Killer Reputation (2019) Movie Script

I know it's you.
My call time is in two hours!
What do you think you're doing?
I'm not having this
conversation again.
Go on, get out.
You're pathetic, you know that?
It was a mutually
beneficial arrangement.
It's business.
You of all people
should've known that.
My god.
I'm sorry, stop!
Mr. Baskin,
Hollywood's not standing for
that kind of behavior anymore.
It's what I do, okay?
I appreciate beautiful things,
beautiful women, you know.
If they got offended,
I promoted them.
That's a win-win, right?
I mean, why can't
we just say that?
that's basically just hush.
Why don't we announce a
big donation to Hands Off?
That's a hash tag.
The foundation is
Speak Out Safe.
Why don't we launch
an anti sexual harassment
program online?
They already have one.
You know what?
I don't hear any good
ideas coming from you.
All right.
Tell the truth.
That's a great start.
What else you got?
Listen, I think maybe you're looking
for a different perspective.
Absolutely not.
You, you're perfect.
You're young, you're hungry,
I'll say it,
attractive, you know.
If you fix this,
I'll give you all my PR
work for years to come.
- That is a
very generous offer, Mr. Baskin,
but I started my own firm so
that I could choose my clients,
clients that I would
be proud to represent.
Come on.
Don't you feel the rapport
here a little bit, you know?
I mean, the connection?
No, not really.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have another meeting.
All right, how about
I triple your rate?
It's not always about
money, Mr. Baskin.
Well you know what?
Your agency's probably gonna
tank in the next month anyway.
Where's mommy?
Mina, you know where she is.
The gallery.
Anyway, how was school?
Aw, honey, why's that?
Juan didn't choose me for
his soccer team at lunch!
Are boys always jerks?
Sometimes they grow
up to be idiots.
Auntie Adrienne, why
can't I go to mom's show?
I've been so good.
Honey, it's got
nothing to do with that.
You're perfect.
Trust me, it's just gonna
be a bunch of old people
standing around doing
boring old people stuff.
I don't care.
I want to go.
And anyways, you're not old.
I put the whole
thing together.
I have to support her, you know.
I guess.
But I have hired the best
caterers in the entire city,
and they make these
amazing mini cheesecakes.
I'm gonna bring you home more
than you can eat in a week.
No, in a month.
Or a year!
You're the best aunt ever!
I kind of am, aren't I?
this is a fantastic opening
you've thrown for Emily,
but what if nobody
buys anything?
Is she gonna be
able to handle it?
She could have
another breakdown.
Have a little faith, Ramona.
Whatever happens, we'll get through it
together like we always do.
Well, she
does have your genes.
Mona, look around.
Everybody loves it.
No, thank you though.
Honestly, this
soiree makes me miss
having you work for me.
Remember that when I come
crawling back for my old job.
Stop it.
You were born to
run your own shop.
We need to talk.
Emily, I am so sorry, but look,
it's only been a couple of hours,
and I have always said,
...your work, it's very specific.
- Specific?
This is all a process.
Well you should've warned me.
This is your fault.
Wait a minute, what?
I sold my very last piece.
I am going to kill you.
Come here.
Those two trophy
wives over there
actually got into a bidding war.
- Of course they did.
Thank you.
And seriously,
thank you so much.
I mean, this is all you.
No, stop it.
Go talk to that man over
there with the fedora.
He writes for the Times.
Seriously, can't you just let loose
with me one night, please?
I will, I will,
after you do the
rounds one more time.
Now go.
Go on, I got this.
I deserve this.
Adrienne, Carly Nicks is dead.
No no, that's
just an internet rumor.
No, they've confirmed it.
They found her in
her home, strangled.
My god, what?
According to who?
It's on TMI Today.
Carly Nicks was sitting
comfortably on the A list,
with an Oscar nom expected for
her role as a deaf activist,
but early this morning, Carly
Nicks was found strangled
in her home.
What kind of monster
would take the life
of America's sweetheart?
This guy.
Carly's estranged
hubby, Gareth Nicks,
who is currently playing
the role of an innocent man,
another assured flop.
However, Gareth's
manager, Phil Navarro,
claims he was with the washed-up
has-been the entire night,
to which I say
sure he was, Phil.
This is TMI Today
where too much information
is just enough.
Are you okay?
Yeah, of course.
It's just it's
been a long night.
Carly's estranged
hubby, Gareth Nicks,
whose last two action flicks,
well, flickered out.
However, Gareth's
manager, Phil...
I can't watch this anymore.
I'm going to bed.
How could Ramona not know that you
and Gareth used to date in college?
You're not hiding it that well.
I need to take this down.
The internet's forever.
Ramona would've
just pressured me
to bring him in as a client.
We were young.
It wasn't that serious.
Excuse me, three
years is serious,
and you were crazy about him.
How do you even remember?
You were a self-involved
Well I'm still self-involved.
Doesn't mean I
don't pay attention.
You broke up with him, right?
It was that year.
I didn't want him
staying with me
just because he
felt sorry for me.
Is there something
you're not telling me?
Well Hollywood's a small place.
You guys must've
bumped into each other.
We saw each other
for coffee a few times.
It was always awkward.
Why, because you
were scared of him?
Because I broke his heart.
Good morning.
Where's mommy?
