Killing for Extra Credit (2024) Movie Script

[calm music]
[birds chirping]
[text alerts dinging]
[pills rattling]
[window open in distance]
[tense music]
[wind howls]
[distant clattering]
[breathing shakily]
- Sophie! Are you insane?
I almost called the cops.
- Maybe you should.
You know you've got winter mixed
with spring in there, right?
- Uh...
- Relax.
I was just getting a jacket.
- Doorbells are still
a thing, you know.
- Doorbells are so last season
and your mom is always so sus,
probably think I'm down here
teaching you how to smoke.
- Don't worry about that,
it's nothing.
- It doesn't look like nothing.
Marybeth, are you still
getting hate messages?
You told me those had stopped,
and best friends don't lie.
- They have... mostly.
It's just like creepy nerds
and Queen Bees
sending me hate mail these days.
- You know, what happened
last semester,
you were the victim.
And anyone says otherwise,
and I go nitro.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Mom, what are you doing?
- Hey! Um, I couldn't sleep,
so I got up early to organize
some of your dad's stuff.
Sophie, I didn't hear you
come in.
- Uh yeah, I let her in.
She just had to borrow a jacket.
She's got like a bajillion
dollars to her family name.
Like, steals her best friend's
hand-me-downs. I don't know.
- Sweetie, is that
what you're wearing?
I mean, there's nothing
wrong with it,
it's just maybe a little much
for your first day.
- Yeah, I mean, I...
there's nothing left of me
to hide anymore,
so I kinda figured,
why bother?
I'm sorry. Um, yeah,
I'm sorry, Mom,
I just, I... joking kinda
helps me deal with it.
- That was always
your dad's way, too.
I found these while
I was clearing out.
What do you want me
to do with them?
Maybe a nice keepsake
for Washington?
- Throw 'em out.
- What? No way.
Ugh, come on, these posters
are fire.
I'm keeping one.
You really should've stayed
in the race, MB.
- Okay, we gotta go. Bye, Mom!
- Bye.
[Sophie]: I see the Washington
talk with your mom went well.
- Can we not do a therapy
session right now?
I just...
she's just been acting
different since it happened
and I just like, I don't know,
I haven't found the right time
to tell her
I don't plan on going.
- Sure, you only had
three months.
Fine, moving on.
[phones ding]
[text alerts bloop]
What is this, some kind
of creepy greeting card?
[together]: Ray.
- Did you guys see?
I found a site
that live links all the security
cameras in the city.
- Oh, my God, Ray, we really
need to get you a girlfriend.
- No, hey, he'll have
plenty of girlfriends
when he's a billionaire.
- Come on, we're gonna be late.
- Okay!
- You guys are late
for the first day.
Come on! It's all up from here.
- Remember your training.
Breathe, count to 10,
and resist the urge to punch him
in his stupid face.
- I'll be fine.
- Well, well, well,
the three amigos.
So good to see you, Marybeth.
I'm gonna miss you
on the paper.
Look, I know things got rough
there before last summer.
Politics is muddy.
How about we put it behind us?
- I have nothing to say to you.
- So, that's how you wanna
play it, huh?
I can't spend all senior year
for winning the election.
- Pretty easy to win
an election
when your opponent
has to withdraw.
- Yeah, and why did I have
to withdraw, Toby?
Was it the 50 articles
you ran about me in the paper,
do you think or...?
- I report the facts,
If you don't want
your photos leaked,
maybe you shouldn't
have taken them.
- Okay, victim blamer.
Let's go, Marybeth.
- Oh, and I hope you enjoy
the morning announcements,
hosted by yours truly,
of course.
I thought it'd be a good way
to demonstrate
my leadership skills.
- Good idea, Toby.
Um, yeah, no, actually I liked
it better when it was my idea,
but that's fine, you just add
that to the list of things
you stole from my campaign.
And 'kay, it's not about
leadership skills,
it's about uniting
the school community.
- You don't even feel
a little bad, do you?
- Why should I?
All I did was expose Marybeth
for the fraud that she is.
I've had my plan
since 8th grade.
She thinks she's gonna swoop
in here with her 4.0 GPA
and steal my scholarship
before senior year?
Yeah, right.
[soft music]
Come on, buddy.
Hey, don't run in the hall!
[Miss Mitchell]: Let's hustle,
everyone. To class!
You three, I blink
and you're all seniors.
Sophie, congratulations.
I heard about your acceptance
into the ivy league school.
California dreaming, hey?
Marybeth, it's so good
to see you.
I hope you had a good summer.
Ray, come on in.
[bell rings]
[phones dinging]
- Extra Credit?
Who's Extra Credit?
- Looks bougie.
Kinda love it.
[Josh speaks indistinctly]
[intriguing music]
- It's okay.
- Just, I haven't seen him
since it happened.
[Miss Mitchell]: All right,
butts down, phones away,
time for morning announcements.
Eyes up, seniors.
New year, new way
of doing things.
[Toby]: Good morning, seniors.
Class President, Toby Dandrich
reporting for duty.
I'd just like to say
what a pleasure it is
to welcome you all back
for senior year.
We've overcome some difficultis
in the past few months,
some of us more significant
than others.
But senior year
is all about new beginnings,
and we're already off
to a great start,
thanks to our star quarterback,
Josh Whittaker,
for leading the Knights
to their first victory
of the season at Montague.
And here, in honour of
Josh's achievement,
is the Knights' official
sponsor, Mr. Richard Arredondo.
- Toby! Hi!
- Kill me now.
- I like the suit.
- Do you think if I say
I'm embarrassed,
he'll guilt buy me
some UGG boots?
[Marybeth chuckles]
- Hi, seniors! I just wanna
give a huge shoutout
to the Knights boys for
bringing it home this weekend.
Myself and my foundation
are proud
to support all that you do.
Oh, and Sophie, Daddy loves yo.
[students laugh]
- Adorable.
- And in other news,
for any students interested
in the arts and crafts,
the PTA is holding a...
- Can we talk?
[Toby]: You can sign up
on the day.
- You avoided me all summer.
