Kilometers and Kilometers (2020) Movie Script

-There's a call for Beena.
-Dad, it's me, Seban.
-It's a baby boy.
It's a boy!
-How are both of them?
-They are good.
We have shifted them to the ward.
Please come soon.
-I am on my way, Dad.
Hey, your dad is on the way.
Good morning.
Ladies and gentlemen of Thalanadu,
I would like to welcome
all of you.
This Onam celebration
is sponsored by Justin J. Vattakkalayil
from USA.
Mr. Justin is sponsoring the program
organized by Nalanda arts and sports club.
As all of us know, the cash prize
is the main attraction of today's event.
The slow bike riding race
is about to start.
All those who have registered for the same
should report at the ground.
Hi, Brother Justin.
Why don't you print "USA"
along with my name?
Bro, that will sound awkward.
-Your name is quite classy.
-Is that enough?
-By the way, where is the bottle?
-I have it strapped on.
-It's your baby!
-No, look here.
-Let's have a peg or two.
-Why not? Play the music.
Come with me.
Where is the glass?
-Give me the bottle.
-But we don't have a glass!
-We can have it in this trophy.
Give it to me.
I just have this much of alcohol.
It won't be enough for three of us.
-Foreign brandy is the best!
-That's whiskey!
Yeah, I mean whiskey that is
brought from foreign is the best.
-Do you need a peg?
-Mr. Justin is sponsoring this--
-Justin from USA!
Mr. Justin from the USA is sponsoring
the Onam celebration organized by Nalanda
arts and sports club.
What is this?
This is banana tree competition.
We will put oil on it and then a man
will climb
The player who holds on to it
will be the winner.
How do I say it in English?
Don't bother about that.
They will understand on their own.
-Sir, wait and watch.
Just wait here.
I will be back soon.
You have had too much of it.
How did you come to know?
Come and have a peg.
Aren't those trophies to be given
at the prize distribution?
We couldn't find a glass.
I had kept one over here
but now it's missing.
There you go!
Some foreigners are here.
I was struggling with the language.
You could have been of help to me.
Pour me a drink.
-But the trophy--
-To heck with it!
I won't be coming to your resort anymore.
I am quitting soon.
I am done playing an
all-rounder at your resort.
You are just playing me!
Am I not paying you well for the same?
Don't make me open my mouth!
All the registered competitors
should come to the ground immediately.
The race organized by Nalanda club
has commenced.
This was Vasu who moved like the wind.
Attention, players! This is a slow race
and not a fast race!
You'll be disqualified if you keep
your foot on the ground.
Here comes Subhash!
Give him a big hand!
Here is the result for the sack race.
The first price is of 3,001 rupees.
It goes to none other than
our beloved, Josemon.
This is his eleventh title in this event.
Let's continue with the race.
The next participant is Josemon.
The beloved son of Thalanadu.
Here comes the king of this race.
Give him a big hand!
He is a champion in this race.
It will be a triple hat trick if he
wins this race.
Here comes Josemon riding his Bullet.
-Give a big round of applause for him!
-Come on, Josemon!
He knows everything about the Bullet!
And here he goes!
The winner of this race is Josemon!
He has hit the triple hat-trick beating
everyone else with his snail pace!
Friends, give him a big hand!
The art festival will start immediately
after the banana tree
climbing competition.
We are starting with the banana tree
climbing competition.
Our first participant is Hari.
Is he climbing or eating the banana tree?
Next is Sabu.
Look at him go down.
Here comes our favorite player, Josemon!
He has been a champion
for the last eight years.
He has been playing well and has won
many trophies for the same.
Josemon is determined to win the
triple hat trick.
What a feat!
Look at him embracing the banana tree.
They have started measuring the length.
It's five feet and four inches.
You were great.
They have sack race, bread biting race,
banana tree climbing competition
and what not!
But they have no games
for drunkards like us!
Justin J. Vattakkalayil, you dumbass!
To heck with your sponsorship!
Have I gone blind or is it a power outage?
You should give a chance to everyone.
I was about to retire this year.
That's when I got to
know about the cash prize.
Who is the sponsor of it?
How many times do I tell him?
Justin J. Vattakkalayil.
Justin from the USA!
Don't miss that part.
USA is my unique selling proposition.
You should repay my debt as and
when you get this money.
I will pay you soon.
But I need this money as it means
special to me.
-This was my last competition.
-Don't try to play us.
Josemon, you know what?
You are like Mr. Induchoodan.
You have won all the competitions.
You are Poovalli Induchoodan
and I am Justin J. Vattakkalayil.
-Do you want a drink?
-Do you have beer?
No. We just have some whiskey with us.
Don't cry.
-Don't cry.
-Participants of light music--
I have registered for this competition.
I won't be able to perform
if I drink alcohol.
-Do we have to watch that as well?
-He is an artist.
It's finished.
The referee for the
competition is yet to come.
-I mean the judge.
Ask the president of our bank
to judge the song.
So, can I leave?
Yes, you may leave.
We don't have drink to share with you.
Kuttan, you should have
bought some snacks.
We have some snacks with us.
-Where is it?
-I have baby food with me.
-Give it to me.
-You can have it with alcohol.
Judges, please note. Josemon.
Like a bell metal vessel
Inverted by someone
The moon appears in the sky
Old memories would
Well up tears in eyes
That's how he sung last time.
Well up tears in eyes of
Honorable family members
Like a bell metal vessel
Inverted by someone
He couldn't win the
music competition this time as well.
Well, he won cash prize
this time and not the usual gift.
That's what I am happy about.
You are coming on 18th, right?
Beware of the thieves in the train.
-Which train is that?
She will reach on 18th.
Her semester fee is due.
Do you have any plans?
Her bangle is the only gold left with us.
How can we take it?
-No, let me think of something.
-Could you please hold this?
-How would you pay it?
-Let's see, Mom.
It's pointless to take a home loan.
How long could we run this
with small loans?
Let us sell this off and
finish off the home loan.
We can look for a house on rent.
That's enough for us.
How can we sell this off, Mom?
Dad built this house.
We would just have to pay once
if they didn't follow the semester system.
I thought I will not see you around
for a long time.
Why are you blushing?
Isn't it like routine for you?
Don't laugh.
You must be wondering why
I am happy, right?
I am happy that this is the last time.