Did you know that koala bears
are actually really mean?
Well, cute isn't
always kind, young lady.
You promised me cheesecake.
I'll make it up to you.
I will bring you something
home tonight, okay?
In that case I'd
rather have flan.
Do you even know what flan is?
Pudding in the
shape of a turtle.
You are strange.
So, you know who's
really strange?
You kind of like
this Juan, don't you?
No, gross.
Boys are disgusting!
Plus, I'm way too young.
Good girl.
Have a good day.
Don't forget my flan.
I won't.
Gareth Nicks,
still a person of interest,
seems to be laying low lately.
Why could that be?
Stay tuned, because this'll
only get juicier, people.
That was my turn.
It's incredible.
What is?
That Gareth Nicks could do it.
Hey, let's, let's
talk about you
and why you're thinking
of changing PR firms.
You don't actually
buy his alibi, do you?
Well I don't have any reason
to believe that he's lying.
Phil Navarro.
You know he pretended to be
from Texas for a whole month
when he was trying to sign me?
Did he?
- Yeah.
Well, look.
I think that I could
be a huge asset to you.
Now you would be my first country
music star, but regardless...
Do you have any snacks?
I'm sorry, I'm not
trying to be rude.
It's just I'm coming
off this cleanse
and I feel like my whole
body is eating itself.
I had some peanuts, but...
I will see what I can find.
I'll be right back.
Bass drum
Overdrive system
It's blowing up my mind
I can't decide
Call Adrienne Kleiner.
Hi, you've reached the offices
of Adrienne Kleiner.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Phil Navarro.
We need to talk.
In person if we can.
It's urgent.
It's about Gareth Nicks.
How'd you recognize me?
You have worn
that exact outfit
in like the last
four of your films.
So you watch my movies?
Gareth, honestly,
I'm exhausted.
No no, I'm sorry.
Listen, I'm sorry
about the whole...
I was just, I was just
waiting for you to get home
and, and then you did
and I froze, you know.
That was really creepy.
That's not the impression
I wanted to make after
that many years.
Why are you here?
Well actually my manager was
gonna call, you know, Phil,
but, I think it'd be better
if we talked face to face.
You know, I'm sorry.
I should go.
Gareth, do you realize that
every tabloid in Hollywood
is hunting for you right now?
You can't be out like this.
Yeah, hence my lame
and completely useless disguise.
Five minutes.
It's important.
Five minutes.
Go around the back.
I don't want you waking
up my sister and niece.
Come on, Gareth.
You know everyone
is gonna expect
your manager to lie for you.
In the court of public
opinion, I'm already convicted.
I need a solid PR campaign
to revise the narrative.
No, no.
Gareth, please, don't.
look, if I do choose
to represent you,
and that is a big if,
you need to level with me.
Do you need me
to pinky promise? - Don't.
I am never gonna lie for you.
All I do is tell the truth so
that it is fully understood.
All right, let's start again.
Why are you here?
Because no one else
will return my calls.
That's honest.
I didn't kill her, Adrienne.
You know me, and you know
I'm telling you the truth.
I need you.
I have coffee ready.
Now tell me what
happened with Gareth.
Just a minute.
Did he lose it when
you told him to get out?
Wait, you don't think
he's innocent, do you?
Yeah, I believe that you're
innocent until proven guilty.
Didn't you start your own firm
so you'd never have
to work with creeps?
Among other things.
So, okay, why?
Are you still hung up
on him or something?
Well it's not like you've had a slough of
serious boyfriends since you guys broke up.
Maybe I don't want a slough.
You don't even date anymore.
Why would I have
the time to date?
I barely have time to
have dinner with you guys.
Yeah, that's a choice.
Yeah, it's me choosing
to pay our mortgage, Em.
Yeah, and what would
I know about that?
I'm sorry.
I don't want to fight.
I get it, you're
worried about me.
I know.
People change, sis.
- Not that much.
Well I did.
Or do you still think I'm
about to fall apart again?
No, absolutely not.
Just like you needed
me to believe in you,
I'm choosing to believe in him.
And he needs me.
Adrienne and Gareth
sitting in a tree
- Quiet.
Stop, this is a business call!
Navarro Talent Management.
Hi, it's Adrienne
Kleiner for Phil Navarro.
Hi, Miss Kleiner.
He left a message?
Yes, Mr. Navarro's expecting your call.
He's working from home today.
Okay, let
me get an address for you
and I'll email it to you.
What time should he expect you?
Just leave word that
I'm gonna drop by at 3:00.
Have him call me if
that's a problem.
It's Phil, go.
Hey, Phil.
It's Adrienne Kleiner.
I'm sorry, I was here
a little bit early.
I just thought...
All right, well, that'll
be all, Miss Kleiner.
Miss Kleiner?
Thank you for your statement.
Can I go?
Of course, of course.
Um, we'll, we'll call you
if we have anymore
questions, all right?
Everything okay?
Adrienne, wait up.
Are you all right?
How did you get away?
Did he hurt you?
No, I just found him.
How are you even here?
I have my sources.
Lots of them.
Word is he was desperate
to talk to you.
- No comment.
Look, I can play nice.
Okay, I know your reputation.
I know you're one
of the good ones,
which is why we're gonna
pretend you were never here.
Thank you.
As long as you
drop Gareth Nicks.
