Killer Elite, The (1975) Movie Script

Gentlemen, please.
Go, go, go!
There go our Wheat Thins.
- Right. Right.
- Are you part of the organisation?
- Huh?
- We're ComTeg.
- We just pick up and deliver.
- Yeah. Pizza, Chinese food, any food.
Relax, Mr Vorodny.
I'll be your guide tonight.
Thank you.
Are you connected with the CIA?
- The what?
- The CIA.
What's the CIA?
Circumcised Italian Americans.
Chinese Inbreds. That's no shit.
- We don't know nothin' about the CIA.
- Not really. Not too much.
- We're a private intelligence agency.
- Where do we go from here?
You're goin' to a duck farm.
We're goin' to party.
62. 63. 64. 65.
66. 67. 68. 69.
70. 71. 72. 73...
- Well, George?
- A pile of greens couldn't get me past 50.
I concede.
- That's a cop-out.
- You deserve the best, baby.
~ You belong to my heart... ~
OK, folks, the party's over. Let's go.
You gotta go to bed.
You want me to wake you up?
Take it easy.
Well, you wind up with the paper.
Come on, sweet thing.
Come on, try something that'll help ya.
Let's go. Five o'clock. Let's go.
- Five o'clock.
- Let's go.
Please, five more minutes.
They screwed us out of 20 minutes
yesterday. Better get goin'.
- I gotta shower and shave, man.
- Here's your juice.
You can shower there.
- OK.
- Let's go.
Excuse me, honey.
I got some news.
- Yeah, what is it?
- Bad. Bad news.
Bad, bad news?
What is it?
- Do you feel all right?
- Yeah, not so bad.
You OK?
- What'd you do in there?
- What's the matter with you?
~ Ridin' on that blue river train ~
~ Ridin' on that blue river train ~
~ Ridin' on that blue river, ridin' on that
blue river, ridin' on that blue river train ~
Give me $100.
What can you do with this stuff?
It's monopoly money.
- Just get rid of it.
- Yeah.
What do you think of
that chick you left in bed?
- She's pretty nice.
- Yeah?
You're up tonight. She thinks we're
a couple of fags cos we split the rent.
- Not me, buddy boy.
- Why not?
I'm nosy. I was snoopin' in her purse, and
I came across this important document.
That's why girls don't go for you.
You're always doin' stuff like that.
That's really bad news.
"Dear Miss Summers,
your Pap test returned and is negative,
but you do show conclusive evidence
of vaginal infection."
"Please call for an appointment
to see me as soon as possible."
"Respectfully yours, Dr L Wolfberg."
Oh, God.
The clinic.
Dirty guy.
Oh, Dr Wolfberg!
Holy Jesus!
Dirty guy! What does "vaginal infection"
mean? That don't have to mean nothin'.
"Vaginal infection" means she's got
a disease. A disease of the...
- Di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di!
- Flicker!
What's a purple grackle go like?
Give me the Maryland state bird, man.
No. Witchitty-witchitty-
Why didn't you stop me, man?
Why didn't you stop me?
- From what?
- From goin' on.
You know, I think you deserve
a round of applause.
~ Ramona, I hear
the mission bells a-calling ~
~ Ramona... ~
Come on, keep singing.
Vaginal infection.
Oh, I'm gonna be sick.
Our bums are late.
Our bums or someone else's?
- ~ Ramona... ~
- That's your signal.
Sing it out! I said sing it out!
Jeannie with the light-brown smash!
- How would you rate him?
- He's a good man.
Not like you, you dirty rat bastard.
Why'd you leave me with her
all night without tellin' me?
I know you don't have any prejudice,
and besides, I didn't wanna disturb you.
- I'll get even.
- You'll never get a chance.
- Comin' in, Scottie!
- OK, one at a time. Come in.
- Sorry we're late.
- Yep, sure you are.
Yesterday we ran 20 minutes late.
Now you guys are damn near 40.
- What can I tell ya?
- Outside of that, no flap.
We watched some horny ducks on the late
infrared show. Ever see a duck make it?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Wait a minute.
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- It's a good show. It's not a great show.
But it's a good show.
See you tomorrow at three o'clock sharp.
And how are you, Mr Vorodny?
- Today?
- Today what?
I was supposed to have been
taken out by Wednesday.
- That was part of my agreement.
- We're not the CIA.
We know nothin'. We're hired to protect
the goods, and you're good to somebody.
Think of us that way and you'll
stay alive and be a lot happier, huh?
I've been told you have
never lost one of us yet.
Well, you're wrong there.
Mr Gunther Rachman.
- Rachman hanged himself.
- I ain't talkin' to you.
Look, I was only kidding, grouch.
I had 50 of these printed up.
All I have to do is fill in the blank.
What? You mean that's not for real?
No, we've passed 'em all over
North Beach. Oh, my God...
- You think that's funny? Think it's funny?
- I thought it was pretty funny.
- I don't.
- You're safe now.
Dirty guy!
I've requested a town in Oregon.
Crazy world.
One more foreigner in a small town
somewhere, with a pension.
I've asked for a town
where I can raise hops.
Without hops we have no beer.
I will call myself Thomas Mix.
Do you like the name Mr Mix?
You're a ward of the CIA,
Brewmeister Mix. Ask them.
You all look alike, you young
mercenaries. No matter what country.
We're all idealists.
You think we do it for the money?
I don't feel very well.
Maybe it's our water.
You have no idea...
what it's like to live in a closed society.
No, I guess I don't.
How you doin'?