I did nothing wrong.
- What,
leaking your girlfriend's nudes
isn't wrong where you come from?
- The school searched my phone
themselves. They found nothing.
- Yeah, I'm sure you being
star quarterback
had no impact
on their finding.
[shouts]: I didn't do it!
[Toby]: Entry is free,
but prizes go up to $1,000
for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
- Was it worth it, Josh?
Like, throwing away everything
we had, just to what,
like earn some street cred
with the jocks
that used to bully you
in junior high?
You know, I hope so 'cause
when you're out of university
and no one remembers your name,
you're not gonna have anyone.
Especially not me.
- Whoo!
- And parting message,
go Knights!
- I will deal with this.
[door opens]
[breathes shakily]
It helps if you count to 10.
[breathing slows]
[both inhale and exhale deeply]
Good girl. Better?
[sighs heavily]
Mr. Kinney told me
that you dropped AP calculus.
- I lost my scholarship.
I don't need the credits.
- Mm-hmm.
So, you're just gonna
throw it all away?
Hey, let's come over
here for a sec.
- Miss Mitchell.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, wow.
- Captain of the girls'
basketball team.
I almost got a sports
My dad, he uh, took a job
in a different county
and we moved right before
senior year.
- Hmm.
- So, I get it.
I get what being class president
meant to you.
But this, high school,
is just a dress rehearsal
for the rest of life.
Don't quit before
opening night, okay?
Back to class?
[rock music]
- I thought Josh was gonna
start crying at his desk.
Major girl boss energy, MB.
[phones dinging]
Oh, Extra Credit.
That weird account
just posted a new status.
Uh, "Tara Kapekny
wants you to think
her mom funds
her lavish lifestyle,
thanks to her job
as a powerful attorney.
But guess what?
Much like Tara's jewellery,
that story's a big old fake."
[phones dinging]
- It's not true.
It's not true, I swear!
[footsteps stomp away]
- Guess you're no longer
headline news.
Come on.
[pensive music]
- Mom, I think
I'm just gonna, um,
grab dinner at work, and then
I can just Uber home.
- You might wanna take
a look at something first.
[envelope crinkles]
[intriguing music]
- What?
- We are going to Montana.
Three days in August.
Some of your dad's
fishing buddies
are gonna show us around.
It'll be the perfect trip before
you head to Westlake College.
- Um...
Mom, I'm worried
about Westlake.
Toby got the scholarship,
so, you know,
that means you'd have to like...
pay tuition.
- Honey, I told you,
we can afford it.
All you have to worry about
is getting your application
in on time, okay?
It closes next week.
College in Washington,
just like your dad
always wanted.
[Marybeth chuckles softly]
Honey, isn't that shirt
a little low-cut for work?
- No.
Is there something you wanna
say to me, Mom? Like...
- No.
- Okay.
[rock music]
[pins clatter]
Thank you.
[phone dings]
Sophie, you're a lifesaver.
[Ray]: I thought your dad sold
this place, like, forever ago.
[Sophie]: We just
stopped inviting you
'cause you were a buzz kill.
It's called the "Safe Space,"
not the "Nerd Space."
[Ray]: Hilarious. So funny
I forgot to laugh.
- You seemed tense
back at school.
It's that account, isn't it?
- What happened with Tara,
I don't know,
it just kinda brought it
all back.
We gotta figure out
who's running Extra Credit.
- You're kidding, right?
It's just dumb
high school gossip.
Tara's mom's not a hotshot
lawyer. Who cares?
- Tara cares.
Did she have to be humiliated
in front of the entire school?
You know, this account, what...
what if it's the same person
who leaked my photos
last year?
- This sounds like girl talk.
I'm just gonna go hang out
anywhere else.
- Okay, wait, can we circle back
to the part
where you think this account
was behind your leak?
- Yeah, I mean,
we never really did
figure out who was behind it.
- Okay, Josh was behind it.
He just wanted to look cool
for his brain-dead buddies.
- Okay, you don't know
what it's like, Soph, like,
to have the whole world judge
you for one private moment.
Okay, you know
when you're, um...
you're having a nightmare
and you wake up,
and you're like so glad it's
the morning and you're safe?
Yeah, imagine waking up
and it's not a nightmare.
It's real.
We gotta stop this account.
- I was going to wait to give
you this on your birthday,
but I figure it's a good
back-to-school gift, too.
[soft music]
- What?
[bracelet rattles]
- There. I've got one, too.
It's a promise, even when I'm
away in California next year,
it means we'll never be apart.
I'm sorry, Marybeth,
you deserve to go
to a good school
more than anyone.
Even me.
- Hey, no, don't say that.
- No, I mean it.
But it's all gonna be okay.
You were there for me every day
when my mom was sick...
and again for the funeral.
- Mm-hmm.
You did the same for me.
- I know. And that's
how this works.
We'll always be there
for each other.
- Yeah.
- I love you, Marybeth.
- Yeah, I know.
[phones ding]
- Extra Credit posted again
and tagged the whole school.
"Everyone has secrets
and no one is safe.
Tara was just the beginning.
Are you paying attention?"
[tense music]
[all cheering]
[phone dings]
[messages dinging]
[melancholic music]
[message dings]
[tense music]
[heavy breathing]
- I don't care how you do it,
Lowell, just figure it out,
you're the president
of the A/V club.
You should be able
to take down an account.
I... what do you mean,
"You're only president
because you're
the only member"?
Look, I don't have time,
all right?
Figure out a way
to take it down.
Look, I gotta go.
Just do it, Lowell.
Hey, Mom.
No, don't worry about that
right now, okay?
No, it's a mistake.
Dad got his new job.
He's paid the bills,
we're gonna be okay this month.
No, I can't come home right now,
school's real busy.
Mom, I can't come home
right now.
I can't afford to make
any mistakes
if I wanna keep
this scholarship.
First round offers
come out next month
and I'm going to be
on that list.
Just wait 'til I get home,
We'll talk about it then.
I love you.
Don't beat yourself up, Tobe.
You played the game.
She had it coming.
