Killing Salazar (2016) Movie Script

The Bratski Krug, known as the Circle of Brothers -
an international drug cartel created with blood and guns.
The man behind the empire,
Joseph "The Shark" Salazar,
also known as The Great White Shark.
Half Colombian, half Russian. Married to
the daughter of the head of the Circle.
The rise of Salazar can be described
by the trail of bodies left in his wake...
The work we have done
I think, requires a stronger foundation than ever
to address the inevitable challenges
we face in an ever-changing threat landscape
And we know that these challenges will evolve,
requiring a nimble and flexible response
by the federal government
and the many partners we engage across the country.
Our police are fighting a war
that should have been declared.
This is a war that has hurt innocent people.
Served as a catalyst to crimes of violence ...
Crimes against private property,
depleted our resources.
And I believe this is an epidemic ...
An epidemic of crack.
New York is now out of control.
Mayor Koch is asking the federal government for help
in this war against drugs
and the federal death penalty for drug dealers.
For The Independent News, I'm Ed Miller.
Jesus Christ..
Federal Agent Tom Jensen
So as you know, we are now on what is considered U.S. soil,
which means you are bound by the laws
of the United States of America.
and your answers need to be truthful.
You understand that, right?
Yes sir.
I've read your statements.
DOJ tasked your team to do
what I thought was a...
...routine transport.
And yet, in the last 24 hours
we have lost some folks
One Marshal, one DOA, one MIA
not to mention the disappearance of the
Bratski Krug boss
Joseph "El Tiburn" Salazar.
Obviously, your statements include
large areas of omission.
And I kind of want to see if
we can set up a situation
where I can clarify some of this.
You are aware of the circumstances
that led to the assignment of that day?
Skony didn't fill me in, sir.
Welcome to Missouri.
Agente Federal John Skokowski,
alias, Skony
Ok, well, allow me.
I'm sure you've heard of Operation Salazar.
I've been leading this ongoing DOJ operation
into dismantling the Bratski Krug
And Joseph "El Tiburn" Salazar,
for over 5 years now.
Did I ever tell you about how I escaped from the Russian army...
...through Afghanistan in '91,
and ended up doing hits
for Larisa's father here in Odessa?
Only every time we play chess.
Harrison, all teams in position.
Stand by:
Everybody goes on my call.
Copy that. Standing by.
OK, everybody listen up:
we move on the "go" word.
Everybody knows the drill.
All right guys, let's be ready.
What've we got?
Just so everybody knows...
72 hours ago, my team confirmed
the location of Salazar
and his number 2 man, Bruno Sinclaire.
And, green-lit the operation
once and for all, ok?
They've got this entrance down.
Everything's exactly the way we want it.
Make sure we do not kill this bitch, you hear?
I need him alive.
Works for me.
Do you know why I love this game so much?
Because there can only be one king.
Go to the back.
Stay here.
you know what they say ...
"The king is dead,
long live the king".
- You are learning.
- I have not beaten you yet.
The day you do ...
I will give all of this to you.
Cross my heart.
Each man has his price, Sinclaire.
The important thing
is to find out what it is.
This is why I offer you my treasures ...
- Check.
- That's the word. Go! All right, let's do this.
All units, go, go, go!
Ms. Pavlovna, that's enough work for today.
Go rest.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Don't let them into the main house.
We're going to move inside.
Keep them at bay. Move it, move!
Boss, we gotta go now.
Delta team, this is Echo team.
The coast is clear.
Copy that Echo.
Protect the entrance!
Keep it correctly.
If someone finds subjects, code nine-six.
They've taken the garden.
Stay away from the window.
Here, put on this vest.
Keep it on a swivel, I need him alive.
It's ok.
Let them take us in.
My lawyers will have us out before dinner.
Hands up! Let me see your hands, now!
Dead check!
Hands up, do it.
Delta Team, this is Echo Team. All is clear.
All right, get him out of here.
You will go directly to jail.
All right. I'm gonna do the dead check.
Ok, let's get this done.
And that's the end of "El Tiburn".
