Kimi Yo Fundo No Kawa Wo Watare (Manhunt) (1976) Movie Script

Kimi yo fundo no kawa wo watare
Dangerous Chase
Producer: NAGATA Masaichi
Assistant Producer: TOKUMA Yasuyoshi
Screenplay: TASAKA Kei
SATO Jun'ya
Planning: MIYAKO Tokuko
After a novel by: NISHIMURA Juko
Special guest role: BAISHO Mitsuko
OTAKI Hideji
NAITO Taketoshi OHWADA Shin'ya
KANDA Takashi HISATOMI Koreharu
TABATA Yoshishiko SAWA Mutsuru
KIJIMA Shinsuke HOSOI Masao TOBITA Kisao
SATO Jun'ya
October 10, 3 P.M .
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Come quickly! I just saw my robber!
This way!
There he is!
There he is! Capture him!
Arrest him already!
Hey, you. Come with us
to the police station.
It happened a week ago.
I woke up in the middle of the night
because of some loud noise.
At first I couldn't understand anything,
because it was very dark in the room.
But... but I felt there was
someone in the room!
I became very afraid.
I turned on the lamp on the nightstand
and then saw he was looking...
.. inside my purse!
I tried to scream for help, but he
grabbed a knife and tried to stab me!
You recognized me in a frightened state.
It was somebody else.
No, it was you, not someone else!
I got Yen 200,000 from by bank account
and you took them away!
You even grabbed my precious ring!
And then... then,
you even deny it!
Who took my diamond ring if not you?
Who are you?
- I'll tell you, but not now.
- What?!
I want to speak to Chief Yamura
from Criminal Investigation.
You have asked for Chief Yamura?
Thank you for coming.
Here's the one who wants to talk to you.
He won't say anything, except to you.
Does he know you?
- D'you have a file?
- Yes.
- Aren't you telling me anything?
- Give me all you've got.
A woman, by the name of Mizusawa Kaiko,
living in Tokyo,
tells that that on October 3rd,
at 2 o'clock in the night,
she was robbed in her apartment.
Money was taken.
- Anything else?
- A diamond ring. Here's the report.
All right...
Where were you on October 3rd,
at 2 o'clock in the night?
What, you don't believe me?
I believe no one.
So, where were you?
On October 3rd,
at 2 o'clock in the night,
I was sleeping,
of course.
Where were you sleeping?
At home.
I have no witnesses.
I live alone.
Then you don't seem to have an alibi...
All right.
Get up!
Come in, come in.
You, Terada Toshiaki, told us
that you are the victim of a robbery.
On October 3rd, at 1 A.M .
while walking back home,
you stumbled upon a man in the
street who took your camera.
- Is that right?
- Yes. That is correct.
Try recognize the robber among
the other people.
Is he in this room?
That's him! It's him!
There's no doubt.
I memorized his face well. It's him,
it's definitely him.
Thank you,
you are free to go.
can I ask you who he is?
Keep him here for the night.
The Chief is hiding something...
Tell me who the hell you are!
It's him!
It's that man!
Two people
Identified the wrong person.
Is there
someone who looks just like me?
How can that be?
How can two people be mistaken?
How can this be?
Come out, no. 7!
It seems everything's solved...
What have you done,
It's a completely
unprecedented happening!
You're a prosecutor,
after all!
General prosecutor...
What have I done then?
What you have done,
is only a suspicion.
A prosecutor committing a robbery
would be a big scandal in the press.
This would damage the whole
prosecutor comity.
what's that got to do with me?
You are a suspect in a robbery and
you can't prove your innocence.
Your desk has been searched through.
And have you found anything?
I gave out a search
warrant for your apartment.
- You will come with us.
- I hope my innocence will be proven there
Only if we find nothing,
but that will not close this case.
Mizusawa and Terada
are investigating...
.. so we can find who you really are.
This is the end of this discussion.
Please, put on your shoes.
Take his handcuffs off.
I'm taking responsibility.
I make my own calls.
All right.
Then I'm asking you,
because I don't
like a prosecutor in handcuffs.
- Canon EF camera.
- What number?
It's 110926.
It's the same.
It's the same camera.
What are you saying?
I don't know where it came from,
but it wasn't here yesterday!
- Hosoi.
- Yes.
- The ring, the money.
- Yes.
Please believe me, General Prosecutor,
this is all a set-up!
Someone else brought
the camera here.
General Prosecutor!
" Platinum ring,
with a 0.05 carat diamond. "
The ring is engraved with Mizusawa
Keiko's name.
Come herel
Check the serial numbers.
It's a set-up.
It's a set-up.
how did this happen?
Why did you do such a stupid thing?
- General Prosecutor...
- Enough!
It's all clear to me.
I have to report everything to
the Ministry of Justice.
They will decide what to do with you.
What's the matter?
I need to go to the toilet.
He had a razor there.
I won't kill myself.
Stay here.
Morloka, open the door,
open the doorl
Open the door!
Morioka Fuyuto is only a suspect.
For now,
he is not charged with anything.
running from the law...
