King Charles III (2017) Movie Script

# Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine
# Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine
# Et lux perpetua luceat ei
# Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine
Et lux perpetua luceat ei.
At last.
I needed room
for thought to breathe.
My life has been
a lingering for the throne.
Sometimes I must confess I
imagined if my mother happ'ed to die
before her time -
a helicopter crash, a rare disease.
So, at an early age,
I'd be in charge.
Before me, years of constant,
stable rule...
..but I am better thoughtful Prince
than King.
Potential holds appeal,
since in its castle walls
one is protected from
the awful shame of failure.
My wond'rous Charles,
you did her proud,
for, as she would have liked,
you never showed your pain.
My whole existence has,
like most of us,
been built upon the ones
who gave me birth.
And now they're gone. That's it.
First Dad. Now Mum.
I'm alone.
Except for me.
Ah, you're radiant.
'Tis your gift, my dear,
it's what you've brought to us -
a sense of fashion.
Better hair, as well.
I never thought
I'd see her pass away.
I felt the same.
How are you, Dad?
For soon, at last, you will be King.
Not soon. Three months.
Your father rules today.
I thought the coronation
marked the change.
Well, you're right -
officially, that is the case.
But Britain cannot stand without
a king or queen
for all the months it takes to
organise a coronation.
But surely, constitutionally
Oh sweet, my dear,
we have no constitution.
Instead tradition holds us
to account.
Tradition, then... Tradition holds
that on the death of kings,
or Queens, the next is monarch
straight away.
Your father ruled the
moment granny passed.
I might head off. If that's OK.
You really have to go?
It's not...
I mean, the whole...
I can't deal with all the chat.
The people.
It's important, Harry.
Yeah - the headache, though.
We'll go and mingle with the crowds.
A single round should be sufficient,
then we're at the palace, yes?
But, Dad, you're shaken up.
Perhaps we should take time to talk?
I'm sorry, it must wait -
James wants us now.
The Prime Minister's waiting.
We'll see you later on.
All right.
Prime Minister.
Sincere condolences upon your loss.
A loss, I think,
that all her subjects share.
Of course. We miss our Queen.
Your Majesty may not recall -
we did decide for public reassurance
that you would leave with
Mr Evans at your side,
the Crown and State,
Prime Minister and King.
Ah... Now we're here, I feel
instead that I should remain...
aloft from politics,
and walk with royals alone.
I'm sure Prime Minister
will understand.
Of course.
I'll go right now and...
clear the way.
Such equal billing
was a joy when Prince.
To share the stage
did spread attention out -
but now I'll rise
to how things have to be.
The Queen is dead,
long live the King.
That's me.
MUSIC: Blow Your Mind
by Dua Lipa
Come on, mate,
it's better than moping about, eh?
There's a whole world of
opportunity right there.
'sup, G?
You look like you've been
raped by Primark.
Yeah, I had to blend in.
Thought I'd bag you
a bona fide commoner as a surprise.
She'll be here in a minute.
She's, erm, distinctive.
You should take your mind
off things, you could, er...
Coots! a pleb.
Yeah. Knob a prole.
Look, I'm not in the mood.
Approach a subject
from a different angle, yeah?
Here she is!
You're not joking, then.
Invictus himself!
Er, yeah, look...
So is Charles really your dad?
Or was it the other one?
The other one?
Hewlitt. Hewitt.
Cos you're very ginger.
If you haven't done a test yet,
then maybe you should,
cos if Hewlitt was your dad instead,
you'd be out of the family,
wouldn't you?
Er, what?
Free of it at last.
Free of it?! Dear, oh, dear.
And why - why would I want
to be free of it?
Cos you hate it. Don't you?
No. Not a clue!
He seriously doesn't, darling.
Ever since you left the army, it's
been all schmooze, Africa, sport.
Very worthy but it screams lack of
direction - and clearly,
you hope it'll make you happy.
But it doesn't. Does it?
You're part of this big thing,
but you don't get anything back.
Just the drunken uncle.
It's a trap for you, isn't it?
Your family.
Er, what-what should I do, then?
I think it's time for you
to tap out, darling.
No, no, Coottsey...
Someone wants you at the bar.
Mate, you realise she's probably
a socialist?
No, no. Come on. Not wanted!
So? What-What should I do?
You really want to know?
Shall I be mother?
Thank you, yes, that's kind.
Good then, erm, how shall we begin?
Er, today I thought we might
commence by talking of a bill
about to land upon your desk
that seeks the royal approval.
Yes? What bill do you mean?
To limit future growth
and mass expanse of runways.
What environmental checks...
You must excuse me,
much as this wants our attention,
I had assumed we'd start
with, erm, something else.
Well, of course.
Whichever subject you would like.
Your bill concerning privacy,
which sets restriction
on the freedom of the press.
The regulation of the press
we feel is overdue...
Yes - I've, er, read the bill.
Well, erm...
You like this law?
I absolutely do.
You yourself must know the lasting
wounds the press inflict.
Unproven accusations,
photographs obtained by theft,
are daily
'splayed as front page news.
You do not think
a principle is here at stake?
There's something vital to our sense
of freedom is being risked.
