Killer Vacation (2018) Movie Script

Okay, now we're going to
bring our feet together...
Find our sit bones and we're
going to begin breathing...
There you are!
I'd almost given up on you.
How about a toast to celebrate
our three month anniversary?
What are you doing?
What's going on?
Babe, what are you doing?
Please... please!
What are you doing
with the sales report?
Double checking it.
Lindsey, you've got to stop
going above and beyond.
I mean, I know you're good,
but you're making
the rest of us look bad!
I'm a team player,
you know that.
If there's something
wrong with the numbers,
I'm supposed to catch it,
not you...
Was there something
wrong with the numbers?
Not anymore...
Thank you!
I love you!
I owe you dinner.
Speaking of, some of the girls
are coming by this weekend
for wine and movie night.
So, what do you say?
Unless you already have
plans with someone else?
Nice try.
Come on, Lindsey.
At some point, you have to tell
me who this mystery man is.
Do I?
You've been dating
him for months now.
What does he do?
Is he hot?
You know I don't kiss and tell.
I know, and it makes me crazy.
I understand your concern,
but if you just look
at these quarterlys...
These results are not
what we expected from you.
And I'm doing my
best to improve them.
I'll take the report
home this weekend.
There's got to be some mistake.
A mistake?
Or we ordered more medical
adhesive than we sold.
And whose fault would that be?
Jake, every year we send you
to the medical conference
as our representative.
But this year, if these
numbers aren't up
I'm sending somebody else.
As head of sales, I
expect certain standards.
As my son in law,
I expect the best.
I won't let you down, sir.
You found the problem
and you fixed it. You...
Are amazing? I know.
I'm kidding, anyone
could have found it
if they knew what
they were looking for.
Well, Andrea in
accounting missed it.
Um no, actually, she
helped me figure it out.
I'll mention that
to Mr. Benson.
In the meantime,
this is a life saver.
The numbers are up, Mr.
Benson will be off my case,
and I'll get to
go to the desert.
Because of you.
You know what you need?
A raise.
Andrea, too!
Andrea, too.
I'll double check
these numbers tonight,
and if that's all good...
Then I'm going to run
it by Mr. Benson tomorrow.
I'm crazy about you,
you know that?
What would I ever
do without you?
Did you meet with the lawyers?
I did.
So the divorce is going through?
Not just yet...
Look, I know we've only been
dating for a few months,
but I just need to
know where we stand,
when we can be open
about our relationship.
Otherwise, I start to
look like the other woman.
Which I would never be.
I know, you're right.
You shouldn't even have to ask.
So then, what's the answer?
It's tough.
My marriage is over, but...
being separated from Gwen
and living in the guesthouse is
not the same as being divorced.
For me, it's not.
My lawyers have advised me
to wait a little while longer.
See if she cools off, let's
me go without destroying me.
Hey... I understand
that it's hurting you.
Look, I'm sorry that I
ever got you involved.
It was my choice.
I love you.
And I know it's soon to say,
so if you don't feel comfortable
saying it back, I understand.
But I want you to know that this
divorce is going to happen.
Because I can't lose you.
I just need you to be a
little more patient with me.
That's all.
I think that I need a
little time away from you.
So you can work on whatever
you need to work on.
Please don't leave me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, I'll be right here.
But you need to finish
what you started.
Mr. Johnson?
Lindsey Harris from sales.
I'm the new hire on your team.
Yeah, Lindsey.
We met last week.
I was working late and I...
Sorry if I'm interrupting,
but I thought it looked like
you could use a coffee?
Thank you, Lindsey Harris
from sales, but...
I'm good.
Actually I could use a friend
right now, if you don't mind.
Just to talk to...
I just don't want to be alone.
I understand.
Can I ask you something,
Are you married?
Maybe you wouldn't understand.
I was engaged once.
What happened?
I called it off.
He was jealous and controlling.
And I realized that
I'd rather live life alone
than live like that.
That's why I moved here.
New city, new job, new life.
That's smart.
That's really smart.
Me, I must be the
stupidest man on the planet.
Don't say that...
I shouldn't even be
talking to you about this.
It's okay, I'm a good listener.
I'm separated from my wife.
And now that I want a divorce,
she won't let me out.
And you know the boss,
the big boss Benson?
It's his daughter.
And he doesn't know we're
separated, it's a big secret.
She doesn't want me,
but she doesn't want
me to be happy, either.
See that's what I was saying:
you're smart.
Lindsey Harris from sales.
You got out.
Good effort.
You changed your mind.
Come here.
I need to tell you
something first.
Is everything okay?
Not really...
Talk to me.
What's the matter?
You and I...
My god, don't cry...
I'm not crying, I just...