Who's watchin' the store?
Come on.
What are you? Nuts?
You just retired, Mike.
Enjoy it.
You can't wait out here. We'll page you
as soon as we know anything.
OK, I'm gonna go over
and check the instruments.
Better get gloves on. I wanna check
the wound. You got the draw sheet?
- On three. Gently. Two, three.
- Pick him up.
- OK, gurney out of the room.
- We'll get some gloves on.
I'd like some orthopaedic instruments.
- I'll check the elbow. Check his knee.
- The bullet is probably out.
The patella is completely shattered.
The knee seems completely unstable.
Let's have a double prep,
a Betadine prep and double draping.
- How's his pressure doing?
- It's fair.
That's good enough.
You better start the elbow.
- We're gonna need some irrigation.
- We'll at least try here.
Can we have irrigation now, please?
Do you want me closer or further?
I will be waking him up shortly. Soon as
we get the cast on, you can wake him up.
Finish it and we'll transfer him over.
- Running low on water.
- Bring the gurney in.
- Gurney!
- Slit the shorts. Could you cut 'em open?
- Slip the shorts off.
- See if you can lift him up.
Slowly and gently on three. You ready?
Two, three.
- Watch his arm here.
- OK.
OK. You all set?
- All right, let's get ready to transfer.
- Careful of his foot.
Get his IV over.
It's time to take your vital signs.
You're in ICU.
I'm gonna take your blood pressure.
Just relax.
Where... am... I?
- You belong to me now.
- That's all right by me, honey.
- Care for a little more ham?
- No. No. No.
How about some tomato?
Hey, hey.
Let me do somethin' here.
Didn't hurt you there, did I?
Slip this... Put this on my ear.
You wanna hear,
you gotta stick it in your ear.
- I gotta what?
- You gotta stick it in your...
- You gotta stick it in your ear.
- Oh.
Yeah, right. There you go.
- I don't hear nothin'. It's all over.
- Wait a minute.
Call my mother.
~ Oh, say can you see ~
All right, all right.
Let's see if you're still alive.
Yeah, it's still tickin'.
I think you're all right.
All right.
- You gonna take that garbage outta here?
- No more of this garbage. OK.
- Are you comin' back?
- You know it, sweetheart.
- We'll be seein' a lot of each other.
- Oh. Well, I'll just be hangin' around.
- Hello, Mike.
- Ahh.
Hey, gentlemen.
Well... I asked them to hang me
out there on that clothes line.
Thought I'd dry out faster, you know.
They're givin' me some
good-feelin' stuff, I'll tell you that.
I'm learnin' all about
that anatomy, like, um,
femurs, patellas, fibulas.
All that good stuff.
I talk to them at night, you know.
No autographs yet?
I'm savin' the first spot for my roomie,
but he hasn't come by to sign as yet.
- We turned over every rock. Nothing.
- Whoever made him a better offer
is keeping him off the market.
He, uh... sure was sweet.
Not one wrong move.
Can't figure out why he didn't
put that third one in my head.
He's your buddy.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Well, he owed me one.
Let's hear it.
It's in the plus column. Normal
grade-five disability's 1,000 a month.
Mr Weyburn thinks he can get you 1500.
Oh, that's nice.
I'm comin' back full duty.
But in the meantime be thankful you work
for a private company and we turn a profit.
If you were still with the government,
you'd be getting 200. And the GI bill.
I'm your number-one boy, Mr Weyburn.
Numero uno.
I got that in writing from you, along with
a very nice Christmas bonus. Remember?
My father was a minister.
That's what he wanted me to be.
Who cares, man?
Who cares?
I checked with the staff doctors, Mike.
I also called a friend
who is considered to be one of the best
orthopaedic surgeons in the world.
He says, given a year, maybe you'll
be able to walk up a flight of stairs.
That leg of yours will never be...
anything but a wet noodle.
You're humpty-dumped, Mike. Face it.
Oh, hey.
Thank you very much for cheering me up.
And thanks for the flowers.
They're very lovely.
We'll stop in from time to time.
Anything particular we can send you?
Some hash and a couple of broads.
You guys got connections, don't you?
Under the circumstances,
that seems appropriate.
You may feel as the stitches come out.
I hate a guy that's always right.
I don't know how good a knee you're
gonna have, but the scar is beautiful.
- This is gonna hurt a little bit.
- Swell.
Yeah, you're right.
Agh! Hold it, hold it, hold it. Wait. There's
somethin' grabbin' me on the elbow.
No. On the bottom.
Just take the cast away.
You all right? It's all over.
I got a headache now.
Mm, that's a beautiful one too.
I don't feel that. How come?
Well, you probably severed some nerve
for the skin. But that'll grow back.
I hope not. I like not feelin' it.
Down again. OK. All right.
Now, let's try some leg raisings.
- That's good.
- Pull up higher.
- Pull up higher.
- That's far enough.
I'll let it... Try to lower it yourself.
That's it. You got it.
All right. Good. Good.
You got it.
Now, these are...
- Well, now, how are we doin'?
- See? Look.
Well, it's...
Forgot about my good right one!
- All right. That's enough for one day.
- Have you got someplace else to go?
Somethin' else to do?
My time is your time.
OK, Amy, lift his leg up.
Then your hand here. You may feel
a little discomfort as it goes over the knee.
- The scar's a little tender.
- All right. Good.
- Good. A little higher.
- There it goes.
OK. We're gonna hook a boot onto this.
Yeah. All right.
Let me see. I'll check your arm.
Good. OK. Tighten up the Velcro.
