Killer Crocodile (1989) Movie Script

Hey come on
- Boy am I glad to get away
from all that hassle back home
Wanna hear my new song?
What is it, rock?
Kill the ghetto blaster
Come on, Lauren
just sit down and listen
Well, what do you think ?
All right
Very romantic
Oh, come on, Steve
Not now
Why not?
I'm gonna go take a swim.
Hey, Steve, come on in!
It's real warm.
The water's fantastic!
Yeah, sure, Lauren.
Real warm for you
is like ice cold.
Hey, come on!
Hey, Steve!
Come on in!
- This stretch of the
river's no good anymore.
It's all fished out.
Last year we'd catch the limit
here every time, remember?
Sure do.
They'll bite.
Just gotta be patient.
- You know, this is the
damnedest thing I ever seen.
We should try some another place.
Sit tight.
Don't worry.
It ain't normal.
We've been here for more than
three hours and not a nibble.
Yeah, well maybe
if you'd quit talking.
Just wait.
Not even a nibble.
Somebody told me
about a good place
a few miles south of here.
It's still roaring
with lots of fish.
Almost jump in the boat.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah, that's what they say.
Anyway, I sure ain't
coming back to this place.
It must be the pollution.
Ain't even tadpoles.
We're doing all right here.
Jennifer, label those test tubes
so you don't get 'em confused, okay?
Hey, Mark?
What's the word?
Don't waste so much film.
We're gonna need it later.
Aye aye, sir.
- Don't let him get to you.
Leadership's gone to his head.
Next he's gonna remind us
we're not on vacation.
I hate to keep saying it gang,
but we're not here on vacation.
Smile, sunshine.
Our work here is important.
Someone's polluting these swamps,
and it's our job to find out who.
See what I mean?
Pamela, here.
Put that with the others.
Hey, you notice anything strange?
There are no birds along
this stretch of the river.
Yeah, you're right, we saw
a lot more wildlife yesterday.
' Hey, Pam?
I'm not surprised.
Take a look at this.
The dyes reveal high acid levels
caused by industrial waste.
The further we go, the worse it gets.
And judging by the variety
and toxic nature of these pollutants,
Mother Nature didn't do this.
This is waste from a chemical plant.
- There isn't any chemical
plant on this island.
I should know.
I've been living here all my life.
- Then it's
not from the island.
Yeah, you're right.
Someone's coming to this
place and dumping the stuff.
Hey, come on, wake up!
- Okay!
Watch out for sandbars, remember?
Damn, what the hell was that?
I don't see anything.
- Yeah, well the next time we're
gonna end up on the bottom!
I didn't see a thing.
What was it?
An underwater root or something.
Everything okay on that side?
Don't see anything.
Huh, Mark?
Yeah, everything's okay.
All right, let's get out of here.
- There's some substances here
- Hey, look
- I can't identify.
- there's some drums
over there.
Yeah, look.
That's waste, all right.
Take us in as close as you can, Kev.
I wanna get some shots of that stuff.
Water's getting kind of shallow.
Hey, Jenny.
I'm gonna need the suit for this.
Ya ready?
Sure am.
Hey, Bob.
You shouldn't have any trouble here.
It's a meter deep and the
bottom's pretty solid.
Hey, Bob.
If you get a reading, get the hell away.
Are you kidding?
I'll be back in this boat faster
than you can say Three Mile Island.
You worried about him, Candy?
Don't worry, he'll be all right.
He'll be all right.
Hey, Kevin.
What's wrong?
It's radioactive.
- Get back in the boat!
- Get back!
Come on!
Damn it, Bob, I said get out of there!
Get out of the water, come on!
Come on, give me your hand.
That's it, give me the Geiger Counter.
Here we go.
All right, here you go.
There ya go.
- Things are... things are
worse than we thought.
This isn't your typical industrial waste.
It's more like leftovers from Hiroshima.
- We're not equipped to
take on radioactive waste.
I say we stay here tonight.
Tomorrow we head back to the village
and blow the whistle on this place.
