Killer Sofa (2019) Movie Script

It's here.
That was the perfect finale.
Do you wanna book a gig?
I'm the band manager.
I'm Inspector Bob Gravy
and this is my partner,
Inspector Rosane Grape.
- Homicides.
- Homicides?
We'd like to ask
you some questions
about an acquaintance of
yours, Frederico Olsen.
Did he kill someone?
This is my friend, Maxi.
She knows Frederico as well.
So what happened?
Maybe we should sit down.
The neighbor found his dog
playing with a human foot.
It's how we identified
the remains.
The guy was a loony.
One of those guys you just wanna
punch in the face, you know?
Punching someone in
the face is one thing,
cutting them into
pieces is another.
Did he try and
contact you recently?
I filed a restraining order
against him about two years ago.
Things got kind of out of hand.
Frederico was very
dedicated to me.
The guy was obsessed.
Francesca makes a habit
of attracting weirdos.
They're not weirdos,
they're just dedicated.
I'm sorry, this is so terrible.
Um, sorry, we've got to go now.
I'm having some
furniture delivered.
Really, what kind of furniture?
Um, a recliner.
We may need to ask
you some more questions,
if that's okay?
Sure, thank you, see ya.
Something about
her, isn't there?
I can see why they
all went crazy.
I don't see it.
I wanna seek out this
restraining order.
Okay, these chains are about
to go, are you guys ready?
Uh, just grab
it by the middle bit.
My hand!
- I'm stuck!
- Pull it up!
Lift it!
Okay, okay, you two,
go, take care of that.
- I'll finish this.
- Okay.
Go now.
I've a delivery
for Francesca Morton.
There's no Francesca here.
Are you sure it
doesn't say Maxi?
That's my granddaughter.
Must have got the wrong address.
This happens all the time.
I should give this
Francesca a call.
Hey, there's blood here!
Yeah, that recliner almost
chopped my mate's finger off.
- You're sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You were shaking on the ground.
Yeah, you can go.
It must have been the heat.
Now go.
That guy is so
annoying, honestly,
I don't know how you stand him.
I just like him
'cause he's not clingy.
You know he's gay, right?
Yeah yeah yeah,
well that was his fault,
I mean, he wanted to go.
Thanks for the ride, Maxi.
Do you need help
moving the recliner?
- TJ will help me.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So the cops found pieces of him?
That's pretty rad.
Is that why you're upset?
Of course it is!
This is a horrible thing, TJ.
Don't you think it's
strange what happened?
Not really, me and Josh
were in a cafe one time,
caught the dude taking
photos of us.
Why would he take
pictures of you?
He's just a weirdo.
Can you please
stay home tonight?
Come on, baby, you
know I can't do that.
Michael's getting
married tomorrow
and me and Josh are
gonna take him to town.
We could take a shower together.
I'm sorry.
Okay, bye!
Don't wait up for me!
Oi, Grandad.
What's up?
Oh, just something that
happened at the shop.
It's probably nothing.
Hey, I was thinking
about the shop.
What do you reckon?
I think we should create
a page on your website
where people can
put the dimensions
of the furniture that they want.
That's important, Grandad,
because people buy antiques
mostly to decorate their house
and houses are getting smaller,
there's not enough space, so.
You sure it was a dybbuk?
Yes, and a strong one as well.
I saw a young woman
running through a forest,
some people were chasing
her, she was in danger.
Jack, you know what this means?
That you have the
gift like your father.
Foxy body you have!
Maxi, what are you doing?
You told me to come over.
Are you okay?
Just felt like there
was somebody else here.
What's that smell?
Oh shit, the popcorn.
Jealous lover?
A secret.
Well, you like cars,
I like collecting secrets.
Might have to close the store.
Too many debts.
The antique business
isn't really doing so well
and I've been trying to
get some jobs on the side
but it's not really cutting it.
You should focus
on your music, Maxi.
You're really talented.
It's beautiful, but
I can't accept it.
Thanks for coming over, Maxi.
Stop thinking about
Frederico, okay?
What happened to him
was not your fault.
Come here.
As you know, the dybbuk
is a powerful spirit
that feeds on the living.
First thing to remember
is never touch it.
If you have touched a dybbuk,
you have established
a connection
and opened a door
to allow the beast
to enter your body
and your mind.
If you have touched a dybbuk,
you may soon experience
strange health problems
such as hives, coughing up
blood, head to toe welts,
crushing chest pains,
paralyzing headaches.
Don't even attempt
to face a dybbuk
unless you are in
perfect health,
physically and
especially mentally,
for it is the weak-willed
mind that will first succumb
to the spirit's flirtations
and manipulations.