OK, you got 5, 10. Now let's try 15.
Let's see that one.
Try a little higher.
I thought I'd just stop up.
Well, don't. Go on, get outta here.
Go on.
- Sir?
- Yeah, thank you.
Yeah, that's good.
- Thanks. I'll take it. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
Don't worry about it. Always
wanted to take a bath in champagne.
It's OK.
It just... locked.
What's wrong?
Did it jam on you?
All right, thank you.
Thank you. It's OK.
It's all right. Thank you.
It's all right. All right.
I'm sorry.
~ First you put
your left leg close up tight ~
~ Then you move your right crutch
further to the right ~
~ Bring your legs together nice and tight ~
~ Then you do it,
you do it through the night ~
~ Then you take your... ~
~ Your, uh, crutches without despair ~
~ You take 'em in your hands ~
- ~ You throw 'em in the air ~
- What are you doin'?
~ And that's what I call up your bird ~
Looks like you're ready. Well, all right.
Not bad. Where's the bedroom?
Come on.
Can you make it all right?
Nothin' to it.
What are you? Nuts?
Hey, come on, Mike, take it easy.
You're tryin' too hard.
Hey, man, thought you were
in a wheelchair.
- I quit rollin' round.
- Let's get to work.
- I need it.
- I need it too.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- How you doin', my friend?
- All right, Cap.
Would you like to have a little?
What's your usual?
Carrot juice these days.
Oh, listen, Mike. I gotta tell you...
Weyburn and the others,
what the hell do they know?
They think you're becoming a ridiculous
spectacle, driving yourself like this.
Just to show you how screwed up
the world is becoming,
would you believe that
heroism has become old-fashioned?
No, really.
All the traitors, the terrorists -
they're gonna get the sympathy now.
That's how Hansen made his move up.
The Hansens of the world are in.
And the, um, cleft chins
and true hearts are out.
Weyburn will never put you
back in harness. No way, Mike.
And, uh, if you don't mind,
don't drop round the shop, huh?
The higher-ups don't like it.
And it makes the boys nervous -
you know, clump-clumping around.
Doesn't fit in with the Muzak.
If a guy can't blow up his best friend,
where's the morality in the world, Cap?
You're wearing it.
Mike, listen to me.
You limp, right?
You'll limp the rest of your life.
You're a cripple.
When you get that straight in your head,
I want you to come to my office...
and I'll give you a decent, dignified job.
How about it, huh?
I just wanna get closer to George.
So you find him and you zap him.
Will that change Weyburn's mind?
Will that give you back
your knee and your elbow?
No, no.
But wherever they are,
I know they'll be a lot happier.
Well, see you, Cap.
I'll just limp on outta here.
I'm sorry, man. I caught you
with the metal. You all right?
I won't be playin' violin again. Put that
mother back where you were pointin' her.
See, man, that's not right.
All I have to do is...
OK. Flex up like this.
That's an instant reflex.
If you hit a guy there,
he's not gonna lose any sleep.
But... usin' the same block
you made, pivot toward me.
Bring your hip toward me. Right.
- Down.
- Right. Bring your elbow to my temple.
You'll spill my brains. Let's try it.
- Try it?
- Yeah.
Boy, you're gettin' cocky, huh?
Same old dirty self. Good.
Western Airlines flight 419
from Mexico City now arriving gate 39.
Western Airlines flight 419...
ComTeg tape library.
Hold on a second, please. Mr Collis?
Collis here.
Your friend O'Leary's
in the office. Come on up.
O'Leary? What does
the son of a bitch want now?
Everything, as usual.
Right up.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Yuen Chung.
Talking to them isn't enough.
Their longevity lies within
the context of your communication.
Oh, I know, I know, I know.
I even recite the love sonnets of Elizabeth
Barrett Browning to the poor thing.
It's dying of boredom.
Danny, how are you?
Did you ever consider, my dear Cap,
how much energy you've wasted
over your 47 years
mustering up that good-fellow smile?
- And that insincere handshake?
- What corner has he painted us into now?
The CIA gives us 11 per cent of our gross.
We can live without it.
Give me ten minutes of your time. Surely
11 per cent of your gross will buy me that.
Why so unusually hostile, Cap?
Hansen sold out.
Killed one of our most important clients.
Your client, by the way.
And shot up our top man.
- You still think we were behind that?
- What aren't you behind?
Would you like it book, chapter
and verse? Or just the morning paper?
I can read.
So what have you got for us now?
San Francisco airport this morning.
It'll be in the papers by now.
They didn't quite match the massacre at
Tokyo airport, but they gave it a nice try.
Yuen Chung, the clear target
of a rather substantive assassin group,
defended himself with his usual skill.
Chung. I thought somebody
had taken care of him.
Just a question of time.
But it's not in the national interest that it
should happen either today or tomorrow.
It's central that it doesn't happen under
any circumstances in the United States.
What happens to him Friday,
after he's gone...
is no longer our concern.
- Who tried to kill him?
- We're not sure,
except it's something
off the Far-East circuit.
We've had word that Negato Toku
may be in the country.
- Who is he?
- Godfather of the ninja assassins.
But he's never been outside Japan.
If he is here, it's either
for compelling personal reasons,
or he's being paid a lot of yen. The point
is, we do know that Yuen Chung is here.
We've got to keep him alive
until he connects with a ship.
The position of our agency is,
for once, manifestly clear.
We don't wish to, and will not, become
involved any further than we already are.
Then why should we?
We don't want Yuen Chung
killed in the United States.
