Killer Whales (2022) Movie Script

[birds chirping
and insects buzzing]
[relaxing instrumental]
Earth. A special planet.
And the home to so much life.
Birds, turtles
and golden retrievers.
Nice people, small people,
and weird people alike.
Los Angeles, California.
Four million people.
capital of the world.

Some of the wealthiest
people on Earth.
But not everyone
has a place to sleep.
50,000 homeless people
line the streets of L.A.
It's a crisis.
squeezes its grip
on once
affordable neighborhoods.
Many are desperate for homes.
Housing hunters must
show teeth to win good deals.
On the brink of homelessness,
some do shocking
things to secure an apartment.
[ducks quacking]
But commit murder?
One year ago,
renowned artist David Hackneyed
was killed during
his apartment open house.
His body was found face down,
drowning in a bathtub of blood.
The murder weapon?
The wounds suggest
a butter knife.
The crime remains unsolved.
Four desperate
apartment hunters were present
at the open house that morning.
The first
is a fun and quirky priest
who goes by T-Dale.
The second, a spirit medium
named Klara O'Sho.
The third, an eccentric senior
citizen named Dizzy Daisy.
And finally,
a goth, medieval role-player,
who goes by Squire Naljaimon.
They are the suspects.
I'm Donny Wunder,
and I want to find out
who killed David Hackneyed,
and answer the question:
did housing desperation lead
to a murder in Los Angeles?
Come along with me
as I interview the suspects
and dive in headfirst.
You're watching my documentary,
and it's called...
[deep & distorted voice]
Killer Whales.
[tense music]

You have no idea how much
paperwork I had to fill out
to get them to let me
leave my house for an hour.
Are we rolling?
Hi, I'm Donny Wunder.

In 2019, I set out
on an artistic journey.
Are you rolling? Action!
I made a documentary
about the murder
-of artist David Hackneyed.
[reporter] be this year's
most bizarre murder case.
It had the potential
to be a great film,
in the spirit of timeless
classics such as The Jinx,
The Makings of a Murderer
or The Staircase.
-Millions of dollars.
-But the dopes at the studio
got their hands on my film
and they made a mess of it.
They destroyed my movie
and I got tangled up in this.
And I'm the butt of the joke.
[Chelsea] Killer Whales
was always a big joke on Donny,
and eventually
the ding dong caught on.
To save face
and explain himself,
Donny asked to do
a director's commentary
on our cut of the film.
So, we figured--
-[P.A] Here's the juice--
-Jesus, fuck!
[P.A.] You-- you asked--
But you asked--
No! Tune in to
the flow of the space.
We let Donny do his
director's commentary.
What you are about
to see is my attempt
to take back my movie.
I'm going to say exactly
where the studio went wrong,
and you're going to
hear my side of the story.
You're about to see
Killer Whales as I saw it.
-Thank you.

[news broadcast intro music]
Tragically murdered.
So, who was David Hackneyed?
[David] Visceral.
Um, all encompassing.
Entangled and, um, codependent.
[clearing throat] Next.
[male reporter] Twice voted
Bad Boy Artist of the Year,
David was
a notorious drug hound.
You know, Jesus was fit, too.
If you look at almost
any picture of Jesus Christ,
he's extremely shredded.
Look at that.
Hypodermic needles.
I used to do a lot of heroin.
That shit will kill you.
[snorting, grunting]
There we go.
There we go.
That's it. That's fucking it.
[male reporter]
But David was considered
a revolutionary within
the contemporary art world,
pioneering a style
of painting he termed "Climax."
[David] I call
these little circle jerks.
Just like when
you're a kid, you know?
It's innocent, you know?
It's what kids do.
The tongue
touches down on the body.
That's when the quivers come.
Quivers and the moans.
This art can never be stolen.
They can do a fucking
D.N.A. test,
they're gonna
know it's me, because that's it.
You sexy baby.
[smooch] Oh, yeah.
Feels kind of good, huh?
[kissing art]
Yeah. You like that?
You like that?
I am David!
[Donny] It was
the story of a lifetime.
So, I made a pitch
video, and it found its way
into the hands
of a major studio.
Hey, camera rolling. Action.
Hello, Hollywood Studios.
My name is Donny Wunder,
and I have the pitch
of a lifetime for you.
I don't watch pitch videos.
They're fucking torture.
But my assistant Jenny watched
it, thought it was funny.
I watched it, and I took
on this project immediately.
Studios, I've never
made a movie before
in my entire life, but I was
called to make this movie.
It's like there's a tiger
in my chest that's like,
"Ah, Donny,
make this movie.
Yes! You have one life, Donny."
And I intend
to answer his call.
This train is going, and I
invite you to sit next to me.
And guess what? I'm a pretty
good passenger to sit next to.
And no, I've never made
a documentary before in my life,
but I've seen a whole lot.
Carl Sagan? I watched Cosmos.
How hard can it be?
[snorting] I wanted to see
this guy try to make a movie.

So, Francis is going to
be here any second, as I said,
and I am pinching myself.
Um, I can't
hardly wait and, um...
[Francis] Excuse me,
I'm looking for this caf.
You know, Francis
has been in a little bit
of hot water recently,
uh, in the press.
[man] Are you, um, Francis?
Francis Falconi?
And, you know,
and who hasn't in many ways.
And-- and someday when I'm
in hot water with the press,
I'm going to want to be treated
just like I was
before the bad press.
And so I'm going
to try and do that.
He, I think, has a style
that could really be nice
to sort of, um,
mentor me as an artist.
I'm envisioning
a good, uh, mentorship duo.
Uh, something along
the lines of, you know,
Samuel Beckett had James Joyce.
Uh, T.S. Eliot
had Pound.
Hi, Donny.
Donny. Donny. Donny Wunder.
Nice to meet you.
How are you?
-Uh, nice to meet you.
-Oh, God.
I don't want
to be in this fucking town.
I don't know how
the fuck you live in it.
It's disgusting.
The people fucking suck.
-Yeah, yeah.
What do we got over here?
Uh, what have I been
doing since Killer Whales?
Um, well, now I direct Christian
values Hallmark Movies.
I didn't read the script.
Okay, there isn't--
there isn't a script--
I didn't have to, though,
because the fucking
title was brilliant.
-Did you write that?
-Yes, "Killer Whales."
Come on. It's great.
It's great.
Yes. That's my title.
Thank you. Thank you!
Every Hero's Journey
has its mentor.
Luke had Obi-Wan,
Harry had Hagrid,
and, uh, Donny had Francis.
I want you to do your thing.
I want you to
make it beautiful.
I want you to make it gorgeous.
That's what
I fucking do. I know.
And-- and bring
your art to this thing.
-And, uh--
When you say "this thing,"
you're-- you're--
It's like a cat and mouse.
I don't understand.
-Yeah. Yeah. The-- the movie.
-Really. Yeah.
Um, we are making a movie
about trying to figure out
who killed
David Hackneyed, the artist.
So, David is a real...
-he's a real person.
-Well-- well he was.
I thought
I was clear on the phone
that we were
making a documentary.
And that was--
that was my fault.
Bonnie? Yeah.
Oh, no, I'm here. 7Yeah, yeah,
I'm here. I made it.
Life is great. Thank you.
Uh, quick question for you,
what the fuck
project is this?
Yeah. What do I mean?
I'll tell you what I mean.
I mean in a fucking boho chic,
stupid ass fucking cafe
in North Hollywood
with some fucking Poindexter
telling him what he should've--
He sounds like he's, oh,
making a fucking documentary?
Oh, are you fucking--
I don't make
fucking documentaries,
I make fucking films.
This is a fucking joke.
Tell me this is a joke.
This is a fucking joke?
Holy shit.
He looks
like a fucking child.
He's wearing
a fucking turtleneck.
Sweating my fucking
dick off over here,
he's wearing
a fucking turtleneck.
This is a fucking joke.
This is a fucking joke.
The, um, the way I--
I treated Donny
on the set of Killer Whales...
I was a very
different man back then.
[quiet organ music]