You know what I love about you?
You're strong, you're smart.
And you have such a good heart.
And I know the situation
with Gwen is affecting you.
But you're still willing to
stay with me, no matter what.
Would you be willing to
stay with me no matter what?
What kind of a question
is that, Lindsey?
I just told you I loved you.
I'm pregnant, Jake.
That's impossible.
We were careful.
I know, I'm as
surprised as you are.
How long have you known?
Last night I wasn't
feeling well.
I thought it was something
I ate for lunch,
so then I looked at the dates
and realized that I'm late.
You're late, that
doesn't mean you're...
I know, so then I went to
the pharmacy and bought a test.
It's positive!
Yeah, but those tests
aren't doctors.
We need to get you
a medical professional
before you start ringing
any alarm bells.
The test is 99% accurate.
That's not good enough for me.
You need to go to your doctor
and then we'll talk
about it after.
That's it?
That's all you have to say?
No, this is not happening.
- What's not happening?
- This!
Lindsey, come on.
That's not what I meant.
You're making me seem
like I'm a jerk here.
You caught me off guard,
that's all.
It's not like I'm going
to put a ring on your finger
just because you're pregnant.
You're right: that
would be an odd choice
considering you're
already married.
I owe you an apology.
Can I come in?
Lindsey Harris...
Be serious, Jake.
I've never been more serious
about anything in my life.
This pregnancy is a sign
that I need to leave Gwen
and be the man that
I've always wanted to be.
For you, for the baby.
I've never loved anybody
like I love you.
You make me want to
do the right thing.
I just need a minute.
This has been a lot.
It's the scariest thing
that's ever happened to me.
And then today, to
have you be so cold,
and now you 180 and tell me
that you want to have
this baby in your life,
what am I supposed to think?
I don't know what
you're supposed to think.
What I can tell you...
Is that the guy at the office...
is just as scared.
I want to believe you.
I really do.
But it's your actions
that will convince me.
Okay, I'll show you.
I'm going to be the best
father you've ever seen.
And that baby is going
to be loved, just like you.
Lindsey, I'm excited!
I feel like we should
be popping champagne.
I'm not exactly allowed.
Better idea: I leave for
the conference tomorrow.
Why don't you come with me?
It'll be like our... baby moon.
Our what?
It's like a honeymoon
without the booze.
I can't, it would look weird.
I don't care how it looks.
I was a jackass today.
The least I can do is whisk
you off to the desert
and make up for it.
Would it make up for it?
It would be a pretty nice start.
Besides, you need
to be pampered!
There's a spa,
there's comfortable beds,
there's hiking.
The hiking is amazing!
But we can't.
We can. We can get separate
rooms so no one knows.
And while I'm there,
I'll hit up all the guys at
the conference about a new job.
Lindsey, this is the first day
of our new life together.
What do you say?
Okay... yes.
I love you, Lindsey.
It's okay if you're
not ready to say it back.
I love you too, Jake.
The sky is cut with wires
As we go raving through
The hills there are on fire
And I'm in love with you
Can we stay here every year?
Yeah, if you like it.
I love it, it's amazing.
Good, well I'm going
to go check in first.
Kiddo, come back here.
I'm so sorry.
You probably left
your kids at home
so you could enjoy a vacation.
And here I am with my kid
ruining everyone's
peace and quiet!
Thank you, I love this!
Don't you worry about it,
she's adorable?
Aren't you adorable?
There you go, nice to meet you.
Say bye-bye!
You ready?
I hope so...
I meant to check in.
For that, you have
nine months to get ready.
So do you.
Meet me up there?
Yeah, they're here
together at the hotel.
Okay, see you at midnight.
Ta da! Adjoining rooms.
I'm impressed.
So, which room do
you want to sleep in?
This room, the next room which
is exactly like this room?
It's your choice.
I take it it's this room.
I'll move in as soon as
the bell boy gets the bags.
And how long do you
think until they get here?
Not too soon, I hope.
Your wedding ring.
Of course, I'll take it off.
I'm sorry.
Now... where were we?
Right here, together.
Do you have a reservation?
No, I don't.
We have a big medical
convention this weekend,
but I'm sure we
can find something.
What's the most
romantic room you have?
The most romantic would
be the Honeymoon Suite.
Let's see if it's booked.
You're in luck, it's available.
I'll take it.
I'm here to surprise my husband
and I'm wondering if
he's already checked in.
Jake Johnson?
Let's see...
He did. Shall I let him
know you've arrived?
Like I said, I want
to surprise him...
Some photos you
might like to see.
Why thank you, Neil.
You call this proof?
This is a work relationship.
A friendship at the very worst.
They're staying here,
together, at this hotel.
