Killer Mom (2017) Movie Script

[sinister music]
- [man]: You gotta be
kidding me.
Jessica, why?
- Well, I don't
need you anymore.
[man moaning]
[indistinct chatter]
- So I told the woman,
"With what my husband and I have
donated to the museum over
the years, we should be part
of the permanent collection."
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, look who's here.
- Jessica, I'm so sorry
I'm late.
[piano music playing]
- Have you talked to Michael?
- He's still in Dubai trying
to land the wealthy Arabs.
Hopefully, he'll be back soon
with some good news.
- Come, let's talk in private.
[woman in black sighing]
- Simone, level with me. How bad
is it? Robert won't tell me.
- The DA wants to see Michael
as soon as he's back.
Investors are breathing
down his neck.
Must be the same with Robert.
- You know how he is.
Always sure he can pull
a rabbit out of his hat.
- Well, if anyone can,
it's Robert.
- What is it I can do?
- What happens if Michael
can't raise enough cash?
- Well, I'm sure he will.
- Robert, what is happening with
your investors? They're been
waiting on returns. How much
do you need to come up with?
- I'm going to get
a glass of wine.
[piano music playing]
- Why are you so upset?
- [shouting]: Because I want
to know the truth!
How much trouble are we in?
- Baby, trust me,
you have nothing
to worry about.
Michael and I have
everything under control.
- Don't sell me, Robert.
- We can talk about this later,
but in the meantime,
we have guests...
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music]
[Jessica exhaling]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Robert]: Been doing that
for years.
- [woman]: Hey,
you can't come in here.
- Robert Calders?
- What the hell is this?
- Nice place you have here.
- You can't just
barge in here like this.
- Robert Calders, you are under
arrest for investment fraud.
- I told you.
I told you this would happen!
I told you
this would happen!
How could you do this to me?!
Robert, you promised me
we'd be OK!
I told you! I told you!
- [man]: It's more off the back.
- [man]: OK, I got it.
- [man]: That's it.
- [Simone]: My parents
are in Geneva until the end
of the month, so we have
the whole place to ourselves.
- At least, you have
your folks to fall
back on.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
- Michael's lawyer says
they could be out
in three to five years.
It's really not that long.
- Simone, they took everything!
- Robert must have left
something in your name.
- One account.
86,000 and change.
- Jessica,
you're the strongest woman
I know.
You'll bounce back from this;
we both will.
And if you need money--
- Simone, please, you've already
been way too generous.
- Well, at least, we don't
have kids to worry about.
[disquieting music]
- Yeah.
[tense music]
- It was a nice funeral.
- Your dad wasn't one
for being showy.
- Mr. Martin,
your eulogy
was beautiful.
- Cam was like
a brother to me.
[girl sniffling]
Come here.
- He really
loved you.
- I can't imagine how hard
this must be for you.
It feels like just yesterday
we were here for your mother.
- It's been three years.
Do you think Mom and Dad
are together again?
- I do. You?
- I don't know.
I hope so.
- I really wish you girls
will reconsider
coming to stay with us.
You would
love New York.
And your uncle, the boys;
we'd be thrilled to have you.
- Aunt Monica,
you don't have to.
We'll be fine.
We're not kids anymore.
- [Monica]: No, you're not.
[menacing music]
You've had to grow up
way too fast.
- Girls, I'll see you
back at the house.
- Long time no see.
- What the hell
are you doing here?
- I read about Cameron's
plane crash in the paper,
and I just had to come.
Hadn't heard
about his wife though.
Cancer? So sad.
- What do you want?
- I want to see Allison.
I want to see
my daughter.
- Allison,
you have to eat.
- I'm not hungry.
- I'll see you guys later.
- Wait, what about breakfast?
- I'm meeting friends;
I'll grab something later.
- You should spend time
with your sister.
- I do spend time with her.
- I'm alright. It's OK.
- You should get out
of the house too.
Why don't you text Erica?
- I will.
- Bye.
- You signed away your rights
as a mother
the day you gave Allie up
for adoption.
- Yes, I'm aware.
It was the most difficult
decision I've ever made.
And the worst.
- Sleeping with your married
boss must rank
pretty high up there.
[knocking on door]
- Hey, sorry to interrupt.
I heard from the guys. Can I see
you after this meeting?
- I'll come down to your office
as soon as we're finished here.
- Thanks.
[door closing]
- Listen,
I didn't come here
to dig up the past.
I made a choice, and I've lived
with it for a long time.
But things have changed.
I'm a different woman now.
- People don't change.
to understand
or even trust me,
but Allison is a child
and she just lost the only
parents she's ever known.
Don't you think she deserves
the right to get to know
the only one she's got left?
- Not if that parent
is only interested
in her inheritance.
- I could have approached her
directly, you know?
But I came to you first
out of respect.
Cameron trusted you to do
what's best for Allison,
and that's all I want
is to do what's best
for our daughter.
- If Allison wants,
you can see her.
But I'll be watching you.
- Be my guest.
I have nothing to hide.
- Everything has
something to hide.
- [man]: I got you.
[laughing]: OK. Here you go.
[touching piano music]
- Hi, Sydni!
- Daddy, higher!
- Here we go, sweetie. Come on!
It's gonna be fun! Ha! Ha! Ha!
[indistinct rock song playing]
[ominous music]
- Not much of a big sister,
are you?
[phone ringing]
- [man]: Leave a message.
- Cole, we need to talk.
- I didn't know
Dad fished.
- Yeah. Back in the day.