[Donny] So, this is
your chair here. Here.
Um, I'm going to get you...
-Okay. How are you feeling?
-I feel fine.
-Okay. You good?
I said, yeah,
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Okay. All right.
And, uh, what's the sound?
I know we have
a little bit of...
Okay, so, this is your--
these are your questions.
Okay, that's fine.
And, um, you know,
I know he's going to be...
We don't want
to scare him away.
Um, we want to
find out if he killed--
I know how to ask questions.
I know. I've done this.
Okay, okay, so,
we'll be-- we'll be good.
I think if I put
a stool or a chair right here,
And-- and if you ask him,
then maybe I can ask him.
Why would I have you
right next to me?
Well, I just think if I'm kind
of shadowing you and we could--
-You want to shadow me?
-collaborate on that.
Why don't you shadow me
the fuck over there?
-Why don't you do that?
Here, shadow this.
-Why don't you go get that?
Go get that.
And just stay over there.
-Can I get you anything?
You want a cigarette, or...
Just get the fuck out.
So, Francis
interviews the suspects.
Donny... well, he didn't really
want Donny doing anything.
I think the line
he used for Donny was...
[both] You don't get to lay
a finger on expensive toys
like cinema cameras
until your fucking balls drop.
And I will check
when that time comes.
Or something.
Lord, we thank you so much
for bringing
Francis in here today.
Lord, we ask that
you give him blades
like you gave me
to ride off into the sunset
with you forever.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
Amen. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right,
let's get this on and poppin'.
People say to me: Donny,
you-- you got kicked
off your own movie set.
And I say no,
no, no, no, no, no.
I was called
elsewhere to do other work.
So, while Francis was
conducting the interviews,
I had to take the first
steps on my Hero's Journey,
which was to raise money
for the side investigations.
Okay, this is where
I ask for $10,000.
Um, I am standing in
front of Ryan Silver's office.
He is a family friend
and a very successful
vitamin business man.
Um. I am believing.
Positive thinking.
I'm going to go in there
and ask for what I want,
and I'm going to take it.
So, here we go.
Yeah, we could have
funded the whole movie
but we thought,
eh, let's see how this idiot
goes about
raising $10,000.
The thing about money is,
if you believe
that it comes to you easily
and without effort,
it does.
That's manifestation.
[Ryan chuckling]
-[Donny] Hi, Ryan.
-Oh, hello.
[Donny] Donny Wunder.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, Donny. Shoes.
-[Donny] Oh.
-[Donny] Sorry.
-No, it's okay.
-And Ryan, I have--
-We just keep everything
very, like, sacred and
intentional and focused here.
-Okay, yeah. Sacred.
I have a camera crew
with me if that's okay.
Of course.
Yes, yes. Um, just, sir.
Sir. If you could just
take your shoes off as well.
that would be... great.
You can just put them over--
As you see the,
um, the handmade boots?
What do you see?
I-- I see peace.
Mm-hm. What else?
-[Ryan] Mm-hm. What else?
-[Ryan] Do you see the abyss?
All that is, is possibility.
[Donny] Right. And I want
to... Speaking of--
[Ryan] Just back
to the-- back to the...
-Oh, I'm sorry.
-We should do this.
-[Donny] Okay.
Um, speaking of,
um, the possibility...
-That is really nice.
-[Ryan] Can I say something?
-Just off the bat?
-[Donny] Yeah. Yeah.
It just seems like
you've got a lot of...
-[Donny] Tension.
[Ryan] Yeah,
you've walked into this room
with a lot of tension,
and I want to make sure
you're absolutely primed and...
-just relaxed.
-Oh, yeah. Oh, yes.
[Ryan] Have you
ever heard of Beta Brain?
-[Donny] Beta Brain?
-Beta Brain.
-[Donny] Uh, no. I like--
-I think it might
really help you.
Yeah. Beta Brain is--
So, I am, if you want
to just get a shot of this?
I'm on a whole raft
of, uh, cognitive enhancers.
Oh, a raft. Wow.
Yeah, I mean,
there's-- there's lecithin,
-there's, uh, Ginko "Balboa"
They sell all this stuff
on my website.
-[Donny] Okay.
-Yeah, so, I-- I, um, if you...
-[Donny] I'll find... yeah.
-Just-- Yeah.
-[Donny] I'll find it there.
-If you go to
-[Ryan] I'm just going to--
-In terms of the project...
-[Ryan] Yeah.
-We would love to have you
-a part of this.
-Yeah, uh, in like a kind of,
in a director sort of advisory
role, I would love to.
Here, I have some thoughts.
-[Donny] Wonderful.
-[Ryan] So, your style.
-[Donny] Yes.
-Kind of, um...
-It's very auteur.
-[Donny] Mm.
Uh... have you thought
about being more professional?
That's a thought we could
take into consideration.
Do you mean, uh...
[Ryan] Well, no,
it's just, it's very guerilla.
It's very, very,
very, very guerilla.
I-- I guess
I just mean, like, more...
You seem tense
again. Let's-- let's--
I... need...
[Ryan] Let's-- let's both--
let's both actually
just have some rock garden.
[Donny] Yes.
[Ryan] So, waves
in the rock garden
and think about
the waves in your own life.
So, from you, Ryan,
what I'm hoping for is...
[Ryan] Yeah. And what
I like about you
is that you're unafraid to ask.
I'd like to read you
a proverb, if I could.
-[Donny] Okay.
-Um, it's about mistakes.
"It is all right to
forget your mistakes...
if you remember their lessons."
And, Donny, in a lot
of ways this film is a mistake.
Rule number one
of making a movie:
never, ever, ever, ever
count on family coming through,
because they won't.
Especially not family friends.
Do you think I should just let,
like, keep it regular?
Or do you think I should...
[clearing throat]
Uh, tell us a little bit
about yourself?
Who are you?
Well, I used to be
a stockbroker on Wall Street.
You know, I used to live
the high life, uh...
I was at all the parties,
used to do a lot of the drugs,
used to do a lot of the drinking
and a lot of the "bad stuff--"
So, you have somewhat of a--
a dark past,
-is what you're saying.
-I don't really remember
too much of it, but, you know,
I'm a good guy now.
-I'm a good guy now.
-I can relate. I can relate.
Well, let's talk
a little bit about the day.
I was losing a few
members to the church
across the street.
You-- you-- you
always wear those?
Oh, these are my blades.
I blade for Christ.
You didn't see
my Instagram page?