Okay, what was that for?
For understanding
a girl's needs.
Huh, okay.
You didn't make
yourself anything though.
I'll do it.
- Cereal?
- Yeah, sure.
What did you get
up to last night?
I just stayed at home with Maxi.
I was really sad about
Frederico, you know?
I even had nights.
Oh, okay.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just a little
more drunk than I thought.
And you still had time
to bake cookies for me.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
What a freak.
Did you know Frederico
was into voodoo?
And that he even had a blog?
He had a lot of phases,
Inspector, I'm not sure.
Have you been feeling
okay health-wise?
Yes, why do you ask?
Just asking, that's all.
We saw that you had
filed restraining orders
against some of these
men in the past.
We also see in each
restraining order
you seem to provide
a different address.
The only constant
thing in my life
is my dancing and
my friend Maxi.
Look, I know what
you're thinking.
I know this looks strange
and it is very strange.
See, ever since I can remember,
I've had this effect on
men and sometimes women.
But men especially just seem
to get very attached to me.
You mean they become
obsessed with you?
- Yes.
- I already told you this.
So, have you had romantic
relationships with these men?
With some of
them, but Frederico?
No, we were just friends.
Of course, he wanted more,
they always want more.
Did any of these men
ever show violent behavior?
I don't know, what do you
mean by violent behavior?
Did they ever slap
you or punch you?
Yeah, I guess.
You guess?
You know how it
goes in the bedroom,
sometimes things get a little
violent, but it's okay.
Francesca, violence
is never okay.
Did you ever report
any of those incidents?
No, I don't mean
that sort of violence.
I mean, the sort of
violence that happens
when there's sexual tension.
Like I said, I've always
had this effect on men.
It's like they go crazy
for me or something.
Well, what about your,
um, your current partner?
No, he's somehow immune to me,
sexually, I mean, but
it's a good thing.
He's gay.
I just don't want people to
get hurt anymore, Inspector.
Aw yeah.
Ah, fuck!
You know, when
she's running around,
she never stops screaming,
every time she sees the baddie,
it's the screaming,
it's so cliched.
He looks awful, poor Frederico.
It's the same thing
I've seen for years
and years and years.
It's just crap, basically.
And the lead actor...
TJ, what is it?
I can't talk now.
I just hated him.
Shalom, Abba.
No, what do you want?
I think I've found a dybbuk.
Ugh, you are not prepared...
Or educated...
Abba, listen to me.
To deal with these matters.
You're dealing with things
that you don't understand.
Abba, I'm your
son, I have the gift.
You don't have the gift.
You don't even have the right
to call yourself a rabbi.
Oh, here we go again, we've
talked about this already.
I'm more than capable of
doing what we need to do.
People will get
hurt if you try to intervene.
Abba, I think the
dybbuk will try to do...
Let it do what it has to do.
Let other people deal with it.
Just get out of their way!
How do you turn this thing off?
So he's gonna be okay?
He keeps saying the
recliner's possessed.
I really don't know
what's gotten into him.
Maxi, there's
someone behind you.
Hi, Ashanti.
That's my grandad's
new girlfriend.
So where's TJ staying?
At his mum's.
She just lives three
houses down the street.
A dybbuk must feed on the souls
of its victims to get stronger.
Those who have come
across a dybbuk feeding
speak of a lingering putrid
smell of burnt flesh in the air.
They found burn marks
on walls and on ceilings,
pointing to extremely
powerful electrical currents
produced in the transition
of an unwilling soul
to a demonic dybbuk.
Whatever you do, never
interrupt the feeding process.
As the soul you are trying to
save has already been doomed.
Close your eyes.
Feel yourself going back.
What do you see?
The dybbuk!
Use your senses!
Use all of them!
Focus, Jack, focus!
She poisoned someone.
That's why they
were chasing her.
But why did she kill herself?
We need to find out
where that recliner is.
Tomorrow morning
we'll call every
delivery company in
the city if we have to.
Whoever has that recliner
is in great danger.
Who's there?
Why didn't you go to TJ's?
I rang the doorbell
and nobody answered.
Please don't make me
go up there, Maxi.
We'll just take a look, okay?
Well, it's not moving now.
Can we go to your place?
I don't want to
stay here tonight.
TJ, honey, I've got
to clean your room.
Hey, Francesca.
Oh, Ralph!
I'm really sorry, I have to go.
Have you thought
about what I asked?
I told you, I can't
marry you, Ralph.
I've got a boyfriend.
Maxi told me about TJ.
Horrible thing.
He has weak bones,
I have strong bones.
- We'd make strong babies.
- Babies?
I'm too young for
babies, Ralph, I'm sorry.