Your Majesty,
of course I understand that view,
and have myself considered
where the balance lay, but there is
opinion that something must be done.
The law is what your people want.
They want the leaders they elected
standing up and making choices
they themselves cannot.
They pay their taxes well,
so we - or you -
may take the time to study hard and
make the right decision on the day.
I know. I have -
and this is what we think.
I have to say it does surprise
that with the great intrusion
they have made into your life,
you'd have
them left untouched like this.
What of the pack of wolves
that mercilessly did hunt to death
your late and much missed wife?
That's bold.
So soon in our relationship.
What's bold?
To utilise Diana.
I'm sorry.
But, in fact, it's rare
to have to justify the passing
of a law like this.
I would have thought of all
the victims,
you'd feel the strongest
something must be done.
As a man, a father, husband,
yes, I do.
But that's not who we are
when sat with you in here.
Not just am I defender of the faith,
but in addition I protect
this country's unique force
and way of life.
Politically our sway and influence
are in decline
but still we demonstrate the way a
just society should work -
judiciary, democracy and more -
a low corruption rate.
All those who hold the strings held
to account themselves in turn.
Your Majesty - thanks.
I understand and say I will,
if opportunity transpires,
make sure I take your views
into account.
Perhaps we should move on
to other things.
It is the law on privacy
that holds concern.
And so I ask you tell me what,
as my Prime Minister, you do intend.
The law is made, and passed.
It is too late.
My views, to you,
mean nothing, then?
Your views mean much,
but on this subject, yes.
I disagree.
The public vote to choose the
members of their parliament,
and that's where decisions
will be made.
Not in this room
between the two of us.
Then our weekly meeting's done.
I should apologise
if I've caused offence -
I simply wanted to explain my view.
And so you have.
We'll meet next week.
You recognise my guest.
Mr Evans.
I reasoned thus - in case there did
arise an accusation
that my vision here
of left and right
was being tilted
out of proper balance,
I will from now on make sure
each week
I have the usual half an
hour with my good Prime Minister,
but then give equal time
for Leader of the Opposition, too.
Mr Evans is a man of principle.
But he does not like me,
and has made explicit that
he will not change a single thing
in light of what I say.
And if this is the case,
then, erm, what am I?
My mother gained respect
from what she'd seen.
The Blitz... She sat with Churchill,
and met all the most important
figures of her years.
But what am I?
It may not be too late
to stop the law.
But when I sign the bill...
If you sign the bill.
For surely that requirement
remains your choice.
A ceremonial right, not one to use.
I hate to differ,
but I think this strikes the heart
of why we have a Queen - or King.
They are the check and
balance of our land.
I've long believed that we could
never see a Nazi party
making British laws
because the reigning monarch
then would stand his ground
and, being head of state,
refuse to sign -
refuse to let the country
lose democracy,
and, doing so, provoke revolt.
It's not our place.
Would do more harm than good.
Then not important.
Write your name in ink,
and un-amended let it into law.
Thank you, er, Mrs Stevens.
Your Majesty.
# I who have died am alive again
# Today
This is the birth day of life
and wings.
Hey, you're lucky -
she doesn't usually put out much.
Oh, yeah, actually we,
we haven't done anything like that,
just went out, had fun, so... Yeah!
All right, too late for tea.
Got a seminar. Right.
Good to meet you.
I'm Robert. Bob. What's your name?
Harry. Right. Bye.
Erm, I was just...making some tea.
Er, I'll, er, get the milk.
You all right?
Yeah, great. Really great.
God, can you believe it?
Everything we did last night.
Wetherspoons. Bowling.
Dans Le Noir.
The restaurant where you eat
in the pitch black!
They thought I was an estate agent.
This whole life!
I want more.
No-one's stopping you.
A night, yeah,
but I can't do this with my life!
Why not?
It's not what I was born into.
Then change it.
The world you were born into
was paid for
by those people in Wetherspoons.
You take money from their hard work
and you spend it on planes,
and palaces,
and, in your case,
flights to Las Vegas.
It's not your money to spend.
Have you been to Las Vegas?
It looks boring.
Yeah! Yeah, it is, actually.
My mate Dee, she had her baby
in this crap hospital.
Shared ward,
pissed-off midwife, 20 mums.
She puts on the TV,
and what does she see?
Kate, your sister-in-law,
with her perfect baby,
outside her private hospital.
Dee was like,
"I paid for that. My taxes."
You're very beautiful.
Don't patronise me -
listen to what I'm saying. I am -
I know what you're saying,
and I agree with it,
but I'm adding, in addition,
that you're beautiful, as well.
You know Bob wants nothing less
than the abolition of the monarchy.
Yeah, well, he should be more
open minded.
Well, imagine what he'd say
if I got off with you.
Do you want to?
What? Get off with me?
Harry, I hate everything
you stand for.
Yeah, I know.
Right, then.
Yeah. It's, it's just, you really
look like you want to kiss me.
Yeah, well, I don't.
This is a mistake.
Forgot his keys, probably.
Wait, wait!
Your Highness.
Apologies for interrupting.
James Cadbury Reiss,
press advisor to the palace. May I?
This is Jessica.