.. is an offence.
So, according to section 99
of the Penal Code,
Morioka Fuyuta can no longer be...
.. a prosecutor of our Tokyo bureau.
I don't remember a case where you brought
the suspect to their apartment search.
And how come nobody knew who he was in
the office he was first brought in?
- Is it that secret or what?
- Were you trying a cover up?
No, I deny doing such a thing.
But someone's to blame for the
suspect's escape!
Did you give him too much leeway?
He wasn't an ordinary suspect, was he?
It's only normal for recriminations to
be voiced after such an event.
We, on our side, will do our best
to capture former prosecutor Morioka,
as soon as possible.
And his case will be handled
with great care.
Are you the caretaker of this house?
Who are you?
I'm the one accused of robbing
a woman in this house.
I'm Morioka.
If that's so, come in.
Mizusawa Keiko has moved out today.
Where to?
You know,
police come here every 30 minutes.
Better in here!
It's me. Am I disturbing you?
- Nobody came?
- No.
- No news on Mizusawa Keiko?
- No.
- Well, thank you.
- It's nothing.
Now, I'm your accomplice...
- I'm sorry for the trouble.
- Not at all.
I trust you more than
I do my tenant.
You were suspicious of her?
What can I say?
She moved here October 1st.
Are you sure about the date?
Yes, October 1st.
She didn't get along with the husband.
She wanted to live separated for a while.
So she...
.. moved here on October 1st...
And on the 3rd she was robbed.
The criminal was caught on the 4th.
And the next day she moves out?
It seems so.
I didn't want the police...
.. and the journalists
coming here all the time..
Why should they?
When she was moving out, I happened
to see her new address on her luggage.
It said: Noto Peninsula,
Makami village.
Makami village...
We have to arrest him
as soon as possible.
Or else we'll damage the Prosecutors'
Office and National Police's reputation.
I put my hopes in you.
The head of this operation will be
inspector of the main office, Yamura.
I'm Yamura.
Morioka took Yen 500,000
from his bank account.
He thinks he has funded himself
a fleeing opportunity.
We can't trust anyone.
We have to arrest Morioka immediately
as we're running out of time
We have to capture him,
no matter what it takes.
October 13, 11 A.M . Oku-Noto,
Ishikawa Prefecture
Is anybody in here?
Is anybody in here?
Is this Mizusawa Keiko?
That's Tatsukotami's daughter
and her name is Kayo-chan.
Isn't her name Mizusawa Keiko?
No, 5 years ago she got married.
But her husband's name...
I heard he was a taxi driver in Tokyo.
So she and her husband
are living in Tokyo?
She came back yesterday.
I saw her at the bus stop.
What's her address?
Is anybody in here?
Is anybody in here?
Morioka committed murder?
Weird, but his fingerprints, not someone
elses were found at the murder scene.
Why did he have to kill Mizusawa Keiko,
I mean Yokomichi Kayo?
What's his motive?
Don't know.
But what?
There are many whys in this case...
Why did Yokomichi change her name
to Mizusawa?
Why did she move to the peninsula?
Why did Morioka go to Kayo's place?
Why did he kill her?
We must capture Morioka as soon
as possible.
If he...
He is a former prosecutor.
Not only will the investigation
department be responsible,
but it will also lead
to political problems.
This is godsend for the opposition.
You know that.
You think so?
I don't like to talk about politics.
My job is capturing criminals;
and that's all there is to it.
They've sent us a photo
of Yokomichi's husband.
Look at it, please!
But... this is Terada Toshiaki.
Definitely him!
The one whose camera
was stolen.
Let me have a look.
Husband and wife with different
last names and both accusing Morioka...
- Where is he now
- Well,
we got information that Keiji
went home to Hokaido.
It's a town called Kounogi.
Sorry, can you tell we where
I can find Yokomichi-san's house?
It's right over there.
Excuse me...
Stop, Morioka!
Stop, Morioka!
Stop, Morioka!
Morioka, stop or I shoot!
Morioka got away.
He got through the police cordon.
Yokomichi has also got away.
He was the first to disappear.
We can conclude that those who testified
against Morioka have vanished.
They also testified under false names,
which makes a conspiracy...
.. against Morioka probable.
But the circumstances in which she
was killed are against Morioka.
That's what made us to consider Morioka
is the main suspect.
But it's a mystery why the Yokomichis
tried to put the blame on Morioka.
- Hosoi-kun.
- Yes.
- Brief me on the Yokomichis.
- Yes.
They married in June Showa 45.
Before that,
they had been living together for a while.
A taxi driver,
Yokomichi was also
engaged in various businesses.
He started raising guinea pigs...
.. for a private pharmaceutical company.
For what purpose?
His guinea pigs are used
for dissection or pharmacy experiments.
His customers
are university labs or hospitals.
And labs of pharmaceutical companies.
Does it have
anything to do with Morioka?
Nothing practically, sir.
In spite of our efforts, we can't find
a link between Morioka and Yokomichi.
Alright, I got it.
I'll go to Hokkaido.