Take this
This is the last and final one.
I am just left with my wedding chain.
I won't give it even to my husband.
I suggest that you should sell the bangle.
Don't bother about getting it
back for me.
-I will return all of your gold soon.
-Don't crack jokes.
Go and do whatever you need to.
Do you want something to eat?
No, we don't have time for that, Mom.
-Off you go.
Both of you are made for each other.
I don't have the luck to pawn
my own mom's gold. Thanks to you!
Let me apologize to her.
She must've started crying
in the washroom.
So, now there is nothing left at
my home for you to pawn.
I will return it soon.
You don't even return the library books.
Let alone the gold.
Get lost!
-Hey, Josemon.
It's been breaking down
every other day.
Why don't we replace it?
How could you even think of it, Father?
Is this that kind of a motor?
Don't you know who bought this?
This was installed by our Bishop
when he was the vicar here.
After that, many priests had
used this motor.
We should not forget that.
Moreover, this has the
blessings of the Holy spirit.
Oh, really?
This has helped me a lot of times.
If I repair this, you will
pay me 500 rupees.
Five hundred rupees!
I need that much money.
It's alright if you don't pay me
the next time.
Josemon, you could have
spared the priest.
That's how life is!
What about the money that you
got from the bangle?
I had to pay for the chit fund.
I paid the rest of the money
as an interest amount for the bike loan.
Josemon, you need not pay back
my debts.
Thank you, bro.
You are the only one who loves me.
It has nothing do with love.
If you repay it now,
you will ask for more.
What a joke!
Brother Justin, how did you make
money from America?
It was not money, but poop.
-What are you talking about?
My job was to clean a granny's poop.
I had been an expert in it.
When we had a baby
my wife thought it would be better if I
cleaned our baby's poop.
She wants to make me a VIP here.
I sponsor events so that I can
become famous.
In fact, I am a beggar.
To hell with her bloody wig!
It sweats a lot.
It's good that you told the truth.
Haven't you heard that
truth is not always beautiful?
Haven't you?
-Yes, we have.
-We have heard about it.
That's great.
-What about him?
-He knows about it.
-What I am saying is--
-You wiped your baby's poop. So what?
That's true.
I have to pay the fee for my sister.
Every job in USA has its own dignity.
Let me suggest a way to
pay your sister's fee.
-Where are you going?
-I can't say it there.
You may sell off your Bullet
and pay her fees.
Don't throw that!
-It's dark over here! Don't throw!
-Don't utter a word about my Bullet!
Nobi told me that it is
worth 1,50,000 rupees.
I won't sell it no matter what!
Are you traveling across the globe
without a penny?
You should have rather chosen to
stay at the bus stand or railway station.
Don't try to trick us.
Leave your hand.
Brother Appan.
I have made a hefty bill.
Keep it with you.
He doesn't have a penny.
He is asking for travel fare from me.
Please give me 100 rupees, brother.
-Why should we give him money?
-Take this. Don't come back.
Thank you. See you.
-Did he just--
-This is on you!
You should have taken advance payment.
How would I know that the
foreigners are like us?
I can't even afford a trip to an
amusement park with my earnings.
-My touch is enough!
-So, what about my effort?
-Check that scooter as well.
-I won't.
I don't work on such antic scooters.
I just repair the Bullet.
We don't have a Bullet but another brand.
Even Honda will be pleased
if you touch it.
-No, thanks. I will leave now.
-You should come tomorrow.
I have work tomorrow.
I will take the wages later.
What's the matter?
-Isn't the tuning fine?
-It needs a slight adjustment.
-Now it's okay.
Okay, bye.
Why are you late?
-The train was late.
-What happened? You look livid.
-Yeah, that's true.
I told her the same thing.
She is already unattractive
and now she looks vivid as well.
-You idiot! Mom!
-You're an idiot!
I am starving.
First take a shower.
I will eat first and then have bath.
Don't you get anything to eat there?
Oh! As if you know all
about the hostel food!
Food is pathetic outside Kerala.
Potato is the only thing they know about!
All they ever served was, potato.
I wonder where they are getting it from.
I am really fed up of it.
What is this, Mom?
-It's potato roast.
I thank everybody including
the sisters, mothers
and other members of Matrujyoti,
volunteers of the youth movement.
-Pour it.
-I guess it needs some sugar.
Did I ask you for your opinion?
Just pour it in a vessel.
Don't think that I am going for good.
I shall visit occasionally.
You should visit me as well.
Here comes our Josemon.
He is the one who supplied me water.
He used to repair our water pump.
I am thankful that he would
always come and do my work.
I shall call you if the motor
breaks down at my new church.
You should come and repair that as well.
I will leave after the morning mass.
I hope that nobody turns up
to confess their sin.
The water pump in the
church never had any problems.
I had tampered with it many a times.
My need for money forced me to do it.
there were times when the motor
actually broke down.
It has to be replaced, right?
Do me a favor.
I have already spoken to a shopkeeper.
Buy a new motor and fix it here.
Listen to me.
You should not be seen near it
unless it breaks down on its own.
-You may go.
-What about atonement?
This is it.
You won't get any money for
fitting the pump.
-Is that enough?
What a saint!
Thank you, Father.
Josemon has failed to repay the loan
in the given time.
I am helpless.
We are left with no other options
but to proceed with the recovery.
I cannot do anything if you don't pay me
1,00,000 rupees by the end of the month.
Or else, things will go out of hands.
Josemon, tell me something.
I will manage somehow.
Bro, can we get 75,000 rupees
by any chance?
Do you know anybody else
who can help?
I can't do anything.
Shall we ask Sam?
He has come from the US.
To heck with it!
He is not a classmate.
Rather we went to the school
he studied in.
If at all we "studied",
this wouldn't have happened.
You only know to take loans.
It's crossed the limits already.
We have to repay those.
Don't be mad at me.
Sell your bike and at least repay
a part of the home loan.
Think of selling the house and
moving to a rented or smaller one.
Sentiments are not going to
help you at all.
It's time to get practical.
Or else
-Mom, it's dad.
Dad is on the way.
Once he comes
we will ride his bike.
Days, oh days
The wings of life
The shadow has been with me
Since the childhood
When time flies by
We need to choose different paths
You hug me
I feel the presence of my father
She is going back the day after tomorrow.
