King Kong (1933) Movie Script

Say, is this the moving-picture ship?
The Venture? Yeah.
- Are you going on this crazy voyage?
- What's crazy about it?
I don't know. But everybody is talking
about that crazy fella running it.
- Carl Denham?
- Guess that's the name.
He ain't scared of nothing.
If he wants a picture of lion...
...he just goes up to him
and tells him to look pleasant.
He's a tough egg. Why all this talk
about this voyage being crazy?
Everybody around the docks is talking
about the cargo, for one thing.
And I never did see a ship
this size with such a crew.
- Not enough men to handle her?
- Not enough!
Three times more than
the ship needs.
I don't see where they're gonna
have room enough to sleep.
Hey, down there.
What do you want?
- Denham aboard?
- Who are you?
My name is Weston,
the theatrical agent.
Well, why didn't you say so?
Come on aboard.
Denham's getting wild. I hope you've got
some good news for him.
Well, Mr. Denham, you know the reasons
for hurrying as well as I do.
Insurance company found out
we're carrying explosives.
Marshal will be aboard
tomorrow or next day.
If we make a legal case of it,
we'll be tied up for months?
With enough ammunition
to blow up the harbor.
What do you think the marshal will say
to these new gas bombs of yours?
According to you, one of them
is enough to knock out an elephant.
We've got to get where we're going
before the monsoon starts.
- Trust me to see you through a blow.
- Oh, now, don't get sore, skipper.
You can't run into the rainy season when
you're trying to make an outdoor picture.
Months wasted, money gone
and nothing to show.
Still you always
bring back a picture.
And everybody says,
"There's only one Carl Denham."
Weston, I was just going ashore
to call you.
If I'd known that,
I would have waited.
This is the skipper.
Weston, the theatrical agent.
I guess you met Driscoll,
the first mate.
Well, Weston, how about the girl?
- It can't be done, Denham.
- What?
It's got to be done.
Now, look here, Weston.
Somebody's interfered
with every girl I try to hire.
Now all the agents in town
have shut down on me. All but you.
- You know I'm square.
- Everybody knows you're square.
But you've got
a reputation for recklessness...
...that can't be glossed over.
Then you're so secretive.
You said it.
Even skipper and mate don't
know where they're going, what.
There you are.
I've got a conscience, Denham.
I can't send a pretty girl
such as you ask on a job like this...
...without telling her what to expect.
- What is she to expect?
To go off on a trip
for no one knows how long... some spot
you don't even hint at...
...the only woman on a ship with
the toughest mugs I ever looked at.
I mean the crew.
Good Lord, you talk as if
I never brought anybody back alive.
The skipper and Driscoll
have stuck to me on two trips.
- They look well enough.
- Sure, we're healthy.
But it's a different thing
taking a girl into danger.
I suppose there's no danger
in New York.
Listen, there are dozens of girls
in this town...
...that are in more danger
than they are with me.
Yeah, but they know
that kind of danger.
You never had a woman
in any of your pictures.
- Why do you want one?
- Holy mackerel!
Do you think I wanna haul
a woman around?
- Then why?
- Because the public, bless them...
...must have a pretty face.
Sure, everybody likes romance.
Isn't there any romance or adventure
without having a flapper in it?
Well, Mr. Denham, why not take
a picture in a monastery?
Makes me sore. I go out,
sweat blood to make a swell picture...
...then the critics
and the exhibitors all say:
"If this picture had love interest,
it would gross twice as much."
The public wants a girl, and this time
I'm gonna give what they want.
- Don't know where you'll get her.
- I've gotta get her, Weston.
We've gotta leave by morning.
- We've gotta be gone by daylight.
- Why?
Well, there's a good reason.
Everything I hear about it
makes me like it less.
I'm glad I didn't get you a girl.
You are, eh? Well, I'll show you.
Do you think I'm gonna give up
because you can't find me a girl?
I'm going to make
the greatest picture in the world.
Something that nobody's
ever seen or heard of.