In one day, Agent Darol and I
got that son of a bitch.
Now, you wanna tell me about Barada?
With respect, sir, it should all be in my file.
Yeah, well...
like I said, my job is not to read your file,
as much as
to talk to you,
and most of that has been redacted.
That's why I'm here.
How did you end up in JPATS?
I was recruited, sir.
By John Skokowski?
He was a good man. Yes sir.
Okay, so let's back to Barada for a minute.
What do you want to know?
3 tours, the last one was with Barada.
I came home alive, barely.
Pssed off a few people along the way,
People will never understand what happens
when you travel the country.
I'm sure you understand that, sir.
If I want to stay out of jail
I guess I shouldn't really say any more.
You want to stay out of jail?
Do you think I'm here to put you in jail?
No sir.
Major Tom Jensen?
- That's me, Major.
- You're late, Jensen.
Our report time is 0900. I'm early.
I don't give a fk
about your imaginary numbers.
You're late.
Well, come on. Grab your gear.
Welcome to Missouri.
Good to see you too, sir.
Come on, come on.
Jesus Christ.
Come on, come on!
Transfer in from Barada unit.
Great. Another head case.
Hold up.
Everything we do, we do as a unit.
This is how we come home safely
and ready for our next assignment.
- Ain't that right, Major?
- Yeah, it sounds about right to me ...
Fcking asshole.
As with everything we do, this is a timed exercise.
You have 11 seconds to knock down all six
else we have to qualify again, starting with a runner
Ready, Major?
11 seconds.
9 seconds.
5 seconds.
- You had plenty of time for that last one.
- More than I needed.
Any particular reason why?
Sir, unless I really have to, I always have a problem
shooting a beautiful woman.
- Try to keep up.
- I'll do my best.
You know, he's timing you on this run too.
Is that right? What are you waiting for?
Federal Agent: Eric Ramirez
Federal Agent: Gary Dentze
Federal Agent: Amanda Chavez
DOJ just contacted us, we have an alien transport pickup:
Constanta, Romania.
DEA bringing in a body on bird. Having requisition issues.
Asking for Con Air while they sort it out.
For a corpse?
Sounds like some typical DEA bullshit.
Draw a raw detail and dump it on the JPATS
For the record, the body in the bag
is a one Joseph Salazar.
- Bratski Krug, huh?
- That's correct.
- You know both the brother and Circle?
- One and the same.
Salazar was the boss of one of the most
violent cartels in Eastern Europe.
Dead or alive, we're bringing him state-side.
Gear up and move out.
What are you waiting for, soldier? Let's go.
Skony briefed the team before he left,
is that right?
The best he could.
Did he indicate to you that he knew
the true nature of the mission?
No sir.
Did anybody on the team question the orders?
No sir.
Constanta, Romania
Do you have any idea if Marshal Skony
got operational approval...
...from Mr. Pierce to fly a US Marshal's
prisoner transport plane into foreign soil?
Sir, that is above my pay grade.
-The transfer to the hotel was not authorized...
- Look, sir..
We were told that this operation
was as a favor for the DEA.
The communication came in from
DEA headquarters in Washington.
I saw the file.
Skony was just following orders, sir.
Official or otherwise.
- Darol.
I appreciate that last-minute backup.
Yeah, well, we're a long way from home,
so let's just get on with it.
Well, about that...
- Allow me, chica.
- You too, Jensen.
What the fk?
- What the sht, Darol?
- The sht, my friend, is classified.
Salazar is going to be our star witness
for the next 10 years.
All you have to do is get him stateside.
He just up and flipped?
Left his whole family behind?
He knows the Circle is going to be out
to exterminate his entire blood-line?
Try? Yes. Succeed? Not a chance.
Besides, it's just him and his wife Larisa.
That's not my problem.
The only thing I care about
is getting him back to the good ol' U.S.A.
Everyone is surprised to see me alive.
Yeah, no sht.
Especially you, little girl.
He's supposed to be shackled for transport.
You know that.
We have to sit him for 24 hours before transport.
Hey look, it comes from the top, all right?