We should transfer the amount
before she reaches there.
Let's sell off the bike.
We can repay a part of the
home loan after paying her fee.
This will help us in some manner.
Then, as you said, we may think
of selling the house.
What is wrong with a rented house?
Let's start with the sale of the bike.
It's better to be practical.
Don't sell dad's bike to pay my fee.
How can you even think of it, bro?
Why not?
It's like our dad himself
is doing something for you.
When you get a nursing job in USA,
you can buy me a new bike.
Let's eat something.
Let me serve.
When time flies through
You need to choose different paths
When you hug me
I feel the presence of my father
Dad, where is the Bullet?
The moment where our speed is lost
The moment when we kiss goodbye
Are you to vanish, my dream?
Like the crescent under the clouds
Grief becomes fire
We remembered
Days, oh days
The wings of life
He considers it to be his dad.
I can't buy it.
-What about the money?
-We will look into the same.
That's the least I can do for his dad.
Right, Josemon?
Brother Nobi, do you
still want to buy my bike?
I am ready to sell it.
Someone wanted to buy it but
you did not pay heed to my words.
I will buy it but not for the same price.
-I will pay 10,000 rupees less.
That's inadequate.
After all, that's my business.
I need to earn something, right?
I don't mind buying the bike.
-Do you need the money today?
Give me ten minutes.
I will go to the bank and get it.
Let's get the documentation done.
I hope it is in a good condition.
Keep an eye on the shop.
-Josemon, where are you?
I am at Brother Nobi's shop.
Please come to the
resort with your Bullet.
I am selling the Bullet.
I am waiting for the money.
You haven't got the money yet, right?
Just come here.
He has gone to the bank to get the money.
You are a--
You need to come right now.
No more excuses.
Do you have murrel fish?
I need two kilograms of it.
-What's the matter?
-I have got something for you.
-Kuttan, is two kilograms enough?
-Tell me!
-Get one and a half kilograms.
I will tell you once he gets done
with the call.
Come here.
Look at her.
Do you know the price of the
coconut that she is drinking?
500 rupees plus tax.
-So what?
-You idiot!
-Explain it to him.
-She is from America.
She has won a lottery from a casino
and is traveling across the globe.
And she is here now.
So what?
She wants to travel across India
on a Bullet.
We have chosen you for this job.
You will get a daily rent for the bike
and a wage for being her driver.
How much will I get?
I am charging her 500 rupees
for a tender coconut.
Think about an amount
keeping that in mind.
It's an unbelievable deal.
All of your problems will be solved.
India is her last destination.
She will return once this trip is over.
It's on you to keep her engaged.
The longer she stays,
the better it is for you.
It will take quite some time.
You may also take longer routes.
You could be a millionaire in
this single trip.
-Is this true?
-Why not?
Kuttan, ask her to
have a look at the Bullet.
-Her name is Cathy.
Catherine Stevens.
That's her full name.
We should make some real
money from her.
Ma'am, you
you want to see the Bullet?
-Oh, yeah.
She is coming.
Please behave properly.
-You can come after having it.
He who dwells in shelter of the highest
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
It is the say of the Lord.
He is my refuge
and my fortress.
He is my God, in whom I trust.
He will save you from the Fowler's snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you with his feathers
and under his wings you will find refuge.
His faithfulness will be your
shield and rampart.
You shall not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day.
Nor the pestilence in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand
but it will not come near you.
You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
If you make the most High
your dwelling
-Everything is ready. Here we go.
-What is this?
I have charged her 4,000 rupees for this.
Don't ruin it.
-Why don't you buy a coconut?
-It's too expensive.
Ma'am, this is our traditional way of
Kuttan, explain it to her.
This ritual is done for a better start.
Oh! Okay, good.
So, Brother Appan
-Bon voyage.
-Bye, Kuttan.
I am not happy about your company.
He is a decent fellow.
Nothing is going to happen.
-Even I live a bachelor's life.
-To heck with you, man.
Everybody here knows
about your celibacy.
-Don't worry about anything.
-Don't you trust me?
-I do trust you but not her.
-Shall we go?
-It's a part of the ritual, ma'am.
Thank you.
Hey driver, I want to look around.
I want to see mountains,
villages, temples. Okay?
I want to see mountains, visit temples.
You understand?
Ma'am, please talk slowly.
-That's when I can understand you.
-You speak in English, right?
You should talk in slow motion.
I can't understand if you talk in a flow.
Okay, so I want to see mountains and
temples and some villages. Got it?
Okay, I get it.
You want to see the
nature and scenery, right?
-I got it.
Driver, which way do we
cross the border?
What is she saying now?
By which way do we
cross the Kerala border?
-You mean the Kerala border?
We may take the Athirappilly-Sholayar
road to Pollachi in Tamilnadu.
I don't know what you are saying.
We will be crossing the
Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.
So, what's our next destination?
-Place! Our next place!
We will be going to Athirappilly now.
It's a place where the water jumps.
Water jumping?
The water flows down from the mountain.
That's how the water jumps.
Yes, I meant the same.
I didn't remember the word.
I got it now.
It's really tough to communicate
with this woman.
Ma'am, nothing official about it.
Is it the one?
Shall we move?
Well, it's working.
Let's go.
Why did we stop?
Ma'am, there's a lot of dust
and the sunlight
Can you please give me a sunglass?
No, I don't give my things
to other people.
Please talk slowly so that
I understand what you're saying.
I don't give my things
to other people.
These are very expensive.
Sorry, driver.
Oh! I just asked for your sunglass,
and not your property.
Nothing official about it.
I will get it done.
I will buy a new sunglass.
How much for that?
Is this the one?
No, the other one.
This one?
Let me check.
500 rupees.
-How much?
-500 rupees.
Take this.
I asked for 500 rupees.
I guess that's enough for the sunglass.
Got it?
This is for 100 rupees.
Yours are as expensive as a piece of land.
-Excuse me.
-Nothing official about it.
Why do you keep saying
that over and over again?
Are you making fun of me?
Ma'am, your sunglass and
my sunglass's price--
Stop saying that nothing official thing!
Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am, this is a small waterfall.
A bigger one is at a distance.
It's beautiful.
Ma'am, just a moment.
Ma'am, have some Indian snacks.
It's super tasty. Peanuts.
