Killers Anonymous (2019) Movie Script

This better be an emergency.
of course I'm still coming.
I'm still in group, obviously.
Which is why I'm on the other
end of the phone talking to you.
At group.
I'm hanging up now.
Okay. Let's call it
a night there, team.
Great work, everyone, really.
Really terrific.
And Lucy, remember what we said
about the stalking, yeah?
Now, I'm away
for a few days now in London,
but remember,
next week is my final meeting,
so be sure
to get yourselves down here
'cause I might even
bring some cake, yeah?
Great. Great work.
gathered in central London today
to get a glimpse of the
popular US senator John Kyle,
who is heavily tipped to become the next
President of the United States of Americ.
In a statement issued by...
What happened?
You scared me.
- It wasn't my fault.
- What wasn't?
What happened.
Which was?
Look, I know how you can get,
and I'm just telling you up front.
Oh, you know how I get?
Two more, please.
It wasn't my fault,
is all I'm saying.
Look, I've been working for
you for a while, mister, and...
- I just want you to know that I tried.
- I know.
I really, really,
really tried.
What happened?
- Jade.
- What?
Why is the senator on TV?
- You ever have one of those days?
- I'm having one right now.
Was the schedule wrong?
No, no.
The schedule's perfect.
Then what happened?
It's actually kind of a funny
story. You'll laugh when I tell you.
Then tell me.
You ever heard of Sunset Boingo?
No. I used to moonlight there.
I started off as a bartender.
A friend of mine, good guy, solid
man, he let me sleep on his couch
and I was doing
the whole freeloader thing,
'cause my girlfriend, she broke up with me.
I forget why.
Something about, like,
"You're not listening," or something...
- I was in a rush.
- Tell me what happened.
I'm trying to tell you.
So anyway, I was in a rut and
I'm doing the bartender thing
and then they asked me
if I wanted to be a bouncer.
And at first, I was
like, "Bouncer?"
I thought that was like
a demotion or something
until I found out that bouncers make
$5,000, sometimes $6,000 in a weekend.
And I was like,
"Yo, sign me up. Bouncer."
Around this time,
I'm also...
I started fucking
this waitress.
My first night out,
I'm with this other dude Myles,
and-and Myles
was this big guy, huge.
He could bench-press,
like, five of me.
As we started talking,
it became pretty clear
that the waitress
that I was fucking
was the same waitress
he was fucking.
And he was definitely pretty
serious about that, so, um...
the joking didn't last very long
and neither did the fight.
So you got your ass kicked by a
bouncer at a club called Sunset Boingo.
- Maybe.
- And why should I care?
Because Myles doesn't work
for Sunset Boingo anymore.
In fact, Myles doesn't even work
in the States anymore.
Yeah, he's now working at W.
Here in London.
And he was there today?
- Oh, yeah.
- And he recognized you.
not at first.
What do you mean,
not at first?
Well, I mean, I was waiting in
line and I was about to get in
and then I see Myles from Sunset
Boingo and I was like, "Yo!"
So you said something.
I mean, I didn't think
that he would hold a grudge
after all these years.
And he kicked you out.
You know what
the really shitty part is?
I made a good-faith gesture,
a show of friendship.
- Bygones being bygones.
- Hold on. Hold on.
Three years ago, you pissed off a
bouncer by sleeping with his girlfriend.
Tonight, you ran into
that same bouncer
who didn't recognize you
at first,
but then you made
a show of friendship,
after which he kicked you
out of the place
you were supposed
to set up the shot.
I can't ask you any more
questions tonight, Jade.
Not just because
the clock is ticking,
but I hate being in the field
and I hate asking questions,
'cause it means
I don't have the answers,
and when I don't have
the answers,
it usually means
I'm gonna be away
from the comfort of my armchair
even longer.
So with all due respect,
and I appreciate you being a lady,
does that just about summarize
every fucking thing that happened?
It's the really short version,
but yeah.
I'm waiting for you to get to the
part where it isn't your fault.
There's a lot riding
on this tonight, Jade.
I know.
A lot of interested parties.
Many vested interests. You...
You understand what I'm saying?
I know.
You're upset.
No, I'm not upset.
No. People much more important
than me get to be upset.
Another one for the lady.
You know, I'll have
whatever she's having.
Fuck off.
Have a great night.
You know,
you're not as bad as they say.
Take some free advice.
Clean up that lip.
Sleep it off.
But don't hang around here.
It'll only make things worse.
Bye, Jade.
Do you like what I did
with the place?
- That's very chic.
- Thank you.
No worries.
Here you go.
One for me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Why don't you serenade me?
I intend to.
You're so pretty.
I'll be right back.
Don't take too long.
We were powerless over killing.
Our lives had become unmanageable.
We came to believe that a
power greater than ourselves
could restore us to sanity.
We made a decision
to give our will over to the
care of Killers Anonymous.
We made a searching and
fearless inventory of ourselves,
admitted to ourselves
and to other human beings
the exact nature of our wrongs.
I don't know what it is
That makes me love you so
I only know
I never wanna let you go
'Cause you started something
Oh, can't you see?
Ever since we met
You've had a hold on me
It happened to be true
I only want to be with you
Is that your girlfriend?
No, it's my work, honey.
Oh, no, it's okay.
I get it.
I get it.
In my line of work,
I can't leave loose ends.
- I gotta go.
- I get it.
- No, seriously.