We used to go upstate
every spring.
- [Allison]: Why did you stop?
- I guess
we just couldn't find the time.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Let's get started.
There's a lot of details
that we can go over later,
but the long and short of it
is that you're each
entitled to half
of your father's estate
which, all told, is valued
at right around $80 million.
...your funds are to be
held in trust until
you turn 18
and then, as you can see,
there's a tiered structure
of access:
a certain amount
once you graduate college,
more once you've started
a career and the rest
in yearly instalments
until your 40th birthday.
Until then, there's a healthy
stipend to cover all
living expenses.
Anything extra that comes up,
you have to get cleared by me.
- OK.
- Sydni...
you're under the same
tiered structure as your sister.
- Wait, I have
to go to college
and get a job before I can
get my inheritance?
- Part of it anyway.
Your father wanted to make sure
that your future
was as secure as it could be.
- Great. Thanks, Dad.
- There's something else
that you both need to know.
Something your father
wanted you to know.
- What is it?
- He wrote you each a letter.
[indistinct chatter]
[smooth jazz playing]
- Well, this certainly is
a lot nicer than the joints
we used to frequent.
- Yes, well,
I have acquired
a taste for the finer things.
- As have I.
So how about we head up
to your room and compare notes?
- Tempting.
But that's not why
I wanted you to come.
- Bourbon.
Single barrel, please.
Thank you.
- Lawyer's gonna be a problem.
- Want me to solve it
like last time?
- No. I think this calls
for something
a little more sophisticated.
- [Allison's father]:
My dearest Allison,
I very much hoped
to have this conversation
with you in person when you were old enough to understand.
Your mom's passing
had me thinking a great deal
about my own mortality,
and about you and your sister.
Sydni, you know
your little sister's adopted,
and you know I love her
just as much as I love you,
but there's something
you don't know,
something your mother and I
have decided to keep from you
and from Allison.
I had an affair.
It didn't last long.
I came to my senses
and broke it off.
But the woman I was with,
she got pregnant. She got
pregnant with you, Allison.
I thought for sure your mother would leave me, but she didn't.
She forgave me. So much so
that when Allison's birth mother told me she couldn't keep her,
your mother and I
decided to adopt her.
Not telling you the truth,
not telling you
that I'm your father by blood,
not just by adoption,
has been almost unbearable.
I pray that you'll forgive me
and that you'll
continue to love
and take care of your sister.
I love you, Allie.
With all my heart.
I always have and always will
in this life and the next.
Love, Dad.
[clearing her throat]
[door opening]
- Did you know?
- I had no idea. Aaron?
- As your father's attorney,
I had to respect his wishes.
- You lied to me?!
- I'm sorry, but it's
what your parents wanted.
He was going to tell you.
- When?
- I don't know.
But I know it tore him up
- This is so messed up.
- Look, I realize that this is
a lot to take in right now,
but there is another factor
that we have to discuss.
- What n?
You're gonna tell us
our parents were in the CIA?
- The woman who...
Allison's birth mother,
she wants to see you.
- And with the lawyer
out of the way, how long
before you can adopt the kid?
- I told you,
I still need a little more time
to win her over.
Hopefully not too long.
- You know, uh,
I don't work on contingency
for just anyone.
- A million dollars
is a pretty big contingency.
- Two.
[smooth jazz music playing]
- Excuse me?
- Two million.
Come on. I read in the paper
what this guy is worth.
You can afford it.
Look, if it makes you
feel any better, I'll throw in
the rental car for free.
- I can't believe they would
just lie to us like that.
- I know. I mean, I understand
maybe when we're little,
but you'd think after Mom died,
Dad would have manned up
and told us the truth.
- Every time
Mom looked at me,
she had to be
reminded of him cheating.
- Allie, Mom loved you.
She couldn't have
loved you more, OK?
- I wish I could talk
to her about all this.
- I know.
- When Mom died,
that was the first time
I ever really thought
about having
a birth mom.
- Come here.
So you think
you're gonna meet her?
- I guess so.
I mean,
why not, right?
- Why not?
[Allison chuckling]
[camera beeping and clicking]
- "To my daughter Allison...
Oh my!
To mydaughter Allison.
[vehicle door closing]
I'm glad you agreed
to see me.
I know this is a lot
to process.
First, I would just like to say
how sorry I am for your loss.
Can't imagine how difficult
this is for you.
For both of you.
- Thanks.
- Your father was
a wonderful man.
- I thought so.
- Allison, please don't
judge him too harshly.
He made a mistake.
- How long
were you two together?
- I don't think the details of
the relationship are important.
- It's alright.
She deserves to know.
I was helping your father out
with a project at work.
It was early on,
and the company was struggling.
He was under a lot of pressure.
So, we were working late
one night, and...
and one night
turned into a few.
Then it was over.
He told me he had a wife
and a daughter,
and he wanted to be
with them, not me.
- Did you love him?
- I did.
Least I thought I did.
I don't know, I'd never
been in love before, so...
- So... why?
- Why did you give her up?
- Allison, I was
so messed up back then.
Drinking, drugs.
- You seemed
to have cleaned up your act
somewhere along the way.
Why didn't you
reach out then?
- Because I promised your mother
and father I'd stay away.
Believe me, there are many times
I wanted to break that promise,
but I was too afraid,
too ashamed.
- [Aaron]: So why now?
- When I read
about Cameron's accident,
something just snapped.
I had to come back here.
I couldn't hide
from you any longer.
