Kimi no na wa. (2016) Movie Script

Once in a while when I wake up.
I find myself crying.
The dream I must have had
I can never recall.
the sensation that I've lost something
lingers for a long time after I wake up.
I'm always searching
for something, for someone.
This feeling has possessed me
I think from that clay...
That day when the stars came falling.
It was almost as if...
as if a scene from a dream.
Nothing more, nothing less
than a beautiful view.
Ah, if only our voices speak at night
could ever reach the very edge
of this World, and the time.
Instead of fading into air and dust.
Then what will the words could ever be?
Farthest words from 'probably'.
Let's make a promise, that will never fade
Let's say it together in count of three, oh.
Ah, I'm told that some part of e very wish
will be heard.
But lately I lost sight of
the truth in those words
I can't even remember when I gave up
believing What could have been the reason?
Ah, the very moment that the rain will stop
And the place rainbow born and dies.
And where the end of this life lies
I've always been insisting
there was something that I've longing for.
One day we'll reach to emotions
unexplored unprecedented.
We 'll high-five love we've yet to
discover and give a kiss to time.
The five dimensions keep on teasing me
But I will keep on looking at you, dear.
Let's make a sign for when we say
"nice to meet you" again.
I'm on my way to you,
chasing after your name.
Taki. Taki.
Don't you remember me?
My name is...
Mitsuha, what are you doing?
Well, it feels incredibly realistic...
What? "Mitsuha"?
Are you half asleep? Breakfast!
Hurry UP!
What? What?
Do you want last night's leftovers?
You can have it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Mitsuha, you're late!
I'll make breakfast tomorrow.
Is this too much?
Oh well.
You're normal today.
You were nuts yesterday.
What are you talking about?
Good morning, even/one.
This is an announcement
from Itomori Town Hall.
Regarding the mayoral election
to be held on the 20th next month,
the election committee...
"Comet to pass by in a month:
Visible to the naked eye."
The comet will be visible
to the naked eye for several days...
Just make it up with him.
It's an adult matter.
"Position of Comet Tiamat" $4264 are preparing
to observe the celestial show of the century.
...JAXA are preparing to observe
the celestial show of the century.
We're going now!
Study hard!
Morning, Sayaka, Tessie.
- Get off.
- Why? Meanie.
- You're heavy.
- That's rude.
You two get along so well.
We do not!
Your hair looks all right today.
- Yeah, did your grandma exorcise you?
- Exorcise?
You were totally possessed!
Cut out the occultism.
Mitsuha is just stressed. Right?
Huh? What are you talking about?
You don't remember?
And above all,
restoring the town's fiscal health
to continue its revitalization project!
Only when these are achieved
can a safe and secure community
be created!
As the incumbent mayor...
He'll be reelected again anyway.
I heard he's been dishing out the pork.
Hey, Miyamizu.
So the mayor's kid and
his contractor's kid get along too.
Stand up straight!
- He's strict with his family.
- I'm impressed.
- So embarrassing.
- Sucks to be her.
In front of everybody...
"Who are you?"
"Tasokare" (Twilight)
"Tasokare" means "Who is that" and is
the origin of the word "tasogare-doki."
Twilight, when it's
neither day nor night.
When the world blurs and one might
encounter something not human.
Older expressions include
"Karetaso/Kawatare = Who is that?"
Kataware-doki? I think
that's a local dialect.
I've heard that Itomori's elderly
still use classical language.
"Who are you?"
OK next, Mitsuha.
Oh, so you remember your name today.
You don't remember?
Yesterday you forgot where your desk
and locker were.
You had bedhead and no ribbon.
What? No way! Really?
It was like you had amnesia.
Well, I do feel like
I've been in a strange dream lately...
A dream about someone else's life?
I can't remember clearly.
I know! That was...
your previous life!
Or maybe your subconscious
linked to the Everett multiverse...
Stay out of this.
Oh! Tessie, did you write that
in my notebook?
But Mitsuha, you really were
a bit weird yesterday.
You been feeling alright?
That's so strange. I feel fine.
Maybe it's stress.
That ritual is coming up, isn't it?
Oh, don't remind me!
I can't stand this town anymore.
It's too small and close-knit.
I want to graduate and go to Tokyo.
I don't blame you.
There's really nothing in this town.
Trains come every 2 hours.
The store closes at 9 p.m.
No bookstore. No dentist.
"Pub Mother" "Pub Cat's Eye"
But 2 pubs for some reason.
No jobs.
No brides.
Short sunlight hours.
- Give me a break!
- What?
I mean... How about we stop by a caf?
- A caf?
- Really?
This is a caf?
You knew there wasn't one.
Mitsuha just went home.
Things must be rough for her.
Well, she takes center stage.
Hey, Tessie.
What will you do after you graduate?
What's this?
You asking about my future?
Nothing special. I'll probably keep on
living a normal life in this town.
I'd rather do that too.
You're not ready yet, Yotsuha.
