Killing Gunther (2017) Movie Script

I never gave my name.
I have a message from pipenko.
I knew you...
I-i knew you were...
Sorry. Hold on.
- Gun!
- I knew you had rocks!
"I knew I'd find you
hiding under a rock."
Well that makes a
lot more sense.
Anyway, that's basically
how you do it.
See, a largemouth bass is
like a predator fish, right?
So for a lure, I'll use,
like, a bladed spinner bait
or, like, a crank bait with
a rattle in it, you know?
Is that Harold trunlow's boat?
That investment banker that embezzled,
like, over $200 million from his clients?
Wait a minute. This
ain't a fishing rod!
Come on! Open the crate!
I have to dissolve
the bodies in acid.
Do you want to stay or go?
So, what am i
allowed to ask you?
- Anything you want.
- Really, anything?
- Why did you ask us to film you?
- -Proof.
Proof? Proof of what?
All right, I'll start
at the beginning.
Gunther is maybe the
most feared hitman
working in the industry today.
He's a fucking asshole.
You know, it's nothing
personal, right?
It's all business.
You want to be king, you
have to kill the king.
And right now, Gunther is king.
But very soon,
I will be the guy
who killed Gunther.
And you're gonna
help me prove it.
Why are you gonna succeed
when so many others have failed?
'Cause I put together
an unstoppable team.
Oh, I got a key up here.
Oh! That's just spiders.
Anyway, this is my
childhood home.
Hi. I'm Donald piznowski.
Uh, no one calls me Donald.
Everyone calls me Donnie.
Or boom-boom. I'm trying
to get that started.
My first job was working at the belfax
coal mines right down the road.
They assigned me to dynamite.
There was this one guy, Jim
shumpansky. He's just a bully.
Just always picking at ya.
"Did you finish your work?
"Did you finish
your work, Donnie?"
And I would say,
"no, I did not, Jim.
"Leave me alone.
I'm a grown man."
So one day, tunnel three's
rigged to explode,
and, um... Someone
forgot to tell him.
It was me.
I didn't tell him,
so he died in there.
I blew him up. That's when...
that was the day I was like,
"i think I want to blow
people up for a living."
It's a lonely life, you
know, killer for hire.
I think Blake is the closest
thing I have to a best friend.
Would you kill him if
someone paid you to?
Yes, I would kill him.
Sometimes I think about what it would
be like to have, like, a family
and kids and stuff,
but then I go like...
I don't know if I'd
be good at it.
My name is Sanaa
mastourch fairouza.
My first professional kill
was at the age of eight.
Why did you start so young?
I am the only child of
rahmat noushzad fairouza,
one of the world's
most feared assassins.
They call him "the nightmare."
People automatically
assume that I benefit
from sharing my father's name, but
I don't feel that that's true.
I just want to be
recognized for my skill.
Killing Gunther's my chance
to make a name for myself
and prove I am more than
just my father's daughter.
Holy shit!
Did you see that shot?! Huh?!
That's my little girl!
Representing! Representing!
Gimme some! Gimme some!
Hi. My name is Gabe beales.
I run tech ops and intel,
technology operations
and intelligence.
I'm sort of new to the
professional killer game,
just, like, assassins
and killing people,
but there's just way more money
in it than standard hacking,
and I'm fascinated
by the culture.
My nickname is "the
human computer."
There's no system I can't crack.
Oh, crap! That's not good.
I'm kind of like a
Gunther superfan.
I'm obsessed with him.
He's the greatest hitman ever.
Everyone knows who he
is, but no one does.
He's the boogeyman.
I'm just excited to meet him.
Just, you know, walk
up and shake his hand.
And then,
you know, watch
everyone kill him.
And then there's
our secret weapon.
I'm Ashley.
Ashley is my mentor,
sort of father figure.
Took me under his wing,
guided me, trained me.
Made me the man I am today.
He taught me everything he
knows about the killing game,
which is a lot, because he's
been at it for a very, very,
very long time.
- But the old man's just
as deadly as ever.
Go home to your family, child.
With Ashley onboard, there's
no way we can fail.
That Gunther, he
double-crossed me.
I swear, if I ever see him...
If I ever see him again...
So, Ashley has had
a heart attack.
The doctors say that he will...
he will be okay,
but that he needs to be off of
his feet for at least a month.
Hey, Gabe.
Kind of trying to
talk here, bud.
- Now that you've lost your secret weapon...
- -Sorry.
- Are you gonna call it off?
- No.
No, we're fine. We're
just going to need...
Gabe, Gabe, come away from the
water fountain. Come away.
Come back here. Read a magazine.
Sorry. I'm not mad at you, okay?
- I just...
- it's okay.
We're gonna need to find
a little more help.
We reached out to all the,
uh, hitmen, contract killers
that we knew and trusted.
Got a lot of noes.
Almost all noes.
But a few bites,
and they're pretty raw, but...
they're all loose
cannons. They're maniacs.
They're descent-ish, and we
need all the help we can get.
- They're average.
- Who's coming first?
- Izzat.
- "Crusher"? Nice!
Izzat bukhari is a
former extremist
who's gone into
business for himself.
He's still building his
portfolio as a hitman,
so he agreed to a
secret meeting with us.
Normally, you want to meet in a
discreet place like this, so...
- who the fuck is this, Blake?!
- Why is there a goddamn camera on me?!
- -Put the camera down!
- Blake, you got two seconds to explain this shit!
- Okay! Put the camera down!
- Sorry, they're with us.
- -What do you mean, "they're with us"?
I mean that's our crew.
Why the fuck do we
have a camera crew?
I did not explain that, and
that is completely my fault.
- I apologize.
- Damn it!
- Crusher!
- All right.
Name's iz. Izzat.
People call me crusher
'cause of this.
- I crush things.
I just don't really
like that name.
Sort of reminds me of the frat
guys I went to school with.
I lost the arm, uh, in
a suicide, um, bomb.
Not my suicide bomb, someone
else's suicide bomb.
I was helping him put it on,
and he was fidgeting, and,
uh... Yada, yada, yada.
- I would lose an arm for that.
- So cool.
Oh, man.
Yeah, it clenches when
i run out of battery.
Either of you have a android
or a lg charger or something?
- Um...
- I have a 6s charger.
Yeah, no, it's not
We've also set a meeting
with pak yong qi,
who is a unique kind of killer.
But I knew yong would
be excited to join up,
because he has a personal
beef with Gunther.
It's Blake! It's Blake!
They're with us! It's okay.