[loudly]: I bet Marybeth's
the one behind Extra Credit.
That's exactly the kind
of thing she would do.
[Marybeth]: I bet Toby's
the one behind Extra Credit.
It's exactly the kind of thing
he would do.
You okay, Soph? You seem
kinda, like, off today.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- What's going on?
- Evan went psycho
after Extra Credit.
Smashed up the bathroom.
[indistinct whispering]
- Okay? All right. Easy.
[whispering continues]
It's all right.
[camera shutters clicking]
Okay? Easy. Good.
- Okay, that's enough.
You're all enjoying this?
Like, Extra Credit
is ruining people's lives.
We should not be filming Evan,
we should be defending him.
Unfollow Extra Credit.
It's turning you into monsters.
[lock rattles]
I need you to help me find out
who's behind
this Internet account.
Nobody cares enough to dig
deeper into Extra Credit,
so we're gonna do it ourselves.
- Only took 15 years
of friendship,
but you're finally speaking
my language.
It's actually a pretty
simple technique.
First, we log into
the Extra Credit account.
- 'Kay, how do we log in?
I don't know the password.
- Exactly. We say we've
forgotten our password
and we get two options,
e-mail recovery
or we ask for an SMS code
to go to our phone,
and boom, whoever runs
Extra Credit has a phone number
ending in 7318.
This database has the number
of every teacher, kid,
and helicopter parent
associated with the school.
[keyboard clacking]
[beeping error]
No match found.
Most likely a burner phone
or something.
Whoever's running Extra Credit
knew someone would do this.
Smarter than I thought.
- Where do we go from here?
[door opens]
[Miss Mitchell]: Sophie!
- What's going on?
[phone dings]
[ominous music]
[rock music]
[phone dings]
[cheering in background]
[breathes shakily]
[breathing intensifies]
[ominous music]
What are you doing here?
- I can explain, please.
- Why would they write that,
It's not true, is it?
- Well...
- No, just... just best friends
don't lie, so just, yeah,
just tell me... just tell me
that it's not true
and... it is...
Soph... it is true?
- Marybeth, I promise
you'll understand.
- No. No, you have
to swear to me.
Listen, you have to swear to me
that you had nothing
to do with it.
- I... I can't do that,
but I promise, it's not
what you think.
- Get out.
- No, Marybeth.
- Get out, Sophie!
Get out, right now!
[bracelet rattles]
[phone dings]
[eerie music]
- Marybeth.
OMG, how are you holding up?
As a survivor of Extra Credit
trauma myself,
I can sympathize
with your experience.
- That's not how you felt
last year
when you swore I leaked
the pics myself.
[Tara scoffs]
I don't need your pity, Tara.
Stop, like, pretending
to be my friend
'cause I'm a trending topic
You're embarrassing yourself.
[school bell rings]
- Sorry.
I wasn't looking
where I was going.
- It's okay.
- Marybeth.
I heard about what happened.
I'm here if you need to talk.
- Thanks.
- And, um, now that
you know the truth...
- What?
- The truth,
that I had nothing to do
with your leak.
- Is that what your game is?
How dare you?
I can't believe you're
bringing this up right now.
- No, Marybeth, I loved you.
- Okay.
- And the fact that you hate me
now doesn't change that. I...
All this other stuff,
the games, the wins,
none of it matters
because you're not there.
Look, I'm sorry this whole thing
ruined your life,
but it ruined mine too.
- They still chant your name
on game night, Josh.
I lost everything.
The paper, class president,
a scholarship, Washington,
everything I ever wanted
evaporated in a nanosecond.
- But it's not what
you wanted, though.
It's what your dad wanted.
He wanted you to go
to college in Washington,
but he wanted you to be
a straight-A bookworm and...
I'm sorry that he's not here
anymore, but... hey.
[Marybeth sobs softly]
You can't live in his shadow
forever. I mean...
what happened to getting
a job for a year?
- Okay.
- Thinking about the future?
All you have to do is
live your own life.
- If that's what you think,
then yeah, maybe you never
knew me at all.
- No.
[Marybeth cries]
[footsteps stomp away]
[breathes shakily]
[tense music]
[breathes deeply]
[continues sobbing]
- We don't need the girls'
soccer team on the front page.
Second page will do just fine.
You guys got that?
Okay, cool.
[light clicks on]
- As senior class president,
I will make sure all of your
victories become our victories.
Community is how we thrive.
[door slams]
Who's there?
[footsteps approaching]
Um... sorry, Miss M,
I just, I didn't really
feel like, uh...
hanging out
in the courtyard today.
- That's okay. Can we talk?
Talk to me.
Tell me how you're feeling.
- Um... I just...
I don't even know
what to think anymore.
My best friend
ruined my life
and now all the people
who called me
probably the worst things
you can call someone,
you know,
they all wanna be my friend
'cause it's acceptable
to them now, I guess.
And it's all just so fake.
And I... yeah, maybe
I shouldn't have told them
to unfollow Extra Credit.
Yeah, maybe they deserve
to know how it feels.
- No, you don't believe that.
I'm so sorry for what
you're going through.
But I know you better
than you think.
You have a good heart.
Do not let this change that.
You know, Marybeth, everyone
has a reason for everything.
And if you ever need anything,
you know where I am.
- Mm-hmm.
- I did hear that you picked up
AP Calculus again.
And I'm starting to think
that maybe you listen to me.
- Yeah, well... you're not
so bad in the advice department.
Everyone has their reasons, huh?
- Everyone.
- Hey, sweetie,
come sit for a sec.
[soft music]
I got an e-mail
from Principal Pratt
about what's going on at school.
I know what happened, and
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
- Thanks, Mom. Um...
Yeah, hasn't been easy.
- I can't believe I didn't
put it together sooner.
Sophie's always been
a bad influence.
She put you up to this,
I mean, she made you take
the photos or something?
- Made me take the photos? What?
- Was she trying to get you
to post them online?
Was it some kind of money thing?
I know you never would've
degraded yourself
if you hadn't been
put up to it.
- Degraded myself?
