Killing Kennedy (2013) Movie Script

Morning, Lee.
What's in the package?
Curtain rods.
Good morning. Hello?
And here is the President
of the United States.
And what a crowd and what a
tremendous welcome he's getting now.
We can...
And there's Jackie.
She's getting just
as big a welcome.
And the crowd is
absolutely going wild.
This is a friendly crowd
in downtown Dallas
as the President and
the first lady pass by.
There is Lyndon Johnson
and Lady Bird passing by.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you for seeing
me, Mr. Snyder.
My name is Lee Oswald, and I've come
to renounce my American citizenship.
Why would you do that?
I'm a Marxist.
You're a Marine, for God's sakes.
Marines don't defect.
I've seen enough of
democratic society,
of capitalistic society.
My mother worked her whole life
making profits for capitalists.
They push you down and they
never appreciate who you are.
Have a seat.
How old are you?
Twenty. 20 years and 13 days.
You're young, you're confused,
you're hurt, you're angry.
This is not an emotional decision.
I have studied Marx.
You don't even know
what life is like here.
In six months you're
gonna regret what...
I've told the Soviets
that I know things.
I had a very
high-security clearance.
I was a radar technician for
the United States government.
I am valuable.
You'd be a traitor. I believe
that what I'm doing is right.
And now the Soviets will see that
I'm serious. This will show them.
Mr. Oswald, when something like
this is done, it can't be undone.
No one ever listens to me.
Nobody believes me.
Now, I've made my decision,
and I'm through.
Well, if you're serious, you take
a few days and you come back.
A reporter, a young woman,
very attractive, asked me,
"Senator Kennedy, how did you
get to become a war hero?"
And I told her that it
was completely involuntary.
They sunk my boat.
They're ready for you, Jack.
This was supposed to be Joe.
He was the oldest.
Father always thought
it would be Joe.
And he was shot down,
and we were all,
Cut into the way things
were supposed to go.
Never supposed to be me,
but it is.
It was always supposed to be you.
Are you ready?
I am today announcing
my candidacy
for the presidency
of the United States.
The very first returns are now
beginning to pour in substantially,
and those in just a moment.
So first of all, let us
go to our summary board.
Bobby's got Lyndon
on the phone for you.
How's it going in there, Kenny?
It's close.
We knew it would be.
It's gonna come down to
Illinois, Texas and California.
Well, we're gonna need Texas.
How is he? Is he jolly?
It's Lyndon.
Hello, Lyndon.
I see we're winning in Pennsylvania,
but what the hell
happened to you in Ohio?
Well, how's it going
down there?
Well, I'm happy to tell you,
Texas is gonna be close,
but safe.
Well, all right. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Swear to God, Jack.
Swear to God.
If that's all it takes
to make you president
is to make that son of a bitch Lyndon
Johnson vice president, then so be it.
It's the best deal
we ever made.
Gradually throughout the
night, he's widened that lead.
He's about a half million
ahead right now.
In Connecticut, Kennedy
took that state by 9:00.
He rode up a very, very big...
Jack, look at that!
You've won Connecticut.
You're president now.
No, no, no.
But look at the lead you've got!
Well, yeah, sure,
in the Northeast,
but we need to wait till the
Midwest and then the West.
It's gonna be a long night.
Well, tell me in the morning
who wins, Mr. President.
Don't say that!
So, my fellow Americans,
ask not what your country
can do for you.
Ask what you can do
for your country.
Would you dance?
No, I'm not Chinese.
I'm American.
And my coworkers at the
radio factory call me Alik.
A beautiful Russian girl.
I wanted to study in Moscow, but
they sent me to this horrible place.
I like it better now.
May I...
May I kiss you?
Mr. President.
I'm sorry, but we got
a major problem in Cuba.
The invasion
of Cuba has created
a highly delicate and difficult
situation for the United States.
Cuba has said that
the invasion was mounted
from Florida and
from Guatemala.
The United States has denied
this, so has Guatemala.
Castro knew the
battle plan beforehand,
prepared an ambush and assigned himself
a prominent role in the battle.
Right now, the rebels are
pinned down here, on the beach.
Castro himself is there.
Castro? On the beach?
In a T-34 tank.
I speak for the joint chiefs,
and I think CIA agrees as well,
it is imperative that the United
States provide air support.
Well, I don't want the United
States involved in this.
We are involved in this.
We trained these rebels.
You approved the mission.
And you told me
the plan would work.
You told me those men will be
met by anti-Castro forces.
And where are they?
Are they there?
Mr. President, are you aware there will
be significant casualties sustained?
We need to act, and
we need to act now.
Beaches were not prepared
by air or artillery bombardment.
Those able to move beyond the beaches
were trapped in swamp or high growth
which was burned off,
and the fire forced them out one by one
into the hands of Castro's forces,
prisoners of war, dupes of
the United States government.
Jack, what is it?
Jack, it's me.
You can talk to me.
It's a catastrophe.
The one hour of air support
that I ordered got screwed up.
The two units didn't connect because
of a one-hour time difference.
These incompetent son of a bitches,
they can't even tell time!
I don't know why I ever
listened to them.
You couldn't have known.
The President should know.
How could I be so stupid?