I almost threw
this in your face.
I'm glad you did not.
- This is acid.
- Yeah.
- You would've...
- it would have been a bummer.
Gunther killed my best
friend, Mr. slick.
And I will have my revenge.
Your best friend
was also a hitman?
He was a snake.
Oh, like a con man?
No. A literal snake.
My pet snake. The only
thing I ever truly loved.
Gunther found out I used Mr.
slick to make my poisons,
so he executed him.
I'm sorry. Your poisons?
I only kill with poison.
You see, it's more elegant,
And I don't use guns.
The sight of blood makes
me violently ill.
I can't even say the word...
- you don't have
to say it. Don't...
- stop trying to say it!
- No way!
Absolutely not! If they
are in, man, i am out!
Then you're out. They're
already flying here.
- Fine.
- Who? Who's flying here?
The friggin'
bellakalakova twins!
Oh, crap.
I've never heard of 'em.
Brother and sister out
of Southern Russia.
Remember the porsinka Blaze?
- No.
- Stadium fire.
14,000 people burned alive.
That was them.
They're monsters.
It's just a meeting.
- Well, I'm gonna go with you, then.
- Fine.
You better do it
in a public place.
I mean, I'm a maniac, but
those guys are psychopaths.
Why is this so good?!
Freeze frame.
I am Mia, and this is barold.
- What's up?
- What's up?
And we have never been
to United States before,
but we love it here.
We love it. We want to
see New York, apple pie,
Hollywood stars...
- barold. Barold!
- All right!
Coming to visit, we are
treating like a workcation.
- Workcation when we go...
- We kill...
somewhere else...
Somewhere else and kill.
- And then kill.
- And kill there.
- Workcation.
- Workcation.
Okay, guys, we got some snacks,
some healthy ones,
some not so healthy.
- Donnie brought ho-hos.
- You're welcome.
So you have him to thank.
I just want to say
how much I appreciate everyone
rallying behind this project.
We're about to do
something incredible.
We're about to change the game.
They say there's no
honor among thieves,
but clearly there's
a lot among hitmen.
And, uh, I'm very
proud to say that.
Is there an outlet?
I was literally right in
the middle of a speech.
I have no idea. If
I had to guess,
I'd say that big one right there
where all the electrical stuff are.
- Oh, that one?
- Blake?
- Yes, yong?
- Do we have a plan?
Uh, a wonderful question.
I was just getting to that
before I was interrupted.
We do have a plan. Our plan is
we're going to put out a fake hit.
We're gonna lure Gunther out.
- We're gonna be waiting for him.
- No.
Gunther will smell a trap.
What we need to do is
figure out where he lives.
Fuck, yeah, what she said.
I take a picture.
It is a great point,
but I assure you,
- the hit will look authentic.
- You're embarrassing me.
- Gabe is working on it...
- no!
Hey, no, this doesn't
have any power.
Well, what do you want me to do
about it, Gabe? Figure it out.
That's your department, okay?
Please stop interrupting.
When is visit Hollywood?
You promised me picture
of Scott wolf house.
He want see Scott
wolf house, or...
we talked about this, didn't we?
Kill Gunther first,
then visit Scott wolf.
That was always the
deal. What, Gabe?!
I'm gonna have to go get a
portable source from my Van.
You don't need my permission.
You're a grown man.
We got an arm power-down, guys.
- And we got glass. Okay! That did it.
- Oopsie. Bloody finger.
- What just happened?
- Blood.
Because of the blood?
- You're like a baby!
- That is disgusting!
I surrender.
It's Max! It's Max!
So, this is awesome. I didn't
expect him to be here,
but Max and I used to be
partners back in the day.
- We were a two-man duo. Uh-oh!
- Blakey.
Here comes trouble!
Here comes trouble!
- What are you doing here, man?
- I heard about Ashley.
Yeah, yeah. Ashley
trained both of us.
- You're going to be dead in a week.
- Yeah, right.
Yeah, you're here to steal our
glory. That's what you're doing.
- Glory? Is that what you're calling it, your virginity?
- No!
You're calling virginity
glory? Hello, glory!
You would want it.
You would want it.
- I don't want it.
- Yeah, you would.
- It's good to see you, man.
- It's good to see you.
Listen up. You're all
at a big disadvantage,
because none of you
know who Gunther is.
Therefore, how are you gonna
find him? You can't find him.
Till now.
I'd heard rumors that Gunther has
a safe house in the Balkans.
I got an old buddy of mine
who's a dropper out there.
Sieppa abachi, just
a fantastic guy.
He makes a mean cevapi.
It's pork, it's beef,
bunch of spices, delicious.
Anyway, I said, "look into it."
Turns out, our friend
Gunther lives...
oh, my god!
Get down!
Where's it coming from?
He's on the roof!
Cover me!
Did it get there?
camera on. Turn it on, and leave
it on, and never turn it off!
We were almost killed!
I don't care. You're
here to film.
We are just here to observe.
You said we'd be
safe. We're done.
You are done when the job is
done. That's what you agreed to.
And if you ever stop recording
again, I will kill you.
Do you understand?
Never stop recording.
When did you actually stop?
When the rocket was coming.
Show me that footage.
Yeah, he's gone.
Okay, and there's playback.
He's on the roof!
There. Stop there.
We got him.
I give you Gunther.
- Enhance image.
- What?
- Enhance that image.
- I can't do that.
Why not?
Because that's not a thing.
That's not how technology works.
- Yes, it is. I've seen it a bunch.
- That's exactly how.
- Minority report. Person of interest.
- I don't know. I'm with Gabe.
Not in real life.
Keep the sharpness
of when it's small,
and bring it like
they do all the time.
Yeah, technologically
What about this? Can you
get the data off of this?
I can try, but it
looks pretty busted.
You look pretty busted.
God damn it!
He's really mad.
- Okay, all right.
- Gabe, come on, man. It's not Zelda.
It was him.
It had to be him.
I don't know how, but Gunther
knows we're after him.
Are you scared?
No, now it's personal.
Wasn't it already a
little bit personal?
How do you mean?
Isn't part of this
about... Lisa?
About who?
Lisa mccalla.
She's your ex, right?
No, I, um...
I don't... uh...
A Lisa? I don't...
I don't...
no, I don't know her.
What was the name?
My name is Lisa mccalla.
I am a retired hitwoman.
Blake and I were
together for four years.
- How did it end?
- Not well. Um...
I had been unhappy for a while,
and, um... I ended up leaving
him for somebody else.
Anybody in particular?