Hey, don't you think we oughta get
a little more information
while we're here?
It's too dangerous.
- Yeah, but-
- Besides,
we don't know what exactly's
in those barrels, or how much.
You've had enough exposure today,
and I don't wanna risk any more.
We've got all the information we need
to make an environmental report.
All right, let's get to shore.
- You guys tired?
- I'm beat.
I can't keep my eyes open.
You're not the only one.
Hey, Jennifer, look who's
the first one to bed tonight.
- Hmm.
Yeah, and after all that talk
about how this is not a vacation.
You know, I bet he's probably gonna
be the last one up tomorrow too.
Poor baby needs his rest.
Well, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow.
We better hit the sack too.
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah, I'm going to bed.
Hey, guys, if you come inside the tent,
we can do a photo essay
for Hustler Magazine.
Too bad I forgot
to bring my flash.
- Get lost.
- Goodnight, you don't know
what you're missing.
- Goodnight.
Anyone want some more coffee?
No, thanks, I'm gonna get some sleep.
No, thank you.
No, thanks, goodnight.
Here, Candy.
Where's Conchita?
You know what an early riser she is.
She's probably down at the boat.
Has anybody seen Candy?
Maybe we better have a look
down by the water, huh?
Hey, Kevin, you know, I don't think
we brought enough supplies.
- Yeah, well one
thing we forgot is bug spray.
- We'll be back
at the village tomorrow.
Conchita, where are you?
- You don't think something's
happened to her, do you?
Don't worry, she'll turn up.
This swamp's no amusement park.
- Conchita?
- Conchita, where are you?
- Help!
- Man overboard!
Pam, grab the oar!
Over here, Pam.
That's it.
Don't worry, give me your hand.
There we go.
Hang on.
There you go.
- Someone...
someone find a towel.
Oh, god, that water stinks.
Come on, dry off.
Well, at least you had a good shower.
Feeling better?
- Yeah, I
think I just swallowed
a bunch of water, that's all.
- I'll bet Kevin wants
to give you 10 lashes
for taking a dip during working hours.
- Kevin?
- Yeah.
What about Conchita?
We've done all we can.
We'll get the villagers to help us.
- Kevin, that was the second time
we bumped into something.
Do you have any idea what
the hell it could be?
You really went tits over ass.
All right, everybody ashore.
Keep an eye on the boat, okay Jose?
- Si, senor.
- We'll be back in an hour.
See ya.
Poor Conchita,
I feel terrible.
- Bye.
- So long.
- Thanks.
- Buenos dias.
- Hi.
- Buenos dias.
- We're looking for
a police station.
Um, down there.
Yeah, down where?
- Down there.
- That's the cops?
- Judge.
- He's law, sir.
You know, police force?
- Ah, mm-mm.
- Nudge, huh'?
- Yeah.
- It's that way?
- Yeah, that's your man.
- That way, sir.
- Thanks a lot.
- Bye.
Have a nice day.
Look, I'm sorry,
but I've only got one man and one boat,
and I cannot send them into the swamp
to search for your friend.
You gotta be kidding.
Do I look like I'm kidding?
You'd do well to keep away from that swamp.
- But Judge, we're talking
about a case of life or death.
Our friend is lost
somewhere in that swamp.
All I can do is call Las Palmas.
They can send up more men and dogs,
but it's gonna take some
time for them to get here.
And who knows if your
friend is still alive.
Well, if she is, it's no thanks to you.
Well, what do you expect?
That place is all quicksand,
snakes, crocodiles.
It takes a special breed
to make it in there.
You guys look a little soft.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, are you gonna help us or not?
Don't you people understand?
Oh, come on.
Look, you don't understand.
Conchita's in danger and every minute
we sit around here doing nothing,
she has less chance of survival.
I told you to keep away from that swamp!
Son of a bitch.
What did you say girl?
I don't think I heard right.
Back off, Pamela.
Back off, why should I?
Don't you guys realize,
he's getting paid off
by the bastards who are dumping the waste.
That does it.
