Killer Fortune Teller (2024) Movie Script

Caucasian female.
Her two daughters
found her unresponsive.
Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me?
Is she on medication?
- Tranquilify.
- Pulse is threading.
Have a crash cart standing by.
- Preparing to intubate.
- Vitals?
Heart rate is dropping,
80 over 40.
Give me 10 milliliters of epi.
Oxygen's falling.
Ma'am, stay with me.
Charge to 200 joules.
Rhythm is bradycardia at 30.
I'm calling it.
You need to make a decision.
What's Biosurgix
currently trading?
That's a 50% premium.
That comes to what?
Enough to require
board approval.
So reach out, call him.
I can't.
Tranquilify is yesterday's news.
-It's time to level up.
-They don't care, Shane.
-What do they care about?
Okay. We're one of the largest
pharmaceutical companies
in the world.
We are in the business
of helping people.
No. We are in the business
of making money.
Helping people is just
a convenient side effect.
Where's the data
from the latest trials?
-Uh, on your desk.
-Well, go get it.
Yes, sir.
Tell the Journal our
family won't respond to slander.
Your brother did.
The world is playing chess while
my brother is playing checkers.
- Is that our official comment?
- Our official comment
is we have no official comment.
The dedication ceremony.
The hospital wants to issue
the press release.
-Governor Barnholton
and Senator
Shenck, Mayor Nolan.
-Representative Best?
-Sent his regrets.
However, Congressman Casey
is a strong maybe.
Wouldn't be a bad idea to get
a couple of younger faces, too?
- Hmm.
- Maybe an influencer
who recovered after taking one
of our medications.
Already on it.
- Hello?
- Olivia, it's Tyler.
You better come down
to the conference room.
Your brother is about to go
to the board.
The COO is on our side.
It's the old man
you need to worry about.
Well, the old man needs
to take the money
and retire on a tropical island.
Hell, with the money
I'm offering,
he could buy the island.
- That's what I told him.
- And he said?
Retirement is not
in his vocabulary.
Buy him a dictionary.
don't stop on my account.
Can I have the room?
Be nice.
Have you tried
one of those?
They're delicious.
You know you're supposed
to consult with me first.
Says who? CEO?
Oh, wait, I forgot.
That's me.
Biosurgix isn't interested.
Is that why they call it
a hostile takeover?
And what's this about
you speaking to the Journal?
You read what they wrote
about Dad.
it's an outrage
and our legal team
is already drafting
an appropriate response.
In which time,
millions of subscribers
are gonna formulate an opinion.
I'm just trying to get him
the respect he deserves.
Which is why
I wish you'd reconsider
the hostile takeover
because he never would've done--
Would've approved. Yes. I know.
I know.
But the world is changing.
Times are changing.
The industry is changing,
which is forcing us
to make a choice.
We're either gonna break
the mold and change with it,
or I can go tell 1,500 people
why they're not gonna be able
to afford Christmas presents
this year.
What would you like?
Look, I get it.
Dad was bullheaded,
stubborn, old-fashioned.
-Don't forget superstitious.
And not one of those
fortune-telling witch doctors
-could save Mom.
-Yes, he was spiritual.
Maybe too much so,
but the one thing he never was
was a bully.
Not in the office
and not in the market.
So, before you break the mold,
I urge you to please consider
whose mold you're breaking.
Fortune tellers
and witch doctors.
Can I help you?
Any of this stuff for real?
Those are. The imaginary
merchandise is over there.
Maya Priestley.
Shane Settel.
She's actually helping
to speak with Arabella.
Ms. Prescott is in New York.
One of our clients
is looking to make
a real estate purchase
on Central Park.
Oh, a nice apartment?
Nice building.
Maybe I could help.
Uh, yeah.
Well, I got this email,
said it was promising answers
and guidance.
And you figured what the heck?
Yeah. Something like that.
This way.
So, how do we begin?
Well, first, you need
to have an open mind.
Yeah, of course, I do. Sure.
May I remind you
I'm an intuitive.
I guess I'm not what you would
call a spiritual person.
- But somebody close to you is.
- Was.
My father. Yeah.
You think
he was wasting his time?
That did cross my mind
a few times, yeah.
And yet you're here.
Yeah, well, you know,
what if he was right?
Tarot is just a tool.
Nothing more.
My role is to interpret
the cards' symbolism
to gain insight.
While the tarot cannot tell you
what will happen,
it can offer guidance
on how to handle it.
You ready?
Sitting on the edge of my seat.
Wait. Let me guess,
that one's me?
A young person
blissfully unaware
he's about to take
-a dangerous step.
His arms are open
to new opportunities.
He's willing to take risks.
There is a challenge in his life
that he must confront
in order to progress.
You see the woman
fearlessly placing herself
in danger,
and yet the lion
isn't threatened by her?
This card is advising you
to approach the obstacles
in your life with confidence.
And you should tell that
to my sister.
You believe she's the woman
on the card?
I think she's the lion
on the card, yeah.
Now, the next two cards
are intended
to provide context.
Note the people responding
to the angel's call.
It's an awakening.
This means you're ready
for the important decision
that lies ahead.
It's time to put the past
behind us
-and embrace the future.
Now, you're speaking
my language.
I like that.
This man is suspended
from the tree of life.
He has found relaxation.
And as you can see
from the illumination
surrounding his head,
he has found enlightenment.
You already have everything
you need to make your decision.
You just need
to trust your instincts.
Now, your fears.
The swords here indicate
there may be somebody
close to you who doesn't agree
with your decisions.
Go ask my sister, the lion.
And yet you see
the juxtaposition
between the night
and the sunrise?
While the night is dark,
the rising sun brings hope
and opportunity.
Okay. And the last one?
What does that mean?
Does that mean I'm gonna die?
No, no, no, no.
But it's not...
this isn't supposed
to happen this way.
How's my intuition supposed
to guide me through death?
From beyond the grave?
My father was so full of--
No, no. Wait, wait, wait.
This is you.
You have confronted
your obstacles.
You have found enlightenment,
and thus ready
to make your decision.
Your turning point
is close at hand.
Somehow through death,
you and your company
will find rebirth.
I don't know what you talked to
your sister about.
She's already called
a couple of the members
of the board herself.
Hey, Jackson, put a pin in it.
I don't wanna buy
Biosurgix stock anymore.
