Kills on Wheels (2016) Movie Script

- Don't even have to look.
- Shit.
Playing it safe.
- How much, 15?
- Hit me again. Nothing.
I lost.
- 20.
- That's enough.
- Too much.
- I'm fed up.
- I'm out.
- Me too.
Cut that shit out!
You'll make us lose privileges!
Don't do this!
Your shoe's gone, pal.
- Idiots.
- Stop messing around!
Hey. what're you doing?!
C'mon, c'mon!
Thinks he's a badass?
- Dickhead.
- Stupid cripple.
Take care.
Supported by
Hungarian National Film Fund
Can you get up?
I need to lie down
a couple of hours.
What's that?
A polar bear.
Barba, you thief.
I stole it.
Get me a pill, please.
Your spine?
Yeah. I need the white one.
- Thanks.
- Oh, fuck.
I've told you a thousand times.
Outside. Shit.
- Now you're choking too.
- It's fine, it's nice.
It's not fucking nice.
I learned to breathe quietly.
Good job.
- Wait!
- It smells sweet.
- Can you get high off this?
- Don't hit me!
- Careful, it jerks around.
- Super.
Got a light?
He does.
No smoking here, by the way.
I'm allowed.
I've pulled lots of bodies
from burning buildings.
Tiny ones too, this big.
Put it back where you found it.
I'll tell the director
you hit me, dickhead!
Can I have my lighter?
The director?
We're drinking buddies.
Damned moths!
You can't pull a heavier
guy out of his chair!
Are you Rupaszov,
who came to rehab out of prison?
- Who told you this?
- Why don't you use a bigger bag?
It wouldn't fill up so quickly.
I hate when it pokes
through my pants.
- Who's looking?
- Me.
- Wait, I'll help.
- I don't need help.
- You're out of shape. Exercise.
- Why? It doesn't help.
Sure, if you don't use
your muscles, they die.
- You're new in your chair, right?
- 3 years.
But I'll be out in 3 more.
I'm not rotting in here.
- That's stupid.
- Stupid?
- What's stupid?
- You'll let it go soon, don't worry.
You pathetic cripples
always tell me that shit.
You're Jesus freaks, right?
You're always saying
we have to accept it,
singing Praise God!
There's no fate!
- And no leg muscles either.
- Chop them off, then!
I'll get robot legs,
a robot dick, whatever!
I could've put out a whole fire while
I was fucking around with you guys!
C'mon, I'll buy you a beer!
Hey, fellas, you open yet?
- We're open.
- Can we go in?
We're not getting in.
- They're gonna kick him out.
- Could my crippled pals and I
get in sooner so
we can get a seat?
- Come on! Everything's all set!
- No problem.
- Can you get us in then? Thanks.
- Sure.
Look at that.
Kind souls everywhere.
Sit here, forget about
those shitty chairs for once!
Thanks, boss.
Get those chairs out here.
You sit here too!
C'mere, sex machine!
Drop your bag.
We're over here, boss.
- Sorry.
- Sure, hit me.
What're you doing?
- We gotta cut it.
- Huh?
- He's cutting off the straw.
- Why?
- He'll spill it if he doesn't.
- Jesus Christ!
This is how you live?
You're hardcore.
- We can't get a break.
- How come?
Are you a dealer?
Where'd you get your money?
Dealer? Do I look like one?
Like I even know what
a dealer looks like.
I can offer you odd jobs
- so you can earn cash.
- Like what?
I don't have a license.
- He does.
- Got a car, too? I need a driver.
My parents got it for me,
but no money for gas.
- When did you fill it up last?
- 3 months ago?
Oh, Lord!
When did you last touch tits?
What's up? Drunk already?
- His back hurts.
- Mine hurts, too.
- But his hurts bad.
- Sure, 'cause you're chickenshit.
A reject. Mine hurts, too!
Just pretend you're
the best reject on earth,
and you'll loosen up.
The pain will go away...
for a few seconds.
We're all set here. Champagne?
Want this gay drink?
C'mon in, Zoli.
I talked to Professor Herman.
We're running out of time.
My ex-husband will help.
He lives in Stuttgart,
so it'll be fine.
Will he pay all the costs?
Germany's very expensive.
