Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) Movie Script

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I'm not sure what I'm
talking about, I'm not sure
what I'm talking about,
I'm not sure what I'm talking
was here, my money was really here
now, blood had money so you called me
up for you, when you called
me cum, like he used to
be here kind ofRob disease
over there, didn't you?
I'm perfect.
I thought I'd know what.
Keep that thing wrapped up over there.
I did.
Because best you could.
Best I could.
You like women?
That's my weakness.
What kinds I got out there?
Just white.
White that I saw.
Do you like red?
I mean that kind of red.
I like red.
I like white.
I like blue.
I like old.
No matter to me I breathe.
I like the heavy ones.
I like the heavy ones.
The pretty ones.
One that smelled good.
We got to keep an eye on you.
You're just looking
for a little bit of place.
Speaking of that.
Yeah, bad.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's good.
That's such real good.
Don't get played out of
nowhere without going here.
Because then you'll call us trouble.
I burn.
That's right.
Watch your own home.
And most trouble is out here crooked.
Some do things right most too bad.
So don't be simple.
Don't make small trouble about nothing.
You're going to make trouble.
Make it big.
Get a big payoff for that here.
Yes, I do.
I am officially reserved.
Tippin' Sheriff and Fairfax.
I'm going to bring up one of that.
I won't find that trouble.
I won't do stupid things.
You got your head on
straight after being over there.
Of course I do.
I'm up.
I'm not thick, sir.
I'm strong.
I got a place I'm going to put you in.
I'll be driving.
Because you can't do much
else because you're good.
You're going to read much to you.
Do you read?
Read much.
I'll go read.
You smart yourself, but because
that's what I'm going to say.
You smart yourself.
I'm going to read to you.
Oh, say they have the worst land possible.
But the good Lord, he outsmarted everybody.
The land had oil on them.
Black gold.
But they're wise people.
They work as those they have to see.
Who gets the oil.
Who gets the hit right.
Who says you're sharp?
They don't talk much.
So that might make you feel like you're
going to run your mouth to fill the space.
Especially when you've been drinking.
Better you be quiet.
You're going to get nothing smart to say.
Hold on there.
That's what they call them.
Black bird talk.
Because they're not talking.
They don't mean they don't
know everything about everything.
We'll say you're the finest.
And most beautiful people
aren't going to answer it.
Child white here.
Age 23.
No investigation.
Bill Steppson.
Age 29.
No investigation.
And center.
Age full law.
No investigation.
Rose Lewis.
Age 25.
No investigation.
And Sarah Butler.
Age 21.
State's your name.
I'm Molly Kyle.
And Compton.
What was your allotment number?
You asked for additional monies of
$752 to pay the medical bill for an access.
Yes, sir.
Was the operation successful?
Yes, sir.
And the diabetes?
Prescription of air fast roads.
I'll send my help to both of us.
You're going to look
out for that, you know?
Well, Molly, it's your mother.
You know, she's restricted too, so
we have to account for everything.
It says here, she's spent
$319.05 for me at the grocery.
Don't you think that's an awful
lot of need for what she needs?
Yes, Mr. E.
Well, you look after that, won't you?
All right, people, before the line
here, we're allowed to pay them.
Unrestricted, ugly.
Take your dirty and pee.
Four to dollars.
Four to dollars.
Four to dollars.
All right, I got dirty five dollars.
My wife's been feeling horrible.
The doctor says it's her constitution.
The boy's got asthma.
This asthma's holding her back.
She just needs a chance.
You got your chance.
Your unrestricted, please.
Dr. Dumbo.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll tell you what, you run out of gas.
You get a flight time.
Come right on back and line up.
Alright, I just wanna look you right there.
I'll be careful.
I'll be careful.
Hey, Kelsey Morris.
We're at the front together in France.
Hey, how are you doing?
Great to see you.
My wife, Katherine Cole.
We're the meet you.
We're the meet you.
Oh hey, good.
It's got people right?
It's got people right.
No water.
Oh, no water.
No water.
Come on, you're gonna get your water.
You got a buddy on the street?
No, no.
Let's stop him.
I mean, when I say Mollie Kaddell,
you know the one with the system?
I don't want you to.
Yeah, Mollie.
She lives with her mother, wasn't she?
I don't know.
I'll go with one.
I don't know.
I've got the driver.
I'd rather, you know.
Well, Matt Williams
used to go over a tenon.
They're not together the way now.
So that means you could
have a proposition with that,
if that struck you.
And you won't see after her.
She's a regular customer, man.
I think she sure don't be too.
I might as well as you do if you like.
Full blood of stay in that too.
Full blood of stay.
Now that's some of the man to work with.
You have good place, you know that?
I think you can be the American.
American, you know.
How do you think?
Well, we mix these families together,
and that state money
flows around direction,
and it'll come to us.
That's a poised mother state.
And she gets that money
of the mother, Lizzie.
Now that's good business, that.
I'm legal.
Now he gets the law.
That's more than the best.
He told me he was going
to Matt Williams for a time.
He talked too much.
I don't talk too much.
I'm thinking, well, I got to
beat him in this horse race.
That's all.
But then realize, what's the race?
I don't care for watching horses.
Well, I'm a different kind of horse.
Oh, goshy.
What was that?
That's how you are.
I don't know what you said, but it must
have been Indian for handsome dental.
I am an Osage brave.
A long time ago, we Osage took our
name from Missouri and Osage rivers.
New common stuff,
children of the middle waters.
Move, said the great white father from
Missouri, from Arkansas, from Kansas,
finally another strange land.
Oklahoma, where famine walked
by day and hunger wolves by night.
Can you find the wolves in this picture?
Oh, Osage won ever part
of the five civilized tribes.
Remember Blackie Thompson?
Howdy boy.
The five civilized tribes.
The Cherokee, Chickasaw,
Choctaw, Crete, and Seminole.
Oh, hey, Ross, you'll
shine in the dark horse.
Give me here.
Just take the car, don't take my ring.
My father gave it to me.
Don't want the car.
Just want the jewels.
I want it to be done to earn this anyway.
Got some attendance, boy.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm all in, boys.
What are you thinking, artist?
I see artist.
I love running.
I love running.
Turn that turtle.
You want to do it?
You're right there.
Wayne gets confused.
Don was always a sacred time for prayers.
They called the son Grandfather.
The moon, mother.
They called it the flower
moon when tiny flowers
spread over the Blackjack
hills and the prayers.
There are many.
So many.
It's as if Wakanda looked
down upon the earth,
smiled, and sprinkled
it with sugarcandy.
Wakanda means God.
You're giving your Osage name.
It's how you will be
called to the next world.
Your Osage name can
never be taken away from you.
It's how you will be
called to the next world.
It's how you will be
called to the next world.
Don't you want to bother this?
I got too much sugar.
It can never be too sweet, my Kenya.
It makes me sickly.
You live in this house just with my mother.
I take care of four.
You live with your uncle?
You know?
Since I can remember.
You live in my swam.
Why did he come here?
To live here.
I'm over here.
Well, I fell from my uncle.
I worked with him.
Yeah, brother is.
Brother, that's right.
You scared him?
My brother?
Your uncle.
My uncle.
My uncle is a king of the Osage fields.
He's the nicest man in the world.
I know he should cross him what he can do.
Well, I'm my own man.
I do my own work.
I'm a business man.
What's your religion?
You don't come to church?
Yes, I've been away.
How come you don't have a husband?
I'm a man.
I don't want a woman like you
who doesn't have a husband.
You know, you've got nice colors.
What color would you say that in?
My color.
I think it's going to get a real pretty.
You've got nice colors in.
You've got a nice house.
I think you just pretend to be so familiar,
but I bet you've got a
soft building on the inside.
It's just on me.
You just call me a coyote, didn't you?
Hey, come.
A coyote.
A coyote wants money.
Well, that money's real nice.
It's real nice.
Especially if you're a lazy like me.
I mean, I won't sleep all day.
I won't make a party once dark.
That's so funny.
You like betting?
I don't like whiskey.
I love whiskey.
I'm here to get whiskey.
Not bad whiskey.
I think we should try
something to find out.
It is.
Oh, gosh.
No, no, no.
We need to be quiet for a little bit.
Storm, it's a little bit.
It's powerful.
So we need to be quiet for a little bit.
It's good for the crops, let's be sure.
Just be still.
Okay, two of them have solid potting.
Most of you said that.
That's not out there.
So many of them aren't there only with me.
Is there any people in me?
Yes, I have.
We're going to get a big artist.
We're going to have a big husband.
We're going to have a big husband.