Mom, are you listening
to yourself right now?
I took the photos. Me.
And yeah, I... I sent them
to my boyfriend,
who I thought I could trust.
Is that why you've been so weird
with me lately? Like...
I'm a big girl,
I can think for myself.
- Well, you didn't think,
did you?
You took those photos with
no regard for the consequences.
What would your father think?
- What would Dad think?
I don't know, Mom,
because Dad's not here.
He's gone.
[breathes shakily]
I think about him
every day, but...
I can't just, like,
replace him for you.
I can't believe you think
this whole thing is my fault.
- Of course I don't, honey.
- Yeah, you do!
'Cause if anything
happens to a woman,
she probably did something
to deserve it, right?
Isn't that what you were
taught to believe?
Stop judging me based on
what other people think.
That's exactly what I did.
She kept telling me
she could explain.
I didn't give her a chance.
I listened to some stupid
gossip account
instead of hearing my best
friend's side of the story.
[footsteps stomp away]
[door opens]
[door slams]
[insects chirping]
[door bell rings]
Hey, um, thanks
for buzzing me in.
Is Sophie here?
I really need to talk to her.
- You don't know where she is?
- What?
- Come in.
- What?
- No, none of this
48-hour nonsense.
I want a report filed
right away.
The mayor owes me a favour.
Call me when you have
a unit on the way.
She told me she'd be out
after school.
That was seven hours ago.
She's not answering my calls,
my texts, nothing.
She's been acting
so different lately.
Practically living in her room,
and that's not like Sophie.
[tense music]
I found this in her room.
What does it mean?
- Did she say anything
about where she was going?
- She said she had a stressful
couple of days
and she needed
to clear her head.
Said she was going
to her safe space.
- Her safe space?
That's what she said?
- Yeah.
- I think I know
where Sophie is.
[tense music]
[dramatic music]
[Marybeth pants]
Can somebody please help?!
Sophie! Hey!
[sobbing]: Sophie!
[melancholic music]
Breathe slow
And let it all go
Feel the river flow
Its currents rise
Relighting our lives
Spirals intertwined
to a higher feeling
I'm seeing movements
in the starlight
It takes me
It takes me high
[pills rattle]
[Tara]: She happens to lead
the police there?
Please, no accident.
Extra Credit
will expose her soon.
It's been a while since
Sophie's "suicide."
[eerie music]
- Marybeth, how are you
holding up?
I'm just devastated for you.
- Oh, you can't even, like,
pretend to be sincere, can you?
Stay away from me, Toby.
- The little "edgy girl" act,
it's so fake
it hurts to look at.
Let's work together.
Your name's radioactive
on campus. I can change that.
We'll run an article
in the school paper,
how you forgive Sophie
for everything she did.
They'll love you.
- You'd do that for me?
You're sicker than I thought.
Now, let go of me, Toby.
Toby, I said let go.
- Get your hand off Marybeth.
- Josh, you guys are gonna
slam next week, right?
- Unless you leave,
the only thing I'm gonna be
slamming's right in front of me.
- Thanks.
- Coach told me you're planning
a vigil tomorrow night.
You sure that's a good idea?
I mean, with everything going
on, everyone's running scared--
- I have to, Josh.
For Sophie.
And for the students.
This is, like, so messed up.
- I know.
But you'll be okay.
- I'm tired of promises.
I can't do this now.
- Marybeth...
[Richard sobs]
- I'm sorry, Mr. Arredondo,
I know I shouldn't be up here.
I'm just, um...
- If I just wait here
a little while longer,
maybe she'll come home?
- Can I wait with you?
[melancholic music]
[both sniffling]
- After my wife died...
I never thought I could be
the father that she needed.
But she turned out
pretty amazing.
She's a good kid.
Not perfect,
but she can charm her way
out of anything, you know.
Like, just before summer,
she spent $2,000 in a week.
She apologized, of course,
but when I went to ground her,
she just looked at me
with that big smile.
I'll never forget that smile.
What did it mean, Marybeth,
that note she left for you?
- Um...
it just meant that...
It meant she was... actually
the best friend I ever had.
I wish I said it to her sooner.
- Forget that you ever saw this.
[ominous music]
[Richard breathes shakily]
- Mr. Arre...
- You okay?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
- I know we never talked about
what happened last semester.
I didn't want you to feel like
you had to explain yourself.
It's your business.
- Yeah, well, uh...
yeah, it was everyone's
business, apparently.
- But it shouldn't have been.
And I'm sorry that
it happened to you.
But... this whole thing...
Sophie was my best friend, too.
She loved you so much,
I don't know whether
I don't wanna believe it or...
maybe... maybe
it's just not true.
- I just wish that if she did
do it, I knew why.
There had to be a reason.
I'm not giving up
until I find out.
I'm gonna need your help.
- Of course.
[footsteps approaching]
- Someone's coming.
- Come on, we gotta hide.
[ominous music]
What's he doing here?
- Shh.
He's using his badge
to break the lock.
[lock clicking]
What is he doing?
- I have no idea.
[sinister swell]
[Tara]: Toby came up here,
but I think that was earlier.
[door closes]
- Looks like Mr. President's
been covering his tracks.
- He's deleting messages?
- One thing he didn't delete?
Look at the dates.
All from the last four days.
Whatever was going on with
Sophie before she died,
Toby had something
to do with it.
- Ray, please tell me
you can recover deleted
messages from a computer?
[keyboard clacking]
- Got it! Nine messages,
the night before Sophie died.
"You did this to yourself."
What does that mean?
- "You have to delete
the post."
What post is she talking about?
Is Toby running Extra Credit?
- What did he have on Sophie
to make him think
she leaked your pics?
We gotta talk to Toby.
- No, Toby won't talk.
Not yet, anyway.
- So, what do we do?
- We go to someone we can trust.
- This is a lot to take in.
- But we have to do
something, right?
Like, Toby's clearly responsible
for Sophie.
- I mean, there's just not
enough evidence.
There's no context.
These messages
could mean anything.
- Miss Mitchell, last week,
I saw Sophie coming out
of your room.