Hi. Charmed.
Your Highness.
Your grandmother,
the Queen, recently passed away.
The country's in a position very
few people have experienced before.
This is perhaps the most unstable
moment the royal family will face.
So...? So, perhaps a conversation
should be had about...
Your security are waiting outside.
That, there, is why I'm never
getting off with you again.
I understand.
Can I call you?
It's good of you to come
and see us here.
It's so important
that we meet like this.
Especially now.
That as a family we have
this time to talk.
Excuse me.
When offered what he's wanted for
so long,
I thought Dad would seize the moment
and renew, to go greet the people.
Instead, he stays inside,
just reading books and bills.
It isn't what I'd hoped.
Then why not talk to him?
Oh, Lord.'re William and Kate.
They said I was to wait here
and soon the King would join.
They didn't mention you were settled
here, as well. I'll, erm...
HE CLEARS HIS THROA I'll quickly go sit elsewhere.
But, sir - you look so pale,
distraught, you must sit down.
I'd rather that
than have you faint.
You're kind to me.
So sudden? What's the cause?
You will forgive me if I do not give
detail of my conference.
It is a matter of some...delicacy.
But if it causes such distress...?
Of course, we understand,
and will not press on you.
Perhaps some water?
Must be something virulent
indeed that does affect
the King as strongly
as Prime Minister.
Perhaps it is an illness
passing round?
No illness, Duchess, no,
a matter that need only trouble
him and I for now.
Please tell me what.
Perhaps I might...
relieve the
harshness of this mystery sore.
In reading here,
you mustn't tell a soul
what's written -
or not written - by the King.
Dear Mr Evans, water,
fetched and got by careful hand
of Prince of Wales.
Thank you.
But, Kate, what on that paper
makes that look
which from experience
I know tends doom and fury
from your normally
soft and poised face?
I take it this is not a fake?
It's not...for Charles
has marked it there himself,
and I as people's leader
come to say this will not stand.
He must allow this bill to pass,
both signed and unamended.
But, William,
why would your father interfere
so crassly in the affairs of state?
My husband, what say you?
Say more,
for nothing comes of nothing said.
My father's King.
He may have reason that we do not
know or understand, as yet -
but we, as son and daughter of
the Crown, will only give support,
and leave dispute to those who have
a stake in what is being argued on.
Well, you have a stake.
Much more than most.
We will depart,
allowing you to talk.
The opposition with me agreed
that, even though they did not
want this bill,
and would not have it law...
You've talked to Mrs Stevens?
What said she?
The same.
That you must sign.
But of course she said I must.
Your Majesty, have you thought what
people will, when hearing that
you have reserved assent,
be wont to do?
Division would result.
I beg you, sir, let's talk some more
as months and years go on, but...
here it is.
Perhaps you could just get your pen
and sign the bill.
You have not changed a word?
It is the same.
Were there solution evident
that could enable both of us
to have our way and...
take it in an instant.
For I know you're acting
out of conscience.
That's right, and in good conscience
I have thought
that, come the moment,
surely I could sign.
But when the pen
approaches paper thus,
about to store forever my assent,
the pen dries up.
My hand, it cannot write.
For if my name is given
through routine,
and not because it represents
my view,
then soon I'll have no name,
and nameless, I...
..have not myself.
This is your role.
You surely must have...
Not since the news was born
has Government and State been there
allowed to use the threat of jail
to stop the presses based on
what THEY deem is unacceptable.
The Queen did not,
in all her years bethroned,
face laws like this to pass.
I do agree. For, in her time,
she faced far greater revolution.
When she lost an empire.
She oversaw the alteration from
the unions, mines and factories
that stood for generations,
to a world that, Thatcherated,
Reaganised, did place the profit
higher value than the pride
belonging to the man who travels,
day by day,
upon the Clapham omnibus.
And through all this,
when laws arrived from those
prime ministers she hated,
doing things of which I'm sure she
never would approve,
she still did sign.
Respected all the votes
empowering those elect
to make the law. She always signed.
She always gave assent.
..I cannot.
I'm sorry, sir, but if I leave this
room without "King Charles"
imprinted there below,
I cannot keep it secret.
And in addition, I'll ensure
this bill becomes the law
without your royal assent.
Redraft the law with changes
that defend the independence
of the press and send it back,
and I will sign immediately.
Your Majesty...
You are sure that this is what
you want to do?
Without my voice and spirit,
I am dust.
This is not what I want...
..but what I must.
With the bill concerning privacy
and the statutory
regulation of the press,
the King has unexpectedly
refused to grant assent.
And despite his knowledge that the
royal assent is ceremonial
and not a tool, he has continued
to withhold his pen.
So, here I say, importantly,
that first we must defend
democracy itself.
I am speaking from the palace
to you all...
I had a hope my ministers
and I could find a way
to circumvent
a public feud like this.
But, driven by my conscience,
I have declined to pass
a law that would give Government
the right and power to restrict
what is acceptable to say in print.
Once fragile politicians can,
whilst claiming public sensitivity,
go censoring what is writ or not,
it will be easier
to govern as corrupt
than bother being held unto account.
