Kim Possible: So the Drama (2005) Movie Script

(Missile smoke)
Target Nakasumi San
It's impossible!
No, but there is near.
I'm working on it!
Oh Thank you!
Sumo Ninja?!
I'm strong as a mountain!
This is wrong.
I am your doom!
Rufus, help!
Mouse Bald, strange enough for you?
You will suffer!
Just a second.
Ah, this movement ...
won the regional cheerleading.
It's best sunsets champion ice it!
I'm right behind you KP.
Oh my! I did not put the skids jet this morning!
But I put my underwear propulsion.
Hey Wade, what's going on?
It's a bad time?
Remember that the president
Toys Nakasumi thought was in danger?
He was right.
Hang in there.
I'm up for the GPS system.
Kim, U. curve
Kim, Monique wants to talk
but you seem a bit busy.
A bit.
It was important, was something about Bonnie and Brick
What? Put it online!
Ok, ok.
Monique, together or apart?
Together again!
How many times is that two people
can stop and walk back together?
She loves the drama.
Oh, she just needs to pair to the prom.
Oh, this is bad!
Yes, they deserve each other.
No, I mean this is bad.
Monique, I have to go.
Thanks, Ron
Oh, look, partner!
I got you, Man of Toys!
One day, we even take away that dryer!
(An original movie of Disney)
(Kim Possible - The Drama of Love)
The situation Wade?
I'm handling the case Drakken / Nakasumi
but so far nothing!
I can not see ...
Yes, I do not understand why he tried to abduct
the Nakasumi, rather than to steal the technology.
Yes, but in fact was
talking about this work of Geometria.
Oh Would you take a look?
No, I do ask for help from a super genius is cheating.
I'll ask Ron!
Any luck on the number seven?
Ah, very tricky.
The number seven is very tricky, then come back to that.
How is running this test?
I will please Stoppable San.
And where is the San Stoppable?
Miss Possible, welcome
and once again thank you.
Not great, thanks for the ride
home, saw Ron?
Rufus, is supposed to be the one to lead!
Yes, talk to the driver nu.
San Nakasumi says not to get worried
your job is to create fun ...
Your friend is a great consumer
still full of childish beauty.
Maybe a little too much.
No way, this is just what I
I think it is? Tiki Warf Boo! Bugs Bun!
You create these characters that Mr. Nakasumi?
Yes, he creates them alone.
It's your personal touch.
Oh, come on, you just draw these dolls and
Suddenly all the kids want a planet?
Yes, but do not tell the
sponsors is so easy.
They can take me the jet.
Ah, you noticed my!
Wait, you speak English?
Oh, quite fluently, but I
whispering in the ears of Miss Kioko
San Nakasumi is a little, as they say ... cheeky.
Ok, I guess that comes with the scene
to be the creator of toys.
San Stoppable, on behalf of cooperation Nakasumi
accept our gratitude for your
effort to rescue Nakasumi San.
What works hard to create toys.
San Nakasumi
we are approaching the airport Middleton.
The pilot must be about to land.
Okay, can leave us already here.
It is time to open the parachute!
Ah My homework!
What serves you well!
Good morning Dr. Possible!
You too Dr. Possible!
Day crazy, three surgeries before lunch, and you?
I will finish the project Hephaestus,
3 years, 3 billion dollars.
I hope it.
More coffee dear?
Are you sure you want to delete the file Hephaestus?
Yes, please!
Recognized standard voice of Dr. Possible,
activated process of elimination.
No, no, no
Abort, abort.
Process of elimination aborted.
No problem dear
I have everything up here.
Kids eaten?
Jim and Tim are on the fourth
working on a secret invention.
Like father, like son.
I have not seen the Kimmie.
Good morning!
You're a little late Kimmie
Yes, it slows me a bit
having to go wrong landed,
but Ron is a fearful
when it comes to free fall.
Kimmie, where were you last night?
The tycoon was saved toys
yesterday by the teenage heroine Kim Possible.
That's my girl!
Oh, it was great father,
addition to the Supreme Ninja
that was pretty big.
Sumo Ninja ...
I have not had to worry about
Sumo Ninja when I was your age.