She was crying.
Did she say anything
about what happened?
- You know that anything I say
to a student is confidential.
- Mm-hmm.
[exhales deeply]
- She didn't say
anything specific.
She just said that she had done
something that she regretted,
that she couldn't take back.
- It was Toby.
He was blackmailing her.
Like, this isn't
stealing my ideas
or cheating to win an election,
like, this is criminal.
You need to punish him.
- I will do everything I can
to get to the bottom
of this, okay?
Right now, you need
to be strong.
I know that you are speaking
at the gathering tonight.
I want you to just focus
on what you're gonna say, okay?
I blame myself, you know?
I'm supposed to look after you,
all of you, and I failed.
I failed Sophie.
[emotional music]
- We have to go further.
We have to let Toby know
we're onto him.
- I take it Miss Mitchell's
not a fan of that idea?
- Not exactly. She wants me
to stay focused on my speech
for the vigil.
Wait a minute, what does Extra
Credit love more than anything?
- Ruining people's lives?
- Apart from that.
Playing games.
If Toby's behind it, maybe
we can beat him at his own game.
- I'm confused.
What are you doing?
- Exactly what
Miss Mitchell asked.
I'm focusing on my speech.
[intriguing music]
- You ready to go, sweetie?
- In a couple minutes.
You're here to tell me
my outfit's too skimpy or...?
- I'm here to tell you
I'm sorry.
You were right.
I don't know
what I was thinking,
but I wasn't thinking of you.
It's been hard
since your dad died,
to see you as this young woman
and not my little girl.
But what happened,
you were the victim,
only you're not a victim.
You're strong, you have
nothing to be ashamed of.
[Marybeth cries]
What am I gonna do
without you next year?
Washington seems so far away.
- Mom, um...
About Washington...
It's nothing, we can, um,
we can talk about it later.
I gotta get ready.
- You know, you don't have
to do this.
Everybody's too scared
to go out.
It's probably not gonna be
a very big crowd anyway.
- Doesn't matter.
I don't care if it's
40 people or 4. They...
they have to know the truth.
[insects chirping]
I've been asked to say
a few words tonight
about my friend Sophie.
And it's hard to sum up
a 15-year friendship
in two minutes,
so um, yeah, I'm not gonna try.
I'm just... I'm just gonna
ask all of you
to please honour her memory
by not rushing to judgment,
and not... not believing
the words of those who choose
to hide behind
a computer keyboard.
Sophie was a good person.
She was kind.
She was funny.
She was loyal.
Some of you have said that
she did this to herself...
she made her bed, and now,
she needs to lie in it.
That's not true.
Sophie never did anything
to hurt anyone.
That's why she was
my best friend.
Yeah, my closest friend.
And... a friendship like that
can never be deleted.
Tonight is a celebration
of Sophie.
[chuckles lovingly]
Sophie lit up every room
she entered and...
tonight... she gets
to light up the sky.
[The Keeper
by Whitney Pea]
[dramatic music]
[projector clicks off]
- You looked kinda shaky up
there. What's goin' on?
- It was Toby. He was here.
- I didn't even see him here.
- He was threatening me.
- Wait here.
Toby! Toby!
Toby! Toby!
- Well, he knows
we're onto him.
He said he was gonna hurt me.
It had to be Toby.
He was standing
right there, right?
- Did you see him
holding the sign?
- No, but it... it had to be.
Ray, this is...
this is too much.
I... I'm scared!
- I know, I know.
- Okay.
It didn't work, right?
We're supposed
to make him sweat,
now he's doubling down.
He's threatening me.
That's why he wrote the signs.
He really thinks
he can get away with this.
- And you're sure it was Toby
who wrote you those messages?
- I didn't see his face,
but I know it was him.
He's the only one
with something to hide.
That's probably why
he's running Extra Credit.
You know, keep the attention
on everyone else.
He's not gonna get away
with this.
He's... yeah, he's not
gonna win this time.
- Like, okay, we know
he was harassing Sophie,
and I just, I just need to know
why she did what she did.
Like, I just need to know.
I... sorry.
Uh, sorry,
I can't think straight.
- So, stop thinking like you.
Think like Sophie.
What would she do?
[soft music]
- She'd fight.
She'd fight like hell.
- We're not finished yet.
This isn't over.
Let's talk to Toby.
- No, we're done talking.
We'll get him to talk,
but we're gonna do it our way.
[ominous music]
[keyboard clacking]
[dramatic boom]
[tense music]
- No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
- You look pretty tired
this morning, Mr. President.
Working late?
- Someone at A/V club mentioned
you had a tech problem.
- Sit.
All right,
how much do you know?
- Enough to end you.
- Hmm. You're lying.
[Marybeth]: Forget your badge?
We know you were
in Sophie's room.
- It started two summers ago.
I was interning at the hospital
for extra... for points.
Looks good on
a pre-med application.
Sophie's mom at the time
was sick.
And I had access
to all her medical files.
Her whole medical history.
And that's when I found out.
- Found out what?
- Sophie's mom never gave birth
at Lawrence Medical.
In fact, the only time
she was there was 20 years ago
for fertility treatment,
which, by the way,
didn't work out.
So, I did some digging.
- Digging?
- It's amazing what you can get
with a case of beers
and 50 bucks for the security
guard at the records lab.
Turns out little rich girl,
running around
with her designer jewellery
and expensive cars...
she's adopted.
No official record.
- What's that supposed to mean,
she was adopted illegally?
- Yeah.
Mr. Arredondo can buy
whatever he wants.
Or whomever he wants.
Can you imagine the scandal?
Princess Sophie robbed
from the cradle
by a rich property developer.
- Toby, why does
that bother you?
- I hate rich kids.
Life handed to them
on a platter,
while people like me
have to fight for everything.
I had to work hard
for my scholarship.
I didn't just hit "Add to cart"
like Sophie.
- So, you blackmailed her.
- It was more of an arrangement.
She was terrified
I'd blow her secret.
- Wait, Sophie knew
she was adopted?
