King Kong Escapes (1967) Movie Script

Good morning.
Boy, with a good-looking nurse like that
on board, I wouldn't mind running a fever.
Just remember, sailor,
I've got lots of castor oil in sickbay.
And you, too.
Yes, sir... Ma'am.
Oh, a gorilla.
Are we going to make surveys of
animals on this trip, too, Commander?
No, this is just
for our own amusement.
This has nothing to do
with our report to the UN.
Well, I don't see how you can
be amused by gorillas.
I think they're dull.
Well, this one is 60 feet tall.
What do you think of him?
60 feet?
That's right. This is Kong.
The strongest living creature on Earth.
Oh, yes, I remember.
A legend.
And yet, underlying that
old legend is some truth.
Are you saying that Kong
is not just fictional?
Yes, I'll show you.
I've devoted a good many years
to research on Kong.
Data I've obtained
shows that a giant anthropoid had
lived on an island in this area.
It still may be there.
It may. See this picture?
Right here.
These are steps
from some ancient stone ruins.
I thought so, too,
when I first saw it.
But those steps
are each 10 feet high.
No human can climb
that high in one step.
What do you think, Commander?
What I'm trying
to figure out is...
Who built it?
And for what purpose?
Do the islanders really think
this was done by a giant ape?
The natives of the Java Sea
most definitely believe in Kong.
And, Susan, look at this tunnel.
This is also Kong's work.
Which island is it?
The island is Mondo.
Right there.
Just a little way
off our course.
CDR. Nelson,
take us there for a look.
Sorry, we have no time to spare.
We're hereto seek oil, you know.
We have our orders from the
United Nations Research Council.
I wish
there were some way, but...
He's exactly
like the original Kong.
With this, the world is ours.
It's still not the original.
You sure you just didn't
build a giant toy? A toy?
That's an insult.
How can you say that?
It is the strongest thing
there is in the world today.
Need I remind you
how I feel about that?
How does it help my
government get Element X?
This robot
can do anything I program.
You can see that
I had it constructed exactly
as Carl Nelson planned it.
This man, Nelson,
is interesting.
Will you get on to the point?
Most certainly.
The giant Kong
was Nelson's model.
This famous scientist
researched the legend
and he reconstructed the
strongest creature on Earth.
You stole it.
I took his drawings
and my genius translated them
into a robot Kong
that can certainly do anything
the original Kong would have done.
That ego is showing again.
my country buys results.
Doctor, we do not underwrite
your precious ego.
I quite understand.
I shall soon let my Kong show you
that he can certainly do the job.
Obtain Element X, Dr. Who,
and you succeed.
My government
insists you succeed.
You understand that?
I do, Madame.
We are all ready to start.
You'll observe my creation doing
now what's never been done.
We'll go outside.
The rays
of Element X are strong.
You are aware the entire
world has unearthed
the total of only three ounces
of this rare element.
No one could mine,
until now, this crater.
Down there is a deposit of tons.
My robot Kong is in position.
After all these years
of labor, success has come.
He will bring out
10,000 tons of X, this robot.
We are ready, Doctor.
Test results?
Excellent, sir.
Shortly, your country is going to gain
nuclear domination of the universe.
America and the Soviets
can never catch up.
Shouldn't we count
on this taking years, Doctor?
A hundred days, Madame.
That soon'?
Element X is unparalleled.
You'll create a nuclear arsenal fast.
I predict you'll rule
the entire world in time.
This is an historic day.
It's quite a treasure you turned
up at the North Pole, huh?
Shall we get underway?
All right, you may start.
That robot is extraordinary.
The real Kong couldn't do what it can.
What's happened?
It's nearly there now.
You did that?
No, sir!
Get out.
What's wrong?
The magnetic mass
has destroyed his circuits.
We will start again.
I want you to redesign
this circuitry and shield it.
You are to work day and night.
We shall start right now.
Where are you going, Madame?
Don't you know, Doctor?
Don't desert us now.
It's only going to take us
a short while longer.
Do what you want to. Our country
is withdrawing all aid, Doctor.
You can't do this. I must ask
that you reconsider.
You force me to delay the new construction,
and the source of Element X is mine.
Only I can take it.
What if another country
gets it, not yours?
Should I take that as a threat?
Your country already
has a huge stake in the robot.
I don't suggest you quit.
All right, I'll request that we
grant you the extra time you want.
Dr. Who,
I should mention this.
More of your blundering,
and you're through.
Control Guard.
Turn it off!
Hey, get him out. Hurry!
