Kindling (2023) Movie Script

[car engine rumbling]
[Wolfie] Am I seriously the
only one that's bored of this?
What have we done for
the last two weeks, really?
-[Diggs] Wolfie, come on.
-[Wolfie] Sid, everyone's
come back for you,
-so surely we can be doing--
-[Diggs] Now, hold on. Where--
where is all this coming from?
Diggs, you've not let Sid out
the house for last two months,
preparing him
for this big summer!
-Well, I'm taking care of him.
-No, no, mate!
You're just sheltering him
from his own life.
This is the first summer
we've all been back together
since, what, school?
-[Diggs] Yeah.
-[Wolfie] It's probably gonna
be our last summer together.
-Why aren't we doing more?
-Please stop.
-[overlapping arguing]
-Please pull over now. Please.
[Wolfie] Sid, tell me
you don't want more.
[shouting] Dribble,
just stop the car!
[Wolfie] Sid!
-[breathing heavily]
[somber instrumental playing]
[Diggs] Sid!
[music fades]
[Wolfie] Sid, mate, I--
I didn't--
I didn't mean to upset you.
I just-- I just feel like we
could be doing more, you know?
I just don't wanna
waste this time.
-[distant laughter]
I, um...
[Plod laughing]
-What are you doing?
-You missed it!
-Jess came in and Dribs melted!
Have you not even
spoken to her yet?
[Dribble] That was horrible.
Mate, you-- you shouldn't.
Hey, do you have an off switch?
What you should be saying is,
"Sid, it's nice to drink
with you again."
-Eh? Cheers!
-[Sid] Cheers, boys.
-[Diggs] Cheers.
-[Wolfie] Yeah.
Well, I wanted this summer
to be remembered.
Next Friday will be
three years since...
[chuckles softly]
...well, since they told me
that they didn't think
I'd make it more than
three years. So, cheers.
[Plod] Cheers.
Well, that's it, then.
We're celebrating that.
Sid, let me come up
with something for us to do.
Something we'll all remember.
Just say you're up for it.
[phone vibrating]
-[Wolfie] Yeah?
-Yeah, that could be good.
[Wolfie] Yeah, mate. Yeah.
All he needed was a cheeky beer.
See that?
[vibrating continues]
-Are you serious?
-[Wolfie] We're having
a moment here, Plod.
They're calling about tonight!
[Diggs] Sid,
just take it easy, man.
-[loud dance music playing]
-Oh, no, no.
-Sid, mate. What's wrong?
-Get me home. Get me home.
How many drinks did he have?
I don't know.
-I told you, Wolfie.
-Sid-- Okay--
[partygoers chattering]
-[Sid] Get me home, Diggs.
-Yeah, mate, we've got you.
[Wolfie] Sid, wave goodbye.
For one night only,
Sid grew his balls back
to drink like a man!
-[Wolfie growls]
-[Diggs] Wolfie!
[Diggs, whispering]
That's it. Come on.
-Hang on.
-[Wolfie] Shh.
-[door opens]
-[Diggs] Sid, act cool.
Oh, you've gotta be joking.
You're the one who's meant
to be looking after him.
[Sid groans softly]
[birds chirping]
[faint snoring]
[Wolfie snoring]
-Dribs. Dribs. Help. Please.
[Plod] I did bad.
-[Plod whimpers]
-What have you done?
It just got so stiff.
This better not be superglue.
I swear.
Nah. It's just PVA.
I've got to go
to work like this.
Yeah, well,
you cracked my phone screen!
That's material, mate!
This is my essence.
We're not equal.
I mean,
you could just call in sick.
Or quit.
And pay my rent with what?
I mean, the offer's always there
if you wanna stay at mine.
I'm not a charity.
[birds chirping]
[groans softly]
[Sid's mum] Hello, my boy.
As this song
is being released today,
I thought I'd make you
this special little video.
I guess it's for, um,
whenever you're feeling sad.
Every word was written
with you in mind.
[melancholy piano music playing]
It's a strange thing
To have another
Whose eyes look
Just like mine do
In the mirror
From the first time
Those brown eyes saw me
I knew that I'd be
There for you forever
Carry on, my love
Carry on
And I'll always be there
Carry on
Carry on
-[Dribble] Morning, Dad.
[line ringing]
[Evan on voicemail]
Hi there. Evan here.
-Leave me a message.
Hey, Dad. Um, it's me again.
Just give us a call
when you get this, yeah?
You say no,
but then you do this.
Which is, you know,
not what we agreed.
And you. We've entrusted you
to look after our son,
your friend.
No drinking. Home by 10:00.
Can you do that?
[TV narrator]
The atmosphere of our planet
Earth is formed of many...
-[Sid groans]
-[Diggs] Did you know
Wolfie had work this morning?
[sighs] He's a machine,
isn't he?
Mmm. Tell me about it.
By this point,
his blood's made of beer.
[Sid scoffs]
You know he'll try and make
this thing next Friday his.
Do you think
I should talk to him?
If it's important to you.
I feel like it should
be your thing.
I can't believe you found this.
-[laughs] Wow!
-[Diggs] Oh, mate.
Master collection
you've got here.
[giggling] Wolfie--
[laughs] He's, like, 7'5".
He's so big, compared to
everyone at the party's, like,
this big, and Wolfie's huge.
I think this is the one where
Plod got pushed into the pond.
"My Precious,"
that's the one where your mum's
-singing as a tree.
-As a tree. [laughs]
Ah, this one's my favorite.
"Helm's Deep."
I mean, that was the first
one we did, I'm pretty sure.
Yeah. [groans]
[Sid panting, retching]
-Are you sure
you don't need any--
-[Sid] No.