The hotel, the extras.
We talked and he's very happy
to finally help his son.
Then I'll write to the Germans
to set a surgery date.
It'll take a few weeks
to even find a date.
- How are you, Zoli?
- Fine.
Come here.
They said his spine
needs to be supported.
Mainly here.
It's not an easy procedure.
Why? ls he so much worse?
This operation will save his life.
We'll discuss details in private.
There won't be an operation.
I'm not doing it.
I won't do it.
After 17 years, why now?
I don't want to see him.
Pay for the surgery:
that's all I asked of him.
I wouldn't even recognize him.
What does he look like?
I've only seen an old picture.
We don't even look similar.
You look like your grandpa.
- He was your height.
- 147 cm?
Why'd you have to drag him
into all this?
- Wait.
- Did you bring it?
- Yeah.
- Wait.
I hope it'll be fine.
Will you do a good job?
- Like you should?
- Like we agreed.
- But don't give me small bills.
- OK.
- You'll get everything. Coke too.
- I want 500 Euro notes.
- Let's go.
- See ya.
Why the sausage? Fries are enough.
It's for Rupaszov.
And 2 waters, please.
No, he told us to stay here.
He'll go crazy out there.
He'll call and say where to pick him up.
We stay put till then.
We'll just bring him
the food and water.
- What kind of water?
- A still and a sparkling.
Let's wait a bit more.
What's the fuss, Barba?
I'm bored to death.
- How much?
- 8 Euros.
Give me a light too.
- Who the fuck is this?
- Probably some homeless dude.
That can't be him in this wreck.
- Go tell 'em to get lost.
- Get the fuck out of here.
What's up, boys? Out exploring?
You're real fuckin' lost.
Get in the car, please.
They sent me. You're meeting me.
He says they sent him!
Stop here.
- Who's this dick?
- I dunno.
Jesus Christ!
Who sent you?
You got business with me?
Rados says the deal's off.
He's sorry your boss, Tni,
can't find his place after prison, but...
he thinks it's not his job
to support a man who's such an...
No, he used another word.
Such a petty cocksucker...
What the fuck you sayin'?
Leave the country, it's in style now.
Leave the country...
Where's Rados?
I don't got time for this, see?
Too chicken to come himself,
so he sent your crippled ass?
Where's the money?
Where's Rados?
I'm Rados now.
Yeah, same asshole.
Seriously, are you kidding me?
What don't you get? It's not hard.
- You got a pea brain, huh?
- Don't you talk to me like that.
Rados told me to give you
the message, that's it.
Here's my answer then.
Well? Lost your tongue?
I'm paralysed from the waist down.
I can't feel a thing.
OK, get the fuck out now!
- Hurry back, okay?
- I'll be right there.
Thanks, Doctor.
Still having anger issues?
It's only frustration,
but I can deal with it.
It doesn't look like it.
You smell nice.
Here's your phone.
Put it away.
The 38 missed calls were me.
I know.
Wanna see a movie?
- No.
- Not like this. I'd change first.
You don't have to change.
What's wrong now?
He doesn't like me going to
movies with you.
How come? We've been before.
He proposed.
I'm marrying him.
I'm marrying him.
Look at that! Holy shit!
Fuck, the other one's coming!
Listen, go get those shits.
You hear me? Go get them!
Son of a bitch!
Come out!
Hey. guys.
Boys, want to join us
in decorating pots?
We're doing comics this month.
What kind of comics?
It's about us.
- And a fireman.
- Uh-huh.
- Let me know if you need help.
- OK, we will.
Here's the overpass photo.
What should I do?
Do the details here by the tree.
- What? You stole bread?
- I have no money.
- What're you doing?
- I'm fighting fire, dammit!
He shot my leg!
What the hell, man?
What's with your face, Rupaszov?
It looks bad.
Not an easy job?
It's fine. But 4 guys came.
- 4?
- Yeah.
But relax. They're finished.
All four?
- You need to pay me more, huh?
- It's all in there?
OK, relax. When didn't I pay you?
Here's your money, goddammit.
They were surprised to see
a crippled dick like you, huh?
- How did you get them all?
- I was annoyed.
Now I can't count?
One dog's missing.
They were really nasty to him.
They hit me too, but I settled it.