You've got to let
me in, Francesca.
Hello, Maxi.
It's Inspector Gravy speaking.
Can you come down to the
police station, please?
Francesca really
needs your help.
Francesca, when TJ was
dying, he left a message.
You know what I think?
I think he left this
message for you.
Do you think he was
trying to write Francesca?
I think Frederico and
TJ's deaths are related.
This list you gave us.
You think one of them did this?
- Who?
- You tell me.
Who would you say,
hypothetically, of course,
is capable of doing
something like this?
Yep, my cousin Ralph.
Remember that rubber glove
they found at Frederico's place?
- We've got a match.
- Warren Lee?
- Criminal record.
- Yep.
I think this could
be a two man job.
Finally, things are
starting to make some sense.
You're Francesca.
You're Francesca!
You're Francesca!
Oh Francesca!
Did you deliver a
reclining chair to an address
in the CBD within
the last few days?
Well, they delivered a chair
to a girl named Francesca,
but they wouldn't
give me her address.
What's the name
of Maxi's friend?
The girl who dances.
- Patricia.
- Isn't it Francesca?
- It's all too confusing.
- Who are you calling?
It's turned off,
I'll leave a message.
Hey Maxi, come home, we
need to talk urgently.
Maxi, this
really isn't necessary.
I wanna go home.
Trust me, you can't go home
until this thing is solved.
There's a killer out there,
could be looking for you.
I'll bring you your laptop
and your pajamas later.
But for now you can use mine.
Thank you.
And if you need
anything, you can call me.
I need to go meet my grandad.
- I'll be back soon.
- Maxi.
Do you mind just
passing through mine
and seeing if the
recliner's okay?
- What?
- Please.
You're hurting me.
I just need to know
that the recliner's okay.
Are you okay?
It's my sister's birthday.
I should give her a call.
Yeah, that's a great idea.
So this is an authentic prop
sword from Death Slayer VI.
You should go home
to your wife, Gravy.
She left me two weeks ago.
Took the kids with her.
This time, it's for real.
Gravy, the pressure cooker.
You need to let some steam out.
Do you wanna come
back to my place?
We'll drink some wine,
we'll blow off some steam,
- what do you reckon?
- No.
Thanks, I think I should
stay here and do some work.
Must be a popular model.
You know that friend you're
always hanging out with?
What's her name?
- Who, Francesca?
- No.
I told you it wasn't Patricia!
Who's Patricia?
I don't have time to
explain right now, Maxi.
But your friend is
in great danger.
That recliner she
bought is possessed.
I knew there was something
wrong with that recliner.
She hasn't been herself
since she got it.
Well, we need it.
There's no time to lose.
We've got to go get,
get, get it!
Stay with him, Ashanti, I'll go.
No, no, no, it's too dangerous.
Who's there?
Sorry, door was open, we just
wanted to make
sure you were okay.
You okay?
I'm worried about Maxi.
She left like two hours ago
and she's still not back.
- I think I'm hearing things.
- Things?
What kind of things?
I thought I heard someone saying
the name Valerie
out of the drain.
How long have you
been taking these?
I've been taking
those pills for years.
You said before you
were worried about Maxi.
Yes, she left like two hours
ago and she's still not back.
Okay, okay, just settle down.
We're gonna go there now
and make sure she's okay.
You can even come
with us if you want.
Maybe she left already.
And left her car outside?
These are Maxi's keys.
You tried calling her?
Try again.
Stinks here.
Oh, God.
Valerie, Valerie.
Valerie, Valerie.
This is bad, Gravy.
This is Maxi's grandfather.
We have to talk.
What do you think
happened to Maxi?
I don't know but she's
strong, she's very strong.
So can you help me?
I'll give it a try.
Why am I seeing
these dead people?
Sometimes fragments of
souls linger in this world.
Perhaps they're trying
to tell you something
or do something.
And this voice I keep
hearing, it says "Valerie."
But who's Valerie?
Valerie and Gerard, of course!
Here it is, Valerie
and Gerard Collete.
They were a french couple who
lived in Akaroa in the 1800s
and they practiced witchcraft.
Gerard and Valerie were
demonic soul eaters.
They used the highly toxic
petals of nerium oleander
to poison their victims.
They were found out
and chased by a mob.
Gerard was killed, burned alive,
but Valerie committed
suicide in front
of a peasant woman
named Marie St. Claire.
That's my great
grandmother Marie!
Marie suffered from
She claimed she had been
possessed by Valerie's spirit.
After she became
the center of fights
between men in the village, who
blindly fought for her love,
on several occasions
to the death,
she joined a monastery
and lived in isolation
until she passed in 1876.