We can exchange the snacks.
No, he touched it with his hands.
-He touched it with his hands.
I don't know where his hand have been.
I don't want to be hospitalized, okay?
-Will you be hospitalized?
Then everybody here
should be in hospitals.
Nothing offi--
He is not picking the phone.
He must be riding the bike.
Ma'am, shall we go?
Where is the garbage can?
-Do you want to throw this?
I will take care of it.
No! You need to put
that in the garbage.
That's alright!
You need to put that in the garbage!
Alright, I will throw it.
-Josemon, did anything happen?
-Something will happen for sure!
-Tell us.
I am going crazy with her!
What happened?
Where are you now?
Athirappilly water waterfalls!
Brother Appan
she looks like an angel
but her behavior is like Donald Trump.
I am fed up!
She is such a snob.
I thought of pushing her into the falls.
Don't piss her off.
She is a goose who lays dollar.
Please bear with her.
Isn't the entire world
is tolerating the USA?
If you piss her off, she will go
right away.
This is her last destination.
Every dollar is important for us.
Don't forget.
Money is the only
reason that I am tolerating her.
You have no other option.
Alright! I will call you later.
-Ma'am, tea?
-You're wasting my time. Let's go.
Wait a minute.
You are eating!
Do you see what time it is?
Someone asked me to not go away
You might end up falling in love
Did he win a prize? Or is he a leader?
It's a dead body!
-Is he dead?
This is Tamil Nadu!
That's how the rituals are followed here.
-Oh, my God!
-Shall we go?
It is a long distance
Sister, give me something.
He is begging and they're
wasting the milk!
That's how it is.
Don't worry about it.
The dream speaks
Come on! Come on!
I have a burning desire in me
Come on, let's sail the road
Hi, I am checking in.
Ma'am, here is your bag.
Give me some money.
-Bro, I need a room.
-Five hundred and fifty rupees.
Can you
Spread across the world
And keep moving ahead
Oh, night, will you
Give us some moonlight?
Spread across the world
And keep moving ahead
No, I don't need your help.
Oh, night, will you
Give us some moonlight?
Someone asked me to not go away
You might end up falling in love
Someone asked me to not go away
What happened?
Could you please wait for two minutes?
-Two minutes?
-Yes, can I help them?
Yeah. Go.
A path will emerge
Where you could shed your woes
The dawn light which will
Chase the darkness down
Spread across the world
And keep moving ahead
Oh, night, will you
Give us some moonlight?
That's how people are in India.
Here. Just take it.
Together we go miles
Through day and night
She is a foreigner and shopping over here.
What can I get in return for that?
-No! You will not get a commission.
-Okay, fine!
Hello, Mom.
I have transferred the money.
Haven't you got the message?
Let's sail the road
It's the rainy season
Come on, let's speed it up
The sky is with the moon
Come on, let's sail the road
The dream speaks
Spread across the world
And keep moving ahead
Oh, night, will you
Give us some moonlight?
Come on, let's sail the road
Oh! You could be hospitalized!
That's Lord Shiva.
A Hindu God.
It's nothing but poison.
Is that guy taking a dump?
Ma'am, everything seems clean here.
But the next time you come here,
this place will be filled with dump.
Spread across the world
And keep moving ahead
Oh, night, will you
Give us some moonlight?
Madam, here is a church.
Shall we go for the holy mass?
Look, I am not really a believer, okay?
That explains this behavior.
Josemon, you travel like crazy!
You like traveling?
I like traveling.
I like to travel.
I am not a huge fan of traveling.
So, why did you come?
-I need money.
-Oh! Money for what?
The money is for
repaying the amount.
It's for loan repayment.
I need the money for my sister's education
and for my household expenses.
And a lot of things.
You waste money on others.
No. I am like the father of the house.
It is my responsibility.
It's my duty to take care of it.
So, I am not wasting the money.
No. You earn money for you.
Not for your house or your sister.
If your sister wants to go to school, she
should apply for a scholarship or a loan.
No. In India
family is very important.
Family is stupid.
I don't know where my father is.
Ma'am, you should ask your mother.
I have couple of brothers and sisters
but I don't really know them.
Money has done more for me
than my family has.
Money got me to India.
Money got me a driver.
More money, more drivers.
No, ma'am, it's not like that.
You earn money for yourself.
Otherwise you will be left with nothing.
Humans are always single.
-Money is everything.
-Hey, no.
No relationships, no commitment.
Relationship means a lot to everyone
and it is important as well.
I don't think so.
You are making lame excuses.
-What do you mean?
-I mean
You don't have any idea
You don't have any idea
about the value of relationships.
Have you seen the
Malayalam movie, Vatsalyam?
It is the actor, Mammootty's movie.
-Have you seen it?
That's why you are ignorant of kinship.
I am like the
protagonist of that movie.
In India, every home
has one such character.
There is no point explaining you
as you haven't seen the movie.
-Shall we go?
Ma'am, be careful.
Don't slip off.
-I need to make a call.
-One thousand rupees.
I am going back to the US from Jaipur.
Are you going?
Then, what about the trip?
My account is almost empty.
I don't have money.
It is only enough money for you.
So, I am leaving from Jaipur.
It's 350 kilometers from here.
So, will you be leaving
after 350 kilometers?
In a way it's better that
I need not tolerate her.
-Nothing. I am sad that you're going.
Well, it's almost been a month.
Driver, can you stop?
-I want to swim there.
-What about the food?
Let's swim first and then have food.
Over there.
-Shall we go there?
-Yes. Go over there.
Come on, driver.
Let's swim.
Oh, God!
-Come on, driver.
I wish a crocodile gets this devil.
Come on.
It's nice.
We consider all Indians as
brothers and sisters.
But it is not the same with
the Americans.
So, please do not tempt me.
It seems like she has not seen
the water for long.
-Josemon, come on.
-I already had a shower.
You may bathe.
Oh, no!
Where are our belongings?
Where is my bag?
Where is my stuff?
Oh, my God!
No! I need my bags.
I have lost my bag as well!
Call the cops!
Call the police!
We have lost our mobile phones as well.
How do we call?
Did you have something
to do with this?
-Did you put your friends up to this?
-What did you say?
-Oh, my God, you are a thief!
-Me! Am I the thief?
-I am stuck here in India.
-Stop your nonsense!