It seems they're getting rougher.
What? No couch?
- Lovely pillow.
- Oh yeah?
you got balls, Rupaszov.
That's important.
And they'll believe the wheelchair trick
every time. It works.
We gotta catch their boss, Tni.
I dunno where he's hiding,
but it's covered.
The bigger problem is Tni's lawyer.
That slimy cock always
has bodyguards,
only meets in public...
Me and my men can't go there.
The cops would be all over us.
Get him first, then
we'll see about the rest.
If you pay well, no problem.
- Nobody knows about us, right?
- Nobody.
'Cause if someone does,
you're finished, you know.
- OK, then.
- Got any coke?
Are you kidding?
Fuck off.
Let's go!
- When's your next session?
- Thursday, I think.
- See you then.
- Okay.
- Hi, Zsuzsi.
- Hey.
- Are you stable?
- Yeah, I think so.
- I'll be back soon.
- OK.
Come with me to room 13, OK?
- These would look good on you.
- What do you want?
We want to keep working with you.
Oh, please.
- I didn't call the cops.
- 'Cause you're scared of me.
Yeah, but fear is nice.
Let's forget we met.
You're the first person
to say I'll walk.
You're the biggest dick
I've ever met.
- Want me to hit you again?
- Yeah. Come here.
You're doing great, I see.
3 years and you'll be running.
It's fine, I just
need more practice.
- Sure thing.
- Come, help me up.
I can't. I'll fall, too.
Where's the therapist?
They're having coffee.
No one's here.
- Get her.
- OK.
No, wait, don't!
- I don't want them to see me like this.
- Here?
You're ashamed in this place?
Here, or anywhere else.
I'll get up by myself.
Don't help me, goddammit.
You can't do it, see?
I'll rest, then I'll get up.
I just need practice.
Wanna listen to music?
Bring it on.
- You look pretty.
- Oh, thank you.
He's losing patience.
I'm trying to involve his father.
- We'll help, okay?
- Thanks.
- Maybe you could persuade him.
- We've got a bit of experience.
I tried to ask my ex-husband for money.
- We're on shaky ground at the minute.
- usually costs a lot.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I don't want my father's money
or his calls.
- Did you give him my number?
- He wants to talk to you.
We've been over this.
I know what I want.
- There's no other way to pay for it.
- I'll pay. I don't need my father's help.
You can't be serious.
It costs thousands.
Even my own mother can't
believe in me?
Hi, Fec.
I'll have surgery when
I say I want it.
Let it go already.
You're not my girlfriend.
I'm your mother, you idiot. And it matters
if you live 2 more years or 50.
This is your application?
We wanted badass photos.
That's a problem?
- Party time with hobbits? That's cool?
- No.
If you don't wanna help,
we can go elsewhere.
I can only repeat what the jury said.
It's not detailed, not finished.
The idea's great,
but make it more personal, clear,
so the audience can understand.
The next comic con is soon.
Try again.
If you win the Amateur's Prize,
we can try to publish it.
Otherwise, you got no chance.
- You want sparkling water?
- Yeah.
So then...
I pressed 3.
Fine, then...
32 then.
There's a cancel button.
Too late to cancel.
Ugh. Naw.
- You got any more cash?
- No, it's all gone.
Mine too.
How much was your disability pension?
120 Euros?
- Shit, I'll get the same then.
- We're gonna end up homeless.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
- Did you have a hard day?
- No.
Everything was fine.
- Mum cooked us something nice.
- Oh, sweet.
- Hello, bad boys!
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Always work, work, work.
- All the time.
I need some repairs, too.
This whole part's clicking,
and the front brake sticks.
We'll check the brakes and
the bearings.
- I'll drill it.
- Oil down my body too.
Try somewhere else.
- Did you look coyly at me?
- No.
It's really good.
It turned out really well.
Wow, you can't even see the wheelchair.
That's great.
- Should I post it?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Immediately.
It'll make it easier to meet girls.
If they see a picture like this...
You look awesome.
- What's this?
- Bird food. I got it from Irn.
You know, the lady always
feeding pigeons in the yard.
I figured out what you'll
do in the square.
My house almost burned down.
Too much wood in my new fireplace.
My kids like to sleep
by the fire at night.