- Why else do you think
she clung so tightly
to that silver spoon of hers?
I mean, I may have uncovered
a skeleton or two.
She thought she was adopted
not slipped under the table
like a business transaction.
But if the real truth
ever got out,
the consequences would be
to the family,
and the town.
The Arredondo family scandal.
Not to be whispered to anyone.
Not even her closest friends.
I told her I'd kill the story,
but... I wanted
something in return.
- Me.
You wanted me.
Because you knew
I was gonna win the election
and get the scholarship.
- It's nothing personal,
If anything,
you should be flattered.
I've been a straight-A student
my whole life
and I was threatened by you.
For what it's worth,
Sophie wasn't happy about it.
But she'd told me she'd
scooped it off your phone.
- Sophie sent you my photos.
- She used a made-up e-mail
to cover her tracks, but yeah.
- And you leaked them.
- Like I said,
it's nothing personal.
- You're lying.
Sophie wouldn't do that.
She hated you
even more than I do.
That's pretty hard.
- Whatever helps you
sleep at night.
Poor Sophie.
She even tried to buy me off.
Only, I couldn't be bothered.
- Just before summer, she went
through $2,000 in a week.
- When Extra Credit started
posting about what she'd done,
she tried to pin it on me.
Said I was the only one
who could've known.
- So, it is you?
- I prefer to be
front and centre
for the scandals I break
and you can't pin
that account on me, Ray.
But I'll bet good money
you're gonna try.
- She really did do it.
- You really didn't think
she could, did you?
- She was my best friend, Ray.
She... she betrayed me.
- She had to protect her family.
- Well, it shouldn't have
been at my expense!
I'm sorry. I...
I shouldn't... ugh.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
[sentimental music]
- Wait a minute.
After Sophie's funeral,
I found a picture.
- What picture?
- It was a photograph.
It was tucked inside
one of her books,
almost like
it was a secret, and...
Mr. Arredondo got real angry
when I showed it to him.
- What are you getting at, MB?
- I need your help.
And someone with a car.
Please don't let me regret this.
Hey, um, this is gonna
sound crazy, but can we meet?
I need your help.
[Josh]: Now can you tell me
why you dragged me here?
- I can explain everything,
but right now,
I need you to wait here.
Ray, let's go.
- Why does Ray get to go?
- Sorry, Josh. Tech duty.
- Keep your car running.
We gotta be quick and get away.
Got it?
- I officially don't like this.
- Please, Josh?
I need you.
And Josh, thanks.
- Never thought I'd be a felon
before I graduated.
You know that's
what this is, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- And by the way, Josh?
- Okay, we're in the thick
of some pretty heavy stuff
right now, Ray.
We need all the help
we can get.
- But Josh?!
- Can we focus?
[keyboard clacking]
[buttons beeping]
- We're in.
- Are you sure?
- I shut down the connection
from the house
to the security system,
so you should be good to go.
[suspenseful music]
- Wait, we can't get in
this way. Plan B.
- There is no Plan B.
- Can you disarm the front door?
[keyboard clacking]
- Front door should be good,
but you gotta go now.
[heavy sigh]
[breathes shakily]
[patio door slides open]
[tense music]
[door creaks softly]
[papers crinkle]
[binders clatter to floor]
[gun clicks]
[tense music]
[footsteps approaching]
[papers rustling]
[relieved sigh]
- You unlocked the bedroom
door, didn't you?
- No biggie.
You just owe me your life.
- Got it.
- No way! You actually did it!
[Marybeth breathes nervously]
[Marybeth]: Oh, my gosh.
[revealing music]
I think I know
who Sophie's real mom is.
[knocking on door]
- Marybeth, Ray, Josh.
What are you all doing here?
- I'm sorry, Miss Mitchell,
to just drop by,
but, um, can we come in?
It's kind of important.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Miss Mitchell, um...
what I'm gonna say,
it might sound crazy and, uh...
it's none of my business,
I'm sorry, but...
I think I know why
Sophie was crying
coming out of your room
that day.
- Marybeth, I've told you,
it's confidential.
- It's confidential.
Yeah, okay.
It's confidential because...
you're Sophie's real mom,
aren't you?
Sophie knew it, didn't she?
That's why Sophie did
what she did.
She wasn't trying to protect
herself, she was...
she had to protect you.
- Where did you get this?
- I found it in Sophie's room,
right after her funeral.
- How dare you?
- I know Sophie
wouldn't have betrayed me
if she had any other choice.
So, please just respect
her memory,
respect her mother's memory,
and tell me the truth.
- Respect her memory?
[clears throat]
You need to get out.
[screaming]: Now! Get out!
[exhales sharply]
- We have to try again.
- Guys...
This is where I leave.
- What?
- Secret kids?
Anonymous profiles?
This is crazy talk.
Sophie's gone.
And if Miss Mitchell is her mom,
that's her business, not ours.
- Oh, okay, so that's what
you want Sophie's legacy to be?
Just like... like a rich kid
that stabbed her best friend
in the back?
- Is this about
justice for Sophie
or justice for you, Marybeth?
You're angry at what
they did to you.
I understand that,
but these are people's lives.
- It was my life.
It was Sophie's life.
They matter too.
- I understand, I just...
I can't go through with this.
- I hate to say I told you so.
- Huh.
- All right,
where do we go from here?
Miss Mitchell won't talk.
She's our only shot
at finding out the truth.
- Maybe not.
[car drives away]
What if Toby knew
who Sophie's real mom was?
I mean, he worked
at the hospital.
- Maybe. I don't know.
None of this makes
any sense to me anymore.
- I can't believe I'm about
to do this. Um...
- You're calling Toby?
What makes you think
he'll tell you the truth?
[phone rings in distance]
- Do you hear that?
- It's coming from back there.
[ominous music]
[Marybeth]: Toby?!
[Toby grunts]
- She's gone crazy.
She grabbed me after school,
she knocked me out.
- Okay, just stay still.
Let me get--
[Miss Mitchell]: Agh!
Oh, Marybeth,
you're getting involved
in something that
you don't understand.