You guys will thoroughly investigate the
relationship between Morioka and Yokomichi
I think Yokomichi will sneak into Tokyo.
When you find him, secure Yokomichi.
This punk is the key factor.
He got away!
Damn it!
We will be in trouble
if the police's searching party come here.
- Let's give it up for now.
- Okay.
They set me up and...
They even try to klll me.
Who are they?
Why do they have to target me?
If they are trying
to destroy my social life...
.. It must be linked with that case.
Prosecutor Morioka.
Talking about hot shots,
here's the prosecutor himself.
- Good evening!
- Good evening!
What have we got here?
Everything is clear here.
Nothing to think about.
Suicide all the way.
He jumped from the 7th floor restaurant.
There're lots of witnesses.
Asakura had called me earlier as he said
he had something to discuss with me.
Did he tell you about what
he wanted to talk to you?
He just said he wanted to discuss
about something,
but did not say about what.
He just, "pop" !, stood up,
ran to the other side of the room
and the jumped out of the window.
That really scared the people
in the room...
The only clear thing is that Asakura
committed suicide.
But what were his motives?
He didn't have any!
Maybe, but, still,
no one forced him to do it, isn't it so?
He wasn't on his own in the restaurant.
And I don't trust his partner.
Something's fishy...
Do you have any proof that
representative Asakura was blackmailed?
Or threatened?
No, it's only my assumption.
Then, this case is closed
because there's no proof of wrong doing.
And your assumptions are no reasons
for reopening it.
don't bother anymore!
What the General Prosecutor said
awoke my curiosity.
That Sunday...
I went to a small Asakura restaurant
where Asakura's girlfriend worked.
As I found out, Yokomichi Kayo had
visited the restaurant a couple of times.
She might have got wind
of my interest in the place.
- It's that man!
- This is the man!
Yokomichi Keji, her husband,
he's alive and...
.. could shine some light on
this complicated case.
Someone, help me!
Save me!
Save me!
Welcome back!
- Call the horse-breeding society.
- Yes, sir.
They wanted to know
when I'm coming back.
- All right?
- Yes, sir.
Welcome back.
How's your savior feeling?
As soon as he woke up, he asked if
he could get something to eat.
I gave him something to eat
and then he dozed off again.
The doctor said that it's over fatigue.
I understand..
But what was he doing
in the mountains?
It seems that he got lost.
That was my luck...
What'd have happened to me,
hadn't he been there?...
I'm afraid to think about it...
Tell him I appreciate what he did.
Can I come In?
Come in.
Please, come in.
Oh, please...
I don't know the words to express...
.. my gratitude for you
saving my only daughter.
Please, don't!
I feel uncomfortable in your house.
I didn't want to trouble you, I'm sorry.
No, not at all!
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
I found your jacket and
gave it to him.
Thank you.
It's nothing! It didn't fit me anyway,
but it fits you very well.
Mayumi, have you asked
our guest's name?
Oh, no, I didn't.
My name is Maeda.
I want to drink to Mr. Maeda's health.
Allright. You aren't allowed any,
but this is special.
I'll go bring some cheese.
What will you have?
- Do you like brandy?
- Yes, thank you.
You should give yourself up.
I want to run for governor.
I fly from place to place.
I can take you with me,
even today.
Not today,
circumstances don't allow it.
My daughter was born when
I was almost 40 years old.
Her mother died of severe birth.
Maybe it's trivial, but she means more
to me than anything else in the world.
I say that because it seems
she became fond of you.
I'm sorry I've caused you trouble.
I'm not throwing you out.
What is it?
a phone call for you.
Excuse me.
- Why did you do that? Who asked you to?
- But...
.. I was thinking about your upcoming
He's called the pollce...
Mount up! Quickly!
I've come to help you!
Someone has turned you up!
You can't get away by foot.
All roads are closed!
Hurry up!
Mount on!
Why are you helping me?
Tell me why!
I love you!
When Tonami-san got his secretary to call
the police, the criminal ran away.
We searched the whole farm,
but he's not hiding here.
I can't understand how he managed
to get away from us...
If he's already in the mountains,
searching would be useless.
Why the hell did you let him go away,
- Who are you?
- What?
I'm Criminal Investigations head,
You are something else...
You put on an innocent,
but let a wanted criminal get away!
- Isn't that so?
- That's unheard-of!
The president is
running for governor!
- How can you say...
- Shut your mouth!
How many people are here?
D'you think it is that difficult to
get someone to talk?
Morioka calmly walked away from here.
Just like that?!
Morioka was here for two days.
I know that for a fact...
.. and don't
say that you don't know it!
Tell me where he is,
or you'll be
arrested for harboring a criminal!
Don't threaten my fatherl
He's innocent.
Rather, accuse me.
How could I have called the police...
.. on the man who saved my life?
That's something new...
take me to Morioka!
I won't!
A savior, sure...
If you want to arrest somebody,
then arrest me.
My father is innocent.
What a mustang,
with attitude.
There's nothing
we can do here anymore.
- Everyone can leave.
- Understood.