- You got kids?
- You know them. My furry kids.
The logs collapsed
and burning chips flew out.
The fucking wood floor
caught on fire.
I was sleeping and Ali woke me.
I'll get you an extinguisher.
No you won't, brother.
Your plan's too extreme.
You'll get caught and shot.
You need 1 or 2 guns?
- One's enough.
- One's enough?
We put a laser sight on it.
Maybe it'll help.
You love these bags.
Why didn't you put it inside?
Can't speak Hungarian?
Been here 10 years, still didn't learn?
Ignore him.
Don't have much to lose, eh?
I like that about you.
In this profession...
Hungarians call any shit
a profession, eh?
So in this profession it helps
if your mind's a little sick.
But Zvezdad lost 4-0 to Partizan.
They're total shit.
What do you know?
You don't know Serbian football.
Stick with Hungarians, OK?
This is a huge office building.
It could have more than 500 rooms,
whatever you want.
With shops too?
Yeah, we can lease them.
- Hello. Please take this.
- No, thanks, no.
- But please! I'd gladly...
- No, really, thank you!
Thanks so much, but no.
Zoli, can't you understand?
You won't be able to sit.
Not even sit. Don't you get it?
I told you, I'm not doing it.
But what's the problem?
No surgery, no problem.
Put that phone down
while we're talking.
What the fuck? I don't touch
your things, your books,
your... notes.
Who do you think you are'?
You think you know everything?
Did I ever say:
cut your hair or anything? Asshole.
Why did you swear at the doctor?
I hate how my dad's
a coward shit.
- So what should I do?
- Why did he leave?
- We've been through this.
- You always lied.
- Why would I lie?
- He left because of me.
Not you, but me.
He couldn't deal with
a crippled son.
He left to have a real life,
a real family. A wise move.
He couldn't deal with not
taking his kid out to play.
I'd just crawl around.
That's embarrassing.
- Admit that you felt bad too.
- No.
It wasn't embarrassing.
It was for me.
I was really embarrassed.
Your father really loved you.
He loved you but...
he couldn't make a living
in this country.
Why didn't we go with him?
You wanted to stay?
Actually I did.
I had my sporting career here.
I was champion here
on the Olympic team.
Fuck that. He dumped you too.
He ran off to a world
without complications.
He's a selfish bastard.
So I won't take his money.
But he can spend it on my funeral.
My sister asked if
you'll be at the wedding,
yes, no, what?
I said I don't know.
I want you to come.
Everyone important to me
will be there. So...
I'd like you to come.
Give me an invitation.
You must have one on you.
Sure. Hold on.
- What do you call him? Norbi?
- Norbi.
Super name.
That's what he's called.
- Wait, I'll help.
- Thanks, Zsuzsi.
I see you're in a good mood too.
The view's nice, eh?
Lots of action.
What if you don't
go through with the surgery?
My organs will crush each other.
The problem isn't my back pain, but
that my liver will crush my kidneys.
I'm a time bomb.
You're an idiot then
if you don't do it.
Your mother hasn't been around.
How is she?
She always came with her little car.
She's mad at me.
She'll stay away for a while.
Talking back again?
- I'm tired.
- Of what?
Playing with your phone?
That's really tiring.
Why am I always the cripple?
It's someone else's turn now.
I'll be the cripple for a bit, OK?
Just a bit.
I'll get some cash
from the Serbian,
so we can go out somewhere.
Have a nice meal, OK?
You have a new life!
You can thank me for everything!
Now you wanna ruin it?
Who are your partners?
I needed help.
No one else could have
done those jobs for you.
That's why you're still alive!
But you don't need partners!
Get rid of them, goddammit!
Or I will!
Forget them, they're harmless.
They could be useful to you.
No way! It's always trouble!
Get rid of them!
What did you say
you're saving for?
A new body.
- A new body.
- What?
I want my legs fixed.
Your legs? Can you do that?
- I don't know.
- Can you?
Anything's possible with money.
I'm only paying
after you killed both, OK?
Call me when it's done.
I don't want any more problems.
C'mon boys.
Drop dead.
What? What's wrong with it?
Dunno. It's done this before.
- Is the battery charged?
- Yeah, but it's shit and old.