It was a typical Sunday.
I was doing my sermon.
Um, and I left
early to make sure
I got to
the open house in time.
Okay, so-- so you--
you bladed to the open house.
Who was at the open house?
Were you--
Anyone else there
while you were there, or...
No, no, no.
I was the first person there.
Okay. Okay. And what
was the energy like inside?
The vibe. What was
going on? What did you--
what did you feel?
The vibe was weird,
if I'm-- if I can be real.
[distorted audio]
Francis insisted that
the actual suspects
act in their own flashbacks,
as an artistic decision.
I was looking to make
the reenactments interesting.
Uh, cinematic.
[trippy music]
The, uh, door was unlocked,
so I just let myself in if...
[audio playing backwards]
Finding the--
the points of access
and looking for the subtext
and the subtleties
and every little thing
that makes an artist an artist.
And I stand by
what we did.
-We found it.
-[trippy music]

Thank you, Jesus.

Are you kidding?
That's when I knew they
were making a mess of my movie.
Ugh... And I believe at one
point, uh...
a Klara showed up.
Is that correct?
-Oh, yeah.
-[Francis] Tell me about her.
What is she--
what was she like?
-[Klara's dress jingling]
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. Um, hello.
Hi, how're you doing?
I'm T-Dale.
How're you doing?
It's nice to meet you.
[Klara exhaling]
-[breathing deeply]
[echoing] Namaste.
You know,
I don't know what she was on,
but she was feeling things,
she was seeing things.
I mean, I got to say,
like, the color schemes,
the style, it's all...
it's all very, you know,
-avant-garde, you know?
-[whispering] What's your name?
And not too
shortly after we had,
uh, correct me if I'm
pronouncing this right: Dizzy?
What about Dizzy?
Did they arrest her?
Sh. Something's coming.
Is she arrested?
She needs to be in jail,
I'm telling you.
Let's talk
about her for a minute.
She came in
swinging knives at people.
She said her credit score
was like 1,000
or something like that.
I'm like,
"This girl is out of her mind."
And you know what?
I know people like that.
I used to be people like that.

Oh. Wow.
Oh, look, we got friends.
Well, I got something for you.
-Oh! Oh! Hey, come on, come on.
-Why don't you get out of here?
Get on out.
Come on. Come on.
Rally it up.
I'm going to shiv you.
Dizzy... Look, all right?
I did what
I could with what I had.
Dizzy looks weird as shit,
and I wanted
Richard Dreyfuss to play David.
-I get his son, Harry.
-Come on, round 'em up.
-Who the fuck are you?
-Well, who are you?
The fuck are you
doing in my house?
-Oh, fuck.
No, okay, the open house--
I had a listing
for the open house.
I don't want to do it anymore.
Okay, so, bye.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait. Come back.
-What do you mean--
-I don't wanna do it anymore.
I had a--
I put an ad in,
it was a passing fantasy,
and now it's over.
-So-- so you just lied? Or--
-No, I didn't lie.
I had-- I had an experience
that altered my perception--
-[T-Dale] I need this place.
-Stop talking!
-I live out of my car, man!
-Just stop talking!
When he gave me that news,
I... I don't know. I just...
My heart sank.
I-- I didn't know what to think.
I thought--
I thought it was all over.
What do you mean when you say--
That time I was
living out of my vehicle.
How'd that make you feel?
A little uncomfortable?
[chuckling] You know,
I... don't like to admit
that to everyone,
but, you know,
God takes you from one
place to the next, right?
What was your day like prior
to going to the open house?
-Just stop talking.
-[audio rewinding & distorting]
[man humming]
Hey-- hey man!
-T-Dale, come on now.
-Hey, Eagle.
Come on, give me
your hip mans right here.
Come on, give me some of this.
All right,
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Yeah, man. Oh, it feels good.
Feels good, praise Jesus.
And I was living, uh,
next to one of my best friends,
Eagle, who's living
out of his car as well.
Man, where are you going?
-You just got here, man.
-I know, I know.
I'm trying to not be late
for my blessing, Eagle.
Your blessing?
What're you talking about?
I told you, man, I've got
the open house, all right?
God said he would
give me an apartment,
and I think I found the one.
Aw, man. I don't know why
you want to leave this place.
Look at all this
space we got, man.
-Look at the blue sky--
-Eagle, listen, I love you,
all right, but, uh,
I'm butt naked under this robe
and I'm about to get really
even more naked, so I just
need you to shift everything
over there, all right?
Just tell me your
stories from your car, and...
-All right, man.
-All right, love you, Eagle!
Yeah man, I just don't know why
you want to get out of here.
You've got to fix your values,
man, because look at this--
Nah, I agree.
For real. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, he's a really
interesting guy.
He, uh, sold his
house to finance his Mustang
and he just lived out
of that thing right next to me.
I don't know why.
We were in
a parking lot of a Taco Bell,
and that's just where
he wanted to make his life.
Some people come
by they look at me,
they say, "That's a nice car."
I say, "Man, I know.
I know.
You don't have to tell me.
I tell myself
every second, every single day.
They say,
"What part of town you live?"
I say, "I live right here, man.
I live right here."
You know,
I think Eagle might have been,
uh, a guardian angel
sent to me by God, you know?
I've never gotten
so much wisdom from a person
while simultaneously
not really knowing
what they're saying, you know?
You know what you going to be
if you get that place, man?
You're going to be like
a ship anchored in the harbor.
And you ain't
never going to feel
that freedom again, man.
God. Feel that music baby.
So, I-- I changed
in the car and,
uh, and I rollerbladed
from there.
[T-Dale] Don't wish me luck,
wish me blessings, all right?
All right. Wish you
Where are you...
Oh, you're going to your thing.
Hey, man, what time
are you going to be back?
[T-Dale] Later!
You wanna listen
to some tunes later?
It's '80s night.
[laughing] I was broke.
You know what I mean?
They could've-- they could've
had me go to a back of a--
I don't know,
Costco or something like that.
I would've paid
rent for that at the time.
Excuse me? Excuse me?
-Do you guys have pork? Pork?
-[man] Pork? Yes.
[Donny] Do you--
What's, like, the biggest size?
Do you have a whole pig?
Only three pounds.
[Donny] Three pounds.
Okay. And that's the biggest--
No full pig?
[man] No, yeah,
pig, no, no, no.
[Donny] Okay. Okay.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
I let Donny fumble around town
as Francis continued
with the initial interviews.
[chuckling] And boy,
did this kid not disappoint.
I think he was coming
off a Mythbusters marathon,
which was great
because then things got cookin'
on his forensic journey.
We got a pig.
Um, I contacted my friend.
His name's Tanner.
Runs a place
called Tanner's Oink House.
And, uh, apparently
he's got the pig rig,
uh, set up for us already.
Um, and it's one of these.
I think he
said it's number one.
So, what we're doing
here is we are testing
if a butter knife
could pierce the skin of a pig,
um, and thereby piercing
the skin of David Hackneyed.
So, this is
the time where we tick off
whether this could be
the murder weapon or not.
My theory is that-- Oh.
[clearing throat]
It's got a look in
its eye. Whoa, fuck.
A surprised look. Lit it...
It's lit up like a murder scene.
Okay, um...
We're going to see.
Oh! Oh.
[coughing and gagging]
No! No. Ugh.
It's the weakest-- Oh, fuck.
Help me. Help me.
It's not the butter knife.
There is no way this pierces
any pig skin
or David Hackneyed skin,
and so we're going
to relay this to Francis.
-We're going to tell him...
-[lightly retching]
We're going to
talk about the murder.
And-- and-- and--
and please take your time
with this if you
have to.
How did you react?
I mean, how would you react?
I'm supposed to go back to my
car. [indistinct]
Well, these ain't
half bad.
I'm still mad at you.
You know, I'ma wait
here until you come out.
I'll just be sitting
right here. All right?
I ain't leaving
until we sign a lease.
Month to month if you got it.
[alluring music]

And then you
just see Dizzy walk out
with the blood on her
hands and you're just like,
"What did I get myself into?"
You know what I mean?

