King Kong Lives (1986) Movie Script

No! Don't put me down!
Don't put me down!
No, hold onto me or they'll kill you!
Do not kill him.
I'm sorry.
That heart cost the institute
seven millions dollars!
She knows how much it cost!
She's been part of it
since the first moment
we got Kong's heartbeat restored.
There is nothing wrong with the heart,
the damn thing runs like a Swiss watch.
It's his blood.
He's been comatose too long.
His blood volume is deteriorated.
We've been over this.
There is simply no other species
whose plasma will tranfuse with Kong's.
But you told us a year ago...
If the heart had been ready then
I could have operated
without a transfusion.
If we cut him open now... he'll die.
Only one thing can save Kong.
- What's that?
- A miracle.
[MAN] Bitch, bitch, bitch! You know
if it had been up to you candy-asses,
we'd still be down in Igurra...
where they ain't seen a diamond
in over 20 years.
So quit your bitchin' and come on!
Whoa, what?
What are you scared of?
Oh, come on, it's so hot out here
even the jaguars are sleepin'.
Do you want a little siesta?
Okay, take a little siesta.
Oh. Anything in here better scram
'cause Mitch is coming in for a snooze.
And that includes you...
[MITCHELL] Come here. Find your own bed.
Oh! God!
Holy shit!
Easy, boy. Steady, big fella!
No, you'll kill him! Berundi!
Berundi! Enda! Marc, membona dea!
It's Borneo. He's on the line.
Mr. Mitchell,
you'll have to speak up please,
we're having trouble reading you...
[MITCHELL] Hello? Hello? Can you...
Can you hear me now? Hello?
[MAN] We can hear you now, Mr. Mitchell.
Now, I'm a businessman, Dr. lngersoll.
My staff is fielding offers
even as we speak.
Mr. Mitchell, I realize that
other universities are interested
in your specimen,
but we have an extremely urgent need
for plasma for a transfusion.
I ain't selling blood, Doc.
I'm selling the whole damn monkey.
[DR. INGERSOLL] I realize that,
and we can negotiate for him later.
But right now, we have got
to have him here as soon as possible.
Wait, him? My ape ain't a him, it's a her.
Mr. Mitchell, this is Dr. Hughes,
Chief of Primate Research.
Did you say your beast is a female?
and a damn good-lookin' one, too.
No. We cannot bring a female here.
What are you talking about?
Sir, we are not lancing a hemorrhoid here,
we're replacing a heart.
I'm well aware of that, Dr. Franklin.
The slightest upset
while Kong is recuperating...
Uh, wait a minute, who is that?
Doc, I'm warning you,
I got Harvard on the other line.
Get the blood.
Let someone else have the female.
[MITCHELL] You're gonna blow
the score of the century.
Amy, you're exaggerating the danger.
Money talks doctor.
[MITCHELL] You are going to be visiting
my apein Disneyland.
We can advance you 10,000 dollars.
that ain't exactly fillin' my rice bowl.
What if the operation fails?
Then another university will have
the only living ape.
Mitchell, you've got yourself a deal.
Thank you, Doctor.
Hey, Mama, I'm rich!
My monkey's gonna make me rich.
Whoa, easy, easy, girl. Yeah.
[MITCHELL] You're okay. I'm here.
I'm here, I'll take care of you.
[MITCHELL] There...
Looks like you and me
better get used to being famous.
You better watch out there, buddy.
[MAN] I think that little lady's
got a crush on you.
Mr. Mitchell. Andrew Ingersoll. Welcome.
[REPORTER #1] Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Mitchell!
How did you get the ape from the jungle?
I left a trail of bananas.
Are you going to breed her?
Uh, you mean personally?
Where did he get that hat?
Camp Beverly Hills?
I think he's cute.
Ladies and gentlemen...
This acquisition
establishes beyond question
the scientific pre-eminence
of Atlantic Institute.
Forget the Institute, Professor,
bring on the ape!
Mr. Mitchell,
this is Dr. Franklin,
the surgeon who will operating on Kong.
Ah, the lady on the telephone?
Congratulations, Mr. Mitchell.
- [MAN] How soon is the operation?
- [WOMAN] Will the female give blood?
We have a plasma center set up
at the Institute.
Minutes count now.
Just take it easy!
You are dealing with a lady.
All right, folks,
you are gonna get
what you want from Lady Kong.
All of you...
[MAN] Valve open. Clear.
