Killers Within (2018) Movie Script

[suspenseful orchestral music]
[birds chirping]
[phone ringing]
- Mum.
- Mm-hm?
Can you play
three and in with me?
Sure, honey.
- [Amanda] Bags...
- [Kevin] Bags not in goal first!
You monkey, come on.
Let's go.
[soft orchestral music]
Brady to Hoolihan, to
Hoolihan back to Brady.
It crosses to Shane Long!
[phone ringing]
Mommy, you're phone's ringing.
It's okay, honey.
[phone ringing]
[Amanda] Ooh.
[Kevin] Yeah!
It's three-nil and
the crowd goes wild!
It's your turn in goals, mister.
[phone ringing]
I'll be back in a second, honey.
[Kevin] Okay.
[phone continues ringing]
What do you want?
[dramatic music]
[Kevin grunting]
[fist thuds]
[Amanda gasps]
[Kevin grunting]
[Kevin grunts]
[Amanda groans]
[dramatic music]
- No!
[Amanda crying]
If you ever want to
see your son again,
I suggest you talk
to your prick ex
and not your pig friends.
You understand?
[Amanda] If you even...
[boot thuds]
You'll what?
[Amanda coughs]
[ominous dramatic music]
[eerie music]
[Amanda grunts]
[Amanda] Kevin.
[soft ominous music]
What did you do?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Get off me.
What have you done?
[Sam] Amanda!
Please, let me talk.
[Rick gulps]
Go on.
[knife clatters on ground]
[Rick] Those Russian pricks who
I put away five years ago,
they got out last week.
Last week?
And you ring me this morning?
You piece of shit,
they've taken my son!
-Our son, Amanda.
He's my son, too.
You're no father.
-You never let me be one.
Just finish your story.
They want the 600 grand
they say I owe them
or they're gonna kill me.
You asshole.
You should've gone to
jail just like them
but you didn't because
you're a piece of shit rat.
He was a cop.
It's his job to put them away.
You're a cop, too, you
should understand that.
He was a cop.
Didn't he tell you
why he isn't anymore?
He wanted to spend more
time with you and Kevin
so he quit, but you left him.
You cut him outta your life.
I know he's your brother
and you love him,
but he is a liar.
I gave evidence.
[Amanda] Gave?
You sold narcotics, 600,000...
I sold drugs that were
scheduled to be destroyed
to an Eastern Bloc gang.
Then I set up the
operation that caught them,
seized back the drugs,
and kept the money.
The only problem
is he got caught.
You didn't have to cut me
outta Kevin's life, though.
Yes I did!
I did it for us, so we
could have a better...
[soft ominous music]
I am sick of it.
What are we doing here
dredging up a past
that you're still
in denial over?
What are we going to
do to get our son back?
What's your plan now?
[knocking on door]
Who's that?
That's our plan.
[somber music]
Put on the kettle
there, love, will ya?
What's he doing here?
- I'll leave if ya
want. It's not my kid
- that's gone missing.
- No!
We need him.
Why are you here?
Helping me little
sister of course.
[Amanda crying]
We'll sort this, okay?
[Amanda] Yeah.
So what's this
fuckin' plan, then?
[soft ominous music]
[Jack] Okay, it's very
simple really.
You can't go to the cops and
you don't have the money.
So you've only one option.
You're gonna have to steal it.
[Sam] We're gonna steal
600,000 Euro?
No. [chuckles]
We're gonna steal six million.
[Amanda] Six million?
Are you outta your fuckin' mind?
No, I'm not.
Okay, this is a
terrible situation.
Why can't we get something
out of it for ourselves?
[Rick] Jack, you said
you'd help me.
[sighs] And I said
it'd cost you.
I'm sorry, buddy, but you're
not the most reliable,
so I'm takin' my cut
from the source, okay?
[Sam] What do you need
5.4 million for?
You ever been on a
peacekeeping mission?
Fuckers takin'
potshots at ya all day?
Ya have take it like a sap?
We're not even
allowed to shoot back.
Pay is shit and the retirement
package is even shitter.
You don't need 5.4
million, though.
What do you think
I am, a monster?
I only want one million.
And you want one million,
and you want one million,
and you want one
million, and you...
-I don't want money.
I want my son back.
We're not doing this
for a fucking cut.
Why not?
There's five of us.
Why six million?
Because you're gonna
give a cool one million
to those Eastern Bloc cunts
to make absolutely certain
that don't hurt your
kid and leave you
the fuck alone for the
rest of your lives.
Method to me madness, buddy.