Well, I didn't know
this at the time,
but later found out that
the gentleman I was with
is the man known as Gunther.
So his real name is not Gunther.
What is his real name?
Nice try.
Where did you get
this information?
'Cause I've never heard of
this woman before in my life,
so you got some
misinformation, my friend.
I have the last message
that Blake left me.
- Would you like to hear it?
- Yes.
Lisa, please pick up.
Please pick up the phone, Lisa.
- that doesn't sound like me.
- Don't leave me!
- Does that sound like me to you?
- I, Blake, love you!
We have the same name, but
that doesn't mean anything.
I need you!
It's not even the same register.
I want you to be
Mrs. Blake hammon!
Okay, I don't
remember that part.
I want to die!
You've seen her recently?
How is she?
Life is good. Yeah.
I'm not killing people
anymore, so I sleep better.
I started my own business,
hey claydies.
We do erotic ceramics parties.
Mostly bachelorettes,
um, girls' night out.
inner sexuality
connecting to the Clay.
I had this realization,
like, "here I am
ending people's lives, and I'm
not even enjoying my own."
Does this remind you
of your fianc?
I wish.
Let's be honest. I'm settling.
Why did you decide
to leave Blake?
Oh, well, i-i couldn't
compete with his ambition.
How do you mean?
Well, when Blake and
i first started,
he was... very romantic.
We used to write these
letters back and forth.
And sometimes he would send
pictures from wherever he was.
After a while, I'd write to
him, but I wouldn't hear back.
And I asked him to take
some time off of work
so we could travel and
spend some time together,
but he couldn't say no to a job.
Blake loves his work.
And I respect that, but...
I wanted him to love me more.
- And Gunther did?
- No, that was a mistake.
I want that to be clear.
We're not together anymore,
and I don't want any part
of... What's going on.
Do you still love Blake?
I think a part of
me always will,
but we need different things.
And I just want him to be happy.
If killing Gunther brings
him happiness, well...
You know, good luck to him.
So great news. Ashley's
getting out of the hospital.
Classic Ashley. You can't
keep a good man down.
Gabe, you barely know him.
Yeah, that's true, but...
you look great!
- I just needed a tune-up.
- Yeah.
Hey, you gave us a
scare, old-timer.
- Who the fuck is he?
- It's just Gabe. He drove us.
It's just Gabe. It's all right.
But you're feeling good, right?
- I'm all right, baby doll.
- All right.
That Gunther got to go. That
Gunther got to be put down.
- Yeah.
- Ashley? Ashley!
Ashley is back in the hospital.
Uh, fooled us all.
And the doctors say he's
definitely gonna be
out of commission
for a while now.
So, what now?
Well... needless to say,
it's been a bit
of a rocky start,
but we're gonna go ahead and move
forward with our initial plan,
and we're gonna use a fake
hit to draw Gunther out.
Our fake target is
Schneider feizmark.
Black-market arms dealer, one
of the biggest in the world.
Feizmark's base of operations
in the U.S. is Miami.
Does feizmark know
you're doing this?
No, but he has a lot of enemies,
so it's realistic that someone would
put out a six-figure hit on him.
We're posing as a sheik that
feizmark screwed over, so...
do not film him.
Do not film him,
please. Thank you.
You're good.
That was our travel agent.
Vamos a Miami!
Welcome to Miami.
You guys get in all right?
Uh, the others should
be landing shortly.
What's up, guys?
He refused to change.
I'm wearing the beard.
It's my disguise.
She's just pissed, because
she wouldn't hold my hand.
We're supposed to
be married, okay?
In what world are we
supposed to be married?
We just happened to be
on the same flight,
and he made people move so
he could sit next to me.
'Cause I need to
protect my wife.
You will take us now? We see
Mickey mouse and his world.
You mean Disney world?
Oh, we're in Miami.
- That's in Orlando.
- Is different?
Yeah, it's a different city
- different part of the state, even.
- No.
- Far?
- -A four-hour drive, or so.
Oh, Jesus.
You did this.
Oh, hey.
Hey! Hey, guys, hey.
It's Gabe. Like my disguise?
The point was to blend in.
Oh. I thought the point
was to be unrecognizable.
- No, that was never the point.
- Oh.
Could we stop at a drugstore? I
forgot to pack makeup remover.
Why don't you take
care of that yourself?
- Okay.
- You just meet us at the hotel.
The hotel. Okay.
All right, cool.
See ya, Blake.
Gunther confirmed the job,
so we start surveillance
first thing in the morning.
All right, boys, he's open.
It's time to go shopping.
- Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.
What up... bitches?
You Cheyenne?
I'm Mickey fuckin' mouse.
- Hey.
- -You are not Mickey mouse, motherfucker.
Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! I
was just fucking with you.
I'm Cheyenne. Hey, come on in.
- Oh, thanks.
- Come on in.
- Sorry about him.
- Hey, welcome aboard. Hey.
That's, uh...
I'm really sorry
about the Mickey.
Don't be shy. Take
a look around.
Welcome to my world of
Willy wonka. I love that shit.
Caldwell said your
stuff was clean?
- Got no complaints.
- Oh, boy.
He's laughing...
seriously, I can file the serial
numbers off whatever you want.
- That's fantastic.
- I got you, baby!
Okay, great. Yeah, all
right. This is the guy.
Go on! Shop till you drop.
Anyone want a latte?
- I'm good.
- No?
You're not shopping either?
Oh, yeah. I just
ran out of juice.
I fucked up this beretta.
Which actually sucks, 'cause he's got
a "you break it, you buy it" policy.
- 'Member? 'Member?
- Yes.
- He was like, "hey,
motherfucker." -Don't...
- Don't do that, though.
- Oh, fuck. I need to find a window.
- You're not shopping?
- No.
They don't have any tiny
glass bottles here.
Yeah, well, it's a gun store.
With the right ingredients,
even a tiny glass bottle can
be the deadliest of weapons.
Yeah, I wanted to ask you
about the whole poison thing.
It feels really
impractical, right?
'Cause you got to get right
up next to the person...
- Excuse me.
- Pardon me.
If I'm in the way, you
can just push me, or...
you're fine.
My therapist would disagree.
Um, you need a hand with that?
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
She is very pretty.
Gabe, ladies and gentlemen.
Ah! I like this.
Guy hands me a fat stack.
- Usa. Usa. Usa!
- Usa! Usa! Usa!
Can we not? Can we not?
- Why you so grumpy?
- Here, on the house.
- Oh, thank you.
- No problemo.
You know, we got
to hang sometime.