And therefore I, who stand
outside the rough and tumble
of expedience, do caution...
and ask they think again.
So far, they have refused.
..weight, influence to the shaping
of the Government. MPS: Hear, hear.
So now do I, as King and...
servant to the populace...
..request your understanding
and your trust
that this,
a rare but necessary act,
is not me stepping too far
from the throne,
but is my duty, and fulfilling
what the king or queen
is sworn by oath to do.
You're late.
Well, if you'd seen the news,
perhaps you'd realised
I've been rather busy.
So, what's wrong?
Increasingly, there's stories
in the papers about me and Harry.
I suppose they think
that I'm a quite unusual match
because of class.
Yes, well, that's hardly a surprise.
Three years ago,
I knew a boy called Fin,
who was a dick, if truth be told.
But because we lived in different
cities, did text our love.
I'm guessing where this goes.
One day, when I was in the mood,
I had composed a text
expressing love and stuff,
which then I sent...
..but now he contacts
me again and makes a threat.
He threatens you
with one small text?
Yeah, well, in truth,
it did contain additional form.
You mean...? Some pictures of myself
that were artistic, yeah?
His e-mail said he'd seen the news,
and since I was so clearly
after gold, he should have his.
He said if I do not pay up,
he'd send the photo to
the Sun on Sunday.
It's blackmail,
so you could approach police -
but they, I warn you,
leak like carrier bags,
and have no love for
matters Royal these days.
If truly you wish to save
the Prince,
perhaps you need to leave his side,
and so doing take from this man
the power he now has.
If this was Harry or
the King, you would do something.
You don't understand, miss,
you are not part of the family.
Of all the moments
you could pick.
Opinion polls suggest the people
are divided almost equally
as to if my non-signing
is within my rights...
..or not.
But that half's far more
than I expected
would agree with me on this.
Whatever many like to think,
there is a wise and ancient bond
between the Crown and population
of this pleasant isle.
Charles, you have a visitor.
Oh, not Mr Evans? No, I'm tired.
It's Mrs Stevens.
I see.
Be careful.
I do not trust her well.
Your Majesty,
please forgive how late it is.
I was not keen to draw attention
to the fact that we had
a conference tonight.
I'm sure you weren't,
since vocally you've been
most critical of what I've done,
despite a week before assuring
me of your complete support.
Forgive me, but all I think I did
was draw attention
to your rights as King.
A politician's tongue
you have indeed.
It's late. I'm tired.
Cut to the chase.
Tomorrow, Mr Evans' bill is read
that makes it clear
a law cannot be halted
waiting for the King's assent.
This bill will pass,
and when it does,
the Crown will lose the right to
speak forever more.
So I had wondered
what Your Majesty did plan
to fix this far erroneous course.
Because, you see,
the vote's tomorrow -
and I for one would not be happy
that the influence
our monarch has is changed.
Therefore, you think the better
evil is take pen and sign
the wretched and corrupted bill?
It is not up to me to tell the
King what he has privilege to do,
but if he needed inspiration,
he could mull how William IV
resolved a not entirely
different situation.
William IV?
I just suggest you might research
the past.
Your Majesty.
# Lacrimosa dies illa
# Qua resurget ex favilla
# Judicandus homo reus
Huic ergo parce Deus...
You think I didn't love you.
It's not true.
An indecisive man,
and oft so sad,
will be the
greatest king we ever had.
The greatest king?
You're never up this early
in the morn
unless for you
it's still the night before.
I'm...I'm sure I heard a scream.
So did I.
So like our mother's voice.
It freaked me out.
I've checked,
there's nothing going on.
Well, that's the story of my life.
Once woke, I lay and thought,
"I've had enough."
This appointed house we share
is yours, not mine.
You will be King, Kate your Queen.
Even if our father's making waves,
at least he's allowed to choose
his course, but I just...
chase your wake, a ginger joke,
bereft of value.
The way our father acts,
the joke may be on all of us.
But then, I saw my phone
and found that Jess had sent a text
which said she thought
that it would never work.
She would embarrass me.
From what I've read, I thought this
Jessica did cheer your mood?
The two of you had fun?
We have, she does -
and not just fun.
We have done things
that most do every day but...
I assumed were
not within my compass Royal.
She has unblinkered me,
and op'ed my eyes.
The world is wider now,
more depth and shape, but...
with this new perspective,
I do only seem more trapped...
by this, the family.
There will be girls to come,
there've always been before.
She's not just a girl.
And if our father's crisis black
does shadow more,
I hope that I can turn,
as I've always done, to you.
And you'll be there,
already at my side,
the pact our mother made us make
as resolute as on the day was sworn.
# Lacrimosa
It's not too late.
Just go at once and persuade your
father of the damage he inflicts.
Catherine, I cannot. You can.
Since Mum died, he's wondered
if myself and Harry
are more loyal to mother lost than
to our father who survived and aged.
To question him on such
a subject now,
when he, I know,
will be embattled and besieged,
will in a second make him draw away.
Instead... Your Highness?
The Prime Minister.
Thank you. Show him in.
Go back to bed
and leave all this to me.
I will not go.
For surely you'll be King some day -
but on that day
I am as much the Queen
and I do not intend to be a
silent partner in that regal match.