Listen to the thread's voice.
When you keep twining like that,
emotions will eventually start flowing
between you and the thread.
Threads don't talk.
She means, "Concentrate."
1,000 years of It0mori's history is etched
into our braided cords.
Listen. 200 years ago...
Here she goes again.
Sandal maker Mayugords bathroom caught
on fire and burned down this whole area.
The shrine and old documents
were destroyed
and this is known as...
The Great Fire of Mayugoro.
The fire has his name? Poor Mayugoro.
So the meaning of our festivals became
unknown and only the form lived on.
But even if words are lost,
tradition should be handed down.
That's the important task
we at Miyamizu Shrine have.
But that foolish son-in-law...
As if leaving Shinto priesthood and
this house weren't enough,
now politics? He's hopeless.
Have another, my man.
I'm counting on your help again.
Leave it to me.
You'll get votes from the
Kadoiri and Sakagami Districts.
How's it going with her?
It's not that easy.
I smell corruption.
Don't be ridiculous.
Bring us a few more hot sake.
Katsuhiko, work on site this weekend.
Learn how to use explosives.
Can't hear you.
We both have it rough, don't we?
Is that Yotsuha? She's all grown up.
They're both pretty like their mother.
It's the oldest sake in the world.
By chewing on rice, spitting it out, and
letting it ferment, it becomes alcohol.
"Kuchikamisake." Do the gods appreciate
sake made that way?
Of course they do.
Hey, look. It's Miyamizu.
Oh! I could never do that!
Isn't she embarrassed?
I can't believe it.
Cheer up, Mitsuha. Who cares
if a few classmates saw you?
I envy your pre-pubescent
lack of concern.
Why not sell lots of kuchikamisake and
use the money to go to Tokyo?
Where do you get such ideas?
Sell them with photos and making videos.
Name it "Shrine Maiden's Sake."
You'll make money!
"Shrine Maiden's Sake".
No. That breaks the Liquor Tax Law.
That's the problem?
I hate this town! I hate this life!
Please make me a handsome
Tokyo boy in my next life!
What a fool...
Somethings there...
Taki! Are you up?
It was your turn to cook.
Wake up on time.
I'm sorry.
I'm going now. Drink all the miso soup.
Go to school even if you're late.
See you.
Have a nice day.
What a strange dream.
"From Tsukasa:
Run, you're late!"
What? Who's it from?
Tsukasa? Who's that?
I have to use the bathroom.
This is too realistic.
"Shinjuku Station"
I'm in Tokyo.
"Jingu High School."
- Where'd you get it?
- Daikanyama.
The front act at the next gig...
Let's skip club and go to a movie.
Arriving at noon, huh? Let's eat lunch.
You ignored my text.
Oh, Tsukasa?
At least you sound apologetic.
- You got lost?
- Yeah.
How could you get lost
on the way to school?
- Uh... Well... I (watashi)...
- Feminine?
I (watakushi)!
L (boku)?
L (ore)?
I was enjoying myself.
It's so festive and all in Tokyo.
You seem to have a dialect.
Where's your lunch?
- Geez.
- Are you half asleep?
- You got something?
- Croquette-egg sandwich sounds good!
Thank you.
Let's go to a caf.
Oh that one? OK. Coming, Taki?
What? What? What?
A caf?
Nice timberwork up there.
Yeah, attention to detail.
Taki, have you decided?
What? I could live for a month
for the price of these!
What age are you from again?
Hmm. Oh well. It's a dream anyway.
What a great dream.
Oh no, what should I do?
I'm late for work!
Your shift is today?
- Go, then.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh! Um...
Where do I work?
Tables 6, 7, and 10 are waiting!
Table 12! Taki!
Here you go.
Uh, zucchini and tomato salad...
We didn't order that.
Taki, I said no more truffles!
Taki, can't hear you!
When is this dream going to end?
Hey. Hey waiter.
Oh, yes?
There was a toothpick in our pizza.
We could have gotten hurt.
Good thing I noticed.
What do you have to say?
Uh, we...
But... There are no toothpicks
in an Italian restaurant's...
Excuse me.
Is everything OK?
I'll handle this.
What's wrong with you today?
Please accept our apologies.
Your meal is on the house.
Oh, really?
I hope you weren't hurt.
Ms.Okudera. Thank you...
A stroke of bad luck today.
No, uh...
Bet it was a set-up.
Handled it according to the manual, but...
Oh, Ms.Okudera, your skirt!
You OK?
- What happened?
- Slashed.
That dick from earlier?
What now? Do you remember his face?
Come with me.
Hey, Taki!
Take off your skirt.
Oh! I'll look the other way!
This won't take long.
Wow, Taki! It looks better than before!
Thank you for saving me today.
Actually, I was concerned about you.
You're weak but quick-tempered.
I like you better today.
Never knew you had a feminine side.
"JR Yamanote Line: 8 min."
What a realistic dream
if I say so myself.
