King Jack (2015) Movie Script

- Hey, where've you been?
- Nowhere.
- I went running.
- Bullshit.
Am I talking to you?
Hey, come here.
Empty your pockets.
Ma, come on.
Can I go now, officer?
Check his socks.
Fuck off!
No one's talking to you.
Hey. Don't talk to your brother like that.
Hand them over.
What did I tell you about this, huh?
Go get ready.
I didn't know you could read.
You're the one in summer school, dumbass.
- Hey, yo, I'm in here.
- Yo, hurry up.
- Are you jacking off in there?
- No!
Got some tweezers out here,
if you're having trouble.
Can I have some privacy please. Dude.
Hey, look, we're leaving in five minutes.
I ain't waiting for you.
Okay. Yep.
Don't flush the toilet, alright?
Hey, ahh, damn it.
- Asshole!
- Five minutes!
I'm coming.
- Ma, the phone.
- Jack, come on.
- Who is it?
- I dunno.
Well, can you find out?
Yo, come on.
I'm gonna be late.
- Fine. Come on. Come on.
- Jack.
This is Karen, Tom and Jack.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Karen, it's Grant.
Uh, hello?
Look, I hate to leave something like this on your machine,
so if you're there, please pick up.
Your sister had another incident last night.
She's fine.
I mean, they say
it's not as bad as last time, but...
I have to drive us back to the clinic tomorrow
and I don't have anybody to look after Ben.
I was hoping that he could come
stay with you guys for just a couple of days.
Look, I just...
I just really can't take him with me.
Could you give me a call back
as soon as you get this?
- You okay for a ride back?
- Yeah.
Do you think you can spot me like five bucks,
maybe just for lunch.
- Jesus Tom!
- I just... I got no cash.
Hey, thanks mom.
[???] in today?
Yeah. [???] Monday.
Don't let him dick you around. see compounds that have two of the same,
they're gonna be what?
Pretty much non-polar.
So you can have things
that have two nitrogens and whatnot.
Okay, in a polar bond...
It's not like an ionic bond
that we talked about
where one of the elements
gives up an electron to the other one
in order to satisfy
that valence ring of eight.
They end up sharing still,
so they're covalent.
Okay. But let's take fluorine...
And who remembers...?
We went over...
Fluorine is the most electronegative.
And you need to remember that.
Now, what we're gonna do later, not today...
But there's numbers
on the periodic table that actually...
Somebody's gone in and said-
Put a number to how electronegative this is.
- Cya later.
- Bye.
Hey, Robyn.
Hey, Robyn.
What's up?
Could I talk to you for a sec?
Just to talk?
Nah, dude, I gotta get home.
But text me.
Alright, cool.
Well, you're still having that party
tomorrow night, right?
Alright, well.
I guess I'll see you there then, yeah?
- Yeah, alright.
- Alright, cool.
What makes you think you're invited, Scab?
It's a free house, ain't it?
- Yeah, but no tiny dicks allowed.
- Shut up, Holly.
We all saw the photo, Tiny Tim.
You've never even fucking seen one before.
Have too.
Your dad's don't count.
Scab's got a tiny dick.
- Scab's got a tiny dick.
- That's not my name.
I said that's not my name.
Yo, Jack.
'The fuck you think you're going?
Hey, Shane.
Hey, Shane?
What, are we fucking friends now,
or something?
Go pick on someone else, dickhead.
Yo, Harriet, shut the fuck up.
This look familiar to you, huh?
Oh, that's really funny.
'Cause some asshole came to my dad's house
this morning and tagged my garage.
You know what they wrote?
Fuck off.
- No ideas huh?
- Get the fuck off!
Next time,
it's going in your fucking mouth.
Got me?
Hey, Jack.
Leave me alone.
Are you okay?
You know, you can come wash your face
at my house it's just right around the corner...
Leave me alone.
Be a dick.
- Tom back yet?
- No.
Anyone call?
Three new messages.
Can you turn that down?
Hey, Karen, it's Grant.
Uh, hello?
Look, I hate to leave something like this on your machine,
so if you're there, please pick up.
