Killer of Sheep (1978) Movie Script

Oh, lulla-lulla-lulla Lullaby bye,
Do you want the stars to play with
or the moon to run away with?
They'll come if you don't cry.
So lulla-lulla-lulla lullaby bye,
in your mother's arms be sleeping.
You let anyone jump on your brother again,
and you just stand and watch,
boy, I'll beat you to death
I don't care who started what
or whether he was winning or losing.
Boy, you get a stick or-or-or-or-or
or a goddamned brick.
Get anything, and you knock the shit
out of whoever's fighting your brother,
cause if anything was to happen
to me or your mother,
you ain't got nobody except your brother.
And this goes for him too,
but he knows.
You're the one that keeps coming up
with this off-the-wall bullshit about
Henry started it.
Now, if the son of a bitch is too big for you,
you come get me.
You are not a child anymore.
You soon will be a goddamned man.
Now, start learning
what life is about now, son.
Oh, lulla-lulla-lulla lullaby bye,
do you want the stars to play with
or the moon to run away with?
They'll come if you don't cry.
stop right here.
Get him, get him, get him.
Get that mother.
You dirty little...
hey, man, quit bullshitting.
Hey, stop!
Can't you see the man's hurt?
You old poop butt.
You all right?
Who hit him with that rock, man?
Man, I didn't man.
Let me see, man.
Let me see your sore, man.
Aw, that doesn't hurt.
You poop butt.
Hey, man, who you calling a poop butt?
Hey, man, why don't we just
go to the Vicksburg...
Hey, man, why don't we just
go to Vicksburg Club, man,
and watch the hos go in and out?
Naw, man.
If anyone told ma that they even saw me
on the same block as the Vicksburg Club,
shoot, man, my ass is hers.
They'd have to call the police
to drag her off me.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Come on, man
Stan Jr., where you going?
I'm going to get my BB gun.
Push, you guys.
You ain't doing it. Push.
Hey, man, what you doing?
Hey, man, what you doing, man, to my shoes?
Hey, you gone and broke
the motherfucking antenna, man.
Oh, man, don't worry about it.
What you looking at, punk?
I'll kick your heart out.
Man, let's get on, man.
You ain't seen nothin'.
Man, black gone and called the police, man.
Hey, man, I just...
Hey, man, come back here, man
Man, no, man
Oh, man.
No, man, I got something for him.
No, man, no, no
I'm heading for that punk
No, man, I'm gonna fuck him up.
Man, I ain't playing.
I wonder, my little darling,
where can you be again tonight
while the moon is shining bright?
I wonder.
My heart is...
just working myself into my own hell.
I close my eyes, can't get no sleep at night,
no peace of mind.
Why don't you kill yourself?
You would be a lot happier.
Go out like Johnny Ace.
No, I'm not gonna kill myself.
Got a feeling I might do
somebody else some harm, though.
When was the last time you been in church?
Back home.
Since then, I've done a lot of things.
Haven't done nothing yet
that would make the devil blush.
I don't have any trouble sleeping.
I ain't ashamed of nothing I can't help.
Hey, what's going on, killer?
Where's my BB gun?
Mama threw it away.
Hey, boy, stop acting
like you ain't got no sense.
Daddy daddy
Daddy daddy
Young man...
I got to go, man.
What's going on?
Oh, man, that cat's something else.
Here come Bracy and Ernie Cox.
I don't want them asking me for any money.
I'm going out the front.
I see the wife got you towing the cart.
I say Oscar must have been here.
How do you know that?
He's the only one I know
that wears that Old Spice aftershave.
Oh, say, man, if you want to catch Oscar,
he just left.
So you want some coffee, man?
Yeah, black.
Say, what does this remind you of
when you hold it next to your cheek?
Not a damn thing but hot air.
Didn't it remind you
of when you're making love,
how warm her forehead gets sometimes?
Just like this?
So I don't go for women who've got malaria.
So how y'all been doing, now?
Walking the streets all night,
We passed here about 3:00 last night,
and we saw the lights on,
but we decided to keep on stepping.
Why didn't you stop?
I'm always awake.
Yeah, counting sheep.
Man, I guess it's time for me
to get ready and go to work.
