Kincsem (2017) Movie Script

August 1849.
The combined armies of Austria
and Russia eventually crushed
Hungary's heroic revolution after
a battle that had lasted 18 months.
And the cruel reprisals soon began.
It's made from special herbs.
I'll tell you about them one day.
- Will you help me?
- Yes!
A horse's muscles are very sensitive.
You need to take care.
That's good, you're doing well.
It won't run again
with an enflamed fetlock.
You'll be training it again in a week.
Your Grace! They're coming!
Don't give them the satisfaction!
Look after it! It'll come in useful.
Would you fetch my pocket watch?
God go with you, son!
Otto !
So they sent you.
Or did you volunteer?
Count Blaskovich, I am arresting you
for high treason and sedition.
The last time you came,
you came as a guest.
Everything's changed since then.
You were the Emperor's confidante,
president of the Hungarian Horse Society,
the born winner.
I've been ordered
to take you for court martial.
So they can hang me
without a decent trial?
Give me your weapon!
If this is what you want,
- come and get it!
- You're doomed to fail, Bertalan!
So you're afraid to face me?!
No! Papa!
Darling Papa!
Filthy murderer!
Bury your father!
What are you staring at?!
His Imperial Highness hereby seizes
the estate of the treasonous Count
Bertalan Blaskovich.
Ownership of the house
and surrounding land
is to be transferred Otto von Oettingen.
It belonged to your mother's father,
and they can't take this place from you.
It's only 5 miles,
but it's like another continent.
Steady! Hey!
Well, it's not exactly a palace.
We'll manage here somehow.
25 YEARS LATER overtook Lucky Boy.
Only Lazy Lad in front of him
and Magus appeared from nowhere
and thundered towards the line...
You're not listening!
- Who?
- Who do you think?
Oh, I am! Carry on!
It doesn't matter.
Catch that horse, hey!
Come and help! Hold it! Hold that horse!
Come and bring a rope!
What's its name?
Go in front, in front!
What do you think?
Too wild.
And its muscles are weak.
- Can you tell from here?
- Open the gate and take it out!
Look at its hock!
And here!
Its fetlock!
Its muscles would never stand
the racetrack.
You believe her?
How could such pretty locks hide
so much knowledge?
- Watch your mouth, Your Grace!
- Why? Will you shoot me, too?
Can't you behave yourself?
What's your secret, Heidi?
You're more thrilling by the day!
- Do you want a scandal?
- No, I want you!
I'll die if you don't love me!
What if he comes back?
The footman delivered my message, and by
the time he gets back from the barracks...
Franzi asked for my hand.
And I said yes.
Lieutenent, I can assure you that my
intentions are purely frivolous.
Franz von Vogel,
...and I'm captain!
My dear... misunderstand.
- Should I not believe my own eyes?
- I wouldn't mind!
Name your second!
You don't know how to fence!
- Well I think I do!
- I'll fight the duel with von Vogel.
So that I might be grateful to you
for the rest of my life?
He'll kill you!
Then I want these girls
to carry my coffin!
Haven't you missed me?
It's been a week since you poked...
Oh, oh!
How exquisite you look this evening!
- Mria!
- You'll be the ruin of me!
All the girls are in love with you.
- But I only burn for you.
- Promises, promises!
When will you ask for my hand?
Some emotions are ruined by marriage!
How do you know? You've never tried!
Give me a little more time!
I've already given you too much.
Your Grace had a party here 3 weeks past.
Let's see!
4 dozen oysters,
- half a crate of French champagne...
- Yes.
- 4 lobsters...
- Enough!
Enough! More than enough!
Not to mention that
I haven't seen a penny of it.
Taller is guaranteed to win
the National Derby tomorrow.
I'll pay all my bills from the winnings.
And if it loses?
Then my pal will pay.
And what if Gerlczy gets bored
of paying on your behalf?
Then I really will
ask for your hand in marriage.
It'll be fine!
Tallr's in good form today.
Miss Klara!
You surely don't want to make a wager?
I dreamt about you last night.
Please spare me the details!
It was a nightmare.
You bet on Tallr and won a load of money.
The time's come for you to wake up.
You'll lose everything you have.
You'll lose the race today,
and your life tomorrow.
Franz von Vogel will make
chopped liver out of you.
What makes you think that?
It's in your eyes.
You're a born loser.
My father's horse
is the favourite today, too.
100 koronas on Hamburg.
50 on Hamburg to win.
What? I have to win
if I'm going to pay your bills.
You go on!
