King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) Movie Script

Uther, I don't think
we can win this fight.
I know Mordred.
He would accept surrender.
Hold the crown.
And hold it steady.
Drink their blood!
Let us not forget
that before Mordred,
the Mages lived
among us in harmony.
Our relationship with them
was always peaceful.
That was
before they tasted power
and produced
those creatures of war.
But it was
only Mordred, not his people.
So why are we
slaughtering them, Vortigern?
Was not the prince friendly
with the Mages at one time?
Did he not study
with Mordred himself?
What are you implying?
I was sent to study
with him by my father,
as a token of diplomacy.
We would only seek
to remind Your Majesty
that it was a Mage, Merlin,
who gave you the great sword.
Where would we be without Merlin
and the Mages who helped him?
Where are they now?
Why do they not show themselves?
You know where they
are, Lord Mercia.
They are running
for their lives!
There will b no more killings.
There will be no more purges.
Am I clear, brother?
Now leave me.
For a while.
Have we arrived in time
to save you from each other?
The only person I need
saving from is you.
I came for the child, not you.
Then you'll have to
fight me for him.
My brother's not himself today.
Look after him.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Are the men ready?
Yes, they are.
Are you sure
about this, My Lord?
Listen to me, woman.
I need you to do as I tell you.
What's going on?
I need to get you
and the boy away from here.
And I'll join you
as soon as I can.
I'm scared, Uther.
I have the sword.
How do you know
of this place, my love?
You must tell me
where we're going.
Why do you not answer me?
Tell me what
we're doing down here.
My darling, tell me what it is.
Tell me what it is,
and I'll make it stop.
It's okay.
Untie the skiff.
King Vortigern!
Come here!
Come on! Come on!
Run, son!
Step aside for the king.
Get them back to work.
Get them under manners!
Still so handsome, my king.
Why has the water dropped?
Why does the sword
reveal itself now?
I'm not ready,
the tower is not complete.
As your power increases, so, too,
do the forces that will oppose you.
Balance is a law
that cannot be transgressed.
The born king will come.
It is inevitable.
We had a deal.
When the blood of a loved one
is spilt in these waters,
my desire must be met.
There is no ambiguity, My Lord.
We kept our side
of the covenant.
It was you who lost
the boy, and the sword.
Have I not sacrificed enough?
And have you not felt
your power increase?
With every kingdom conquered,
with every level added to your tower.
When it is capped
with the silver from Gaul,
you will have what you wanted.
Find the boy.
Kill him.
And the sword
will answer only to you.
If you desire further help,
you know the price.
Bumped into
the Vikings this morning.
They insisted I give you this
with their deepest apologies.
Get yourself well.
This wasn't
your responsibility, Arthur.
Don't be silly.
You girls have looked
after me for a lot longer than
I've looked after you.
I owe you everything.
What's so funny?
I just wanna know how you
get money out of Vikings.
You ask them for it.
Open the door!
Open in the name of the king!
Open it.
Yes, gentlemen?
A turner come down this way.
We're searching all houses.
Whoa. Slow down, new boy,
before you trip up.
What did you say?
I'm gonna take your
hands for that.
What did I tell you
about this establishment?
He touched me, sir.
Well, you should
count yourself lucky.
Most people have
to pay for that.
Now take your terriers
and get out!
Jack's Eye.
What did he want in here?
Resistance are
on the move again.
Hit a branding barge upriver.
Anyone in the house
you don't know?
Well, I'm not sure, Jack.
People come and go.
But we don't fall that side.
Ah, well, that's as may be.
Well, they fall where they fall.
This "born king" bollocks
isn't good for anyone.
Mind if I take a look?
He's bleeding.
Took an arrow on the way out.
What would happen to a man who
hits the king's barge upriver?
Well, you know
what would happen.
And it doesn't happen quickly.
What would happen to the people
harboring such a man?
Well, they get treated
the same as the man they hide.
Would they, now?
Not sure you're
too welcome here, mate.
You're in safe hands now,
no need to worry.
In the back room, now.
What's this all about, Jack?
What's it got to do with us?
Do you have any idea
who that man is?
For a man who's so popular,
I'm surprised I don't.
Goosefat Bill.
I know who he is.
He got that moniker
'cause he keeps slipping out from the
bars you keep putting him behind.
He was found
in this establishment,
and that doesn't
look good for you.
What's going on?
What's going on where?
You've got some heat on you, Arthur.
Your name keeps coming up.
In what circles?
My mum's sewing circle.
I'm a Blackleg sergeant, stupid.
What circles do you think?