- Yeah, i can't promise anything.
- Hmm.
Hate the game, right?
Yeah, well, good luck. I hope
you do what you gotta do.
You know, it was rad
meeting you guys.
And if you ever,
ever want to find...
all right, all right, all right!
That's what I'm talking about.
I want everyone to get
a lot of rest tonight,
um, 'cause tomorrow's
kind of a big day for me.
I know, tomorrow we're
doing what? Yes, izzat.
- We're killing Gunther?
- Yeah, we are!
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Good time!
Oh, I have to kill Gunther
tomorrow. Hi, mom!
We're gonna kill you, Gunther!
Kill that motherfucker.
We're coming for you, Gunther.
So we set up surveillance.
We're going to shadow feizmark,
- wait for Gunther
to make his move.
How long do you think
we'll have to wait?
Uh, it could take anywhere from
24, 72 hours to carry out a hit.
So... we got to be on our toes.
I'll play.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. It's okay.
Whoa. Whoa!
Hey, guys. Hey, guys, look.
What is that? Is that us?
No, it's not the
connection here.
Guys, there's somebody in
the building. Who is that?
Guys, I need a report.
- I'm on it.
- Nobody on our side.
That's him. That's
him. He's here.
All farmers, the fox
is in the henhouse.
I repeat, the fox
is in the henhouse.
- Just say he's here.
- He's here.
Copy that.
Donnie and I are heading
to the lobby now.
Sanaa, izzat, meet us there.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
You can't film in here.
I'm gonna need you to leave the
building immediately, please.
- Ow, my keys!
- Yong is on the roof.
- Mia and barold are on the floor.
- You've seen him?
- He did.
- Sort of.
- You guys take the stairs. We'll meet you up there.
- Got it.
- What do you mean, "sort of"?
- -The place is crawling with people with guns.
There's all sorts of people
leaving without signing out!
You and I will take point
at feizmark's office.
Mia and barold, sweep
the north side.
Sanaa and izzat, cover
all emergency exits.
Gabe, get ready to shut down
the elevators on my mark.
- Shutting down on your cue.
- This is it, man. We're gonna do it.
Here. All right, say, "cheese."
- Duck face?
- Yeah, fine.
Let's go.
We're coming, Gunther.
- Have you seen him?
- We might already be too late.
Mr. feizmark, we are
not here to hurt you.
Where is the man
who was just here?
he's in the ceiling!
Sanaa, he's headed towards
you, southeast corner.
- Roger.
- Sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
- You okay?
- Your hands are very soft.
Barold, it's so loud in my eye!
- Are you okay?
- Just get him!
I've seen his face!
No, no, no, please!
- Izzat!
- Where is he?! Where is he?!
Did he run past you!
No. No, no, no, no!
Oh, man, look at his face!
He's dead.
Where is Gunther?
Where is Gunther!
He can't just disappear!
We should leave.
Oh, man.
Should we take the arm?
Abort! Everyone meet at
the rendezvous point.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Where izzat?
- He's dead.
Why is the Van not
waiting? Gabe!
Wait. Where are the others?
Wait. Where's Sanaa? We
can't leave without Sanaa.
Izzat's dead.
What? What!
No! He's dead?!
- Oh, god, no!
- Someone's coming.
Oh, no!
- Hurry. Get in.
- Where did you go?
I wiped the security tapes.
Okay, Gabe, go.
Go. Drive. Drive.
Stop crying, and drive.
Stop crying, Gabe.
I shot him.
- Who?
- Gunther.
- You're sure?
- Oh, I'm positive.
Okay, great. Great. That's
great. Way to go, Sanaa.
All right, yeah,
that's a good thing.
We'll watch the footage when
we get back to the safe house,
but that is a good thing.
That's a very good thing.
- Oh, god!
- Gabe!
Thank you.
- Be honest, I'm a little... is there any more...?
- I got you.
Oh, I'm still rolling.
- Your middle name's ramis?
- Yes. Barold ramis.
- His middle name is ramis.
- Hey, guys, guys.
- Quiet, quiet. Here it is.
- That's insane.
She got him. You got
him. She did it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, what?
Yep, I see, too.
Gabe, can you go back?
- Looking.
- Going back.
- There. Did you see it?
- I didn't see anything.
Rewind it again,
but play it slow.
- In slow motion.
- In slo-mo. Here it is.
Hold on. Hold on. Pause there!
- Holy shit.
- That's you face.
Blake, he's got your face.
He's using your face.
That's not me face. That's not me
face. That looks nothing like me.
No, that's not me.
That face is that face.
- It's the same face.
- It's not!
It's got thin lips. It's got
a very round, small chin.
- It wasn't me.
- We know!
We know it wasn't you, okay!
Obviously, Gunther knew we were coming,
and so now he's playing with us.
Um, what worries me is not
that he can look like me.
What worries me is that clearly
he can look like anybody.
A lot like anybody.
But he's hurt...
And that's going to help us.
a facility that can
access all cellular data.
So I asked my contact to
monitor their phone activity.
She just got back to me with a
confirmed Dr. Julian serbek.
Phone call about a bullet
wound to the right quad.
- Yes!
- Nice work, yong!
- 7:30 at serbek's office.
- 7:30 A.M.?
- Yeah.
- That's in 45 minutes.
Guys, we gotta move now!
Pack up! No time to waste!
- I need my coat!
- Barold, wake up!
Which one is it exactly?
Second floor. The one
with the chimney.
You're sure they're in there?
Infrared sensors picking up two
men matching height and weight.
Definitely a
doctor-patient scenario.
There comes Donnie.
Okay, just erase that.
All right, it's all rigged up.
See that red car across
the street there?
Rigged it with a piata bomb.
The second we see Gunther
come out that door,
we're gonna cut
him up real good.
We got Mia and barold
across the street...
And Sanaa in the alley.
And I... Have my poisons.
There's no escape.
This time, we're gonna get
him. We're gonna get him!
Let's get him.
Someone's coming.
Someone's coming.
There he is. That's
him. Donnie, blow it.
Boom goes the dynamite.
Boom goes the dynamite.
- Boom goes the dynamite.
- Donnie, hit it!
- I did. I did.
- Obviously you didn't. Nothing happened.
Donnie, what the hell?
I didn't touch that car, man.
Then why did it just explode?
You told me to rig the red car...
he knew. He knew we were coming.
Where's Sanaa?!
She pinned down cross street.
Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm.
Okay, I think it's done.
Gunther's a fucking dick.
Jesus Christ, what
a waste of cars.
