Killer Crush (2015) Movie Script

- Perfect.
- OK, don't you think he's
getting a bit old for balloons?
- We always get balloons.
- Well, maybe it's time
to start a new tradition -
like not going.
- Don't start!
- Seriously, Paige,
after everything he's put us
through, put Mom through...
- It's one day a year, Tayler.
- Well, it's one day too many.
- You're so selfish.
- You are just so perfect.
Perfect Paige...
- Better than slutty Tayler.
- I'm not the one
who was banging a married guy.
- Shut up, Tayler.
- Old married guy...
- Shut your mouth!
- But it's OK,
'cause we were in love!
- Forget to take your meds?
- Just drive.
(bluesy rock music playing)
- Oftentimes I think
about leaving
But I don't know
where I would go
Wandering streets,
I get a feeling
That I can hear you
calling me home
Dolled up and dressed
to the T
You smell good to everyone
but not me
You're clear out
of your plastic
You'll catch something
for free
Making sounds
to keep me sane
I even had to change my name
Is this your idea of fun
Can't even see
what you have done
- (Paige): Happy birthday,
How have you been?
- I've been great.
Actually. Really great.
(air hissing)
- Dad!
- Dad! Are you nuts? You're
going to blow us all up!
- Relax! I turn this off first.
(air stops hissing)
- So...
You said on the phone
you got a job?
- Oh, yeah! Yeah, actually,
better than a job.
Much better.
- What is it?
- This is my newest venture,
selling high-yield securities.
Now, this company, they develop
new apps for cell phones.
- Dad, I don't recognize
any of these.
- Well, that's because they're
still in development, honey,
but you'll see them soon.
- Really, Dad?
Another Ponzi scheme? Do you
want to go back to prison?
- This is different.
- Do you mean legal?
- Yes, 100 per cent legal.
These tech guys
are the real deal.
They used to work for Google.
- Well, that does sound
- Right?
- We just need a little
bit of seed money.
- Are you...
Are you asking us for money?
- Just a few grand.
- A few grand?
Do you have any idea
w much it's costing us
to send your favourite daughter
here to med school?
- Tayler, don't!
- We've been busting
our asses off for years
just to get by
with no help from you.
- Yeah, well, it's been a little
tough for me to get back
on my feet, too.
OK, but this opportunity...
- Stop!
Don't try and sell us,
'cause we're not buying!
- Look, I know I haven't
been the best father.
- Ha! You think?
- Will you stop?
I just feel at this stage in my
life I can make things better.
- Dad, if I could help you,
I would.
But we really are
strapped right now, and...
- It's just a few grand.
It's OK.
It's alright.
I'll figure something out.
- Unbelievable!
- He's doing the best he can.
- That's what Mom used to say.
Look where it got her.
- Do you know, you can be
such a bitch sometimes.
- I'm being real.
You should try it sometime.
(gun firing)
- DAD!
(police radio
chattering indistinctly)
- Any idea what made him do it?
- No one left to lie to.
- Your sister... She's OK?
- She goes away like that
- Her happy place.
- I don't think she has one.
- And... the phone bill.
Do we have enough left
for Dad's funeral?
- Barely.
- Son of a bitch
got our money after all.
- Maybe if we would have given
it to him in the first place...
- Don't start.
- We were all he had left!
- Paige...
All he ever cared about
was himself.
- Yeah, he made some mistakes...
- NO!
He was a selfish prick, period!
Keep making him into
something he isn't,
you'll end up with
someone just like him.
- I'm sorry I'm late everyone,
You know how it is,
first day of school...
I am Lucas Emery,
and I'm new.
Well, I've been a surgeon
for 20 years, but this is my
first foray into teaching,
so let's all hope
we survive the operation.
So, it's a pretty small class,
why don't we actually get to
know each other here.
Anyone want to start? ...Yes.
- I'll start.
My name's Craig Stelter,
I'm from Gainesville, Florida,
and I want to specialize
in neurosurgery.
- Go Gators! Anyone else?
- Hi, I'm Jenny,
and, um, since
I never became a psychic,
I want to go into neurosurgery.
- Who else? Anyone?
- Hi.
- Yes.
- I am Paige...
York, Paige York,
and I'm from here - Philly.
And... focus is psychiatry.
- So I'm going to have to watch
my Freudian slips with
you, then.
Who else?
- Hi...
- Yes?
- Um, I'm Lara,
and I was always fascinated...
- (priest): Lord, we commend
your son, Cameron York,
into your loving arms.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
(gentle pop music playing)
- I can't help
but wonder why
The tears are locked
so deep inside
The past has been
left out to dry
- DAD!
- It's so hard
to say goodbye
I can't sleep
but I can't stand
All at once I'm half the man
You disappeared
Before my eyes
It's so hard
To say goodbye
It's so hard
To say goodbye
- (young Paige): Mom? Mom?
(phone ringing)
- Ah!
Making yourself at home, I see?
- Getting there.
- Hey...