Now, tell me a story
about a girl called Lucy,
a Viking called Greybeard,
and some rebel graffiti
dirtying these walls.
Are you writing a book?
Tell me.
Every detail.
We had a quiet word
with a couple of Vikings.
Get back! Back!
I said from the beginning,
the very beginning.
I woke up.
Well, then I got dressed...
I went downstairs, I saw the girls.
Lucy was missing.
Where's Lucy?
She's a good girl.
A nice girl.
She works here.
Then, me and the lads took
care of a bit of business.
Bit of housekeeping.
Everything as it should be?
That's the spoil from the boats.
Then we heard...
George had
trouble again last night.
All right,
meet me out the front.
Which George? King George?
Angry George?
George of the Dragon?
Be clear, Arthur. Which George?
Our George.
Chinese George,
Kung-Fu George.
We heard he'd had
some trouble with the...
Well, none of them
are house-trained.
I thought you'd warned them.
I did.
They don't speak English good.
They speak it better than you.
Hold up, hold up.
Back up.
Are you sure you didn't see someone
else before you saw George?
Morning, Art.
We saw Mike.
All right, Mike.
Mike the Spike?
Kosher Mike? Which Mike?
You're giving me a headache.
Flat-Nose Mike.
He was trafficking furs through our
vicinity without paying a commission.
That's quite a load,
bit bigger than usual.
Yeah, changed last minute.
Just landed on me.
More is better than less.
More is always better
than less, Mike.
More's definitely better than less,
Mike. You've had a result.
I'm sorry, Art.
It won't happen again. I promise.
You're all right, Mike.
Why have enemies
when you can have friends?
Where'd you put the money?
What money?
What money?
Did you hide it
with the rest of your coffers?
You're all over the place.
You can't keep your questions
in a straight line.
I'm trying to tell a story here,
and you keep interrupting.
I don't have any coffers.
Once you've taken your share
and I've looked after the weak
and needy, I'm left broke.
Mike and the furs.
So we're back to that story,
are we now, Jack?
What are you doing, Mike?
Sharing the wealth.
Don't pass it to me, Mike. It doesn't
work like that. Give it to Wet Stick.
I'm Back Lack. What are
you giving it to me for?
What was I thinking?
Don't upset the boss, Mike.
He doesn't handle the money.
Sorry, it's been a long day.
It's first thing
in the morning, Mike.
Did he pay?
'Course he paid.
He's a good boy, that Mike.
Buy some lessons in street
etiquette with the change.
- Change?
- There's no change, Mike.
See you later, Mike.
Cheers, Mike!
What is this about, Jack?
Rebel graffiti.
A young boy.
Your boy. Blue Boy.
And he's a good boy.
Oi! What are you lot doing?
Don't start getting the wrong
end of the stick, Jack.
He's an upstanding citizen.
I think I found something
that belongs to you, Lack.
What you doing, boy?
He's coming back.
Who's coming back?
The born king.
Yeah, and when he does,
he'll spank your arse.
Now, let's get your hands clean
while you still got some.
He'll cut 'em off
and have you in chains.
If we can catch you,
they can catch you.
If you can catch him, so can we.
Should we go back to George,
and the trouble with the...
So what happened?
Started throwing
their weight about
- and then Lucy got the worst of it.
- Come again, George?
They hurt Lucy.
My Lucy?
That can't happen, Jack.
That can never happen, Jack.
You see, she's a friend of mine.
So you're gonna have
to sort her out.
They'd been warned.
They had to pay.
How'd you get money
from a Viking?
I feel a joke coming on here.
You ask him for it.
You're paying
and then you're leaving.
Nobody's talking
to you, sweetheart.
You sit there and be quiet.
You are better at that...
Or I'll have to put an arrow
through your lard-loving thigh.
You were unarmed. You just
walked in there and asked them for it?
That's right, Jack,
and they gave it to me.
They were trying on furs.
The same furs, as it happens
that Flat-Nose Mike
tried to hide from us.
More is always
better than less, Mike.
Old Greybeard
banged on for a bit.
I got 50 seasoned men of war.
You could shave a pig
on the edge of our blades.
If you were unarmed, where'd you
find the blade to put to his throat?
Well, I borrowed it
from his big, silly mate
after Back Lack put an arrow
through his lard-loving thigh.
Get back!
That's your story, Jack.
I am leaving.
But I'm leaving
with a year's wages.
Old Greybeard
surrendered his dignity.
Lucy got a year's
worth of wages.
And the rebel graffiti
exists no more
because of the law-abiding, proactive
Blue Boy and his fun-loving dad.
And then, they all lived
happily ever after.
No, they didn't, Arthur.