- No, stay!
What the fuck!
You know,
you really should have
listened to your handler.
What'd you say?
You heard me.
You really
should have gone home.
That looks good.
He told you...
nothing good was going
to happen to you then.
You were pardoned,
but you were
too fucking stupid to see it.
You made a real
fucking mess here, Jade.
You didn't respect the job.
'Cause if you had,
you'd have known it's not just a job,
and you never
would have accepted.
An assassination
attempt has taken place
on the American senator
John Kyle.
The severity of his injuries
are currently unknown.
Yeah. I mean, he was dead
before he even woke up today,
and it was never gonna be
because of you,
because it is not
just a job.
It is an art.
Hello, yes. Police.
May I help you?
No. Uh...
Well, maybe. Um...
I was told to say "Pisces."
Hello, boys.
Come on in.
They don't bite.
Oh, yes, Calvin, if you would get a
chair for the lady, that would be lovely.
Just come in.
Just make yourself at home.
First time, then?
Oh, yeah.
Well, I'm Jo.
Uh, I'm Calvin.
And you are?
Oh, it's all right.
Just come and sit down. No rush.
We're just waiting for a few
others and then we'll get started.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Holy shit.
Hi. Sorry.
What's your name?
She's not shared yet.
- Oh, right. Well, I'm Ben and this is Leandro.
- We already did that.
Um, so,
we're just waiting on...
Would it kill them
to be on time for once?
So, yeah, whoever you are,
nice to have you with us.
- I'm Ben.
- You've already said that.
Right. Yeah.
So... everyone see the news?
Hard not to.
It's like
Lord of the Flies out there.
Um, how is it like
Lord of the Flies, Ben?
I said, how is it like
Lord of the Flies?
Like, police everywhere.
I know that's what you meant.
I was just wondering...
I don't understand how that's
like an island of children
savagely murdering each other.
Is... I thought that was...
Was that not Animal Farm?
You're a fucking idiot.
Leo, please, come on.
These meetings are a place of
sharing and of positivity, safety.
The meeting ain't started yet.
Oh, yeah. Help yourself.
Anyway, the senator.
- You guys see how they got him?
- Like a sniper shot.
It was a nice shot, too.
Got something you want
to share with us, Ben?
Well, no. It was a nice shot.
You can share
if you want to, you know.
We all slip up sometimes.
No, it was a nice shot.
That's all I'm saying.
Oh, you okay?
- Yeah.
- Don't worry about that.
Actually, no. Um...
I shouldn't have come here.
I'm so sorry. This was a mistake.
Krystal? Krystal.
Who the fuck are you?
I was just...
I was just leaving.
Oh, were you?
That's interesting,
'cause no one just fucking leaves.
Let her go, Krys.
Oh, what a surprise.
Ben's probably gonna try
and fuck you, you know.
But I wouldn't read into
it too much, 'cause you know what?
I had to fend him off with a knife
for my first two weeks, didn't I, Ben?
You know, I should...
Not in a rapey way. I mean, more
in, like, a puppy dog kind of way,
and I fucking hate
puppy dogs.
- Pisces.
- Hmm?
Say that again?
Maybe you're right
where you should be.
So why don't you stick around...
and tell us why?
That's what I thought.
Okay, right.
I think we should
just get started.
We're not waiting on Markus and Jade?
No, they'll catch up
when they get here.
Uh, Krystal, could you come
and take a seat, please?
I have a question.
Okay, Calvin, you go ahead.
Who called this meeting?
Ah, well,
you know how it works.
Not exactly.
But tonight of all nights,
the city the way it is...
If you're that
worried, why are you here?
Go home, boss.
I just require clarity.
Of course, Calvin.
It's a very valid question,
but why don't we
just table that for now?
Er, and... is everybody ready?
Mmm. Sorry.
It's not quite sweet enough.
- Much better.
- Fucking real?
All good now?
Welcome to KA.
My name is Jo.
Hi, Jo.
We're all here
because we're not all there.
KA is an education
without a graduation.
It's a place
of listening and respect.
We all have
another fumble in us...
but we don't know
if we have another recovery.
We were powerless over killing.
We were powerless over killing.
Our lives
had become unmanageable.
We came to believe that a
power greater than ourselves
could restore us to sanity.
We made a decision to turn our
will over to the care of KA.
We made a searching and fearless
moral inventory of ourselves,
admitted to ourselves
and to other human beings
the exact nature of our wrongs.
Having had a spiritual awakening
as a result of KA,
we try to carry this message
to other killers,
and to practice these principls
in all our affairs.
who would like to go first?
I will.
Ben, the room is yours.
- Thanks. Hi, everyone. My name is Ben.
- Hello, Ben.
And it has been 284 days
since my last kill.
Ben, please continue.
So, there was never
any real doubt
what I'd be doing
after school, I guess.
- 'Sup.
- Who the fuck says that shit?
'Sup, fucker.
Fucking do that again,
I'll smack you hard, man.
Promise ya.
we've talked about this.
Well, I'm terribly sorry
about that.
Maybe you should try
locking your door.
Martial law going on up there.
Hello, Doctor.
Thank you.
Okay, Ben. Please continue.
Yeah, Benny boy.
By all means, do continue.
- You done?
- Yeah.
So, I mean, I was a killer
even before I got to boot camp.
I served three tours,
all in the desert,
and I saw and I did a lot of
things that I'll never forget.
