do I do, Pete?
Grab the body.
- [Plastic-wrapped body hits ground]
- ADAM: Shit! Sorry.
PETE: You already stabbed her
in the face... it's no problem.
- [Trunk door latches shut]
- ADAM: One, two, three!
[Pete grunts]
- [Pete straining]
- ADAM: Okay.
Whoo, so that model guy...
- PETE: And he was a monster, too?
- ADAM: Yeah.
PETE: Guess that means you haven't
actually killed anyone yet.
ADAM: No. No.
[Both grunting]
[Water splashing]
So how's it work?
I take pictures of people
and then when I transfer them
to the computer
they just t--
turn into monsters.
- Monsters, huh?
- Yeah.
can't really call the cops.
No, no. No cops.
Thank you for helping me, Pete.
I helped you one time.
No more.
No. No more.
- No more.
- Let's get out of here.
Can I drive?
[Car doors opening]
- [Car doors closing]
- [Sighs of relief]
PETE: Easy does it.
- [Seat belt buckles]
- ADAM: Safety first.
Sarah, look!
You're, like, on the website!
SARAH: Cool.
Break, break, break. This is 4-0-7.
[Video game battle noises]
- What are you doing over there?
- Nothing.
Bullshit, nothing.
I just helped you move a body.
ADAM: Nothing, don't worry about it.
- Mm. Mm.
- Pete don't come over here.
You don't really need to see this.
It's not-- Pete...
- What are you looking at her for?
- I didn't do it on purpose!
She just showed up
on the front of a magazine.
PETE: Mm-hmm.
So, what were you thinking?
I wan't thinking anything.
So what are you thinking?
She's getting
all the work, okay?
maybe I could turn her
into a monster.
Hell, no!
What i--
What is wrong with you?
Pete, it could be fun.
It's not going to kill her. She's just...
gonna be a monster.
That's killing her.
That's not killing her.
Well, someone's gonna kill her
as soon as she turns.
I'm not gonna kill her.
No. No, no, no,
no, no, no. Hell, no.
I'm not going to help you kill her
once you turn her into a monster.
- You know what? I'm done.
- Fine.
PETE: I got asthma.
I don't want to keep smelling dirt.
[Video game battle noises]
[Sarah laughing]
[Soft ring tone]
LARRY: Traffic safety, this is Larry.
What do you got, Miller?
What can I do for you?
Yes, good morning.
I was wondering if you
could help me look up
a license plate from a few
of your traffic cameras.
- LARRY: Sure. You got the license number?
- Mm-hmm.
Yes, I do. It is...
[Ambient city noises]
Hey, you know, I'm not just here
making this shit up, you know?
This guy seems to really
have it out for you.
He's a pansy.
Okay, uh...
Look, I know this guy
well enough.
And he's not going to do anything.
SARAH: He's a freaking accident,
and he was probably born on the freeway.
That may very well be the case,
but from what I figure,
he's coming after you.
Let's say he's coming after me.
Now what?
I need to capture him...
and keep you protected.
That is really sweet.
- MILLER: I try.
- Get out.
[Cell phone ringing]
- PAUL: This is Paul.
- ADAM: Hey, Paul. It's Adam.
ADAM: Listen, I've got
a client who's very interested
in being in your magazine.
Sarah's heading up this project,
but we're going to do it at my studio.
Why don't you come on over,
and I'll introduce you.
PAUL: You and Sarah are
working together again?
ADAM: Well, we're working
together just for this one.
Sarah's on her way.
You should come now.
PAUL: All right,
I've got some time.
Perfect. We'll see you soon.
[Cell phone ringing]
- What do you want?
- ADAM: I have a client
who really wants
to meet Paul Fukiyama.
And I thought maybe you could be
the photographer on this one.
I'll just be
a secondary, you know?
Paul's gonna be there?
ADAM: Yeah.
Paul's coming over right now, actually.
I'll see you then.
[Car radio advertisement]
Hey, Paul! Come on in.
You wanna get out of the way?
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Uh, seems like you're
the first one here, you know?
Sarah and the clients
haven't arrived yet, so...
- There not here yet.
- You know...
traffic, or... whatever.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Take my coat.
Be careful with that.
It's a thousand-dollar jacket.
- PAUL: This is where you get your work done.
- ADAM: Yeah.
You know, it's a teeny, tiny,
dingy, little shit shack,
but it's my teeny, tiny,
dingy, little shit shack.