What a nice stroke, Kimmie
Lower yourself father!
Mother, father,
seen our ...
You did it.
Why do not you play with
games like normal kids?
And play.
We use them as parts.
Nothing missile inside kids.
This is what happens when a scientist
space and a neurosurgeon reproduce.
(Lair secret)
The machine absorption brain
is ready for the prisoner.
No prisoner will absorb your brain.
You've failed me for the last time, Shego
Your Sintodromes are improving,
they could even win a fair fight ...
penalty is not my style.
Sintodrome 842 to finish the job.
Shego, you must always destroy my toys?
Ok, because you must always be, "Dost thou fail me last time"?
Are you kidding me with this?
No, Shego came time
elevate the game to the next level!
Oh, I especially liked
this number 842.
Had a certain beauty in
floor and a twinkle in his eyes.
No, I think it is
substance Sintodrome.
Can get a mop here?
Shego, come with me and talk to me!
You'd say I'm bad?
Oh, not this again!
Shego, please be honest!
Yes, you are very bad.
Oh, Anderson, crucial
the program of life changing.
Yes, I suppose you're right.
Dr. D. see if you understand ...
Nobody does super weapons like you.
Look at that ray of annihilation.
It is evil in the design ...
and saves energy.
See, there you go.
And the things I'm doing in
torture chamber are very exciting.
That's what I'm talking about.
You definitely ... you are crazy.
My last research project,
I'll get the head of Kim Possible
and I find his weakness.
Stevens, report!
So, D-Diggity Dog!
We've lost Stevens!
Sorry Dr. Drakken?
What is it?
Without a brain to absorb the machine
absorb brain is useless and a waste.
Gggrrr, Give me that!
Why are you so happy?
Oh, nothing only the first
step to world conquest.
Whatever ...
Let me see it
A doll you are so weird.
Oh no, are you trying to be cool again?
Serve with your mother.
Go, Mad Dogs!
It was so pointless.
Like it's always about you!
That ego disappears with Kim.
Brick dear, I appear
when you have finished exercising.
Two hours? Ok, oh and do not take a shower,
I like when you are sweating.
When you're sweating?
You could be more unhealthy?!
Oh, how you and your boyfriend?
Oops, I forgot, you do not have
a boyfriend, not because Kim?
Too busy to "save the world."
You're still you use quotes?!
Ah, interesting.
I'm with Brick Flagg, football,
hockey, top of the food chain.
Tara you are with Jason Morgan,
the star of the basketball team.
The Jessica with Steve Farley,
the captain of the baseball team.
Football, athletics, lacrosse, ice hockey.
Face the facts, all
acceptable boys have been busy.
There is a term which
I have no knowledge?
The Ball.
It's just a ball.
Experience, "The Ball", with
Who do you type is crucial.
You still going with the
captain of the chess team.
Hey, KP.
Or worse!
We have a meeting at Bueno Nacho, or what?
Girl, this is bullshit.
I know, but what if by Bonnie
some stupid reason right?
Oh, shut up!
I mean, and if there
something wrong with me, Monique?
Why are not you dating
a football player.
I'm running the boys, they see me on TV
skating to the windows of buildings ...
Images are true.
Kim, you are a woman
strong and independent
who has this fear
not worth your time
Yes maybe, but what if she is right?
Is there anything sadder than going
the ball with your "just friend"?
And his bald mice.
Four nachos, three burritos and a salad.
Oh, extra cheese on it!
That is 7.52.
Tricked up Ned, this is a
order Naco Night, so they are 4.98.
Sorry, the promotion of
Naco Night has been canceled.
You cancel the Naco Night?
I do not have that power,
was the new management.
What new management?
Someone bought the whole "enchilada".
I can give you the 800 number if you want
express a comment or criticism.
Oh yes, I have some criticisms.
I mean a "par par" was cool,
a lousy boyfriend.
You are leaving Bonnie control you.
I am not.
What good is saving the world
do not have anyone to share!
Ok, a little.
Just once I would like to
make swallowing what he said.
All we want.
KP, life as
know it changed forever
just to Naco Night.
Oh, and I need three more dollars.