Some things I'm not proud of,
maybe even most of them.
My first kill wasn't there.
My first kill was out in the woods
behind my best friend's house.
I'd smelt gunpowder
100 times before,
but it seemed
so much stronger that day.
Poured up into my nose,
into my brain,
stayed with me for days.
For weeks,
I had flashbacks, like a...
almost like a dream
you keep coming back to.
Fuck off.
A hunting accident.
You lost your cherry
on a fucking hunting accident.
Jesus Christ.
Who is this guy?
Fuck off.
I'll break your fucking jaw,
you little weaselly bastard.
Markus, if you can't contribute
in a more constructive way,
then you're going to be banned
from the meetings.
Don't try to tell me
you don't know what's going down
up in those fucking streets.
You've got the city's best
and brightest professionals
all down here in this fucking
dodgy basement with...
Who the fuck are you,
for a start?
A whole city didn't take down
that senator.
Come on.
- I smell fucking shite in here.
- Okay. All right.
Ben, please. Carry on.
- Well, it wasn't an accident.
- Prick.
I'd never had a person there,
a human, at the other end
of my scope before.
I mean, he was my best friend,
for Christ's sake. I knew it was wrong.
It was the wrongest thing
I'd ever done.
But it didn't feel wrong.
What did it feel like?
Like waking up.
Why did you do it?
I couldn't tell you.
- What did you do with the body?
- I buried it.
Not because I was worried
about getting caught.
Honestly, I waited for weeks
for the police to show up,
but no one ever came.
I even thought about what
it would be like to go to prison.
Oh, my God. They would fucking
love you in prison, wouldn't they?
Anyway, so I even got excited
about the idea
of killing again.
I wanted to share.
Then why bury him?
Sounds s-stupid.
It's okay.
I wanted to thank him.
For fuck's sake.
Ben, come on.
what is she even doing here?
Come on,
the kid's a fucking pussy.
Krystal, please engage.
Anyway, after that, I enlisted.
I lived for that kill shot.
Problem is,
you do that long enough,
you forget how to live
for anything else.
They made me very good
at one thing.
When the tour came to an end,
they told me to go home, put it away.
So I got this fucking itch.
It's with me every day.
Some days I don't scratch it
and some days...
some days, I do.
Okay. All right, guys.
Thank you, Ben, for sharing.
Thank you, Ben.
That was... Yes, Markus?
Who the fuck is she?
Well, I suggest we take ten
minutes and collect our thoughts
and hopefully we'll find out
when we come back.
Would anybody like some coffee?
I'm going for a cig.
I can't wait
to hear her story.
Yeah, that'll be interesting.
You having one?
- Character, isn't she?
- Who?
I saw you
looking at her in there.
Can't figure out
what you were thinking.
Kinda looked like
she amused ya.
She just reminds me
of someone I know.
You don't strike me
as the kind to get close
to people
who are batshit crazy.
I'm here, aren't I?
My point.
So what do you think
about everyone else?
I don't really know
what to think.
We're all batshit crazy.
You should've left
when you had the chance.
Thought definitely
crossed my mind.
Two failed attempts to take out
that fucking senator in one night.
It's a fucking embarrassment.
Well, what the hell happened?
Shouldn't I be the one
asking you that?
Let me call you back.
Don't even think about
hanging up on me, Jo.
Jo. Jo. Don't you fucking...
Any minute now.
Excuse me?
The rain, I can feel it.
It's close.
You'll feel better
if you share, you know.
Share what?
In the meeting.
Share your story.
Might not fix it,
but it'll help.
Like when you do a cry
and you finally let it out.
Please don't tell anybody
I said that.
Your secret's safe here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Careful. Careful. Careful.
The way you're holding on
to that rail,
I'd think
you were afraid of heights.
I'm terrified.
I really am.
Look, I'm sorry.
This is just...
This has just been
a really crazy night for me.
It's a crazy night
for everyone.
It's not every day a candidate for
president gets assassinated, is it?
Here we go.
I guess it's not a good night
to be a bad guy, then.
Do let me know when there is a
great night to be a bad guy, please.
If you share,
you'll feel better. Trust me.
Yep, any minute now.
It's just a rat.
Yeah, okay.
There. Okay.
Okay. So I think
that's everyone here again.
Um, Ben, thank you very much.
Right, then,
who would like to go next?
My name is Calvin
and I am a killer.
Hello, Calvin.
Many years ago,
when I was a young man,
my wife and I were involved
in a car accident.
I was trapped
in the seat beside her.
I had to watch her die.
It was...
To date,
I have lost 34 patients,
not to illness or trauma,
but for the simple reason
that I wanted to watch them die.
I do not walk around
killing people.
I do not get paid to do it.
I am a doctor.
I have an oath
that I'm sworn to uphold.
"Do no harm."
Sometimes you have to do harm
in order to do good.
Sometimes you have to cut off a
limb in order to save the body.
So that we might
witness the transition.
The transition to the inert.
The reminder
that we are all elemental.
The stuff of supernovas.
And there is something that cannot
be found in a periodic table.
that makes us different
from the other 99.999 percent
of the universe.
Something that makes us...
What I do,
what I allow to happen,
is my way
of conquering that fear.
Thank you, Calvin.
Thank you, Calvin.
Okay. Next, I would like to try
something, if no one objects.
Um, an exercise.
Perhaps something
that might help us
deal with the everyday stresses
we all face.