Hey, man, maybe me and Ernest
can luck upon a slave
if we's lucky.
He played one,
he played knickknack on my thumb
with a knickknack, paddy-wack,
give a dog a bone,
this old man came rolling home.
This is old man, he played two,
he played knickknack on my shoe.
With a knickknack, paddy-wack,
give a dog a bone,
this old man came rolling home.
Now I'm craving your body.
Is this for real?
Temperatures rising.
I don't want to feel
I'm in the wrong place to be real.
Whoa, and I'm longing
to love you just for a night,
kissing and hugging and holding you tight.
Please let me love you with all my might.
Reasons, the reasons that we hear,
the reasons that we fear,
our feelings won't disappear.
and after the love game has been played,
all our illusions were just a parade,
and all our reasons start to fade.
la-la-la-la- la-la-la-la.
la-la-la-la- la-la-la-la.
la-la-la-la- la-la-la-la.
you never smile anymore.
I used to think you was just tired.
but I think deep down inside,
you worried, and you ain't happy.
Don't nothing ever make you want to smile?
Why don't you try to get some sleep?
I can do the dishes tomorrow.
Hey, y'all, stop whistling.
hey, y'all, look out
Hey, boy, you got to move before you get hit.
What is America to me?
A name, a map, the flag I see,
a certain word, democracy?
What is America to me?
The house I live in, a plot of earth, a street,
the grocer and the butcher
and the people that I meet,
the children in the playground,
the faces that I see,
all races, all religions, that's America to me.
Mother's there, expecting me.
Father's waiting too.
Lots of folks gathered there,
all the friends I knew.
All the friends I knew.
Hey, Stan.
Can you come out and play, man?
That's my hope-to-die buddy.
Come on out of there, man.
I know you here.
Hey, man.
Let me have a buck, man.
Hey, Stan, open the door, babe.
Come on out of there.
say, look here, we need
to rap with you a minute, man.
go on, Tell him the plan.
Jive turkey.
See, look here, man.
You understand, we need a third man,
you understand?
Somebody recommended you.
Now, let me tell you, man.
It's a one-to-five proposition off-hand.
Me and he face a dark day
if we ever go before the man.
Hey, man, look, I don't want to hear it.
No, I don't want to hear it.
wait a minute.
Let the man tell you the deal.
Well, look, man, you know somebody
that keep their mouth shut?
Yes, you do, man.
And won't blush to murder?
Man, you know more kind of
people like that than I do.
Who the hell told you I'd help you
do away with somebody, anyway?
A friend of yours.
That don't make no difference, man.
Say, look man, we're gonna do
the actual killing.
All we want you for is the unnecessary details.
Just be in the background, you know.
Don't want to hear it.
Why don't you let me borrow your Roscoe?
Man, I don't keep no gun.
Why you always want to hurt somebody?
Who, me?
That's the way nature is.
I mean, an animal has its teeth,
and a man has his fists.
That's the way I was brought up,
God damn me.
Right on.
I mean, when a man's got scars on his mug
from dealing with son of a bitches every day
for his natural life,
ain't nobody gonna run over this nigger,
just drylongso.
Now, me and smoke here,
we taking our issue.
You be a man if you can, Stan.
Wait-you wait just one minute.
You talking about be a man; stand up.
Don't you know there's more
to it than just with your fists,
the scars on your mug?
You talking about an animal?
What, no, you think you're still
in the bush some damn where?
You're here, you use your brain;
that's what you use.
Both of you nothing-ass
niggers got a lot of nerve
- coming over here, doing some shit like...
- wait a minute.
What do you mean, wait a minute?
I ain't gonna wait a minute,
cause if it was wait a minute,
you wouldn't ever come in the first place.
And you're gonna sit here
and let them do this?
Wait a minute; look at Stan.
What has he got? he worked all his life.
What have he got?
He doesn't even have a decent pair of pants.
All we trying to do is help the nigger.
Hey, you can't live if you afraid of dying.
Is that right?
Is that right?
Forget it, man. Forget it.
Let's go.
Come back here, girl, and put on your shoes.
If you get sick,
I ain't got no money to take you to the doctor.