- Allie's multimillion-dollar
inheritance had nothing
to do with it?
- I assure you,
I have all the money I need.
- Do you have any kids?
Other kids?
- No. Robert didn't want
any children.
- Where is he?
- We're not together
anymore, actually.
Sadly, he's in prison.
Let's just say his ambition
got the better of his judgement.
- I'm surprised you'd share
that particular detail.
- I told you,
I have nothing to hide.
As far as you and I go, Allison,
I don't expect things to change
overnight. I really don't.
I don't even expect you
to forgive me.
But I would love the chance
to get to know you better.
On your own terms of course,
in your own time.
- man: [How did it go?]
- I just left
the house.
The girl's gonna be easy,
but the sooner you get rid
of the lawyer, the better.
for the "secretary"?
- That's a little harsh.
- I'm just not sure I trust her.
- You don't trust anyone.
- Come on, Allie,
you have to admit. It's a little
sketchy she shows up right
when Dad dies.
- I don't know what to think,
but she is my mother.
- On paper, sure, but 13 years
is a long freaking time.
- Your sister has a point.
[cell dinging]
- Oh! Gotta roll.
Don't wait up.
- Don't you think you should
take a night off from partying?
- It's how I deal.
- It's how you were dealing
before Dad died.
- OK. Let's pretend
I'm the older sister
and I tell you what to do.
- Girls, please.
- OK, I'm sorry.
Don't worry, alright?
I do, though.
- I know.
You're cool like that.
- Yes, I'd like to order a dozen
pink carnations for delivery.
Actually, make that 13.
And I'd like the card to read,
"My dear Allison,
"I can't tell you
how much it meant for me
"to see you today.
"I only hope it's the first
of many more to come.
Love, Jessica."
- [man]: Followed the lawyer.
- [Jessica]: And what do you
have for me?
- [Not much.
Guy works all hours.]
Comes home to the wife
and kids. Doesn't even
stop off for a drink.
- Well, be patient,
you'll find his weakness.
- [His weakness is
he's a tool.]
- I need something I can either
hold over his head
or bury him with.
- I can just bury him for real.
- [I like the way you think.]
For now, let's stick
to the plan.
Besides, I still need a little
more time to win over Allison.
- And what if this guy's
as straight edge as he seems?
- Hmm. Aaron said it himself,
"Everyone's got
something to hide."
[metal scraping]
- I can't believe
my dad had an affair
with this secretary.
So clich.
- On the bright side, you did
get a great little sister
out of it.
- I just don't get
what he would have seen
in that woman.
- Yeah. Thing about couples is
nobody really knows
what's going on between them,
except them.
- It's good.
- [girl]: Tell me more
about your bio mom.
- There's not
really much to tell.
I'm seeing her again
- Must be weird.
- [You know
what's really weird?]
[I actually feel
a kind of connection with her.]
- She did, like,
give birth to you.
- I know, but me and my parents
were so close.
- Mine are total
alien creatures.
- At least,
they're still around.
[I'm sorry. I don't even
know why I said that.]
- It's OK. It's me.
You get to say
anything you want.
- [I just...]
[I really miss them.]
- Hi.
- OK, well, I'm gonna run
a few errands
and you text me
when you're ready to go.
- Why don't you join us.
- Oh! I don't, uh...
- Please, I insist.
I mean, we all should be
getting to know each other
a little bit better, right?
- Yeah.
- Sure. Sure, OK.
- Come with me.
How are you?
- I'm good, thanks. How are you?
[soft piano music playing]
- So, tell me, what are
some of your favourites?
- Favourites?
- You know.
Interests? Movies?
- Well, I'm a pretty big
science geek.
[housekeeper laughing]
- Ah. Like your father.
[Jessica chuckling]
- Yeah. He also got me
into John Hughes'
movies too.
- Ah, I love those!
What kind of music
do you listen to?
- Uhh, I don't know.
Anything I can dance to, really.
- Melinda, how long have you
been taking care of the girls?
- Oh. Four years.
I've been
the housekeeper
there about a year
before their mother passed.
- Well, you must be
doing something right.
Allison is quite the impressive
young lady, I must say.
- So, where did you grow up?
- Here.
Well, not here, here.
South Philly.
- Isn't that a rough
- It is.
But it taught me a lot.
Made me strive
for something better.
- So, any brothers
or sisters?
- No. I'm one of a kind.
[Jessica and Allison laughing]
What about your sister?
Where does she go to school?
- She doesn't.
- Sydni took
a gap year.
Except for the gap
seems to be growing.
- Aaah... Well, I'm sure
she'll find her way.
- [Melinda]: Mm-hmm.
- Do your parents
still live here?
- No. My mother died when I was
in high school. Overdose.
- And your dad?
- He was never around.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry
about your dad.
- I still can't
believe he's gone.
I keep expecting him
to randomly text me
or pick me up from school.
- Yeah.
Well, he sounds like
he was a pretty great dad.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
- I'm afraid there's an issue
with your bill.
- What issue?
Why, sign it to my room.
- I'm not sure. Something to do
with your credit card.
If you could just check in
with the front desk manager.
- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Wait, what do you mean
they seized
the account? IT'S IN MY NAME!
- [As I said, they're stop--]
[dial tone]
[knocking on door]
- [man]: Ms. Calders?
- Yes?
- It's Brian,
the front desk manager.
- One minute, please!
Come in.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Uh, you were supposed
to come see me.
- Oh, I was just about to.
- Ah. Well, uh,
for our long-term guests,
we periodically like
to update the whole amount
on the card;
I'm afraid
yours came back declined.