Oh, he keeps a diary.
He's so organized.
Wish I lived in Tokyo too.
Oh! That's her!
A crush, maybe?
"Walked to the station with Ms.Okudera
after work, thanks to my feminine powers!"
"Who are you?"
What is this?
Wham? Wham?
"Thanks to my feminine powers!"
What's going on?
"Thanks to my feminine powers!"
Let's go to a caf again.
Sorry, I have to go to work.
Do you remember where to go'?
Tsukasa, did you prank my phone and...
Oh, never mind. See you.
He's acting normal today.
Yesterday he was kind of cute.
Wha... What?
Taki, you tried to outdo us!
You walked home with her!
Did I really? With Ms.Okudera?
What happened afterwards?
I don't really remember.
Oh really, now?
Coming through.
- Hi guys.
- Hello.
Let's make this a good one.
Right, Taki?
"Mitsuha? Who are you?
What are you?"
You're not touching your boobs today.
Breakfast is ready! Hurry up!
Why is everyone staring at me?
Well you made quite a scene yesterday.
"Still life drawing."
Did you see the election posters?
Doesn't matter who wins.
It's all about how to serve up the grants.
Shh! Someone's livelihood depends on it.
They mean me, right?
Well, yeah.
Hey, Mitsuha!
Wha...? Wha...? I did what?
Is this... Could this be...
Could this be that we're really...
In our dreams, that guy and I are...
In our dreams, that girl and I are...
switching places?
I'm beginning to get what's going on.
Taki is a boy my age living in Tokyo.
I switch with Mitsuha at random,
a few times a week unexpectedly.
Sleep triggers it.
The cause is a mystery.
"Condition: Sleep?
Cause: Unknown."
My memory of the switch is hazy
after I wake up.
But we're definitely switching places.
It's obvious from the reactions
of the people around us. So...
So we laid down some rules
to protect each other's lifestyles.
"No baths! No looking!
No touching!"
Things to Watch out during the switch
and a list of don 'ts.
"Don't waste money! No dialect!
Don't be late!"
We also agreed to leave reports
in our smartphones.
To work together to tide over
this mysterious phenomenon.
- That girl!
- That guy!
Guys are staring! Watch the skirt!
Come on, this is basic!
Stop wasting my money!
It's YOUR body eating.
And I'm working too!
"Braided cords..."
Braided cords... I can't do this!
You work too many shifts!
It's 'cause you waste money!
Grabbed' coffee with Ms. Okudera.
You two have a good thing going!
Mitsuha, stop changing my relationships!
Taki, why is a girl in love with me?
You're more popular when I'm you.
Don't be full of yourself!
Not like YOU have a girlfriend!
You don't have a boyfriend!
I'm single because I want to be!
I shouldn't for her sake.
You sure do like your boobs.
We're going now! Get ready!
Comet Tiamat' has been visible
to the naked eye for a few days now.
When and where can it be seen?
"Comet Tiamat to Reach Perigee."
Comet Tiamat is moving from east to west
as if to follow the sun.
So it can be seen above Venus...
Why the uniform?
Grandma, why is the body
of our shrine's god so far away?
I don't know because of Mayugoro.
Who's that?
What? He's famous!
Here, Grandma.
Whoa, Mitsuha.
Mitsuha, Yotsuha, do you know "Musubi"?
Musubi is the old way of calling
the local guardian god.
This word has profound meaning.
Tying thread is Musubi.
Connecting people is Musubi.
The flow of time is Musubi.
These are all the god's power.
So the braided cords that we make
are the god's art and represent
the flow of time itself.
They converge and take shape.
They twist, tangle
sometimes unravel, break,
then connect again.
Musubi - knotting. That's time.
Thank you.
I want some too!
That's also Musubi.
Whether it be water, rice, or sake,
when a person consumes something and
it joins their soul, that's Musubi.
So today's offering
is an important custom that
connects the god and people.
Hey, I see it!
That's the body
of Miyamizu Shrine's god?
Beyond this point is "kakuriyo."
It means the underworld.
It's the underworld!
In exchange for returning to this world,
you must leave behind
what is most important to you.
The kuchikamisake.
The kuchikamisake?
You'll offer it inside the god's body.
It's half of you.
Half of Mitsuha...
It's twilight - "kataware-doki" already.
Oh yeah,
maybe I can see the comet.
The comet?
you're dreaming right now, aren't you?
Tears? Why?
"I'm almost there.
Looking forward to it!"
Ms.Okudera? What's she talking about?
What did Mitsuha do this time?
A date?
A date with Ms.Okudera tomorrow!
Meet at 70:30 a.m. at the station!
...was what I'd planned, but...
Sorry. Did you wait long?
Yes. No...
I just got here.
Good. Let's go.
He's so lucky. They must be together
around now...
I wanted to go on this date,
but if it so happens that you
end up going, you better enjoy it!
However, I'm sure you've never
gone out on a date before,
I don't know what to say...
so below are some links
to help you out, you late bloomer.
