Killer Co-Worker (2023) Movie Script

Hey! Let me out!
Please! Help me!
What do you think?
Isn't it great?
definitely shows
what we're all about.
I took your advice on branding.
How when people walk in,
they need to be immediately hit
with our vision.
I want people walk into
Serenity Gardens,
and be inspired
to be more like...
To be more like you?
I finished my analysis
of the employees.
I also included ideas for
budget cuts and value spends.
Value spends?
They sure do teach you MBA
grads some fancy terms.
I love it.
Gather the troops. Let's meet
in my office in 15 minutes.
Ahem. Boxer?
Good morning.
I was just doing
my gratitude reflections.
Join me?
Actually, I'd be grateful
if you could come to
a meeting in Ivy's office.
Fifteen minutes.
To see if you're firing us
or not?
Just kidding.
I'll be right up.
Yeah. Great.
How could Ivy even hire her?
I don't know, Ivy's
trying to turn the spa into
a global high end brand,
And that stuffed suit
is the one to do it?
What's next,
drive-through healing?
"Hello, welcome to Serenity.
How can I serve your soul?"
Stop making me laugh. You're
gonna mess up the crystal work.
Sorry to interrupt you, Jett,
I'm just gonna need you
in Ivy's office.
I have another 30 minutes.
Oh, I checked Jett's schedule,
and it was clear.
I don't need appointments.
Jett always makes time for me.
Just come back this afternoon.
Today's session will be on me
for the inconvenience.
I'll even throw in a voucher
for a one-on-one session
with Boxer to make up
for my interruption.
Maybe she's not so bad
after all.
I don't know.
It was a hollow gesture.
I never trust anyone
who wears a blazer.
- Later.
- Bye.
Kilman, can I talk to you?
Meeting in Ivy's office.
Ivy's office!
What's the temper tantrum for?
Uh, all-hands meeting in five.
All right, let me know
how it goes.
It's mandatory.
I'm practicing new poses for
this weekend's warrior class.
If Ivy has anything
she wants to say to me,
she knows where to find me.
It's actually about
what I have to say.
We're going over my findings.
That's great. Good for you
on finding yourself.
That's what we do here
at Serenity Gardens.
This is serious.
So I'm gonna need you to...
You need Kilman to do what?
Ivy asked me to round
everyone up.
A task that falls in
my responsibility
as general manager.
Instead of needlessly
bothering everyone,
why didn't you
just come to me first?
I'm sorry...
Just because you have an MBA,
or a PhD, or whatever
makes you so important,
doesn't mean you get to
make your own rules.
Tell Ivy whoever needs
to be at the meeting
will be there.
We're on the same team, Zoe.
I'm here to be a help,
not a hindrance.
So maybe cut the attitude.
Are we good?
- You are such a jerk.
- Think I pissed her off?
Oh, yeah.
Why don't you play hooky
and skip the meeting?
We can have our own conference.
Hmm. I need to be there
and keep an eye
on Miss Business.
I don't think this meeting will
end well for any of us here.
Especially me.
So you're a psychic now?
So what am I thinking?
Mhm, that you
love me.
What do you smell?
A hint of bourbon.
Cinnamon maybe?
Mm. Nothing.
My sinuses are blocked.
It's the smell of our future.
It's me opening a spa in London.
It's Zoe running operations
here in the States.
It's all of us here
at Serenity Gardens
becoming a global,
high-end brand.
What's next, a drive-through?
I mean, yay, us!
Stella has designed a blueprint
for the launch of Serenity
Gardens own branded merchandise.
Like this candle.
I gave you that same idea
ten years ago
when all Serenity Gardens had
was two yoga mats
and a salt lamp.
I won't be taking credit
for anyone's ideas.
In fact, the spa space
is brand new to me.
My last job was analyzing
how to sell car parts.
So if you don't know anything
about how we work,
why are you even here?
Well, I...
Zoe, that is incredibly
I just asked a question.
Moving on.
Let's get to the rankings.
Stella, post the photos.
Oh, I was hoping we could
review privately.
Rating everyone here feels
and I'm don't feel comfortable.
I want you to
feel uncomfortable, hm.
It's good to feel uncomfortable.
That's the only way
we can change our habits.
A muscle only grows
when every fiber
is ripped to shreds.
So, Stella, I want you
to make everyone here as
uncomfortable as possible, hm.
Just like I'm making right now.
I'm really don't...
Look, we're all big kids.
We can take it.
Go on.
The yoga studio is
Serenity Gardens'
main money maker.
A lot of that has to do with our
lead yogi's popularity.
And who is that?
It's important to name names.
How can we learn unless
we know who's excelling and
who needs expelling.
It feels odd putting
Kilman number one
he couldn't even bother
to show up today.
Not exactly a team player.
But his 2.5 million followers
don't mind how he plays, so
go on.
Boxer's management of
the massage space is exemplary.
Massages aren't
exactly exemplary.
Every spa has them.
But I built the chakra
crystal studio from scratch.
Surely your assessment
noted that?
Yeah, you have potential.
But the crystals are
still a loss leader.
No offense, Jett.
So where does that leave me?
This isn't personal.
We can discuss
specifics in private.
Tell me now.
Serenity Gardens'
infrastructure is
far behind compared to how
our competitors operate,
especially when it comes
to the security system.
And I'm not just picking on you.
Boxer, the massage tables
could be hygienic in
a more cost-efficient way.