Because for the first time,
there's something you don't know.
Something nobody told you.
And that is?
They're under the
protection of the king.
And once you're under the protection
of the king, I can't help you.
Nobody can.
They're not gonna
bother about me.
Where do we stand, Mercia?
We're down to the last
men of the right age.
And still no one
has pulled the sword.
Now put the bird back
in the aviary, Catia.
There's a general
restlessness among the people.
More incidents.
More graffiti.
I beg your pardon, Your Majesty.
If I'd known...
Come here.
I want your opinion.
Maggie represents the people.
She's from one of the oldest
families in England.
She can tell us.
Do the people love me?
I love Your Majesty
and if I represent the people,
then you have your answer.
Bring us something to eat.
Even I am left to wonder
if we are pushing them too far.
Finish the tower.
Everything else
will be academic.
Thank you, Maggie.
Wake up!
You must control it.
Wake up! Listen!
You need to get
out of here, now!
What are you doing, Lack?
Jack's Eye
was telling the truth.
Those red beards are connected.
So, what? So are we.
No, you don't understand.
The Blacklegs are coming.
And when they get here, they're
gonna make an example out of you.
You gotta go now.
And you can't use the front
door. Get out the window.
They're here, move!
Open the door!
Oi, you two, in the back!
Kick the door down!
Are you ready?
Yeah, of course.
Here we go.
All right, fellas?
Hello, boy. What are you
doing out at this time?
I work on the boats, sir.
Out on the first tide.
The boats, eh?
What's in the bag?
And you're about the right age.
Show us your brand.
Have you not been tested?
I'm always at sea, sir.
Haven't had the chance.
Well, that's about
to change now.
You're going on a boat, all right.
Just not the one you think.
Come on, get off!
Single file!
Come on, get 'em off.
Get your brand, get your drink,
then back on the barge!
Move it!
Come on! Move!
Keep coming!
Move it!
What's all that about?
Guess that's what you get
when you don't pay up.
Taking the kids now.
What's he got them all
penned up out here for?
Well, when you see the king,
why don't you ask him?
Hurry up!
Move along!
What was that?
God save the king.
Excuse me, mate.
Leave it.
Excuse me.
Behind you, pal.
Here, mind your back.
Oi, pal, there's a line here.
All right, pal.
As you were, mate.
All right, where do you want me?
I think we got one here.
Bouncing on my knee.
Where do you think I want you?
Hands on the hilt, stupid.
Oi, both hands.
I said, both hands.
Right, ten digits
round the blunt bit.
Give it a tug.
Left foot, right foot.
Collect your brand.
Back on the barge.
That's everything
you know about him?
His people
were quick to disappear.
We got what
information we could.
Got a lot of fingers
in a lot of pies.
Blacklegs in his pockets, too.
I'll deal with this.
My king.
So you're Uther's son.
Not only did you
survive in the gutter,
you blossomed out of manure.
You've got the wrong man, sire.
I was born in a brothel,
on a bridge in Londinium.
The sword can only be drawn
by Uther Pendragon
or his direct heir.
You felt it, didn't you?
The power.
That's what put you out.
You just don't know
how to control it.
I'm nothing but the bastard son
of a prostitute.
You and I have a lot more
in common than you think.
It's not just the same
blood we share,
but also the same interests.
We both developed
a palate for power.
I've never had any power.
Or any desire to achieve it.
I could simply drift away,
never to be seen again.
As much
as I'd like to believe you,
your character
makes that unlikely.
While you were asleep,
we've been busy.
I know what kind
of a man you are.
I know your story.
And, I've seen your coffers.
Your achievements.
Now stand,
as your prosecution.
What kind of a man
would you have become
had you inherited
your father's kingdom
and all its advantages,
instead of being raised
in a brothel?
What gave you such drive?
So, what happens now?
You know what happens now.
You're quickly
becoming a legend.
Someone here to see you.
I think you need to see her.
Do you know who I am?
I know who you are, Mage.
I've seen you in my dreams.
You've been sent by Merlin.
Then you know why I am here.
So, you will be his guide.
And you will help me.
Bring him here.
There's a crowd
of thousands out there.
They've come to see you
more than they've come to see me.
I will show them power.
I will show them strength,
and dignity.
You will show them
lies, weakness,
and shame.
Hail, King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
They may have come for you...
but they will leave,
and will leave with
a lasting impression of me.
They may even hate me.
I'll let them hate,
just so long as they fear.
When people fear you...
I mean, really fear you...
It is the most
intoxicating sensation
a man can possess.
A force of something
almost indescribable
moves through your blood
and takes you over completely.