Then why didn't you change
the battery?
- OK, I will now.
- Well now...
- Shit! It's totally stuck.
- So what now?
It needs power.
From the car battery or what?
- Bring the bus here or something.
- Yeah, bring the bus, Barba.
We can charge from there
but it'll take 2 hours.
You want me to park
in the middle of the road?
No, pull over to the side,
obviously. Duh!
Why'd you bring this one
if it's uncertain?
I thought we'd be out a while.
I didn't want to tire my back.
Aw, why?
Oh. Jesus!
- You comfy?
- Yeah.
You on my lap isn't too dreamy
but now that you're here...
OK, give him that crap,
put it in there...
Take it.
Barba, grab the top.
- What're you doin'? I swear to God...
- You put it in front of me?
Lean it on the mirror and
let's get the fuck out of here.
This can stay as a bird feeder.
God knows why you came in this.
- This is our speed?
- He's no feather, you idiot.
I feel like a snail, but fine.
- Pull the net over your head.
- I'll go on ahead...
Yeah, go 'cause it's super crowded!
This is the great outdoors?
Pushing through reeds,
and now we're having fun?
Not reeds, but weeds, grass.
Going bush?
Sinking into mud? This is...
What a big baby, I swear!
This is a completely
pointless outing.
I hate this.
We can't even do a shitty fishing trip.
2 hours till we reach the lake.
I'm doing everything...
If I wasn't here,
there'd be nothing, you hear?
Why're you spraying that
shit on yourself?
'Cause I hate being sweaty,
and you never know
where you'll meet chicks.
Sure you can. Here? Never!
Okay so...
I need to undo this...
and then...
OK, lemme try again.
In Sweden and Denmark they give
whore tickets to the handicapped.
Get it? Whore tickets so
at least they can have sex.
I mean, why don't they
give us whore tickets?
- Quit mumbling already.
- Barba, we'll party tomorrow.
Invite the therapist chicks over, right?
- You know, those college girls.
- Great idea!
- No way!
- What's your problem with them?
- Look...
- One of them is hot.
- She doesn't look hot at all.
- What girls do you like then?
That's not the...
- That's not the point.
- Then what?
They treat us like work tools.
They just massage us all day
but you look in their eyes
and they totally lack sexuality.
They whistle while they do it!
They're all frigid intellectual cunts.
I fucking hate them all!
What's this?
A shark?
You like those freeze-dried sluts,
or what?
- Fake eyebrows, popping tits...
- Help!
- Help him, Rupaszov.
- I'll help him.
Are you crazy?
He can't swim.
Lemme help.
Help me, Rupaszov!
I'll help you, too!
Relax, you won't die.
It was just a bad joke.
Were you guys in the army?
I just daydreamed through it.
Here. A present.
But you might have to use it
when you don't want to.
- What're all the lamps?
- What?
- The lampshades.
- A pal of mine had a shop here.
But business was bad so
it was a lamp store and
a flower shop all in one year.
Now he sells manure.
- And those car tires?
- They're mine.
I use the winter ones in summer,
and the summer ones in winter.
That's how I fuck the system.
- Aren't you dancing?
- Coming?
- Sure we are!
- Sure we are!
But it may take a while!
Come on!
Come on, breakdance-boy!
Show 'em your moves.
My accident was 3 years ago.
3 years exactly.
And since then: nothing.
I mean, down there.
Look, I know tons of people
at rehab who can manage.
With sex toys and Viagra,
stuff like that.
I don't like fake stuff.
Fine, but it's important
to have an attachment to someone.
Actually, that's what's
most important.
How 'bout your reflexes?
They could be better.
No, we're not playing
that game, no way.
No, no, no...
Yes, yes, yes...
It's pretty hard loving
someone like this.
How could I influence
a woman, a certain woman
that I pushed away?
Well, listen,
it's not that hard to
have an effect on us.
- What do you mean?
- Surprise her,
do something big.
What if I walked over
to the hospital,
waved to her...
That'd be something, eh?
Why don't you do it?
- Will you help me?
- Yeah.
- You're pretty.
- Thanks.
Too bad I wasn't...
a cripple ten years ago.
I shouldn't have done that, right?
I shouldn't have even started.
I think she'll be alarmed.