Right now we can't afford the publicity.
You still haven't given us a reason
why we should take this on.
All right. Clincher.
We've had word that after the chop suey
at the airport this morning...
the Japanese assassin group
have been augmented by a backup team.
An American expert.
George Hansen.
We just took the job.
San Francisco's
a beautiful place. Try to adjust.
Be happy here.
Hold it. Hold it. You're not authorised.
Let me see your identification.
Officer? Will you look at this?
Let 'em by, please. Let's go.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute!
What's goin' on here?
Hold it. Gary!
May I see your identification, please?
Thank you.
I want a first-rate team
on the job before dark.
Where do they pick up on your boy?
When you have the team assembled...
call my office.
You know the number.
I'll give you an address.
Give this to Locken, Cap.
Let him pick his own team.
Let him subcontract it himself.
In fact, give him
the complete responsibility.
- What about the window?
- Uh, win a few, lose a few.
You'll pay for it, right?
We'll take care of it. I'll pay a buck
to the first guy that gets my cane back.
Hey, dude, thank you.
Very impressive.
- Oh, thank you.
- At close range.
What happens when your opponent is
20 feet away with a 12-gauge pump gun?
- I guess I'd just shoot him with mine.
- Where would you get it?
Probably the same place
you got yours, you jackass.
We need to talk.
Uh, Donnie, I'll call you guys
later, huh? Thanks a lot.
Take it easy. Bye-bye.
- Bye, now.
- Bye.
- Hello, Cap.
- Ah, you're lookin' good.
Yeah. Feelin' good.
Well, you're back in, Mike.
- We need you.
- Why?
Would you excuse us for a minute?
- Who's my sheep?
- An Asian politician.
All you gotta do is keep him alive
until we can get him out on the ship.
- When do I start?
- Now.
First you'll need a driver and a backup.
What for?
Me and my cane.
You're up against a team of international
assassins. You need a lot of fire power.
On top of that, the San Francisco Police
Department is looking for your man.
He left some debris
at the airport this morning.
Well, I guess I'll get Mac and Miller.
One's retired and the other one's crazy.
ComTeg won't stand for it.
Am I callin' the shots?
- OK. How much time have I got?
- Five o'clock.
And when does East meet West?
Our contractee will let us know.
You call me when you're set.
Two minutes to five.
Well, I'm gonna, uh... need some things.
Get 'em.
Is there a bullish market
on Asian politicians?
Oh, there's someone on the visitors' team
we'd like you to tag for us.
George Hansen has finally surfaced.
He's shopping for the Oriental.
Why up here?
I like it up here.
You like it?
I guess that's good enough.
Still dealin' in original sin?
Waiting for a shipment. Brand-new
AK-47s. Best combat rifle in the world.
Got a buyer, but the guns are running late.
Well, I got somethin' a little better
than clay pigeons for you.
I heard they retired you.
Not yet.
I don't think your company'd hire me.
They got me tapped as a psycho.
Well, they just don't
understand you, Miller.
You're not a psycho. You're, um...
You're the patron poet
of the manic depressives.
I'll give you 500 a day.
How many days?
Don't know yet. Can't be too long.
I don't think anybody can handle
three days of what we got.
Well, I need a little vacation.
Besides, you always did enchant me.
Oh, did I? Well...
Well, hell, we'll just pick out
some furniture and get goin'.
Meet you at Mac's garage, 1874 Fuller.
How are you, Mac?
You look OK for a robot.
Yeah, well...
I owe it all to 3-In-One Oil.
You know, I come to the hospital, and
then I still wrote you. You don't write back.
Your right arm doesn't work either, huh?
Well, you know how hard
it is for me to write, Mac.
Look, uh, you got
a couple days you can give me?
Like, uh, from now till...
the day after tomorrow?
What are you up to, Mike?
Same old thing.
I thought you were outta that for good.
Well, it's a chance to get Hansen.
- That's very bad thinkin', Mike.
- Yeah.
I already took the job, and, uh, I need you.
Unless you want him to get me.
- How are you, Josephine?
- Hi. Here's your coffee.
- Here.
- Why do I need them?
- They're not for you, they're for her. Here.
- Oh. Thanks, Mr Davis.
Um... I, uh...
I need somethin' heavy, somethin' fast.
You know, somethin' that'll blend in.
I'll go put these in water.
Somethin' heavy?
Hm? Yeah.
Is this it?
- Remember him? Sam from the company.
- Hey, how are ya?
Loose muffler jacket.
I got her bolted down.
Thank you.
Well, it blends in, all right. What else
has it got that makes it so charming?
Gas tank is tucked under the rear seat.
Steel-plated wraparound,
reinforced bumpers.
- And it's a fully-blown engine.
- How come we never used this before?
I just got it, Mike.
Some union guy put it all together.
Bulletproof glass. And then they
shot him in bed. I got it from his widow.
I... thought you kissed the business off.
Why'd you buy a buggy like this?
You know, uh, maybe
I appreciate a good machine.
I used to think what I did was
nice and necessary, you know?
What the hell do I know?
- Miller.
- Partner.
Who's the clown behind the tool rack?
- You know this fella?
- Oh, that's Miller. He's with us.
He's a rear gunner.
Josephine was robbed
a couple of times last month. I'm sorry.
Nice place like this.
May I see it?
What are you? Wyatt Earp?
- I got somethin' better if you want it.
- No, that's fine.
Old weapon. Slow rate of fire.
Heavy. Hard to aim.
- Nice chrome.
- What's your first name, Miller?