Under separate rooms,
but come on.
That is hardly proof.
They ordered room service.
Stayed in all night.
In their separate rooms.
Separate, but adjoining.
Look, I've been in
this business a long time.
They've got chemistry,
no doubt about it.
I'm not paying you
for your opinion, Neil.
I need hard evidence.
The prenuptial clearly states,
if he cheats, he gets
nothing in the divorce.
But if I have proof, then
I have a bargaining chip.
Either he stops the affair,
or I share my bargaining chip
with my lawyer and
he's out on the street.
No job, no money, no Gwen.
And I know my husband.
If his back is up against the
wall, he will always choose me.
So your job is to catch him with
his back up against the wall.
What do you expect me to do,
hide in their closet?
If that's what it takes,
then that's what I want.
As soon as Mr. Benson catches
wind about you and the baby,
I'm fired.
The goal is to get as
many job offers as possible.
I thought we were
going out today.
Today is all about you and me.
There's a little place in town.
We can do some shopping,
have some lunch
and you know what's
going to happen next?
Some big, special hike?
That's right, I'm
going to take you away
from the buildings
and all the noise
to my favorite spot
in the desert.
But since the
conference is tomorrow,
I'm going to go
downstairs to the lobby
and see if I can
drum up some extra work.
It's fine, I've got a little
light reading to do anyway.
See you in 20?
What a stunning store,
that jewelry!
Yeah, it's beautiful.
I might have to go back
and do some shopping.
I love this whole town.
I know, it's beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Thank you for bringing me here.
Of course, you're welcome.
Why are you wearing
your wedding ring?
Same reason we have
two hotel rooms.
If I don't have a job,
I can't support the baby.
And last I heard,
babies are expensive.
They like water and toys
and clothes...
All right, you're right.
I'll take it off.
You know what?
It's just a ring.
Maybe I'm being too hard on you.
No no, you're right, Lindsey.
That's the last time
you're going to see it.
I'm yours.
I'd say you were hungry.
Eating for two now.
I can't stop thinking
about that guy.
If someone was taking pictures
of you, could you blame them?
I mean, you are beautiful.
It was weird.
I'm sure it was
just a coincidence.
That's him.
This guy?
Jake? Jake Johnson?
It's me, Neil from Omni Corp.
Don't tell me you
don't remember...
Yeah, your face looks
a little familiar.
You're lying.
You're such a terrible liar.
We met at a medical device demo.
What was it?
Medical adhesive?
Sticky stuff...
You were there with
your wife, Gwen, right?
Yeah, Gwen.
Great gal that Gwen.
I'm sorry, Jake you're so rude
you haven't introduced us.
I'm Neil.
You work with this guy?
I'm a sales rep
at Benson Medical.
Last I heard you were
head of sales, Jake.
Must be nice to have such
young blood on the team.
We've restructured.
We work independently now.
Hey tell Gwen I said hi for me.
Great gal, that Gwen.
I'm so sorry that happened.
I guess I should get used to it.
I'll always be the woman
that came after that
"great gal Gwen."
No, that's not how
it's going to be.
I say we stop sneaking around,
pretending like
we're ashamed of something,
because I'm not.
I'm proud of you, but I
want people to know that.
Are you sure?
If I can go back in time
I'd tell that Neil creep,
"Hey listen pal, this is
my girlfriend Lindsey,
and I love her."
So starting tomorrow, wherever
we are, whoever we meet,
the ring is off,
and you're on my arm.
Even at the conference?
At the conference, at
restaurants, at the spa,
wherever we want to be.
This is the start
of our new life today.
Let's do it right.
I don't even know what to say.
Hey, I'm glad you brought
your tennis shoes,
because this vista
I'm going to take you to,
it's gotta be one of
the most beautiful views
in all the desert.
And when I get up there,
I'm going to take my ring
and I'm gonna
throw it off the cliff.
Take these hands,
calloused and humble now
Please understand though
they promise to stay
Well these boots
cause vagabond souls
That have planted
such roots now
It seems like
they're walking away
Come on babe, we've got this.
Ten more minutes and we're up.
I think I just need a second.
I think I'm getting nauseous.
You're okay.
I've got that call
with Mr. Benson soon.
Do you think we
should head back?
No, I've got service.
Do you need to turn around?
No, let's do this.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
That's my girl!
Hold on, slow down...
Sorry, I'm just so excited
to share this with you!
Three by three
we're feeding a fire
That divides you and me
Come on, slow poke.
It's not me, it's the baby.
I'm feeling super low energy.
You want some water?
Come on! I'm
out of cell range.
I bet... we're out
of everything range.
I can't get this call
without service.
I don't think I can
head back yet,
we've been hiking for an hour,
I need a break.