Jack, you're being too hard on yourself.
But they said it.
They said I was
too young, too soft...
About communism.
And I told them I was ready.
And they trusted me.
They still do.
There are men dying
on those beaches,
right now.
I'm supposed to be the most
powerful man in the world,
and I...
I'm impotent.
Well, I'll tell you what.
This is the last time anyone's gonna
make a decision like that for me.
And here on the
beaches around the Bay of Pigs,
the invasion floundered and the
search for scapegoats began.
The issue has been sharpened
further by disclosure
of the President's
behind-the-scenes role.
The record will reflect that we at State
opposed the plan as a grave mistake.
That's the most meaningless
bullshit I ever heard.
You people are so anxious
to cover your own asses,
all you want to do is dump
this on the President.
Well, you bright fellows
got my brother into this.
Only three months into office
and now, thanks to you,
the President of the United States is
regarded as a paper tiger by the Russians.
Well, there's an old saying
that victory has
a thousand fathers,
but defeat is an orphan.
The responsibility's mine.
I am the president.
I didn't do nothing to you.
Spy! American spy!
You're back, like a bad penny.
Told you you'd regret it.
It's not what I thought
it would be.
And it's so damn cold.
I don't think I can take
another winter here.
Can you guarantee me there'll be
no legal proceedings against me?
I don't see why there would be.
Ironically, because
you failed to return,
you never officially
renounced your citizenship.
Can I bring my wife Marina?
Your wife's a Russian. She'll require an
exit visa from the Soviet authorities.
I want to bring my wife
back to the United States.
You're gonna love America, Mama.
I promise you.
English no good,
have no clothes.
You're gonna be fine.
And they'll love you there.
And we'll be happier
there, I promise.
Alik, you like little bird.
Where you happy?
A wife belongs with her husband,
and a baby with her father.
Junka needs her papa.
But, I would say that
being president is a fine job.
It's a fine job.
I get to walk to work
and the pay is nice.
You look so beautiful.
Would you tell Mrs. Baldridge
that we are on our way down?
Yes, Mr. President.
Mr. Oswald.
Mr. Oswald, are you a communist?
Yes, basically.
Although I hate the USSR,
I do believe that Marxism
can exist under
different circumstances.
Why did you go to the
USSR, Mr. Oswald?
I went as a mark of protest
against American political
policies in foreign countries.
I'm working.
Go finish packing.
Go mind the baby then. Go.
Mr. Oswald, are you
a communist?
No, of course not.
Mr. Oswald, why have you chosen
to come back to America?
I have lived under
both systems.
I have sought the answers.
Thank you, Mr. Oswald.
You are a true patriot.
His name is Oswald?
Lee Harvey Oswald.
I have to wonder what he
was really doing in Russia
and why the hell the State
Department let him come back.
How'd he end up in Dallas?
He's from here,
his mother's here.
I interviewed her
two years ago after he left.
"My poor misunderstood boy"
and all that.
What'd he do, change his
name to Oswaldovitch?
Mr. Oswald? I'm John Fain.
I'm an agent with the FBI.
I was told there'd be no
charges brought against me.
There are no charges. I'm
just asking a few questions.
I expected questions
from reporters.
There weren't any reporters.
Why did you go to Russia
in the first place?
Mr. Oswald?
It's just something I did.
Did you go to Russia
because you're a communist?
I don't really want to talk about
the past. I mean, I'm here now.
Are you now or have you ever
been a communist?
I've never had a card.
When you went to Russia,
your mother told
the State Department
you were some sort
of secret agent.
Are you?
A secret agent?
Are you involved with
an intelligence agency?
You're FBI.
And you don't know.
Oh, my God. It's as hot
in here as it is outside.
You live in this?
Oh! This is horrible.
How can you raise my granddaughter
in a horrible place like this?
Nyet, nyet.
Why don't you speak English yet?
You moved here,
you should speak English.
Mama, Mama,
what are you doing here?
Oh, I brought groceries,
I brought diapers.
How did you find us?
Why is it so hot in here?
I didn't want you coming here.
Oh, you can't live here.
You're moving back in with me.
No, Mama, I told you
we're not moving in with you.
And what are you wearing? Married
women don't wear shorts that short.
Ooh, she is a sour girl,
that one.
I brought a bassinette.
It's in the trunk.
Why don't you go out
and get it?
No, Mama,
I don't want you here.
I don't want you
meddling in our lives.
Well, I can drive you around
to look for a job.
I found a job!
Oh, well, I can help
with the baby.
I don't want your help.
You understand? That's why we moved.
To get away from you.
That's why I joined
the Marines.
Now you stop that. You don't
talk to me like that.
Where are you going?
I'm going to check
on my wife and daughter,
and when I come back,
I want you gone.
Lee, you finally came
back home to me,
don't let that woman
take you away from me again.
You're it!
Oh, Mrs. Kennedy.
I'm sorry.
The pool is closed.
Yes, closed, Mrs. Kennedy.
Oh, no!
I see.
You have a woman problem.
Judith Campbell?
Edgar tells me in my capacity
as Attorney General
and as much as my capacity
as your brother, I imagine,
that you're having an affair
with Judith Campbell.
Who is also having an affair
with Sam Giancana.