- What?
- Jerome.
- Jerome.
- Come on, let's go.
- Oh, hey. I got time to change?
- No, we'll clean up later. Come on.
You have to sign this. Right here.
It won't go out if you don't.
Can I have a clean shirt?
I'm goin' away for a couple of days.
I-I thought you said you were gonna
give up that profession for good.
I'm gonna be gone a couple of days.
If anybody calls.
I'm sorry, Josephine.
You know how it is, don't you?
What's the matter with Josephine?
- She's upset cos I'm leavin'.
- No, no. I mean she called me Mr Davis.
When you're around she calls everybody
Mr Davis. Just like the old days.
This'll just take a second.
You guys behave yourselves.
I know a lot about you, you know that?
Don't hurt anybody just for fun, OK?
That's not nice.
How would you like me to take that.45
and shove it where it belongs, cabbie?
Do you like stewardesses?
All right, here's where you go.
Front entrance, 39 Grant Avenue.
Back entrance, 46 Waverly Place.
- Ask for Mr Yi.
- OK. Movin'.
Left to Sacramento, right on Grant.
- You plannin' to work in close?
- That's right.
You just handle the perimeter.
Why not, partner?
- I'll be with you on the perimeter, Jerome.
- I don't know what I'd do without you.
Hey, don't stick that muzzle up in the air
like that, man. The whole world'll see us.
My backup, Hamilton.
You'll find everybody there.
Does his crowd have this yet?
I'll have to hand him the Xerox.
this is gonna make for too much clutter.
Exactly my feeling.
I told Mr Collis that I strongly object
to his bringing you into this.
My group, the ninja,
work much more quietly.
They're clowns.
That thing they tried at the airport
this morning was a three-ring flop.
Your people may be black belts,
but if they get in my way they'll end up
black-and-blue or DOA. That's a promise.
It's a matter of indifference to me
who eliminates Yuen Chung.
However, Mr Collis,
simply as a matter of racial pride,
if my group, the ninja, handle this matter
and become personally involved,
and if your man fails, you and I
will have to renegotiate our arrangement.
There it is, George. The bottom line.
I won't let us down.
And I don't believe for a second
that you'll lose out either way.
In fact, you probably
sent for this... this group.
That's your style, Cap.
Setting people against each other.
Mr Collis...
have you visited your Swiss francs lately?
Your deposits have arrived on time.
Thank you.
This is it.
We're gonna take him out this way.
Let's go, Mac. Take me around front.
Jerome, you watch
those ledges over there.
Our buddy likes those down angles.
It's his favourite lick.
I prefer the up angles.
Love to watch gravity at work.
Our client is obviously not a pro.
Anybody can fire into those windows
from across the street on the roof.
Rifle, grenade. We'd better take him to the
country, where we can lay a control zone.
- Do you know a place we can stow him?
- Yeah. Sure do.
Georgie and I did some
aerial-photography work on this place,
along with a lot of footwork,
a long time ago.
Keep that thing down if you can.
You know what I mean?
OK. Here.
- Hand me my case, will ya?
- Right.
All right. Now, look,
you cover me to the door, man.
And you keep your eye out
for any police cars, right?
Here. Take this.
Let me know what's happening.
Yeah. I got it.
I'll bring my man out the back
as soon as I can. Cover me.
OK, here we go, Jerome.
Thank you.
I was told to ask for a Mr Yi.
I'm the one you're asking for.
Hey, who are you?
Who are you?
Tommie, that's enough.
Hold it. Hold it. Let's keep it clean
Your guest is waiting.
- I'm Yuen Chung.
- How do you do?
- She's my daughter.
- How do you do?
- Is this your whole party?
- Why should we trust you?
Don't. Die.
Who's paying you?
- Who's askin' the questions here?
- I am. Who's paying you?
A private company. ComTeg.
- What do you think?
- This place is indefensible.
Any attack in force would finish us.
Mike, a cop is comin'.
OK. We're comin'.
Hold it. Hold it. You know Locken?
Locken. I'm with Locken.
Jerome, what are you doin'?
Nice friends you have.
- A garbage truck is blockin' the alley.
- So what?
So... there ain't no
garbage cans on the street.
Let's go.
- Holiday Inn, please.
- I'm occupied, miss.
- Hey, Mike.
- Shh. Hold it.
George is up on the roof by the billboard.
He's got someone else with him too.
Right. Load up.
All right? Let's go.
Hold it!
Are you gonna be surprised
when you see my gun permit.
Throw the gun over there.
No, I can't do that.
This has got a hair trigger.
If I throw it over there, there's
a lot of people gonna get hurt.
Throw it.
No, hold it, Jerome. Jerome.
Don't pull down on a cop.
Do what he says, Jerome.
Oh, you crazy...
- You just made me an accessory.
- Mike?
- A garbage truck is blockin' the alley.
- I know. I wish Miller were in it.
Forget it. He's no cop.
- What do you mean, he's no cop?
- Look at his gun.
Tell me that's not a 9mm Star
and I'll kiss your ass.
Just from that, you knew that?
San Francisco Police Department packs
regulation Smith and Wesson.38s.
That's all.
Come on, Jerome.
Pull her in tight, she likes to buck.
I'll go for the tool kit.
- Watch it.
- Yeah.
It may be better to wait
until the police come.
I don't care what you want. You wanna
stay alive, get in that cab. Move it!
- Get 'em outta here!
- You want me to leave you?
I said get out!
- I thought I told you to get outta here!
- I'm not goin'!