I know.
New plan.
How about you go up around
the rocks, take your time.
Take a seat, enjoy the view.
I'm gonna hike down the
mountain for a few minutes
and see if I can't
get some service.
Are you kidding?
You could get lost.
I'm not gonna get lost.
I come here every year,
it's my favorite spot.
I'm going to be back
before you know it.
I love you.
Love you too.
Grab on!
I've got you.
Come on.
Keep coming.
You've got this.
Are you okay, ma'am?
Thank you.
Do you need medical attention?
No I'm fine, I think it's
just a couple of scratches.
Listen, I know you just
went through an ordeal,
but I need to tell you
that this trail is closed
and the trailhead is
clearly marked with signs.
Hikers are not allowed up here.
My boyfriend brought me here,
it's his favorite spot.
He comes here every year.
That's not possible.
This trail's been closed
for eight years.
It's extremely dangerous.
What happened?
I fell.
She fell off the cliff.
She could have died.
You didn't see the signs?
Signs? What signs?
This trail is closed
to the public.
It's dangerous
and there are signs
posted clearly at the trailhead.
You're bleeding.
I'm fine.
I'm such a jerk,
I should never have
left you up here alone.
I'm so sorry.
Let's just get back
to the hotel.
I need a bath.
You take care now.
Thank you.
Lindsey, come on.
I'm sorry.
Lindsey, would you stop?
Please just listen to me!
I thought that you said
you hike this every year.
How could you never
have seen that?
Okay, maybe it's been a
few years since I've hiked it.
But can we please
just try to get past this?
I altready feel bad enough.
I could have died
out there, Jake.
But you didn't, you're fine.
Don't you think you're
overreacting a little bit?
So let me understand this.
You think that me
clinging for my life
on the side of a mountain
is overreacting?
I am pregnant, Jake!
And I'm scared to death that
I could've lost that baby.
And yet here you are,
thinking this is about
how many times
you say you're sorry?
Okay, I'm a jerk!
All I was thinking
about is trying
to show you something beautiful.
I wanted to impress you.
But you're right.
All I care about
is you and the baby.
I'll try to be more
careful from now on.
I promise.
And I am sorry.
Are you sure you're all right?
I'm fine.
We'll watch and...
Darling! There you are.
What are you doing here?
You were always asking me to
come to the desert with you.
And with the way things
have been between us,
I thought I'd surprise you.
This is this is Lindsey Harris.
She's in sales.
Gwen Johnson, Jake's wife...
You've met before I'm sure.
No, I don't believe we have.
Do you need a doctor?
I'm fine. We were...
I was just about
to get cleaned up.
I took a little fall
when I was hiking, so...
Yeah, I'm going
to go to the room.
I'll see you later, Jake?
Yeah, at the meeting...
No meetings tonight, Jake.
I had daddy cancel everything so
we can spend some time together.
My father is my husband's boss.
I guess that makes
him your boss, too.
Anyway Jake, I booked us
into the honeymoon suite,
and we have dinner
reservations at six,
so let's get you all
scrubbed up and handsome.
How rude of me.
Perhaps you would
care to join us?
I'm good. Thanks.
Well, it was lovely to meet you.
If you change your mind,
just let Jake know.
Come on babe!
How can I help?
I'd like to book a
flight to LA tonight.
Of course: first class,
business or coach?
Coach... actually,
any of them is fine.
Unfortunately tonight's booked.
There's only two
flights a day to LA
and they fill up really fast.
The soonest flight
out with space is...
tomorrow night.
No, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure we can get you
on that flight tomorrow.
I'm okay, I just...
really horrible day.
May I suggest that you
indulge in a little spa time?
We have a wonderful
yoga meditation class
that starts in an hour.
It's very relaxing
for mind and body.
I can reserve a space for you?
And you can let me know
later about the flight.
If you want it, I'll
take care of it for you.
Thank you.
And as we inhale for one, two...
three and hold, we go deeper.
And exhale for three,
two, one, hold.
Now inhale again, this time
continuing at your own pace.
As we disconnect
from the outside world
and we let all the
worries of the day go.
Thank you.
Celebrating the miracle of
life inside each one of us.
Our ability to love
is our greatest gift.
To love is our
greatest strength.
Mind if I join you?
No, please do, I could
use some company.
Lindsey. That was
a such great class.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
I hope the class helped.
It did, actually. I got down
to some deep, deep truth.
Which can hurt sometimes...
I just keep searching for the
answers and coming up short.
Sounds like a very
human condition.
It's a human condition alright.
I'm pregnant and I'm a
little nervous about it.
For obvious reasons
and then there's some
not so obvious ones.
It's just so much to take in
and take on and I'm just to...
