Kinatay (2009) Movie Script

Why is he crying, Ma?
- Let's go now.
- Just a second.
Have you given him milk already?
Why are you crying, Popoy?
Calm down.
Let's go.
Turn off the fan.
How many minutes left?
We're going to Aunt's.
You really like at Aunt's.
Do you have the money?
He does not want mama,
he wants to be with aunt!
Popoy, you're so cute!
Are you hungry?
Don't you want some chocolate?
Aunt Maring?
Isn't he cute?
- We're leaving Popoy on your care.
- Okay.
These are his stuff, Aunt.
We'll be picking him up later.
He's crying.
Oh, he's crying!
Peping, today's the wedding, right?
Yeah, let's drink later!
Ma, Caloy lend me some money last night.
It would help us with the expenses.
I was nervous last night.
Hey, Cecille! Aren't we going to celebrate?
On Popoy's baptismal!
Okay, we'll wait for it!
They just left.
I haven't seen them. I'm wondering
where have they got the money.
Hey, Peping!
I missed the game last night.
I wasn't in the game.
What happened?
- We've won?
- No.
- By how many points?
- 10!
Only ten?
I hope what you feel for me
would never change
I wish you'd leave her.
And let's be together, the two of us.
We're better together.
Now you're with another...
Are you gonna cry
on our wedding day?
Come on, now. Calm down.
You're crazy!
Sorry, can't help it.
- Do you have the money?
- Yes, it's here.
I just borrowed it,
hope it won't be lost.
Look at the child, looks like Popoy.
- Our rings?
- It's here.
- Check it, we might not get married if it's lost.
- Don't you worry, it's here.
It is you who forced
me here, you know!
You're such a bully.
We're late, already.
Ninong told me that
he's giving me a motorcycle for a gift.
Isn't it dangerous?
I don't know.
I'd like to use it for a living.
At least we'll be gaining
extra income, for school.
What did Ninang said, are they coming?
Yes, they are on their way.
- And grandma?
- They are all coming.
How many are they?
Good morning, Comrade Teddy.
What's happening there?
It's getting exciting here
there's a lot of people!
It's crowded here.
And something's happening, Teddy...
He must be with the same age as Popoy.
- He has beautiful eyes.
- Of course, he's handsome!
That's what's in the radio, look!
He's really going to jump.
Be calm and don't you jump.
But my son is a good child,
he's always inside his room.
He takes care of his daughter.
Erwin! Your mother is here.
Talk to her.
Talk to him.
Here, take this.
Talk to your child.
- How's this work?
- Just push this button.
Talk louder.
Erwin, come on now, get down!
Come on now, think of your daughter!
I left her in the care of her mother.
She's asking for you.
Why are you doing this?
Talk louder, ma'am.
Aren't you ashamed of what you're doing,
you're seen on the television.
Come on now, let's go home.
It's been ten hours
since Erwin climbed there.
His mother talked to him.
Calling out for him to go down.
But still, nothing happened.
She's been there two hours already.
His mother is still
begging for him to climb down,
to forget whatever problem he has
for them to talk
but it seems like Erwin
is already determined to jump.
Great country
was once again regained.
We're back the way we were...
Sir, can I ask a question?
What is it, lady?
Do you think the
Municipal Hall is open?
Yes, it is open for business.
How do I get there?
Just go straight ahead,
then turn left at the end.
Reynalin Velarmino, Marivic Galario,
Maybel Cajuge, Carol Villarama,
Rediwel Yubra,
Lizel Dalugdug, Christine Simbangon,
Athena Bercasio,
Maryanne Capul, Lolita Poon,
Fermina Ulangi,
Marites Umato, Eden Bucalde,
Rocelyn Mendrano, Ruel Enriquez,
Alma Seye, Edwina Coriba,
Cindy Madronero, Emelisa Bernadez,
China Mae Abrinilia, Maricel Duria,
Realin Custodio, Eileen Sarbito,
Helen Rojo,
Mary-Ann Rosales,
Michelle Marygrace Sampenano,
and Wilma Lebaron.
After a long time
of being together,
are you willing to marry,
your better half, to be with him forever
'til death do you part?
I do!
Nice response, complete!
To the ladies, I will
call you by your names...
Promise that you'll never be jealous.
No exchange, no return.
Judge 209, please?
- The third one.
- Thanks!
We might be late.
Peping told us to be there at 9.
Is he here already?
What took you so long?
Let's go!
Come on!
We've already talked about it.
I'm doing everything that
I could, don't you worry.
But this is taking too long!
- Hey, what are you doing here?
- Just some business.