Sam Giancana is a mobster.
I'm aware of who Sam is.
Jesus Christ, Jack. I'm investigating
Sam Giancana for racketeering!
The press has been very good about
looking the other way when it comes to...
But this is dangerous.
All right.
Is there anything else?
No Judith Campbell.
No Giancana.
No mob.
Mr. Oswald.
I've already answered
all your questions.
Would you mind talking with us again?
Just a few minutes.
Well, my wife and
daughter are inside, so.
We don't need to disturb them.
We'll just talk here.
We learned that you contacted the
Russian Embassy in Washington.
You mind telling us why?
My wife is a Russian citizen.
She's supposed to let the
embassy know where she is.
Is that all? What do
you mean, is that all?
Did you talk to any Soviet
intelligence officers?
About what?
About American imperialism?
About inequality for Negroes?
What I want to know, Lee, is are
they asking you to spy for them?
Is that why they
let you come back?
Is that why they
let you bring Marina
and your daughter, June?
Are you a Russian spy?
Why would anyone
discuss spying with me?
I mean, you're the big, bad FBI.
Shouldn't you know?
Ain't you got
bigger fish to fry?
Think of the state that our
country is in at the moment.
You come here to harass me in front
of my home? Look where I live.
Get out.
Come on. Let's go.
Your verdict?
I don't know. He's a jerk.
Insolent, arrogant.
You tell me. Would you
choose this guy as a spy?
I don't see how
he's a security risk.
I say we close it.
This could be your
last case, John.
Lee Oswald. Then I'm done.
Twenty and out.
In Russia it's KGB.
Here it's FBI.
What is that?
Where did you get
the money for that?
I told you not to let
her in this house.
How can I say no?
Marina, you just do what I say.
You understand? That's it.
You just do as I say.
I'm the man in this house.
You're not a man.
You're a little boy.
They're afraid of me. They're the
FBI, and they're afraid of me.
Everyone afraid of Alik.
They've been following me
and persecuting me.
It's good. I take Junka,
we go see people.
It's good for baby.
You don't need to go out there.
Don't open that door.
Don't let them in.
You understand?
I'm the man of this house.
Not gonna be no peace.
You're watching me?
Then I'm watching you, too.
Good morning, Mac.
It's not so good, Mr. President.
Our U-2 spy planes have confirmed
that the Russians have placed
offensive nuclear
missiles in Cuba.
Hello, Jack.
Isn't this a nice surprise?
Just wanted to hear your voice.
Jack, is something the matter?
Jackie, why don't you come
back to the White House.
Yes, of course.
At a Pentagon
briefing here this evening,
we were shown pictures taken
by a high-flying U-2 plane
of two types of missiles,
some of them already
installed in Cuba
and pointed at
the US heartland.
One group of missiles
with a range of 1,200 miles,
the other group
with ranges up to 2,500 miles.
And there was a broad hint,
they do have nuclear warheads.
We have increased the number of planes
in our air defense along the East Coast,
and we have placed all US forces
around the world on an alert status.
I say we launch a full-scale
attack and invasion.
B-52s out of Barksdale.
What, and start
a war with Russia?
You really want to risk
an all-out nuclear war?
In a matter of days, those missiles
will be operational. We have to act.
I will not be pushed.
Not by Khrushchev,
not by you or anyone else.
One thing's for certain, I'm not gonna
allow nuclear missiles in our backyard.
I want to see a limited
military option.
I want to hear something
out of State.
You haven't said a word
the whole meeting.
I want options in 40 minutes.
What's happening?
We're in a fix.
I have 40 minutes before
I have to start again.
I keep thinking about
Khrushchev in The Kremlin.
He's in the same position I am.
He doesn't want to back down.
I don't want to back down.
I have to find a way
for him to back down.
And testosterone.
And not lose face.
You'll find a way.
You'll find a way.
What if I don't?
Men and women the
world over hang on the news
as it is uncertain
what the future holds.
All of the Western Hemisphere,
from Hudson Bay to Lima, Peru,
are within the range
of the missiles in Cuba.
In these troubled times,
America braces for disaster.
Please don't send
me away to Camp David.
I just want to be with you.
Even if there isn't room
in the bomb shelter,
I just want to be on the lawn
when it happens.
I just want to die with you.
Everybody's gonna like it.
Everybody's Russian.
All your nosy Russian friends.
George tried to get you a job.
He's nice to invite us.
You're the one
they invited, not me.
All right. I'll be good.
There they are!
Hurry. The President
is about to start his speech.
Quiet, please.
Ready in...
Five, four, three, two...
Good evening, my fellow citizens.
This government, as promised,
has maintained the
closest surveillance
of the Soviet military buildup
on the island of Cuba.
Within the past week,
unmistakable evidence
has established the fact
that a series of
offensive missile sites
is now in preparation
on that imprisoned island.
The purpose of these bases
can be none other
than to provide
nuclear strike capabilities
against the Western Hemisphere.
To halt this offensive buildup,
a strict quarantine on all
offensive military equipment
under shipment to Cuba
is being initiated.
A quarantine? That's illegal.
All ships of
any kind bound for Cuba,
from whatever nation
or port will,
if found to contain
cargoes of offensive weapons,
be turned back.