They'll have to think up a lot
of new adjectives when I come back.
- Where you going?
- Going out...
...and get a girl for my picture.
Even if I have to marry one.
- Stand aside, please. Get your case later.
- Can I take my things?
Say, lay off the shoving, will you?
- Oh, I didn't mean to shove you.
- Excuse me.
What do they give you in this joint?
Soup tonight. Coffee and sinkers
in the morning.
I catch you, you stealer.
Now, I get you cop. You like that, huh?
No, no. I didn't. Let me go.
I wanted to, but I didn't.
- Had enough of these stealers.
- Dry up. Kid didn't take any.
- Truly I didn't.
- Three people this week...
- Here... Here's a buck.
- A buck.
Hey, taxi!
Feeling better?
Yes, thank you.
- You're very kind.
- Don't you fool yourself.
I'm not bothering
about you just out of kindness.
- How'd you ever get into this fix?
- Bad luck, I guess.
There are a lot of girls like me.
- Not many with your looks.
- I can get by in good clothes all right.
- But when a girl gets too shabby...
- No family?
Supposed to have an uncle someplace.
Did you ever do any acting?
I used to do extra work now
and then over on Long Island.
The studio's closed now.
- What's your name?
- Ann Darrow.
Fine. I've got a job for you.
Costumes on the ship
will fit you.
If the shops are still open,
I can get clothes for you.
- Come on.
- But...
- But what is it?
- It's money and adventure and fame.
It's the thrill of a lifetime.
A long sea voyage...
...that starts at
No, wait.
I don't understand.
You must tell me.
I do want the job so...
...but I can't.
- Oh, I see.
No, you've got me wrong.
This is strictly business.
- I only wanted...
- Sure. Sure you did.
I got a little excited and I forgot
you didn't understand.
Listen, I'm Carl Denham.
Ever heard of me?
Yes, yes. You make moving pictures
in jungles and places.
That's right. And I pick you
as lead in my next picture.
We sail at 6.
- Where to?
- A long way off.
And listen, Ann, I'm on the level.
No funny business.
- What do I have to do?
- Just trust me and keep your chin up.
Hey, you men on that winch...
...down below on the deck
and help with these hatches.
Hurry this line forward.
Forward, you farmer and up here!
What are you doing up here?
- I just wanted to see.
- Oh, you just wanted to see.
Well, I'm sorry.
Make that line fast!
You're that girl Denham
picked, aren't you?
Yes. I think this is awfully exciting.
I've never been on a ship before.
I've never been on one
with a woman before.
I guess you don't think much
of women on ships?
No, they're a nuisance.
- I'll try not to be.
- You've been in the way already.
Bring that ladder aboard!
Well, you better stay below.
What? The whole voyage?
I'm afraid I didn't apologize
for hitting you.
That was a pretty tough rap
on the chin.
- Well, we're off.
- We're off.
Say, how many potatoes do you think
you've peeled in six weeks?
Too many.
Sailors eat an awful lot,
don't they?
All time eat.
Someday me go back China.
Never see no more potatoes.
- Charlie, isn't the ocean wonderful?
- Very pretty.
Pretty soon you be all same sailor,
only no eat so much.
I'd like to be. Only, of course,
it wasn't so nice up north...
...when it was cold
and rough was it?
Ocean very nice when you order
weather or some eggs for breakfast.
- Hello, Ann.
- Hello, Jack.
Where you been all morning?
Trying on costumes
for Mr. Denham.
He's gonna make some tests of me
here on deck...
...if the light is right.
- Tests, why?
Oh, to see which side of my face
looks best and all that.
Both sides look all right to me.
Yes, but you're not
the movie director.
If I was, you wouldn't be here.
Well, is that a nice thing to say.
This is no place for a girl.
I wish you wouldn't keep harping
on that. It's very mean of you.
Anybody would think
I'd been a lot of trouble.
I haven't. You can't say I've been
one bit of trouble to anyone...
...have I?
- Sure you have. Sure you have.
- I don't see...