Very good.
What does that say?
C.M. says.
Some do something.
Some do something is there somehow.
A kind of change.
They're not going to get it.
Maji, don't play on time.
What's that mean?
Who's that?
Oh, gosh.
For me, let's see.
We call Scott.
We'll see if they are safe.
We're going to get a drink.
S.M. says.
Who was that?
Oh, he had to get out of the swimming.
You have to leave.
I'm going to spend it all time.
And I will just leave it all.
One point.
And I'll leave it.
Leave it.
And you'll have to leave.
I will let you go.
I'm so confused.
I'm so confused.
Your hand looks on my skin.
You're going to wear a ball.
Can you do that?
Can you stand there, okay?
I love this girl, Molly.
Oh, my God, I want to
do things she's a lady.
Well, then, you found your wife.
My name is Ernest.
I'm an artist.
I have no Molly and
her sisters since they
were running around
making a lot of trouble.
We ate one more.
My dear departed father,
I say, why was a dear, dear friend of mine,
of a mother friend of a heart?
We always used to tell
the white men just to call
them Jimmy, but I always
call them by his property.
I say, why?
They're great respect.
We all taken care of,
in proper distance.
You had the best care if you need.
I don't want you to be afraid.
So many troubles would be thrown home then.
So sorry.
I say,
I say, I say, I say,
I say, I say, I say,
I say,
I say, I say, my sister.
my sister.
Wasting on this.
Oh, gosh.
Ernest, it might be best
for you to sit outside.
Why that?
It's just the way this is
going, maybe you don't want to
worry this is going, you're
saying you won't be out there.
Yes, sir, if you would. Right.
And Bill's laughing at you.
Show himself to you
that Bill Smith didn't take
the proper care of meeting
the way he could have.
If I ever say can I take the
handwriting and the lamp.
That or she would go
to her sister's, your wife.
Well, he's taking the money
that I read, she took the money.
Her mother Lizzie.
He's out of the chain.
A few old wives.
Most old says don't wet past 50.
Well, he's going to die, but
I will say suffer from illness.
You have to make it the
head that has come to you.
You see?
Minnie's gone now, and after
her, that leaves grey down.
Do you have a question about it?
How's Bob too?
She's all right.
Takes care of a little one.
She's got the diabetes too.
I worry for her sometimes.
She's sick most days came.
Oh, she's happy.
She's happy.
This diabetes is a child of air.
Like I said, look at Joma.
The days of affliction
taking over the hungry.
Oh, Molly, she's still strong, Pink.
She's strong.
For now, we hold forever.
What about Anna?
You know Anna carries a gun on the purse?
Hey, what the hell?
Say, I know.
You better run away.
I know.
What the?
I know that.
Well, she's going to pick a
final one day with a long purse.
And then what?
That's a good one.
It's a good one.
I'm the big one.
Oh, boy, that's blue man.
That's beautiful.
Oh, I can't.
I don't call wrong
in English I don't call
It seems wider than that one.
You never know this one's
a half-breed wheelchair.
Both a couple wouldn't have a
seven-distance or a half-breed wheelchair
One dark and one light.
And it's like an eclipse.
The Lord put his hand over the earth.
And made it shake her neck.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Oh, thank you, Papa
Oh, thank you, oh, thank you.
I'm not sure what to say
I'm not sure what to say Oh,
thank you, Papa Hello, Anna.
Are you standing?
Oh, I am his old.
You got any whiskey?
Well, you drank it last night
Only my man can get me a whiskey.
I'm not your man.
Well, maybe you won't have a choice.
You got any whiskey?
Hey, hey.
Keep yourself settled down in here, Anna.
You'll do right.
You're making threats,
Anna Don't do that.
Tell me a secret.
You think I'll open my legs for any man?
Well, I'll get that feeling.
Hey, come on
Oh, no, that's right.
We're gone We're gone Yeah.
You are so pretty.
You know me?
What do you mean?
Fuck yourself, brother.
Hey, come on I'll cut you talking to my man
I'll kill that woman, then I'll kill you
I'm not your man, I'll do
as I please Get her out
of here Get her out of
here Get her out of here.
Oh, that woman's gonna die Stay away
from this woman Oh, that woman's gonna die.
Get out.
Get out of here.
This woman's friends sold her.
He came up and tried to grab
that sauce For being nice on his leg.
Blowing clean off.
A lot of people being back like this.
You here?
You found Charlie White's one of those.
All right.
Who did that?
Oh, don't know.
Is it his wife?
Mm-hmm, most likely.
No, hang on.
It's time for me to take her home now.
She had shame.
Not yet.
Completely clean Mm-hmm.
Hold on Okay, let's
see Oh, maybe shit
Oh, God.
Oh, God Oh, God.
Oh, God Hey, come on
Stop being.
Time for me to go on this.
Well, what are you here to.
Try and get room You
aren't just snake, no.
You're afraid I'll stay too much.
Yeah, I see you're afraid.
You look better You look
better Thank you, sister.
You're my wife, you know that?
I'm very sure I'm laughing.
It's just the moment you think You
worry too much about your day Come on.
It's you All right.
Miss, let's go find another drink
No, I'm taking your home, man.
No, you're taking me
a whisper It's just me.
I'm tired of taking her
home now I'm taking her
home You've got to say
He's taking her home.
Molly, just sister Anna.
This your sister Anna Brown.
Pardon me.
Is this your sister Anna Brown?
Yes Two members of our tribe.
Anna Brown And
Charles White form.
We're both murdered.
These as Stade are murdering us.
In the case of Anna
Brown For a family here on
the West Side Of race
funds with an out of about
$2,000 to $5,000 for the arrest.
And conviction of the murder
Boy, boy, Molly Burkhardt.
Has hired a private
investigator Oh, hi.
When this money started coming.
We should have known it
came with something else.
Because it's a white man's money.
It's not what we were taught.
Coming down in Missouri.
Arkansas and Kansas.
What has come to our reservation.
That doesn't belong
here And it's dead.
And like buzzers start with our people.
Pick a spotty clean
Leave nothing.
When we left Missouri We
didn't even leave our dead babies.
We laid them down And
we rode our warriors over
To tell everyone that
we'll never leave this
place again Or we'll
die here to the last one
Oh, yeah, yeah.
It's kind of spicy.
It's a little lower now.
It's a little lower.
And they even come here now.
To bear our young women.
I employ some of them.
And they say they are my friends
But I don't think they really are.
Some of them don't even pretend to work.
They walk around, they
act like they own the place.
Gentlemen, hold
still, please Yeah!
And these people are buzzed
The Stahae, common bags.
We can't turn to the county.
To help us.
We can't go to the state of Oklahoma.
To help us.
Why we ever even thought they would.
We were here before them.
This is our homeland We came to.
Why we put our children here
Because Mother Earth allowed us here.
No one takes us off this earth
God calls us all home.
We've got to realize that But we've also
got to realize it's evil It's come here.
You have something it wants It won't
you when we've come through genocides.
Out coming home.
But now we put the
original 25 families together.
We're here to go with
you That old saying
says That old saying
just dying by the enemy.
Do not let them die
alone You go join them.
So we go to heaven No
one, we're still warriors.
We have to change.
But before we do We need
to be like a fire on this earth
And get rid of all that
stops or gets in front of us
All of you men and our women.
These mothers is Enoch here.
All of our elders have
come through this slagscape.
And we all the thing we know is that.
We have each other.
We have a lower that's been good to us.
So the senator, we never
prayed for the great life.
We just prayed for life.
That's what we're going
to be praying for now.
Is that we get that life
for these kids coming.
So our days are over.
We're just barely living out of sundown.
But their days have started.
And I want them to be Osages.
Just like to get the grandma gave me.
Just like to get the grandma gave me.
I would like to add a thousand dollars.
To that reward money.
Granny information.
About these murders.
That means if anyone
knows anything about it
You must come to me.
Y'all know where I am.
I'm easy to find.
Thank you Mr. Hill.
Your friendship has always been
greatly appreciated I don't know anything.
To help the whole stage in their plight.
They're veiled tears I know that we're
seeing Mr. Barney McBride The Washington D.C.
Bobble second.
Mr. McBride.
Mrs. McBride.
Yes Chief, I'm here.
Resolution 23 Mr. McBride
will travel to Washington D.C.
To meet with the Indian Affairs Commission.
Whether you will ask for private
investigators And additional police.
So that they can look into this matter
of all this death Do you accept this?
Yes I do.
Yes, I do.
Bring it How are you, Ernest?
So you're.
You're here now.