Your name looks great on that
window, by the way,
Mr. Associate Dean.
- Well, that's thanks to you.
I still don't know what you said
to them to convince them
I'm the man for the job, but...
- Easy. Lied my ass off.
How's Gabby doing?
- Uh... Hanging in there.
Actually, I have to make some
calls, I need to get someone
to help out part-time.
- Hey, uh, you know,
the university,
they have this in-house
employment program.
You could get a med student
for half of what you pay
through a nursing service,
if that works for you.
- So what do I have to do?
- Nothing. I'll handle it.
I'll get you a shortlist
of potential candidates that
you can interview.
- Thank you.
- Hey, anything for you, Dean.
- Hmm. I'm sure you'll remember
from the previous example.
Now, in some
extreme cases, the...
- Sorry, Dr. Emery,
to interrupt. I am never late.
- Well, happens to the best of
us, just make sure it doesn't
happen in surgery. Alright, as I
was saying, in some extreme
- I wanted to
apologize again
for interrupting class.
- Oh, you more than made up for
it with your questions
and comments.
You're smart.
- You think so?
- You don't?
- I mean, this stuff
does not come easy to me.
I've never been
at the top of my class.
I have to work twice as hard as
everyone else just to keep up.
- Well, if it helps, I was
at the top of my class
and I felt the same way -
still do sometimes.
- Well, look, as far as being
late goes, won't happen again.
- Appreciate it.
- I had to go to
my father's funeral.
- Oh... I'm sorry.
- It was a blessing.
- Was he ill?
- He was, but he's
in a better place now.
(cell phone ringing)
- Uh, I'm sorry...
Hey, there.
OK... No, I'm leaving now.
- Is everything alright?
- It's my wife, I gotta go.
- I'm here.
- Gabby?
- In the kitchen.
- What the hell?
- I'm fine.
- Hey - what happened?
- I was making banana bread.
I wanted to surprise you.
- Mission accomplished.
- I was just reaching
for the bananas, and I...
I fell.
- Yeah. Here.
Sure you're not hurt? Here.
- No... Ow!
- I got ya.
- Just, uh...
Just my pride.
- OK. Gabby...
You know how much I support you
on what you're going through,
but, uh...
- I know.
I know. I can't be alone.
I just want to finish
what I started, OK?
- Come on, Tayler.
Just give me the keys,
I'm going to be late for class.
- Come on, one for the road.
- Technically, that's two.
- To us!
You know what, you need
to learn to lighten up,
have a little fun.
In case you haven't noticed,
life is short.
- I don't need to make it any
shorter by drinking and driving.
- Fair enough.
- You can't just work
all the time.
- I know.
I know.
- What's the food colouring for?
- You'll see, you'll see.
OK, look.
The dish soap, it's bipolar.
It weakens the chemical bonds
that holds the proteins
and the fats
in solution. Observe...
- Cool!
- Huh?
- Dad...
- Yeah?
- Is Mom ever going
to get better?
- Well, I certainly hope so.
- But she might not.
- Yeah, that's right.
- And she might get worse.
- You know what, I...
I try not to worry too much
about worst-case scenarios.
- Hey!
- Hello!
I hope you two saved
some of that milk...
...for this.
- Banana bread! Sweet!
I'll take this piece...
- Beautiful house, Lucas.
- OK, I don't mind you having a
few belts at work,
but you're out of control!
- (slurring): "Out
of control"...
- Hey, you tell your sister
when she sobers up,
if she sobers up,
this happens again
she's fired.
- I understand.
Come on, Paige, let's turn up!
- Let's go.
- 'Night, Mom.
- Good night.
(humming softly)
- (Craig): God, Holt-Sanders is
boring. Think I'm going to need
a caffeine-4 pill to make it
through that class.
- Well, they can't
all be Dr. Emery.
- I like Emery, alright,
but he's a little... unorthodox.
- I think he's amazing.
- You know his wife has MS?
She's in a wheelchair.
Wow! Must be tough.
- How do you know that?
- Oh, my roommate
is looking for a job.
Apparently, he posted one
for a part-time nurse.
- There are some
great candidates here,
so just check out some resumes...
- You know, I trust you,
if you can just
narrow it down to three
and set up some interviews
for later today, it would...
- Yeah, sure.
What's the hurry?
- Just we had an
incident yesterday.
I found Gabby on the
kitchen floor.
- Oh, God...
- No, no, she's fine, I'm just
becoming a little unravelled.
- Yeah. Look, uh...
I'm on this.
How's 5 o'clock in
the conference room?
- That'd be great.
Thank you, yeah.
- Thanks, I'll, uh, be in touch.
(laughing awkwardly)
- Hi!
- What are you doing here?
- The employment centre emailed
me, I have an appointment.
- You're not on my list...
- There must be some mistake.
- That was my last appointment.
I don't have your rsum, so...
- Oh! Well, I have
a hard copy right here...
- Huh!