Your sister had another incident last night.
Jack, turn that off.
- Ma.
- Off.
Ma. I was just about...
No, I'm still here.
No, no. It's fine.
Of course we can.
How's he taking it?
Okay, when does he get in?
Tomorrow, right? Okay.
Yeah. Yeah, please. Just have her call me
when she's feeling more herself. Okay.
Yeah. Have her call me.
Who was that?
Get off.
What is that stuff?
Why can't Tom look after him?
Tom's working.
It's just a couple of days.
What is your problem?
He's your cousin.
So? He's family. Look out for him.
Tom's family.
He ain't never looked after me.
He'd be there when you needed him.
Says you.
This is it.
Don't mention Aunt Sharon.
Not unless he brings it up.
How was the ride?
Had to get up at the crack of dawn, huh?
Grant told me that
you started taking guitar lessons.
You know, the neighbours
might have one if you wanted to practice.
Sorry your mum went crazy.
Ow. What the fuck.
He didn't mean that, Ben.
Watch your language.
Hey, why don't you show Ben
around the neighbourhood?
Don't wanna.
Jack. Jack, come here.
Listen, I'm doing remote all morning,
so I don't want you boys in the house.
Ma, I don't wanna go out.
Hey, thanks, Ben.
Listen. I don't ask you for a lot of things,
so just help me out here.
Just look after your cousin this weekend.
And get the last bag.
You don't want to go out? Fine.
But you stay upstairs or you go out back.
I don't want to see you downstairs.
That's Tom's. Don't touch it.
Don't sit there.
Jesus Christ, dude.
Take your fucking bag off.
Look. I'm not your babysitter, alright?
If you want something to do,
I got some old toys under my bed.
Go on.
Look. I got some rules
to set straight while you're here, alright?
First, if you see any people
I know, you don't talk.
Like, at all.
Like, even if they ask you a question like
"What's your name?" You don't answer.
Second, I don't want you talking about
anything we did when we were kids, okay?
I mean... I guess if you're not talking at all,
it won't be a problem.
But even if you had to talk,
which you shouldn't,
I don't want you talking about that stuff.
Got that?
Do you have a ball for this?
Get ready to duck.
I don't want to hit you in the face,
and you go crying and get me in trouble.
If it does hit you in the face though,
just say you fell over or some shit.
Okay? While we were playing catch.
Oh, and if it goes into
the neighbours yard, you gotta go get it.
'Cause if they see me
in there again, I'm fucked.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Let's see it.
What was that?
Throw it-
You gotta throw it proper.
Like this. You see?
You see that?
I think that's softball.
It's not. It's fucking baseball,
that's what it is.
Throw it like that this time.
You ready?
You're not doing it right.
You're putting-
You're putting a curve on it.
I think that's like six strikes.
Is not.
You're throwing it all over the place.
You're throwing like balls and shit.
I should be walking home by now.
Alright, you know what smartass.
You wanna try?
Alright, let's see it.
I'm gonna throw it just like you did.
Alright, you ready?
That was a good hit.
You play on a team?
Got, like, uniforms and stuff?
That's cool.
Tom did that for a bit.
Played for school.
They had some ugly ass uniforms.
I still wanted one.
Sorry about the window.
Sorry about your mom.
You wanna talk about it?
Not really.
So what's there to do around here?
Fuck all.
So I'm going to try hit the window.
Ooh. No, that was bad.
- Nearly.
- You ready? Ready?
I can usually do it with a baseball.
There we go.
Come on. Try it.
Just get a little [???].
Just like that.
Pass it back to you.
And the just get ready to catch it.
I got you.
Who's your favorite superhero?
I have to say Spider-man.
Guess who my favorite is.
- Superman?
- No.
The Flash?
- Come on.
- Batman?
You know why Batman's the best?
Because he doesn't have any super powers
and he's still one of the greatest
super heroes of all time.
If you could pick any two super powers,
- Oh, I know. Definitely invisibility.
- which two super powers would you pick?
Why invisibility?
There's a lot of times when I'm at home
and I just don't want to be.
- Alright.
- And I also want to fly.
What about you?