- Miss Mitchell, please,
you have to let him go.
- Why?
So he can continue
to ruin people's lives?
No, Marybeth.
He killed her.
He killed my baby!
- Can someone tell me
what the hell is going on here?
- Sophie's mine.
Sophie's mine!
Oh, when my father found out.
He made us move away.
And he waited until
the baby was born,
and then, we moved back,
and then, he gave her away
to the Arredondos because
they would keep it quiet.
Nobody needed to know.
And they couldn't have
children of their own.
[purses lips]
- Sophie was your kid?
- You didn't know?
- Sweetheart, do you know
how hard it was? Hmm?
To see her every day
for four years...
and never be able
to tell her who I was,
like I was some stranger.
To not even show up at her
funeral, my own... daughter.
- No, Sophie knew who you were.
She knew the truth, that's
why she leaked my photos.
It was to protect you.
- No.
No, Sophie didn't leak anything.
She didn't know who I was,
not at first.
But when Toby started
blackmailing her,
Sophie came to me.
She told me that he found out
she was adopted.
And that he wanted dirt
on you, Marybeth.
She found the photos
on your phone,
and she knew it was exactly
what Toby needed.
But she couldn't do it.
- I'm just so scared and
I don't know what to do anymore.
- Give me your phone.
Hand it to me.
- What are you doing?
- I'm deleting the photos.
Okay? I don't want you
to think about this anymore.
I'm gonna talk to Toby.
Everything's gonna be fine.
And Marybeth and your dad,
they're gonna be just fine.
- Okay.
- Hey.
[dramatic music]
So, I created
a fake e-mail address...
so that Toby wouldn't
be able to put it together.
- You leaked my photos?
- Well, it was the only option,
To save my daughter!
But then, Extra Credit
started posting
and Sophie, she figured it out.
Oh, she knew she hadn't shown
the photos to anybody else.
And she came to me.
And so, I told her the truth.
And I did it to protect us!
- Enough! Enough lies!
I can't let Marybeth
be betrayed,
not without knowing why!
- All right, stop it, damn it!
Stop it! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Sophie, please.
[crying]: No!
- Sophie!
Sophie, please!
[Marybeth]: That's why
she was crying
coming out of your room
that day.
- I gave her the only photo
that I had of her.
And I thought
she would understand.
I thought that if
she knew the truth,
she would understand
and I would get to be
a part of her life, but no!
She looked at me
like I was the monster.
And it's all...
of him.
I warned you, Marybeth.
I did, I warned you when
you brought me those messages,
to just stop asking questions.
- The vigil.
The signs.
That was you.
- And if you would just...
let me deal with this,
it will all be over.
I promise.
Because it's not enough
that he ruined Sophie's life.
No, he had to start
Extra Credit
and start ruining everybody
else's life as well!
- I had nothing to do
with that stupid account
and you know it!
Think about it, Marybeth.
Running a gossip account's
a real good way
to keep your own scandal quiet.
- Oh.
- And Miss Mitchell,
school agony aunt,
keeping all our dirty,
little secrets.
Sophie hated you
for trying to save her,
so you punished her with your
little social media account.
- Oh, you're not buying this!
Come on!
- Baby girl rejects
deadbeat mother
and she goes wild.
Film at 11.
- Don't follow me.
Stay where you are!
- Call the police.
I'm going after her.
- Marybeth! No!
[both panting]
- I destroyed everything.
I destroyed my daughter.
- No, Sophie would still be here
if Toby hadn't done what he did.
Okay? You can't blame yourself.
[tense music]
- Yes, I can. Sophie...
Sophie didn't kill herself,
I followed her...
the night she went
to the rooftop.
- Marybeth?
[Miss Mitchell]: Sophie.
Sophie, please.
We need to talk.
- Uh, no, we don't.
- Sophie, you're not
being reasonable.
- Reasonable? I've been
lied to my whole life.
- Sophie!
[overlapping shouts]
[Miss Mitchell]: She tripped.
I didn't know what to do.
I left in a panic.
I left her.
I left her...
[sobbing]: God, I killed her!
I killed her.
I don't deserve to live.
- Okay, okay, you've made a lot
of mistakes, Miss Mitchell,
but hey, what happened
to Sophie,
that was an accident.
All right?
Listen, hey, as long
as you're still here...
- No.
- You have the chance
to make things right.
[sirens wailing in distance]
[birds chirping]
- I'm so proud of you.
- Mom, can we talk for a sec?
- Yeah.
- Um, so I was thinking
about Montana.
What if we don't go
for three days?
- Well, sweetie,
it's already booked.
- No, what I mean is like, what
if we go for, like, a month?
Or like, two months?
- But Washington.
- Um... I don't think
I'm gonna go to Washington.
Actually, I didn't even apply.
Things have just...
changed for me.
I don't think I'm ready
to leave just yet.
I just...
I wanna stay here,
just for a year, and like,
be with you and figure out
what the next step is.
Maybe, like, something
that works for both of us.
[hopeful music]
- I think I like
the sound of that.
[nervous exhale]
- Okay.
[students clapping]
- This seat taken?
- Uh, yeah, it is, actually.
I'm actually like,
really popular now,
so I'm probably too cool
for you, so...
- Oh, that's how it is?
- Mm-hmm.
- Just remember, it's lonely
at the top without friends.
And I took a few punches
for you myself.
- Hmm, yeah, I don't...
I don't seem to recall.
- Marybeth, I was thinking,
there's something
I wanted to ask you.
- Um, there's something I wanted
to ask you too, actually.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It's about Extra Credit.
It just, it still doesn't
seem real. Like...
something isn't adding up.
Do you really think
Miss Mitchell
could've been completely
behind it?
- She was everyone's
favourite teacher.
- Yeah.
- Uh, knew the skeletons
in all of our closets.
If she was smart enough
to leak your pics
from a fake address,
maybe she was more savvy
than we thought.
- Yeah, but she confessed to
everything with Sophie, like...
why would she still need
to lie about Extra Credit?
- I'm guessing a dead daughter
weighs heavier
on the conscience.