The Soviets have every
right to be there,
and Cuba has every right to defend
itself against the United States.
But why would Russia
be so foolish as to provoke?
No, no. Kennedy is the one
who's provoking this.
I think Kennedy is doing a good job.
On civil rights, yes.
But he is wrong on Cuba.
Your Cubans are just as greedy and
hypocritical as your Russians.
You fled one failed
cause for another.
Cuba is the last great hope for
Marxism, unless Kennedy destroys it.
Well, I grant you this much.
Your hero Fidel is the underdog,
and I like underdogs.
This is why I like you, Lee.
Kennedy needs to
keep out of Cuba.
Or what? What will you
and your underdogs do to him?
I'm playing with you, huh?
I am serious!
Something has to be
done to protect Cuba.
Cuba has to be the
point of the crisis.
There might be shooting
among the ships at sea.
If invasion is undertaken, the Russians
have said that they would retaliate.
We have said if there's rocket
fire from Cuba, we will retaliate.
The shooting war could
start tomorrow over Cuba.
How could Khrushchev do that?
Last night, he sent you a cable
saying he'd pull those missiles out.
And now this
public announcement
demanding we pull
our missiles out of Turkey.
He's already given in.
Now he wants to make deals?
What if you just ignore this?
He's under pressure.
The Kremlin won't let him back down.
And I'll be goddamned if I'm
gonna engage in a quid pro quo.
You. Just you.
You go to the Soviet
Ambassador and you tell him
that I have accepted
Khrushchev's original offer.
It just might work, Jack.
I hope to God it does.
Just yesterday,
we were on the brink of
nuclear war with the
Soviet Union.
Today, we can
all breathe easier.
Nikita Khrushchev today did
precisely what President Kennedy
has been asking him to do
ever since this crisis began.
He ordered the dismantling of
Soviet missile bases in Cuba
and the return of the rockets
to the Soviet Union.
Maybe tonight's the night
I should go to the theater.
I want you to take my picture.
Where do you find pistoleti?
I got it in the mail.
Here. Come here.
Come here. Take it.
Come, come, come.
Take my picture.
I want you to take this for Junie
to remember her papa by sometime.
All right. Then send
it to the papers.
To show them I'm ready
for anything. Take it.
Wind that little thing, and you're gonna
push that little lever down. Okay?
Hold on.
George, you've heard of this
General Edwin Walker?
Of course.
He's the crazy racist John Bircher who
caused all that trouble at Ole Miss.
And now he wants the United
States to invade Cuba.
He's going all over the
country attacking communism.
And Castro.
You know, Walker lives
right here in Dallas.
No, he doesn't.
Yes, he does.
What if someone killed Hitler
before he came to power?
I ask you, how many lives
could have been saved?
Anybody who bumps that bastard off
will be doing the world a favor.
Who's hungry?
I would betray the confidence
reposed in me by the American people
if I had not warned you
of the menace of communism
and the peril facing
this nation today.
Mr. Oswald, why did
you shoot General Walker?
General Walker wanted to invade
Cuba and overthrow Castro.
He was a racist who was a
threat to civil rights.
Mr. Oswald, what do you say to those
who will call you a murderer?
In time, they will see that I stopped
a dangerous man on his rise to power.
They will see me as a hero,
as a hunter of fascists.
And long after I'm gone,
they will remember this day
as the day that changed
the world forever.
Thank you, Mr. Oswald.
You are a true...
This is my office.
I know it's late. You can't come
in here. Leave me alone.
Who's got you, June bug?
June bug! Cutie, cutie!
Cutie, cutie! Who's got you?
That's right. Come here.
Papa's got you.
There you are.
Papa's gonna be president someday.
Well, I could be
in 20 years or so.
How you be famous, huh?
How you be president
if you don't do anything?
How do you think
Kennedy became president?
His daddy bought it for him.
'Cause money buys everything here.
You know that.
Very handsome.
You know you're not supposed
to say that about other men.
Well, if not me, then your
brother will be president.
I left you as much
money as I could.
$60 on the second of the month.
You and the baby can live for another
two months using $10 a week.
If I'm alive and
taken prisoner,
the city jail is located
at the end of the bridge,
through which we always passed
on going to the city.
This is the key to the mailbox
which is located in the main post
office in the city on Ervay Street.
You will find the mailbox
in the post office
which is located four blocks from
the drugstore on that street.
I paid for the box last month,
so don't worry about it.
Send the information as to what
has happened to me to the embassy
and include
newspaper clippings,
should there be anything
about me in the newspapers.
I believe that the embassy
will come quickly
to your assistance
on learning everything.
I paid the house rent on the
2-D, so don't worry about it.
Recently I also paid
the water and gas.
The money from work
will possibly be coming.
Certain of my documents
are in the small blue valise.
The address book can be found on the table
in the study, should you need the same.
The Red Cross will also help you.
Red Cross in English.
You can either throw out or give
my clothing, etcetera, away.
However, I prefer that you
hold on to my personal papers.
I did it.
I shot General Edwin Walker.
I just killed a very dangerous man.
Police here?
Why you shoot a man?
To show that I'm ready.
To show everyone.
And now, people will
think I'm a hero.
And now
we bring you a special report.
