Killer Within, A (2004) Movie Script

I have an appointment
with Mr. Terrill at 2:00.
Oh. Good afternoon, Mrs. Lovell.
Mr. Terrill has cleared
his schedule for you.
How nice.
Right this way.
It's a pleasure to see you
again, Miss Lovell.
Step into my office.
Go ahead and sit down.
Would you like
something to drink?
What are you having?
Dr Pepper.
Dr Pepper?
Well, I'm a Texan, so I grew up
drinking Dr Pepper.
Would you like one?
No, thanks.
I brought my own.
So what can I do
for you besides...
pour your champagne?
Actually, I need
some professional advice.
I'm considering a divorce.
A divorce?
Has your husband provided you
with grounds?
He spends too much time
at the office...
and not enough time on me.
Well, perhaps that's his way
of showing you...
that he loves you
by providing for you.
I think he thinks that.
Mrs. Lovell, I'm
a corporate defense litigator.
I'm not a family law specialist.
Did you know that your tie
complements your eyes?
Thank you.
My wife got me this tie.
She has good taste.
I think so.
I wasrt referring to the tie.
I'm sorry.
What were we discussing?
My husband.
I don't like being ignored.
He ignores me.
I find it hard to believe
that anybody could ignore you.
Oh. Thank you. Cheers.
Don't you think you've had
enough of that, Mrs. Lovell?
Why don't you join me?
You know...
I don't drink alcohol.
Why not?
It's a great anesthetic.
Perhaps that's why.
I'm afraid...
I might like it too much.
What else are you afraid of,
Mr. Terrill?
I'm a married man, Mrs. Lovell.
- Happily, I presume.
- Very.
I have a four-year-old son.
So something must turn you on.
I like a woman
that wears perfume.
Does your wife wear perfume?
Very expensive,
$600-an-ounce perfume?
I don't know.
Does she wear it
between her legs?
I'm afraid it's time for you
to go, Mrs. Lovell.
Mrs. Lovell?
Back to work, ladies.
That was awesome.
I've decided to forget...
about filing those
divorce papers, Mr. Terrill.
I was so looking forward to our
next appointment, Mrs. Lovell.
I'm gonna get your stuff, OK?
Addison, we have
dinner reservations...
at the French Room at 8:00.
You have to be home by 7:00.
Can I call you
about that, though...
because I may have to
work late tonight.
Oh. You know what?
I think since I'm here...
I'll just stop by
and say hello to Margaret.
No, you won't, OK?
Dinner at 8:00.
OK. OK. I'll be there by 7:00.
Good-bye, Mr. Terrill.
Send me a bill for your time.
Hey. Any messages for me?
- They're all for you.
- They're all for me?
I'll tell you what.
I'll take the ones
that have called twice...
and you handle the rest.
Could you do me a favor?
Send my wife...
a dozen red roses, please,
and make sure they're red.
Come get me at 4:30.
Whoa! No, no, no,
not Olan Beauregard III...
the plaintiff counsel from hell.
What? He loves you.
- He hates me, Addison.
- I love you.
Fuck you. Every time
I talk to him...
he files another motion.
You talk to him.
Your Mommy's home.
Mommy, look what I drew.
It's a picture of Sarah.
Careful, sweetie.
Mommy's wearing Prada.
He wasrt too difficult, was he?
Christopher has been
an angel as usual.
Do you like it?
Oh, I love it, darling.
I'm not finished drawing it.
I really appreciate you taking
care of Christopher all day.
Werert your bored talking
to a four-year-old?
I enjoy taking care
of Christopher.
You know that.
Only he is growing up so fast.
Yeah. I wish he'd grow up
a little faster.
I want to send him
to boarding school in France.
You wouldn't.
Come see what I bought you.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Becky, you shouldn't have.
Well, you know how I like
to buy things for people.
This must have cost you
a fortune.
Well, we have a fortune.
Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you.
Now, OK, how did you do that?
Just like that. That's it.
Great. Oh. Christopher's
birthday's next week...
and he wants a pool party
with the neighborhood children.
I could have the party
at my house.
I really wouldn't mind.
I'd give anything to have
a houseful of children...
even if only for an afternoon.
Are you still having trouble
getting pregnant?
You know, you and Sam
should go on a cruise.
We've gone to the Caribbean
and the Aegean.
I've tried everything.
I just wish I could convince
Sam to adopt.
There's nothing wrong
with adoption.
The male ego.
They all want sons,
and then when they get them...
we do all the work.
Sam says that you and Addison
are trying to have another one.
Men think they know
everything, don't they?
They don't know what it's like
to be pregnant.
It's like being a petri dish.
You can't even lose weight
for nine months.
Third notice.
Approaching dark orange status.
Do you know what this is?
Yeah. Six hundred
billable hours.
You know, sometimes, I wish
people would hire us...
before they signed
their contracts.
If people read their contracts
and drove safely...
we'd be out of a job.
You ever miss the D.A.'s office?
Oh, let me think.
Murder, rape, child abuse,
petty politics, death threats.
That's right, baby,
the simple life.
If you start to miss that,
lie down...
on your eight thousand dollar
leather couch...
till the feeling goes away.
Sam, I'm serious right now.
No, Addison.
That was your dream, not mine.
God. You know, I'm just gonna
have to come back here later...
and finish this mess.
Call the other lawyer
and ask for an extension.
You call him.
It's Olan Beauregard III.
Oh. Well, now I feel the love.
What can I do to help?
Someone sent you flowers.
Do you want me to open the card?
If those are one dozen
long-stemmed red roses...
they're from Addison.
They're from Addison.
Do you want to baby-sit tonight?