I'm making it my
business to sink him
and anyone who helps him.
What has he ever done to you?
This is Hollywood, honey.
He's ratings gold.
And don't pretend.
You're in the game
just like I am.
I may be nice,
but I do not scare easily.
That's only because
I haven't said boo yet.
I have got nothing to hide.
One segment about Adrienne
Kleiner the killer lover
and your life becomes
very complicated.
No, Gareth has an alibi.
Had one.
You know, maybe
Phil knew the truth
and Gareth didn't think that
he could keep a secret, so...
No, maybe not!
Regardless, this doesn't
bode well for anyone,
you especially.
Ramona, come on!
You have repped way
worse people than this.
Yes, and I had the
funds to defend myself
if the story became about me.
Point taken.
- Yeah.
Look, if you have to do this,
just promise me
you'll be discrete.
I'm well aware
of the potential...
That's a voice mail.
Hi, my name is Ian Coulter.
I'm actually at your office.
I need to talk to
you about Gareth.
What's going on?
Someone's just
shown up at my office.
They have information
about Gareth.
And the plot thickens.
I'll talk to you later.
Hey, be careful.
Hi, I'm Ian.
So you're the one that got away.
Excuse me?
Gareth, that's what he
always used to say about you.
Are you sure he
was talking about me?
You look even
prettier in person.
Thank you.
Um, okay, wow.
Please, take a seat.
Tell me, how do
you know Gareth?
Um, so I've, I've
known Gareth for years.
I've, I've been his
stunt double,
Whoa, that is quite a while.
Yeah, it's been a long time,
long enough for me to
know that, you know,
Gareth would never harm Carly.
Yeah, I know.
How would you feel about
talking to Nikki
Leone about Gareth?
Who is she?
Never mind.
She's the host of TMI Today.
It's a celebrity gossip show.
She has made it her mission
in life to bury Gareth.
You don't want to know.
How about you just say to her
basically what you told me,
that Gareth was nothing
but kind to Carly?
Let's just stress that
Gareth really wanted
to get back with Carly,
but not in a stalkery way,
if you know what I mean.
- Yeah, no.
Yeah, I can do that.
Thank you.
- It was great.
Really great meeting you.
You too.
Turns out Gareth and Carly
were headed for splitsville,
and a source close
to the washed-up star
told me that Gareth
was heartbroken
and ready to do anything
to make her stay.
And now enraged die-hard
Carly Nicks fans
have stormed his home.
How did they know
where he lived?
This girl isn't telling.
Gareth, darling,
you probably should
just fess up.
He'd be much safer
in a prison cell.
This is TMI Today where
too much information...
No, what have I done?
What have you done?
I sent Ian to tell Nikki that Gareth
wanted to get back together with Carly.
And now I've made it worse!
Much worse!
Well, maybe this was a sign.
What do you mean?
That taking on
Gareth was a mistake.
Isn't that Gareth's car?
Actually, Gareth caught
me eyeing his on set,
and the next day I rolled up
and that was parked in front of my trailer
with a giant bow around it.
Next time you should
compliment his house.
How do you know where I live?
Not entirely appropriate.
No, please, don't be mad.
I just wanted to
apologize in person
because I think I got a little
nervous during that interview
and I may have said
the wrong thing.
No, you did nothing wrong.
It was my idea.
My bad idea.
No, that, that's
not true at all.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just not as good
at this as I thought I was.
All right, you know what?
I think someone
needs a pep talk.
How about I take
you out to dinner?
I would love that.
But I really have to
put out this fire first.
But you're welcome to
come in for coffee.
You know what?
I'm, I got myself in
enough trouble already.
How about just give me a ring
if you need anything, okay?
See ya.
All right, bye.
Gareth, you could
get a gardener.
All right.
It's about time.
Yeah, well it's not easy
walking like a mile uphill
to sneak around back.
Well I didn't want you to wade
through the crazies out front.
Let's talk inside.
Somebody was flying a drone
an hour ago and woke me up.
Woke you up?
It's like 1:00 in the afternoon.
- Yeah, what's there to wake up for?
I don't understand.
I lined up another PR firm for you,
which I have hand-selected.
Of course you have.
They deal with
major corporations
facing nasty public lawsuits.
Like when a chemical company
gives a whole town asthma.
I am out of my
depth here, Gareth.
Or you just want
off a sinking ship
that could tarnish your
stellar reputation.
Gareth, I tried.
You tried?
That's Adrienne, folks.
She tries.
Give her a gold star.
You didn't deserve that.
I'm sorry, it's...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I just, I just,
I haven't been sleeping.
I, I'm stuck in my own house.
I'm going a little nuts.
I know you're doing
everything you can.
Get off my property!
That's it, cops said
they couldn't do anything
until they trespassed
on my property.
Where's my phone?
You don't have a landline?
- What am I, 80?
I'm gonna check upstairs. Can you check
my car? It's in the garage, it's unlocked.
Where am I?
You're at my place.
Here, drink this.
What happened?
Well, somebody rigged
my car to fill with gas
while simultaneously
locking you inside.
I'm assuming it
was meant for me,
given there's a mob of Carly
Nicks fans on my front lawn
who'd prefer I was dead.
Half the window is
still in my hand.
Where are the police?
Why am I not in a hospital?