But robbin' more than we need
only makes things more risky.
We're robbin' the place anyway.
We get caught, we're going
to jail and your kid is dead.
Game over.
What's the difference between
600,000 and 6 million?
Just a couple of extra
duffle bags, that's all.
The risk is the same.
So we don't get caught then.
What place?
The Bank of Albernia.
You're kidding.
Your plan is to hold up
the bank where you work
as a security officer?
Did you hit your
head or something?
They'll recognize
you a mile away.
We're not holdin'
up the bank itself,
just the CEO, Philip
Pindar, and his family.
A tiger kidnapping.
A what?
It's when...
[Jack] It's a victimless
crime, okay kid?
We break into the house,
secure the family as hostages,
bring Daddy to the
bank to get the cash,
bring him back,
reunite him with Mommy
and the darlin' children,
everyone's happy.
The money's insured so even
the bank aren't out of pocket.
The family don't even have
to leave their living room.
They can Netflix and
chill for all I care.
No one will get hurt.
Worst case scenario, they'll
have a few nightmares.
And frankly, fuck them.
[Neville] Pindar's an
elitist prick.
He looks down his
nose at everyone.
His family are
probably the same.
You do realize that our
son was taken hostage,
and your plan to get him back
is to take another
family hostage?
Where's Alanis Morissette
when you need her, huh?
I know it sounds bad,
- but it's...
- A victimless crime.
A few bad nightmares.
[Rick] Drink?
Any chance you get, eh?
Another reason why I left you.
Sober my ass.
So the money needs
to be handed over
within the next 48 hours.
Jack is workin' out
the last few details,
but the plan is pretty simple.
We all have our roles, so...
So who's doing what?
[soft ominous music]
You'll do background
checks on the target.
[Rick VO] This guy is
super rich so we expect
top of the line security.
Any direct
alarm or camera links
need to be shut
down ahead of time.
We're lucky this family live
in the middle of nowhere
so we expect the police to
be pretty thin on the ground,
but just in case, I'll
need you to monitor rosters
and patrol movements,
anything and everything
that might be useful.
Jack is on equipment detail.
Of course he is.
[Amanda VO]
What sort of equipment?
[Rick VO] Guns, vests,
clothes, restraints,
anything he thinks that will
make us look more authentic.
Where's he gonna
get all of that?
[Rick scoffs]
[Jack's Mother] Jack, what
are you doing up there?
This is Jack we're
talkin' about here.
[Jack] I'm just lookin' at
me old comics, Ma.
Put the kettle on, will ya?
[Amanda VO] I presume Neville's
our fly on the wall.
[Rick VO] He's opened the door
for this guy for years.
He's familiar with his routine.
With a bit of luck,
he should be able
to check Pindar's
schedule so he can
anticipate his movements
tomorrow evening.
[suspenseful music]
[camera clicks]
[chuckles] Hey ya.
Okay, so Neville will
have done his bit.
We don't need him
on the mission.
You try tellin' him that.
What about Sam?
He's just a kid.
He's not a kid anymore.
He's our wheel man.
We need a clean vehicle that
won't link back to us.
You're getting your little
brother to steal cars?
[Rick VO] He's been robbin'
cars since he was 12.
He knows the risks.
If we get into
trouble on the road,
no amount of donut
spins are gonna help us.
[engine rumbling]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[Rick VO]
Sam's the best driver I know.
I feel safer knowin' he
was gettin' us from A to B,
and helpin' us get our son back.
[siren blaring]
So what's your role
in all of this?
I'm the one who's gonna
bring Pindar to the bank,
get the money,
make the exchange,
and bring Kevin back safely.
Do you think I'm gonna
leave that up to you?
[somber orchestral music]
[soft suspenseful music]
[gravel crunching]
[car door shutting]
[gravel crunching]
How was school?
It was good.
We learned about World War II.
Ah, we should talk
about that later.
I might have some
insights for you.
Like what you told
me about Newgrange?
Daddy, is all history different
to what the teachers say?
Some of it.
Why do I have to learn it, then?
Because that's what
people believe.
But it's not true.
It's as true as it needs to be.
You understand why.
[Carl] To maintain
order, to maintain power.
Come on, dinner time.
[somber orchestral music]
How was your day?
Dinner smells good.
It's just leftovers.
I'll try to pick up
something fresh tomorrow.
Carl, honey, will you go
get your sister, please?
I'll get her.
Carl, help your
mother with the table.
