King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (2017) Movie Script

In medieval England, the kingdom
of Camelot was under attack.
I, King Arthur, and the remaining
Knights of the round table
were driven deep below Camelot where
the final battle against the evil sorceress,
Morgana, would decide
the future of mankind.
Destroy them!
Stop them!
Merlin, end this!
Down on your knees.
I said, get on your knees!
The Kingdom of Camelot
had all of this
until the bowels of hell
vomited up two beings
who defy law and logic.
Your soulless heart
is nothing more
than a foul regurgitation
of your mother's sick
incestuous obsession of me.
You burned down our monasteries
and convents hoping that
we would worship you
as a god instead.
How mistaken you are.
And Morgana le Fay, whose mad
attempt to make my wife
infertile only resulted in
cursing the entire world.
Because of you, every woman
and animal is now barren.
The Earth itself refused
to grow and feed us.
You want me to reverse
the spell?
Make me Camelot's true monarch.
No more spells!
The only way of expelling your
black magic is by stripping the
world of the source that cursed
it to begin with.
You plan to kill me with
my own sword?
Excalibur is mine.
The Excalibur is a part of me
more than my own blood,
I was cradled in the gold
it's made with.
And I have far more control of
the gemstone than you think.
For I am the real
Lady of the Lake.
What you created shall
destroy you.
Kill me, and I'll come back
as a demon and possess you.
Send me to Hell and I'll
copulate with Satan himself.
I grant you immunity from age
and sickness.
Death is too merciful.
Emit the sword.
What have you done to her?
The same thing
I've done to myself.
Now all the world's magic
is contained in Excalibur.
Arthur, I plead with you,
send them to hell.
And what becomes of the sword?
Magic is like matter.
They are all the same thing.
They come in many forms, but we just have
to keep them away from the human beings.
Get on the throne.
Arthur! Punish me,
but spare our son.
I said get on the throne!
Please. Arthur.
-Get on the throne now!
You want Camelot?
It's yours.
Is this how we're going to
spend immortality?
Hurtling endlessly
into oblivion?
It may take years.
Centuries even.
But I will reclaim the power
that was taken from me.
And boil the veins
of Arthur's bloodline.
I swear it!
Okay, I give up.
You know, if you kill me,
you have to cook dinner for
yourself tonight.
Tomm yam goong?
How about
steak and potatoes?
Okay. I love local food.
Such chivalry.
King Arthur would be proud.
Or is it King Richard?
You've been talking to my
cousin, haven't you?
Are we going to move
into a castle?
Stop teasing me.
Isn't that what tomorrow
is all about?
A chance for the descendants of
the Knights of the Round Table
to meet up and fight?
Look, if Gunner wants to believe
our family used to run around
wearing suits of armor,
slaying dragons, that's fine.
But not me.
Which one are you related to?
Like I follow that
genealogy crap.
Come on. Just tell me.
I don't know. Sir Kay.
Or Sir Galahad.
Or Sir Motorboat.
Your shoulder again?
Always there to remind me
why I didn't make the NFL draft.
Are you going to be okay for the
tournament tomorrow?
Yeah. I'll compete in a
wheelchair if I have to.
I came all the way out here on my leave
specifically for the tournament.
I've got to show the family
I'm still number one.
You know, it's not that serious.
Besides, I don't want you to be
too sore to climb Bell Mountain.
Look, I'll go see Elaine in the
morning. She'll set it right.
Is she really related to Merlin?
I am going to kill Gunner for filling
your head with all these stories.
What? He says it's true. And that Elaine
hides out in Bangkok to stay anonymous.
All I know is she makes more
money massaging millionaires
than I make busting my ass
for the Marines.
You know, I kind of like the idea of
you being a Knight in shining armor.
Although the whole "damsel in
distress" is not my thing.
It's okay.
I got enough distress
for both of us.
The doors are locked.
We're alone.
And, it's kind of
a dojo tradition.
You hate traditions.
Yeah but...
I could
get used to this one.
What the?
Should we make a wish?
I mean, It's probably
just space junk.
-That one right there.
I wish...
I guess that wish
wasn't meant to be.
Well, we'll just have to
make another wish.
I can think of one.
What's that?
It's my wish.
Are you asking me
what I think you're asking me?
Well, unless you say no.
Then I got to think
of another question.