[T-Dale grunting]
[Dizzy sighing]
Um... uh, what...
[Dizzy] What's that?
What is that?
It's blood, honey.
So, in your mind, you...
you think that Dizzy did it?
Oh, my God. Absolutely.
Without a doubt.
[trippy music]
[muffled whispering]
I saw a butt naked guy
face down in the tub
with blood all over the walls.
It was, like, gruesome.
It was like Elvis Presley
meets The Red Wedding.
It was just disgusting.
[horrific music]
It was terrible.
It was terrifying.
Just one more question
and I'm going to let you
get back
to doing your God things.
If you did it,
if you murdered somebody...
what would T-Dale do?
[dramatic music]
[Harry choking]

[Francis] Cut!
would probably hire somebody.
But that's neither
here nor there.
See, I-- I didn't kill her.
I was in the, uh, the kitchen.
Well, T-Dale first
said he was asleep in bed
when the murder happened,
and then he said
he was in the kitchen
checking out the appliances.
there's that inconsistency.
It kind of makes you go...
I heard a scream
from the other room.
She was in the bathroom
by herself with him.
Had nothing to do with me.
So I just want to put
that out there. You know.
God, strike me down
if I'm lying. [chuckling]
Oh, I trusted him.
But I've learned
that in this town,
literally no
one is trustworthy.
And so maybe
T-Dale is good guy,
becomes bad guy,
and kills.
I was curious.
So, Francis
and I went on to conduct
what would become
known as the splatter test.
What day is it? What
time is it? What's going on?
It's-- it's around midday.
Mm. Fucking great. That's
fucking pig's blood, bitch.
-Is that real?
-Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
All right, so where's David?
What's he doing?
Was he in the shower?
Is he over here?
David is in the bathtub.
-[Francis] He's in the tub?
-[Donny] Yeah.
-Okay, get to, stay right there.
-Lay down. Lay down in the tub.
Taking a little sponge bath,
you know what I mean?
Hanging out. We're having a--
David's having a good time.
- He doesn't know he's gonna get
fucking killed, all right?
Come over here.
I don't like that.
I fucking hate that, actually.
Spin over here.
Over here. That's good.
Up like that. Up like that.
Taking a bubble
bath, bubble bath,
bubble bath,
bubble bath. Boom. Right?
-So, he's hanging out.
-[Donny] Okay.
-He's hanging out.
-[Donny] Yeah.
-It's fucking midday.
-[Donny] Yeah.
Maybe closes his eyes.
Maybe he does that.
-And then fucking boom.
He's fucking done.
He's done. All right?
-So, I'll come up here.
-[Donny] Okay.
-There's the shot.
-[Donny] Okay.
There's the fucking shot, right?
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
-That's the fucking scene.
-That's the tension.
-Because the blood...
[Francis] We're going
to fucking drown you in it.
Poor it in over the sides.
I want it on your fucking toes,
your dick, I wanna be--
No one knows. What's cut off?
What the fuck happened?
-Wait, you're not gonna--
-What the fuck happened?
-[Donny] In terms of the pig--
-What the fuck happened? Huh?
A fucking
murder happened, right?
-That's right. That's right.
-That's what fucking happened.
-But in terms of the pig blood--
-That's the fucking scene.
Is the pig's
blood going to be on me?
As a film subject,
you have to be
good about boundaries.
You have to set boundaries
or you're going
to get bulldozed.
It's gonna be everywhere.
All over the place.
So, what do
you think about that? Huh?
I-- I think it's
incredible. I don't know--
I think I'm going to have
to set a boundary before...
But a great film
director will cross boundaries.
Will violate boundaries.
Take your clothes off.
I'm going to shoot
this motherfucker. Okay?
Good job. Good job.
Boundaries. I--
I did a lot
of boundary work in--
in therapy and I learned
so much about them.
Um, I-- I learned in particular
that when an
individual says no,
that they mean that
they don't want you to--
to-- to cross that.
I didn't know that before.
[deeply sighing]
-How we doing, kid?
-Yeah. Nervous?
-Don't be.
-Okay. Okay.
-You got this.
-Close your eyes.
You know who you are?
-I'm Donny Wunder.
-The fuck you are.
-Close your eyes.
You're-- You're David.
I'm David?
But here you are.
Just wanted to do
a little tubby time.
Tubby time. Just relax.
-Just a boy in the tub, right?
-But guess what?
Someone wanted
to murder you today.
-You trust me?
-There you are.
-There you are.
Your throat has
just been sliced.
[haphazardly choking]
Goodbye, David.
I'm going
to miss you, little buddy.
Now, the splatter test
was all about
figuring out just
what is blood like?
What does blood
feel like on the skin?
What color is blood
when it's resting in a bathtub?
At what rate does
blood travel through the air
once it leaves your body?
These are the questions that
the splatter test answered.
[trippy music]