So I was about to call
911, but you were breathing,
so I decided to...
I could've died.
Yeah, but the internet said
as long as you were breathing
and I could get you out of...
- Really?
You went on WebMD for 10
minutes and you're a doctor now?
I'm a murderer, Adrienne.
No no no no no.
According to those people
and half the world,
thanks to Nikki
Leone and TMI Today,
I killed my wife.
Do you understand?
What do you think
is gonna happen
when they find out another
woman almost died in my house?
I get it.
I get it.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry.
I just, I didn't
know what to do.
You're okay, right?
Thank you.
And on another
note, you're fired.
I just can't let
something happen to you.
I quit already, remember?
You tried to quit,
but now I'm firing you.
All right then.
What are you gonna do?
I mean, you can't stay here.
I already booked a
suite at the Rembrandt.
Which will be fine
until the concierge
calls Nikki Leone.
Fine, you're rehired.
What do I do?
just stay with me.
Stay with you?
Just until all of
this blows over.
Doesn't Emily live with you?
And her daughter, Mina, yeah.
And you're sure
this is a good idea?
Don't worry, all right.
It'll be fine.
What the hell were you thinking?
- It's temporary!
Yeah, of course it is,
because any second now the cops are gonna
break down the door and drag him away!
He's not safe at his house!
Not my problem!
I would never do anything
to jeopardize you two!
- Yeah, well you just did!
He's staying, Emily!
This is my house!
Yeah, thanks for the reminder.
Hey Emily.
Been a while.
Look, Gareth, I just really...
Look, I thought it
was a terrible idea too,
but your sister wouldn't budge.
What happened to your hand?
I just cut it making a sandwich.
Not very eventful.
Yeah, I bet.
I, I, I can't, I gotta go.
Is mommy mad?
No, she'll be fine, sweetie.
I promise.
He's Rolo, did you know?
I didn't think anyone
actually saw that movie.
The wizard that
moved to the suburbs?
Yeah, it's in, what,
like your top five?
My top one.
Number one.
Hey Mina, how would you feel
if Rolo stayed
with us for a bit?
Yeah, you bet.
Want to come see my room?
I don't know, can I?
Or is it so messy I'll
need a cleaning spell?
A cleaning
spell, those don't exist.
Okay, I'll go clean my room.
Well done.
Hey, how about I make
dinner for you guys tonight?
My carbonara might even
thaw out your sister.
Sure, but I've got plans.
Do you?
You know the guy.
What, you got an issue?
No no no no no,
he's a solid guy.
He's a magician when it comes
to cars, guns, and stunts.
Cool, I'll keep that in mind
next time I need help
busting through a window.
Why don't you try and
whip up that pasta
and win over my sister?
All right, no pressure.
Come on, you're an actor.
Just pretend to be someone
she doesn't want to
kick out of the house.
I, got you something.
Aw, thank you.
They're beautiful.
- Thanks.
Hey, I just have
to go get my purse.
Can you wait here one sec?
Okay, I'll be right back.
- Okay. - Okay.
Here we go.
- I want a lot.
Okay, here we go, a lot.
Are you ready?
Rolo's magic pasta.
- That's enough.
- Gareth.
What's going on?
Hey, guys.
Adrienne is letting
me crash here.
It got a little
weird at my place.
You're, you're staying here?
Yeah, crazy, huh?
Yeah, not everyone's
thrilled about it.
I am.
Although if everything
you cook tastes like this.
Hey, you guys could always eat in.
I made plenty.
That's okay.
I made reservations.
She made reservations.
Next time.
Yeah, for sure.
Hey, we should catch up.
It was really good to see you.
Hey Em, do you mind
putting those flowers
in a vase for me?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Bye, guys.
Hey pal, have
her back by 11:00.
I will be home when I please.
She's the boss.
Is there bacon in this?
I love bacon.
Well then yeah,
there's bacon in it.
Hey, was that awkward?
No, we're ancient history.
Why, was it
uncomfortable for you?
No, no, no, not at all.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize
that you were
gonna come in and...
We're good, honestly.
You know, I wanted to take
you somewhere before dinner.
Do we have time?
Reservations aren't until 8:00.
All right, but it's, it's
not for the faint of heart.
Sounds like a challenge.
You up for it?
Why not?
Game on.
It's gonna be a good time.
Good time, huh?
Good time with my stuntman.
What is that?
I've done this a
thousand times, trust me.
Are we almost there?
Hey, are you all right?
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
It's just 20 years
of stunt work,
that's what it'll do to you.
My knee is practically
titanium at this point.
Have you seen a specialist?
After a while they just
prescribe you more painkillers.
I'll live.
Come on, it's just,
it's right over here.
It is beautiful.
Yeah, top of the world.
You know,
I always told Gareth that he
should take Carly up here.
What, with his
fear of heights?
You knew about that, huh?
- Yeah.
You know, when he
finished The Dark Cult,
he drove for two straight days
to avoid flying home from set.
That is even more dangerous,
statistically speaking.
Carly, she used
to fly everywhere.
It drove him nuts!
- I bet.
What do you think
happened with her, honestly?
Some disturbed fan.
You know, you're
one of the few people
that believe that he's innocent.
Because whoever did
that to Carly is evil.
Gareth isn't evil.
You seem certain about that.