Get me outta here! Get me across
the street. I wanna get George.
- Are you here to help us?
- Shut up.
- Are you listenin' to me?
- What's the matter with you?
- Get us past that truck. Come on!
- It's too large for us.
- Get ready, Miller.
- Ready.
- How'd you like that?
- Stay down!
- Stick your foot on it, Mac.
- Whatever you say.
- Are you Stirling Moss? Get outta here!
- Hey, we're goin'.
Watch it. Watch it.
I'd say the first round was Locken's.
I misjudged him. His anticipation
was better than mine.
There's a credo with the company I forgot
to remember. Operate on the 6-P principle.
Proper planning prevents
piss-poor performance.
Hey, don't be hard on yourself.
I had a clear line on him. Missed.
- How do we find him?
- Finding him's not the problem.
Getting inside his defence work,
that's the problem.
- Where do you think he'll go?
- I don't know.
Code 33. In pursuit.
Yellow Cab, number 265...
Step on it a little, Mac.
Come on. I thought you had
something in this machine. Do it!
Lovely. That's it.
- What are you slowin' down for?
- I don't like it.
- Something's the matter.
- What's that?
I wanna check somethin'.
There's a rattle in the back.
Come on. Come on. Hurry up.
What is it?
It's a bomb.
What? What are you talkin' about?
Near the exhaust.
Old buddy Sam.
Get it outta there!
I'm workin' on it.
Oh, a cop.
Here, stash this under there.
Hi. Need a tow or somethin'?
Drive shaft. I think I got it, thank you.
Want me to call Auto Club?
I'll have it fixed before they get here.
Patrol unit one.
Patrol unit one. Your location, please.
- Patrol one to headquarters...
- What have you got in that bag?
- Primer cord, plastique, shaped charges...
- No, no, no. Something that's not lethal.
Everything's lethal.
Look, things are bad enough.
Y'all step out of the car,
where I can see you.
I'm not gonna ask again.
Yes, sir. Just hold on.
Easy! Don't shake the car, goddammit!
All right.
You, underneath,
get your hands where I can see 'em.
Look, uh, I'd like to show you some ID.
Yeah. I'd like to see everybody's ID.
In a second.
Now. Get your ass outta there
before I drag you out by your heels.
Uh, no. Hey, this bomb'll go off. Please.
Bomb? What bomb?
This bomb.
This bomb.
- Here.
- What the hell you want me to do with it?
That's not a bomb.
It's an old piece of muffler.
Hold it a minute. Look, that's the timer.
It looks like it's set to go off
two minutes from now.
Uh... e-everybody get back.
What do you plan on doin'
with that thing, Officer?
I'm gonna throw it as far away as I can.
Whoa. I wouldn't. That'd kill everybody.
That's plastique with a detonator.
And it's got a maximum range
of 100 yards.
Well, w-w-what shall I do with it?
Well, uh, see that bay right there?
I'd run down there and chuck it in there.
We'll wait for you here.
Listen, Officer, I'd sure run.
What a dummy. Come on.
- We blew our cover.
- What?!
- Can't risk drivin' another mile.
- Christ! Now what are you gonna do?
Well, he's just gonna
have to do things my way.
I'm gonna take your ketch
to the old pier over at Bethlehem Steel.
We're pullin' out at eight o'clock. We'll
deliver at three. Will the ship be waitin'?
I'll have it standing by. In the meantime
I'll arrange for the transfer. Yeah.
- Put the phone down, Cap. No more calls.
- I'll see you tomorrow...
- But I just wanted to, uh...
- I said no more calls.
Excuse me, I just want
to go to the bathroom.
Sit down.
It's in your imagination. I expect you
to get Chung out to sea tomorrow.
I consider it nothing more
than a routine matter.
Keep working.
Which department?
Which department?
Don't answer the phone. Thank you.
IPM stock.
It's going down.
That's bad management.
It's not my problem.
They're in the hotel business anyway.
What about plastics?
Anything in there about condoms?
- I saw that just a moment ago.
- Good.
I don't have it.
Which department?
Distribution. Make a note of it.
Haven't you fixed that yet?
This I don't believe. The stock's up.
They don't even have a company.
- No. Don't answer the phone.
- No, no. I'm not going to.
Work. Work.
Now that you mention it.
is down.
Well... it's getting late and I'm tired.
You can do this for me, huh, Cap? And
I'll bring you back a nice mess of catfish.
- I'll see you in a couple of weeks.
- You bet.
- Where the hell have you been?
- I've been busy.
You know the pier at Bethlehem Steel?
Yeah. I worked it
four years ago with Mike.
- You'll be there.
- I'll be there.
You know, my dad trusts you.
That's not like him.
Why not? I'm one of the beautiful people.
Got lots of girls?
Yeah, tons of 'em.
I send my extras
over to Turkey for harem duty.
I'm a virgin.
Well, that's, uh... that's very nice.
I really don't have time for
your confessions right now.
Look, kid...
I don't want this to sound too harsh, but to
tell you the truth, I really don't give a shit.
Stand by the bowline.
- Too many damn windows, partner.
- Let me worry about it.
You stay on the outside.
I'll go on the inside.
Listen, uh...
Call Ben and Donnie. Tell them to
meet me here a half-hour before dawn.
- OK. Soon as we get all secure.
- Right.
- I need an extra man to stay with the boat.
- I will.
- Give him a shooter, Miller.
- I won't need anything.
- Another kung fu expert?
- Don't underestimate him.
I don't care if he runs for president
and winds up in Arlington.