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern! King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
I understand that your actions
were very noble,
of defending this whore's honor.
How unfortunate
it was at the expense
of my Viking guests.
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
King Vortigern!
Behold, your born king.
Behold the man
who pulled sword from stone.
You wanted a prophecy.
This is your prophecy.
Now tell us, king,
what do you have to say?
When your head rolls to me,
the legend you've fast become
will just as quickly...
Here are your people.
Add to the reverence of my name.
And for this,
I salute you.
If you're the king...
Declare yourself.
The rest of them will follow,
unless you do
what needs to be done.
Do we understand each other?
If you are lost for words,
then let the sword
speak for you.
Take it!
And show the people
the power of Excalibur.
I said, take it, king.
Raise that sword!
I thought not.
This man,
cannot be allowed
to bring discord
to our flourishing nation.
You're not the king!
Off with his head!
You're no king!
Protect the king!
Protect the king!
Come on!
Move! Move!
Get the sword!
Get after him!
The sword!
Come on. Move!
Come on!
Someone gonna tell me
where we're going?
So what is it
you're looking at, then?
Are you falling for me
like I'm falling for you?
We wanna be careful.
That's a neat trick.
You'll have to teach
me how to do that.
Put him back on his horse.
Oh, hello.
It's quite dangerous being
one of you lot, isn't it?
You're good with
animals, aren't you?
They have a word
for that, don't they?
I thought your team
was outlawed.
Never met one of you
in the flesh.
I thought you'd be taller.
And have a beard.
You do know
I can see through this?
Trees everywhere.
Hang that up.
Don't want it getting creased.
So, you're the chap
that turned in Goosefat Bill.
Unlike you, he chose
the wrong place to hide.
You know he was the third most
wanted man on the Blackleg's list?
They've been trying
to catch him for some time.
Like I said, your man chose
the wrong place to hide.
So it seems.
I was wondering
what happened to you.
I told you,
you were in safe hands.
You've made quite a celebrity of
yourself among the Blackleg ranks.
You've done very nicely on the
back of your cozy relationship
with your kingsmen.
You know, I'm a little old for
finger-wagging and speeches.
So, unless you're my dad,
which, I believe, is unlikely,
can you just get around to telling me
exactly what it is you want?
What is it that you want?
I want to get my arse
out of here
and see what's left of my life
and the people in it.
But you're not gonna
let me do that, are you?
And why aren't we?
You just lost two men.
But you were prepared to lose five
to save this pretty neck.
Do I know you?
You will in a minute.
Put your hands out.
I don't think so, mate.
So I'm not going anywhere, am I?
Where exactly
were you thinking of going?
You have no more home.
It was razed days ago.
You've no more life
to go back to.
Like it or not,
this is your lot.
And even we don't like you.
Do we, Goosefat?
But what we are interested in,
is what you can do
with this sword.
Why don't you leave him with me
for a minute or two, boss?
Put your ring
back on, honey tits.
You haven't had enough porridge
this morning to talk like that.
And if you like that sword
so much, your lordship,
you can keep it,
to peel your grapes.
Now that would've
hurt a lot more
if I left the ring on.
I see what you're doing.
You're trying to get me
to do something
razzle-dazzle with that sword.
I'm gonna tell you right now,
I'm not gettin'
drawn into this mess.
And there's an army of you,
there's only one of me.
I haven't had a fight for years.
And I'll talk.
I'm happy to talk.
But there is no way
that I am fighting.
Is that it?
Run, son!
Wait here, son.
Run, son!
You are resisting the sword.
The sword isn't resisting you.
It should be clear by now,
that whatever it is that you and
your friends think you want from me,
I am not it.
Not yet.
Not ever!
What do you see
when you hold the sword?
It is something
you've seen before, isn't it?
Long before
you ever touched the sword.
You don't sleep well, do you?
What if you could
make the dreams go away?
You know what we have to do.
In order for him
to control Excalibur,
he needs to go to the Darklands.
That's not happening.
Welcome to the Darklands.
That's the Darklands?
That's the entrance.
He needs to take
the sword to the tower.
You must touch the sword
to the altar stone.
Gonna miss me.
Give me another way.
There's no other way.
And he has to go alone.
He can't survive
the Darklands alone.
Are you scared?
I think I can manage.
You should be scared.
That's what all
the fuss is about?
Don't worry, you'll soon understand
what all the fuss is about.
You don't want all of him
to survive. That's the point.
You have to break his old self
completely. Wear him down.
You want him to think big?
Give him something big
to think about.
You're playing with fire, Mage.
And I'm not killing the king
before he's even become one.
Wait here, son.
Run, son!
Did you see
everything you needed to see?