- Sorry about the confusion,
I really don't know what
happened, but I really do
have an appointment,
and I really need the job...
- OK, I guess one more
won't hurt. Come on.
You weren't kidding about
working twice as hard as others.
This is quite the employment
record you've managed.
And for a med student...
- Yeah, I didn't really
have a choice.
I didn't have the grades
for a scholarship,
and my family - well,
they couldn't help.
- Paige, tell me:
why are you the right person
for this job?
- Well, uh...
I took care of my mother
full-time before she died.
- Oh, I'm...
I'm sorry, you told me
about your dad, but...
- It's OK, it was
a long time ago.
- Was she ill too, or...
- Sort of.
Uh... We had some difficulties.
She couldn't really cope,
turned to drugs.
It's actually, uh,
why I wanted to become
a psychiatrist -
to help people help themselves.
- That's commendable.
- Um, also,
I've been taking care of my
sister basically my whole life.
- Uh, your sister...
- Oh, she's not sick
or anything,
she's just not very good
at taking care of herself.
- Hmm. I see.
- Look, Dr. Emery, I'm sure
these other applicants
are just as qualified as I am,
if not more,
but I can promise you that
I will treat your wife
as if she were my own family.
- I'm convinced.
But the final choice
is Gabby's, OK?
- I can't wait to meet her.
- You don't have to.
I gotta clear some stuff up at
the office; can you be at
my house at 8 o'clock?
- Yeah, sure. OK.
- Just put your number in
here, I'll text you the address.
(loud music playing
from another room)
- I've been trying to call you!
- I'm a little busy here.
- Yeah, well...
Need your car.
- Car's all yours.
- Thanks! I gotta change.
- Where you going? Hot date?
- No, I got a job.
- What?
You didn't have to do that.
We can manage.
- I'm tired of managing.
I want a real life.
So then the mom says to the son,
but you're only 23!
- You didn't tell me
she was funny, too.
- I did not know.
So I... guess that
you approve then?
I do.
- Well, Paige, um, could you
lift Gabby if you had to?
- Honey!
She won't have to.
- I know, I'm just
saying, if she had to...
- It's OK, I totally can.
I am a lot stronger than I look.
- What's all the ruckus?
- Amy, this is Paige, she's
going to be helping your
mom part-time.
- Hi, Amy! It's nice
to meet you.
- Hi. Mom, can I have a piece
of cake before bed?
- Sure, sweetheart.
- So, um...
I guess you can start tomorrow?
- Perfect!
- Can you keep it down? My head
is killing me right now.
- Oh, I'm sorry, is my cleaning
up your mess disturbing you?
- Nobody asked you to clean up.
- What, were you gonna do it?
- Eventually.
- Really, Tayler?
- Really, Paige.
- You know, you can't just
keep partying 24/7.
- Watch me.
- You're going
to end up like Mom.
- Not likely. I have
better taste in men.
- That's a pump.
You can understand
the mechanics of it,
but did you know in ancient
Egypt the heart was seen as the
centre of life and morality?
In Egyptian mythology
after death,
your heart was taken
to the hall of Maat,
the goddess of justice, to be
weighed against the feather
of Maat.
Now, if your heart was lighter
than that feather...
You got this - one more step!
- I got a couple more in me.
- Alright... Oh, nice!
- Ugh... Damn it!
- It's OK, I got you.
There you go...
- All this work for what,
in case a miracle happens?
- You can't think like that.
- No. What I can't do
is lie to myself anymore.
I've had this disease
my whole life.
The fact that it's been in
remission this long -
that's the miracle.
There's no way
I'm going to get another one.
I'm sorry, Paige, you don't need
to hear this.
- I don't mind.
I just wish there was
something I could do to help.
- Well, you could
make me a drink. Ha!
- One iced tea coming up.
- Yeah, I was thinking of
something a little stronger.
(blender whirring)
- It's ready!
- Wow, look at that!
Thank you.
Aren't you going to have one?
- I'm at work.
- Oh, come on! I do not mind.
You know, Lucas's birthday
is coming up soon.
You might have to mix
a batch of these up.
- I'd be happy to.
- He's just been so great
about everything.
I'd really like
to make it special/
- We can do that.
- We spent our honeymoon
in Cabo.
We drank a lot of these babies.
- That sounds nice.
- Mm... Surfing,
rock climbing,
mountain biking,
other... activities...
None of which I can do anymore.
There I go, feeling sorry
for myself.
Not attractive!
- Where's Paige?
- Oh, I don't know, she said she
had to go to the bathroom,
but that was a little while ago.
- Oh, and Paige showed me this
game that you play,
and I think Amy's going to love
it. You're going to love it!
- Paige?
- How was your day?
- Oh, the kids are so young!
It's demoralizing.
- Oh, there she is!
- Um... I wasn't feeling too
well. I feel better now, though.
- Huh! You hardly
had anything to drink.
- Was it something you ate?
- I'm fine. Um...
I really should get going.
- OK.
- Thanks again!
- No!