Miller, you stay out here up high.
Sorry to tell you, pal.
Yeah. All right,
the rest of us inside. Move it.
Let's go. You stay with the boat.
- Take it down easy. Now load it.
- OK.
All right, come on.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
Go to the back, there's a staircase. Go
upstairs, put the light on. We'll wait here.
Hey, this is a mousetrap, Mike.
- Go on. Please.
- You're usin' them as bait.
- They're here.
- They sure are.
He'll be here. I know him.
I can just feel it.
Is that why you made 'em put the lights on
upstairs? He blew you apart, didn't he?
Whatever he does
dictates the way you go.
You're gettin' to be
his prisoner, Mike. Up here.
You're wrong, Mac.
- I've never had it more together in my life.
- You know what makes me laugh?
Since five o'clock you've been
gettin' shot at, stabbed at, yelled at.
You broke enough local ordinances
to put yourself on ice for 100 years.
And how many dead people so far?
Just that one dude.
Course, Miller got his limit.
Oh, yeah. I know the rationale.
Self-defence. God and country.
Another assignment in national interest.
Well... this one does have
a little fringe benefit.
Dammit, Mike.
You're so busy doin' your dirty work
you can't tell who the bad guys are.
Don't worry.
I know who the bad guys are.
Anybody that tries to hurt me.
They're all tryin' to hurt you, Mike.
All the goddamn power systems.
All the wheelers and dealers
at the top with their gin and fizzes.
They need you to do their blood-letting
while they make speeches about freedom.
They're full of shit. There's not one power
system that really cares about its civilians.
OK, that's enough.
Would you take a little air?
Set one of those automatics
at the back door.
Now check the back, all right?
You take the boat,
check out the ketch.
I'll go this way.
What the hell are you doin'?
Where you goin'?
Going out to use the night.
"To use the night"?
Isn't that adorable?
I got a maniac out there with a.30-06.
He'll blow you apart if you take ten steps.
He'll have to see me first.
Look, kid.
Look, do me a favour. Go over there
and do the tiger claw and the crane stance
and the chicken wing and all that other
crap in the corner. Out there it's no good.
- Can you talk to her, please?
- She's been shot at before.
What kinda whacked-out family is this?
- Where is she?
- Hey.
Jerome! Don't shoot!
It's that whacked-out chick in a wet suit!
- Can you hear me?
- I hear you.
- Well, get your finger off the trigger!
- OK.
That's... that's great.
Now Hansen knows exactly where we are.
You people don't care if you live or die.
Of course we do. It's in the manner
of living and dying one finds relevance.
Ah. That's how you're gonna do it? You're
gonna go back to your country to die.
- Who's gonna keep you alive there?
- I don't need an army.
I'm not a revolutionary.
Nor do I want power.
We've heard that before.
Wait a minute. I understand it now.
He wants to go back to die
on his own native soil.
It's that salmon-up-the-river shit.
Every country, if it hopes
to become a democracy,
needs at least one voice raised in
opposition. I happen to be selected.
Let just one other person hear my voice,
that is a beginning. It's enough.
Huh. Huh. I'll give you this.
The other sheep I've dipped have always
been running away from their countries.
You're the first one
to jump back into the frying pan.
That's what I was tellin' you.
You're risking your life keepin' him alive
and gettin' him back someplace where
they're gonna finish him off anyway.
Why did you have to drag your daughter
along? Shouldn't she be in a convent?
For the same reason, Mr Locken, you are
not able to keep her from going outside.
Mac, do me a favour.
Run a check on the back again, will ya?
Then check on the boat.
I'm very glad that I'm not
your insurance broker.
But you are.
I am? You'd better check your
goddamn policy. And pick up a weapon.
Cos that philosophical bullshit
won't get you on that ship!
Now pick up a goddamn weapon!
I got the girl.
Tell her father to come out.
And you and Mac and Miller
go out into the light.
Further out.
Otherwise she takes three
straight into her inscrutable smile.
Let's go, now.
- Did you go through her purse yet?
- Not yet. I haven't had time.
I thought, for the right price,
you always had the time.
You're right, man. I got the right price.
Like me to cut you in?
Don't be stupid. Who are you loyal to?
Your boss? We both have the same boss.
- What do you mean?
- What do you mean, what do I mean?
We both work for the same guy.
Don't feel bad. I got the highest buyout
figure any one of us ever got.
I set a new standard. Look at it that way.
Well, this one is Bora Bora.
For the next five years.
The good life in the sun.
Put it down, Mac.
Go on.
Well, why didn't you kill me?
I like you, Mike.
We've been there, man.
If not me, it would've been someone else.
- Shoot him!
- He happens to have a gun at your head.
You wouldn't shoot an
18-year-old girl. Would you?
You bet I would. You bet I would.
Can you believe this, George?
It's lovely, isn't it?
It's all I gotta hear now
is a little Chinese soap opera.
Shut up. Shut up!
Notched every one of these
little.38s myself, you know.
Be quite a scene now if we all
started shootin', wouldn't it?
Be somethin' else, wouldn't it?
Where's Miller?
Come on down.
I'm comin'.
Well, hurry up.
Mike, I've got nothing against this girl,
and I'm dead set against killing you.
It's the Chinaman I want. It's his problem.
It's his kid here. So give him to me.
I'll see if I can't hustle Collis into boosting
my fee. Give you a nice piece of it.
But, Mike... if you don't work this out
with me, we're both screwed.
Collis has a mixed bag
of killers backing me up.
For all I know
he's sent them after both of us.