What was Wade?
Discovered Drakken, is the "Bermuda Triangle".
I'm here to see your boss.
Shego, gives a tip to the man.
Thanks for the ride Mr. Belly.
Kim was the least I could do
after saving me from that hurricane.
Not great, nor was a super storm.
It was easy.
Eyes and ears alert Rufus,
this place is bad.
We went, we do what
want and let's go.
All right, Shego, I will
question this common criminal.
What's his name again?
Big Daddy Brotherson.
But you know ...
Please, I'm a super genius,
I think I can deal with the "Big Daddy".
(Do not exceed this limit)
You think you are
try to keep us apart?
We are in disguise!
What is it? It was my father
he bought it for your homecoming,
never been used.
Big Daddy, Drakken, I realize ...
Na, na, na, the password.
What password?
You had the password?
You could have mentioned
I thought a genius
would like you to discover.
Shego, I'm not a
particularly patient man.
Ok obstacle password is ...
Sit down!
The bathroom
Ladies, perfect.
Lip Color Laser, beautiful!
Hey, why is that Wade never
me merrily on toys?
Because almost dissolvest up
fingers with one.
It looked like a nail varnish normal.
The bathroom of ladies, Ron.
Hang in there!
Dude, you are "The Kid"?
Yes, yes, I am.
I have money, you have the information?
Put the money on the table!
Put the information in the table!
You first.
Look I have no time for silly games.
He likes to play silly games.
Wade, I'm inside,
any sign of Drakken?
Not that I can see.
Turn around!
Wade, where's Ron?
Here you Kid, five million
in gambling chips!
These are mine?
I mean, yes, good, my money.
Miss me guys?
This was a bold move.
You're good at this.
Hey, you know how you see that one
man is lying?
Like, he does not look in her eyes.
Or maybe start playing the guy.
Your breathing becomes
irregular and shallow.
Three cowboys!
Ah, go fishing!
Ok, good game, we will not wait
so long next time ...
Woh, you should stay until Pagares
these chips with your money, Kid
I. .. am ... I ...
Yo, the Kid came
let's put this party to move.
Sorry, I just ...
Ah Ah Now with this super secret code
Milk, bread, eggs?
What kind of code is this?
My shopping list
you are very weak in the game trade.
Well, I already had my fun.
Glad you having fun.
Now, where can I find
technology Cibertron I need.
Ah Cybertechnology! Some of the most
bright planet struggle with its challenges.
But surely someone already decoded.
Yes, just a genius to do it.
Dr. James Timothy Possible.
Oh Irony, and is on my side this time!
Where is the Drakken and the
What is he planning?
Yes, as I understand
plans crazy. Please.
Shego, it is time to fly.
Until next princess!
You think you can all
but you are not even close.
This is so irritating.
Brick, you are going to be so good indeed!
Hey, Ron!
I have good news, Naco Night is back!
Seriously Great.
Well, not right, but when they see it.
A piece of paper with your name on it.
Is a petition
'll probably need
more signatures.
Well we are talking about
Bueno Nacho, we will succeed.
Actually Ron, I ...
I'm walking home.
Oh, okay, cool.
KP, I think I know
why are you so.
You know?
Yes, it's because I screwed up and helped
the Drakken and Shego to flee.
Oh, no, I am used to it.
I mean, you know, we get them.
Thank you.
Not great.
Wrong, very big, I can
always count on you.
Father, can we talk?
Course Kimmie, wait a minute ...
Ok, he says, have all my attention.
It's about boys.
Ah ... Ah ... Ah ...
Boys and dating.
Ah ... Ah ... Hello dear, you got a minute,
Kimmie needs to talk to you.
It's your mother.
Mother? The Bonnie is coming out with the Brick
so keeps buzzing,
is only the ball boys and stupid
and the food chain ...
e. .. e. .. and I'll end up with Ron
I do not see the crisis dear
he is a very nice guy.
Mother, it's not a boy,
is Ron.
So as a friend ok?
Well, yes, he is my best friend.
But it is not material for boyfriend!
Because of the food chain.
No, yes, and more or less.
The person who you'll agree.
My son still has no partner.