Your mother?
I'll take care of it.
Who's next?
we'll be conducting a marriage.
Let them in.
Who're going to be wed?
Please come in.
The couple sits here.
The man is here and the lady's here.
The sponsors?
Where are they?
They are on their way.
To the guests, please be seated.
- Did you see the jumper on the billboard?
- Yeah.
The bride and the groom is?
- How old are you?
- 19.
And you, sir?
You there, how are you related
to the bride and groom?
- You're still studying?
- Just me.
I stopped going to school.
Why? Are you pregnant?
No, we already had a child.
Education is the key to your security.
Here your boyfriend's a looker.
You might be flirting with
somebody at your school.
There's none.
Okay, let me know if you got separated.
And you, why are you standing?
Do you have anything to say?
Sit down, I'm doing a marriage here.
And the witnesses...
the ninang and ninong
you'll sign as a
proof of you being a guardian to them.
Let's proceed with the ceremony.
All rise!
The solemnizing officer for
Peping's and Cecille's...
nuptial is our Honorable
Judge Jose Buenaventura.
Our beloved... your names...
Peping and Cecille,
stand before God to make a vow
for one another, to live with
each other, to love one another
with devotion, respect, loyalty and trust.
And for you,
ninong and ninang
of Peping and Cecille,
I'm asking for help
to be with me,
and to help them
be accepted
as a couple in our Christian Community.
It smells like burnt rice.
Are you cooking or something?
You've brought a van, ninong?
You all hungry?
Bong, occupy the back seats.
You too, dear.
Mom, please do sit here.
Do you all fit in there?
This is a nice ride.
How much?
1.6 million.
But on installment.
We will also have one of these!
We can't even buy a bike!
This is same as Peter's, right?
No, this is far better!
Where's your other car?
I gave it to my brother.
- How rich you are!
- Not really.
When you got tired of this
you can also give it to us.
This car is ten years to pay.
By then you'll be having ten children also.
Ten children from different women!
Can we turn left there?
It's a one-way street, sir.
Okay, let's just go straight ahead.
Happy happy happy birthday!
You'll pay for the food
and for the drinks.
Happy happy happy birthday!
I hope you'd make
us full.
Peping's mother is from Laoag,
and we are from Pampanga.
- Who are paying?
- Don't talk too loud, stupid, it's Leo.
Who is he dating now?
You're not his kind,
you're too short!
You're the one to talk!
Unlike you, I'm cute!
Can I borrow 50 pesos? I don't have
anything left here for the fare.
You still owe me a lot of money.
Josie's mother is now working in Kuwait.
That's why they now have a flat tv.
- Josie is still with Ronnie, right?
- No, he's with me.
Let's take a picture!
Squeeze in.
You'll count to three?
Another one!
Why are you only eating rice?
- I'm on a diet.
- Diet? And the only thing you eat is rice?
Come get some food.
Bong wants to tell you something.
He wants to
borrow money from you.
No, you're embarrassing me.
Come on, tell him!
Don't be shy!
Eat some more!
Are you all full?
Yeah! My stomach's aching.
Would you mind taking a photo for us?
Someone always gets left out.
Thanks for the blow-out, Leo.
Thank you! It's delicious!
I'm sure you've already heard of this.
100 pesos for those who
will give the right answer!
- Sir, inside-out!
- Wrong!
- Sir, outside-in.
- Of course, correct!
There were only two options.
- You're only guessing.
- No, sir, I'm not!
Really? Explain it then.
That's already your second question, sir.
He does not know, sir!
For it to be systematic, sir?
Take the money back, sir!
- He can have it.
- Take it back, sir!
- Take it back!
- When approaching a crime scene...
See you later in Luneta.
Is the house isolated or
does it have neighbors.
If it's soil,
does it have any foot or tireprints?
Are there any curtains at the windows?
Are there any strange scents?
Is the radio on? The TV?
The fan?
Are the lights on?
You're not listening!
- Did you see the policeman's gun?
- Yeah.
When I get into the service
I would buy a better one.
The one that was used in James Bond.
Join our team!
We're still lack of members
I'd take care of you.
Even Ato and John-john joined
us, they're already paid.
It's fun! The other day, I had the ball,
dribbled, then shoot. Scored!
Didn't you get pissed?
No, they thought they've
gained a foul..
We've won!
I still have some spare coins.
Being stingy pays!
- Can you lend me 50 pesos?
- Here.
- It's not enough.
- Don't bother me with it.
I have to catch the bus.
Just walk.
I'd send you a message.
How are you, old man!
- Is this all?
- Yes.