No she won't. Don't worry.
- Now?
- Fine now.
You had no idea what you
were getting into.
It'll be fine.
One... now the other foot.
It's like gym class.
Feet apart...
- OK. And a bit more.
- That's great.
Give him some money, so...
Sorry, could you wait 5 minutes
so our friend can lean here?
- Thanks.
- Thanks a lot.
- I won't do any damage.
- Okay, be good.
Thanks, girls.
What's going on?
Call her.
- Hi!
- Hey. When do you get off?
I don't work today.
- No?
- No.
I teach nurses today.
What's up?
Nothing. I just thought I'd call
to ask how you are.
Hang on a minute.
Can we talk later?
I have to go.
- But I'm glad you called.
- Okay, bye.
Go Veszprm!
Everybody in the locker room!
And get some rest!
Why didn't you re-marry?
Marry who?
I dunno.
Aren't you seeing anyone?
Nope. Not since Laci.
Laci the coach?
Why didn't you have
another kid?
Come here.
- What's his problem?
- He's diabetic.
I have to cook special for him.
We'll buy him some diet food now.
How'd you kill 'em, huh?
They drowned.
I threw them in a lake.
- They couldn't swim?
- Not really.
What an asshole.
I hate people.
The only thing I hate more than
rotten, disgusting people
is guns.
I'd never touch them.
- That's why you use the bags.
- Why? It bothers you?
- Only my legs bother me.
- Jump in then, I'll push you.
I found Tni.
He's hiding in a house on the hill.
He's only got 3-4 men with him.
- You want me doing this too?
- Sure, who else?
Toni's a tough guy and you're
the best. I need you for the job.
OK, I'll do it, but it's the last time.
No more after that.
Don't talk nonsense. How else
could you earn so much money?
How will I get in?
Just ring the bell,
they won't suspect a thing.
But what should I say?
You'll have a good story.
I figured it all out.
6 kilos of pork bones, please.
I'll get 4 or 5 pork chops, too.
- Tell him, please.
- It's on me.
- You don't have to pay.
- No, I'll pay.
- And half a kilo pork chops.
- Sliced.
- Where's the glue?
- In the box.
What are you doing?
We wanna make something
from my old cushion.
I'll head out.
Should I go with you?
I don't want you to get hurt.
If I'm not back in 20 minutes,
call the cops.
If I have to die, I'm taking
the bastards down with me.
- We'd have a better chance.
- Stay here.
What do you want?
I have a message for Tni
from his brother.
How'd you get this address?
From your brother.
I was his cell mate.
I served 6 months with him.
- Is he any better?
- Yeah.
I got out yesterday. It was
the only way to send a message.
Yesterday. Who did his surgery?
- Doctor Keleti.
- Keleti?
We'll send him some money.
- Have you searched him?
- No.
What's this? A knife?
- A catheter.
- What?
Lift him.
Come on.
I can't get up there.
Carry him.
Can I sit here?
Just keep it clean.
- Did you like it when you were a kid?
- Yeah.
I hated it.
They tried to tackle me.
I just kicked them hard.
We did buy-and-sell instead.
With the Ruskies, to help the family.
- And why are you telling me this?
- What? You got no time?
- You in a hurry somewhere?
- Not really.
So we made a lot of deals
with the Russians at the border.
It was nice. Hardcore.
Russians are different.
They eat and drink like us,
but if there's trouble, it's big trouble.
And we learned Russian,
to keep ahead of them.
We were always one step ahead.
They couldn't fuck us over.
- What's this got to do with me?
- What?
It's true that Doctor Keleti
operated on my brother,
but he died 2 days ago
all the same.
So what the fuck are you
doing here, and who sent you?
Take him out back.
Maybe you'll explain
in the shed.
What in mother fucking hell is going on?!
Hey. you cripple!
I'll pay you!
Fucking hell.
- Yeah?
- Come here.
Come here, now.
- The gate's locked. Number 17.
- We need to go there now.
Goddamn this fucking piece of shit.
- Tell Barba to back into the gate.
- Back up. - Bash the fucking gate in!
Crash through!
Not the tree, the gate!
- Shit, Zoli, did you call the cops?
- No.
- I waited 20 minutes like you said.