Okay. Well, this morning,
you were all in on that.
Just tell their CEO
that I'm prepared to pivot
straight into an acquisition.
And what fantasy universe?
Irving Polk will never go
for this.
Just humor me, please.
It's your funeral.
Anything but that.
Hey, Grant. Shane.
Dan the man.
No, I'm never gonna stop
calling you that.
I was just staring
at a bottle of single malt.
Just gonna crack it open.
Come on. We'll order pizza.
We'll put on a movie
in the whole theater.
What do you say?
Oh, come on. You can break away
for a few drinks.
No. No, after they go to bed,
of course.
What? The office.
Well, how late are you staying
at the office?
No, it's not that late.
Can't you get away
for one night?
The paperwork's not going
anywhere, brother. Come on.
Yeah. She's not going mi...
Yeah. No, I got it.
Happy wife, happy life.
No, yeah. That's okay.
Another time, brother.
Yeah. Give her my best.
I got you.
I'll give you a call tomorrow.
Okay. Night.
And in local news,
Irving Polk,
CEO of Medical
Technology Company,
Biosurgix has rejected
numerous bids
from Settel Pharmaceuticals'
interim CEO, Shane Settel.
And there are rumors
that the company might attempt
a hostile takeover.
Settel Pharmaceuticals known
for its strategic acquisitions
and aggressive expansion
is said to be attracted
to Biosurgix...
Over my dead body.
pipeline, which includes
promising advancements
in gene therapy...
Peter, is that you?
What did you say?
The medical technology industry
has lost one of its leaders
as CEO...
CEO Irving Polk was found dead
last night in his home...
The police
department have suggested Polk
had fallen down the stairs.
Wall Street
is already speculating
what Polk's death might mean
in terms of a potential sale
of his company Biosurgix.
What the ancients call
clever fighter is one
who not only wins,
but excels at winning with ease.
I doubt my brother
has read Sun Tzu.
Well, lucky for him,
when the deal goes through,
he'll be able to afford a copy.
- You talked to him?
- This morning.
He said he needed to make a stop
on his way in.
I don't wanna wait.
Tell comms to start drafting
a statement.
I want a ballet, not a brawl.
-Already on it.
-When you told me my brother
wanted to make an offer
to their COO.
You thought he was insane.
Do you agree?
Uh, one man's insanity
is another man's audacity.
Oh, dumb luck.
I'd call it
a serendipitous stumble.
But I wouldn't have Allison
put that in her release.
Do you think it's a good idea
to move so quickly?
Your brother wants
his victory lap.
I didn't ask about Shane.
I asked about you.
I get where you're coming from.
You've always been
compassionate, and sensitive,
and thoughtful ever since
you were about yay high.
If you want my advice,
you never know when the wind
is gonna change direction.
So we either strike
while the door is open, or...
we risk being left out
in the cold.
You're probably right.
What we really should be asking
is what leprechauns your brother
has been charming.
Maya. I need to talk to you.
Mr. Settel. I didn't expect
to see you again so soon.
How did you know?
I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.
I thought
you were supposed to be
some kind of an intuitive?
-Why don't we come inside?
Not until you tell me
how you knew
that Irving Polk was gonna die.
-I didn't.
-Yes, you did.
You sat there and you told me
that through death somehow
that my company and I
were gonna have
some kind of a rebirth.
I also said that the cards
don't tell you
what's going to happen.
They only offer guidance.
- Okay.
- Put it this way.
If you ask me
for tomorrow's lottery winners,
I would have no idea.
I'm not a fortune teller.
Okay. So it... so it's just
by some coincidence
that the one person
holding me back
from the biggest deal
of my career
just happens to fall down
a flight of stairs?
Do you still believe your father
was wasting his time?
Did you want me to believe
in this hocus pocus?
If so, you're gonna have
to tell me how you knew.
I didn't. The cards did.
Whether or not you choose
to believe it, that's up to you.
Everyone, stand. Come on.
To Biosurgix.
it's not Biosurgix anymore.
You're right. You're right.
To Settel Pharmaceuticals,
onward and upward.
Hear, hear.
You know, I was thinking,
we should have included
some of those
former Biosurgix peeps.
Their stock just rose 25%.
They're doing just fine.
They're burying their boss,
not celebrating.
Well, I heard the man
wasn't exactly venerated.
By whom? His coworkers
or his seven grandchildren?
Ouch. That hurt.
You two should read the papers
once in a while.
- You might learn something.
- Okay.
I need a refill.
You know, obviously,
what happened to Irving,
it's a tragedy.
And I wish it
would've happened differently.
This is a monumental step
for our company.
So, why don't you
just enjoy the moment?
I'll use the bathroom.
I'm so sorry.
Honestly, it is
the perfect ending
to the perfect evening.
Well, even with me
bumping into you,
I doubt a woman like you is
capable of having a bad night.
I would've doubted
a man like you
would even have a handkerchief.
It's okay, though.
I have dry cleaning.
So, I'll be okay.
Well, that takes
care of the dress.
What about your drink?
Honestly, it's okay.
It was pretty
depressing drinking alone.
Excuse me?
I was on a blind date,
but I got stood up.
He must have really been blind
to have stood you up.
I'm Shane. Shane Settel.
Natalie King.
So, what were you drinking,
Natalie King?
Gin and tonic with two limes.
Hey, can I ask you a favor?
You see those people over there?
I'm at this really boring
business function.
If I buy you that drink,
you promise to rescue me?
Hmm, I think
that could be arranged.
So, what do you do
when you're not being stood up
on blind dates?
I go where the story takes me.
I'm a freelance journalist.
I bet you get some
really good stories.
Oh, my gosh.
More than
you could even imagine.
But what about you?
What company do you work for?
Settel Pharmaceuticals.
Shane Settel.
It's your company?
But you're so--
Devastatingly handsome?
I was going to say young,
but, yeah.
Well, my father, he was the CEO.
But he just
passed away recently.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Have you heard of Tranquilify?
Who hasn't? That's you?
That's it.
My sister and I,
when we were kids,
my mom got really sick
and my dad told us
he didn't want anyone else
to ever suffer like that again.
So, I always knew
that I would take over one day.
I just didn't think
it would happen so soon.
And I'm guessing
it hasn't been smooth sailing?
No. No, it's been
very interesting.
It's been, like, riding out
a storm in a paper boat.