Yes. Yes.
God, Penn.
The scan has
confirmed no one is aware.
The meteor shower cloaked our
descent for the perfect diversion.
Although our landing was
We can't risk being seen
until I have my powers back.
Where are their
It's a wonder that an advanced species
hasn't enslaved this planet yet.
Because the magic is
still here.
Merlin could only hide it,
not destroy it.
The Excalibur
is nearby.
Shielding this pathetic world from
the sorcery that is rightfully mine.
I will get it back...
and make this world pay
for what Arthur did to us.
Perhaps we should
think about our attire.
They will suffice.
Excuse me,
that's a lovely outfit.
A touch of the old.
Let's go.
Maybe I should just get surgery.
Surgery is just a
temporary solution.
What I offer is much
more permanent.
Good. 'Cause I can't fly to Bangkok
every week like your rich clients can.
Don't worry.
I never charge family.
We're second cousins who haven't
seen each other in five years.
I mean, that hardly
counts as family.
Well, I'm an only child,
so I'll take what I can get.
Then you should join us!
It's really just an excuse to reunite
the black sheep of the family and
catch up with some old friends.
I can't.
We're booked solid with a football team,
soccer team... whatever you all call it.
And you're still tense.
What's bothering you?
I was supposed to find out about a
promotion before I came out here.
But so far, nothing.
Looks like I'll always
be a grunt.
Maybe you need a change.
To what?
Sword fighter for hire?
Bro. Really?
What are you doing here?
You missed breakfast. Everybody was there.
I did the scene from Lionheart.
And I'm telling you,
I was pretty spot on.
-How did you find me?
-Jenna told me.
And again, who is this "Sir Motorboat"
you're talking about? Really?
I don't have time for this.
Nice to see you guys.
Catch up tonight?
I got swords!
-I'll try! I'll try.
-I got these swords.
-So I expect for you to be there.
-Look, I'll try.
It's been way too long.
-Well, I'm going to take you up on it.
-All right.
So, I can't even
slide you a tip?
No. Just pay me by making the family
proud and by moving to Bangkok, yeah?
-All right. Deal.
-All right. See you.
We've got a busy day
ahead of us. Don't overdo it.
I'm fine.
-I can call in a replacement.
-I told you I'm fine.
Elaine, the
soccer team is here.
We can rest before
we go inside.
No. The Excalibur
is inside.
Once I have it back,
I'll never know pain again.
Can I help you?
What is it that you help
people with here?
Sports therapy. Massages.
A house of whores.
It's not as bad as I thought.
Why would a sword be in here?
A sword?
Yes. A very large sword.
We have nothing like that here.
Yes, you do.
And how could you be so
sure of that?
Call it a mother's instinct.
Umm. Helen, see to our guests.
I'll be back.
Is this structure
apt for our use?
Minimal exits. Solid build.
Population of 8.
All fit and healthy.
Suitable specimens
for implantation?
I think so.
Especially this one.
Come on, Tasha!
You guys know, there's no
losers in this dojo.
But we have to have a winner.
So she is... Tasha Baron,
of the house Tristan.
Make some noise.
I was undefeated before
our match.
I won't tell if you won't.
And I mean it, don't tell.
If my probation officer finds out I was
handling a weapon, he'll freak out.
It was hard enough to get
permission to leave the country.
Did Elaine teach you
these moves?
-She's weird.
-You think everyone is weird.
You're my kind of weird.
Just ignore him.
-Excuse me for a second.
-What's up, buddy? How are you?
-Nice guest list.
-Yeah, kinda was cordial and invited everybody, man.
-How could you do this to me?
-I didn't think he was actually going to show up.
-I specifically told you...
Hello, Lucas.
Congratulations on your
Yeah. Jenna called me
last night.
I called because I had
50 missed calls
from you since you
landed in Bangkok.
Can you just respect that
I'm with... It's okay.
I understand.
I'm really happy for you.
Especially when I heard about
the bad news.
Bad news?
What? They didn't tell you?
I didn't get promoted
to Captain, did I?
I tried to put in a good
word for you.
So, who do I report to?
You're looking at him.
New orders kick in next week
when we report back to duty.
You got a problem?
Hey! Hey fellas. Guys.
Calm down. If you want to talk
about this outside, you can.
-But remember, you're in the dojo.