Before, when sleeping,
did you hear a scream?
A scream? What scream?
Good Mr Evans, what a kindness shown
to come at such an early hour thus.
I fear my family does cause
you pains.
My lady, I cannot pretend that, yes,
my life would be a joy in recent
weeks if Britain was republic.
Today, you still intend
to call together
all the members of the House,
and then propose exclusion
of the Crown from making law?
I do. Ideally, I'd preserve
the role of the Crown.
But as things stand,
I haven't got a choice.
Would you consider
waiting for a week,
and giving time to let
my father change?
Already, we have waited,
and he changes not.
What if William went at earliest
hour to see his father?
Kate, I can't. What time's the vote?
It's 11 o'clock.
I wonder if Prime Minister
might have one more attempt?
See, I cannot think that if
my father truly understood...
He comprehends it well.
He will not sign.
I have no choice.
My nervous future King,
it's not just him or you you risk
by sitting here
and doing nothing thus -
it is our children, and their
children hence,
and after that all generations Royal
that are to come.
They all do look to you,
insisting you defend the Crown
against this fool's indulgence.
It wouldn't change a thing.
He is too proud.
Then think not only
of persuading him,
but finding lever so he must agree.
What lever?
The fact that both of us
command support
that near thrice outweigh
the aged King...
and if we wanted might begin to itch
in waiting for the Throne.
I will never step across
my father's right.
I'm sorry it's come to this.
I really am.
You did embarrass him.
My husband, look at me.
My love for you is full
and as the moment that we met.
I do not think you weak
at all, but wrong.
Now, become the man I know you
are and act. I am not King.
Lacrimosa dies illa...
# Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus...
You're now the man
I never lived to see.
Such pain, my son, such hurt.
But now be glad...'ll be the greatest
king we ever had.
Lacrimosa dies illa...
Long night, then?
I, erm...
I think I might quit my job.
Be careful about that...
way things are.
I mean, we all have shit jobs,
don't we?
Don't want to be rude, but perhaps
your mum and dad can help you out?
My mum's dead.
Oh, right.
Mine, too.
I suppose everybody's mother
dies one day.
Even the King.
His mother dies, he don't even cry.
Now what's that about?
Why do you want to quit, then?
I think I'm in love.
Hmm, pretty girl?
You going to run off with her?
Found that money yet?
Yeah, sorry.
Out of date now, innit?
You know, since she died,
world's gone mad, I swear.
Every night, people have this look.
Bit like you.
And it's like they're terrified.
They don't know where they live.
They don't know what Britain is.
What do you mean?
Like this meat here.
It's not one thing.
Different pieces, different slices,
collected around
one core piece of steel.
But you take that away,
it all falls apart.
Maybe she is
what held it all together.
Where's this girl of yours, then?
She left me.
Do you love her?
Yeah, I think I do.
Find her.
'I thank you, Mr Speaker,
'and because we know the facts
upon the matter well,
'I will unusually be very brief.'
'There is a contract made between
a man or woman and the State...'
' which both sides
must there agree,
'that citizen does have a voice
and in return will keep the law.
'And so an intervention such as
this which so removes the voice,
'but keeps the law
is absolutely wrong...'
'Hear, hear!'
Not at the table.
MR EVANS: 'I make assumption we all
will vote in favour of this bill.
'We all here now have made
a choice to come and represent
'constituents to have their say
in this, their House,
'and give their weight
and influence...'
Where is he?
He's upstairs.
He'll be down shortly.
Roberts said he
was not to be disturbed.
'..and now he oversteps...'
So we must act.
And not out of disrespect,
but since we have no other choice
than to protect our democratic,
British, way of life.
ALL: Hear, hear!
And now by ancient process,
on this most important matter,
we'll divide the House.
We will divide the House and vote.
Ayes to the left...
Dona eis requiem.
Empowered by ancient decree I do,
as King of England, Northern
Ireland, Wales and Scotland,
use my Royal prerogative here to
dissolve the Parliament at once.
Order! Order!
I will have silence!
This noise demeans you all.
Is this the space where public
will is spoke and heard,
or just a stand for
juvenile and selfish squall?
Through petty theft, and fighting
here amongst yourselves,
you've lost the population's trust.
I am not prone to certainty,
but you have drawn that measure
in my unsure heart.
Unlike you all,
I'm born and raised to rule.
I do not choose,
but like an Albion Oak,
I'm sown in British soil,
and grown, not for myself,
but reared
with single purpose meant.
Whilst you have small constituency
support which gusts and falls
as does the wind, my cells and
organs constitute this land...
The speaker knows
it is within my right,
to sack my ministers
and call a fresh election.
Order! Order!
My speaker,
will you here confirm to them
that what I do
is well within my right
and anointed power to,
as King, demand?
Your Majesty,
if this is what you want,
then this you can, as King, command.
Where's Mummy gone?
Fresh air.
Cry havoc.
Jess! Jess!
Bob, I'm sorry to wake you.
I-I know it's late.
Did you got her text?
Yeah, I've been trying to call.
Your Highness? Yeah?
Fuck off.
I had to find you.