I saw enough.
The Mage Tower.
It's the same as
the one at Camelot.
The higher Vortigern builds it,
the more powerful he becomes.
And when it is finished, he will have
the same power of Mordred.
That is why the sword
has revealed itself now.
Where there's poison,
there's a remedy.
What happened to your people?
They were murdered
by your uncle.
It was Vortigern
who started the wars.
He was jealous
of your father's throne.
So he made a deal
with Mordred...
That they would share power
once he defeated your father.
Mordred murdered the Mage King
and took his staff
to their sacred tower,
where he unlocked
the dark forces of their union.
But what they didn't
account for was the sword.
Merlin stole his staff.
He then forged
the great sword, Excalibur
and destroyed the ancient tower.
The sword was then passed
to the Lady of the Lake
who bound it
to the Pendragon bloodline.
the sword is yours.
It seems his people have been
found by the Resistance.
You have 10,000 men
under your command
for the purpose of
maintaining public order.
Informants have
been incentivized.
Our garrisons are patrolling the
roads and searching every town.
It's only a matter
of time, Your Majesty.
The Resistance have never
posed any real threat.
Just do your fucking job.
Find him.
Smaller than I thought it'd be.
It's all yours, son.
I warn you,
it's got quite a bite.
What they done back home?
You really wanna know?
Go on.
It's all gone.
They torched the lot.
I said, go on.
You should be flattered, mate.
Even Mercia left the castle
to look for you and that sword.
Jack's Eye turned.
Gave 'em a list of
everything you valued.
They slaughtered
half the neighborhood.
Mischief John got busy.
Personally burned
down the bridge.
It was quite a party.
Shall I continue?
What about the rest of the team?
Most of the girls are with us...
But the rest of the crew pretty much
got gist of your popularity
and made themselves scarce.
Blue, go get us
something to drink.
Come on, boss.
I'm one of the crew.
I'm all right!
I'm gonna kill him.
This lot have been
trying to do it for years.
They'd love
to hear you say that.
They've waited a long time
to see a man pull this sword.
I'm not doing this for them.
Wet Stick,
meet Percival.
Rubio, meet Back Lack.
Sir Bedivere,
who runs this aristocratic
family of cave dwellers,
meet Blue, son of Back Lack.
The infamous Goosefat Bill
needs no introduction.
You think you can
take down Vortigern?
There are 12 barons.
These represent
the old families of England.
Between them, they can
rustle up 12,000 warriors.
In order to stand a chance,
we are going to need
at least some of their support.
We can arrange a meeting
with six of those families...
Let me stop you there.
If I may...
Allow me to run you through the
proceedings as I think
they will unfold.
They'll start by telling us...
If you're intending to galvanize
the people of this country
against the current king,
there has to be
a realistic strategy.
Strategy requires leadership.
Then they'll bang on for a while
about how clever
and educated they are.
In the art of war,
diplomacy, and chivalry.
And how underqualified I am.
Is it not true that this man
was raised in a brothel
and has no formal
education of any kind?
Then they'll start
takin' the piss.
And what are we
to be called, Bedivere?
"Knights of the Bordello"?
Or "The Ladies of the Knight".
Have you finished?
I'm gonna have
to pull 'em on it.
I'm glad you've got
a sense of humor.
'Cause you're gonna need it.
I'm gonna be forced
to tell them...
There's not a bollock
between you.
At which point, Bedivere,
you're gonna get very
angry, and tell me off.
You'll say something
along the lines of...
"What were you gonna do
"if they wanted to fight?"
And I'm gonna say,
"I was never gonna fight".
And you're gonna say,
"Well, what was gonna happen?"
And I was gonna say, "That's
why you're here, Bedivere,
"you big, silly, posh bastard".
You want Vortigern
to stick his neck out,
and get him to Londinium?
You need to tease it out.
You don't need
12,000 fighting men for that.
What you need
is this little rabble.
Okay, so how's that gonna work?
If I'm moving
too fast for you, Bedivere,
you can let yourself
out the side door.
You seem to have
found your way very quickly.
Now, come on, kid.
You're cooking dinner.
What is it that Vortigern cares about
most in the world?
Killing you.
Apart from that.
Getting the sword.
Could someone
help me out here, please?
Finishing his tower.
So what do we do about it?
Sink his barges carrying
his supply of stone.
Block up the river.
Chaps, wouldn't it be easier
just to go through the side?
See? That's the problem
with an education.
It gets in the way.
These boats
are made out of seasoned oak.
They're uncrackable.
So you need to go through
the deck to get to the keel.
No, you need to go through the
bulkhead to get to the stern.