"You can get a girlfriend too!"
"I suffer anxiety but got a girl!
The dos and don'ts of texting."
She's making fun of me.
"Photo exhibition: Nostalgia."
You're like a different person today.
Um, Ms.Okudera. Are you hungry?
How about dinner...
Let's call it a day.
Taki, you... Sorry if I'm wrong.
You used to have
a bit of a crush on me, right?
But now you like someone else.
No I don't!
No! That's not true at all.
I wonder.
Oh well. Thanks for today.
See you at work.
By the time the date is over,
the comet will be visible in the sky.
What is she saying?
"Mitsuha Miyamizu."
Oh, it's you, Tessie.
No, I just didn't feel like going,
that's all. I'm fine.
What? The festival? Well...
Oh yeah, the comet. Today's the peak
of its brightness, isn't it?
OK, got it. Later, then.
You just want to see her in ayukata.
What I? No!
That didn't even occur to me.
Hey, she sounded kind of down.
Maybe you annoyed her.
Come on!
Sorry I'm late.
- Here she is!
- Finally!
- Your... your...
- Oh! What happened, Mitsuha?
Your hair!
Looks kinda funny, I guess?
You think some guy is the reason?
Ditched, maybe?
Why do guys associate
cutting hair with breakups?
She said she just felt like it.
Really? She just felt like cutting off
that much hair?
Oh! Hey! You can see it!
The number you are trying to call is not
reachable or has been turned offi...
I'll tell her about the disastrous date
the next time we switch,
I thought. But...
For some reason, after that,
Mitsuha and I never
switched places again.
"Mountains in Gifu Prefecture."
"Hida mountains."
What the... What are you doing here?
Tsukasa told me and here I am!
Tsukasa, I asked you to cover for me
at home and at work.
Takagi will cover your shift.
Leave it to me! But you owe me a meal!
This isn't funny.
- We were worried about you.
- Huh?
You can't go alone. What if it's a con act?
A con act?
You're meeting an online friend.
Well no, not exactly...
- I think he's using a dating site.
- No!
You've been acting weird lately.
We'll keep an eye on you.
I'm not a kid!
The switching stopped.
My calls and texts didn't go through.
So I decided to go see Mitsuha
in person.
I wanted to meet her. But...
What? You don't know where?
The town's scenery is your only clue?
And you can't contact her?
What's this all about?
Seriously. What a lousy tour planner.
I did not plan a tour!
Oh well. We'll help you look for her.
Oh how cute! Look!
So annoying.
Oh, it moved!
So it's impossible after all...
What? After all the trouble
we went through?
You haven't done anything.
ATakayama ramen.
ATakayama ramen.
Oh, then a Takayama ramen.
- OK. 3 ramens.
- OK.
Can we return to Tokyo today?
We could be cutting it close.
I'll check.
Are you all right with that?
I'm starting to feel like
I'm barking up the wrong tree.
Why young man,
that's ltomori, isn't it?
It's a very good drawing.
Isn't it, dear?
Yeah, it's ltomori.
Brings back memories.
He was born in ltomori.
Yes! Ltomori Town! That's it!
It's nearby, isn't it?
- What are you...
- ltomori was...
ltomori? No way!
Is it where that comet...?
"Keep Out."
Hey. Is this really the place?
No way! Taki must be misremembering.
No. I'm sure this is it.
This schoolyard. The mountains.
I remember this high school clearly!
That can't be true!
Surely you remember that disaster
that took hundreds of lives 3 years ago!
Died 3 years ago?
That can't be.
I still have the memos
that she left behind...
They're disappearing...
Comet Tiamat, with an orbital period
of 1,200 years,
the Town that Vanished"
made a close approach to Earth
3 years ago in October.
"Meteor Strikes, Wipes out Town" Nobody predicted
that its nucleus would split at its perigee.
"Town Annihilated."
"Over 500 dead or missing"
"ltomori, the Town that Vanished."
A fragment of the comet became
a meteor that struck Japan.
"Itomori, comet, damage."
It was the day of the autumn festival.
The point of impact was here.
At 8:42 p.m., it struck where people
were gathered for the festival.
"List of the Names of Victims."
Over 500 people died,
a third of the town's population,
and now nobody lives in ltomori anymore.
Tessie and Sayaka...
"Mitsuha Miyamizu."
It has to be some kind of mistake.
This person died 3 years ago!
Just 2, 3 weeks ago, she said to me
that the comet would be visible.
You 're dreaming now...
...aren't you?
What did l...?
Lively up there.
I'm sorry we could only get one room.
No problem.
How's Taki?
He's still reading articles on ltomori.
Newspapers and magazines
at the time at random it seems.
- What?
- Nothing. I didn't know you smoked.
Oh. I'd quit recently, but...
What do you think about Taki's story?
I liked him.
The way he was recently. He was always
a nice guy, but even more so lately.
Like he was trying so hard. It was cute.