I'd like to hear about...
the last time...
you thought about
killing someone.
Right, I'll go.
I'm Leo and I'm a killer.
Hello, Leo.
It was this morning,
the shop down the road from me.
I've got a soy milk maker.
- So once a week, I go and restock.
- A what?
A soy milk maker.
I make me own soy milk.
Because it's a healthier
alternative to lactose
and it's easier and quicker
to make than you might think.
Soy milk.
so I go to restock
on the beans.
I go in down the first aisle,
next to the artisanal breads,
and there's this old lady there
with these gaudy fucking rings on,
ten coats of makeup
and this bushy unibrow,
taking up the last
of them fucking beans.
I want to strangle her
from behind,
garrote her with me shoelace,
but I thought, "No, that ain't right."
I want to watch the life
drain out of her eyes...
put me hands
around her chubby neck,
squeeze her and see her puff
and sweat that mascara right
out of her fat fucking face.
Or stab her in her armpit.
A lot of people don't know
there's a nerve cluster there.
And then I'll just watch her piss herself
right there in the bakery section.
All because of soybeans.
Stupid shit, really.
Everybody thinks it sometimes.
Just out on the motorway
or standing in the queue
at the supermarket.
The only difference
is that I could've done it.
I have done it.
I wanted to do it,
but I didn't.
It took everything I had,
but I didn't do it.
Leo, it's important to know our triggers.
What was your first kill?
Your first kill.
I can't remember.
- Come on.
- I don't know.
We all have a first one,
I'll tell you
the first one I felt.
Lady Ming.
Are you kidding?
You killed Ming?
Oh, you kept that quiet, didn't
you, you sneaky son of a bitch?
I fucking knew it.
I fucking knew it.
Only a professional could've
taken down that evil old cow.
You know,
everyone said it was cancer.
I'm actually
mildly impressed.
The bosses still call me that
too, the fucking cancer.
Like it's clever.
- How did you do it?
- Poison.
For that to pass as
something other than poison,
the doses
would have to be small.
It would have to be done over
a period of weeks, months.
Seventy-two weeks,
four days.
- How did you get access?
- She was my godmother.
What I don't get is
how does the head of the triad
become godmother
to some low-rent enforcer?
That wasn't the story.
Well, let's make it the story.
How the fuck did no one know?
'Cause I was good at me job.
I worked years for that family.
When you love what you do,
you never work a day in your life.
I worked every fucking day.
I was good at it.
I did what I had to do.
I just didn't know
I'd have to do so much.
The job's killing.
I'm not under
any illusion about that.
But what I didn't know
until Ming...
it's not about killing them.
It's about how many times we
have to kill ourselves to do it.
Or how many times it takes what's best
about you and fucking rips it out.
And the worst part is,
it never really dies.
I wish it would.
Would make it so much easier.
But it just sits there,
the best part of you, sick and hurting.
And every time
you think it's gone...
every time you think you can't die
inside anymore, you fucking do.
And then it feels like
the first time all over again.
Okay, let's thank Leandro
for sharing.
Thank you, Leo.
Thank you, Leo.
- Hello, V.
- I really need to speak to you.
- Are you busy?
- No, no, of course I've got time for you.
It's happening again.
I'm gonna hurt someone. I know I am.
You're the reason
I moved out to LA.
You're the only one
who helps me.
In a calm manner,
nice and controlled.
I don't feel in control.
Now tell me,
what kicked it off?
What was your trigger?
I was just making a sandwich.
I was calmly making
a controlled sandwich.
V, are you pacing?
Picture my face.
Sit down.
Yeah, fine.
Back to the sandwich.
Can I ask you a question?
What kind of sandwich were you making?
Yeah. Yeah. It's classic.
It's the bones, innit?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I really wish there was
more information available,
but, unfortunately,
the funding...
Well, it simply isn't there.
As your sponsor,
I should have had the foresight
to have warned you
about the chicken thing.
Next time, buy fillets.
Violet, I'm going to
have to call you back.
- Hey.
- Hello.
I liked what you said.
It was a good story.
Yeah, I've also been thinking a
lot about what you said earlier.
They're a fucked-up bunch,
but who better to listen
to how fucked-up you are
than a fucked-up bunch?
Speak of the devils.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- Are we interrupting something here?
- Nope.
You know that 2.5 million
people die of second-hand smoke?
Well, fuck off back
downstairs then, Ben.
Which hospital was it
you said you worked at again?
The Royal Bridge.
Why do you ask?
Oh, no reason.
Just now I know where to
send my mother-in-law.
- Krys.
- What?
You were a drama queen
at school, right?
Actually, Ben, I was the
queen of fucking everything at school.
She means she was a slag.
Oh, fuck off, Leo.
Go fuck yourself.
Oh, please!
Can't we come together
for just one night
and put the ego and posturing
and one-upmanship aside?
You know, listening and respect.
"Do unto others" and all
that other fucking nonsense.
What do you think, Markus?
I think all you guys do
is talk in fucking monologues
and I feel I'm stuck on a rooftop
with a bunch a dodgy Bond villains.
Found him.
- Who?
- Or her.
Whoever killed the senator.
Yeah, Jo, I think the
no-phone rule is about to go bust.
We could check on the
television downstairs.
Oi. Excuse me, pal.
Who the fuck are you?
- Hey, he just asked you a fucking question.
- Yeah, okay.
Can we help you?