You know, he would've stuck by me
during the most difficult year in my life
if I had let him.
That's Gareth.
Can I trust you?
Yes, no, of course.
Someone is trying to kill him.
What, who?
They rigged his car.
They tried to make it look
like he had committed suicide.
Okay, that's crazy.
I know, right?
I went into his car to get his cellphone
and I got trapped inside.
I almost died.
Okay, maybe it's too dangerous
for you to be around Gareth.
Maybe you just need to...
Gareth's the only
reason that I'm alive.
He pulled me out.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, it's,
it's just I lost
someone a few years ago,
someone very special.
I am so sorry.
My mom passed away
when I was 20.
I know it's not the same, but...
It casts a dark
shadow, don't it?
It really affected Emily.
She's always had issues, but
it just made it so much worse.
Her brain wasn't wired right.
She fought it with
meds, everything.
Having Mina helped.
But geez, it has been
a long, difficult road
to get her back on solid ground.
She's lucky to have you.
Thank you.
But with everything that
we have been through,
I feel like I'm the lucky one.
Gareth was right about you.
You are the one that got away.
How was your night?
Hey, for old times sake.
For old times sake.
So, what have you been up to?
I've just been sitting here
regretting every
decision I've ever made.
Come on.
I would say those decisions
led you to an incredible life.
And they got you Carly.
But if I'm being honest,
she wasn't always a picnic.
Was it hard watching her
become more and more successful
while you are struggling?
Actually, no.
I mean, that's what
everybody thinks,
but, I've had a blessed life.
It was her turn, I get it.
Well so, what was the problem?
She'd been cheating on me.
Geez, I'm,
I'm sorry.
She eventually fessed up,
and I never figured
out who the guy was.
When we decided to reconcile,
she broke it off with him.
Gareth, Carly has a jilted ex
who has ample reason to have...
This could exonerate you!
I'm not gonna smear
her to save my own butt.
You hired me to
do a job, right?
I'm telling you, you don't
have the luxury to do that.
You know, after
Emily put Mina to bed,
we had a chance to talk.
About what?
About the year we broke up.
About your mom.
About Emily's problems.
Why did you keep that from me?
You were on your
way to a new life.
A new life that was
supposed to include you.
My mom was dying.
My sister was off her meds.
I was in college.
I'm allowed to have
made a few mistakes.
So dumping me was a mistake?
All right, I have
to be up at 5:00.
Good night.
Hey, Mina.
How was school?
You're late.
15 minutes tops.
Will you forgive me?
Guess what?
I told everyone that Rolo
was staying at our house
and no one believed me.
Juan called me a liar,
so I said that he'd be at
our play date on Saturday.
You, me, and your mom
were gonna keep that
between us, remember?
I know, it was just too
exciting to keep a secret.
And people shouldn't be
keeping secrets anyways.
It's rude.
So he can come?
Let's get ice cream.
Well, that's a
mess of your own making.
What would you do?
I'd ask my former boss to help
save the day because she just...
So help me.
Come on, I am not in the mood.
Okay, relax.
I went along my secret grapevine
and I, found this
ripe little number.
I don't get it.
Just press play.
- My god.
Come on buddy, I got you.
- Gareth. - Come on, stay with me!
Where is this from?
It's from a behind-the-scenes documentary
from Gareth's movie Overdrive.
He risked his life!
And someone who risks
his life like that
for another human being,
they don't kill their wife.
Why has this not
come out earlier?
A second stunt driver
died in the accident.
The studio buried the story.
This was pre TMI Today, when
you could actually do that.
This is huge.
So use it.
Or don't use it.
I'm gonna leave it up to you.
I owe you one.
Just get through all
this craziness with Gareth,
then back to
building your dreams,
and then we'll be even.
Hey, thanks for meeting me.
- Yeah, what's going on?
What is this?
Where'd you get this?
Why didn't you tell me
that Gareth saved your life?
I'm not mad.
I just,
I don't understand.
Well you remember how I
said that I lost someone?
She was the one that
died in the crash?
Her name was Diana.
Ian, I am so sorry.
I don't have to use this.
No, no, it's okay.
Diana would've wanted that.
Are you sure?
Of course.
And it's for Gareth.
We have to.
Whatever I can do.
- Hey.
Hey, where's Gareth?
Mina asked him to tuck her in.
And he did?
You don't say
no to my daughter.
You know that.
And we'll read more tomorrow.
One more chapter.
It's already way
past your bedtime.
I'm not tired.
How about a night nap spell?
What's up?
I told all my friends
that Rolo was going to
be at our play date,
and I had no idea
it was a secret
that you were staying with us.
That stinks.
And now they all
think I'm a liar.
That's not okay.
Maybe Rolo can do
something about that.
After all, he does
have magic on his side.
No promises, but if you
try to get some shuteye,
I'll try to make
something happen.
Auntie Adrienne.
Can I borrow him?
Yeah, we're good.
Night, Mina.
Thank you.
Good night.
Come on buddy, I got you!
This makes you a hero, Gareth.
Diana still died.
That wasn't your fault,
and the public will
see it that way.
That's like using the
second worst day of my life
to make the worst one better.
It's not ideal.
I get that.
And what if that gets twisted
into something negative?
You pulled a man out of a
burning car at your own peril.