Rita was a comfort to
me When did he die?
He wasn't leaving the
Jewel That'd be on this one.
I do it so But no
difference I'm afraid
Just this one time for me
It's my wife's sister Right.
$25 for her first one.
If you charge him Don't say his
prices You think I'm dead Wow.
Everybody pays you
the same Come on now
Look out, there's an entire funeral.
$1,300 this year.
This year's $2,000
It was just a young
year I'll tell you what.
I'll talk to King Hill about
this See what he has to say
If you want her and I
want a box I'll put her in
my eye I want a box I
want a box You want her?
I want a box.
I want a box I want a box I
want a box You want her face.
There's no face, Frank
Why would you want it out for him?
You trying to steal her money?
Don't you try to hate me?
It ain't your money.
It's easy for you to get me more money
The day my man, I work for my money.
Just like the good Lord says.
You're so intrigued
When you've heard this.
When you last time you see one of them.
I'll say it's your work tonight.
Well, your sister had on a lease.
On a state of approximately $100,000.
We will, too.
Your mother is a kid.
And you, Molly, any reading?
You know, I was thinking
That is a substantial amount of money.
I heard that tall chief hired.
The Emmett Miller mister was going to
play for a birthday party And I thought.
Why couldn't we do something
like that With this money?
Make it have a party with the town.
It does not give the talk to this man.
Evil surrounds my heart.
Many times I cry.
And this evil around my
heart Comes out of my eyes.
I close my heart and
keep what is good there.
But hate comes And I say I ought to
kill these white men Who killed my family.
This is my car.
Bill Burns I solve
crimes This is my car.
My address is New York, London, Paris.
Montreal, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tyrell,
Berlin, Boston And wherever else we're going.
Mr. Barty, I'm your friend Yes,
telegram You said just right.
Mr. Barty Mr. Barty
Mr. Barty Mr. Barty
What was your name?
Mr. Barty Mr. Barty
Mr. Barty Mr. Barty Sir,
please Sir, please Your
youngest sister, Minnie.
Who died of the wasting
homes two years ago.
She was married to
a Bill Smith, and that
is the same Bill Smith, currently
married to your sister, Rita.
Same Bill Smith, two sisters.
Mr. Smith, he is a busy
fellow talking around
town, conducting his own
investigation at his death.
What do you wear of that?
You work.
Do you want to straighten Molly's house?
What did you go to the street there?
What did you go?
The graveyard.
I asked for her.
She wanted to look at her land
and she wanted to visit her home.
I cannot see my daddy with
my hair flying everywhere.
Did you know I was
going to have a little baby?
My goodness.
Oh, it's true.
Oh, my name would make you feel.
Maybe that ain't my mother.
Did you know that Anna was pregnant?
He's sweet by her.
You know.
Mr. Smith says that he has a pretty
good idea of who comes your sister.
He says that he will tell all
when he has the true facts.
What's he found out?
I just don't know that part yet.
What's he found out?
Almost ain't black in here.
You see what he may say on that?
That's right.
Before we go and be raised tonight, boy.
You're black in?
That's it, huh?
Oh, he's crazy.
That's disgusting work right there.
He's dirty.
He's real dirty.
You want something
to fade in like him, huh?
You can't be working
with them trouble boys.
You got to use your head.
You got to think black-eats.
Hell, he's been talking
about us part of our nothing.
And then Bill Smith.
He's been going around
town talking a lot now.
He's coming somewhere.
Oh my god.
Knock off.
Bill Smith and the breed too.
When she was going, all that estate
money would go in my mother at all.
I'd go as cute.
And she wills it to my children.
I said, the deal, that's a real deal.
For you it is.
For all.
Smith and her, they're
gone a lot from home.
You got to do as a go down there.
You play at the stand in the
house and when they come in,
you get them.
They got, Rita's got their four times.
You got your screws.
Bill Smith.
It always carries two or
three hundred in this pocket.
You could have that.
You could have that in.
And I know he'll pay you
a thousand for the job.
Sound like a new one.
Are you black-eats?
My little deer crowster.
You know who the red one knows?
Got your hound.
I thought I'd throw in my deer crowster.
It's insured more than it's worth.
Now I get the insurance money.
You get the deal with them.
That's just a little side
deal between me and you.
I don't even need that.
That's real junk.
Damn, you're greedy to you, Ernest.
Well, I just love money.
It's true.
I give your love as much as I love my life.
Well, better than this one.
Just try to get some more.
Oh, give it to me.
Of course I love it.
I mean, you're here.
Oh, you don't try with the kids up here.
I don't think that's why you're here.
They're calling it Insulin.
It's from Toronto, because of beer.
There are more than five
people that can afford it.
And inefficiently for sale again,
but Bill Hale has seen to it for you.
That's right.
It's from a cast pancreas.
It'll come down to this once a week.
A cast pancreas.
That'd be, this could be an awful misery.
You've eaten in the last hour.
No. Lift your blacks, please.
Have you had anything to drink?
All right?
Goat's milk.
Hot cakes.
She's had a Taffy and
maker to go and tell them.
You don't stop eating sweets.
This won't matter.
You will lose your feet or
worse if you eat like a white.
You're going to be like that, huh?
Get in.
Get in.
Earth? Yeah.
Milk, please.
Did you make a deal with black and
Thompson to steal your red roadster?
The cash insurance?
Yes, I did. Well, black is been arrested.
It's still in your car.
What were you supposed to do?
I was, I was supposed
to feel a man on the road.
What are you doing?
So who takes care of Bill
Smith and his black and that?
I don't know, sir.
Remove the book.
All right, brother. Stand up.
Stand up.
It goes on to death.
I'm a thirty-second degree, Mason.
I haven't viewed the confidence, trust,
and responsibility, among other things.
Yes, ma'am.
You know what that is?
Stop! You're right!
Get up.
Sit over there.
Are you challenged to leave your house?
She's hired a private investigator.
who knows she said brings unwanted ass.
She got the tribal council to pay for
Barnaby Brad's trip to Washington.
She's a very hard-headed woman,
and she's going to make it harder on you.
It's hard, King.
You know, she's just, she's discovered.
Currently, I asked her son.
What do you think is going to happen?
Molly and all of them.
I love them.
But I'm the attorney of the Earth.
They're going to go.
The time is over.
That's it.
Ernest, there will be no right in
strike, and it stops happening.
It will happen.
These headwrights must
go to Molly, not to the
mother, not to the
sister Rita, not Bill Smith.
Yes, sir.
You've got to take back
control of your home.
Can you hear me?
Yes, King.
World Chat, if you go for Henry Graham.
That's the biggest
moonshine there in the county.
Look at all that blue.
Is that gold, Harry?
Lettering gold.
Now, Henry, what I mean is
someone who can do a job.
Someone who can take a proposition
to do an old man in his blanket.
And I just don't want any man.
I need someone who can do it right.
Because I need a book
to go at the same time.
So I can't do you to pause
and risk or something like that.
It's gonna be something pro pro pro pro.
Hey, John.
Take us all off the house, stash for me.
Well, then Maggie can see it.
Oh, wow. She got eyes, Henry.
She taught me last time.
I don't want that one.
It's getting too long.
Also, I was just going
to talk a bunch of times.
I know, well, I like him.
Well, he's a good potential right now.
Tell him what.
I messed up and I'm going to talk.
Because he had a hair-brain idea to get
a name on insurance money on his car.
Well, I love the fact that I saved.
Yours did great.
The dicks wanted an Arkansas one.
At least one of the Kansas.
Some of it's so heavy
he can't even find himself.
You need a gag, man.
Some of these wanted explosives.
Make damn sure you can get in there.
Yeah, both.
Same time.
I'm asleep.
I'm on my house.
I'm not sure.
All right.
I don't know.
I'm out of this old hole
somewhere I suspect.
I want you to take your skinny ass up bars.
if you can find a shovel and go dig him up.
All right.
Ask her answer.
See if I can find her.
Daisy Kirby.
Not you, man.
Come on.
She'll have to get in there.
This is for her.
Sit up right here.
All right.
We're down.
I might have to ask you
to step outside from me.
What you mean by being a woman
when we're speaking to my wife.
How to say that?
Of course not, just for a minute.
What now?
What now?
We're in the CIA.
We are not in the Ministry of Energy.
You're also in the Astra Taguchi d'Inci.
We need the shots and the Insulin.
We're in the United States,
and we're in the United States.
Take a look at all the energy.
Do some energy.
Take a look.
Take a look at all of the energy.
All right.
So fellas, just give me that.
I'm going to go ahead and do it.