We have just learned that there
has been an assassination attempt
on the life of General Edwin A.
Walker of Dallas.
Walker was sitting at a desk in his home
when a bullet came through his window.
The bullet narrowly
missed Walker.
According to federal
a neighbor witnessed two men in
an alley behind Walker's house
get into their cars
and drive away.
You're kidding me.
You're kidding me! Two men?
Two men.
The FBI is stupid!
God damn it.
I had him.
He must have moved his head at the last
minute. My aim was perfect. I know it.
God damn it.
Damn it, damn it, damn it,
damn it, damn it, damn it.
I was happy to see that in the
end it worked out for you down there.
What happened?
Well, the party's been going to
hell over the last six years.
I don't mean to throw any stones at
the man, but Daniel. Price Daniel.
Well, we have no leadership.
But we've made inroads
with that since the election.
No, you've done all right.
Except that they've got a lot of
organization on that side of the party.
This is true.
Well, the way
I see it, it looks like
it could very well
come down to Texas again,
and we're gonna need the money and
the votes and we do something for it.
What's the plan?
Well, I defer to the governor.
Maybe I can host a
dinner in Austin.
The three of us on a tour.
We do Austin,
San Antonio and Dallas.
No, not Dallas. You lost the hell
out of Dallas by 60,000 votes.
I lost by 20,000.
They just murdered all of us.
That's why we're
gonna change that.
What looks good, Kenny?
Dallas isn't safe.
Housewives came out of their houses to
spit on me during the '60 campaign.
November. Say a week
before Thanksgiving.
All right.
Let's book it.
Marina, goddamn it,
where are my guns?
Nixon's in town.
I want to have a look.
Why need gun for look?
Promise me you'll
never shoot no more people.
Okay, I promise.
Promise me you'll get job.
Every time I get a job, the damn
FBI tells them I'm a communist.
No! It's not good here.
Why? Why you bring us here?
Dallas no good.
Well, maybe I'll go
to New Orleans.
Maybe they won't follow me there.
I'll get a job down there.
Is better.
I promise.
I promise, Mama.
Thank you.
Fair play for Cuba? Tell the President
to keep his hands off Cuba.
Fair play for Cuba.
Fair play for Cuba?
I ask you, what do you
know about Cuba?
I'm recruiting for the
Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
I'm from Cuba.
I know Cuba.
Our homeland was taken from us
by a communist dictator.
The Cuban people want
Castro as their leader.
No, he's a killer. He sent
our children to execution.
Give me those!
This man is a communist!
I have rights!
He's an agent of Castro!
Go back to Cuba!
You FBI?
I asked specifically
to speak to an FBI agent.
I'm Agent John Quigley.
This is supposed
to be a free country.
I was arrested for exercising
my right to free speech
and I've been here
all night long.
I understand that you
and the other three men
were charged with
disturbing the peace.
I did not disturb the peace.
I was attacked for my beliefs.
You're pro-Cuba?
I belong to
Fair Play for Cuba, yes.
And who is AJ Hidell?
Hidell. He issued that
membership card to me.
Mr. Hidell is the president
of the committee.
Hidell is name you make up.
You tell FBI Hidell
rhyme with Fidel?
Tell FBI you want
name our baby Fidel?
All you do all day,
pass out Cuba paper.
Still no job.
Only Cuba, Cuba, Cuba.
You know, Cuba
not care about you.
Look at you. Great man,
genius, and no one knows it.
You're going back to Texas.
You call that friend of yours, the
one you gave the Russian lessons to.
Tell her to come
get you and Junie.
Ruth? You no like Ruth.
She'll take care of you
till the baby comes.
Marina, as soon as
you get back to Dallas...
When you get back to...
I need to go
to Cuba immediately.
I have to.
I am sorry, but as I explained,
you will need a Soviet visa.
You're not listening to me.
I need you to make
an exception.
I've proven my support
of President Castro.
Mr. Oswald, I am telling you,
it will take four months.
No, I don't have enough money to
stay in Mexico for four months.
Then go back to the United
States, and you wait.
I'm being harassed in the United States.
I am sorry, Mr. Oswald.
I'm being persecuted
and followed by the FBI
because of my support
of President Castro,
your leader who they have
sought to overthrow.
Don't you care about your own country?
Go home, Mr. Oswald.
I don't have a home.
That's not my home.
The dramatic miracle
of birth and a fight for life
takes place at the Otis Air
Force Base Hospital on Cape Cod
as Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy
bears a premature son.
The baby, the first to be born to
a White House family in 68 years,
was the object of worldwide attention
during his dramatic fight for life.
You all right?
Yes, of course.
I'm all set. My car will
take me to the airport.
Oh, Jackie.
I was so stupid.
I already lost two.
I wasn't ready to
lose another one.
It's not your fault.
God called him back,
our baby Patrick.
We had him for two days.
He was a beautiful baby.
And he fought so hard.
Like a Kennedy.
Well, you'll go away
for two weeks,
get out on the water,
enjoy the Greek Islands.
I want you to rest.
And... Look at me.
I want you to be very careful
around that Onassis character.
And then I want you
to come back to me.
Of course I will.
The one thing
I could never bear
would be to lose you.