[MITCHELL] I mean, you could've left her
a couple of pints.
She looked like hell after all that blood
you pumped out of her!
Your female's resting fine, Mr. Mitchell.
Yeah, in that crummy warehouse
you stuck her in?
Look, you're spending
a fortune on Kong here,
why don't you spend
a few bucks on my ape?
We're building a permanent facility
for her ten miles from here.
It'll be ready in just a couple of weeks.
What the hell's that for?
[AMY] Okay. Let's go to work.
It's all yours.
[MAN] The bi-tip and a tri-tip section.
[MAN] That's good. Reduce the tension
a little bit. Suction, please.
[WOMAN] Increase suction.
[SURGEON] Little more.
That's it. I've got it.
[AMY] Clamp!
[SURGEON #1] The main clamp.
[AMY] Full suction!
[AMY] Clamp all the bleeding.
[SURGEON #2] Both pumps.
Full volume.
[WOMAN] Break in the system.
[SURGEON #3] Leak in the tidal volume.
- Sutures.
- [SURGEON #1] Aortic cross clamp.
[SURGEON #1] More suction. I've got it.
[SURGEON #2] Retractor.
- [AMY] Remove clamp.
- [SURGEON #1] Aorta secure.
[SURGEON #1] Just clear the way.
You got room on the sides?
[SURGEON #1] Suction out.
This prestigious institute,
long a rival of Harvard and Yale,
has suddenly found itself in the grip
of a mad disease!
Kongmania has invaded
the hallowed groves of Academia
and the place has literally gone bananas!
To house Lady Kong until
her permanent quarters can be completed,
Research Chief, Benson Hughes,
has converted this warehouse
into the world's biggest
ladies' dressing room.
We figure that Kong Island and Borneo
were both part of the same land mass...
Hey, Doc! Just a second.
Excuse me, ladies.
- Where's our Heart Lady?
- Well, she is still with her patient.
What? Three days, man?
Doesn't she need sleep?
I believe her words were, "You don't
need me, you've got Indiana Jones".
Hello, Kong. Welcome back.
[TECHNICIAN] That horny son of a bitch.
He smells a female a mile away.
- How many wires still on him?
- He's pulled out nine electrodes...
[TECHNICIAN] Sedative IV's still in.
Down. Stay down...
- Cardiac function?
- Irregular.
Alpha readout?
I'm getting aggressive EEG activity.
- Mike?
- Blood pressure dropping.
He's occluding!
Knock him out!
Well, it turns out
that's their word for mule. You know?
- Oh, there is your star!
- Well, our boy's awake...
- Outstanding.
- ...and we're in trouble.
What's happened?
The female has to be moved... now!
Kong's scented her.
Their quarters are a mile apart.
Well, it's not enough.
He can hear her, too.
So what?
It'll give him something to get well for.
I have nothing against you, Mr. Mitchell...
You saw a way to make a quick buck!
- Aw now, just a damn minute! I was...
- Read the EKG's. We almost lost him!
He was on his feet.
He jumped for the overhead bars!
He was trying to get to the female.
We hit him with enough thorazine
to kill a whale.
We can't keep on sedating him.
Not with his heart.
She's right. We've gotta move her.
But where?
The new quarters aren't ready yet.
Well, then, make them ready!
- How long will that take?
- Two days, if we work around the clock.
The female will be out of there
in 48 hours.
Well, wait, I'll walk you to your car.
Hey, you're not going back
to Kong now, are you?
[AMY] As a matter of fact, I am.
Take a break.
You need rest as much as he does.
Listen, I'm sorry about my tone in there.
I didn't realize.
Forget it.
I'll drive you home... if you like...
I mean, I just want to make sure
that you get home.
I'm not trying to hit on you or anything.
Thank you, Mr. Mitchell,
I can navigate on my own.
Look... if it means anything to you...
I thought you were great
in that operation.
It does.
Good night.
Yeah, good night.
[MAN] Be careful with that.
[MAN] Keep it moving.
Come on. Keep it movin'. There you go.
Come on! There you go. Hold it!
I want her on that flatbed
and outta here before dawn.
Yes, sir, Mr. Ingersoll.
There's too much going on in here.
You're gonna spook her!
Leave it to us, Mr. Mitchell.
We know what we're doing!
Now, easy big guy! Hold on!
All right, let's fence her in.
Wait for the sedative to take effect.
We should've used the tranquilizer guns!