Yours minister in the shop?
Yeah, yeah. Earned as Bill
Hale has entrusted us with this kit.
I know, I know.
It's coming right now, all right.
We're still going to have to
charge you for this business.
We made the trip out here.
Gas, time, fuck the duck.
You going to charge me for this robbery?
Is that it?
It's on the ground.
Give me that.
I'll get it back to you.
Go on now, get out of here. Go.
Maybe say the doctors are with doctors.
Well, my doctor, you a doctor?
It's still a bitch. I'll let them end
their work. That's what we should do.
So I'm the doctor.
I'm the doctor. I'm a nurse.
And a housekeeper, babysitter,
God knows what else is all, right?
It's not a healthy thing.
It's not any good.
King Hale has gifted this to you.
He has gifted this to you.
Five people in the whole
world are getting this.
And you're one of them only.
You're one of the lucky ones.
Think of the children.
That's the whole
secret of life right there.
But no, no.
You think you know everything, right?
When you move through Indian ways.
When you think you can get
better with all the medicine man,
all the roots and all the herbs
and all the hard, hard, hard shit.
You ain't Molly. That's real medicine.
You think someone's gonna hurt you?
You think I'm gonna hurt you?
You don't say no to that?
Give me a chance now, all right?
Maybe he's gotta get
worse before he gets better.
All right.
And to take you to me, no more.
No one's gonna hurt you.
No one's gonna hurt you.
How are you feeling, Ham?
Sometimes I feel sad.
It's gonna help this year for us.
Oh, he's fit.
It's a fiddle.
Come on, Henry.
He's healthy as a horse.
That he is, Bill.
So what are you gonna do?
You gonna kill this idea?
How'd you know?
Oh, he... That... Come on, man.
Well, no, he just needs to be insured.
That's all.
It's just a formality, but he needs it.
Well, what about my man, Colin?
A little whiskey can help that.
Here was Bill on the movie.
Bill, my garden won't give me a try.
What do you mean?
I want advice from each other.
I don't know, Henry.
You don't need that stuff.
It's hurting me.
Doctor said I should use it.
I don't care what he says.
You don't know what
the hell he's talking about.
Come on, Henry.
Hey, Bill.
My wife's done more a bunch.
My wife's done more a bunch.
Who cares about more a bunch?
You got one of them
all over you, my friend.
You're lucky with that.
And be a piece with what you have.
And don't do anything stupid.
I want to hurt myself.
That's not a man's way.
I mean, he needs to get worse.
He's gonna give that to me.
And he wants to give respect.
I don't want to be here anymore.
I'm ashamed.
I'm ashamed to be an on-stage engine.
Just give me some moonshine.
Get me a gun.
Good at Henry.
You have a good time to hurt.
Don't you do anything stupid to hear?
I need you, my friend.
I need you.
Oh, I know.
I know.
This is what he wants.
Get off me!
Get off me!
You stole my...
You stole my... You
stole my... I know.
You stole my... You stole my...
You know... You got... You got...
I got to ask a friend for
me and send my away.
You got to bring your guardian in.
Who tells you I Mald?
You know who tells you I send your...
You know who tell you I send your...
He stops a bunch.
You got his shoes.
You're riding a better V off.
He's on his?
You get better V off.
You're running a better V off.
He's on hissing.
He's on his... I'm
down right over there.
I'm walking down.
Why did you take care of him?
I was using a mountain collar.
You know he tried to
away with himself right now?
Oh yeah?
I take care of that man because he's
my neighbor and he's my best friend.
That's quite that thousand
dollars right in there.
I got an insurance policy on him.
It's against what he owes me.
So if he succeeds in revising himself
before the end of the year, I'll forfeit.
So he needs to stay alive
at least a few more months.
I might even get a chance at zebras.
Some of you should know.
My wife's first husband was
that man right there on the floor.
I was your main person.
I'll say them on the floor.
And they were married in a
ceremony on the reservation.
But when she saw Mary, they didn't know.
They were 50 in the
tradition of being married.
If I was married, I'd be telling her that.
She didn't tell me that.
That's true.
She told me just fine.
She used to go.
Well, you'd never have her or fifteen.
That's the reason you have yours.
We were about to work out of thousands.
Who would die something for you?
I'd say if I were not, I said.
Now, you believe me.
You believe me.
I must get it.
We have a new.
father killers to kill
them. He said they're
helping to take the lazy
man away from town.
Well, Pitts and his
client are trying to have
authority here, and they
have none. They need
to let the police do their
job. I'm very disapproving
of the Ku Klux Klan. They're very hungry
for power. They ain't going to get it.
Is there a new one?
He tried to have more
than he brought. He didn't
come back. We hired
a private investigator.
No time.
He paid it?
He ran off, didn't he?
He ran off?
He ran off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Seems that we came to a little bit more.
I think we should be a little more
considerate about how we spend all this money.
I don't mean that as a criticism
I'm just saying. You bought a farm.
Okay, maybe we can sell.
Maybe we should be selling.
Because I'm there for you.
I'm there for both of you.
You met Molly D'Acuzzi.
You're here because of me.
Let me help you.
Let me give you my advice, my consultation.
Judson, he didn't tell me about
hogsickness. It was going on with me.
All of my lessons came. I went up again.
It's a bad investment, that's all.
Bad investment. Molly.
Well, now's a good time.
Molly, she's pregnant.
That's old. Yeah.
You know, we got news that
always happened the baby came.
Blessings. Blessings upon this house.
Wonderful. Congratulations.
Oh, thank you.
Henry. Oh, Henry. Come on in here.
We just got some wonderful news.
Molly is pregnant again.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm glad you had some worries with me.
Just go sit over there. I'll be right here.
I'll just kind of talk about it.
He'll be pregnant.
You will murder her in the sickness?
She's my wife.
That's what happens.
Maybe I said that. Pretty version of yours.
God bless you and the child.
First husband.
I think that you got a quite long band.
I know you're in a bad way in this life.
Lots of kids.
Yeah, I got a password.
King Bill Hill wants to know if
you'd like a job or get someone done.
I can do that.
I didn't say no if you'd like that to work.
What's the Indian?
Now, that's different.
You know any room?
Nah, I don't know it.
Well, it's done.
I'm going to take you right now.
I'm going to buy you a Rose stick.
I'll drive around and do this one.
It's going to take a lot
more on a Rose stick.
Get me out and buy it out.
I hope we don't Rumble over
this killing many of the engines.
He's trying to do it with
himself twice already.
That's what Hill's been saying.
I didn't want you to make it
like you didn't do it to himself.
Just in the front of the head.
In the front of the head.
In the front of the head.
In the front of the head.
In the front of the head.
In the front of the head.
Nice come marching in.
That's it.
There, there it is.
Sir, I understand me.
Make this Indian over the restaurant.
The Fairfax.
I told him I could send him, so.
Yeah, I'm going to be
able to see him with that.
I told him to make me
out on the road and run
through Saul Smith's
pasture about ten blocks.
Woohoo, it's funny.
Put that other family in a possum hole.
Don't be stingy, sir.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Woah, that doesn't make it
clear we're turning inside out.
A few times after I met this Indian.
Well, we kind of got
to like it one another.
What with his troubles
being respected and all?
And sometimes we go to Miss Macon's place.
So we took it.
Can you imagine that?
What kind of hair are
those around zone, okay?
You tell me that.
This went on for a while.
I was trying to reel
up a little more curries.
One day I decided to pull the job.
Everything was being fabricated.
So I told this Indian, we'd
get us a jug and some girls.
Maybe I don't want to
run through Miss Paisley.
What is it?
I don't know.
It was named Oscar.
Tell him it's dumb.
He didn't.
He didn't work.
I don't want to run through
solace with this Paisley and that's it.
I can't.
I don't want it.
I'm dumb.
And our own's dead.
What are you telling us all?
He was always sad.
And you're loyal, right?
Since we're in tension.
How's everyone going on?
They're friends?
He knows.
What's your murder?
We tried to kill himself.
Last year.
Did he know that?
Was it any murder?
Or did he kill himself?
You know, Roy Bunch.
He was making a lot of
noise about killing him.
You know, he was on his wife, so.
And we need to look too far, right?
Like he just killed himself.
Like he said.
He's going to be a suicide.
You dumbbell.
You didn't kill him to leave the guy.
I told him to leave the guy.
Just like you.
I can't.
I don't know why he came.
I don't know why.
I told him just like he told him.
You wanted to throw it
in the back of the head.
It's too simple.
The back is the back.
He has to make it
look like it's on himself.
He just moved that murder.