Don't blame Indians for this!
Aren't there any thieves in America?
You Americans are the biggest
robbers in the world.
Who is stealing the oil from Iraq?
Americans are doing it.
Not only theft but they are
murdering people as well!
You guys have committed thousands
of murders across the world.
Didn't you guys bomb Hiroshima and
that too in the morning?
What was that for?
To maximize the causality.
It's good that you are hit by recession.
Whom do you think you are?
How long have you been controlling me?
I'll give you one tight slap!
I don't want to carry you!
You fool, idiot, stupid woman!
I will somehow manage to get away.
But you
you will be stuck here starving!
Humans are single.
Money is everything, right?
To hell with your dialogue!
As per the book, you are indebted to me
but, I don't want your money.
Consider it as India's
benevolence towards the US.
Both of us will choose our own routes now.
No, bad bye!
Have it.
Humans are single.
Money is everything, right?
Have it.
This is our Indian culture.
Human relationship!
Have it.
You never eat peanuts
from street shops, right?
You should have seen the shop
I bought this from.
And now you don't seem
to have a problem with it.
Have it.
It has been quite a long journey.
My body is aching.
My body is paining because
of the long journey.
Give me a good massage.
How did you get food with no money?
I gave a lift to a guy.
He bought me the food.
That's what human relationship is like.
Do you get it?
-It's better if you don't.
English, please.
I can't talk in English.
Why don't you learn Malayalam instead?
Hop on.
I said, hop on!
Continue the massage.
From now, India will rule the US.
Brother, where is the police station?
-Are you a Madrasi?
-No, I am from Kottayam, Kerala.
Oh! Police station is a bit far.
So far.
What happened?
Our passport, license, bag and phone
has been stolen.
We lost all our money.
We want to file a
complaint with the police.
-Who is this girl?
-She is a tourist.
It's not safe to travel at night.
Don't worry, come with me.
Who are these babies in the photograph?
They are my granddaughters.
-Yeah, they are twins.
-Where are they?
They died.
It's been two years.
Two years.
How did it happen?
The hospital ran out of oxygen supply.
Didn't they have oxygen cylinders
in the hospital?
No, they didn't.
-No oxygen?
-Yeah, they ran out of oxygen supply.
Come soon, beloved
Mother Earth is calling you
Come soon, beloved
Mother Earth is calling you
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
Come soon, beloved
Mother Earth is calling you
Come soon, beloved
Mother Earth is calling you
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
Oh, God!
Why did this happen now?
-Bro, did the tire get punctured?
-May I help you?
-Just a moment.
Thank you so much, God!
-Bro, let me take care of it.
Bro, we lost all our documents,
identity card and money.
The thief stole all of it.
Can you speak in English?
-Then tell me, what happened?
Well, we were swimming in a lake
and when we got back to the bike
everything was gone.
The passport, wallet was stolen.
So, you have to inform
the police station first.
-Because you have lost the passport.
-What's your name?
-Catherine Stevens.
-Okay, I'm Veer Bhai.
-Where are you from?
-United states of America!
-Wow! You're from great America.
Oh, my God
-America is my dream land.
Do you think you can help me
write a police report?
Since you are from America
you are my guest and not only mine,
you are India's guest, okay?
Thank you.
Come on, make it fast.
We have to go to the police station.
-Okay? Who is this?
-He is my driver.
Madam, it's a complicated case.
We will start the inquiry.
You will have to come to the
police station whenever I call you.
Veer Bhai, it's your responsibility.
Okay, that's not a problem.
Cathy, this is my home.
It's a very small one.
Don't worry, I will arrange a
big set up for you. Okay?
And this is the home for you.
Beautiful, right?
And the interesting part is that
you don't have to pay rent for this.
It's absolutely free because you are my
guest! India's guest!
As if it's a bungalow!
What's your name?
Hey, Munni.
-Is it ready?
-Yes it's ready.
This is my wife.
She is pregnant.
-Oh! Hi.
This is Indian culture.
An Indian woman is applying
bindi for a foreigner.
It's called bindi.
Indian bindi Indian flowers
and Indian sweet.
Nice, right?
That's alright.
She is my friend.
-She has come from America.
Welcome, ma'am.
Cathy, you go and take rest.
I will come to you later.
You may take rest as well.
Why did you come back?
I hurt you many times but
you still came back.
It's because you helped me
retain my Bullet.
This Bullet belongs to my dad.
The Bullet and I share our birthdays.
Now this Bullet is like my father.
It reminds me of my father.
One day I was all set to sell it.
It's because I have a big house.
I have to pay debts.
Do you understand the meaning
of recession?
I was debted as well.
I had no choice but to sell it
for my sister's studies.
I was really sad to sell the Bullet.
That day you came and gave me a call.
You gave me cash and that's how
I saved the Bullet.
My dad's Bullet is still with me
only because of you.
So I couldn't leave you there.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to be.
Are you hungry?
Hello Kochumol, did he call you?
I couldn't get him through.
He used to call every day.
Try calling him and let me know
if you get through.
-The dinner is ready.
There is no space inside
the house to dine.
-Please adjust over here.
-That's fine, Veer Bhai.
-Feel the taste of India.
-I will, thank you.
Okay? I am a bit busy.
So, you eat and sleep.
-Okay, goodnight.
-Do you drink beer?
-Oh, yeah.
Can we have a beer first
and then eat our food?
-Come on.
Back home, we can't visit a
temple or a church after getting drunk.
But over here, a temple is offering beer.
How strange!
Have it.
We don't have money, yet we are
eating food
and drinking a beer.
Do you know how?
India is all about relations.
-Who is the father of your nation?
-Father of the nation.
-Oh! George Washington.
Oh, George Washington.
If he believed that humans are
meant to be single
and money is everything
then America wouldn't have been like this.
If our Gandhi thought the same
even India would have been in a bad state.
-Do you understand?
You have made me happy.
I won't be happy when I get back home.
Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
Write, for example
"The night is starry and the stars
are blue and shiver in the distance.
Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
Through nights like this one.
I held her in my arms.
I kissed her again and again
under the endless sky.
I loved her
Sometimes, she loved me as well.
I loved her.
Sometimes, she loved me as well.
To think that I do not have her
To feel that I have lost her.
-To feel that I have lost her."
-Excellent poem.