[upbeat rock music]
You flow over me like
a moat, like a moat
Like a moat, like
a moat, like a moat
Like a moat, like
a moat, like a moat
You flow over me like
a moat, like a moat
Like a moat, like a moat,
like a moat, like a moat
You flow over me like
a moat, like a moat
Like a moat, like
a moat, like a moat
Like a moat, like a moat
Send a nightmare
[music switches off]
[Claire gasps]
[sighs] Dad.
You scared the crap out of me.
[scoffs] Since when did
you scare so easy?
Tonight's a big night
for me, remember?
I'm a little anxious.
Ah, my little
girl, all grown up.
Yeah well, not grown up enough
to make my own decisions
about who I hook
up with apparently.
He's from good stock, and please
don't refer to it as hooking up.
We're better than that.
Your dinner's ready.
I'm not hungry.
You have to eat,
especially tonight.
[Claire] Fine, down in a minute.
[soft orchestral music]
[shoes clicking on stairs]
What are you wearing?
A smokin' hot dress.
You are not wearing that.
It's on me right now.
I literally couldn't
be more wearing it.
It's not appropriate
for tonight.
You get to pick the boy,
I get to pick the dress.
[doorbell rings]
Are we expecting guests?
[wind howling]
[animal mews]
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]
[door creaks]
[suspenseful music]
[dialing 999]
[off the hook tone blaring]
[dramatic music]
[Rick] Nobody move.
And drop the butter knife.
[zip ties ratcheting]
Is that really necessary?
Yes, it is, asshole.
[Amanda] There's no need.
Go play with your game.
Weird kid.
Anything goes
wrong, it's on you.
We're secure.
Bring in the Jeep.
Are you all right, love?
Kind of have plans for tonight.
[Jack] Ah, so do we, love.
[Philip] It'll be
all right, Claire.
We'll work something out.
So, what's for dinner?
You wouldn't like it.
[soft ominous music]
Everyone, listen up.
Nobody will get hurt if
you do exactly what we say.
This, as you may have guessed,
is a tiger kidnapping.
You've more than likely been
prepped for such an event
by your employer, but just
in case, let me explain.
Myself and my associate here,
will take you to the
bank where you will make
a massive withdrawal of money.
My friends will stay and
keep your family company.
Should we not return
within two hours,
should I not answer
their phone calls,
should they even see a
hint of cops or deception,
they will not hesitate
to seriously ruin
your fucking evening.
I'll get you the money.
I'll do whatever you want as
long as my family are unharmed.
Sarah, I have to.
You stay here, stay calm,
and everything will be okay.
I promise.
[Carl] Daddy, don't go.
Hey, Mommy and Claire
need you to be strong
and to protect them, okay?
These people only want money.
The sooner I go, the
sooner I'll be back,
and the sooner I can read
you a bedtime story, okay?
All right.
Let's get this over with.
It's all right, Claire.
You heard him.
This will all be over soon,
so just sit quiet and wait.
You ready?
[scoffs] We can't all go.
[Rick] I don't remember you
being involved in planning this.
[scoffs] I don't wanna
mess with your plan,
but I can't go in your Jeep.
If I arrive in a
strange vehicle,
security will know
something is up.
It's already strange me
arriving so late at night.
We should take my car.
[Rick] It's a two seater.
[scoffs] It's a very
nice two seater.
And I should drive.
And you should crouch
in the passenger seat.
[sighs] I want your plan to
work just as much as you do.
The money's insured.
My family are my priority.
[soft suspenseful music]
[Rick] I'm goin' alone.
[Sam] That wasn't the plan.
[Rick] It is now.
[snipping zip ties]
Try not to let anyone get hurt.
You don't have to tell me.
[somber orchestral music]
Dibs drive on the way back.
[Engine starting]
Well this is dull.
Quiet, Claire.
What? I have to miss one of
the biggest nights of my life
because a bunch of peasants
aren't happy with their dole?
What is it, your debs?
Trust me, you're
not missin' much.
[scoffs] Let me guess,
you spent your debs
in some dinge hole nightclub
fending off drunken jocks?
I had slightly
classier plans, thanks.
Only talking, trying
to break the ice.
Hey you.
Yeah you.
You keep lookin' at the ground.
What's wrong?
You don't like what
ya see? [chuckles]
Or maybe ya like it a
little bit too much.
Ya stink of cheap
deodorant, so I'm guessing
you're the baby of the bunch.
What are ya, like 16?
I'm 22, actually.
Shut the fuck up, dickhead.
You wanna tell her your
name and address as well?
And you shut the fuck up, too.
Make me.
[ominous music]
I'm not jokin' around
here, princess.
Now shut the fuck up!