Are you saying that I'm dirty?
the free first-time
sessions you give away
hardly result in repeat,
paying business.
And you're saying I suck.
Please don't get defensive.
Okay, I'll get offensive.
Let's do an assessment
on you, hm?
Starting with that
ridiculous blazer
and those high-heeled boots.
You clacking around here
like a corporate T-Rex
doesn't actually match the vibe
we hold sacred here.
Was that too out of line or
do I need to do another plank?
I sense your aura
has changed, Zoe.
You seem very... red.
Ivy, I'm your best friend.
We started
Serenity Gardens together.
But now you bring in her
to tell us how to do our jobs?
I'm sorry, but I won't
tolerate this.
Well, meeting adjourned.
Ah. I think that went very well!
They hate me.
Running a company
is a bit like being a surgeon.
You know, you have
to hurt your patients
just a little before
you can heal them.
It's for their own benefit.
I feel like the big bad witch
right now.
Well, you're going to look
like a big bad witch
until you stop carrying around
all that tension in your face.
Why don't you go down to the spa
and have a mud bath?
Your body will love it.
I, I still have budgets
to review.
Mud bath. Now.
Boss's order.
Hi, Zoe.
You know, I feel
really terrible about how
that meeting just went.
I was thinking maybe I'd have
everyone over
at my place for dinner.
With Boxer and Jett,
and maybe you?
I don't drink wine.
Oh, I have non-alcoholic
options, as well.
You think I can't handle
my liquor?
No, I just...
I want to be friends.
I don't.
- You did not eat that!
- Yeah.
Kilman was just
showing photographs
of his trip to Bangkok.
Do you need anything?
- Show me more.
- No, it's that one.
- Look at that. Yeah.
- No.
So what's up with those two?
Tell me!
Shut your mouth!
I was just gonna ask
for more wine!
Would you like some of this?
Why does Ivy like him so much?
'Cause he's her favorite.
He's everyone's favorite.
Well, he's not my favorite.
Don't be so quick to judge
everyone at Serenity Gardens.
I shouldn't have made
assumptions about you
at today's meeting.
Turns out, you're not so bad.
I hated ranking everyone
in order like that.
We know. Ivy does this
to us every month.
Now she's got somebody to
do the dirty work for her.
She must pay you
quite well, though.
This house is something.
Oh, it was my parent's.
I inherited it
when they passed away.
Hm. Well...
I'm an orphan, too.
Although I got rid
of my parents by choice.
I ran away when I was 16.
Pick three cards.
I'm not into that.
Well, I am. And I'm curious
to get to know more about you.
So just ask me a question!
The cards are more honest.
Are you dating anyone?
Well, you are about to.
And a lot sooner than you think.
Does this mean that
Stella's about to
find her knight
in shining armor?
I'd rather a knight
who has a paid-off car,
and knows how to cook.
So this Kilman guy...
You just can't leave that boy
alone tonight, can you?
You crushing on
Mr. Vinyasa Flow?
You know he's dating Zoe, right?
Like they're
practically married.
And she can have him.
I just don't get why Ivy
lets Kilman get away with
acting the way he does.
'Cause he earned it.
He's Serenity's cash cow.
I mean, the man started
charging four figures
for his one-on-one
tantric sessions.
So he's having sex
with his clients?
Ivy likes to refer
to Kilman's sessions as
therapeutic release.
Oh, right.
Because every spa
has a hot yoga gigolo.
I better leave
before I say something
that gets me in trouble.
I want you have something.
This is a rose quartz.
Thank you.
Place it under
your pillow tonight.
You'll have great dreams.
And maybe
you'll even have a vision
about who the cards
hinted in your future.
- Good night.
- Bye, see you.
So, thanks for coming over.
The night's not already over,
is it?
I mean, I don't have
an appointment
till tomorrow afternoon, so...
I guess we can have a nightcap.
I don't really have much
left to drink.
Your posture is way off.
Tell me about it. I'm exhausted.
No, I mean, your back.
Your alignment's completely off.
Come here.
I don't want a free massage.
Then consider it an
exchange of services
for the dinner
that you made tonight.
May I?
All right. You ready?
I had no idea I was so tense.
Oh, you haven't felt
anything yet.
You know this is lot better
laying down.
Isn't that against the rules?
Laying down with
fellow employees?
Well, we're not at work, so...
Not this again.
What are you doing out here?
Just leave me alone.
You're the one trespassing!
Find someone else.
Anyone but Boxer.
What did you say?
I said stay away from Boxer.
I'm sorry about that.
It's not the first time
she's followed me
to another woman's house.
I'm not another woman.
I know that. But she doesn't.
Is Mandy your girlfriend?
No way! She just hangs out
at the spa all the time.
Look, we're not dating.
We just
hook up for now and then.
She practically worships me.
In a way, I guess
I should be flattered.
I think we should
call it before the rest
of your fan club shows up.
We were just
starting to have fun.
Wha-what made you
change your mind?
Are you really that dumb?
Don't call me dumb!
I let my temper get the better
of me sometimes.
Bad habit.
I think you should go.
Don't mention this to anybody.
Especially Ivy. Please?
Damn it, Boxer!
Thanks again for dinner
last night.
Okay. I sense some tension.
What? Did Boxer not mind
his manners last night?
I had an unexpected visitor.
Not Mandy.
How did you know?
Ugh, God! She's been having
a hard time lately.