- Oh!
Well, I'm sure
there's something
we could do.
What was your name again?
- Uh, it's Brian.
- Ah, Brian.
Yes, of course.
You seem to take your job
very seriously, don't you?
[Jessica giggling]
- Uh, about the card...
- Just relax.
- No, no.
No, no, no.
- What the hell?!
- Now listen here, Brian.
You're gonna write off that bill
or I'm gonna call the police
and tell them you just tried
to rape me.
- What? I didn't even touch you!
- Let's not quibble about
the details. You know how thin
these walls are, and your guests
just heard me screaming.
- You're out of your mind.
- Insulting me isn't
helping. GET OFF ME!
Maybe I'll just call
them right now.
- Just wait.
Alright. Alright. OK.
- Now get the hell out of here.
How much
for these?
- Three grand,
I can give you.
- What?! They're worth
ten times that much.
- They're only worth
what someone's willing to pay.
- I don't need a lesson
in economics. I came here
because I was told
you were reasonable.
- I'll tell you what,
I'll give you 3500,
but no reserve.
I find a buyer for these
and they're gone.
- Well, don't worry,
I won't be back.
Are you kidding me?!
Hey! Hey!
You forgot something!
[grunting in frustration]
- There's only
the one bedroom...
but I'm sure we can
figure something out.
- I appreciate
you letting me stay.
Hopefully won't be
for too long.
Those feds had no right
to take my money.
- Yeah, well,
the feds don't need rights.
They're feds.
- I hate to ask,
but I'm gonna need
to borrow some cash.
- Not a problem.
I'll just put it on your tab.
With interests.
- Where are we with Aaron?
- Well, that's
where I'm going right now.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
I got a little surprise
planned for him tonight.
[ominous music]
[indistinct chatter]
[ambient music playing]
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- I'm sorry.
I saw you come in
and I just had
to meet you.
- OK.
- I never do anything like this,
but there was just
something about you.
- Listen, I'm sorry,
but I'm married.
Flattered but married.
- We can still have drinks.
- Actually, we can't.
We really can't.
- Do you know
anyone good with computers?
- Sure. Can't really
steal much these days
without technical support.
- Someone you can trust?
- Well, some of my best
relationships started in prison.
Relax. He got popped
for assault.
As a hacker,
he's still undefeated.
Why? What do you
got in mind?
- Well, if Aaron really has
nothing to hide,
then I guess we'll just have
to give him something.
[fast beeping]
- And...
We're in.
- How did you get past
that password?
- A magician never
shares his secrets.
- Oh, Aaron,
you have been
a bad, bad boy.
- This is weird.
- I think it's amazing.
- Not the food.
This, the whole, like,
family-dinner thing.
- [Melinda]: Ahem!
- I think I want
to go back to school.
- Oh, that's great!
- I just want to start
being normal again.
- Of course you do.
And you will.
[cell phone dinging]
- Excuse me, but I gotta go.
- Oh! You've been out
almost every night
this week.
- Thanks for dinner. Allie, if
you need me, just call me, OK?
[Melinda sighing]
- She has
a new boyfriend.
- Have you met him yet?
- No.
They don't usually
last long enough for me to.
- Everyone deals
with grief differently.
- How did you deal with it
when your mom died?
- Not very well.
I was pretty
Stayed that way
for a long time.
- What changed?
- Having you.
Then losing you.
After that,
something just clicked.
I just started
making better choices.
- [young man]: You alright?
[muffled rock music playing]
- Yeah.
- You're just
somewhere else.
- I was just thinking
about Allie.
Things are pretty crazy
for her right now.
- For you too.
I mean, losing your dad,
to take care
of your little sister;
it's gotta be hard.
- Yeah.
But I haven't really been there
for her like I should.
She's got Melinda though.
And her new mom of course.
- You don't like her,
the mother?
- Hell no!
But Allie does, so...
I have to respect that.
[doorbell ringing]
- Aaron Martin?
- How can I help you?
- Detective Peters.
We have a warrant
to search your home and office.
- Search for what exactly?
[distressing music]
You kidding me?
- No, I'm not.
- Hey.
- I thought you wanted
to keep things professional.
- You're not suggesting
I pay you?
- Mm-mm.
What are you doing?
- One down, one to go.
- The housekeeper?
- I no longer require
her services.
- How do you want
to handle it?
- Doesn't she seem like
the most wonderful daughter?
[Jessica sighing happily]
- Thanks
for the spa day.
- A woman always needs
to treat herself.
And you have to look your best
if you're going back to school.
- True.
- You're a strong,
young woman, Allison.
You got it pretty rough,
but you've come through it
with poise and grace.
- Like you!
- Yeah? I'm glad
you think so.
By the way,
I wanted you to be
the first to know
I've decided to stay
here in Philly.
- That's great!
- Yeah.
[woman humming]
- What do you want?
My purse is over there.
[body crashing to floor]
- One of the city's most
respected attorneys,
Aaron Martin,
was arrested today
for possession
of child pornography.
Police allege that Martin accessed a website being tracked
by the Department's
Special Victims Unit.
This was part of a larger
ongoing investigation
we reported on
earlier this month.
The 46 year old,
who is married
and has a 10-year-old son,
has declined to comment.
- I can't believe
this is happening.
- This has to be a mistake.
- I certainly hope so.
- No.
There's no way. I'm telling you,
Aaron is the sweetest guy alive.
- So maybe he got hacked.