That was gold. I'm happy.
I'm proud of you. All right?
Hurry up.
Clean this up, too, okay?
We've got to go.
We've got to move.
Moving on! Moving on!
Well, what we got
from the splatter test,
what we learned, was that
there was a lot of blood.
Like, a lot of blood.
Too much.
And so with that information,
we went on to speak
with our next suspect.
I am Klara,
and I see, um, spirits
and, uh, can do sances
and see energies.
Yours is beautiful.
It's like a red,
beautiful, big red color.
That-- That's--
I'm sorry. That's what you do?
-All right. Well, let's--
let's just go to--
Let's talk about the, uh...
[clearing throat] murder
in the open house.
Uh, where were you the morning
of the, uh, open house?
I was with my friend, Peggy.
I've been waiting for you.
She had taken me
to this, uh, this space.
I'd been there once before,
but it seemed
different this time.
She brought me to a new room.
Men-- Um, mental institution.
Is that what it's called?
Well, why--
I mean, how did you end up
at a mental institution?
Oh, uh, the first time,
uh, I had had an
experience with ayahuasca,
which I've had
many experiences with.
Well, almost always good.
Except for this one time.
I'm going to fucking kill you!
Oh, yeah. She assaulted someone
high on ayahuasca. Mm-hm.
A bad spirit had
found me and, uh, had--
had used me as
a way to talk to everybody.
No one ever let it talk.
Yeah, I had a lot to say.
Um, uh, well, let me ask,
what's your relationship with--
with, uh, with Peggy Diglett?
She has a beautiful
soul in the middle,
then it gets a little dark,
then it kind
of spirals a little bit.
We had a really
hard time tracking down
this Peggy character.
But sometimes as an artist,
you have to step up.
Hi, I'm Peggy Diglett.
[clearing throat] No. Hello,
hi, I'm Peggy Diglett,
I'm nurse here at
the psych ward.
I'm a nurse.
Hi, I'm Peggy.
You have to fill in
that void, take a risk,
and do what you have
to do to make the scene work.
Hi, my name is Peggy Diglett.
I have worked here
at the ward for five years.
Hm. And what are
your qualifications?
Well, Francis,
my qualifications are that
I have been a nurse here
at the ward for five years.
-[distant screaming]
-Excuse me.
It's so funny when you have
patients and you try so hard
to keep them steady and you
try to keep them peaceful
and well-behaved.
And every once in a while,
they make noise.
And you have to--
Usually I'm there to
do something about it.
Would you say
you're a good nurse?
I can say
my record speaks for itself.
99.9% of the time.
Okay. Well.
Let's cut to the chase.
[clearing throat] Klara.
-[Francis] O'Sho.
What's your
relationship with her?
Klara is not
the sweet little bunny
she makes herself out to be.
No, she's not doing so well.
It's like a little
squirrel burrowed some nuts
in her brain. Some walnuts.
She knew my love, Squire.
She knew him first
and then I met her through him.
And, uh,
she's become a good friend.
Is that my boyfriend?
Well, then why
don't you come down here
and find out if I am?
Come pick her up.
What did he say?
Is he coming to get me?
Oh. Are you upset
that Squire Naljaimon
-is with me and not with you?
-[Donny] Hah!
I think she did it, yeah,
I think it's pretty,
um, one of those things
that when you really think
about it, it must have been.
-[woman screaming]
-You know what,
I got another
name here that you might--
might ring a-- a, you know,
might trigger something.
Squire Naljaimon?
-Where are we going with this?
-Oh, you tell me.
I can tell you that
he's not a very good man.
Though he tries
very hard to seem so.
I can tell you that
he's not such a loyal servant.
I can tell you
that if you throw a stone
on Sunset Avenue,
you'll hit a woman
that Squire Naljaimon
has dated.
[jaunty woodwind instrumental]
Greetings. Salutations.
That's a hell of an
entrance you got there, buddy.
Well, I do have
a flair for the theatrics.
Yeah, that's... crazy.
-Uh, what-- Is that an eagle?
This is the earpiece
of [indistinct].
It is made entirely
of grouse tail feathers.
-Grass feathers?
-Grass feathers.
Uh, in meaning the
representative of the spiral,
uh, when it comes energetically,
uh, symbolic-wise.
Great, so-- so
you're Squire Naljaimon?
In the flesh.
And you guys
are-- are-- are together?
Newly married. But a fortnight.
As you can see, our rings.
The stones grow more powerful
when they come together.
So, when they touch.
[clearing throat] Um,
let's-- let's talk about--
let's-- let's talk--
let's please talk about
that open house.
Let's get to that.
What happened on
the way to the open house?
Let's back it up a little bit.
That morning I awoke at dawn,
my heart heavy with sadness,
for that was the day
that I had to tell
my then roommate, Darren,
that I was moving out.
We awoke, we readied ourselves
for a game
of Chaucer's Dungeon.
The role of a fine
director is to be able
to extract these performances.
And that dungeon scene
is a perfect example of that,
where you have these
talented actors,
who have done the research,
and the prepared director
pulling that from them.
It's fine cinema.
[monks chanting]

[airbrush whirring]

[indistinct whispering]
Alas, we can only
play about, uh,
probably about 30,
like, 45 minutes, I think.
Uh, ultimately.
Behold my cape
of creeping darkness night.
[Baron] I do behold it.
I bear the sign of Oxymon.
Oxymon. Oxymon.
Let me pass.
I, am not
the keeper of the keys.
I cannot let you pass.
You must search
for Lady Wiggledom,
for she is the keeper
of all keys in these parts.
I must have that Thorny Key.
Its icy crest must be mine.
You truly must have it.
It truly must be yours.
[makes explosion sound]
Turn to the next chapter
to see what
happens next, Squire.
[pages rustling]
This chapter is called
"Jack and Wolf Go to Hell."
We are reminded that
the flames of bane rise
to encompass all
of us and our party.
Encircling us in hellfire
that at first
seems wretched and wicked,
but soon is
revealed to be the--
I have
to leave in an hour.
Uh, uh, oh. Um, [exhale], why?
I have to, um,
retrieve up my lady.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Psh, you must, ah, psh,
go pick up your,
ah, your girlfriend?
My Lady Kracklem, please.
Your lady Klara
than the middle of a game.
Lady Kracklem. Anyway,
into the Winter Woods we go.
Or perhaps the Dragon's Pass?
Which is but a shortcut
and would save us
some-- some-- some time, so,
I shall roll for
the Dragon's Pass.
Ah, but you rolled snake eyes.
Yes, [clears throat],
into the Winter Wood we go.
We go.
I encounter the Dorics.
And the pawn
encountering Dorics,
we are reminded that
we must whisper!
Whispers only
in the face of Dorics
for their slumbers are thin.
I roll to destroy the Dorics.
Ah, but you roll
to awaken more Dorics
because you didn't whisper.
I roll to board
the Ship of Aranthal
to enter the Narwhal Sea.
For a second life.
Uh, you roll to
enter the Narwhal Tree
in which you live
fused to tree bark.
You must have that thorny key,
its icy crest must be yours.
I must have that
thorny key, its icy crest.
It must be mine.
Baron, why are you doing this?
I don't--
We have an hour to--
to play. Let's, you know,
just enjoy.
I don't--
I just don't understand
why you have to go
pick up your girlfriend.
Please refer to
her as Lady Kracklem!
-I will not.
-That's her name.
Her name is--
That is how--
What she goes by now.
Klara the Cloud Corgi.
That's mean.
You know what, okay.
My lady said you would
be difficult about this.
I cannot do this.
I cannot, ah, be here
all hours
of the day anymore for you.
How could she? How?
I don't know how you
can't understand this.
I'm moving out.
There it is.
You can't move out.
We're in the middle of a quest.
I, um...
I don't think I can look
for the thorny key anymore.
Methinks I must find a new key.
They key to a--
This potential apartment.
I bid you good day, sir.
[door creaks]
[door closes]
Don't worry,
Sir Patrick.
I'm still here.
And then, I left to go
retrieve my lady from
that evil, poisonous place.
At the end of the day,
you're just
another little piece
in his Chaucer's Dungeon Game.
Just a little pawn he's
using to get to his treasure.
Past the trolls,
the dragons.
You understand?
Well, we're moving in together.
I hopped in
my chariot and I was off.
You, uh,
you own-- you own a chariot?
Uh yeah, it's a hatchback.
A car?
Yes, it's a '93.
Ah, okay. It's good.
[clears throat]
Um, so you-- you arrive
at the-- at the open
house-- at the apartment,
and um, and what happens next?
You guys both
go in, or is it...
My lady went in first.
And I tarried
behind at the threshold.
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
[clearing throat] T-Dale
stated that you were seeing
things that he...
Mm, T-Dale.
T-Dale. Oh, T-Dale.
He was very lost.