I'm helping her through some
envy and anger issues
after a messy divorce.
She has my sympathies.
But Serenity Gardens is a spa,
not a psychiatrist's office.
Well, actually, what we do here
is a form of
mental health support.
I mean, the crystal therapy
that I use
has been around a lot longer
than psychiatry.
Well, she still threatened me.
I'm thinking I'm going
to get a restraining order.
No! No, no. Please don't.
If I lose Mandy as a client...
Why would you lose Mandy?
She's practically a member of
the Serenity Gardens family.
Plus she spends a fortune here.
Huh, this an interesting
new way of doing business.
Instead of gaining clients,
you want us to lose them.
I want your opinion on some bids
that I got for
the new security systems.
Ironically enough,
the cheapest one's...
What's the matter?
I actually came over to show you
my bids for the security system.
Glad we're on the same page.
No, you just keep stealing
pages from my book.
How am I supposed
to show Ivy I'm improving
when you keep taking
credit for my ideas?
She did ask me to look
into that security system...
"She asked me." Hm.
Grow up, Zoe.
You're really turning this into
something that it's not.
You told her I needed to be
more proactive.
And when I am, you want me
to fail, don't you?
You don't need to yell at me.
Oh, you think
that was yelling, do you?
No, this is yelling!
Are you gonna go tell on me now?
- About last night...
- Not now.
But about what happened...
Nothing happened last night.
Nothing ever will.
You are an employee.
We will never cross that line
ever again.
You also shouldn't be
crossing it with clients.
Are we clear on that?
I just got a talking
to from Stella.
- Is she my new boss now?
- Not if I can help it.
But what can we do about it?
Hm. What you do with vermin.
Smoke her out.
Lay some traps.
Ivy, we got to talk about Zoe.
I've tried everything I know
to communicate with her.
Have you tried taking a nice,
long, hot shower with her?
That always seems
to work when Zoe and I
get into our little quarrels.
What are you doing in here?
I'm drinking some of the
finest kombucha in the world.
Do you want some?
If you're looking for Ivy,
she's at a conference today.
She didn't tell me about that.
Yeah, well, get used to it.
We all kind of
got our own rhythm here.
And right now that rhythm
is very offbeat.
Offbeat is good.
It's fun. In fact,
our clients like that things
are offbeat around here.
Is that why I was hired
to help clean everything up?
Why did you take this job if you
think what we do here is bunk?
I never said Serenity Gardens
was bunk.
You don't need to.
It's obvious that you don't
respect what we do around here.
The way that you over analyze
every little detail.
No one's really on your side.
But lucky for you,
I can change that.
Oh, yeah?
How so?
By showing you how we enjoy
things around here.
Starting with me.
You want me to enjoy you?
No. Enjoy my yoga class,
I guess I could come by
your 5:00 p.m. class.
That class is full.
So is my 7:00. But I think
there's a spot open at 9:00.
I'm afraid I'm won't be hanging
around here all that late.
You got something better to do?
I'll see you then.
Am I interrupting something?
- We were just talking.
- About what?
So you did come to tattle on me.
This isn't high school.
No. It's worse.
Good evening to you, too.
Something smells really good.
You tell me.
Um, oak?
A little orange?
And musk?
It's me.
It's my own signature line.
And no, you can't use it
for your infamous branded
Serenity Gardens line.
- Where's everybody?
- We're all here.
It's just you and me?
Is that a problem?
So, what style do you prefer?
I had to ask sorry,
you never know.
I want to try Tantric.
Just so I can find out why
your waiting list is so long.
You know, for someone
who's new to yoga,
you're awfully anxious to
get to the more
advanced classes.
It's intense.
I can handle myself.
Can you handle me?
When you're not in
terminator-corporate mode,
you're actually kind of fun.
It's been a long time
since someone said that.
Most people just want me
to balance their books...
I'm not most people.
You ready to start this?
Now put your hands on my knees.
And I'll put my hands on yours.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Now lean back slowly.
We are gonna balance
each other out. Okay?
Then, go back.
- Let go.
- Hey, not yet.
I just want to feel this way
for one more minute.
It's okay.
This is common.
You have a lot of emotions
stored up overtime.
Just let it go.
You're safe here with me.
What do you feel?
So much sadness.
I thought I was done grieving.
My parents.
They passed last year.
My father passed last year, too.
I'd like to think that
grief is just
love with nowhere to go.
Together we'll find
another outlet for it.
You can trust me.
It's okay. I feel it, too.
We don't have to act on it.
Attraction is a natural part
of the human experience.
Forget about the game?
Crap, what time is it?
Oh, hello, Stella.
I see you're practicing
what you preach.
She wanted to know what
tantric yoga was like.
Who am I to say no?
And I bet you two had fun!
I'm gonna go shower.
That must have been some session
if you need to take a shower.
So you two are a thing now?
Get your mind out
of the gutter, man.
Why? It's a perfect place
to put it.
Hey! Hey! Let me out!
Help! Help!
Help me! Someone let me out!
Oh, my God! What happened?
The sauna... I got locked in.
It's okay. I got you. I got you.
Was that Mandy?
How do you feel now
that you've had a shower?
I hate to think about
what might've happened
if I came two minutes later.
Yeah. I'm so lucky
you were here.
Why are you here so late?
wanted a late-night session.
Upset about love stuff.
Was Mandy with you
the entire time?
Mandy did not do this.
What makes you so sure?
Because it's happened before.