I don't know what happened, man.
I don't make mistakes when
it comes to explosives, man.
This is a Gunther move.
I'm telling you.
- You okay? Are you okay?
- No. No!
I pissed myself, man! Come on!
Oh, Donnie.
Yong, what is the
name of your contact?
- This wasn't her fault.
- I want the name!
- Somebody told Gunther we were coming!
- It wasn't her!
Give me the name.
Give me the name.
- Guys, guys, what's that sound?
Wait. I hear it too.
I know that s-s-s-sound.
What the...
Is it dead?
Is this what poison feels like?
This sucks.
- Friend now!
- No, no, no! Don't let him do it!
She got him!
- Yeah, way to go, Sanaa!
For yong, you piece of shit!
Please tell me
there's two bodies.
We got two! We got two!
To, officially, the best
killers in the biz.
And why are we the best?
- Because we beat the best.
- Yeah.
We killed Gunther!
Too bad yong died.
- Mmm...
- Yeah.
Got bit by a snake.
- That's right.
- But we won!
- Yeah, we did!
- We won!
Yes, we certainly did!
Blake, i was just wondering.
- Now that we're done here...
- hey, hold on.
Excuse me? Miss?
Excuse me, hello.
- You can't film here.
- Oh, no.
It's my buddy's bachelor party.
We're filming the whole thing.
Can I please get a beer
for my friend and I
and a pitcher of mai tais.
Awesome. Now that we are done,
are we allowed to go home?
- Hey, Blake, they got karaoke.
- I surprised Donnie!
- They have karaoke, baby.
- Uh-oh.
Yes! You did it!
- Um, so are we allowed to go home now?
- Mmm! Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm!
- Is it okay if we...
- job well done, yes.
First thing in the
morning, i promise.
But right now, a toast,
to dead Gunther.
To dead Gunther!
To dead Gunther!
Everybody I've known in my
whole life has left me.
My parents left me.
Yes, I was an orphan.
Lisa left me. She
didn't love me anymore.
Max left me, moved
to south America,
and then I got him
shot in the head.
Why do they leave? Is it me?
It makes me feel like me.
Does that make sense?
- Am I sounding stupid?
- It does. No, no.
Sometimes it's really hard to know
where you stand in the world.
Exactly. And that is why tonight
I did something that
confirms that I'm good.
Killing Gunther means I'm
good and they're wrong.
All right, everybody!
- Oh, no. Uh-oh.
- Thank you!
Please welcome to the stage...
I'm gonna bring my
friend up here.
- Don't do it!
- He is a criminal!
Oh, now we're in trouble.
That's just a fact, but he
also... also has a beautiful mind.
- No. No.
- Which makes him... wait for it!
- "A criminal mind."
- Okay, it happened.
- He said the magic word.
- Get up here, Blake!
- Blake! Blake!
- You troublemakers.
This is your fault.
Whoa, there's a step.
Ladies and gentlemens, you
don't know me or my friends,
but we did something that
you will never know about,
but we will forever
know about it.
- We changed the game.
- Whoo!
And because we're feeling
so good, my friends
have signed me up to sing the
most incredible song of all time.
Lawrence gowan's
"a criminal mind,"
peaked at number five on the
Canadian pop charts back in '85,
but it will always be
number one in our hearts,
and here it is.
- Should we go out there?
- No.
- Are you guys okay?
- Yeah, we were just about to...
- what's happening?
- I don't know.
I thought you would know.
What do you mean, what...
- don't let him kill me!
- Who? Who?
- You will die!
- I will never speak to you again!
- He touched my daughter! I will murder him!
- I don't care!
No, no, no! Dad!
Whoa, whoa! What happened!
He slept with my little girl!
Donnie and I were just
a little drunk. Okay?
- Oh, shit.
- I am a grown woman!
- I am my own woman, dad!
- Defiler!
Rahmat, rahmat! Let's solve
this with words, okay?
But right now, all of us have
to get out of here, okay?
I'm sorry, Blake!
I am so enraged!
It's okay. I understand,
i understand.
Please forgive me. I've
gotten you in trouble.
Of course, no, you're
already forgiven.
But listen, you can't go
shooting my team, rahmat.
You can't do that, okay?
You can't fire at us.
And why are you even here?
I don't understand.
You called me to inform
me of their indiscretion.
- Blake!
- What? I did not.
- Blake!
- No, I didn't. I wouldn't do that.
- Yes, you did.
- How would I know?
I received your
text one hour ago!
- That's impossible. That's not possible.
- Why would you do that?!
Exactly! Why would I? I've
been asleep the whole time!
I walked in to find that
pig on top of my angel!
That is a lie, because i was
the one that was on top!
- No, no!
- I am going to kill him!
- What have you done to my life?!
- I didn't do it!
- Why would you send that text?!
- I didn't send it.
Why would you send it?!
He showed me the text!
I can prove I didn't
send it. Gabe. Get Gabe.
- Get Gabe.
- Oh!
Gabe? Gabe!
I'll break it in.
What is it?
What took you so long? And
what the hell are you wearing?
It's a breathing mask
for my sleep apnea.
- What's going on?
- Mia and barold.
What do Mia and
barold have to do
- with the text you sent?
- Mia and barold!
Blake, you... Jesus!
- Fuck!
- What!
- Oh, god. Oh, my god.
- What does "eww" mean?
- Oh, I see.
- Who did this?
Who do you think did this?
Hey! No, no, no.
We... we killed him.
- Obviously, we did not.
- Shit.
Why did he have to
place 'em like that?
We have to go. Gather
all your things.
- Come on. We have to hurry.
- Okay, come on. Gabe, go.
Get out of here. Get out of
here. Come on, move, Gabe!
Gunther's alive.
How is that possible?
I don't know.
- Can we still go home?
- No.
No, I need you more
than ever now.
You're all I have left.
You still have me.
Donnie is gone, because
rahmat is trying to kill him.
Sanaa is gone, 'cause she's
trying to stop rahmat.
Everybody else is dead.
There is no team.
The mission is a
complete failure,
and things literally
could not be worse.
So I'm going to go home
and, uh... Reassess
the situation.
- Stay low. Stay low.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
They're in my apartment.
- Who is it?
- I'm not sure.
Let's go. Let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
- Oh. Yeah, it's the FBI.
- What?
- Yeah, you're all
over their system.
- He ratted me out to the FBI?
- Yes.
You don't do that.
You never do that.
That's, like, rule number one.
You never rat another hitman out
- to the FBI, to any authority.