Addison and I are going
out to dinner.
- I'd love to.
- Are you sure?
Because we can always
call the service.
What time do you want me?
7:30. Our reservations
are for 8:00.
Christopher, that is so good.
Can I take this home with me?
I'm not ready.
Oh, OK.
Well, I better get home
and start Sam's dinner.
This is hopeless.
It's gonna be an all-nighter.
I told you.
Wait. Don't call Sarah.
I got this.
I got to let her know
I'm gonna be late.
I've got to come back
after dinner anyway.
Here we go again.
Besides, I can go a hell
of a lot faster...
than with your slow ass.
What time do you got?
It's about 6:00.
Listen. I'm gonna be
late tomorrow.
Sarah and I are seeing
another fertility specialist.
Oh, yeah? How's that going?
Not as well as we hoped.
She's ready to adopt
a Korean kid.
I'd kind of like to keep trying
the old-fashioned approach.
Well, hey, there's
nothing wrong with adoption.
I didn't say that...
but what if the doctors
are wrong?
What if we can have
a child of our own?
Margaret. You're working late.
So are you, Mr. Moss.
I've been going over...
the insurance bills,
Mr. Terrill.
Our PPO carrier denied coverage
on your wife's tummy tuck.
Well, that's OK.
I mean, insurance companies...
don't normally cover
that kind of thing.
She apparently had
a tubal ligation...
at the same time.
If the doctor submits
a statement...
that it was for medical reasons,
we could claim reimbursement.
Thank you, Margaret.
We'll handle it from here.
Yes, sir.
It's probably just
a billing error.
Billing error.
Let's go hit some golf balls.
I knew something was wrong, Sam.
It's just heat lightning.
Becky conceived Christopher...
the second she stopped
taking the pill.
- Addison.
- She never lied to me before.
- Addison.
- How could she do this to me?
You have a son.
You have a beautiful family.
I realize that, Sam.
It's just that I didn't want
Christopher to grow up alone...
like I did.
Addison, how long have we
known each other?
I don't know.
Since we were eight.
Right. So you didn't
grow up alone, did you?
I guess I do have a brother.
Tee it up.
I smell meatloaf.
Your mother's recipe.
Pecan pie.
My mother's recipe.
I need a beer.
Hey, that's me.
You're not gonna frame
that one, are you?
Because, you know, that's
a little creepy.
How was your day?
Oh, the usual,
taking care of Christopher.
How was your day?
Oh, the usual...
taking care of Addison.
Daddy's home? Where's my Tiger?
Hey, Buddy!
What are you doing?
I missed you today.
Daddy, Daddy, look what I drew.
What is that,
a picture of Mommy?
No. It's a picture of Sarah.
Why, it sure is, isn't it?
Let's put her name on there.
Can you make an "S" for me?
How do I look?
Pretty damn good to me.
Go easy.
Somebody's been drinking.
You have ten minutes
to get ready.
Who's gonna baby-sit
not that girl with
the black fingernail polish?
- Sarah.
- OK. Sarah I can live with.
Christopher, stop drawing
on the table now.
What's going on out here?
He fell off the chair.
Can't you pick the kid up?
Addison, he needs to learn
how to sit in a chair.
You all right? Come here.
Come on. Let's go color.
All right?
I don't think we need to be
going out tonight.
- Why not?
- Because you've been...
drinking too much...
not to mention I've got to go
back to the office...
and do some work.
Christopher, go to your room,
please, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
Don't take it out on him.
Oh. You're sorry?
Well, then that makes it
all right then, doesn't it?
I better cancel
our dinner reservations.
Oh, you're so thoughtful. Gee.
And while you're at it,
why don't you call Sarah...
and tell her not to come over?
Yes. This is
Mr. Terrill calling.
We had an 8:00 reservation
I'd like to cancel.
You know, it took me six weeks
to get those reservations.
Oh, screw this.
I don't need this.
But you always do this.
Oh, yeah. Please don't
tell me the rest.
This is my fault, right, right?
And let me guess...
you're needed at the office...
to sort something out
all night long...
and only you can do it.
No. Sam can't do it because,
well, he's too busy...
getting his wife pregnant,
isn't he?
Sam doesn't work well
under pressure.
Or under the covers evidently.
Sam's a leech,
if you hadrt noticed.
You carried him
through law school...
you carried him as an
assistant district attorney...
and for some ungodly reason,
which only you can divine...
you carried him right
into your private practice.
Sam is important to my work.
Sam manages your office.
He buys the paper clips...
and then hires
the secretaries...
and then he tells
the secretaries...
to use the paper clips.
If he is such a hotshot,
why can't he handle this?
Because I don't like fooling
around with time programs...
and I need another attorney
to bounce ideas off of, Becky.
You don't have to give him half
of everything you make.
You don't. Why don't you...
just give him an account
at Office Depot?
Look around you.
How much better could you eat
or fucking drink?
Why can't Sam be the guy...
who works late
at the office at night?
I planned a romantic evening
for the two of us tonight.
This is a big client, OK?
This is my big client.
I have to do this.
Oh, shut up!
I've heard all this before.
What makes this worse,
it's not like you're out...
screwing some bimbo.
At least that,
I could compete with.
I'm not out screwing some bimbo
because I respect...
my marriage vows.
Oh, yeah. That's right.
Don't I know it?
You're like the morality police.
Becky, you know
I cannot tolerate...
lies and prevarications
in my life.
What are you getting at?
I'm talking about Christopher
being an only child!
Why would you do that without
discussing it with me first?
Because it's my body.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
Hey, Tiger.
What are you doing?
Is Mommy still mad?
Well, you know, that was
Daddy's fault.