Super speed for sure.
And I'm afraid of heights.
I don't like heights. So not flying.
Why do you want to be really fast?
I dunno. It just seems cool.
- Oh, did that go in?
- That went in.
It did?
- Bullseye.
- Oh, you got one. Alright.
Twenty points.
Well, you're good at baseball.
See, it's not that hard.
You just have to make that hard P sound.
Yo, Scab!
Hey, where are you going?
Hey, you got a cigarette for me by any chance?
You give one to your boyfriend over here?
He's my cousin, dick.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What did you just say?
Hey, what did you say?
Nothing. I don't have any more cigarettes.
No. What did you call him, man?
He's the one calling me a fag.
I ain't call you a fag.
No, no. He said that
this was your boyfriend.
He didn't call you a faggot, did he?
Did he?
Huh? Did he?
Did he?
Get the fuck off me.
Get the fuck off.
- Watch how you talk to me, Scab.
- Get the fuck off me.
I said watch how you fucking talk to me.
Yo. Man.
[???] for the ciggie.
Didn't know you were
a little chubby chaser.
Go. Run along with your little boyfriend.
Ow. Fuck.
You're fucking dead.
Come on.
Get under.
Shit man.
Yo. Let's go this way.
Why did that kid call you Scab?
'Cause he's a dick.
Some kids call me Schizo,
at school.
They're dicks too.
Come on.
Why can't we go home?
They'll send someone to watch out there.
Don't break the fucking window.
Doofus is here.
What do you want?
Could we come up?
You know, you were
a real dick to me, yesterday.
I was just trying to help.
You know that, right?
I'm Sorry.
Who's that?
It's my cousin.
He's related to you?
What's his name?
Look. Can we come in now?
You're not cool, but whatever.
Does he drink?
You ever drink?
Aww, virgin.
You're gonna stink up my room.
Just light some incense or something.
Give me a lighter then.
What do you keep looking at?
It's okay. You can talk around them.
Have you seen a girl down there, before?
Little man. I think she's offering.
I'm actually not, fuckhead, but thanks.
Why not?
What's wrong with him?
He's a good looking guy.
So? That doesn't mean
I want to fuck him.
Alright, alright, guys.
Jack. It's your turn.
Okay. Harriet, truth or dare?
Ooh. No, don't do it.
It's her turn.
You can pick on your turn.
What do I have to do?
I dare you to flash Ben and me.
Oh, come on.
Are you serious?
I'm very serious.
What is with you boys and tits?
Seriously. You know they're just fat?
- Like, it's not a big deal.
- Show us then.
If it's not a big deal.
All good.
I don't think Ben saw.
Did you see that, Ben?
- He must've missed it.
- Oh, I...
You're a little perv, aren't you?
I fucking knew it.
I knew he would be a little perv.
Come on. Shirt up.
Okay. Fine.
No big deal.
Everyone get a good look?
Good? Okay, that's enough.
Seven out of ten, I'd say.
Definite ten.
- That's generous.
- Shut up.
It's my turn.
Truth or dare?
- Truth.
- You're a fucking looser.
You can't do that dare
and then pick truth.
It's not the rules.
I can do what I want.
Okay. Okay.
Do you like Robyn?
Nah, do a dare.
Oh, why? 'Cause you do?
Just do a dare, alright?
I dare you to flash us.
- No boxers though.
- Yeah.
- Full off.
- Fuck off.
- No I'm not doing that.
- Come on.
- Yeah, you have to do it.
- No. I'm not doing that.
You made me flash.
- Your turn.
- That was the fucking dare. Come on.
- No. No, give me another one. Come on.
- No, you have to choose between those two.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
- But only if Ben does it too.
- What?
- Come on, Ben.
- No way.
Yeah. You go first
and I promise I won't look.
You gotta go.
- Come on.
- No.
Now, come on, Ben.
You do it, he does it. Let's go.
Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben,
Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.
Come on, Ben.
Let's go!
Ben! Come on!
- Go for it.
- Come one.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Ben.
Come on.
It's the only way he'll go.
- Yeah, come on.
- Come on.
Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben,
Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.