- I know.
I am going to kill him.
Is something funny to you?
No, you're... well, you're
gonna try to kill him again.
Thank you, Gabe.
Well, now I'm going to
need a place to stay.
Okay, come on in, guys.
Welcome to the casa de Gabe.
Couch here does not fold out.
So, Blake, I think
that's just for you.
You guys...
Uh... I guess just the floor.
Um... I'm just trying
to wrap my head around
what my life has become.
I can't travel for
the time being.
Gabe ran an I.D. Wipe
for me, so that helps,
but I still have to be
careful and lay low.
Frizzy! Hey, what up?
Yeah, I just got
back from a gig.
Not well.
I just wish I could get in
touch with Donnie or Sanaa.
A bunch of people got killed,
like, right out of the gate.
You know, boom, boom, boom.
Hey, Donnie, it's me.
Give me a call when you can.
I hope you're still alive.
Sanaa, it's blaker caker.
I know you're busy keeping your
dad from murdering Donnie.
Hope that's going well.
Gunther ratted me
out to the feds.
Pretty much sucks.
Anyway, hit me
back when you can.
I'm so exhausted.
I can't wait to just sleep.
Oh, hey, bro. Um...
this is Jewel.
I just need the place for
a little while, okay?
Just, like, a couple of
hours. Is that cool?
I literally have no place to go.
And on top of that, I'm
hiding from the FBI.
- You want me to wander the streets of New York City?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, Jewel and I will be
having some intimate...
- I don't...
- sex.
- I don't want...
- yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey, hey.
Um, are you gonna
be much longer?
No, I'll just get rid of him.
It's just the energy in your apartment
is, like, really affecting me.
Okay. I will be right in there.
So sorry to have
inconvenienced you, Jewel.
Oh, it's fine.
- Yeah, no, don't worry.
- Okay.
Yeah, so...
how are you feeling right now?
Bad. Abandoned.
It's like anyone who
gets close to me
either runs away
or... gets murdered,
and that doesn't feel great.
Do you think trying to kill
Gunther was a bad idea?
No, if anything, I want to
kill him even more now.
It's Donnie.
Yes, where?
- Donnie.
- Hey.
- Come on.
- What are you doing?
Just sit down.
Not next to me.
What are you doing?
Donnie, why are you in a dress?
I'm in hiding. It's
a disguise, okay?
I shouldn't even be
meeting with you.
You look nice.
Thank you.
It was on sale.
Is this because of rahmat?
Are things really that bad?
Yeah. Her dad's like an
iranian bloodhound, man.
Donnie, I need your help.
- I can't do it, man.
- No. Yes, you can, okay?
Yes, you can. Please. You're the
only one I have, all right?
- You don't understand, Blake.
- No, you don't understand.
- No, you don't understand. I'm out.
- No, you don't understand.
For good. I'm done killing.
What are you talking about?
I'm in love, Blake.
For the first time in my
life, I'm afraid to die.
- You're in love with Sanaa?
- Yeah.
And it's great, and I
have you to thank for it,
and I'm sorry that I'm
leaving you hanging, but...
then don't leave me hanging.
Please. Donnie,
please, i am begging.
Gunther has taken
everything from me.
Except for your life.
When are you gonna admit
it to yourself, Blake?
- Gunther's the best.
- No.
We are in way over our heads.
We got so many of
our friends killed.
And honestly...
I don't even know if our hearts
were ever even really in it.
- Mine was! Mine still is!
- Really? Really?
What do you mean,
really? Yes, really.
So you've done everything in
your power to find Gunther?
You know for a fact
that I have, Donnie.
You walked up to Lisa, and you
said, "tell me where he is"?
- Okay.
- You held a gun to her head
- and you said, "tell me where he is"?
- That is not fair,
- and you know I can't do that.
- Oh, screw you.
You know exactly why
i cannot do that.
Because you're bullshit.
'Cause you're fucking bullshit, and
you're peacocking around this place.
It was never about Gunther.
It's about you.
You got a lot of
people killed, Blake.
Okay, well, you are a quitter.
- So enjoy your quitter life, and screw...
- oh, jeez. I will.
I'm sorry.
Oh, shit.
Dad! Dad, you have to stop this!
Hey, Blake, I'm so sorry.
He's right.
Maybe this was a mistake.
I think I had fooled
myself into thinking
this was some kind of
grand romantic gesture.
I would kill him, and she'd come
running back. I don't know.
But, uh, in reality,
I think I was being petty,
and I just couldn't
handle being dumped.
They're his letters.
Responses to every
letter i wrote to him.
I had stopped sending them,
'cause I didn't want
someone to find them
and use her against me.
Do you know that
she gave me this?
He still has the case?
He carries it with
him everywhere.
It was a gift.
She had it engraved. Here.
"Blake, I'd kill for you."
I never stopped
thinking about her.
And when I found out
about her and Gunther,
I got mad. And, and...
Yes. Wonderful.
Yes, I will.
Thank you.
There he is!
The man of the hour!
Your timing could not be better.
I can't tell you how
happy I am to see you.
Thank you so much. I
have him. Thank you.
You look like shit.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, it's been a
rough couple weeks.
Ashley, I messed up. Bad.
Gunther has killed everybody.
And... and it's all my fault.
And I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do, Ashley.
But you're here now.
You're here now, and you
can tell me what to do.
So tell me what to do.
Ashley was a great man.
He was my mentor,
closest thing I ever
had to a father.
His last words were...
"You look like shit."
To me. About me.
But I like to think that that was
just Ashley's way of saying,
"i love you."
I know that it wasn't...
But I need to believe that,
because I am barely hanging
on by a thread here.
Love you, Ashley.
Thank you for coming.
Enjoy the cruise.
I'm so sorry, man.
Thank you, Gabe.
- I see you brought Jewel.
- Yeah.
That was a little inappropriate.
Hey, at least you got to
be with him when he went.
Yes, that's true.
- We're gonna lower the casket.
- Okay, thank you.
- Hey, buddy.
- Donnie.
Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's been really hard.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Come on, man. It's Ashley.
I couldn't miss it.
Plus, uh, I don't think rahmat
will kill me at a funeral, so...
Donnie, run! He's coming!
His time has come!
- Enough! Enough, rahmat!
- Blake!
- Not today! Not today!
- Blake! Blake!
- I have too much going on!
- Blake, no! Please stop!
Blake, where's the
reception gonna be?
Go away, Gabe!
Do what you must, but
I will kill him!
Father, please, for once just listen
to me, okay! You cannot kill him!