We need to sit him until we get the go or no-go.
Since when are the U.S. Marshal's
a godmn babysitting unit?
This was not in the transit orders. Dn it, Darol.
This smells of D.E.A. bullshit from across the pond.
Skony, what do you want from me? All right?
The D.O.J. made a deal with Salazar.
They asked the DEA to fake his death,
so as people wouldn't know we flipped him.
So, I wouldn't change your operational schedule.
They say we sit him until we get the all-clear.
So, we sit him until we get the all-clear.
I need you to buy me 24 hours.
Then we can put him away for the rest of his life.
24 hours.
We don't have a secure holding tank.
What you should be doing is parking him at that military base
over there, and locking him down solid.
That's just way too much paperwork, all right?
I can't put him on a base with 8,000 soldiers, any one them could be bought.
All right.
I've got a safe house.
You're gonna love it.
But I did hear a name.
Yes? What was the name?
Hey, talk to Harrison ...
Yours, sir.
Fk you, Darol.
Let's roll out.
Give me a cigarette, I've been dead four hours already.
Not a chance.
In your world... someone steps on your toe,
you have to be nice ...
In my world...
Just remember, you're supposed to be dead,
so do us all a favor and act dead.
I got him.
This way.
I have never vacationed in Romania.
It's not too late to start though, huh?
Ramirez, Luca is with you to sweep the west stairs.
Dentze, you sweep the east stairs.
Jensen, Chavez, with me.
- 12th Floor?
- Presidential Suite.
Nothing but the best for our rat of the year.
According to the Chinese,
people born in the Year of the Rat are creative, intelligent,
honest, ambitious, generous and victor temper.
You see yourself like that?
No, I'm not a rat, I am a shark.
What do I care about the fcking rat?
The Presidential suite has its own generator. So does the elevator.
Everything else is dark or emergency power.
- Personnel?
- Sent home.
Water problem with the foundation.
They've been drilling drainage tunnels for the last 6 months.
Good for us, but ...
great place to park a body needing transporting.
Who else knows we're here?
Just Harrison.
Look at this view ...
You know what this view cost me?
3 billion U.S. dollars.
That's what I left in Odessa.
I can tell you know about family ...
- That right?
- Your father...
I'm thinking...
He was the big influence on your life.
Am I right?
For me, it was my father-in-law who shaped me into the man I am today.
You know what he taught me?
"Don't fuck with big dog".
Good advice. Good story.
It's funny because I was born in the year of the rat and I don't give a fk about dogs.
Salazar, your room is downstairs. Come with me.
All right. He is all yours.
I have to arrange clearance for tomorrow, but uh..
let's make sure you do sweeps
and let's make sure nobody from the hotel knows we're here.
My guys have been hot for 72, so why don't you, uh...
take Luca.
You're gonna be on your own tonight, but I will be back.
I'm going to get clearance
and put your team in place by 0900.
There are six of us.
You expect us to secure the whole floor with that?
Skony, there's only two ways up here.
You've got the elevator and the stairwells, east and west. All right?
You can secure that with three guys.
Come on, man. Lighten up.
I'm keep telling you, the bad guys think Salazar is dead.
They don't even know we're here.
Piece of cake. Nothing to it but to do it.
Just gotta stay the course.
All right, listen up. This is now considered a hot zone.
Anything happens to me, Ramirez has the wheel, got it?
Jensen, Chavez, you got first sweep.
Luca, you and Ramirez, sweep the elevators and the stairs.
Post up in the hallway. Dentze, you are here with me.
Keep your sht together people.
20 more hours and we are back in the air.
Didn't it seem odd that Darol left without any backup?
After my time in Afghanistan ...
No sir.
Move and you die.
I have to call you back, baby.
You speak English, what is your name?
Emilian, head bellman. 47 years.
Assorted service at various fine establishments around the world.
Good for you. So, what are you doing here, Emilian?
I'm trying to cure cancer. What the fk do you think I'm doing?
I'm on break. Smoking a joint and talking to my lady.
Nobody told me they changed security. They should tell me this sht.