This is not a crisis, okay?
A woman dying on
your premises is not a crisis?
Okay. What I meant is,
it's nothing to get upset about.
Last year,
a client, Kimber Walters
she was trapped in the sauna
due to a malfunctioning lock
and died of heat exhaustion,
but I negotiated a
settlement with her family.
To shut them up?
Okay. A scandal like this
would torpedo
not only my reputation,
but the reputation of
Serenity Gardens.
Now Zoe promised me
that the lock issue was fixed,
but clearly she's
dropped the ball
on yet another important task.
Don't throw Zoe under the bus
that you are driving.
The safety of everyone who
uses and works at this spa
is your responsibility.
I'm not gonna work under
somebody who can't accept that.
You're blowing this
way out of proportion.
I almost died!
And this is not just about
last night.
Zoe and Mandy both want me dead.
Boxer's having sex
with his clients.
This is not a wellness spa,
this is a nightmare!
All of these are fixable, okay?
And that is why I hired you, hm?
So, what you need to do
is to bring your
Serenity Gardens
to Serenity Gardens, hm.
I can't believe I was bamboozled
into believing this business
is something it's not.
You want to talk about business?
Let's talk about
your last job, hm.
Because I know that
they did not appreciate
you the way that you deserve.
But at least here
you're finally
at a place that truly values
what you do.
My last job sucked.
But at least I didn't
come in everyday
wondering if I was going to die.
This place is literally
tried to kill me.
All right.
Twenty percent raise,
and I will double your shares
in the profit-sharing plan.
I think that is more
than a reasonable
worker's compensation
settlement for what you
suffered last night.
This is not just about
compensation, Ivy.
You lied to me.
What other secrets
could you be hiding?
I'm a fraud.
I have no talent.
You wanna know another secret?
I am a vain joke of a human.
That's not true.
It will be if I can't make
this spa a success.
I mean, this place has taken all
of my life to no gain and I...
I don't know what I'll do once
I run out of my inheritance.
It was wrong of me
not to tell you.
But I was scared.
But if you knew you wouldn't
wanna work with me.
So now you know.
Will you stay?
For your protection.
Bloodstone for vitality.
Bronzite for muscle tension.
And smoky quartz
to relieve stress.
What did you give Mandy?
She scares you, doesn't she?
Was Kimber scared of her?
I think I should light
white candle
to refresh some
of the air in here.
I asked you a question.
And I said before,
don't ask too many questions.
Don't go looking for trouble,
because it will find you.
Don't give it any help.
Besides, if anyone needs help
around here, it's me.
Oh, sorry. I've been
so involved in my own drama.
What can I help you with?
Were you serious when you said
my chakra business
had potential?
Or was that just some business
mumbo jumbo to win me over?
I don't do mumbo jumbo.
Well, neither do I.
Every guests at the spa thinks
I run a new age gift shop.
My only reliable client
each week is Mandy.
Explains why you are
so protective of her.
Look, if Mandy hurts you
or wanted to hurt you,
I would tell you.
You can trust me.
And you can trust that
I'll help you.
And thanks for this.
Hey, um,
I heard about last night.
I'm okay. Thanks.
Can I give you a massage later?
I like to try out
my new toy on you.
Don't touch me.
You're not still upset about
the other night, are you?
Look, I told you I was sorry.
Why can't you accept that?
Where were you last night?
At home, watching the game.
You don't think I had something
to do with the sauna, do you?
I would never hurt you.
And actually, I don't know that.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have work to do.
I'm trying to be nice.
You're testing my patience.
Get out of my way.
Hey, don't beat up your truck.
What did it ever do to you?
'Cause it needs worse treatment,
Come on, get in.
Let me give you a lift home.
No, I...
I have to call a tow truck
or the police to find out
what happened.
That sounds like a fun evening.
What do you do on your weekends?
Taxes and DIY dentistry?
Don't make me laugh.
This is serious.
Look at my truck.
So just get some new tires.
Let me give you a lift home.
Then tomorrow, my mechanic buddy
can fix it all up.
No problem. Easy peasy.
You don't think this is
a big deal?
It's inconvenient, yeah.
Big deal?
Come on. Last call for a ride.
Fine! Fine. Take me home.
Did you do that
to Stella's tires?
Uh, I could ask the same of you.
Thanks very much.
Thanks for letting me trick you.
Trick me?
Into forgetting about your
problems for a few minutes.
I feel terrible about
how things are going for you
because I know that
you're trying your best.
And you're clearly
great at your job.
Ivy raves about you.
She talks about me?
Ivy talks to me about everyone.
You've really turned
her life around.
I'm happy you decided to stay
and not give up.
It's kind of a character flaw.
I have a bad habit
of not giving up.
I like that. And that
makes you very neat.
Sorry, I'm not good with words
when I'm nervous.
Why do I make you nervous?
You don't take my crap
like everyone else does.
True. You're kinda cocky.
But you're not judgmental.
- Which also makes you very...
- Neat!
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You wanna join me for dinner?
Another time.
I got plans.
Hey, we still have
that yoga session.
Unless our first lesson
was too much for you.
Next time, I really want
you to challenge me.
Man, this has to stop!
Oops. It was an accident.
An accident?
Oh, bring it on, girl!
I'm not scared of you.
You've been drinking.
No. It was euphorics.
So I'm just feeling
pretty blissed out.
This is not a batting cage.