It's not supposed to be that way.
You hear?
I told him in front of the head.
It's so hard here.
I say the front of the head is
like, it's Stephan, I promise you.
I promise you.
I promise you.
I'll throw it in the chair for right now.
swear our children can.
Mister a bush.
What is this game?
Ford lights.
They put up lights and
they can murder away.
Here he is.
Looking for it.
This is not the place
you should be at right
now, and I have a line
that says you should
read town because sheriff's office
was in charge of him and his kid.
He always loves shooting terms with him.
I run, I'm guilty, I ain't got none of
the big, guilty of that, but you don't run.
You're going to go to
prison with me for this, you
don't know, you're not,
it's my friend, we were.
That was one.
I don't think of it.
I don't think of it.
And you're not my friend.
Take my chances right here in Fairfax.
red cats.
Where's this wasting you, this mommy?
Mm, wasting?
Am I still away?
And he died from it.
Longer died from it too.
And I'm shocked.
It's like it's a card on the hex.
Why don't we just leave?
Put it all around his brains.
Don't give me.
Don't give me the truth.
How are you being taken care of, won't we?
I don't want to disturb my children.
The first takes care of me.
Best of yet.
Ready? Yes.
Can you get my sister some post please?
Of course. And a bit more coffee too.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You have Molly stayed in town now too.
You're over here now.
You have a nice place where you still feel.
Thank you Ernest.
Shown Brothers gave us a sweet deal.
That's some nice things here for us too.
Is that right?
Oh no.
It's nice as what you've been buying.
Good enough for us.
I didn't hold Molly.
She likes her nice things too.
How much is much as you do?
I'm going to sign it to me.
He was calling me a squam and bill.
You know Ernest, that's
something I'd never call another man.
Right there.
No offense to it.
You need a drink?
I'll take a drink and be gone.
I want your hands.
What do you think narrative is?
See the thing is we aren't got no nerves.
Not at all.
It's just that I don't like talking to you.
That's mostly it.
Well have I done something
to bother you Ernest?
Something to bother me?
That's the way you are the bothers moon.
That's what it is.
Lord made me Ernest.
And nothing I knew about that.
All right.
Unless you aim to kill.
That's your big brother's job.
It's time to go sweetheart.
He's special in the house
getting out as soon as possible.
You all right?
I'm all before it works.
I'm on the stock show
but I want you to fly an
AC Curvy and tell him
it's time on the Smith job.
Come on.
You ever?
I don't know where you see curvy.
Where's your fly nation?
As far as I'll raise it.
You got to have five John Grands
and tell Grands and tell AC's time.
We're all before it worked.
We're all before it worked.
Look at me like this makes sense.
All right.
I understand you.
I'll find you.
All right.
It's time now, John.
I can't do it right now.
My wife's sick.
My wife's sick too.
Why don't you do it?
Why don't you always try
to get somebody like me?
Do you work for me?
Well, because I don't know.
I don't always see curvy.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
I mean, I wouldn't
do it but I can't do it
because I don't know
what it looks like, John.
All right.
I'm sorry.
All right.
I'll do it.
But I can't do it right now.
Just so you know,
there's something to be
done straight away,
not to wait out for ale.
It has to be done straight away right now.
You know, you're being mighty busy, huh?
Oh, I got to get by.
Let me tell you something.
You've got a little more jobs, John.
This is it.
One more chance.
I'm going to talk to King Hale.
I'm going to tell him you're
going to do it right now.
I don't want to lose this, John.
John, I don't want to lose this, John.
Yeah, he got a little chart.
It's time.
I'm going to try to be nice to you, John.
I'm done.
I'm going to do it.
I'm done.
Right now, come here.
John, don't shoot.
You got your suit with ya?
What were ya'a' in?
What was that I'd read as?
You supposed to be at home.
Cowboy had a mirroring.
I don't want you going out so much
right now, all this going on in here.
I'm seeing you as you get on paper, shit.
You got your fish, you see the waspah.
Oh, what's that?
No, no, no!
Cowboy the mommy!
Who the hell is it?
Who the hell is it?
What is it?
Phil, Rita's house.
Ladies, take me back from that way.
It is Monday, Hattie Burger, sir.
See that's here.
See what I got, dang it!
I'm so late!
And Frida, come on up to Frida!
Welcome to the 4th Stock Show in Pro Vio.
Tell us down on my computer.
And, you know, you're
pronouncing yourself too much, Bill.
You're ready, Bill.
You're still finding pieces of fur.
I'm only going to work hard and confident.
A lot of men are doing it.
Three, two, one.
Do you want $300 to go to Washington, D.C.?
That's a hard trip for
an alien woman, Molly.
And I can't let you have
this money or make this trip.
That would do to service
to you and your children.
It comes with a goal.
Who cares?
Mr. President, if Molly
worked hard, please send help.
There's murder on that old stage.
Please do nothing.
I lost my mother and my sister.
So many old stage are
killed with the oil money.
Thank you so much.
Keep hearing your wife heard in so many.
And to add this, this whole vine, and
make sure you get the balance right.
Now you keep the shots regular.
It's just slower down.
That's all it's got.
It's slower down.
Who's all it'll do?
At the same time every
day, 30 minutes before mail.
The whole vine.
You believe in the Bible?
You never close a bowl.
Expecting a miracle to
make all this go away.
Even though they don't happen anymore.
I don't know if anyone's going to eat.
He's going to walk into the building.
He's got a...
It's all down.
What are you afraid of?
I'm afraid to eat in my house.
Why are you afraid to
eat in your own house?
It's always...
Do you have any ideas about what I'm on?
I want to bring you upstairs
right down into the background.
We will eat food all the way above here.
No one has.
Maybe Anna is sick with her become calm.
She needs care.
I want her to live with
brother and sister, big heart.
This will make her better.
I don't keep her calm.
I'm going to pick up my
hands and look at the train.
You alone.
Do not fake it from the shower brothers.
I'll ask you more.
Love you.
I want to get married.
Yes, I want to get married.
I don't care, I want to
get married anymore.
I'm dreaming of you.
If you want that,
then you come back.
She said the man is here.
What man?
What if all the man is right?
Okay, I'm going to go on.
Where's the bird cart?
Where's that?
And they found white on
what the bureau has invented.
There, bureau what?
What is that?
How's that? Sent down from
Washington, ACC about the murders.
You see?
See, what about save done?
Would you detect it?
You think or two, what are you?
No, sir, I was a Texas Ranger.
I'm not the federal government.
Public Bureau of Investigation.
I didn't worry if you got questions.
You got questions.
I'll go talk to the sheriff probably
because of what you mean.
Well, yes, sir, I have. I talked to him.
I'm here to speak with Molly Bird Cartars.
His sisters and mother is dead?
Yeah, Molly.
She's sick.
She's sick right now.
Mama goes to the nineers for cartals.
He can call on it another
time, but right now, I
don't want to tell you
she's going to do anything.
Come on.
Come on.
Like I said, I'm doing too well.
Come back. Put back on Friday.
Is she on right now?
Come back on Friday.
All right.
Brad, good.
I'll do that. Thanks, sir.
We've got no safe country. Thank you.
Not these aren't even.
We've got to vote in third phase.
Welcome to one judge union.
Thank you. I've been told I have
both sage relations and mommy.
Where are you from?
Your house?
My house, yeah.
I don't know what they wanted.
They just didn't get into my house.
They're going to settle down there.
They're going to settle down.
They're going to settle down.
You understand?
I do. You get older yourself.
I am. Get older yourself.
I'm sure they're going to settle.
I am trying. We're going to settle down.
We're going to settle down.
Is that white man?
Or is it because we had to go to Washington
Bay United States government
$20,000 to get you here?
I don't believe it's too late to
find out he's been doing this.
We have so many deaths. We've lost count.
We've got hundreds down in the old days.
We've got to fight these people.
20 years ago when I fought
overseas and the Fox will be begging,
I could see my enemy
and I knew who I had to kill.
We could find these people.
We would kill them.
No, no, no, no. It's $25,000.
Come do on Henry Roan.
He's been dead months.
He's been dead months.
Please just give me my Henry Roan money.
You're going to have to
argue that out with Denver.
Okay. They're contesting
the clock. Who are you?
I'm J.T. Jones. I'm from the Denver. Well
J.T. Jones, I want to tell you something.
This is a Fairfax problem. It's not a
Denver problem. A claim went to Denver.
They are contesting it. You keep saying
Denver. It's not Denver. It's Fairfax.
I want my wrong money, please.
Write that note. Mr. Hale, I'm sorry.