Don't get me wrong,
I love what I do.
I was born for this.
My first words were drug patent,
but wild.
You love your job
and although you're here
at an incredibly boring
business function,
you're still chatting it up
with a strange woman
-you barely even know.
-That's not true.
Well then, what's my name?
What's my name?
I know it starts with an N.
Come on, Natalie.
Come on.
Well, you're probably
one of the funniest CEOs
I've ever met, Shane.
It's the nicest thing that's
been said about me all week.
Well, you don't think you should
be getting back over there?
Why? Do you wanna
get out of here?
Here is what I'm gonna do.
I'm going to give you
a kiss on the cheek,
tell you I had a lovely evening,
then I'm gonna give you
my number.
But you're gonna wait
a couple days
because you don't
wanna come off too eager.
And then you're gonna call me
and you're gonna ask me
to dinner.
French or Italian?
I love Italian,
and I can't wait.
And who was that?
The woman I'm gonna marry.
Mazel tov.
What happened
to you last night?
I met someone.
You left a company dinner
to celebrate a deal you closed
because you met someone?
I met someone I really like.
Well, that explains it.
I want a coffee.
You want a coffee?
Two non-fat cappuccinos, please.
- Absolutely.
- Seriously, how did you do it?
Are you doubting my
brilliant business instincts?
you were kicking the tires
on a hostile takeover.
You have Jackson throw
a Hail Mary pass to the COO.
And less than 24 hours later,
he's acting CEO.
Which means you're either
smarter than dad,
or you're
the luckiest man alive.
I think you're gonna feel better
once you get some caffeine.
You knew something.
So, what do you know
about tarot?
The cards? Nothing.
Less than nothing, really.
-Well, Dad believed in 'em.
-Dad wouldn't cross the street
unless a palm reader told him
it was safe.
What if he was right?
Have you heard
of Arabella Prescott?
Doesn't she have a reality show?
Well, she's got a great
little spot up in Topanga
and I went for a visit.
You went to a psychic?
No, I went to one
of her intuitives.
So, out of the blue,
you've decided to embrace
Dad's superstitions?
Okay. What if his
superstitions were right?
He built
a billion-dollar company.
What if this
was the secret sauce?
So, this psychic
told you what to do?
More like she showed me.
That Irving Polk
was going to die?
Not in so many words, but, yeah.
You sound just like Dad.
-Thank you?
-Look, Shane,
I don't know
what this one woman did
or did not show you,
but I do know
she did not predict
Irving Polk's death.
Yet it worked out in our favor,
didn't it?
Now, just take a read.
Take a read.
-A psychic?
-One of her minions
told him Irving Polk
was going to die.
He bet the future of the
company on tarot cards?
The apple didn't fall as far
from the tree as I thought.
You think it's time?
The man just doubled
the value of their equity.
Ditching him is the last thing
the board's going to do.
Look, just because your father
didn't pick the right horse
doesn't mean it's too late.
Before you cash your ticket,
I wanna find out just how far
this guru's influence goes.
You want me to get into it?
It would look like a
conflict of interest if I did.
- Well, I could ask him.
- No, no.
He'd never talk to you
about this.
You need a different approach.
Then who?
Back for more hocus pocus?
I don't know how you did it,
but I couldn't have done it
without you.
Well, I'm flattered,
but, you know,
I don't take responsibility
for what happened.
But still.
Just curious if you can tell me
what's next.
There you go again,
asking for the winning
lottery numbers.
Just some guidance. That's it.
Come on.
This is a standard
four-card spread.
I look at it as a glimpse
into your life,
where you've been,
where you are,
and where you're going.
Well, I'd like to go
to the Maldives.
So hopefully the
cards say that.
The first card
represents the past.
The Ten of Pentacles.
The castle card.
Note the importance of family.
And their garden indicates
great opulence and wealth.
Oh, so in other words,
that's my family
business, right?
Now, you're getting it.
The second card represents
your current situation.
The Chariot.
You have an exciting journey
ahead of you.
But it also represents triumph.
You are willfully moving
towards the finish line.
Victory is just ahead.
I like that card.
All right. The future.
You've met someone recently?
Oh, yeah. Actually, I have.
I see a deep connection
and attraction.
An intense strong bond, harmony.
So you're saying
I should call her?
This last card represents
how you will forge ahead
in your journey.
Hit me. I'm all in.
You will be a strong leader.
Compassionate, empathetic,
but it also indicates
that your relationship
is loving and mature.
This woman you mentioned,
would you say she's respectful
and passionate?
I don't know. I barely even...
you gotta be kidding me.
What is it?
Her last name is King.
Carnelian. It promotes vitality.
Are you looking for yourself?
Uh, girlfriend.
Metatron's cube.
It represents
the balance and harmony
of energy in the universe.
I always like to think
of it as a reminder,
that the universe wants us
to use our personal power
Hmm. No pressure there.
Just let me know
if something catches your eye.
Yeah. What about a reading?
You feeling stuck?
In need of guidance?
Maya Priestley.
Tyler Armstrong.
Right this way.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll brew some tea.
How long has this place
been here?
Believe it or not,
this is Arabella's
20th year in business.
I read a book.
Fascinating stuff.
It's amazing how many people
she's helped over the years.
Notable people.
Such as?
Confidentiality is a key
to our business.
I'm sure you'll understand.
Let's just say
there's more than a few names
on the Forbes list.
Possibly even
a president or two.
And how long
have you been doing this?
Long enough.
Thank you.
Lemon balm reduces
tension and muscle tightness.
You are intuitive.
What kind of reading
would you like, Mr. Armstrong?
Uh, Tyler, please.
Mr. Armstrong is so formal.
Okay. Let's start simple.
Three cards, crossed spread.
The situation, an obstacle,
and advice.
First, we start
with the situation.
So, I'm supposed to buy
a vowel or something?
I like to think
of it as the wheel of karma.
What comes around goes around.
There are factors
beyond your control at play.
Perhaps there's been
a period of transition at work.
Uh, you could say that.
What is it that you do?
Now, the obstacle.
Beware, you could be following
a false leader,
someone leading you astray,
seeking justice
for the wrong reasons,
causing more harm than good.
Does this mean something to you?
Uh, who doesn't have drama
in their life these days?
- Whoa.
- Don't worry.
It doesn't always mean
what you think.