You say you just found
a job here in Dallas?
Yes, ma'am, that's right.
Are you married?
I mean, yes, I was, ma'am.
Well, this will be your room, Mr...
Mr. Lee you said?
That's right. Lee.
OH Lee.
Well, make yourself comfortable.
I contacted the CIA.
Said he visited the Cuban Embassy
and maybe the
Soviet Embassy as well.
What is he, some kind of spy?
They don't know what he is.
They think he may have gone back
to Dallas. They're not sure.
All right, well, I'll try
to find this Oswald fellow.
Ruth Paine?
Yes. Can I help you?
Hi. I'm Special Agent James Hosty,
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I'm looking for Lee Oswald.
Do you mind if I come in?
Yes, please come in.
Thank you.
Their friend George introduced us,
and Marina and I became friends.
So when she and Lee
had their problems,
I went down to New Orleans and brought
her back here to have her baby.
And Mr. Oswald is still
in New Orleans?
No. He lost his job there,
so he came back.
He's living here?
No, I won't allow that.
And Marina won't either.
He keeps some of his things
out in my garage,
and he comes weekends
to see his girls.
But Marina doesn't
want him here.
Do you know where he is?
I should think he's at work.
Where does he work?
At the Texas School
Book Depository.
Marina, this is FBI Agent Hosty.
No, he's not here to harm you.
No. No, our job is
to protect people.
You find Oswald?
Sort of. I know where he's working,
but I don't know where he's living.
He'll show up sooner or later.
I missed you, kid.
I missed you, too.
Maybe you'll come
on the road with me?
Come to Texas,
help me with the campaign?
Of course I will, Jack.
I'll campaign with you
anywhere you want.
Good. We'll be back on the 25th, in
time for John Junior's birthday.
Excuse me.
Is that a 6.5 Italian carbie?
And is that
a four-power scope?
Yes, it is.
You'll get that good. Just a
little more practice is all.
Now, what did I tell you
about the chamber?
You always got to empty it
when you lay the gun down.
Junka wants to know why her papa
hasn't played with her today.
All right, okay. I'll be
there in just a minute.
We wouldn't have this problem
if Ruth would let me live here.
Just mind your
business, Marina.
What do you say, Jack?
Hey, Harry, how are you?
I volunteered to
work the parade
so I can get a good look
at President Kennedy.
Who wants to see that traitor?
He should be shot.
Hey, I like Kennedy. How can
you say something like that?
I mean, in my own place,
about our beloved president.
And the both of them, the
President and Mrs. Kennedy.
I love them.
I love them both.
Hey. Hey, TORY!
What the hell's wrong
with you, huh?
Can't you see my friends
need some drinks here?
What are you, blind?
I'm sorry, Mr. Ruby.
Don't apologize. Just take
care of my pals here, okay?
Come on, let's go.
Chop chop.
Air Force One arrives
at Love Field at 11:40 a.m.
The President and First Lady will
be met by Johnson and Lady Bird,
Governor Connally and his wife.
We allow a few minutes
for the receiving line.
So around noon, the motorcade
leaves the airport.
We stay about 30 miles
an hour out by the airport.
So, it's downtown
around 20 minutes later.
Now, the parade will travel
down Main Street here.
We slow to 15 miles an hour
so the crowds can get
a good look at Lancer.
These tail buildings on either
side, this is like a canyon.
There's more than 20,000 windows
along this parade route.
We'll be sitting ducks.
We have to assume the President's car
will be open, unless it's raining.
Here at Dealey Plaza,
we make a right on Houston.
Can't we avoid this?
There's a 120-degree
turn onto Elm.
It's gonna slow the
motorcade down to a crawl.
No. The only way under the
Stemmons Freeway is from Elm.
This town makes me nervous.
You know Dallas is the murder
capital of the country.
We did a thorough check of
active threats to the President.
There are none in Texas.
We checked with the FBI.
Nothing came up.
Yeah. Let's pray for rain.
The city
of Dallas is busy preparing
for the President
and First Lady's visit.
We don't have
all the details yet,
but we do know that the
President and First Lady
will drive through downtown on the
way to the Dallas Trade Mart,
where the President
will give a speech.
We'll keep you updated
as we learn more.
Frazier, can I get a ride
home with you after work?
Yeah, of course,
like I told you.
You can get a ride
any time you want.
Hey, Lee, you don't see your girls
till Friday. It's Thursday.
I just gotta pick up
some curtain rods.
I'm lonesome for my girls.
You only come weekends,
not now.
Mama, please don't be that way.
Please, Mama. I miss you.
I miss our girls. I'm lonely.
You're always lonely, Alik.
We can start over, you know?
We can. I promise you, I'll
be so different this time.
You never different.
Please. I can be.
For you, I can be.
I'll buy you that washing
machine that you always wanted.
Mama, I'm begging you.
If you say no to me again,
I'm gonna...
This is the last time
that I will ever ask you.
If Ruth says yes,
you can stay tonight.
But I won't return to you.
It's raining, Mr. President.
It's too bad.
Thank you, George.
Have you seen this?
Yeah. We're headed
into nut country today.
Ah! My favorite.
I know.
Those rich Texas society women,
they're gonna eat you up.