But until I hear from Denver.
You know who I am?
Yes, sir. You're not going to honor this.
You're not going to give me that money.
I'm sorry. But you're going to regret this.
You're going to regret this, Mr. N.
Jones, man.
Gentlemen, come in.
Yeah. C.J. Robinson, sir.
Well, C.J.
We'll make a price on this.
Well, I'll take a look first.
They click. Not you know.
She has no face.
They took her head.
He went in the small group in the sky.
Look on the wall, no one.
They sent the house.
We swimmed the house, darling.
You just don't remember that song.
We don't remember.
I think we were there with Bill
and Rita, Joseph and Bertrand.
It was all there together.
It was there together for hours.
You don't remember that song.
James Digg-Cham.
Your own investigation.
I'd like to ask you a few questions
about the death band around.
I think you need to see
the justice of the peace.
He has in-class records
about Brown's death.
Those records gone missing from his desk.
So then you need to undertake your Turkey.
He has all the details you might need.
He kept the skull, didn't he?
Seining to, and that's
what brings us to you.
Possible you lost the ball at that killer?
Well, no, because we never found it.
That's why you were tearing up
the brain looking for the bullet?
Yes, that's right.
The condition of the
corpse was so bad because
she had been dead
for five or six days.
And then we'd zoomed her.
Why don't you cut the
body up into small pieces
and clean the flesh through
the limbs with the medex?
We're looking for the bullet.
Could we go and try again?
You know, this doesn't matter
for the Indian tribal castle.
You should see a lot of castles.
We'll see, go tell him.
This is Indian country.
We'll talk to the Indian.
Squeeze this down.
Well, well, well.
What took you so long to get here?
Wow, I'm just a son that's
come down here a week ago.
What's that about?
You know what's written about J.
Edgar Hoover?
I don't know him.
Well, I hear you're
the king of the old state
chills and you might be
the man to talk to you.
I give you my opinion.
Most likely this death business is
that the hands of the men from outside
these bars, plus the leaguers.
So what happened to Tulsa?
Yes, sir.
Then again, there's just a bad look.
And a brown, nasty mouth.
A friend, but a nasty mouth.
Bound to have.
Every row.
And he said, remember power.
You must know that.
Then, of course, it was Charlie Whitehorn,
one of the nicest people you'd ever know.
What about the other dad, Osage?
He's got almost thirty now.
Seems more like an
epidemic than bad luck to me.
Yeah, it seems to me you need
to speak with all justice and peace.
I did.
I visited the family
and he was very helpful.
He wasn't.
Principal Chief?
I visited him too.
They said to come see you.
But we want to put a
finish to this death business.
This is the place to do it.
I'd be happy to talk to you and answer
any questions from whatever you have.
We can meet somewhere else, but here.
Not quite the place.
I guess I'll find you at a later date.
Thank you for your time, and
I'm sorry to disturb your shades.
Oh, that's all right.
That's all right.
I'll wait to hear from you.
You're welcome to meet me.
I think I'm around.
I'm sorry.
I've got my time.
I know you're staying around
someplace when you're still at home.
I'll use what you've done for my nephew.
You should do that on
a road-stirted vehicle.
Just spend time down someplace else.
See you at the town.
That place might be drunk, right?
Girl, I've done that.
Try and get through the neighborhood.
Leave the janitor.
We'll miss the cinemas.
Appreciate the payday.
Thank you, Bill, for
your support at this town
and all the things you've
done at this community.
And now this beautiful dance school.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Bill Hale.
Our father.
Well, congratulations to our husband.
Bless us with nice...
You're good.
Your girl's getting pumped.
Yes, they do.
Thank you.
They owe us, of course.
Mom, can I give you a bunch of
money on your business tonight?
I've heard that it's setting up a
robbery in your store at the end.
Well, maybe it's for
the championship stage.
Two words in the neighborhood.
Thank you, brother.
Of course not.
Hey, he's in the rest of the house.
We've reached the worst nation.
You're worried there are
special agents right now, right?
They're not getting left last.
Well, this ain't federal land.
This is Indian land, so there's
no trouble if you've gone.
Good time to take a trip.
I have a nice opportunity for you.
If you let me tell you something.
And you do, sir.
This Henry Grimmer set up.
In the idea of where we could find him.
An angel done come down by
third big old wings right in his chest.
Now he's down with a snake.
When this happened?
You're ready?
Bit of a way, brother.
Go on outside.
Hey, I'm not quick.
What is it?
The rest.
If you're charged and anything
happens, you're going to beat it.
It's okay.
What are you going to beat?
What are you talking about?
What are you going to charge me with?
What are they charging on?
Oh, I have new friends.
Many, many friends.
That means I have the best attorneys.
They protect me.
They want to protect you.
So you don't have to worry.
Nobody's going to have to use them.
Oh, buddy.
Like you can.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
You need to sign this here now.
Sometimes to you, the
headlight's got to stay in the family.
This is all you would have done.
They've got to stay in the family.
What if something happens to me?
If something happens to me,
what would happen to you?
Nothing's going to happen to you.
Nothing's going to happen
to you because I'm going
to make sure nothing's
going to happen to you.
Do you use out this paper?
Oh, yeah.
He's saying it.
Hey, he's saying it.
My wife's not sick.
His wife's not sick, but he's saying it.
We all have to sign this.
This way for sure.
The money stays in the family.
Hey, son.
Hey, better give us a minute.
I'm fine with that.
You're not afraid.
Because there's no reason to be afraid.
No, man.
Give me a little shot.
You mean?
I'm doing well.
You think my wife's not sick?
You mean it's all of it?
I just have to remember, give it all of it.
I am.
You know what we say?
You know, give me a quiet.
She's quiet.
You'll just be sure you're doing well.
You know what I'm going to say?
I know you love Molly, I know I love her
too, but truth is, you love her so long.
You know that.
There's nothing we can do about that.
It's in God's hands.
He's waiting on me.
You knew you.
You got to stay by yourself.
You were the Smith, and you used to paint.
And you didn't want to be ready.
Spend this time with her
before she returns eternal.
You didn't want to be ready.
And you're strong now.
Right, you're strong.
You'll be there for her.
And then you decide this.
Even with them, you have to sense.
Right, you.
Even boys.
This is what I got so far.
A little room.
You're in Boston yesterday.
I mean, I went this old time
by the name of Howlin' Rounds.
Told me a lot.
I knew every Indian they murdered.
That's Bush, but you're a poison liquor
to dogs, just to see what would happen.
They didn't even kill cows.
I don't care so much about cows.
They ain't right to kill them like that,
but they couldn't have a natural death.
My son-in-law tells me
I ought to keep quiet.
They also come after me and kill me, too.
But my time is up already,
so I want to tell you who did it.
I was sitting right here, and I
saw Firebird driving in the ground.
Right down this road.
Kelsey Morrison and his wife, Jamie Banksy,
they took Allen and got
her a good and drunk.
They were all together.
Kelsey Byron and Amy.
I didn't want it.
Kelsey Morrison.
Kelsey Morrison runs dope and whiskey
from Fort Worth to New Orleans to Downes.
You remember Bill
Steppson, the rodeo road for?
Bill Steppson died of corn whiskey.
There was no investigation.
Bill's wife was Tilly Steppson.
Kelsey drops his first wife, Katherine,
and marries Tilly two
weeks after Bill dies.
Two months after that,
Tilly dies from Fort Worth.
Kelsey runs off with Tilly's
kid down the next company.
He comes back to some
smart lawyer telling me
he's going to be a much
bigger trouble than he doesn't.
So my dead wife has two
kids, and they have my name.
So if I adopted them proper,
then these two kids were to die.
But I inherited their estates.
Their old sage.
The ones.
Half old sage, but they have head rats.
Kelsey, you realize
that this indicates to me
that you're planning on adopting
and killing these children?
If it's not legal and I
don't get the money,
then I'm not going to do it.
Kelsey Morrison?
Kelsey Morrison.
My name is Lloyd Miller.
Oh, come over here, but I'm
going to talk to you about that.
I was admired Kelsey's ambition.
Told him so many things.
Kelsey, I have always
admired your ambition.
Thank you.
Well, can you tell us about Byron and her
and his birthcard, and her and his murders?
Byron and her and his birthcard.
I think we're going to
have each other out there.
It made me look good with the people now.
What, judgey?
They tell me things.
Just the friend and father of Albert, too.
You can fight it in
everything that was going on.
Want a birthcard?
But she fears for her life.
You say who she was most afraid of?
Come on now, Tom.
You better can't convict and die for it.