Well, how?
Just... Just being around is trouble.
Oh, dear, and I thought everything
was going so nicely.
Oh, you're all right.
But women just can't help
being a bother.
- Made that way I guess.
- Well, anyhow...
I've had the happiest time
of my life on this old ship.
That's... That's fine.
Did you really mean that, Ann?
Of course. Everyone's so nice to me.
Dr. Denham and the skipper...
Don't you think the skipper
is a sweet old lamb?
I'd hate to have him
hear me say that.
Iggy's nice to me.
Iggy likes me better than
he likes anybody onboard.
Don't you, Iggy?
- That's right. Of course you do.
- Beauty and the beast, eh?
Well, now, I never thought
I was good-looking.
Put on one of the costumes.
The light's right for those tests now.
All right, Mr. Denham.
I won't be a minute.
Beauty and the beast.
Mr. Denham...
...I'm gonna do some butting in.
- What's your trouble?
- When do we find out...
...where we're going?
- Pretty soon.
Will you tell us
what happens after?
How can I? I'm not a fortuneteller.
You must have
some idea what you're after.
What's the matter?
You going soft.
Oh, you know I'm not.
Not for myself.
- For Ann.
- Oh, you have gone soft on her, eh?
I've got enough troubles without
a love affair to complicate things.
- Better cut it out, Jack.
- Love affair.
- Think I'm gonna fall for any dame?
- I never knew it to fail.
Some big hard-boiled egg gets
a look at a pretty face, bang...
...he cracks up, gets sappy.
- Who's going sappy?
I haven't run out on you?
No. You're a pretty tough guy.
But if beauty gets you, you...
I'm going right
into a theme song here.
- Say, what are you talking about?
- It's the idea of my picture.
The beast was a tough guy too.
He could lick the world, but when
he saw beauty, she got him.
He went soft, he forgot his wisdom
and the little fellas licked him.
Think it over, Jack.
Mr. Denham, skipper
wants you up on the bridge.
- He says we've reached the position.
- Good.
Come on, Jack. You're in on this.
I'm gonna spill it.
There's our noon position.
Two south, 90 east.
Now, you promised some information
when we got here.
- Way west of Sumatra.
- And way out of any waters I know.
I know the East Indies like
I do my own hand...
...but I've never been here.
- Where do we go from here?
- Southwest.
- Southwest?
Well, there is nothing
for thousands of miles.
Keep your shirt on, skipper.
We're not going thousands of miles.
Here's the island we're looking for.
Well, that position.
Let's have the big chart.
You won't find
that island on any chart.
That was made by the skipper
of a Norwegian bark.
- He must have been kidding.
- No, he wasn't.
Listen, a canoe full of natives from
this island was blown to sea.
When the bark picked them,
there was one alive.
He died before they reached port,
not before the skipper...
...had a description of the island
and got an idea of where it lies.
- Where did you get it?
- Singapore, two years ago.
Skipper knew I'd be interested.
- Does he believe it?
- I don't know. But I do.
Here. Here's what
the island looks like.
There's a long, sandy peninsula.
The only possible landing place
is through this reef.
Rest of shoreline's sheer precipice,
hundreds of feet high.
And across the base
of the peninsula, cutting it off...
...from the rest
of the island, is a wall.
- A wall?
- Built long ago. People who lived there...
...slipped back, forgotten
the high civilization that built it.
That wall is as strong today
as it was centuries ago.
The natives keep that wall in repair.
- They need it.
- Why?
There's something on the other side
of it. Something they fear.
A hostile tribe.
Did you ever hear of Kong?
Why, yes.
Some native superstition, isn't it?
A god or a spirit or something.
Well, anyway,
neither beast nor man...
...something monstrous,
Still living...
...still holding that island
in a grip of deadly fear.
Well, every legend
has a basis of truth.
I tell you, there's something on that
island that no white man has ever seen.
- And you expect to photograph it?
- If it's there, you bet I'll photograph it.
Suppose it doesn't like
having its picture taken?