I'm gonna have you all arrested.
You're not arresting anybody.
' Oh, yeah?
Who says so, you?
If you want this place crawling
with reporters in not time flat,
then go ahead, arrest us.
Okay, I'm not scared of anybody,
and I don't like blackmail.
But it's a good thing I got a good heart.
Now you all get out of here
before I change my mind.
That bastard.
We should turn him in.
Oh, sure, we'll just dial 9-1-1.
- Yeah, right.
- We gotta find Conchita.
You're right, let's go.
He just wanted to get rid of us.
Mr. Foley, the Judge is here.
Have him come in.
I was looking for you.
What's your problem?
For a few days, you're gonna have
to stop dumping your
trash into that swamp.
The party's starting to get rough.
All I had to do was look the other way,
but now those ecology people are here
and they suspect me.
Hey, take it easy.
You just keep helping us if you don't
want me to reveal who you really are.
Huh, Judge?
Check out this list of pollutants.
Yeah, plus the radioactive debris.
Man, it's worse than the
tail-end of the Mississippi.
- The Judge, he's
living off the fat of the land.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- Conservation.
- I think we
can pick up most of it.
It can't go on much longer.
Yeah, and we have all the proof
we need to nail those bastards.
I'd like to get more samples.
Listen, Jenny.
What effect could the radioactivity
have on this environment?
Like I was saying to Pamela,
it could result in the
death of many species.
I think we can identify
most of the toxic substances.
Shit, we're stuck!
- What the hell
did we hit this time?
- Oh, for Chrissake.
- Okay over here.
We're in the mud on this side.
Over here, over here.
How's the rudder?
Okay, I think.
Try the engine.
- Okay.
Nothin' doin'.
Okay, try it now.
We're wasting our time.
Pam, take the wheel.
Come on, you guys.
In the water, let's go.
Come on, let's try rocking it free.
- We're gonna need a
tugboat to get outta here.
No, we can do it, come on.
Everybody push together.
Come on, heave!
Somebody get to the other side.
I got it.
- All right,
everybody push together, okay?
One, two, three.
And again, come on.
One, two, three.
That's it.
We almost got it.
Come on, together.
Everybody push together.
We can do it, let's go!
Don't stop!
Push more.
I'll get something to lead her with.
It's Conchita!
Hola, Joe.
Hey, Joe.
Hear what happened to the girl?
Yeah, that's why I came.
What do you think it was?
I don't know yet.
Let's go, man.
Hey, you know what they say?
They say she look real dead.
Yeah, Joe, when they fish
her out of the water,
she looked all chewed like
something big ate her up.
They think it was a croc.
Oh, holy mackerel, man.
If it'd be a croc, it'd be big one.
A mighty big one.
- Just tell me where she is
and shut up.
- The fish market.
I'll bet she'd sell for three
buck a pound.
What's the verdict?
I don't know.
I'll have to take a closer look.
But my first guess is it was an animal.
Like a crocodile.
Or maybe a boat prop.
For all we know, it was murder.
- Right.
- Murder?
What are you talking about?
Are you saying that we-
We're not saying anything,
but there are certain facts.
- Facts.
- That we have
to consider.
It might have started innocent enough.
Maybe you just wanted to fool around.
You know the way things start.
A word, a touch.
And then before you know it,
one thing leads to the next.
Who the hell is this guy?
Jim Foley.
A reporter.
If you really are a reporter,
why don't you write a nice article
about illegal dumping of toxic waste?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, yeah?
There's radioactive waste in the swamps
and it didn't just suddenly grow there.
Hey, hey, cool down!
You're gonna need proof.
I have plenty of water samples.
That's proof that somebody's
been putting this stuff in the swamp.
You'd do well to come up with proof
that you had nothing to
do with that girl's death.
What kind of a judge are you?
The kind that doesn't listen to gossip.
Oh, I know your type.
Idealists, drugs, then death
raises its ugly little head.
- You wanna bet?
- Shut up, boy.
Am I disturbing something?
What do you want Joe?
