King Arthur: Excalibur Rising (2017) Movie Script

Ah, bugger!
Father please!
I was never good
enough for you.
Look at you, the great Arth-yr.
Nothing but a weak mortal.
Morganna was right, you will
die with your false pride.
You are nothing
but rotting flesh.
I am Arth-yr Ddantgwyn,
damn you, your king!
And you are no son of mine!
It is time.
My lord!
Get me up.
Get me up!
My lord, it's over.
Over? It's not over
until I say it's over.
Saxon Bastards! Get me up!
My lord, we have won.
The day is ours.
Where's Mordred?
He's dead, my lord.
I saw her again.
My lord?
The Lady, I saw her again.
Bedivere, my most
loyal, my friend.
I charge you with
my final command.
Take Excalibur,
back to the lake.
It cannot be a force for evil.
Yes, my lord.
There is another...
My lord?
My lord?
Heavenly father,
take thine sword.
Protect your children
and teach us the virtue
of peace and humility.
My lord, I have seen your
glory and your sacrifice
with my own eyes.
Arth-yr, you were
the chosen one.
My Lady,
protector of the innocent.
May those that posses
Excalibur be as valiant
and righteous as my king.
Allow no evil to gain its power.
KAY: God damn them,
damn them, damn them.
Damn them all to hell.
Sir Kay come on,
come on Sir Kay.
Take this.
Sir Kay?
I haven't heard that in...
19 years.
19 years.
Leave me die, damn you.
Come now, old friend, you
know I couldn't do that.
Why not, look at me, I'm
rotting in my own skin.
This is my penance.
For what?
For all the blood we shed.
Nah-ah, we did all we could
for the people and our king.
Yes, but for what?
I mean, look at us!
We are strangers
in our own country.
Just abandoned to
stew in our own shit.
Yes, I know.
But we kept the Saxons
out of Viroconium
and we've had 19 years of peace.
Yes but how long
will that last then?
They are already
advancing in the east.
Fuck this curse!
Please, allow me to
bring Merlin to help you.
No, you keep that
mad fool away from me.
But he can help.
I would rather die.
Now then go my friend, go,
leave me be.
No, no, no, no!
You save that for your
Christian friends!
Now go. Go!
Let me bloody die in peace!
Goodbye old friend.
Quick go!
If he catches you,
he'll string you up.
Oh yes, my lady.
The guards are coming!
MAN: Where's Harry?
He said to meet
him at the tree.
Well, my lady, the
pleasure has been all mine.
I don't think so, quick, go!
Hey, halt!
Hey, old man, which
way did they go?
Old man?
What's wrong with you?
Can you not hear us?
I saw nothing, boy.
GUARD: Boy? I'll show you.
Well, what have we got here?
You just struck
a lord's guard.
That is a death
sentence in itself.
I'm unarmed!
We're not.
Lucius! No!
Who are you?
We need to take him in.
He's our defence for
not having caught
those bastard thieves.
I'm sure lord Antonius
will find a suitable
punishment for you.
That's if he lasts the night.
If you last the night.
WOMAN: No, please,
no, no, please, no no!
This one.
Please no!
No, please, please no,
please, no no, no please!
No, no, please, no!
In the eyes of the beholder,
let there be everlasting life.
Life that is enriched
by the blood of youth
and the soul of man.
The Grail of Christ.
The power of life.
Lord, in return for your gift,
I present you with
the sacrifice of life.
The blood of Christ.
My son,
drink from the cup of life.
Stand before me, Lord Antonius.
The Saxons are nervous Antonius.
They do not think you are
capable of uniting the armies.
Do you enjoy the status
I provide for you?
Yes, of course, my king.
HOODED MAN: Then why do
you insist on testing me?
My king, I...
HOODED MAN: Have you
located the God Stone?
Not yet, my king, we've been
busy with the gold situation.
gold has no value,
but the order and subordination
it provides is priceless.
Yes, my king.
much have you lost?
My King, I will retrieve
the money, I swear.
We know who is responsible.
asked you how much?
We estimate 350
gold pieces my King.
estimate? I see.
And why is it so that you
can only estimate Antonius?
Do we not have a counting clerk?
Yes my King we do but the
clerk was involved in the theft.
HOODED MAN: You have three
days to recover the clerk
and the gold.
Three days, my
king, but that's...
Yes, my King.
Good, now get out.
Oh and lord Antonius.
Yes, my king.
Don't fail me again.
ANTONIUS: Yes, my King.
Come on you drunken
sod, get up, oi, come on!
I've told you before about
coming home in this state!
I'm always having to
clean up after your mess.
Ah Lilly, stop nagging me!
I loathe the day you
ever bloody met him.
MAN: Ah, leave me alone.
How long have we been out?
I have no idea.
Come on, we'd better
go and hide this.
Well well, look
what we've got here.