The police is gone and I brought
you something to eat.
Thank you.
A police inspector came to us.
With sunglasses, looking important
and annoying.
- Yamura...
- Yamura?
- It's him. We must leave!
- Why?
I'm certain he was tracking you
and he'll be here soon.
You're under arrest for
the murder of Yokomichi Kayo.
Hands up!
- You won't! Kill me!
- Get away!
Let her get away.
She's here by accident.
I'll let her off,
if you give yourself up
and quietly put on these handcuffs.
You, come with us.
What is it?
A bear.
- Are you allright?
- I'm fine.
What is it?
Hold on, Yamura.
hold him down real tight.
- Hold him tight!
- Yes!
Bear it, Yamura!
Get me a piece of cloth.
Get me a piece of cloth.
Why are you saving me?
You can't buy your freedom with this.
If I live, I'll will find you!
Where's Yokomichi?
Where did you put him?
First, give me back my gun.
If you give it back to me,
I'll tell you.
Tell me and I'll give it back.
Otherwise you'll get a bullet.
He got away.
We weren't able to catch him.
He's hiding somewhere in Tokyo.
Give it back now.
Miss, help me tie him up.
How could you?!
And you, as his accomplice,
are also under arrest.
What a bastard!
Yamura... I took the bullets out.
There's a cave here.
A real cave.
Wait a second.
Give me your lighter.
Thank you for everything
you've done for me.
You should go back to your father,
There're many bears left.
One might catch me.
And what will you do,
all alone?
Why are you so quiet?
I'll go to Tokyo.
And there I'll look for
a man called Yokomichi.
I'll come with you.
Don't let your father worry too much.
Go back home.
Father has betrayed you.
I'm an outlaw now.
Then, I'm also one!
I love you!
Is that true?
Yamura told me what you did.
They said that you ran
away with Morioka.
I haven't slept all night...
Please answer, Mayumi.
Your father's asking you!
Not anymore.
Not after you betrayed your daughter's
savior to the police.
I don't want to know such a father.
That was so low, father...
Nakayama and you are both traitors.
Now go and find Yamura and
tell him that I'm here.
You'd better hurry to the police,
as long as I'm still here.
Don't go to him, miss!
You were eavesdropping on us?!
Out of my way!
The president's career
will be harmed,
if you go on seeing
a murderer!
- I'm so glad!
- Give it to me.
- Did you bring a map?
- Yes.
I took everything that I
could get my hands on.
I figured you'd be here.
But why have you come?
Seeing the map, you must be planning
to go across Hidaka crossing.
It's of no use.
The crossing is guarded by the police.
You can't get out of here.
All airports
and dockyards are heavily guarded.
But you also can't stay here.
From what I know. you must get to
Tokyo as fast as possible.
That's true.
You see, I understood you.
Have you ever
flown an airplane before?
An excellent plane.
It operates not more difficult than a car.
It has enough gas to fly to Tokyo.
You can fly it. I owe you
much more than that.
Ah, airplane crashes are no different
than life terms.
So, you're suggesting I should
become a pilot?
I don't see any other solution
to this problem.
But, father, this is suicide!
I think you shouldn't pass
such a chance.
Yes, you're right.
The whole trick is to fly horizontally.
The gyroscope will help you.
The line of the horizon has to match
the line on the machine.
When the nose of the plane goes down,
pull the yoke to you.
When the nose of the plane goes up,
push the yoke away from you.
The police?
That is all you have to know
on landing and takeoff.
You'll make it,
if you're not afraid.
I hope I can make it.
You'll be allright.
You're a tough one.
I've already sent the flight plan.
You tell the police that
I hijacked that plane.
That I forcefully took it.
So then you'll be charged
with hijacking a plane.
No, you don't have to!
This is reckless.
You'll crash. Don't fly!
Men know that there are moments
in life when they have to take risks.
Morioka doesn't have another chance.
That's true!
If fate is giving me a chance,
I will gladly take it.
Hurry up, Morioka-kun!
Go full throttle!
Adjust the throttle and loosen up!
Steady up!
This is my last chance.
Inspector, you're back!
Are you all right?
Where's Morioka?
Morioka is somewhere in Hokkaido.
He's trying to leave before
he gets arrested there.
That's nonsense! How can he,
with police everywhere?
He has plenty of possibilities.
How come?
What makes you say that?
He doesn't look like someone
who'd flee if he were guilty.
He will go on tracking down Yokomichi.
Will he kill Yokomichi?
Metropolitan Police Department.
Morioka has stolen a plane?!
Yamura speaking.
Give me he's coordinates.
Where's he heading to?
He's flying through Tsugaru Straits?
He's heading for the island?
Yes. Understood.
Yes, yes. Keep us informed.
Maybe they're wrong?
No, its definitely him.
But he can't fly a plane.
.. it was wrong letting him
be a prosecutor...
Plane JA3611, do you copy?
JA3611, I will direct your flight.
you're heading into the mountains!
Plane JA3611, go down for landing.
Stop your illegal flight.