(sirens wailing)
- Let the waves
Wash over
Can't find a reason
- Paige...
- Hey...
You want to tell me what the
hell you were trying to do?
- I wasn't trying
to kill myself, Paige.
- You took almost
the whole bottle!
- I got wasted at work again
and Jerry fired me.
So then I went out
and I got more wasted,
and then I...
Oh, my God, I barely remember
driving home.
And then it was just so late
and then I couldn't sleep and
then I just couldn't make
my mind stop.
- This can't happen again,
Tayler, I, I can't...
- I know.
- I'm going to turn my life
around, OK?
I promise.
- Iced tea?
- Oh, I was hoping for
another margarita.
- We'll wait 'til the birthday
boy gets here for that.
Whoa - are you OK?
- Yeah, I don't have much
feeling on the whole left
side of my body.
My arm, my leg...
Well, I guess we should get
dinner started.
- I'll get that started.
Why don't you just enjoy
your iced tea?
I found a perfect gift for Dad.
- Uh, your mom
is just napping, sweetheart.
- Mom never naps.
- Well, there's a first time
for everything.
Oh, what did you get him?
- A Corts print.
It's his favourite artist.
- Oh, ha ha! Uh, he'll love it!
Uh, so do you have any homework?
- Tons!
- Alright, well you let me know
if you need any help,
I'll just be making your dad's
birthday dinner.
So are you going to be
a doctor like your dad?
- I don't know, maybe.
You are, though, right?
- That's the plan.
- That's pretty awesome.
- You're pretty awesome.
- You should probably
wake up Mom.
- Let's let her rest
a little bit longer.
- (Lucas): Paige,
this looks amazing.
- All of your favourites.
- I tried to wake Gabby
but she's really out.
- Yeah...
She's been pretty tired lately.
- Is she getting worse?
- No, honey...
- No, fatigue is a symptom
of MS. She'll be fine.
- Well, uh...
I'll let you enjoy your dinner.
- You're not leaving!
We can't eat this
all by ourselves.
- You'll have leftovers.
- No, no buts. I insist.
Come on, it's my birthday!
- It's just a print. A painting
was a little out of
my price range.
- Yeah, mine too.
Thank you.
- I got you a little something
as well.
- Oh, no, no, no -
you didn't have to.
- Open it!
- Alright.
- It was my grandfather's.
- This is too much.
- Lucas, no other professor
has opened my eyes
the way you have.
The way you explain things,
the depth, the insight...
You really have inspired me.
- Look, it's only been
a few classes, so...
- Dad doesn't do well
with compliments.
- Try it on!
- Alright...
- Look at that, fits perfectly.
Know what?
I'm going to wear this
to some special occasion.
- Paige...
- What the hell?
- I can't sleep.
What are you doing?
- Studying.
- At one in the morning?
- I guess I lost track of time.
- I got a job interview
- That's quick.
- Yeah. Told you, I'm
going to get my life together.
- Guess you better
get some rest, then.
- OK, I'll try.
Goodnight, kid.
- It's just so right
when we're together.
I know he loves me.
I can see it in his eyes.
- It's like the Pentagon
up in here.
- (Lucas): The procedure we will
be performing is coronary
artery bypass grafng.
And when angioplasty
proves insufficient,
we take a healthy vein or artery
from another part of the body
and we graft it in place
of the blocked artery, OK?
Everybody pay close attention.
No flash photography. Scalpel.
(heart monitor beeping)
Now, before we perform
the graft,
we will be injecting potassium
chloride to stop the heart
from beating -
temporarily, of course.
- I wanted to thank you
for making dinner last night.
- I was happy to do it.
- I can't believe I
missed his birthday.
I've just never
crashed that hard before.
- I'm sure he understands.
Well, I'm just going to
make us some iced tea.
- (Lucas): Now, before we
perform the graft, we will be
injecting potassium chloride to
stop the heart from beating -
temporarily, of course.
To stop the heart
from beating...
- Have a good night.
(crickets chirping)
(footsteps approaching)
- Hey.
- You're home late.
- I was called in to
an emergency bypass.
- Saving lives again?
- Fortunately yes.
Um... Where's Gabby?
- She fell asleep.
I put her to bed.
I'm actually getting
kind of worried about her.
- How come?
- She's, uh...
...hasn't been doing
so well lately.
Getting tired all the time,
difficulty breathing...
- She hasn't said
anything to me.
- She probably doesn't
want to worry you.
- Right.
- Amy's asleep,
I'll heat up your dinner.
- No, I'm...
I'm not hungry.
- A drink then?
- No, I'm just gonna
get changed,
just go for a run.
- Goodnight, Lucas.
(lock clicking)
(keys jangling)
(lock clicking)
- Ah!
- Hi!
- Hey! What are you doing here?
- I just forgot to thank you
for yesterday - for taking us
into surgery.
- Oh! I hope it was helpful.
Oh, actually, Paige,
I meant to call you, um...
I'm leaving early, so we don't
need you tonight.