-Why should we move?
I'm ready to fight.
Well, at least use the sparring
swords. 'Cause I don't need this
-place to be a blood bath, all right?
-Let's do it.
Let's make some noise guys.
Let's make some noise for them.
Hey. We know there's
no losers in here!
But we need to have a winner.
So with that, your winner,
ladies and gentlemen.
From the House of Lancelot,
Lucas Evergreen.
Good spar.
You're an admirable opponent,
I hope you make her
happy some day.
She was pretty pissed off
when we broke up in college.
Is there like a comic
convention in town?
-Disable communications.
Who are you?
I am Morgana le Fay.
Instigator of the
Green Army.
Ruler of the Fortunate Isle.
I am the Ultimate
Sorceress of Camelot.
And someone here
is in possession
of my private property.
It's here, I know it.
Give me the ball.
You don't have
to kill her.
No. But I want to.
Follow her.
And don't come back without
the Excalibur.
Yes, Mummy.
As you guys all know,
these blades date back to the
original founding fathers
of the Knights
of the Round Table.
After battle,
they would recite the
Oath of Chivalry.
Let's pay respect
to them.
Raise our swords and
do the same.
"I will develop my life
for the greater good."
I will place character above
riches and concern for others
-above personal wealth."
-Yeah, right.
Penn, recite the oath, man.
Come on. Or else.
Or what?
I don't believe in the oath.
There's no chivalry here.
My God.
-What's wrong?
-The back of her head.
-Find my sister. Get an ambulance, guys.
-She's bleeding!
-Find Krista.
Give her the Holy Grail.
Only the cup
can unsheathe the sword.
But where is the sword?
She didn't have it.
But I felt the presence of
the Excalibur here.
Instead she gave them a cup.
The Grail.
I send you to fetch my magic and
you return with such aggravation.
Why would she risk her
life for a mere cup?
Well, she was running
away from you.
She could have sought shelter.
Well, if you were so sure they were
the descendants of the Knights,
then why did you not stay
and kill them yourself?
Were you scared?
You rely far too much
on technology.
Let me show you how to put this
knowledge to real use.
Give me one of those things.
Which one?
One that we don't mind spoiling
if this formula doesn't work.
It was supposed to be a reunion.
Now it's a goddamn funeral.
Hey, brother.
-Are the police gone yet?
I think we should get out
of here too.
I thought they will never
stop asking questions.
I'm pretty sure they're
not done with us yet.
Do they know how she died?
They said it was some
kind of bullet.
They why didn't we
hear a gun shot?
Or see anyone behind her?
The police said... what they
said didn't make any sense.
Come on, Pendragon.
Speak up.
They said something entered her skull from behind
and blew her brain out from the inside out.
Only the cup can
unsheathe the sword.
One edge brings salvation,
and the other
eternal damnation.
-I've heard that poem before.
-That's exactly what Elaine said to me when she came in here.
At least the first
half of it, anyway.
It comes from a poem, actually
a group of short stories.
About how Morgana, she's going to get her
revenge on the Knights of the Round Table.
Some stories say that she
gets it by way of fire.
Others through a duel.
But why would Elaine recite a
poem to us right before she died?
She's delirious.
Gunner, why did she give
me the cup?
Is this more of that Merlin nonsense
she was always bragging about?
Man, I don't know why she gave
you the cup,
but I know there's a lot to
Elaine that she didn't tell us.
Like what?
Like that Merlin stuff
you're talking about.
Come on.
You really expect us to
believe that?
I don't expect for you to believe
it, but I know Elaine believed it.
I mean, if the legends
are true about this,
which, I know they are,
the Holy Grail has healing
powers of, like, the Messiah.
-I mean, feeling it right now...
-What does it feel like?
It tickles.
Here. You guys want to
check it out?
Let me see this.
Or you.
It does have a strange
vibration to it.
They say if you hold on to
that thing long enough
your hands can actually
obtain the powers
to heal the sick.
It's awesome.
Couldn't this grail be just a
conduct of positive thinking?
Who cares? What about
that sister
that Elaine said to give the grail to.
Was it... Krista?
Wait. Elaine told me she
was an only child.
I would need to check my genealogy
books on that one, buddy.
Just check online.
I don't trust the
Internet. If it's not on ink and
hard paper, I don't think it's
historical facts.