Unless there's something
you're not telling me.
Is there?
No, no no no.
Of course not.
Why would I lie to you?
All right.
I am gonna make sure
Nikki Leone gets her dirty
little fingers on this.
A source on set the
day of his big save
tells TMI Today that Gareth
Nicks overruled safety experts,
insisting the
stunt be performed.
What's even more interesting,
Gareth was widely rumored to
be sleeping with Diana Hilzer,
the stuntwoman who burned
to death in that crash.
Or does Gareth simply dispose
of women who try to leave him?
This is TMI Today,
where too much information
is just enough.
He lied to me!
Those are just rumors.
You knew about that?
Of course I did.
Everyone did.
But no one believed them.
Least of all me.
Look, Gareth would never
do something like that.
It's ridiculous.
But you're 100% sure
he wasn't having an
affair with Diana?
You think I'd still
be friends with him?
That'd make me pretty
pathetic, wouldn't it?
Did he pressure
you to do the stunt?
Adrienne, Gareth
saved my life.
He chose my life over Diana's
and I can't blame him for that.
No, but you can resent him.
It was my call, okay.
I chose to do the stunt.
I lost the love of my life.
And I took the blame for it.
Thanks for reminding me!
I'm sorry, it's just...
I never...
No one would hire me
in this town after that
except for Gareth.
He saved my career.
Yeah, I realize that.
It's just, look,
something is off here.
What, what, what?
What's off?
What's off?
What the hell do you
want from me, dammit?
You two are more
alike than I thought.
Adrienne, I'm sorry, please!
I can handle those.
It's fine.
You saw the show?
Good guess.
Do you even know
why I'm helping you?
I know you don't want anyone
to know you're helping me.
That's right.
I have a business to run
and a family to feed.
But I'm still here, aren't I?
I appreciate everything
you're doing for me, Adrienne.
Did I not ask you
very specifically
if there was something
that I should know?
I'm sorry.
I just, I couldn't
admit those things.
Especially to you.
So it's true.
All of it?
Can you let me explain?
- It's a little late for that.
I'm going to bed.
Put those away in the morning.
Don't do that!
What is that? - What, I thought
I heard someone in the house!
You have a gun? - For protection,
yeah. I've got a license.
How long have you had that?
- For years, why?
There is a child in
this house, Gareth!
What if Mina found it?
I've got a trigger lock.
I understand that you're upset,
but it's not like I'm being paranoid!
Someone was actually
trying to kill me!
Yeah, I realize that.
I was the one who
almost died, remember?
Look, I promise
I'll get rid of it.
This is way too much for me.
You're gonna have to find
some other place to stay.
I want you gone by tomorrow.
You know, I think your
daughter has a crush on Juan.
I know.
Wait, how many kids are there?
No no no no no no!
What, a little
sugar won't kill them.
Well if there are cookies,
why eat anything else?
What is it?
- Nothing.
Okay, well, I am hiding these.
Where's Mina?
- She will be down in a sec. Okay.
Hi, Juan.
- Hi.
Hi, guys!
Come on, come on, let's go!
I'll be there in a sec.
Do you guys ever call?
I was debating about
whether to say anything.
Say what?
Gareth, he's acting weird,
especially about you and Carly.
How so?
He keeps confusing you two.
I don't understand.
He keeps swapping your
names out for each other,
like, "I can't believe
anyone would hurt Adrienne,"
or, "Carly's so nice to
let me stay at her house."
It's weird.
He's not staying here anymore.
I kicked him out.
- Last night.
Well it's, it's
probably for the best.
I know he's not right.
I don't know, I, I thought
that I could help him.
You have helped him.
Look, he's a big boy, he
can take care of himself.
Well I've gotta...
Just know that
I'm here for you.
That didn't even make it in!
It did too!
I'm totally
gonna win this one.
I'm bored!
When is Rolo coming?
- Yeah, Rolo!
He's gonna be here.
Two in one!
- No he's not,
because he's not even real!
Be quiet, Juan.
Yeah, be quiet.
Rolo is a sorcerer
and you're stupid.
Hello, Mina.
- I told you!
How's my newest apprentice?
- Mina, have you been working
on your lightning spell?
- Yes!
Are there any other
young sorcerers among you?
Me, me!
- Come on, you guys!
- Rolo.
Aunt Adrienne, look who came!
At the behest
of sorceress Mina,
I'm here to find out,
are there any other young
sorcerers among you?
Me, me!
- Me me me me!
You, over there.
- Aw.
- Lucky Juan.
I've heard quite
a lot about you.
Bad things?
Everything okay up there?
Yeah, Ramona,
everything's fine!
Just a bit of roughhousing!
All right kids,
play date's over.
Everybody out.
Aw, Auntie Adrienne,
that's not fair!
downstairs, come on, out.
- But Auntie Adrienne!
Everyone downstairs.
What are you doing here?
I promised her.
I know it was a risk.
I figured if the parents
were downstairs...
Come on, Gareth.
That was irresponsible.
I know, I know.
I have never seen Mina so happy.
And the look on Juan's face!
I needed that.
Do you know how long it's been
since I made anyone happy?
Well I'm glad,
but I'm still gonna have
to ask you to leave.
I'm sorry, I know
you understand.
Of course I do.
There are times
when I see the Gareth
that I knew in college, then...