So why don't you
bliss yourself on out of here?
I'm just having a little fun.
You're better than this.
Grow up!
But, but I came to talk to you!
Get your hands off me, Zoe!
I just wanted
to come over and...
I just want to know why
everybody likes you so much.
I don't get it.
You're not even that hot!
Definitely not as hot as you.
Don't make fun of me.
You can have Ivy.
You can have Serenity Gardens.
But just let me keep him. Okay?
- Because if you don't...
- Don't threaten me, Zoe!
Just stay away from Kilman.
I won't lose him to you.
I won't lose to you!
But, Ivy,
this is the second time
someone's tried to hunt me
down at my house.
There aren't enough shares...
Fine, yeah. We can just talk
about it when you get in.
Come on, baby,
I just wanna make it work.
I don't see that's possible.
I'm going to London.
I already told you.
Then let's try to date
From the other side
of the world?
Come on, you gotta be realistic.
Then let's wait
to break up. You don't move...
This is good news for you.
Looks like Kilman's open game
and you won't have
to sneak around
the yoga studio
with him anymore.
First of all, we're not
sneaking around.
Second of all,
just stay out of it.
Okay? Just...
What are you doing here?
Uh, I am sorry, I didn't wanna
interrupt your conversation.
You told Kilman I came to your
house last night, didn't you?
I haven't talked to him.
And if it's about last night,
the only person I told was Ivy.
Oh, great. This is wonderful!
You can't come over to my
house drunk and make threats.
Little Miss Business, you don't
know what real threats are.
This is the last time
I'm gonna warning you.
No, I'm warning you.
I'm gonna get you back for this.
What are you doing here, too?
- This is my studio.
- Show's over!
Jett, I swear
I can't work here one more...
Jett's running late.
By the way,
I think you're right.
You should quit.
In fact, why don't
you just go right now?
I'll tell everyone you left
and we don't need
your energy here.
My business at Serenity Gardens
is exactly that,
my business, not yours.
It's so obvious.
You have imposter syndrome.
I mean, you talk
a good game, but
what are you really doing here
other than creating conflict?
I gave you free passes
for Jett's sake
after I caught you creeping
around my house.
Well, that won't happen again
because you are gonna go away.
Because this is the...
The only refuge
I have in this world.
This is the only place
on this planet where I feel
any sense of peace
since my divorce
and I'm not gonna
let you destroy that.
So you should just go away.
Please don't make me
make you go away.
Mandy! Get out, go home!
But we had a session.
Go home now.
I'm so sorry. Mandy has...
Envy and anger issues.
So do a lot of people
around here.
And if that's Serenity Gardens'
standard workplace culture,
I can't stay here.
Well, welcome to the world
of the spa business.
Not everyone practices
what they chant.
Mandy can't come here anymore.
Yesterday you said
you would help me
promote my crystal business.
Now you want me to get rid
of my best client.
If Mandy is the kind of client
we're trying to attract,
we're in bigger trouble
than I thought.
Right, because
what you say goes.
Are there any other orders
I should be taking from you?
"Although, Serenity Garden
shows great potential
to be a global brand...
"I can no longer work
with the staff."
Is that dinner invitation
still open?
I brought ingredients.
Now's actually not really
a good time.
You got company?
No, I just...
It's kinda been an awful day.
If you want to be alone,
I understand.
You know, but you look like
you could use a friend.
Can I apply for that position?
So did my pal find out
what was wrong with your tires?
Just said it was
a freak accident.
Nothing seemed tampered with.
But... I do have my suspicions.
Seems everyone hates me.
Well, "If you got haters,
that means
you're doing something right."
I didn't come up
with that. Albert...
Haynes worth said it.
You know football?
Wow. What other secrets
you got going on?
Well, before you showed up,
I was writing my
resignation letter to Ivy.
Well, good luck getting
her to read it.
She left for London
this morning.
She won't be back for a week.
She didn't tell me
she was going.
There's only one person
Ivy answers to...
Besides, you can't quit until
you finish what you
started with me.
Our yoga lesson.
Oh, yeah, right. Um...
I'm too upset to do a down dog.
So then do an up dog.
Whatever kind of doggie style
you prefer.
What? I'm talking about yoga.
I don't know what kind of
positions you're thinking about?
A little yoga
will be good for you.
You need to relax.
And so do I.
I'll go wash up.
What's wrong in there?
I'm just a klutz
knocking stuff over.
That's what I get for trying
to be seductive.
I thought since we didn't have
the studio, we could
improvise with some of our own
moves in the bedroom.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I-I misread you.
I could have sworn
you felt the same way.
You didn't misread anything.
Undressing is my favorite part.
Kiss me.
That will change things.
I want things to change.
Things need to change.
What's this?
My proposal for an ad campaign
promoting your
Serenity Gardens'
crystal business.
If Ivy approves, your services
will be pushed
on every social platform
starting this weekend.
About how I behaved yesterday...
I can't fault you for caring
about your business.
I appreciate your passion
and loyalty to this place.
Something's different about you.
I got a new lipstick.
Do you like it?
No, it's something else.
Or, someone else.
Your energy's, it's...
You got laid!
- Shh!
- Oh, my God. Who was it?
Oh, don't tell me Boxer finally
worked his charms on you.
Ew, gross. No.
Oh, Stella, you didn't.
I forgot what it
was like to be with
someone who actually knows
what they're doing!
I can't believe I denied
myself so much
pleasure all this time.