If you refuse, we'll have
to take severe measures.
You hear, JA, severe measures!
Plane JA3611, the Self-Defense Force
speaking. I order you to go for landing!
Answer! Do you hear me?
Stop your unnecessary resistance!
Follow our directions
Stop it, Morioka!
You'll crash into the sea! Stop it!
He disappeared from the radar?
He doesn't reply to the
Self-Defense Forces.
When they ordered him to land,
he went on flying low above the ocean.
The radar can't locate flow
altitude flying objects.
Is that so?
That's really bad.
- Can you handle it alone?
- Yes.
- Yamura.
- Yes.
Morioka's " Cessna" ...
.. could have crashed into the sea.
What do you think?
Is that a possibility?
I think it's possible, according
to the circumstances.
If it happened, it'd make us both happy,
isn't it so, General Prosecutor?
Yes, suicide is possible.
I think he did not have an
alternative and committed suicide.
Where do you
think he landed the plane?
The experts say his best
shot was landing it on water.
With a " Cessna" ,
chances are big.
Morioka's clothes were
found on the beach?
Where exactly?
Near Mito?
Okay, thank you.
That's interesting. How will
he escape from here?
There is a railroad from Mito,
through Ishioka, Tsuchiura to Tokyo.
There's a second possibility, through
Kashima, Sawaru and Narita to Tokyo.
Third possibility,
if he gets by car on route 51...
.. and drives to Kei right into Tokyo.
Urgent message.
Hiding suspect Morioka Fuyuto,
suspicion of murder,
has hijacked a plane and has
escaped from Hokkaido.
This evening, he landed near Nito
where his clothes were found.
The head of the investigation department
.. that he can still be hiding
in Ibaraki prefecture.
Morioka Fuyuta Is trying to get
to the capital on this route.
If someone knows where he is
and also has information...
.. on the "Cessna" plane with number JA3611,
please call
the prefecture police department.
Come in.
You still up?!
It seems that Morioka-kun has
managed to escape yet again.
Have a drink,
so you can have a good night's sleep.
Today I've dropped from the election.
You have no idea
how much easier life has become...
.. since I've given up running
for governor!
All worries have faded away!
I still need to go on a business trip,
and you will go to Tokyo.
To Tokyo?!
It's no big deal. Seven three year old
stallions need to be transported there.
They'll be transported on horse
caravans and you, as always,
will stay at a hotel.
I've already booked a room for you.
All right?
You're chocking me!
Morioka might be armed.
That is why, in self defense,
I've allowed to open fire at will.
In other words...
.. you allowed...
.. to shoot and kill Morioka.
So this is why a meeting
was called for?
That's what the Prosecutor's Office and
National Police Agency have concluded?!
Have you read the newspaper?
" Prosecutor on the run. "
"His dramatic escape from Hokkaido. "
" Prosecutor on the run... "
" He leads the investigators
around by the nose. "
What will happen,
if Morioka beats Yokomichi in front of us?
Our prestige will get a fatal damage!
And that's not the end of the story.
If people's trust
in law and order is lost,
our society will be destroyed.
This is a problem of whole of our society!
What will then happen?
So, Morioka must be shot
and serve as a warning, huh?!
Then why you didn't say
it in the first place?
Have you found Morioka?
I've come for the Sakura case.
What have you found out?
A day before his suicide, Tonan Company
has extorted a large amount from him.
- Tonon?
- Yes.
They are the people Yokomichi
was delivering guinea pigs to!
You must take care only of
the Morioka case.
General Prosecutor,
I handle my cases as I see fit!
Yes, such a person was here!
But as to where he is now...
Who was he visiting?
Sakai-san I think.
The president.
- Sakai-san?
- Yes.
I am president Sakai.
Thank you.
investigation department.
- Please sit down.
- Thank you.
How can I help you?
I have a couple of questions.
Do you know Yokomichi Keji?
- Yokomichi Keji?
- Yes.
There is a warrant for his arrest.
Why did he come to see you?
Yokkomichi worked with us.
I know that he is wanted,
as I read the morning newspaper.
He was wanted for some testimony...
.. and I told him to go to the police,
as he was only a witness and
had done nothing wrong.
Is that all?
I loaned him some money.
Around Yen 50,000.
My own money, of course.
But where is he now?
That I don't know, but I clearly remember
telling him to go to the police.
- Well, thank you for your information.
- No thanks needed.
But if Yokomichi will appear here again,
I will notify you immediately.
You can be sure of that.
One last question: Did you give
money do representative Asakura?
Probably you know he
committed suicide.
Yes, I heard.
As for the money, it was a political
donation to help progress.
So... You act like if you didn't know
what kind of man Asakura was.
We came to know what kind of
person he was after he died.
It was even discussed
on the board of directors.
Do you have any more
Thank you, that is all.
It is clear that Asakura knew
something about Sakai.
D'you think so?
Then that's how he made him
cough the money, isn't it?
But for what purposes?
That is what prosecutor
Morioka wanted to find out.
So, they acted.
Yes... And Yokomichi was there.