You're picking a dog and killing it in you.
I feel Hills Ranch.
I sold him a $30,000
fire policy last month.
Well, Mr. Insurance, man.
Looks like you got
some work in the morning.
Here we go. Here we go, huh? Well,
I got something to tell you. You, uh,
I got something to tell you my
wife. My wife's real sick. I got, I got to
get home and see my wife, she real
sick. So, come on, come on in there. I
thought we were talking my wife,
she's out. They're not doing too well, so.
We're gonna go home and, uh, we're
gonna go home and then we're gonna
take care of her, but right now,
we're gonna go home and get some.
You got this all wrong. I think
you know what you're doing wrong.
So, you go with him, alright?
My wife's real sick. Been real sick.
I'm gonna sit down. Standing
is good. I'm gonna talk to you
about the murders of Rita
and Bill Smith and Anne Brown.
How are you to sit down? Yes,
you do. What you're standing.
I'm standing now, but you
don't want me to get some sleep.
You can't be holding me here like this.
So, you're alone and you put the explosives
under the house, it was
like a Thompson. Who?
Back in Thompson. No,
he's nowhere around.
Well, I don't even know when some of ours
is just from around town and I saw him.
And did you put the explosives under
the house? I don't know what that's about.
You didn't have a bank in the
world and what you did? No.
He did. He helped Blackie
Thompson do their own beauty in 1921
with the purpose of collecting
insurance money on his own.
He didn't move. I wouldn't
have used my bucket for a
while, but that's what I
told him to go right around.
What did he want it for?
I don't know what he wanted it for.
I ain't my business,
but I'll re-enjoy himself.
I didn't have one before my car, and
I had somebody who wanted it for it.
So, that was people who just wanted to
take a ride. Well, that's some questions.
But you longed to him and
didn't ask him what it was for.
To neighborly.
He got me.
I love the tune.
I love the tune.
I guess that's against the law, right?
How are you doing, Aaron?
Man, I talked to this man.
I talked to this man alone for...
I told him this.
They got you dirt around?
Me, talk to him?
No, I ain't got me, talk to him.
Would you tell him what you tell him?
I told him I came out of prison
to make things right with you.
And he gave me a dollar fifty.
He just told us we all knew
the chances we were taking.
Yeah, we did.
We needed a chance we were taking.
I didn't give him a dollar fifty.
No, he didn't give me a dollar fifty.
I didn't give a dollar fifty.
I meant to give you a dollar fifty.
No, I didn't give you a twenty.
I don't remember now.
I didn't give you a twenty. Oh shit.
You gotta just tell him what you tell him.
I told him I was.
I told him I was.
But I don't know how you and
your uncle too much goddamn Jew.
Now I'm sitting here doing
a live for that drum rock cop?
I'm telling you right now, Ernest.
You can't handle any prison boy.
You better off telling him
what you know from your safery.
Family's safe.
I'm free of pleasure.
You don't even want to use
as dumb as a washboard.
You know that?
Oh, Ellen.
Yeah, you gonna be
having the first chance again?
I don't like it.
I think it's supposed to be hard.
It ain't my fault.
It ain't my fault that you
gotta come with the car.
You don't pay a homage.
That's your fault.
That's your fault.
You didn't give me shit.
Don't do something else.
You got a whole plan.
Don't talk to him.
Make sure you ain't a part of it.
Because you're sick of thinking that.
He always said he was thinking that.
You know that?
This isn't the plan.
I'm sitting here because of his plan.
Well, I just got found out.
That's enough.
I just hear a good man.
Aren't you?
When we used to run it.
I suppose so.
He's a post so.
I already want you.
I am trying.
I am.
You love your laughing children?
Yes, I am.
I serve your country and infantry.
And I don't think this is how
your life is meant to turn out.
Not good.
Seems to me your family back home.
But never blessing to you
that your uncle can't go home.
And then I both know that he presents
himself as a very righteous man.
And that's just not who he is.
He's done nothing for us now.
it makes you do bad things and
take advantage of you because of your.
What do you send your star over?
I won't get home to see him all right.
You know, who killed him or no?
Don't you run now.
Here to take you in.
I understand you know
something about the Henry Romer.
I don't know nothing about it.
I have a man here who said he's your friend
and says you do know something about it.
Who is it?
So this is all my name?
Get your pencils.
Is she on the doctor?
No, she won't see one.
Let's take her home.
It's warm.
Oh, really?
You want protection?
Hey, I feel.
I understand woman.
I'm here to trick myself in.
Well, she's supposed to have died.
She has somebody who believed it for now.
I wouldn't go that far.
A recipe, son.
We don't need to do that.
I don't throw it like mom, son.
It's real.
It's real.
Have you escaped from the night?
What do you know about the murder?
This is state?
I'm innocent.
This is a new boy, baby.
Even more.
I won't get to talk to her.
You told me my husband about her.
She's in the hospital.
She alright?
She didn't sing.
I told her I'll get to her.
I'll get a letter to her.
I got any letter to her.
What are they taking you, Mr. Corcoran?
I'm going the other way for a while now.
Where are they taking them?
Sit right there.
What are you taking me?
I'm really not charging you with anything,
but you're going to testify.
I'm going to get back to
Molly and her kids for right now.
It's best to take you
out and stay for a while
to pay on those wolves
if they understand them.
Just for the record.
Where are you currently residing?
Dead attention.
Serving for our law.
Got a lot of sentence for
the drunk right job, right?
Yes, sir.
I was William Hale and arranged that.
That he did.
Yeah, that he did.
Funny, ain't it?
Take a letter.
By William K. Hale.
Who asked you to kill
Bill and read a Smith?
William Hale, members of Bird Park.
Have you had any recent
contact with Mr. Hale?
Yeah, I have.
Matter of fact, I have.
He got a note to my jail cell.
He asked me to kill his nephew, Ernie.
That's your Thompson?
The violinist criminal.
They write for him to man and change
the prove's innocence by jury of his land.
Judge Knop.
Yeah, he got a note to my jail cell
saying he could help me escape.
And when I got out, take his nephew,
Ernie's the old Mexican killing kid.
I said it no bad saying that I
wouldn't testify if he got me out.
And how'd that work out for you?
How'd it work out for me?
Mr. Hale's promised for a grand escape.
Yeah, I'm sitting here talking to you, eh?
Damn, it didn't work out too well.
Put that in a bus, get in a journal.
Fairfax Chief.
The Harmony Journal and all six counties.
I guess that's right.
Almost did he, son.
There I was.
I demand to confer
privately with Mr. Burkhart.
This is not for that.
Ernie's Burkhart is my claim.
It was for that.
I denied the opportunity
to speak with Mr. Burkhart.
And the witness is a country that
has been missing for two months.
And I have not had a chance to communicate
with him before he tossed his mind.
And I have not had a chance
to communicate with him.
Ernie's Burkhart is this
man really your attorney?
I don't know.
I don't have a contract with him.
I'll always talk to him, yeah?
The rules!
You'll admit this guy or
you'll be a prosecution.
I'm not allowed any
content with Mr. Hale's.
I'm a hounder.
Don't make me into the community.
All right, really inhale, then
we'll see you here tonight.
Put things on.
Sure. All right.
Ernest, you know Mr. Solway? Solway or?
Of course, Mr. Crassian. Crassian or?
Come sit.
If you testify against your uncle, you
realize that this can be held against.
you for the rest of your life.
And you can be convicted
for the sniff murder.
Spend the rest of your days in prison.
Do you see that?
No, I suppose I didn't think that word
too much, but they're giving you the rope.
to hang yourself. Do you see that?
He doesn't see that.
He doesn't see that.
Ernest, yeah, yeah. If you do this,
you will be murdering your uncle.
Ernest, you don't want to do that?
Have him die in prison?
Do you know Ernest? No,
of course. Of course
I don't want that word.
You know how to want that? Yes.
You have all the power to save his life.
He is saving you, dumb boy.
Do you want to go home right now? Yes.
You want to see what he gets?
Yes, sir, I do.
These government men, they
beat you and they tortured you.
No, no, no, they didn't.
But they didn't keep me up for days.
No! They beat you. They beat you.
Yes, they beat me. They beat you.
Thank you. I had a train. Oh, yeah?
I want to call the other space.
You told me all your secrets.
And I helped them in a box for you. And I
went to the river and dumped them all away.
You were happy enough.
I'll tell you how you look now.
And so it's working. I told you.
Yeah, I'll get worse before you get better.
It's going to come now. All I know,
Molly, is it's real comedy people.