I get it, I get it.
We can't work together.
We can't.
But I may still
have one last move.
We'll see.
Adrienne, I don't
want you to do anything
that's gonna put you at risk.
I can't help it.
It's who I am.
Where will you go?
I'll be fine.
Ramona, someone
has information about Carly.
Well, they wouldn't say.
But apparently it's
information about Carly
that hasn't gone public yet.
Tell me that you're not
meeting some deep throat
in some parking garage.
Very funny.
No, they want to
meet at a restaurant
20 minutes from Malibu.
I'm going with you.
No arguments.
We're early, for Pete's sake.
What is the rush?
This guy has been riding me
for like the last two miles.
Don't freak out, but it looks
exactly like Gareth's SUV.
You're kidding me.
Or Ian's.
Are you kidding me?
They drive the same car.
Okay, great.
I am not gonna be collateral
in your little love triangle here.
Whoa, whoa whoa whoa!
What is going...
I, I don't know.
No no no no no no no!
Is Auntie Adrienne
going to be all right?
Yeah, she's
gonna be fine, honey.
Look, I think she's waking up.
I think you're right.
There she is.
So, apparently you're
No internal bleeding,
no broken bones.
Just a minor concussion.
Where's Ramona?
Don't you move.
I'll find out, okay?
If you get band-aids,
can I have some?
- What?
Mommy can take you
to the nurse's station.
I'm sure they have plenty.
Can we, please?
I'll be right back.
I love you, sis.
Love you.
Nurse, excuse me?
Hey, Simone?
Hey, honey?
Is your mom in there?
She's sleeping.
But she won't wake up,
even when I ask her to.
Honey, she will wake up.
She'll be all right.
She'll wake up.
You promise?
I promise.
I got here as fast as I could.
- What are you doing here?
I had to see you.
What did the doctors say?
Ramona is in a coma.
- My god, I'm so sorry.
What are you talking about?
Kleiner, it's Detective Phelps.
May I come in?
- Come in!
Detective Phelps.
We spoke at Phil Navarro's.
I remember.
How are you feeling?
Like I was just
in a car crash.
Did you find the driver yet?
Not yet, but we're on it.
I assure you.
Let me ask you a question.
Where were you headed when,
the collision occurred?
Earlier that morning, someone
had text me about Carly's murder
from an unknown number.
We were gonna meet them at a
restaurant north of Malibu.
And you trusted that they
were, telling the truth?
Yeah, they knew that Carly
had been cheating on Gareth.
Gareth and I are the only people
who could possibly
have known that.
Why is that?
Because Gareth had just
told me a few days ago,
and I am assuming it wasn't
Carly that was texting me,
You know what I think?
I think that they
were gonna tell me
that Carly's lover murdered her.
We've already
looked into that.
It's confidential.
Yeah, for the time being.
All I know is
the car that hit us
is the exact model that
Gareth Nicks drives.
It had been tailgating us
for miles before it hit us.
Wait, I know you!
I will not be
shushed, young man!
How about this?
Keep 'em coming!
Yeah, boy!
Thank you!
So Gareth Nicks, huh?
- Huh.
Well, that's a start.
Any idea where he is?
- Hiding.
Of course, right.
Well, if you see him,
you'll call us, right?
You can count on it.
A gift from Rolo!
Hey Adrienne, we're home.
My god, is that
who I think it is?
It's Ian!
What is he doing here?
Did you, did you tell
him to come here?
Of course not.
Listen, I just, I'd like
to talk to Adrienne.
Look, Ian, it's really not a great time.
I just need to talk to Adrienne.
Auntie Adrienne,
what's going on?
It's about Gareth, okay?
- Don't worry.
And FYI, you're trespassing.
It's about Gareth.
- Everything will be okay.
All right, Adrienne.
- Ian.
Are you okay?
Ian, what do you want?
Look, it's about Gareth.
He came to my house last night.
He was, he was spiraling,
and I think this time
he's out of control.
He's a big boy.
You said it yourself.
Yes, I know, but he came
to my house last night.
His car was demolished, the
entire back end demolished.
Em, wait, let him finish.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Look, he's done this before.
He's gotten plastered,
he's come to my place,
his car is totaled,
he brings it to my place,
I got a guy that can repair it
and he takes care of it discreetly.
All right?
But I swear...
he's done this before, and
last night he did it again.
Last night?
Yes, last night.
All right.
All right, Ian, I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.
Okay, okay, I'm going,
but please, Adrienne,
stay away from Gareth.
I'm convinced now
that he's dangerous.
I hired Marsh and Marsh.
From the looks of your
face, you haven't seen it?
You should've told me.
Gareth Nicks struck
again last night
as he's suspected
of ramming his SUV
into the car of his PR
rep, Adrienne Kleiner,
and her mentor, the
legendary Ramona Woodbury.
Ramona is in a coma.
Adrienne's status
is unconfirmed.
But as it turns out, Adrienne
was more than his rep.
The two were
college sweethearts,
reunited after Carly's death.
And apparently, the
two shacked up together
less than a week
after the murder.
Can you say pure evil?
And why did Adrienne
think she'd fare
any better than his wife
or that poor stuntwoman?
When you try to charm a
snake, you just might get bit,
This has been TMI.
True or false?
It's true.
All of it.