I don't know what this thing's made out
of, but for some reason it feels good.
Right? Let me
get it back.
Let me get it back, bro.
I want to take it back
to my place.
Find out what those markings
are all about.
Should we have a professional
look at that?
Man, I have my master's
in Medieval Archeology.
I think I'm more than qualified
to check this thing out.
To be what, the Wizard of Oz?
This thing shouldn't even be in
public, guys.
How did Elaine get that?
I don't know, but whoever
she got it from,
I think they want it back.
Hey! What are you doing?
Shh. Shh.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm just going to
disintegrate your soul.
Turn around.
Let me mark him.
If you must.
Now you know who you belong to.
Now, go get that grail
and find out if she did indeed give
it to a bastard seed of Arthur's.
Don't touch this one.
I like her.
Whether the grail
is magical or not,
someone believes in its powers.
Enough to kill for?
Someone who believes in this fantasy
mumbo-jumbo as much as you?
Penn, this isn't fantasy.
This is real.
Nah, what's real is...
Elaine's dead.
And I blame you.
Hey. Come on. It's not
Gunner's fault, man.
Look. If Gunner hadn't been filling her
head with all this ridiculous Knights
of the Round Table nonsense, maybe Elaine
would have had her head grounded in reality.
Not some dangerous delusion.
-Man, having pride in our past isn't a crime.
-Just drop it, Gunner.
I'm not gonna drop it, man.
Elaine was related to the
wizard Merlin and I have King Arthur's
blood running through my veins.
No, you don't!
You just got the same
blood as me.
A simple grunt who can't
even make Captain.
I went along with this silly charade so
your little feelings wouldn't get hurt.
We knew this made you happy.
-And Elaine paid the price.
-Hey, calm down, man.
Maybe your bad temper
is the reason
-you didn't get promoted to Captain.
-Nah. I'm done.
Forget this.
I'm going back.
I'm getting my bag
and I'm getting on a plane.
It's over.
Come on, Jenna.
Come on, Penn, man. We got to
talk about this some more.
You can't leave Thailand
like this, bro. Come on.
He's tripping out.
He's got some temper issues.
Who the hell are you?
I'm looking for a
particular sword.
Perhaps you can help me.
What the hell are you
doing here?
Don't send me back empty
I want to spare
you from her wrath.
Dude, get the hell off me.
You recently touched the cup.
Who is this
colorful character?
Aren't you clownish.
This is amazing.
Who did she give the cup to?
He must be sweating his balls off
here in Bangkok. Look at you.
This is not how I wanted
to introduce myself.
I didn't come here for a quell.
But even my patience has limits.
Guys, he's doing narcotics.
This guy's a clown.
Look at him. Jesus.
You're not related.
But what's growing
inside of you...
Time for you to leave.
So she gave you the cup.
You have my father's same
impulsive spite.
As do I.
You don't know me.
Just give me the grail
and I'll be gone.
Not gonna happen.
There's no need for
vehement actions.
Especially when...
Forgive me for my arrogance...
I clearly have the
advantage on you.
Did you kill Elaine?
Sorry, Mr. Fancy Pants, you're
going to have to leave my dojo.
-You can either leave the
easy way... Or the hard way?
he brought a friend.
-You look some sort of Russian or something.
It's a wrap guys!
Help me hold him down!
Get that damn glove off!
I must say I'm impressed, but your
melee skills could use some work.
-I would be happy to oblige.
-Jenna, call the cops.
Is everyone okay?
Is that thing even human?
Yes. With enhancements.
The antibodies in the blood are replaced
with the cyber-serum to increase strength.
Efficient, but awfully messy
when it comes out.
Wait. Freak show,
who are you?
I am Mordred.
Son of Morgana.
Morgana. Not another word
until the cops get here.
Gunner, how does it work in
Bangkok? Is it still 9-1-1?
Calling for help is a
waste of time,
which frankly you don't have.
Right now mother sent one slayer. But
what happens when she sends ten,
20, or even a hundred?
Please. This can be avoided.
-Lucas, give me something to gag this guy with.
-Wait. Wait. Wait.
Say that again.
Your mother? Morgana?
-She's here?
-Right now she's weak,
but soon she will be healed and then even
I can't temper her actions towards you.