Mot dear, can I have a dollar?
say, old longheaded boy,
how many times did I tell you,
don't call your mother mot dear?
You ain't in the country or something.
Got to keep on rocking to another day.
Keep bumpin', yeah.
I'm gonna shine my way.
Got to keep on rocking to another day.
Keep bumpin', yeah.
I'm gonna shine my way.
Got to keep on rocking to another day.
Can't get me, Janice.
You can't run fast.
Get out of my way, you skags.
Who you talking to?
I know you're not talking to me.
Kick his butt, Suzie.
Ugly fag.
I'm gonna tell your mother on you.
I'm gonna go get my big brother.
Is he fine?
Come and get your old raggedy bike.
You dog.
You got to come get this raggedy thing.
You better take it home.
Yeah, like I said, man,
You know, this apartment here is beautiful.
But god damn, how you gonna live
in this apartment building
with all them fucking kids,
all them motherfucking people bugging you?
If you want to go out in the backyard,
You got to share it
with four or five other tenants.
Girl, come on in this house.
Haven't I told you about
listening to grown folks talk?
What do you want with another
raggedy-ass car for, huh?
Just trying to get ahead, man.
You niggers are sick.
Now you think you're middle class.
Man, I ain't poor.
Look, I give away things
to the Salvation Army.
You can't give away nothing to Salvation Army
If you're poor.
We may not have a damn thing sometimes.
You want to see somebody that's poor?
Now, you go around and look at Walter's.
Now, he be sitting over an oven
with nothing but a coat on
and sitting around there,
rubbing their knees all-day
and eating nothing but wild greens
picked out of a vacant lot.
Now, that ain't me, and it damn sure won't be.
And tomorrow, after I cash my check,
let's go over to Silbo's and buy that motor
and put it in.
Right on.
How come you're not in the streets?
I need some money.
I need some money.
Get yourself together and get out of here,
because you know you're a no-good woman.
You get yourself in line.
It brings sorrow to my heart.
Tears fall from my eyes.
It brings sorrow to my heart.
Tears fall from my eyes.
Well, my baby...
Shut off this damn car and go
buy us some Johnnie Walker,
and leave that damn ripple shit at the counter.
Man, baby, I'm feeling tired.
Get your ass up,
and don't roll your eyes at me.
Hey, Mister, you want to watch that car door?
Oh, don't get mad.
I'm sorry.
May I help you?
Need a check cashed, please.
- This is y'all's check?
- Yes.
- This is your check?
- Yes.
Hell, no.
Hi, Stan.
What can I do for you?
Uh, I want to know if I can cash a check.
Hmm, maybe.
How come you don't come and work for me?
I don't know.
Liquor stores get robbed too much.
I'd just hate to get shot in a holdup.
Oh, I'd protect you.
You could work in the back with me.
He takes care of the register.
You think about it.
It's a warm proposition.
What's the matter?
You better sit down.
Hey, why don't you separate the money,
and, you know, you won't
have to pull it all out?
Who beat you up?
None of your damn business.
Adolf and Boulevard jumped on him.
Hey, what's happening?
What's happening, old dude?
Hey, who's been working on you?
Adolf and Boulevard kicked his ass.
Who kicked him in the face?
What did he do that for?
He didn't have nothing else to do
with his hands and his feet, nigger.
Yeah, he kicked your ass
for being so smart, huh?
What till I get on my feet.
I'm just going outside.
Okay, baby.
How come you're not going to school?
I've been sick.
You're gonna fall behind.
Can you play cards?
Suit yourself.
All I got is $10.
I told you.
what is this, A damn regular sideshow?
How is my sister married to such
A silly ass, foul-mouthed dick?
How come me and you ain't never got together?
What would you do?
I wouldn't know what position to take, mama.
You dirty dog.
You ought to find yourself a place to stay
instead of sponging off my sister.
This is my uncle's house too.
Well, tell this nigger to shut up then.
Don't you have any money?
I ain't got nothing but $5.
That's all.
Tell him we'll give him $15.
All we got is $15.
Don't sell them nothing, uncle, hear?
Hey, man, why don't you be cool?
You know, you would be a good-looking fella
if you didn't frown so much.