Seriously Kevin still has no partner?
Mother, do not put me in "hands free"
again, do you?
Hello, Kim!
Dear hands free is the only
way you can talk to you.
Really Kim, Kevin is a super kid,
the other kids in the chess club
are always trying to imitate him.
Ah, yes, Dr. Goberman,
Kevin has the game!
Ah, it's better off.
After we Kimmie.
And I say to Kevin to call you ...
Monique, you were quite right.
I know.
One in relation to what?
The problem of Bonnie, no longer bothers me.
Who cares about the chain
food, Ron and I are fine.
It keeps you clinging to Ron.
I mean, it's ...
filled with beautiful children.
Sometimes when I am alone and
my machine to cross the street
is as if I lost myself.
See you at school.
Goodbye Ron.
Keep the seriousness girls.
Do you mind?
My ... im ... by ... tas ... te?
The place is mine, its disabled.
Oh, sorry, do not even see you.
You know, this may seem odd, but
sometimes when I'm just
I and my machine
and streets
Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about.
I'm Ron, Ron Stoppable.
Hey, I'm Eric.
Woh, this is a Bald Mouse?
Yes, most people do not realize it,
think that Rufus is a hamster bald.
I always wanted a bald mice.
I, too, which is good because I
I have one, which is really your name?
Eric, my friend, do not know the fate
you have for having known Ron Stoppable,
I know all of what is happening here.
Excellent, where I will get
my school work?
Yes, well I'm not connected to a type
details, I'm more "giant portrait.
This is the canteen where you can say
find a nutritious hot meal,
I have not found, but you can look.
Who is that?
Ah, the lady in the canteen, believes
you can not make the redundant.
No, the girl.
Ah, that's Kim, Kim Possible.
Weird Name.
Never heard of Kim Possible?
She often saves the world,
and I help as well, often.
So you know it?
Yes, we are always together.
The Kim and I, no, no, no, we are
best friends since, well, forever,
But not this way, it is ...
Extremely sexy!
Ok, let's never speak of it
this way, okay?
Whatever smart.
I want the mushroom risotto,
with chopped pepper and grated Parmesan
cool, and please put much truffle oil.
Hi, Ron.
Hey Eric, pull up a chair and join us.
It is not interesting.
Actually this is my chair,
not have my name on it, but ...
Hello, I'm Eric, how are you?
Girl, I just go from "then" to "whoa"!
It takes a while to understand the language of Monique.
What about you?
What do I have?
The Kim is so playful.
I mentioned that we know from pre-school?
Beautiful days, beautiful days!
I feel that just formed
a relationship and I'm not in it.
Attention please, we have found honey in the area.
I repeat, "honey" in the area.
This can only mean one thing:
The Kim has a boyfriend!
Ponytails, cool!
Shut up!
Thank you again for
invited me to dinner.
Not great.
There is but one.
You're right on that.
What do you want the pizza?
You owe me a soda!
Hey, stand in the queue, she owed me
a soda before I met you.
No soda for you!
Hello dear.
Today we eat pizza, the usual bacon?
Correct dear.
Ok, I'll try not to get too late. Love you
Come on, Dad needs
some replication Cibertron.
Oh, amazing.
The project is a success Hephaestus, who is the man?
I'm the man.
The man who wants the project Hephaestus.
Ah, actually Dr. P. I have ...
Ah ... .. Ah Hum ... Abdominal pains.
I have a stethoscope in the car.
I'm kidding!
Why do not you?
Well ..
Goodbye Ron.
Code red!
He has always been a supporter of the drama, I think ...
He's fine.
Pizza father is cool.
Cool, we can heat it?
No, the fire department said:
"Do not do more fusion experiments"
Where is your father?
My teenage daughter is not afraid of you,
why should I have, Dru?
I hate when you call me that.
I'm not the man who
met during college, Possible.
But still you can not
find pair, I bet.
Why is all that I capture Possible
feel the need to give me a sermon?
Nobody respects the relationship raptor / captive?
The society was completely destroyed!
If I may interrupt your monologue
to point out that I will not tell anything about the project.
Oh, I anticipated that.