You can't be out here on your own,
you'll be lynched.
I'm not on my own. Terry?
Yes, sir.
That's how I found you.
What do you want? Jess, I...
I want to say, I...I love you.
They're just using this
to get at my father.
Well, I don't want anything to do
with any of it. Or you. We're done.
Yeah, but I know you like me.
Mate, it doesn't matter.
You're a prince.
You always will be.
Come to the palace.
There's a way this can work.
The crowds!
You hear?
How many guards
are standing there outside?
Please, have them tripled.
Your Majesty, these men in front
are there for tourist ceremony,
not defence.
If it's your safety that concerns...
It's my preservation - and I know
that will be served by what is seen.
The truth is
that my greatest enemies
stand not within the crowd outside,
but there, in Whitehall,
waiting for the slightest
glimpse of weakness.
Sir Matthew, when timely pressed,
you'll need to know precisely where,
to whom, your loyalty lies.
My loyalty?
Your Majesty, when we join
the forces we all swear
that, come what may, we shall
protect the King, and so we will.
You're looking at me.
Aren't you?
All the time.
You think you know me?
Well, I know nothing.
Just a plastic doll,
designed, I'm told,
to stand embodying a male-created
bland and standard wife,
whose only job
is prettying the Prince,
and then, if possible, get pregnant
with the royal and noble bump,
to there produce an heir...
..and spare.
But, being underestimated so
does mean I can observe and plan
and learn the way to rule.
Of course I understand, Dad,
but this goes way beyond...
For I will be a queen
unlike the ones before.
My mother's dad was
in the North a miner born,
my father came from Leeds,
both of them when young and
inexperienced did risk their house
and all they had to try
and make a business of their own.
But it's not just this stock I bring
to these most distant regal realms,
but something more
important and precise.
I have ambition for my husband, yes,
and I hope my son
will grow the finest King -
but if I must put up with taunts,
and make so public everything I am,
then I demand things for myself.
I ask no less than power
to achieve my will
in fair exchange
for total service to the State.
Yes, this is what, enthroned,
that I will do.
Not simply help my husband in his
crown, but wear one of my own.
How did it go?
He simply said the strength
of public voice in strong support
did give him solace
that he wasn't wrong.
This is answer clear enough to me.
He's stranded.
So, what's your plan?
Your Highness? The Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister?
I didn't ask him here. I know.
Prime Minister.
Please tell us latest news.
Last night saw violence
across the country.
In Liverpool, in Oxford,
Edinburgh, in Belfast too.
But London is the worst.
Prime Minister, I've seen what's
going on. And Parliament?
There is no Parliament.
The speaker will not open the House
for he fears it is illegal
as things stand.
So the members of Parliament do sit,
just as 400 years ago,
in Westminster Hall instead.
Services are functioning well -
schools, transport, health?
No, the schools are closed,
doctors are stretched.
The bloodshed worsens every day
we wait,
and while we in the House
attempt to calm,
the King parks a tank
in Buckingham Palace grounds.
Prime Minister, in private,
I, of course,
whole-heartedly do give my support,
but this is for Parliament to solve.
William, they can't!
Parliament is impotent.
The time has come to go
and halt this mess.
Your Highness, you are the only way.
And what am I to do?
You know full well. I can't.
Then, sir, I think you will be
Prince no more.
For none that follow
will be King again.
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!
George, come back inside, please.
I'm so sorry! He just ran away.
Go back inside, OK?
Mummy and I are talking.
Prime Minister,
go back to Number 10.
You can leave this to me.
I will bring an end to this
unnecessary episode.
I thank you, sir.
For reasons
you don't need to understand,
a picture made of Jessica
that is quite intimate
has made its way into the pages
of a national paper.
There is attack towards her worse
than I have seen
against Kate, or me, or Mum,
or you...
and now she wants to leave me,
cos of this.
If I defend the freedom of the
press, it's with the knowledge they
will never live up
to a higher standard.
Naked girls, young boys
will illustrate their pages,
and they'll make hypocrisy an art,
insisting that they stand
chief moralist
while making cash
as base pornographer.
I know this much.
So, all that we can do... stand our ground.
For, if they're free to
print this dirt,
then we have liberty,
as well, to answer back.
So now you have my word,
you have the royal protection
and respect.
Whatever we can do to help, we will.
You will be welcome in our family.
Wait, no, that isn't that we want.
Come, Harry, now it's done.
I do not want her
noble princess made.
Instead descend myself
into the mass,
cast off the princely burden
of my birth
and for my life be Harry,
man and friend,
with job, and house
and car and maybe wife.
It isn't possible.
We make no fuss
'cept that I've moved, found work.
I'll have
no role official and not prince,
I'll live a life of normalcy,
within this country,
rather than atop the mound, unearned
and with a target on my back.
You would not be a prince?!
I'd be...your son,
but, no - my love
for Jessica comes first.
Because like you,
I don't believe that born a prince
must mean I sacrifice my soul.
Dissimilarity, it seems,
does make a match.
So, Harry...
You may do as you wish.
Sir, whatever you may do,
this story is distraction when the
Crown itself is in dispute.
The people need to hear from you.