Ben! Yeah!
- Come on, Ben.
- Whoo! Ben
Oh my God.
- Did you do it?
- You're insane.
Oh, you actually did it.
- That was great.
- That looked pretty good to me.
- That looked really good to you?
- Yeah, that looked pretty good to me.
Oh. Give it a kiss, then.
Oh, fuck off dickhead.
It's your turn.
No way. I didn't think
he was going to do it.
- But he did it.
- You have to.
- It's your turn.
- So? Fuck you. I'm not doing it.
- Come on.
- I'm not doing it, alright.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
- No.
- You gotta do it.
You have to do it. Let's go.
- I'm not doing it.
- You're suck a pussy.
Give me another one.
- No. Those are your only two shots.
- That's it.
You have to pick between those two.
Which one will it be?
I'll give you one.
- Alright. This will be good.
- What do you got?
I dare you to kiss Harriet.
What, like a peck or like... spitty?
'Cause. Just no.
So you can see my tits,
but you can't kiss me?
- Nah. It ain't like that.
- Bullshit.
Yeah, jeez... what...
Like, what's wrong with you,
you can't fucking kiss her?
No. It's just...
It's just a dumbass game.
What the fuck, Scab.
Just give her a kiss.
- He'd do it if it was Robyn.
- No.
Fine. Whatever. I'll do it.
No. I don't want you to do it
if it's so horrible and shit.
It's not horrible and shit.
What? It's just a fucking kiss.
Haven't you kissed anyone before?
Oh my God.
No you haven't.
Yeah, I have. Loads of people.
Yeah? Like who?
You wouldn't know em'.
Fuck off. Don't tell anyone, yeah?
I mean it.
Don't tell anyone.
None of you.
- Yep. Alright.
- I won't.
I don't know anybody.
Um, so...
do you wanna?
Kiss me.
Yo, Harriet!
- Harriet!
- Oh, fuck off.
What do you want?
A little bird told me Scab's at your house.
He ain't here, Shane.
Who are you talking to then?
Hey, Shane.
Holly, you can't say "hi" to me?
What do you want?
Just you two girls then, huh?
Well. We'll text you
if we see them though.
We can't just come up and
hang out with you guys?
Shoot the shit. I know
you're all bored up there.
We're kinda having girls time right now so...
Oh. They're having girls time.
Is your dad here?
Really? 'Cause I don't see
his car anywhere.
It's in the shop.
Harriet, just let us up.
- No, Beavan.
- No?!
Get back here, you little shit.
Yo, leave him. Leave him.
He ain't going far.
Why don't you come save
your little boyfriend huh, scouch?
What's your name, boyfriend?
- What's your name?
- Ben.
You're gonna leave little Ben here,
all alone, with us?
You know you're only
making this worse, right?
Let him go, man.
Yeah, I'll let him go.
Just come out here.
He didn't do anything.
No. But you did, Scab.
You come out now,
then I'll let him go.
You wait around though...
Guess we're gonna have to take
little Ben, here, back to ours.
Look. When you find your balls. We'll be
at Beav's waiting for you to come pick him up.
Don't make us wait too long, alright?
We're gonna have fun with you, little piggy.
He's probably still running.
How's your boyfriend
gonna leave you like that, man.
Yo. Look at his titties, boy.
Maybe we should milk them.
Look at your white ass chest.
Yo. Hey, hey.
Hold up, hold up.
He deserves a fighting chance, right?
Hey, chipmunk...
You wanna play a little game?
Look, look, look.
If you-
If you win,
then, you know, we'll sit here, you know...
We'll chill out, you know, watch some
TV until your boyfriend shows up.
How's that sound?
Hey, I asked you a question.
Do you want to play a game?
Alright. It's real simple.
I'm gonna count to ten.
If you're still holding that
by the time I count to ten, then you win.
But if you drop it before I get to ten,
you lose.
You got it?
You lose.
Oh shit.
Why you looking down for?
- Yeah.
- Head up.
Head up, son. Head up.
Wish your boyfriend was here, huh?
That feel good, baby boy?
Are you about to cry?
Yo. That one is so bad, over there.