What are you doing?
You're wasting your time.
I've told you
they're uncrackable.
See, Wet Stick, Back Lack?
That's what
an education gets ya.
My sincere apologies,
Your Majesty.
The stone barges have been sunk,
and they've blocked the river.
What else?
Come on, more ideas.
Interrupt his supply of slaves.
How are we gonna do that?
We know their
transportation routes.
Oof! Now we're warmin' up.
Come on, ideas.
Burn his favorite palace down.
How you gonna do that, then?
I know the man that supplies
brandy to the palace.
Shipment first of the month.
All right, Dan.
Wine or brandy?
Open the doors.
What a waste of brandy.
But doesn't it make
the palace burn well?
10,000 boys.
All under 12 years.
Young enough
to forget their families,
and to have no other
loyalty than to you.
Plus, 5,000 more each year
for as long as you grant us
passage through your seas.
The north is ours?
That is our agreement.
Is there a problem?
There are rumors, Great King.
Even across the seas
we have heard
the legend of the sword,
of a king
other than yourself.
I would be doing my
own king a disservice
if I did not ask this question.
Are the boys yours to give?
Do you really consider your faith
better served by a rumor?
Or by the word of the
conqueror of this island
with an army of 100,000
souls behind his sword?
I meant no
disrespect, Great King.
You asked to see me, Father?
We need the support
of all the barons.
Set a meeting in Londinium
for the six we doubt.
Whatever it takes
to hunt him down.
I still can't control it.
Pick it up.
You pick it up.
Pick it up with both hands.
Did you see everything
you needed to see?
In the Darklands.
Did you look away?
You want to know
why you still can't use it.
Why don't you tell me?
I think you know the answer.
You will face it
when it's worth it to you.
Don't get me wrong, I look away.
We all look away.
But that is the difference
between a man and a king.
I thought we agreed
that you'd never come here.
You need to hear this.
Vortigern is making a visit to
Londinium to meet with the barons.
He will travel by barge.
Three days from now.
Looks like your plan worked.
You need to be careful.
His power is increasing.
The building's right.
The angle's right. Three exits
from which to leave the city.
A vantage point over the whole dock
and most of the town.
It's a 50-yard shot.
I can do that easily.
What's the problem?
Tell him.
Tell you what
the problem is, mate.
When you say
the building's right,
I know the man
that owns that building.
And he's not interested
in letting anyone in.
How do you feel about
a rooftop king assassination?
My roof?
And least of all the king's assassins
that he'll have to hang for.
I'd hang?
The three exits
are actually only one.
'Cause once
the alarm arrow's fired
the gates will be shut
within two minutes
and they're six
minutes away by foot.
Unless you can run like a
Neapolitan stallion, I'd forget them.
So, you have one exit remaining.
And that has a tavern
20 yards from it.
There's always more Blacklegs
in the Two Hot Cocks
than there are rats
on the street.
Why don't you use
the other building?
The one back here?
Because it's 175 yards away.
And how far
can you shoot, Back Lack?
Accurately? 75.
Same as...
No, he said, "175."
All right, mate,
of course you can.
That's about 175 yards,
isn't it?
Well, he was supposed to signal.
Can't see him.
Well, if can't see them,
then they can't see us.
Maybe they thought
that was luck.
That could've killed us.
They scream like girls,
your friends.
The wolf
at the head of the pack.
Everything all right?
Is there something
I should know here?
Those two have a history.
Well, whatever it is, that's
not what we're here for.
Is it, Goosefat?
They've arrived.
I now realize what an important
member of my household you are.
Your Majesty...
I haven't finished.
Sit down.
Till recently...
I didn't recognize what a powerful
tool you can be in the right hands.
I thought you were
simply a pawn.
Turns out you're a far more
significant piece.
And it would be witless of me
not to use that to my advantage,
given how effectively
you've been used against me.
Hail to the king!
There's the king.
Something doesn't smell right.
This is too easy.
Wait. Wait, wait.
Don't fire.
Why not?
Something doesn't smell right.
It smells as right
as it's ever going to smell.
Come on, he's right there.
Bill! Get on with it!
It's a trap.
How would he know?
Don't know.
Maybe he knows
she's working for us.
I am telling you.
That is not the king.
Stop looking around
and look at me.
I'm a target, aren't I?
God help us.
They've sent me a buffoon.
You are a cunning
old bastard, Vortigern.
But what you fail to understand
is that it's you
who's fed the hangman
that will eventually
come for you.
You're right,
that's not Vortigern.
But at least Mercia's here.
What have you done?
You can't shoot if it's a trap!
They'll never know
where that came from.