Is it, um, maybe,
were you, maybe hallucinating?
Oh, hallucinating, no.
that's a good one.
That's what--
People always say that.
-Why do they say that?
That's what we
call a layman's term
for those who
don't truly understand.
But that's okay.
Um, so, okay, you, uh,
he mentioned
Dizzy being aggressive.
Do you-- do you agree with that?
Uh, she had, brought in
with her a very dark spirit.
[eerie music]
She was just
very vulnerable so,
things get
attached to vulnerability.
And, uh, when she came in,
she brought in something
with her I did not like.
Ah, and then, from there,
I had a bit of a premonition.
[radio static]
[creepy techno instrumental]

And that's the truth.
Can you describe the murder?
Okay, and um,
[clears throat], Squire,
let's talk about you.
Sir Squire. So you're--
you're in there
and you're just-- you're out,
yeah, you're-- What
are you, what are you doing?
-What are you doing?
-I was waiting for the signal
my lady was going to give me
once the space had
been properly cleared
of all negative entities.
Of which I am
very empathic towards.
W-- w-- That's--
It's a little odd to me
if you're looking
for an apartment,
why-- why didn't you--
why didn't you go inside?
I, uh, like I said before,
ha, I was standing guard.
Okay. Thank you. So the--
the murder was taking place,
you must've heard something,
must've saw something.
I, um, I didn't hear it.
I didn't see it.
I-- I don't know
what, uh, you, um...
Right. But-- but
there were screams heard.
And-- and you know,
people running
and there's a murder,
in broad daylight.
So, I mean,
you were right there.
Perhaps there was,
uh, good insulation
of the space
so sound could not travel.
You know, that's not
really clicking with me.
I don't really, I don't--
I don't buy that.
It's, it's, uh-- Crazy
question, were your eyes open?
You know what?
Okay fine.
Let the truth come out.
Uh, yes,
you know what?
I happen to suffer from
Type One Narcolepsy.
It is not an easy thing
to admit to yourself
or to this camera.
However, it is true.
Three million people
worldwide suffer silently
in their sleep.
Only 25%, honestly,
have been correctly diagnosed.
It is a difficult
thing for me to speak about.
And yes,
my narcolepsy came over me
like the cowl of night
over my eyes
and I descended
briefly into darkness.
Yes, briefly.
For but a moment.
And when I came to,
the atrocity had occurred.
I think we have
everything here today.
I really thank you guys for
letting me into your-- your--
your thing here and,
um, is there a restroom
-I could use on the way out?
-[Squire] Yes, there is.
I just have to
clean the, uh, camera and--
Past the second
candelabra on the right.
Um, it's a candelabra.
Candle, wha-- whe-- where?
The second one
to the right. Um...
Fuck 'em, fuck.
Okay, okay.
What is a candelabra?
I don't think Naljaimon did it.
He was too--
Uh, what's the word?
And Klara was
so clear on things.
So spiritually there,
that I just don't
see her killing anybody.
So we had to expand our reach.
We had to cast a wider net
and that's how we found James.
We're going to have
Francis sitting right there.
Just ignore the camera, okay?
You're gonna do great.
-Gonna do great.
-Okay. And which one's Francis?
Francis is the one holding
his hand up right there.
-Hi, Francis. Oh, hey Francis.
-You can see him.
-And it's Francis?
James was David's
And this interview
marked the moment in my journey
where the mentor said,
"Come along with me. Join me."
And what I mean by that
is Francis let me be there
in the room with him
for that interview.
So just relax.
Just look straight ahead.
And just be as honest
and bright and kind as you are.
-And you're gonna let me...
-[Francis] [indistinct]
And you're gonna
let me know what to say.
Okay. He doesn't like
me on camera much so...
Okay. And just let me
know what to say.
I will say
anything that you want.
James, do you mind
if we address the,
uh, elephant in the room?
Oh, the eye?
Well, I was unfortunately,
uh, in a wreck.
Uh, got hit in
a head on t-bone.
Wow, I'm sorry--
sorry to hear that.
But then I was in
the emergency room
and I was just sittin' there
and I just could
not stop scratchin' it.
And they said,
"You stop scratchin' it."
And I said, "Okay."
But I just could
not stop scratchin' it.
I don't know what it was.
And I woke up in
the middle of the night
and the next night
and I was still scratchin' it.
And they said,
"You gotta stop scratchin'
or you gonna give yourself
a subconjunctival hematoma."
So I put--
So they put on this, uh,
stop me scratchin' it.
Let's-- let's talk about--
Let's talk about David.
Oh, this is
the neighbor who was murdered.
Could you say, that
looking back now a year ago,
did you foresee anything
like this happening to David?
Well, no. It-- it would've
been December, this was.
No, he was
murdered [clearing throat].
David was murdered a year ago,
July 1st.
Not December.
No, no, no, it was--
Am I wrong? It was December.
-We didn't get a lot from James.
Where were you
a year ago July 1st?
-Where were you, buddy?
-Paris, France.
Not at home?
we didn't get anything at all
from the James Divine
but what
happened next with Dizzy
was a real trial of a journey.
That's when things got heavy.
The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek.
Joseph Campbell.
Can I take this
bag off my head? Please?
Oh, you can
take the bag off, sweetie.
You just-- you just
forget where you been.
Thank you.
Oh my. Look at
your face.
Woo! Howdy.
And who are you?
Well, my name is Disney Daisy.
But everybody calls me Dizzy.
Describe the, uh, morning
of the murder. The day of.
The day of the murder.
Well, I was--
I woke up the usual time.
I started making my cocktail.
[groovy music]
[liquid pouring]
Havin' fun. Listening to music.
Living a wonderful life.
Then, in walks
my niece, Cordelia.
Hey, Aunt Dizzy.
Well, fuck!
Hi. It's Cordelia.
Uh. Oh.
-I says--
-[siren wailing]
Oh, they're not after
me, are they? I'm sorry.
I gotta take a minute here.
Every siren damn
near jolts my heart.
They're lookin' for me.
One way or another.
Anyway, Cordelia comes
walkin' in.
I says, "There she is!
Oh, look at you." Oh, it is you.
Yeah. Is this a good time or?
Well, how'd you
get in here, honey?
I own the building.
You know this.
Give me a kiss.
That's actually what
I wanted to talk to you.
-No, no, um, no.
-Well, just give me a kiss.
Remember we had that
personal space conversation?
Okay, ugh. Yeah,
um, all right, ah.
I wanted to talk to
you about this apartment and,
uh, you living here, um.
Well, why don't
you take a seat first
and I'll make you a drink?
Well, I don't really
have time for that and
-it's ten in the morning so--
-Take a seat, take a seat.
Every time I see her,
I am so sweet and welcoming.
Why don't you take a seat?
-All right.
-I'm gonna make you a drink.
It's 10 AM, Diz.
I don't need a drink.
I just need to talk to you.
Well, I can't hardly
keep track of that anyway.
-Are... Is this...
-Why don't you take that?
Cough syrup?
She says, "Auntie Diz.
I'm taking you out.
You're a danger to yourself.
You're a danger
to the people in this place.
You're drinkin' early.
I-- I can't have
you just living here like this.
This is, like, it's unsafe."
Why don't you come
see my chicken over here?
"Your chicken's dead."
All that kind of stuff.
-[lounge music]
-No, he's just asleep.
-He's not asleep, Auntie.
-He's just asleep.
Oh my god,
Auntie Diz, that's dead.
Let me show you.
Let me show you.
Don't touch, Auntie! Please!
No, he's just sleeping.
We'll wake him up.
She says,
I'm taking you to a home.
I look at her,
dead cold in the eyes,
I said, "No, you're not."
Dizzy, I'm not
playin' anymore, okay?
It's not safe for you here.
You got dead
animals lying around.
You need to go to a home,
where they can
take care of you.
I found a nice place.
It's called Oak Manor.
I'm not goin' there.
I already found another place
and I'm not going
to tell you where it is.
Then I'll drag you out.
Then you're
gonna have to catch me.
Have you ever had
your niece evict you?
It doesn't happen very often.
[lounge music]
No! You get down there.
You get down there.
-Stop! Stop! Stay still!
-You get down there.
-You stop that.
-Hey! What the?
We run around the place
a couple times, up the stairs,
I lock her in the bathroom.
And what
happened when you arrived?
When I arrived at the open
house, I had scooted over.
[sexy lounge music]
I go in, I see a pair
of roller blades by the door,
I say, "That's too much fun."
And I look around,
we've got two people there.
And they are so sweet.
They look like cute,
little, happy people.
[Klara and T-Dale]
Auntie Diz!
Aw, look at you! Oh, dear.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Leopard print,
are you kidding me?
I would've lived in that shoe,
if they let me.
What did you make
of T-Dale and Klara?
Well, T-Dale, I thought,
was a deeply,
deeply handsome boy.
[techno music]
[Klara laughing]
And, uh, but he didn't
like me after the knife.
He said, "I don't trust you.
You're a danger."
He said,
"You're an absolute danger"
and I thought,
at by that point,
any sorta sweet talkin'
him wasn't--
It was a dead end.
Well, T-Dale
says you were dangerous
and Klara said
you had a "bad spirit."
What do you think about that?
Huh, well they don't
know the half of it, do they?
[psychedelic techno]