Thank you.
Veer Bhai, what's wrong?
Hey bro, come here.
-What's your problem?
You will not understand it.
Your plight is nothing
compared to my life.
-Veer Bhai!
-Veer Bhai, my foot!
I am not Veer Bhai.
I am Sunny.
Sunny Joseph from Poonjar.
I have a PhD in English.
I was about to join as
Assistant Professor
in St. Josephs college.
I had an encounter with a woman
a day before I joined there.
-What do you mean?
-We were in a relationship.
A friendship that
turned into a love affair.
That's a different story.
Her husband caught us making love.
She turned against me and
accused me of rape.
-Oh, God!
-What would I do?
The reporters and the police
juggled me over.
I fled from there.
Nobody else might have run from
Poonjar to Kumili at
midnight in a stretch.
Do you know who he is?
I am the one who has done it.
Sunny Joseph Iykkarakkattil.
That's how I reached here.
Leave it, Brother Sunny.
-What did you just call me?
-Brother Sunny.
I have waited so long to hear that word.
You are my brother.
-Leave it.
-I won't. I have a proof.
Here you go.
-Who is this gentleman?
-Who is this?
-It's me.
It's you?
-People spend rupees to implant hair.
On the other hand, I tonsure my
head to conceal my identity.
Leave it, Brother Sunny.
After all, adultery is a sin
in our culture, right?
I loved a woman who had
an abusive relationship.
Is that a sin?
Love is all I know about.
Brother Sunny, after meeting you
and knowing that we both are from Kerala
I feel really happy!
Oh, my darling!
My beloved brother!
Why have we landed in this state?
Where were you until today?
Are you from Kerala?
I was a Malayali but now I am not.
Women can make anything happen.
What could poor Sunny Joseph do
in that situation?
I am a loser who lost the
research fellowship.
-Oh, no!
-Why is he crying?
Do you know what my brother did?
He captured my land
and built a shopping complex there.
I want to drink toddy and eat
meat curry from a Kerala bar.
Brother Sunny!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
What did you call me?
I called you Brother Sunny.
How did you know that?
Did you forget everything
that happened yesterday?
-Did I tell you my name?
-All of it?
-Is there anything left to say?
-Did I mention about the case?
-You told everything.
You told me about your great
escape and the reason behind it.
-Did she come to know about it?
-She doesn't know Malayalam.
Well, anyone can understand my story.
-What's your name, again?
-Best! Did you forget my name?
-I forget everything after getting drunk.
Oh, no!
Make sure that not even a puppy
should know that I am a Malayali.
You need not worry.
Not even a camel will
come to know about it.
We need to go back.
She has lost her passport, right?
Now we need to go to the embassy,
at Delhi or Mumbai.
Listen, I am struggling to meet
the ends together.
You don't have any money, right?
Very good.
Let me ask some friends
to send some money.
Why would you do that?
Make her pay for it.
She says her account is empty
but I don't know if it is true.
These guys spend all the money on trips.
I think she can manage it easily.
-Don't you want to freshen up?
It won't be that comfortable.
That's alright, brother.
-It won't be easy for her though.
-You don't mind it.
They don't even wash their ass.
Let her adjust.
You don't even have a penny!
-Where did you sleep?
-I slept inside the pipe.
-What about her?
-She slept there as well.
You slept together?
We slept separately.
Don't think about all that, bro.
Hey, buddy!
Hello, how are you?
Why don't you take a bath?
-Veer Bhai.
-Who is this guy?
The only one who knows me inside out.
Brother, give it to me.
Cathy, come.
-You can use this and call your friends.
-It has a good network.
Log out from the Facebook.
-Now enter the password.
-I am going to call.
-You got lot of friends?
I am gonna call around.
Hey Cathy, how are you?
Where are you?
Hey! I am actually in India.
But all my stuff was stolen.
I lost my passport, wallet and everything.
So, I was wondering if you
could send me some money.
Wait, guys.
Dany, Chelsie, come here.
We are here now.
Tell us what the problem is
Guys, I really need your help.
I am wondering if you
could send me some money.
Cathy, what did you say to us
when you got the casino money?
Just get lost!
-What's the matter?
-Is it over?
She did not treat them well
when she won the lottery.
So, they won't help her either.
I won't blame them.
They should have rather come here
and slapped her.
So, what next?
-Shall I arrange some money?
-No, let her do that.
If you arrange for the money,
you might end up losing that as well.
Cathy, what are the plans?
I just need some more time.
I need around two or three days.
It won't be a problem.
How can we stay here?
Honestly, I am happy to host you.
I am genuinely happy to host you.
I am speaking Malayalam after a long time.
-Don't worry about anything.
You got no help from your friends.
Why don't you learn something from us?
Okay! Cathy, don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Come on.
-Can I use the tab?
-For what?
I need to check Facebook.
I don't even know my mom's phone number.
Don't make excuses for it.
What's your password?
Come soon, beloved
-Mom, it's me, Josemon.
-Why didn't you call me?
I lost my phone on the way.
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
The sky is so clear
And I am full of joy
The sky is so clear
And I am full of joy
Why are you struggling over there?
Come back!
Please smile a bit, my beloved
Your land is calling out to you
Please smile a bit, my beloved
Please smile a bit, my beloved
Your land is calling out to you
Please smile a bit, my beloved
The sky is so clear
And I am full of joy
The sky is so clear
And I am full of joy
Come flying to the door by midnight
Oh, boy! The song's on your book
All night bang it on the radio
Oh, boy! The song's on your book
-Great, Cathy! I have a gift for you!
-Thank you!
-Here you go!
You can have it!
-Can I sing a song?
-I have won a prize for singing.
-Please sing, dear.
Next is Josemon's song. Okay?
He won a prize for it!
Like a bell metal vessel
Inverted by someone
The moon appears in sky
Old memories would
Old memories would
Enough of it.
What prize did you get for this?
I think I won't the second prize.
Don't you dare sing
this song in Rajasthan!
-You can continue dancing.
-Oh, yes!
Let me dance.
This is the warmest time
Is it withering due to fatigue!