He's not worthy of you.
I'm pregnant.
Wait. You're pregnant...
No, no, no, no, no!
Fuck you, Gunther!
Fuck you!
Gabe? Gabe?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no!
Not Gabe.
Oh, my poor sweet Gabe.
My poor sweet Gabe.
You were useless,
but you're the only one who
stood by me in the end.
And now you're dead,
and it's all my fault.
I'm so sorry. I'm
so sorry, Gabe.
Take me with you!
I'm gonna need a ride home.
Drink it. Drink it. Drink it.
And now we're having fun!
Gonna miss your
place, Gabe. Whoo!
All of this! Never stop.
All of this!
I suck!
It's over.
You can turn the camera off.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Go home.
I'm sorry that i
threatened to kill you.
Are you gonna be okay?
All right.
I'm sorry, Blake. It's, um...
it's been interesting.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Noise complaint.
I'm sorry, neighbors.
I'm sorry it's so loud.
It was a bad day.
- How are you here?
- Donnie told me.
I'm sorry about Ashley.
Take care of yourself, Blake.
Lisa, do you want...
it's Gunther's address.
No, Blake, no, okay,
don't do this.
I have to do this, i
don't have a choice.
Oh, my god, but he's
going to kill you, man!
Maybe. But there's only
one way to find out.
You can't do this alone!
I'm not doing this alone.
You're coming with me.
Absolutely not. We refuse.
-Under no circumstance...
- okay, we're coming.
- We're coming.
Donnie, it's Blake.
I got Gunther's home address.
He lives in mammoth, California.
Who lives in mammoth?!
I just thought you
deserved to know.
I'm going after him.
Anyway, if anything
should happen to me,
I just want you to
know, I love you.
Excuse me, sir, put your
phone on airplane mode.
- I'm finishing my call.
- Do it right now.
We haven't left the gate.
Yeah, and we can't until
you put the phone away.
Okay, fine, I'm putting it
away. Can I say goodbye?
Donnie, I have to
go. Wish me luck.
I'm gonna go kill this asshole.
- Uh, excuse me?
- I wasn't even talking about you.
I was trying to finish my call!
Someone's trying to
prove something, huh?
I don't even think it's
that nice a house. Do you?
Fuck you. Come on.
Donnie, what are you doing here!
- We got your message.
- "We"?
Blake, Donnie, go.
It's an elevator.
Are you fucking kidding me? Who
has an elevator in their house?
- Let's go. Come on.
- All right, come on.
We're too late. He's already down
here. He's already down here.
Gunther is the greatest...
- what the fuck?
- Blake?
- I don't know what's happening. What is going on here?
- What is going on?
Blake, I never said that you
smelled like a dirty butt.
- I think somebody edited this.
- Yeah, you think so?
- I do.
- What is happening?! Who are you?!
Why is the footage from
that camera on that screen!
- Are you fucking with us?!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Who are you?! What
is happening?!
Get on the ground, now!
What the fuck is going
on?! Get on the ground!
- What is going on here?!
- Get down!
Put your weapons down.
I suck. I suck.
Got my friends
Hello, my friends.
I heard you've been
looking for me.
Well, welcome to my home.
How do you like it so far?
Hmm? Isn't it cool?
Hi. My name is...
And I'm a hitman.
Now, when I found out that there
were a bunch of assassins
trying to kill me and
film the whole thing,
I was kind of confused.
I mean, i didn't
even know the guys.
Why do they want me dead?
But nevertheless,
i got pissed off.
Then, I got inspired.
I decided to film
my own documentary
about their documentary.
Now, at first, I wanted
to make a fool of them.
Oh, my god!
Teach them kind of a lesson,
if you know what I mean.
Did he just try to
throw poison at me?
Give me the bazooka, will you?
But quickly, I became
fascinated with them.
This is Ashley, my old teacher.
Oh, he does not look good.
And... he's down again.
I followed them everywhere.
And when I say everywhere,
i mean everywhere.
Shit! It bit him
right in the neck.
Did you see that?
I even started to care for them.
I didn't mean for
that to happen.
I mean, this is wild.
Did they just blow up my
assistant and my driver?
Those fucking dick-holes.
- Hello?
- Hello.
- FBI?
- Yes, we're FBI.
Yes, I would like
to report a hitman.
Wonderful. Thank you very much.
You have no idea
how great this is
to finally meet you
all face to face.
- Just in time for us to murder you...
- b-b-b-bup.
Can we just put our
weapons down and talk?
What do you say?
Cappuccino, anyone?
I mean, my cappuccino's
to die for.
Come on. Let's go
to the kitchen.
Here we are.
It's hot.
Thank you.
So you were just screwing
with us this whole time.
Studying you.
Testing you.
Infiltrating you.
- Infiltrating?
- Yeah.
Remember this?
That face is that
face. It's the same.
It's not that face. It's
not even a good likeness.
Hey, how about this one?
I hope you do what you gotta do.
You know, it was rad meeting you guys,
and if you ever, ever want to find...
Gunther, I'm right here!
Can you believe those
guys? They hated me.
And Blake, you will
love this one.
Hey, come on in.
He's passed out.
He's a horrible kisser.
This is so fucking
messed up, guys.
That's a good shot right there.
I don't know if we can do this.
But what the fuck? It's a
joke. Hey, let's leave it.
Hey, take this shot here.
I told you it's hot.
You're fucking sick.
Is this a game to you,
murdering our friends?
Oh, you're gonna blame
me for this whole thing?
Blake, this all happened
because of you.
You planned this.
You got your friends
killed. And why?
Your generation is so entitled.
You want immediacy.
"I want to be the best,
and I want it right now."
Well, that's bullshit.
You know how I became the best?
I did it the old-fashioned way.
I earned it.
How do you think I learned to ram
my fist into someone's stomach
and to break their
goddamn spine?
Or to rip out their
heart and to eat it
before they even
know they're dead?
I've been doing this for
almost 50 fucking years,
so I deserve to be the best.
And you deserve what you got.
So what happens now?
My documentary needs an ending.
So the question is,
will it be a happy ending?
What does that even mean?
Well, as I've said,
I became quite fond
of all of you.
The thought of killing you
all almost makes me sad.
Now here's my offer.
And you get to choose.
Option one, you go and make
your own happy ending.
You get a second chance at life.
Retire from killing, obviously,
and I'll let you be.
I'll let bygones be
bygones and the like.
What's the other option?
That I kill you right now.
That's not as enticing.
We'll go.