Well, now you know why I brought
along those cases of gas bombs.
Oh, you've put on a beauty-and-beast
costume, eh?
It's the prettiest.
All right. Just stand right over there.
I'm sort of nervous.
Suppose I don't photograph well?
You don't have to worry about that.
If I hadn't been sure...
...I wouldn't have brought you
around the world.
- What will I do?
- Well, we start with the profile.
When I start cranking...
...why, hold it a minute, and
then turn slowly toward me.
You see me.
You smile a little, then you listen.
Then you laugh. All right.
- Looks kind of silly, don't it?
- Pretty dame, huh?
You think maybe
he like to take my picture?
Them cameras cost money.
Shouldn't think he'd risk it.
Now, that's fine, Ann.
Now we'll try one with a filter, eh?
Do you always take
the pictures yourself?
Ever since a trip I made to Africa.
I'd have got a swell picture
of a charging rhino...
...but the cameraman got scared.
The darned fool.
I was right there with a rifle.
Seems he didn't trust me to get
the rhino before it got him.
I haven't fooled with a
cameramen since. I do it myself.
- Think he's crazy, skipper?
- Just enthusiastic.
Ann, in this one
you're looking down.
When I start to crank,
you look up slowly.
You're quite calm.
You don't expect to see a thing.
Then you just follow
my directions. All right?
Camera. Look up slowly, Ann.
That's it. You don't see anything.
Now look higher...
...still higher.
Now you see it. You're amazed.
You can't believe it.
Your eyes open wider.
It's horrible, Ann,
but you can't look away.
There's no chance for you, Ann,
no escape.
You're helpless, Ann, helpless.
There's just one chance,
if you can scream...
...but your throat's paralyzed.
Try to scream, Ann, try.
Perhaps if you didn't see it,
you could scream.
Throw your arm across your eyes
and scream. Scream for your life.
What's he think
she's really gonna see?
This infernal fog.
Sure of your position, skipper?
Last night before this fog shut down,
I got a good sight.
We should be near the island.
If we don't see it when this fog lifts,
we never will.
We've quartered these parts.
Can't see your hand in front of your face.
Hey, Charlie, I wish you'd make
your soup as thick as this.
No bottom at 30.
The Norwegian skipper must've
been guessing at the position.
How will we know
it's the right island?
- The mountain that looks like a skull.
- Oh, yes, I'd forgotten. You told me.
- Skull Mountain.
- By the deep 20.
Shallowing fast.
Mr. Briggs, dead slow.
Dead slow, sir.
- Confound this fog.
- By the deep 16.
- What'd she draw, skipper?
- Four.
Why don't he
heave to until it clears?
'Tain't the old man.
It's that crazy guy, Denham.
Listen, you hear anything?
- Breakers ahead.
- Let go.
That's not breakers. That's drums.
Skipper, now the fog's lifted,
do you see anybody?
- Not a living thing.
- Funny they haven't spotted us.
I'd think the whole population
would be on the beach.
Maybe they have spotted us
and are signaling.
Well, skipper, do you believe me now?
There it is.
Skull Mountain, the wall.
Everything just like
on my funny little map.
- Come on. Let's get started.
- All right.
Twelve men go with you.
The rest stay aboard.
Have you got a good man
with those gas bombs?
I think you better go along.
You may be able to talk
to these birds.
All right. Mr. Adams.
Aye, sir.
- You'll take charge of the ship.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- I'm going ashore with you, aren't I?
- You bet.
I don't think she should
until we know what's there.
Wait a minute.
Who's running this show?
I found out from experience to
keep my cast and cameras with me.
You never can tell
when you'll want them.
- But you're crazy to risk...
- Jack... along and get
the rifles and ammunition.
And get me a couple of huskies
to carry my stuff.
And, Jack, don't forget
the costume box.
If we're lucky enough,
we may get a swell shot right away.
Come on, Ann.
All right, boys, let's go.
- Take it easy with that camera.
- Okay.