What he's saying
doesn't make sense to me...
But I'm sure he met someone
and that someone changed him.
That much is for sure, I think.
ltomori Comet Disaster."
It was all just a dream.
I recognized the scenery because
I remembered the news from 3 years ago.
If not that, then... a ghost?
No... Was I fantasizing?
Her name... What was it?
Tsukasa went to take a bath.
Oh, Ms.Okudera. I, uh...
I've been saying such strange things.
Thank you for coming along today.
No problem.
"Tatara Iron Making Site."
"Braided Cords of ltomori."
Braided cords. How pretty.
Is that a braided cord you're wearing?
Oh, this... I think someone
gave it to me a long time ago.
I wear it sometimes
as kind of a lucky charm...
Who was it?
Why don't you go take a bath, too?
Yes... No.
Someone who makes braided cords
told me before...
The cords represent
the flow of time itself.
The threads twist, tangle,
unravel, and connect again. That's time...
Maybe at that place...
"Around here?"
Don't you remember me?
"I have to go somewhere. Return to Tokyo
without me. I'll return later. Thanks."
Eat this up there.
Your drawing of ltomori... It was good.
They converge and take shape.
They twist, tangle,
sometimes unravel,
then connect again...
Musubi - knotting. That's time.
There it is!
It's really there!
It wasn't just a dream!
From here is the underworld.
It's the sake we brought.
This is my sister's, and this is mine.
Before the comet struck... So the
Mitsuha I know is from 3 years ago?
Our timelines weren't in step.
Half of her...
If time can really be turned back,
give me one last chance...
The comet!
Your name is Mitsuha.
You're both my treasures.
You're a big sister now.
"Get well soon, Mom."
I'm so sorry, my dears.
Dad, when is Mom going to come home?
I couldn't save her.
Get a hold of yourself!
Who cares about the shrine?
You're the adopted son-in-law!
I loved my wife Futaba.
Not Miyamizu Shrine.
Get out of here!
Mitsuha, Yotsuha,
you'll be with Grandma from now on.
"Who are you?"
Who am I? No, who are you?
Who am I? No, who are you?
Don't be full of yourself.
Not like YOU have a girlfriend.
He's so lucky. They must be together
around now...
I'm going to Tokyo.
What? Hey, Mitsuha!
Grandma, could you do me a favor?
Oh yeah, the comet.
Today's the peak of its brightness...
Mitsuha! Don't stay there!
Mitsuha, get out of there
before the comet strikes!
Mitsuha, get out of there!
Mitsuha! Mitsuha!
I'm Mitsuha! She's still alive!
Mitsuha, are you touching...
My sister!
Mitsuha has finally lost it.
I'm leaving without her.
She's lost it.
She's completely lost it.
Comet Tiamat' has been visible
to the naked eye for a few days now.
Tonight it will finally reach
its perigee around 7:40 p.m.,
and will achieve its maximum brightness.
It's tonight. There's still time.
Good morning, Mitsuha.
You're not Mitsuha, are you?
You knew, Grandma?
No, but watching the way you behaved
lately triggered some memories.
I also remember seeing strange dreams
when I was a young girl.
Although now I've forgotten about
whose life I was dreaming about.
Treasure the experience.
Dreams fade away after you wake up.
There were times your mother and I
had similar experiences.
Maybe those dreams that
the Miyamizu people had
were all for what will happen today.
Grandma, listen.
A comet will strike ltomori tonight
and everyone will die.
"Nobody will believe that"? What a
surprisingly ordinary reply, Grandma.
I won't let them die!
Oh! What happened, Mitsuha?
Your... your hair!
Oh, this. It looked better before, huh?
Oh, that's it?
Forget that! If nothing is done,
everyone will die tonight!
So we have to act!
Why aren't you at school?
Uh... We have to save the town.
The community wireless system?
Yeah, those speakers you see everywhere.
"Superimposition, frequency."
I see! That could work!
You're awesome, Tessie!
Hey! Don't come so close!
What, embarrassed? Hey, hey!
Stop! You're a girl of marriageable age!
"Club Discontinued - Keep Out."
You're such a nice guy!
Got them. Here's your change.
Sorry, Sayaka.
It's all right.
- What a cheap fee.
- Deal with it.
What about you? Have you come up
with an escape plan?
What? A bomb?
We have water gel explosives
for construction at our storage site.
Broadcast hijacking?
The town's wireless system can be easily
jacked using the start-up frequency.
So we can broadcast an evacuation
warning from the school.
The school is outside the disaster area,
so people can evacuate here.
It's... It's totally a crime!
You do the broadcast.
- Why?
- You're in the broadcast club.
I'm in charge of explosives.
I'll go talk to the mayor.
In the end, the city council
has to evacuate everyone.
I'm his daughter. I can persuade him.
It's a perfect plan.
Oh, whatever. It's just a
what-if fantasy, isn't it?
What? Well...
Not necessarily! Do you know
how Lake ltomori was formed?