I wanna have a look at the girl
who got killed by the crocodile.
Maybe it wasn't a crocodile.
We have our doubts.
Yeah, sure.
And we have our doubts about you, Judge.
Let me have a look.
What do you think it was, Doc?
It could have been a boat prop.
That's crap.
It looks like a croc to me.
And a big one.
Maybe 20 feet.
You're out of your mind.
You know the biggest crocs
around here don't grow that big.
Well, do me a favor then.
Tell me how the hell
did she get those marks?
You have a right to your opinion,
but it's the doc's report that counts.
Who the hell are you?
My name's Foley.
Oh, yeah?
Well, open your ears, Foley.
If I say it was a crocodile,
it was a crocodile.
You understand?
Where did this happen?
We found her in a silted up lagoon.
Two hour boat ride from here.
Yeah, I know the place.
I'll go take a look.
You still calling it murder?
Get outta here.
I don't wanna see your ugly faces.
Beat it!
This place stinks.
Hey, who's this Joe character?
A ball breaker.
He's lived in this swamp
more than 30 years.
Nobody knows it the way he does.
Can we buy him?
He'd knife ya just for thinking about it.
You know, I just don't think
I'm ever gonna be able to forget
what happened to Conchita.
I know how you feel.
We're all upset, but that's why
we have to get to the bottom of this.
I bet that so-called journalist
has got something to do with it.
Yeah, real creep.
What about that guy Joe?
Joe's a loner.
Yeah, he may be a loner,
and he may not be on our side,
but at least he's not on theirs.
Here comes the loner now.
- Well, it's time to find
out what Joe is all about.
Be right back.
Joe, can I talk to you?
- About what?
- Come on,
I'll buy you a cold beer.
Can't say no to a cold beer.
Let's hear it.
You know the swamp better than anybody,
which means you must have noticed
those boats dumping toxic waste.
- You're those guys who
are for protecting nature.
Ecology and all that shit, huh?
You think us hunters are just a bunch
of gun-crazy rednecks who wanna wipe out
all animal life, right?
Yeah, something like that.
Well, it's not true.
A senora in her new sombrero
Went riding on a burro
To Ria Negro
In her new sombrero
A senora in her new sombrero
Went riding on a burro
She went into the water
And then she went in deeper
Until her little burro
was underwater
And then the senora
I've had enough of this.
I'm going home.
- Bye.
Hey, you wanna play with me?
Hey, you wanna play with me?
No, I told you to get lost.
Can't you see I'm playing with my doll?
Hey, where'd she go?
Look, you made me drop her.
I'm gonna tell my mom.
Oh, don't be such a crybaby.
I'll get your stupid doll back.
Hey, look, it's drowning.
- No!
You're in big trouble.
Now you're gonna get it.
You're gonna get a licking.
You're gonna get a licking.
- Lily!
- No!
A croc in the water!
- Someone grab the girl!
- Somethings happening!
Help me!
What's happening?
Why are they all going that way?
Come here, I help you.
We gotta do something, Kev.
Mark, get a rope!
Let go!
Grab the rope!
My baby-
We almost didn't make it.
That thing's a real monster.
- Pablo, they say the crocodile
is around 15 meters long.
Ah, what you talk about?
It was 30 meters long.
Ah, no crocodile is that long.
That's crazy.
- You're gonna hunt it down
and kill it, aren't ya?
- Sure we're gonna kill
it. Aren't we, Joe?
You bet, Judge.
Consider it already dead.
No, what?
What are you talking about, boy?
We're against killing of any kind.
Is that so?
Why don't you go tell it to that monster?
He's already eaten two men
and would have eaten you
if it hadn't been for Joe.
You don't understand.
That's not an ordinary crocodile.
It's probably the only one of its kind.
Maybe in these swamps a million years ago,
there were thousands of 'em.
Don't you know how
important this discovery is?
I don't know nothin'.
And I don't give a damn
about that crocodile.
All I care about are the
folks who live around here.
- Well for starters, you
could take security measures.
Security measures?