You've made your point.
Please leave her alone,
she'll stop talking.
Honey, won't you,
you'll stop talking?
[Claire] Fine.
[Jack] Sorry princess.
[gun clicks]
Couldn't hear you over
that loud dress.
I said I'll shut up.
Good girl.
Fuckin' idiot.
[soft ominous music]
[clock ticking]
[phone buzzing]
[Amanda] Yeah?
[Rick] We have the package.
I repeat, we have the
package and it is glorious!
He took the full amount?
[Rick on phone] It was just
like he said, just a case
of a couple of
extra duffle bags.
Everything is goin' to plan.
Okay, okay.
What's your ETA?
We're makin' good time.
Approximately... 45 minutes.
This is all gonna
be over soon, babe.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
Well done, sir, well done!
In less than an hour,
this'll all be over.
[engine racing]
They're on their way back.
So just sit tight.
Mommy, I need to
go to the bathroom.
[Jack] Daddy'll be home
soon, ya little shit,
then you can go for a piss.
[gun cocks]
But I need to go now.
Can I take him?
One of us will take him.
Be quick.
Carl, I'll take ya to
the bathroom, all right.
There's no need to
be scared, buddy.
Sure I'm just a silly
fella with a big nose.
Ya like Pinocchio?
Right, well come
on then, let's go.
I'll be right back.
[soft orchestral music]
[floor creaks]
[Carl] Did you hear something?
[Neville] Stay there.
[dramatic music]
[Carl] What is it?
[soft suspenseful music]
It's fine.
[Neville] Ok, come on in.
I'll be outside.
It's ok, kid.
I'm not going anywhere.
[Neville screams in distance]
[Jack] Fuck!
Sit the fuck down.
- [Sarah] But Carl...
- [Jack] Sit the fuck down!
[Amanda] I'll check him.
[Jack] Hey, hold it
together, will ya?
P... Pinocchio?
[soft suspenseful music]
[ominous music]
[Amanda screams]
[Amanda crying]
[Amanda sobbing]
[soft suspenseful music]
What's going on?
What's happened to Carl?
[Jack] Sit.
I said sit down.
[Sarah] What's
happened to my son?
[Jack] Sit down, sit down.
- Where is he?
- Sit.
[Jack] What?
[Amanda] There's someone
else in this house.
What you talkin' about?
Neville is dead and
Carl is missing.
Jesus Christ.
What's going on?
Where is my son?
Will you sit the fuck down!
She's his mother!
Sarah, we will find
your son, I promise.
If anything happens to my son,
it's your fault, so help me God.
Ring that prick,
find out where he is.
[Amanda crying]
[phone beeps]
Why the fuck isn't he answering?
[phone beeps]
I don't know.
Okay, we'll split up.
You, watch her, and
you, you come with us
and we'll find him together.
She's a fuckin' hostage.
You remember why
we're here, right?
He's scared.
We need her to find him.
This is fucked.
What's goin' on?
Where's Neville.
[Amanda] Just stay focused.
Sarah, does Carl have
any hiding places,
somewhere that he feels safe.
He sometimes plays in his
wardrobe in his bedroom.
Let's go.
Don't make this any more
complicated than it is.
[soft ominous music]
[Claire crying]
Come on.
For what it's worth,
I'm not gonna hurt ya.
I know.
[Claire crying]
[Sarah] Carl's bedroom's
at the end of the corridor.
Is that the bathroom?
[Jack] Where's the body?
Was he dead or what?
Yes, he was fucking dead.
This is fucked.
Now she's gone.
[Amanda] Sarah.
[Claire crying]
You know, tonight was meant
to be a big night for me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Why else do you think
I'm all dressed up?
Tonight was the night that
I was meant to meet 'the one'.
I guess that's not
gonna happen now, is it?
Come on, he's probably
still out there somewhere.
No, it's all about
timing with me.
It had to be tonight.
[phone buzzing]
Where the hell are you?
[Rick] What? Were
you ringing me?
The signal is shite down here.
How far away are you?
About 30 minutes.
Well, what's goin' on?
We're not the only ones here.
What are you talkin' about?
[sobs] Neville is dead.
[tires screech]
I don't know, we're
trying to find out.
Did someone else have
the same idea as us?
[Amanda] I don't know.
And the boy, he was
with Neville, too,
when it happened and
now he's missing.
We're trying to find
him with his mother,
and now she's missing, too.
I'll be there as fast as I can.
What was all that about?
Everything's fine.
I'm glad to hear it.
[engine revving]
Don't get us killed
driving so fast.