Why didn't you tell
me he was your client?
It's not like it never came up.
You're right, I should have.
Look, this wasn't an
easy decision for me.
I really like you.
It's just I gotta be
able to trust you.
I get it.
I gotta ask you,
why did you help him?
I mean, when the rest of
the world knew he did it?
We had history.
You loved him.
Yeah, at one point.
And I don't know, maybe,
but there was something else,
something that I can't explain.
Well, what is it?
This stays here, you promise?
Someone tried to kill Gareth.
You know this for sure?
I was there.
You see, they had rigged his car
to be like this,
this death trap,
but I was the one
that got trapped,
and Gareth,
he saved my life.
I didn't see that one coming.
Wait a minute.
Why keep that a secret?
I mean, isn't that all
the proof you would need?
You're right.
Thank you!
Thank you.
Peanut butter and jelly
the things I like to eat
Peanut butter and jelly the
things are perfect for me
I have peanut butter and
jelly in the middle of...
Hey, kiddo.
Where'd you go?
Hey, is your
Auntie Adrienne home?
Don't know where she is.
How about your mom?
Can I come inside?
Em, Mina!
"It's time for us to
be together at last.
"Meet me at my house
tonight at midnight.
"Please don't be upset
but I took Emily.
"Consider her collateral in
case you decide not to come.
"Undying love, Gareth."
Auntie Adrienne?
Are you okay?
Where were you?
He told me to
hide in the closet.
Who did?
- Gareth.
He told me not to come out
unless you or mommy got me.
Where is she?
She had to go out.
Honey, how would you feel
about staying the
night at Simone's?
Is something wrong?
I am gonna make
everything all right.
I promise!
Come on.
What are you doing?
- Adrienne, get inside.
Adrienne, help!
You're alone?
Yeah, but Gareth left a note!
You need to come in here.
Just listen to me!
You just need to listen to me.
My god.
My god!
Gareth drugged her.
- No!
I was worried about you.
I went to your house.
I walked up to the front door,
and I saw this bastard
carrying Emily's limp
body in his arms.
I thought she was
dead, Adrienne.
Why wouldn't
you stop him, Ian?
I thought you
were in the house.
I went in there
searching for you.
I looked everywhere!
I thought that he
killed you too!
And then I found the
note and I came here.
I tried to warn you, Adrienne.
I tried to warn you.
I am so sorry.
I'm calling the police.
No, wait!
No no no, wait wait.
No, you can't, okay?
No, he's gonna
blame it all on me.
I will tell the truth!
No, no, you can't do that.
Okay, it'll be his word against mine.
No, you can't.
Well then what can I do?
Look, I just want
this all to end.
Adrienne, no!
- Adrienne.
Look, it'll be self-defense.
I'll be your witness.
- No!
Look at what he did to Emily.
I didn't do that!
Ramona may never wake up.
Adrienne, if I didn't stop him,
he would've killed
you right here.
- Adrienne!
He's a murderer!
- No!
I wouldn't do that to you!
What are you waiting for?
I'm sorry.
Do it!
You know, I am so disappointed!
I thought there was
something between us.
But you know, I was
just probably being naive, like always.
My god.
Yeah, it was a test.
And guess what?
You failed.
Run now!
He stole the love of my life.
All Diana wanted to
do was please him.
Yeah, that's why she did
that impossible stunt.
And who got the blame
for it, huh, who, who?
Yep, not this guy.
Then, you know, Carly, she
started flirting with me.
Yeah, well, anyway, Gareth,
you know, I just
figured tit for tat.
You killed Carly!
- So you killed her?
You killed Carly?
What do you think you're doing?
- Yes, Adrienne, I killed Carly.
I'm not having
this conversation.
Now he knows what it's like to lose
someone you love and get blamed for it!
And Phil Navarro too?
No choice, a loose end.
Fortunately, Nikki
Leone came to the rescue
and pinned another
murder on my old friend.
You know, if Gareth had just
gotten in the car that night
instead of you,
it all would've been wrapped
up in a tight little bow.
And then there was you.
All you wanted to do was just
protect him,
save his name, clear
his reputation!
But why seduce me?
Isn't it obvious?
Trust, loyalty.
You know, I wanted you to
believe me, not this guy.
I never really
trusted you, Ian.
What are you talking about?
Gareth's SUV,
it never left his garage.
It didn't even have
a scratch on it.
The note,
maybe the guy that
I thought I knew
really did lose his mind.
Do you have any idea
how many love letters
Gareth wrote to me when
we were still together?
Letters that I've still
kept all these years later.
Gareth wrote in all caps, Ian.
It's all those little details.
So I called Nikki Leone,
told her everything,
knowing that she would
jump at the chance to cover
the final chapter
in Hollywood's most
talked-about murder mystery,
Say hello to Nikki Leone
and her 50 million fans.
We're live, remember.
Don't get shy on me.
You're fine, you're fine.
I wish that you could see
About me
I wish that you could see
One thing
About me
That I don't show
To everyone
And oh I wish
that you would see
About me
I wish that you could see
One thing
That I don't show
My wife.
I love you, Adrienne Nicks.
I have always loved
you, Gareth Nicks.
Always will.
Feel like
This is what's left
It's gotten past
the point of joking
It's gotten past the point
of being out in the open
It's gotten far