Both Valerie and Gerard
had the power to ignite
obsessive devotion from
whoever crossed their path.
That's exactly
what happens to me!
But that's because Valerie
is living inside
of you, you see.
Dybbuks can move from
generation to generation,
especially within
the same family.
She was fully awakened by
the presence of Gerard.
They simply wanna
be together again.
Gerard's in the recliner!
Yeah, somehow a
portal was opened
and Gerard inhabited
the recliner!
It was Frederico!
He was obsessed with the occult
and the detective said
he was into voodoo.
But something's
still not right here.
You see, a dybbuk always
needs a human body to cling to
and if Valerie is
clinging to you
then Gerard would be
clinging to Frederico, but...
Frederico was cut
into little pieces.
He's dead.
Yeah, it's a mystery all right.
Okay, here's our plan.
One, we build two dybbuk boxes.
Two, we put the
dybbuks into the boxes.
Three, we burn the boxes.
It's gonna be a long night.
Stop thinking
about Frederico, okay?
What happened to him...
It was Frederico!
He was obsessed with the occult!
What is it, Rabbi,
how can I help?
Okay, I'll call for help!
It's an emergency,
I need an ambulance!
Why were you trying
to leave the country, Warren?
Look, I saw Frederico on
the news and I freaked out.
Did you kill him?
No, I didn't kill him.
But you were at his house.
What were you doing there?
He asked me to cut his legs off.
I don't know why.
I just thought, the
less I know, the better.
But you're a
veterinarian, Warren.
You're not even a surgeon.
Look, I left him alive, yeah?
It's not like I left
him bleeding out.
I sutured him up and
I gave him some drugs.
I figured the guy would
go to hospital eventually.
I even got him to
sign a contract
to say if anything happened I
wouldn't be held responsible.
You think this means anything?
I don't know, look,
I know what I did was wrong,
but if it wasn't him...
Here's how it's gonna work.
You take us to where the body
is and we'll get you a deal.
I already told you
I didn't kill him!
And how do you even
know he's dead?
Have you even found a body?
Well, here we are, detective.
Ralph Kilkelly's apartment.
Couldn't believe it when
I saw him on the news.
Horrible thing.
Yeah, he was an odd bloke,
not much for talking.
Always paid his rent
though, never late.
Hard to imagine such a thing
could happen in New Zealand.
Why do you think he wanted you
to cut his legs off, Warren?
Was there something
wrong with his legs?
The guy was into
some weird stuff, man.
I don't know.
All he told me was
that it was urgent,
he didn't have much time,
he was desperate to
get the legs off.
Oh yeah, he installed the
CCTV cameras in our building.
Worked at a store that
specialized in that sort of thing.
This is Francesca
Morton's apartment.
It's being recorded.
He was one of
those guys, you know.
He wasn't all there,
he was somewhere else.
You'd better give us
something soon, Warren.
Oh God, he was spying on her.
What the hell is that?
I'll be damned.
Get into the box.
Right now!
Get in the box.
Just into the box!
You're not gonna believe me.
Try me.
I think he wanted
to be able to fit inside a...
What, Warren?
A recliner!
Francesca, are you
all right in there?
I'm coming in.
No, thank you,
Inspector, I'm okay.
Where have you been?
What happened here?
Frederico was
inside the recliner.
Are you okay?
It's over.
So, you decided to
keep it after all.
I need to stop
running, Inspector.
I have to say, this
is a very unusual tea.
It's nice but it has
a very unusual flavor.
Would you like
some more, Inspector?
Yes, please.
Inspector Gravy?
Nope, Grape.
Just completed the
autopsy of Frederico Morton.
Date of death on the
file's incorrect.
What do you mean incorrect?
It was two days
ago, I was there.
The body I've got here's been
decomposing for at
least two weeks.
You're absolutely sure?
Yeah, this body's
been dead for weeks.
It's not unusual for a dybbuk,
after he's done with a human,
to use the human
carcass to store souls.
If the carcass becomes unusable
the souls will be transferred
to the nearest object
until the perfect host
body can be found.
Can I just say you're looking
ravishing tonight, Francesca?
Thank you, Inspector.
Please, call me Gravy.
So, you didn't bring your
pistol this evening, did you?
I would never bring
a gun to a date.
Let it go, Gravy.
Darling, look who came to visit.
Come to me, my sweetheart.
Welcome home, my love.
Emergency services.
You want fire, ambulance or...
Ambulance, I need an
ambulance and police.
Emergency services,
are you there?
If you get fooled by
the dybbuk's apparent
passive behavior, then
you've already lost.
So choose your battles wisely,
as the demon is a
formidable adversary.
And never ever underestimate
the seducing power of the beast.