- OK...
I'll see you tomorrow, then.
- Alright.
- What's the big rush?
- I'm seeing someone.
- Dressed like that?
- Just give me the keys.
(keys jangling)
Thank you.
- Whoa! Who's the guy?
- I will tell you that
when I'm ready.
- I'm doing great!
(quietly): Thanks for asng.
- Oh, I'm beat! I'll see you
tomorrow morning.
- I'm going for a run.
- OK.
(dog barking)
- (softly): Gabby?
(whispering): Gabby?
- I'll take real good care
of Lucas...
...and Amy.
So don't you worry.
(quietly moaning)
(door opening)
(door closing)
(car starting)
(birds chirping)
- (Amy): Dad?
- Yup?
- Have you seen my calculator?
I have a test today.
- Yes, on my desk, study,
in the top left-hand drawer.
- Cool, thanks.
Mom's sure been sleeping a lot.
- (softly): Gabby?
(taking phone off stand)
- Uh...
- 911, what's your emergency?
- Hey, uh...
This is, uh...
It's Dr. Lucas Emery, and...
- How can I help you, sir?
- My wife is dead.
- OK, I'm sending someone
right away.
(hanging up)
- Morning, sis!
Hope you're hungry.
- Aw, thanks! I have to
dine and dash, though,
I got that job.
- Oh, yay! Good for you!
- Mm. I want to hear
all about that guy later.
- You will.
We're going to be seeing
a lot more of each other.
- (voice shaking): Since the
first moment that I met Gabby,
I have...
I have been completely
in awe of her.
She is... She is thoughtful,
uh, caring,
dynamic, smart as hell...
She was funny.
And her, uh...
Her passion for life was...
It was inspiring.
She always put all of herself
into everything that she did,
whether it was being a lawyer,
or my wife,
or mother to our daughter,
Amy, or, uh,
just a friend.
She made everyone feel like
they were the most important
person in her world,
and she made me feel that way
every day of our lives together.
And I will hold onto that,
to her love,
for the rest of my life.
- I love you, Grandma.
- I love you too, dear.
- Amy...
- Thank you
for everything, Paige.
- Of course.
- You know, I was thinking,
you're dealing with
so much right now,
if I could stay on,
help out with Amy...
- That's very thoughtful, but...
- Dad, can't she?
- Sure, uh,
just for now,
until I figure things out, OK?
Come on.
(gentle folk music playing)
- When you really
love someone
There's no such thing
As goodbye
And all the money
in the world
Can't buy you
enough time to spend
- Hi, I'm Tayler,
and I'm an alcoholic,
and I'm very happy to be here.
- To look into your eyes
Is to know
There's no such thing
As goodbye
Sitting at our kitchen table
Coffee for warm I swear
You and I have
loved a lifetime
In the moments
that we've shared
- (Paige): I know he loves me.
I can see it in his eyes.
- (Amy): That was amazing!
- (Lucas): That was great!
- I'm glad you enjoyed it.
- Well, I'm ready to ride.
- Oh, no, I've got
to let my food settle.
- Yeah, me too. Why don't...
Why don't you go on ahead and do
a lap or two,
we'll catch up with you.
- Sounds like a plan.
- You're really great with Amy.
- She's a great kid.
- She's doing a lot
better, isn't she?
- Yeah, she is. So are you.
- What's wrong?
- I'm just having fun today.
- Isn't that the idea?
- Yeah, just...
It feels wrong somehow
without Gabby.
- I think she'd want you
to have fun,
to be happy.
- I know.
- Look, I know it's not
the same thing,
but when my mom died,
it just felt like
my whole world had exploded.
You know, there was
nothing but darkness.
I lived in that darkness
for a long time.
Too long.
And the only way I was able to
get out of it
was to let her go.
Not her memory
or the love we had,
but just her presence.
I had to get used to
her not being there with me.
- How did you do that?
- By letting others in.
- (Lucas): I'm going to see you
at school?
- Right.
Come on, Lucas.
What are you waiting for?
- Hey. Look, I'm sculpting
- I can see that.
- So how was your date?
- Fine.
- Come on, I want details!
(exhaling sharply)
- I'm tired, alright?
- You've been seeing this guy
for a while now,
I still don't know
anything about him.
- Look, you weren't so
interested in my life
before you quit drinking.
- Yeah, well maybe that's true,
but I am interested, OK?
You're my sister. I love you.
- I know you're all about
sharing your feelings
and opening up
right now; just save it
for your meetings, alright?
- Why are you so hostile?
- I told you, alright?
I am tired.
- Paige...
- Don't. Don't!
- Ow!
- Don't touch me!
- What's going on with you?
- Nothing.
- Paige.
Last night...
I haven't seen you like that
since after Mom died.
Since you went away.
- You're the one
who tried to kill herself.
- That was a cry for help
and I got some, OK? But you...
- I don't need help, OK?
- OK.
- I really would like to know
more about this new man
in your life.
- His name is Lucas.