I'll be all right, mate. Please?
[toilet flushing]
[somber music playing]
[music swells, stops]
[distant bell tolling]
It's not here, Judith.
-The black one.
-It's not-- That's not it.
-[Judith] Oh, well,
keep looking.
-[Wolfie groans]
-[Wolfie] Yeah, mate.
-Did it come?
-Yeah. It's under the desk.
I'm guessing Diggs don't know.
-[Judith] To the right?
Has the doctor just
stopped giving it to you?
-Just not enough.
Listen, I wanted to talk to you
about this thing next Friday.
Yeah! I've actually
got a lot of ideas.
There's this new
mountain bike trail opening up--
-No, it's my thing, Wolfie.
-[Sid] Leave it to me.
-What do you mean?
-But I still need help
looking for my book.
-Yeah. Chill!
I need this, man.
-[Wolfie] Yeah?
-I don't want you boys
to have a shit summer.
Just... leave it to me, yeah?
-Thank you for this.
-I mean, the best books
are over there, though--
-Wolfie. My thing.
Your thing. Mad!
What are you doing?
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Right. Oh, yeah,
we'll do it together. Yeah?
[woman] That's gotta be
the biggest book in this place.
Um, I--
I feel like I recognize you
from somewhere.
[Sid] I don't think so.
Okay. Well, I'm gonna join you,
'cause I can't
find anything good.
I'm Lily.
Um... I'm Sid.
[chuckles] Okay, Sid.
Let's see what could be in
this ridiculously heavy book.
The Earth's Atmosphere.
Uh... it's interesting.
I used to think it was
just kind of...
you know, gases and stuff that
just made up the atmosphere.
But it's-- I mean,
it's actually everything.
Our breath. Skin.
Yeah, I mean, pretty much
everything that burns
has to go somewhere, so...
So, like, my grandad
was cremated recently.
Yeah. Exactly. So, he's--
Yeah, essentially still here,
in-- in a way.
So, are you studying this?
Um, I couldn't do the uni thing.
I had to stay around
here instead.
Family stuff.
Yeah, I don't really feel
like I needed uni either.
My family run
the Mill Hill Antiques.
So I, like, work there
sometimes, making jewelry.
-Oh, nice.
-Oh, that's cool.
I didn't really think, you know,
I needed any more than that.
What are the wings for?
Ah! That's for this band
that I've become, like,
obsessed with recently.
I'm going to see them
next month. Uh...
There you go. Here, listen.
[indie music playing
over earbud]
When we were young
We were kings
And we were captains
Air in our lungs
Like a dream
That we were trapped in
There'll never be
Another one
Like you
-[wolf whistles]
-Smiles on our faces
Over battle cries
And war paint
Dive into places
Never knowing
What will await
They try to hold us down
But we run deep as blood
They're playing next month.
What, you wanna do that
instead of next Friday?
-You're already stretching it
with next Friday, mate.
-Who would you
leave your ticket to?
-I was just saying.
-[Sid's dad] Oh,
yours looks nice.
-[Sid's mum] Stop it.
Your mum told us about
your results, Diggs.
You do know that your dad
would be so proud, don't ya?
-Results were today?
-[Sid's dad] Thanks.
I got a first.
-[Sid's dad] So
what's your plans?
-Don't know yet.
Think I'll just use
the next year to figure it out.
I can speed things up my end
if that's helpful.
[dishes clattering]
-[Diggs] Here, let me help.
Was that out of line?
Yeah, it was a little bit.
[TV playing softly]
[Sid's mum] No.
How good is she?
[laughs] How'd you do that?
That's gonna be
you and me soon, mate.
Out late with the rods.
No, it won't.
-We agreed on everything.
-[Sid's dad] Yeah.
-[Sid's mum] What did
we agree on?
-[Sid's dad] Well, everything.
[whispering] Don't worry, mate.
Just leave it till 10:00.
She'll be sound asleep later.
-We'll sneak out.
-You've got to be joking.
Are you joking?
-I am.
-Why do you always do this?
-I am joking. I'm sorry.
-Why do you always make me
feel like the bad one?
-I don't-- I'm sorry!
-He and I agree
on everything until
-he's in the room with you.
-[Sid's dad] No, it's my fault.
-I didn't mean it!
-[sighs] Look, Mum--
-[sighs] Mum!
-[footsteps receding]
[Sid's mum]
Don't understand why you don't
wanna look after yourself.
-[Sid] Come on, please!
-[Sid's mum] You're so ill.
These are such small sacrifices,
and might mean we could
have you around for longer--
Do you know if he's asked
about next Friday yet?
You know she's only
looking out for him, don't ya?
-[footsteps thudding]
-I know. He knows.
[door slams]
[TV playing softly]
You know, I was thinking
about Friday. Maybe...
you know, I could
make myself available.
Do whatever you-- whatever
you might need me to do, eh?
[Diggs] Yeah.
I know. I know, Mum.
Well, this is what...
-[door opens]
-[Sid's mum] Where's Diggs?
-I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry about what I--
-what I said earlier.
-It's-- it's fine.
Um, I think Diggs is outside,
on the phone to his mum.
Do you think she gets lonely
with him being here
all the time?
[Sid] I don't know, Mum.
Uh, he never says.
I think I'd get really lonely.
Mum, um...
I'm just feeling pretty tired.
-You okay?
-Yeah. I'm just tired.
Okay. Love you.
Love you.
[birds chirping]
[Sid] Do you come here a lot?
I have done this summer, yeah.
All of my group has, like,
gone off traveling, so...
I stayed to work.
-Or I had to stay to work.
What about you?
Have you traveled much?
No. Maybe one day.
Where would you go?