[Sydni sighing]
- Why would anyone
do that to him?
- He is a lawyer;
he must have made
a few enemies along the way.
- Hey, Mr. Kelton.
- Hey.
- Adrian Kelton.
I'm one of the partners here.
- Jessica. I'm Allison's mother.
- Ah, yes.
Please have a seat.
Aaron's out on bail,
but we think it best
that I take over as executor.
At least until his case
goes to trial.
- He's innocent, isn't he?
- Of course he is, Allie.
- I believe he is too.
But proving it
is gonna be a challenge.
- You're taking care
of the girls' finances,
which is great,
but who's gonna
take care of them?
- How do you mean?
- Well, Aaron's also
their legal guardian,
but now the housekeeper
just had to leave suddenly.
Some sort of family emergency.
- Her mother was robbed
and beaten pretty badly.
- Well, if it's
alright with you girls,
I'd love to help out.
[troubling music]
- Help out
- I was thinking
I could stay with you,
help take care of the house.
You know, just until
things work themselves out.
- That would be great!
- Sydni, is that alright
with you?
- Hmm...
Yeah, I guess.
- Home, sweet home.
- There's the bathroom,
some towels. Even a robe.
- Everything a girl needs.
Where is your sister?
- She's been staying
with Tommy a lot.
I'm actually kind of worried.
- You don't like him?
- I don't like
all the drinking
and the other stuff.
- Drugs?
- You know she got accepted
to an art school in New York?
But ever since Mom died,
she's been...
I don't even know.
Like, she's lost.
- Your sister's a lot
like I was at her age.
- Maybe you can
help her.
- Maybe, but she has
to want the help.
- I'm really glad
you're here.
- Me too.
[disconcerting music]
- I'm not really
feeling school today.
- It'll be alright.
- I just keep thinking
about Aaron.
- Aaron's an excellent lawyer;
if he is innocent,
he'll be able to prove it.
- I hope so.
- I wish the circumstances
were different, but we're
together now, and I'm gonna sure
you have the best life
you could possibly have.
- Thanks.
- It means the world to me
that you don't believe.
- Not for a second.
- Reporters keep
coming by the house.
And I had to send the family
to stay with her parents.
- Have you thought about
who might have done this to you?
- It's all I've been
thinking about.
- Maybe someone you sued
or something?
- Definitely cost people
some serious money in my day,
but it's been years since I've
been involved in any litigation.
[Sydni sighs.]
- Why else would someone do
something so vile?
- They'd have to have
something to gain.
- Like what?
- Well...
...if I was convicted,
I could no longer serve
as Allison's guardian.
- You think Jessica did this?
- I don't know.
I am the one thing standing
between her and Allison's money.
- I thought she has money.
- She does, but not what
she's used to.
Nothing compared to what
your sister could provide her.
- Why didn't you tell us
this before?
- I don't know. I couldn't
be sure of her motives.
I didn't want to put the idea
in Allison's head
in case I was wrong.
- Jessica doesn't
really strike me
as very tech savvy.
- No.
But she could have had help.
[inaudible talking]
[phone ringing]
- Thought you weren't
coming back.
- Just give me
my money.
[cell phone ringing]
- [Yeah, looks like Sydni]
is not convinced Aaron's guilty.
- Don't worry about Sydni.
Just stick to the plan.
- When are you gonna
learn to trust me?
- The only thing
I trust is money.
- There you go. 3200.
[typing on keyboard]
- Bummer.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, hey!
- Sydni?
- I was just heading out.
- I'm taking your sister
shopping a little later;
if you care to join, my treat.
- Oh, thanks,
but I have plans
with my boyfriend.
- Tommy, right?
You should bring him by
sometime; I'd love to meet him.
- Yeah, sure.
[creepy music]
[suspenseful music]
- Someone's been sticking their
nose where it doesn't belong.
something wrong with this woman
from the start.
- Yeah, does sound pretty crazy.
- And Aaron
is the only one who's known her
since back in the day.
So now that he's out of the way,
she can just keep
telling Allie that she's become
this wonderful person.
- I guess, but your sister
is still a kid;
wouldn't her money
be in a trust or something?
- Yeah, but she's willing
to wait.
Wouldn't you be
for 40 million?
- I know.
- Then, Melinda's mother
gets attacked,
and Melinda moves out,
and Jessica moves right in.
- Wait.
You're not saying
she's behind that too?
- You have to admit: it's
a pretty damn big coincidence.
- If you really think
you're right
about any of this,
then we should go to the cops.
- Yeah.
You're right.
- [Hey there.]
- Hey, Aunt Monica.
- [How are you holding up?]
- I'm alright.
- [You must be missing Melinda?]
- Yeah. But I talked
to her the other day,
and her mom
is doing a lot better.
- [Sydni tells me your birth
mother is staying with you.]
- Jessica, yeah.
[She's been amazing.]
- Well, I've got
some good news.
[Your uncle and I are moving
back to Philly.]
- Really?
- [He just has to wind down
a project he's working on. The
house is already up for sale.]
- That's great!
- [Can't wait to see you!]
- The same.
[crickets chirping]
- child: [But then I made]
[the airplane fly, Dad!]
- You did?
- [Yep. It was fun!]
- Grandpa help you with that?
- [A little bit.
And Grandma too.]
[It flew over the whole house
so close... Oh, hang on.]
[Mom says I have to go to bed.]
- Now, I want you to give
Mom a big kiss for me, OK?
- [I will. I miss you!]
- I miss you too.