You ready?
Oh. You close!
You close.
Alright, alright.
One more time, One more time.
To the right, man.
Come on. You ain't shit.
Yo. Ten bucks, bare chest.
Oh, yeah!.
That's a hit.
Feel bad for you now, bro.
The hell was that?
Hey. Is that you, Scab?
Yo, Scab!
This thing draws blood at close range.
If you don't want your boyfriend to bleed,
you better come out right now.
[???] Shane. That's it.
He ain't here.
Better get here soon.
- Open fire.
- Sorry, your boyfriend ain't coming to save you.
No, no, no. He's moving around.
Get off the ropes.
Move out of there! Get out of there!
He's going down!
That's what I'm talking about.
Fucking right. Give me my money.
Give me my money.
Come on man, hurry up.
Where's my money bro?
Yo. You got my money, or what?
What's up?
I'm gonna give it to you next week.
I've been hearing that a lot lately, man.
Don't tell mom about the fight.
How much do you owe?
Relax. I'm coming.
Yo, man.
Where is he?!
He's out back, man!
Come on, man!
Hey, dude, what the fuck?!
Shut the fuck up, both of you!
Untie him.
Who's idea was this?
Are you alright?
Who's idea?
Who's fucking idea was this?
Any of you come near
my little cousin again, that's your fucking face.
You understand me?
Fucking big shots
picking on a twelve year old.
My dad's TV man...
What was that?
He said it's his dad's TV.
Oh, is that what he said?
Don't answer for other people.
You're not even supposed
to come near me, Tom.
Go ahead and squeal.
I'm sure they'd love to hear
how you tied up some kid in your backyard.
Ben, you got your stuff?
Let's go.
You okay?
Ah, fuck. Ahh.
How many times did I tell you
to leave Shane alone?
How many times?
It wasn't my fault. He-
- Shut up. Shut up.
- Ow. Ow. Fuck.
It's never your fucking fault.
You know how much trouble
I could get into for what I did in there?
Has that even crossed your mind?
It doesn't right? Cause the whole
fucking world revolves around you.
You okay?
Wipe yourself off.
When's the last time
you did something for somebody else?
Tell mom I'm not going
to be home till late.
Hey, Ben.
Hey, wait up.
You okay?
Listen. I'm sorry, okay?
- I'm sorry.
- Just leave me alone.
- Ben. I'm sorry.
- Just leave me alone.
You're not my friend.
So don't try to act like it.
Home's the other way.
Hey, don't tell my mom, alright?
Oh, Ben, your dad called.
I told him you'd call him back after dinner.
So, you guys have fun today?
Ben, you're sleeping in
Tom's bed tonight, okay?
He'll take the couch when he gets in.
Hey, man, it's two players...
if you wanna...
I'm sorry.
I should've let them take me.
You know why people call me Scab?
Tom started it.
When I was little.
My dad had this nickname for me.
He used to call me King Jack.
Put me on his shoulders.
Carrying me all throughout the house,
saying I was the king of everything.
The couch, the backyard, everything.
Tom didn't like it.
He used to punch me
when dad wasn't around.
Pick on me at school, too.
He was mad popular so...
Whatever he did, everyone kinda copied.
Said I wasn't a king.
Wasn't even a fucking person.
Just some scab.
I never really had a lot of friends.
There you are.
I thought you weren't gonna make it.
Oh yeah. Here I am.
I like your house.
Thank you.
Shane isn't here, is he?
No. I didn't invite him.
Alright, cool.
Are you okay?
What? Oh yeah, yeah,
no, I'm great. Yeah.
How are you doing?
How am I doing?
That's kind of a tough question
to ask at a party.
Come on. You're too sober.
Come on. It's not that bad.
Does your mom use that stuff
to clean the house?
Fuck you. That's my drink.
I don't share it with everyone, you know.
Hey, look, I wanted to say I was sorry,
about yesterday, with the photo.
- I didn't mean to show it to the girls, they just-
- Whatever.
No, really. It was shitty.
A little bit.
A little bit?
Yeah, yeah. A little bit.
Like a lot of bit.