Why not as long as they're
dead? Yeah. Sometimes you
got to do one thing or you
need to do another thing.
Not only that's hard for
you to understand this
as Oak Sage, but what
I have to do is go now.
and tell the real truth.
The real truth about what
these government men
have done to make me alive.
of them. You know, they
beat me that way. They
beat me. They told you.
They kept me up for days.
So I'll make up these lies and say
that my uncle did these awful things.
I'm in my right way now.
I'm in my right way.
I'm going to protect my uncle
because he needs protection.
I'm going to come back in a couple of days.
I'm listening.
I'm listening and all that just to make
sure I'm not in any kind of trouble at all.
You want me to help?
I haven't done nothing wrong in this world.
If you're wrestling all the way well.
Let's make sure you know we love it.
How do you come to kill
Anna Brown? I was hired
by Debbie Cahill. I don't
know what it is either.
I was to get $1,000 plus the
money I owed him, which was $600.
So you say you killed Anna Brown? Yes, sir.
Put her down into that canyon there.
And what was commonly
known as the three-mile canyon,
did you? Yes, sir. What
did you shoot over there?
Automatic. And where did you shoot?
Trapped down through top of the head.
I guess it killed her.
Now you say you were
pretty drunk. Yes, sir. But
you knew you were
killing her though, did you?
Yes, sir. And how did you get her down into
that place where you killed Anna Brown?
Bar and I carried down there. Did you make
her drunk so you could kill her? Yes, sir.
Well, she landed down while you killed her.
Well, sir. Well, what position was she in?
I was sitting up.
Bar and raised her up over the front.
Water up? So you stood
there and directed him. How
to hold this drunken
helpless Indian woman down
there at the bottom of
that canyon while you got
ready to shoot a bullet
into her brain? Yes, sir.
Now what happened
after that? Turned loose as
you fell back down. Did
you make an out of pride?
Oh, sir. Did you stand
there and watch her die?
No, sir. You were
satisfied with your work.
Yes, sir.
You just turned to the left. Yes, sir.
Have you seen that canyon
where you killed Anna Brown?
I see it a hundred
times, I spoke. A hundred
times, since you wanted
to go back there and see
where you killed Anna Brown?
No, sir. No. Oh, sir?
Well, what do you want
to go back there for?
It's okay that you can
tell the jury. What's
it do? It's a good
place to park and drink.
Well, the part is it can't
be seen from the road.
Where did you go after
you killed Anna Brown?
You want to sleep, Billhead? What'd you do
then? We stayed drunk? Where'd Byron go?
Back home to the mama?
What's this right there?
Oh, come on, sir.
Sit up straight now.
Sit here up straight now.
Where is he? Wake up, son.
There's no easy way around.
I'm just telling you
that your child has died,
with one child, one of
my names, who is this?
Cowboy, which one?
Is there a child that
had some lung trouble?
Yeah, like an open crop.
Yeah, well we told you this.
We told you this.
One of our agents there
in Fairfax and Fawn.
I want to see to it and take it home.
It's an amen amen amen.
There's no easy way around inside.
Get out of there!
They took my baby.
I lost a son.
Started pretty lost.
The baby got it.
Which one?
The baby.
Oh, man.
Where is he?
And I know he's in the box
and he's on the other side.
I'm not good.
I know he's not on the other side.
No, I don't have to take care
of the two kids in law and now.
What do you say?
Let me know what that means.
We'll testify.
That's a strong choice
for me against adversity.
I'm sure you want to do that.
We gave you a deal.
They won't hold to it.
Oh, man.
That's what they're telling me.
That's the federal government.
That's why I say that.
All this is not going to mean
anything except the family.
Both of us.
Is that what you want?
It's not going to make a difference.
I tell you this is the
deepest part of my heart.
The deepest thing that I ever
know in my life, my experience,
is that this will not make a difference.
You know, things are different.
You know, you say,
Jane, they don't stand by.
You almost don't stand by.
You know more.
They love me.
They're not going to send me.
They know.
They know.
We gave you the streets.
We gave you the hospitals.
We gave you schools.
They know.
I broke them into the great 20th century.
Oh, yeah.
I'm not going to send them.
I mean, there might be a
public outcry for a while,
but then you know what happens?
People forget.
They don't remember.
They don't care.
They just don't care.
This is going to be another
everyday common tragedy.
Yes, it's not common.
Don't do something you're going
to regret for the rest of your life.
You're going to regret.
I ain't got nothing but regret, Bill.
You're my family.
Children, you lost one already.
I'll make it more tragic.
It's hurting.
I don't want you to know my family.
Well, sorry to hear that anymore.
It's over, Bill.
Don't fall all the way.
I can't.
I can't.
I love you, son.
I can't be all the people.
And throw it away, son.
Burkhardt, you're here at your own court.
And when he's promised you anything,
did you seek out John Ramsey at
your uncle's behest to kill Henry Rome?
Did you drive from Fairfax to the fleet
to tell John Ramsey to tell Ace of Kirby.
to do a job? Yes, sir.
And who asks you to do all
this? My uncle, William
Hale, and you see him?
Yes, sir. Would you point
to him, please? That the
record reflects that the
witness has identified
the defendant with him
pale. And what was the
job that your uncle
wanted Ace of Kirby to do?
Blow up on me.
Why would you want them blowing up?
Until we get down right. Are you a married
man? Yes, sir. What's your wife's name?
Oliver Cart. She's
Rita's sister. She's also
the sister of Anna
Brown, who was murdered.
And her mother's Mizzie
Q, who is dead. And her
sister Minnie's also
dead. And all these dead
women are Indian
women, are they? If Mollie,
your wife died, who
would get her hold on me?
I will present you with a
plan by which you would
benefit from the death
of all these Indian women.
Yes, sir. And you helped your
uncle on your own making?
Yes. I was part of this
plan that you would meet
and marry Mollie
Kyle, and kill her family
and her for their Indian
oil money. I met you
and married my wife
because I picked you up with
my cab. You didn't marry
her because your uncle
directed you to? I love
my wife. Because that's
what happened to us. I
love to pick you up with my
cab. I was my cowboy.
And this is Pop's? Yes.
I was my father. They
know what's happening.
And so I was praying
now, Mollie. It's a relief to
me and be up for one hour. I was no way
to get money when you were in the children.
Well, you think you're good?
What was on the shots? My mother
sent me a good photo. What
was that meant to be a good photo?
Great at one. Brought to
you through the courtesy of
J. Edgar Hoover, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation.
This brings to a close, the
authenticated story of the Osage
Indian murder. As we take our leave
from Osage County, we conclude.
that doctors, the Shower
Brothers were never pursued by
the legal system for having
certainly helped poison Mollie.
Ernest Brother, Byron Gerber,
was tried as an accomplice
to Anna's murder. Kelsey
Morrison said at his trial,
Byron got her drunk,
and I did the rest. Byron
was released after a
hung jury. William Hale,
the ring leader of the deadly floss, was found guilty and sent to Leavenworth for life.
He would write letters back home
to his Osage friends. Dear friends,
how are y'all? I never had better
friends in my life than the Osages.
I was a true friend of them.
I'd rather live with Grey Horse
than any place on earth. I'll be
back with you before many moons.
How is my friend, Da Kaike?
Your true friend, W. K. Hale.
Hale was released in 1947. The
parole board cited his record as a
good prisoner for his early release,
but not everybody was happy.
This man, he is being
released because he paid off
politicians, and nobody
cares about his Osage law.
Hale was not supposed to
set foot in Oklahoma again,
but according to relatives,
he often visited him.
What do you want for lunch, William?
He was only that damn
thick-haired Ernest who
kept his full trap shut
we'd be in clover the day.
William Hale died in an Arizona
nursing home. He lived to 87 years.
Ernest's work hard
was sentenced to life
imprisonment at the
Oklahoma State Penitentiary.
Are you the one who tried to kill
his Indian wild for their oil money?
Years later, he was
granted a pardon for his
crimes and once again
moved back to Osage County,
where he lived out his days with
Byron in a trailer park north of the city.
Asked me a bill of blood, call
a lot from our luckiest track.
After Molly divorced
Ernest, she lived with
her new husband, John
Cobb, on the reservation.
She died with diabetes on June 16th, 1937.
Burrow, which are in the
local papers, Ed, simply.
Mrs. Molly Cobb, 50
years of age, passed away
at 11 o'clock Wednesday
night at her home.
She was a full blood Osage. She was
buried in the old cemetery in Grey Horse.
Beside her father, her
mother, her sisters, and
her daughter. There was
no mention of the murders.