As we discussed,
despite your reservations,
you must now go and meet the press.
Excuse me.
I didn't know you would be here.
We'll always serve the
interests of the Crown.
As family, we should be seen as one.
James says it's what they will
expect of us.
It was James persuaded you to come?
It was in conversation, yes.
I don't know how to thank you,
It will be now with pride and
strength of clan
I stand my ground and state my case.
As always, James,
you've thought of everything.
The picture here like this
is now complete.
The family will be my backdrop
and the news will say,
the country's safe,
and clear united.
Ah, no photos yet, please.
Good morning.
As you know, we've only got
about 20 minutes.
So, erm,
His Highness will say a few words.
Then we can do some set-ups
afterwards. Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Gosh, there's quite a few of you -
but thank you all for coming
here today.
My wife and I have been so shocked
by scenes unfolding
here and overseas.
My father has,
through noble conscience said,
as is his right, he will withhold
assent -
and furthermore, as is legal, too,
he has dismissed elected government.
Of course, this has resulted
in disquiet.
Not just in homes
and streets, or in the House,
but in our family, too.
My wife and I respect my
father's choices,
but do wish this could have
been avoided,
and so, today, I do announce
that I, as Prince Of Wales,
from now will try to mediate between
the King and the House of Commons.
I am convinced there is
a way to move on this,
without the need for further
and respecting both democracy
and the ancient British power
of anointed King.
I have my father's
blessing in this role.
He is as keen as I am to see an end
to this destructive
and divisive time.
I'm also lucky to have
Catherine, too.
For all of this was
actually her idea.
Turns out she's cleverer than
all of us. She'll sort us out.
I want to explain.
You knew what William
would say to them?!
Indeed. I made it possible
for him to speak.
You're surely not intending
still to work for me,
not after treachery like this?
Your son has offered me employment.
I hope you fail
in everything you do!
Prime Minister.
Unruly mob! But wait. What's this?
There's now no tank,
there's now no men!
Some loyalty!
Roberts! Roberts!
William, where's Roberts gone?
I said to take an hour off.
You said?
That's right, Your Majesty.
"Your Majesty"?
But William, it's me.
Despite the horrid things
you've done, it's me.
So call me Dad, or Father,
if you like, but not Your Majesty,
like all the rest.
I call you that for that
is what you are. Before my father,
long before all else you are the
King, and that's to whom I speak.
But William, come look at this,
a book...
You think too much on books
and history.
But what is power held
if never used?
Our duty's not to simply sit indoors
and hope things get resolved,
but to engage all parties
and attempt to find a way...
"Engage all parties"?!
King's no such duty.
Duty royal. Shared amongst us all.
I do not request your counsel!
Instead it is support, expected,
and support that you must give.
You should apologise for such
But I'll put it down to youth,
and nerves.
Now help me and go fetch
good Roberts here.
The tank was still remiss,
and all those guards Sir Matthew
kindly put in place have gone.
I know.
You know?
What do you mean, you know?
Sir Matthew came to Kensington.
We spoke.
I said with the unrest and violence
that has spread across the country
we should not be stoking it
with these provocative
militaristic shows.
And what said he?
That it was not a show,
and that he had in consultation
here with you agreed
it was important that the palace
is defended
from attacks within the crowd.
Exactly, you should not have
questioned it!
Having heard his answer I went on
that in an hour
I'll drive straight down The Mall
and enter through the guarded gates.
I then intend to go around the yard
and if, I said, there is a tank,
I'll ask the men in blue
that they do move it off
because it is a danger
having such a deadly weapon
aimed towards the crowd.
And when as promised I drove down
The Mall, police on either side,
expecting that the crowd
would see me and attack the car,
instead they saw who steered and
parted there to let us through.
And as we went between the mob, a
silence briefly fell upon them all.
It was most strange.
They stopped and watched us go...
..and as the gates did
close behind us,
one girl called out,
"You tell him, Will"
And so I must.
Must tell me...what?
You can't go back from
your decision now.
retreating now would be the end.
And yet you can't progress,
the Parliament will never hold
elections as you wish. We'll see!
So I propose on coronation day,
we have two thrones upon the dais
placed, and sat on cushions
next to them are two crowns
awaiting royal heads to rest.
Two thrones, two crowns?
It is not possible for Britain and
the Commonwealth to have,
as you suggest,
two Kings in tandem rule.
No, not two Kings. A King and Queen.
Oh, you mean Camilla?
Oh, oft we have discussed...
Camilla, no.
Then what DO you intend?
Cos if it's what I think
then you must speak the words of
treachery yourself
and shank your father
with a full and clear betrayal.
I mean myself and Kate
are crowned instead.
And what of me?
I simply stand aside?
You offer...abdication
and explain since
taking on the role,
you've felt your age.
There's something in your face
I recognise.
It was Diana...
where I saw it last, and I had hoped
that it had died with her.
But here it is, in you,
ambition lurks!
I'm proud of that ambition,
I'm proud of her...
who, plucked so young,
before she knew the world,
and thrust into a den of lions keen
for meat, was given no protection.
You cast my mum aside, discarded
and destroyed her by repute.
No, I loved your mother at the time
and did my very best
to make sure you weren't harmed!
