Killer Cover Up (2021) Movie Script

State champions!
You guys all played
so great, okay,
and we won this together!
All right, Stacey,
you run like lightning!
- That's me.
And, grace, our star forward.
When she kicks a ball,
I swear she has four legs.
It's... it's the seven
years of riverdance lessons.
And, Maria, okay,
that quiet act does not fool me.
I've seen her once go
against four opponents
and leave them all in tangles.
And Lilly, our goalie,
hands sticky as a frog's...
Where's Lilly?
Come on, what are you doing?
Get over here.
No way are you sulking.
Drink it.
All right, everybody,
in the water!
Let's go! Come on! Woo!
I really don't feel like it.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's nice.
Right? And the weather.
Makes it really hard
to miss Detroit.
I do not miss Detroit.
I do kind of miss dad, though.
You always tell me
to be honest about my feelings.
Mom, we've moved like
a hundred times for your work
and this is the first time
that dad didn't move with us,
so is this separation
temporary, permanent, or...
I get it. It's got to be
really hard for you
to figure out me and your dad
when we don't even know
But I can tell you one thing
that is permanent.
How much you love me.
and what a good soccer player I am.
Come on, Jenna tries to
get the ball from her mom,
but she can't, she can't,
she can't, she can't!
Mom shoo...
Well, I never really liked
that lamp anyway.
You think I'll
make the team at Fairmont?
Are you kidding?
You're the all-star MVP
of east Pembroke high.
Yeah, but they were
state champions last year,
and they may not even need
a forward.
If I don't keep my stats up,
I could lose my scholarship
to o.U.
Honey, when they see you play,
you're gonna be
exactly what they need.
Is that like
some magic mom thing,
always being optimistic
about everything?
I don't know about other moms,
but with a daughter like you,
no magic is needed.
Come on, let's go clean up
some space for dinner.
Dinner is served.
It's not regurgitated, is it?
This is beef stroganoff.
It's a Russian delicacy.
It's really delicate.
Hi, dad.
Yeah, the house is super nice.
It's a lot bigger
than the apartment.
Go say hi.
Um, I'll just...
I'll see them later,
yeah, at practice.
Honey, practice
might be more fun
if you meet them now.
Okay, forget it.
Break a leg. Don't break a leg.
I didn't mean that.
Have fun today.
The simplest
example of energy transferring
from one vector to another
is the billiard ball.
Like when the cue ball
hits the eight-ball
at an angle of about 45 deg...
All right, everybody.
Don't forget, homework,
the end of chapter 23.
That assignment is due tomorrow.
Jenna Simms?
Am I gonna see you
at practice later?
How did you know that I...
Ritchie Hanover.
Coach ritchie.
Coach ritchie, yeah.
Coach Hawthorne said
she'd talk to you about me.
Yeah, and she did.
Says you're awesome.
Come on, meet the girls.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Hope you enjoyed your stay.
Yeah, they're right over here.
Let me ask the first ones.
Guys, this is Jenna
Simms, all-star forward from Detroit.
Red, competition.
I welcome competition, stace.
What I don't welcome
is you being such a...
Easy, easy.
Sorry, it's the first week back.
Everyone is filled
with adrenaline.
We'll burn it out at practice.
So, grace is our forward.
Though, we do need a goalie.
I'm Alicia. Team captain.
I can't wait to see
what you've got.
Give it a rest, 'Licia.
You give it a rest,
and I'll give it my best, Stacey.
- Yeah.
You guys be nice, okay?
You are Frieda, right?
- Yes.
I am so sorry it took me so long
to introduce myself
this morning.
- Mrs. Simms. Yes.
Please call me Sally.
- Welcome to the palmetto.
Thank you.
Get it, Maria! Get it, Maria!
Come on, Maria!
- Coach!
- Nice!
Bring it in.
Nice moves, 'Ria.
Hey, you too, Jenna,
that was great.
But you know what?
I would really love
to see you play goalie.
Can I get another shot?
I've got a scholarship to o.U.
And they've only seen me
play forward.
You've got a scholarship?
Playing in college
is great, Jenna.
I want that for you.
I want scholarships
for everybody,
but nobody gets there alone.
We get there as a team.
And we barely got there
last year.
You know he's right.
I mean, if we didn't have
a few lucky calls
go our way last year,
then that championship trophy
could just as easily be
in revere's display case.
And we're gonna need
more than luck
to keep it in ours.
As a team, we need a goalie.
If you're great there,
you'll start.
If you only want
to play forward,
it'll have to be second string.
All right.
Everybody, back to one.
Hey, don't take it easy on her.
I know revere won't.
All right, who's next?
Looks like we have a new goalie.
Shut it, grace.
See what you started?
I didn't mean to stir anything up
at practice earlier.
It wasn't you.
You were actually great.
Just Stacey doesn't like
to be shown up.
What happened
to your old goalie?
Everyone seems so sensitive
about her.
Yeah, um, Lilly, she...
She disappeared.
Yeah, everyone is
so freaked out about it
because, well, it's freaky.
I mean, we had a party
after the championship
and Lilly was not into it.