Come on, give me your hand.
Up you go. Come on.
Secure the engine.
All stations,
report your damage.
How does it look down there?
Hey, something's wrong
with the rudder.
Water pipe
on the port side broken.
What happened?
Rockslide down the canyon wall, sir.
Commander, we should
take a look at the rudder.
All right.
Surface for repairs.
Aye, aye, sir.
Surface, 15 degrees.
We'll have to check
the nuclear reactors.
Sir, we're getting
the repairs underway.
That rockslide
was made to order.
There's a perfect bay
for anchoring on that island.
Let's take advantage of it while
the ship is being repaired.
You're hurt.
Why didn't you come
for treatment right away?
It's nothing.
I wish you would do as you're told.
First chance I get to do my
job as a nurse, and you...
Oh, my.
What are you laughing at, sir?
I can't help it.
You've got your wish, and I'll get mine.
We'll be landing
on Mondo Island.
That's funny.
There are no villagers here this time.
Was the island inhabited?
Do you understand?
Yes. It's a Javanese dialect.
He's warning us not to enter.
He says that it's taboo,
and that it must not be broken.
Wong. That means, "King."
The natives call him King Kong.
He says we're trespassing
on Kong's home.
Do you mean he actually exists?
We'll soon find out.
Let's get hold of the old one
and see what else we can learn.
Susan, you'd better wait here.
You're safer here.
Watch yourself.
This way.
Over there.
No, don't shoot. Wait.
Put me down, Kong.
Put me down!
Kong, put me down!
Please, Kong. Down.
Let's get out of here. Wait.
We can't leave him like this.
It's our only chance.
Now come on.
Hurry. We're lost
if he catches us this time.
Look, starboard.
He jammed the controls.
Look, there's Kong.
I think we stabilized it.
Hang on. Here we go.
Take the controls.
Stop firing!
Stop firing!
Hold it, men.
This is your commander.
We're coming aboard.
Give the order to dive.
Prepare to dive.
Rig to dive.
All right, sir?
Stand by for emergency dive.
We can't, sir.
The rudder's not working yet.
Well, then,
we'll just have to make...
How are you doing?
Are you through?
Not yet, sir.
How much longer?
Should be about 10 minutes more.
That long?
All right. Hurry.
I don't think
he means to sink the ship.
Is he playing a game with us?
I don't think he is.
What do you intend to do?
He wants us to get out there,
so I'll go out and quiet him down.
Commander, I'll go out.
I won't let you.
Kong let me go when he had me
in the palm of his hand.
Commander, let me go, please.
He wants me.
Is there any other way?
All right.
See if you can win some time for us.
We've got to get out of this inlet.
Make preparations to dive.
Make emergency repairs.
Aye, sir.
You Okay?
Take care.
Kong, please!
Don't shake the ship.
I sleep and I eat on this ship.
Engine rooms, A-okay.
You'd better stand watch outside.
When we're ready to dive, call Susan in.
Put me down. Please!
No. No, Kong.
Take me back.
Take me back to the ship, Kong.
Let's go to the ship. Please.
I don't want to go with you.
Thank you, Kong.
Susan, we're all ready.
Goodbye, Kong.
You gave us
quite a scare out there.
Your attention, please.
We're dropping everything and heading
directly for UN headquarters in New York.
Our report will create a sensation
among the world's scientists.
And you'd better get out
of those wet clothes.
Kong is back on shore.
This is Mondo Island,
the home of Kong.
And in addition to Kong...
There are mammoth reptiles
living on the island
that have long since become
extinct on other continents.
This island could be called a living
museum of the prehistoric age.
This concludes my report.
Are there any questions?
At the meeting of the scientific
committee this morning
it was decided to send
the Explorer out again.
Is this for the purpose
of capturing Kong?
No, not to capture him,
but to study him in his natural habitat.
It would be, to say the least,
difficult to care for him here in New York.
Will you be accompanied
by the same crew?
Yes. Essentially the same crew
will go on the expedition.
Especially Lt. CDR. Nomura and Miss
Watson, sitting here beside me.
They are very well-known
to Kong.
Kong was apparently gentle with It.
Watson. May I ask why?
Miss Watson,
do you know a reason you can tell me?
It's very easy
for us to understand.
You see, as ridiculous
as it may sound...
Kong is a male
and Miss Watson is...
Well, see for yourselves,
If there are no
further questions,
I will now turn the meeting over
to the Chairman of the Council.
Thank you very much
for your kind attention.
Code signal, LCM3.