And that will be your tombstone -
"I did my best. At least I tried."
That's a plea for effort
rather than effect -
and that is you as husband,
you as son, as father, too,
and now as King.
But all our sympathy is
withered up and dry.
This is a job.
You should've got it right
and you did not.
Be careful what you say.
You've always had my total love.
I will not abdicate!
I will not abdicate!
Ungrateful boy!
I'll never give the Crown away.
For me it's duty and my calling,
things to do!
I know, don't ask me how,
that I will be
the greatest king of all.
The greatest king?!
And so you shall.
For when they write the history
books about this
they will tell stories crisis-like
about the stormy days
after the Queen had died
and how for weeks
you contemplated hard
upon the right and proper thing to
and, in the end, decided for the
good of all your people
and their long-term happiness
you would selflessly stand aside
and pass it on, to younger hands,
more popular and with more
time to reign.
I will be King as ruler,
not as doormat stepped across.
No, go!
I don't want to see you here!
Your Majesty...
..this is a sorry day,
but if you cannot sign the law
you must make way for one who can.
I have brought here a document
to state official abdication,
so we can achieve a common goal -
Who made this thing?
The civil service drew it up today.
And printed out in haste -
there are mistakes in spelling!
Will you sign?
I will not!
What's that document
you're holding there?
You must do nothing till
we have consulted with the experts
on the constitution.
I thought it Harry that was wild,
but you have now by far surpassed
his worst excess.
A vile and nasty child.
I realise you and Catherine are the
king and queen of column inches
but you're just
a duke and duchess here!
The King is King! He will not sign.
Your thin opinion of us demonstrates
how out of touch you are,
and jealous, too.
Our looks don't make us cruel,
our youth is not an ignorance,
and detail in the way we dress
should not be thought as vanity,
but as part of the substance
only we provide.
Our column inches are the
greatest influence we possess.
Majesty, sign -
and bring an end to all this.
My son, your loyalty!
The people turn to William.
This is the only way.
I am convinced.
My boys. My little boys.
Of course you're scared.
But I know what I do,
so sit, let's talk.
We'll sit and be your sons.
But first you abdicate.
And if I don't...
Then we will leave. Yes, us,
and Kate, the children. Family all.
You will not see us till you
change your mind.
I will not see my sons?
Or grandchildren, too?
I cannot live alone.
You're not alone.
And even if you were,
well, better that than
father-servant to your shallow sons.
I cannot live alone.
It's done. The King is at an end.
I will retreat to bed,
and when I wake to a new dawn,
I'll simply be an old
forgotten gardener,
who potters round and talks to
plants and chuckles to himself.
Whilst far away the
King and Queen do rule
over a golden age of monarchy
that bothers no-one, does no good,
and is a pretty, plastic picture
with no meaning!
Sorry, ma'am, your name doesn't
appear on the list.
Miss Jessica...
Thank you.
Why do you seem so lost?
The seating plan,
my name does not appear.
You're sure the Prince
did make his invitation known?
Perhaps it would be best,
to find out from the man himself.
Oh, here he comes,
so handsome in his uniform.
Here's Jessica, who seems omitted
from the seating plan.
Perhaps you'll know a little more
about this than I.
Are you all right?
You'll not attend today.
As William And Kate are crowned,
you'll have to watch outside.
Outside? But why?
My brother, talking with his wife,
and close advisors,
feels it would be best
you not attend.
You are too big a risk
to what he needs - stability.
But that's not...
And furthermore...
..he's asked me personally if I
would stop all contact with you
and resume the way I was before,
a singleton, amusing, mostly
clownish and unthreatening.
I hope you quickly told
him where to go.
He's now the King.
So King can tell you
who to love and what to feel?
The King is dictator of your heart?
My heart was made by King.
If I betray allegiance,
then the little that I am is gone.
If you loved me
you would fight this.
Or if I have to go,
you'd come with me.
I want to.
Starting soon.
# Te deum laudamus
# Te Dominum confitemur
# Te aeternum
# Patrem omnis terra veneratur
# Te Deum laudamus
# Te Dominum confitemur
# Te aeternum Patrem
# Omnis terra veneratur
# Te Deum laudamus
# Te Dominum confitemur
# Te aeternum Patrem
# Omnis terra veneratur
# Tibi omnes Angeli
# Tibi caeli et universae potestates
Tibi Cherubim et Seraphim...
I here present to you King William,
your undoubted King.
Wherefore all you who are come this
day to do your homage and service.
Is Your Majesty willing to
take the Oath?
I am willing.
Will you solemnly promise and swear
to govern the peoples
of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand
and of your Possessions
and other Territories?
I solemnly promise so to do.
Will you to your power cause
Law and Justice, in Mercy,
to be executed in all your
I solemnly promise so to do.
Will you maintain and preserve
the settlement
of the Church of England,
and the doctrine, worship,
discipline, and government thereof,
as by law established in England?
All this I promise so to do.
My son.
God save you.
God save the King!
ALL: God save the King!
God save the King!
# Lacrimosa dies illa
# Qua resurget ex favilla
# Judicandus homo reus
Huic ergo parce, Deus...