She wouldn't say why,
like personal issues.
Yeah, everyone went for a swim
and when we came back out,
she was gone.
She drove off alone
and that was it.
What? Like she just didn't
come back to school
or something?
She didn't come back at all.
Cops found her car abandoned
miles away,
and we don't know
if she ran away
or was kidnapped.
My gosh, that's horrible.
Party at my place?
Grace was just
telling her about Lilly.
Bad timing.
Um, no, I just wanted to see
if you wanted to come
to my house Friday night,
a little season kick-off soire.
Alicia's parents
are like crazy jet-setters,
so they go out of town
all the time,
and she throws the best parties.
That's an exaggeration.
They just go out of town a lot
for work,
but my parties are the bomb.
Come in.
I've been thinking about this.
I don't like the idea
of this at all.
You come home, tell me
that girl disappeared,
and now you want to go
to a party?
She disappeared months ago,
it was like end of last year.
Do you think that really matters
to her mother?
She's still missing, Jenna.
I know.
It's horrible, mom, but...
You said that we were moving
to California, and I came.
And you said that dad
wasn't coming with us,
and I'm doing my best with that.
And, now, I'm going
to a new school.
I just made the team, and...
I really just want
to go celebrate with them.
Whose party is it?
- Alicia.
She's the team captain.
And are her parents
gonna be there?
I guess.
Well, I'd like to talk to them.
I don't have their number.
Okay, then I'm going
to say hello
when I drop you off.
Can I go?
You can go.
Thank you.
You look pretty.
Thank you.
You don't have to walk with me.
I'm not gonna walk with
you, I just want to say hi.
Just stay right there.
Have fun.
Wow. You look amazing.
why blend in when you can stand out?
Does it highlight my hair?
"Does it highlight my hair?"
I could never pull off
something like that.
it wasn't meant for you to pull off.
Lighten up, Maria.
The world doesn't revolve
around your insecurities.
Can I get you a drink?
So I was just telling
you about Billy Wayne.
Cute and cocky.
A deadly combination.
You can do better.
I wanted to say sorry
about earlier.
You deserved a much warmer
welcome than that,
and that's on us, not you.
I just want to play soccer.
We all do.
Um, Jamal Tanner.
Straight as.
No girlfriend.
Mark David.
Golf and swimming.
He's probably gonna go
to Harvard.
And Ken Andrews...
You want to dance?
Baseball player.
Emphasis on the player.
And, sadly, he slays me.
I'm sure we'll burn these off
in, like, two drills on Monday.
It's a good party.
I'm really
excited to be on the team.
I used to be.
Used to be?
- Look, um,
you seem like a great girl
and a great player,
but I don't want
to let you down.
This team isn't
all it used to be.
Grace, come on.
She's still breathing. Call 911!
Jenna, are you okay?
She was just dancing and...
Good morning.
Are you hungry?
No, not really.
That had to be
really hard for you
to see that last night.
I lied.
About what?
I do miss Detroit.
I miss my dad in Detroit
and my friends in Detroit.
I miss my school
and my soccer team.
Mom, why do we have to move
around for work so much?
Because it's my job, honey.
- It's always your job.
Dad never made us move.
He gives up his job every
couple years to move for you.
Okay, that is not fair.
- Is this where you ground me
for being too honest
about my feelings?
Look, this is really hard,
and I think that you have done
an amazing job handling it all.
A little breakfast?
Hi, I'm Sally Simms.
I'm the new manager
of the hotel.
I'm looking for the owner,
Mr. Rocklin?
Yeah, I, um,
think I saw him around here somewhere.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Iced tea? Lemonade?
With a twist?
I would love some iced tea,
but you can save the twist.
What do you think
about the place so far?
I like it. Thank you.
What do you think about it?
Looking for speed bumps?
Word travels fast around here.
Well, you know,
it's a small hotel.
You know, there is one thing
I don't like about this place.
What's that?
- It's never had a manager
that would take two minutes
out of their day
to sit and have an iced tea
with the bartender.
Well, I...
- Would you like
to go over tonight's dinner
reservations, Mr. Rocklin?
Give us a couple minutes,
cin, please.
Mr. Rocklin.
Very funny.
You know, all kidding aside,
the fact that
you sat down with me,
asked how things were
without knowing who I am,
that says a lot about you.
Iced tea is on the house,
Thank you.
Okay, work it up, work it up.
Watch Alicia at the wing.
Back to the goal.
Come on, Alicia.
- Come on, Stacey,
keep going, keep going!
Hey! Whoa, whoa!
- Stop, Maria!
What are you doing?
What are you guys doing?
She ran me over!
All right, look, okay, I get it.
What happened to grace
is terrible
for me as her coach,
and I can't even imagine
what you guys are going through,
but you can't take it out
on each other.
You got to put it
into your playing
'cause if you don't,
you can forget
about another championship,
college scholarships,
all of it.
Let's run it back,
let's run it back.
Lighten up, Maria!
- What? Her blubbering...
Shut up!
Just shut up, Stacey!
This is all your fault!
First Lilly and now grace!
That's enough!