You missed him anyway.
I didn't miss anyone.
What are you doing?
They're not targets at a fair!
That was Clarendon.
He earned that.
You migh survive today...
But the noose has been tied.
We need to go. Now!
Now. We need
to go now.
Close the gates!
Put your arms up.
Hello, boys.
Wait, wait.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where are you going?
Oi! Oi!
Hey! Stop!
Fuck me.
Let's go!
I'm holding you up.
Go on without me.
No, Lack, come on.
Let's go.
No, I'll see you
at the safe house.
- I'm not leaving you!
- Just go!
There they are!
This way, this way.
Let's go!
Move! Move! Move!
Get out of the way!
Left! Go left!
Over here!
Hey. Here.
In here. This way!
We can't stay here.
Where's Lack?
- He's making his own way.
- All right.
How's Rubio?
He's leaking, but he'll live.
We need to get
to the old bathhouse.
If I go down, you follow him.
If he goes down, you follow me.
Come on.
There's too many.
This way!
Come on!
Come on, guys!
Can you make it?
I can make it, no problem.
Over here!
Hey! Come on!
Come back!
Come on!
They need your help.
Lock the door, George.
Get the lads
out the back door, George.
It's not gonna happen, boss.
They hate the Blackleg
and love a fight.
There's too many of them.
It's not gonna happen.
They live for this.
They're gonna die, George!
They trained
their whole lives for this.
Go on.
Let go. Let go.
Come on! Move!
Second rank!
You two, down here.
It's a straight run to the river.
You go first.
We don't have time
to argue, Bill.
Some of us will make it out in time.
Some of us won't.
Well, better some than none!
You go first.
Mike! Get down the hole.
Mike, get down the hole.
Don't like rats, boss.
Scared of the dark.
George, will you tell them?
Sorry, boss.
You silly bastards.
Determined to die. Shit.
On my command!
I'm going down the hole now.
After you.
Blue. Blue.
Where you been, mate?
Where's my dad?
We got split up,
but he knows his way.
- I've gotta find him.
- Wait, Blue.
Your dad knows what he's doing.
He'll be back
before you know it, mate.
Wet Stick.
Blue! Blue! Blue!
Come on, boys!
Search them dwellings now!
Get through them doors!
It's not gonna be easy
getting out of here now.
You can't stay here long.
Nowhere in the city is safe.
The boat's ready.
What about
Back Lack and Blue, Art?
We'll wait until dark.
Where you been, Dad?
Catching me breath.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm all right.
Just got to get
to the safe house.
Can you make it?
I love you, mate.
Come on, let's get going.
Down with Vortigern!
It seems as though you found
a way to use the sword.
I wasn't controlling it.
It was controlling me.
I can't even remember
what happened.
I can.
Thank you.
Something's happening, you know?
Certainly sounds like it.
People have
seen what you can do.
You're no longer a myth.
You're starting
to mean something.
That wasn't the intention.
They are fighting in your name.
I don't wanna wear that.
Is that you, Blue?
Yes, boss!
Did you find your father?
He's found him!
We need to get you out of here.
Let's get your arse
on that boat, Lack.
There's a good fog
to cover our tracks.
Come on.
I'll need a little breather.
Here, load everyone else up
and come back for me.
No, I'll stay with you.
No, you won't.
Give 'em a hand.
I'll be all right, mate.
Just give me a minute.
Come on, Blue.
You carry this.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, Blue.
Pardon the intrusion.
Our dog was very keen
to lead us here.
Come on.
Shall I pick him up, Sarge?
No, follow him.
The blood
he followed was from a man
who killed
one of my sergeants today.
A man who fled the scene
of an assassination attempt
on me.
On me, no less.
You wouldn't happen to know
where that man is, would you?
I can't.
Get in the boat, Blue.
I'll get your dad.
I can't leave him!
Have a look at this situation,
would ya?
The king of all England himself
has made the effort
to visit a commoner.
A man from nowhere.
And today, my last day.
You look well
and I feel poor.
But who would I rather be?
What do you want, kid?
Who's this young man?
I'm the cleaner, sir.
Who's he to you?
Never seen him before.
I usually come in
later, you know,
do the dishes
when they're all gone.
Is that the truth?
Yes, sir.
I'd never lie to a Blackleg.
Good boy.
So you don't know him?
No, sir.
Then you wouldn't mind
if I cut his ears off?
They're not my ears.
Do what you want with them.
Always wanted a boy.
You bastard!
Leave him alone!
Now I repeat,
where's your friend?
Let him go.
Let him go.
Take the boy and...
Crush the Resistance tonight!