I would hope so, Joanna.
- What the fuck?
- You know this fucker?
- Senator Kyle.
- John.
No fucking way.
No fucking way.
Whoa, whoa!
I don't mean to be
out of order here,
but why are you here
and not fucking dead?
Ask her.
You know him?
You mind us asking how?
The guy was supposed to miss, right?
That was the plan.
So what the fuck happened?
I'm kinda thinking that too.
- What the fuck's going on?
- He just asked you a fucking question.
- You changed the deal.
- No, no, no, nothing changed.
- So why was I shot tonight?
- I don't know.
So you were hit?
- You what?
- I don't know.
You lying piece of shit.
- I don't know! Christ!
- Everybody calm down.
Senator, what happened?
The area is secured, sir.
That's the second time
I've heard that today.
So excuse me if I have zero
confidence in you fucking morons.
- Wait outside.
- Sir.
I prefer to bleed in private.
Get out!
For a moment,
I thought it was just a misfir.
Think of the new voters
I'd get surviving this.
released by the American Embassy
confirms that Senator John Kyle was
killed in this morning's attack.
But that was just a moment.
The real mistake
was that I was still alive.
That way.
Did the bullet go
all the way through?
- Get away from me.
- Well, I can take a look.
- Ben, what the fuck are you doing?
- I'm helping.
- What do you mean why?
- You're not a fucking doctor.
- I thought maybe...
- Just get off.
You are.
Fix the man.
- No. I'm fine.
- Yes, of course.
Then it doesn't hurt
for him to look.
You need stitches.
A needle and thread.
There's a first-aid kit upstairs.
I'll go.
That's deep.
Should we even be doing this?
Doing what?
The guy's supposed to be dead.
But he is not.
He is here and he is wounded.
He should be there and dead.
So they're gonna be
looking for him.
They don't need to look
because they are the CIA
and they weren't supposed
to hit me at all.
But I guess someone
didn't get that memo tonight.
The CIA?
This is some dark shit.
I promise you, John,
nothing changed.
- The plan was still the plan.
- Not for everyone.
- Well, I had no idea.
- Really?
The breaking news report that Senator John
Kyle of California had been assassinated
wasn't a clue that maybe something
tonight had gone upside down?
Really sorry. Can you go back to
the bit about the CIA, please?
- What?
- Well, you said CIA,
as in the Central
Intelligence Agency?
- Yes.
- John.
As in the Central
fucking Intelligence Agency.
Why, you don't know?
- Know what?
- John.
Who do you think
runs these meetings?
So CIA runs KA?
Who did you think ran this?
Same thing.
You're CIA.
Thanks a lot, John.
What I wanna know is why you
even called this meeting tonight.
Thank you.
Did I not fucking tell you?
- Did I not fucking tell you?
- Markus, why don't you shut the fuck up?
Fuck off.
Oh, fucking brilliant.
Okay. Okay. Everyone calm down.
Let's get some light.
Come on, boys and girls.
Gather round.
Everybody must listen to Jo.
Do I work for the CIA?
Yes, I do.
And so do all of you.
Sorry. How's that?
284 days ago,
Sergei Rokmenonov
was skipping across Red Square
on his way to work.
The Ministry of Justice.
Never made it to work
that morning
because 650 yards
from the Ministry building,
he was shot and killed.
You know how I know
it was 650 yards?
Because that's the optimum range
for an SV-9 sniper rifle.
Isn't that right, Ben?
See, I'm not just a pretty face.
And then two days later,
a secure payment
was made to a bank account.
And the only two people who know
the exact amount of that payment
are the owner
of the bank account
and the person
that authorized the transfer.
So, Ben,
if I were to say that 150,000
turned up in your bank account
two days after Rokmenonov
was killed in Moscow...
would you say that was
just a fantastic guess
or would I know something?
Well, that wasn't the CIA.
Ah, Ben.
It wasn't.
It was Steven Sim...
Yes, Steven Sims from the
Alistair Holdings Group, yes.
But who do you think
Mr. Sims and AHG work for?
God, the cute ones are always so
thick, aren't they, Calvin?
And two years ago,
a patient was rushed
to the Royal Bridge,
complaining of chest pains
and blurry vision.
And you were the only resident
on call that night,
so of course
you found the swollen aorta,
but you didn't
do anything about it.
You just waited and watched,
as we knew you would.
And it was...
And eight hours later,
the patient was dead.
Now he happened to be
the head of the Armenian Rite
who was threatening to expose
certain agency contracts
in exchange for immunity
from the Ministry of Justice,
so you really helped us out
on that one, Calvin.
And then, 11 months ago,
Michelle Huang Ming died of cancer...
after having been poisoned,
but before she was able to sell
certain classified information
to the Ministry
of State Security in China.
Ming was a double agent.
Leandro, I know
this broke your heart...
but you helped us clean house.
And 200,000. Not bad.
And then, only last week,
our own Marky Marky Markus over here,
he put a bullet in the eyeball
of Officer Harold Morano,
who was here
holidaying with his wife.
Officer Morano was about to
give a deposition at a trial
that would eventually have
linked the new Medellin Cartel
to certain agency operatives.
Yeah, you thought the hit
came from your brother.
He thought it came
from Tyson Mulbury.
And Marbury thought
it came from...
You get the idea.
Love how cheap
you street boys are.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, too.
What about Krystal?
Mmm? Krystal?