I kind of like the idea
of New Zealand.
-Lord of the Rings territory.
-[New Zealand accent] You know,
climb Mount Doom.
[laughs] Good accent as well.
-Thank you.
You know, I think, like,
the good thing about,
you know, everyone going off,
is it's given me time to
think about what I wanna do,
with uni and stuff, you know?
maybe I'll go through clearing.
-I don't know.
-What would you look at doing?
Um, English. Maybe history.
Something like that.
Or maybe you could teach me
about the atmosphere.
-What, like astronomy?
Was that your friend that was
working there the other day?
Is he the reason
you asked to see me?
-No, I'm with someone, actually.
He's one of the ones
that are off traveling.
Oh, well, yeah.
That's my mate Wolfie.
-[chuckles] Wolfie?
It's just childhood nicknames.
Here, look, I'll show you.
-I've got a picture.
-Oh! That's cute.
-Here you go.
What, you just keep that
with you all the time?
For the past few years, yeah.
-Oh, that's Wolfie?
-Yeah, yeah.
-So who's that?
-That's Diggs.
-Yeah, I've known him
since we were, like, little.
His dad was my mum's manager
before he passed away.
And then Plod,
the one on the right there.
Yeah. He had, um,
a pretty bad home life,
so, you know, we were
encouraged by our parents
to hang out with him,
which I'm glad we were.
-Now, Plod always
used to come along with
this really shy younger kid,
which is Dribble.
-Aw, he looks sweet.
-Yeah, he's great.
I mean, they're all great.
A lot's changed since then.
[Sid's mum] Can you give me
a hand with this?
[pensive music playing]
[laughs] Go on then.
-[man 1, laughing] My God!
-[man 2 laughs]
[reads along indistinctly]
[door opens]
Hey, where's Diggs?
I asked him not to stay tonight.
-[Plod] Ah, there it is.
-Shall we leave?
No. Come sit down.
Plod and I got you these today.
We thought it was really cool,
that band you showed us
the other day.
It's in five weeks,
but the tickets were
quite expensive,
so I hope you can make it.
No, thank you. This is really--
this is really cool.
[Dribble] We thought
it'd be a nice way to
round off the summer,
before we go back
to uni or whatever.
Is it still cool
if I stay over tonight?
Mind what you say
in front of Sid.
What'd I do?
"I think you're
gonna make it, man"?
-I was being nice.
He gets that.
-He gets you!
-[car horn honks]
-[Plod] Whoa!
[Plod] Sid's fine, man.
Stop stressing.
[Dribble] Look, he's not fine.
I think you're the only one
who's not realizing
how serious this is.
I'm dealing with it my way.
You deal with it yours.
I've thought of a way
to exist...
-All right.
There are five of us,
and there are five things
that have made my life so good.
Love, home,
friends, family,
and call it location
or-- or place, but here.
take something from there.
And then pass that to Plod.
Right, so I've--
I've got "location."
-[Sid] Perfect.
-[Sid] Drib?
Which leaves me with "love."
Right. Now, the plan is,
each of you has to go out
and find an item that connects
you, me, and the word
on that piece of paper.
Then on Friday,
we'll come back here
and we'll burn the items.
"When something is burnt,
its particles are released
into the atmosphere
to last on forever."
Perfect. Right.
So this week, we're gonna
build the biggest fire
that we possibly can.
On Friday, we'll light it,
and we'll burn the items
that we collect, like Vikings.
And in doing so,
I'll live on.
So what do you say?
It's not enough to finish it,
but it's a start.
[Plod] Good start. Like the...
-What is wrong with you?
This isn't exactly the big idea
we were all waiting for, is it?
that you were waiting for.
-So, like crates, doors...
-They're happy.
-...things like this.
They're idiots, mate.
Don't be involved,
then, dickhead.
[Plod] How are we gonna
carry this all?
[Sid] We're gonna go see
what's down the road.
[Plod, high-pitched]
Gonna see what's down the road.
Oh, fuck's sa--
Fine, yeah, I'm coming!
Gotta get the best thing now,
ain't I?
["Bros" by Wolf Alice playing]
Shake your hair
Have some fun
Forget our mothers
And past lovers
Forget everyone
Oh, I'm so lucky
You are my best friend
Oh, there's no one
There's no one
Who knows me like you do
[overlapping chatter]
-Didn't you, Plod?
-[Plod] No, I didn't!
-So we're chilling
at this party--
-[Plod] Get off.
What? And I'm chilling with
the girl whose party it is.
-Course you were.
-And we find Plod, smashed
out his face, on his own.
He's trying to say
he stole a keg of beer
and necked half of it.
-He then stripped down
to his pants...
-Get off.
...and decreed he was gonna
climb the poor girl's house.
-You told me to!
-So what if I told you to?
You still did it.
-Hey, anyway--
-Did you do it? Did he do it?
[Wolfie] Mate, he scaled
the whole thing to the roof!
I go back inside
to find the keg,
'cause I want what he's having.
I find it...
and it's non-alcoholic.
-No way.
-Not a drop of alcohol.
How have they never heard this?
-[laughs] Leave him alone.
-He placebo-ed himself.
That's the power of the mind.
-[girls laughing]
-I love it when that happens.
-[Diggs] Dribs, Jess is coming.
-[Dribbles chokes]
-[Sid] Oh, oh!
What'd you do that for?
-[Wolfie] Hey!
-Hello, boys.
-[Sid] How's it going?
-[Jess] Good. How's it going?
-[Sid] Good. How's uni?
Drib, you were just
talking about Jess.
-[Mia] Oh, were we?
-[Sid] Well, sort of, yeah.
-[Jess] Oh.