Okay, let's just focus
on practice.
I guess someone
is happy they get
to finally play forward now.
I'm not happy.
I mean,
anybody else find it strange
that the week she shows up
we lose grace?
You think I had something...
- I think you don't belong here.
Grace will be back, you'll see.
And we still need a goalie.
Stacey scares me.
Yeah, Stacey is scary.
It's her defense mechanism.
No, I think...
I think she pushed grace.
Maria, you're imagining things.
No, I'm serious.
I think she shoved grace
down the stairs
because she was scared
of covering up Lilly.
Don't talk about it.
Okay, don't talk
about anything, Maria.
If you think
that Stacey pushed grace
to keep her quiet,
you should be careful.
She could do it again.
Sorry, are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I know that things seem pretty heated
on the team right now.
Do you have any concerns
beyond just, you know,
pushing through?
No, no.
Look, I know that it's hard
coming to a new school,
new team, fitting in.
You're doing really great.
Hey, Maria.
Um, so practice
was pretty intense.
Hey, what's going on
between you and Stacey?
Just because you guys
seemed really tense at the party...
I have to go.
What the...
Did you guys see
what happened to my bike?
No, no one saw, no one saw.
Good pizza here. Who knew?
But more importantly,
how was the salad?
I made it.
You cut a mean vegetable.
So how was your day?
My day?
- Yeah.
How was it?
Was it average or extraordinary?
No, not...
Not really.
All right. How was practice?
It was okay.
I guess the girls are still
all pretty freaked out
about grace.
Can only imagine.
Are you?
What about you?
Exceptional day?
Honey, how would you feel...
...if your father and I...
Getting back together?
Your father, he, um...
Well, how would you feel
if we got a divorce?
Why would you even say that?
What's wrong with you?
Who doesn't love morning laps?
Come on, guys,
give me some energy.
If we do well this morning,
maybe coach will take it easy
on us this afternoon.
Someone messed
with my bike yesterday.
Your bike?
Normally, I'd just think
new girl stuff,
but after grace, I don't know.
Neither do I.
Fast in the
water, you'll be like lightning
on the field.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
Hey, come on, Maria!
Push, push, push, Maria!
Come on, put some muscle in it.
Come on, Maria, push!
Come on, Maria!
You're lagging in the
pool, on the field.
Like, we're not gonna win
another championship.
Just leave me alone!
All right.
That's it for this morning,
See you all this afternoon.
Look, I heard you
talking to Alicia,
talking about Stacey,
talking about Lilly's cover-up.
No, you didn't.
You're new here,
you don't know anything.
Just leave me alone.
Hey, have you seen my sweater?
No, sorry.
You guys didn't check on Maria?
Help! Help, please!
Someone help! It's Maria!
My... Maria?
Are you okay?
Everyone, I'm principal Butler.
Mr. and Mrs. Tapia,
I'm so sorry for your loss.
There's nothing that I can say
to make sense of this tragic,
horrible accident.
Was it an accident?
Are you sure it was an accident?
As opposed to what?
One is an accident.
Three girls?
One missing, one comatose,
and now one...
I'm starting to feel like
I can't trust my daughter
in your care.
I understand your concern,
but two of these events,
they happened outside of school,
during parties.
They happened on the team!
Perhaps some time off would...
Dad, no, no, no.
Mom, I can't.
When I ran into the gym
and I saw that girl's parents,
all I could think was...
Soccer is not worth it, honey.
Nothing is.
I wish it hadn't happened.
Mom, I wish none of this
had happened,
but if I don't play this year,
then I could lose
my scholarship.
I'm not saying to
quit, I'm just saying
take a couple weeks off
after seeing your friends
like that.
But the season
starts in a couple of weeks
and if everyone takes off,
then what will we have?
Please, mom.
Fine, but short leash.
No parties.
You have to come to the hotel
every day after school.
And I don't care, if anyone else
on the team gets hurt,
if it's an accident,
I don't care, you're done.
I heard you.
What do you mean?
- Outside.
Maria said that she was scared
of Stacey,
some cover about Lilly.
Maria said she was scared
of Stacey,
and you told her to be careful.
No, I didn't.
- You told her to be careful
and now she's...
Grace is still in the hospital.
Someone's been taunting me,
destroyed my bike.
Why would Stacey want me gone?
I don't know, but if she does,
all the more reason to be quiet.
So, what are you doing here?
How long have you been here?
Does mom know you're here?
I'm gonna take those
questions in reverse if that's okay.
No, your mom does not know
I'm here.
I'm trying to work it out.
Um, been here a week.
A week?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
I didn't want to tell you
over the phone.
Just trying to figure
everything out, you know?
But I miss you, Jenna.
I miss your mom, too.
But if I'd snuck up behind her
while she was waiting on a bus,
she'd probably have...
Yeah, she'd probably
throw you in front of it.
I was gonna say "call the cops,"
but you think she'd throw me
under the bus, huh?
Throw me in front of it?
I don't know, I just mean
she doesn't really explain
your situation to me.
It's complicated, sweetie.
Your mom's a great woman,
you know that.