Sorry, I didn't mean that
to sound so... you know.
- Extra Credit hasn't been
online in a few days.
Like, not since Miss Mitchell
and Toby got arrested, so...
- I can't lie to you, MB.
Seeing Toby in the back
of that police car,
after everything
he put you through,
made this all worthwhile.
Receiving photos of a minor?
He's gonna go down
for a long time.
- He thought it was the only
way he could get a scholarship.
It's like, there's always
another way, you know?
- Look, Miss Mitchell's in jail
with Toby, where she belongs.
Extra Credit's gone.
It's over, MB. You won.
- Sorry, um, what was it
you wanted to ask me?
- Well, uh,
I was just wondering
if maybe you wanted to go--
- Hey, hey.
You guys in the middle
of something?
- No, well, actually, yeah.
Ray was just about
to ask me something.
- Uh, it was nothing. I was...
[clears throat]
There's this comic book
convention I was gonna go to
and it means I can't help you
study on Saturday.
- Oh, it's--
- Sounds awesome.
- Hmm.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I, uh... I know I'm not
entirely off the hook
for some of the stupid stuff
I said, but uh...
I was just wondering if maybe
you're free after school.
I was kinda hoping
we could talk.
- Um, I'm working tonight.
- Oh. Okay.
- But, um... I'm closing,
so maybe after I lock up,
we could sit in the diner?
- I gotta go do this... thing.
- Okay. Um...
[rhythmic rock music]
- Marybeth, I'm sorry
about all this crazy stuff.
- Mm-hmm.
- I know it's gonna take time,
I really want us to give this
a second chance.
- Yeah. Um...
I'd like that, too.
I think I just need some time.
- I understand.
Just, uh, promise me
you'll think about it?
- Oh, my God, Josh!
- It's cool. I'll get
some paper towels.
- At least, it's ice.
I'm sorry!
[phone dings]
[ominous music]
[phone dings]
[breathes shakily]
[Josh's phone chimes]
[shaky breathing]
- Marybeth?
[Ray]: Hey, it's Ray,
leave a message
if you're not a weirdo,
I'll get back to you.
- Ray, we got it wrong.
It's Josh.
Josh is running Extra Credit.
Okay, um, I'm at the bowling
alley and it's closed,
but he's in here with me.
Just, you hurry,
I need you to get here!
[tense music]
- Marybeth?
Marybeth, come on!
[door knob rattles]
Come on, Marybeth,
this is insane!
Marybeth, you're starting
to scare me. What's going on?
[Marybeth]: Stay away
from me, Josh!
I know it was you, okay?
I know you're running
Extra Credit.
- Running Extra Credit?
Will you just get out here?
- Stay right there!
- Marybeth, this is crazy.
- Why did you do it, Josh?
Was it like, some crazy ploy
to get me back?
Or what, you want me to see you
like some kind of hero?
- I have no idea what
you're talking about!
- Stop lying.
- I'm not lying, Marybeth!
- How did you know about Sophie?
Did you wanna punish her?
Is that it?
- Come on. It's me!
- Okay, I told you,
don't come any closer.
[electric shock]
[Josh grunts]
[Josh thuds to floor]
- It's okay. You're okay.
I got your message and came
as soon as I could.
[Marybeth]: It was Josh, Ray.
Josh was behind everything.
- I know. I know!
I can't believe I didn't
figure it out sooner.
Of all the people who could've
had the burner phone?
I would've never thought Josh.
- How did you know Josh
had a burner phone?
- You said so,
in your voicemail.
- No, I didn't, Ray.
I never said anything
about a burner phone.
- I did it all for you,
- No.
- It's the only way
you'd realize
we're meant to be together!
- No!
[rock music]
- It's not my fault, MB!
Guys like Josh?
He's not right for you!
I've been in love with you
since we were kids!
And some jock just swoops in
and takes my place?
You're just gonna take him back?
After everything
we've been through together?!
I was supposed to be done
with Extra Credit!
I planted the phone
in his backpack.
I knew if I sent you a message
that you'd write back.
That's what I love
about you, Marybeth,
you're not scared of anything.
Not even Extra Credit.
When the whole school
was freaking out,
you wanted to expose it.
- Why, Ray?
I trusted you.
[eerie music]
- Last semester, they were
all laughing at you.
Judging you.
Like they'd never made
a stupid mistake.
I just wanted to give them
a taste of their own medicine.
Show them how it feels.
Wasn't hard.
Stalk a few accounts,
steal a few passwords.
Kid stuff.
I saw the messages
between Sophie and Toby.
The Miss Mitchell thing,
that was a surprise.
But Sophie, huh,
I was so angry
that she could have
betrayed you.
I'd never betray you,
I'm just asking for a chance.
Hey! I love you, Marybeth!
And I'll always
look out for you!
I just wanted
to prove that to you!
- Ray...
you're the most loyal
friend I've ever had.
But I'm tired of people
telling me who I am.
I know who I am.
And I know who you are.
You're a criminal.
[tense music]
[Ray and Josh grunting]
[Josh screams]
[thudding blow]
- No!
[thudding blow]
[both panting]
- It's over.
It's over, Marybeth.
[birds chirping]
[soft acoustic music]
- We did it, Soph!
When we get back
from our trip,
I'll probably be sticking
around for a little while,
so yeah, I'll come
and visit when I can.
And your dad and my mom
seem to be getting along,
so that's... yeah.
Maybe we'll be step-sisters.
Thank you, Sophie.
Just for being
my best friend and...
Yeah, I hope, wherever
you are right now, you can...
maybe forgive me.
[upbeat music]
- I think she'd really love it.
- Yeah.
It's almost like...
like a small part of her
is always gonna be here,
you know?
- Mm-hmm.
You doing anything tonight?
- Uh, yeah, actually.
I have to help my mom
get ready for her date.
- Oh, that's right.
- Mm-hmm.
- With Richard.
- Yeah.
[both chuckle]
You wanna grab a coffee?
- Only if you don't spill it
on me again.
[both laughing]
- I won't!
[bright music]