I'm sorry.
Look at me! We barely
even know each other
and I'm just blabbing away.
No, if you don't want to
talk about it, that's fine.
I just came over here because
you looked like you
could use a friend.
Thank you.
That's very kind of you,
I could use a friend.
Somebody you know?
Umm... yes it is.
We were... we're co-workers.
So, umm...
What got you into yoga?
It's a long story.
That's okay, I could
use a long story.
Okay, when I
was in college, I...
All my friends were
kind of doing yoga
and I was pretty
lost at the time, and...
Is everything okay?
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I'm not feeling well.
Thank you for the company.
Excuse me.
I know how this must look.
I don't care how it looks.
You care how it looks.
And I'm leaving tomorrow
so you can have it
look however you want.
Don't go.
Please, I can explain.
There's nothing to explain.
I need to get away
from you and from Gwen.
It's not good for me,
and for the baby.
I need to be focusing
on my health.
You do, and I promise if
you'll just let me explain...
I have seen enough
with my own eyes.
You lied to me about
being separated!
No... that wasn't a lie,
that was the truth.
I'm not some homewrecker, Jake.
Or a mistress,
but you've made me into one.
I'm so much more than that,
and you took advantage of me!
I've been separated for months.
That is Gwen,
that's how she operates.
And spending the night
with your wife
is apparently how you operate.
This, right here.
This is the divorce papers,
I had my attorneys draw them up.
And they just sent them over.
As soon as Gwen
gets out of the spa,
I'm telling her it's over.
- So we can start our life
the way we said we would. - Sure.
Start it right.
Lindsey Harris...
Jake, get up.
I'm going to divorce Gwen...
and as soon as
the divorce is final,
I want to marry you.
For you, and me, and the baby.
I've been so humiliated, Jake.
I didn't sign up for this.
You didn't break up my marriage.
That was already
going to happen.
I just happened
to be so damn lucky
to find the girl of my dreams.
Now, here I am asking you,
begging you...
Will you be my wife?
Take care of the divorce,
and then we'll talk.
Yes! I'll take that.
You've made me so happy
and I promise,
I'm going to do everything in my
power to make you even happier.
You go and give her
those papers,
then come back to me tonight.
I'll be one hour.
I love you.
Remember that.
This is for us.
Front desk.
Concierge, please.
One moment.
Concierge, how can I help?
Hi yes, are there
still seats available
on the flight to LA tonight?
Yes, there are openings
on the 9:25 flight.
Great yes, I'd like to book it.
Lindsey! How's it going
with the mystery man?
Horrible... I'm
breaking up with him.
I was such an idiot.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
I feel devastated, Andrea.
It's like I've been toyed
with and forgotten.
I should never even have
gotten involved with him.
How can we make this better?
I don't know.
I guess I need to sit here
and feel sorry for myself.
I can't stop crying...
Listen, I know exactly
what you're going through.
When Clay left me and the kids,
I was a wreck.
A complete basket case moping
around the house in my sweats.
But you know what?
I had to change some things up,
get out and distract myself.
You're at a resort, right?
Go get some fresh air,
take in some sun.
It'll be good for your soul.
Trust me, I know.
Maybe you're right.
Yeah, I am.
I mean, I did bring a
bathing suit for a reason.
Yeah, you did.
And I don't need him
to have a good time!
I can figure it out.
That's my girl!
Call me if you need me.
I will.
st need a little more time!
Yeah, we don't have
any more time.
I'm working multiple
angles here.
Find a better one!
I'm working on it.
Work harder!
I confronted both
of them at a cafe.
Why would you do that?
That's the way
you scare people off.
Trust me.
I thought that you had
tricks up your sleeve.
Isn't that what I pay you for?
Taking photos and confronting
them at a cafe isn't a trick.
I want real magic.
Make make her disappear!
I'm just doing my job.
Really? Because I told you
to scare her off, not him.
Steer clear of my husband.
I'll handle him.
I'm gonna level with you.
Please do, for
what I'm paying you...
It's time to give up.
Excuse me?
You've lost him, Gwen.
My husband loves me.
I have some information
that says different.
I'll believe it when
I see the proof, Neil.
I'm working on it.
Then make sure it's something
I can use to make him stay.
Not just your intuition.
How much cheating
do I need to dig up?
You know what?
You're fired.
Gwen, wait.
I asked you to confirm my
suspicions and you failed.
Then I asked you
to get rid of her,
and as far as I can tell,
she's still here!
So really Neil, your
services are worthless to me.
She's pregnant.
Jake would never do that to me!
I went through her garbage.
She took a pregnancy test.
I'm sorry...
How do I win?
If you really want to keep Jake,
I know some people that
can get rid of her for real.