- Plenty of ammunition for those guns?
- Yes, sir.
Be careful with those bombs.
All right, Briggs, now we'll get
a look at Denham's island.
Stand by to lower away.
You with the camera,
stick close.
- Okay.
- Who's got the bombs?
- I have, sir.
- Watch your step.
There's enough trichloride
to put hippos to sleep.
Aye, aye, sir.
- What queer-looking boats.
- Yeah, outrigger canoes.
Driscoll, I want two men left here
to guard the boat.
- All attended to, sir.
- Good.
We all ready, then?
Come on.
Not a soul in sight.
The people must all
be gathered up ahead.
That wall, skipper.
What do you think of that?
It might almost be Egyptian.
But what's on the other side
of that wall? I wanna know.
Who do you suppose
could have built it?
Oh, I was up on Angkor once.
That's bigger than this,
and nobody knows who built it.
Oh, boy, what a chance.
What a picture.
Come on.
Hear that?
They're saying, "Kong, Kong."
Hope you talk
their lingo, skipper.
- You catch any words yet?
- I'm not sure.
Sounds something like the language
Nias Islanders speak.
What do you suppose is happening?
They're up to some
of their heathen tricks.
But don't go rushing out to sea.
- All right. But isn't it exciting?
- Sure.
- I wish we'd left you on the ship.
- Oh, I'm so glad you didn't.
Wait. Easy, now.
Wait till I see what goes on.
Holy mackerel! What a show.
Hey, skipper, come here
and get a load of this.
Did you ever see anything
like that before in your life?
Boy, if I could only get
a picture before they see us.
Hey, you with the camera.
Come here.
I wanna see.
Come on, but be careful.
- Too late. They see us.
- Let's... Let's beat it.
- Hey, what are you running for?
- No use trying to hide now.
Everybody come out in plain sight.
- Say, let's scram out of here.
- Stand still, you fool.
Steady, boys, bluff them.
Come on, skipper.
Make him a friendly speech.
He understands you, skipper.
What's he say?
- He's telling us to get out.
- Well, talk him out of it.
Ask him what goes on.
He says the girl there
is the bride of Kong.
Great. Find out
what they're gonna do.
- What's that?
- He must be the witch doctor.
He says the ceremony is spoiled
because we've seen it.
Well, calm the old boy down.
What's the word for friend?
Steady with those rifles, boys.
- What's that?
- He says, look at the golden woman.
Yeah. Blonds are scarce
around here.
- A gift for Kong, he says.
- Good Lord!
Wants to buy her.
He's offering to trade
six of his women for Ann.
You got her into this, Denham.
I'm gonna take her
back to the ship.
We'd better get out of here
before they think to cut us off.
Guess so. But tell him we'll be back
tomorrow to make friends.
Get going, Ann. Don't be scared.
Everything's all right.
Smile, Ann, and talk to Jack.
Keep your chin up.
- Say, why aren't you in bed?
- Oh, I can't sleep.
The sound of those drums
makes me nervous, I guess.
I think Denham's off his nut
taking you ashore today.
Well, I was a little scared.
- I guess you weren't the only one.
- I wonder what we do next.
That's just what's worrying me.
Denham's a fool,
there's no telling what he might...
...ask you to do for this picture.
After all he's done,
I would take any chance for him.
Don't talk like that.
I'd say he's crazy enough
to try anything.
Well, I won't go back on him.
When I think of what might've happened
today, if anything had happened to you...
Then you wouldn't be bothered
having a woman onboard.
Don't laugh. I'm scared for you.
I'm sort of...
Well, I'm scared of you too.
I guess I love you.
Why, Jack, you hate women.
Yeah, I know.
But you aren't women.
Say, Ann...
I don't suppose...
I mean...
Well, you don't feel anything
like that about me... you?
Mr. Driscoll, are you on deck?
Yes, sir.
Will you please
come up on the bridge?
You go on. I'll wait here.
Yes, sir.
There, that's about it.
We'll make absolutely sure
tomorrow noon.