I'm not shooting her.
The doped food is enough!
Not if she doesn't eat at all!
Get the slings under her.
KSC to LK one.
KSC to LK one.
Cut her loose!
Those slings are tearing her to pieces!
- Are you crazy?
- [AMY] We have to stop this whole thing!
- [HUGHES] She's right!
Let's get it over with now.
Chief, it's Mazlansky!
The other monkey's gone ape shit!
Chief, Chief!
Dozers, take him down!
[MAN] Hit him in the knees!
You ignorant bastard!
We could have stopped him!
Stopped him?
You would have killed him!
[WOMAN] A task force under the command
of Colonel R.T. Nevitt
has sealed a fifty square mile area
West of Kanahwa Mountain.
So far, the apes appear to be
deliberately avoiding
all areas of human habitation.
We shall be back
with any further developments
[AMY] Pull over! Come on!
Damn it! Pull over.
- Where do you think you are going?
- Same place you are.
Oh, the hell you are! There is a battalion
of infantry up in the hills!
Now, just exactly
how far do you think you'd get?
How far you gonna get...
in your rent-a-wreck?
Get in.
Here. Earn your keep.
Okay, now, have you talked to this...
this army character?
- What's his name?
- Colonel Nevitt?
He says that he will shoot the first
civilian that crosses his perimeter.
Over here's the area
the army sealed off.
Our apes are in there somewhere.
[RADIOMAN] Just arrived about a hundred
yards East side of the hill forty.
[RADIOMAN] Hold that perimeter on the
West base and I'll get back to you. Over.
- Any report on those damn civilians?
- They've traced the vehicle, sir.
It's recently registered
to one Dr. A.C. Franklin.
She is the doctor who operated on Kong.
We think the man with her
is that Mitchell character.
They're gonna need a doctor
when they get a whiff of this gas.
- Morning, sir.
- Gentlemen.
Well, we should have no problem
identifying the enemy.
They're approximately fifty feet tall
and wearing their birthday suits.
Now make sure every man's got a mask
and he's got it ready, right side up.
When choppers start dumping that gas,
- I want the apes dropping, not us.
- [MEN] Yes, sir.
All right, let's go.
If you have another gear on this thing,
you better find it.
Oh, Jesus!
I could've used you in Borneo
if I'd wanted an early death.
What's that thing? Your makeup kit?
It's a cardiac monitoring unit
for Kong's heart.
It has 22 remote inputs linking
to microprocessors in the implant.
Oh, great, let's go.
If Kong's heart isn't right,
this makeup kit will fix it.
[MITCHELL] Here, give me the bag. Yeah.
You know Kong crosses this thing
in a single stride?
I wish I were Kong.
Just a second. Okay.
You okay?
Get the case! Save it!
Are you nuts?
- Amy, are you all right?
- Yeah.
- The cardiac unit! Where is it?
- Over there.
[MITCHELL] Come on.
- Let me see your arm.
- Jesus, how did I do that?
- All right, don't worry about it.
- Hang on.
All right, it's not too deep.
I don't want it getting infected.
I need you.
You're the only one around for ten miles
who isn't playing John Wayne.
All right, there you go.
Thanks, Doc.
- God, you must be freezing.
- Yeah, I think I'll change.
They're up there! Not very far.
Well, how's our boy doin'?
[AMY] After all that exertion,
his heart is actually stronger.
Looks like you're losing your girlfriend.
You know, they could survive here...
or Borneo or Kong Island.
All it'd take is money for a reserve.
Well, we should find us a place to camp.
[MITCHELL] Hey, this looks good.
Hey, it worked for Kong.
Are you sure about this?
We're primates, too.
[MITCHELL] He's gone!
She's down there alone.
- What?
- Kong, he's gone!
[RADIOMAN] Position is secured!
Stand by for the Colonel!
Okay, bring in the big bird!
[NEVITT] Get those nets around her!
Make sure she's secured!
Okay, choppers, take him out.
Concussion grenades!
[NEVITT] Hold him back
until we get her out of here.
[NEVITT] Let's go get him!
[SOLDIER] Move! Move! Move!
Tell them to land Echo Company
beyond that peak.
- We'll pin the ape at the top!
- Yes, sir.
We've got the noose on him, boys!
He's ours now!
Wait. Sir, wind is up to 40 knots.
[NEVITT] Ground the chopper
before we lose one!
All units, this is Colonel Nevitt.
