Killer Crocodile 2 (1990) Movie Script

See what I told ya, Claire?
River widens out so much
here, it looks like a lake.
Oh, it's gorgeous.
- There's always enough
wind to push it forward.
Hey, gimme a hand with this, will you?
- What happened to
Ben the lonely navigator,
the one who won't accept anyone's help?
Come on.
Hey, move it, girl!
Otherwise I'm gonna
leave you high and dry.
So damn stubborn.
I told you there's no one here.
You can do without your bathing suit.
The trouble is when I take off
my bathing suit, I feel naked.
- Good God, who
writes your material?
The water's warm.
So hurry up.
Hold on!
The wind is great.
Best windsurfing in the state!
I love it!
Watch out.
You might fall down.
I'm gonna hang a hard
left here pretty soon.
Hang on tight!
Oh, Ben!
Ben, help!
- Help!
- Can't 'til I turn around.
- Hey!
- Claire.
Come on, Claire.
Be right there.
Watch out.
Here I come.
Grab onto the board and I can move on.
She's full.
Just try it!
Got it.
Hey, gimme a hand, will you?
Did you paint the radioactivity
symbol on this one, too?
They told me to paint it on 12 barrels
and this is the last one.
Gimme a hand, huh?
You done with this shit, man?
Yeah, this is your last fuckin' barrel
in this fuckin' swamp.
Here we go.
- We're getting
out of here tomorrow, too.
And we ain't coming
back, you can bet on it.
I can't stand this
shit-filled swamp anymore.
Watch your mouth, amigo.
This swamp is cursed.
Our job is over, Mosquito.
Like the man said, we're
getting out of here.
Tomorrow can't come too soon.
Miami, here I come.
Women, booze, and fun.
- Hey, and tomorrow,
don't load up the boat
with stuff you don't need, huh?
Leave the rest of your crap behind,
otherwise we don't make it.
Yeah, you just get here on time.
We'll take care of the rest, okay?
Yeah, if I come back to get you.
Or else you can forget about your Miami.
No fuckin' around, man.
No funny tricks, Mosquito.
That's friendly advice.
- Don't shake your little
asses around too much.
It's full of crocs around here
and they have bad tempers,
so to calm their nerves they
eat people alive, get it?
See you tomorrow.
Murder the bastard.
- Is it true what he was
saying about the crocodiles?
Nah, all we got here
is leeches and flies.
Hello, hello?
- International
Publications, may I help you?
Hello, Jean?
Jean, it's me, Russell.
Give me the editor, please.
- Just one moment,
I'll see if he's in.
Can you hold on?
It's Mr. Russell on line two, sir.
Listen to me, John.
I have very important
information, a scoop!
Are you sure?
- And it could blow the lid
off the entire organization.
- Get the documentation,
Russell, on the quiet.
I don't want you to disappear.
Ah, don't worry about me.
- I'm just worried
about seeing that material.
I've taken the necessary precautions.
- Just get it
to me quick as you can.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean it.
- Turn
around nice and slow.
- We gotta get the body
outta here and get rid of it.
I mean now.
Morning, everyone.
- Hi, Liza, how ya doin'?
- Morning, Liza.
Ready to drop, thanks.
Late again this morning, huh, Liza?
Had to burn off a lot
of that old midnight oil
last night I bet.
What time did ya get in?
When you write the society news
it comes with the territory.
If only it weren't all so damn dull.
And every decent looking
man you see at these parties
is either married or a faggot.
I can't wait to write something serious.
- Oh, you wanna win yourself
a Pulitzer Prize now?
- That's a good idea, just
to see you turn green.
No risk.
Don't worry about my skin changing color
for the next little while.
- I really wanna write
something different.
Be a hell of a change.
- Well, you might try writing
obituaries if you're able.
Takes talent.
Oh, please.
A lot of the greats
started out that way.
- Well, you could do
articles on new recipes.
With your passion for
diets you'd just wow them.
- Your sense of humor
leaves a lotto be desired.
One of these days I'll
make you eat your words.
Well, I wouldn't mind that so much.
It's a cute thought.
As long as I don't have
to eat your recipes.
Liza, it's the boss man.
He wants to see you in his office.
Go for it, kid.
The big boss fellow?
I'm wondering just how he
wants you, medium rare?
I'll let you know.
- Liza, I have a feeling
about it this time.
I'm not kidding.
Hurry back.
I'm just dying of curiosity already.
You'll survive.
- Liza,
move it, for God's sake.
Liza's here, Mr. Brown.