Oh, must be almost midnight.
Look at that.
Torches going through the village.
Yeah, looks like the night
before election.
Listen to them. Wonder what's up.
Wish I could take pictures
by firelight.
- I'd sneak ashore and get a scene now.
- Oh, be sensible.
We're lucky to be all safe
aboard tonight.
Yeah, I guess so.
- Charlie, have you seen missy?
- Me no see one, two hours.
When we leave this place?
Me no like.
All hands on deck!
Everybody on deck!
Everybody on deck!
All hands on deck!
Everybody on deck!
Everybody on deck!
- What's the matter? What's happening?
- What's going on?
- What's the matter?
- I'm out here.
Look, sir. Me find on deck.
- A native bracelet.
- Crazy black man been here.
What is it?
Who turned out the crew?
- Look. Someone's been aboard.
- Where's Ann?
- In her cabin.
- No, she isn't. I just looked.
- What's the matter, Mr. Driscoll?
- Search the ship. Find Miss Darrow.
Aye, aye.
- Ann. Oh, Ann. Did you see her?
- No.
I'll look below.
- Did you find her?
- Can't find her forward.
- She's not below.
- Can't find her aft.
Ann's gone!
Serve out the rifles. Man the boats.
Take this ammunition outside.
Come on, you fellas.
Grab these guns.
Take these bomb cases
and be careful with them.
Pass those rifles up over the side.
Start packing those bombs.
Me likey go too.
Me likey catch missy.
This is no job for a cook.
Get out of here. Come on.
Shove her off, men.
We're going over the side.
Give way, gentlemen.
Right over there.
They've taken Ann.
Hurry. Hurry up.
She must be up ahead here.
- Come on, men.
- Come on, boys.
Has anybody seen her?
Come on.
Get this gate open. Quick!
Get up there, men.
Pull that thing back!
Pull that bar back.
He's got Ann.
Heave. Heave.
Heave. Heave.
- Who's going with me?
- I'll go.
You stay with half the men
and guard the gate.
- Don't let them close it.
- We'll take care of it.
No telling which way
he went in this darkness.
He's been through here.
- Look at these broken branches.
- Yeah, look at that. Keep up, fellas.
It ought to be sunup about now.
Yeah, just listen to those birds.
It's dawn all right.
- What's that?
- Holy mackerel!
Yeah, that's his track.
Look at the size of that thing.
He must be as big as a house.
He's headed this way.
Come on, fellas, and keep
those guns cocked.
Hate to have that thing
wrapped around me.
Here's another one.
We're on his trail.
Sure, sure. I know that.
Come on. Come on, fellas.
Hey, look at that!
Keep quiet.
He doesn't see us.
Give me one of those bombs.
Look, it's gonna charge.
Keep quiet.
Come on.
Give him another one.
Look out!
Look out. He's still alive.
Come on. That got him.
What do you call this thing?
Why, something
from the dinosaur family.
Dinosaur, eh?
Yes, Jack...
...a prehistoric beast.
Say, just look at the length
of that brute.
If I could only bring back
one of these alive.
- Watch that tail! He's still alive.
- Come on, looks like he's standing up.
He's through. Come on.
Come on, men.
Boy, one swipe of that.
- Hear that?
- Yeah. What is it?
That's him, boys. Come on.
Here. Here's his mark again.
- There's water ahead.
- He's down in that fog somewhere.
Yes, that's him splashing through.
Come on.
Be careful.
Now, watch the step-off, boys.
Must have swum across.
Yeah, it'll be tough for us
with these guns and bombs.
- What about these logs for a raft?
- Good idea.
Come, fellas. Get busy.
Put those guns down
on the bank and get going.
Come on with those poles.
All set, everybody?
Shove off!
- Hear anything?
- No, he's miles away by now.
We'll be able to pick up
his trail all right.
What was it?
Hang on, men.
Look out. Here he comes.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, Jack. Jack Driscoll.
- Hey, Jack.
- Denham.
- It didn't get you, huh?