Mother fking gun in my face...
bunch of assholes signing my paycheck...
Nobody tell me.. what should I know,
then chew on my ass for not knowing it.
See, you're not supposed to know we're here, Emilian.
So I'm gonna be nice to you.
Well you fd the t...
Pretty reckless, because I'm staring at you.
I was on break, I was smoking a joint, and ...
You're killing me Emilian. Listen, this is what we're going to do, okay?
One last toke of this thing, then you're gonna go inside and
and I won't tell those fking assholes who pay your paycheck, not to.
Got it?
What are you waiting for?
- There you go ... You good?
- Uh-huh
- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
Did you report any of this to Skony?
Did you report it to Chavez, your supervisor?
- No sir.
- Why not?
I made a judgment call.
Didn't see a threat. Civilian... I let him walk.
How did she find out?
Good shit.
Do you smell weed?
Is that what weed smells like?
You don't trust me, do you?
I smelled marijuana and observed Marshal Jensen
coming in from outside.
I searched the area
and found the remains of a marijuana cigarette.
Are you really gonna fk it all up this fast, Jensen?
Not if I can help it sir, no.
It was a civilian, a bellman,
Smoking a joint on the roof.
I cut him some slack and let him walk.
You let him go back to work?
Well, I ... I would have shot him,
if that makes you feel any better.
- You've compromised our position.
- No I didn't, I protected it.
Chavez, give us a minute.
I served under your father in Iraq.
I didn't know that, sir.
I didn't like him much, I must say.
- Is that right, soldier?
- That's right.
I would have died for him though.
I almost did, a couple of times.
But in the end, he died so guys like me
can have a second chance.
For the record,
Whatever happened at Barada unit ...
Thank you sir.
Go on, get out of here.
I want you and Chavez
to scare us up some dinner.
- Mull that over.
- You got it sir.
The entire top floor of the hotel,
very limited access.
It doesn't end
until I see a dead man in a body bag.
Civilian injuries were reported on the ground.
however, military officials have yet to comment.
- Cell phone signal is out.
- Great.
Skony, Jensen and Chavez heading your way.
Fighting broke out over the night
between rival factions
along the Israeli/Syrian border.
Did you get Salazar's pickles?
- It's what we live for, sir.
- Then all is good.
FYI, cellular is out.
I'll check it out.
In what looks to be
the most brazen attack in Odessa this year
- Check it out, look at this.
- A car bomb...
- What is this?
- ...killed three and injured 15.
Among the dead is Larisa Leontyev,
the wife of recently killed Bratski Krug
crime boss, Joseph Salazar.
In what police are calling a changing of the guard
in the Brother's Circle...
One thing is for certain,
the death toll will rise... the Brother's Circle
fights to maintain their control...
over the Eastern European drug business.
The investigation into the bombing thus far ...
- Sht!
- ... has revealed a crack in the upper echelon
- Mute that, now!
- Of the notorious drug ring.
Forgive me my love.
It's my fault, please forgive me.
B-Team, are you in position?
B-Team in position.
- They're armed.
- We're sitting ducks.
Move, move, move, move!
I've got two down.
- You ok?
- I'm good.
Dead check.
Ana, do you copy?
Ana, do you copy?
We've gotta get up to Skony.
Skony, we're blown!
I repeat, we are blown!
They're coming up the elevator!
- Massimo, what the hell was that?
- It was a thunder.
Thunder? Fck you, thunder..?
That was a godmn bomb!
Fix it.
I don't know how.
Stop smoking on the job, Emilian.
I may be high, but I'm telling you,
there's ill behavior happening.
Motherfckers running around,
and I'm going to tell someone before it escalates.
Know what I'm saying?
Police? I want to report some ill behavior ...
Everyone over here!
- Skony, this is Jensen, do you copy?
- Talk to me, Jensen.
We've got hostiles in both elevators.
I stopped them for now,
but they're on their way up to you.
Get ready, sir.
Copy that. How many?
Four in the garage, everyone left.
A second team in the lobby, I'm guessing 20.
It looks like they have Chavez, sir.
- Dead?