I just have to check out some data
and I'll be right with you.
Oh, sure.
Mr. Brown, I've got some ideas on-
Unh-unh, don't move, please.
I just gotta check these
and I'll be right with you.
All right.
I'm almost finished.
Take your time, I'm in no hurry.
That's the kind of attitude
I'd like to see you develop, Liza.
Work on it.
Why so woebegone?
Did you get dropped?
Didn't you even get propositioned?
Aw, where ya gonna find another job?
No place.
I got a special story to cover
and I got a plane to catch.
The Caribbean oughta be just
gorgeous this time of year.
I'll send you a postcard.
- Oh
well, win a few, lose a few.
- Only
when does the winning start?
Oh shit!
Here, ya might still need this.
You can use it to hang yourself.
Yeah, I sent Liza to the Caribbean.
You've always let me run
the office my own way.
- Well, Jim, in this
situation we got troubles.
Give her a break.
Let's see what she does.
She knows how to keep outta trouble.
Couldn't you have sent a man?
I don't like the thought of a girl
being down there all on her own.
Liza's the best.
I know I made the right choice.
I'm telling you, she's capable.
She's got guts, persistence,
and intelligence.
Don't worry.
I told her to be sure to call me
if there are any complications.
If we have to, we'll send
someone else down there.
Talk to you later.
- This whole
area is a potential goldmine.
I'd be a gibbering idiot if
I didn't try to exploit it.
- Sure, but those
damn disappearing barrels
are a real problem.
We've looked under every
rock for miles and miles,
but nothing, zilch.
- Well, if you
boys couldn't find them,
no one else will either, that's for sure.
Even if they're a potential danger,
it's a risk I have to take.
At any rate, go on looking for them,
but I can't put off the
start of construction
for the tourist village one more day.
I've pushed through the
financing deal with the bank.
And every day's delay will cost me
a fortune in interest alone.
I'm giving a press conference today
to announce the beginning of construction.
Yes, keep the rhythm going.
That was wonderful, children.
You deserve applause.
You're ready for our concert tomorrow.
Marvelous, I'm proud of you.
And now it's time for
our afternoon prayer,
isn't it, children?
The crocodile!
Hold on tight.
Don't let go!
He'll take us down, pull around!
The boat is going under.
Oh my God.
Help them.
Hang on!
Lord, save them!
It's a monster.
- Hey, that must be him.
- Okay.
- Oh yeah, it is.
- Come on.
- Mr. Baxter, Mr. Baxter.
- Watch out.
- Get outta my way.
- Go this way for me, sir.
- Will
you get outta my way?
Hold on a second.
- Move over this way, huh?
- Yeah, thank you.
- Thank you, Mr. Baxter.
- Move back.
- Could you, thank you.
- One more, one more.
Give us a smile.
- Thank you, sir.
- Walk this way,
would you?
- Thank you very much.
Hold it.
- Could you just
hold it there for a second?
- Right there, right there.
- This way, Mr. Baxter.
- Thank you.
- One more, please, one more.
- Okay, one more.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Ladies and gentlemen, thank
you for coming here today.
It is with a great deal of pleasure
that I announce that once again,
our children will be able to enjoy
one of our country's
greatest natural assets,
our Isabella River, once
polluted by criminals
with no love for their
country or its people.
Will the swamp be reopened afterwards?
What about the river?
- The swamp and the river
have been cleaned up.
In fact, right at this
moment, the last barrel
containing toxic waste
has reached the port.
- Mr. Baxter, does this include
the radioactive barrels?
I have asked you here also to announce-
Mr. Baxter, I asked you a question.
I don't think we've met before, Miss...
- Miss Liza Post from
the New York Chronicle.
- Yes, all the barrels
and all the harmful things
they contain have been removed.
Any further questions?
Mr. Baxter, are you still interested
in the development of the area?
- As of a matter of fact,
that's the announcement
I wanted to make before I was interrupted.
Construction has begun for the greatest,
or I could say largest
resort of the Americas.
It will have the effect
of increasing tourism,
which as we all know is
a largely untapped source
of income in this country.
- So when do we celebrate
this, Mr. Baxter?
Right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Bravo, that's what I like to hear.
Hooray, Mr. Baxter.
Same thing.
Well, I think it could work really.
Yeah, I think so, too.
A very good idea.
I'm sure it's gonna bring all
sorts of incredible.
Damn mosquitoes.
They'll eat ya alive and
then give you malaria.
This can's finished.
There's another one in there.
Look what I found.
Put it in his plate, yeah.