Go ahead.
My country is going
to grant you more time.
Nelson sold
you on the Kong, huh?
We can now use his Kong
to do the digging for us.
The real Kong's a mammal.
Could he stand
the radiation, Doctor?
Kong can resist it better than anything.
He cannot stand it forever, though.
We will only need the big
beast a day or two, you know.
I think that,
that will have to do.
I agree.
Now I shall go after him.
Can you get Kong to obey you?
You should consider that,
You should know that I do.
You should also know,
we can't go on without your aid.
You can do this
without additional aid.
You can control Kong
as Nelson did.
A woman is the secret.
Susan Watson got Kong
to do anything she asked.
Might I ask, what do we do with
Watson and Nelson when we're through?
That is quite easy.
Merely a dirty detail.
I'll support you 30 days more.
How you do it is your concern.
I want you to succeed.
I should hate to hear
that you had died.
Must proceed quickly.
The Explorer, with Nelson,
will be here any day.
Your copters should be ready right now.
Yes, sir.
There he is.
- All right, get ready.
- Ready, sir.
That's good. Let's land.
Hook up to him.
Yes, yes. Kong's mine now.
Ready to go, sir.
That's good.
Prepare to land.
This proves Kong's
still on the island.
Yeah, I think he's still here.
Had a recent donnybrook.
He must be near here some place.
We don't want to excite him, so just
the three of us will go on from here.
Aye, sir. Let's go.
Kong's opponents
were human beings.
It smells like ether.
Have the men collect samples
of these shell casings.
Then let's spread out
and search for Kong.
We should be able to find him easily
enough, if he's lying around some place.
Okay, get going-
It looks like Kong escaped after
putting up a terrific battle.
Yes. Still, I don't know.
Carl! Carl!
He's been shot.
Is there any chance?
What did he say?
He said
that an Oriental skeleton...
A devil with eyes
like a gutter rat...
Kidnapped Kong and took
him away into the skies.
Lieutenant, see that he has
a decent burial. Yes, sir.
Was he the only one here?
It looks that way.
Wish we could have talked
to the old one sooner.
He told us enough.
I have an idea
who the kidnapper is.
It must be my old friend,
that international
Judas, Dr. Who.
Send this rush to New York.
Aye, aye.
"Proceed immediately
to Station 6318, north."
"Start investigation
at the nearest field office."
Right here. That's Tokyo.
It looks like an
Asiatic country is tied in.
A check in Tokyo will tell us
where this came from.
I don't know.
Do you really think we can locate Kong?
Sure. We'll find him.
As long as they haven't
taken him to the North Pole.
All right.
Come down.
Knock before
you enter next time.
All right,
state what it is you want.
New York, huh?
The UN has begun to ask
a lot of questions about us.
The members of the UN Science
Council already know this name.
Don't worry about them.
You sure you removed
all evidence?
Yes. Worry not.
I can outwit
the UN any day and anytime.
Did you see our giant ape?
My thought is that under ether
he won't be much use.
You underrate what a genius
I am. I can control the ape.
Will he do as you order?
Hypnotic susceptibility.
That's the secret.
A creature with Kong's
intelligence is easily handled.
That's another little thing
I learned through Carl Nelson.
Recall, Doctor. You agreed that
you would get Carl Nelson's crew...
So that they could handle
Kong, yes?
Nelson and his crew
will be on their way soon.
This is their last trip.
They will aid us as needed,
then we will just do away with them.
A Japanese aircraft
is calling the commander.
I will connect you, sir.
Roger. Put him through. Over.
An emergency has arisen.
I have been sent
from the UN Field Office
to transport you to Tokyo
as fast as possible.
CDR. Nelson, It. CDR. Nomura,
and It. Watson
are requested to immediately
collect all pertinent evidence
and transfer to this aircraft.
Over and out.
Right here.
What is this
emergency situation?
The Kong has gone ashore
at Hokkaido, sir.
Yes, early today.
We're under orders to take you
and your crew there right away.
I don't trust the pilot.
And I don't think
they're Japanese.
Release him.
Is it all right?
He'll do whatever I say.
Kong, you are to obey
these orders.
Listen. Element X
is in the crater.
You will go out there
and dig it up.
That tunnel will take him
right into our crater.
Let's hope that nothing
goes wrong now.
Kong, you must dig faster.
Go ahead. Remember,
you're to dig it up.
My Kong could never dig
like that.
Kong, what's the matter?
You're slowing down.
Wake up!
Kong, you must do
as I order. Dig.