- Negative.
Elevators down, Chavez is down.
Jensen is not sure if she's alive or dead.
I want you to take the doors.
I want Ramirez and Luca
to take position on the stairs.
We've got two teams coming up. Go!
Copy that.
Do you think that they intentionally
targeted Chavez?
It all, uh.. it all happened so fast, sir.
You know, I get the feeling
that you're talking around me.
And, you know, using some
fcking Zen riddles, or some sht.
When they call me in,
it ain't a fcking joke.
It ain't about who stole some fcking boots
and cigarettes from the barracks.
When they call me in ...
It's your fcking neck.
When they call me in ...
you're gonna live,
or you're gonna fcking die.
This is the fcking come-to-Jesus moment.
And I was not born
on the fcking turnip truck, man.
And I was not born at night.
I was born in a bright fcking
sunny day, man
and I've been doing this for a long time.
Do not think I'm fcking new.
Do not think you can play me.
Let's get to the fcking nitty gritty here.
What the fck happened?
Okay, I believe the attack was coordinated.
It just started when we got to the hotel.
I'm not talking about
a bunch of thugs spraying AKs
They were trained military,
through and through.
Three teams, coordinated attack.
Seen it too many times.
Did you see any weapons?
Like I said, AKs.
Look, I think I may have heard so M4s also, sir.
There was a rat.
But I'm guessing you already knew that.
It seems like I'm getting
a straight answer, somehow, now.
Maybe we can start to get
to the fcking bottom of this.
So Chavez was captured,
then, what happened?
I will go after her.
You need to get out and get us some backup.
We've got no comms.
They're all down except for short range in the radios.
Sorry, sir, she might still be alive.
I will not leave her here.
The mission directive takes priority.
I'm giving you a direct order.
You say there was a rat,
and, uh, somehow
You disobeyed a direct order.
I felt the operation was compromised, sir.
I didn't know who I could trust.
I'm giving you a direct order.
Objects and money, I can replace ...
I would die for my family.
We have an unknown number of terrorists
in the building.
The doors are booby-trapped.
Hostages... at least three dead bodies,
from what we can see.
What do they want?
We are trying to establish contact now.
Ana, where are you?
We have lost 3 men.
We have a female hostage.
Are you at the rendezvous point?
No, we'll be there in 10 minutes.
Let's go!
I can see them coming.
Do you really want to do this?
I like you Skony. Strong.
But you should know something ...
If you want to survive this,
you need to let me go.
Oh really?
You're not going anywhere.
Remember, we're the ones with the guns.
Are you sure about that?
That was easy.
Skony, I've got your six!
Cover me!
Let me explain something to you, Mr. Skony.
Do you know who owns this hotel?
- No.
- Me.
- What?
- That's right.
I built this suite for me.
My little friend here ...
She's been waiting for me for a long time.
One day I thought maybe I could stay here.
A nice dream.
I always promised myself
that I will find death.
It will not find me.
When the time comes time to step aside... do the honorable thing...
...and to finally become ...
...the one thing
that has eluded me all these years.
What's that?
To become a husband.
Not some gangster.
Not someone to be feared.
So I decided...
it is time.
And what happens?
They take my Larisa.
They attack my family.
To them...
I say four words:
Trouble never comes alone.
Hey, where the hell are you going?
To get your Marshal, Mr. Skony.
It seems to me that Marshal Skony's
decision to move the asset
Really caused a lot of unnacceptable risk.
That's kind of how I look at it.
You agree?
But what? They could have gone
to a nearby US military base?
Come on, sir, I told you.
I read the file.
Skony didn't issue the operational orders.
You did, sir.
Bring in the Marshal.
Agent Harrison,
I told you he wasn't to be trusted.
Marshal Dentze,
I think you know Marshal Jensen.
All right...
Look who it is.
Barely a scratch.
You have something on your mind, soldier?
- You're a rat!
- You should be dead.
Dead, you hoped!
What did you do to Chavez?
Enough, soldier.
I said, stand down.
What happened to Chavez?
Piece of sht, rat!
Get him out of here.