Just give me the word,
I'll make the call.
But it's going to cost you.
If that's really what you want.
Whoa, whoa!
What are you doing back here?
There's this man,
he's chasing me.
What man?
This area is for employees only.
Right now, I need to
escort you out of here.
File a report at the front desk.
Jake, I'm so scared!
I don't know what to do.
What's going on?
Is the baby okay?
That guy from the restaurant,
he's at the resort.
He knows Gwen!
Yeah, he said that.
They must have
met at some point.
No, they are working together.
She's hired him
to get rid of me.
What do you mean?
She wants us to break up
and if I don't leave,
he's threatened to kill me!
Wait Lindsey, that
doesn't even sound logical.
Gwen would never do
anything like that.
Jake, you're not
listening to me!
I heard them talking.
You obviously don't know Gwen
and what she's capable of.
You need to stop
making excuses for her.
She is willing to
keep you at any cost.
When you sent me that text,
he heard the noise
and he chased me!
Jake he...
He chased me and I think
he was going to kill me.
Okay, I want you
to take a breath.
And then I want you
to get out of the hotel
until I figure out
who this guy is.
You're not safe here.
Where do I go?
Meet me at the restaurant
we had lunch at.
I'll be there as
soon as I can, okay?
Where are you?
I'm about to walk into
a big meeting right now.
I'll need an hour at the most.
I'll meet you in an hour.
Lindsey, we're going to
figure this out together.
We have to for the baby.
And Lindsey?
Thank you for calling me.
I was afraid I was never
going to hear from you again.
I love you.
Kirk, hi!
You found one of
my favorite spots.
I did, it's beautiful.
Hey listen, sorry if
I was rude last night.
No, don't mention it, it's fine.
Sometimes I talk too much...
No, it was definitely me:
I was rude.
I've been going
through some things.
Better now, I hope?
I don't even know
how to answer that.
I'm actually meeting someone.
Okay, well it was
nice to see you.
But I was going to say...
I might be waiting awhile.
If you're not busy,
would you care to join me?
Yeah, of course.
Ginger and lemongrass
to calm your nerves
and make it a better day.
Thank you.
You want to talk
about what's going on?
I think somebody's
trying to kill me.
Are you serious?
I don't know...
This whole trip has been
a nightmare, quite frankly.
With the exception
of meeting you.
Glad to be the one good thing.
First, I fall off a cliff
during a hike and I almost die.
And then my boyfriend, or
ex-boyfriend, or whatever he is,
his wife shows up...
That's never good.
They were supposed
to be separated
and getting a divorce, but...
I don't know.
So last night you mentioned
you were pregnant?
Yeah, with his baby.
That's a lot to deal with,
I wish I could say I've
got this no matter what.
Even if he doesn't leave Gwen.
Of course you've got this.
You've got this.
I just wish I could quiet
the thoughts in my mind.
I don't know if this will help,
but two years ago, a
guest came to my class,
and she was carrying
the weight of the world
on her shoulders, just like you.
And I remember thinking,
you know,
she's so young and so beautiful,
and she has this whole world
ahead of her.
Then I saw her at
the restaurant later,
sitting alone like you.
And I thought, you know,
I should join her,
I should talk to her,
try to take some of the weight
off her shoulders.
But I didn't,
and she killed herself.
She jumped from
the hotel balcony.
So when I saw you sitting there,
I had to talk to you.
Because you were
carrying so much
and you're still carrying
so much, Lindsey.
So what I wanted to
say last night is that,
whatever happens,
you will get through it.
And you'll be okay.
No matter how bad
things seem, you will.
And it's important to
me that you know that.
Gwen, answer your phone.
I've got some information
I left at the front desk
you're going to want to see.
I have an appointment with
the police head of homicide.
I'll fill you in
more when I see you.
Call me back.
I hate to say it, but I
have to get back to the hotel.
Yeah? Yoga for Seniors?
How'd you know?
I saw it on the schedule.
Sounds like my speed.
Hey, you're welcome to join.
I'd love to, but I
have a plane to catch.
You're leaving?
I am... it's time.
Do you want a ride
back to the hotel?
I'm tired of waiting...
You okay?
Yeah, I'm shaking a little,
but yeah.
That was crazy!
Am I being paranoid or are they
actually tring to kill me?
Lindsey, that was just some
random jerk driver, okay?
Remember, stay positive.
Know you're going to be okay,
all right?
Let's get you back to the hotel.
I forgot my sunscreen,
don't mind me!
Gwen, I just had a very
interesting meeting
with the police.
There's a new development
that's going to surprise you
and give you the proof you need.
The information I left you
at the front desk,
now they're going to
deliver it to your room
because I don't
know where you are.