Well, it doesn't
stop there with Dizzy.
You know, Dizzy's
been married three times.
Three gorgeous marriages.
Pretty boys.
And, uh, all of them have died.
Um, first one, came tumblin'
down a flight of stairs.
His head smashed like
a pumpkin at the very bottom.
It spilled.
It was a nasty scene.
I didn't do it. Least
I don't remember doin' it.
I could've. I don't know.
They tell me I didn't.
It was an accident.
Second one, well he wanted to--
he wanted
a proper Christian burial,
but I got him cremated 'cause
he wasn't very good to me.
Third one, third one died,
and we were just
walkin' over a bridge.
We were walkin' right
over a bridge in New York.
What do they call that one?
The Washington Bridge.
I said, "Honey, it's so,
it looks so nice out here."
And he said,
"You're always walkin',
you're always tryin'
to walk right away from me.
Why don't
you walk right next to me?
You're too--
You're lookin' around
when you should
be lookin' at me."
And next thing I knew,
he's flyin' off that bridge.
Next thing I knew,
he's tumblin' wooooo, you know.
Like a train goin'
through a tunnel. Woo.
That's the last I saw of him.
Except at the memorial service.
Hard to cry when they hur--
when they treat you so bad.
Um, why did
you go to the bathroom?
I understand you went
to the bathroom at some point.
I could damn-- damn near,
couldn't keep
anything left in my stomach,
so I had to go to
the bathroom to drain it.
[ominous music]
[repeated splashes]
Music's blarin'.
I can't hear a thing.
I know David's in there.
Uh, but I don't look for him.
I can't... damn near,
can't remember
where exactly he was.
[ominous music]
I wash my hands in the sink.
Splish, splash.
Get 'em all wet. Wash 'em up.
I go to dry my hands,
I can't find a towel.
I think I see one.
[ominous music]
I was later told, "No,
Dizzy, that wasn't a towel.
That was his bloody shirt."
All right.
Well, what happened afterwards?
I leave. Come out.
I look, I say, "Hello honeys."
They're lookin' at me
like I'm some kinda
Halloween monster you buy
at the-- the party
store down the street.
[ominous music]
Well, fuck.
And that's when T-Dale come,
go walkin' in the bathroom.
He see the dead body and David.
He go,
"Uh, you killed this man."
"I knew there was
somethin' wrong with you.
Waving that knife around."
Do you-- do you have an idea
of why maybe the cops
might've thought you did it?
Well, I'm guilty
of a whole laundry
list of things, honey.
Murder might be one of them.
But I didn't kill David.
-For me,
-[clears throat]
let's backtrack a second here.
You have a history
of some dead husbands.
Yeah, sure.
-You go to an open house--
Of an apartment
you're obsessed with, right?
You're escaping
another place of living.
Uh, you walk in,
you pull out a--
you pull out a knife.
-Yes, I do.
-You wave it around.
I wave it right
round like a game.
Right? You threaten people.
And then you black out
and you walk out
with blood on your hands.
I'm mean, I-- I-- it, you br--
You, do you see why
you are a prime suspect
in this case?
Well, look at you.
You some kinda lawyer?
Building a case against me?
The other ones couldn't--
couldn't finish the job.
They couldn't lock me up.
Did you murder David?
Did you murder David?
Are you guilty of murdering
[Donny] Incoming!
Oh, what
the fuck are you doing?
-Dizzy, I got your Robitussin.
Are you kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Right now, you wanna walk
in front of the rolling camera?
Well, he's
going to blow his dick.
This is your movie.
This is your movie
that you're fucking up!
What happened was,
I was instructed by both Dizzy
and Francis to keep the bag
on my head the whole time.
They said don't
ever take it off.
And Dizzy asked me
to deliver her Robitussin.
And so I'm
following instructions.
But I found myself
in the line of fire.
You can go back
to Idaho and make films
about barnyard fucking animals!
For all I care,
'cause you are fucking done.
Well, you...
You hear me?
You are fucking done!
I will bury you!
I am a fucking filmmaker!
And I know,
just having been on film sets,
I know that anger
and film director
go hand-in-hand
like brother and sister.
Where the fuck are we? Huh?
You bring us in a fucking
dungeon? Playing games?
Where the fuck are we?
How about that?
Where are we? Where are we?
You should see me.
[awkward chuckle]
You should see me when I'm mad.
Because when I'm mad it is,
-[loud exhale]
-Wow, it's scary.
I have been working on this
film for three fucking weeks!
Three weeks!
Sometimes when I'm
freaking out on set,
I'll go, I'll go,
"Screw you, jackass!" Heh!
And everyone will go,
"Whoa! Who said that?"
And-- and, they'll
look to the director.
And I'll be-- I'll be so upset.
-You go off, you go off.
You want your skittles?
Go get 'em!
-You go off, you go off.
-Go get 'em.
Honey, you get worse.
-You ruin your film.
-Fuck you!
-You ruin your little film.
Fuck everybody!
Fuck it! I'm outta here.
I dare you,
I dare you to fuck me.
I left the film.
And, that broke
the court order.
And I had to do
a month in prison.
And that was rock bottom.
Um, therefore,
if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation.
[faint organ music]
The old has passed away.
Behold, new is come.
Corinthians 5:17.
Heard the film went
to shit too after I left,
so... huh.
-Little victories, yeah.
-[throat clearing]
[faint song on radio]
Francis took off this morning.
Um, and he left
us with the bill,
which is going
to put us in the hole.
Ah, there's no
easy way to say that, um.
But Francis really
did what any good mentor does,
and that's
that he led me to myself.
He left me
to come to understand
that this is my
movie and that I'm ready.
Donny, you're ready
to make this movie.
You're ready to finish it.
And that's invaluable.
That's priceless. And so,
thank you, Francis Falconi,
for showing me that I'm ready.
Thank you.
-We're gonna do it.
I called Donny
to apply a little pressure.
I went to film school.
USC. Fight on!
-Chelsea, hey.
-[Chelsea] Don, hey.
Now, we need
those deliverables. Okay?
-[Chelsea] We need footage.
Oh. Well... that's...
Donny, I'm, fuck it,
gonna pull the goddamn plug.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Don't pull the plug.
Donny, don't
pull the plug. We are so--
[Chelsea] Shut the fuck up.
You know what success is?
is something you murder.
Stir the pot a little bit.
Right, well,
the case is almost closed.
[Chelsea] I'm not going
to call you again.
So, we'll de--
we'll get those results
and we'll deliver those to you.
-[Chelsea] Don't fuck with me.
-[Chelsea] Do not fuck with me.
-Okay, all right.
-[Chelsea] Go away. Bye.
Bye bye.
I am-- I'm having
an anxiety attack.
I quit. I'm-- This is done.
[birds chirping]
[traffic din]
I think he handles his stress
in a very healthy way.
Ah, laying out
and taking in the sun.
Seeing his family.
And his anxiety,
if he has anxiety, is...
You get the sense he's
not holding too much of it.
And that it's,
that it's all out there.
And yet, he's so very calm.
It's inspiring.
And, ah, I think,
the stress I'm feeling now,
and the anxiety I'm feeling now
doesn't mean
anything in his world.
Ah, because
he's not carrying it.
He's carrying something but I--
I don't have
to know what that is.
And to know that he doesn't
know about Francis
or the money
problems or any of that,
I find that very calming.
So this has been special
to have some
time with my friend.
And so it was
back to square one.
I am so proud of myself
for not giving up my journey.
I'm so proud
of myself for not quitting.
[upbeat techno music]