- [Good night. Sleep tight.]
- Bye.
[Aaron grunting]
[cell phone clicking]
- To my wife
and son.
You deserved
so much more.
Just so you know,
this isn't personal.
It's just business.
- Thanks.
- It's getting late.
- Well, I would have done it
earlier, but someone insisted
on dinner and a movie.
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello?
- man: [It's done.]
- Yes?
- See? Told you.
Worth every penny. Maybe more.
- Thank you,
but I'm not interested.
- [You got someone there
with you?]
- Yes, I'm sure. Thank you.
- I hate telemarketers.
- They can be such a nuisance.
[camera clicking]
- Peters.
- woman: [Detective?]
- Yeah?
- [I have a Sydni Timmons here.]
[Wants to see you about the
Aaron Martin's child-porn case.]
- OK. Be right there.
- So, you're telling me
that your sister's mother
framed Mr. Martin?
- I can't prove it,
but I'm pretty sure
she's after Allie's inheritance.
And I know Aaron;
he would never do
what he's been accused of.
- How long have you known him?
- My entire life.
He was my dad's closest friend.
I hate to tell you this,
but Mr. Martin is dead.
- What?!
- It's too early
for me to comment,
but it would appear
he took his own life.
- No.
No, it...
There's no way.
Aaron would never...
- Alright. Let me
look into this.
Take care of yourself.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Wait!
- Just leave me alone!
- Allie, we have known
Aaron forever. I just talked
to him yesterday. He was ready
to fight this thing.
- Apparently not.
- You have to admit,
there's at least a possibility.
- Jessica did not kill Aaron.
She was with me
all night.
- Then, she must have
someone helping her.
- Do you even know how insane
you sound right now?
- Allie, listen to me.
- No! Jessica's been
nothing but supportive
ever since she got here,
and she hasn't asked
for a thing in return.
- She asked to live with us!
- I don't know what's going on
with you, Syd,
but you seriously need
some help.
- Allie!
[door opening and closing]
[car engine revving up]
- I'm really sorry, babe.
[muffled rock music playing]
- It had to have been Jessica.
- Framing somebody is
one thing, but murder?
[Sydni sighing]
- It's the only thing
that makes sense.
- None of this
makes sense.
- Aaron would have
fought those charges.
And he would have won.
She must have known that.
- It's a pretty elaborate way
to get rid of somebody.
[unsettling music]
- Oh, my God!
- OK, what's it gonna be?
Breakfast Club
or Pretty In Pink?
- I don't think I'm really
feeling movie night tonight.
- What happened to Aaron
was tragic, I know,
but we can't let ourselves
be dragged down.
Remember what your father
used to say,
"Always look
at the bright side."
- I'm not really
seeing one right now.
- I know. But you will soon,
I promise.
Besides, you've got
a birthday coming up.
Maybe we could start
planning your celebration?
- Um, maybe.
- Doesn't have to be
a big thing. We could invite
some friends from school,
Erica, your sister.
- Sydni's got
her own problems right now.
- Yeah, she hasn't been
around very much lately.
Is everything OK?
- I don't know.
- Where is she staying?
- At Tommy's.
- Oh.
Well, one thing
I know for sure,
your sister loves you
very much.
She's gonna try her very best
to be at your party, I'm sure.
- Excuse me?
- Office is up front.
- Mr. Thomas?
- Who are you?
- My name's Sydni.
Cameron Timmons
was my father.
- I'm sorry
to hear that.
- I just wanted to know--
- Want to know what everyone
else wants to know, but really,
nobody wants to know.
- The report said that--
- I know what the report said.
The report said
I didn't do my job.
The report said
I failed to inspect
the fuel lines.
The same fuel lines
I've been inspecting
for damn near seven years.
- So, then
what really happened?
- All I know is
I did the preflight
on that plane,
as always,
and she was 100%.
- So you're saying
someone tampered with it?
- Unless you believe in
paranormal activity
of some kind.
- Then why wasn't there
an investigation?
- There was.
They couldn't find anything
conclusive in the wreckage,
and, uh, apparently
nobody had anything to gain
financially speaking.
It was just
cleaner and easier
to put it all on me.
- What if someone did have
something to gain?
- Well, you could try
telling the cops.
I sure wouldn't mind
getting my job back.
- What? So the sister
is the problem now?
- Not a problem,
just an inconvenience.
She's been calling
this number a lot lately.
Must be one of her boyfriends.
Tommy something.
Can you get me
an address?
- Yeah, I can do more than that.
- It's alright. I'll take
care of her.
- Hey, why don't you try
taking care of me first.
- [softly]: OK.
- Come on, Jessica! I spend
more than this in a night out.
- It's all I can get
at the moment.
- So you came to me
because you couldn't do
what needed to be done.
You wanted your baby daddy dead;
now he's dead.
You wanted his lawyer dead;
well, he's dead too.
- Cole, please--
- You see?
What you and I have here,
it's like a marriage. Mhm?
"For richer or for poorer
'til death do us part."
- Oh! And that guy
she was with,
his name's Cole Flannery.
Did, like, three years in prison
for money laundering.
- And you're sure
that's the same guy you saw
outside my house?
- Pretty sure.
- Now, do you think I'm crazy?
- We still can't prove
any of this.
- Well, we're a hell of a lot
closer than we were before.
Now maybe that detective
will believe me.
Here, hand me my phone.
- [Jessica]: Can I offer you
anything, Detective Peters?
- No, thank you.
I don't want to take up
too much of your time.