- You rat!
- Get this soldier out of here.
You didn't know he was alive, understand?
- I had to be sure.
- Yeah, nice stunt, sir.
Another thing that's been bothering me.
I'm just kind of trying to put together the pieces.
and wondering why Salazar was fighting
beside Skony and his team.
Dentze was there, wounded,
but he saw enough to tell us that Salazar was armed
...and backing Skony up, which is another...
...real fcked up, kind of bizarre...
...combination of monkey sht.
Yeah, it took me a while
to figure that one out too, sir.
I don't expect any of you to like me.
but I do expect you to believe me
if I know how
to get us the hell out of here.
- It's about time.
- Hey, hey, hey, shh, shh.
Listen, I'm gonna make this
very easy for you.
In exchange for all my hostages...
I want one man.
Agent Mike Darol.
Anyone know what the fck
he is talking about?
DEA agent, Mike Darol.
Would you mind calling the American Consulate
and find out who the fck this Darol guy is?
- Today?
- Let me save you the headache.
I'm Mike Darol.
Thank you, Jesus or my God, whichever one of you,
for keeping me alive.
That you please answer in this perilous moment
to keep on smiting
all those motherfckers with guns
and give them heart too,
if you don't mind.
Don't do that. That's the Kush.
It's a purple motherfcker.
Yeah, I smelled it.
Good sht.
Follow me.
Hey, by the way, Emilian,
that's not how you pray.
The Lord's been listening to me,
so far as I can tell.
- That's a good point.
- Be advised, A federal agent has escaped..
- Did you ever hear anything about Chavez, female Marshal?
- We need to eliminate him as soon as possible.
-Why the fck should I know who they are?
Russian, they are speaking Russian.
- Shoot on sight
We are in Romania. We are speaking Romanian.
- Take out that American bastard
I have to go home now.
You and me are going to find the Marshal.
Just like the movies, okay?
The best you're gonna get.
Everybody is so good, in touch,
around here all the time.
Maybe I saw an ugly motherfcker
while I was...
...crawling away from all those
motherfckers shooting at me
- With your Marshal.
- Show me.
Are you sure you want to do this?
I don't really have a choice now, do I?
The people in there are innocent.
I can't have them dying in my place.
All right. Look, here's the plan.
Twenty minutes after the last hostage has been cleared
my team will breach in.
If you can't survive that long on your own,
we'll take them out.
If not...
Well, we'll make them suffer.
That's reassuring.
Great plan.
We're ready to release the hostages
in exchange for the DEA agent.
Ready for action.
Take them out!
- Where do we go?
Come on, come on, come on!
Is that supposed to make me trust you?
Darol ...
Something's wrong. The mic just went dead.
What do you mean the mic just went dead?
- Reestablish audio now!
- How?
Reestablish audio now, I said!
Get me a sit-rep.
Who the hell are you?
I'm the guy you should have called
when your sht went sideways.
I need 2 six-men teams now.
What the fck did you do that for?
I asked you to kill him.
How come he is still alive?
I released him. I gave you the information
and the location of his wife,
All as show of good faith.
All you had to do was keep her alive.
Until you talked to me.
- It was a ... a little accident.
- A little accident?
You leveled her house with a bomb!
Ok, look. Listen.
Harrison already made his deal with Salazar.
A new life under the watchful eye of the DEA.
All he had to do was name some names.
At the end of the day, Salazar didn't take the deal.
So, for 500 ...
for 500 million dollars, I offered to release him.
No more DEA up his ss ...
No more naming names.
And like Keyser fcking Sze,
he just disappears.
His wife...
His wife was my leverage!
You get that?
I couldn't tell you about the deal
until Harrison make his move.
Because I knew,
I knew you would find a way to fck this up
and you fcked it up anyway.
That's a lot of money.
What can I say?
I don't care about the money!
I want him dead!
You killed his wife.
And now we have to kill him.
Because he WILL kill us.
That's what you don't understand.
I'm ahead of the game.
My men are on their way up, right now,
at the safe house where he's at.
He's gonna be dead soon.