- Get out and stall them.
Divert their attention. Stop here!
Did you fucking shit yourself?!
I didn't shit myself.
I didn't call them yet.
Get out and hurry up.
I could fry an egg
in less time, for fuck's sake.
- Okay, relax.
- Go and meet the cops. Do it!
- They're not coming here. I didn't call.
- Oh sure, you shit yourself!
I said 20 minutes!
I was here in 20!
- Fucking hell!
- I didn't call them. I was about to,
- but I didn't.
- Get out! Tell Barba to back up.
Forget the fucking bag!
Fucking move it!
Why don't you comb your
hair too, goddammit!
Back up!
We've got a minute, not even.
Wait, I'll move! Wait.
What are you doing?!
Why aren't you on the sidewalk?
Two men ran that way.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Fucking hell.
Did you report the robbery? What did
they look like? Where did they go?
- Fuck.
- I'm leaving!
- Chill out, for fuck's sake!
- I'm leaving!
Both were tall and one had a
red jacket. I saw them run away.
You stay here.
We'll be right back.
We'll call in for backup.
Get on the sidewalk.
Pull the fucking seat forward!
Move your fucking head!
Let's go!
Okay, okay!
No one knew we were there.
- They went to a different address.
- Sure.
Why else would
the police have come?
I've had enough of you two.
You're just dragging me down.
I'll leave you money at the home,
and we're done.
You'll never see me again.
I feel trapped inside my own life.
What do you want? You're loaded.
I've paid you 20,000 Euros.
You can do what you want,
what you feel like.
- When are you paying me?
- We'll pay you now.
My friends are here.
They'll give you the money.
We're meeting here?
Why not in a fucking igloo?
We say goodbye here, Rupaszov.
What's this, huh?
You made a big mistake
by not killing your partners.
- You're going to commit suicide.
- Go fuck yourself.
Be still.
- Be still.
- Go fuck yourself!
Be still, you hear? Be still.
The rope is kinder.
And your friends won't get away either.
But it was a pleasure working with you.
Let's go.
Okay, relax.
There. A bit more.
You'll be okay.
You just pushed yourself too hard.
But everything's okay.
Legs... legs. Okay.
- Oh, sorry, sorry.
- It's okay.
It looks really good.
It'll be fucking good.
We're nearly done.
- What's this?
- Pork crackling, it's tasty.
What happened to your neck?
That nice man gave me a dog collar.
- Are you sure he'll look for us
at the home? - For sure.
He won't drop it.
- Okay, so now what?
- I don't know, but we need to hurry.
If I could find out where he lives,
where he is. I've got no idea.
You used to meet by the Danube,
didn't you?
He takes his dogs swimming there.
But it's tricky, too many people.
Does he still have guards?
Don't think so. He doesn't have
Tni to worry about now.
If he's with the dogs,
his car's there, too, no?
- So? I don't get it.
- We'll put a phone in it.
If we put a GPS phone in Rados' car,
we can set it to signal where he is,
and the place he stops
the most is where he lives.
Is it that simple, professor?
It might work.
- Then I need to buy a phone, huh?
- Basically, yeah.
Starting that again?
I can't help it.
Are you sure you want me
at the wedding too?
At least they'll see I'm
not the only rolling freak.
You're poppin' more pills now.
I couldn't even move without them.
Thank you.
Pardon me.
Klmn, best wishes.
Not how we imagined this, but...
- You look lovely as always.
- Thank you.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.
- Thank you for coming.
- Our outfits match.
Thank you.
Could you put me up?
Please put me up.
Lift me.
Give me the mike.
Ladies and gentlemen, please
allow me to greet the young couple
with a few loving words.
I've known vi for a long time,
longer than her dear
husband, Norbert.
Is that right? Yes, Norbert.
And I would like vi to be
very, very happy,
and I guess I'll be stealing her away
from this wedding tonight.
It does sound funny,
but if you know me,
you know I'd do anything for her,
and you know that the best, vi.
And I love you.
Play the music.
"There once was an orphan boy
and no one loved him right,
He had a feeling, he made a plan
to run away one night..."
- Okay, come down!
- Come down!
"Orphan boy, come home now..."
What's going on here, boys?
- What the hell are you doing?