- Well, tell me about him.
How did you guys meet?
- He is a professor
and a very talented surgeon.
- Wait - he's your professor?
Oh, Paige...
- What?
- How old is he?
- What does it matter?
- The last guy you got
serious with was your undergrad
bio professor
and that was a disaster.
- This is different.
- Oh, OK, so this Lucas isn't 20
years older and married
with kids?
- He's a widower, and...
...he loves me.
- I really hope
that's true, I do.
- It is.
We're perfect for each other.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Faculty meeting's in 5.
- Uh... I'm sorry, I...
- No, no, hey, listen, don't
worry about, I'll cover for you.
- No, I'm good. I'm good.
- Hey...
Why don't you and I go out for
dinner tonight, just unwind
a little?
- No, I can't. Amy really
needs me right now.
- Lucas, you got to look after
yourself too, brother.
- OK, I'll check with Paige,
see if she can stay with Amy.
- She's still with you?
- Paige? Yeah, she's...
She's been really great.
Come on, we'll be late
for the meeting.
(soft pop music playing)
- There's way too
many reasons
As far as I can tell
It's as simple
as the seasons
In heaven as in hell
Chemical reaction
Lovesick overdose
Magnetic attraction
As you push away
Or pull me close
- (man): And you take this woman
[to be your lawfully
wedded wife?]
- [I do].
(tape whirring)
- [...wedded wife?]
- [I do.]
(tape whirring)
[I do].
(tape whirring)
I do.
(footsteps approaching)
- Hey.
Did you have fun?
- Yeah, I did.
- I'm glad. You deserve it.
- Hmm.
Really appreciate everything
you've done.
I don't know what I would do
without you.
- Are you going to run?
- No, not tonight - it's late.
- It is.
- Didn't see your car here.
- My sister dropped me off.
- Oh... If you wanted,
you could stay here, I could
give you a ride in the morning.
- I'd like that.
- Good. Goodnight.
(crickets chirping)
What the hell?
- Lucas...
- Paige... What is it?
- You've been denying yourself
love far too long.
- Paige, please, uh...
- Shh...
We don't need to talk right now,
just come back to bed.
- No!
- Lucas, I know you want this.
- Paige...
- You want this
as badly as I do.
- No, I don't.
I just lost my wife.
- She couldn't give you
what I can.
- Put your clothes back on.
- Lucas, I love you.
(voice breaking): And I know
you love me too.
(phone beeping)
- What are you doing?
- Calling you a cab.
- I'm not leaving.
- Yes, you are. Yes, I need
a cab at 7 Meadowbrook Street.
As soon as possible.
(hanging up)
- Lucas, please!
- Look, you have to leave.
Right now. Go home.
- I am home.
- Look, I don't want to wake up
Amy. We'll talk about this
- I don't want to talk.
I want you.
- Stop!
Stop. I'm going to go get your
stuff, OK? Just wait here.
(Latin pop music playing)
- I'm feeling so excited
Know you feel the way I do
- Go away!
- Paige? What the hell?
Wow! I thought Jerry was messing
with me when he called,
but you really are hammered.
- (slurring words): He doesn't
know what he wants.
- OK, come on, we're going home.
- Home?
- Come on, get your purse.
- Paige...
- Please don't start.
I'm fine.
- You're not. You're not fine.
- It's this guy, isn't it?
- Can you just please mind
your own business?
- Lucas?
Professor Lucas Emery?
- Well, what are you,
writing my autobiography?
- I am worried about you, OK?
So I checked him out.
You told me he was a widower.
- And he is.
- His wife just died, Paige!
You shouldn't be getting
involved with him. What you
need to do is you need to...
- Don't tell me
what I need to do.
What I need to do, Tayler,
(door slamming)
- Good morning, Lucas!
- OK, Paige, listen, uh...
- I wanted to apologize
for last night.
- OK...
- I thought you were ready, but
I can see you need more time.
- More time?
- You're old-fashioned.
I get it. Actually, it's...
It's pretty charming.
- OK, look.
If I gave you the wrong idea,
I apologize. I don't think
of you that way.
- Of course you do. You're just
afraid to fall in love again...
- OK, listen.
If I were to ever
fall in love again,
it would be with someone my own
age, OK? Someone I could
relate to.
- You can relate to me. We
were meant for each other.
- I don't know how else
to tell you this:
I don't want you.
I never have, I never will. And
I can't have you working for me,
so here's what I owe you,
and there's
two weeks' severance.
- I don't want your money!
- Goodbye, Paige.
Take care.
- Man, I dated
a girl like that once.
She's tons of fun, but she's
crazy as all hell.
She ended up beating up my
Beemer with a baseball bat.
- OK, we're not dating.
She's delusional.
- You know what? You should
file a restraining order.
- No, I'm worried
that might escalate things.
- Escalate? She told you
she was in love with you!
- I made it very clear to her
that the feelings aren't mutual.
- I hope she got the message.