All this hasn't been easy
on her either.
But I'm thinking
about moving out here.
You want to get back together
with mom?
No... yeah, of course,
hopefully soon.
I want to get back together
with you first, though.
You see, I put my foot down
with your mom.
I told her I didn't want
to change jobs with her again
and follow her out here.
She called my bluff.
But if I'd known
it'd come to all this,
I would've gotten in a car
and driven out
right behind you guys.
No job is worth being away
from you this long, Jenna.
So I need to ask you a favor.
You don't have to do it
if you don't want to,
but just like with you,
I'm trying to figure out
how to approach your mom
and all, so...
I won't tell
her until you're ready.
I love you, dad.
- I love you too, baby.
I'm so excited you're here!
Come on.
Hi, honey.
Welcome to the palmetto.
Chloe, this is my daughter,
- Hi.
So how was your day?
nothing out of the ordinary.
Nothing out of the
ordinary at that school
is out of the ordinary.
Come on.
Is this quiet enough
for you to study?
I guess,
though I was kind of hoping for the pool.
Well, this is where I work,
so this is where you study.
Love you.
Hey, Ken.
What do you mean grace's
fall wasn't an accident?
Lilly, grace,
Maria, all coincidence?
If not, then what?
Like some kind of message?
My bike.
It couldn't have been any clearer
if someone had just painted
"stay out of it" on the seat.
Someone wants me off this team
and far away from all of this.
- I'm not sure.
Look, I've been with
grace since the 10th grade.
I want to find whoever did this
to her and kill 'em.
But you just got here.
If you want to stay out of it,
no one is gonna blame you.
What's going on?
What's the cover-up?
I feel so horrible.
If I had said something
or come forward,
then maybe grace and Maria
Lilly didn't disappear.
What are you doing?
- Don't even start with me.
We've been drinking, grace.
What? Do you think they're
just gonna say "well"?
We're all underage.
No college will want to give
a scholarship to any of us
after something like this,
that's if we don't go to jail.
So I went along.
We pushed her body out to sea
and moved her car and lied.
And the worst part
was seeing her mom.
But grace was cracking.
Okay, we could all tell
that she was gonna
say something.
So, I think that Stacey
pushed her down the stairs
to keep her quiet
which got Maria upset.
Alicia, you're gonna say
something now, aren't you?
Alicia, you have to.
Scholarships don't matter.
Maria is dead.
That's why I can't.
Okay, I thought Lilly drowned.
But if Stacey pushed grace
and hurt Maria,
that's doing a lot more
than covering up
an accident, okay?
What if Stacey killed Lilly?
Wait, what? Why?
- I don't know.
Okay, but that would explain why
she pushed for the cover-up.
Okay, no autopsy,
no cause of death.
I don't know, maybe
if we just called the police,
then... then we wouldn't
go to jail,
but now we will for sure.
Unless I can prove
that Stacey killed Lilly.
But I'm gonna need your help.
- Jenna, please.
I mean, you're the only one
that Stacey doesn't
have a reason to hurt.
You're the only one
that can figure things out
without ending up like...
Like Lilly, grace, or Maria.
Alicia, I don't know.
What would I even do?
Like, break into her locker,
steal her backpack?
This is dangerous.
It's not like she's
some hardened criminal.
Okay, you've seen
how on edge she is.
Just egg her on.
See if you can get her to crack.
If you don't help me,
the team is through.
Okay, even if
they don't break us up,
we're not going
to championships.
You can see that.
None of us are going to college.
Not playing soccer, anyway.
All right.
Let's pack it up.
Change of scenery.
We're gonna try something
a little bit different today.
Come on. Let's go, let's go.
Everybody, up.
Come on.
Doing okay?
Hey, what's going on?
This is the beach
where Lilly disappeared.
Come on, girls, let's go.
I know that this is a hard place
for you guys to be, okay?
Last time you were here,
you had three more friends
with you.
That was also the last time
that you guys played
like a team.
The night of
the state championships.
Now I know that Maria
and grace and Lilly
would not want you
to lose this year
because losing them
tore you apart.
They would want you to win
for them.
That's what I want.
Look, if that isn't
what any of you want,
you're welcome to leave
right now.
Okay then.
Everyone, in the water.
You guys want to start
playing like a team, huh?
Trusting and supporting
each other?
Let's start where it counts.
Past where you can stand,
everyone holding hands.
Let's see if you can keep
each other afloat
for a minute.
One girl comes in,
you all start over.
Fifteen seconds!
Thirty seconds!
I need a break!
- We're almost there!
Forty-five seconds!
No, you don't!
- No one goes in!
Three, two!
All the way in, holding hands!
Now that is what
I like to see, ladies!
Let's go!
I got a recruiter
coming next week from o.U.
You guys show up like this,
maybe there's scholarships
for more of you.
That would be great.
Why do you care?
You already got a scholarship.
I still want to win.
we've got a better chance without you.
Is that why
you messed up my bike?
Trying to get rid of me?
I didn't touch your bike.
- Back off, Stacey!
Seriously, guys?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Get off of each other!
Come on! Seriously?