Continue to dig. Kong!
Wake up.
You shall not sleep.
Wake up!
Dig, Kong. Dig-
Can't you hear?
Go on, you idiot ape.
Kong. Kong, wake up.
I command you.
Dig, you dumb beast.
Out. Get away.
Let's go again.
Kong, once again. Dig!
The beast has escaped.
Close the tunnel, quick.
Just as I thought. Kong could
very easily stand the radiation.
Unluckily, we couldn't
maintain the power that we had.
Now what?
Sir, Nelson's in the laboratory.
Carl Nelson is here now?
They constructed a robot
just like ours.
Looks like Dr. Who
wasn't satisfied with a robot.
He wanted the real Kong.
Carl, glad you could come.
Nomura, you, too.
Been a long time.
Obviously, not enough years
to suit me.
What is this all about?
Is Kong here?
That's where he is usually kept.
What do you think of this Kong?
Do you
recognize your brainchild?
You'd steal Niagara Falls
for a drink of water.
You want the real Kong to do
something the robot can't do.
I'm after X, Nelson.
Element X?
Under the ice here
is all I want.
Only Kong's muscle can get it all out.
You know what we can get from him.
You can't use the robot, huh?
And Kong won't do
what you want him to do.
That's why you brought us here.
You are so right.
You think we'll agree
to help you?
I predicted you would not.
Will you, It. Watson?
I won't help you, either.
We shall see.
Well, this is great.
It's a pretty odd lab.
So this is Dr. Who's guest room.
With no color television.
At least we can joke a little.
Actually, I'm awfully afraid.
We all are, Susan.
If Who manages to extract
the Element X...
There'll be no object
in keeping us alive.
Nelson, you are to come.
Hello there.
Won't you sit down?
Would you like a drink?
Yeah. Why not?
You know, I'm slightly confused.
You take your typical
Oriental Mata Hari, now...
What are you saying?
Let me put it this way.
If you'll excuse
the corny clich...
What's a nice girl like you
doing in a place like this?
My answer is a corny clich.
Did you ever hear it?
Don't judge a book
according to its cover.
Or a snake, by its color.
That's well-put.
What's your connection
with Dr. Who?
But you should know that I don't
really want to go on in it.
Tell me one thing first.
Do you work for him,
or does he work for you?
Does life here in
the North interest you?
My clear, we can easily get
all the world capitals.
London, Paris...
I can arrange it
so this lab is yours.
Please stay here with me.
You can run
the whole thing, Carl.
If the money holds out.
What if there's no country
to buy Element X...
Once you mine it?
You don't have to be
worried about that.
You're not Japanese. Chinese?
Thai? Vietnam? Burma?
You're getting warm, Carl.
Getting too warm.
All right.
He's a hard one to handle.
Nelson's an unusual man.
He is not the kind of man
that you are used to.
That's why he appeals to me.
An idealist.
But I know how to make him
do anything we want.
Susan. Look at it this way,
it can only get better.
Because it certainly
can't get any worse.
Carl, look.
Carl, may I see you outside?
What is it this time?
It's been too long since we've
had a game of chess together.
Your two friends
are quite affectionate.
They could be happy,
if you don't interfere.
Now the cell temperature
is zero.
You know they can't stand
the bitter cold.
You know what will happen,
unless you rescue them.
Only a little cooperation
will do it.
Susan, here.
This Will...
No, Jiro.
It's better this way.
If you'd just cooperate
those young people could be enjoying
a little hot tea right now, Carl.
Kong will listen more
to those two than to me.
Those walls are being turned into ice.
Why won't you save them?
Why should you endure this
when it is not necessary?
Nelson cannot aid you any longer
He's been canceled.
You dog.
I am a realist, and I need you.
So I am going to be generous.
I will let you go without a bit
of trouble and with lots of cash.
You just have to do
one thing for me.
You think I wouldn't kill you?
I could and I would.
Do you think you can change
your ideals now?
Are you ready
with an answer right now?
Susan, don't do it.
Shut up.
Let's see how your hero likes you
when you're disfigured a little bit.
Let's see what the ice will do
to your lovely skin.
No. Susan!
It's Kong.
It's Kong.
Kong's escaped.
Get the keys.
Hurry, Susan.
Kong's escaped!
Look out!
The robot is ready.
Go get that ape.
You're still alive.
How did you get out of the chamber?
Dr. Who left the keys on the desk...
Talk later. We've got to go.
This way.
Don't worry,
there's no poison in this.
It looks like
we have all failed.