You know what they say:
"If you make an omelette,
you gotta break some eggs "
Ok, hold up a moment.
Are you sure you want to delete the file Hephaestus?
Standard voice of Dr. Possible recognized.
You delete it?!
Are you crazy?
No worries, it's all here.
Good news then, because I have
machine to absorb brains
and was dying to try it.
My, you do not have a tie.
The tie is gone.
But you're the assistant manager.
Not anymore, now is the work of Lars.
The office sent him, change is in the air.
Serious changes, meals for children.
With toys in them?
Wait, wait a second, I do not understand what is wrong with that?
Imagine a bread factory, along with
an amusement park ...
and then what, a clown for the holidays?
Seriously As think
who won that?
Kim, 911
The Drakken has my father.
(secret hideout)
Do not like it, seems very ...
Not a word, but yes.
Kim Possible and her partner, whose name fails me ...
After all the times we played them,
how can he not know my name?
Possible Girl would do well to save energy
his father is in dire straits.
I must warn you, my last
invention is deadly death!
This is not redundant?
I liked being able to be there,
but I'm busy in changing
to my new hideout.
The cache which will conquer the world!
Goodbye, Kim Possible!
Goodbye, what was his name?
Does not matter, you know who you are.
I mean, is not a difficult name to remember.
Yes, thank you!
Sintodromes, disgusting.
We have little time Dr. P.
What is it?
Be careful.
Ron, stop wasting time.
Thank you, Rufus.
Father, are you okay?
Yes, at least I think so.
What is the Drakken made you exactly?
I. .. I do not know.
He caught up in your lab, right?
Captured? I do not remember.
I remember to ask for bacon on pizza,
and after that, nothing.
Come on, Dad will put you at home.
Which is where?
(Banana Club)
You saved your father?
It is a drama, Monique
You know what this means,
You have a "continue".
Yes, you'll never be punished girl.
So why is the type
Bad kidnapped your father?
To catch me, I think.
Something strange happened, usually with
spoil the secret conspiracies Drakken.
This time was also random.
I want something that says:
"This kid is too good for you"
Do you think you should take it?
Get him, and throws him out, urgh ....
Perhaps you should peruse my closet.
Not for the ball.
You will be Kimderela.
Kim, hi.
You, ah ... you should buy that dress.
Ah, Ah, I. .. I should?
Yes, and I know I'm just in the Middleton
type five minutes,
but on this dance ...
Have you met Ron Stoppable?
The Kim and Ron are inseparable.
That there is the Brick approaching
the girl's "World Earring"?
He is hypnotized
their large earrings.
What is the situation?
What is, what is?
These do not look good?
Want to go for a ride a motorcycle?
Hey, it's a bit weird air
to go through your hair, it is Kim?
What is he up to?
The design of a toy,
technology secret Cibertron an engineer,
improvements in standards of
personality and performance of Sintodromes
and trash teenager?!
What is he going to do?
Give party pajamas
weirdest of the world?
You still did not get
understand, do you?
There is no plan here,
any way.
Ah, but there!
Why not?
The Kim Possible is not smarter than you.
And if you find you can not,
she can
discover, and that means ...
You can win!
Oh, I'm pretty confident!
Now, if I apologize, I have a
meeting with the board of directors.
You? What company?
One that just
acquire a fierce competition.
This is my character!
This is my character!
I'm here in Bueno Nacho, the home of
Little Diablo ", this little toy,
this mini "I have", this
dear little devil is the last
creation for kids around the world.
Only with a look give
to see that the "Little Diablo" is ...
I can not even get to the counter to order.
This is usually my site. MY!
I'm losing
everything I have ever cared.
The Ron is on TV!
And it's happening!
Honey, I think
the boys are right.
Hum., Ronald, happening?
Ah, that is.
Mom, can go to Bueno Nacho?
I'm losing
everything I have ever cared.
You better go talk to him.
He is the old tree house.
(girls are not allowed)
I have a lethal weapon.
Put the grains, Huck Finn, I am.
Ah, always wanted to use it on someone.
And you used once, remember?
Arny Kuster?
Arny Kuster.
I was just trying to stop him from hurting you.
I had to separate from you for
teres hit him with the slingshot.