Mommy says I'm
a bad boy sometimes.
No. You're not a bad boy.
And your Mommy loves you,
and I love you very much.
I'm not finished drawing
my picture of Sarah yet.
Well, I'll tell you what.
You finish this snack...
and then you can go and work
on that picture of Sarah, OK?
I'm gonna check in on you
when I get home.
I hate you.
You know that, don't you?
I love you.
Someday, you're gonna be sorry
you didn't stop and smell...
the roses your secretary
ordered for me.
Come on. I'm gonna
take you outside.
Hey, hey!
This is my house!
Christopher! Where is he?
I tried to call you
on your cell phone.
Where is she?
No. Addison, don't go in there!
- Get him out of here!
- Where's Christopher?
Where's my son?
- Addison.
- Christopher?
Chris? Christopher?
He's on his way to the hospital.
Sarah's with him.
I waited for you... Addison!
Christopher Terrill.
He was just brought in.
Room 256, but the desk nurse...
There's no evidence
of cerebral swelling.
The x-rays are negative,
the CAT scan is negative...
although he did take
quite a blow.
What kind of blow?
Hey, Doc, he was found
facedown on the kitchen floor.
What do you think?
Well, his injuries suggest...
he may have been
picked up, shaken.
He was thrown to the floor?
That's the most likely
scenario for his head trauma.
But he's gonna be OK, right?
Yeah. He should recover.
I want to keep him
a few days, though...
just to make sure there are no
complications from his injuries.
We need to talk.
I went back to my office.
I had some work to finish.
Anybody see you?
No. I used my key.
The police report indicates
that Detective Washington...
tried to contact your firm
about 9:14 P. M...
and got no answer.
- I'd left already.
- So you don't have an alibi?
No. I didn't think
I was gonna need one.
Were you and your wife
having any problems?
What is this?
You know the routine.
When a wife is killed...
the primary suspect
is always the husband.
Hold on. I need a moment
to confer with my client.
We'll waive the Miranda warning.
- OK, Counselor.
- Oh, no, no.
Wait a second. Continue, please.
Thank you.
Your neighbor Sarah Moss went
over to your house...
to baby-sit around 7:30
and noticed the broken window.
Jesus. I forgot to call her.
I heard my wife calling my name.
I rushed over.
Did you see anyone?
No. I got Christopher,
took him back to my house...
dialed 911,
went back to check on Becky...
We live just a few houses down.
The rest you know.
"We're even now" written
on the wall.
What do you think that means?
I don't know.
Do you remember Sonny Bruton?
The DNA evidence in this case
is irrefutable.
The defense is arguing
that there are...
extenuating circumstances
because Sonny Bruton...
was abused as a child.
My heart goes out
to that boy of long ago.
When you two were
with the D.A.'s office...
you prosecuted Sonny Bruton
for the rape and murder...
of three college girls.
He tied them to their beds
with their own underwear...
the same way your wife
was found.
Sonny Bruton is serving three
consecutive life sentences...
without parole.
He was released five days ago.
- What?
- Cut a deal with the State.
- Austin politicians.
- You didn't know about that?
No, I didn't know about that.
Seeing as how you were
the prosecuting attorney...
the Parole Board contacted you
the day after he was paroled.
You're gonna find him, right?
You know, Bruton spent
six years in the slammer...
ratting on everybody he can
to get out.
The first thing he does when
he's free is kill your wife?
He must really hate you.
Well, lucky for us,
your son survived...
and when he recovers,
he'll probably be able...
to identify the killer.
He's four.
He's a witness, my only witness.
Thank you, gentlemen.
One more thing, Terrill.
Bruton likes to take souvenirs.
Your wife was strangled with one
of her own stockings.
We'd really like to find it.
Jesus. Sonny Bruton.
I'm worried when he finds out
he didn't kill Christopher...
he's gonna try again.
- Well, just forget about it.
- No. I got to find him.
Addison, you're not
going anywhere.
Addison, stop!
Your son needs you.
I need him, too.
This is a community
gripped with fear.
Last night, Rebecca Terrill,
the socialite wife...
of former district attorney
Addison Terrill...
was found brutally murdered,
and their son was left for dead.
Police say they are continuing
to gather evidence...
but that this case
may be related...
to one of the cases that
Addison Terrill prosecuted...
as district attorney.
We have company.
This is not
an appropriate time, Lieutenant.
We can go downtown
if you'd be more comfortable.
We understand
that your son is awake.
We need to talk to him.
He's recovering from an assault,
and his mother
has been murdered.
And he might identify the man
who killed her.
He's four years old,
you asshole.
Take it easy, Larry.
What about Sonny Bruton?
We'll find him...
but first, we have some
more questions for Mr. Terrill.
- No.
- It's OK.
The autopsy report indicates...
that the cause of death
was strangulation.
Your wife wasrt raped.
There were no bruises...
in the usual places.
In other words,
Bruton raped three women...
but he didn't rape your wife.
This is not necessary.
The report also says the victim
had a.15 blood alcohol level.
That's a lot of alcohol
for a happily married woman...
or maybe she wasrt
so happily married.
What are you getting at?
What I'm getting at is that
you have a girlfriend...
and we know that she visited you
at your office...
the day of the murder.
That was my wife, Lieutenant.
Come again.
We were trying to have
another baby.
She came to my office
dressed as a client.
It was a game we played.
A footnote to
the medical examiner's report...
said that her tubes were tied...
so you were trying
to have a baby...
with a woman who couldn't?
She didn't tell me about that.
When did you find out?
Fuck this!
You said Sonny Bruton
broke his parole.
You don't know where he is?
We'll find him.
But you don't think he did it.