[ominous music]
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's okay.
You're very gentle.
These ties are hurting me.
[Sam] Sorry.
Can you take them off?
[chuckles] No, no I can't.
But I'm scared.
Come on, love, I'm
gonna protect you.
I'd be very appreciative.
[pants being unzipping]
No, don't.
We should stop, this is crazy.
[couple breathing heavily]
You got your money,
and you promised me
my family would be
unharmed if I cooperated.
Is there something
you need to tell me?
Carl, are you here?
Somethin' happened,
but it's under control.
Are my family safe?
[Claire] Come on.
[Rick] They're fine.
[Philip] And your people?
[Rick] It's under control.
I'm not sure Neville
would agree with you.
[dramatic music]
[Amanda gasps]
How did you know that?
I must confess, I
recognized his stench
as soon as he entered my home.
What are you talkin' about?
You think you are the
hunters and we are the prey.
No, no, no.
[Philip] You are the poor, weak,
soft, defenseless prey
and we are the hunters,
the top of the pyramid,
the top of the food chain.
[eyes click]
[Rick] What the fuck?
[tires screech]
[car thuds]
[metal crunching]
[glass breaking]
[bell dinging]
[Amanda crying]
[Jack] Come on, let's
get out of here.
[Amanda] We can't leave him.
What do you mean?
He's my brother.
He's all of our brother.
This is a unit we don't know
what we're up against, okay?
So we have to go before whoever
done this does it to us.
We need to find
Sarah and the boy.
We need to protect them
and make this right.
We need to survive, come on.
[Claire] Yeah, yeah, keep going.
Yeah. [moans]
Keep going. [moans]
You done too, Foxy?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
[Sam] Stop, please.
[Amanda gasps]
Where have you been?
We've been looking
for you and Carl.
[Sarah] Well I'm
here, and he's there.
You okay, kid?
[Carl hisses]
[ominous music]
[Sarah hisses]
[gun fires]
[Amanda screams]
[high-pitched ringing]
[Carl snarling]
[gun thuds]
[high-pitched ringing]
Let's go, go!
[suspenseful music]
[eyes click]
[Claire moans]
[groans] Stop!
[eyes click]
The fuck?
Lost myself in the moment.
[Sam screaming]
Too much, Foxy?
[suspenseful music]
[glass breaking]
What can I say?
I just love creamy hot meat.
[dramatic music]
[Amanda gasps]
We need to get out of here.
You can't go that way.
Claire's some sort of monster.
[Jack] Ya think?
Fuck, it's locked.
In here.
[fast-paced ominous music]
[snarling, flesh squelching]
[bell dinging]
[Rick grunting]
[bell dinging]
[Rick grunting]
[wind whistling]
What are you doin'?
Do you think these
matter anymore?
Yeah, fuck it.
Couldn't breathe in the
fuckin' thing anyway.
Where's your Kevlar?
The freak ripped it off me.
They look so normal.
[object clatters]
I take that back.
What are they, vampires?
Ah, great, they're
fuckin' lizard people.
You're jokin', right?
And the joke's on us. And
our whole fuckin' species.
I knew those Illuminati
fucks were real.
Oh, this is fucked up.
Still though, mommy lizard,
even without the hair...
We need to get out of here.
What about Rick?
Ring him and tell
him not to come back.
[phone beeps]
Please answer.
[disconnected tone chimes]
[Amanda] Fuck.
Hopefully daddy lizard
is still playing along.
We need to warn him.
Call the police.
I don't care about
goin' to jail.
I doubt the local pigs are
gonna take us seriously anyway.
Ah, hello guard, yeah,
we're being chased
by a bunch of
fuckin' reptilians.
You wouldn't come down
and have a word, would ya?
The last time I was
talking to Rick,
he said he'd be 30 minutes.
Which means he should
be here in the next 20.
Okay, so we sit here
and wait it out.
Or we take the Jeep and
meet him on the road.
Option two it is.
You lost your gun, too?
And your hoodie.
[Amanda gasps]
[Amanda] Seriously.
Fuck it, who am I to judge?
I already put one
in the bitch mother
and she shrugged it off.
You see any of those
reptilian fucks,
you empty the entire clip
right into their faces.
Head shots or go home.
That includes the kid.
Now hold on.
Whatever he is, he
is still a child.
We broke into his home.
We're the aggressors here.
I was willing to so this
as a victimless crime
to get my son back,
not to become a monster
and take someone else's.
[scoffs] A monster?
That little shit ripped
your brother's throat out.
Neville's dead?