Only through death,
can the hero be reborn.
And through resurrection
comes a greater insight.
And ultimately, a path forward.
I mean, it was beyond
what I thought this guy
was fucking capable of.
[traffic din]
[pages furling]

Who had--
who had the acrylic nail?
Oh my god!
It was her! It was her?
Are you rolling? Are you
rolling? A nail in the tub.
An acrylic nail in the tub.
She did it.
She did it.
It was her the whole time.
Ahhh. Okay. You can't
really see it, but right there,
that is an acrylic nail.
She did it. Oh my god.
Oh my god! Oh my god.
It was her the whole time.
You know, you can,
you can say what you want
to say about the film.
But, you know, I give
it to Donny for that ending.
I mean, I couldn't,
couldn't have written
something that good if I tried.
I have, but you know,
for this, I mean.
Just when you're at the bottom,
something special
lands on your doorstep.
And what I hold here
is the bit of evidence
that has led
me to the murderer.
David Hackneyed's
death will find justice today.
I am soon to call Peggy Diglet,
who was wearing an acrylic nail
when she killed
David Hackneyed.
This nail wound up
in the drain of a bathtub.
I saw it in a photograph.
This is an exciting moment.
I'm going to call her.
I'm going to confront her.
And we are going
to lead her to justice.
[uplifting music]
Stay tuned.
And that's where
the studio really fucked me.
-It's kind of funny.
None of this,
would have happened.

[lighter flick]
[mechanical whirring]
[dog barking]
[soft music]
Peggy nail.
[soft music]
None of us
could've been prepared
for Donny's big deception.
-Look, I did what I had to do.
And if you think that
documentaries are all facts,
are all truth,
are nothing but reality,
maybe shine the mirror
on yourself. Think again.
We could play pretend.
[male voice]
Is that legal?
It's a movie.
[ominous music]
It's my movie.
Donny had to die that day.
And Donny... was born.
We can put this on Peggy.
And that would get out,
get us out of this.
[both chuckling]
"Don't ever let facts get
in the way of a good story."
Mark Twain.
By the way,
I'm a narrative filmmaker now.
[phone ringing]
Hi, Peggy.
[heavy breath & muffled laugh]
-Peggy Diglet.
-[Peggy] Jesus.
Donny Wunder here.
I'm on your tail.
Well, well. Okay, Donny!
I mean that I have
found an acrylic nail
in a photograph.
And the acrylic nail,
I happen to know,
b-- belongs to you.
And we need
to bring about justice.
-And you need to be returned...
-[heavy breath]
to where you belong which
is in the hands of custody.
And we need that right away.
Uh, documentaries,
oh come on man, documentaries
are bullshit, okay? Narratives.
That's cinema. That's film.
Truth and fact.
And narrative.
Truth to whom?
If my truth is my
truth and it's not your truth.
What is truth
and who's the, who--
who knows that there's
any objective truth anyway?
[Peggy] Do you have
any idea what it's like
to have
something taken from you?
Someone you love?
When I let Klara go,
I felt something
in me say, "Follow her."
You're fucking
moving in together.
You're moving in together,
you're fucking kidding me.
Maybe it's
Peggy's turn to go bonkers.
Maybe Peggy's
going a little bonkers.
A little nutso now.
It's your turn. Go.
I couldn't stop myself.
And I saw Squire
fall asleep like he does.
Because of his narcolepsy.
I thought, "I'm just
going to look inside."
I just wanted to take
a look inside the house.
[suspenseful music]
It's never been
ab-- about the truth.
Truth is bullshit.
You want some truth. Huh?
Go fuck yourself. How
'bout that? That's some truth.
[Peggy] And I climbed
down and I slipped.
[David] Urgh! Ow!
[scuffles and splashes]
And that's when he grabbed me.
He grabbed my neck.
[gurgles and splashes]
Do you have any idea what
it's like to be in a bathtub--
Okay, Peggy.
[Peggy] And have
someone grab your neck?
I just wanted
to get him off me.
The only thing
I had was that nail file,
-or I would've died.
Can there be a truth?
Can truth even exist,
when you really think about it?
I don't think so.
Urgh. Oh!
It was self-defence.
It wasn't...
It was never the plan.
It was never the plan!
The way I see something
and the way you see
something is different.
The way I see an orange
is different from the way
you might see an orange,
which might look
more like an apple to you.
When I saw the blood,
when I saw all the blood,
I got spooked.
And I had to go.
And so, I ran.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry!
But you're never
going to find me! Never!
No, Peggy, Peggy,
please. Peggy, please.
-I didn't ask for any of this.
-We need you back.
Come on, Peggy. No, don't this.
Don't do this, Peggy.
-We need you back now, please.
-[Peggy] Goodbye, Donny.
Oh, come on, Peggy.
-[Peggy] Goodbye, Donny.
-Peggy! Peggy, Peggy!
Well, Peggy is on the loose.
And, ah, we are going
to have to hunt her down.
We are going to need
to find her. And cut! Cut.
And that's the nature of truth.
It's different for everyone.
So my loyalty
to truth in a documentary,
I don't have to be truthful.
Because my truth
wouldn't be your truth anyway.
Yeah, unbelievable.
You know, despite,
the-- the courts and the--
the prisons and the,
all this bullshit and--
and whatever,
I'm proud of that kid.
Yeah, I said it.
I'm proud of Donny.
And you guys can
go fuck yourselves.
You fucking frauds.
Screw you.
I am tired.
Okay. Let's, uh, ring it in.
Okay, thank you.
[male voice]
Hold! LAPD recruits. Move out!
[funky music]

Does that make any sense?