Seriously, what is it
gonna take, huh?
One more scene like this
and both of you
are off the team, okay?
- Thank you.
I'm very flattered. Very.
It's just that dating
isn't really on the table
for me right now.
What was on the table
last night?
New to town, working
mom, teenage daughter.
I'm guessing...
Pizza and pasta.
Pizza and salad.
Speaking of food,
I want to show you something.
I need your opinion, please.
- Come with me.
So I'm starting a
new line of home meals.
Always fresh, never frozen.
Just stick 'em in the oven
for 30 minutes.
No microwaves allowed.
But I need an honest opinion
before I bring it to market
'cause I'm biased.
Everyone that works for me
just tells me it's great.
I'm sure they are.
And my sons,
they just eat pizza,
so what do they know?
You have sons?
- I do, yes.
Jake is 12 and Ryan is 16,
so they're not gonna get
a refined palate
for another decade.
- Yeah.
So, please, I need your opinion.
Let me know how it is.
Take it home.
Feed your daughter.
I'm gonna be honest.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Enjoy.
Thank you.
Dinner is served.
I'm not really hungry.
Well, it's not really an option.
You're gonna force-feed me?
Yeah, if I have to. Come on.
Come on, I have a surprise
for you.
Another one and last one.
But don't look.
- I'm not.
Okay, I'm gonna put
you in your chair right here.
Okay, ready? Sit down.
Oops, sorry.
- Okay.
And, ta-Da!
Impressive, right?
- This looks amazing!
How did you do this?
Wait, are you questioning
my culinary expertise?
With every bone in my body.
- Fine.
I got it from
the hotel restaurant.
So it's take-out?
No, it's not take-out,
I cooked this.
I turned the ov...
I turned the oven on,
and then I put it in.
Doesn't matter,
eat it, and enjoy it.
That's really good.
- Good job, mom.
Thank you.
Honey, I owe you an apology.
I have moved you
and asked a lot of you,
and you sacrificed a lot.
You told me.
Yes, I told you.
When you were eight,
obviously you
never questioned it,
but now that you're almost 18,
I, I just have a hard time
wrapping my head around the fact
that you're almost an adult.
An adult?
Almost an adult, I said.
And I'm just hangin' on to every
single moment of your childhood
while I still can
whether you like it or not,
so don't make fun of me.
Eat up and enjoy.
How was practice?
I don't know.
Coach has o.U.
Coming to practice,
and I like playing goal,
I'm just not that good yet.
So, if they see me now,
they'll definitely
pull my scholarship.
Well, it's too bad
your dad's not here.
Look, honey just because we're
not getting along right now
doesn't mean that he's
not an amazing father.
I mean, he's been the best
coach you've ever had!
I think if he had
some time with you,
he would make you
a great goalie too.
Why don't you facetime him?
Yeah, I'd love some
facetime with dad.
That's Stacey
Robbins right there with the ball.
She's aggressive,
but she's good.
Jenna, it's in the box, grab it!
Get your arms around it!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
come on, come on, come on!
You okay?
Are you crazy?
I was just goin' for the ball.
Just because it wasn't
a foul doesn't mean it was fair.
You guys see what you're doin'?
Thought you wanted scholarships.
You're losing your
recruiter right now.
Laps, everybody, let's go.
Jenna, if your
team is dangerous...
Please don't sound like mom.
Well, I'm sorry,
but despite our differences,
your mom and I are lock-step
when it comes to parenting.
You have to tell her.
She'll make me quit!
Where else am I supposed
to go play for my scholarship?
Sunday pick-up games
in the park?
Fine, I'll tell her...
After the season's over.
When I get back to the hotel.
So you're serious, you liked it?
I loved it, it was fantastic!
I thank you, Jenna thanks you.
My only question is when
can I buy stock in your company?
Was it fantastic
enough to have dinner with me
outside of the home?
There's this,
great little place
just down the street.
Jenna! Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
- Honey, wait!
Leave me alone.
- Jenna! Jenna!
Do you even know that dad wants
to get back together with you?
That he's here trying
to figure out how to talk
to you about all this.
- Your father's here?
He wants us to be
a family again.
Wait, are you telling
me your dad is here, Jenna?
Is that what you just said?
Joe, you came here
without telling me,
and you were seeing
Jenna in secret?
No, do not "shared custody" me!
You let Jenna move here!
You agreed to it.
Under duress, Joe,
are you kidding me?
You're joking, right?
You are unbelievable!
Why don't you
go back to Detroit?
Why don't you go to hell?
- Stop!
What did I tell you guys, huh?
Work together,
and you'll be champions.
But if you keep
letting anger tear you apart,
you will never be more
than high school athletes
forced to give up
the game they love,
or become a coach
and have to put
your faith in others
instead of yourself!
Laps, everybody, let's go.
Come on, come on, let's go!
Let's go, trouble-maker.
This is ridiculous.
We're gonna be
a cross country team.
What are you doing?
- Stay back!
Please, this is just routine.
We're gonna let
the officer do his job.
You can't just open our lockers.
the school does have that right,
especially after learning that
Grace McShay might have been
pushed down those stairs
and Maria murdered!