Nail that hairy son of a bitch now.
Move out!
Come on, let's go!
[SOLDIER] Hold it right there, buddy.
[SOLDIER] All right.
Got the civilians, sir!
You got him cornered!
You don't have to finish him off.
It's not your problem anymore, pal!
He's mine!
- Stand by to fire!
- No!
Not even your Kong can survive that!
I don't know why
they keep dumpin' that shit!
She don't touch none of it.
Why don't you go in there and clean it up?
Yeah... next week.
by the Secretary of Defense himself.
Oh, thank God.
Colonel Nevitt can't keep us out now.
[AMY] Let's get a move on!
God knows what shape she's in.
[HUGHES] Still nothing from Mitch?
He's in Borneo somewhere
in the back of beyond.
You know Mitch. We won't hear from him
till he's succeeded.
[HUGHES] Pray he does.
It'll make all the difference.
Your "priceless research specimen"
is the reason two of my men
damn near bought the farm.
It's the reason 104 other soldiers
are stuck here
playing jailers instead of training!
Let me be a little more blunt.
It's the reason my ass has been stuck
in this rathole since last summer!
Well, you won't get unstuck, Colonel,
by disobeying orders.
You know, the army has perfectly
capable physicians, Dr. Franklin.
They check your monkey
every two weeks.
- I'm going in.
- No one goes in there!
[AMY] How long
has she been acting like this?
Three months, four. Who the hell knows?
She's fine.
Is that your diagnosis, Colonel?
What the hell's that monkey crying for?
I'll tell you why. For Kong.
- The female's grieving.
- [AMY] No, she feels something.
Kong is alive.
- [SCOFFS] Don't be ridiculous.
- I feel it, too.
All right, I've wasted enough time.
Give these people two minutes
with the gorilla, then clear them out.
Yes, sir.
Visiting hours are over, ma'am!
I know Kong's alive.
The army covered every inch of the state.
They found nothing.
That's right. No corpse.
Come on, Ben.
It was you who told us
that some primate species mate for life.
- That the male returns.
- Not if he's dead.
We're talking about a creature
with a protein requirement
in excess of a thousand pounds per day.
Face the truth, Amy.
An organism the size of Kong...
separated from his natural
environment or from captivity...
he just couldn't acquire
sufficient protein.
Hi, stranger.
Well, when Mitch says he'll deliver...
10,000 acres of Borneo Highlands
and it's only gonna cost
the Atlantic Institute 1.3 million.
Hey, you're not jealous
of my other girlfriend, are you?
Come on, I haven't seen you her months.
Neither has anyone else.
- What are you talking about?
- [AMY] They're holding her underground.
Nevitt let us in once,
then he locked the base down tight.
Something's wrong with her.
She won't eat or sleep.
I think she is dying.
- We can't get in, Mitch.
- We'll see about that shit!
Don't tell me that Nevitt
is unavailable
because Nevitt has been un-Goddamn
available for the last 4 hours!
Sir, if you'll submit your request
through channels...
Channels, my ass!
- Hey!
- [AMY] Mitch! Mitch!
Stop him!
If your friend wants another,
I'll be glad to oblige.
- [GUARD] Take it easy, partner.
- Mitch.
We've got the preserve now,
we can fight Nevitt.
For God's sake,
you haven't slept in 24 hours.
Let's go home.
[MAN] Come on, relax.
Bedroom eyes. That's what you have.
Just about the biggest, brownest eyes
I ever did see.
Don't stop now.
I like your sweet talk.
[MAN] Come on! Come on!
Let's get out of here!
[FATHER] David! David!
It's Kong! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
[MAN] Look out!
[MAN] Come on!
Come on, baby, you're going to love that.
Now hold on tight and close your eyes.
[RADIO] And here is our latest update...
The huge gorilla is heading north
to rejoin his mate.
Overnight, this peaceful resort has become
the frenzied rendezvous
of every hunter for miles around.
What the hell is this? Deliverance?
You there! Are those weapons loaded?
You bet, General. And so are we.
You'll be shooting each other
you damn fool!
[SOLDIER] You wanna get killed?
I wish that ape's head
on the hood of my pick-up.
We got company.
Down there!
[MITCHELL] That's gotta be our boy.
I thought you said
you could fly this thing?
My guess is we're ahead of them
by a couple of miles.
We gotta hump it.
- Damn chiggers!
- Shut up!
You hear something?