How are you?
- It's not enough.
- I'd pay in full next time.
Fuck you!
You're wasting my time.
Bring it next time, ok?!
I'd come for you!
- Here.
- Are there a lot of people?
Here it is.
The rest is here in the bag.
- This is all?
- Yes.
Abyong, here.
He said, everything's there.
- It's all here?
- Yeah.
- You want to come?
- Where?
Kap just ordered you to come.
Fuck it, another job?
No shitty business?
You'll earn big here, fool.
Come on!
- 'Til what time are we needed?
- I have no idea.
Cecille's waiting for me
I don't want to get home in the morning.
Just send her a message
tell her you'll come home late.
Abyong, join our team.
There will be a tournament.
- Basketball?
- Yeah.
We would never make money out of it,
Come on.
Where are we going?
On an operation.
What kind of operation?
Can I have 5,000 in advance?
that's your second request for this night!
My aunt suddenly came.
Earlier, it's your lover,
now it's your aunt.
Well, that's life! Full of surprises!
Come on, hand it over.
She's in a hurry.
Aunt, here.
When is Cocoy's graduation?
This saturday.
- What time?
- 8 in the morning.
Too early for a graduation ceremony.
That's why, Gina?
You must be there.
Yeah, I'll be there.
- Where's Madonna?
- She's there.
Call her.
Hi, Sarge!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
I don't fuck niggers!
What's up, Sarge?
Kap is there, he wants to talk to you.
Why didn't he come here?
He's shy.
Where is he?
Just outside.
Who's that?
Vic, Franco still never showed on me.
I went last night at their house,
but he's not there.
The bastard!
He's hiding from me.
But somebody told me that
he's at Tikboy's place.
I'd hunt for him there.
Fuck, Vic!
Strangle her!
- Peping, a handkerchief!
- Vic, what's going on?
Tape! Tape!
Where's that fucking tape!
Abyong, the tape! Fuck!
Where's the tape?!
Son of a bitch, where is it?!
Fuck it! Hold her tight!
Fuck it!
Fuck it! Hold her tight!
Fucking bitch!
The tape!
Settle down, bitch!
Hold her!
Don't you have a stronger tape?!
Fuck you! Don't you ever stop?!
I just looked at the time.
that building over there...
that's a newly built call center.
That's where Kiko works.
His starting salary is 25,000.
Ask him if there's an opening.
Louie needs a job.
We're policemen.
Want to go to jail?
Fuck you! Get out of there!
The fucking junkie is asking for a beating.
But from what I've heard, Kap,
you need to have good English skills,
speaking in Tagalog is not allowed there.
For sure, Louie would fail.
He knows nothing but chasing girls.
I saw him on Eastwood
with a new girl.
Like father, like son!
Be mad if he's busy with cocks!
Let's see if he dares!
I'd let him suck a gun.
It's always jammed here in Cubao,
anytime of the day.
We're leaving Manila.
Yes, sir!
Put her on the floor!
Hide her!
Step on her face!
Step on her face!
Sit down! You might get caught!
Ah... okay?
How is she?
Might be dead.
Sir, it seems like someone's tailing us.
Drive faster.
Hey, are you done?
They could have given me the wrong key.
It's closed.
Chico, close the gate!
Bring it down!
Move over!
Bring her through here, Chico
The door's closed there.
We're putting it here?
Just a second, cunt!
Give it to me!
Hold it.
Bring her down.
Her bag.
Fuck you...
You're still alive?
You're not giving up, are you?
What did she do?
She's been warned.
She never payed.
How much does she owe you?
More than 100,000.
What are they going to do to her?
- Abyong.
- Sir?
Buy us some beer.
The general is still in a meeting.
Rommel's going to drive for you.
Hey, Kid!
Come here.
Do you have a lighter?
Here, buy a new one.
Are you nervous?
It's always like that
your first time.
I was also nervous then.
Hey, are you alright?
You look pale.
Kap's gift.
You have another one?
It's for you, idiot.
It really is for you.
That's the cure for nervousness.
It's already licensed.
Remember this...
Kap doesn't want to be reclined.
Keep it.
Do you have beer?
Give me a case.
Abyong, buy some cigarettes and a lighter.
And some cigarettes.
The red ones.
- And a lighter.
- Go buy something for us to eat.
Thank you.
You too.
- Where can we buy some balut here?
- There at the bus station.
Here, buy some balut.
There at the bus station.
Balut, please.
I just took a piss.
Yeah, I'm on my way back.
What took you so long?
I took a piss.
How's your application for NBI?
Still no progress.