This was a huge mistake.
I know, I shouldn't get involved
with employees.
No, but he's not just
another employee.
- God. Does Ivy know?
- No.
Does she like him?
Ivy is Kilman's stepmother.
Get out!
His dad died last year.
They lean on each other
for support.
That's why Ivy's always giving
Kilman preferential treatment.
Why didn't anyone tell me this?
Ivy's very self-conscious
about it.
We're forbidden
to even mention it.
Being called a stepmother
makes her feel old.
So you mean last night...
You banged the boss's son.
Great job! Don't forget
to practice your stretching.
Please leave the mats
where they are
if you used the studio mat.
Thank you. Great job.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
See you soon!
Don't forget the stretch!
Hey, you!
We're to start my vinyasa
flow class. Get changed.
Why didn't you tell me
Ivy's your stepmother?
And that matters because...
- She's our boss.
- So?
I'm trying to make my life
easier here.
Now it's more complicated.
You overthink things.
We never should have crossed
the line last night.
- If Ivy finds out...
- Listen.
I'll come over later tonight
and we'll talk things over.
Around 9:00?
I just have to get ready
for the next class.
Ivy was okay with me dating Zoe,
she's gonna be okay
with me dating you.
Dating? You and me?
Sure. Why not?
I see.
At another job,
sex with employees
is grounds for termination.
But here at Serenity Gardens,
you'll probably just
get another promotion.
Stay out of it, Zoe.
Aren't you gonna thank me?
I was Kilman's rebound girl
after his last relationship.
Which means he's primed
and ready for you.
What do you mean "rebound girl?"
He was engaged before we dated.
Oh, didn't he tell you?
Oh, God. Can you be
anymore naive?
You even know
who his fiance was.
Not Jett.
You don't mean Mandy.
No, you over-educated dummy.
He was engaged to Kimber.
How did you get in here?
The door was unlocked.
After I found the key.
How long have you been in here?
An hour.
I wanted to surprise you.
You surprised me. Now get out
before I surprise you!
Just, just hear me out, okay?
Stay away from me.
Don't try anything.
Kilman is on his way.
I know he is.
Kilman was the one
who asked me to
come over here tonight,
because he...
This was a bad idea.
Because he what?
He likes for me to watch.
Stay away from me! I mean it!
What's going on?
Woah! Weapons down.
The door was open,
so I let myself in.
What are you doing here?
- She knows.
- About what?
Don't pretend you don't know.
I swear that I don't.
Oh, God. Boxer. Not this again.
Don't act all innocent.
You're the one who told me
to come here tonight.
- Oh, he's lying.
- I'm not!
I never would
have come over here
if he hadn't told me
to come here.
I-if you weren't into this,
I would have never came here.
Don't listen to him, Stella.
He gets off on me watching.
- Shut up!
- It's the truth!
Stop! Both of you.
Just get out!
Please don't be mad at me.
I said get out!
Hey, you're not going anywhere
until you tell her the truth.
Okay, tell her how I used to
catch you spying on
me and Kimber.
How I catch you sneaking
around Zoe's place
to look at us in the bedroom.
Let go of me, man.
You gotta stop doing this, man.
It's sick.
That's enough! Get out!
He's lying. I would never
disrespect you like this.
Just get out. Now.
He said you were cool with this.
If I had known, I would never...
London was a dream.
They want us
to move into the space
a month early,
and that is all thanks to you
and your wonderful ideas.
Did you get my message
last night?
Y-yes, and I promise we can talk
about it after the meeting.
Did you really listen
to my message?
I can't work here anymore.
Here's my resignation.
And after the meeting, you can
tell me you want to quit. Okay?
But, um... I bet
you a trip to Nepal
that you forget
you ever wrote that.
You're not listening to me...
Because I'm waiting
for you to listen to me.
Meeting in five minutes
in the sound bath.
- Gather the others.
- But, Ivy...
Stella, you need to stop
being so tense.
It's like my mantra.
Out with anger.
In with love. Hmm?
Hi. How are you?
Ivy wants us in the sound bath.
Company meeting.
Is this about
her trip to London?
I don't know.
I won't be here
much longer to care.
Are you quitting?
I'll go get her.
Okay, I'll get Boxer
and meet you there.
Is this about last night?
It's about a lot of things.
Don't get too close to me.
You gotta believe me,
I didn't tell Boxer
to come over and watch us.
You know me better than that.
Do I?
I didn't know
you were Ivy's stepson.
Or Kimber's fianc.
I really don't know you at all.
So get to know me.
You're moving to London.
What if I stayed?
And why would you stay?
Because of me?
I'm falling in love with you.
Enough, sweet nothings,
Ivy wants us
in the sound bath stat.
Give us a minute, will you?
Everyone, grab a glass.
It's non-alcoholic,
but it's just as bubbly. Hmm.
Confucius said...
"It doesn't matter
how slowly you go
as long as you don't stop."
While I believe
our progress here at
Serenity Gardens
has never stopped,
it's been anything but slow.
And we have Stella to thank
for showing us
the shortcut to making
our international
expansion a success.
Join me in raising
our glasses...
Raise your glasses.
To Stella...
Serenity Gardens' new VP
of Thought Leadership
and Design.
And Head of Operations.
What are you talking about?
She'll also be
a vested partner in all
licensing and
merchandising agreements
here in the States, while I run
our new location in London
with Kilman.
Ivy, about that.