I came back to this planet for
redemption. But her? Revenge.
Gunner, Jenna asked you a question.
How do we call the cops?
We're not calling
the cops.
Why not? And give me
back my phone.
We're bringing this
guy and the grail to my place
so we can figure out what the
heck is going on here.
Are you crazy?
For it's worth,
that was my mother,
but I don't suppose that makes
much difference now.
-We can't trust him.
-Don't you guys understand?
What he's saying is true.
This guy's mother, Morgana, has come back to
kill the Knights of the Round Table's kin.
-Bro. That's us.
-You call them stories. I call that my life.
-Gunner, you act like you know this guy.
-I do know this guy!
So, who is he?
Give or take a couple centuries?
He's our uncle.
It's okay.
I'm not going to hurt you.
You're so very beautiful.
Beauty can be a distraction.
Or a weapon.
I should know.
I've used my beauty
to use up warriors.
Please, enter.
Ma'am, are you the owner of this
Is there a problem?
We received reports of some disturbances
coming from inside this building.
We'd like to come inside and take a look around,
ask some questions, if that's all right.
Please. Feel free to explore.
What's back there?
I needed some more muscle.
Nice house.
Thanks, freak show.
Have a seat over here.
Guys, this is stupid.
We need to call the cops.
I don't like bullies. I'd rather take my
chances with our friend, the Goblin King.
I can't believe I'm saying
this, but I agree with Lucas.
We are getting in way
too deep here.
I think everything this guy
is saying is the truth.
And I have every reason to believe
that this guy's a lying sack of crap.
Penn, I know you're the guy
that has all the solutions,
but this is a problem that I can
actually help us solve.
If you'll just give me a chance.
Give me a minute.
One hour. That's it.
Then we call the cops.
One hour. Jenna,
let's get on this.
Your arrogance and doubt are no
match for my mother.
Let me help while there's
still time.
Not a chance.
Then you're already dead.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Say another word and I'm going
to break your jaw.
Lucas, watch this guy.
Hey Penn, you're not my boss.
You got a problem?
Christ! I'll watch him.
Come on, man.
Is that supposed to
intimidate me?
I know I have seen the markings
on this grail before.
I don't remember where but I
know that I've seen them.
Jenna, have you found
anything yet?
You know, if you had a computer
this would be a lot easier.
There's only so much I can
do with a phone.
I don't do the Internet.
As you guys know, I live a real-deal
authentic medieval lifestyle.
Nice. So you want me to go take
a dump outside, in a hole?
Yes. Go take a dump
in a hole outside.
Or use the toilet down the hall.
Yeah. Make yourself useful,
go see if it works.
You know what Penn,
maybe I will.
And don't hurry back.
Guys. Guys. Wait. Wait.
I think I found them.
Yep. Okay. Look.
and Faye.
Which is Elaine's middle name.
Elaine Faye Ambrose.
So, Jenna, you found
Elaine's sister?
I'm working on it.
I'm working on it.
My careless son has
been taken hostage.
I need you, my army of the
night, to go and retrieve him.
The harp and this...
That means victory,
and the dragon,
that means dragon.
Go ahead.
Give it a try if you want.
Don't talk.
-You have his eyes, by the way.
-Shut up!
Whose eyes?
Tristan de Lyones,
the Knight you're related to.
What was he like?
He never spoke to me.
The others wouldn't
speak to me.
My mother was a deterrent.
So they didn't like you because
of your mother?
Something like that.
Let's just say
I wasn't best behaved.
How did you know that I'm
related to Sir Tristan?
-The glove told me.
-The glove told you.
Yes. The glove.
It won't hurt you.
It might actually help you.
This glove.
What is it?
It has many uses.
A combination of different
technologies from two other worlds.
Are you an alien?
No. I'm human.
At least I think I am.
It's been so many years, I don't
know what I am anymore.
I know what you are.
You're a foul soul.
And you clearly deserve to die.
That's what your father
said about you.
How do you know that?
The glove.
When I touched you, it fed me
all kinds of information.
I probably know things you
barely remember.
The life I've lived,
and what's going on in my head
is none of your business.
For what is worth,
you're much more interesting
than the others.
They're so easily
satisfied with life,
but you,
you want to explore it.
Will you get out of my head?
I didn't mean to offend you.
So if I put this on
and touch you...