Win a few, lose a few.
Now, stay right where you are.
Put your pistol down.
All right. Put your cane down.
- Yeah.
- I hear you've gotten pretty good with it.
I'll see you again, George.
See ya.
Where you goin', Mike?
Where are you goin'?
Phew! Close, partner. Close.
He didn't mean it, Jerome.
Let's go back in
and get comfortable.
The optimum would've been
a confession from Collis.
With Hansen dead, we have no witness,
but it's a step in the right direction.
I don't give a damn about that.
That's your department.
I just wanna know what to do. I'm sure
not followin' up Collis' rendezvous plan.
He'll find out Hansen blew it and send that
pack down before I get Chung out to sea.
Listen carefully.
Tomorrow morning, get over to Suisun
Bay where the Mothball Fleet is anchored.
Line G, Queen Victory.
And wait. I'll have transportation
for you around 12 noon.
All right. 12 o'clock.
And Mike?
I want you to know I'll get Collis, and
when I've nailed him, his job is yours.
District supervisor. How does that sound?
What have you got there? An upper?
Maybe I oughta have one, huh?
- Where have you been?
- We looked for him all night.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Come on, you guys,
give him a hand with the staysail!
Hold on, I'll give you a hand.
Somethin' funny.
Somethin' funny.
Who the hell's payin' for
this graveyard, anyway?
I don't like it, partner.
Don't like it at all.
I don't like it either.
We'll go around and
tie up on the other side.
- Hey, Mac!
- Yeah?
- Take over, will ya?
- Yeah, I'll take the wheel. Stand back.
Why don't you go check that Uzi
and the other stuff?
Why don't you take the kid down below
and stay there till you hear from me?
- Mac! Cut it to starboard.
- I got it, Mike.
Ready to dock!
Somethin' don't sound right to you,
you take off, right?
- OK.
- Let's go, Mac! Mac?!
I'm comin'.
Yeah, hold it. I knew it.
- Collis!
- Yeah?
I got Chung down below on his ship. Any
funny move, he's got orders to take off!
Let's talk!
Let's go.
Keep your eyes open, boys.
Park it over here, Mac.
Right on time.
After what we've put you through,
you look spectacularly unruffled.
Well, you know me, Cap.
Old warhorse.
Well, your ship should be here
in about half an hour.
Hansen told me, you know.
Why not? You were buddies.
Everybody pays you, don't they?
Our side, their side.
Sides, sides.
All full of shit.
They all want the same thing.
To be in charge.
Do you think your
Oriental friend is any different?
Just another ambitious politician.
So you blew my top boy right away.
You can take his place.
Right now.
With a ni... Ooh. Ow. Ow.
Nice round 50 grand in it
for openers, huh?
How come their side pays
so much higher than ours?
This Asian politician pays top dollar.
Don't be stupid!
You know I'm covered.
Come on!
They're not supposed to go!
You just retired, Cap.
How's it feel?
Behind you, Mike.
Mac, here we go again.
Hold it.
Don't you people ever listen?
I told you to sit tight down there, didn't I?
- I thought it was good that we came.
- Chung!
- Now!
- I hear!
No, hold it. That's it. He's goin'
to the SFPD. It's over. You got it?
Some things you don't talk away.
You don't push away.
My country grows many like Toku.
- I'll shoot the guy, Mike.
- Please don't.
If I don't survive,
I'm not the man that's needed.
I never heard so much bullshit
in my whole life.
How are you gonna save your people,
standin' toe-to-toe with this mother? Huh?
We didn't go through all of this
to watch you get killed. Go on, Mac.
- No. Please.
- Many times man's decision
betray their confusion.
One must develop clear roads to follow.
- Gimme. I'm gonna shoot him anyway.
- Mike...
- Don't. Please.
- Who cares?
- What are those outfits anyway?
- I don't know. Ritual gowns, maybe.
Goofy-lookin' things.
Lay me 7-5, I'll take the little guy.
The cutter's on its way.
Use Collis' boat.
Pick up the cutter in mid-channel
and put our client aboard.
Collis is finished, thanks to you.
Take a few days off, then come in
and we'll start you on your new job.
And congratulations.
I thought I was supposed
to see my clients home.
Put 'em on the cutter.
That's our only responsibility.
Mike... when are you gonna listen to me?
He used you. Weyburn used all of us
to clean up some office politics.
How much would we make
if we went with you?
- Nothing.
- Nothin'. That much, huh?
That takes care of that.
Walk away. Come with me. Be a civilian.
You're not gonna stay with this son of
a bitch Weyburn after he set you up too.
That's all he knows.
Yeah, you could be half right.
Weyburn, uh, before this
poor fella here got hurt so bad...
he, uh, loaned me some money.
And he, uh, gave me his boat, which
I thought was a very, very nice gesture.
I guess cos he felt so bad.
You understand?
So, uh...
Well, I'll see you.
- What are you doin'?
- I keep tellin' you.
How can I take you anywhere, lookin'
like that? Why don't you clean up?
Excuse me.
Get a new boy, huh?
Get me to a hospital!
All right, fellas, get him on my boat.
- Are you gonna tell me?
- Tell you what?
- Where we're goin'.
- Don't know where we're goin'.
Don't know where we've been.
But I know where we was wasn't it.
Let's go bananas.
- All right, let's cast off!
- OK. Casting off all lines.
- How'd it go up there?
- It went. Come on, let's get outta here.
Your transportation is waiting.
What about Josephine?
- Leave her for Mr Davis.
- What?
What's the matter?