- Hey, what's the protocol
for this sort of thing at this
school? Should I talk
to the dean?
- No, no,
I wouldn't do that yet,
but if she crosses a line again
you're going to have to.
- I need help.
- We're getting a dog?
- No. Nice try. No.
I'm going to be hiring someone
to help look after you.
- Paige does that.
- I know,
but, uh, Paige isn't going to be
working for us anymore.
- Why not?
- Look, I know how much
you like her...
- I love her!
She's like my sister.
- I know, I know, but...
- I'm going to go finish
this in my room.
- Anything, Detective...
- Cullen.
- Detective Cullen.
It's just I have a bad feeling.
- Take your time.
- Gabby, his wife,
she was very sick, and, uh,
Lucas and I spent
a lot of time together.
Anyway, um,
when Gabby died,
he asked me to stay on
and take care of Amy.
- Go on.
- He would find
any excuse
to be alone with me,
to flirt with me,
I mean, God!
He even gave me this.
- This is, uh... expensive piece.
- Yeah!
It was Gabby's!
I mean, I should have
quit right then,
but Amy...
She needed me.
- So then what happened?
- Last night, it was late,
he was out,
I was asleep on the sofa,
and, um when I woke up,
he was on top of me.
He'd been, uh, drinking,
and, uh, I told him to get off,
but he just kept kissing me.
And he said that now that Gabby
was out of the way,
we could...
We could finally be together.
And then he just started
tearing at my clothes,
and, and...
I don't...
I don't know how, but somehow
I managed... I managed
to get out, and, and,
and I just ran... I ran out
of the house as quickly
as possible.
- Did Amy witness any of this?
- I don't know.
I mean, she was sleeping.
- Did he ever say anything else
that would make you suspect
that he killed his wife?
- No, just that.
Now that Gabby
was out of the way.
And it was the way he said it.
The look in his eye.
- By the way,
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
What's this about?
- I'm confused here.
Why'd you keep her on
after your wife's death?
- Well, to help
look after my daughter.
My daughter really liked Paige.
- Why'd you let her go?
- We had a...
It was just a misunderstanding.
- What kind of misunderstanding?
- Sorry, why do you
want to know?
- Ms. York says you
attacked her.
- I... Attacked?
- Two nights ago, in your home.
- No, no, she came on to me.
- Is that so?
- That girl is delusional.
She has this fantasy about
being with me, I tried to
let her down easy...
- If you didn't let her down
easy, how did you let her down?
- Detective, I've done
nothing wrong.
But if you're
accusing me of a crime,
I want my lawyer here.
- There's no autopsy
on the doc's wife, but the
tox screen came out clean.
Cause of death was ruled
a heart attack, but...
- But?
- You know, man.
There are ways.
- Like potassium chloride?
- The guy is a heart surgeon.
He has access and he would know
just how much to use.
- So it wouldn't show up
on the tox screen?
- Emery's wife
was in a wheelchair for over a
year. The prognosis wasn't good.
Then this beautiful young girl
comes in the picture...
- You think he has it
in him to kill her?
- Hard to say.
He did lawyer up pretty quick.
I need to take
a closer look at him.
- This girl that's accusing him;
how credible is she?
- Paige York.
23-year-old med student,
no record.
But she's pretty enough to give
a guy motive, though,
that's for sure.
- Subpoena the hospital's drug
records, it's worth a shot.
- Yes, sir.
- Well, I talked to my lawyer,
he says the school's within
their rights to suspend me
while they investigate
Paige's claims.
- Great. So we're all just
one accusation away
from losing our jobs.
- Something like that.
- Nice. What about the cops?
What do they say?
- He says
they're just
doing due diligence.
She didn't even press charges.
- What the hell's her game?
- I don't know!
I don't want to play it.
(doorbell ringing)
- Dr. Emery - I have a warrant
to search your home.
- Let me see that.
- Would you kindly step aside?
- Thank you.
- We're all done here.
- Did you find anything?
- Was there something to find?
- No, I told you: she's lying.
I never laid a hand on her.
- Dr. Emery...
If there's something you want to
tell me, now would be the time.
- There's nothing to tell.
- Alright. We'll be in touch.
(door beeping)
(door closing)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Lucas.
Hey, um...
Oh, man, I don't even know
how to tell you this.
- Tell me what?
- The police - they
subpoenaed all our records.
Drug inventory, everything.
- So?
- There's a bottle of potassium
chloride that went missing
from the OR
the day before Gabby died.
- You're not...
No, no, no...
- It gets worse.
The log showed your key card was
used, but you weren't scheduled
for surgery that day.
- (sobbing): No.
- When you've lost
everything, Lucas,
then you'll see.
You'll see what you really have.
- It all fits, but it's still
circumstantial as hell.
- It gets deeper.
I checked out the girl.
About 6 years ago, she was
committed to a psych ward.
She was a minor,
so the records were sealed.
I had to get a court order.
- Borderline personality
She had a breakdown
after her mom died.