What? No, Donnie, no.
- Yes, Sanaa.
- No.
You should go. You
know why you should.
Oh, that's right.
Oh, by the way, Gunther is a
wonderful name for a boy.
How rude.
- You let my crew go, too.
- Of course.
Hey, guys, it's a wrap.
Nate, Kimmy, you
get out of here.
Are you sure?
Yes. We're done.
Thank you.
- Holy shit, that was intense.
- Yeah.
I guess you can
turn that off now.
Oh. Okay.
And then there were two.
What is it, Blake?
Can we just be friends?
I don't think either of
us really want that.
Wouldn't be satisfying, huh?
Well, maybe this will be.
Bring in our guest.
Now here is your
second chance, Blake.
This superb creature
that you pushed away.
I hope you believe
me when I tell you
that I knew nothing
of your relationship
when she and I hooked up.
It never would have worked out
between the two of us anyway,
because she's too wild of
an animal in the sack.
Like pow, pow, pow!
All night long.
I mean, fuck, I'm too
old for this shit.
Besides, I believe that she's
still in love with you.
So, as you can see, you win.
The two of you could walk out of
here and live happily ever after.
Or I could shoot
you dead right now
and live even more
happily ever after.
You could.
Just want you to know I gave
explicit orders to my team
to shoot her to death
if you kill me.
So what is it gonna be?
The girl...
Or the glory?
Lisa, I am so sorry.
What a fucking idiot.
I mean, he fucked
up the whole thing.
How am I gonna finish my
fucking documentary now?
Thank you.
Now go.
Go, go! Hurry! Run!
You are fucked now!
Oh, no.
So you want to kill
me, huh, you bitch?
Go ahead. Kill me.
Kill me. Do it. I'm right here.
You son of a bitch.
Have you changed your mind
now all of a sudden? Huh?!
You know why you can't kill me?
Because you're a fucking loser.
Gunther? Gunther!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
- No! No!
No! No!
He got to the chopper.
Who's this?
Oh, this? I don't know. No,
I'm kidding. This is Ava.
She's four-months-old.
She's been holding on to this
finger for about two days.
We have to show the
camera. Watch this.
Ava, whose toes are these?
Ava, whose toes are these?
- Ava, whose toes are these?
- She's not going to answer you.
- They're hers. They're her toes.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Sanaa and I got married.
I converted to islam. My choice.
It wasn't because rahmat
threatened to kill me if I didn't.
But did he, though?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
You are my son now. Hmm?
You know, I've killed many
people. I've taken many lives.
Is daddy being silly?
Is he being silly?
But Ava is the first life
that I've ever given.
And, you know, in a way
she's given me life, too.
Because my dad now
has someone else
to focus all that affection on.
Okay, there she is! There
she is! Okay! Okay!
- Who knew he had more to give?
- Come here!
Where is my little goddess!
Where's my little goddess?
Yes. That face! I would...
she fell from the
sky, into my arms!
Oh, my god! I can't get
enough. I really can't.
Blake? No, I haven't
heard from Blake at all.
No, the only thing I heard about that
night was what you guys told me.
I feel like I betrayed Blake. I
have a lot of guilt about that.
Not only because I...
Failed him...
But because I've actually never
been happier in my entire life.
And I owe that to Blake.
When I got the wedding invitation
from Lisa, i was like... finally.
But... it wasn't him.
It was some other guy.
I met David through one
of our regular clients.
He's great. He's
smart and funny.
He sells time shares.
And he wants a family.
He loves me.
When I got Blake's letters,
I thought that he had changed,
but that night proved
that he hadn't.
I'm not mad. Um...
It's good to have some
closure, actually.
And I don't know what
happened to him.
I don't really care.
For all I know, him and
Gunther killed one another,
because Gunther certainly
hasn't come after me.
Guess who.
Well, I retired from
the killing game.
As a matter of fact, Blake was
going to be my one last kill,
but I just couldn't find
that son of a bitch.
I planned on killing Lisa, too.
But then I came up
with a better plan.
I said to myself, what would
hurt Blake more than death?
She doesn't know it yet,
but I was the one that introduced
Lisa to her new husband.
And a very special
thank-you to sue,
who set us up on our first date.
But life is great.
I mean, I kind of
took my own advice,
and I started over.
I moved back to my
home country, Austria,
and I bought a beautiful
chalet. Look at this.
And it's still under construction, because
it's two months late with the remodeling.
But don't get me
going on that one.
Now, if I ever change my mind
and want to whack someone,
that fucking contractor
is gonna get terminated.
That I can tell you.
Now the great thing is,
I'm now running a garden
co-op for retirees.
It's called "reifes alter,"
which basically means,
"ripe old age."
We're growing organic vegetables
and selling it at
the farmers market,
and all the proceeds go to the
pleasant Eve retirement home.
And I'm also coaching a
girls field hockey team.
And we ranked number
one in the district,
but we did lose the
state championships.
But of course, we don't
listen to the naysayers.
We never give up.
But what I'm most proud of is
that I rediscovered
my first love.
Country-western music.
I have a George strait kind of a
sound, if you know what I mean.
I even built a recording
studio in my own house,
and I just released my
first single online
under the name of cord billmont.
I'm coming for
you, Brad Paisley.
Trust me.
There you have it,
the new Gunther.
Happy ending.
And, great.
That's it.
That's all you need?
Yeah. No, I think we got it.
Thank you so much, again,
for letting us come by.
Oh, you never found Blake, huh?
No, he disappeared
completely without a trace.
Hmm. Of course.
Well, I'm actually impressed
that you found me.
Because I had to move out
of my house that night.
I mean, there were cops all
over the fucking place.
I was so fucking angry.
It was such a huge mess.
I was pissed off.
And Blake better spend the
rest of his life running.
Because if I ever
see him again...
I did it! I did it! I
killed him. Did you see it?
- Yeah, I saw it.
- You saw it, right? You saw me do it?
- Can we please go home now?
- I killed him!
- This is for Max, izzat, and
yong and Mia and barold.
- No, Blake, we just...
- and Ashley!
- Sure, Ashley. Let's go home.
- I, Blake hammon, killed Gunther.
- It's over. We did it.
- And if anybody doubted...
- hold on. Wait.
- What?
What's that sound?
Shit, he's good...
Yeah, yeah, here, 'cause I
have to tell you. Here we go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was
some pretty good singing.
Okay, here's the second verse.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah. Here she goes again.
-Okay, that was good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
that was perfect.
The first take is the last take.
No, I don't want to do it again.