Learned how?
An anonymous call.
So you think one of us did it?
You're the one who
was fighting with Maria.
On the field.
- And in the pool.
About her playing.
Whose is this?
I lost that.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
what's goin' on here?
What is that?
Maria tapia's blood.
Someone put it in there.
Why would I want to hurt Maria?
I just met her.
You tell me.
Jenna, are you okay?
- I'm okay.
I'm sorry you had
to find out this way.
Does she need a lawyer?
I don't
have enough to arrest her.
She said someone
took the sweater.
It's possible somebody
used it, and put it back.
But if I get anything more
connecting your
daughter to this,
or to the other girl
that was injured,
grace mcshay.
- This isn't about grace
or Maria, it's about Lilly!
Lilly Washington?
The girl who
disappeared last spring?
She didn't disappear,
she died, she drowned
on the beach with them,
and everyone got so scared,
so Stacey told them
to cover it up.
But grace wasn't happy,
so Alicia thinks that
Stacey pushed her
down the stairs.
So when Maria complained...
Okay, okay, okay, slow down.
We interviewed
everyone on the team
when Lilly disappeared,
when grace was injured,
and again this morning.
Do you know how much anyone
has said about a cover-up?
Nothing, no drowning.
- Because they are the ones
who are covering it up!
Alicia told me...
- Even Alicia.
Because she's scared!
She thinks that you're
gonna arrest everyone,
they're all gonna lose their
chance at going to college!
That's why she
wanted me to help prove
that Stacey was the one
that murdered Lilly,
so that none of
the other girls would...
You just said drowned.
Well, no, I mean, like, um...
Do you have any proof, Jenna?
Some shred of evidence
that my entire department
has not been able to find?
Because right now,
the only thing that I have
is Maria tapia's blood
on your sweater.
Here you go.
You bake now?
- Sort of.
I mean, they're
premade by a friend,
I just popped them in the oven.
As long as I
don't play soccer anymore.
Honey, you heard
I told the principal.
That what?
I can keep playing
until I am arrested?
Everyone hates me now, mom.
Think you can
change hotels again?
Now would be a really
good time to move.
Why don't you go
climb in my bed,
and I'll be in there
in a minute, okay?
I guess I should have
told you I was here?
Or, maybe, you should have
asked me if you can come.
I don't need your
permission to see Jenna.
How 'bout just
common courtesy, huh?
I mean, you're teaching her
to sneak behind my back!
Something that you're
very familiar with.
She is happy you're here.
And you?
Don't ask me about me.
You're not gonna like
what I have to say.
It's work.
Hi, Sally, it's Dan.
Yeah, I just wanted to
make sure everything's okay.
Hey, Dan.
Thanks for checkin' in.
Listen, things are, kind of
hectic around here.
Well, call me
if you need me, all right?
I should go.
I guess that's my cue to leave.
Can we talk?
Thought you were talking to Dan?
We've barely
been here a month, mom,
and you already
have a boyfriend?
Honey, he is not...
- I already told you that
dad wants to get
back together with you.
Honey, your father and I...
Tell me it's
complicated, and I'll scream.
Your father...
You know I met him
when I was 18 years old, right?
And he was funny,
and he was so sexy.
- And...
...and we fell in love.
And got married, and had this
amazing human who's now
almost a grown up.
And over those years,
we just, we grew apart.
Not my career,
not just his career,
but us.
And it had nothing
to do with you,
and this is not your fault.
It's not fair.
I know it's not fair.
But look, my head
is spinning right now
with all this unfairness
of what's happening to you...
I didn't do anything.
- I know you didn't do anything,
but it's gonna take a lot of
convincing to other people.
And that's gonna take
a lot of energy.
Maybe just go to bed
and get some sleep?
Good night.
What was that?
It's dad.
I was in my car
and saw someone speed away.
You guys okay?
Yeah, look at this.
What in the world?
I'm gonna go check on Jenna.
I'm sorry this happened.
You're sorry?
Being sorry does not help
my 17-year-old daughter
who is accused of
these horrible things,
or this home invasion, I just,
I don't understand
why you're not gonna do
anything about this?
Your daughter
is still our prime suspect.
Then I will prove that
she's innocent by myself.
Don't do anything
by yourself, Mrs. Simms.
That never goes well.
no one is gonna fight harder
to protect Jenna than me.
And if you're not gonna
do something about this,
then I will.
Be in touch.
Please take me home with you.
Baby, in my crappy little hotel?
No, to home!
To Detroit, to anywhere,
anywhere but here!
for the next few months,
'till you finish school,
'till you're 18,
you have to stay with mom.
Dad, I hate it here.
...this is not your fault.
It's not mom's fault, either.
I was
seeing another woman.
It's over now.
Your mom left because of me.
This is my fault,
not hers.
Jenna, I...
I'm so sorry.
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
Dad told me what he did.
I've thought
about it many times,
but I figured it was
best coming from him.
Be you let me be mad at
you all this time, and, like,
to blame you for everything.
Honey, I'm your mom.
I can handle you
being mad at me.