I don't have to tell Krystal
who Krystal works for,
because Krystal has known all
along who Krystal works for.
Just as I have known all along,
thanks to these meetings.
How to get each
and every one of you
to do exactly
what needed to be done.
Everyone, that is...
except you.
This was the biggest operation
that we'd planned for eight months.
We'd practiced, we'd rehearsed,
and still something went wrong.
Someone gave you
a where and a when
and told you
to say the word "Pisces."
And so, here you are,
and you're the only one
I haven't met.
So, as you can imagine, I'm really
looking forward to hearing your story.
- Hello, V.
- Stop cutting me off.
I'm starting
to get a picture here.
Has this girl...
Has this girl done
anything to upset you
or have you just taken a disliking
to her for another reason?
Is there
a logical explanation
as to why you want
to cause her pain?
Yes, there's a reason.
Did you not just hear
anything I just said about her?
She's doing it on purpose
to make me feel insecure.
Yeah, we know what's...
we know what's going on here,
don't we?
You're different.
You feel alone.
Everyone else around you
doesn't understand
how you find yourself
in this position.
You feel in danger.
The threat levels are high.
You're in fight mode
to protect yourself.
And you feel
if this girl wasn't around,
that you would feel better
about yourself
and the fact that
she lives next door,
you find it very hard
to avoid her.
I get it.
You know, I had exactly the
same thing with my wife.
Really, you've gotta trust me.
I've been there.
As I pointed that gun
at my wife's face,
I said,
"Any last words, Heather?"
And three hours later,
I shot her.
Wait. Really?
No, Violet, love.
It was a joke. You get it?
"Last words."
"Three hours." Talks a lot.
I don't find this funny and I'm
not in the mood for laughing.
I feel like crying.
Do you know what?
I can't do mixed emotions right now.
Yeah. No, I know. All right?
I know, darling. I'm so sorry.
Violet, you have to think about
the long-term consequences.
You have to be
in control of your destiny.
Be fearless.
You know
what you need to do.
I hear you.
I know what I have to do.
I will repent next week,
I swear.
Oh, Violet.
- Are you in position?
- Yes, sir.
Good. Don't let him
get away this time.
Wait for my signal, then...
Well, you know
what you need to do.
That's why none
of our phones are working?
Ain't you lot got stuff
that does that?
- We have everything.
- Right.
So you're jamming the whole city, then?
- Probably.
- Why?
Control the story
until they find me.
- All done.
- It was in the news.
Not anymore.
If it's already out there at
this point, it don't actually matter.
- Why are we still here?
- I'm sorry?
I said,
why are we still here?
Do you know,
Markus is right.
Someone's gonna come
looking for you.
- Probably.
- Definitely.
And that scares you?
Yeah. Yeah, it scares me.
It should fucking well
scare you too.
You're the one
they're trying to kill.
And I'm sure as fuck I'm not standing
next to you when they try again.
My grandfather
always used to say
that a room full of CIA assassins
is the safest place to be.
Jo, no one gives a fuck
about your granddad.
Uh, Calvin sits there.
Why are you here?
How did you know?
- That there was a meeting?
- Yeah.
How do you think?
- I don't know.
- Because he is CIA too.
I wanna talk about her.
No. No. No. Fuck her.
'Cause right now we're talking
about this son of a bitch.
Senator John fucking Kyle of
California, who, by the way,
is the guy most likely
to become president
of the United fucking States
of America.
And he just so happens
to be CI fucking A.
I fucking got that, Krystal.
- Trust me, I fucking got that.
- Did you?
But we're talking about her
and we're gonna talk about her.
Or I'm gonna lose
my fucking shit.
It's almost like
I don't need to be here.
Shut the fuck up,
we were gonna talk
about you.
And we're gonna
talk about you.
And that'll be...
fucking now.
Well, my name's Alice...
and I have been sitting here
listening to all of you.
Really, I have. And...
I'm sitting here wondering the same
thing all of you are wondering,
which is,
"What am I doing here?"
Because I don't want
to be a killer.
Alice, can you tell us
who told you about KA?
Yeah, that's what
I wanna know, too.
I got a text.
Okay. From who?
I don't know. It was blocked.
Jo, don't you send them out?
Not exclusively.
What does that mean?
- It means not exclusively.
- But how does it work?
Why? Why us?
I would just like to point out
that you have all been
coming here for over a year
and this is the first time any one
of you has asked this question.
- Because you all fit the type.
- What type?
Your personality profile.
Why would she get flagged?
Why does someone think
you should be here?
'Cause I've killed people.
- Duh. Obviously.
- Shut up a minute.
Remember what we spoke about
on the roof.
Six months after my mom died,
my dad started...
I was 13.
He just... He just resented me.
No, no.
He... He hated me,
'cause most days I can still feel the
pressure from his boot on my head.
He used to make me
eat my dinner off of the floor.
Those nights were always the
worst when he would get me alone,
'cause they just lasted
a lot longer.
I'm so sorry.
I couldn't even protect
my sister from him.
I went on a school field trip
one weekend,
and even though we went
to the same school,
I was older,
so her class had to stay behind.
And I-I had two full nights
away from this...
this monster.
When I got back, I...
I knew she was different,
and I...
I knew,
and all I could think
to myself was,
"Alice, how could you
have left her here?"
There were so many things
that that man did to me
that I should have
wanted him dead.
But touching her...
Touching her was too much.
I was pushed.