"A meteor crater lake
formed 1,200 years ago."
It's a meteor crater! So one did strike
this area a thousand years ago!
Oh! So that's why...
You're right, Tessie!
Let's do it together!
What on earth are you talking about?
I said we have to evacuate everyone
in town before tonight or...
Shut your mouth.
"The comet will split and
strike the town"?
"Itomori Town Hal I."
How dare you spout such nonsense?
If you're serious, then you're sick.
Madness must be from the Miyamizu side.
I'll get someone to drive you
to a hospital in the city.
I'll listen to you
after a doctor examines you.
You son of a...!
Mitsuha! No...
Who are you?
See you later at the festival.
Let's meet at the shrine.
- Don't be late.
- Bye!
- See you.
- Later.
You shouldn't go!
Get out of town. Tell your friends.
What are you saying?
- What was that?
- Let's go.
What are you doing?
Could Mitsuha...
Could she have persuaded them?
Is it my fault?
Yotsuha, leave town with Grandma
before nightfall.
You'll die if you stay here!
What are you saying?
Yesterday you suddenly went to Tokyo.
What's wrong with you?
Hey, Mitsuha!
How did it go with your old man?
Hey, Mitsuha?
What's wrong with her?
No idea.
Are you there?
Is something over there?
Let me use your bike.
Hey, what the...
Hey, Mitsuha!
What about our plan?
Get ready as planned!
I'm Taki again.
What's Taki doing here?
The town...
is gone.
At that moment... did I...
Taki. Taki.
Don't you remember me?
I'm going to Tokyo.
What? Now?
A date.
You have a boyfriend in Tokyo?
Not my date.
I'll come home tonight.
If I suddenly showed up,
would I bother him? Surprise him?
He might not like it.
The number you are trying to call
is not reachable...
There's no way we could meet.
But what if we did?
What should I do? Would I annoy him?
Would it be awkward?
"Tiamat Makes Closest Approach Tomorrow"
he'd be a bit glad to see me?
The number you are trying to call
is not reachable...
There's no way we could meet.
But... thing is certain.
If we see each other, we'll know.
That you were the one who was inside me.
That I was the one who was inside you.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
That time 3 years ago,
before I got to know you...
Um... It's me.
Don't you remember me?
Who are you?
I'm sorry.
But he's Taki.
Weird girl.
What's your name?
My name is Mitsuha!
That time 3 years ago, you came...
to see me!
You're here, aren't you? Inside my body!
Taki, where are you?
It's Mitsuha.
I can hear her, but...
Taki, where are you?
Taki, are you...
It's twilight - "kataware-doki."
Taki. It's really you.
I came to see you.
It wasn't easy because
you were so far away.
But how? At that moment, I...
I drank your kuchikamisake.
You drank that?
You idiot! Pervert!
Oh yeah, and you touched my boobs!
How do you know that?
Yotsuha saw it.
Oh! Sorry, I couldn't help it!
It was just once.
Just once?
Doesn't matter how many times! Jerk.
Oh, this...
Oh. Really, Why'd you come see me
before I knew you?
There's no way I'd recognize you.
Here. I kept it for 3 years.
Now you keep it.
How is it?
Not bad.
You're lying!
No, I... Sorry.
You're really so...!
Mitsuha, you still have
things to do. Listen.
It's coming.
Don't worry. You've still got time.
Yes, I'll try.
Kataware-doki is almost...
Hey, Mitsuha. So we don't forget
when we wake up...
Let's write our names
on each other. Here.
Hey, Mitsuha?
I wanted to tell you.
Wherever you are in the world,
I'll search for you.
Your name is Mitsuha.
It's OK. I remember.
Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Mitsuha.
Your name is Mitsuha.
Your name is...
Who are you?
Why did I come here?
I came here to see her.
To save her. I wanted her to be alive.
Who was it? Who?
Who did I come to see?
Someone dear to me. I don't want
to forget. I shouldn't forget!
Who? Who? Who? Who?
What's your name?
Taki. Taki. Taki.
It's OK. I remember. I'll never forget!
Taki. Taki.
Your name is Taki!
"ltomori Substation"
Mitsuha! Wherever you been?
He said sorry for breaking your bike.
- Huh? Who did?
- I did.
Explain everything to me later.
That's going to fall? Really?
Yes! Saw it with my own eyes!
What? You saw it, huh?
Then I guess we got no choice.
Now we're both criminals!
"Broadcasting Room."
What? I really have to do it?
When the town's power goes out, the
equipment there should work on backup.
Please, Sayaka!
Repeat it as much as you can!
Woo-hoo! You can do it!
Oh, to heck with it!
- Soon, you think?
- I've no idea!
- What was that?
- What's that sound?
Hey, look!
Hey, look!
This is Itomori Town Hall.
An explosion has occurred
at the substation.
There is danger of further explosions
and forest fires.
Residents in the following areas, please
evacuate to ltomori High School.