We had six, the details fail me.
I had never noticed that sign before.
Seriously Is there ever since.
Ah, it was fun.
I mean, when we were kids.
Yes, just the two of us.
Hey, I remember this.
Ron, the happy camper.
Field "Wannaweep.
The worst summer of my life.
I know, I know ... the ticks, poison ivy, the toxic lake,
your mother left to attend to your calls.
Yes, you know, all that was bad, KP,
but you know what was worse?
Spending the whole summer away from you.
Want some? Now only do orders.
The "Little Diablos" messed up.
Maybe something beyond
Bueno Nacho 's bothering you.
Are you talking about Eric ?...,
No, because it has an
problem with Eric? No. ..
I'm cool with Eric.
Ron, Eric does
will change our relationship.
We will always be close.
Yes, beautiful words Kim.
We are no longer in pre-primary,
it is time to grow.
Maybe I do not want to grow, if that means ...
He can not climb.
No, seriously he can not climb,
This treehouse has a weight limit,
and to be holding this
gaff I am actually overcome.
We talk tomorrow!
I'm not jealous.
So, you think that Ron
is cool for us?
We what?
You know, us.
Oh, that we think he's fine.
Can I ask you something?
These things which you do the missions.
what ... ah ... is a little ...
No, cool.
Ah, yes.
Want to know what is my mission?
Ok, what is?
Take you to homecoming.
.. Oh, ok.
I do not know Rufus, is not that Kim
boyfriend already has other guys before.
I mean, hey, that was me
she called as she and Walter
were arrested with the apparatus.
It was my mother who took her to the orthodontist.
Ah, I can not ...
And the whole scene of Josh Mankey,
never been in favor of it,
but was there to support Kim.
Yes, very funny.
Ok, ok.
There is something different now.
There's something between us, who I
I make a mistake, is no different,
something was always there.
I think there is something there, and it?
Ah, thanks mate.
I think I'm prepared
and not only for the ball, but
do something that no man should
fazer, falar dos seus sentimentos.
I know it's humiliating,
Kim but worth it.
But what if she really likes this Eric,
and I appear to speak of my feelings,
and she wants to Eric, and I do not want me.
We are talking about Total Humiliation.
Oh, not to mention how
would affect our friendship.
Kimmie, here's a boy
very good looking for you.
Let's have some things clarified.
Ah, you read my mind, sir
Kim explained to me that the normal hours are ten,
but on special occasions and
missions you increase this limit.
I feel better if
we keep the ten-hours.
Oh, really? This young man has a "continue".
Why do not you check the machine, baby.
Ah, good reflexes.
Thank you, sir.
It's just me, or he's really perfect?
He seems very nice.
Your parents will not go
around here, to take photos.
I just got my father, and
it is always
working, as now, where
're in a super project.
Oh, I know this story.
Hey, does not matter, I make two copies.
The Kim Possible and the new guy have the pace.
Oh, shut up!
Welcome to Bueno Nacho!
What is your request?
Ron, something is very wrong.
Ah ... I already know that.
Let me see, two chimirritos, giant size.
Three doses of Nachos, and
soda giant to take.
Ok, we ate here, the
Rufus can not wait.
Ron, it leaves you something
is very strange is going on here.
Ned worm its jurisdiction,
questions contact our customer favorite
if I wanted Diablo sauce with your order?
No, you asked.
Yeah, sure, whatever.
Here, warm and good.
Yes, "gracias".
And have a "very bueno" day!
No, it can be, no!
This is the last drop!
This is the last drop!
No, we have more back there.
You took the fold of the straw.
You, sir, is crazy.
Why, just because I care?
With folds of the straws.
I'll complain about you.
When your boss.
Wade, I am.
I'm in Bueno Nacho, and
I have comments and criticism.
Ok, you want me to goal
Waiting in the number 800?
No way, I go
directly to the top.
I want to talk with the head of Bueno Nacho?
I do not know, Ron
get that number is not easy
is probably a super secret link.
Okay, you are online.
Hello, Bueno Nacho
"El Presidente" is talking about.
Dr. Drakken?
If this is about to change my ...