Call me when you get this.
What the hell?
Okay, Lindsey.
I've gotta go prep for a class,
but good luck
and I hope you find everything
you're looking for.
Come here you!
Thank you so much
for everything.
Stay positive.
I will.
- All right, bye friend!
- Okay, bye friend.
Hey, where were you?
I was waiting for you
at the restaurant.
No, I was waiting
at the restaurant.
And then I realized that
I'm not waiting anymore, Jake. k
I'm heading back to LA.
Hoo boy, I wouldn't
make friends with that one.
Lindsey? She's great.
Lindsey, please!
I told Gwen it's over.
Yeah, she leaves today.
So why don't we take
these next couple days
and just enjoy ourselves?
It's our last chance to
be happy before she's going
to make our life a misery.
Jake, it doesn't matter what
Gwen does, or what you do.
I'm going home.
What about us?
What about the baby?
The baby doesn't
come for a while.
I've got some time
to figure things out.
Babe, just hear me
out here for a second.
After you told me
that you were pregnant,
I realized that if I left with
just the clothes on my back,
that's all that would matter
because you'd be right there.
So I told my lawyers today
to file the paperwork
for a divorce in court.
It's over.
This is the start
of our new life.
Right here, right now.
I wish it was that simple.
But right now, I need to
do what's best for the baby,
and that's me going home
to figure things out.
Is that what you really want?
It's what I need.
So, then...
this is goodbye?
At least let me
take you to the airport.
I'll call you when I land to
let you know I got home safe.
Gwen, stop!
Hey, stop!
I can't wait to hear this one.
It was a big mistake,
she came onto me!
I was flattered at first,
given everything
that's been going on
with our relationship.
But now I can't shake her.
She followed me here, she
even got a room next to mine.
Looks to me like
she just dumped you.
And you seem pretty
upset about it, too.
You're being paranoid.
I never want to hear
that from you again.
I know you Jake, better
than you know yourself.
That's the last time
you're going to hear about her.
This was a one time deal.
A one time deal?
Like that woman
from a couple years ago?
What was her name?
Yeah, Shayla, right?
You brought her here,
to this hotel,
to one of your conferences,
didn't you?
How do you know about that?
My private detective
tipped me off.
But I didn't believe him.
Not until now...
You broke the infidelity clause
in our prenuptial.
And I have proof, lots of proof.
You and me...
we're done.
Gwen, you don't mean that.
You don't!
We need to talk.
I have nothing to say to you.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I just want to talk!
There's a few things that my
husband neglected to tell you
about our relationship.
He loves me.
That's the first thing
you should know.
I suspected he was having some
little affairs here or there,
so I hired somebody to find out.
Yeah, I noticed.
You're not the first, Lindsey.
He's been with others.
I know what you're doing.
You're trying to scare me off.
But even if it did work,
Jake will always
have to deal with me.
Because I'm pregnant
with his child.
Yes, I've heard.
That's why I'm here.
Do you know that
Jake had an affair
with another woman
here in this hotel?
My private investigator, Neil...
is smarter than most.
He did a little checking
on Jake's last affair.
Looking at the dates
that she stayed here,
comparing them with Jake's.
Combing through
her social media.
No one knew they were together.
She killed herself over Jake?
Maybe she killed herself.
Maybe he killed her.
What proof do you have?
None, but I've been
with Jake a long time.
I know him on a cellular level.
Today, when I mentioned
her name...
I just knew he did it.
When I hired Neil,
I never thought
it would be to uncover a murder.
I just wanted to scare you off.
I was jealous and I thought
that you were replacing me.
So I fought back.
But... when I found
out about the baby,
I was ready to give up
and give him the divorce.
But I guess I'm a
good person after all,
because today when
I saw those photos,
I knew I had to warn you,
woman to woman.
Because you're pregnant
and maybe...
Maybe I never knew Jake
the way that I thought I did.
So what about you?
What about me?
So you and Jake
just keep on going?
I'm divorcing him.
And I'll make sure
that he gets nothing.
And if you're smart,
you will run for your life
and make sure you
give him nothing as well.
Good luck.
Lindsey! Are you back?
I'm leaving for
the airport soon.
Did you have a good time?
I need a favor, are
you still at the office?
Yeah, why?
I need to see something
with my own eyes.
I need you to break
into someone's computer.
Lindsey, do you realize
what you're asking?
I could lose my job!
I have two kids to support.
Going down.
Andrea, you have been
such a good friend to me.
You're the first person I
met when I moved to town.
You helped me get a job
at Benson Medical.
But you're the only person
that I can trust right now.
I need you to break
into Jake's computer.
Don't tell me
he's the mystery man.