I was... I was pushed.
And I didn't even know
if I could do it.
You know, I wanted to,
but I didn't actually think that I could,
because I was small and he was...
Oh, goddamn, he was so big.
But I wasn't shaking.
I wasn't scared. It wasn't hard.
It was easy.
It's just been way too easy on me.
I wanted him to fight.
I wanted him to make me work for it.
Throw me up against a wall.
Send pain through me. But I...
It was just over
way too quickly.
And I just remember
wanting to do it again.
Do you still want it?
Do you still want to kill?
Every single day.
I think we all know
why you're here.
- I don't.
- I don't.
I fucking don't.
Come on.
Jo, if anyone needs group,
this girl does.
Mmm, yes. I agree.
And that would be great, if this was
group, but this is not group.
I've just explained that.
There's no fantasy world
where murderers meet in a church
and exchange their philosophies
on killing.
This is a place for maintaining
contract killers.
I thought we were
in this place to...
So I ask again.
What is she doing here?
This girl is not
a contract killer.
- So what is she doing here?
- Whoa, whoa. Jo. Jo.
Calm down.
Uh, what about
the no-weapons policy?
- This is my insurance policy.
- Jo. Jo.
I hate to agree with Ben,
but think about it.
If you think she
has something to do with this,
then you must do what...
Go to hell, John!
You're not my boss.
Today was a mess,
and that's the end of it.
Jade messed up and Krystal
went in to sort it out,
as per our orders.
So that's why she ain't here
tonight, is it?
You horrible bitch.
And that's who they found across
town, I'm guessing, yeah?
She was just doing her job.
It's not her fault that Jade fucked up.
You wanna blame anyone,
you can blame Jade.
And as far as I knew, that was it.
The mission failed.
A new date would be set with a new
shooter who would miss as planned.
So, John, who actually
shot you is anyone's guess.
But I still think that
she had something to do with it.
Bless you.
Stay right... there.
That goes
for the rest of you.
Well, hello.
Don't be scared.
Just come on out.
- Please. Get away from me.
- Come on out.
- All right.
- Come here, you. Hello.
What you doing in there,
you little fucking rat?
- Fantastic.
- The plot thickens.
Okay, with all due respect,
No, no, no. We are not doing
anything to this little girl.
Just do it.
- I'm sorry, Senator, do you have children?
- That has nothing to do with it.
- Down.
- Okay, all right, okay.
Everybody just stop,
stop, stop.
Everybody needs to be calm.
There's just way, way, way,
way too much going on right now.
Okay, Alice, move.
All those in favor...
raise your hands.
One, two, three, four.
I know what's happening here.
If you can assemble this gun by
the time Markus gets to the table,
then you know what,
you get to have it your way.
- I don't do this. This is...
- You can do it.
- Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
- Okay, Alice. Come on.
Stop shaking. Stop shaking.
One more.
And then I'm coming for you, darling.
Fucking try it, boss.
You gonna shoot me?
Fuck you.
You want some of this? Huh?
Come on, then.
Get up.
Both of you.
Sweetheart, are you okay?
Okay, I just had to make sure
that she was just who she said she was
and not a professional killer.
Sweetheart, what's your name?
Look, it's okay.
Nice to meet you, Morgan.
My name is Alice.
Just get to the point.
I just need you
to be honest with me.
what are you doing here?
I got in a bit of trouble.
Okay, so then you hid here.
Did you hear anything
that happened tonight?
I did hear it.
I heard all of it.
Well, that's it, then.
We have no choice.
A rat is a problem
we don't need.
- Okay. Whoa. Wait. Hey, come on.
- Joanna, she heard everything.
Yeah, exactly. She just heard
a bunch of people talking.
She didn't see anyone do
anything, now did she, okay?
So everyone's just gonna come
now and sit down and be calm.
Come on.
Now! Come on!
- Shit.
- Don't touch her.
Come here.
Hey. Okay, okay.
The last thing... Okay?
The last thing our Morgan here
wants to do is upset anyone, right?
I mean, you're a smart girl.
You know that no one would
believe such a crazy story.
Look, we are not
trusting a kid.
She's gonna speak.
Maybe not at first, Jo,
but one day,
she's gonna talk to a friend
or she's gonna go to
confession and she will speak.
I won't. I swear.
You'll fucking speak, all right.
You shut your little bitch mouth.
she's just a kid, man.
I know she's just a kid,
but that little bitch
is gonna bring all of us down.
And I kinda like my life.
I got shit to do.
Killing her
is not the solution.
Like Joanna said, the situation is so
ridiculous, nobody will ever believe her.
All be quiet!
- Hey!
- Jesus Christ!
Morgan, stop it. Shit.
- Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey!
- Don't come any closer. Stay back!
Jo, give me the fucking gun.
Calm down.
- Fuck.
- Sorry, it was an accident.
- Krystal!
- No. Fuck.
Everyone fucking move!
Get back inside.
I need to take a look at Jo.
No. I said
get back inside now!
I need to look at her.
I need to look at Jo.
- Calvin, shut up. Get inside.
- I need to get over there.
- No!
- Fucking move.
No, I need to get over there.
Well, that changes things.
Don't you agree?
Don't you agree?
Alice, what are you doing,
Hey. Fucking leave 'em.
Think about it.
I'm doing what has to be done.
You think she's gonna keep
quiet after what she just saw?
And then we're all supposed
to go down for it?