I'll come in a minute.
Have a drink!
Antonius is the only horse
that can ruin Hamburg's chances.
They'll be busy with each other.
Stick to them with Tallr!
That's our only chance.
- The Emperor's here!
- Damn the man!
Keep going!
Don't give in!
Give it all you've got!
Come on! Come on!
That's against the rules!
Did you see that?
What are you doing?
What's he doing?
They'll disqualify them!
Drive him hard!
Come on, Tallr!
Like I said!
They disqualified them.
Come on, Tallr!
Come on! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
We did it!
We won! Understand?
You won!
What? You not pleased?
You bet on von Oettingen's horse?
You bet on that man's horse?
How could you bet that horse?!
You're such a fool, Blaskovich!
If you'd betted Tallr,
you'd have won 30,000.
Give me a week and
I'll pay you what I owe!
I would do but this contract says that
you'll pay your debts
after the National Derby.
And if not, your horse is mine.
- I'll get the money together.
- How?
Everyone knows that Taller was
the only thing you had left.
What are you going to do with a racehorse?
Thankfully I've got a buyer.
You want to sell my horse
to von Oettingen?
At your service, Your Grace!
Lend me 500 koronas!
I'll buy a horse at tomorrow's auction.
Horses are just a game for you.
Lend me 500 koronas!
You don't need a loan, you need a priest.
Von Vogel will disembowel you at dawn.
I've go no one else!
Help me!
You're the only one I can ask.
It's not a horse you need, it's a girl
who really loves you.
Really? And?
- Where would I find one of those?
- Won't you ever grow up?
Princess of my dreams!
Will you give me 500 koronas?
Certain emotions are only ruined by money.
This is all I have left.
Have you thought this through?
Make it 600, because I've cried myself
to sleep because of you.
Do you think is what
a born loser looks like?
Tell me the truth!
If you survive the duel, start a new life!
Now you're going
to get your just desserts!
You'll have to grow up Honey Bunny!
You've still got time to change your mind!
To first blood!
Whatever you say!
How long have you been lovers?!
Err, well...
For 3 weeks, but that's a personal record.
- Are you so in love?
- I proposed to her.
She's my fianc!
The duel is over!
It's over! Over!
Now that really annoyed me.
It's still not over, Lieutenant!
No woman is worth this...
- To the auction!
- There are no more horses!
Be thankful that you survived this!
Wouldn't you prefer to bathe first?
I thought not.
At least take a shave!
- I'm going to buy Kincsem!
- That's enough!
You'll be laughed out of town!
You and me both...
Unlike you, I'm not a madman.
And I'm not doing this because of you.
Because of my father?
I don't need a guardian
or a an old doom-monger.
Haven't you lost enough?
Get away, you old crow!
I'm going to buy that mare!
Take more care!
Let me see if you still have both ears!
Don't tell me Captain von Vogel
didn't finish the job!
I can assure you that
all my extremities are intact.
The local ladies must be very pleased.
Would you give your father a message?
I shall run a new horse
in the Berlin Derby.
Is that so?
And what might its name be?
Tallr no longer grazes in your stables.
I hope the von Oettingen mares
enjoy his services!
Taller is an excellent sire.
I convinced my father
to have him castrated.
You don't mind, do you, Your Grace?
You've broken my heart but
you can mend it with a dance.
Bravo !
400 koronas once! 400 koronas twice!
400 koronas 3 times!
18-month-old mare.
The starting price is 100 koronas.
Who will give me 100 koronas?
Count Blaskovich bids 100,
but who will give 150?
Kincsem, for 150 koronas...
an excellent offer...
Come on ladies and gents!
If no one is willing, then 100 once!
100 koronas twice, 100 koronas...
Miss von Oettingen!
Miss Klara has bid 150 koronas.
Who will bid 200?
Count Blaskovich has bid 200,
but who will pay 250?
250 with the young lady!
Who will give me 300?
Will anyone pay 300 for Kincsem?
- Why are you doing this?
- 250.
I fine horse and an excellent offer.
Will anyone offer more?
500 gold koronas bid for this
exceptional English thoroughbred!
Will anyone pay more?
500 koronas once, 500 koronas...
1,000 gold koronas!
Ladies and gentlemen!
1,000 gold koronas once!
- 1,000 gold koronas twice!
- Don't be a fool!
- You have to pay cash!
- 1,000 gold koronas 3 times! Sold!
Congratulations, Miss von Oettingen!
Too poor to race and too wild to ride!
You made a bad deal.
Hold her tight!