If it's so important
I look good,
why do I have to be blown
around in a motorcade
with you and Governor
Connally first?
I am so glad that you are here.
It's so much better
when you're here.
'Cause the one thing
I couldn't bear
would be to lose you.
Morning, Lee.
What's in the package?
Curtain rods.
I wish it would just rain
or quit altogether.
If it's raining in Dallas, we'll
want a bubble top on the limo.
They say it's going
to clear up.
Okay. If it does, no bubble.
Well, be sure to get that in.
Good morning, Lyndon.
Mr. President.
The Presidential
party will leave
Fort Worth on a quick
flight to Dallas,
where the motorcade will travel through
downtown on their way to the Trade Mart.
Good morning!
This crowd started gathering
out here quite early this morning
to ensure a good vantage point.
Air Force Number One,
ladies and gentlemen,
carrying the President
of the United States.
You gonna watch the parade?
Yeah. I want to
see the President.
There's Mrs. Kennedy,
and the crowd yells.
And the President
of the United States.
The President, now
partially obscured behind his wife...
Yes, she is.
She's beautiful.
Mrs. Kennedy coming along
behind him, grinning ah the while.
Boy, ain't you coming downstairs?
It's lunchtime.
No, sir.
The President now
in with the First Lady,
and the motorcade
begins to move out.
It cleared up.
Should be here pretty soon now.
Here comes the first
car with Police Chief Jess Curry
and Sheriff Bill Decker.
And here is the President
of the United States.
And what a crowd and what a
tremendous welcome he's getting now.
Here they come!
We can...
And there's Jackie.
She's getting just
as big a welcome.
And the crowd is
absolutely going wild.
This is a friendly crowd
in downtown Dallas
as the President and
the First Lady pass by.
There are people absolutely looking from
every window here in downtown Dallas.
It was a wonderful welcome
as the President
and Jacqueline Kennedy
passed our point.
Here they come!
The President of the United States.
And what a crowd and what a
tremendous welcome he's getting now.
We can... And there's Jackie.
She's getting just
as big a welcome.
And the crowd is
absolutely going wild.
This is a friendly crowd
in downtown Dallas
as the President and the
First Lady pass by.
The shots came from the roof.
Clear the way!
Hold it!
Hold it right there!
You know this man?
Yeah, he works here.
I saw him right up there,
one window from the top.
- He had a rifle in the window.
- Slow down. Can you describe him?
White. 5'10", I guess.
160, 170 pounds.
How old?
Thirty, I'd say.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
You'll excuse the fact
that I'm out of breath,
but about 10 or 15 minutes ago,
a tragic thing, from all
indications at this point,
has happened in
the city of Dallas.
Mrs. Kennedy.
Mrs. Kennedy, please let
us help the President.
You know he's dead.
Leave me alone.
Mrs. Kennedy.
I heard three loud
shots, seemingly from right over my head.
Reports are in.
We now have heard
from two witnesses
who saw a man in the window of the
building above the route holding a gun.
Yeah, this is Bobby.
Bobby, this is Director Hoover.
The President has been shot.
Here is a bulletin from CBS News.
In Dallas, Texas,
three shots were fired at President
Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President
Kennedy has been seriously wounded
by this shooting.
Repeating, President Kennedy
has been shot
by a would-be assassin
in Dallas, Texas.
Governor Connally has been
taken upstairs for surgery.
Well, how's the President?
It looks bad.
He's still...
Somehow he's still breathing.
The doctors are with him.
I'm in your hands, Kenny.
What should I do?
I'll let you know as soon as
I hear about the President.
500 North Beckley.
What the hell?
I wonder what all the uproar is.
I want to be with my husband.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Kennedy.
I want to be with my husband.
You can't.
The doctors are doing
everything they can.
I'm going to get into that room.
The suspect in the
shooting at Elm and Houston
is reported to be
an unknown white male,
approximately 30, slender build,
height, 5'10", weight 165 pounds.
The First Lady is in the emergency
room with the President.
The crowd outside is quiet
and waiting for some word
of the condition of the President.
You sure are in a hurry.
Eternal rest grant unto him
and let perpetual light
shine upon him.
May he rest in peace.
Captain Fritz,
I've taken a head count.
We have one employee missing.
His name is Lee Harvey Oswald.
They want to
perform an autopsy.
I'm not leaving without him, Kenny.
We have to take him home.
I know.
They can't have him.
I'm taking my husband
home with me.
Okay, we'll call a mortuary.
We'll get a casket.
We can get someone to bring you a
change of clothes from the plane.
No. No.
I want them to see
what they've done to Jack.
He's gone.
Dear God.
We need to get you out of here.
What about Mrs. Kennedy?
She won't leave the President.
I won't leave without
Mrs. Kennedy.
I'll take her back
with me on the plane.
Mr. President,
can we release the
news to the press?
No, Id better get back to the plane
before you announce it.
From Dallas, Texas,
the flash apparently official,
President Kennedy died at 1:00 p.m.
Central Standard Time
some 38 minutes ago.
Vice President Johnson
has left the hospital.
Presumably, he will be taking
the oath of office shortly
and become the 36th President
of the United States.
The suspect in the
shooting at Elm and Houston
is supposed to be
an unknown white male,
approximately 30, 165 pounds...