Kadoiri District, Sakagami District,
The broadcast isn't from here?
Who is it, then?
Miyamori District...
Oyazawa District...
Let's go, Mitsuha!
Run, everyone! Forest fire!
Forest fire! Please evacuate!
Run! Fire!
It's not safe here! Please evacuate!
We don't have enough time! Mitsuha!
What's wrong?
His name... I can't remember his name.
Look, I don't know.
You started all this!
We can't evacuate everyone by ourselves!
Go persuade your father!
Everyone run! Go to the high school!
Oh, Mitsuha.
It's no terrorist attack!
What's Chubu Electric saying?
They're still checking!
No forest fire yet? Are you sure?
Stop this broadcast!
Figure out where it's coming from!
The Takayama sensor station called!
The high school?
Again, residents in the following areas,
evacuate to Itomori High School... Oh!
What are you doing? Turn that off!
Oh no.
What have you done, Sayaka!
This is Itomori Town Hall.
We are currently
checking on the accident.
Please don't panic and stay
where you are for further notice.
Stay put, they said.
- What's going on?
- So we stay put?
Come on, you should all evacuate!
The high school is the shelter!
What are you doing?
Sorry, Mitsuha.
It's over.
It's really splitting apart!
- Look at that!
- Wow!
Please look! The comet has split in two
and meteors are falling!
Nobody predicted this.
We have a mystical view here.
So the comet's nucleus split?
Did tidal forces affect...
The comet isn't within the Roche limit
so the nucleus itself must have...
In the pest; Comet Shoemaker-Lew 9
broke and collided with Jupiter in 7994.
At least 27 fragments...
rm going to go look!
They will probably melt
before reaching the ground
and the probability of a meteor crashing
into a residential area is small...
To predict the trajectory...
To be Witnessing such a magnificent
celestial event, and...
That we're witnessing this live
is extremely fortunate
for those of us living in this age.
Hey. Who are you?
Who? Who?
Who is that?
Someone clear to me. I shouldn't forget.
I didn't want to forget!
Who? Who? Who are you?
What's your name?
It's broken!
So we don't forget when we wake up,
let's write our names on each other.
"I love you."
I can't remember your name with this...
- Mitsuha!
- Mitsuha!
Not you again...
It' was almost as if it were
a scene from a dream.
Nothing more, nothing less
than a beautiful view.
What am I doing here?
I'm always searching for something.
This feeling has possessed me
for some time.
I applied because...
The landscapes people live in...
To build a city's landscape...
You never know when Tokyo
might disappear as well.
So I want to help build landscapes that
leave heartwarming memories...
How many interviews have you had?
I haven't kept track.
- Can't see you landing a job.
- Thanks a lot!
Maybe it's because of that suit.
We're not that different!
- I have 2 job offers.
- I have 8.
"LINE: You have a new message."
I'm not sure if I'm
searching for a person or a place,
or if I'm just searching for a job.
Oh, you're job-hunting.
I haven't had much luck.
Maybe it's because of that suit.
Does it look that bad?
What brings you here today?
I came nearby for work
so I figured I'd say hi to you.
"8 years
since the comet disaster."
We went to ltomori once, didn't we?
You were still in high school, so it was...
- 5 years ago.
- That long?
Seems like I've forgotten a lot.
I, too, no longer remember much
from back then.
Maybe we had a disagreement'; The other two
returned to Tokyo Without me.
I spent the night alone
on some mountain.
That's about all I remember.
But at one point,
I was inexplicably drawn
to the events surrounding that comet.
Half of a comet destroyed a town
in that disaster.
"Evacuation of residents
to high school grounds confirmed."
The entire town happened to be
holding an emergency drill.
"An unprecedented
natural disaster"
and most of its residents were outside
the blast zone.
"Disaster Foretold?"
The sheer luck and coincidence
sparked various rumors.
"Mayor Miyamizu's hidden agenda"
I intently read those articles back then.
What had caught my interest
so much is now a mystery to me.
I didn't even know anybody in that town.
Thanks for today. This is far enough.
You be happy someday too.
I feel like I'm always searching
for something, for someone.
"Construction company job interview."
I want to go to another bridal fair.
They're all the same.
Shinto-style is nice too.
You wanted a wedding in a chapel.
Oh, and Tessie.
Lose the beard before the wedding.
I'll lose 3 kg.
You're eating a cake.
I'll start tomorrow.
"Itomori, the Town that Vanished."
"October 4, 2013 - ltomori vanished."
"Kadoiri Bridge"
"ltomori Elementary School."
"Miyamizu Shrine."
Why does the scenely
of a town that no longer exists
wring my heart so?
Now, just a little more
Onlyjust a little more.
Let's stay here a little longer now.
Just a little more
On ly just a little more.
Let's stick together
just a little bit longer.
Just a little more
On ly just a little more.
Let's stay here a little longer now.
Now, just a little more
Onlyjust a little more.