Did you get a load of that animal?
It's a giant, a killer.
It's already destroyed the dock,
eaten two men, and probably
devoured your lady friend.
It still has to be protected.
It has to be killed.
I'm warning you,
anymore interference and
you're all in big trouble.
Did you make up those shells for me?
Yeah, but keep it under your hat.
I packed these babies myself.
They're real dangerous.
- Are they enough to
blow the crocodile away?
Are you kidding?
With these, you can blow an elephant away.
- Well that croc is
worse than an elephant.
And killing it ain't gonna be easy.
Yeah, don't have any illusions.
It ain't gonna be easy.
Come on, Joe, you ain't scared
of no killer crocodile.
- Yeah, maybe he's so
angry, he's out to get me.
I'll pay you when I come back.
Okay, Tom?
- Well, I'd feel kinda
happier if you paid me now.
When I come back.
Get a move on, Santiago.
- You're going after that
crocodile, right Joe?
- What do you want?
- That you don't go.
It's unique.
An endangered species.
You bet it is.
I ain't never seen anything like it.
It's a monster.
A threat to every village in the swamp.
Forget it, you guys-
I'm gonna kill that sucker.
We'll do everything we can to stop you.
- Sorry, kids, now I'm warning
you to stay away from me.
Yeah, living in the swamp
alongside the crocodiles
has had its effect on me.
I'm a real son of a bitch.
Don't you realize?
They're ruining the
swamp with their waste.
We're on your side.
You should be helping us, defending it.
I mind my own business.
I have a feeling that overgrown croc's
out to get my bacon,
and so that's why I'm gonna get it first.
Look, just stay off my back.
What do we do?
We follow him,
and we stop him if he finds the crocodile.
Come on, give me a break, will ya?
- Uh-uh, sorry pal.
- One more time.
- No way, Jose.
- Son of a...
You need more money, is that what it is?
It's not the money.
How's the boat running, okay?
Yeah, sure, that's not it.
What's the problem then?
- It's too risky, Foley.
- Come on,
come on.
- Hey, look, no way.
- There you go.
Come on.
- No way.
- Drink up, come on, Captain.
- No, I can't help you.
Come on, one more time.
- Sorry, forget it.
- You've got to.
You've got to.
- Uh-huh,
it's too dangerous, Foley.
Be reasonable, Captain.
We need it.
Look, there's no danger.
I know we gotta do something.
I can't travel too much anymore.
People are getting suspicious.
The swamp is full of that stuff,
and I can't come back until
you unload those barrels.
Blow 'em up or something.
- Hey, not only is there a
bunch of kids nosing around,
I got a ballbreaking
crocodile hunter following me.
Just keep the stuff hidden for a while
and we'll dump it later.
- You know, I really feel
guilty about Conchita's death.
I feel like we're all kinda responsible
for what happened to her.
Don't tell me you've forgotten
what Kevin said when we
were back in the village.
It's no good feeling guilty.
We gotta fight back.
It's just that we're the ones
who asked her to come with us.
- You know, if we hadn't
asked her to come,
she might still be alive.
Do you think the size of the crocodile
has something to do with radioactive waste?
I don't know.
I mean, it's possible,
but I don't think so.
I mean, that waste is pure
poison, it's highly toxic.
Yeah, but the crocodiles around here
only grow to about five or six meters.
- You know, it could
be a marine crocodile.
I mean, they're much larger.
In fact, they get to
be 10 meters and more.
- No, because the marine
crocodile's habitat
is the Indian Ocean, okay?
- Yeah, but maybe one of
them made it this far.
- Yeah.
- No.
I think it's the radioactive
waste that's responsible.
What happened now?
- I don't know.
Let me take a look.
The fuel pump, maybe?
You know about engines?
Not a hell of a lot.
You check it out.
Let me have a look.
Forget it, it's dead.
Now what?
- Now we're stuck in
the middle of the swamp.
Oh, no.
- Well gang, we can
always swim back to town.
- Oh, great, Kevin.