Get him!
Owain! What's going on?
Shut your stinking mouth!
Not again, boy, I
lost you last night,
but not again.
You leave my boy alone!
Oh, don't worry,
Mummy will save you.
She's not my mother!
Now get off me!
So, you are the dog who's
caused all this trouble.
Owain hasn't caused any trouble,
it was that bloody Harry.
Ah, Harry, that's
right, the clerk, oh yes.
He is in trouble.
But don't worry, you
aided and abetted.
Can't wait to see what his
lordship has in store for you.
What's he's
supposed to have done?
Shut up wench! Take him out.
WOMAN: No! No!
How much would it cost
to go all the way with me?
It would take all
the gold in the world.
Now piss off! Get out!
Hey, hey, I know you!
Are you okay?
Fuck off!
My king!
My king I...
Hey, let me get that.
Take some of this.
Hey guards, he
needs water in here.
He needs water!
GUARD: Sit down and shut up!
Get the fuck off me!
OWAIN: How did
you do that, old man?
Call me old man again
and I'll show you.
Well what?
OWAIN: How did you do it?
It's a trick I
learned many years ago.
You were a soldier?
Yeah, something like that.
We're a dying breed.
I hope the reason you're in
here is worth all of this.
My friend Harry thought
it would be a good idea
to steal money
from lord Antonius.
Stop them from forging an
alliance with the Saxons.
I thought it wasn't a good idea.
But he didn't listen.
So, it's true.
We are finally letting
this country go!
Damn, I've been fighting
these bastards for years.
So you were a soldier?
Nah, I was a knight.
OWAIN: In Arth-yr's court?
OWAIN: What is your name?
It's Owain.
I know of you.
Well, the knights.
I thought they
were just stories.
Ever since I heard my first one,
I've always wanted
to be a knight.
I want to fight
for what's right.
So, what is right then boy?
I don't know.
Your mother she, she'd
be very very proud of you.
OWAIN: I wouldn't know.
I don't know who my mother is.
Your father?
OWAIN: Same.
How old are you boy?
OWAIN: I'm 19 years old. Why?
Jesus, look at me,
just look, look at me.
Look at me boy!
- What, get off me!
- I said look at me.
Look at me, damn
you, look at me.
There is another...
BEDIVERE: There is another.
I know who you are,
I know who you are.
GUARD: Come on
Boy, come on, get out!
Back there, old man.
Forgive me my king!
Sir Bedivere!
Look for Merlin!
So, you are the dog that
decided to steal from me.
Do you have any idea what
trouble you've caused.
Where is the rest of the money?
There is no more.
This is only half
of what was taken.
Why would you be interested
in an old carcass like that?
I just don't understand.
She is a worthless whore.
OWAIN: Leave her alone!
But y ou have failed dog.
Indeed you have caused
your people more harm.
As a result taxes
will be doubled
and you will be put to death.
You can't do that.
How fucking dare you,
I will do as I please.
Your name will go
down in history as
the dog that failed his people.
Dispose of him.
I swear in the eyes of
God, I'll be back for you.
Get off me!
Looks like you've had
enough, any last words?
Yeah, you're going
to be first on my list.
MARIUS: Looks like
a storm is coming.
Let's go.
LADY: Hello Owain.
You need not be afraid.
OWAIN: Are you God?
Am I dead?
That depends on what you want.
OWAIN: What is that?
This is Excalibur.
She belongs to the
heir of Arth-yr.
The heir of Arth-yr?
Search your past, Owain.
You have been hidden
to allow yourself
to grow outside of the palace
walls, out of arms reach.
Hidden where?
What palace?
You are the son of Arth-yr
Ddantgwyn, King of the Britons.
You must now take
your position as king
and lead your people
to safety and peace.
This is your destiny.
Excalibur was created as
the guardian of peace.
It must not be used for evil.
I am charging you with the
safe keeping of this sword.
Use it to protect your
people and to defeat evil.
Bedivere was...
Wait, how did I do this,
I'm not a fighter, hello?
I'm sorry, I found you
lying there so I thought
there was something wrong.
Something wrong?
Am I in heaven?
Ah, bit of a heavy night
then, what's your name?
Who are you?
Um, I'm Owain.
You want to be careful,
you could have drowned.
Wow, that is some piece of work.
Can I?
It's beautiful!
I must be getting
weak in my old age.
God, what the hell, how
did you manage to get
that stuck like that?
You know, rough
night and all that.
Well, good luck
to you my friend.
It's gonna take an army
to get that out of there.
Will you be okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine, thank you.
I wish I was young again.
My king.
Get up old man, I am no king.
I am your friend.
Who goes there?
Go away before you
meet the same fate.
- I know you.
- What?
It's the dog from yesterday.
What, no, no!
It's a ghost, look at
him, look at his sword.