Dr. Drakken is a man
busy Mr. Stoppable,
no need to chat.
Diablos, attack!
Hey, stop it.
Come on, come on!
These scenes are a waste,
'm the only one who notices that?
What is it?
Maybe you should leave it to the Voice Mail.
And if it's important?
Most importantly ... Eric, hello.
Hi, Monique.
I think Wade would understand.
Oh, my!
Toys Diablo are evil!
See them ...... ....
Ah, what?
Where are they?
You okay man?
Ok, I know that tone,
this is the tone "Ron is making everything up."
Hey, you know what, not
care what you think,
or what everybody else thinks,
because my best
friend Kim believes in me.
All right, Kim?
Oh, I ... ah ... I believe in you completely.
The toys were here.
And they were evil.
Ah, yes, of course.
Hang in there, Kim, because
is even more weird.
Oh, I bet you did.
The Drakken is behind everything.
The mad scientist who
wants to rule the world?
Yes, and it is so obvious.
He is using more than 30 thousand Bueno Nachos
all over the world to
distribute their toys evil.
I'll take it clean.
The Ron may be in for anything.
The whole history of it is ridiculous.
Hey, get away, pretty boy.
So it was definitely the Drakken?
The standard voice confirms it.
Got something of the theory of Ron
about the "evil toys?
Yes, it looks bad.
How bad?
Too bad, I did the scanner to the
I received my meal for the "ninos"
circuits are beyond all that I have seen,
is like a robot, but smaller.
It is better to show it to a specialist.
My father.
I'll be back as soon as you can.
But ...
It's one of those things to save the world.
I do not believe.
What is it?
They are totally evil, right?
Technology Cibertron is
project Hephaestus!
He used my invention
to build these things.
You know, for an evil genius
the Drakken is pretty stupid.
Oh, come on, he steals cybertechnology
secret worth 3 billion dollars,
and give a toast as a burrito.
And also drew the folds of the straws.
This man did not know how
manage a business of fast food.
Shego, status report!
Is a bit bad.
The positive side is that the saturation
world reached optimum levels
we attack at midnight.
Well there is a problem ...
Ah, Kim Possible!
As guessed?
No, not this time.
Attacked the rest of the world
midnight, as planned,
but I Middleton online now.
Oh, and Shego, I need to come out
t go and get something for me.
How did it go?
The Drakken stole my
technology to make those Diablos.
We are playing with stolen technology.
This is out of control.
All children of the planet should have one.
Father, you said that the project
Hephaestus was something like metal alive.
This is how we announced to the chiefs.
The circuits can Cibertron
repair itself, to modify itself
same, may even grow.
Do not worry, they can
do anything without a control signal.
Get them here!
We distracted the Diablos.
Rufus, goes.
All for the garage!
You know how many times I had to do
babysitting to pay for this dress?
This was so cool if not
was the last thing we would see.
The Kimmie needs help.
Ok, we're talking about giant robots ...
Cibertron giant robots.
Cibertron giant robots
with weapons of mass destruction.
The Kim has no chance.
Please, how many times have you said ...
everything is possible for a Possible.
Jim, Tim, you need to take the jets.
Hey, this is the fuel that created J200 ...
I wonder what happened to you, guys!
Where is the help?
Wade, we have a big problem
If you have to do with a robot
giant does not need explanations.
My father says that they
need a control signal.
It makes sense, you give cable
signal hang up the robots.
But now I'm in
position you find the signal
Should be coming from
source of all evil.
Bueno Nacho
Kimmie, think fast!
Fire it!
How do we make the
jets move faster?
Look, even changed the Taco Gigante.
Ron, is that there is
to see the control signal.
As we drop it?
Maybe we do not need.
You are looking at the wrong man.
Wade, are you okay?
Yes, the Diablo is turned off
and returned to normal size.
Thanks to you, I think.
I think I got rid of the control signal.
What sounds like a good thing, right?
Weird, look what I have in the signal.
Congratulations, girl Possible!
Discovered how to ruin
my evil plan.
In record time I must say.
But however it is a pity ...
t go I do not stop this time.
You gonna pay off!
As if.
As it was, was!