Stop it! Block it's path!
Hold the side!
Stand in front!
- Klara!
- I'm fine.
I said I'm fine!
Fetch the horse back!
Accept the fact that you won! You paid
1,000 for it and it's not worth a penny.
Come on, push it!
Catch it! Catch it!
It's heading for the river.
Now what are you doing?
Let's stop. We'll never catch it.
Now where are you going?
And what will I do now?
Go home!
- Have they brought her back?
- Not yet.
- Are you all right?
- Aha.
- Should I help you?
- I can manage on my own.
I'd like to see you safely settled.
- You're nearly 30...
- Papa!
- In my day...
- Papa!
He's arriving at the weekend.
He will ask for your hand in marriage.
Don't look at me like that!
This time you're going to do what I say.
That's how it should be!
I've made up my mind!
Calm yourself!
It's all going to be fine.
I'm not going to hurt you!
Good girl.
Clever girl.
Clever girl.
Pretty girl.
Clever girl.
They've brought that horse back.
Thank you!
You brought it back?
I'm not accustomed
to taking what isn't mine.
You've done me a great favour.
Take it around the back!
- I've got a suggestion.
- You'd like to see me do it?
That's fine by me.
Hold it tight!
Sell me the horse and I'll buy it.
- This horse nearly killed
my daughter. - Papa! Don't!
- Get out of my way, Your Grace!
- Name your price, I'll pay any sum.
Papa, please! lt's my horse.
I bought it.
I'll give it to you.
What's your price?
Didn't you hear?
lt's yours. Take it!
I can't accept it as a gift.
How much money do you have on you?
I'll have its papers sent to you.
Thanks for leaving me there like that!
You look no worse for it.
No one else can touch her!
And he thinks he's in the right.
Here, eat!
You know!
Stop your barking!
I'll make a racehorse out of her.
That's a bad joke!
Doom and gloom!
I've worked with horses for 40 years...
- I can feel it.
- Oh, that's different.
Get out of here!
Shut up!
Come, come!
She hasn't eaten a thing all day.
Are you all right?
Don't just stroke it!
Break it in properly!
No one's going to whip her!
Hey, baby, hi... hello!
Let's get together like...
For me!
Welcome, son!
You... know each other?
Only glancingly.
Will you introduce me, sir?
Count Gerlczy is a Hungarian nobleman.
He's an MP.
A talented young gentleman.
His Imperial Highness
often mentions his name.
He really is talented,
he even brought flowers.
And so many.
- Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.
- What refined humour!
Did you know the scent of lilies is fatal?
- I'll take the risk.
- You don't know what you're taking on!
Let's drink to that!
We've only got enough oats for 6 days.
You shouldn't smoke that pipe so much!
Eat for me!
Eat it up!
Don't risk it!
Black cat, it's a bad omen!
It's not black.
It's piebald.
I call it Schultz.
What kind of name's that?
Why? ls Hesp better?
There was a war.
The rules are different then.
- I'm not blaming you.
- His father was a high-ranking officer.
- He'd have met his fate either way.
- You were friends.
There's no friendship in war.
I understand.
Of course you don't understand!
What could you understand of such things?!
Is Count Blaskovich at home?
What are you waiting for? Shoot it!
You might be able to save the foal.
Every second counts!
I'll do it.
Go out!
Are you deaf?
- Will he be able to do it?
- He's got no other choice!
Would you say
that cat is black or piebald?
More like black.
I said the same.
How did you do it?
There's a hold that my father taught me.
I've brought Kincsem's papers.
Your Grace!
Are you going to ride,
or shall I take her into the stable?
Give her to me.
- So? Would you like to try?
- You're joking, aren't you?
You can happily sit on her now.
You didn't break her, you tamed her, hey?
Ask him what the cat's called!
It's 4:30 in the morning.
Tell her!
She's an early riser.
1 minute 49 seconds.
She'll get better.
She must be sleeping late.
It's Sunday.
Everything's closed.
I can only tell you what you already know.
Acute arthritis.
Her muscles are permanently inflamed.
If you continue to work her
she'll go lame.
She stood it this long.
I've never seen a horse like it before!
Ern, don't!
You'll ruin that horse!
You won't give up, hey?
I'll make you better!
I'm running Kincsem in the Berlin Derby.
You're a madman.
I've spoken to the vet.
A race to the stone cross?
You're not afraid, are you?
Me? Of you?
If Kincsem wins,
- you'll invite me to the house.
- You want a scandal?
So you are scared.
My father is hosting a ball tomorrow.