-We was talking about your
beautiful smile, Mia, actually.
Yeah, we wanna give
your mum and dad a medal.
[Mia] Oh, wow! How many times
have you used that one?
[Wolfie] A couple of times.
Normally works.
-Has he said it to you before?
-Once or twice.
-Wow, look at that.
Not very original.
-[Ais] Anyway...
-[Wolfie] Okay. See you.
-See you later.
-[Plod] Don't worry about it.
-[Wolfie] Are you gonna
tell her? [laughs]
-Dribble, what was that, bro?
-I can't talk to her like this.
-I've got beer down me.
-[Plod] And ketchup.
[Wolfie] Look, did you not gain
any confidence in uni at all?
What are you--
Why you gotta be like that?
He needs some inner belief.
Hold this glass up for me, yeah?
-Stare at your reflection.
I want you to say,
"I am the mighty I am."
Um, I am the mighty I am.
"I am strong, I am confident,
-I am divine."
-[Sid] That's a lot to remember.
I am strong,
I am confident, I am divine.
"I am the consuming flame
of my insecurities and fears."
I am-- I am the consuming flame
of my insecurity and fears.
-Very good. Now--
-[Plod] Where do you
get this stuff?
-Online. YouTube.
Um, "I am blessed
with beautiful friends."
I am blessed
with beautiful friends.
"And the most beautiful
is Wolfie, of course."
-[all] No. No. Nah.
-[Diggs] You're such a troll.
[Wolfie] You can all laugh, but
one day he's gonna be the king.
-[Sid] Oh, wow.
-[Plod] Come on, Drib.
-There you go.
-There you go, Drib!
-[all laughing]
-Oh, Jesus!
That is actually--
that's dribble.
-Unreal. Absolute mess.
-There he goes.
Wait, he's not gonna
actually do it, is he?
-[Jess] Oh, hi!
-[Dribble] Hi.
[Sid] Yeah, once I'd kind of
felt it for the first time, I--
I don't know, I got scared.
You know, I'd go back to it
every now and again, but I...
-I just didn't know what to do.
-[Plod] Yikes, man.
And what, they were
just, like, really hard?
[Sid] Yeah, man.
And I did nothing.
That's when it spreads.
I mean, it should never
have been this bad.
My mum was away.
For some reason I-- I felt weird
talking to my dad, or...
any of you, like--
You could've always
spoken to us.
[Sid] Yeah.
Yeah, man, I wish you had.
Well, at least now none of you
can make the same mistake
that I did,
so... there's that.
[phone beeps]
This fire. How big we talking?
That's up to you.
[Wolfie] Okay.
-[whispers] Plod.
-[Dribble] Why are you still up?
[whispers] I'm scared Wolfie's
gonna get me back for the glue.
You wanna chill outside
for a bit?
[lighter clicks]
Kinda felt like old times again.
Like how Sid used to be.
Yeah, I've missed that.
Me too.
Go on!
Do you feel
like you still fit in?
Feels weird being back.
It's hard not to feel
Like a kid.
I think we all feel
inadequate sometimes.
I know the guys in there...
they wish they had
some of your traits.
Probably some of mine, too.
That's just how people are,
isn't it?
[door opens]
[Sid's dad] Boys.
Come on. Let's go inside.
[Diggs] Sorry. I should have
made him sleep inside.
[Sid's dad] Yeah, probably.
You were back by 10:00, though.
Don't any of the other boys
say anything?
Dribble probably would,
but think it would annoy Sid.
Wolfie and Plod just
don't want anything to change.
They've not seen the worst of it
like us, though, have they?
-[phone vibrates]
[line ringing]
Well, Diggs has
kidnapped Sid again.
Dribble, this place is huge!
What-- Mate,
you do realize this is bigger
-than my entire flat?
-[Dribble] Is it?
[Wolfie] Yeah.
It's grotesque wealth, mate.
Bet it's got an echo.
Plod's a twat!
-Plod's a twat!
-[Plod] Ha-ha.
[Wolfie] Ooh! Look at this!
I bet your dad
thinks he's Gimli.
-[Wolfie grunts]
-Be careful with that.
What are you getting, Plod?
-Isn't it obvious?
-[Dribble] Not really, no.
Actually, that's a good point.
What are you boys thinking
item-wise for the fire?
I don't know. I mean, family's
such a hard one, isn't it?
-What am I meant to get him?
-[Wolfie] Don't ask me, mate.
You know,
home's all right, to be honest.
I've got some sick stuff.
[Dribble] You know
you're supposed to get something
from Sid's home, right?
[Wolfie scoffs, chuckles]
[soft music playing on radio]
[Sid's mum humming]
-[Diggs] Do you miss it?
-[Sid's mum] What?
-[Diggs] Playing music?
-[Sid's mum] Mmm.
Sometimes, yeah.
Growing up, we were all so
jealous that you were Sid's mum.
-Watching you on TV,
knowing you'd made us
beans on toast the night before.
Well, none of it would've
happened without your dad.
-He was always happiest on tour.
-That's not true.
When he was with us,
all he talked about was you.
It all seems like a bit
of a waste now, doesn't it?
You know, maybe
I shouldn't say this, but...
your dad's passing
taught me a lot.
I know he wished
more than anything that
he had more time with you.
And it meant that...
when we heard
about Sid's illness,
I didn't question it.
I just dropped everything
to be home with him.
He won't want you
to stop forever.
I'm where
I need to be right now.
Well, the radio needs you.
They do, don't they?
[music gets louder]
[Sid's mum humming]
[door opens]
[Sid's mum] Are you okay?
Have you started playing again?
It's nice.
[emotional music playing]
I ain't done this
for a few years,
but, uh, let's have a go.