No. I've got a family.
And I'm not losing them because
of somebody else's actions.
She's right.
Alice, let me do it.
You're not made for it.
I've been in some
fucked-up situations...
Okay. Okay, do you know what?
Fuck it. Let's make it interesting.
Let's see who wants to do it.
Markus, you wanna have a go?
Yeah, I'm fucking happy to do it.
Sure. Put the fucking gun down.
Benny boy, why don't you
have a fucking go?
I told you, I'm not having
any part of killing a kid.
No, absolutely not.
I'm not killing a child.
For fuck's sake, Calvin, she's barely
a fucking child. She's what, 14?
Hey, how old are you?
Alice, Alice,
what's the crack here, love?
How about you let Morgan go,
we have a bit of a chat,
make some rational decisions?
Why don't you just
fucking shut up and let her finish?
You okay?
Let's get back to business.
What are you doing, love?
This isn't you.
You've got no idea
who I am, Leo.
Who the fuck are you?
is the new boss.
Fuck off.
Jo, what the fuck?
Krystal, I knew that
you would understand.
Fucking dickhead.
Joanna, I demand to know...
Blanks. Of course.
Sorry about the dramatics.
You expecting somebody, Joanna?
Christ, they found me.
Somebody protect me.
I can pay.
Everything's for sale, right?
Oh, God. Hold your breath, John.
No one's interested.
It's probably cops doing door-to-door.
I'll go and take care of it.
And then when I'm back,
everything will be explained.
It's time.
Don't hurt the girls.
Okay. They have gone.
All right, everybody.
First question.
Why not just kill me?
That's what all of this
is about, right? Me?
That was my fault.
Ah, can't get the shot.
Jade was supposed
to shoot you and not miss.
Excuse me?
But she messed up.
So I blew the dust
off the old Dragunov
and stepped in myself.
Sorry, John. Nothing personal.
Oh. Missed the head.
So, what, the company wanted rid of me?
Why not just finish me off
the moment I walked
through those fucking doors?
Why all this bullshit?
Because not everything
is about you, John.
You said Dragunov.
That's a Russian gun.
Well-spotted, Ben.
Well, as our wonderful senator
said earlier, what was it?
"Everything is for sale
if the price
is high enough, eh?"
So, yes, the company
is under new management
and they just wanted to see which
of our members have what it takes
to join the new administration.
A stress test, if you will.
Let me introduce Alissa Romanoff
and her sister, Morgana Romanoff.
Wait, what?
Oh, yeah,
the Russians pay more.
Well, by name.
See, the problem is, Senator,
they started too late with you.
A corruptible CIA agent infiltrates the
highest level of the political system
to become a corruptible senator
and a corruptible president
surrounded by corruptible yes-men.
But if you start young,
well, then you're a truer
person, incorruptible.
You see,
the Russian government took us in,
gave us both a purpose.
So, Senator, please meet
your future replacement.
This is a joke, right?
Does she look
like she's joking?
It's been a pleasure.
Sorry, Calvin.
Markus, Krystal, you passed.
Come with us.
Sorry, lads.
See you after, Calvin.
Sorry, you're cute, but...
not that cute.
But I'm gonna
give you a chance.
Stay here one hour
and then you can leave.
What, and that's it?
One hour.
Do as you're told.
- Oh, you bitch.
- Mmm-hmm.
Right, that's it, then.
Well, it's a trap.
One hour, then I can leave.
She's lied to you all day.
Why should you trust her now?
Ah, Leo, I'd really hoped
you'd listen.
All you had to do
was wait one hour.
What is it with men
not wanting to follow orders?
You have to be in
control of your destiny, Alice.
Be fearless.
You know what you need to do.
- Wanna swap? No?
- No.
No, no, no!
You're fucking dead now.
I fucking live for this.
Excuse me.
Need a hand there, mate?
My boy Calvin in there.
Killers Anonymous,
you fucking cock.
Go on, Benny boy.
- Where do you think you're going?
- The heart.
Seems as though you've
forgotten how this works.
Welcome to the fucking club.
It's just, Jo, I mean...
What's the whole point of this
if we don't set standards?
There's rules and those
rules have to be followed.
Jo, you missed your shot.
No. No.
- Go on. Do it.
- Step back.
Feels different up
close, doesn't it, Benjamin?
- Give her the knife.
- Please.
I should fucking
shoot you, Krys.
- Give her the knife.
- Give me the knife.
I could do this.
I could do this!
God bless.
There you are.
- It's done.
- There, you see?
I told you you could do it.
Easier than I thought.
Well done, Alice.
The story surrounding
yesterday's assassination
of the US Senator John Kyle
continues to unfold.
Further bodies believed
to be connected to the case
have been found in a church
in the bank area of London.
Early speculation suggests
that the US Government
was somehow involved
in the plot against Kyle.
As of yet, there has been no
comment from the American Embassy.
There's always gonna
be people who need our help.
People who have the itch,
who just need
to be shown the path.
They need someone
who can listen, who can help.
I can't go on forever,
but for my girls...
this is just the beginning.
Lovely night for it.
Yeah. I suppose it is.
You lost your way?
Something like that.
It's one flight down.
I see. Thanks.
Don't look so nervous.
You're in good hands.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I'm not sure
if I'm in the right place.
I was told to say "Gemini."
Definitely in the right place,
and the first to arrive.
Welcome to Killers Anonymous.