Who, me?
Some sisters told me I look
just like Clark Gable.
You about as tasteless as a carrot.
You always in an old nasty frame of mind.
Tou're just a regular hardship case.
Someone always trying
to revive your poor ass
or give you first aid.
Always feeling sorry for yourself.
If I don't, nobody else will,
and you're just an all-day sucker, bitch.
Sil, she kicked your nephew over here, man.
Sil, man, come over here, man, to sit by him.
I've got more important things to do.
My hair is falling out.
Sil, man, he's bleeding.
Why'd you have to kick the son of a bitch
in his damn head?
Sil, you'd better come over here
and see about your nephew.
Can't you see I don't give a damn?
He shouldn't have run
his damn mouth so much.
Give me $15 for the motor
and a shirt for collateral,
and it be slick.
You got that?
We're gonna do this.
Go all the way down.
You all right?
We got one more step down.
One more?
Got it?
Argh, raise it; get it up.
It's on my finger.
- All right, you got it?
- Yeah.
- You got it now?
- Yeah.
Just leave it there. It'll stay there.
No, it won't, man.
Let's push it back up in there.
It'll stay up there.
You all right? Huh?
Just smashed them a little bit.
I think it'll be all right.
Should we put this all the way back up there?
It'll stay there.
Just leave it there.
Let's get going.
It'll stay on there.
Block is busted.
How it ain't no good.
May as well forget it.
It ain't no good.
It's busted.
Nothing we can do with it.
All that work for nothing.
Just leave it to me.
Don't ever be ashamed.
Just give me a chance.
I'll take care of everything.
Your troubles I'll share.
Let me know, and I'll be there.
I'll take care of you
Anyplace and anywhere.
shake a hand, shake a hand.
shake a hand, shake a hand.
shake a hand, shake a hand.
Shake a hand, if you can.
Be truthful to me.
I'll be truthful to you.
I'm in love with you so,
and I don't know what to do.
So let's call it a day.
I said all I have to say,
except don't forget to pray
and shake a hand every day.
Throw my goddamn shades down.
Throw my goddamned shades.
You can forget about living when I catch you.
The only thing that looks good dying
is a rose.
Hey, Truman Doyle.
Truman Doyle, wait a minute.
Hey, Truman Doyle.
Is that you, man?
Who the shit does it look like, man?
It looks like somebody
that owes me some money.
Look, man, I ain't got
nothing but my good looks.
But look, do you know where
we can get us a few bucks at?
Yeah, go rob a damn liquor store.
Look, you look better going
than you did coming, anyway.
So get on, nigger.
Come on, Gene.
Why don't you go into the house
and put some shoes on?
Shit on you.
This bitter earth,
well, what fruit it bears.
what good is love,
mmm, that no one shares?
And if my life is like the dust,
ooh, that hides the glow of a rose,
what good am I?
Heaven only knows.
Lord, this bitter earth,
Yes, can be so cold.
Today you're young.
Too soon you're old.
But while a voice within me cries,
I'm sure someone may answer my call,
and this bitter earth,
may not, oh, be so bitter after all.
Memories that just don't seem mine,
like half-eaten cake,
rabbit skin stretched on the backyard fences,
my grandma.
Mot dear, mot dear, mot dear
dragging her shadow
across the porch,
standing bare-headed under the sun,
cleaning red catfish with white rum.
Come get me.
Don't do that.
Where the dog at?
That mother sucker fucker.
Come on, dog.
Keep running.
This is a mean old world
try to live in by yourself.
This is a mean old world
try to live in by yourself.
Can't get the one you love
and have to use somebody else.
I've got the blues.
Gonna pack my things and go.
Yes, I've got the blues.
Gonna pack my things and go.
well, I guess you don't love me...
450, 451, 452, 453,
453, 454, 455, 456, 451,
452, 453, 454,
455, 456, 450, 452, 450...
Can't you count?
Count yourself, then.
Look at them old ugly girls.
Your daddy.
You want to come on, want to fight, then?
Okay, I'll see you later.
All right, take care.
Hey, man.
So what did you do today?
Got to find me a job.
Tomorrow's Saturday.
Let's go to bed.
Catch a rat, cat
we needed food in the house.