Why are there
holes in the wall?
It's a piece of shit.
Can I get you a lollipop?
You're so weird.
More for me.
[Car door opening]
[Door knocking]
What's going on?
Paul's here,
and we are all here...
for you, Sarah.
For me?
Where's the client?
And who is the client?
SARAH: And what happened
to all of your furniture?
There isn't any
and I burned it out back.
What do you mean,
there isn't any?
And you did what?
You think you are
so much better than me. Well...
Watch this.
[Camera shutter clicks]
What are you doing?
I am going
to make you suffer
the same way
you have made me suffer.
You said you had a client,
and there isn't any?
I do not have time for this.
Get this stupid sucker
out of your mouth.
Paul, I'm so sorry.
I'm going to have to leave.
You're leaving? Why?
What's-- What's going on? [Coughing]
Well, Adam told me
- SARAH:that he had a client,
- [Coughing]
SARAH: but it doesn't look
like he does. Are you okay?
[Paul choking and gagging]
[Paul coughing violently]
SARAH: What can I do for you,
please Paul? Are you okay?
- [Paul roaring]
- SARAH: Oh, my god. Adam!
ADAM: Get her!
[Sarah gasping, screaming]
[Growling and shrieking]
Oh, don't throw that.
[Sarah yelps]
- [Roaring]
- SARAH [Screaming]: No! No!
SARAH: Help! Stop!
SARAH: Help me!
SARAH: Help!
- MILLER: What the fuck?!
- [Growling]
[Sarah screaming]
Get off of her!
[Sarah moaning]
Jesus Christ, what the fuck?
- [Shrieking]
- MILLER: Shit!
- [Grunting and punching]
- [Shrieking]
- [Miller grunting]
- ADAM: Fuck!
Hey. Hey. You okay?
I don't know.
- What happened to him?
- Ahh...
I don't know, uh...
but your arm is really bad.
We gotta...
gotta get you out of here.
I mean, he was fine,
and then he just started acting weird.
It was like he was
sick or something, and we--
- What was that?
- It was Adam.
Has to do something
with that camera he has.
His camera.
He bought some camera,
and I think
he's responsible for all the...
random people
killing people lately.
- How? No. There's no way--
- MILLER: Look! I-I-I don't know.
I haven't figured it
all out yet.
I just... Oh, my god,
we gotta get this thing covered.
- [Sara groans]
- MILLER: All right, this is gonna hurt.
- Okay. [Sarah crying out in pain]
- MILLER: Ah, sorry.
[Sarah groans]
All right.
- [Sarah groans]
- Give me your hand.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
- Okay.
- [Sara grunts]
[Miller grunts]
[Ambient city noises]
ADAM: Tina. Hi.
Listen I, um,
I wanted to apologize
for the way I was acting
the last time we saw each other.
You know?
Uh, there wasn't really
anything going on.
Listen, why don't, um...
Why don't we have dinner tonight
and I can explain everything?
Things have been
changing really quickly.
Are we gonna go
inside and eat?
Yeah, come on.
You know what?
I left my wallet in my car.
- Just gonna go grab it really quickly.
- Okay.
You wanna walk with me?
And I was mean
the last time I saw you.
You were an asshole--
more like it.
So, did anything else happen
with that, uh, investigator that you hired?
Not really.
He seems to have
some ideas, though.
Well, that's good.
[Car keys clinking]
[Door unlocking]
- [Adam grunts]
- [Hammer hits]
[Tina flops to the ground]
- Adam.
- ADAM: Hey, Jake.
What's going on, buddy?
[Stammering] What are you doing here?
- ADAM: Just catching up on some work!
- [Hammer hits]
[Body flops to the ground]
Tina, listen.
Adam is the one
behind the monsters killing people.
Do not see him.
I just dropped off
his ex, Sarah, and...
he fucking made
monsters to kill her!
Look, look.
I'm-I'm on my way over there now.
[Keys clinking]
- [Car starting]
- [Tires squeal]
[Crickets chirring]
[Cell phone keys beep]
TINA [On recording]: Hey, it's Tina.
I'm not here. Leave a message.
Tina, it's Miller.
I'm in front of your place right now.
You're not answering.
Some shit is happening now.
I don't know what the hell
Adam is doing,
but I'm heading
over to his place
to, uh, check it out.
So, um,
I hope you're okay.