- No, I got to cover, same as you.
- Think we're safe?
- There are two of us...
...left alive to save her.
- I can't get across now.
Don't want you to.
Lam back and get more bombs.
Why, you wouldn't follow
that beast alone.
Someone's gotta stay on his trail.
I'll get a chance,
sneak her away.
I'll figure a way to signal you
where he's taken her.
- I guess that's our only out.
- Sure it is. Get going.
Don't get killed
till you see Englehorn.
Okay, Jack. Good luck.
Skipper, this Kong
is the biggest thing in the world.
He shook those men off that log
like they were flies.
All those men lost.
It's incredible.
Driscoll said he'd try and signal us
if he found Ann.
- We'll never see them again.
- Don't give up.
- There's chance for Driscoll.
- Wait for daylight.
We'll bridge the ravine.
Where's that case of bombs?
- Here, sir.
- This...
This monster you've seen,
you think your bombs will stop him?
If we can get close enough
to use them, you bet they'll stop him.
- Had any trouble with the natives?
- Yes, after you left.
- What happened?
- We fired volleys over...
...their heads,
they ran like rabbits.
Gunpowder's new
in their lives?
- They're terrified.
- They haven't shown up.
Take a man on the wall,
keep your eyes peeled.
We leave at dawn,
if we get a signal or not.
Yes, sir.
Hey, look.
Hey, below, Mr. Denham.
Captain Englehorn.
Mr. Driscoll and the lady,
they're coming back.
Come on, fellas.
Are you both all right?
Pint, Jack. Here.
I'm all right.
What happened? How did you do it?
- Came down the river.
- Oh, Jack.
There, there, you're safe now.
We'll have you back on the ship
in no time.
Wait a minute. What about Kong?
Well, what about him?
We came to get a movie,
and we found something worth...
...more than all the movies in the world.
- What?
We've got those gas bombs.
- If we can capture him alive...
- Why, you're crazy.
He's on a cliff
where a whole army...
...couldn't get at him.
- Yeah, if he stays there...
...but we've got
something he wants.
Yeah, something
he won't get again.
Hey, look out. It's Kong.
Kong's coming.
Come around. Come here
and hold the gates. Quick.
- Denham, natives are coming.
- Good work. Come on.
Hey, come back
with those bombs, you...
Come on. Come on. I got him.
He'll be out for hours.
Send to the ship.
- For anchor chains and tools.
- What will you do?
A raft to float him to the ship.
The whole world will pay to see this.
- No chains will hold that.
- We'll give him more than chains.
He's always been king of his world,
but we'll teach him fear.
We're millionaires, boys.
I'll share it with all of you.
In a few months,
it'll be up in lights on Broadway:
"Kong, the Eighth Wonder
of the World."
Say, what's Denham got anyway?
It better be good
after all this ballyhoo.
Heavens, what a mob.
Well, you would come.
These tickets cost me 20 bucks.
I can't sit so near the screen.
It hurts my eyes.
This is not a moving picture,
What? Mr. Denham
makes those pictures...
...of those darling monkeys
and tigers and things.
This is in the nature
of a personal appearance.
Well, I never. I thought
I was gonna see something.
- Say, what is it anyhow?
- I hear it's a kind of a gorilla.
Gee, ain't we got enough
of them in New York?
I don't like to look at him.
It makes me think
of that awful day on the island.
I wouldn't have brought you,
but you know how Denham insisted.
We had to come
when he said it would help the show.
Do you think we'll
make a lot of money?
Well, enough to pay him back
for these clothes anyway.
It's the first time I ever had on
one of these open-front suits.
Hello, there. Just in time.
Gee, Ann, you look great.
I'm glad I dressed you up for this show.
Well, Jack, $10,000 in the box office.
- Not bad for one night.
- That's a lot of money.
We're gonna do that every night.
- Look at the size of that.
- I hope he's tied up tight.
Sure he is.
Denham's taking no chances.
Here are the press.
Come in, boys.