Let's stick together
just a little bit longer
I was always searching...
for someone!
Oh yes, we are time flyers
Scaling the walls of time, climber.
Tired of playing hide and seek with time
and always coming just short
I never let you go now
Promise I will never let you go now.
Cause my hand finally
Has reached yours why would I have to.
Oh yes, you're quite a showy crier Want
to stop your tears, see your eyes drier.
But when I went to wipe your tears dry
you refused
but I saw them pouring down your face,
I knew why.
Crying even when you're happy
Smiling even when you're feeling lonely.
It's because the part of you
Has made it here before the rest has.
Haven't we met?
I thought so too!
Your name is...?
The sorrowful gust of wind
that blew right between you and me.
Where did it find the loneliness
it carried on the breeze?
Looking up at the sky
after shedding a stream of tears.
I could see for miles of blue,
it's never been so clear.
Speeches that my father gave me
would always make me despair.
Mitsuha M/yam/zu
Mone Kamishiraishi.
Somehow, I feel a warmth and comfort today.
Katsuhiko Teshigawara Ryo Naflta.
Your ever kind heart, the way you smile,
and even how you find your dreams
I knew nothing, so honestly,
I've always copied you.
Shin ta Takagi Kaito lshikawa Now, just
a little more On ly just a little more.
Now, just a little more
On ly just a little more.
Yotsuha Miyamizu Kanon Tam.
Let's stay here a little longer now.
Toshiki Miyamizu Masah Terasoma.
Now, just a little more
On ly just a little more.
Let's stick together
just a little bit longer.
Yuka Kato / Kana Hanazawa.
Oh yes, we are time flyers
Scaling the walls of time, climber.
Tired of playing hide and seek with time
and always coming just short.
Executive Producers: Minami lchikawa
Noritaka Kawaguchi / Keiji Ota.
Crying even when you're happy
Smiling even when you're feeling lonely.
Planning Genki Kawamura.
It's because the part of you
Has made it here before the rest has.
Producer Yoshihiro Furusawa.
Original Story / Screenplay
Makoto Shinkai.
Character Design
Masayoshi Tanaka / Masashi Ando.
Animation Directors: Ivlasashi Anclo Ei lnoue /
Kenichi Tsuchiya Shunsuke Hirota / Kazuchika Kise.
I used to wish upon the stars,
the toys that I once adored.
Opening Animation Director
Masayoshi Tanaka.
Forgotten now, are rolling 'round
the corners of the floor.
Mikomai Creation
Kazutaro Nakamura.
Finally, my dreams have counted
up to hundred today.
Art Directors: Takumi Tanji
Akiko Majima / Tasuku Watanabe.
Someday, I'll trade them
all for just the very one.
Com positing Supervisor
Hitomi Fukuzawa
3DCG Supervisor
Yoshitaka Takeuchi.
Girl that I have seen in school,
that never have told "hello".
Sound Director Haru Yamada.
After class today, I waved and said
"See you tomorrow".
It's not really that bad trying
something new every once in a while.
"Kirni no nawa" SOUNDTRACK ON UNIVERSAL MUSIC / EMl Records "Yurnetourou" "Zenzenzense - Movie Version"
"Sparkle - Movie Version" "Nandernonaiya - Movie Version" Written by Yojiro Nocla Performed by RADWIMPS.
Especially if I can do
it with you by my side.
Now, just a little more
Onlyjust a little more.
Line Producer Yuichi Sakai.
Let's stay here a little longer now
Katsuhiro Takei / Koichiro Ito.
Just a little more
On ly just a little more.
"Your name." Film Partners TOHO CO., LTD. /
Colvlix Wave Films Inc. / KADOKAWA CORPORATION /.
Let's stick together
just a little bit longer.
East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. / AMLJSE INC.
/ voque ting co., ltd. / Lawson HMV Entertainment, Inc.
Oh yes, we are time flyers so, and I,
I knew who you were way before...
Way before I even knew my own name
There's no clue but I'm sure I swear.
Even if you're not around
in this wide world.
Of course it surely would have
some kind of meaning.
But if when you're not
around in this crazy world.
Would be like the month of August
without summer brake.
And if you're not around
in this great World.
Would be like Santa Claus without any glee.
If you're not around in this wide world.
Oh yes, we are time flyers
Scaling the walls of time, climber.
Tired of playing hide and seek with time
and always coming just short.
No, never mind that
No, never mind what I said now.
Cause I'm on my way to you.
Oh we are time flyers
dashing up the steps of time now.
No more playing hide and
seek with you and time.
And always coming just short.
You're quite a showy crier Want to
stop your tears, see your eyes drier.
But when I went to wipe your tears dry
You refused
but I saw them pouring down
your face, I knew why.
Crying even when I'm happy
Smiling even when I'm feeling lonely.
Production: CoMix Wave Films Its because the
heart offline Has made it here before my body.
It's because the heart of mine
Has made it here before my body.
Director Makoto Shinkai