Alright, yeah, like a lot of bit.
So... apology shot?
No, no, no. It's cool.
- Take it.
- No. I'm fine.
- Take it.
- It's cool. It's fine.
Come on. Or else
I'm gonna feel bad all night.
Alright. Alright, fine.
Can I tell you something?
About the photo?
I kinda liked it.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what?
I don't like it when boys look at me like that.
Like what?
Close your eyes.
No peaking.
Tell me what you want.
Tell me what you want.
This is good.
Hey, Scab.
Get the fuck out.
No stop.
Shut up.
I thought it was just a joke.
Yo, get the fuck
out of here right now.
- No. It's my house Shane.
- Get the fuck out of here!
Yo, turn the camera off, man.
Turn it off.
You guys wanna go downstairs
and make sure she's not making a fucking scene?
Where's your brother now, huh?
He's not here to save you?
Maybe you shouldn't have have
brought him around today, you little fucker.
That was a bad idea.
Come on. He went outside.
Help! Help! Help! Help!
Hey, shut up!
Shut the fuck up.
Don't move or I'll take out your eye.
Works, doesn't it.
Your brother used to say that.
You're gonna remember me, Scab.
Everyday, when you wake up
and look in that mirror.
You're gonna remember me.
- Let's go, Jack!
- You're fucking dead.
Jack! Now!
You're fucking dead, you little shit.
- You're fucking dead!
- Leave him alone!
- Come here!
- Whoa, Shane.
I said leave him alone!
Get outta my house, assholes.
- Yo Shane, we gotta get outta here.
- I said get outta here, Shane.
Move, Scab.
I said move, Scab!
That's not my name.
When I tell you to do something, Scab,
you do it!
You fucking do it!
What are you looking at, huh?
Stay down.
Stay the fuck down.
What are you looking at?!
Go home!
No, man! Chill!.
Chill. That's enough.
Stop. He ain't moving.
I said leave him alone.
It's alive.
Is he up?
Hey. Back down.
Don't move.
When did he get up.
Just now.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah. I'm okay.
You know you scared
the shit out of me, right?
Emma came by from the hospital.
She said you had a cracked rib.
Maybe a mild concussion.
That it could have been a lot worse.
I'm glad you're okay.
Hey, Pete, he just fucking got up.
The sooner I can ask him a couple of questions,
the sooner I can get out of here.
How are you feeling Jack?
Nobody from the party's talking,
so you wanna tell me what happened to you?
I fell off my bike.
Must have fell pretty hard.
I was going pretty fast.
Well. I'm glad I stuck around for that.
Look, if he changes his mind
and he wants to press charges or something,
you know where to find me.
And I don't want to get to know you
like I know your brother.
Love you too, Pete.
Go fuck yourself.
You fell off your bike?
Okay, look...
You don't wanna tell me
what happened last night? That's fine.
But it's never happening again,
you hear me?
I don't know what's going on in your head,
but something has gotta change.
You could be a good kid if you wanted.
I'm sorry, Ma.
I know.
But you are not leaving this house
for the rest of this summer.
For coming back for me.
Don't mention it.
How did we get home?
Some of the older boys
took you in their car.
Was it cool?
It was pretty cool.
Hey, doofus.
How are you feeling?
Been better.
Robyn says she's sorry.
She says you should go visit her
when you're feeling better.
I'll pass.
You know you're still a dick, right?
I'm sorry.
What's that?
There's your clothes from the party.
There's no money in the wallet.
But that's how I found it.
I brought you something, too.
I made it.
I thought it would make you feel better.
Or whatever.
Ben said you'd like it.
I guess I've been bruised,
if we were to speak plain
Every bruise that comes to flesh,
makes it mark on the brain
You say it's always been
and always will be
Anything you'd say has already been said
a million times
Do you think of all of the side streets
we walked past slow
of buried skeletons in the back yard?
So you think you've moved me to change
How could I be moved
when I want to move away from this place?
Things you think you know
or you may have seen
might have come to pass
if your parents had been kept clean
Do you think of all of the side streets
we've walked past slow
of buried skeletons in the back yard?