We'll find him eventually.
we know he's a taxi driver.
Yes, we have that clue.
Look for other taxi drivers
that knew him.
I will.
Ask them if they saw
this moron anywhere.
October 20, 1 P.M . Nagano City
Who Is there?
- Are you lost?
- No.
I'm all right.
"Wildlife Preserve Agent,
Tokyo Metropolitan Government"
Wait a second!
Aren't you that fugitive,
No, you are mistaken.
You, stop!
You are mistaken.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Yamura speaking.
You found Morioka's whereabouts?
Okay. Thanks.
Damn it!
Where's the map?
Where's he?
- That's where he is.
- How d'you know?
A ranger encountered Morioka
in the Yamanashi prefecture.
This is in the opposite direction!
He went this way and we looked
at exactly the opposite.
From Fukushima Prefecture in
the direction of Shinjuku.
Then a detour to Nagano, by train.
He will get off at Lake Otsuki.
And then sneak into
the city on foot.
Anyway, they are on heightened
alert along Route 411, 140 and 20.
Are you really sure
we should shoot him to death?
- Well, no...
- Have you seen this person?
- No.
- Thank you.
What's the matter?
Are you all right?
You seem very sick;
come with me.
Thank you very much.
Come on, you have a fever!
Get up!
October 21, 11 A.M . Tachikawa City
Long time no see. You look more
and more beautiful.
Cut it out!
Already up?
I'm sorry
I'm giving you trouble.
That's true,
quite a lot of trouble...
You had quite a fever yesterday...
Let's see.
Much better.
You must be hungry.
I'll make you breakfast.
No, thank you.
I gave you a lot of trouble already.
You have to lay low till night for
the police to stop looking for you,
You knew who I was,
but still helped me?
You were in bad shape,
shouldn't I have helped you?
But, I'm a fugitive...
Why are you saying that?
Helping a fugitive is also a crime.
That might be so,
but, you know,
if the law tells me not to help a patient,
I have to break that law.
And you know...
.. I can't live without breaking laws.
That's my life.
Maybe I shouldn't have made such
a comment in front of a prosecutor.
I'm no longer a prosecutor.
And in order to stay alive
I broke the laws more than once.
Hey... tell me how a prosecutor
feels when he breaks laws!
So far, in my life...
I have prosecuted people
just based on texts of the laws.
Now I can't forgive myself.
Let's stop our complex discussion!
You can stay here as lomg as you want.
Thank you.
But, I have something
I have to do at all costs.
Even if you break the laws?
Even if I break the laws.
Yes. We have checked
his daily driving reports.
Yokomichi took a taxi at the entrance
of Tonan Company building. Ten days ago.
He got off the taxi at a construction
site in Tama New Town district.
In front of an on-slte camp
for constructlon workers.
Ah, him. He's not here anymore.
He worked here for a small period.
Hadn't even a
single recommendation.
He isn't living here anymore.
D'you know where he is?
He was crazy. Maybe you should
look in a mental hospital.
In a hospital?!
" Mental Hospital Midorigaoka"
I'm head doctor Doto.
Thank you for receiving us.
Chief Inspector Yamura.
I want to know if you have
this person as a patient.
As far as I know,
you admitted him not no long ago.
He was in very bad shape.
His name was Suzuki Takeshi.
Suzuki Takeshi?
Just a moment.
Please bring me Suzuki Takeshi's
medical record.
When he was admitted here,
he was very furious, that Takeshi.
Did you do something before
he was admitted here?
Come in.
Thank you.
- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
A typical case of paranoid schizophrenia.
He has delusions of being haunted.
Isn't he faking it?
No; it's even...
.. very dangerous when
someone doesn't look after him.
We gave him the right diagnosis
all right.
May we see him?
That is more difficult,
because people with this illness...
.. can have a violent reactions.
Then the long treatment will be
for nought after such visits.
It won't take long.
He was just been given a sedative.
We have to do everything
to make them feel as safe as possible.
So we go home empty-handed.
We have information that someone
saw Morioka in Shinjuku.
- Morioka?
- Yes, the police is searching the area.
They will catch him now.
Morioka-kun can't get away.
We have full control of the area.
Please have a look.
No need, thank you.
Normally the signing of a deal
is celebrated in a bar...
We could do that, but not today.
Excuse me,
are you expecting a phone call?
There's someone asking for you.
If you please...
Excuse me.
Tonami speaking.
It's me.
I got the number from your father.
He said you'd be in Tokyo in 10 days.
So that's what it was...
Is it safe to speak?
If it's not too long.
Police is all around here.
I don't know if I'm being followed.
All right.
Be careful!
Try to hang on!
We must figure something out!
Wait for me at the metro station!
I'll come there myself!
All right?
At the station's western exit.
Stop, Morioka!
Catch him!
Stop, Morioka!
Morioka, we'll shoot!
Stop, Morioka!
Horses, horses are runnlng
In the streetsl
Horses? I don't understand.
Morioka got on a horse!
He's getting away!
Morlokal Morlokal
We can't catch up wlth the horses.