If Kincsem wins, you'll be my guest.
It would seem not.
8 o'clock tomorrow evening.
Be punctual, Your Grace!
There are so many pretty girls here,
why waste your time with me?
I have no objections to you.
That's so very romantic.
I have no objections to romance.
That's so very promising.
I was in love before, and it passed.
Marriage is different.
According to you.
You're not only pretty,
you're clever, too.
A dangerous combination.
- I'm still not afraid of you though.
- You'd have good reason.
If you say no to me, your father
will bring another in 6 months.
If you say yes to me,
I won't force you to do anything
and you can maintain your dignity.
All I ask in return that
I should retain mine.
Do you think that's an offer
I should seriously consider?
Perfectly seriously.
Give yourself a little time!
I don't want to see
a single scratch on her!
Will you leave voluntarily
or should I call a footman.
Your own daughter invited me.
She's a striking creature.
At last, I was bored to death.
Something stinks here.
Watch his every step!
My father wants me
to marry Count Gerlczy.
And you?
We all have our own battles to fight.
Watch out! Your father is
skilled in quashing revolutionaries.
It was a war back then.
And now smile at me!
- Sorry?
- What are you waiting for? Smile!
- Hm?
- They're watching us.
Don't ever try acting!
And dance?
You're a wonderful dancer.
I can see.
lt's in your eyes.
I'm not afraid to face the fact
that I will never dance.
People don't dance with their legs.
- Well!
- Ahh!
What a surprise!
What brings you here?
Marriage is a wonderful idea,
a wonderful house, shapely wife...
I'm envious.
How did he get here?
I thought you were friends.
Count Blaskovich!
The Kama Sutra... third row in the middle.
Works by French authors
about pompous men,
whole of the fifth row.
It's funny when a man who thinks
he's intelligent looks so stupid.
If you tell me
what you're looking for, I'll help.
Why does that interest you?
You told my father that you'd
never take something that wasn't yours.
I'm curious to know
why you'd abandon your principles.
I'm looking for something that
never belonged to your father.
So? What would that be?
My father wrote his recipes
in a red, leather book.
The cure for Kincsem is in it.
He keeps it locked in his desk.
And he keeps the key in his pocket.
I'm sorry.
It seems you've been wasting your time.
They're here.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
Where have you two been?
The count and I were
just having a little fun.
- I hope you don't mind.
- Klara!
Don't reprimand your daughter, sir!
She's an excellent host
and dancer!
Thanks for everything!
It's been an unforgettable evening.
Do I have to put up with everything?
I can see what you are doing.
You misjudge him.
As you would say,
he's a talented young man.
Do you think I will change my decision?
You're going marry Gerlczy.
I think I inherited
my stubbornness from you.
A letter from the von Oettingen estate.
Count Ern Blaskovich
I'll see you at the hunting lodge
at 7 o'clock. Klara
Why are you helping me?
I was nine when I fell from a horse.
My ankle smashed to splinters.
I know how it feels
for a small mistake to lead to failure.
Kincsem has the ability to become great.
Find the recipe!
You have an hour.
Leave the book on the table
when you're done!
Let's pray that it works!
My father's recipe.
1 minute 45.
Let's really go home now!
- One more time!
- Ahh!
Count Ern6 Blaskovich
I'll meet you in the hunting lodge
at 7 o'clock.
My intentions are serious with Klara.
And yours?
There is no friendship
in love and business.
Which is this for you?
Do you have the entry fee
for the Berlin Derby yet?
This is the exact amount.
Count it!
Sign this and the money is yours.
In exchange, you agree
to leave her in peace.
How much?
1 minute 37.
-1 min 37.
- Uhum.
He's English. But he speaks
some Hungarian.
He's a real wolf.
- And he's the best?
- So they say.
They also say that he's sensitive.
So don't attack him like you usually do.
M... M... Mr. Mike Madden,
does not wish to see you.
Did you give him my message,
that he can win the Berlin Derby
with this horse?
M... M...
Mr. Mike Madden says that...
he respects m... m... madmen
and that is why
he is careful t... t...
to keep them at a distance.
you are saying that
you have to give me
Count Blaskovich's message
in person?
I don't believe it!
It's impossible!
It defies the laws of nature.
That's impossible.
1 minute 37!
- You measured the distance wrongly.
- 1 minute 37!
- If you're tricking me, I can't be
responsible for my actions. - 1 minute 37!
There'll be no need for that.
I... don't understand.
No one is going to whip this horse.
I don't like that, but...