Shut up, you idiot.
Get him.
LADY: Use it to
protect your people,
and to defeat evil.
Lucius, Lucius, get
back here, you bastard.
Fuck, I thought we
finished you off yesterday.
I told you I'd be
come back for you.
My lord. We found the dog.
We killed him, and
then we found him.
He was unscathed.
He was dead.
And he had this sword,
it was too powerful.
He slaughtered the men...
Quiet! Stop talking.
You are a trained guard.
How many years have you served?
Five, My lord.
Then why lie!
I want that sword Antonius,
that shall be your redemption.
What is your name?
Lucius, my King.
Would you say that
you have failed me?
My King, I...
Yes or no Lucius.
Yes, my King.
I like you Lucius.
Let's go.
Hello dog.
I see you've lost a
friend but gained an ally.
That sword does
not belong to you.
Oh, so it is yours?
No, it is mine.
I am Mordred, son of Arth-yr.
Uh, me too!
Get the sword.
So, you are the
brother I never had.
You are not worthy
of that sword.
Aren't you
supposed to be dead?
Aren't you?
You are no king!
And you are?
OWAIN: Maybe, I know
of your plans to join
forces with the Saxons.
Indeed, you are
the son of Arth-yr.
You have the same
compassion in you.
It will kill you, brother.
Drink, drink, drink, drink.
I have a brother.
I've never seen
you drink before?
Doesn't mean that I don't.
You told me that you didn't
know who my parents were.
Is that true?
I've always done my
best to protect you.
You were left over
there on the step.
All wrapped in linen.
Nearly threw the
slops out over you.
You cried for days.
Real pain in the arse.
You still are.
I never wanted kids myself.
But there was
something about you.
Something special.
And when you opened your
eyes and smiled at me
for the first time, I
couldn't let you go.
You may not be from my own
loins boy but I am your mother.
Do you know who
my parents are?
Yes, I know everything.
OWAIN: Last night, the
guards, they beat and killed me.
Oh my boy!
And then I woke at
the lake, I was dead.
And then, I saw her.
The Lady.
She said that I am king
and that I must
protect the people.
No, but you're
not a fighter Owain.
WOMAN: I just don't
want to lose you.
So, there is another.
A bastard son who shares
the blood of Arth-yr.
Merlin needed Arth-yr to
produce an heir to fulfil
the prophecy, just as I did.
Arth-yr was known to
visit the whore houses.
He must have hidden the child.
When I saw the prophecy
that it was Arth-yr's son
who held Excalibur, I
thought it was you, my son.
Well it wasn't.
Was it?
He cannot be allowed to
realise the power he has.
I knew it.
Did you find the boy?
I did.
We must act quickly.
Get those two.
Take her.
Oh no please no!
Her, on the slab.
No please, no!
If you want to see
your sister alive,
you'll do exactly what I say.
This is Ada.
She's thinking of staying
with us for a few nights.
Could you make the spare
room up for me please?
Where are your belongings?
ADA: I have none.
Oh, do you mind if I join you?
ADA: Be my guest.
So what brings
you to these parts?
I'm just passing
through, I'm on an errand.
OWAIN: Go on.
That's it.
Well it's not safe out there.
You could find yourself
in a lot of trouble.
It won't be long now my dear.
So, where are you from?
ADA: Uhm, quite far away.
I've never heard the name
Ada before, it's pretty.
ADA: Show me to my room.
What the hell's
happened to you?
The girl, Ada, where is she?
WOMAN: I haven't seen her.
Frightened her off did you love?
Oi! She hasn't paid!
I have your sword,
now let her go.
- Yes.
- Let her go.
You have done well.
And for that, you
will be rewarded.
Now give me the sword.
I did what you
asked, let her go!
- No, no, no, no!
- Guards!
ADA: No!
You are free.
Now go, before I change my mind.
Guards, get rid of her.
OWAIN: Where's the sword?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
it's all my fault.
They told me I had
to take the sword
and if I didn't they
would kill my sister.
Who did?
- Morganna.
- And your sister?
Look, we have to find that
sword or we are all in danger.
Do you think you can help me?
I need you to show me the way.
This way.
There's something there.
Ada, move, now.
I've been expecting you.
Thank you Jakkar.
Your highness.
You, you must be Merlin.
You've heard of me.
Yes, Bedivere.
Yes, my old friend Bedivere.
How is he?
Oh, I see.
You poor thing.
Come. Follow me.
We don't have much time.
Come, come, come, come, come.
Ah, come.
My dear, tea?
Now, Mordred, of course you've
already had a run in with.
Cruel creature, power
hungry and evil to boot.
You mean my brother!
Yes, your brother,
half brother.
But he's dead.
Ah, your father
made the same mistake.
As long as they posses the
holy grail, they cannot die.
It can even bring people
back from the dead.