I know I told the principal
she could shove it,
but you don't have to
go to school today
if you don't want to.
Whoever's doing
this is trying to cover up
Lilly, and grace, and Maria,
and I won't let them
cover me up too.
We're living in a nightmare
and you're grinning?
Because I love you.
Alicia! Alicia! Hey, hey!
Why didn't you
say anything about Lilly?
I told you I needed proof.
Okay, did you get me proof?
No, all you did was
get yourself implicated.
All I did?
You were the one who put me up to this!
Because I thought you'd be safe.
Okay, Stacey doesn't
have anything over you.
I know she tried to frame you.
Well, then that's why
you need to say something!
Alicia, please!
Tell coach ritchie,
tell the principal,
tell the police!
Tell them about Lilly
so they don't think I'm crazy!
I will, okay,
but we need to prove
that she murdered her.
Force equals mass
times acceleration
is whose second law of motion?
All right, come on, guys,
let's focus, okay?
Isaac Newton.
Now, can anybody tell me
when Isaac Newton was born?
Have a nice day, guys.
Jenna, look,
I have no idea what's been goin'
on with this crazy year, okay?
I don't know if you
did anything or not.
I mean, I hope that you didn't,
but principal Butler said
she can't make you stay home,
so I'm asking you to.
It just won't be good for you,
or for the team, or anyone.
I'm coming to practice.
Dive on it, nice!
I didn't do anything!
- Neither did I!
You didn't cover up
Lilly's death?
You didn't push
grace down the stairs?
- You didn't kill Maria?
You didn't put her
blood on my sweater?
- Hey!
Hey! You look here!
- Break it up!
Let me know if
you need anything else.
Hey, honey!
What happened to your eye?
I didn't run away.
the principal should be looking out for
things like this.
- For what, mom?
A thousand kids
who all wanna kill me?
Why would Stacey kill you?
Why'd you do it?
- I didn't do anything!
You killed Maria,
did you push grace?
I didn't kill Maria,
and I didn't push grace,
but I think I know who did.
That's Stacey's.
You sure this is a good idea?
Not really.
Hey, um,
I'm sorry.
I was angry and confused.
We all are.
I'll wait here.
Engine running.
Hey! Stop!
Arrested for
breaking and entering, Jenna?
I can't even!
Technically, I didn't enter.
- Really?
You're gonna be smug now?
I had you still in school,
still on the team.
Don't you get it?
This is all the principal needs
to suspend you from both.
What are you doing?
- Calling dad.
What are you doing?
No phone, no computer, no TV.
You are grounded.
- No, you can't do that.
That's not...
- And no talking.
Go to your room.
I hate it here!
Hey! Hey!
Just because you're
not going to school today
does not mean
you have the day off.
Breakfast, dressed,
homework, let's go!
Come on, get up!
Dad's gonna come by later
and check on you.
Love you.
What were you so upset about?
Do you even know?
Do you?
One of you has to be
willing to speak.
- I have class.
Don't! Stop, stop, stop!
And I have a daughter
who might go to jail
for something that
you know that she didn't do.
You have to tell the truth!
- Hey, hey, hey!
Get your hands off of her!
What do you think you're doin'?
Do you have any idea
what's happening here?
I know you can't just
come in here and accost the students.
Look, you need to leave, okay?
Got all the stuff to make
your favorite sandwich.
What are you doin'
with Jenna's phone?
Well, I took it
away from her last night.
What do you mean
she left the house?
I can't, can you...
Can you please
just go to the hotel
and see if she's there?
Okay, thanks, just let me know
as soon as you find her.
Mrs. Washington?
Can I come in?
They're beautiful,
Mrs. Simms, thank you.
You can call me Sally, please.
Why do you think that
my daughter's disappearance
is anything other than
the unsolved mystery
the police say it is?
Because my daughter
tells me otherwise,
and I believe her.
So you're here today to
get my hopes up that
my Lilly will come home?
I don't think that
anything I would do
could bring your daughter back.
I just have this feeling that
if I can prove that
my daughter's innocent,
it might shed some light
on someone else's guilt,
and maybe that would
bring you some comfort?
But not a lot, I'm sure.
I am so sorry that this is
happening to you,
Mrs. Washington.
Do you think it
would be okay if I
take a look in
your daughter's room
and maybe go through her things?
I've been through everything.
I don't know what you'll find.
Me either.
Excuse me,
I'm looking for Sally Simms.
She's right this way.
- Thank you.
Are you in there?
- Can I help you?
Yes, my daughter,
Jenna Simms, may be in there.
Maybe by the pool?
I'm so sorry.
I came here wanting
you to help me.
Now I just want you to wake up.
I'm gonna find out
who's doing this!
For you, and Maria, and...
Ken, I'm sorry, I was just...
- No, it's okay.
What you did for me
the other day,
running past, that was big.
She called me that night
before the party.
She said, she said,
"I'm not coming,
but when you see the girl
in the red jumpsuit,
ask her to dance."
She's a great girl.
If she knew what
I did to you, she'd hate me.
She'll never hear it from me.