- Whatever we can do to help.
- Maybe your daughter
has some homework to do.
- Anything you have to say,
Allison should hear.
I have no secrets from her.
- Can you tell me
where you were
on the night
of Aaron Martin's death?
- Of course. I was right here
at the house with Allison.
- How do you know
Cole Flannery?
- We dated back in high school.
- And now?
- When I came to town,
I needed a car. I'd heard
he was in the car business.
- Among other things.
Anything more I should know?
- He gave me a good deal.
What's all this about?
- We're looking
at Mr. Flannery in a number
of felony investigations.
- Oh. I had no idea.
Seemed like
such a gentleman.
- Hmm. Far from it.
[Jessica sighs.]
- Well, I suppose I should
keep my distance then
and return the car.
- You can use
Dad's car.
It's just sitting there.
- That's very sweet.
Thank you.
Is there anything else,
Detective Peters?
I really should get
dinner going.
- No. We're good for now.
- Great. If there's anything
else, you know where to find me.
[Bee Beep!]
- Hey, Jessica.
- Hey!
I'll just finish my coffee, and
then I'll drive you to school.
- Don't worry about it;
Syd's picking me up.
- She is?
- Yeah, she texted me last
night, said she wants to talk.
- Oh. Well, that's
probably a good thing.
[police siren beeping]
- Police! Hands
where I can see 'em!
- What did I do?
- You tell me.
Is there anything in here
I need to worry about?
- No! What do you mean?
- That's what I mean.
- That's not mine.
- Turn around!
- Are you kidding me!
- You're under arrest.
- What?!
Oh, my God.
This is a mistake.
Oh. My. God.
- Now you're telling me
that she framed you too?
- She must have just grabbed
my spare keys from the house!
- Oh yeah, yeah.
And I bet you've never
done drugs either.
- I'm no angel, alright?
I've probably
partied more than a...
Definitely partied more
than I should have,
but everything I'm telling you
about Jessica is the truth.
I swear to God.
- I have to tell you,
I have found no evidence at all
that Mr. Martin's death
was anything but a suicide.
- You have to look into
my father's death.
- Your father?
- Speak to the mechanic
who worked on his plane.
- Look, if you don't want
to go to jail,
you're gonna have
to make the judge believe
that you're ready
to turn things around.
That's what you need
to think about right now!
- [Jessica]: Thank you so much
for seeing me.
- [Mr. Kelton]: Of course.
Is Allison OK?
- All things considered,
I'd say she's doing
remarkably well.
I haven't
seen you since...
So sorry about
your partner.
- Thanks. As well as you think
you know someone...
- We all have
our burdens to bear.
- So what can
I do for you?
- Well, over
the last few weeks,
Allison and I have really
gotten to know each other.
- I'm glad.
- When I signed away
my rights as her mother,
I was in
a really bad place.
I thought I was doing
the right thing.
Maybe I was.
I probably couldn't have given
her what she needed then,
but now I can.
And that's why I'd like to start
the process of adopting her.
- How does Allison
feel about it?
- She doesn't know yet.
It's her birthday
tomorrow, and I was hoping
to surprise her.
- You know that Aaron had
his reservations about you,
about your motives.
- I do.
- And Sydni.
- Yes. I'm well aware
of her conspiracy theories.
I'm just so glad you were able
to get her into rehab.
Hopefully now,
she'll get the help she needs.
Mr. Kelton, I learned
a long time ago
that there's nothing you can do
about what people think of you.
All I can do
is be the best mother,
the best person
for Allison
and trust that
it's enough for you,
the courts
and most importantly,
my daughter.
- Well, if it's truly
what Allison wants,
you'll have my support.
- Thank you.
- Jessica.
- What are you
doing here?
- You told me you were
coming to meet with the lawyer.
- We shouldn't be seen together.
- The cops came to see me
last night. About you!
Now, how the hell
did they connect us?
- I don't know,
but it doesn't matter.
- Yeah, it matters.
They are always looking
for a reason to take me down.
- Well, if you're as good
as you say you are, then
they shouldn't find anything.
- You better not be thinking
about cutting me out.
- Cole, relax.
We're in this together, OK?
We just need to be a little
patient and keep our distance.
- OK. For now.
- I have to ask,
are you absolutely sure
you didn't leave any loose ends?
You are my only loose end.
- And you are mine.
[indistinct chatter]
[inaudible talking]
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Thanks. Helps
keep me busy.
- Yeah.
This is kind of
- Allie won't return my calls.
- Put yourself in her place.
I mean, that's her mother.
[phone ringing]
- You have to help me
convince her.
- Sure, but how?
- We just need
one solid piece of evidence,
one crack in that woman's story.
- I don't know
what else to do. I mean,
she didn't exactly leave
a trail of breadcrumbs.
- Well, Jessica said
that she read
about my dad's plane crash
in the paper.
- Yeah, I remember.
It was all over the news.
- Come here.
So, that must be what brought
her here from Seattle.
- OK.
- So if she planned it,
then don't you think
she would have come before?
- So...?
- So, if she was here before,
then we could prove
she's lying.
- Come on, that's not anywhere
near enough for the cops.
- It might be
enough for Allie.
- Do you know where
Jessica was staying?
- Allie mentioned it once.
She had lunch with her there.
The "Garver," I think.
- I don't think I know
anyone in the kitchen there,
but I must know
someone who knows someone.
I might need
some cash.
- That's one thing
I've got.
- Hey, man.
- Yo.
Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
[phone ringing]
- [Hello?]