Everything Okay?
Find the mosquito spray?
Like hell, everything's okay.
I hate this goddamn swamp.
I hate this fuckin' place, I hate it!
Will shooting us help?
Fuck you.
No radioactivity, nothing.
Fuckin' mosquitoes.
Everything in this shitty place.
Pops, Dale!
- Shit, same old fucking
story every night.
Thank Christ we're leaving tomorrow.
Jesus, Jesus, it...
Have you finished being an asshole?
What's wrong now?
A big crocodile, it almost got me.
Ah, you're drunk.
No, fuck, a big crocodile,
the biggest one I ever saw in my life!
It's 40 feet long, maybe 50.
How many inches?
I saw it.
It's the biggest crocodile
with the biggest mouth.
- All right, watch yourself.
- I tell you, like that!
Get a rifle!
Get the rifle!
Get back.
Pops, the rifle.
I can't get it.
I can't reach it.
Jesus, Jesus, let me try.
No, Oh no!
- Yes, operator, I'd like to
make a collect call to Florida.
It's area code 305 and
the number's 260-2943.
That'll be to Paul from Liza.
Hi, it's Liza.
Paul, can you hear me all right?
Sure, Liza, what's up?
You're not gonna believe this.
Those radioactive barrels
are still in the swamp
and that bastard wants to build a resort.
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure.
Don't you remember?
Before I left we did the research together
and there were 15 radioactive
barrels still there.
Now I just checked, and they're
not among the salvaged ones.
The Geiger counter gave
me no reading at all.
So that son of a bitch is sending people
to live in a contaminated
area and has that goo
still hidden out there somewhere?
You finally got it.
The man is dangerous.
- Okay, Liza, I'll send
someone to help you out.
Look, Paul, this is my story.
I don't need anyone else here.
I can handle it by myself.
Oh, cut the crap, this is work.
I don't wanna lose you or the scoop.
And just who is this genius anyway?
- The only one who knows
the swamp well, Kevin.
Kevin Jones, you know him.
Bye Liza.
- Excuse me, I'm looking
for a man named Pedro
who has a boat for hire.
Down there by the wharf.
Excuse me, Pedro.
I want to hire a boat.
Do you understand?
I want to hire a boat.
Where do you want to go?
Into the swamp.
This is why.
Will it do for a reason?
It's a very good reason.
When do you want to go?
This afternoon, before sunset.
Bueno, senorita.
All right, let's head
for shore and that drink.
Mr. Baxter.
- Last night she was
nosing around the warehouse
where we keep the
barrels, and this morning
she hired a fisherman's
boat to go to the swamp.
She's not giving up, eh?
Doesn't she realize that
that swamp is, shall we say,
very dangerous for a woman?
When is she going?
This afternoon, Mr. Baxter.
Pay the fisherman off.
I want him to scare her,
but not to overdo it.
The little lady's in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
I want heron the first plane
out of here, understood?
Got it, Mr. Baxter.
Shall we continue our promenade?
Hey, what's the matter?
Why are we stopping?
What's wrong, won't the engine start?
Do you mind telling me what's going on?
You gotta be joking.
Just what I need.
Look, you can't scare me.
I mean, I come from New York
and we got the pros up there.
Yeah, that city has weirdos
that make you look like Bambi.
You understand?
I'm warning you.
I don't believe this.
Pedro cries out.
I told you.
Pedro the pervert.
No, oh.
Come on, you can get back in the boat
if you promise to be a good little boy.
Are you going to be a good little boy, hm?
- Si.
- Are you sure?
You're not gonna try any tricks?
No, no.
Behave yourself, got it?
Come here, gimme your hand.
Oh, Oh no!
Leave me alone, por favor!
Pedro, come on!
Holy shit, Oh.
Are you coming?
Stop fighting me.
Watch out, Pedro!
Thanks a lot.
Thank you, sir.
- You hungry?
- Yeah.
Luis, customer.
Good morning, may I help you.
- Ah yes, I think you should
have reservations for me here.
Your last name, please?
- Jones
- Jones?
He does this all the time.
He says he'll be here for lunch.
- Yes, Mr. Jones, we
have your reservation.
Would you sign here, please?
Is Liza Post in the hotel?
No sir, she's out.
You know where she is?
- No sir, she asked me
where she could rent a boat,
but I don't know where she went.
Here's your key, and have a nice day.
Thanks for the information.
You're very welcome, sir.
His nails.
Please, help, help!
Mommy, help!
Help me, Mommy!
Damn it.
Son of a bitch.