He is... I'm embarrassed
and ashamed.
You know he's married, right?
He's separated, or is, or was.
I don't know what he is,
all I know is that...
He's the father
of my unborn child.
No, Lindsey...
If he's done something illegal
or if he's dangerous,
I need to know
before he comes back.
Can you do that for me?
I can explain.
There's nothing to explain,
get out of my way.
Think about how bad
this is going to look.
You wanted that perfect life.
You wanted everybody to
think that you got it all.
This doesn't quite fit your
scenario, does it Gwen?
What's your father
going to think
about his daughter's
failed marriage?
But you and I,
we can put it back together.
We can make it look perfect.
Come on, you know you love me.
You're right, I do love you.
Let go of my arm.
My life might be in danger,
does that make a difference?
You always say, we girls
got to stick together.
Okay, I'm here for you.
Thank you.
No, I'm still coming.
I'll get there, I promise.
I want to see you too,
don't worry.
Yeah, I said six or so...
I'll get there, don't worry.
Don't forget to keep
the oven warm.
Okay, I'll see you soon...
Lindsey, Mr. Benson's
here working late.
Where is he now?
In his office.
Perfect, now's the time.
Yes, now!
Let me know when you're in.
Okay, I'm in.
What are we looking for?
Get on his computer
and see if he's had
any communication
with ShaylaCat89.
Lindsey, if this is you
being a jealous lover...
She's dead, Andrea.
And I need to know
if Jake killed her.
I'm about to get on an elevator,
so I'm going to lose you.
But please do this
one thing for me.
I really don't like
this at all, Lindsey.
But okay, here you go.
Okay yes, he had communication
with her quite a bit
two years ago.
Go to their last conversation.
Tell me what they said.
ShaylaCat said she's going
to tell Jake's wife
about everything,
and she's going to tell
Mr. Benson as well.
What did he say back?
This is rich.
He says he's leaving Gwen.
That he wants to
make it up to ShaylaCat
by taking her to the
conference in the desert.
That's the same place
he took you.
What did he say to her?
His words: read it to me.
"I love you. Tomorrow is going
to be the first day
of our new life together."
That's exactly what
he said to me.
Lindsey, you're not
going to believe this.
Guess what the last thing
he searched for was?
Going down.
Has he taken you hiking?
Lindsey Harris.
Let's take a look at
the honeymoon suite.
There you go.
Thank you.
You're saying what?
If you want to fire me,
I understand Mr. Benson.
But I truly believe
that Lindsey is in danger,
and that Jake is the reason.
I'm calling the police.
You stay here.
You're not really going to try
and kill me, are you Jake?
Only if you try to run.
I've got a few things
to explain to you,
make sure you understand.
Hey man, can I talk
to you about something?
Is it about your friend?
How'd you know?
Let's check it out,
I've got the master key.
Get up!
Here's what needs to happen.
First off, I need to know
if you talked to Gwen.
- I'm taking the stairs.
- It's coming!
I'll meet you up there!
Are you lying to me?
No, come on Jake,
I would never lie to you.
Because Gwen seems to think
that certain things are true.
And I can't be having
her think those things.
She left me Lindsey,
because of you!
Jake, calm down.
If you do anything to me,
you'll do it to the baby.
You understand
what's at stake here?
If I lose Gwen,
I lose everything.
So I'm going to
need to fix this.
Put down the knife, Lindsey.
Put it down!
So it was all a lie?
The proposal, you telling
me that you loved me.
I was just having fun.
You fell for it.
Go... just go.
I'll never bother you again.
I'll move away if I have to.
You'll never see me again.
I'm breaking up with you,
Lindsey, in my own way.
Like you did with Shayla?
Exactly like I did with Shayla.
I've got the key!
I don't know...
It's okay.
I'm so happy you could make it!
My god, I can't
believe how big you are.
I know, right?
Any day now.
How are you feeling?
I feel great.
You have to come over and see
the final touches
on the nursery.
It's so cute, thanks to you.
There's a reason I kept
all that stuff in the garage
when my kids were little.
There's more where it came from.
Thank you Andrea,
you're such a good friend.
So, you got a big promotion
at a new company,
a baby on the way,
seems like things are
going really well for you.
They are.
I feel really positive
about everything.
Your friend Kirk
got in touch with me.
He wanted to make sure
I got this to you.
Kirk has been traveling
in Europe for months.
I know.
He sent it to me before he left.
He just wanted to
make sure everything
was okay with the baby
before you got it.
"Lindsey, may the sun rise
and set over your new baby,
and may it bring you peace."
I'm going to hang
this in the nursery.
I want my baby to look
at this every day and know
that no matter what,
everything's going to be okay.
Everything is okay.