MILLER: Kill Sarah.
Just fucked that one up.
10 Blunger Road.
[Locked door latch clinking]
[Vinyl record static]
ADAM: Hi, Sarah!
I just came
to see if you're okay.
Leave me alone.
[Gate remote clicking]
- [Remote clicking]
- [Gate opening]
[ Pulsing beat]
[Sarah gasping]
[Sarah whimpering]
[Sarah grunts]
[Garage door opening]
[Garage door closing]
[Crickets and frogs]
[Car door opens]
[Eerie music playing]
[Car door closes]
[Body shuffling]
[Tina mumbling through gag]
Oh, good.
You're awake.
[Tina mumbling through gag]
You know,
I thought I hit you too hard
and apparently,
I did.
Where am I?
[Adam shushing]
Be quiet.
- [Adam shushing]
- [Jake grunting through gag]
- SARAH: Who are they?
- ADAM: Shut up! All right?
- SARAH: Adam, what are you doing?!
- ADAM: Just shut up!
Always, talking!
Jesus Christ!
All right, you know what? Fine.
I'll introduce you.
That's Jake.
ADAM: You remember Jake, right?
Jake was the plumber.
But Jake, Jake ran out of work.
So, uh...
we're going to turn him
into a monster.
[Jake grunts]
SARAH: You're the only
fucking monster here.
You know what? That--
That might be true.
But, that's
kind of the fun of it.
Isn't it?
ADAM: You know, I don't feel
like we ever really got to talk...
about our relationship.
There was no [Claps hands]
closure, you know?
ADAM: Right?
I mean, what was that?
It was just there
and then gone.
So I'm going to tell you
how I feel.
- SARAH: Oh, god.
- Oh, shut up, Sarah!
Shut the fuck up.
I've got some things to say.
You hurt me.
It's been hard, you know?
It's been hard to get over, and uh...
I have not been
happy with you.
- SARAH: Adam.
- Not one bit, actually.
But you gave me something.
You gave me a gift.
I'm going to give you
another gift, too,
you fucking psycho.
You know what it is, Sarah?
I need new life.
'Cause you took
something from me.
But now you're going
to help me find it again.
What are you talking about?
ADAM: Now, Sarah. You remember
what I could do in the studio, right?
Yes. Absolutely, Paul--
fucking phenomenal.
But... I didn't
really think it through.
You see, I didn't plan it all out
the way I should have.
[Camera shutter clicks]
- [Jake grunting through gag]
- That's just--
That was poor planning
on my part.
But, uh...
We figured it out now.
ADAM: I got it all figured out now.
[Jake grunting through gag]
- [Gag rips off]
- ADAM [Whispering]: Okay.
- [Jake coughing]
- ADAM: Now...
- SARAH: Adam what are you doing?
- ADAM: Oh.
I'm gonna show you...
what this is
actually capable of.
ADAM: Tina.
ADAM: I'm sorry you got
caught in the middle of this.
I'm just not ready
for a relationship
right now, you know?
Who the fuck is that?
ADAM: Watch it happen.
ADAM: It's the most
amazing thing I've ever seen.
- [Jake coughing]
- What's happening to him?
- SARAH: Stop!
- ADAM: Look. Look.
Look at what he can do.
SARAH: Adam, stop!
[Adam laughing]
ADAM: This...
This is new life.
- SARAH: Adam, stop it!
- [Snarling]
Oh, my goodness. Bet you didn't think
this was going to happen today, did you?
Fuck you!
- [Adam laughing]
- [Snarling]
ADAM: Jake's been
in here for a while,
- SARAH: Adam stop!
- ADAM: you know?
Just you wait.
You're next. I--
Maybe I'll turn you into a monster.
I'm not quite sure.
- ADAM: Maybe I'll have him eat shit.
- SARAH: Adam!
- SARAH: Stop it.
- ADAM: Whatever I feel like.
- God, Adam, stop!
- [Jake retching]
- ADAM: New life.
- SARAH: Adam, stop it!
[Adam laughing]
- [Jake snarling]
- [Sarah screaming]
[Adam mimics roaring]
Come on!
- Come on!