Jesus. God, look at the size of him!
Vance, I think I gotta go to church!
[HUNTER] Hey, get over here
and take my picture! Come on!
All right, smile now.
[HUNTER] One more. Let's get one more.
You got some bad breath, boy.
- Uh, get him some Juicy Fruit.
- Get him a drink!
Yeah! Get him a drink.
That's it. Get him a drink!
All right.
Hey, now, that's some good liquor, son!
I'll tell you what,
I don't like this boy's attitude.
Yeah, we gotta teach him some respect.
It's enough, Will,
leave the damn animal alone.
[HUNTER] Oh, Miss Johnstone.
You gettin' squeamish, honey.
If you're gonna kill him, kill him,
but don't torment the poor son of a bitch.
Oh, we ain't gonna torment him, Jay.
We just gonna brown him a little bit!
Damn it, Vance, I said stop...
[VANCE] Oh, now, Jay,
you gettin' out of hands, son.
[VANCE] Now, we're going to teach you
some manners,
you big, ugly son of a bitch!
What the hell?
[VANCE] Get the hell away.
That's right, Kong, come this way.
Are you crazy? How close
do you have to be with this thing?
His heart's crippled.
I have to correct it.
[AMY] I couldn't complete the sequence.
His heart won't last a day.
Well, he doesn't seem to know that.
Come on.
Oh, my God!
[MITCHELL] They're hunters.
They must have dynamited him
from up there.
My God, he would have been half buried.
Then they had their fun with him.
Well, Kong, you've killed now.
Nothing will stop them from killing you.
No, there is one thing.
We gotta move, come on!
All right, let's go!
All units, move out!
Sir, Air-Recon confirms.
Enemy's headed straight this way.
- Range?
- Eleven miles.
Sir, General Sutton's on the horn
from D.C.
He's still ordering a capture. No kill.
What channel did you try to reach me on?
Alpha, sir.
Well, that channel
is malfunctioning, Major.
Yes, sir! Damn!
[RADIO] The army is reporting
the ape's position.
General Sutton clearly favors a capture
and not a kill.
Units under Colonel Nevitt
have left their headquarters
to block the male gorilla
and divert him
to where he can be apprehended.
- Hey, I told you so.
- Yeah.
[MEN] Whoa!
Let's get outta here!
Oh, no! My dad is going to kill me!
[SERGEANT] All right, listen up, you men.
Colonel's orders.
Join your units on the tank ranch.
Off now, Corporal!
Yes, Sergeant!
They're waiting for him.
They'll cut him to pieces.
Lady Kong's silo.
There's no way we're gonna get in there.
Well, I think we can.
It's gonna be dark soon.
[NEVITT] Fire!
[NEVITT] Hold your positions.
[NEVITT] You! Get back in there.
Move it! Go!
You son of a bitch!
[NEVITT] Hold it!
After that mother...
Follow me!
[GUARD] Wait a minute!
[GUARD] Hey, where the hell
are you going, man?
[GUARD] Get back in there.
[GUARD 1] Colonel Nevitt said
there can't be more than two here.
[GUARD 2] When did Colonel Nevitt
say that?
You got an entire battalion up there...
You! Halt!
Yeah, level five.
Right. Right!
Get off your ass. Break in!
- What the hell's going on?
- Break in.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Hello, Mama.
My God! What have they done to her?
They haven't done anything.
She's pregnant.
[MITCHELL] It's gonna be okay, girl.
[MITCHELL] We're gonna get you
out of here.
It's gonna be all right.
Just take it easy, girl.
- [MITCHELL] Easy, girl. No, girl!
- [AMY] Careful, Mitch!
[MITCHELL] Easy! No!
[MITCHELL] No, girl. No, No, No.
[AMY] Mitch!
- Mitch!
Is that you, Elroy?
I ain't seen you in a 100 years, boy.
You never know who is going to show up
in one of these family reunions, do you?
Ain't that a natural fact?
How about a little something
to wet your whistle, huh?
I can't think of nuthin' I'd rather have.
Just wrap your gums around that.
- Fire!
- No! You'll hit the female!
- She's in labor!
- I said, fire, damn it!
- Take him out!
[NEVITT] Waste him!
[NEVITT] Come on, you bastard! Come on!
Oh, my God!
Show him.
Show him his son.
[AMY] He's there, Kong. Can you reach him?
[AMY] Reach for him, Kong. Reach for him.