- This is Ms. Darrow and Mr. Driscoll.
- How do you do?
Mr. Driscoll saved you from the ape?
Yes. He was alone too.
All the sailors with him had been killed.
- How did you ever tackle that baby?
- Well, Mr. Denham got him.
The rest of us
were running scared.
He had the nerve
to stand there and chuck bombs.
Oh, so you're the hero.
Come on, give us a story.
Here now, wait a minute.
Lay off me, boys.
Miss Darrow is the story.
If it hadn't been for her...
...we couldn't have gotten near Kong.
He followed her.
- Beauty and the beast, huh?
- That's it.
Play up that angle,
beauty and the beast.
Kong could have stayed safe...
...but he couldn't stay away
from beauty.
- That's your story, boys.
- That's a lead story, all right.
- How about some pictures?
- Just a minute.
Come on the stage. Take pictures
in front of the audience.
I'll make a speech and tell them
about Kong, Darrow...
...Driscoll. When I call you,
come take pictures.
- Okay.
- That's fine.
Stand by, Ann, when I call you.
Now, now, it's all right.
We've knocked some of the fight
out of him since you saw him.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight
to tell you a very strange story.
A story so strange that no one
will believe it.
But, ladies and gentlemen,
seeing is believing...
...and we, my partners and I...
...have brought back the living proof
of our adventure. adventure in which 12
of our party met horrible deaths.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
before I tell you any more...
...I am going to show you the greatest
thing your eyes ever beheld.
He was a king and a god
in the world he knew...
...but now he comes to civilization
merely a captive...
...a show to gratify your curiosity.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong.
The Eighth Wonder of the World.
And now I want to introduce
Miss Ann Darrow...
...the bravest girl
I have ever known.
There the beast
and here the beauty.
She has lived through an experience
no other woman ever dreamed of.
And she was saved from the very grasp
of Kong by her future husband.
I want you to meet a very brave
gentleman, Mr. John Driscoll.
And now before I tell you
the full story of our voyage...
...I will ask the gentlemen
of the press to come forward... that the audience may see them
take the first photographs...
...of Kong and his captors.
All right, boys.
Miss Darrow first, alone.
Stand in front of Kong, Ann.
- All set? Make it a good one.
- Okay.
Don't be alarmed. Those chains
are made of chrome steel.
- It's all right, Ann.
- Get them together, boys.
- They're going to be married tomorrow.
- Put your arm around her, Driscoll.
Wait a minute. Hold on.
- He thinks you're attacking the girl.
- All the roaring, swell picture.
Come on, it's loose!
Send the riot squad and ambulances.
Kong has escaped.
You're safe now, dear.
It's like a horrible dream.
It's like being back
on the island again.
Now, it's all right. Don't worry.
I'm gonna stay right here with you.
Anyhow, you know
they're bound to get him.
Jack, he's climbing up
outside there.
- He's got Ann. He's taken her up.
- The roof, quick.
Ann, Ann!
How can we follow him?
What'll we do?
Fire department searchlights
on the roof.
Yeah, they'll keep him in sight.
Attention all stations.
Kong is going west.
He is making for
the Empire State Building.
Stand by for further reports.
- If he goes up there, what can we do?
- We won't get near him.
Kong is climbing
the Empire State Building.
He is still carrying Ann Darrow.
That is all.
That licks us.
- One thing we haven't thought of.
- What?
Airplanes. If he should put
Ann down...
...and they fly close
to pick him without her...
You're right. Planes.
Call the field.
- Here come the planes.
- They'll get him.
- Can they shoot him and not hit Ann?
- They'll be shooting.
Ann. Ann, hang on, dear.
- Ann, are you all right?
- Jack!
Just a moment. Wait a minute.
Let me through.
My name is Denham.
Just a moment. Oh, lieutenant.
- Lieutenant, I'm Carl Denham.
- Carl Denham.
Denham? Oh, that's the man
that captured the monster.
Well, Denham, the airplanes got him.
Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes.
It was beauty killed the beast.