Yeah, that wasn't
very reassuring.
Think of death as
the ultimate transformation,
a doorway to rebirth.
So, what's the advice?
Embrace the transformation.
Let go. Change your ways.
Don't hold onto the past.
In other words,
out with the old,
in with the new.
And above all else,
be careful who you trust.
Welcome to my humble abode.
So, why did you send
the bottle back?
We need more wine.
I think the last thing
you need is more wine.
Uh, touch. You may be right.
Yes. Uh, hang on.
It's similar in... aha.
Got it. Here.
Do you even know
how that thing works?
That thing happens to be
125 decibels of pure sonic joy.
Is that a lot?
It costs a lot.
Hang on.
It's one of these buttons.
There we go.
Wow, you're beautiful.
So, why did you send it back?
It was a $4,000
bottle of Margaux.
Well, you know your wines.
I do.
In fact, I would love
to own my own vineyard one day.
Nothing big.
Just a couple of acres,
maybe an orchard.
Goals are important.
So, you still haven't
answered my question.
Cork taint.
-Cork taint?
-Yes, cork taint.
It's when the wine producer
uses contaminated bark
for the wine closure.
Yeah, I know what cork taint is.
-Oh, do you?
-Uh-hmm. I'm just surprised.
What? That I know what it is?
You know, I may be a coddled,
moderately immature brat,
but I still have good taste.
I do like you.
Well, you do have
a beautiful home.
Well, thank you.
It was actually my fathers.
To be honest, it's a bit big.
And what am I gonna do
with eight rooms?
Hmm. Have eight kids?
Now, why didn't
I think of that?
I mean, it must be hard
always wondering
if someone's with you for you
or for your money.
What's your excuse?
The money.
Definitely the money.
That is such a shame.
I really wanted to get started
on those eight kids.
Well then,
what are you waiting for?
Leave the world behind us
Making paradise our home
Paradise is home
Hi, it's Olivia.
Please leave a message.
Tyler, answer your phone.
I need to get those reports
to the board.
- Shane?
- I'm in here.
You haven't heard from Tyler
yet today, have you?
-I'm still waiting on
the spreadsheets
he's working on.
I need him
for the 9 o'clock meeting.
Also, really quick, red,
a little bit more
of a power play.
Blue, goes better with my eyes.
Or I could just do no tie,
make it more casual.
-I postponed the meeting.
-Why would you do that?
They need him to sign off
on the merger.
I'm just doing no tie.
I like it.
-He's dead.
What? When?
Last night.
Oh, my God.
The police have some questions.
I told him
we'd be happy to help.
Uh, yeah. Of course.
Anything for Tyler.
I'm Shane Settel.
Detective Halsey.
Hope you don't mind,
I'd like to ask you
some questions about Tyler.
Of course. Of course. Come in.
Would you like a coffee,
orange juice, tea?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Olivia and I have been
expecting you.
Olivia, this is Detective--
You two know each other?
I hope you don't mind.
I thought you might be
more comfortable
-if I took the case.
-No, that's...
I appreciate it.
So good to see you.
I just only wish it was
under better circumstances.
Rita and I went
to college together.
Oh, that's great.
Uh, if you don't mind,
can we get started?
Of course.
So, I hate
to jump right into it,
but can you tell us
what happened?
So last night,
Tyler Armstrong's
super got a call
from a neighbor.
Said it sounded like
someone fell over.
He went to check it out
and found Tyler.
And do we have any idea
what it was, what happened?
We're waiting
for the toxicology report,
but to be perfectly honest,
it looks like an overdose.
An overdose... wow.
I have to ask.
Oh. I don't know.
Um, he was young.
He liked to have
a good time, sure.
-Did you ever witness this?
-No, not in the office.
Um, not personally,
I never saw him, no.
When was
the last time you saw him?
Yesterday afternoon.
- Then what?
- I had a meeting
outside the office,
so I stepped out.
-And you?
-He was here
till about 8:00, 8:30.
Is that normal for him
to stay so late?
Tyler was the executive
to the CEO
of a major corporation.
Overtime is a prerequisite.
- Girlfriend?
- No.
Uh, but he was young.
I'm sure he was very popular
with the ladies.
But in terms of anybody steady,
uh, nobody that I met.
Like I said, we'll know more
once the tox report comes back.
In the meantime,
I'd like to thank you both
-for taking the time to chat.
-Yes, of course.
Anything we can do to help,
just let us know.
I will. Thank you.
You know what?
We should catch up
under better circumstances.
I'd really like that.
Let me show you to the front.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. I'm usually
more fun than this.
It's okay.
It's gonna take a lot more
than a little emotion
to scare me.
I guess I'm not trying hard
enough, then.
I'm right where I wanna be
with who I wanna be with.
You barely know me.
Yeah, but I do know
what it's like
to lose someone close to you.
My mother.
What happened?
A health thing.
She'd been sick for a while.
Long, protracted.
I don't really wanna talk
about it, though.
Of course.
It tore my family apart.
In a way, it's defined much
of who I am.
Kind of like your father,
I'd imagined.
Yeah. My sister thinks
he made the wrong choice
not leaving the company to me.
Well, what do you think?
I just think I'm lucky
I didn't have to make
that decision.
For the record,
I think your father made
the right choice.
I just think you need
to relax and let go.
So the toxicology report
came back.
Special K.
-No way.
No offense, he was my assistant.
It's not like you hung out
-with the guy.
-And you were?
Is it possible maybe someone
spiked his drink or something?
You said he was working
until 8:00?
Yeah. You know, 8:00, 8:30.
Because his ID card said he last
left the building at 4:00.
Tyler wouldn't have left
that early.
So I'll ask you again.
I let him in.
He left his card in the car.
Why didn't he just go get it?
I don't know. I just happened
to be in the lobby
and I saw him.
But it was an overdose?
it was cardiac arrest,
but the ME believes the ketamine
was a contributing factor.
Uh, it's work.
I'll catch up.
how long were you
and Tyler sleeping together?
-You are a detective.
-Even worse.
I'm a sorority sister.
-Does Shane know?
And I'd like to keep it
that way.
Was it serious?
I don't know.
Were you with him
the night he died?
-Olivia, if I find out
-you're lying to me about this.
-I'm not.
He didn't come back
to the office that afternoon,
did he?
Do you know where he went?