-Do it to Diggs.
-[Sid's dad] Watch.
A pack of cards, all shuffled.
I'm nervous now, look.
There you go.
There you are.
Take the top card,
please, my friend.
[Sid] On the top. From the top.
[Sid's dad] Oh, come on, then.
Don't cheat me.
I don't know
about this one, boy.
And the next card
I turn over will be yours.
[all laughing]
-[Sid] I thought
we had you there.
[Diggs] I thought
you had me there as well!
[Diggs] Oi-oi! Where's Sid?
I thought he was with you?
-[Lily laughs] Okay.
-[Lily & Sid] Three, two, one...
[Lily exclaims]
[laughs] You didn't jump!
It doesn't look clean, and
freezing, it looks freezing!
[Lily] Yeah, well, it is!
That is the ultimate betrayal.
Although I didn't think
that you would jump,
seeing as you're
a massive mama's boy.
[Sid] Mama's boy?
Sorry, I-- I shouldn't
have said that.
I don't know.
Who even says "mama's boy"?
-Do you pity me?
I'm sorry, that was stupid.
I just don't really know
what I'm doing here anymore.
Everything seemed
so easy back in school.
And then...
everyone went off to uni
or they finished uni
or they've started working.
And it's like I'm just...
stuck here.
Jumping into lakes
with a boy you've just met.
[Lily scoffs]
I just thought everything
would be way easier by now.
[footsteps receding]
[uplifting music playing]
[laughs] Yay! You did it!
Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Spinning around
like this is fun.
-Watch this, Lily.
[Lily exclaims, laughs]
It's cold!
[indistinct chatter]
[Lily] Imagine that freedom.
Do you wanna
hear something stupid?
Go on.
I genuinely thought, like...
by now, I'd be doing better
than everyone that went away.
Like, traveling the world, or...
-I don't know.
-That's not stupid.
I didn't think
I'd still be here either.
Josh thought
it was pretty stupid.
-Okay, let's make a pact.
-About what?
That us two are gonna
actually do something.
-Like, look at uni courses
or something like that.
-You could do astrology--
And I'll do psychology
or whatever.
Come on.
"Sid and Lily:
The Next Adventure."
Okay. Deal.
Okay. [chuckles]
Now do you wanna hear
something stupid?
Of course.
[Sid] When I was 18...
I wanted to get a tattoo
of an eagle on my leg.
I knew that people thought
that I wouldn't.
And did you?
-Is that a tooth?
-[Sid laughs] Yeah.
Yeah. That's Plod's.
There's actually another one
around here somewhere.
Ah, I see you copied me!
-With the tickets.
-[both chuckle]
[Sid playing piano]
-Wait, is that your mum?
this used to be her studio.
No way! That's so cool.
What was that, like,
massive song that she had?
-[music stops]
Jesus, Sid,
who's getting jacked?
-So is your dad her guitarist?
-Uh, no.
Uh, no.
My dad was, like, a handyman.
Yeah. My mum's the only
real musical one.
You any good?
-On guitar?
Uh, no.
I did learn one of that band's
songs for my granddad's funeral.
[strums guitar]
Holding back tears
As our voices cry
Can't be the last time
That we see your face
[clears throat]
And I hope that
You find comfort
In the end, when you...
-[faint singing continues]
In the end
If only you could see
The love you spring
And though
Your time is through
I know that
You'll be with us
Whenever we need you
Oh, it's sunny in June
Now the sun shines down
For you
Where have you been?
[Sid] I was... [clears throat]
...looking for some wood.
[Diggs] What, like you were
meant to do with us?
Oh, man. I genuinely forgot.
I was here.
I was helping my dad.
Well, you weren't, because
your mum's been calling me.
-[sighs] Diggs, man.
-Who've you been with?
-Who else could
I have been with?
-Are you stupid?
After everything
we talked about, I can't
believe you'd be so reckless.
You can't go through
my stuff, Mum!
The doctors know
exactly what to give you.
You think you know
better than them?
No, do you know what?
I can't do this.
Is that where you were today?
Were you out there getting more?
-[door slams]
-[Diggs] Sorry.
And you just stand there
and say nothing.
For once, can you be the one
to go and talk to him?
-[Sid's dad] Why do I have to?
-[Sid's mum] He never
listens to me.
[Sid's dad] If you just
slowed down with the rules!
[Sid's mum] You're not
even honest with him.
[Diggs] Come on, let's watch TV.
[Sid's dad] I thought
he was with you in the barn!
[Sid's mum] I'm not
doing this again!
Listen, son.
That was a stupid move.
-Don't do it again, okay?
-[Sid] Yeah. Sorry, Dad.
Good. How about
we get the rods together
and get out the house
for a bit, eh?
Uh, um, I can't today, Dad.
What-- what's going on, Sid?
I just want some time
to myself, Diggs.
[phone chimes]
-Who's that?
-I need to go.
Who was here earlier?
[both laugh]
-It looks great.
Yeah? [laughs]
[Lily] What are you thinking?
[Sid] That I'll be up there
one day.
[Lily] Well, that's it,
isn't it? Anything's possible.
Look, if you're gonna do
this uni thing...
you just promise me that
you're not just gonna do
English or history or whatever.
Make sure--
make sure you do
something you love.
Otherwise, what's the point?
[chuckles] Sorry.
It's okay.
We've always just been
with each other,
which is easy at school,
but then he went to uni...
and just stuck it out with me.
He'd call me before
he went on nights out,
and then I'd visit him
on weekends.
but you don't owe him for that.
I do. Or I feel like I do.
He was just-- you know...
I needed him
for when I got lonely here.
Like, he was someone to call.