Let me show you
what your uncle will do
if you do not accept
this sword.
Only you can prevent this.
He must be met
where sword meets tower.
Trust the Mage.
Take it.
Apparently you have
something to tell me.
I suppose you wanna know
what happened to me.
I don't wanna push you, but...
Riots are spreading.
Not just in Londinium.
Across the whole country.
People are fighting for you.
If there was
ever a chance, it's now.
It's not going to last.
But, like he said,
we're not going to push you.
I'm ready.
We're gonna take the castle.
And we're going
in the front door.
George, I need you
to go to Londinium, gather the lads.
Where's the Mage?
She's back at the cave.
All right.
Now, when you say we're
going to take the castle,
what does that mean?
I thought you said
you weren't gonna push me.
Come on, lads.
Chop, chop.
You took your time getting here.
I'm not gonna hear
the end of this from my wife.
It was my turn to cook tonight.
I've been sent by His Majesty
to deliver a message.
Let's think...
"Be at the castle before dark
"if you wanna see
the girl and the boy
I would love to stay and chat,
but you do understand
the situation
between me and my wife.
Anything that you do to me
will be repaid 10 times in kind.
Now, you're a big man.
Now, let's see you move.
So, where is he?
He's a day's ride from here.
As soon as she's safe,
he will come.
He poses no threat to you
without the sword.
I don't have to remind you
of what will happen
if he doesn't come.
I'll start with the little boy.
Now, take the girl and go.
This venom will induce
that which is hidden from you.
It will show you things
you do not want to see.
But you'll need its protection.
Hold my hand.
I don't like snakes.
No one likes snakes.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
You will feel it
for a few hours.
Young man came
from hunting faint and weary
What does ail My Lord,
my dearie?
O brother dear,
let my bed be made
For I feel the gripe
of the woody nightshade
This young man,
he died fair soon
By the light
of the hunters' moon
'Twas not by bone
Nor yet by blade
Oh, the berries
of the woody nightshade
Oh, father dear,
lie heavy safe
From the power
that the devil made
That's far enough.
Let's get this done
quickly, shall we?
Put him on his knees.
Put him on his knees!
Go, go, go!
You know the price.
Father, what's happening?
Why is there blood on your face?
What's going on?
Father, you're scaring me.
I love you very much.
Come on!
You have won, nephew.
You have won.
Now, play with me.
I think that sword
belongs to me now.
Run, son!
I think that sword
belongs to me now.
Whatever price you paid,
it will be more than you know.
You don't need to run anymore.
You don't need to look away.
The sword is yours, son.
Take it.
You wanted to know
what gave me such drive.
It was you.
You put me in that brothel.
You cut me on the streets.
I am here now because of you.
created me.
And, for that...
I bless you.
You make sense of the devil.
While I understan
there's been a change
in the leadership
of this nation...
I am confident that you will
still honor the agreement
made by your predecessor
and my king.
We expect to leave here
with 10,000 young men as agreed.
Yeah, I don't think so, mate.
Excuse me?
I said, "I don't think so, mate".
We've been wondering
what you were doing in here.
I like it.
What is it?
Yes, what is it?
A carousel?
A giant wheel of cheese?
What are you
supposed to do with it?
I know.
It's a dance floor.
And once you finish it
how are you supposed
to get to the middle?
But how did you get it
through the door?
Did you carry it in?
Or did you roll it in?
May I remind you
a fleet of 3,000 longships
controlling the seas,
surrounding your island.
It would be unwise
to displease my king.
I'm sorry.
George, Wet Stick,
Percy, on your knees.
Sir Bedivere, if you would?
I'm prepared to extend
the deadline by a week.
I mean, I'm sorry.
You've made a mistake.
You're no longer
dealing with the man
you previously met.
You are addressing England
and all the subjects
under her king's protection.
Arise, Sir George.
So you have a choice.
You can now kneel to England...
Arise, Sir Tristan.
Or I'll step off this throne,
and you can deal with me
as the man you previously met.
Arise, Sir Percival.
And we can see how that goes.
Sir William.
If you would?
It would be my honor.
Well, now that's out the way,
let's eat.
Why have enemies
when you can have friends?
Arise, my king.
King Arthur.
It's a table.
You sit at it.
Long live the King!
Long live the King!
Young man came
from hunting faint and weary
What does ail My Lord,
my dearie?
O brother dear,
let my bed be made
For I feel the gripe
of the woody nightshade
This young man,
he died fair soon
By the light
of the hunters' moon
'Twas not by bone
Nor yet by blade
Oh, the berries
of the woody nightshade
Oh, father dear,
lie heavy safe
From the power
that the devil made