They've been asking me
to comeback in a week.
I share names with somebody
with a criminal record.
It's more likely to be you.
- You bought some balut?
- Yes, sir.
It's hard to find
somebody who sell those.
Put them here.
Would you mind calling Sarge?
Pass by the kitchen.
Got salt?
Madonna, give me one good
reason to let you live?
You're a whore, a junkie, and a fraud.
Your tits are sagging.
How many cocks
have already been there?
The only thing that's left
is for flies to fly around your cunt.
Kap's looking for you.
Guard her.
Your child?
No, I separated from her sister.
But I heard you've
two-timed them.
Idiot. I ended up with another a week ago.
Then, her mother caught
us together, she thought...
I'm still with
the elder.
The mother, really?
You should have bought
Sarge some soft drink.
But sir, you only told us
to buy some beer.
Right away.
Come on.
You, stay outside.
Water, please!
Abyong, give her some water.
You went too far.
I warned you.
We're friends, remember?
Gina, business is business.
Please have mercy.
Forgive me, Vic.
You've done it. Sorry.
Vic, I have a child!
Please, have mercy!
Don't leave me here, Vic!
Hold it, Sarge,
I want you to do something.
Leave her.
Her cunt's already wrinkled.
It's a waste of time.
Come on, do whatever you want.
Fuck her.
She's gonna burn in hell anyway.
I have a child.
Please, have mercy!
Hey, Kid, you liked my gift?
Yes, Kap.
You know how to use it?
Yes sir, because...
we do
some shooting at school.
I heard that your father
was also a policeman.
Before, in the province.
Here he's just a bet collector.
Do you really want to be a policeman?
Yes, sir.
You know, when you get in the service...
nothing's going to happen
if you only rely on your salary.
I want to be in traffic.
They say the pay's better.
I heard that... had a child.
Suck it!
Open your mouth!
Come on!
A 7 month old, sir.
My child, Louie,
my eldest, doesn't want to be a policeman.
I mean, Donna, my daughter...
the middle child.
I think, she's of your age.
was beautiful
like an actress.
She's still beautiful, Kap.
Still sexy.
Not anymore.
She's wrinkled.
Have a drink.
Call Sarge.
Kap's requesting for Sarge.
You want to watch live porn?
No, I dont.
Fuck you!
I don't do hags!
What will happen next?
Just watch.
Get me a cleaver. A sharp one.
You, get me some sacks
from the garbage.
Yes, sir.
You've been called by Kap.
Let's find some knife.
What will you do to me?!
Vic, where are you?!
Have mercy on me!
Please, let me live! I have a child!
Do what you want,
but please, let me live!
Do not kill me!
Fuck you!
Son of bitches!
Chico, rip it off.
Where's your friend?
The bags?
Peping, the sacks!
It's not enough. Go get some more!
Fucking knife!
Get me something sharp!
Help me with it!
The sacks?
Kap, a second hand phone would do
as long as it has a camera.
I know some dealers in Greenhills.
How much would it cost?
Here, Kap.
Fuck, I'm hungry.
Here, no problem.
Here, eat this.
Give it to the others.
Kap, you might want
to taste this bitch that I've slaughtered.
We will be in the headlines later.
You two, want a bite?
What do you want?
I'll pay.
We have dried meat and sausages.
What do you want?
Dried meat.
Me too.
- I want soup.
- Alright.
What took you so long,
you're food's getting cold.
I lost my appetite. I vomited.
Iced tea, please.
Abyong, can I go?
Ask Kap.
Chief, I'll be going.
You'll get used to it.
Here, for your child's milk.
What? You have a child?
- Thanks.
- Goodbye, Peping.
put me in the line up on your team!
Are you the one who found the head?
- About what time?
- Around 6 in the morning..
You didn't see the one who threw it?
No, sir.
Haven't you seen
anyone suspicious?
You, ma'am?
I haven't seen any.
When I woke up,
I saw this pile of garbage.
Haven't you seen anything?
No. When he moved the garbage,
the head appeared.
Did you see anything?
For those who just tuned in...
there has been another severed head
found in Quezon City.
A lot of incidences like this
have been happening for some time.
Severed body parts were discovered.
Just recently, a severed arm
was found in Caloocan.
This dreadful syndicate,
who's victims are being chopped to pieces
are once again on the move.
This syndicate is not an easy enemy to
catch, as they never let anyone out alive.
And the problem here is that...
the body parts are scattered
in different locations,
which makes it difficult
for the police to determine
where the crime scene is,
or its perpetrators.
Fuck, the tire blew up!
Sir, come on!
Get in!