- I don't need you anymore.
- Oh, yes you do ...
- I do not need you any more.
- That's not where he is going
I know where Salazar is going.
They have three tunnels they're building,
to stabilize the foundation of this building.
One of them is dry,
dry and clean,
and it ends up
300 yards past the police line.
I think that's where Salazar is going.
Somebody's coming.
Keep your head down.
- She's still alive.
- Thank you Jesus.
Are you a religious man, Emilian?
Often not. But I really think
He's going to listen this time.
Stay down.
Ana, are you in position?
Yes, we've just arrived at the rendezvous point.
What should we do?
Aww sht.
Go, just go.
The drainage tunnels are clear and dry.
If you can get access to one,
You should be able to get out
and call for backup.
Ramirez, you head to the tunnels
and get our guys in here fast.
Copy that.
But not too fast.
Enjoy the ride.
Luca, you take point.
Skony, on your three!
Cover me!
I'll get Luca!
Come on, come on, come on!
Get over here!
Come on!
Hang on, soldier.
Luca, stay with me.
Come on!
Hang in there.
Stay with Salazar.
I'm going to flank them.
We're gonna do this?
All right, here. Take this.
We need to go to the girl.
Stay close.
Son of a btch!
- I'm tired.
- Yeah.
Look, the DEA guy, Darol, he was with them.
Do you know why?
- You know what this?
- No.
This is ... what remains.
I told you...
I left 3 billion behind.
But I didn't say
I left everything behind.
500 million dollars.
Maybe more. Who knows?
- How is Ana?
- She's dead.
Take her!
Agent Darol is dirty.
It's a big reason Bratski Krug is so strong.
That makes sense.
Do you know how deep this thing goes?
This is the reason
for our unscheduled stop here.
To come to my hotel.
The deal was simple.
The key for my freedom.
Not a huge price to pay, huh?
I don't know, it's a lot of money.
You know who else is involved with Darol?
But now my old friends
have become my new enemies.
And now my enemies
are your enemies as well.
It looks that way.
But they've got my partner.
Maybe... she's more than your partner.
Am I right?
Maybe so.
Maybe so.
My friend, believe me.
The price that they will pay
for taking her ...
Is much higher than they ever imagined.
500 million dollars, huh?
Keep it.
Let's go get her.
Sinclaire, did I ever tell you about
how I escaped the Russian army...
through Afghanistan in '91,
and ended up doing hits
for Larisa's father in Odessa...
those many years ago?
Only every time we play chess.
You also told me that if I beat you
you would leave me everything.
You haven't won yet.
Yeah, but I have.
Game over Salazar.
You see, in about 5 minutes,
SWAT is coming in.
I have the distinct feeling that
they're gonna go "Bin Laden" on your ss.
So you can
take your chances with SWAT,
or you can give me the goddmn key
as originally planned.
Consider it done.
Do you want me to believe that
agent Darol was dirty?
It's just the two of us
in the room now, Jensen.
Yes sir.
Because Salazar said so?
I don't know.
You know...
for half a million dollars, diamonds, gold ...
I don't know man.
I'm starting to think...
that maybe the rat was Amanda Chavez.
I don't know if she was a hostage.
I think she might have flipped.
No, no way.
Did you know her before you were
assigned to the unit?
You knew my father, sir?
You know, he said to me,
"In a situation like this,"
"Tell the truth, son."
"It may be the only chance
you have of walking away."
So, I state to you again, sir,
no, I did not know Amanda Chavez...
before this assignment.
You said you saw her get shot,
but you testified that she wasn't injured
during the gun battle,
so I'm a little confused.
But she was wearing a vest.
Most of the rounds we use
will go right through those vests,
unless it was a...
Sir, I found the vest.
It had an embedded round in it.
No sign of blood.
But you're sure she wasn't the rat?
Do you know what happened to her?
All right, leave Marshal Jensen there.
Walk to the service elevator.
Press the button. Elevator comes.
Get on.
Take it to the lower level
Get off.
Marshal Chavez gets on.
Elevator doors close.
I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
Ok. I get him first.