You will find out everything you
want to know about me.
Please. I can't use
it on myself.
Besides, it's only fair. That would
put things right between us.
This will never be right
between us.
You're a criminal
and a murderer.
As are you, my dear.
It was self-defense.
I know. The glove told me.
And it's okay that you're not
sorry about your father's death.
I wouldn't be either.
Why should I trust you?
Because you're not supposed to.
That's right.
What the hell was that?
That was data running right up
to your brain,
letting you learn things
Everything's so clear.
Put it on and touch me.
Are you going to hurt me?
I promise I won't.
I have never been able
to use that glove on myself.
Please. Touch me and tell me
who it tells you I am.
What is it? What did you see?
You've lived a terrible life.
You're so...
You're so very empty.
Did I have a soul?
Do you think I have a soul?
Or even had one to begin with?
I am so scared that when I die,
if ever I get that pleasure,
that there will be nothing of me.
This existence is all there is.
I am so tired of being alone,
and my entire life being
about my mother!
I'm so sorry. I should never
have asked you to do that.
All this technology you've
The knowledge.
Why did you use it to do
such terrible things?
Because I never had
another option.
Until now.
Well, unless it's
some sort of anagram,
that's what it means.
"Beware the false victory, for
it unlocks the dragon within."
What the hell does that mean?
We're going to fight a dragon?
Okay. Grails with special healing powers.
I can kinda buy into.
But flying magical
flame-breathing dragons, dude?
Maybe this girl Krista that we're
looking for can make sense of it.
Guys. Dr. Krista Ambrose,
resident Galactic Astronomer at the National
Astronomical Institute of Thailand.
The observatory tower is located
at the top of Golden Mountain.
Okay. Sweet.
-How far is that?
-Five miles. Who's driving?
I told you my mother
would find us.
I'm in the attic!
-We're here!
Forget the lights.
Let's just go.
All right. Get behind me.
-What's going on?
-We don't know yet.
I do, and you need my help.
-Where are you at?
-Up here!
Guys, we need to
get out of here.
Lucas! Watch out!
I got him!
Don't let them take me!
Let me be on your side!
Let's get out of here.
Let's go!
-Watch out, Penn!
Hang in there!
Who are you?
I've had a hell of a time
finding all of you.
How did you even know we
were here in the first place?
Or who we even are?
Let's figure it out
later. Let's save him first.
-Do you still have the grail?
-Yeah, I got it.
-I need water.
-I'll fetch some.
Hang in there, man.
-Here you go.
-You're going to be fine.
Hang in there, buddy.
You've fought hard. But I need you to fight
just a little bit more for me, okay?
This is going to taste a little odd.
But just swallow. Trust me.
That's it.
Keep drinking.
We got to get him
to a hospital!
So Morgana can attack
you there next?
Next time, I don't think I'll
have enough ammunition.
How did you find us?
I went to the police station
to identify my sister's body.
And they told me her
cousins already had.
I went to Gunner's dojo court
to go find all of you.
And that's when I found one of
these dead guys instead.
You're Elaine's sister?
Faye's parents adopted me
when my father died.
They entrusted us
with the grail.
I wanted to heal the sick with the grail,
and my sister wanted to make money with it.
Why did she never tell
me about you?
We stopped speaking
after she stole the grail.
But I do still respect her.
Here. Drink more.
Why do you respect her?
Well, by accident or on purpose,
my sister did good
by her promise,
that she promised my family she would
keep the sword Excalibur safe.
The sword?
She didn't give me a sword.
Yes. She did.
Then where is it?
You're holding it.
Come on. It's not safe here,
guys. We have to move.
-Where we going?
-My place.
Or as my great grandfather
use to call it, New Camelot.
Easy, buddy.
-How are you feeling?
-I'm feeling better.
It's time for the sorceress
to become the soldier.
Okay, Krista.
Now we're talking.
You got enough here
to start a war.
I just pray it's enough.
We attack Morgana tonight.
If you think my mother is going
to wait for us to come to her,
you are sorely mistaken.
Tasha, load up
on weapons.
You keep an eye on Mordred.
The rest of you come with me.
Let me help.
You can be lookout.
I'm going to trust you.
For now.
Cut him loose.
To keep the magic of Excalibur
hidden from the world,
Merlin melted the sword down into a grail
and passed it down through our family.