We'll ask him when we find him.
Call us when you do...
because right now
this bullshit is over.
Counselor, don't let
your client leave town.
So what do you think,
Let's find the girlfriend.
They're sportfishing.
Garrett has a hard-on for you.
He was Jesus Vargas'
partner, remember?
They're not looking for Bruton.
No rape, no DNA.
No DNA, anyone is the killer.
- I got to go after him.
- That's insane.
Look. I don't have
a choice, Sam.
Addison, you can't find
your keys in the morning.
How do you expect
to find Sonny Bruton?
I'll go back to the notes
on the trial.
I'll speak
to the arresting officer.
- Jesus Vargas?
- Yeah.
Who is it?
Addison Terrill.
I've been waiting
five years to do that.
What do you want?
I just wanted to talk.
Talk about what,
religion, politics...
or this certain case
I've been listening to...
on the police radio?
You're quite the talk
of the barrio, shyster.
Lieutenant Garrett thinks
I killed my wife.
Did you ever know a wife
who didn't' give her husband...
a reason to kill her?
Come on. You go home.
Wait. Wait. Come on.
I need your help.
What, you need my help?
Why don't you go get
the real cops?
Look. Your son already
lost his mama.
You want him to lose
his daddy, too?
Don't do this to me, Vargas.
Oh, fuck you, Terrill!
It's because of you
I ain't a cop no more.
I don't owe you shit,
and shit is all I've got.
I'm looking for Sonny Bruton.
You have a contact
from when you made that arrest.
I want a name.
You want a name?
Angel Zamora.
She hangs out at Los Tiburones
on Fairpark.
Sorry. Hi. I need some help.
Are you lost, mericon?
Actually, I'm looking
for somebody.
Angel Zamora.
Never heard of her.
What do you want?
I'll take a Dr Pepper.
Do you want chips with that?
That's OK.
Hey. Are you looking
for Angel Zamora?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Well, she don't work here
no more...
but I know where she is.
Great. Great. Do you have
a number or an address?
Let's go outside.
He's looking for Angel Zamora.
How's it going?
Let me see cash.
Hey, hey, come on.
What about...
I'm not looking
for any trouble, all right?
Soon you won't be looking
for nothing, pendejo.
Come on, papa. Come on.
Give me the fucking money.
That's it.
Man, you ain't a cop no more.
And you ain't no altar boy.
This ain't right, man.
He comes to our place,
he pays gringo fee.
- Pay him.
- Pay him? For what?
Pay him for not killing you.
- This is extortion.
- It's street law, shyster.
You want to dance the Macarena,
you got to pay the band.
Let's go.
I still need to get
that address.
Wait a second.
Come on, man.
Just give me the address.
This meeting never happened.
Running a string of bitches
out of the Oasis Motel...
1313 Ortiz Street.
Put that shit away before I take
it away from you.
Where's my car?
You got to be kidding me.
Come on, man. Come on.
I'm parked down here.
Where to, 1313 Ortiz Street?
The hospital.
You hurt that bad?
I got to go check on my son.
What are you doing
following me anyway?
You keep flashing your
business cards...
around like that,
you're gonna get yourself...
fucking killed.
I'm not doing it
for you, shyster.
I'm doing it
to get Sonny Bruton.
I'm sorry
about your wife, man...
and you were right
about John Garrett.
He's not busting his balls
looking for Sonny Bruton.
He's got you figured for it.
What makes you so sure
about that?
I still have
my sources downtown.
I used to be a cop, remember,
till you had me kicked out.
You broke the law, Vargas.
Oh, yeah. Whose law,
some dead white guy law?
No. Why let justice stand
in the way of the legal system?
- You want some?
- No, thanks.
- Oh. You still don't drink?
- Obviously, you do.
Every chance I get,
but I quit smoking.
What are you doing
with cigarettes in the car then?
I keep them around
to test my willpower.
So you think Bruton
killed your wife?
I don't know.
Judicial vendettas
are so rare...
but the guy threatened me
at the trial...
and this all happened
when he was on parole.
All I know is that
if my sors a witness...
he could be in serious danger.
One thing's for sure...
Sonny Bruton doesn't
want to be found.
So it's my day off tomorrow...
so I'll pick you up
around 11:00.
All right. See you at 11:00.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's he doing?
The doctor says there's
no permanent damage.
He's gonna let him go
sometime today.
You want Sarah and I
to look after him...
until you can make
other arrangements?
You guys have done
so much already.
I can't ask you to do that.
Then don't ask.
God. I got to go see Vargas.
Jesus Vargas?
I thought he hated you.
Oh, he does, but he hates
Sonny Bruton more.
Hey, what are you doing?
You can't do that.
You're not a cop.
They fired me. I didn't quit.
OK. We're gonna take this
step by step.
Are you OK with this...
or are you going to
lose it on me?
No. I just...
I mean, my wife used to keep
this place so spotless.
I'm good.
Kitchen window's broken.
Forced entry.
You set the alarm when you left?
What time was that?
About 7:00.
We don't know what time
Bruton showed up.
Maybe he watched
the house all day...
planned on getting you
with your wife...
wasrt expecting you to leave.
He broke the window.
You set it on delay, right?
Fifteen seconds
from when I returned.
Didrt want to wake up anybody.
So the alarm was beeping,
and he grabs your son...
but where was he,
here by the door?
OK. Bruton sits outside,
looking for a way to get in.
He sees your son come
to the kitchen...
to get a drink of water.
Or to get the cat.
I mean, he likes to sleep
with the cat.
OK. So he came down
to get the cat.
Or maybe his crayons.
Bruton decides to break
through the window.