This'll bring ya luck, kid.
Now lemme see if you got the guts
to finish the job we started together.
Get it good and hot!
Get that propellor up to full revs
and make the bastard gargle with it.
It's your only chance, kid.
It's hot.
Okay, let's go.
You're back, kid, huh?
You're just in time to
sample the newest batch.
Here, it's tasty.
No chemical additives,
pure as a mountain stream,
just like always.
Go on.
What do you say?
- It's a bit strong, just
like all the other batches,
but not bad, not bad at all.
When did you come in, kid?
This morning.
Let's go inside.
Can I get you something?
You hungry?
Want a cigar?
No, thanks.
How's your arm?
Couldn't be better.
I can hardly feel it anymore.
Why did you come back, kid?
- I was supposed to meet
a girl at the hotel.
Only instead of waiting for me,
she went out into the swamp.
- Strange place for a
romantic appointment.
Joe, she's disappeared.
Ah, so that's it.
When did this happen?
I found what was left of her boat.
In that lagoon to the south.
And I wish I'd never seen it.
What the hell are you tryin' to tell me?
- There's another one, Joe,
another son of a bitch.
It's impossible.
I saw what it did to that boat.
There were teeth marks, big ones.
- It might've been a crocodile,
but nowhere near as big.
There just aren't any more like that one.
It was the only one.
That's gospel, kid.
Ya better listen to it.
I know it exists.
Can't you feel it?
What do you want?
Help me.
Help me find the girl,
if she's still alive.
And if there really is a
crocodile, help me hunt it down.
- Weren't you the guy
that once upon a time
protected animals and nature?
That crocodile destroyed my life.
It killed all my friends.
Every night since then I wake up
in the middle of the night screaming.
So, you've come to drive out your fears.
Something like that.
And the girl?
We'll find her.
We have to find her.
- That girl must be having a
pretty rough night out here.
If she's still alive.
I'm sure she is.
She's a very courageous,
self-sufficient woman.
I know her and I know
what I'm talking about.
I wonder.
You think we'll make it this time, Joe?
- If that crocodile really
exists, it's gonna be tough.
It exists.
And it knows we're here.
It's waiting for us.
Come back here!
What's wrong?
What is it, kid?
I don't know.
I feel something.
Gimme your hand, Joe.
Come on.
Swim closer.
Gimme your hand, come on.
It's too late.
Don't say that.
You have to do it.
You have to kill that bastard, kid.
Don't miss.
I'll kill him, Joe.
I swear to God.
I swear to God I'll kill him!
- Is that really
all you have to say?
That is your name, isn't it?
Jesus, you passed right in front of me
and I yelled myself hoarse.
There you were and I couldn't
even attract your attention.
Two days I've been in this swamp,
looking for you everywhere,
and you have the nerve to be furious.
Would you get in the boat now?
Just get me outta here.
It was a crocodile, Kevin.
It chewed up my boat and killed
the guy who was driving it.
I saw it all happen.
It was gigantic.
It was horrible.
I saw it, too.
Little while ago it killed
an old friend of mine.
I swore I'd kill it.
- Go slow or
they'll hear the engine.
Hey, wait a minute.
- Huh?
Get the rifle.
What are ya doing?
You want that croc, I'll be your bait.
- Oh Liza, for God's
sake, don't be an idiot.
That thing's a monster.
It can't be killed with a rifle.
You need an atomic bomb.
Get outta there.
This is ridiculous!
Where are you?
You're outta your mind.
Get outta the damn water, Liza!
It's my Geiger.
I know I lost it somewhere around here.
And the croc-
- Just get out, will you?
I can't find it.
Thank God, he'd have killed you.
You'd have shot him with the rifle.
- I already told you a
cannon wouldn't be enough.
The rifle wouldn't even make a dent.
- Get your filthy
hands away from there.
- It's either that or I
can't haul you on board.
- You always did have an
excuse for everything.
Well, what the?
I should've left you down there.
- I would've been mixing
with a higher class crowd,
that's for sure.
Problems, she gives me problems.
Yeah, I know they'll be mad as hell
'cause we're late, but
what could we do about it?
We'll give them a hand loading.
Maybe that will calm them down.
Where are you?
Jeff, Pops!
What is this?
The place is wrecked.
What the hell happened
around here, a tornado?
Where are you?
What do you want, Mosquito?
I got to talk to Mr. Baxter.
I'd like to see if you agree with me.
The view is better up here.
Look at the skyline.
We can have a big neon sign over there
and the pool down there.