[somber music]
No matter what you
think of me, Amanda,
I'm the only one who's
seen combat here.
Make no mistake about it,
tonight we face death.
It's kill or be killed.
One problem, Jeep's
in the courtyard.
The other end of the
house through the kitchen.
We go out the window,
straight across the front
of the house under the
arch into the courtyard
the way you drove
in, and then you do
what you do best and you get
us the fuck outta here fast.
Now that I can do.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music]
[footsteps running]
[bags clattering to ground]
[Rick breathing heavily]
[Rick grunts]
Okay go, move.
[Sam] Whoa!
Back, back, back!
[fast-paced suspenseful music]
[gun firing]
[blood splattering]
[Claire snarling]
This way.
[creature hissing]
Let's go.
[water dripping in distance]
Up or down?
[Jack] Well, unless yous have a
good supply of pixie dust,
I think being stuck at the top
of a tower is a terrible idea.
[Amanda] Down.
[soft ominous music]
[creature chatters]
[metal clatters]
[Amanda] You ok?
[creature whooshes]
[metal creaking]
[Jack] What the fuck?
[Sam] The dinner.
The food under the lids.
[Sam retching]
[Amanda screaming]
[Sam coughing]
Chilled human, fuck me.
And we're fresh meat.
You still wonderin'
who the monsters are?
Come on.
[soft suspenseful music]
[chains jingling]
[creature whooshes]
[creature whooshes]
[Sam screams]
[Sam screams]
[door slams shut]
[Amanda grunting]
[gun firing]
What do we do now?
Same plan, back to the Jeep.
What about Sam?
I might be a cunt, but
I'm not a fuckin' cunt.
Then why the Jeep?
I just emptied me
last fucking clip.
I'd rather you
waste them than me.
[creature hisses]
Go, move.
[suspenseful music]
[Amanda grunts]
[creature snarls]
[creature snarls]
[creature whooshes]
Go, fuck.
[creature snarls]
[suspenseful music]
[soft ominous music]
[creature breathing
and gurgling]
[suspenseful music]
[Amanda] What do we need
all that for?
Let's just say I'm an
enthusiast with a touch of OCD.
Can you smell that?
[explosion booms]
[soft traditional Irish music]
[pub patrons chattering]
[music stops abruptly]
Lookin' a bit worse
for wear, lad.
This is a long shot,
but I'm lookin'
for a man who might've
come through here.
Fancy suit, probably a
bit banged up like me.
He's waitin' for
you by the fire,
but he's not a bit like you.
Mr. Pindar is waiting
for you by the fire.
Compliments of Mr. Pindar.
[drink pours]
My advice, don't
keep him waiting.
Ah, Rick.
I'm relieved to see you're okay.
You were unconscious
and I got a bit bored
waiting for you to wake
up, so I thought I'd pop
in here for a quick drink
before I headed home for dinner.
What are you?
[chuckles] You know,
that's a very fine whiskey
you're not drinking.
[somber piano music]
What's in it?
Oh please.
If I wanted to kill you
I wouldn't poison you.
Spoils the meat.
That's a 100 year-old scotch,
blended especially for
George V to celebrate...
I'm more of a
Jimmy man, me self.
Well, you're only human.
And I don't drink anymore.
[fire whooshes]
So, Rick, to get back to your
overly simplistic question,
I am, or I should say we
are, the natural order.
Tonight you stumbled upon
something that few ever do.
[soft ominous music]
[fire crackling]
[eyes click]
[Philip VO] My people have been
around since the dawn of time.
We existed before man.
We are the true master race.
Strong, fast, intelligent,
[fire whooshes]
perfectly adapted
for any environment.
[fast, heavy breathing]
[speaking in reptile language]
[speaking in reptile language]
If we have a flaw, it's
our biological clocks.
Our females only have a
brief window for conception.
Fuckin' women, eh?
[Philip chuckles]
[creature snarls]
[Sam whimpers]
Please let me go.
[Philip VO] This flaw,
however, is really evolution
at its most balanced.
Natural population control
for the top of the food chain.
We are the true
heirs to this planet.
We thrived and we built cities
like you couldn't imagine,
but after a rather well-known
extinction level event,
when we were at our weakest,
your kind fell from the trees
and multiplied like a virus.
Suddenly there were more of
you than there were of us,
but what we lacked in numbers
we made up for in intellect.
So we orchestrated our
disappearance from this world
and from your history.
Now all that's left are
fragments in your mythologies,
along with the ravings of
wild-eyed conspiracy theorists.
Funnily enough, we do have
one thing in common: biology.