He grabs your kid,
your wife comes running in...
Wait. My wife had.15
blood alcohol level.
Point 1-5? Oh, shit, man.
She was drunk.
That's right.
So she didn't come rushing
into the kitchen...
but the alarm has to be
turned off in fifteen seconds.
Otherwise, it lights up
the neighborhood.
They were both in the kitchen.
He takes your son,
and he uses him...
to force her
to turn off the alarm...
and then he hurts
Christopher anyway.
Maybe he couldn't quite kill him
because Becky's there.
Maybe he got nervous
trying to kill a kid.
That's new ground for him.
Was Becky forced to watch?
I'm sorry, man. We'll come
back to it later, all right?
So he picks her up,
he carries her to the bedroom.
He gets her on the bed,
and he ties her to the bed...
with her bath robe sash.
He strangles her
with the stocking...
he ties the other one
around her ankle...
then takes the one he used
as a trophy...
and kills her,
but he doesn't rape her...
takes the crayon
and writes that.
Jesus Christ.
But he doesn't go back
for the kid.
Why not?
How are we gonna find
Sonny Bruton...
if the cops can't do it?
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
Oh, shit.
Sam, put that gun down
before you shoot somebody.
Where the hell is your car?
You don't want to know.
I've been trying to get you
on your cell phone.
Shit. I turned it off
at the hospital.
Garrett is over at the house.
He's got a social worker,
and they're talking
to Christopher.
The hell he is.
Can we talk?
Yeah. Sure.
Don't you worry, honeylamb.
We won't let anyone hurt you.
Just draw us a picture
of the person
who made your Mommy go away.
Excuse me.
What's going on in here?
Would you leave my son
alone, please?
Your son was a witness
to a murder.
This is standard
investigative procedure.
You know what?
I think he's seen enough.
Thank you.
Mr. Terrill,
I don't think you understand.
No. I don't think
you understand, OK?
I'm trying to restore
some semblance of normalcy...
to my sors life, OK?
And if I have to threaten you
with legal action...
I don't think court is where
you want to go with this.
Really? Doctor, can you
guarantee me in writing...
this will not affect my son in
any way, now or in the future?
That's what I thought.
This meeting is over.
You suppose there's anything
to drink in this place?
Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper.
Milk, juice, water.
I'll pass.
How's the kid doing?
He's OK. Bruised, but OK.
Has he said anything?
Not about the murder,
if that's what you're asking.
Your wife found him?
Yeah. About 7:30.
And you called the cops?
Right after.
Did Mrs. Terrill
have any friends...
that he didn't know about?
You mean, was she seeing
someone else?
Well, possibly. You know
the husband is the last...
She adored Addison.
Did she drink a lot?
Becky was easily bored.
When she was bored, she drank.
Did the Parole Board
contact your firm...
about Bruton being released?
They contacted me.
We get about 200 calls a day.
If we were contacted,
I don't remember.
What kind of law
do you guys practice, criminal?
Civil defense.
You were always smart, Moss.
Too smart to stay
an assistant DA.
Always second chair...
from high school to Harvard law.
I guess your firm
is successful.
If a big corporation
has to win a case.
They called Terrill
and Moss LLP...
so, yes, you can say
we're successful.
Does your firm carry insurance?
What kind?
The usual.
Workers' comp, full medical,
dental, key man.
What kind are you looking for?
Life insurance.
On dependents.
How much for Addisors wife?
Three million.
That's a hell of a motive.
No wonder Garrett's
up his ass.
Terrill, the best way
to protect your son...
is to find his mother's killer.
Why don't you find yourself
out of here?
Terrill, I've got to have
that picture.
Now! Just get out.
Well, howdy, John.
Long time, no see.
what are you doing here?
I guess I got lost
on my way to the barrio.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll get lost permanently.
The last thing I need
is a hothead like you...
going after Bruton.
It's going to be
a beautiful night.
Now that you're leaving, it is.
Can I talk you out of this?
Here. Take this.
What the hell are you doing
with that gun?
I got it the day Sonny Bruton
tried to kill you in court.
Just keep it.
I don't need it, OK?
Why don't you take
the gun, man?
Guns kill people.
That's why I like them.
Well, you're sick.
We all know that.
It's not the gun that's bad.
It's the hand that holds it.
I just want to talk
to Bruton, OK?
I don't even know for sure...
if he's the one
that killed Becky.
Oh, he killed her all right.
What makes you so sure
about that?
It's not my first rodeo.
I'm a cop.
Instinct tells me
Bruton did it.
How are we gonna find
Ortiz Street?
You got a GPS in this thing?
Yeah, right.
It's called a Mapsco.
- Hey, baby.
- Whoo!
Que linda. Ha ha,
you're looking good tonight.
Hey, the one
in the fuckme pumps...
She's got the hots for you.
Well, ask her if she'll take
a credit card.
I'm out of cash.
Let me handle this, amigo.
Hey, hey.
Oh, my God!
- Get in the car.
- She's been shot.
- You can't help her, man.
Get in the fucking car!
Snitches snitch both ways.
I can't believe I forgot that.
Oh, God.
It happened so fast.
We're not going to
catch this guy.
There are no plates on his car.
Look, let's go back
to help that girl.
Forget about that bitch, man.
Start worrying about yourself.
Aha. There they go now.
Batman and Robin.
That girl couldn't have
been more than 16 years old.
Hey, look. The old ones do it
to feed their kids.
The young ones do it
to feed their habits.
Just forget about it.
No. You just don't
want to go back...
because you don't want
Garrett to know...
we're after Angel Zamora.
Look, drop it, all right?
It's my fucking case now.
Not his.