He was doing research.
For Shane?
For me.
What sort of research
was he doing?
It's not important.
You'd be surprised
how many cases
not important has solved.
My brother's been
seeing a psychic.
That's not against the law.
What about fraud?
-So you sent Tyler to find out?
-Can you blame me?
I wanted to find out
who my brother was
trusting with our company.
It's our father's legacy.
And what did Tyler find out?
I never got the chance to ask.
Can I offer you some advice
from someone on the outside
looking in?
Take some time
away from work, both of you.
Clear your head.
Modifications of repositions?
I don't understand.
Where's the Biosurgix tech?
I have some serious concerns
regarding the durability.
Serious concerns?
My honest opinion?
Their CEP was severely
substandard, at best.
Well, I have an earnings call
in two hours.
They're gonna wanna know
what we paid for.
It will work.
But not if we can't get it
past the CDRH.
No, I can't move a needle
with ifs and buts.
I need something tangible.
I'm in the weeds here, doc.
-Give me something.
-Shane, listen to me.
You employ me from a medical
expertise and I'm telling you,
this is not the time
to push this through.
Well, Natalie thinks
that we need
to drop a bomb
of an announcement now.
Tell the world that we're deadly
serious about the tech game.
Can we take a moment
outside, please?
I'm perfectly comfortable
right here.
Just take five, guys.
Tell me I didn't just hear
what I think I heard.
Hey, you wanna turn it
down a notch?
You're taking business advice
from your girlfriend?
-She happens to be brilliant.
-Do you know who else
"happens to be brilliant?"
Your chief medical officer.
The one with a doctorate
of medicine from Harvard?
So no one else's
opinion matters?
Of course not. But it also
doesn't mean taking the advice
-of your so-called girlfriend.
-Excuse me?
Over trusted
medical professionals.
The only reason we have
this deal is because of me.
The only reason we have
this deal is because
of some charlatan you paid
to fill your head
with a bunch of nonsense.
You think you can do better?
Call the board
and see how far you get.
You better get your head
in the game
because I'm not going down
with your ship.
Olivia doesn't
She's never had anybody.
To be fair, you did put
a key business decision
in the hands of someone
she's never met.
You can't be a leader
if you don't make decisions.
The last time we met,
you spoke of a certain jealousy,
that your father left the
company to you instead of her?
Do you agree?
Yeah. I mean, she's always been
the more ambitious one.
She got better grades in school,
always performed better, yeah.
So why you?
Did you know that men
are twice as likely
to inherit a business
than women?
- I did not know that.
- Yeah.
And sons are 75%
more likely to be appointed
to an executive position
and it's all because the Normans
wanted to hold
onto power back in the 1100's.
It's this old,
archaic, outdated tradition.
In other words you don't think
you were qualified.
No, I know
that I wasn't qualified.
Because you didn't read
as many books?
Because you didn't score higher
on a college board?
Let's say I ask your sister
to come down here,
asked her to describe you.
-What words would she use?
-I'm sure she'd have a lot
of choice words to describe me.
Rebellious, uh, instinctual,
impulsive, overly-confident,
I'm sure are a few.
Occasionally, yeah.
You just described
a born leader.
This is a quick two-card cross.
You're stuck, carrying weight.
Card one represents
the situation.
Card two is the solution
to overcome it.
First, the situation.
Notice the man.
What is he looking at?
His cups.
The three that is
knocked over, right?
He's disappointed. He failed.
After all,
three of his cups are gone.
But, behind him?
There are two more cups.
He's so worried
about the three that he's lost,
he's completely ignoring the two
that are still standing.
I think I get the message.
Is it possible that you're
too concerned
with the reasons
you're not a good leader
you're missing
the reasons you are?
Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
Next card. Next one.
It's the tool the universe
has given you
to overcome the situation.
There is a strong woman
in your life.
She's elegant, sensual, fertile.
Connect with her.
Connect with your senses.
Uh, what? That's it?
Not quite.
Take a closer look.
Notice the woman is surrounded
by a beautiful forest.
Nourishing golden wheat springs
from the ground.
Like the woman,
you were surrounded
by life's pleasures and luxury.
However, if you embrace
your softer side
and allow yourself
to explore the emotions
you're feeling you will be able
to provide for others.
You're talking about
my feelings for Natalie.
What you have is real.
Trust your heart.
And everything
you've ever dreamed up
will come to fruition.
Maya, uh, um, thank you.
Thank you.
Uh, do you mind? Can I hang on--
- It's yours.
- Yes?
Thank you.
So what do you think?
I mean, when they said a lady
wants to be swept off her feet,
I don't think
they meant 33,000 feet.
I mean, where are we even
going anyways?
It's just an hour, hour
and a half tops.
Hmm. Vegas?
San Francisco?
Try again.
-You trust me, right?
I do.
Then you're just gonna have
to wait and see.
You're gonna spoil me,
Shane Settel.
I hope so.
He sent this out?
To 100,000 news outlets
in 160 countries.
-Jackson. Keep trying him.
I'll call you back.
You read this?
"Scheduled to be rolled out
in the fourth quarter,
Settel Pharmaceuticals'
cutting edge system is poised
to redefine precision
in stereotactic surgery."
Did I read it? Oh, yeah.
And if our stock price
climbs any higher,
I'm gonna need
to negotiate your rights.
The FDA is gonna hang us.
And my brother is building
the gallows.
And it seems our board is giving
him an endless supply of lumber.
This has to stop.
Well, if he would answer
his phone
every now and then,
we could discuss it.
But it seems the only action
items he's interested
in these days are the ones
involving his new girlfriend.
Maybe we should just fire
the entire comms department
-and hire her.
-Well, she is a journalist.
She has a blog.
My neighbor's cat has a blog.
What is this really about?
Jackson, you've been
with the company a long time.
And you knew my father better
than anyone.
- Yes, I did.
- What did you know
about my father's interest
in mysticism?
When a man like your father
reaches that level of success,
there's always gonna be people
looking to bring him down.
So it wasn't true?
Did he read his horoscope
every day? Yeah.
Did he visit a psychic
every once in a while? Sure.
But he also had
a PhD in finance.
Not to mention an IQ over 160.
He was a brilliant man.
So what is this really about?
-If I were you,
what I'd be concerned with
is the government.
We still have capital
to commissioner?
Yeah. Always .