Look, we feed you to the croc,
and maybe the rest of us will make it.
Funny guy.
I thought you said the engine
had been tuned up the day
before we rented the boat.
- That's what the guy told me.
- And you believed him?
How do we get out of this mess?
I don't know.
Dinner is served.
Here, Jenny.
- Mm.
Here, Pam.
Thanks, Bob.
- Maybe one of us could
go back and get a mechanic
to come out here and fix the engine.
- Kev.
- Yeah, but if one
of us can go back,
why can't we all go back
to the village over land?
- Great.
Mm, that's not a bad idea.
Well guys, what do you say?
Well, maybe we could go for it
before it gets completely dark.
Are you kidding?
We're on the wrong side of the lagoon.
There's no way we could make it on foot.
Somebody will have to
swim to the other side.
It's too dangerous.
I prefer to stay here.
Yeah, I'm for staying
right here and that's it.
I'll second that.
It's crazy to even think of trying
to go anywhere before dark.
So what's the decision?
I don't know.
I feel like a sitting duck here.
But swimming to the other side
sure as hell doesn't thrill me either.
It's too risky.
Kevin, Kevin, wake up.
Kevin, Kevin, wake up.
What is it?
I saw something over there.
Over there.
I don't see anything.
' Hey, what's going on?
Pamela said she saw something.
- It looked like there was
something down at the water.
Oh, it's cold.
- Shh, the crocodile.
Over there somewhere.
Oh, my god.
- Let's hope it likes
having its picture taken.
What do you think you're doing, Mark?
I'm gonna photograph the fucker.
You're crazy.
- Get off my case, Bob.
There's no way he's gonna get me
as long as I stay in the boat.
- What's the matter with you?
Jesus, you just saw
what it did to the dock.
Mark, you can't be serious.
Come on, it's too dangerous.
No, this our big chance, Kevin.
What if we never see it again?
I have to get some photographs.
- Come on, asshole,
get out of the boat.
Don't be a jerk.
Come on.
- No, I'm a photographer.
This is my job.
- Come on, Mark.
Look, you stubborn dick.
I'm telling you.
- Hey.
- What was that?
- Over there.
He's taking the anchor line.
Watch out!
Hey, girls, wait, help!
- Hey, what's happening?
- Hey, guys!
Where are you going?
Wait, turn around!
- Don't leave us alone here.
- Where's the oars?
- Come back, please!
Where the hell's the oars?
- Try to get the engine
started, Mark.
- Dammit, Bob!
- It doesn't
work, don't you remember?
- Where are you going?
- Guys?
- Where are you going?
- Bob!
Mark, don't leave us!
We stopped moving.
Where'd that mother go?
Shit, I missed my chance.
- We gotta get this
tugged back to shore.
I gotta get a picture, quick.
No! Let go!
Let me get a picture!
- No, you fucking idiot!
Goddamn it!
- Let go of me!
- Stop!
Calm down!
- Jesus Christ, this is my
big chance!
- Dammit!
- Let go!
I quit.
Fucking good!
Where'd he go?
He's on the bottom, waiting.
Waiting for what?
For us to sink.
We're taking on water.
Come on, we gotta try to save the boat.
Holy crap!
Kevin, help!
Bob, you okay?
- Yeah.
- There it is, over there!
- Where?
He's going away.
What do we do now?
Listen you guys, at least we got a rope.
We could tow in the boat.
But someone has to swim to
shore with the other end.
Who's gonna do it?
It's not far.
No, I'll go.
Tie this to the boat.
You're crazy.
Be careful Kev.
Kevin, hurry up, you're almost there.
He made it.
Bob, swim!
Give me your hand.
Pull yourself up!
Come on!
Behind you!
Bob, give me your hand!
Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!
Kevin, help me!
Come on!
Help me, Kevin!
Come on.
Kevin, watch out!
He's behind you!
Kevin, Kevin, faster!
Dear God, Kevin!
Kevin, Kevin, faster!
Come on, you can do it.
Hey, that's Joe.
Hey, over here!
Over here, Joe!