You'll like this.
You see?
It's called the God Stone.
Good isn't it?
And what about the grail?
You said it could
bring back the dead.
Yes, my dear. But
it is not natural.
Nor was her death.
Please, help me!
Your father sat
in the exact spot.
These are your father's notes.
A very sharp student.
My finest. My friend.
For many years.
Oh, I should have
found you earlier.
Taken you to the lake.
But she's too clever,
that Morganna.
She'd have known.
Is it possible?
I've never tried.
It is not the way.
I have to try.
I knew he would break his
word, even if I'd brought him
the sword in time.
Now, now, my dear.
You are not to blame.
When dealing with
pure evil, well,
one has very few options.
What is this grail?
It is the cup of Christ.
It is said that those
who drink from it drink
the blood of Christ.
It gives life and youth.
The grail was first
found by your father,
but Morganna stole it
by mesmerising the king,
she's, she's such a sly witch.
Since then she's hidden herself
away, plotting with her son
to find the three
beacons of light,
The grail, Excalibur and this.
There is nothing she
wouldn't do to get
her rotten hands on it.
So what happens when
you get all three?
Well, it'll be the end
of the world as we know it.
The God Stone allows me to
hide myself using mirages,
illusions and apparitions.
You've already met my friend.
I see what Jakarr sees.
I use the wolf,
she uses the snake.
And what of the sword?
Excalibur is more than
just a sword my lord.
It's a gift of the lake lady,
forged from the blades
of a thousand warriors.
ADA: Lake lady?
Yes. The siren,
the Lady of the Lake.
Morganna told of a vision.
She had foreseen that the
son of Arth-yr would conquer
the world using all
three enchantments.
I realised that she
was up to something.
She wants power.
The only way she could get it
was by manipulating Arth-yr
into giving her a male heir.
Hence the arrival of Mordred.
I hatched my own
plan and there he is.
And what about my mother?
She was chosen because
of her kind heart.
Not long after you were
born she became ill
and couldn't look after you.
She came to me and asked
if I would take you.
It was the last I
saw of her alive.
Have you found them yet?
Not yet my king.
We've searched the local
taverns, villages and caves,
as you asked.
Still no sign.
My King, the army
awaits your command.
Rally the men and then
meet me at the gates.
And, General?
GENERAL: Yes, my King?
I trust you will do a better
job than your predecessor.
Any sign?
(GASPS) No, not yet,
but it won't be long.
They cannot afford to hide.
They have a day until
I set the world on fire.
A little more
patience, my son.
Once I have the God Stone,
you can do whatever you
like to the world.
Shouldn't you go
and talk to him?
Ah, it's fine.
It's a lot to take
in all at once.
You don't seem surprised
by any of this.
ADA: I've heard it all
before from the witch.
I really shouldn't be
telling you this my dear.
The race to save your
sister's soul is against you.
The longer it goes the
less she's likely to find
the light back.
This is dark magic, my dear.
It's unpredictable, but
both your hearts are strong.
I have to go.
Owain, my sister still has a
chance but we have to go now.
Oh, uh, wait.
Here, take this.
I think you have earned
the right to bear
your father's arms.
Come with us.
Oh, I'm afraid I'm just no
match for Morganna any more.
We know each other too well.
She'd work out any plan I
make, counter every move.
That is why I waited
for you, my king.
Here you are my boy.
This was mine on
the battlefield.
No enchantments,
just a strong blade.
I am entrusting you with
the God Stone, my dear.
Understand the
importance of this.
If they take this, well,
all of this is for nothing.
I don't know how to use it.
MERLIN: Yes you do.
The stone will do as you ask.
Breathe, my dear.
Breathe. Control it.
Now, you must go.
I wish you luck.
Remember, it is not the strongest
sword that will triumph,
but the strongest heart.
And what about you Merlin?
My king, ever since I looked
into your eyes as a baby,
I knew there was good in you.
You now have a great
One that no one else can hold.
It is yours and yours alone.
Everything you see
before you is yours.
Rule with a kind heart.
I will.
Goodbye child.
ADA: Owain, come on!
They're here.
They've got the God Stone.
Where is she?
It is too late.
Where is she?
They've taken her
through the hall.
There's still time.
Run, run, run! Go!
Hello again, brother.
MORDRED: Those words
will be your last.
Yield, and I'll be merciful.
Give me the grail and
I'll even bring your
beloved sister back.
I've heard your
promises before witch, no!
Time to die brother!
Burn in hell!
Oh, Grail of Christ,
you have the gift
of everlasting life.
Take her.
By the power invested in
me through the lord our God,
I anoint you, King
Owain Ddantgwyn.
Ruler of these lands,
protector of the people
and keeper of the faith.
Do you swear to uphold
these values until
the day of your death?
I swear.
PRIEST: My king.
GROUP: My king.