But it's gonna be expensive.
Not as expensive as losing
the faith of our investors.
Okay. I'll get right on it.
Uh, tell me again why you're not
the one running the company?
I'll let you know as soon
as I figure it out.
Now I have a CEO to track down.
You came prepared.
Boy scout motto.
You were never a boy scout.
Maybe not, but I do believe
in the right wine
for the right occasion.
That's a $10,000 bottle of cab.
It's actually $15,0000.
The owner's a family friend.
57 acres,
but only one is a cabernet.
Survey says?
Not bad.
"Not bad"?
I mean, I don't know
if it's worth $15,000.
Okay. Wow, really--
$11,000? Maybe $12,000?
You're just being a brat.
Well, what do you think?
I think it was one acre
very well spent.
Why are you so good to me,
I don't know.
I was just asking myself
that same question.
And thoughts?
Well, I can tell you
with near certainty
that you are the smartest,
most elegant,
and beautiful woman
that I have ever bumped into
at the Eagle and Hare Pub.
Why, thank you, Shane.
I appreciate it.
But seriously.
Natalie King.
I know.
I know it's absurdly fast
and we hardly know each other.
I know.
But I do believe in true love.
And from the moment
you rescued me
from that boring
business meeting,
I knew that you were the one.
And if you're not ready,
-it's okay.
-Really? Yes?
-Yes! Yes, Shane!
- Really?
- Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes!
So, we have
some exciting news.
We're getting married.
Wow. That is...
It was incredibly romantic.
He flew us up to Napa.
In the company jet, even.
Yes. Very generous.
You're the first person
that we told
because we wanted this moment
to just be ours for right now
until we set our posting.
I'm speechless.
I should, um, I should probably
go tell my friends though.
No, go ahead.
I wanna talk to my sister alone
-for a little bit.
Olivia, I have always wanted
a sister.
What's the matter with you?
"Wow! Shane, I'm so thrilled
that you found somebody
that makes you happy."
"Gee, golly whiz, brother,
you're finally settling down."
You applaud your mistake? Bravo!
You hardly know her.
That makes two of us.
Is this because
of her suggestion
that you're threatened?
It takes a lot more
than a pretty face
in a size zero dress
to intimidate me.
You know, I was actually
excited to tell you.
And ruin the surprise
for when I saw it on page six?
Is that what you think,
this is a publicity stunt?
Heir to a pharmaceutical empire
and Forbes' 27th
most eligible bachelor
announces an engagement
the same month
as his epic merger.
Tell me, you set a date yet
or you're waiting for your next
business triumph?
I think I've heard enough.
Shane, wait.
I'm sorry.
That was harsh.
I just...I didn't expect this.
I reacted badly.
You really do love this girl,
don't you?
Yeah, I do.
And as much as I hate
to admit it, you have a point.
The idea of you
actually settling down,
as strange as that may sound,
might actually be a good thing.
Oh, what, we're hugging?
- Yes.
- Okay.
You're my brother
and I'll always love you.
I just want to make sure
you're doing the right thing.
Well, thank you
for looking out for me, mom.
Just trust me.
As long as she and I
are together,
"everything that we've dreamed
of will come to fruition."
We're not kids anymore.
I get it.
But that doesn't mean
you shouldn't check the pool
before you dive.
The company doesn't have people
who'd do this?
The company he runs,
absolutely, we do.
In other words,
we need it off the books.
You're sure you're doing this
for the right reasons?
To make sure he's not being
taken advantage of.
And to make sure your part
of the inheritance is secure.
This isn't about money.
It's about him and making
sure he doesn't get hurt.
I have to ask you something.
Something I wouldn't ask
if we weren't friends.
Interrogation's your specialty,
not mine.
Are you sure it's this woman
you're worried about?
What's that supposed to mean?
It just seems like
you don't want your brother
getting close to anyone.
First the psychic,
now the girlfriend.
He's a grown man, Olivia.
Eh, that's debatable.
There's no laws
against immaturity.
Please. Run her name.
See what comes up.
If it's nothing,
I'll never utter another word.
Give me her name.
Natalie King.
So this is Martin,
he's our Chief Medical Officer.
And he was very instrumental
in pushing through
that Biosurgix deal.
Wow. Well, it is a pleasure
to meet you.
Oh, I hear you're a journalist.
Yes, I am.
-Uh, politics mostly.
I'm actually finishing up
an expos
on Proposition 29 right now.
Well, if you'd like the opinion
of a medical professional,
I'd be more than happy to speak
about it sometime.
That would be lovely.
- Well?
- I didn't even know
he was dating someone.
He wasn't.
Not even Cupid could keep up.
So, how'd they meet?
Remember that night
we went to celebrate
the acquisition?
I had a headache for two days.
Oh, no.
he spilled his drink on her,
the heavens parted
and the angels sang.
To true love.
- Uh-hmm.
- And soiled dresses.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
For a moment,
I actually thought
you were inviting me to a party.
You're welcome to come in.
It's an open bar.
I'm on duty.
Did you run the name yet?
I do have other duties,
you know,
solving crimes,
protecting citizens.
Those the prints?
You can use this, right?
If they're readable.
If they come back
as Natalie King,
you owe me a drink.
If they come back
as Natalie King,
I'll keep the tab open.
How long do you think
it'll take?
As long as your brother's
been dating his fiance.
-I'll call you tomorrow.
Thank you for coming, Martin.
- All right.
- Bye.
Bye, guys.
Thanks, Jackson.
We'll see you in the office.
So what's the verdict?
Well, your CFO
does not trust me,
your doctor felt threatened
the entire time,
and your sister also looked like
she had eaten some bad seafood.
Other than that, how did you
like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
I liked it,
believe it or not. I did.
What's wrong?
It's just... I just...
I wish my mother was here
to see all of this.
I would've loved
to have met her.
She would have loved you.
Well, I can tell you one thing,
she must have been
a remarkable woman.
'Cause she raised
a remarkable daughter.
Thank you.
I'm really happy
that I get to spend
the rest of my life with you.
Me, too.
Janice Augustine.
You did it.
That name mean anything to you?
And there's no chance
it could be a mistake?
Prints don't lie.
-So now what?
-What do you mean?
-You'll charge her? Arrest her?
-Charge her with what?
False impersonation.
Fraudulent inducement to marry.