That's really horrible,
isn't it?
No. I think we're all
just figuring it out.
[Sid's dad]
Do you need a hand, son?
Yeah. Yeah, thanks, Dad.
what time works for you today?
What do you mean?
Well, you said
you was gonna make some time
to spend with the old man today.
Ah, Dad, um, another time.
Today's about the fire.
Maybe I could help--
help you with that then?
I-- I think
it's just gonna be us boys.
All right.
[rock music playing over radio]
Sid. Sid!
-Can we talk?
We're all here, but it's like
you don't have any time for us.
Why are you saying this?
Mate, you don't know
what it's like losing someone.
Stop. Stop, that isn't fair.
Look, I know
what you all want from me.
But, the fire,
this whole ritual...
you'll remember it forever,
And what we're doing now...
what we're doing now means
that I can be there with you.
-Yeah, yeah.
I know, I know.
I know I shouldn't be
finding this harder than you.
-I'm here now.
-[Wolfie roaring]
-The boys are here.
-[Plod howls]
-[Wolfie roaring]
[Sid howls]
[roars] Have at ya!
-[indistinct chatter]
-[Plod] Looking nice!
[Wolfie] They say a man who
plants a tree knowing he won't
benefit from its shade
is a wise man.
For hundreds of years,
that tree has stood there.
Generation after generation
of kids have climbed it.
Well, boys, we are not wise men,
and that tree shall come down!
Arm yourself, and on my--
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
And on my command, charge!
[all roaring]
[whistles] It's actually huge.
-Do a smaller tree? Yeah?
-[Diggs] Probably for the best.
by Bear's Den playing]
Brother, do you believe
In an afterlife
Where our souls
Will both collide
In some great Elysium?
Way up in the sky
Brother, please
Never grow up
Just hold out
Against the night
And guard your hope
With your life
For the darkness
She will come
Oh, and you have
Nowhere left to run
Oh, but your eyes
Are wider than mine
But they'll never see
Just hope that age
Does not erase
All that you've seen
Don't let bitterness
Become you
Your only hopes
Are within you
Just hold out
Against the night
And guard your hope
With your life
Boys, is that the last pallet?
I feel like it could be bigger,
-Yeah, it could
definitely be bigger.
-Don't know.
I feel bad
cutting more trees down.
I know, mate, but--
There's a fallen one
by the cliff.
I saw it the other day.
But we'd be out past 10:00.
-Shall we ask your mum?
Wolfie's right.
The fire needs to be bigger.
-[Diggs] All right, let's do it.
-[Sid] Let's go. Come on.
Here, Diggs.
Don't worry about it.
-[Sid] Three, two, one.
-[all laughing]
[Plod] Slow down.
-[Wolfie] Which way is it?
-[Diggs] I saw it here
[Dribble] Yeah, don't worry.
We'll find it eventually.
[Plod] We could just
go with some branches.
[Wolfie] Branches?
Plod, we'd be better off
using your slug eyebrows
on the fire.
Don't ever mention branches--
Oi, is that the clearing?
-[Diggs] There's the tree!
-Let's throw it off the cliff!
-[Wolfie] Yeah!
-[Dribble] Wait, wait, wait.
We're not just gonna
agree with Plod here.
I mean, it's a 60-foot drop.
-[Diggs] He's got a point.
It could kill someone.
-Aw. I was excited.
So are we dropping the logs?
-[Dribble] No, that's good.
-[Sid] Drib, you got it?
-[Dribble] Yeah.
-[Wolfie] Well... we'll just
have to carry it back. Sid?
No, let's stay here for a bit.
I love this place.
-[Wolfie] So you're actually
meeting up with her?
-[Dribble] Yeah. Next Saturday.
-Yes, Dribble!
-Good for you, man.
-You know it's because of
our pep talk, don't you?
[scoffs] Nah.
It's 'cause of this guy.
Seeing him smile at
everything that was going on,
and I was struggling
just to talk to somebody.
Wait, isn't, uh, Jess's dad
that old history teacher?
[clicks tongue] What's his name?
-Um, Mr. Parker.
-Mr. Parker!
-[Sid] Is that Jess's dad?
-Yeah, man, he hated me.
Do you remember when
his dog chased you down, Plod?
-Yeah, for, like, two miles.
-It wasn't two miles.
It was long enough
to be chased by an animal.
-It was a Corgi.
-[Sid laughs]
A big one. You guys
just left me standing there.
We were playing Knock Door Run,
you numpty.
You know,
I hated all of you that night.
Is it past your bedtime, Plod?
You just always make me
the butt of the joke.
-Isn't that how it works?
That's not how it works.
Not at uni.
No one treats me like that.
I'm not "Plod" to them.
We love you.
Oi, you know that, don't you?
I know.
-Well, we should get going.
You know,
the more I think about it...
the more I realize that...
moments like today,
that's what this was all about.
I don't think this fire
needs to be any bigger.
I think we've done
what we were supposed to do.
are you scared?
I don't think so.
Look, promise me...
that when I'm gone...
you'll all come back here?
You'll all stand together
on this cliff.
And you'll look out
on the place we built the fire.
The place we grew up.
-[Wolfie] Yeah. Of course.
[Sid exhales sharply]
[Sid] It looks good, doesn't it?
Yeah, it looks amazing.
[phone vibrating]
You should
catch up with the others.
[Sid's dad] Boys?
-[Diggs sighs]
-[door opens]
[Sid's dad]
It's 3:00 in the morning.
-I said we needed to be back--
-[Sid's dad] By 10:00.
-You needed to be back by 10:00.
-[Diggs] Yeah, I know.
I-- I don't--
I don't know
what I'm meant to be doing.