Take the train, travel like a rain
The bad times are vanishing slowly
Take the train, travel like a rain
Come on and join my path
-Praise the
-Praise the
Come soon, beloved
Mother Earth is calling you
Come soon, beloved
Mother Earth is calling you
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You are colorful and vivid
You spread happiness all over
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
You will never understand
My heart is brimming
The sky is so clear
And I am full of joy
The sky is so clear
And I am full of joy
Come flying to the door by midnight
Please smile a bit, my beloved
Your land is calling out to you
Please smile a bit, my beloved
Please smile a bit, my beloved
Your land is calling out to you
Please smile a bit, my beloved
There is a legend associated
with this temple.
A guy from the royal family died here
in an accident while riding his Bullet.
The police then took his Bullet
to the police station.
The next day the Bullet went missing
from the police station.
And it was found back at
the site of the incident.
The police took the Bullet once again.
Then they found that somebody had
emptied the fuel tank.
They had locked it as well.
-Do you know what happened the next day?
-What happened?
The Bullet again went missing.
But it didn't have fuel, right?
The Bullet was again found here.
The villagers then started considering it
as a deity.
From that day, this place
has become like a temple.
People consider this to be God.
They pray here to get
the missing vehicles.
Travelers stop and pray to the bike
to keep them off the accidents.
And if anyone performs a prayer
for their bike,
then it will always remain with them.
-Have you performed the veneration?
-For this one?
Nobody will buy this even for free.
-I should do the prayer for my bike.
-That's a good idea.
Both of us met unexpectedly.
What if it happened
because of the deity here?
-Who knows?
-Do you understand?
There is an interesting story
behind this temple.
Long back, a royal family member
who was very fond of beer and Bullet
What are you thinking?
this journey has changed me a lot.
-Are you speaking in Malayalam?
Go on.
I was not happy when I didn't have money.
Now I have no money
but I'm happy.
All humans are related, right?
You and Veer Bhai
taught me that.
-Are you happy now?
-But I am not.
I miss my house and my mother.
I miss my sister, friends and my club.
I miss all of them.
I am not happy.
I feel like going back home.
I miss my home.
Do you miss home?
Do you have a "line" back there?
-What "line"?
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-Not anymore.
When I won the jackpot at the casino
he asked me for the money.
-The I told him that
You must have told him
that humans are single.
And I can't give this money to you.
Poor chap just managed to escape.
-He escaped.
Yeah, he escaped.
-Do you have a girlfriend?
-You must be kidding me.
How come an ordinary guy like me
have a girlfriend?
In India, falling in love
and having a girlfriend is too expensive.
It is a difficult task.
So, I don't have one.
Well, girlfriends are expensive no matter
which part of the world they are in.
What do you work as in America?
I work in a casino in accounting.
Wow! You work in a casino!
-Is that how you won a lottery?
What do you do?
I do a lot of things.
I work as a painter, plumber,
electrician, driver and mechanic.
I do a lot of work.
But I don't earn enough.
You should run a workshop for Bullets.
You are an expert with your Bullet.
I should do that.
Oh, no!
Cathy, stop it!
Oh, no! Cathy!
-Oh, God! Josemon!
-What have you done?
Brother Sunny!
-What happened?
-Are you okay?
-I think I broke it.
-Take the vehicle.
-I shall try starting it.
-Give a hand.
Show me your hand.
Is it paining?
-Is it paining here?
Yeah, it is paining.
-What about your head?
-We have to get a scan done.
Get a scan and x-ray done.
Yes! You need to get an x-ray
done for her hand.
-What did he say?
-Her hand must be fractured.
We need to get the scan
and x-ray done.
Wouldn't it be very expensive?
Yes but we don't have an option
but to do it.
I shall drop you at the scan center
and then try to arrange some money.
I am sorry.
A sorry won't do any good.
What happened at that small hospital?
The don't have the cast or medicines.
It's a Government hospital.
-No medicine at a Government hospital?
That's how it is out here.
So, that's why all your ministers
come to America for treatment.
They can afford that, but there is
no medicine for the common man.
All of them are like the thieves.
Thief minister!
Not only ministers but the
common peoples are thieves as well.
-Our bag, wallet, passport Yeah.
-Got stolen.
That is true.
I need to tell you something.
Can I tell you a truth?
I have done something as well.
I conned you.
-This is easy to do.
But I cheated you by taking you
from the longer routes.
-Do you understand?
-Yeah, I understand.
I will get more money for
traveling more days.
So, I tried to con you.
You will become a minister one day.
Who has time for that?
-So, you seem fine.
The dosage of the medicines are
written here in Malayalam.
Make sure you give
her the right medicines.
She will have to be here for some days.
The private hospitals give medicines
even if we are fine.
Cathy, you have an appointment
at the embassy next week.
You should be fine by then.
-See you later.
You come with me.
Keep this.
-Where did you get the money from?
-Leave it to me.
You may ask her to
arrange the money.
-I will tell her.
-Have some food.
I will take your leave now.
Oh let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
Oh let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
My life is just like you
I am with you as the shadow
You and me where it all began
Touch the sky, left me where
We far away
Oh let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
Has silence dawned on its own?
Has your soul asked you to forget?
Did I get burned in full?
Did my breath sob?
Oh, God!
What happened?
Oh, it's you.
Josemon, can you
please apply this ointment?
-What happened?
-She threw the spittle at me.
It's because I pawned her gold.
Is that how you arranged that money?
I will kill myself if you don't
get my chain back.
-Why don't you die?
-You thief!
-What did she say?
-She threatens to commit suicide.
-Will she?
-She just keeps threatening me.
This is her usual dialogue.
She is feeling bad as it is her
wedding chain.
-Did she say something about the money?
-She says it will take time.
Oh! What should I do now?
Do you have any money left?
No, I spent it all.
I need to pay the money
to get the discharge done.
Oh, no! Where do we get the money from?
I just know the basic terms.
I can't understand their language as well.
They had taken her to the ICU yesterday.
The nurse asked us to get her discharged
soon or else we will be in trouble.
They are taking the advantage of
her being a foreigner.
-What do we do now?
-Let me think about it.
God will help us.
Come with me.
Don't come home without my chain!
-Will you please shut up?
Haven't I told you that I will?
-Can't you get it?
Brother, don't treat her like this.
I have an idea. Come.
Let's go.
I hope everything will be fine
by the time we reach home.
Go and take rest.
Where is your Bullet?
Bullet I sold the Bullet.
Why? For what?
What else could I do?