I think we need to talk.
Stella will be my eyes and ears
and fingernails here.
She will have
complete freedom to choose
who works under her
and who does not.
I have complete confidence
in her judgment.
I couldn't have asked
for a better boss.
I had no idea about any of this.
Oh, well, we can go over
the terms of the agreement
later, but I'm sure
you'll be pleased.
Consulting is one thing.
But running operations?
I have no experience
running a spa.
Oh, but Zoe does.
You can delegate to her.
I can't report to her.
You can. And you will.
Think positively, Zoe.
I always do.
I should be running operations.
I created Serenity Gardens
with you.
You've always been
a cherished employee.
You said we were partners.
Theoretically? Yes.
But legally...
Confucius says...
Screw what Confucius said!
What about what I have to say?
You're chastised. Zoe, down.
No, my days of getting
down on my
hands and knees
for you are over.
Either I stay or Stella stays.
You can't have us both.
What's it gonna be?
My accountant will
be in touch with you
to offer an adequate
severance payment.
May we wish Zoe all the
best in her future endeavors.
Namaste, sister!
Maybe I should go talk to her.
No, she had it coming
for a long time.
Besides, with you in charge,
now I know my studio's
in good hands.
Come on. Let's go celebrate.
May I have a moment?
I have a little update
for you, too.
How would you feel about
getting your esthetician license
if Serenity Gardens paid
for your schooling?
You mean do facials and nails?
- Yes.
- I mean, not really.
Besides, I'm too busy
with my crystal work.
Well, you won't be anymore
because as of today, I'm turning
the crystal studio into a salon.
Isn't that exciting?
Jett, I had no idea Ivy was go...
No, just don't! Okay? Don't.
You promised you were
gonna help promote me.
- And I will!
- How, Stella?
Because of you,
all Ivy cares about
is branded coffee mugs
and yoga mats.
Screw anybody else who does any
actually real healing
around here.
Maybe I can help you
open up your own practice.
I know a few investors who are
interested in a more
authentic experience...
No. I'm tired of getting
my hopes up with you.
It's not worth it.
I owe you my life. Please.
You're the only friend
that I have here!
Well, you wanna help me
pack all this up?
Oh, come on. This can wait.
You can't work with your chakras
all messed up.
Just go home.
Destress with some senna
and rosemary tea.
And let this all go.
Now look who's the healer.
- Ivy, wait...
- Can't.
I have lunch with the financiers
you set me up with.
Just one of the many reasons
why I promoted you. Congrats.
You earned it!
But about this promotion and
what you're doing to Jett...
I forgot to mention,
I spoke with some
of the hotel resorts
in London and
they absolutely love
everything that you've done
here for Serenity Gardens.
I'm so glad I got to you first.
Unless that's not what you want?
Full leadership here to do
whatever you want.
And I'm just a phone call
away for guidance.
Should you need me.
I'm going to be the mentor
to you that I was denied.
Now how can you say no to that?
If American operations are
going to be under my purview,
the chakra studio has to stay.
But in your analysis,
you outlined
that they were losing money.
Because we're not promoting
them effectively.
With some love and care,
Jett and the crystal service
could be
Serenity Gardens' cornerstone.
The answer is no.
And that's final.
We had our first
little disagreement.
But I think we handled it well.
Don't you?
And this
is going to be your
new office soon. Hmm?
Feel free to make it your own.
Hi, Ivy. I know you want me
to sign this new contract,
but I have some questions.
Let's talk in the morning.
What are you still doing here?
Did you know the
sound bath was my idea?
Ivy never wanted to do it.
It was a good idea.
I'd never seen a sound bath
before I came here.
It's my favorite part
of Serenity Gardens.
You're scared of me, aren't you?
Even Ivy is scared of me now.
But it's her own fault.
She's gonna get
what's coming to her.
She never should have
messed with me
now that I know
what she's really like.
I'm not a scary person.
Really, I'm not.
It's just that...
It's just that Ivy owes me.
I just want what's fair.
I want that for you, too.
Don't lie to me! Huh.
I don't want to be a monster.
I don't like
who I'm turning into.
Zoe, you should go home.
Get some rest.
It will all be better
in the morning.
What makes you so sure?
What makes you so sure?
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit!
Oh, my God.
- Help! Help!
- I'll call 911.
Please help!
- Please help me! Please help me!
- Are you okay?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Now about your attack...
Not that I don't believe the
description of what happened.
Why do you say it like that?
Well, there's no evidence
anyone else was
in the spa last night
except you and Zoe.
Did she attack you?
It wasn't Zoe.
How can you be so sure?
You said that you couldn't
see the person who attacked you.
The two people who attacked me.
Did you check the cameras?
Surveillance was cut.
So were the cameras.
By who?
We have record of you
deactivating the
surveillance as well as
the security system
at 11:57 p.m.
But I didn't.
I don't understand.
Why were you working so late?
I haven't been feeling
very safe at home lately.
Why's that?
I encouraged Stella
to make peace with Zoe and
the others who were
bothering her.
How was Zoe bothering Stella?
Zoe was always threatened by
Stella because
she's smarter than her.
I didn't kill Zoe!
If you remember anything,
just feel free
to give me a call.
Or your lawyer can call.
What's going on?
Ms. Benton,
you're being charged with
the murder of Zoe Ravenstill.
No, no, no.
You're making a mistake.
No, I don't think we are.