This also changed
the magic inside it.
What the sword previously
destroyed, the grail now heals.
"The cup shall
unsheathe the sword."
Tonight we return Excalibur
to its original form.
The grail, please.
My sister died delivering the grail
to the true heir of King Arthur.
So which one of you is it?
Can't there be more than one?
Only one of you has
a stronger link.
Then it's me.
I have the stronger link
to Camelot.
Besides, I've devoted
my whole life to this.
Gunner's right.
He deserves it.
This isn't about a reward.
The elements which
make up Excalibur
will only respond to
the genetics of the true heir.
The power is literally in the
bloodline of King Arthur.
Then it's gotta be Gunner.
Besides, I'm supposed to be from
the House of Kay, not King Arthur.
-Right, Gunner?
Then let us begin.
Reach your hand in. Just as
King Arthur did originally.
That is, if you're
the true heir.
It's not worth it!
You'll burn down to the bone.
I got this. I got it.
-Get it out, quickly! You're
gonna burn your arm off!
-I feel something.
-You'll kill yourself.
Get him to the water!
-You're next.
-This is crazy.
You have to put your hand
into the gold.
Do it!
She's coming.
I don't see her.
-There she is!
-Mother is here.
I got this.
Move it back, woman.
Aren't you the valiant one?
Don't take another step.
The handsome ones are always
the most stupid.
Would you like the pleasure
or should I do it?
Leave her alone!
I will not let you kill her.
Are you picking them over me?
Jenna. Gunner.
Hold her off!
Penn, use the sword.
Only you can stop this.
Do it now!
I need to help them!
Where is my Excalibur?
-Where is it?
-Hold on! I'm coming!
Everyone out!
The prophesy is true.
Beware of the false victory.
For it unlocks the
dragon within.
She's destroying
the city.
Maybe I'm still not sure if I'm a knight.
But I know I'm a Marine.
Is the sword still inside her?
Yeah. I think it is.
The robot is feeding off
the magic of Excalibur.
We got to get that sword
out of her.
This ought to do it.
Everyone down.
Eat this, you big bitch!
It didn't work.
No. She's not done yet.
Calvary's coming.
I got to get that sword
out of her.
How do you
expect to do that?
You've got a better chance of climbing Mt.
Everest than on top of that thing.
I've climbed Mt. Everest.
Stay back!
Hurry up, guys!
Everyone! Help!
Now, Penn!
Go for the sword.
Get it! Get it down!
Are you okay?
You saved her.
Not just her.
Your son and daughter.
You got to get him out of here!
It's too late.
Leave me here.
We can melt Excalibur down.
There's still time.
It's too late for that.
-Well, then we can get him
to a hospital. Today...
I felt like I was fighting
alongside the original Knights.
King Arthur would be proud.
He would be even more
proud of you.
Today you proved you
are his son.
Whether I have the
authority or not,
I, RJ Pendragon,
descendent of King Arthur,
affirm that you are noble.
And have shown feats
of greatness.
I dub thee, by the sword
Excalibur, Sir Mordred.
Once for honor.
Twice for duty.
And thrice for chivalry.
I'm proud to call you my friend.
I have lived long enough.
Stay with us.
Stay with me.
It's so hot.
Can't you feel
the fire?
The flames are
consuming my body.
Mordred, there's
no flames.
I'm going to hell.
There's no place like that.
There can't be.
And if there was,
God won't send you there.
You saved us.
You redeemed yourself tonight.
Perhaps you're right.
But not enough for redemption.
Not enough.
Be comforted.
If I'm going to Hell,
I'm being punished.
And you know what that means?
I do have a soul.
After battle,
it was a tradition of the
original Knights of the
Round Table to recite the
Oath of Chivalry.
Let us do the same.
I will develop my life for
the greater good.
I will be generous to the poor
and those who need help.
I will place character
above riches,
and courtesy above
personal wealth.
I will defend those that cannot
defend themselves.
I will uphold justice by
being fair to all.
I will forgive when asked, that
my own mistakes are forgiven.
I will be faithful in love
and loyal in friendship.
I will live my life
with courtesy and honor
from this day forward.
And any enemy, either of
this world or another,
that threatens the sanctity
of this oath
will suffer our wrath and
infinite justice.
the Knights of New Camelot.