The Shego appeared in your school dance
and met a very nice guy.
Well I do not have to tell you the
how nice it is, and spin.
Kim, what is going on?
The choice is yours, Kimberly Ann
If you care to
safety of your dear Eric ...
your only option is to Surrender!
Kim, the fact that fighting is experimental.
You are about to undergo a test.
How far is the Bueno Nacho?
At about 160 miles away.
I think I felt better with
it also had a super suit.
I'm just saying it.
She's coming.
Of course yes.
Okay, Wade.
Let's go.
Check in your backpack.
Gas seems to glow lips
or lip gloss that seems
lip gloss, ah ...
Thanks for checking.
This is some kind of coded message.
Labor History.
K.P, since when do you play?
It looks like a toy ... ah ....
Ah, this is no toy.
Well not since modified it.
Electromagnetic Gun.
Ah, yes let's pretend
I do not know what that means?
Will shut down the entire system of Drakken.
The original Bueno Nacho ...
where it all began.
Ron, keep a look out!
Do not worry, I'm ready for anything.
I will have my revenge.
What is it?
My, do not talk ...
funny voice, as
that ruins your image.
I'm strong as a mountain!
I'm soft like the wind.
I am Vengeance.
The revenge will ...
You know what I really hate?
When someone kidnaps your boyfriend?
When someone does not know when to quit.
Uh ... the Kimmie has improved.
Not bad, not because ...
No, but still not enough for my height.
As I said, what?
You were saying?
It gives you the super fact Kimbo.
Come K.P, yes, that's how it is.
Oops, excuse me, I ...
Wow, Ron came to play.
Hey, Eric is cute,
when you go out the scene ...
maybe I flirt with him.
Wow, you did not know that
matter that much.
Eric, you are well.
Actually here ...
I am known as Sintodrome 901.
This is the sky?
K.P, I thought you were dead.
As I could not see that
it was a farce.
There are so many things
as a false Sintodrome.
Ah, tu beijaste um Sintodrome.
I never kissed.
But wanted.
Ok, too much information.
So what's the plan?
Ron, I, I ... I have nothing.
This phrase is mine and the worst
is that it is quitter talk.
The Drakken finally won!
Should have continued in babysitting.
Ok, this celebration of K.P worth over ...
the Drakken did not win, he joked with you.
Now it is time for revenge.
And you know, there are many guys out there
that are better for you that Eric.
At least they are true.
You really think there
a guy out there waiting for me?
Outside, inside.
Oh, really?
Of course, boys
and Rufus ...
Rufus, you can save us.
My backpack.
Use lipstick, Rufus.
The other lipstick.
That's cool.
The design of toys Nakasumi ...
and technology
Cibertron father's Possible.
What makes the Sintodromes
are so "hot".
Then there were only
when he had to invent?
And you who question my research.
The slumber parties?
But I found the weakness of Kim Possible ...
boys, boys, boys.
Who should I go to the ball?
Who is the perfect guy?
You're right Drakken ...
boys, dating, oh, it's hard ...
but this is easy.
Symptoms, you will lose.
What is this?
I'm free.
Nice try failed.
By the way ...
bald mice is not cool, it's disgusting.
Do not be nasty towards Rufus.
You never know when to quit.
Not you.
You're right.
I got it.
You know, not Rufus
like what you said.
The little one here has done.
Oh, no, no!
Ok, maybe she gets everything.
Try to take over the world is one thing ...
but thou hast cable
Bueno Nacho, you will pay dearly.
You can not be serious.
Look at the serious face.
Please name
escapes me, I beg you.
Say my name, say it!
Ah, it's Ron Stoppable.
You know what I really hate?
That your partner has melted?
Nah, you.
This is not over, oh,
this can not be over.
I deal with it, eventually.
You know Ron ...
better despacharmo us.
Despacharmo us to go where?
You'll see.
So thanks to heroin
Teen Kim Possible ...
world destruction
caused by diablos over.
The Possible and an effort mark.
That's right.
Ah, you are excused, hey, while
you busy I am with Monique.
"Me like.
Finally happened
she's dating that loser.
The Kim Possible and the
Ron Stoppable are dating!