Negligent misrepresentation.
First of all, Nancy Drew,
Janice Augustine doesn't have
a criminal record.
So it's her first time.
Second of all,
people change their names
for all kinds of reasons.
This isn't a smoking gun,
it's a lukewarm water pistol.
We're not talking about
slapping a pen name on a book.
She's doing this
to steal Shane's money.
Even as it may,
being a gold digger is her
God-given right as an American.
People get married for
the wrong reasons all the time.
Trust me. I wish I could
prosecute them but I can't.
So there's nothing we can do?
You could go to Shane.
Tell him the truth.
Right. Because siblings love it
when you pry into the lives
of their significant others.
One, he'll get angry
and say it doesn't matter.
Two, he'll realize she's lying
and reconsider his relationship.
he'll never talk to me again.
Either way,
he'll know the truth.
You have no idea
how much he loves this woman.
Well, if he won't listen to you,
is there someone he would?
You have his eyes.
You know who I am?
Of course.
I have to say,
this isn't what I expected.
What did you expect?
Bongs. Incense.
On back order.
Full disclosure,
I don't believe in any of this.
Your brother does.
What can I do for you?
You care about Shane, don't you?
I'd like to think
I foster strong relationships
with all of my clients.
Because he's about to make
a big mistake and I'm concerned.
I'm not a therapist.
But you have his ear.
I'm nothing more
than an interpreter, really.
In that case,
could you somehow interpret
some very important information
the next time he comes in here?
And just what is it
you would like him to know?
That Natalie, the woman
he's planning to marry,
is not who she says she is.
I'm not sure I follow.
Her real name is Janice.
Janice Augustine.
Why don't you just tell him
'Cause I know
he won't believe me.
Because he trusts you.
You're absolutely certain
of this?
A friend with the police
ran her prints for me
and confirmed it.
He does love her, you know.
He loves Natalie. Not Janice.
Please. Before it's too late.
For my brother's sake.
I'll see what I can do.
How did you get in here?
Olivia knows.
Knows what?
Who you are, Janice.
Your fingerprints.
That nosy bitch.
You know what we have to do.
That's going to be a problem.
It wasn't a problem for
Irving Polk or Tyler Armstrong.
An old man?
A club kid with a drug problem?
Olivia is a young
and healthy woman.
Healthy people die all the time,
car accidents,
sudden disease, suicide.
This is not
what I signed up for.
But it's where we are.
We don't have a choice, Janice.
It's her or us.
Working late?
Oh. You need to finish
evaluating these KPI reports
before the strategy meeting
in the morning.
I left some coffee for you
in the break room.
- Oh, thank you.
- Night.
Is someone there?
I'm sorry. We're not open yet.
Oh, I'm not here for...
You're Arabella Prescott.
Oh, big fan.
Love the show.
Thank you.
I gotta ask.
All that psychic stuff on there,
-is that real?
-Of course.
I mean, they do their
little editing tricks
to make things
seem more dramatic,
but I take my calling
very seriously.
Is there something
I can help you with, Detective?
You got me.
Occupational hazard.
Maybe I should just sit back
and let you question yourself.
You're funny.
I was actually looking
for Maya Priestley.
Oh, she's out today.
But perhaps I can help you.
I just have a few questions
for her
about a reading
she did recently.
A reading?
From Maya?
I have reason to believe
there's a connection
to a case I'm working on.
Is it possible
you got the names mixed up?
Why do you ask?
I require all my Tarot readers
to be certified
with the association
and Maya's only been here
a few months.
My mistake.
I might have gotten
my information mixed up.
But if there's anything else
you'd like to know,
I'd be happy to help.
Is there anything
you could tell me about Maya?
Such as?
You said
she's only been with you
-a few months.
-That's right.
Did you happen to do
a background check
or do you... just... know?
I honestly don't remember.
But what I can tell you
is in time she's been here,
she's been a model employee.
Polite, punctual, team player.
I appreciate you
taking the time.
Oh, wait.
Always happy to meet a fan.
- Thank you.
- Uh-hmm.
Olivia, it's Rita.
Give me a call.
I need to talk to you
about something.
Uh, Olivia? Where...
-what room? Where?
-Right through there.
I'm all right. I'm okay.
They stitched me up
and wanna give me a CT scan
just to make sure
my skull isn't fractured.
After that,
they say I can go home.
Uh, did you see who did this?
-Sit down.
-Are the police...
-are they looking them?
-Shane, please.
Dr. Kravitz,
you have a visitor
in the main lobby.
Dr. Kravitz, a visitor
in the main lobby.
I have something to tell you.
You're not gonna wanna hear it,
but I need you to listen.
Yeah, I'm here.
I'm listening. What?
Natalie's involved.
You could've just said
you didn't like her.
Look, I'm aware
I can be overprotective
but I had a feeling.
So I had Rita
run her fingerprints.
You ran Natalie's fingerprints?
She's not
who she says she is.
Great. I'll bite. Who is she?
Her name is Janice Augustine.
- You're being serious.
- Yes.
I'm not saying she's the one
who actually hit me,
but she had something
to do with it.
I know it.
Wait, Augustine.
Dr. Torres, dial 1...
Uh, I have to go.
Uh, no, I'll call you.
-I'll call you.
-Shane? Shane!
So yeah over.
-You're here early.
-Do me a favor.
Have legal pull
the Tranquilify files.
-Which ones?
-All of them.
You know how many there are.
Tell the front to hold my calls.
"Tranquilify blamed in deaths."
My mother.
She's been sick for a while.
- Is she on medication?
- Tranquilify.
It tore my family apart.
Calling it.
Look into the patent
oh, wait a minute.
I'll catch up to you.
You were never supposed to know.
That, what, dad's rush
to market actually kill people?
Yeah. A few isolated cases.
-You call this a few?
-We perfected the formula.
Yeah. After people died.
What would you say if I told you
there was a medicine
on the market
that helped billions
that killed 3,000 to 4,000
people each and every year?
That's aspirin, Shane.
And now that you know that,
should people stop taking it?
Should pharmacies pull it off
the shelves?
No, of course not.
Your father did
what he had to do
to protect this company
and protect a product
that helped a lot of people.
Do you think the hospital would
dedicate a wing in his name
if they knew?
Do you think senators and mayors
would line up
to show their support?
He was just such a bully.
He was a businessman.