Joe, over here!
- Over here!
- Help us, Joe!
- Joe, over here!
Hey, Joe, here we are.
Watch out, there's a snake!
Don't worry, that's Pilar.
She lives here.
Keeps the mice down better than a cat.
Just don't pet her when she's hungry.
She'll be glad to see some
new faces around the house.
Joe want to talk to you
on the regular telephone.
It's Joe.
Okay, Joe, I'm here.
This crocodiles a beast from hell.
Just got another one of those kids.
If I were you, I'd inform
the county sheriff.
Have 'em organize some
boys into a hunting party.
Oh, that's great.
Ole Joe's asking for help, huh?
You got one foot in the grave, huh Joe?
Go stick it up your ass, Judge.
If you'd seen this goddamn thing,
you'd have already called
in the fucking Army
and taken off for higher ground.
Just do as I say before the son of a bitch
kills anybody else.
Over and out.
I'm worried, Foley.
It sounds like Joe's
right again this time.
I better call in the county boys.
You're not calling in anybody.
We're gonna figure this out ourselves.
You heard what Joe said.
And if Joe says it's
impossible to catch or kill-
I can handle that animal, trust me.
We just don't need these people
sneaking around the swamp.
The quicker we settle this,
the quicker I get back to work.
Now I got a big load coming
in that's gonna need burying,
but there's a little
something we gotta do first.
- Okay, but I warn you,
this is the last load
you're burying in my district, Foley.
If it happens again, I'm gonna telephone
the police and tell 'em the names
of the people you work for.
- You'll find something
to eat up on the shelf.
Get it.
And give some to the girls.
But what meat is this?
If you're hungry, eat it.
If you're gonna ask questions,
put it back on the shelf.
Do you still think the
crocodile should be saved?
- If I get the chance, I
won't hesitate to kill it.
Well, I'd sure like to be there.
Don't you think I could do it?
I didn't say that.
Now let's get some sleep.
One of you should stand guard.
See that hole in the wall?
Our friend did that.
You never know.
He may come back.
You think he's serious?
I don't know.
We can't take a chance.
The girls are too tired.
Let's take turns on watch.
Okay, I'll go first.
Hey, kid.
Careful where you put your feet.
Don't step on Pilar.
The girls are finally asleep.
- Did you really mean
what you said in there?
I don't expect you to understand.
It's something I gotta do.
I understand.
If Bob was alive, he'd understand too.
Yeah, but he's not.
And I'm responsible.
You're not responsible.
If I hadn't tried to take
that goddamn photograph.
Mark, if I hadn't brought you here,
none of this would have happened.
We all volunteered, Kev.
You didn't make anyone do a fucking thing.
We all came because every
one of us loves this work.
Yeah, maybe you're right, maybe not.
It ain't the end of the world, Judge.
Pretty soon we'll be on
our way back to town.
What's the problem friend?
You look sorta pissed off.
We're gonna run aground pretty soon.
This craft is too big for this swamp.
Bullshit, this baby's carrying
a 600 horsepower motor.
Nothing can stop us.
You don't know the swamp.
And you worry too much.
Just give me 10 minutes.
I don't want any nasty
surprises when I'm working.
Hey, Judge.
Jesus Christ, Judge, look.
What's the big deal?
It's only a leech.
Get it off.
Get it Off!
- What a chicken.
- Get the fucker off my arm!
Don't worry, relax.
Your blood will probably
poison the damn thing anyway.
You're not thinking about blowing
up those barrels, are you?
- Well, what the hell do you
think we came out here for?
You'll pollute the entire swamp.
- No kidding.
- You can't do that.
There are people who live in the swamp.
Fish here, work here.
Don't worry about the people.
Start worrying about yourself,
if they find out who you really are.
- I may be an ex-con,
but I'm not a killer.
- Okay,
maybe you're right, I
won't blow up the drums.
Help, Foley!
Foley, I'm drowning!
Foley, I can't swim!
Don't leave me here!
Foley, I can't swim!
Foley, help!