When she wakes up,
she'll hear from me
that you never stopped
trying to figure out
who did this to her.
But I have!
I don't know where to go
or what to do!
I don't know anything
about Lilly or Maria!
But maybe she did.
Thank you, Mrs. Mcshay.
If we find anything.
Where do you keep your diary?
I don't.
"Why blend in
when you can stand out?"
You go.
She wouldn't want me to.
Grace says
Alicia threatened her.
Detective Willow.
This is Sally Simms.
I have a lead for you.
I told you not to get
into things on your own, Mrs. Simms.
And I told you I was going to.
Do you want
the information or not?
Richard Hanover?
Police department.
Richard Hanover,
police department!
Alicia threatened grace?
"It's not just about
Lilly disappearing.
Alicia's hiding something,
I know she is."
Does she say what?
I gotta talk to Alicia.
My mom's got my, um...
Can I get a ride?
It has something
to do with the scores,
or I don't know, but look.
So what do we do now?
I don't see why I have to
help them with anything
after their daughter
tried to come in here...
I'm telling you to?
Coach ritchie?
These are our
games from last year.
But why did she
cross out the scores?
We were hoping
you could tell us that.
This game,
we tied into overtime,
and there was an offsides.
I won it by a penalty kick.
I mean, a lot of
these games were close,
and we had a lot of
lucky calls, but so what?
We kicked every goal.
So, why would Lilly
change the scores?
Why did she circle
the coach's face?
You said we weren't
supposed to see each other.
Yeah, I know.
I know, but I missed you.
I'd hide that too!
I missed you too, ritchie.
I, I just, I don't feel
right about all of this.
you don't feel right about us?
No, no, no,
I love you, I do, I just...
Jenna, she doesn't deserve
what we're doing to her.
Hey, hey.
We don't talk about any of that.
Ritchie, it's tearing me
up, and who else am I gonna go to?
Maybe it would have
been better if we never
won championships to begin with.
Hey, baby, don't say that. Okay?
With last year's championship,
and another this year,
we're gonna be set.
You're gonna get a scholarship.
I'm gonna get
a college coaching job.
But we're gonna win
on our own this time, right?
You're not gonna
pay off the refs again?
Paying off the refs?
You guys are
good, you guys are great,
but you really wanna leave
your future to chance like that?
I don't.
Jenna, hey, hey, hey.
Jenna, Jenna, be cool, be cool.
Be cool, it's okay.
It's okay.
Come here, it's okay.
It's okay, don't do
anything stupid.
Don't do anything stupid.
- Alicia!
Were you spyin' on us in there?
Let's go.
You're all right.
Go, Alicia.
How 'bout a little
team reunion here, let's go.
So you think
Lilly found out the coach
was fixing their games?
And killed her?
My god.
So I helped him?
That night when I told
everybody to cover it up,
if I would have just
called the police,
then they would have known
Lilly was murdered, but I...
If I would have just
called the police,
then grace and Maria, they'd...
Stacey, you can
call the police now
and tell them the truth!
Lilly's mom deserves that.
Do you have any idea
where Jenna could be?
Wait, um,
ritchie could have
murdered Maria,
but he couldn't
have pushed grace.
He wasn't even at the party.
Alicia's party?
I'm actually really
glad that you came by, Jenna,
it's sort of perfect, right?
See, Alicia and I have
been working really hard
to make sure you take the fall
for Maria and grace.
She has been quite the trooper,
let me tell ya.
I mean, it would have
been a lot cleaner
if that push had killed grace,
but, hey, she did the best
she could at the time.
Alicia, no!
She got the
sweater into your locker, huh!
She really has been a good girl.
And now, now
that the cops'
number one suspect
has come to kill
my team captain,
well, it looks like
I get to save the day!
Wait, wait, wait!
- Hey, don't,
don't talk about her
not deservin' it, Alicia, okay?
She tried to kill grace
so she could play forward,
killed Maria when she found out,
and now is here to kill you
for the same reason, okay?
That's ridiculous
to kill for a soccer position!
No one would even believe you!
Not even for a scholarship to college?
To live your dreams?
Of course you would do that.
I did.
- No!
What are you doing?
- Please stop!
You can't kill her, please!
Wait, this is too much.
We've done too much!
it was supposed to be
you and me together
Now it looks like I'm gonna be
a little too late to save you.
Hurry, Joe!
I love you, babe.
- Dad!
You're okay, you're okay.
Jenna, I'm so sorry!
Jenna, I just got really
confused and scared.
Jenna, I'm so sorry!
Pass it! Pass it!
That's me, that's me.
Stacey, yes!
Look, just because you play
forward does not mean you can pass me.
Not even with four legs?
Jenna's a much
more natural goalie
than she ever was a forward.
She was an all-star forward,
watch this.
- Yeah!
That was good, okay?
Sorry about your bike.
You did do it, I knew it!
No, you didn't.
Ladies, bring it in, here we go!
So good!
That's my girl.
- Thanks, dad.
All right, Sidney, take us out.
Fairmont on three, here we go!
All right, ladies!
Fairmont! Fairmont! Fairmont!