- Nothing, nothing!
- You rob my car, my dogs
will tear your dicks off. - Nothing!
What's wrong?
Why aren't you flirting with girls?
This is how I flirt.
- Let's go kiss in the bathroom.
- What?
- Make out.
- At my wedding?
Jnos, what's wrong?
It would be so nice.
You idiot.
- Are you high?
- No! No!
- Then what're you doing here?
- Nothing, nothing!
We parked and scratched your car.
- Yeah? You scratched my car?
- It's not serious.
Get the fuck out of here!
Haul ass!
Dear Lord.
I'm surrounded by fucking idiots.
You come here
and make a fucking scene?!
Who the hell invited you?!
Answer me!
I asked you a question, right?
vi and I first fucked in a stairwell.
- It was great.
- You did what, asshole?
- You went up on the fucking stage?!
- You dickhead!
- Playin' big man now?
- Chill!
Quit it, motherfucker.
Lookie, a drink cart.
You're just piece of shit cripple.
You soaked me!
Why don't you go home
and jerk off?
- Goddamn. Control yourself.
- The asswipe head-butted me!
- Are you a gay bitch?
- He fuckin' head-butted me!
He had a gun, goddammit.
I'm sorry.
I won't bother you again.
- I'll call you, okay?
- No, don't call.
Be happy.
- Kisses.
- You too.
Let's go.
How 'bout another beer?
- Sorry.
- Might as well set off firecrackers.
Hi there, Rados.
- What? Forgot Hungarian?
- What the fuck are you doing here?
I promised you a fire extinguisher.
I brought it over.
This 6-kilo one should
be enough for you.
Really? Thanks a lot.
You haven't paid us.
You want money, you faggot? Huh?
Here's the key,
and here's the safe.
Take it if you can.
But if the dogs see your gun,
they'll attack.
You might kill two, but the third
will rip your throat out.
I like challenges.
Let's try.
Drop dead, Rupasov!
The cripples are here
in your living room!
Give us our money.
Shoot him! Shoot him already!
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
Come see me when you get back.
Zoli, you'll be fine.
Thank you.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Are your parents home?
- Yes.
I'll call Papa.
So, Zoli? How are you?
Everything Alright?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
It's me. I'm coming.
What have you brought?
- A package for Mr. Rupasov.
- That's me.
It works quickly.
Just wait a little.
Count to ten and relax.
See you soon.
I don't know my father.
I don't know what kind of man he is.
I don't even know how
he spends his days.
What did he bring?
I don't know.
He runs some architecture office
in Germany.
A package from my son,
from Hungary.
I think he's quite wealthy,
because when I agreed to the surgery,
he paid with no trouble at all.
What did your son write?
I always liked his name.
Rupaszov. It sounds strong.
He made a comic book.
And I'm in the story.
And when I want to meet him,
there won't be anything in our way.
I don't understand you. How come
you never invited him before?
I only have one photo
of him from Mom.
He's 25, with
long black hair and a beard.
My Rupaszov is based on that.
- What is it?
- It's a comic.
That's you?
- No it's not.
- It's you, Daddy.
- Let me see.
- No.
I haven't got a lot in common
with the man whose name I share.
But if he wants, I'll meet him now.
It's you!
Let's say that was 10...
Mom said Dad was a fireman
on the side while at university.
What a crazy nightmare if I woke
to find out that I can walk too.
I have no idea where I'd go first.
I can feel the change.
The pain's leaving
and I'm drifting off.
I hate counting...
Time and space are taking over me.
3, no, 4...
I'll have 4 kids.
All of them in wheelchairs.
Ooh, pretty hardcore drug...
Better make that...
There's R2D2 and C3PO.
Late, as always.
This way! The lift's there.
The head of the jury will present
the Best Amateur Prize.
Balzs Bognr,
please step up on stage!
- Is this you, this comic?
- Uh-huh.
I liked this one the best.
- You were on the jury, too?
- Uh-huh.
This is you guys, right?
Yeah, there.
It's really rare to draw
yourself into a comic.
I think it should be published.
So you think it's worth something?
What's that nice smell?
Er... me... maybe.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
I'll be back.
Written and Directed by
Director of Photography
Music by
Production Designer
Costume Designer