None of us do.
are you okay?
No. [sobbing]
I'm not okay. I'm not.
[sobbing] I'm so--
He's my best friend as well,
you know.
[continues sobbing]
I'm sorry, I didn't know
if it was okay to call.
What's happened?
Someone posted
a photo of them together.
-Photos don't always--
-I called him.
He barely even apologized.
I mean, it really is his loss.
I'm not even that sad
about the fact that
he's done that, you know?
It's more like
I'm upset that I've,
yet again, wasted my time
on someone.
-[Diggs] Who's she?
-[Sid] What are you doing here?
-Is this the reason you've
not been hanging around us?
-[Sid] No, no, no.
-[Lily] Sid, what's going on?
-Nothing, Lily.
-What could you possibly gain
out of your time with him?
-What do you mean?
-What could you possibly gain?
No. No, stop.
Can someone explain to me
what's going on?
Lily, please just-- Diggs, I--
Just give me five minutes.
Oh, brilliant.
She doesn't have a clue--
-[Lily] A clue about what?
-Don't say anything.
Don't say anyth--
You literally ain't
got the balls to tell her.
-What'd you say?
-I don't wanna
get in the middle--
You're dying
and you haven't even told her!
-Sid, what's he talking about?
There are six people way more
important to him than you,
and you're taking him
from all of us.
I need to go.
Lily. Lily!
Why would you do that?
-[Diggs grunts]
-Why would you do that?
All I want is someone to treat
me as if I'm a normal person!
That's all I want!
You're always there, Diggs!
[Diggs] I just--
just think about why.
Maybe it's because you messed up
caring for your own dad,
now you're trying to
make up for it with me.
That's not how it works, Diggs.
All I wanted to do
was be around you.
Like you were there for me.
Well, I don't wanna
be around you.
Please, wait! Lily!
Was all that true?
It doesn't change anything.
It changes everything!
I like you.
I really like you.
You don't even know me.
[engine rumbling]
[Sid's dad]
Where is he? Where is he?
You knew he wasn't in bed
the whole time.
-He-- he snuck out.
-You were just with him!
[Sid's mum] Oh, my God,
that's his bike, isn't it?
That's his bike.
-He'll be here somewhere.
-[Sid's mum] Okay.
-Can't be, can't--
-[Sid's dad] I can't think.
Look, relax. It'll be all right.
[distant sirens wailing]
[Sid's mum] Pull over.
Pull over.
[seat belt alarm beeping]
[car door slams]
[car approaching]
Oh, my God! Where have you been?
Are you all right?
-Where were you?
-[Sid] Yeah.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, Mum. I'm fine.
Where have you been? [panting]
What happened?
Why's there blood on you?
Plod's not in a good way, man.
[phone ringing]
-[Wolfie] Sid--
-[Sid] Wolfie, please stop.
-It's tainted now.
-[Wolfie] I spoke to Plod.
-He wants us
to do it without him.
-[Sid] That's fine,
but you'll be doing it
without Diggs, too.
It's all of us or none of us.
Oh, yeah.
-Come on. Sid.
We were thinking tomorrow we
could light the fire ourselves.
-Just us three.
Look at me, son.
There's nothing that you
should have done differently.
But if I had done
what you said--
No. No one blames you.
Not Plod, not us.
-Diggs does.
I know the way I treat
you must be hard.
I wish with everything
that I could protect you
from everything.
Because when I feel you hurting
or I see you struggling...
I'd reach inside myself
to give you what you need
if I could make it stop.
It's love.
It makes us lunatics.
You're his best friend.
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
I'm sorry about the other night.
I'm sorry, too.
I shouldn't have
kept that from you.
I shouldn't have walked away.
I would have wanted
to look after you.
I don't want that from you.
What now?
I think that you need to be with
your friends and your family.
Yeah, I do.
It's not just that, though.
I need to prioritize myself.
And I'm sorry if that sounds,
like, selfish, but--
-No, it isn't.
-I, um...
I've waited so long
for things to happen,
and now I actually have
something I can work towards.
You're doing jewelry. [chuckles]
Lil, this is amazing.
Um, I thought
I owed it to the guy
that can't go up there.
I guess you'll be off soon?
[Lily] Yeah,
but I'll come back, though.
Sid, I'm really sorry.
I just wanted you to know
what you'd done for me.
I don't want to be forgotten.
[Lily] No.
No, you won't be forgotten.
I've really loved
getting to know you.
I've loved
getting to know you, too.
[Sid sobbing]
[door opens]
[Sid's mum]
I know you're not sleeping.
Come on.
I've been thinking,
maybe life is too short.
These are yours.
Where are we going?
Where do you think?
Mum's definitely okay with this?
[Sid's dad] Yeah,
it was your mum's idea.
[glasses clinking]
[crickets chirping]
Have you heard from Diggs?
He called yesterday
to see if you was okay.
You know, I think
it's like Mum says.
Love-- love isn't
so straightforward.
'Cause that boy's been
a good friend to you
like no other.
I mean,
all them boys have, actually.
I just hope that
they don't become strangers.
I feel like
everyone's gonna remember me
for, you know, Plod's accident.
And how it's all been
since then.
You couldn't be more wrong, son.
And you couldn't be more wrong
thinking that they'd only
remember you for the fire.
You know,
when your granddad died,
I tried to think of all of our,
you know, the special memories.
But it turns out the main thing
I remember him for
is being asleep
on the sofa Sunday afternoon.
Me, as a little kid,
just thinking
that he was so special.
Who could have planned that, eh?
[Sid chuckles]
Do you feel that breeze?
Yeah, it's Granddad. [chuckles]
[door opens]
-Is everything okay?
-[Sid] Yeah.