Like us, you're blessed
with the limbic neocortex,
otherwise known as
the reptile brain
[Jack groans]
that controls instinct,
dominance, aggression.
[Jack coughs]
It's the part of you that
stops you from getting killed
like the overgrown
lemmings that you are.
But while our species
evolved in harmony
with these qualities, yours
evolved in conflict with them,
[Jack coughs]
favoring irrational emotions
like empathy and love.
And what good did it do you?
Today we rule your whole world.
We control your governments,
your corporations,
your monarchies, your
secret societies,
your law enforcement,
and the cornerstone
of it all, your banks.
[Jack and Amanda panting]
[Sam screams in distance]
He's in the tower.
Oh fuckin' Jesus.
[Jack and Amanda panting]
[Philip VO] But if I'm honest
with you, all this protocol
and etiquette can
be quite wearisome.
Frankly, I was delighted
to see you and your friends
darken my door this evening.
You see, pretending to
be human for so long
can make us forget who
and what we really are.
You've made an otherwise
dull night very interesting.
[eyes click]
[ominous music]
[creature whooshes]
[guns firing]
[creature chatters]
[guns firing]
If there was one minor
gripe I have with you,
it's that you ruined my
daughter's courtship.
My sincerest apologies.
Oh, it's quite all right really.
The young man she was bestowed
to was from a fine bloodline
but as an individual he
was quite the posh twat.
[Rick scoffs]
Besides, I'm sure she's
found a young virile male
among your group by now.
[Sam cries out]
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
[Claire with reptile voice]
Is that any way to speak
to the mother of your child?
How would that work?
Oh, our two species can breed.
In fact, there are so few of us
that we find it
necessary to do so
from time to time, just to
broaden out the gene pool.
You're not pregnant.
[Claire] Not yet, but I will be.
How the hell does my brother
bangin' your daughter
make things interesting for you?
That's not what's
interesting, Rick.
[Claire] And then
I'm gonna eat you all up.
Please, just stop!
Have you ever been
game hunting, Rick?
You appreciate the
meat so much more
when you kill it yourself.
[suspenseful music]
[Lizard Sarah growls]
[Jack grunts]
[Sarah whimpers]
[Philip VO] Anyway, I really
must get going.
I don't want my family
to have all the fun.
Please let them go.
We didn't mean you any harm.
It was meant to be
a victimless crime.
[Lizard Sarah growls]
[dramatic music]
[knife clattering]
[Sarah with Reptile Voice]
I'm sorry, it's just, I like
to tenderize my
meat before I eat.
[gun clicks]
Eat this.
[gun fires]
[Philip] No crime is
victimless, Rick.
You need to learn to be
responsible for your actions.
It's your fault you got involved
with these drug dealers,
got caught, ruined your career,
and that they
kidnapped your child.
For a man so concerned
with people's well-being,
you have an awful lot
of blood on your hands.
[soft ominous music]
Head shots or go home.
How did you know all that?
Only a few people knew.
Another one of our gifts, Rick.
You can't hide anything from me.
Just count yourself lucky.
I like you.
You amuse me.
So, I've decided I'm
not going to kill you.
I'm going to teach you
the greatest lesson of
all: Responsibility.
You alone will survive tonight
and all your
friends will perish.
You can keep the money you
took, pay off your drug dealers
and live with the
consequences of your actions.
After all, the money is insured.
A victimless crime.
[soft ominous music]
Gentlemen, I would
greatly appreciate it
if you could show
my acquaintance
Rick here some hospitality.
This will cover everyone's
tab for the evening.
Breakages and the
usual discretion.
[suspenseful music]
Alright, lads.
Get off me, you farmer prick.
[men grunting]
[fists thudding]
I think he's finished, lads.
[man cries out]
[glass breaking]
[man grunts]
[gun fires]
Somebody give me some
fucking car keys now
or you'll be pourin' your
own drinks from now on.
[keys clatter]
If you are goin' back up there,
make sure you finish it.
This village has
suffered enough.
[somber music]
Why don't you do
something yourselves?
This is how it's been
around here for generations.
We dare not disobey them.
We dare not anger them.
[dramatic music]
[car beeps]
[ominous music]
[Lizard Claire growling]
[blade unsheathing]
[speaking in reptile language]
[somber orchestral music]
[Carl roars]
Get away from him!
[guns cock]
Stay down.
[Lizard Claire hisses]
[guns firing]
[Jack and Amanda
breathing heavily]
Hold still, kid.
[Sam] Oh Jesus.