Come on, man, I want
to check something out...
while the site's still hot.
County morgue.
I'm gonna check
the autopsy results.
Make sure there's no mistake.
You don't have to come in
if you don't want to.
Come on, Vargas. We're closed.
Dr. Schultz, you know
the morgue never closes.
After this, I don't owe you
anymore, you got it?
Who is this?
Dr. Schultz, Addison Terrill.
Husband of the deceased.
The husband, huh?
You sure you want to do this?
I'm sure.
Then come with me.
She had.15 blood alcohol level.
Someone came up
from behind her...
and killed her with a garrote.
It was probably cloth...
and it may have been impulsive.
Right. In my opinion...
someone would be
acting on an impulse...
would bring both hands up...
and then bring them down
with the cloth and around...
and then he would
have to cross his arms...
behind the victim's head.
Now, with the arms
being so close...
the lines don't touch
at the back of the neck.
we found skin tissue
under her fingernails...
from her own throat.
If you'll notice the grooves
on her neck...
she fought back...
and she made
those marks herself...
when she was trying to breathe.
And, uh, her fingernails
drew blood.
So we're still looking
for a missing stocking.
Yeah. One with blood on it.
So if she fought back,
then whoever killed her...
must have been very strong.
Yeah. Lots of
upper-body strength.
Real macho.
Someone with very strong hands.
You see, it takes some time
to strangle someone.
You have to hold them steady...
while the life
drains from them...
and someone came up
behind her and grabbed her...
Oh, excuse me...
I mean, excuse me, please.
I have no bedside manners.
I am a pathologist.
That's what I...
I'm a doctor for the dead.
But I can swear to three things
in this case, Vargas.
She was drunk,
she was killed from behind...
and she was dead before she
was tied to that bed.
If you're gonna puke,
do it now.
I'm all right.
No, shyster.
You need a little pick-me-up.
I know just the vice.
I don't drink.
You need something stronger
than alcohol.
Hey. What's up, Phil?
Good to see you, man.
Hey, Officer Vargas.
Long time, no see.
Yeah, I'm back now.
Good to see you.
Hey, Vargas.
Where's that money you owe me?
Still in the bank
collecting interest.
All right.
How are things
down at the museum?
I'm still trying to learn
how to use a paintbrush.
- Museum?
- Yeah. My day job.
I'm a security guard
at the Museum of Modern Art.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Personally, I would get rid
of all that crap...
and bring in some real art.
You know, paintings
of matadors on black velvet.
You know, stuff like that.
Hey, Vargas. The usual?
Yeah. One little wheel
from heaven, baby.
And what'll you have?
Uh, just an espresso.
We have coffee.
You have two choices,
take it or leave it.
Uh, do you have Dr Pepper?
How about a doughnut?
It's what we sell here.
OK. What kind
of doughnuts do you have?
Chocolate, vanilla, maple,
strawberry, cream...
glazed, powdered sugar,
with nuts, without nuts...
with sprinkles,
without sprinkles.
What was the third one?
Just give him a plain
doughnut, all right?
You know your problem, Terrill?
You're compulsive about
not being compulsive.
Really? What's your problem?
That I ain't a cop no more.
You know, suppose
we do find Bruton...
and suppose you know it was
Bruton who killed your wife...
and you can't prove it.
What are you gonna do?
I'm not gonna manufacture
evidence against him...
if that's what
you're getting at.
Even if it means getting
a murderer off the street?
A man who might kill your son?
You know, I've been meaning
to ask you something...
for a long time...
but until tonight,
we werert on speaking terms.
Who told you I planted
the blanket fibers on Stroud?
Who told me?
You really want to know?
Your old buddy... your ex-partner
Lieutenant Garrett.
I thought so.
Maybe he thought I wouldn't
use it against you.
Yeah, I don't blame Garrett.
Straight-laced cop
who plays by the book.
No imagination.
Is that what it takes
to plant evidence?
It's not like I didn't have
any evidence on Stroud.
Just not enough
to convince a jury.
I only planted enough
to prove the elements.
A lot of cops plant evidence.
We don't plant evidence
on innocent people...
only on the scum
we can't quite get.
Really? And who decides
who's scum?
You guys gather around
the police locker room,
you take a little vote?
You know, l...
You don't know what it's like...
to track a criminal
for two years...
and watch him go free...
and you don't know
what it's like...
to tell a mother that her kid
is never coming home...
from school again.
Now, when you let Stroud go...
and he killed
another little girl...
that's when I
hated your guts.
You know something?
You're lucky
I didn't prosecute you...
for fabricating
physical evidence.
You would have spent two to ten
years in prison for that...
not to mention a fat
little fine of about $10,000.
Would you have preferred that?
You know, Terrill?
For being such a nice guy...
you're a real son of a bitch.
I've heard that before.
Hey, Vargas, I thought
you had quit smoking.
Yeah, I did, but I promised
myself when I'm 65...
I was gonna start again.
I may not live that long.
Let yourself in.
The key's under the mat.
I got to go shoot
my next-door neighbor...
for a parking space.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
I've got to wrap my head
around this case again.
I'm missing something.
How many files do you have?
Every case I ever worked on,
and then some.
Sonny Lorenzo Bruton.
Hispanic mother, German father.
Both deceased.
Amateur boxer, golden gloves...
which means
he was strong enough.
Liked to keep trophies.
Used to take pieces
of the victim's clothing.
Here. Save that.
We may need it later.
What are you looking for?
You know, I'm not sure.
I know he had a regular girl.
She wasrt very helpful
in the trial...
but she refused to rat him out.
Here. Nikki Spider.
Bleached hair, nose ring.
Spider tattoo on the back
of her butt.