Excuse me.
Come up to the car please.
I'm sorry? Step over to
the car please, sir.
Look, I'm just walking.
Sir, right now! I need
you to step to the car.
Thank you, sir.
Where you headed?
I'm just walking through
the neighborhood. That's all.
What's your name?
Alik Adell.
Can I see your hands, please?
All right, sir. I'm gonna need you
to step to the front of the car.
Right here. Sir, I need
to see your hands.
I need to see your
hands, sir, right now.
Sir, I need...
- Hello. Police operator?
- Who is this?
There's been a shooting. There's
been a shooting. An officer's been shot.
What's your location?
Where's the officer?
10th Street between
Marsalis and Beckley.
It's a police officer.
Somebody shot him.
Excuse me, sir. Sir!
Hosty. Jim, they think the
shooter is Lee Oswald.
Did you hear that?
Hey, hey! Quiet down, will you?
No, I didn't hear that. What's the name?
Lee Oswald.
This is it. It's all over now.
He's got a gun!
Hold him down. Hold him
down. Secure him!
I'm not resisting.
Got him?
I am not resisting arrest.
All right, everyone.
Listen up. Listen up.
I need somebody to
get a search warrant,
go out to this address and
pick up a man named Oswald.
Lee Oswald?
That's the bastard
that shot Officer Tippit.
Captain, I'll save you the trip.
We've got him right next door.
There he sits.
They're saying
I shot a police officer.
What's your name?
I didn't shoot anyone.
Where do you work?
All I did was
bring a gun into a theater.
That's all.
I asked you where you work.
And this...
This is what your police force did to me.
This is Special Agent
James Hosty of the FBI.
I know who you are.
You're the man that's
been accosting my wife.
You leave her alone, you son of a bitch.
Hey, hey. Hold on.
I asked her some
questions is all.
You have any questions,
you can ask me.
Leave her alone. Ask me.
Matter of fact, I have a
lot of questions for you.
Let's begin with Mexico City.
I don't know what you're talking
about. I'm done talking to him.
FBI's the reason I've lost
every job I've ever had.
Goddamn FBI was following me.
Hey, hey.
That's enough, boy.
Your boss says you left the
building without permission.
There was just so
much excitement
that I didn't think there was gonna
be any more work today, so I left.
I went to the movies.
Miss Paine, we're with the Dallas
County Sheriff's Department.
Mind if we have a look around?
Last time you saw your
husband was yesterday?
What time was that?
He came in the evening,
and he stayed last night.
Can... Does he have
to touch that?
The kids are sleeping in there.
Did you see him this morning?
Does she speak English?
Does your husband own a rifle?
No, he doesn't.
Excuse me. That is
personal property. Okay?
Can you please put the...
Da. Yes.
In the garage?
The garage!
Hey, Jack, I was just headed
over to the Carousel.
It's closed. Closed for the
whole weekend in honor of...
I keep thinking about
Mrs. Kennedy.
The poor woman's going to have
to come back here for a trial.
She's gonna have
to go through all...
You okay, Jack?
Yeah. No... Yeah, yeah.
Get a look at that creep yet?
No, but I think they're bringing
him out for the press pretty soon.
Thanks, Harry.
That's him! Did you kill
the President, Mr. Oswald?
I'd like some
legal representation.
These police officers have
not allowed me to have any.
I... I don't know
what this is all about.
Did you kill the President? No, sir,
and people keep asking me that.
Did you shoot the President?
I work in that building.
Were you in the
building at that time?
Naturally, if I work
in the building, yes, sir.
Did you shoot the President?
No, they're taking me in because of
the fact I lived in the Soviet Union.
I'm just a patsy.
No, no, they treatin' me fine.
Why? Why would you do this?
This is a mistake.
This is all a mistake.
I'll have a trial.
I'm gonna show 'em all.
You mustn't worry
about me, Mama.
Come on. Get up.
I'm gonna be fine.
You kiss Junie and
Rachel for me? Hmm?
Oswald is being transported
this morning to the county jail.
Here he comes now.
Captain Fritz, is this the man you
believe killed President Kennedy?
I think we have the right man.
Okay, you wait
right here, Sheba.
Here we go!
There he is! There he is!
The man who shot Lee Oswald has been
identified as Jack Ruby. R-U-B-Y.
He runs a place in Dallas
called the Carousel Club,
which is a kind of
a strip joint and nightclub.
Here comes Oswald.
He is ashen and
unconscious at this time.
Now being moved in.
He's not moving.
The accused assassin of the President
and slayer of Officer Tippit,
24-year old Lee Harvey Oswald,
also went to his grave today
in a secret, almost unattended
funeral at Fort Worth.
The shooting,
which forever sealed his lips
and may have prevented police
from ever getting the full story
of what was behind the assassination
of the President of the United States.
We don't have any pallbearers.
Come on, boys.
So now he is a legend,
when he would've
preferred to be a man.
Jack used to love to listen to the album
from the Broadway musical Camelot.
King Arthur and Lady Guinevere.
He'd listen to it at night
before falling asleep.
He loved the final line.
"Don't let it be forgot
"that once there was a spot,
"for one brief shining moment,
"that was known as Camelot."