Don't let him out of your sight!
Under no circumstances!
Go out of the way!
Who Is lt?
What do you want?
Where's Morioka?
How should I know?
How dare you?!
At this hour!
This is my job.
I'm going to take a shower
right now.
Do you want
to take a shower with me?
Morioka, come out!
Don't come out!
I knew precisely where you were
when I heard about the horses.
All I had to do is call the
hotels in the area.
What is this document?
A copy of Yokomichi's medical record.
Mental hospital, is that really so?
I was there.
But they didn't let me see Yokomichi.
They put him in there two weeks ago.
Who did?
Those who take
care of this hospital.
Nagaoka Company.
Nagaoka Ryosuke's company?
- That Nagaoka?
- Yes.
This is all I know for now.
I suggest you to visit
the sick one...
I have to do it.
The police aren't stupid. They'll be here
in five minutes. You better hurry.
Where were you?
Wanted to drown away my misery.
We let Morioka go,
right in front of our noses.
Doesn't the General Prosecutor
want to go home and rest?
I await information from our agents
They are now at the hotel where
Tonami's daughter is staying.
Too bad that she and Morioka
were able to escape.
One hour after you were with them.
Don't fool around.
The hotel manager confirms it.
They left an hour after you.
Did you and Morioka
make a deal?
What a joke!
You know about what I'm talking!
- Why don't you admit it?
- Bullshit!
.. I'll ask the Metropolitan Police
Department to investigate and,
if there was any contact,
I will prosecute you.
Such contacts with a criminal
are considered betrayal.
The sentence for this is a mandatory
five years in prison.
Why take such a risk?
You said it yourself,
that your
enemies could be in that hospital...
.. and you might walk right into
their grab!
This is the only way to see Yokomichi.
He is the key to my innocence.
I have to go into this hellhole.
Is it,
this last stage of your bitter journey?
Be careful!
- You want him to be committed?
- Yes.
We still have some beds left,
but, madame,
has your husband agreed to be admitted?
I had a hard time convincing him,
but now he is ready.
He will be treated well in here.
Our medical staff are excellent.
I hope that you can help me.
What are the symptoms of his illness,
You see...
.. he hears strange noises when
he's alone.
Even those of dead people.
He thinks
that they all are against him.
I'm speaking from
what I heard from him,
but specialists know better
what is going on with them.
Does it happen that...
.. he blames you out of nothing?
He even did beat me twice.
Tezuyama-san, your room.
Put your bag on the bed.
We are having breakfast now.
I will bring you your food.
Well, Morioka-san...
.. maybe you should stop this show.
Did you really think nobody
would recognize you here?
Your face is in all the newspapers.
What did you want to
accomplish by coming here?
I want to know, what is it that
you are searching here?
I'm only after Yokomichi.
.. where are you hiding him?
Only after Yokomichi. No problem.
I'll do you this favor.
Yokomichi Keji?
It's me, Morioka.
Now, he's a happy person.
Here he got rid of unnecessary troubles.
Human passion, ambition,
all is left behind.
Here he is happy and cheerful.
Well, go back to you room,
Tell me, what the hell is this?
What have you done to him?
Only good therapy.
Here, look.
No big operations, no surgery is needed.
Only this.
What is this?
This blocks unnecessary areas in
the central nervous system.
A couple of doses of this andyou don't
have to think about anything anymore.
You can be at peace.
Be at peace as he is?
My task is to treat you. You're
schizophrenic Tsuyama and I'm your doctor.
He needs to be giving high doses.
This is the regular treatment.
October 27, 10 A.M . Midorigaoka Hospital
You must understand,
Your husband's condition has worsened.
He can't be discharged.
His life is in danger.
What have you done with him?
I demand that you to give me back
my husband, immediately.
Now, that he is in critical condition,
we aren't allowed to discharge him.
But you didn't say that when I called you.
What has happened to him to this time?
If you don't trust my diagnosis,
go to the board of doctors,
or you can just put a complaint with
the general management.
You have that option.
But now you have to excuse me, my
time is reserved for the patients.
But you can't stop me
from seeing my husband!
I've told you that it
will make him worse.
I will not go home until
I've seen him.
All right then...
Nurse, bring Tsuyama Yasuo in here.
I'm waiting.
You have to be prepared
for everything.
We gave him a lot of sedatives.
He'll be very calm, but fits of rage can
occur when the drug has worn off.
I'm not sure if he can recognize you.
Come in.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Tell me!
Don't you really recognize me?
Don't you?
All right, take him back to his room.
I've told you that it was best
you din't see him today.
Excuse me.
Investigation department.
No, Yamura isn't here.
I don't know.
Contact the authorities.
You know you can't come here.
As for the girl, the police is looking
for her through the whole town.
- And you bring her to me...
- I'm sorry.
Can you analyze this drug?
Can you?
From Morioka?
please come.
This patient was given
the drug "AX" .
It blocks the parts of the brain
responsible for will.
The patient becomes obedient and
carries out all our commands,
He won't feel that
he wants to stop the given job.