Right in front here?
Looks like the best place to me.
It has to be at least Olympic size
with springboards, platforms,
a waterfall in one corner,
maybe a grotto dug into one of the sides.
And I'll have other ideas.
This place will be drawing
millions of rich tourists.
It's my intention to see it totally...
Would you be so kind as to forgive me?
We'll finish the session a little later.
Sure thing, Mr. Baxter.
No problem, sir.
What happened now?
That asshole fisherman has disappeared.
He hasn't been back.
No one knows, I've asked all around.
And the girl?
She's still in the swamp.
Yeah, but she's not alone.
That guy who killed
the crocodile is there.
He took out a boat yesterday
and finally tracked her down.
I saw them together.
We're both experts.
We're both damn good at
cleaning up swamps, right?
Right, sir.
So we know what we have to do.
Let's clean it up for good this time.
I don't want anymore mess
ups, like with the fisherman.
Let's do it right.
You got it.
Okay, Mr. Baxter.
Drink this.
It's strong, it'll do you good.
Jesus, what is it?
It's Joe's specialty.
Don't ask what goes into it.
- He was a good friend
of yours, wasn't he?
We went through a lot together.
He was one hell of a guy.
Will you help me find the barrels?
Of course.
You don't think I trust
you to do it alone?
But first I have to kill that crocodile.
If it's that important
to you, then it's a deal.
But there's one thing I'd like to know.
How are you planning to kill that monster?
Persuade him to commit suicide?
Ya know, that might be our only chance.
Your clothes are dry if
you wanna get dressed.
Yeah, what is it?
- Oh God, what
do you have in mind now?
Don't you know that fear
and near death situations
stimulate and heighten the arousal
of a human being's reproductive organs?
My dad always said I should try to learn
something new every day.
Well, maybe it's Mother Nature's way
of avoiding our extinction.
- If it is, she sure
has a couple of tricks
up her sleeve, doesn't she?
Bring her in closer.
Let's go.
Don't forget, Mosquito, I'm
in charge of this operation.
Yeah, right.
No mistakes this time.
As soon as we see them, we kill them.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Uh-huh.
I see you managed to help yourself.
Yeah, you like them?
Did you sleep well?
Very well.
Didn't have time to make coffee.
Got up early to fix the boat.
Doesn't matter.
You know how to use that coffee machine?
Well sure I do.
Just because I'm a city
girl, that doesn't mean
that instant is the only kind
of coffee I know how to make.
What the hell is that?
I see you've met Pilar.
She was Joe's sweetie.
Nice friends.
City girl.
' B00!
Very funny.
Watch this.
They're perfect.
So what do we do now?
Well, first we head back into town,
get some more equipment.
And weapons.
And we gotta get a bigger boat, too.
We can't face that monster
in that coconut shell
they call a boat.
One swipe of its tail,
it'd fall to pieces.
Will the croc let us through?
Want me to ask him?
And we wouldn't even be in this position
if it weren't for that
Baxter dumping those barrels.
And on top of it, the
bastard's reopened the area
to the public, claiming it's safe.
That's the roof of their hut?
I don't know, how'd it
get down here anyway?
I don't see a thing.
on, God.
We gotta get crackin'.
Who could have been doing that shooting?
I don't know.
There's something over there!
Oh, Jesus.
The crocodile, it must be near.
What did they want?
Look, that's the crocodile.
As big as a house.
Hold tight.
Hey, this is great!
I'll try to go faster.
Get outta here.
Watch out! Stop!
- Stay there!
- Hey!
- Hi!
- Hi, hi, hello!
- Go back!
- Turn around!
- Danger, go!
- Look out!
- Go back!
- Go away!
- Hi!
- Hello, hi!
No, go back!
No, stop!
Turn around, go!
- Go!
- No!
- Don't!
- Our son!
Get me the rope, Liza, please.
Oh, Joe.
Grab it!
Kevin, there.
Oh, Joey.
- Mama.
- Joey.
- Look!
- Look!
Are you all right?
Oh my God.
Go get the dynamite, quickly.
Oh my God,
it's coming this way!
- Let's go!
Oh, my dear Lord.
You know what to do, go!
Liza, get going!
Mommy, hold me!
Shut up!
Liza, hurry!
Mommy, help him!
Get him, Liza, hurry.
Hooray, 90!
Thank you!
- Hey!
- Pulled it off!
You were wonderful.
I just threw the stuff,
but if you hadn't done all the rest.
The barrels got dislodged
by the explosion.
- Yeah.
They were hidden right here.