Let's forget Element X
and enjoy a drink.
Stand up.
Can Kong stay in the water
a long time?
Yes, he can swim a little.
More than you can.
He travels from Mondo to
other islands as he pleases.
Don't you realize
that you are through, Doctor?
We're all through.
We are all leaving now
in pursuit. Get ready to go.
You're a failure.
Not a chance of that.
You'll see when I get Kong,
and this girl will do what I say.
Get going.
Ready. Lower.
Let it down.
The radio just had some interesting news.
Kong swam ashore, near Tokyo.
Don't go. Don't take
that robot into Tokyo.
I cannot permit it.
Wait. It could be
our last chance to get Kong.
At sea, our robot Kong
cannot get him.
On ground, the machine will take
the real Kong without any doubt.
I'm not concerned
about which one wins.
There's too great a risk.
It just can't be.
Why are you so highhanded,
If those two fight in Tokyo,
thousands would get killed,
and you and I know it.
Suddenly, you're such a moralist.
Tell us, how come?
Element X is a real killer.
Not millions, not 10 millions...
100 or so millions
would get killed this time.
It's just that my country...
We can't stand an international
incident right now.
Dear Madame, let's talk inside.
The giant
Kong has swum ashore...
And he's approaching
the center of Tokyo.
The Defense Agency urgently requests all
citizens to take shelter immediately.
Take shelter immediately.
Please, we should hurry.
Why are you helping us now?
My work now isn't
so important, but you are.
Something happen
between you and Dr. Who?
I can't tell you.
When you get to shore,
lead Kong outside Tokyo.
thousands will get killed.
You're coming with us.
Sorry. I can't do it.
You can't stay behind,
you'll be alone.
You don't know
what Dr. Who will do.
Don't worry about it.
The things you're going
to need are in the next cabin.
We just can't let you stay here.
You should know that
I represent a certain country.
I'll take full responsibility
for you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry my country
wasn't right.
Now hurry.
Good luck.
Hey, you!
Where are you going? Hey, you!
Don't use that gun.
You'll get the whole country out here.
Don't do it! Don't!
Here's where he came ashore.
He first appeared
in the bay, here.
Stop your attack immediately.
If you force Kong to fight,
he'll destroy the city.
Who are you? I'm...
Well, I'm out of uniform...
But I'm CDR. Carl Nelson,
captain of the UN submarine, Explorer.
Now, we'll do everything we
can to try and calm him down.
But you must hold off
your troops.
Let me go.
Please, don't.
He'll get angry.
Then he'll destroy the city.
Turn off lights. Fall back.
Fall back.
That's right, sir. Hold it!
It's all right.
The UN?
Take this. Here.
Is she insane?
She's all right.
Kong is always gentle with her.
Calm down, Kong.
We're your friends.
Hey! Look at that!
Oh, no.
Come on, take shelter.
Where can we go?
Look at that.
No, Kong, run away.
You mustn't fight him.
It's not alive, it's a machine.
You can't defeat him, Kong.
Kong! Run away! Run away!
The real Kong seems quicker.
My Kong won't tire.
Behind you. Get the girl.
Kong! Kong!
Kong, listen!
You will return quietly
to the ship.
If you don't,
I'll drop the girl.
Help me. Kong!
We will get him now.
Prepare to dock the ship.
You each know your job.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
My plans were really correct.
We're a success.
A gun, Madame?
You're going to die.
Step back there and turn around.
What did you do?
I'm Nomura with the UN.
Yes, sir.
I need a ranger unit, order it.
On the double!
Susan, wait.
Wait there.
Hold on.
Go on. Easy.
Go get them a rope.
Susan, don't worry.
We're just about there.
There they are.
Quick, the other control.
Stop it, let her go.
Hey, get out of here.
Let's go!
Thank God, you're alive.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's all over now.
Weigh anchor right away.
What's wrong here?
Shouldn't we wait
till Kong is brought here?
Moron! The real Kong
is lost to us.
Kong's coming!
He's here, on the docks.
Kong's on the docks?
We have to go.
You said we were here...
To get Kong and the girl.
No, get us out of here now.
Now! Do as I say.
Kong, stop that ship.
Get the ship, Kong.
Sir, hello.
Will he catch it?
Yeah. I think he will.
On deck. Let's go.
There he is.
Let's get him.
Keep firing.
Let's go.
Kong! Kong!
King Kong!
Don't call.
Yeah, let him go.
But he's going...
He's going home.
I think he's had enough
of what we call civilization.