No, he was a bully.
I'm looking at what he did
to the people
who spoke out against him,
He destroyed their lives.
You know, sometimes
when you sit in that chair,
you have to make decisions
in the best interest
of the company,
something bigger than yourself.
Did people die? Yeah, they did.
So that billions could be saved.
Now, I'm gonna ask you, Shane,
now that you're sitting
in your father's chair,
what would you have done?
Just chew on that.
Yeah, I'm in here.
I stopped by the office but
they told me that you were here.
Have a seat.
Darling, what's wrong?
Is it the company?
Yeah, something like that.
I don't understand.
I think you understand
perfectly, Janice.
I'm sorry?
You know, when I was a kid,
I remember
hearing my father talk
about this case.
I didn't know the specifics
of course
but I'll never forget
the name Augustine.
I guess it does look
like my family left a footnote
in the old Settel biography.
I'm honored.
You know what my dad did,
it was inexcusable.
Is that supposed
to make me feel better?
You're the fraud.
You tell me.
Do you know how many people
Tranquilify has helped?
- How many lives my father saved?
- Yeah.
I'm sure those grieving
families light a candle
-for him every night.
-That's not fair.
You know what's not fair?
Your company put a lien
on my father's paychecks.
$30,000 a year.
That painting
that costs more than that.
Great. So what?
You want the painting?
Take the painting.
Because you're right,
it's terrible, it's disgusting.
Just cut me some slack,
all right?
Because I just I found that
the man I grew up idolizing
isn't whom I thought he was.
I didn't get the chance.
My father drank himself
to death.
Didn't put that in your file,
did they?
No. I...
Janice, I had no idea.
Yeah, it was a little late
for regrets.
Exactly. So why now?
Because after everything
that my family went through,
my sister and I
couldn't just stand back
and watch
while you and your sister
literally inherent billions
from the company
that destroyed us.
Olivia and I didn't know.
You expect me to believe that?
Yes, because it's the truth.
You're the CEO
of the company, Shane.
I'm the CEO,
but I'm the CEO.
Is that what this is about?
Is that the plan?
That you were gonna, what?
Marry me and then kill me?
And then inherit my money.
Only seems fair.
Okay. Then, go ahead.
Go for it.
Take your shot, Janice.
You'd be doing us both a favor.
I must be the most popular
patient on this floor.
-How are you?
-I just wanna go home.
-What did they say?
CT was fine. No hemorrhaging.
I'm glad.
-Could have been a lot worse.
I want you to know, we're going
to find out who did this to you.
I already know
its Janice Augustine.
-I know you don't believe me,
but listen, I was on my way
to the break room
-and I--
-No, you listen.
After we spoke, I paid a visit
-to that psychic you mentioned.
She's not even supposed
to be doing readings.
- What?
- That got me thinking
about the one piece of advice
that actually paid off.
Irving Polk.
So I ran some fingerprints
they pulled from his house.
Janice Augustine?
Lizzy Augustine.
They're sisters.
-Wait, what?
-There's more.
Their mother died
when they were young.
Apparently she had a fatal
reaction to some medicine
and they sued
the drug manufacturer.
Wanna take a guess
which company that was?
-We have to go
to Shane's house now.
Come on, come on, pick up.
Don't worry, Olivia,
we're gonna get there.
- Hey, Olivia.
- Shane. Oh, thank God.
Listen to me. I need to tell you
something very important.
Something's wrong.
Shane, we don't have time
for a final reading.
Well, don't worry.
I brought the card anyways.
I can't believe
how gullible you were.
Your father would be disgusted.
At least he had the guts
to follow his instincts
even if it meant killing
innocent people like my mother.
I'm sorry. We didn't know.
- It was--
- Seriously?
What would you have done?
Turned him in,
given up your fortune?
I don't think so. You know why?
Because deep down
you were just like him,
you and your
whole corrupt family.
You know what the best part
about this is?
Before you die, I'm gonna
let you in on another secret.
When your sister leaves
that hospital,
she's gonna die too.
Time's up, Shane.
How much longer do you think
till you lose consciousness?
One minute? Two?
Do you really think that's
long enough to outrun fate?
Time's up.
-Stay here.
-My brother's in trouble.
I'll handle it.
It's Detective Halsey.
Where's Shane?
Olivia, you're okay.
Funny thing
about being a Settel,
you grow up with thick skin.
Where is he?
-He's inside.
-With Maya?
Look, you have to understand.
I would never hurt you.
That was all my sister.
Do you always have a conscience
or just when your back's
against the wall?
Really. None of this is my idea.
Yet, here you are
in my brother's driveway,
in front of your getaway car.
Okay, I'll go. I'll go.
Olivia, where are you?
Funny thing about the Settels,
when there's trouble,
they're never around.
I'm right here, bitch.
-What happened?
-Are you okay?
-You need to watch...
-Shane, you hurt.
She's right behind you.
Drop it, Lizzy.
-Are you okay?
-You hurt?
-I'm all right.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
Nice suit.
Thank you. I figure
if I'm gonna keep working,
I might as well dress the part.
Besides, it goes with the sling.
Fashion accessory of the year.
Yes, it is.
-How's Rita?
-Fine. Back at work.
I told her
you were healing nicely
and she sends her best wishes.
Good. What about the sisters?
but still refusing to talk.
We could always try tarot cards.
What's the card
for a first degree murder?
-With a double murder charge.
It's gonna be a while
before they do another reading.
Good. That's good.
Are you thinking about dad?
Yeah. Yeah, a little bit.
It's just hard to believe he was
capable of doing such a thing.
Smart man once told me
we need to break the mold.
Smart, huh?
It's a new day
for Settel Pharmaceuticals.
Apparently it is.
It's also a new day
for a new leader.
You'll do a better job.
I know it.
Not me.
You deserve it, Olivia,
and you've deserved it
-from the beginning.
-What are you saying?
In an hour, the board
is going to convene
and I'm going to announce
that I'm stepping down
so that you can take over
as CEO.
-Shane, you can't.
-I can't? Says who?
The CEO? Oh, wait, I forgot.
That's me.
At least
until the board signs off,
my decision is final.
Thank you.
Now, we really should get going.
You never know about traffic.
You never know.
Besides, you wouldn't want
to keep the board waiting.
Plus I have a corner office
to redecorate.
Hey, I decorated that office.