[gun firing]
[chains clattering]
[gun firing]
[Lizard Claire hisses]
[Lizard Claire] You killed
my baby!
Hurry up!
- Gotcha, bitch.
- [Lizard Claire growls]
[Lizard Claire screeches]
[Amanda] No!
[soft ominous music]
[chains rattling]
[Amanda breathing raggedly]
[Claire grumbles]
[gun fires]
[Lizard Claire screeches]
[gun fires]
[gun clicks]
[Lizard Claire screeches]
[chains clinking]
[chains clinking]
[Lizard Claire screeches]
[Amanda screams in distance]
[metal scraping]
[Jack coughing]
[Jack grunting]
[gun cocks]
[Amanda screams in distance]
[Jack] Amanda!
[Amanda screams in distance]
[Sam screams]
[door clicks]
Where is she?
I don't know.
[Amanda screaming]
[metal scraping]
[Amanda screams]
[Lizard Claire] You killed
my child.
You killed the
life inside of me.
[Amanda screams]
[Jack] I killed your baby!
I killed your baby!
I killed your little cunt freak!
I did it!
[Amanda screams]
I killed your freak,
I'm the one you want!
[Lizard Claire] Drop the gun.
[Amanda whimpering]
[Amanda] Please.
[Lizard Claire hisses]
[ominous music]
[metal scraping]
[Sam panting]
[suspenseful music]
[Lizard Claire] You're scared.
Ready when you are, princess.
[Jack screaming]
[flesh squelching]
[Sam screams]
[Jack screams]
[Lizard Claire] You're
very brave.
[Jack screams]
Fuckin' bitch!
[Lizard Claire] Defiant.
[Jack screams]
Perhaps I picked the wrong
man to father my child.
[Sam] You definitely
picked the wrong guy.
[Lizard Claire hisses]
[wind whistling]
[somber orchestral music]
[Jack] Put the kettle on, love.
[Sam coughs]
[Amanda whimpers]
Go get your boy.
Finish the mission.
I thought you didn't
care about my son.
I always cared.
I just wished he was... mine.
I thought you hated me.
I love you.
I always have.
Rick still loves you.
[Amanda crying]
Sam! [breathing raggedly]
Can you walk?
I can run.
[soft ominous music]
[car engine rumbling]
[Amanda] Thank God,
this must be Rick.
It's just them in
a different car.
I can't see the driver.
Oh shit.
[Philip hisses]
[Sam] Fuck, he's
gonna rip us apart.
[suspenseful music]
What about Rick?
[somber music]
Rick left with Philip.
He didn't come back.
Come on.
[Lizard Philip roars]
No, don't!
[bones crunch]
[Amanda cries out]
[gun firing]
[gun clicking]
[Lizard Philip growls]
[Amanda panting]
[dramatic music]
[Amanda screams]
You killed my family.
You killed mine first.
[Amanda cries out]
[Amanda coughing]
You think your brother
and that gang of misfits
is any way equal to my dynasty?
[dramatic music]
[Amanda cries out]
[suspenseful music]
[Lizard Philip growling]
[Amanda whimpering]
Drown in the fear of the
agony that is coming for you.
[Amanda whimpering]
[car thuds]
[tires screech]
[Amanda crying]
[somber piano music]
[Amanda sobbing]
Where's Sam?
[Amanda grunts]
[Amanda crying]
[Philip grumbles]
He's not dead.
[dramatic music]
This one's for Neville.
[gun fires]
This one's for Jack.
[gun fires]
In the head!
And this one's for
me brother Sam.
[gun fires]
[Rick grunts]
[suspenseful music]
[Lizard Philip growls]
Now you both will die.
[fighters grunting]
[Amanda grunting]
[Rick cries out]
[men grunting]
[Philip gurgling]
And you think
we're the monsters.
[Rick cries out]
[somber orchestral music]
[fire crackling]
[suspenseful music]
[hand tapping]
[triumphant orchestral music]
We're done now, yeah?
Maybe not.
Trust me, we're fuckin' done.
[dramatic orchestral music]
[buttons beeping]
[bomb beeping]
[explosion booms]
[somber orchestral music]
[dramatic dark music]
[soft ominous music]
[buttons beeping]
[Carl hisses]
[frenetic heavy metal music]
Pure chaos
Pure chaos
Pure chaos
Pure chaos
Feasting on her insides
Like vultures rip at bone
Our greed is everlasting
Our finite aspect is shame
Pollution all around us
It's in the air we breathe
I can feel that I'm choking
We are the ones to blame
Pure chaos
Pure chaos
Pure chaos