You're the boss!
Crazy Hungarian!
Attack on the final bend!
From the inside, from the left.
We'll sniff Hamburg's back-bottom.
Then, in the final straight,
we'll show him where the Hun God lives.
Where the God of the Hungarians lives!
Fuck'n language!
- Hello!
- Hello!
- 2,000.
- On Hamburg?
No, on the Hungarian horse, Kincsem.
Good luck!
Another win for Hamburg!
Come on!
Give it your all!
They did it!
They did it!
We did it! You won!
You did it!
The other way! The other way!
My debt.
Now we're quits.
What will you do now, Count Blaskovich?
Prepare for the Hannover Derby.
I heard that you plan
to race your horse there next.
That's a call to battle.
No, it's a war.
I've spoken to His Imperial Highness.
He's offered to be your best man.
- We've already discussed this.
- I agree.
Your wedding will be at the end of summer.
I've made up my mind.
She ran beautifully.
You can tell your friend
that you've had me, too.
What a triumph that would be!
- For the estate...
- Klara!
...for your father.
- Klara!
- What are you afraid of?
Go home and get some sleep!
Kincsem left the others standing!
Count Blaskovich has left the Imperial
and Royal Horse Society!
Count Blaskovich's one-man war!
Kincsem wins another battle in Hamburg!
The wonder horse has won
its owner a fortune.
Count Blaskovich has forced
the Emperor's confidante to his knees.
Kincsem, the Hungarian wonder horse,
wins again in Frankfurt!
Count Blaskovich is invincible!
Gendarmes had to control
the celebrating crowd!
Thank you!
We hereby announce that
we are leaving the Imperial and
Royal Horse Society and forming
the Independent
Hungarian Horse Society.
I would like
to ask you to accept
the post of president!
There is no one more qualified.
I accept.
I'm concerned.
So much bad news.
Just when things were going so well.
We have never been so strong and united.
I have written my resignation.
I respectfully hand back the post
of president of the Imperial
and Royal Horse Society.
Do you mean to make a fool of me?
This is my affair.
It's me he wants.
No, this is the Empire's affair.
The legend says that
Arpd bought Hungary for a horse.
I'm not going to lose it for a horse.
Am I understood?
Have I made myself clear?
If you resign,
the Empire admits defeat.
Hungary is a powder keg and
Kincsem is the spark
that can blow the whole thing apart.
- Understand?
- Highness!
If I could have your permission...
What kind of permission
do you want from me?
Are we to poison Kincsem?
Or slaughter Blaskovich
like we did his father?
What are you thinking?
He's your friend.
What would you do in my place?
It would be a mistake
to make him a martyr.
You're right, my young friend.
Spilling blood in peacetime
is a sign of fear and weakness.
What if you were to give him your
daughter's hand in marriage?
- Highness!
- I know about it.
You have already
promised her to another.
My young friend!
A career in politics
will never cheat on you.
This is my affair.
I can't involve Klara.
Very well.
If you don't want to take the cheap route,
you'll have to take the expensive one!
The whole of Europe in fascinated
by the wonder horse.
The Tsar is coming to Baden-Baden.
And you are going to buy a horse
that will beat Kincsem for me.
In an honest competition.
- You don't have to thank me.
- Leave me be!
- Are you angry with yourself or with me?
- I'm sorry.
I lost my head because of the wine.
That's all I wanted to say and thank you
for coming here. Now you can leave.
Is that why you called me here?
So you know that
I would never do such a thing sober.
Then I'll buy you a drink.
You can skate?
That's not a question.
I'm in total control of the situation.
They say it's just like a dance.
We going to fall over.
Not if we hold each other tightly.
Who was that?
I could eat a horse.
I'll buy you schnitzel.
Prince of York.
She ran in 12 races and won them all...
including the Ascot Gold Cup.
Discuss the details between yourselves.
I've faith in you both.
Mr. Braun is asking
750,000 koronas for the horse.
I never pay so much money
for a racehorse.
This is a little bit too much for him.
Seven hundred fifty. That's it.
It's an excellent horse,
but I don't have that amount of money.
- Excuse me!
- Just one minute.
How much money can you get together?
I can lend you half a million.
If you sign a contract
for 500,000 koronas
for the house and the estate.
If the Prince of York wins,
you'll easily pay me back.
But if you lose, it's all mine.
Do you agree to my terms?
- Deal!
- Great!
He's... Daddy?
At your service, sir.
The house is close to your heart.
How much do you want for it?