- In other words, he is a human-robot?
- Yes.
Stop working.
Stab yourself in the arm.
I see that this drug
is indeed very useful.
Help him.
Not too long ago he was the head
of the protest against your firm.
I'm confident that this drug can
help get rid of people like him.
We now have a powerful weapon
that we can use against our enemies.
- Isn't that so?
- True, sir.
Now, carry on and very thoroughly
brainwash people like him.
That's what we are paying you for,
isn't it?
Yes, sir!
From now on, only I will decide
who will be put on the drug.
I warn you to not make
any decisions yourself.
You will consult only with me.
He was ordered to sit facing the wall.
He's been sitting like this since 9PM .
Turn around.
Well, Morioka!
Do you still want to know why
delegate Sakura committed suicide?
Why? Isn't that why you
came all this way for?
You even stole a plane
in order to get here!
I don't need anything now.
Morioka had such a strong will.
What happened to him now?
For how long did he lose his will?
Forever or only temporary?
Forever, of course.
Then, he will die here.
Yes, he will, but I'm concerned
about his so-called wife.
My men will handle that.
What is it, Morioka-kun?
I see you're tired.
Are you all right?
I can see you're tired of living.
Then write here:
" I, Morioka Fuyuto,
am guilty of all my crimes,
such as the robbery of Yokomichi Kayo,
as well as her murder.
Also of the robbery of Yokomichi Keji.
Anonymous threatening and intimidation,
drove him to insanity. "
All right, we have it.
All we need is the ending.
"All of this has has made me decide
to commit suicide. "
Date, signature, end.
Come here, Morioka-kun.
Look how blue the sky is.
Now you will vanish from here,
into the blue sky, won't you?
You want to step right to heaven?
Go right to the blue sky,
What is it, Morioka-kun?
Come on, step!
I finally know how representative
Asakura was killed.
It's your drug that made
him jump out of the window.
Nobody would have thought
at that.
Now I really know.
Nagaoka gave him the drug,
saying they were vitamins.
And when the drug started to work,
he ordered him to jump.
Hurry up!
Finish him, quickly!
Hosoi, arrest him.
He's dead.
The dollars are here.
Your passport as well.
The airplane is leaving in two hours.
- Your seats have been booked.
- Very well.
Where have they come from?
Your Doto has committed suicide.
And so did Sakai.
Maybe you killed him.
What has it got to do with me?
Well, both are tied to one firm,
where you ordered
the drug "AX" made.
Isn't it so?
The drug has been tested positive and
is allowed by the Ministry of Health.
And nobody has any complaints
about the drug.
The drug "AX" is something
completely different.
The first who got wind of that you were
doing human experimentation was Sakura.
He tried to blackmail you and
you gave him "AX" .
Can you prove it?
You figured out I didn't buy
Asakura's suicide.
So you used the Yokomichis
to try to stop me.
You discredited me as a prosecutor.
That is only your wild imagination.
When Yokomichi Kayo didn't
want to cooperate anymore,
these two have killed her.
And you turned Keji into a cripple,
with the same drug "AX" .
These are only words,
Mr. former prosecutor.
These two wanted to kill me also.
I remembered their faces.
I saw them after...
.. they killed Yokomichi Kayo.
Well, why are you so quiet?
They were shooting at me in Hokkaido.
Well, then, ask them.
Were you in Hokkaido?
OK, the show is over!
I've had enough!
Hosoi, arrest them! They are
suspected of attempted murder.
Come with me.
Do as they ask you.
No later
than tomorrow I'll get you out.
Do you have any other business with me?
I have to fly to South Korea,
so I have to hurry...
What are you doing?
I want you to jump out the window.
That's what Asakura has done.
That's what Doto has done as well.
So, you should do the same thing.
I said jump out of the window!
Have you made up your mind?
What's wrong, man? Are you scared?!
Your legs are trembling, aren't they?
You monster!
Die right now!
Out of the way!
You can shoot 100 bullets into this
bastard, it'll still count as self-defense
He got what he deserved.
A pity it was too late!
It was self-defense.
Morioka is my witness.
I'm no witness.
I'm an accomplice.
It seems that the meeting is over.
We came to a conclusion
that the Nagaoka's killing...
.. was in self-defense.
.. you have exposed
a criminal organization...
.. and proved that you were right.
The production of the drug "AX"
was a inhumane crime.
Maybe I proved that in a
not so convenient way.
I admit, I broke the law, hid from
the police, hijacked a plane.
We took that into consideration.
All these things were needed in
the situation you were in.
But you aren't completely innocent and
you'll appear before the court.
Of course, but I want to say that I
came to know a lot when I was hiding.
I've learned that with laws only
you can't vanquish evil.
That is why being in the position of the
hunted is better than being the hunter.
I don't want to be a
prosecutor anymore.
Arrest me when you have
the warrant.
When that happens,
I'll come for you.
We'll see if you'll flee again.
Is it all over?
As long as I live, it won't be over.
Then I'll come with you.
Kimi yo fundo no kawa wo watare
Dangerous Chase