I can't swim!
Oh, no!
No, no, no, no!
No, no!
What's happening?
It sounded like an explosion.
It came from over there.
Look, smoke.
I guess we better go check it out.
One of you stay with the girls.
Hey, take the rudder.
Hold this course.
What do you think exploded?
I don't know.
We'll have to take a look around.
Joe, look.
Somebody set charges to the barrels.
We gotta remove them.
If those things explode,
this entire swamp will be
an ecological disaster area.
We'll worry about that later.
Head in over there, I see something.
It's the Judge.
Yeah, was.
Keep your eyes open.
That damn crows nearby.
I can feel it.
God, this waiting's killing me.
What do you think has happened?
I don't know.
Joe looks like the kinda guy
who sure knows what he's doing.
I hope so.
Somethings making me nervous.
Slow down, kid.
Hit the gas when I tell ya to.
What are you thinking of doing?
It's that guy Foley.
It was.
Come on, let me see you.
Show me your stinking hide.
Stick your nose out of the mud.
I'll make a purse out
of your rotten carcass.
You don't scare me, you bastard.
I'm right here, you overgrown polliwog.
Crocodiles are very sensitive.
They get really mad when you insult them.
Go real crazy.
Just give him time.
He'll come after us.
Stay clear of the shore.
See anything, Joe?
No, but that doesn't mean
he's not out there
studying us, the bastard.
Well, what do you want me to do?
Turn back?
No, stay in the middle.
I need bait.
What are you doing?
Are you nuts?
Shut up, kid.
The sucker wants me.
So let's give him a
taste of what he wants.
Hey, don't call me kid, huh?
My name's Kevin.
Okay, kid.
Just do what I say.
My name is Kevin.
You got it, Kevin.
Whatever you say, kid.
Yeah, I sure see.
- What?
- It's over there.
Coming right at us.
Let it come.
You hold her steady, kiddo,
or I'll cut your balls off.
Come on, sucker.
Die, die you mother, die!
Joe, it's gonna hit us!
Joe, Joe, come back before it dives!
- Isn't there anything
else to eat around here?
How can you think about food?
Because I'm scared.
I'm telling you, I've been like this
ever since I was little.
Every time I get scared, I get hungry.
Hey, here they come.
Look, they're coming back.
Crocodile attacked us.
Where's Joe?
Crocodile got him.
Shit, what do you wanna do now?
Kill the crocodile.
Yeah, yeah, I'm with you.
- Grab anything that
can be used as a weapon.
This is full of gas.
We can make Molotov cocktails.
Hey you guys,
what's happened to us?
We've changed.
All right, maybe for the worse,
but that crocodile has to die.
I wanna kill it before
it kills anyone else.
So I guess you've decided.
Do you want us to come with you?
No, you've been through enough.
- You still sure you
can find the way back?
But what if it's not there?
Then what do we do?
I know it's there.
Something ties it to that swamp.
Maybe its den is in there.
Look, what the fuck's that over there?
Jesus, they're eggs.
They're enormous.
It must be its eggs.
Kevin, do we have to?
What the fuck?
Over there!
Jesus Christ!
Here it comes, Kevin!
Over there!
Hurry, shoot!
Hang on!
Jesus Christ!
Get something to plug the leak!
Here, jam this in there.
We're going under!
- Here,
stuff that in there.
- We're all done!
- Stuff that in there.
Kevin, do something!
Hurry, get us outta here!
This'll bring you luck, kid.
Now let me see if you've got the guts
to finish the job we started together.
With what, my bare hands?
The propellor.
Use the propellor, kid.
Use the propellor!
Try to meet him face to face.
It's the only chance you've got, kid.
The propellor!
- Kevin, he's coming
back to finish us off.
You gotta try.
It's your only chance!
Wait for him to get close.
Kevin, please!
Come on!
He's getting closer!
Don't lose your cool!
Come on, goddammit!
Don't lose your cool!
Come on!
I did it, Joe.
Joe, your hat.
It brought ya luck, kid
Hang onto it.