Your father's inheritance
and revenge on your enemy.
How much?
Kincsem has earned you 1 million.
That contract only contains 500,000.
But I wager that it's worth
1 million to you.
Just a million.
You should know
that it's uplifting
when a business deal can serve
a noble cause.
If Kincsem wins, the house and
the estate are yours once more.
I honestly hope
that you win the Baden-Baden Derby.
- Blaskovich is a beast.
- Is that the topic again?
He wants to ruin everything
- to have his revenge.
- This isn't my war.
Say yes to Gerlczy!
Gerlczy's a good man.
I'm happy to entrust you to him.
You can go out, Miss Klara,
if you feel unwell.
He'll get better.
What can I do for him?
Your father needs peace and quiet.
Is there something wrong?
You got her from me.
Now I need something from you.
Please don't say no!
Don't race Kincsem
against my father's horse.
Ask for anything else.
I understand.
It's a handsome medal.
If he loses,
we've forced him to his knees,
if he wins,
he has to bow in front of me
so I can present him with the medal.
Wish us all the best!
Klara and I are engaged.
Come on!
Come on!
This time!
We'll catch him this time!
Go, go, go!
The result
is a dead heat.
The Prince of York and Kincsem
crossed the line together.
I want to speak to the horse's owners!
The rules say that in the event of a draw,
the two horses have to run again.
Would you give us a second?
I will withdraw Kincsem from the race
and so the Prince of York
will be the winner.
But on one condition.
I want you to give me
Klara's hand in marriage!
Do you think my daughter is
a bargaining chip? How dare you?!
I bought your letter of debt.
So you can keep the house
and the estate.
- If you withdraw, I'll marry you.
- Klara! I'd never ask this of you.
It's not for you.
No, Your Grace!
You cannot win my daughter so easily.
Let Kincsem run again.
- And make sure it loses!
- Papa!
The jockey will hold the horse back!
Kincsem is to lose for all to see!
Invincible Kincsem.
Very well.
I'm sorry.
Hold her back on the final bend!
What is he saying?
You can't do this.
Kincsem will lose today.
Why? Why?
Are you my friend?
Do this for me!
He was fooling us!
He kept his word!
Kincsem won't let herself be held back.
She wants to win.
That horse is a miracle.
I tried, but... I couldn't.
Why? What did you do?
What did you do?!
He's going to break her in.
What did you do?!
How dare you disobey me?
Forgive me!
Where were you, Ern?
Come, this deserves a drink!
Klara, wait!
We thought you'd run away.
Please accept the winner's medal!
- Thank you, Your Highness!
- Hurrah! Hurrah!
Klara, wait!
Your Grace!
We're so happy that you came back!
With your permission I've already
organised the coat of arms.
Have you tried one?
They're delicious!
Oh, please!
Am I rig ht?
Your father was a good and loyal friend.
Blaskovich caused too many wounds.
He could win that battle,
but he could never win the war.
If you'll forgive me,
I'll rob your fianc for a moment.
- What did the Emperor want?
- I've got to go!
Did he give you an order?
I'm doing it for your father!
- Can they be trusted?
- They're mercenaries.
None of them will be your friend.
Then we can go, Captain?
Come in!
Your Grace!
I messenger brought this.
Count Ern Blaskovich
I'll meet you in the hunting lodge
at 7 o'clock. Klara
- Bring my clothes!
- Right away!
You were never able to work out
the balance of power.
Franz von Vogel would have
killed you if I hadn't intervened.
Oh! What a fool I've been!
What were you expecting? Hey?
That you could have everything?
Money, a woman, fame,
I love the smell of paraffin.
Right! By the way, Klara says
she never wants to see you again.
You're even bad at lying.
You should know.
But what does it matter what you think?
It's over! Understand?
It's all over!
No more money, no Klara,
no Kincsem!
Everything will be gone in minutes.
- Do you love Klara?
- Does that matter?
It's the only thing that matters!
God go with you!
Oh, Christ!
- Is everyone out?
- Everyone. But the house...
Go! Go!
Are you all right?
Go, Kincsem!
Klara! Klara! Kla...!
Can you stand up?
Come here!
It's all right!
I want to stay with you!
Go, Kincsem!
He's still inside!
We need to get him out!
There's nothing we can do!
Oh, God!
What are you doing here?
I thought
you were going to ask me for a dance.
It hurts when I laugh.
Race you to the stone cross?
Very funny.
Kincsem - known around the world
as the "Hungarian Wonder" -
ran in a total of 54 races.
And was never beaten.
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