4 minutes.
Don't worry about it.
It's more than we need, Salazar.
What the fck ...?
You watch the girl.
I'll take care of Sinclaire.
Take that with you!
Come on!
You will join your friend in a body bag.
Good. Come on.
Bon voyage my friend.
- Get me out of here.
- I got you.
- You ok?
- I'm fine.
- They hurt you?
- No, I'm fine.
- Gotta keep moving, ok?
- All right.
I'm glad you're ok.
We've gotta keep going, okay?
I'm not armed.
Show me.
He's hit.
What happened?
He only managed one shot.
No big deal.
Hey, hey! You ok?
I'm fine.
What's the best way out of here?
This is the fastest way out.
Ok, what are we waiting for? Let's go.
What do you know?
He missed, but I didn't.
I admit,
it's not the honorable thing to do.
I'm sure it won't keep you up at night, Salazar.
The problem we have here is
I care about somebody now ...
and you have a date with the DOJ.
You think I trust those guys?
That's close enough.
Are you planning on shooting me?
I saved your life back there.
Don't insult me, Salazar.
You needed me.
You still haven't figured it out..
Have you?
I'm ok.
I'm sorry friend.
You didn't ask who signed my paycheck.
If you had asked, I would have told you.
It is Mr. Salazar.
The best you're gonna get.
I told you...
I would give everything for my family.
I think you might understand this.
If you hurt her ...
I'll do what I have to do to find you.
Maybe so, my friend.
Maybe so.
Raise your hands!
Put your hands up and get on your knees!
I'm a US Marshal.
My identification is in my right hand pocket.
I'm a US Marshal.
My identification is in my right hand pocket.
You speak English?
I'm a US Marshal!
Lift him.
Give me a reason.
I'll ask you one more time,
off the record.
Do you know the whereabouts of
Amanda Chavez or Salazar?
See, the thing is, sir,
your guess is as good as mine
I have no idea where they are.
Did you know that Amanda Chavez's
real last name is Salazar?
I can take it from your reaction
that you're a little surprised.
That Amanda Chavez,
AKA Amanda Salazar,
Is the little sister of
Joseph "El Tiburn" Salazar.
The defacto head of the Brothers Circle,
Bratski Krug,
for the last 20 years.
Everyone is surprised to see me alive.
Especially you, little girl.
And the reason why everything
went sideways is that
Mike Darol was too fcking stupid and greedy
to realize that even the most outrageous,
violent person like Salazar
still has some kind of morals and ethics.
The price that they will pay for taking her
Is much higher than they ever imagined.
And, at this point, we have no idea
where anybody is or how we can find them.
And they've gone completely off the grid.
What are you waiting for, soldier? Let's go.
The body in the bag is a
one Joseph Salazar.
- And Larisa?
- It was the price to pay.
We've all got secrets.
I'm ok.
So I'm satisfied you're telling me the truth
And see if I can ask you to help us out.
Makes sense.
We need Salazar back
and we you to help us find him.
You said Joseph Salazar and Chavez Amanda are dead.
How did they die?
Sir, I saw the demise of ...
El Tiburn and Chavez.
They died in the fire fight.
Their bodies fell into a drainage tunnel.
Their bodies are probably...
in the Black Sea by now.
And Field Commander Mike Darol?
Sadly, agent Darol was killed heroically ...
in the hands of the Circle thugs,
and that is
That's all I can tell you, sir.
One last thing.
Did Salazar ever give you anything,
no matter how minuscule?
anything to help us determine his whereabouts?
No sir.
I thought so.
Major Jensen, if that's your statement,
then I'm satisfied to sign it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm curious, would you have shot Chavez
by the van that day,
if you suspected she was Salazar's sister?
Truthfully, sir,
You know, I've always had a bit of a problem
shooting a beautiful woman.
- How about ugly women?
- No, never had a problem with that, sir.
See, it's nice to know you're still ethical.
That's good.
500 million dollars, huh?
You could have a lot of fun with that.
I told you.
I would give everything for my family.
I'll do what I have to do to find you.
I hope so