- Colorful girl.
- Yeah.
I got some friends
down at vice and narcotics.
I'm gonna give them a call.
See if I can find her.
Yeah. I know I owe you,
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, listen. What's the last
address you had on Nikki Spider?
Yeah. Yeah.
Stars tickets, Cowboys, Rangers,
whatever you want.
Gracias, man.
These files are private.
I noticed the parole office
called you...
about Sonny Brutors release.
Yeah. They should have welded
the prison doors shut...
on that psycho.
Did you get an address
on his girl?
Yeah. 1313 Ortiz Street.
Huh. What a coincidence, huh?
Same address as Angel Zamora.
Like mama said,
always cross your "t's"...
and roll your "r's."
Let's rock and roll.
Come on, shyster.
Any of you ladies know
where we can find Angel Zamora?
Uh, yeah. Over there.
I'll give you double the fun
at half the price.
- I know you would, mama.
- Come on, papi.
You want me.
That's Angel.
Let me handle this, all right?
All right.
What's going on, baby?
We're looking for one
of your girls... Nikki Spider.
My girls don't have names;
just room numbers.
Tattoo on her ass.
They all have tattoos
on their ass.
Bleached hair, grunge look.
Room 125.
It's a surprise.
Don't call her.
Hello, boys.
It's cold out here.
It's hot in here.
How much to get us inside?
Both of you?
We're both cold.
What about pretty boy?
Are you cold, too?
Sure he is.
No. He scares me.
He only wants to watch,
and we heard you're sweet.
200. Apiece.
You get one penetration.
Anymore than that,
you got to pay extra.
You got to use protection.
Latex, not lambskin.
No batteries or glue guns.
Got that?
You screw as good as you talk?
- Better.
- Ha ha.
On the bed, sweetheart.
What the fuck is this?
Oh, come on, baby.
Don't tell me you've
never been tied up before.
Yeah, but I charge extra.
- I'll give you some extra.
- Ouch!
Just stay calm.
If you're real nice to me...
I'm gonna give you something
you're never gonna forget.
That hurts.
You shut up, you lie there,
and you listen up.
Wise-ass bitch.
Where's Sonny?
You're a cop.
I should have known.
Cops get off tying girls up.
Yeah, baby.
You told me you like it hot.
If I tell you, he'll kill me.
- Yeah, huh?
- Aah!
Shut up! Shut up!
Look. Sonny is wanted
for murder...
and if you point me
in the right direction...
and I'm gonna forget your name.
I'll even forget about
that tattoo on your ass.
Where the fuck is he?
I'm gonna ask you
one more fucking time.
Where is Sonny?
I don't know where he is.
You feel this heat?
You feel that, mommie?
Now tell me where you
want it, baby.
Where you want it, baby?
All right. Maybe I should
return the favor, huh?
I should return the favor...
and I should blow
some smoke up your ass.
Where you want it, mommie?
Huh? Where you...
Wait. Look, we got to
make her talk, man.
Don't you want answers?
Not like this.
Not like this.
I wish I wasrt on the clock.
I'm taking a refund, baby.
No penetration.
That was bullshit.
She's calling Sonny Bruton.
It's me.
You got to get out of there.
Two. Definitely cops.
How the fuck do I know?
He's here, man. She only dialed
three fucking numbers.
He's in the fucking motel.
Bruton, stop!
You're under arrest!
Go! Go for the steps!
No! No! No!
- Is he dead?
- I don't know, man.
He may have broken his neck
on the way in.
You're a dead man, Vargas!
No! Stop! Stop it! No!
He told me some rogue cop
was after him...
after he spilled his guts
in prison...
and I didn't believe him.
- Get her out of here, man.
- You bastard!
Oh, he promised to marry me!
I'm your lawyer,
keep your mouth shut.
I'll handle this.
Well, hello, John.
Did you do this, Jesus?
Yeah. Motherfucker soup.
He ain't gonna be
talking to nobody.
You live by the sword,
you die by the sword.
I'd say this case is closed.
Is that what you'd say,
Or is that what you hope?
Now you got a dead man
to take the fall for murder.
This is all very convenient.
Very neat.
This isn't over.
I'll get a court order...
and force your kid
to finish that picture.
Hey, Lieutenant.
Look what I found.
Vargas does nice work, huh?
Go home.
Come on. Let's get drunk.
Take me home.
I could use
some company tonight.
You want chips with that?
And more hot sauce.
And a plate of nachos,
double jalapenos, por favor.
- Queso?
- Si.
Gracias, amiga.
Oh, man.
My back is killing me.
And I can't make a fist.
I still got your teeth marks
on my hand.
What is it with you?
Every time I see you...
I get in a fight.
Because you're nothing
but trouble.
You know...
I've been in the game
a long time...
and there's not much
that surprises me.
you surprised me.
You killed a man...
without a judge, a jury,
or due process of the law.
How does it feel?
Yeah. It's not
so black and white, huh?
I forgot how bad the coffee
at the station house was.
Thanks for watching my back.
I'm gonna make some calls
See if I can Garrett
taken off the case.
Go get some sleep.
It's over.
It doesn't feel like it's over.
Brutors dead.
Your son is safe.
It's over.
Sarah made a bed for you
in Christopher's room.
Wanna go see Christopher?
Come on.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Daddy.
- Hey, Tiger.
Look, uh, I got to go
to the office.
I got to figure something out.
It's gonna be hard for him
to let go, Sam.
I know.
I'll talk to him.
Bruton was surprised to see me.
He recognized me.
But he was damn sure
surprised to see me.
Come on.
Bruton was running
from Vargas, Sam.
Not from me.
I'm telling you.