- Hey, Cole, it's me.
I know what I said,
but, ummm,
I have something for you.
- You're sure
you weren't followed?
- I'm sure. Circled around
just like you said.
What is this place?
- I dabble in real estate.
It may not be pretty,
but it's private.
- Yes, it is.
- Now, that's
more like it.
Better not be singles.
- Oh, it isn't.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Oh, I never kid about money.
- Come on, Jessica, we both know
you're not a killer.
That's what you need me for.
- Oh?
But I don't need you anymore.
- Ugh!
[Cole moaning]
- Perfect.
- [woman]: Thank you.
[cell phone dinging]
- Hey, guys,
I gotta take that.
- [waiter]: Two. One medium.
- You were right.
Jessica checked in the Garber
two weeks before the crash.
- Are you sure?
- [Tossed a little extra,]
but the guy I talked to,
he got someone to print out
[a copy of her bill.
And apparently,]
[she skipped out on paying.]
- When can you get it?
- I was gonna head over
right after work tonight.
- [Can you get it any sooner?]
I really need to get to Allie.
- And you want me to
get it to her?
- She has to hear it from me.
I know how to talk to her.
- What are you gonna do?
Bust out of rehab?
- It's not exactly
maximum security over here.
- Syd--
- [What? All they can do]
is just send me right back.
[Tommy sighs.]
How soon can you be here?
- Happy birthday
To you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Dear Allie
Happy birthday
To you
- Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much.
I wasn't sure
about celebrating
today. I may have
lost a lot, but...
I have a lot too.
- Dude, make a wish
before the fire trucks show up.
[all laughing]
[suspenseful music]
[indistinct chatter]
- Bring on
Bring on
- Something new
I'm ready to show you
all that I can do
It's gonna be rockin'
That's all I can say
Raising a star
for the world
To meet
- There you are.
- Yeah. I just
needed a minute.
- Wanted to give you your gift.
- What is it?
- Open it.
- Does this mean...?
- Means I'd very much like
to be your mother again.
[cell phone dinging]
- All the way
- I'll be right back.
- It's time to get down
to the floor
- Hey, Allie!
- I'll be back in a second.
- Allie!
- What are you doing here?
- What? Did you think
I was gonna miss your birthday?
- Sydni...
- OK, it's about Jessica.
- Not again.
- Look. Come here, come here.
Just hear me out for one second.
I have to show you something.
- Her hotel bill?
- Look at the date
that she checked in.
Two weeks before Dad's crash.
Two weeks!
- It's a mistake!
- Allie, it's not a mistake.
She lied to you. She's been
lying this whole time.
- There's gotta be
an explanation for this.
- Look, I know this is
hard for you to hear,
but all this woman wants
is your money.
She couldn't even
pay that bill.
- She...
she said she wants
to adopt me.
- Of course she did. Because
that would make it legal.
Then your money
is her money.
- Allison?
[unsettling music]
- Go ahead, Allie.
Ask her. Ask her
why she lied to you.
- I never lied to Allison.
I'm calling the police.
- Oh, good. I think
they should know too.
- Know what?
- Why did you
come back here?
Back to Philly?
- I told you.
- Tell me again.
- I read about your father.
This isn't right.
- It sure as hell isn't.
- No, I meant,
I read about your father
after I got here.
- It's not
what you said.
- Allison, don't you see
what she's doing? She's just
jealous of what we have.
- What's the matter?
Too old to snag
another rich husband?
- How dare you.
- She planned this
from the start, Allie.
She had Dad killed.
And Aaron too!
- Allison, sweetheart,
I'm your mother.
- My mother?
My mother died.
- Allison, please.
- Stop it, please.
Just stop it! You're not getting
any of my dad's money.
[menacing music]
- That's my money.
Your father made me promises,
but then he left me
- So you killed him?!
- I tried talking to him.
All I wanted was just
a little bit to get by,
but no! He didn't listen!
- How could you?!
- You have no idea
what it's like, do you?
To have nothing?
Of course
you don't,
you rich, spoiled, entitled--
- That's no way
to speak to your mother.
- Back the hell off.
- And you...
you selfish, little bitch.
- Take it easy, lady.
- I should have killed you too.
[dramatic music]
[Sydni choking]
- Leave her alone!
- You should have
been a good little girl
and listened to your mother!
- I'm calling the cops!
[Tommy grunting]
[Sydni coughing]
[serene music]
- Plus, I can ride my bike
to school from here.
- So jealous.
- Allie, did you check the pie?
- I lready took it
out of the oven.
- Hello!
- Ah, finally,
the guest of honour! Hello.
- Sorry, we just
finished packing.
- Sure... "packing."
- You're gonna have
your hands full with that one.
- Um, do you need
any help in the kitchen?
- Just have to finish the salad.
- Say no more, I'm on it.
- Seems like a keeper.
- He just might be.
- I think
your mom and dad would approve.
- Yeah, they would.
- Alright, boys,
let's sit for dinner.
- I can't believe
I'm already leaving tomorrow.
- I know, right?
- School starts in three weeks,
but I'll be
back for holidays, OK?
- Plus, I can come and visit.
I mean, Manhattan's only
a 19-minute train ride.
- Oh, would you guys
hug it up already?
[gentle music]
- You're a pretty cool kid.
- Runs in the family.
- Alright. Let's eat.
- This looks delicious,
Aunt Monica.
- Thanks, Allie.
- See what you'll be missing?
[indistinct chatter]
[soft music]
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[train siren]