They gave her meds and released
her after a few weeks.
- So it could be her?
- Or,
they're in it together.
Trouble in paradise and
she turns on him.
- Where's your gut in all this?
- When it comes to matters of
the heart, lieutenant,
I stopped trusting my gut
a long time ago.
(phone ringing)
- Homicide. Lieutenant Davis.
I'll tell him.
You have a call - Dr. Emery.
(door opening)
- Paige, what did you do?
- What?
- A detective called here.
A homicide detective, Paige, and
he was asking about you
and your boyfriend
and your boyfriend and... and his
wife's death!
Paige. Paige!
Paige, what did you do?
- What did you tell them?
- Nothing!
He asked me if I knew where
you were the night she died,
and I said I don't remember
but I do,
because that was the first night
of my AA meeting and you were
freaking out
about using the car! And then...
- Calm down!
- No! And then the next morning
I remember you telling me
you were perfect for each other
and oh, my God! You were
together even before...
- Tayler, Tayler...
- Oh, my God!
- I have to go
to the police station
and make a statement.
What am I going to say?
I don't...
I don't know what I'm going to
tell them, this is too big!
I can't lie for you...
- UNH!
- Will your lawyer
be joining us?
- I know how bad this looks.
I loved my wife more
than anything.
- In my experience, love and
murder are not mutually
- It was Paige. She killed
Gabby, she's trying
to set me up.
- Is that so?
- You've got to believe me.
- I'm not going to lie, Doc.
You both tell
a convincing story.
But the only story I believe
is the one the evidence
tells me.
(phone ringing)
- Lucas?
- I need to see you.
- I'm kind of in the middle
of something right now.
- How about my place, tonight,
say, 8 o'clock.
- Sounds great.
I'll be there.
- How long am I staying at
Grandma's for?
- Not long.
- I still can't believe it.
Paige seemed so nice.
- Yeah, well...
Look, honey,
I am so sorry.
I should never have let her
into our lives.
- You couldn't have known.
(door opening)
- Look, there's your grandma.
You take care, OK?
- You too.
- Hi!
- Sorry, Tayler.
You shouldn't have
come between us.
Long time no see.
- Did you want a drink?
- That would be nice.
- So Amy's not here?
- No, it's just the two of us.
- Cheers.
(glasses clinking)
- Thanks for coming.
- So what did you want
to talk about?
- The police were here.
They say that Gabby was murdered
and they think that I did it.
- That's ridiculous.
- I mean, they can't say for
sure that she was murdered,
- Do they have evidence?
- Enough that my lawyer says
I should be worried.
- I'm so sorry, Lucas.
- Cops seem to think I did it
to be with you.
- But you're not...
...with me.
- Paige, I know what
you told them,
what you told the dean.
It's OK, I get it.
You were mad.
- Why would I be mad at you.
- Because I'm an idiot.
Because I was so wrapped up in
my own stuff that I couldn't see
how good I really
had it with you.
You were right, Paige. You were
right the whole time,
I see that now.
- What do you see?
- I see you. I see...
...a beautiful,
caring woman,
someone who sees me
as I truly am.
No, it's too late.
- What do you mean?
- 'Cause barring some kind
of miracle, I'm going to prison.
Probably for the rest
of my life.
- Not if we get you out of here.
- Out of here - where?
- Mexico first. We can get
new identities there,
and then after that, we can go
wherever you want.
- Well, what about Amy?
- What about Amy? She's
young. She'll adapt.
At least you'll be together.
At least we'll all be together!
- But you...
You'll be a fugitive,
you'll never be able to come
back, you'll never see
your family again.
- I don't care!
- Why would you do this
after the way I treated you?
- Because I would do
anything for you.
- I see that now.
I do, I do.
Gabby was suffering,
Her life wasn't worth living.
You ended that suffering.
For her, for me... For us.
- I had to.
(door opening)
- Paige, Paige!
- Don't move!
- Paige!
- What did you do?
- This isn't the way to play it.
- I'm not playing at anything.
- Paige, please.
- Listen,
I know you're hurting.
I can help.
- You just want to
put me away again!
- Paige, you said you loved me.
- I do.
- Please, put down the knife.
- Come on.
Put the knife down.
Put the knife down.
- You chose the wrong heart
to break!
- She's losing blood, fast.
- 40-16, we need an ambulance
at this location.
(policeman speaking
- (weakly): I love you, Lucas.
- (woman on PA): Available ECPs
to recovery.
- How's it look?
(heart monitor beeping)
- Severe cerebral hypoxia,
She's in a coma.
- You did all you could, Lucas.
I don't know if I'd have done
the same.
- Yeah, well...
- You know if she has
any family left?
- Both of her parents are dead.
The only person she had left
was her sister, Tayler.
- OK, take it easy on me,
I'm a bit rusty, here, so...
- No way, old man!
- Hold it!
So, how far are we going?
'Cause I'm already tired.
- Uh, I don't know.
Just a little ride
around the block.
- Yeah...