Bruton had nothing
to do with this.
Addison, for once,
let me handle something.
Just drop it.
Garrett was right
about this, Sam.
It's just a little too neat.
Let me make some phone calls.
I'll get someone
less prejudiced on the case.
I don't want Garrett
off this case.
He's looking for the killer.
No, you stupid son of a bitch.
He's after you.
Look, if Bruton
isn't the killer,
all the evidence points to you.
You don't have an alibi.
The police think
you have a girlfriend.
There is insurance money...
and you have the knowledge
to set up Bruton...
as the killer.
Add... you're a former D. A...
who's not gonna last five
minutes in a prison...
with criminals you sent there...
so just fucking drop it.
I can't, Sam.
I can't drop it.
I got to know
who killed my wife.
You meticulous prick.
Let's think it through.
It has to be someone
with a motive.
That's when I hated your guts.
It has to be someone who knew
the police would suspect you.
Did you ever know a wife
who didn't give her husband...
a reason to kill her?
It has to be someone who knew
Sonny Brutors signature.
Sonny Lorenzo Bruton.
It has to be someone willing
and able to plant evidence.
I only planted enough
to prove the elements.
That piece of shit.
Addison, man, you scared
the shit out of me, man.
I know who killed my wife...
and it wasrt Sonny Bruton.
Yeah. L... I know that, man.
I know you know.
No, no. I still have
my sources downtown.
The stocking they fished
out of the pool...
had no blood on it...
it wasrt the murder weapon.
You're keeping a file on me
like the rest of your suspects.
Hey, I keep files
on a lot of people, man.
You, Stroud, Bruton,
the channel 5 weather...
You killed Becky.
You had the motive.
You knew my address.
You knew the entry code
to my house...
and you're the one who planted
that stocking on Bruton...
so you could incriminate him.
Hey, man, why would I
want to kill your wife, man?
Because you took away
everything from me?
Because you ruined my life?
Hey, let me tell you
something, shyster.
I never wanted anything
but to be a cop.
But I don't need a badge
to do the right thing.
Look, I am out there looking
for the person...
who killed your wife
just like you.
But if you think I did it
and you want to kill me...
then you better release
the safety off that gun.
Come on.
Put that thing down, man...
and I'll make you some coffee.
Becky never really
wanted to have children.
The only reason
we had Christopher...
is because I pressured her
into it.
Then she got herself fixed,
she never told me about it.
Did she ever keep
any secrets, like this...
from you before?
She drank too much.
We ignored it.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Becky's it for me.
I'll love her
till the day I die.
So if you didn't do it
and I didn't do it...
and Bruton didn't do it...
then who did?
Your law firm... they carry
key man insurance.
Who is the insured key man?
I am.
And how much insurance?
I don't know.
Ten million, maybe more.
Who is the beneficiary?
The law firm.
And Sam Moss is your partner.
What, your only partner?
Who knew Bruton because
he second-chaired you?
Who was tipped off
by the Parole Board...
that Bruton was getting out
of prison...
who knew the cops would blame
you for your wife's murder.
Wait a second.
The insurance only pays
if I'm dead.
Sam would never do
anything like that.
How long do you think you would
last in the slammer...
with the slime you put in there?
You'd be dead before
the case comes to trial.
You're a former D. A...
who's not gonna last
five minutes in prison...
with the criminals
you sent there...
so just fucking drop it!
Oh, my God.
Let's go.
Sam was one smart fucker.
He knew Bruton was being
released from prison...
and he knew you'd do anything
to protect your family.
So he lets you go off
half-cocked after Bruton...
hoping he would kill you.
And when Bruton
gets killed himself...
he plants evidence
in the pool to incriminate me.
Hoping that I'd kill you
or you'd kill me.
And all the while, Garrett
is trying to lock you up...
with the same psychos
you put in the joint.
Moss gets the law firm
and the money to run it.
It's a perfect plan.
Brilliantly executed.
He's one smart son of a bitch.
If he was number two
in his class...
it makes me wonder
who was number one.
I was.
Did you leave the light on?
Lose the weapon, Vargas!
Don't do anything stupid.
Sam? Sam.
Sam, what the hell
are you doing?
It's funny.
What a man will do...
The decisions he has to make.
Just put the gun down.
We'll talk through this.
- Just take it easy.
- Shut the fuck up!
Becky was a bitch.
You could never see that.
What are you talking about?
I'm tired, Addison.
I'm tired of always
being second chair.
Tired of being number two
to your number one.
Sam, did you kill my wife?
See. You push and you push.
I wrote it all down.
I'm glad you brought a witness.
Sam, don't do this.
You know, Add...
all we ever really had
was each other.
Please, Sam.
Mr. Terrill, did you read this?
He signed it and everything.
Just about wraps it up.
Case closed.
Of course, he didn't go into
much detail about what happened.
He said he killed her.
That's enough.
I suppose.
I wish I had more to go on.
You know...
it's a funny thing about
getting to the end of something.
You have to wake up
the next morning.
Oh, Addison.
I'm so, so sorry.
I'm just so, so sorry.
So am I.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Where should I stick
this wet towel?
Oh, just put it
in the laundry basket.
Come on. Let's go outside
and play.
I never called her.
I never called Sarah.
All right.
- Yes?
- Hey.
I don't think it was Sam.
Let it go, man.
Yeah, but what if it was
someone else?
Come on, Addison. Let it go.
Sam confessed.
Just listen to me for a second.
What if...
What if it was a woman?
is not a womars crime.
To strangle someone
takes strong hands.
- Very strong hands.
- Daddy, daddy, look what I drew.
It's a picture of the person
who made Mommy go away.