- [Growling]
[Adam laughing]
[Punch connects]
- [Miller grunts]
- [Sarah shrieks]
- [Adam yells]
- [Blow lands, Adam laughing]
- [Chair crashing to floor]
- [Tina whimpering]
[Tina whimpering]
[Tina and Sarah whimpering]
- [Sarah whimpering]
- [Snarling]
[Sarah screaming]
- [Sarah crying out]
- [Wet chewing]
[Tina screaming]
[Miller groans]
- [Mallet blows connecting]
- [Grunting]
- [Tina yelling through gag]
- [Miller grunting]
[Miller grunting]
- [Tina shouting through gag]
- MILLER: What?
- MILLER: What?
- He's getting away.
MILLER: Oh, no you don't.
[Hammer hitting wall,
clanking to floor]
Jesus, you can't throw.
MILLER: Really?
MILLER [Whispering]:
Aw, geez.
[Metallic latch clicks]
[Heavy footsteps]
- [Miller grunts]
- [Tina gasps]
[Miller grunting]
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're not going anywhere.
- [Miller grunting]
- [Leg cracking]
[Adam cries out]
MILLER: All yours.
Say cheese, motherfucker.
[Camera shutter clicks]
TINA: It's only fair, right...
give you a taste of what you've been doing?
Ow, my ass, you bitch!
Hold on! Wait!
Don't put that
in the computer.
ADAM: I love you.
Tina. Tina. Hold on.
- ADAM: Hold on. Tina.
- [SD card clicks]
Let's destroy it together yeah?
ADAM: Tina...
We will destroy it.
Right after you see what happens.
Fuck you, Tina!
[Adam laughing]
[Adam yells]
- [Coughing continues]
- [Adam groans]
- [Adam grunts]
- [Coughing continues]
- [Cracking]
- [Adam groaning]
- [Retching]
- [Snarling]
[Surreal roaring]
There's only one thing
left to do now.
- [Adam grunting]
- [Bone cracking]
TINA: I want to do it.
[Blow lands]
- [Shrieking]
- [Blow lands]
[Shrieking stops]
[Tina breathing heavily]
[Wood plank hitting floor]
[Camera shattering]
MILLER: ...and that's when
she smashed his monster face in...
with a two-by-four.
It was rather
impressive, actually.
that does explain a lot
of what's been going on.
This is all just...
- Strange.
- Yeah, strange, no shit.
MILLER: So, what do you think's
going to happen? I mean, that's why
I wanted to talk to you
outside the precinct,
off the record.
I mean,
these people were monsters.
- Literally.
- [Locke chuckles]
MILLER: I mean,
she was just defending herself.
[Locke sighs]
How do I add this
to the report?
It's fucked up already.
How do I include a guy with a...
...has a... a camera...
that turns people into
bat-shit crazy monsters?
I'm not putting you in anything.
Don't worry, I'll--
I'll keep you out of it.
And another thing, Miller...
if you find yourself
in a situation
where you're fighting
monsters and shit again...
call me first.
- See you on the next one.
- LOCKE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
TINA: Take care.
[Front door closing]
TINA: Well...
I would like to go
back to your office.
Right. Yeah, we can, uh...
we can settle up.
- Settle up.
- [Both laughing]
Or saddle up.
- TINA: What, huh?
- MILLER: Nothing
- [Door knocking]
- [Door creaking open]
- Adam?
- [Door continues to creak]
[Door closes]
[Bottle cap clanks on table]
Have you ever seen anything
like those monsters before?
They were just gross.
And Adam...
It's almost
like he was bipolar.
Uh no, I can't say
that I ever...
Ever have seen anything
like that before. This is all...
very new to me, as well.
You seem
like you've seen a lot.
- MILLER: Not that. That was...
- [Tina giggling]
That was out there.
So, um,
what's the final amount?
Well, I don't want
to overcharge you,
so, um...
You know,
why don't we just say...
half the original rate.
I will have that
transferred into your account.
- Great.
- TINA: Yeah.
You're welcome.
- MILLER: So...
- Well, um...
I have a flight
to catch, so...
- MILLER: Right. Right, right.
- TINA: I should, uh...
- MILLER: Yeah.
- TINA: Yeah.
Ah, this girl again.
Where some other titties at?
PETE: Hup...
Here we go. Jackpot.
And again, I'm--
I'm sorry about your friend.
- TINA: Thank you.
- MILLER: Yeah.
You know what?
Do you...?
Do you wanna...?
[Chuckles nervously]
Never mind.
Thank you.
Uh... uh...
Oh. Happy birthday to me.
Oh. Oh.
[Door knocking]