I want you to watch something.
Look at the TV.
Every day I consider myself
lucky to be your son.
Whenever you're feeling sad,
you can always watch
this video and know that
I'll always be around.
It's a strange thing
To have another
Whose eyes look just
Like mine do in the mirror
From the first time...
-[Sid] All right, Mum.
Those brown eyes saw me
I knew that I'd be there
For you forever
I've loved you
From the start
And I will love you
Till the end
Just spread your wings...
-Oh, Jesus.
-[Sid's mum chuckles]
[wind howling]
[clock ticking]
[car approaching]
[Sid's dad] Why don't you two
go 'round the back,
and I'll pull the car round.
I'll be two minutes, boys.
You two go ahead.
[Wolfie grunts]
[Sid's dad] I'll stack them
back up a bit.
This is for you and Plod.
I said we weren't doing it.
Well, it's not up to you
anymore, mate. He's in charge.
[Sid's dad] Grab that, boy.
[Sid's dad] Up, there we go.
[Dribble] Give us a hand.
[Sid's dad]
Put that down there. That's it.
What do you want? This one?
[Sid's dad] All right.
[car whirring]
[Sid] We should never have
stayed out that night.
I mean, they'd both be here if--
I'll never forget
being up there.
None of us will.
-Have you heard from Diggs?
-[Wolfie] No, mate.
I've tried to call him,
but he won't answer.
Hey, this is Plod's.
-Shall we drop it off
to the hospital?
Bet he uses this
to practice spelling his name.
Did you know
he could draw like this?
He was probably worried
what I'd say.
[gentle instrumental playing]
[door opens]
What are you--
what are you looking at?
[laughs] Hello, mate.
-[Diggs] Sid, I--
-No, no.
I love you.
I'm sorry
that I don't say it more.
[fire crackling]
[Dribble] You know,
when I went to see Plod
at the hospital, he said that--
he said that tonight
should be for...
[sighs] ...just breathing easy
and appreciating each other.
And he's right!
I mean,
we are five only children
who became five brothers.
Plod probably never told you,
but, um, he knows
what he's gonna wear
to your funeral already.
I'm gonna wear mustard!
-Sid, your mum's a legend!
She talked the doctor into
letting me out tonight.
-Give us a hand.
-What's this?
Well, it's my offering.
I-- I sort of forgot about it,
and I dislodged this beam
from Sid's barn a minute ago.
It's home, though. Something
that connects us all, right?
-Yeah, but Plod,
we've been collecting wood
all week.
[laughing] God, mate,
I admire you.
Okay, so it begins!
[Sid] It's great to see you.
[Wolfie] Right. Location.
This is a 300-year-old map
of the area from the bookshop.
I told them about this,
and asked if I could take it.
They said no.
So I quit and took it anyway.
-That is a photocopy.
-Oh, shut up.
Yeah, probably gonna
have to take you up
on that housing offer, Dribs.
Look. There's Plod's.
There's Diggs' old place.
Dribble's, mine,
and here,
where we are right now.
I don't know
where you're off next,
but here's a map of home.
Yes, Wolfie.
[sentimental music playing]
[Dribble] Mine was family.
Um, so, I went to
your parents for this one.
They said it was
your granddad's.
Your parents said
they wanted to wait
until you turned 25
before they gave this to you.
I guess-- I guess now's
a better time than ever, right?
I-- I mean, obviously, if you
don't wanna put it on, then--
No, no, it's great.
[Dribble] What did you get, Sid?
For love?
I hope you feel like
I-- I didn't come up short
or anything like that.
I mean, I really did...
you know, think about
what I wanted
to burn on the fire.
In the end,
I decided on something
that I keep with me, always.
I love you all.
The best part of my life
has been getting to know
all four of you.
Do you know what?
Can I get all of you
to sign it before...
-[Sid] Cool.
Thank you, mate.
[Diggs] Dribble's right.
Um, as an only child,
I found four brothers in you.
The time I realized that
was when we were
about nine years old,
and I got this video camera
for Christmas.
We all came to Sid's
and recreated our own version
of Helm's Deep.
Friendship was my word.
And, um, this tape has always
been my keepsake of that.
And now, I don't want
to keep the tape
if I can't keep
everyone that's on it.
I don't wanna say goodbye.
I don't want you to go.
-I don't want you to go.
-[Sid] I'm not going anywhere.
Not if you keep me in here.
[Wolfie] Come here.
[guitar playing]
My body's getting weak
[audience cheering]
This ship
Is taking on water
There's only so much
I can give
An empty page
Without an author
Oh, this vessel's
Gonna sink
As the tide rolls in
So tell me you're with me
I need you to say
That you'll take
The lifeboat and live
Here he is!
-For Sid.
-To the boy.
Oh, don't you let me
Fade out
When I'm gone
Just remember what this is
Don't you let me fade out
Oh, don't you let me
Fade out
When I'm gone
Just remember what this is
Don't you let me fade out
[audience cheering]
Oh, don't you let me
Fade out
When I'm gone
Just remember what this is
Before we all take
To the night
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, don't you let me
Fade out
When I'm gone
Just remember what this is
Before we all take
To the night
[crowd cheering]
by Nick Wilson playing]
The meaning of everything
Like a dream
That we're all living in
It might take
A whole lifetime to find
But I won't sleep
Till I know
So wipe my tears
From your shoulder
I'll be strong
As I get older
Out here in the forest
I scream out
In the darkness
Oh, the trees
Singing back in the night
'Cause I feel it
I just need to take it
Back to the light
So wipe my tears
From your shoulder
I'll be strong
As I get older
I get older
I get older and older
And older and older
I get older
And older
I get older
I get older