You shouldn't have spent your last dime
to get this car fixed.
That ain't right.
If things come to worse,
we can always sell it.
What are we gonna do about it now?
How's it going, Dian?
Ain't nothing to it, you know?
What it is?
Not too much. What are you doing?
Oh, just trying to get this old car together.
Yeah. Look, let me give you a hand.
Oh, here, take this.
Miss Sally gave me $5
for cleaning behind the garage,
and she gave me some peaches too.
Thanks. I'll pay you back.
Go on, you can have half.
No, thank you.
It's getting late.
Let's go in and have some coffee
and see what my guests are doing.
I'm gonna get up in the morning.
I believe I should go back home.
I'm gonna get up in the morning.
I believe I should go back home.
I'm gonna find my baby,
acknowledge that I done her wrong.
Are you happy now?
Got a point.
You've got a point right here.
Nine, nine more points.
What's wrong with you?
You're going crazy.
Shoot the dice.
Well, you know she's a mean, wild woman
about to drive me out of my mind.
Hey, brother, why don't
you two fellas come on,
get in the game, man?
Back 'em up nine, yeah.
Going over the street sign.
And I said all I could think of
Was the blood getting to my head.
Huh? Huh?
And Alma Jean, all I could see,
her was wearing that cascade on her head
that looks like a birdcage.
so her Boulevard, as she calls him,
fire to her jibs
bring the rest of the stuff.
Man, what is your problem?
I don't have time.
We gonna get us something to eat.
I don't have time.
Boulevard kept circling the five-four ballroom,
Thinking we can get some music
and some food together.
I said-I said, Alma Jean,
tell this nigger of yours
that don't he know we can get 15 years
for him acting felonious?
Get out of the way.
You ready?
Come on, get in the car.
I said, Alma Jean,
don't you know that nigger
of yours can get 15 years
for being felonious?
Don't you know people are changed?
Man, we're ready to go.
We don't act like this no more.
Get in the car.
Gene's gonna drive me till I swear.
Don't go so damn fast.
We might miss where we're going:
the country, please.
If I had a few bucks,
I'd bet it on that old son of a bitch
in the ninth race at Los Alomitos.
How much you paying, child?
Ten-to-one odds.
That ain't enough.
Catch one of them long shots.
Hell, this is a long shot, shit.
Ten to one?
Yeah, ten to one.
That's a long shot.
Look, man, I told you to have a spare tire
and don't be coming out here
in the middle of nowhere.
I got to get to this race
out at Los Alomitos, man.
Lookit here in the ninth race.
I got me a nag, man,
that I know is gonna come in.
I got me some money, man,
and you ain't got no spare.
Look, look, look. aw, shit.
Man, I'm out here singing the blues.
Got my money on a horse that can't lose.
You out here on a flat.
I always told you to keep a spare,
but you's a square.
That's why you can't keep no spare.
Now how we gonna get there, huh?
We'll just have to ride back
on the rim, that's all.
I ain't got no spare.
We'll ride back on the rim.
Stan Jr. done left this house open.
I'm gonna kill that boy.
It's gonna rain.
And the roof still needs fixing.
Daddy, what makes the rain?
Why it's the devil beating his wife.
Is that all I get?
Stan Jr.?
Stan Jr.
You know you hear me calling you, boy
I know that boy heard me calling him.
Oh, girl.
Well, well.
Look who's visiting.
Honey, tell me why you're wearing
that pretty smile on your face.
Well, she's gonna have a baby.
I thought her old man was shooting blanks,
but I see he's dropping bombs
on occasion, I guess.
This bitter earth,
Well, what fruit it bears.
What good is love,
Mmm, that no one shares?
And if my life is like the dust,
Ooh, that hides the glow of a rose,
What good am i?
Heaven only knows.
Lord, this bitter earth...
Yes, can be so cold.
Today you're young.
Too soon you're old.
But while a voice within me cries,
I'm sure someone may answer my call,
and this bitter earth,
may not, oh,
be so bitter after all.
I'm just going home.
I'm just going home.
Going home.
Killer of Sheep (1978)
Hamidreza Mirforughy
from Persia
v1.1 - 2022