Did you want me to abandon you?
It's not fair to take money from him.
You did not sell it even for your family
or your sister.
Why did you do it for me?
None of us has money.
Brother Sunny didn't have money.
What else could I do?
I have money, Josemon.
But you told me that you don't
have money.
I can arrange it.
I can get money.
I was enjoying our situation.
That's why I told you so.
You did not tell me about the Bullet.
Leave it.
You have given me lots of money.
Hadn't you
Hadn't you come,
I would have sold the Bullet.
Long time back!
It's okay.
I don't mind doing it for you.
It's okay.
No one has ever loved me like this before.
I sold it to him as I thought
he was a reseller of bikes.
I got to know that it was dear to you
only when Cathy told me about it.
It's very difficult to get it back now.
Our bike is not in Rajasthan now.
It's already gone.
I need to buy back his Bullet.
I don't care.
I just need to buy it back.
We can find it but
No, Brother Sunny. Leave it.
I was anyway going to lose it someday.
Even if I get it back,
I will have to sell it soon.
I sold the Bullet in an emergency
situation, right?
At least, it helped me repay
some loans as well.
Let's focus on getting her the passport.
Let money not be a constraint.
I have some money left with me.
Please tell her.
We have to go to the embassy.
We need to go to Mumbai.
Let's get packed.
We have nothing left to pack.
Let's take all this with us.
I don't want to go home.
Thank you.
This is the letter
from the police station.
-Keep it safe with you.
Oh, let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
Sunny, I would like you to stop here.
Oh, let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
Has silence dawned on its own?
Has your soul asked to forget it?
Did I get burned in full?
Did my breath sob?
The paths where we came from
Has given us millions of memories
The paths where we came from
Has given us millions of memories
Oh, let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
Oh, let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
Has silence dawned on its own?
Has your soul asked to forget?
Did I get burned in full?
Did my breath sob?
The paths where we came from
Has given us millions of memories
So, you will be leaving tomorrow, right?
Do you know who bought me the ticket?
-My mother.
We had no contact for seven years.
But I called her the other day.
My mother was very happy.
I called her because of you
and because of India.
Seven years!
I would have died if I didn't
call my mom for so long.
I will give you back your money
once I reach home.
Give me your bank account number.
You don't need to do that.
No, Cathy.
If you
give back the money
then, we will not be related anymore.
There is only one person in this world
who is indebted to me.
I am indebted to everybody else.
Let it be.
It's nice to feel that way
It's a nice feeling.
I am happy without money.
You should also be happy.
So, you are going to America now, right?
Won't you ever come back to India?
We won't be meeting again.
Even if I wish to come there,
it won't be possible.
It won't be easy to get the visa.
We are living in a world
where we can't even go and meet
our dear ones.
It's such a bad world.
Why are you not talking?
Hey. It's nothing.
This letter contains everything
that I ever wanted to tell you.
It's in Malayalam.
I didn't learn English.
I can't write in English.
You may read it whenever it is possible.
Let them gaily come
Oh, let them gaily come
Let them gaily come
-Happy journey.
-Bye, Josemon.
I have to go abroad to release
the Malayalam book.
That's how my situation like!
What else should happen?
Boarding has been complete.
Let me hang up. Bye.
Could you read this to me?
-"Nobody loved me like
-like this in my entire life.
-In my life
I don't think any girl has ever loved me.
but I feel that you love me so much.
Maybe it's because of the love
I have for you.
That's what I felt.
We kissed and we
spent our nights together.
For Indians, if we men spend
such times with a woman
we consider them as our wife.
For me, you are my woman now.
There won't be any other
woman in my life.
If you come back or not, but you will
always be mine.
I love you, Cathy.
There is nothing wrong with the bike.
It does have a strange sound
since it is a new bike.
But something feels wrong
when I start the bike.
Really? That's not possible.
Let's check the tuning.
-Please check it.
-Just a second.
Did you get the service done?
You have a registered post.
Please sign here.
Oh! It's in English.
Bro, can you read this for me?
Show it to me.
The letter is from
Pali Police Station in Rajasthan.
Is there any problem?
-Have you lost your purse there?
They have got your identity
card and your driving license.
You can go there and collect it
or else they will send it to you.
I don't need a license since
I don't have a vehicle.
You never know when you might need it.
It's better that you get it.
-How much for this?
-That's alright.
Okay, thanks.
Josemon, can we deliver
that bike today?
They are on the way.
Why not? Finish your work.
Get that cover as well.
-Hello, Josemon.
-Hey, Brother Sunny.
-How are you?
-I am fine.
-Have you got a letter from the police?
-Yeah, I got it just now.
I met the inspector.
When are you coming?
I am not coming, bro.
I shall ask them to send it.
I can't be away from the garage.
What are you saying?
By the way,
we had a baby boy yesterday.
Congratulation! Have a blast!
I will definitely have a blast.
You should come here,
no matter how busy are you.
You can get your papers
and attend my son's naming ceremony.
I don't have any friends.
So, I don't want to listen
to any other excuses.
You should be here the next Sunday.
Where is the Bullet, Dad?
Here is your Bullet.
No! It's your Dad, right?
You might have come here to get those
papers and attend my son's naming.
She came here only to get
your Bullet back.
She used to call me
and inquire about it.
And finally I found your Bullet.
She paid the amount they asked for.
Now, it belongs to you.
I couldn't stay there
after our amazing trip.
I am sure that I won't go back
without visiting the rest of the country.
I want to explore
this country with you.
Why not?
Let's do it.
Let's go.
Nothing official about it.
How is it?
Josemon, you rock.
Someone asked me to not go away
You might end up falling in love
It's a long distance
It's the rainy season
There's a sky with the moon
Even though there are a lot of differences
-but there's one good thing about America.
-What's that?
The American kiss.
That's always great, Josemon.
-Shall we go?
-What's our next destination?
Next destination
Let's roam around Uttarakhand
and move towards Nepal.
We can go to Sikkim, Bhutan, Meghalaya
and Assam to enter West Bengal.
So, be it.
From there we can go to Odisha,
Telangana, Tirupati,
Chennai, Salem, Kambam, Theni and Kumily.
We will visit my home as well.
My mom will be shocked to see you.
Brother Appan and
Kuttan will be dumbstruck.
They might arrange a reception.
I am a star now.