You cut the cameras,
your fingerprints
are on the murder weapon...
But my fingerprints are on all
kinds of things down at the spa!
Okay. Turn around please.
This can't be happening.
You have the right
to remain silent.
- Which I suggest you do.
- Oh, my God. But...
Anything you say can
and will be used against you.
Don't make this any more
difficult than it needs to be.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you is always nice.
Thank you.
Yeah, well...
Just promise you'll
return the favor.
Because I may be the one
they try to put away next.
I'm still not sure what
I'm more shocked about.
That I was arrested for a crime
that I didn't commit,
or that you bailed me out.
Why wouldn't I bail you out?
I've got your back.
Just like you got mine.
I still feel awful for
what happened at the spa.
I want to right that wrong.
First we have to find out
who killed Zoe.
Police have an odd habit
of pinning the crime
on the easiest suspect possible.
That's what I was afraid of.
And the Eight of Swords.
Trapped and restricted
by your circumstances.
The "Go Directly to Jail" combo.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You had no reason to kill Zoe.
We were co-workers and we
got on each other's nerves.
People would have killed
each other for far less.
What about Kilman?
I swear I smelled
his cologne that night.
You think it could be him,
too, don't you?
But why?
He broke up with Zoe. It wasn't
like he was stalking her.
Like Mandy stalked Boxer.
Okay, let's, let's
think this through.
Who would want to kill Zoe?
Well, forget Boxer.
He and Zoe were pals.
And I hate to admit it, but
Mandy was a loose cannon.
And she did threaten you.
And these two do have history.
If we're talking "history,"
Ivy and Kilman are family.
Would make sense that
they work together.
Plus, Zoe was so pissed
that Ivy fired her.
But if the motive
was retaliation,
shouldn't Ivy be the one
dead and not Zoe?
But Mandy and Kilman
barely talk.
That we know of.
As I told you before,
Kilman is everyone's favorite.
And I'm Mandy's unfavorite.
But Kilman told me
he wanted a relationship.
I just can't believe him
setting me up like this.
Then Mandy got someone else
to help her.
You know, friend.
Her ex. A hired gun.
So then this entire time
my instincts have been dead-on.
Mandy has been going
after me all along.
Is that what you think, too?
Do you still have
any stuff at the spa?
Just my laptop.
Then I think you
should get anything that
Mandy can use against you
out of there.
Isn't the place closed anyway?
You're making me feel paranoid.
It's better to be paranoid
than be in jail
for a crime you didn't commit.
Or worse...
Don't be shy.
I already know who you are.
So why don't you show your face?
Fine. I'll do it.
I was going to visit you
in prison.
Jett bailed me out.
It's not what you it looks like.
She was helping me
with my shoulder.
Let's not insult
her intelligence.
What you two do
is none of my business.
- I'll be on my way.
- No.
Please. Stay awhile.
Isn't it amazing what the power
of positive thinking?
I wanted you to stay,
and you did!
That hurts, doesn't it, huh?
That vagus nerve
can be a beast when
it's grabbed just the right way.
Ivy, let her go please!
You killed Zoe because she
found out about the two of you.
And you tried to
set me up for it.
Neither of us were even
there that night. Right, Ivy?
I'm warning you, Kilman. How
could you say you were falling
in love when you were sleeping
with your own stepmother!
- I was falling in love with you!
- No, you weren't!
Don't tell me how I feel!
I know how you feel better.
I think the two, Stella, Zoe,
were distractions.
You always come back to me!
Not anymore. Let her go!
Look what you made me do!
Boxer, we need
to get out of here.
- Are you bleeding?
- Wh... Oh!
Oh, no, the code's not working.
- We need to get out!
- We should clean you up first.
Wait, we need to call the cops.
Hey! What are you doing?
You smell like Kilman.
You know how you kept asking if.
Kimber's death was an accident?
You're about to find out.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Out with anger!
In with love!
No. No.
Just give up, Stella!
When will you learn?
Is she dead?
I didn't know what she
was doing, Stella. Honest...
I'm gonna go call 911, okay?
- Hey.
- Hey!
What you up to?
Just working on my crystal grid.
What's up?
No more putting this off.
We have to decide...
Which logo do you like?
"Chakra and crystal
healing by Jett."
Wait, why isn't
your name included?
Because I'm a silent partner.
You're the one
people are booking
appointments with, not me.
Thank you so much for helping me
make my dream come true.
It's my dream, too.
Even if I didn't realize it.
You two really
transformed this space
into what it should
have been all along.
A space of healing.
Are you still teaching yoga?
No, I don't teach anymore.
I had to get my
head straight after all
the years of Ivy
doing a number on me.
- Stella...
- Stop.
There's only so many times
everyone can say they're sorry.
I'm focused on today,
not the regrets of what
happened in the past.
Good. Good.
If you're not doing anything,
I was actually wondering...
Oh, Kilman, I
just think with
our past and all...
It'd be too complicated
to get involved again.
No, I just wanted
to take you two new
business owners out
for lunch and celebrate.
I shouldn't have assumed.
If you're buying, I'm eating!
There's a great
new euphoric sprout
sandwich shop down the street.
They have amazing
mushroom smoothies.
Actually, I was thinking
of maybe something
a little more enlightening
for the soul
like burgers and a beer?
I haven't eaten anything
like that in years.
Neither have I.
Well, allow me
to reacquainted you with
the health benefits
of heartburn and a good burp.
Come on.